State of the browser: Microsoft Edge - BRK2022

State of the browser: Microsoft Edge - BRK2022

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All. Right bro. Yes, this it's, on I can tell people in the back row I should pay attention good. Afternoon welcome, to build, Tuesday. Afternoon. Monday. Afternoon, Wow it's gone fast oh. Yeah. In, some ways my name is Chuck Friedman I, run, product, for our browser technologies. That includes edge our. Platform. For, the web as well, as our f12, tools. Today. What we're going to cover is. Sort. Of a brief. Overview, of the. History that led to this moment, we. Spend a lot of time talking about the customers, that have inspired us we're. Gonna have three deep. Dive sections. I'm. Gonna have olya come up to the stage and talk about the user experience and fluent and where we're going with the UI. I'm, gonna have Colleen come up on the stage and talk about our enterprise, solution, and then, I'm going to come back and talk about privacy, and Trust and then we will end with a call to action but just a quick, preview of that. It's. Going to be please go download the, deborah canary branch and before, we. Get started i would actually love to see a show of hands how, many people in the room have downloaded. One, of the preview versions. Of edge, awesome. Thank you please continue to send feedback those, of you that haven't please download it and I'll say that again at the end all, right. So. To summarize, our, new, approach and I think this has been covered at least three times in different sessions already as well as much written about so. What I'm going to try to do is actually give a little bit of the inside term. In terms of how it felt within the team so. We, made a big move in the fall we announced it in December then, we're going to move to the chromium, code. Base then we're gonna build edge on top of that code base and there. Was a bunch of benefits that, were very. Much customer, driven that. Were quite clear from the start you. Know the, ability to deliver across all versions of Windows huge. Benefit, the, ability to ship frequently. The. Ability to go across platform, so go wherever our customers, are. And that, part sort of made the the first part of the discussion relatively.

Straightforward. But. There's, another piece of it that was sort of the insider, view of it as well which is many. Of the developers on the team were. Committed, to building, platform, and we were in this state where we're, sort of chasing the chromium project and, one. Of the beauties of being, able to of adopting chromium is suddenly we shifted from a chase. State. To. A state where we can actually start contributing innovating, in the web in a meaningful way and now actually sort of lifted the entire team spirit was actually it's sort of this awesome, moment for. The team and so like. One of the you, know common questions, that we get when were said hey you guys are adopting, chromium like. Aren't don't you know that you're gonna benefit, other chromium, browsers and the answer is yes and actually we're excited about it it actually puts us in a position to. Really benefit, the web and all. Of our customers and so, that was a sort of a huge moment and and you know the timeline for this, you. Know we we spent the majority of, last summer sort. Of an evaluation phase. And. Then. We had a big, disclosure, moment, in December. 6th and. Starting. Right after that disclosure, moment, we started to contribute to the the project and we actually were sort of strategic, and thoughtful about what we wanted to contribute. Since. Then we have contributed I. Think. It's over 400, pull requests, that have been accepted we've, spent a lot of time focusing on things like accessibility. We. Have sort, of dug in on places where we have unique, skills or, an in-depth, knowledge of the windows codebase around things like smooth scrolling, and. We actually feel great about. Our ability to contribute and frankly, the the chromium community, has been welcoming, as well and so that has been fantastic. And. Then we had this moment in. April. That's. Sort of I think all of you as developers can, relate to there's. This moment where you you'd say okay i'm i think i'm ready to start to show the world what it is that we've created, it's. Sort of that artists reveal, moment and we. Were nervous I mean honestly it was sort of one of these were like look we, feel like we've done everything that we to do in order to have the basic browser out there it was sort of a you. Know set expectations, around this is going to be about fundamentals. But. We really didn't know what to expect and so you know you can imagine all, of the engineering team and redmond sitting there with twitter loaded, and just you, know constantly, watching. And. That like have, to say it. Actually is feeling pretty good right now we. Know that we've got a lot of work to do but. Frankly, the greeting that many of you gave. Us and the feedback that we've gotten so far actually, feels quite positive, we've. Sort of I feel. Good I guess about the the. Way that the initial. Set of work has been accepted. Or or received. You, know we do feel like we have more work to do there's lots of questions about why edge and what. Are we going to do to differentiate, but. In terms of getting the fundamentals right and the feedback that we were getting that actually has has, come through loud and clear and so.

This, Moment. Today. Where. There's been a whole lot of coverage of, what we're doing inside edge was really the moment where we said okay we're going to start talking about what's going to come next what. Are we going to do that is going to differentiate, or. That is going to have a unique point of view about. The edge project. Now. This. Is sort of the metaphor for where the team's had is that we, feel, good about where we've gotten so far we, know that we are down the path but we are still deep in the forest, and. We have a long way before we get to where we want to go is, having a conversation with, somebody in the crowd or earlier saying, hey you guys are announcing these new features, you. Know it seems like you've got a pretty good browser what do you know why are you announcing these new features and from, our point of view, we. Have a, good. Starting point but we have to deliver on something that actually gives users a unique, reason, to, choose edge as a browser and we. Feel like we've. Gone out and started to have the conversations, with customers that have given us insights, that, will help us address the. Next several years worth of problems, and. By moving to chromium we feel like we're actually picking up speed on the, last several, years worth of problems. So. With that I want to shift. To customer. This. Has actually been sort. Of ironic if you've watched the, sessions today I think they're almost, every session I have seen is talked about customer in the middle I am also going to talk about customers, in the middle but. I'm going to talk about specific. Customers, you know and I want to be careful in the way that I describe this because, it's very easy to look at this list and say oh they've, done sort of traditional, Microsoft, segmentation. We've. Actually gone out and talked to humans so these are humans who fit into, developer. And by the way often developers are also consumers, but we've gone out and talked to consumers, the idea is we're. Not going to gain the insights, that we need just by, sitting in our offices, and being smart yes there are many people on our team that are quite smart but really in order to gain insights we wanted to actually go hear from customers and you sort of watch them do whatever it is that they do on the web or, if they're a developer, when they start a project and. You start seeing little, twists. Or hacks or moments where they grimace a little bit and say oh there's opportunities, and what you've seen today so far and we're going to go into more detail. Are. All results, of those insights, that we've gained from having those conversations, so. There's four groups and there's. Even little subcategories. That we'll talk about within those groups developer. Near. And dear actually in this group I'd be silly not to start with developer but near and dear to our heart. We. Care deeply about the developer community actually. One of the first pieces of feedback we got was hey if you're not on Mac and I, you know you want to appeal to web developers, you're just not even in the game and so, you, know we're excited to be able to bring. Bring. Our experience to Mac you know we're also excited. About the opportunity, that we have to develop. In. Conjunction, with, the vs code team and the azure team and so there's, a whole section. From. 5:00 to 6:00 today that's, going to cover our plans for developer, and so I'm not going to spend a lot of time in the details in today's, session because there's a session at the Sheridan after this where, we'll go into that detail. Consumer. There are really two groups, first. Group and consumer. There's. A large install, base of edge users then. Those the. Users tend to be users who, are lower confidence in, terms. Of. Sort, of their tech. Enthusiasm. And so, they're, happy with the browser that has come with Windows and we cannot alienate, them as we, migrate to. This new chromium, user experience. But. Then there's also a set the set, of users that we talk to who, are far more pragmatic. Far more, technically. Advanced, and they will pick up whatever new technology is out there they will try it and if it works for them they're willing to embrace it. Those. Are the users that we want to be able to attract to actually grow our user base and so. We've talked. To both of those sets of users the first to make sure that we're not going to do something that scares them off and then, the second, set who. Are trying to new new different, things with the web and in, taking, those steps they've led to insights, that, have driven.

Things Like collections, and so, when you see the collections, experience which I think has been shown at least three times today. Like. That those insights came from what, are people trying to do where it's awkward, for them on the web. Similarly. With enterprise there are two groups, Group. One inside the enterprise is the IT manager, they care a lot about security they care a lot about consistency. They don't want support calls coming to their desk. And then you have knowledge, workers or end users in enterprises. Who, want the tools to work smoothly and don't like it when they have to jump back and forth between browsers or if, they're going to use a web application, they. Just wanted to work for them and then, for the browser that they're in to feel familiar and. Then. Finally, education, which is a sort, of a strategic bet for Microsoft in an area where we've spent significant. Time looking. At both what, can we do to make a classroom environment great, and make, teaching. Easier. But. Also how can we drive better outcomes for students, and so. That. Broad, set of, conversations. Has led to at least the first round of features, that, we are now driving into, the new edge. When. We went out and talked to customers. There. Were three themes that, were consistent, across all of them the. First one was the sense that the Internet is overwhelming. People, would start off trying to accomplish, tasks and. They, would find themselves watching cat videos now. There's nothing wrong with watching cat videos I like watching cat videos too, but. When. You start to when you set out with, an intention, to get something done, the, Internet has gotten quite good at, sort of taking you on a path and they're. Asking for tools to sort. Of reduce, that. Or if I've, started a project how do I pick that back up without, having to leave 50 tabs open and so. There's an interesting set of opportunities, that we discovered. Around how do we simplify and help users stay. In the flow. Second. And. This one actually was almost embarrassing, from a Microsoft standpoint. The. Productivity. Of the web when. You're trying to get things done. Has. Like reached, a new level of friction because people don't use one website to accomplish something anymore they want multiple, websites and then, they want those websites, to start to interact with the production productivity, tools, that. They use and right now that, is largely, hard, and this, is sort of core to Microsoft, right like we're good at productivity and yet we haven't addressed this issue and so like again, collections, is a great example of one of the insights that we gained we think we have a good opportunity here, to, actually reduce. The, the disjointedness. Or the friction and get, users keep users productive. And. Then. Privacy. The. Strongest, signal that we had around privacy was actually from tech elite technically. Yet. Technically. Get. How. Much. Of their information is broadly, available on the web but, if you talk to sort of the average consumer, the average user this is an increasing, level of concern for them they're, aware and they, see articles. Written about it I'm going to go into depth, in terms of what our thinking is here but I'll. Say this is a sort, of a tease for the conversation later there's. This promise. Of the web around. It being. Open. Access to information and. We all benefit, from it we love that you don't even have to remember things anymore you can just look up on the web it's instantaneous.

But. The exchange, the, price of the, web right now is the. Web has open access to your information and. The. Level of control the most users have for. That particular. Issue, is out. Of whack, or out. Of balance with. What a customer would expect, and the more you start talking, to them particularly, customers, who haven't spent a lot of time looking at the web the, more uncomfortable. They get and. We actually think that this is a global. Societal, issue that. We need to address broadly, as an industry but. More on that at the end. This. Is another theme of the day. Historical. Microsoft, and the way that we built software we often put our own software, in the middle and, if. You've been watching any of the talks, today you. Will notice the theme of the, customer, in the middle I. Want to spend a little bit of time on this slide just, to sort of describe the process, that we are using you. Know I kind of look at this as you know the fact that you're here there's a level of inside earnest that all of you are curious about and so I actually kind of want to share the process we're using for. Putting the customer in the center it. Starts literally, by going out and having the conversations, that I described, and as we sort, of pick up on signal, from customers, we try to articulate, that as a problem statement or as a hypothesis, problem and then once we understand, what that problem. Is we will actually try. To articulate, it back and validate, it and so we will actually listen, to customers. Responding. To the problem that we've identified and when they finally start to say yeah and you know what that really bugs me then, we know that we've got a good problem. The. Next step is looking at multiple, solutions, now historically, we might have just picked one, prototyped. It shipped. It revved, it actually. Instead what we're trying to do and the web technology, and frankly the new move to being able to ship every day by the way like, ship every day awesome, discipline, like the fact that we've shipped dev every day that we've shipped canary every. Week it's actually it's like a revelation for the team but, it enables, us to do rapid, prototyping and. Delivering. Those, prototypes, out get feedback from customers. Adjust. And you can actually do multiple of them now this sounds basic but for, you know a browser that has been part of an, operating system this is actually a huge step forward and so we actually feel great about. Our ability to prototype multiple, options, validate. Different ideas and that's, the process that we are using to. Define the features that you've. Seen so far and that you'll see again in the future, with. That I want to start the first of the, deep dive area, so I'm going to invite all you up to the stage she's, going to talk through our user experience. Hi. Everyone, so, I work, on core UX and I'll share what's going on here, that's, common, to all four audiences, that Chuck talked about and a, couple of things that are specific, to consumer. And education. So. A big, part of our new journey with, edge will, be investing, heavily in the user experience and, trying to solve some of these problems that. We consistently, hear, about so, that your browsing can become simpler, and more productive, now. Your feedback in particular, will, play a key role here in our attempts, because, most, of you are at the intersection of all those four audiences. So, I'm curious raise, your hand if any, of you have already sent feedback, on the preview builds of edge oh wow. That's awesome thank you and for the rest of you please, try. Them out as well and give. Us more feedback okay. So for. The browser experiences. You'll, hear what we evolved, what, you can expect us to retain and, the new things that are coming. All. Right so in the core experience you, can see edge following, established browser, conventions. Hopefully. Comfortable, and familiar so. That it's easy to focus on your task no matter what browser you're coming from and it. Gives us a solid baseline. To. Start adding, those UX improvements. So. The first evolution that, you see here is the new tab page now. We all spend so much time on the web today. The, new tab page is what you see with every task and so you deserve, for this page to, be more than just utilitarian. But also be a pleasant, environment maybe. Add some joy to your day so. We. Give you a fresh, new image, every day from beings collection, of beautiful imagery, and hopefully. You can enjoy it not, be too distracted, by it and then go on with your task. Now. We learned, from, the in-market version of it that one size does not fit all with, the new tab page for example, there are very different, opinions, on the subject of news on the new tab page, as. You can see from these quotes we, have some customers, who at rate edge 5 stars.

Specifically. Because of news and we have a lot of feedback from people who feel what's. In the news is. Upsetting, or it's distracting. From what they're trying to do and that. Goes to Chuck's point of the overwhelming. Amount of information on the web is not always, welcome. So. Now you. Have a choice of layouts on, your new tab page so, in the top right corner there's a drop-down, and you can select the informational. Layout if you want to stay informed and, entertained in, the, course of your browsing and here, you can personalize, the topics, so I've selected Science, and Technology and those are the stories that show up in my feed now. There is the focused, layout, if you. Find even the image distracting. And you just want to focus on your next destinations, and, the. Inspirational. Layout is a balance, you can enjoy a beautiful image, get, to your next task quickly, but. During, a break or at night catch, up on what's new just, scroll up and the news is right at your fingertips now. You can pick different layouts. For personal. And work browser profile. So, Colleen will, be talking later about the enterprise and will show you what's, coming, specifically, for work on the new tab page so. More customization. Options are coming in general, so, please continue, sending us feedback on what you like and, if. How, these options, are working for you. All. Right so the, design, language and the look and feel of the browser are also evolving. Within. Marketed, you might have seen us starting to apply elements, of the Microsoft, fluent, design, system. And. Which itself is evolving too now. With the next version of it we also did a bunch of customer, research exploring, different visual, directions, seeing what people respond, to positively, so, let me show you how. We're continuing, to apply fluent. And those, customer, learnings. So. We have softer, rounded corners, for a more organic, shape that's, a fluent, evolution, you will start seeing in more places. There, elements that pull forward with shadow, and depth to focus, attention and, provide higher key icons. On commands, across the board help you with better recall, and. You'll. See the fluid navigation, patterns, help better organize, and break down information and, that's in settings favorites. History. Now. There's still a lot more work to do for fluent like, connected, animations, light color, and material, like acrylic so we will be working on that in the next few months. So. These were some examples of what we evolved, and, now here, are things that you can expect us to retain. So. Accessibility. It's a big deal for Microsoft. As part of our mission to empower, every, person, so, last, summer the. In market edge was the only browser that got a hundred percent on the html5. Accessibility. Browser benchmark. Now. With, the next version of it we are committed, to get, to that level again and more, so. Here is an example of, our high contrast. Work in progress we're. Doing work for narrator, UI a support, improvement, to keyboard navigation and. So on and, we're hoping to contribute all of this back to the Chrome project, so that more browser users, can benefit. Okay. So education. Is another area of heavy investment, for edge and you will see that coming, over so, for, example, to, make content, easier, to focus on during learning you. Can see this, same page with reading, view you. Can also change, the background for, reading view to make reading more comfortable. For you. Now. We. Also bringing, over learning. Tools that help students, for, example with dyslexia, focus, issues, eyestrain.

Read, Better so, this is line focus, word spacing, and, highlighting. Each word as the browser reads, and. For. Any web page whether, it's in reading view or not you. Can use the read aloud feature, to. Have the browser read, the content, to you now, we got a bunch of feedback, that it was difficult to listen to for long periods, of time the synthesized, voice had these weird intonations. Didn't, pause between phrases but. Now we're adding natural. Voices. From the azure speech, services, based, on machine learning and here. Is an example that you can already try out today in the builds with a feature flag. Musings. Upon the whys and wherefores of, polar bears, particularly. In relation, to their forest dwelling cousins, played, an important, but often overlooked, role in the development of evolutionary. Theory, so. To me this. Sounds much more like a real person speaking pausing, at the right places doing the right intonation, and, that means you can have long articles, read to you and have the browser be useful, to you even, while you're doing something else in parallel, so. These, were features that we are retaining or creating, that, might be particularly, interesting, for education, and now, I want to get back to the more general features. Of edge that we are working to retain so, we. Are hearing a bunch of feedback on features, that people people. Miss from, the in market, version of edge in the, preview builds today and so these, are the ones. That are already on the roadmap, now. For example you'll feed dark-themed and you can actually try. That out with a feature flag and it's going to release pretty soon now. We also have. A set of things that people ask for where we'd like to take a little bit more time and try, to solve the underlying user. Problem, in the right way look, we believe there's a real user. Problem, with say tab management. But, we want to incorporate the feedback that we've heard on these over time and try to address some. Of the reasons why people weren't using them as much as we had hoped originally, so please keep, telling, us things that you missed and what, you miss about them. So. We know many, of you also, want, to customize, your browser with extensions, so there's a lot of feedback from people wanting ad blockers, password. Managers, and so, on so, the extensions, that you count on will work in Microsoft, edge and if, they don't that's a bug we need to fix now. You can get these extensions, from the Microsoft, Store and there will be more of them there because we made it easier, for developers to, submit extensions. There's, no more pre approval process. You. Can upload the exact same package, you can submit for other. Chromium, based browsers, and it works cross-platform, and, if. You don't find the extension that you want edge now, based on chromium supports, downloading. Extensions, from other chromium, based stores. Okay. So it you might be asking, at this point but what's new why, should, I use edge and, so, this, goes to one of those consistent, themes that we heard from customer, research it was, about collecting. And comparing. Information on, the web it. Can be somewhat overwhelming, and just jointed today and you, have probably experienced. What customers, saying here in those quotes having, to keep too many tabs open or, doing, other weird workarounds. To try to keep track of what you've collected and how. Do you share it with people so. There's just not enough tools, today for people to do this smoothly, in the browser in, the flow, so.

We're Building a new feature called collection. We've already seen it demoed maybe at the keynote. This. Is not. Part, of the public builds, yet but, let. Me show you what, it's going to look like so. Let's, say we'll open the collections, pane and inside. Us keynote you, have seen how collections, can help with shopping so. For example, you. Can collect cameras, to compare. Important. Information, about them is automatically, extracted, you can look at them and make a shopping decision. Now. Collections. Can also help, in a travel, scenario, so let's, say you're traveling to the build conference, and trying. To figure out what you want to see in Seattle, so. Let's. Say you've already collected. Some. Things you want to see in this collection now, the build site also mentioned. This to hooli glass museum, so you look it up it looks really, neat so, you're going to add it to your collection now. In fact it looks so neat you want to look go, look at it first so you can drag it up to the top of your collection, now. You can also use collections, to refer back to the things you collected, so, in this case I'll click on the pike place market and, go look at what time does it close can, I get to it after the conference, and you can make a note on that directly. In your collection, so that you don't have to refer to this site again and you can just look at your collection. All. Right now once. You're at build let's say you're hearing, and learning interesting, things, so, maybe, in the edge talk all you mentioned, this as your speech services and, text-to-speech, and, natural voices, so. Maybe. You want to actually use that API in, your own program, so. You can, drag some information, from the article it, can drag text if you see a graphic that explains, how this works and it's really cool you can drag images into your collection and, this way you can continue to collect it to collect interesting. Things throughout the conference, later. Let's. Say you want to write about what, you saw and what you learned and, so. In this drop-down you. Can see you can email copy, or, export, to excel a word so as say I'm going to try to export to word so. That I can start writing my post and all the information, from the collection, is there and it even includes the links and references back, to the information, so. As you can see collections. Can help you with shopping, travel. Web. Research, and, accumulating. And assembling, content, and then you can refer back to it export, and share it so, please send us your feedback on, collections. Once they show up in the builds in the next few months. All. Right now we recognize, that your, browsing experience does, not stop at the desktop or laptop on. Mobile. You should be able to continue seamlessly. And actually. Edge has already, been out on Android, and iOS now with, the move to chromium we are working to connect, your desktop, and your mobile experience, is better together so for, example, your data will sync we're, starting with favorites think that's releasing soon and other. Data types will follow and over, time you'll, see other experiences. That I talked about today show. Up on mobile as well. And. If, you are a Mac user or, you prefer to develop, on the Mac you shouldn't, have to take extra steps to see what your work will look like an edge so, you will soon have edge on the Mac too and it's tailored, to the platform, and here, are some things that we've done to make edge feel at home on, the Mac, so. Here's, edge on the Mac we follow Mac OS conventions, we will experiment, with close buttons, on the left for tabs other. Button, positioning, in dialogues, is correct you. Will see Mac fonts, Mac style menus, Mac, keyboard, shortcuts. The. Touch bar on the keyboard, shows the open tabs that you currently have and makes it easy to flip through them and quickly, find, the tab that you need and, you.

Can Also use the touch bar to scrub through videos. When you're watching something image. We. Are working on bringing the dark mode to Mac as well as to windows and, your. Dev tools that are available in, Windows will be there on the Mac too so you'll have everything you need need to, develop four edge on the, Mac now. The, web platform session. At 5:00 p.m. today will tell you more about dev, tools and the, platform capabilities, in general but, we want to make edge great, for you regardless. Of the platforms, or the devices, that you use. So. Okay I talked about core. Experiences. In general, across audiences. What, we evolved, what we're working to retain, and what's new so, please come to our booth share, your feedback on the browser, experience, and try out the Mac builds and now I will turn over to Colleen, who will talk specifically, about edge in the enterprise thank. You. Thanks. Everyone my. Name is Colleen Williams and I'm a program manager on, the, edge team I have, been on the team since ie 9 so, to say that I have seen things is an understatement. I'm. Almost it's awesome to talk about enter. Edge in the enterprise and. A. Focus, on this with, our new browser. So. The Internet is vast, awesome. I just told you there's a lot of sites on the internet great so. What can we do to help you with that how, can we. How. Can we help the browser be and and have all of that stuff that's coming at you be, a little bit more efficient, for you the, to browser, experience, this. Is the need for the backwards compatibility, and, then you need a modern browser for, modern sites this, is tough to manage and it's can very confusing, to the user. Wait. That was an edge now, I'm in IE a2. Browsers open what, do I do and, the user has to think through that so how can we help with that process. Daily. Workflows how can the browser be help. Everyone be more efficient and productive and. Lastly. Security. So. Security, and there's no question the fundamentals, that has to be there your stuff has to be secure. At all times. So. We want Microsoft, edge to be the easiest and most natural, for you to deploy and use in particular. If you have invested in micros, 365. With. Office, in tune windows, edge, is just gonna slide right in and make that experience even better for you and will be the best browser. Edge. Will automatically, sign you in with a ad, it. Will work well with SCCM. And in tune and of, course the best security, with, smart screen Microsoft. Information protection and application. Guard so, if you could deployed all of that goodness. It's. Just going to slide right in and make it even better. So. To start with security fundamentals. Is, an absolute must, smart. Screen will continue, to be built in, the new edge, we. Will support Microsoft Information, protection at, a later time an, application. Guard will also be available so. Application, bark guard treats, sites on the enterprise list as trusted, and other, sites will be put in a separate container. This. Feature shipped in winton RS 5 and above and will be and, will be coming to new edge so. Rest assured you can watch all of your puppy pictures and your your the rest of your network and your team will know it going to not go down. Multiple. Profiles were here we heard this feedback consistently. So, what. Was happening, where people that would have multiple, browser. Tabs, or browser instances, at the bottom because one would be signed in with our work and one would be signed in with their personal. So. Now that we have multiple profiles all, in the browser you can see, personal. Work. No. Need to move back and forth your favorites and settings and history, will. Roam with your profile, so you can sit at any computer log, in the edge and, all. Of your information is there, Microsoft. Accounts are supported, right now and aad, is coming very soon. Now. As much as we'd love PowerPoint, slides and me not clicking forward while I'm talking let's, go ahead and switch, over and, talk. About. Show. A demo, of, some. Of these features. Okay. So. The enterprise new tab page so. Olya touched on this earlier, for. Her section and I'm going to talk about it specifically, from from, the enterprise space, people. Work on the same set of things day to day week, to week same, people documents. What-have-you, I. Myself. Live in the browser not. Just, because I work on it but, PowerPoint. Office Web Apps you, know vacation.

Balance My financial. To see when I can retire, so, when, you open a new tab in the browser you're there to do a task so. Edge is there to make that task easier, and more efficient, so, if you start at the top you'll, see the contoso name. And icon so. This is a corporate image and so IT admins, can. They. Can customize that with your particular area. Then. You've got this search box next to that and the search box is with, Microsoft, search and I'm going to talk about that in just a minute. Right. Below the search box. One. Moment please. Right. Below the search box what you have here is this is all your office 365 stuff. So when I said it's going to be best for for. Microsoft. Stuff this, is where it comes in so powered, by the office graph so, you have you, can collaborate, very very, easily right here you, know you don't have to email your coworker where you just left that meeting saying hey can you share that Excel spreadsheet, it can be done right here and. Then. Below. So. While. The other stuff up above is powered, with, the AI and office graph this stuff done here's a little bit more tactical so these are all of your office apps that, you have, visited recently, you've. Got pin shared. With me discover, so, on and so forth, so. This is all customizable, by the IT admin, as well. As the end user and, I notice on the inspire you and I know if this doesn't work with you you will provide us feedback so, please let us know if this helps your, your. Area, be, a little bit more productive and, efficient. Remain focused. So. When I said we were going to talk about Microsoft, search we're, gonna do that now. So. I need to find my coworker Adele. Now. As much as I love, Adele's music, and our songs I'm working right now must remain focused so, I'm going to go down here to Adele Vance and you can see there's a retail, manager as her title on the, far right that has the work results. So. This. Will. Click on that. So. You can see here this is all within your own area, this is this is owned by your corporation it, is not shared with being but, again this is office 365 powered. By Microsoft, graph coming play here, you've. Got the name email. Address information. Schedule. Right. Down below groups, sites. Files. Teams, so you have all of your information right, here so, this is a way where we can mix the internet, and work, results, at the same time and you don't have to do anything different, or go to any different sites to do that. Okay. Now. Internet. Explorer mode. So. Let's take a step back. And. Talk. About the two browser experience, there. Are two pieces of feedback we receive consistently. The, two browser experience. Is jarring you're, in one browser then, you're in the next browser the. Other piece of feedback we're receiving is enterprises. Are making, I 11 or have had I 11 be their default browser and what, that means is they're coding, for I 11 with new projects, in the. Year 2019. So. That's. Not going to work super, well and, so we want to make sure we can move people forward with. With modern browser take advantage of all the html5, goodness. Smooth. Scrolling accessibility. What have you. So. If we look at how. It is now. So. We've, got edge, open here so ms sixpence this is a real tool i need. To turn, my expenses so check can approve it and i'm gonna go ahead and click that and, what. Happens is IE now pops open so, i'm now in that two browser experience. What. Also is happening, is the users staying in IE eleven so, they'll stay there because you know why not we're.

Hanging Out they're doing their web stuff but, then they're gonna come across the site that's not gonna work very well in IA eleven and then it just gets confusing, so again the user has to decide what to do so. This is where and we've heard feedback from you folks very consistently. This is where we wanted to talk about internet. Explorer mode. So. Going back. Alright, so. Let's, go back into our search box here and, type, vacation, so. I'm going to look at the vacation balance, it's available to me at microsoft, i'd love to pick the vacation, packages, but i can't do that until after this conference. So. We've got vacation, balance and again this is microsoft, search so you can see the work results, at the end. I'm. In one browser instance, one tab I'm, going to click that and I. Mean the same browser instance, in the same tab. So. What, you can see from here is and there is no back and forth you. Can see the ie11 icon. In. The, address bar design isn't final but we'll have a way where to denote that the user is in IE, this. Is very seamless, the user shouldn't feel that anything has, happened. You. Can tell that this site is not a modern site this. Site as, we were doing reviews there, is quite a bit of feedback that this is really ugly site and we shouldn't show it and that is exactly the point because every company has sites, like this and it, just needs to work your daily work needs to continue you, need to move forward and so. This is how we're going to continue to make it work. Now if I were to go into and, open up a new tab. I'm. Back in the new edge. If. I go back, and. Type. Maybe being. I'm. Back in the new edge and the reason for that is the IE mode is power beer that enterprise mode site list so, this is a tool that we shipped in I 11 many years ago and so, this allowed IT admins, to denote what, sites needed, dock modes ActiveX. Controls whatever it is and so, that tool all. Of your work accrues, to, the new edge and so that's how you'll, be able to note that the sites need to go into ia mode this, is a native experience, so ActiveX, controls we will be supported, dock, modes polyfills. So we want this to go ahead and help, bring. You back into a, modern. Browser experience. This. Feature will work where IE 11, is currently supported, we're. Targeting this, feature and other enterprise, focus features such, as group policy, and management, with in tune later, on this year. All. Right. Lastly. Mobile. Support so, while all you talked about mobile support from the enterprise perspective feedback. Was very clear there, needs to be a consistent, experience regardless. Of platform I'm on my desktop then I'm gonna get on the bus and I'm on my phone and so, we want to make sure that that is also a seamless that can be, multiple. Profiles is, already there in mobile I think it shipped a few months ago. Enterprise. New tab page is, coming soon, along, with Microsoft, search, you. Can install the app to the mobile apps via MSN. Insider, channel right now and try them out. That. Is it for my enterprise story and I'm. Going to give it back to Chuck. That. Was awesome hopefully, you all got a sense, of where we're headed, in. The user experience space, and in, the enterprise space as I. Mentioned earlier I want to finish with, one more deep dive around privacy, and Trust. This. Is probably the loudest signal, that we got when, we went out and talked to customers I mean there was a different version with each different, customer, group but, I just, think that the sort of global consciousness. Around this as a topic, has, reached a point where we as an industry need. To do something and so as. I. Sort, of wade, into this space I want to kind, of start by saying this, is something that we actually see. At. A global societal, level where we're hoping to work closely with the other browser makers the. Publishers. The, advertising. Industry. And. That this is something that we collectively. Need, to help solve for the internet and for really for our customers because they're asking for it when. We talk to the customers. Usually. Starts with hey, I'm sort of uncertain, who. Has my data and what. They're doing with it and then. Some of them will say look I don't mind ads in fact when they're relevant, it's great but. Every once in a while something, kind of creeps me out and I'm seeing some people nod their head so you guys all get what, this ends up feeling like and. Then. For. Many users there's, a sense of almost, hopelessness, of what to do, and. That. Like. Gets. Mented. When they start reading. Frankly. A variety. Of sources I happen to pick New, York Times a Kara, Swisher article, and something from Snopes but articles.

Like This or clips like this get published almost every day and. It leads to further a further sense of hopelessness and, frankly. A lack of control, and there's in people's sense of the. Web and that's, not okay. There's. Too much promise, there's too much goodness and so we've, started a thought experiment for, ourselves as, a team and. We used what, seems to be a very popular model. EPIK ratico everybody, sort of understands, what a Hippocratic oath is I've, seen versions of Hippocratic, oaths for developers. For designers. You. Know for, and on, doctors. Obviously. We. Started with a thought experiment of what is a Hippocratic, oath look like for the web what are the promises, that, we would make and that, we would hope that we could make as an industry. And. It started with control, we feel like users should feel like they're in control of. Their. Data and that, they should have the ability to delete it when they say deleted it's gone a. Control. Doesn't mean a lot without transparency. So. This should be able to see what information is known about them. That. We as an industry need to respect, their. Set, of preferences and frankly not collect. More. Data, than. They. Would, expect us to without some, level of a prompt, now that does not mean that we want to have a prompt every time you hit a new webpage in, fact we think that that is countered, to the. User, but. We do feel like there are times where it's important to let a user know that hey. We would like some aspect. Of your information and then. Finally, when the user is willing to trust us and actually. Share, information, that. We do everything we can to protect it and make sure that people with that intent, don't have access to that information and, so. Translating, that thought experiment, into. Sort, of our first pass of the UI. Led. To the, UI that we've shown again, a couple times today, that's. The starting point that, you'll see us introduce in code for. A. Privacy. And security. Setting. Page and the, idea and I'm actually going to show the full scroll of the page so, you can see how it sort of maps to. Our thinking around that Hippocratic, oath concept, the, first piece actually starts with some education we, realize that most users don't actually know that they're being tracked they, sort of get a sense of it and we want to be able to explain it to them and.

Then. We'll give them a site where they can go learn far more then. There's a sort. Of the three. Big sort. Of buttons, right button, number one unrestricted. Hey will protect you from malicious sites. But. Beyond that the, Internet's gonna work the way that it works today and many. Users by the way we expect will choose this setting. Sort. Of assure high, level of compatibility, and will give them. The. Personalized, advertising that, many of them like. Balanced. The goal of balanced, and sort of where our head is out on this is for, sites. And trackers, that respect. That. Sort. Of basic element, of control and transparency we. Would like them to be in the. Balanced, be. Allowed under balanced, but. If a user isn't in a position to. Be able to figure. Out what's known about them or have some level of control that's. Where we feel like we should default that to off when a user chooses balanced, and then. The. Third setting to the right strict, that, means no third-party trackers. When. A user wants, to find out more so, in this case I'm in balanced, and I want to see what. Are the different trackers. That are allowed or that have been allowed and then what sites are using them we're actually gonna provide that level of detail as well now, the the thing that we're trying to balance. Here, is. We've. Got users, who have very little understanding of the web and we have frankly. Technical, experts like many of you who will want it to be satisfied, with the information we're sharing and so we're actually trying to find a way, to be able to deliver you why that is comprehendible. That that an average, user can understand. But. Then if. You're a power user you should be able to get the information you need and really control it and so we feel good about this is a first, step there's actually, elements of this code that you. Know will start showing up. In. Our code base and then we'll, turn it on behind a flag and then ultimately we'll, end up releasing this as.

It Evolves and we get feedback from customers. If. You scroll a little bit farther down the page there's. Some specifics, around in private browsing we, when, we went out and talked to customers, there was an immediate question, is district', equal, in. Of it we, felt like that's a, distinct. Decision. That a user should be able to make. And. Then we get to our own privacy. Settings. So Microsoft collects, data about, you as part. Of you using, Microsoft. Services, we, want to make it very easy for you to get to. Your. Privacy, dashboard, associated, with Microsoft, and then, be able to control things like defender. And, security. Settings. On the device and so. This is our starting point for. Addressing, this now I think, in our ideal, space, this. Becomes in fact Lea when we've gone out and started our conversations, with some of the publishers, this, becomes something that we, as an industry end up, starting to standardize, on because. It actually you know it by. Coming to some level of agreement it. Actually makes it easier for publishers, and for advertisers. To have a consistent, set of rules we're not there yet it's, sort of the the, next step or the go do that you should expect us to to. Engage in. So. That's it for our deep, dives. Finally. On a Monday. Afternoon. As we, and I have three calls to action, call. To action number one, if. You haven't, gone, to our. Insider. Site please, go download. There's. Actually a fair amount of information there in terms of what's up coming. Up and coming. And. We. Want to hear from all of you. Number. Two give, us feedback I think. You've heard that from, each, of our sections, that we care quite a bit about. The feedback we've actually made the smiley, prominent, in the, user experience, we. Actually are, we're investing, heavily in our forum as well so you will find developers. And. Program. Managers, and designers, from, the team all on, that forum, and it's a good way to engage and offer points, of view, and. Then one of the sort, of the. Reciprocal, side of this is as we learn and as, we hear, from all of you. Actually going to share back on, what, we've learned. And. Then my final ask, I want you all to take a walk. So. The next session on edge. Where. We're going to go into the deep dive around, the platform and, developer. Tools is actually across the street over, and the Sheraton so I would like to invite you all to join us over there get, a little Seattle. Sunshine, which is rare this time of year but it is beautiful, out today and. Then finally, come join us at our booth the, hold there's a whole section of people over there from our team that'll be manning, the booth that will be excited to have conversations, with you and, with that thank. You and have a great build.

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