Start Your Own T Shirt Printing Business Using a DTG Printer

Start Your Own T Shirt Printing Business Using a DTG Printer

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Hey, what's going on guys so, I'm just getting into California, I did a big drive all the way here to film a video to, educate you guys a little bit more on the DTG, process, more, importantly, I want to showcase, a brand, that I think is doing amazing, things here, in this, industry which, is Omni print and well right in front of their headquarters we're about to get started on showing. You guys what they offer but, more importantly, what you can expect out of a DTG, printer alright let's jump into this one but, more importantly what I really want to show you guys is the process, of actually, printing, a shirt if you're, gonna go with the DTG, method alright their offices are right back here and we're gonna meet with the owner of this company who actually started this from, the ground up himself that's, what made, me really interested in wanting to work with them so let's, head on over there and let's, see what they have to offer on the inside I know it's gonna be very valuable information and, I'm excited to get started let's do it. Guys. Today what we're gonna cover is d TG, and everything related to this. Machine right here if you're not sure what d TG means it means direct-to-garment, and, it's essentially. A printer, which can print your designs, directly, from your computer alright, it's crazy as it sounds this is possible, for you to own but, Before we jump into all those details I really want to jump into how, this machine works and, essentially. What, you can expect, if you were to get one for your clothing brand so, the free jet 330 TX Plus which is the machine right here this is something that you, guys designed, from the ground up essentially, you built it designed it and it's all your technology exactly. So that's that's crazy I mean like for, people starting a clothing line you know sometimes we want to build things from scratch whether it's cutting so getting. Into hardware, and print, technology. Is no easy feat so it's it's crazy that you guys launched this and it's available and, it's. Already gotten product, of the year two years in a row around yeah so, Victor how exactly. Does a DTG, printer, work the. Idea is from, your artwork you, can go directly, on the piece of textile. Garment, tee-shirt hoodie hats. Shoes, whatever. Is a textile, you can print on so essentially, it's, taking the image from your computer. Processing. It and the, ink ink jets out directly. On the garment making the image so compared. To other processes. There's, a lot of steps in between that, you don't have to do like prep. The image separate. Artwork, those, kind of things and. That's the major difference essentially. This technology. Works. For. A lot of online retailers. You know where you have, mass. Customization work. You, can still do volume, but the key is every, single, garment could be different that's a major difference that directory, garment offers nice and and what makes the free jet stand out from the competition in, terms of how this functions, versus how others work yeah if we were to boil down a lot of the stuff that we do and then, it comes as this product also is the simplicity and, profitability. So we, want to make things that are. Simple, use and, also give our, customers, profitability, and that's, that's the main thing that this. Machines offer so the main difference compared. To other, products, is our, cost per print is the lowest in the industry. That's because versus. Using cartridge, based systems, we. Use a, bulking, system that people refill, so our, cost per leader is cheaper, and. We put less ink out than, most printers out there on the garment and that gives, us the lowest cost per print another. Difference, that we have is we, we, give customers, the best quality, printed, output that you, can get so, that's. Because we printed on a very high resolution we, print at 1440, dpi. Kind, of as our mid-range. Resolution. And that gives, you the, tones that. You need for full color printing and also, still, keeps in with the, low cost per print and then something with this machine too is that it actually moves instead, of this panel moving so the machine moves with the print and it allows over, earlier. I saw you guys were able to do hats and stuff on here yeah exactly the way that it's set up yeah, so what. Happens is our print, engine moves over, the product so. That. Makes this, base a very stable base, so.

You Don't have like the bed moving you, don't have the product moving around during. Print right so that. Still allows a good detail. Output. But. It also gives you an ability to swap. Them out easily like for example this just kind, of comes out and you could prep another garment while this is printing and, it registers back on on the machine the, same thing with sleeves, and, hoodies. And shoes, and a lot of different products you could fit it underneath here then, you could print it so people could actually print shoes on here yeah this machine, had. Some some customers, do that that's, crazy I mean the reason that I really want to show, you guys this this company, is the fact that I did my research on all kinds of different printers, and I was always interested in the direct-to-garment and, obviously, the print on demand that, I discussed on the channel and when. They reached out I was like I, have heard of Omni print is amazing that you guys actually reached out because I wanted to give you guys a, resource. That you guys could find as a reliable, and somebody that actually has. Built this up from, scratch so, it's not just a. Company that's relabeling. A product, and selling it as their own this is people that are actually building it here in the US there there you guys are putting it together here obviously but parts come from all over the world yeah but yeah you guys can count on them checked, out their support staff and everything that they got in place so, definitely, something that you guys should consider looking, into so, uh what, would you say is the biggest reason that somebody should considered, getting a btg printer for their Brandon I think. That the, the biggest reason, why, somebody can benefit performance with direct-to-garment printer, is, actually getting. To getting themselves in this position to. Think about it a little bit different, instead of thinking about well. I need, to create. My. Products. But. Then I need a preprint, thousands, of sizes. And colors and different. Different layouts. And see what sells we. Try to educate our customers more on hey, let's sell something, first then. We produce it and digital. Allows you to do it so for example if I if, I do a, layout on our, work, stores that people get with our machines and you can publish ten, products, and see, which customers, buy them then, you print them versus, a lot, of the times I've, seen a lot of brands that don't start because, the investment, up front to. Do all the production, run is just, cost prohibitive, right so so a lot of times you have to do with screen printing and they have to do it some, other methods, but there's minimums, and there's color. Combinations. That they have to do sometimes, you have to dumb down their artwork and, if, you're starting something you want to make.

Sure That, you're, representing, what. You really want to sell and that's why we say hey turn it around let's sell something first and then, from there you produce it and the only way to do that is, to direct your garment awesome, so what. What, relationship, with and with, a small business owner entrepreneur is. The most ideal for, you guys so is it somebody that's just starting up and maybe barely. Able to afford it or is it somebody that's been in business and, maybe is looking. To bring things in-house what would you say is the type of entrepreneur, that would benefit the most from actually. Having a machine like this in their in their home sure, so we, we've you, know we've been, around almost 15 years so we've seen anybody. From, you. Know mom-and-pop, starting in their garage or, in the living room in the kitchen you, know I've seen these machines everywhere, we've. Also seen them in plants, where there's, 50-plus. Machines, being, used, if you look at the footprint, and. What you actually really need to produce you can start this off you, know at home and we're gonna visit some brands, where, you can see the, same things they started with one and they. Could end up with you. Know ten machines but then by the end of the year because, you, could easily scale, it it's all about how, much are you doing per day right, so I would say if you're in a position where you could sell 10 shirt today then. You can afford to get a machine because. It's all about if. You're gonna make a profit right, so, if. You're at 10 shirts at 50 bucks or, 30 bucks depending on what your brand is charging and you, can give the customers, that value, then. You're. Able to get into this kind of machine it's, awesome and what's, the learning curve for somebody is this something that's kind, of plug and play they could plug it up to a wall and just start start, grabbing their designs and throwing it up on the shirt or like what's is there a learning curve to getting this going up yeah. Overall. We, think that, the. Training is really, important right so we actually offer our customers a full day of training with, the machine just because, it's not necessarily learning. The machine and learning, to open, the image and press print the machine starts printing that's. Actually, the easiest part it's. More of work. We're training somebody on how to do apparel right. How. To print, water-based. Inks on all. Different types of fabrics right so we're. Teaching somebody, on how to how to do this trade a lot of the times right so that in itself has a learning curve so we actually, spend. A lot of time on the machine how, to cure which, products, to use all those kind of things but, also a where, where, can you sell your shirts at. You, know how can you make some money so though those kind of things are also part. Of the resources, that we give our customers so that make sense so one of the things that that that always continuously, comes up when when people are you know considering to do screen printing and, they hear about maybe direct-to-garment, machines, is that a won't, last as long or maybe it'll start flaking or, it's, not the best quality print, what do you what do you have to say about that, process or people that may have experienced. Something like that in the past yeah, so this, process is I would say on the older, side maybe. 18. 20 years old right it's. It's also been more, mature I would say in the last 10 years so, a lot, of the mentality is pretty old, the. The chemicals, have come a long way the. Inks, the processes. Everything work you can get very, close if, not the same or better wash ability than screen, printing so it's all about what, you're using so. I was showing you guys earlier in the ink lab but the, thing is is we.

Take A lot of responsibility, into. Making. The products, better right so we'll, formulate, the pretreat, and will, formulate different, things to. Increase. The wash ability and, and for example we're the only ones that can. Do one hundred percent dark poly on, this kind of machine right so that's, because, whatever, we identify, from our customer, base I could take to the team and I could say hey you know what this, is gonna benefit, them let's, work on it versus, hey, we're just buying the chemicals, from somebody and they said it can't be done right. As, matter of fact I love stuff that can be done because it fires. Us up when. I've got to DTG, yeah they've told me I couldn't print on poly and I was just saying okay well it makes sense because it, can absorb the. Inks alway like cotton skin a lot of them just recommend, 100% cotton, so how. Was it that you guys were able to pull it off and for, everybody watching that's like there's no way I could print on poly let me say to them well, the, main thing is we'll show you guys today so the proof is in the pudding a lot, of the. Innovations. I would say come from the need of our customers, right so, they say well yeah I'll buy a machine, but. I really need to do blends I really need to do, you. Know sportswear, you know how big you know all of that leisure stuff, is right now so, that's, kind of what guided. Us to focus on this for a while so if, you guys are. In any of the local. Shows follow. Us on our pages or. We do about 30 shows a year and we're, demonstrating. Typically. At all the shows will print a dark poly how. It's done and then, those are also the samples that we send out so it's. Just a difference in the chemicals, if you think about it this way a lot of those synthetic fabrics, are made to not allow anything to to. Adhere to them right so you just have to make this stronger, adhesive to. Be able to have it stick and it still be quality, and still feel nice so you can see a lot of the samples that we have here will. Show tribal, and which are very difficult to do in direct, to garment and, then 100 percent dark Poly's it's, fairly new it's about a a year and a half old that we started doing this and I would say more. In a reliable way where, you can actually pretreat. Loaded. Print, and, cure. It and they're washable you don't have to do any you know wait, two days and, let it dry and those things no I'm talking about in a production. So. The. Market still hasn't caught up to us but by the time they do we'll be in the next innovation so yeah it's crazy I would like to do experience what they're developing, here never show me some stuff and it's, gonna be exciting yeah in this area so we talked about the difference between the competition, and your guys's business but, what's the difference between the machines that you guys carry, so I see that there was a 330 X plus which is by the most popular, that I've seen online what, other models are available to them and what, are the major differences between each of them yeah, so essentially. We have the 32. X plus and the 330 TX the main difference, is just, the kind of materials, that you want to print on the, plus has a. System. That allows the whiting, to circulate, and it also will, train on the dark Polly's like we were talking about and the. Tribal ends and all that so has also different, technology. In it so, that's, actually the main difference, so if, you're just. Wanted to the cotton if you want to do, similar to what the other products are out there doing then you would get the, 330, TX if, that's your customer base just, is doing cotton, and, mostly, cotton shirts then.

We. Recommend that. One because there's no point in spending more money when when, your customers are gonna pay you for it so that's kind of the main differences, that we have there we also have the 500. TX. And that one is just a bigger print area so if, you're doing all overs, or towels or, some other special products, then, that's one will jump you to the to the bigger to, the function okay so, then obviously there's a question on top of everybody's, - by watching this video is, what. Type of methods, or what type of payments, do you accept or what can they kind of expect, to maybe either pay for it or what does it take for them to get this in their house well take anything make, a big call, you. Know gold. We. Have different ways depending on where your where. Your business is so we, take a lot of responsibility not, only in, training. You on the product, and. Showing you the benefits of you. Know if it's gonna work for your business we, do that same thing for the financial, site so we have close, relationships. With, financing. And you know leasing companies, banks, you. Know good good. Even good credit cards I'll benefit, your business so every, customer, has kind of a unique difference. Financial. Needs but but, if, you're. In a position where you could finance, something like this we know how to have, your financing, obviously if you have all the money you want to send it to us, all. Right so they accept anything. Man. So we just covered a lot of amazing information and, I, really want to get down into the details of how this thing works so can we fire this thing up and start something let's do it oh so, now that we discuss how the machine actually works, I want to walk you through the process of what its gonna take to actually create, and put, a design on a shirt so this one right here is actually a hundred percent polyester. May. Or may not be able to read there it's a hundred percent so this is one of those more, of the dry wiccaning, style, shirts. Which is very, common for athletic, work so, if you guys like. We discussed in the video. Most. DTG. Printers say that you can't print on polyester, so we're gonna see how that comes out with this thing so.

We're Gonna start with this machine right here and. Essentially, what this machine does this. Is a a pretreatment. Machine, so. What, it essentially does it removes. Human, error from the pretreatment. Process which, Victor, discuss is super, important to making sure that the inks, and the print adheres to it so, we're just going to load this thing up. It's. Not I'm sure you're gonna put, it right in there. Spread it around keep. The flat. Carpenters. Dream. And. The, preset settings already set so depending, on the material, type that and the training that they give you guys here they'll help you set up your, own. Start. It's. Crazy faster than that, so. Now you. Have a free, treated, hit. On the shirt. Let. Me bring it over to the actual press. Set. Up the shirt put, it right nice down there grab your paper. Now. Ready. To go prep. So. To print. Your artwork you simply want to open the file and, this. This would be a. 300. Dpi image file you open it up we're. Gonna tell it that we're going on dark, poly and, that's what the setting here for, the, print. Environment, and. You. Preview. It and you'll, see the the size. And. Then you just send it to print so. Now that we got the artwork what goes on from here so. Right. Now we're using 100%, dark poly t-shirt so, those are fairly thin so, what the Machine does is it'll set itself up at the right height and. We'll read the garment, so that it's does. Its own setting, and. It's not too far or not too not too close to the material I just press the button here. Lower, I'll. Come over the fabric there's, actually a little laser that's reading the material. So. If you have a hoodie or a towel you. Know thick, products, the, machine will set, itself up automatically. So. Essentially like you were describing I see the bottles back here and so. One of the things that we were talking about is how, more. Cost-effective. It is to use this type of a printing system, how. Much more. Effective is that in terms price-wise like how much art consumer saving yeah, so essentially. When you move on to. Buying. The inks and leaders you're. Saving about, a third of your. Ink. Cost right so. Versus. Using a cartridge and. Sometimes, they're still ink left inside the cartridge, when. The machine tells you to replace it here. You. Just have your inks. And liters and you just pour it in depending, on which color is, now. The. Machine is kind of checking, the. Levels. And it'll. Alert you if some colors are low and then you just look in the back for. Some more in another. If. You could look at the image another. Way that the. Software. Saves. Money is for, example here, you'll notice that we're not printing a hundred percent solid, white ain't behind it so, the. Machine is only gonna print white where, where it needs it so if you have like dark, brown or dark, or. You. Know in any of those images it's, good actually gonna use the shirt as a color I. Don't use, white. Ink I don't shoot it'll, just save. That ink, and. Then go over it with the correct colors so it, gives you a good feel on the shirt but, it also saves. A ton in ink so that's. One of the differences on how having. Good. Software, to, run the machine gives you a good color and, also saves you money on inks. So. Right here we're printing on 100% polyester.

So It's laying out the base print, because it is a black shirt and you need, some colors to pop on. Average how long does it take to print like a black or dark shirt yeah dark shirt is about five minutes on average and. Just depends, on we're doing the full size print here that's. The Belva your normal, on a dark shirt like. Shirt you're anywhere between a minute in two minutes for. A similar-sized graphic, so, the final image on this has multiple colors what. Would you say is a major difference, between doing, a screen print versus a DTG, yeah, so and and. DTG. You don't have a limit of color so for example, on this artwork you're gonna see so. Many different, tones, and so many different colors and screen. Print what you would have to do is reduce, the amount of colors to four or five whatever. The, your. Screen printer will tell you you have to reduce it to so, that'll limit, your quality, it'll. Make it look grainy err and you don't you don't have that same output, so one. Of the benefits of using digital is however you see it on the screen it'll, come out on your shirt. Make. Sure you get it real flat, your. Neck is down there, grab. A paper this is the final. Press. Secure, it. All, 90 seconds. Fresh. Off the press as you guys can see 100%. Polyester. Adhered. Perfectly, feels good it's ready to be worn Viktor, I appreciate, you guys for, having us here today I mean and thank you for sharing your knowledge and, more importantly what you guys have to offer to entrepreneurs, all around the world and we. Were talking about some of the things that they're working on aside from just this like the work program, and all kinds of crazy cool. Innovations. That you guys are doing in the industry so, I'm sure this isn't gonna be the last time you guys hear about me print I'm not there's gonna be a lot more coming down the pipeline so, if you guys have any questions leave, your comments down below and make. Sure you to hit the like button on this video subscribe. To the channel check. Out the Omni print channel for more information, which I'll also link up in the cards, right up above and if, you guys have any questions with them I want to get, in contact with them hit the link right down below this video which will take you to, a customer. Service page where you guys going to learn more information about. What it'll take to get one of these to your home perfect. So I'll see you guys on the next video. Hey. What's up guys so we're just getting into Costa. Mesa area whose new portal is missing. Viktor. Very nice to meet you.

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Love the machines OmniPrint builds, worked with the owner's brother running their machines, contracting all of our dtg jobs to them. Customers always loved the soft finish as well as crisp prints. Best quality by far. This is a perfect entry level investment for any entrepreneur trying to grow their brand with high profit, no stock, and on demand printing. Their price point is also at that sweet spot where you can add more machines as you go.

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it ultimately depends on financing. It’s best to hit them up for the details. I linked the site there and they can give you the info. But it makes sense for a business once the sales exceed your monthly printing and financing costs.

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