Stanley A Meyer House Meeting in New Zealand 1989 Part 3 improved quality

Stanley A Meyer   House Meeting in New Zealand   1989 Part 3   improved quality

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Great. Science. Class I asked a question to the teacher says well when you strike a match why does not the earth burn out well. The reason why the earthen burn up is because the block of aiming air is composed of non combustible gases, or gases, that do not support, the burning process like nitrogen anemia for your, rare gases like argon okay, so, because of this the atmosphere, doesn't burn up now, when we release the, hydrogen oxygen, gases. Do. The electrical polarization process. Under. Residence then, we. Now automatically. Adjust, the burn rate of hydrogen I'll. Put it back up here again the. Burn rate of hydrogen from, 325. Centimeters a second, down, to the burning levels of 43, 42. 41, and. This would be gasoline, your. Gasoline or even the diesel fuel and. Automatically. That. When, you release the hydrogen oxygen, from actual water you're also releasing, the non combustible gases, from water in your adjustment. Plane down, to around. 47. Centimeters, a second now. When I was. Following. The patents, in the United States, and in the International, areas. They. Didn't know what I was talking about the. Prior art was, tire metrics, diuretics. Basically, was taking the hydrogen. And go to a full-on, orbits the hydrogen would hit a hot plate and, then and then oxygen would I mean hydrogen would intermix with the oxygen and then that combustion with the energy going in the hot place now could release some of the energy in the hydrogen the, problem with that prior, state-of-the-art technology, was, that took tremendous amount of energy into, the hot plate to in order to to, come up with the gas combustion process, but, inherently, when we release the the, gases from water it, adjust as around 47, centimeters, a second and when we like the gas even the melt steel it's a self-sustained system and, then blew their minds and in fact that we could really do this and. We went along further with it to give an illustration of it because when they asked me the United States is a very highly scientific. Country right so, when they approached me and said we don't know what you're talking about adjusting, the burning of hydrogen, I said, if I give you the answer will you give me my patents, and. Of course I hear the answer and, consequently, receive my patent give, me an example of this what, I'm talking about, is that if you would have a place to that. This would be a place to hear and, you fill this place tube up with. Hydrogen. And a mean air gasses and you would spark it in one end then. The burn rate and, one. Second, would travel about 325. Centimeters, and major. Know. If I would fill the tube up with, natural gas and ambient air we, found out that it would burn around 42. Centimeters, per, second so, it came very obvious, then the. Just as weak is sustained and maintained a burn rate the, hydrogen and oxygen gas around 47, centimeters, a second, by, using, the, non, combustible gas, as a modulator, now, what I mean by here here's, the oxygen, atoms and. Now you subject, it to a modulating. Gas and, this is the oxygen atoms you see right here and so as a result of this that, the, modulated, gas or the non combustible gases, you see right here slows. Down the speed but what's the oxygen, atom unites do the hydrogen. Atoms and, as a result of this you now slow, down the speed by. Which, these. Two gases will go in the combustion so. It's quite obvious that is why we now would, subject natural, gas or take. Hydrogen we. Now can inject. More non, combustible gas in the process and we can take it right down to the burning levels of natural gas or, gasoline or diesel fuel so we have to inject Kazim right, so. Now we got a third component to, the technology, they. Comply with the law of economics the, only thing I'm using now with natural water right voltage. Which I'm not is, a non consuming, source in electronics, right. Now, I'm using a me there you, guys, anyone can come up with cheaper come on it's an that let me know and I'll go fat him on that, okay.

So Now, that gives us the ability using am you there in the process now. When you look at an internal combustion engine as an example then. You as, a design. Engineer you. Will look at the internal combustion engine in three ways and. You. See here now when we feed this in the. Gas come in. You're. My little spark plug here. Then. When the gases go in number, one the, internal combustion engine is a mechanical, drive device is enough God, is here today yep. Okay, secondly, is there not an air pump does. It take the pump sucks, it into the carburetor yep. All right and shoves, it out the, exhaust. Surely. Is it not a manufacturer. Now non combustible gases. Yes. Because as the ambient air goes in and, mixes in the gas compression process there's two things sometimes, it consumes the oxygen, atom and also. Consumes any verbal product in the in the air so, expired product is non combustible gases, so, it was very easy now to take the internal combustion engine take, the fuel cell over here the, water fuel cell technology. Come, up in here, meter mix it with the exhaust gases and as a result the meter makes it now we can take and then pick, it back up when, we're now automatically, adjust a burn rate of, the hydrogen gas to go eco gasoline and diesel fuel now since I'm using the ambient air up here how much does it cost me. Zippo. Right. So. It takes it and does it comply with with, EPA, standards, yes, because non combustible gases, by the air go through the process there's not in to react with the process so you're not changing the. School. The status quo so when. You talk about it's impossible, to do something, it's, only to the creative. Imagination, of. The technology. Okay. So now. We take this technology. The. Non combustible gases, is that we now can take, hydrogen we. Can take air and expose it to the flame to create non combustible gases, and now we have a way of taking and transporting, hydrogen gas through conventional gas grid systems, without, ever changing it now the prior art says that you have to take, hydrogen gas cooled down about four and sixty five degrees below zero, got put on a lot of pressure and you've got to truck it down the road it's, been a lot of energy to to move the hydrogen on the roof but, by simply meter mixing now non. Combustible gases, from a knee and air you can now can adjust the burner to hydrogen less, than that of your your, standard, fossil fuels and guess, what you don't even have to change even that even, the control knobs on the distribution, lines in order to get it transported so. All of this is still now complying, to the law of economics, so, that was the number one major invention. Was. To be able to render or hydrogen safer than that of natural, gas and of course the quenching circuit technology gave. Us an ability now. Another area that we developed, to comply with. The federal. And, the state safety, code regulations as, we developed, what was also called the quenching circuit technology and. In all probability is, the NASA, would have had this technology our, astronauts. Would not have died. In vain but. To, give an example of this there's, an example of this form. Of technology. Like. This. This. Is a requirement, on the gas ignition, that, the hydrogen and the oxygen atom. Must unite together to bring on spark ignition right so. We found out that the. Fuel cell is a multi gas generator, it's producing, and releasing the ambient air in the form of non combustible gases, in the process so, we found out that if we pass it through a very narrow passageway. Somewhere. Along the line the non combustible gases, to go and separate the hydrogen oxygen, gases and come up with a no no, spark zone so. As a result of this we, now I had a 100 developed, of 100%, failsafe, way of. Igniting, the gas and maintaining, it for with a 100% anti-spark. Back device. Irregardless. Of gas volume, or pressure, and, the. Simple technique was the youth and non combustible gases, to give us the cleansing effect, inside, now, the materials, we use in.

Acquitting, Deaths in supporting the idea of the flame was for like ceramic. Material like, aluminum and. Ceramic materials generally go up to, around 3,000, degrees before they start getting a little salt and melt down but. We. Can support planes. Anywhere. From two. Thousand five to ten to 20 thousand degrees and not melt the ceramic material because. The non combustible gases, not, only prevent spark back into the system but, it also elevates. And controls the, speed by which the, oxygen atom, is now being released into the air under pressure and. As a result of this the occupier combustible, gases acts as a cooling agent and between the flame in the ceramic, material, and it's actually cool to the touch, so. That simple thing now gave us the abilities to, comply, with the federal safety. Highway safety code regulations and. It was that the technology took us to the 22, with. By which these. Small little passages, ways access, the clinching element and now you can pass the fuel through these this puts you tube and as a result you can shoot. It with a tracer bullet or burn. It with a lighter. And it will not spark back into the generator that, gave us the ability to retrofit now you've two cars what's harder that's all right. Well there can be fifteen to twenty five thousand okay. And if. You want to mix it a little bit more you're not gonna add more non combustible gases, to it so, if you if you cycle it more or non combustible gases, with it the whole skin and elongate. Even. Though I'm, greater than that okay, so that gave us the abilities to retrofit the fuel cells existing. Technology. But, as we mentioned a little while back now, we wanted, we have shown that voltage to disassociate the water molecule, we show the circuitry, the abilities to restrict. The amp little knob only to take over but we need to produce a lot of electrical, power now, most of the electrical power plants, are being propelled by coal. Or gas or what have you we can use the water to, do this but. There's cases now where we need higher energy, yields and so, the EPG system, was developed for this purposes why, I was, showing you what non-meta. The magnetized gas inside, the closed loop to we're, using various, methods to propel the gas now. In. This particular case we were talking about the, electric motor driving the, non-magnetic. Turbine wheel which could be converted, to wind power and what have you if, I wanted, more power output, of this generator, what would I do. Could. I, put. Another pickup coil here and. Cut up with another ticket for here so. I'll power, output, of the generator is determined, by what the. Commendeth. Coils, right. It's determined by number one the strength of magnetic field. The. Velocity of, that magnetic, field the. Number of turns per coil and the number of coils right, so. All of these these could not comply with the power factor of electrical, power generation. The only thing I've done now is, I have eliminated the, opposing magnetic field problem which was the greatest problem in electrical, power generation now. I'm a little tired of that of the non-magnetic tube and, so, in. Some cases by, now I've put in an electromagnetic pump. And. I come over here with electronic, pulses and, I, now, want to produce.

An Electrical generator that has no mechanical, moving parts to it, now. In this analysis, if my if my eraser, was a magnet, and I would put the magnet close to the magnetic, gas with. A lock onto the gas. Yeah. Yeah all right now so if I move the permanent magnet when I now now move the gas yeah. So therefore if. I now take this, coil and I energize this coil that produced an electromagnetic. Field then, I deflect this magnetic, field in a vertical direction would, I not now move the gas where's. The bearing. Where's. Contact brushes, and. I know you hooked this up in series or parallel arrangement, come up with any power up what I so desire what, about the geometry of that system can you find, that so that you, have describing, this contains. Of the squid oh yeah. Sure yeah that's not the job we didn't really know, John. On geometry, in real terms it, is now going circular. In, spiral. Configuration. Yeah. Now. The. Key code is for example if I had the. Electromagnetic. Pump here and, I'm not having magnetic, to. Like that. All. Right now because the coil now, if. Let's. Take an analysis, of this let's, say that coming, into this, this. This, had given, me an it feels right now. In, electronics, if I would take a coil when I wrap this, coil many many turns the more more. Time try to wrap it the stronger the magnetic field, will become right so. If I had one, extra magnetic field here and, I coiled this now and, let's say I quote this 100, times, what's. The what's, the magnetic field strength of this. Next retention right it's so therefore it's a hundred times all right, so, I now start to wrap the. Coils, around this. Circular, pathway, this. Coil. Pathway, as, you see here. Coil. On the coil now. My power output, is determined by again the strength of magnetic field, right. The. Velocity, of the field what's. My next equation, the. Number of wraps. Right. Another, coil and, the number of turns per coil gives you field strength it gives me 2 minutes field strength okay, so here. I'm using now an. Electromagnetic. Pump to produce the electrical energy now. When you get to EMF, field, there's. A reason why this was developed this way is, because, the. Next question is I want to eliminate as much as possible Lenz law enough, men's, laws okay. So, the, parsing, the art says here I have a coil and I'm now moving the magnetic field, through. This coil and I'm now moving it perpendicular to the coil so. I have tremendous opposition to move that magnetic, field as he was pointing out right, what. Out can I move a magnetic field inside another, magnetic field and. Could. I do it in a way that minimizes the. Amount of opposition, okay. Absolutely. Yeah. Because. Under. This analysis, the magnetic fields remove a perpendicular so you have opposition but if I moved it through this way I haven't been amount of opposition the movement of the field right so. When, you develop any an EMF, field of a coil which, way does the Kazi, MF develop. Yeah. It develops away from, the, coil that's. The EMF. Yeah. So now you got a situation that you, can't. Yeah. Okay, so here is the magnetic field of the gas that's, the gas right and. This is the EMF field, so, therefore can I not pass this magnetic field through this magnetic. Field they have minimum amount of opposition, all. Right so. When they say you can't I do it it's the way you to look at, the technology. Technology. This producer, yes. Technique not necessarily. Like that is your proof yes, so therefore I've got eliminated, or reduced lens law down the memo because, I'm moving this magnetic field inside another, magnetic field which, gives me least amount of opposition still. Getting the same pick up on the coil sure absolutely. So, axis, is a zero point right. The, center. Of anything is a nickel force right, it's a nickel force in the center right.

So. The. Differential is from zero on out and. So therefore we have the ability. To move the magnetized, gas with a very little opposition to, it now. You link this up with a water fuel cell on a water fuel cell now is, producing, the electrical energy can. I not increase, that. Electrical, output, still further. All. Right now when you move to make any field through, that alternator, that field moves in a very slow pace, very, slow so. Now can we increase. The speed of the magnetic, field, and. Can we not do it in a way that, we can increase. Power off would still put so. We've taken the technology now even. To a very higher state, we, have now taken it, to, a point. Solving. The problem, of overunity devices. By. Simply. Now. Injecting. Laser, energy. Input. In. To, the. Magnetized gas. Now. What I want to do is give, it a mouse here. Now. Let's say for an example, this. Is. Texas. Alright, now I want to increase power upward still further, and. I'm now starting inject laser energy, into the magnetized gas, now. The key was how can we increase, the magnetic field, of. Mass, or, increase. The magnetic field without increasing, mass and. If you're doing that you can do something now, we talked about the, coil wrapping, but, another classic example is if I had two magnetized gas here it's. A phenomenal, effect that if I would inject laser in the into, the process, this, electron, would move out to a higher or higher, orbit would not, know. In the law of physics, I. Better. Stop. Mechanical. Drive system like the electromagnetic, pump system to draw the magnetized, gas I pointed, out in the development of the electromagnetic. Pump system that, will drive the magnetic gas and, and, all of its physical parameters, are producing, the electrical energy very economically, now, the question now becomes can, we produce large, amounts, of electrical energy, by. Moving the magnetic field or, close to that at the speed of light because, that magnetic field moving to the rotary electrical, generator is relatively, very slow, now. The key, to a, higher, power generations, was any areas that like on overunity devices, as we had mentioned is, that, the.

Part, Limitation, was that to increase the permanent magnetic field, you had to increase mass with some math yet increase the energy input in to move the mass so that inherently, became a detriment. To trying, to produce electril energy so, can we not now for example, go ahead and in amplify, the electromagnetic. Field of the mass without increasing, the mass and, what we found out was that actually inject laser energy, in, the nucleus is. Absorbed, in the magnetized. Gas NICUs. Then this electron, now will move out to a higher. Orbital. State and, we know that under law of physics that when you do this some, to happen right. Yes, in one one. Thing that takes place is that this electron, the, electromagnetic, field now the. Holes in its out order becomes weak and, when. This becomes weak, then for, every action there's an equal and opposite reaction then. This electron, starts, to spin at a faster, velocity, and. Under the electromagnetic, theory of magnetism, says, that, whenever a negative. Charged particle, moves, to an electric static field. B. It's. PI product is electromagnetic, energy, you. Know there's four horses that affects the the atoms or electrical. Force electromagnetic. We can strong nuclear forces, it's the electro force that really is applied a difference, of potentials, that, applies directly to, the atomic structure of the atom and then all the elements are just built on top of that so, in reference to, increasing. The magnetic field strength it, was quite obvious that all we had to do was. Eject and allow a laser energy to be soared by the atoms. Of the gas to. Now, cause the electron to spin at a faster rate as it's now moving away from the NICUs this, gave us the built-in increase the magnetic field without, increasing, the mass and that was the answer to over unity devices, now. We're, producing now as we eject the laser energy into, the DPG. System, i've now converted, the, non-magnetic, 2 into, a light guy. Like. God. Now. What that means this is that i've now if. Put. In a reflective surface inside.

The Non-magnetic, 2 so. Now when I inject laser energy, of both the laser energy into this system and, let's say for example this is a 10 watt laser I'm, not producing, this, magnetic. Field strength Hey. Now. As I, do this then this laser energy would it not now start moving through, this. Corridor. Reflective. Cord are they, closed around the speed of light so. As a result of this now this laser energy is starting to move this field in this pause field and it starts moving and bouncing back and forth and close, this loop system, and produces a, and an extremely, fast rate close to the speed of light so. If I want to increase more power output in, one example, as. We pointed out in the prior art I could add more coils to it right, but. Now I want to increase tremendous, amount of power let's. Say for example that I, would take this non-magnetic, two and. I would take it from here to Auckland. How far away's that. Came. Out and, then I take the tube and loop it back here and, I wrap in 1,000. Tons per coil around, this, non-magnetic. Light guy you. Know I hope these coils, in series parallel arrangement all the way to off them and back here and, I fill up with a magnetized, gas and, then at the one end I set a laser - now, if I take a laser and I strike the laser how fast with the light of them to go through the tooth - back to here. And. Then fashion you blink blink your eyes right less than a second right all, right so now if, I take a 10 watt laser in our laser then I proof produce. This magnetic field strength you, would now move close to speed light to come back to here now. When. I get back to this point right here I now lays it again and, I strike the laser again and. Now I have an intensity of the field equivalent, to beat side. And. I'll compounds, itself and bounces around gets back here get all A's at the third time and, I produce a magnetic field three. Times in its density now. Imagine taking that look of that laser and, I strike the laser a thousand, times or you'll, see a thousand, times in a 10 watt laser what. Would this magnetic field strength the equipment.

Yeah. Should be a thousand, times greater. Than or. Yeah. Thousand times 10 watt later okay. So I've got a 10,000, or 100,000, watt laser equipment, I'm, moving this gigantic, magnetic field, so. I'm now moving this magnetic field close to the speed of light, now, the EMF, field of the coil is only generated after. The, magnetic, field goes, through the coil of wire right so. That bowl of laser energy is going through the gas then. There's, very little resistance, of this, mint, mean, move through the coil because. As it's going down that, coil it, sees an Oakland corridor, with very low, and then that self so. The a map is only built afterwards, so, if I repulsed, this now, and set this field and pulse it and. Hit it at this intensity, how, much electro energy thank Jerry. Jerry. All-electric lens for all the major cities. On. Fire you grew up in the EMF bar yes. Sir are you saying that the light that will carry the gas irresolute no no no the gas between stationary. And, the laser action, in, other words the the atoms in contrast right no and, so in, that nice you streamlined would think this like a hypersonic aircraft right, there's leaving the chakras behind that. And. Then amazing. Now, you link this electrical, power generator, with a lot of fuel cell technology. What what can you not do. The. Technology, not only a minute to the imagination, for you to put it door that day that is their, deck on its own just. As is it's. Just. Yes. But. You can't running into our economy off off of the power because. As I pointed out earlier an, electric motor cannot handle the workload. Of an internal combustion engine and, under. Law of economics we, don't have time for an example of the change to electrical, drive systems for cars. Detroit. For example is not going to change their, production line when Stan Myers shows them how to take a two dollar 50 cent recycling, to use, the exhaust gases, to the just a burner to hydrogen gas to co-equal that at the fossil fuels and running off of water so. The law of economic dictate that this the direction will go but, the evolution of its development will, continue this because as, I was mentioning to several others during our break that, the. Main centralized, power systems. Have. Turned out to be the wrong approach in, order to provide power like in the United States because. In the interpretive, time from, the time the first power plan was developed a lot, of the copper wires with electrical transmission lines are starting to crystallize so, we're starting to have, breakdowns and. On the brown effect occurring where the electrical wires are now breaking down because. The high exposure of voltage and, they're crystallizing, and we don't have the copper to go ahead and replace those. Transmission. Lines nor. Do we have the monies to be able three. String. The, transmission, lines so one, of the main philosophies, now in, the United States is to come up with a home power, generation system, so, we linked this to the water fuel cell and, we're going to be releasing this. Unit which, will be the equivalent to half size of a hot, water tank about 18 inches in diameter and it's, average power to all be to 2,300, amp dual capacity and. Link this up to the water fuel cell then, we have an unlimited parse, or it's very economic, and, the only thing I'm using here is a - a bunch, of wires in. The gas now. We're not point. Out how to make the magnetize gas for. An extremely long period of time because, when. Assignments come into my laboratory it says if you can show me how to stabilize the magnetized Kastrup temperatures you're doing something and. He's right because. This. Will set on an evolution, like you will not believe now, in chemistry, and linking, up with atoms, we're always under a natural state in, order to link up the the atoms through covalent linkage now, there are a lot of ways, doing it now there's three atoms that. Exist in nature that exhibits, electromagnetic, fields there, are iron ions, and there, are nickel ions and they're cobalt ions and. The. Key to the link-up was, to. Come up with. The gas lattice, that would stabilize at room temperature, and amplify. The electromagnetic. Field so one, of the techniques this is not the only technique but this is a technique that that. All related. But. There will be an abolition, now in chemistry. We're. A hundreds of millions of new. Chemical. Compounds, will come about as a result of this one. Of the prior state-of-the-art there are such atoms now in this particular case to make the magnetic gas lattice we're, going to use an iron and iron, ions and. Argon. And example, iron. Cobalt, and nickel are atoms, now.

Most, They look at it as a metal. Substance, but really, they're composed of a same atomic structure the only a different number. Of protons a different number of electrons right all. Right so if you get them down into the atomic structure then, they operating. Function just like any other atoms do you, know the. Reason why iron, and. Reason. Why iron as an example or cobalt or nickel exhibits. Electromagnetic, fields is because all their electrons. Rotate. In the same direction the. Reason why, the. Wood and so forth does not exhibit an electromagnetic, field is because their electrons, pair together then they rotate in opposite direction, okay. And there are it has been examples of taking. Atoms. And exposing, on a plasma on a real high temperature, to high pressures and they would start to exhibit electromagnetic, field but, tremendous energy you must go in into. That type of system to try to generate the magnetic field the, key is how do you stabilize it well, as we pointed out earlier that. When I took, the. Combustible. Gas atoms, which. We call the hydrogen gas gun and we exposed that. Atom, to a high voltage field, we, got the ionization effect occur right, now. In this particular case I'm, using iron, and, argon, atoms to link up now. Traditionally. Argon, is, an atom that doesn't link up to anything it's chemically inert why. Is it chemically inert, and. The reason why it's chemically inert is, because, its second. Electron. Orbit, is. Composed. Composed. Of eight electrons. Right. And as it has its eight complete electrons, it doesn't want to go beyond the leg up to anything, well. Now the. Question is how. Do you look at it accomplish. The problem well, if that has eight electrons why. Can I not now expose, the argon atom, to, high voltage then pluck off its electrons. And. I'm not do that, huh. Can. I now inject laser energy. In. The process that, aids the process of now aiding. The knock off the electrons in. Other words if I had a Tomic. Structure this way, then. The electrons would go from that orbit KL.

And, In the orbits and, then eventually it'd be ejected off by the by, the voltage, and. Then I do that yeah what foods that out, how. About an argon laser. It. Does it alright, so therefore the. Point in the the hydrogen. Gas gun technology by, the way the hydrogen gas gun, technology, can. Be reduced down to size of a spark plug or the fuel injection port of, a f-18, or f-16 16 so. You can miniaturize this thing down tremendously, now, in this technology, in a matter of fact mucin laser energy, in this process not, only could we generate the electrode links for all the cities in New. Zealand but, I can reduce it down to the size of an IC chip, and. Replace the battery and electrons, in ethanol, okay. Now get. Back on this a minute if I want to be able to covalently. Linked up with Adam said, normally. Do not link, up then. Can I not just simply pluck the outer, electrons of. That atom and now use, it as a covalent link up so. If I pluck four electrons, from here from, the argon atom well did not now link up with the, with. The iron ions that also have, missing electrons. Yeah. And the reason why wasn't possible before was. Invention, of the B I see you a certain, the. V ICU, unit restrict. Airflow right. Now. Like a neon - you, take a high voltage the neon - it produced the light it plucked off the electrons right and. Then when it was plucking off the electrons it allows electrons. Back in the process to stabilize, it to, go ahead and pulse again 60 cycles release more energy right, all. Right and the bi SI unit though when you pluck the electrons, you're not allowing electrons, to go back in the process now, so therefore if I would now expose. These. Two opposite gases, and, I now set an injector, image in the process and plucking, off their electrons, if, I pluck off their electrons, with any not covalently. Linked up. Absolutely. They have to make up so, now I have a gas lattice, now where, it now can exhibit the electromagnetic, field so. If I were to put, the gas lattice, now. Inside. You, sing the castle is going, in oil no. Far. Gone in iron ions or nickel or cobalt or any combination thereof. Okay. This is only one, example will. You get the on. Well. Do, if you have iron you not Nick, oppose an, iron ore block into iron islands and. Then made up of atomic. Atomic. Structure of atoms. Right. The, key was artificial and I'm knocking it off as, a result of this hundreds. Of thousands, of millions of new chemical, compounds, will come about. The. Prior art of chemistry is if you had out of a here and, say well I need Adam be down here they, may have had to put a whole string of other atoms to come down here that to, to Animax right, and. The reason why he did that was because the covalent link up for the atoms right all. Right why can I not bypass, the step you, knock, off knock. Off the electrons here and knock. Off the electrons here in control. What does that make sense they have a match so, you can get my quarter tones and instructions. And how many how morning that's for Horry instructor, you can vary that the moment in great for. The kids right, absolutely. You see that it's. A mighty fine a large business, unofficially. Produced, right. For. Artificially. Simply omit Oh isotopes, you're going to talk about isotopes you you're, talking about putting more two, or three electrons, into the ended ordinarily when, we're going is plucking the electrons out all. Right we're plucking it out I'm injecting laser imaging your process, simply. Aid the process in other words here's the atom and.

I'm Not injecting, whatever energy all right what sort of laser in the helium neon or argon oil doesn't matter doesn't matter anything, I mean well I mean on, certain atoms it will take a different frequency of, laser energy but. You simply tune in on the laser laser. Frequency, of absorption and so it does it so basically a, photon, light source works. Very well on it you hear your energy orbits, and. Again you're. Bouncing when KL, m and n, so if, you subject this you're knocking off the electrons you're, jacked into a tremendous high pulse. Voltage, I'm not plucking the electrons I still have a laser energy, here to keep that from going back to stable state if, I intermix, those chemicals, in the hydrogen fraction technology, they will component, covalently, linked up so, the boulders do you need is it in. This. Matter very little, how. Much see. Ya. Intestines. I mean it can go from two, thousand volts to ten thousand, volts to take up to 20,000, volts up to nine thousand more it, depends on what type of application that you want the, key was that we can produce, hundreds. Of thousands, immunity, millions of cubic feet of magnetized. Gas in, the in, the garage, by. Using the hydrogen fracturing, technology, or. Hydrogen, gun technology to give us this ability so, now we're linking I don't like atoms, that heretofore. You, could not blink up naturally, we're artificially, linking them up by plucking out their electrons so, when you expose the gas to an external magnetic field then. What happens, is the, magnetic field of this iron ion. Now, start to link up and you produce some electromagnetic flux. Line. Myself. Yeah. Right, all the way around the tube all the way around the non-magnetic to now, the reason why I'm using argon, in this case is that there's some characteristics, too hard on the, carrier six being as the argon is like a lubricator. The. Second thing is it's an anti-static device it doesn't like to transmit electrical energy in it and. It also has the ability to the magnetic shunt, it. Doesn't like to be magnetized, and. As a result of that then when you expose it you're now creating this electromagnetic. Field and that amazing so, not only are, you not you're, linking up, the.

Gas Lattice, by covalent link up I'm also now linking enough by the, electromagnetic link. Up from, one atom. Structure to another to, produce the, magnetic flux, line so, it's quite obvious now that if I would now take this and, I would expose it to the electromagnetic, field moving, through the pickup coil but I not generally let to limit it by. The way it's done you'll be making superconductors. To help sleep yes. Yes. Yes. The superconductor basically, I'm trying to transmit electrical power without you know least resistance, on it okay. So that's the basic principle, of why the, eg systems work any, questions, I'm. So confused about the. Well. If. You go back in the many, years ago 23 34 years ago to the 40s 30s and the 40s they, were using. Ion generators, to generate ions from, many, different metals you've, included iron and cobalt and nickel so. You. Mean like an annoying generator, or negative on Joanna, sure and. You you, take your metals in the you decompose, it into the atomic structure there's. A lot of ways of doing them but there's. Too many hours will describe the apparatuses. Well. Because. I'm using atoms, that, all of their electrons, spin. In the same direction so, if. You have an atom that all, of its electron spins in the same direction it. Will exhibit an electromagnetic. Field, equipment. To the number of electrons, that are spinning under. The electromagnetic, theory of magnetism, that whenever an electric charge particle, passes through an electric static field its by-product is electromagnetic, energy but I own myself it's, not, stealing. Yeah. And. Why would that not be a, thing. Well. There. You know well, iron. Soft iron is not magnetic. In itself is it yeah true. Misty. It is yeah, why, is, that, you, got on there why is it not, well. The reason why that would well, I. Said. Non-union, an example, I said, any combination, there up you. Can take any any combination, that structure to do it now when you talk about creating. The electromagnetic, fields and you're coming up with the, combinations, you can take the combinations, and mix it and expose it in the same process. The. Reason for that strictly, is why it's holding, the magnetic field it's, because it's allowing the electromagnetic, spin to, to. Not pair together, all, right so in this particular case, the. Argon atoms, are also all, pairing, together and they're spinning in opposite direction but, they will stabilize, to allow this these electrons, to spin in the same direction but, you can take any combination, of any, of the. Ion structures, and, put them together to to, create an enhanced electromagnetic. Field but you could use Nia to be inaudible on for sure which is a very very, strong naming right here exactly the same thing and that's that feminine, right remain this penny get pendant right right, you can use all the state of the audience now what they're using today to and, hence the stabilized, that the magnetic field the.

The Real. Point being is that once you do this you're, not going to check the laser energy in to amplify the electromagnetic, field so. You're not restricted to just one I'm giving this as an example of your approach if. I went to more, complicated, and maybe a little bit more. Harder. To understand okay. So that's the basis of the EPG system like technology. Now. We also have some advanced technology, we're not bringing out the present time and that's also in the atomic reduction process so. This technology has led us to the office to alter the state of the atoms now. We can do reduce the the. Structure. Of the atom downward, and then, covalently. Linked it up with them like atoms again so it's opening the doors in areas. Of. Yeah. Basically. A transmutation is, accomplished. Well. Yeah. Again it's only subject to limitation, you know to, actually put the work so. The real key is is communicating. What's what. We have done and why. We're doing it because we're, going to be faced with a very critical worldwide, problem, I feel if. The mini says I point out earlier or erupt into war, then. This possibility, that our oil is going to be contaminated if it's contaminated we, better start moving in one Accord otherwise. The economies of not only New, Zealand and other, countries are going to be destroyed very quickly but, we have a way of doing it and the, way there is the, way that we must accomplish it is, a sit down there and decentralize, the production. Of the system and decentralize. It and installation, and it set it up as an independent business entities, and that's the vehicle which the Lord has shown me to do it very, successfully in the United States and we are doing this at the present time. What's. Your purpose. Well. The Lord pulled me away from the project said to go to New Zealand. So. I started asking some questions and, I'm finding out that New Zealand is importing, about 50%, of their oil into this country so.

You're. Much like we are we imported 60%, of oil to maintain our economy and that oil is cut off tomorrow you died and. We die so. The. Area is to communicate I've been going to many countries all over the world communicating. And talking about the technology and to, say hey there's an answer because. What. We're talking about today if, it complies the law of economics I think, applies the kiss method keep it simple stupid it. Gives us a, to. The energy problem then. Put this technology, in the wrong hands like the Mafia or. To the Arabs or, any other hostile, foreign country then. Those countries, that would be blocked with this technology would be destroyed economically, very very quickly. And those, countries that would have access to this technology could, be prospered, very quickly so. It's paramount unfortunately. There are those who seek to destroy and. Very, few seek to build and to maintain so. I have, been part of now all of this knowledge and wisdom and now. You have a great responsibility as. I had a responsibility developing. The technology, on the depart for the Word of God or bringing it to this state now, I'm communicating to, you now, I can, we. Can invent and develop this technology show. You the fact we have an answer damaging problem but in the final equation, it's, going to be coming down to you guys we're, not just going to get in so. I don't know the walls in New Zealand I don't know the people in New Zealand I don't, know their philosophy, I don't know the the enemies, against New Zealand well. I do know that as. A time goes you're gonna have to need this answer just like the the, other countries and, we've got to be able to somehow move in one accord to bring it about and. If we don't do it don't, rely on the government to do it any nation don't. Rely on any international, corporations, to do it because you're not gonna do it it's. Going to come down to you and I and the guy down, the street that says hey we're, going to pick up the challenge to pick up the ball and go yeah.

We Don't do it well then. Didn't. Work it's been a bang go ahead and do it yeah do, the patents on them to you then, yeah. Well well, what I'm starting to do now is, to start the vehicle capable. Of doing no I don't if, I can develop the technology, or the equipment.

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