Speech from the Throne to Open the 43rd Parliament

Speech from the Throne to Open the 43rd Parliament

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Eventually the, Queen's. Representative, in. The Senate. And. You. Heard a protester, yelling if, I heard it correctly there are other parties. In Parliament who will support your climate plan don't let us fall off this cliff and we expect. Some. Conversation. Some mentioned in the speech from the throne of, climate. Change and whether the government plans to take. A more ambitious, approach, they. Know if they do they will have the backing of three. Of the opposition, parties in Parliament who are demanding. Stronger. Action and. So. We. Expect that to feature in the speech from the throne as the, prime minister and. So. Figure a go out through they'll make their way inside and, the. Senate is now awaiting. The arrival of, the governor-general and we expect to see that in the next few minutes and we will, also have a as I, say a parallel, process taking place in the House of Commons where. They. Elected a speaker the new Speaker of the House is Anthony, rota. And. He. Is the new Speaker of the House of Commons and we can show. You back inside with our pool coverage this is inside the Senate chamber where. Invited. Members. Senators. Of course but also VIPs. Who. Have. Who. Are always on hand as part, of the this process. There. Are members of the diplomatic corps. They. Are. Various. Representatives. From different, agencies, the, members. Of the Supreme Court chief, of the Defence Staff Commissioner, of the RCMP, clerk of the Privy Council. Are. In the chamber for the speech it's a as, I say it's the temporary. Senate. Building, because. Of the renovations, taking place in senator, block and. They. Are, gathering here for the arrival in the next few minutes of the, government general and we hope to be able to show you that and we are also keeping an eye on the process that takes place in the house which will get. Underway in the next few moments and that is. Where members, of parliament gather of course and that's about a half kilometer, away the. Usher of the black rod from, the Senate will take message from, the governor-general, to. The, House of Commons asking. Members of parliament, to come to the Senate to hear the speech from the throne before they return to the House of Commons to then begin.

Conducting The duties of members. Of parliament so, we're watching. Both of these processes, take take, place and right now the focus is on the Senate and the arrival we think in the next couple of minutes here of the. Governor-general. Who. Will arrive. There. Run. With military, precision these, events are for. The most part so within the next minute, and a half or so we should see the arrival of the, governor-general. In, a speech from the throne that is likely to emphasize. The. The. Results, of the last election which. Is a minority Parliament and the government looking to. Ensure that it can move, along an agenda. That will get the backing of at least one of the major opposition, parties at every, stage in. The, House of Commons that's, what's required to, move the program along, so I think you'll hear a speech. From the throne that talks, about the need to cooperate. That, talks about in fairly. Broad strokes the, government's promises, made during the election campaign and how it plans. To follow them up and. How, it plans to reach, out to other, opposition. Parties as we look at former governor-general Mikhail Romm how. It plans to reach out to other. Opposition parties at least one, in every case to move this agenda forward on issues. Such as climate. Change. Pharmacare. Taxation. Economic. Measures gun, control. And. Various, other measures that you, can probably. Put together yourself, that have been, front and center of the government's promises, during the election campaign and, the conversation, since then and as. We've talked about in our programming today also looking, to see what kind of. Tall. And the speech takes and what kind of. Words. It might contain delivered, by the Governor General on behalf of the prime minister to. Canadians. In parts. Of the country and let's talk about Western Canada Saskatchewan, and Alberta in particular, feeling, left. Out of the process feeling, alienated feeling. Ignored by. Some of the policies, of the government particularly. On. The energy and environmental front and we'll. See what kind of. Olive. Branch is extended, to. Those. Provinces. From. A prime minister who has already met with the. Premier's met with mayors, of some of the major Western Canadian cities too to say that he understands. The concerns about the economic downturn. Driven. By a drop. In energy prices that he understands, it understands. It that he knows, what. They. Are saying but, what they want to see is what kind of concrete action plans to take to, address those concerns that, they have expressed in those parts, of Western Canada where. This. Has inflamed. Clearly. The. Tensions, and issues. Around national unity so let. Me just put, you in the picture here and let you watch along as we, watch, the same image as you're watching and stand. By we think in the, next moments, here for the arrival of the Governor General. Arriving. As you see members of the Supreme Court of Canada including, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, retired Wagner. And. Now we expect this will be the arrival of the governor-general. Yup, hello if I'm gonna do, well. He's. Okay. Okay. Peter. Van Deusen C, packs live coverage of the speech from the throne and, this is the prelude, to the speech from the throne as you've been watching the. Governor-general now is, out. Of our camera range now where she is meeting with the Senate. Leadership. And various, Senate groups and then she, will then make. Her way, down, to. The. Senate chamber eventually. As we continue to look at some of those assembled, in the Senate chambers standing by for the speech from the throne so. After she is there she will then dispatch, or, the, usher, of the black rod will. Then be dispatched to Parliament Hill by the Speaker of the Senate to summon, members of parliament, in the House of Commons the other place, as. It's often referred to, there's. The red chamber and the House of Commons the upper chamber the. Senate the lower chamber of the House and. MPs. Will be summoned to attend the, speech from the throne at, the Senate and, as. I explained. Before the Prime Minister is the only elected member of parliament allowed, beyond the bar of the Senate so he'll be sitting up at, the front of the Senate near the governor-general for the speech from the throne all other members, of parliament the elected members who. Have will. Make their way to the Senate some in some cases some already haven't they, must remain behind the bar they. Are not permitted to enter the, Senate and Senators are not permitted to enter the House of Commons. And that's why the usher of the black rod will be dispatched.

To The house to call members to. The Senate where they will hear the speech from the throne and then they will return to the, House of Commons to consider, the speech from the throne and, formally. Begin this. 43rd. Parliament, of Canada which begins after the, delivery of the speech from the throne and, the, laying out of the government's a writ. Large. Blueprint. For. Governing. The country for dealing with the minority Parliament and that will come our way in about 35. Minutes from now is when we're expecting. It to actually be delivered on the floor of the Senate by. The governor-general who. Reads the words in the speech from the throne crafted. By the Prime Minister and his advisers, and, delivered. To, Canadians. In this. Centuries-old. Traditional. Way. So in. A fairly short order we back to see the arrival in the chamber of the. Governor-general and then. Part. Of this process will move from the Senate to, the House of Commons but as we like to do at. CPAC, let's put. You in the room with our cameras and let you just see the sights and sounds of the. Prelude. To the speech from the throne if I can put it that way as. We watch those. Gathered in the Senate chamber on. This. Important, day in, the life of a democratic, nation. Yeah. All. Right Peter Van Deusen as we continue, to watch the, proceedings in the Senate the proceedings, are underway as well in the house let's listen in there it's a dual-track approach listen. This continues, for a while. This. Sitting of the house will now resume to, await the arrival of the usher of the black rod I. Have. The honor to inform the house that a communication has been received as follows. Mr. Speaker I, have, the honor to inform you that Her Excellency the, right honourable Julie, Payette Governor. General of Canada, will. Arrive at, the Senate of Canada building, at. Says. 230, here. At. 2:30, p.m. on, Thursday, the 5th day of December. Twenty-fifth, nineteen, when. It has been indicated that, all is, in readiness Her. Excellency will. Proceed, to the chamber of the Senate to, formally, open the first session of the 43rd. Parliament, of Canada. Gela, not a formal Asha American, communication, on Wasilla text it--are assume the. Ship wisdom. Zelenov, dugu's inform a case on excellence, and accretion of a GPA yet governor-general. Giada. A Libra, Elizabeth gesina, Jew Canada Iquitos. Huger. Sank December, DeMille. Vain nasi. RIT, confer make 2 theta plus Sun, excellence, surround.

Rah Alisal, Xena Porvenir, official. Ma la. Première session, 2 like Kara like, aunt who was a malicious, that she of Canada, we. Agree. Monsieur president, Last House the, Mehrotra consider, a ratio. M. Edna usually at all trappers guitar, with, a one visit NASA booth. Mr.. Speaker a message, from, her excellency, the governor-general. Monsieur. The President, and message. Sonic's, laws that, govern our general. Admit. The messenger fete, our trailer mr. Shi. Mr.. Speaker it. Is the pleasure of her Excellency, the governor general, that. This honourable, house, attend. Her immediately in, the chamber of the Senate, mr.. Preston. C'est le plaisir de, son excellence the, governor-general, Cosette. Honorable, Shaun. Surround. Immediate, MA Oprah. Del Donna. Saldana. Watch. This. All. Right Peter Van Deusen with continuing, live coverage here, on CPAC you can see members of parliament have been called to the Senate to hear the speech from the throne and we. Can show you some of the shots now I'll take. You outside and some, of the room being as. You can see. Black. Rod does so to, be clear again there's, the temporary. House of Commons and the West block of Parliament Hill and a, temporary Senate about 1/2 kilometer, away and as you can see members, of parliament who are headed for the speech, from the throne are. Being boarded on to these mini buses to be taken there to expedite, that process to. Get them down to, the. New temporary, Senate building first. Speech from the throne being delivered from there, just. Under a Killa mere a little over a half a kilometer, away and they'll head for that they'll. Hear the speech from the throne and. Then they will be returned to Parliament Hill to begin carrying on the business of the 43rd, Parliament, and none, of that happens, in. Strict terms until after the. Speech from the throne has been delivered and the government has set out its broad, in. Broad strokes its list of priorities, and plans. For governing. In this minority Parliament where.

As We've said it. Will require, support. From at least one of the opposition, parties at every, turn on any matters of confidence, but. In. All our discussions, and the. Analysis. We've been bringing you it's clear, that for the most part there will be lots, of potential dance partners, in the opposition parties depending, on what the. Piece of legislation is so there lots, to watch for in the days ahead the. Plan is that the. Opening of parliament takes place today of. Course the first question period, will happen tomorrow and, the. House will sit again and next week and then we'll be on the, Christmas break it. Will then. Adjourn. And, return on. At. The end of January for, what. Will then be the, rest of the spring sitting. Right through until June, so. These. Are the MPs being loaded on these mini buses and then driven down to the Senate chamber, where the. Speech, from the throne will be delivered by the governor-general. Fully. Expecting, it to touch on some of the key things we've been hearing from the government not just in the election campaign but, since. Climate. Change, taxes. Tax, cuts for the middle class. Gun. Control measures, we expect to hear about that national. Pharmacare, we expect to hear about that the, reconciliation, process, ongoing, with indigenous people in this country so, there will be many elements, in the speech but don't. Expect it to be deep on detail, as, always. The speech from the throne is more, of a blueprint. Aspirational. Goals, of the government sets and we. Also expect to hear some. Language in the speech from the throne about, how the government plans to address issues around national. Unity and Western alienation, and how. The government plans to deal. With. Matters. Of, economic. Downturns, in the different province but provinces, which has caused, a lot of this anger, but. Again as I say don't. Expect a whole lot of detail that will come in the days and weeks ahead and likely. Be largely. Framed, around, the. Most important, government priorities we will see when we get a budget likely, to be in February or March when. We'll, see what kind of funding, the government attaches. To some of these priorities that will give us a clearer sense of, where. It is in terms of the most important, pledges. It is making, to Canadians and then, how it plans to proceed to win support for those pledges from, the, opposition parties in the. House of Commons so.

We're In this period now of. Suspension. As you were in the process while, members of parliament make their way and not all members of parliament we're told we are going. To be going to the Senate it's a small space, where they can, take. Up a spot to watch the speech from the throne so. They won't all be there I think. We'll see a significant, representative. Sample more than a hundred plus I'm sure we'll be there to, hear the speech but, some will stay behind, then. Once the speech has concluded, those members of parliament will return to the House of Commons, you'll, hear reactions, to the speech in, our coverage. You'll hear the. Actual. Legislative. And political process. That takes place in House of Commons to actually launch the business of government after. The speech from the throne has been delivered, then it will probably adjourn, somewhere around 6 o'clock or 6:30, and then, return. To business tomorrow, morning. At 10 o'clock and here, are these. MPs this will be the. MPs and I believe, I saw the usher of the black rod in that. First vehicle. Greg, Peters he will be stepping. Out of this and the MPs will then be led into. The. Senate area to the bar of the Senate where the speech from the throne will be delivered so let's let, me just put you there and let. You watch along. All, the girls look, at those eggs quick. Order. May. It please your excellency the House, of Commons has, elected me their speaker, oh I'm. But little, able, to fulfill the important duties the society, if the. Performance of, those duties I should. At any time fall into, error I pray. The, fault may be intro imputed, to me, and not. To, the Commons whose. Servant, I am and who. Threw me the, better to enable them, to discharge, their duties to. Their Queen and country, humbly. Claim all their undoubted, rights and privileges, especially. That. They, may have freedom. Of speech in, their debates access. To their excellencies, person, at all seasonable, times and. That. Their proceedings, may, receive, from, your excellency, the most favorable, construction. Play. Avid excellence, la chambre, de camión la, le président, en, sua, / kapap de la la, la voix de puta team. Son. Para. La a singie, seat. Alex, Lexi, under, Center voir in, marriage rama de Ferran era. Sudamericana. Thought na, sua apt, a noncom. A common, don't. Reservatol. A key, Aveda. Sakti. Der Meer possible the. Lord avoir la vella. Reign LP, he a club, emblem. On palma. Wa la. Rocca nice asteroid, what a privilege incontestable. Not. A male Liberty, the peril Donald. About a cyclic. Say apres, le persone d'Ivoire excellence. Tutankhamun. Habla, de. Mar de votre, excellence. Very be a re-enter. Parte de, la mañana para, hablar, nobility. Ratio. Mr.. Speaker, I am. Commanded, by Her Excellency the, governor general, to. Declare to you that she, freely confides, in the duty and attachment, of the House of Commons to, her, Majesty's, person, and government. And, not doubting, that their proceedings, will be conducted with, wisdom, temper. And prudence, she. Wants she. Grants and upon all occasions will. Recognize, and allow their, constitutional. Privileges, I am. Commanded, also to assure you that the Commons shall have ready access to her excellency. Upon, all seasonable. Occasions, and that their proceedings as well as your words and actions will. Constantly, receive, from her the, most favourable, consideration. Monsieur, le plays it down, Sonax. Allows, the, governor-general. Massage. Massage. The Budi occur, in, young playing, conference. Than. The, doís really is now in attachment. In a chambre, de commune on by, a la. Person. In the governor mo the sahaja stay, in. A do town. Newmark. Said the liberal salons seroma, KO, quand, la Sturges, de. Llamada rossanov, a de. La prudence, L, we Accord, a on, to, Takeshi, on sora. Riku, netra say, privilege. Constitutional. Giacomo. Lord. The boo Saturday kill a communal wrong on to, Takeshi on combinable. Libre. Exhale, pray, the, Sun excellence, a colder. Deliberation. Seek. Of a parole it was act so. On to your tablet. A parallel, the, Lemuria and approve, a parabola. Oh.

No. How the senator I said his, deputy. The lash somebody come in when. I'm say miss you. Suppose, the real a promise SEO the like a talk come to pass Emily's let you the Canada, just. Wait lobby Avenue Orkut revenge visit Nouveau. Deputy. And she, cast a selkie, Ont really. Your. Predecessors. First sat in Parliament, in November. 1867. Canada. Was barely five months old on, the. Scale of world history we. Are still, young. Yet. Much has happened in the world since then we. Have matured and, we. Are here, strong, and free. There. Has been no, civil war no, foreign, armies marching on our soil, there. Have been agreements. And differences. Along. The way and. Lots of arguments yes. Most of them delivered, with much eloquence, in this very chamber. Not. What stability, can, add a non-hostile, ism, Komiyama. With, some D'Amelio avala men busier can. You say Oh Nancy, why, o Swasey de venir no. Valen vive le Brahma. Yonaguni. Said. Catherine, de Paris, is the nephron a CEO Lu, Zhi dawn Prescott, Tuscany face on a, poster. Kanuda, fancy, news, that also a unison, commercial, pub a lava. Chef's - a cigar at, the point coma, Sonny. Pass ananassa said. - wa, susukino. Tiffany, and. Remember. As well there, are fortunes have. Relied often, on. The knowledge and the strategies of, the indigenous people. What. I call, indigenous. Genius. That. Allowed this nation, to. Thrive. Their. Deep understanding, of, our natural world their. Intense, sense of community, should, continue to affect what we do here, for the, good of our, communities, and the future of out, of our, children. Kini, magani. We watched me, see where Aniston, back at, sheesh. Negan, a Bellucci. Shock k p medici, watch. Reconciliation. Must, continue. La. Does impair the season, ultra stability. Another. System Palomar, tell what. Would have a at, associate, carrying. New parody, CDs can move along Hema auto, kinesio. The. System deloix, edit. Hadith sahih deafening, Authority, Canadian Agora, the not remotely, it has la voix de l'avenir Oh quelle news SP home. Your. Role and. A democratic. Process is a privilege, and a responsibility. I. Know. That. You embrace, it, respecting. The wishes and, protecting. The rights of us all. Because. We. Serve, every. Single. Canadian. New. Songs or service the Tula Kennedy calcio, swallows are not, confession, la la la cucina Khalid Abu, SEPA. Tetra daya not, a pleaser prenup, Kim, is fear a. New. Partizan. Lemon. Planet. We. Know that, we are inextricably. Bound to. The same space-time, continuum. And onboard the same planetary. Spaceship. If. We put our brains our, smarts. Altruistic. Capabilities. Together, we. Can, do a lot of good. We. Can help improve the lives of people, in, our, communities, diminish. The gaps and inequities. Here, and elsewhere and have. A better chance at, a chling serious, and pressing, issues. Like. Climate change, poverty. Inequalities. And human. Rights because. Global. Issues, know, no, borders, no. Timeline and truly. Need our attention. Just. Beep s ready can't. Rely on the concern we an attempt received I am. Convinced, that anyone, can rise to any, occasion if, they. Are willing to work with others to reach. Higher goals and to, do what is right for the, common good. Certain. The Canadian, way I presume. He. A, mom you know retire but our, soul. Of a flat level auntie do pop it, was a little as he put it on his feet, news. Of Hong Kong said, KarenT was a malicious let you announcer. A Nutella unity. Nonprofit. Desperation. It objective, come, easy.

Man I said. Bail shop, new. Organism, callous a nerdy Canada and those mines on my part ISM a DiMaggio. Salon please pocket, post fees of settle on see news. A vamp army new the function and every kiss. Otonashi, a travelers, own on the lock on situation. The. Canadian, Oliver, II a massage, class, lesion. Companies any vertical, of Parliament air travel, on some soul occasion key countless, poor. In. This election. Parliamentarians. Received a mandate from the people of Canada which, ministers, will carry it out, it. Is a mandate to fight, climate change, strengthen. The middle class walk. The, road of reconciliation. Keep. Canadians, safe and healthy, and position. Canada, for success in an, uncertain, world. These. Are not simple, tasks. But. They are achievable, if you stay focused on the people who sent you here. Moms. And dads. Grandparents. And students, new, Canadians, business, owners workers people, from, all walks of life. Every. One of them expect, their parliamentarians. To get to work and to deliver, on a plan that moves, our country forward for, all Canadians, including, women, members. Of visible, and linguistic, minorities, people. With disabilities, and, member. Of the LGBTQ. Two communities. While. Your, approaches, may differ, you. Share the common belief that government should, try whenever, possible to. Make life better for, Canadians. That. Includes, better, health care and affordable housing, lower. Taxes, for the middle class and, those who need it most. Investment. In infrastructure. Public. Transit, science. And innovation. Less. Gun. Violence and a, real plan to fight climate change, while creating good, well-paying. Jobs. But. There are a few areas where this parliament can make a real difference in the lives of Canadians, and, as. Much as they have instructed, you to work, together. Canadians. Have also spoken clearly. About. The importance, of their regions, and their, local needs. The. Government, has heard Canadians, concern that. The world is increasingly, uncertain, and that the. Economy is changing and. In. This context, regional. Needs and differences. Really, matter. Today's. Regional, economic, concerns, are both justified. And, important. The. Government will work with provinces. Territories. Municipalities. Indigenous. Groups, stakeholders. Industry. And, Canadians. To, find solutions. Class. O dialogue, Alec I've cooked a ratio to leverage, tutelage, on the paper, so motility feeders, Audrey hey, Lisa Laflamme potential. Donnell economy, model. 20. Category anemometer placer obese. You prefer progress, in Canada le. Parlement tap of sarsaparilla Canadian. Women, say. They lives on a loop or a compliment, Hawaii important. Emote. Oh my, and opt in the, contest. Sokka will prove a separate, the Parliament, Erica's. They've. Was ranked is not red key. Plus the community, or pony, key. To Ventura downtown, credit. It. Ravenel so they. Don't display the collaboration. Typic mark energy, Kaluga. Mama is, atresia slit you suppose. Only program, completely, or the poorest among us Amanda. If, I hold you Canada add a heap of profit, at to like an idea. Canada's. Children, and grandchildren, will judge this generation. By its action. Or. Inaction, on, the. Defining, challenge, of the time, climate. Change, from. Forest, fires and floods the ocean, pollution in, coastal, erosion. Canadians. Are living, the impact, of climate change every, day the. Science is clear and it. Has been for decades a. Clear. Majority of Canadians, voted for ambitious, climate action, now and this. Is what the government will deliver. It. Will continue to protect the environment and preserve Canada's. Natural, legacy, and it. Will do so in a way that grows the economy and, makes. Life more affordable. The. Government, will set a target to achieve net.

Zero, Emissions. By 2050. This. Goal is ambitious but. Necessary. For. Both environmental. Protection, and economic. Growth. The. Government will continue to lead in ensuring, a price on pollution everywhere. In this country working. With partners, to further reduce, emissions. Inato. Namah. Shivaya. And, release a potassium echo energetic, please, about that y esto. Had a measure as a nabatea, the community, pivot, to. Eco, energetic, it, was about a. Facility. Trailer Suarez on TV digital easily, vehicles, zero emission. It. Have I up of Assad cash a community canadian ataxia, del energy pop yabba-dabba. It. Have I have a clue million is a purpose, out you can add alum mayor Andhra Italy, Rafael prosperities, entropies deceptor the technology, pop. In. Vienna on a doper, Sandip se always, on the catastrophic, Lima tick. The. Government, will also act, to preserve Canada's. Legacy. Protecting. 25, percent of Canada's land and. 25. Percent of Canada's oceans, by. 2025. Further. It will continue, efforts to reduce plastic. Pollution and, use. Nature, based solutions, to fight climate, change. Including. Planting. 2 billion, trees to. Clean the air and make, our communities, greener. And. While the government takes strong action, to fight climate change it. Will also work, just as hard to get, Canadian, resources, to new markets, and offer, unwavering. Support, to the hard-working women, and men in Canada's. Natural, resources, sector many. Of whom have faced tough times recently. Canada's. Experience, proves that economic. Growth is the surest, way to maintain, a good quality of life for citizens. Over. The past four years, Canada. Has seen tremendous growth, and. Through it all the, government, has worked to ensure that all Canadians, benefit, from Canada's, economic success. Cutting. Taxes. Reducing. Poverty and creating. Over, a million jobs and. In. This new mandate the. Government, will provide even greater support. To the middle class and to, the most vulnerable Canadians. By. Pursuing, tax, fairness. Continuing. To invest in people and growing, the economy. As. Its first act, the. Government will cut taxes, for all but, the wealthiest Canadians. Give. Her more money to, middle class family, and those, who need it most the, government. Will also act, on housing, after. Drastically. Reducing, poverty across the country in the last mandate, the. Government will continue its crucial, investment, in affordable, housing. It. Will also make it easier, for more, people to buy their first home. The. Government will give families, more time and money, to. Help right raise, their kids. And make, before and after school care more, accessible and, affordable. It. Will cut the cost of cellular, and wireless services, by 25%. It. Will strengthen the pensions, so that many senior, rely. On and increase. The federal minimum wage. Understanding. That an educated, Canada, is a successful. Canada, the, government, will give more support to student be. They new graduate, struggling, with loan repayment, or, be they heading back to school mid-career. To, learn new skills. Look. Available, continuously the, money or pom economy, keep batty in economy, Canadian, model. Sola, signifi, eyelid lava avec la nouvelle Alena I've, ever met near an economy, no American, Florissant antegrade. Dollar. Card ascetic, or a daughter kokum SEO le. Secteur Sumi alleged son love some plain ma-, Lama, and amazing. Effect. The number of product, allottee who, serve all up Abhishek, sumus. Unum. Of, ivali head cannot, Catalan evil of human numeric. The. Manera circles, were Akita. Portable. Log. Of anonymous employer eliminate. Eyes of statoconia, citerior. International. Police. On trapeze le productor Agricole. In. Continual affairs a vest is my embassy dollars, a fast-food to originally. Formality. Administrative. Pokey. Swap reversal, decree is a quatrain. Atop his the de Mirage, une, petite entropies. Le. Gouvernement, Matan of a platino, see a response, up boom at near la viga la, casa del economy. Every. Single, person, in Canada deserves, a, real and fair chance, at success and that. Must include engine. Indigenous. People. In. 2015. The, government promised a new relationship, with indigenous peoples. One. That would help deliver a better quality of life for their families, and communities. Real. Progress has been made over the past four years, including. The elimination of, 87. Long-term drinking, water advisories. Equity. In funding for, First Nation K to 12 education. The. Passage, of a historic, legislation to. Protect, indigenous. Language and to affirm indigenous. Jurisdiction.

Over Child. And family, services and, the. Completion, of the national, inquiry, into missing. And murdered indigenous. Women. And girl. But. We know that there is still much, work to do. Reconciliation. With, indigenous, people remain a core priority, for this government and, it, will continue to move forward as a partner, on the, journey of reconciliation. Indeed. When. Indigenous, people experience, better outcomes, of, Canadians. Benefit. Among. Other things the. Government will take. Action. To co-develop and introduce legislation to. Implement the, United, Nations, declaration. On the rights of indigenous peoples. In the, first year of the, new mandate. Continue. To work of, eliminating. All long term drinking, water advisories, on reserves by, 2021. And ensure, safe drinking water in First, Nations communities. It. Will Co develop, new legislation. To ensure that indigenous people, have, access to high-quality. Culturally. Relevant, health, care and mental, health services, and. It. Will continue to work to. Implement the Truth and Reconciliation. Commissions. Call, to action and the. National inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous. Women. And girls called for justice, in. Partnership, with First Nations in, with Amity. People. Logano. Madhav I have a community, oh doctor no completed, deficit, deficit, to the. He told. Police, a father caliber sample, a certain, fish pond hemella destiny, a palm whole of this is your key concern, la community. You. Adopted. A mojo professionally. The respected, SP, ìletís. On a treaty there's, a car a desert, huntin constructive, concrete, as a resort on. Elvira. Escalade popular doctrine Chianti. Tbilisi palace system dead elephants, so, I am easy Akita, bloomer in autumn, Obata. He. Continued. Her FST, only periodic, turn on. Collaboration, with a partner, dr.. Mandela. Reconciliation. L know, Sailaja. The, governor model says action incidental, action, Pasha. May have a clippo me inácio listen. With a limited. Wherever. They live. In. Small rural communities, or in big cities in, the foothills of the Rockies, or the fishing villages, along our, coastlines, in the, far north or along. The canada-us, border all. Canadians. Want to make Canada a better, place for themselves their. Children in their. Communities. But. There are challenges in, making that better future, a reality. Year. After year headline. After headline. Canadians. Have seen firsthand, the devastating, effect, of gun, violence. Too. Many lives lost too. Many families, shattered it. Is, time to. Show courage and strengthen. Gun, control the. Government, will crack down on gang crime, banning.

Military-style, Assault. Rifles. And taking. Steps to introduce a buyback, program. Municipalities. And communities that. Want to banned handguns. Will be able to do so and the. Government will invest to help cities fight, gang-related, violence. Newsom. Amazo de elevated. Tatia, manager said you met. The. Cathars from, the local Polytechnic, Memorial, in. Johnny Dooley. Canada had. Fajardo. Magis FM Keogh, 83, horizontal. Or sex. In. Fashionable, on the talk Olivier low 60s, continued, a cozy elasticity. Canadian. Laguna. Mahadeva, - political, violence, sexist, o Canada our, sapiens. Hola strategic, control of violence for the solo sex young caliber make the pattern app available. Duction. Nacional. Ensuring. A better quality of life for Canadians, also involves, putting the right support, in place so. That when people are sick they, can get the help they need. The. Government, will strengthen, health care and work, with the provinces, and territories to. Make sure all Canadians, get the high-quality care. They, deserve. The. Government, will, work. With, provinces. Territories. Health, professionals, and experts, in industry, in academia, to. Make sure that all Canadians, can access, a primary, care family, doctor. The. Government, will partner with provinces, territories. And health, professional, to introduce, mental, health standards. In the workplace and to, make sure the Canadians, are able to get mental health care when. They need it and. The. Government will make it easier, for people, to get the help they need when. It comes to opioids. And substance. Abuse. Canadians. Have seen the widespread harm, caused by the use of opioid, in, this, country, more. Needs to be done and more, will, be done. Too. Often. Canadians. Fall will, fall sick suffered twice. Once. From becoming, ill and again. From, financial hardship, caused by the cost of their medications, given. This, reality. Pharmacare. Is the key missing, piece of universal. Health care in this country. The. Government will take step, to introduce an implement, national pharmacare. So. That Canadians, have the drug coverage they, need. Final. Mo naku V animal continue other Hawker nets on the world solanell, the, ple, person key choise is the salvia dolly force awakened. ADN das. Wandern amanda the, governor ma a vestige. Emilio, da da la i found, up to near the mayor of his rooftop Eleison see a convertor, 3. Does. That nouvelle leashes let you log. Of animal Sofia Soler's holiday, charelle easy on, Emilio, harness which a who sweats ultimate, I'll, open. On the Mizzou poker, to, laser, scan convert responsibly, at, an envoy Aviv. Canadians. Expect their leaders to stand up for the values and, interests, that are core. To Canada's. Prosperity. And security. Democracy. Human. Rights and respect. For. International law. Canadians. Expect the government to position, Canada, and Canadians. For. Success in the world, as. A. Trading, nation the, government will seek out opportunities for. Canadian commerce. Ingenuity. And enterprise. As. A. Coalition, builder, the. Government will build partnerships. With like men minded, countries, to. Put Canada's expertise, to work on a global scale in, areas. Like the promotion, of democracy and, human rights the. Fight against, climate change and, for environmental, protection and, the. Development, and ethical. Use of artificial. Intelligence. The. Canada eternally. Lagoo. Venema a Patras a contribution, a for multilateral. Prefer. The salmon Inagua a purpose, you just. Prosper. II do have. Google. Who. Knew valhallen gazmin du Canada allagadda, Luton dimension. De la Paix Nala context, the Nationals in e UD. Found a lot of international for, digital ahem las cosas todo el camión question, so. To lost history du commerce, it is also numeric. He. Continued, other day he asked alive what do Canada's want and really new and, particularly, ochre, say, the security, done only.

Final. Mo the Canada a party near competition. In, a groovy animal for Nadia sociably, poor. Lado development, a national, not. A map or a vegetable education. Le garite 86. In. Later Holly personally, proposed really pretty near a blue diamond. Emilio. A locality, TV ensuite. Live near the solid partner, the Canada. Jayapala. Motel. Like. An idea console, politic, ontology Ozma climatic. Priscilla, class man, back. Wheel her mandala reconciliation. Assured. Allah sultan allah security. The canadian, a plus. Silicon, ada opposition. Father help us recent, if she doesn't, want a certain. You. Just say, Cooper. Via really gas about web and veloute about. Ability. Yeah but her plasma, a travailler ensemble. Livesey. Tippa a fix, it is exigence, prison vicious also. Kia tree a la, façon de faire de la política P, a. Platoon. Laguna. Marseille killed, what Hawaii a clip a Lamont Airport near the resulta. Lamar. Dallas at recent election, at 0.8 depa in. No the Dynamo, the. Governor my receptive, universe GD proven order to the Parliament air the. Parties interesting, a functional. Illa Kennedy. Des. Idees communist when the doc doctor, universal maybe that, Italy is Akash, la paloma and a, fair. Whether. It's fighting money, laundering, or making, parental, benefits tax. Free, there. Are good. Ideas across, parties, and this, government is ready to learn from you and work. With you in, the years, ahead. Some. Believe that minority. Governments are incapable of getting things, done, but. Canada, history tells, us otherwise. Canada's. Parliament is one of the most enduring, and vital. Institutions. In the, Democratic. World it. Has deliver a tremendous. Way of life for the Canadian people through. Crisis, and, prosperity, through. Majority. And, minority. Governments, on. December. 31st. 1966. Prime. Minister Lester Pearson welcomed. Canada's centennial, year and, lit, the centennial, flame in front of the parliament buildings for, the first time, in. His remarks, he said. Tonight. We begin a new chapter in, our country story. Let. The record, of that chapter be one of cooperation. And not. Conflict. Of. Dedication. And not. Division. Of, service. Not. Self. Of. What. We can give not, what we can get let. Us work together as Canadians, to, make our country worthy, of its, honored past and, certain. Of its, proud future. In. This, 43rd. Parliament. You. Will disagree, on many things but. You will agree on a great many. More. Focus. On your. Shared purpose, making. Life better for the people you serve. Never. Forget, that it is an honor to sit in this Parliament, prove. To Canadians, that you are worthy holders. Of those seats and worthy. Stewards. Of this. Place. Members. Of the House of Commons you. Will, be asked to appropriate. The. Funds to carry out the services, and expenditures. Authorized. By. Parliament. Honourable. Members of the Senate and members. Of the House of Commons as, you. Carry out your duties, and exercise. Your responsibilities. May. You be guided by divine providence. All. Right Peter Van Deusen you see as, members of parliament now leave the bar of the Senate having heard the speech from the throne and make their way back to, the.

House Of Commons to then, finish, out another couple of hours worth of business related, to the speech from the throne in the opening of Parliament as we. Watch these. Shots from. Our. Cameras, at the at. The Senate. Of Canada as they leave and. Inside. As well the governor-general takes her leave after delivering the speech and behalf of the Prime Minister and his government. Now, the justices, of the Supreme Court of Canada taking. Their leave as well say goodbye to the Speaker of the, Senate. George. Fury. Last, year so as levy we. Leave. The coverage, now from the Senate as the show, you the slate. From there was some Commons where we'll go back to our coverage there shortly as, members. Of parliament who have been at the Senate as you see attending the speech from the throne are now making their way back to. The. House of Commons and as. Soon as they arrived back there they will take up, responses. To the speech from the throne and move, ahead with some. Of the basic. Parliamentary. Work flowing, from the speech from the throne let's talk a little bit about the, speech from the throne as we wait for that we will. Have. Those members of parliament back in their seats in the House of Commons shortly, and. We'll. Continue, our coverage from the house so. Well. We, heard the speech from the throne and was, it as expected, a, commitment. To cooperating. With the other parties, a pledge to be more ambitious in fighting climate change with. The. Government committing to Net Zero emissions, by 2050. Something that had talked about during the election campaign and, that's something, that. Will be pursued by a number, of the opposition, parties in the house it will push for that and in some cases they'll, want more than that, the. Speech, from the throne read by the governor-general the words of the Prime Minister pledges. To continue the process of reconciliation with, indigenous people promises. Those tax cuts for the middle class the government says it'll be its first act the first order of business will. Be to pass those tax cuts, affordable. Housing gun. Control and, a crackdown on gun, crime and, a. Nod. To national, pharmacare, but with few date details, of national, pharmacare. As I say the words are the Prime Minister's but according. To tradition, the speech is delivered by the governor-general, and. We. Heard also, we were looking for some tone and, some. Notes. About perhaps. How. The parties, could work together in the minority, Parliament the Canadians, have elected, and we heard some. Of that some. Of it was simply as you heard towards the end of the speech this call that some people think minority Parliament's can't work and don't deliver but, the. Speech suggesting. The opposite many great achievements, have been made in minority Parliament, and suggesting. There's room, to raise the bar in politics, by having, all parties, and members. Of the different parties, cooperate. And work together I think what was also significant, in the speech was not only to talk about cooperation but talk about ideas in the, case of conservatives, for instance, talking. About the the, need to look at good ideas, no matter where they come from in, a minority Parliament and Parliament, and talking about money. Laundering for instance and, tax. Free maternity, benefits which were proposed by conservatives, during the campaign, and on, the NDP.

Side Saying. That look yes. We want to talk about moving ahead on pharmacare, it talked about a national farming care plan is that going to be a national. Universal. Single-payer, plan. That covers all Canadians, or is it to ensure that Canadians who don't have the coverage now do. End up having it with a national farming care plan so those are questions that you're going to hear from the. Opposition leaders, when they start coming to microphones, in the next little bit for. Their responses, to the speech from the throne and we can show you this is a shot of a microphone, on. Parliament. Hill we're standing by to. Get reaction, from different. Party leaders at that microphone, the next little bit we'll have that for you as well but, as, I was saying with the NDP talking, about pharmacare yes which the NDP campaigned, heavily on during the election campaign but, also suggesting, look it might be worth looking at dental care which, was another proposal, from. The New Democrats so there. Will be. Lots. Of reaction, to the speech doesn't isn't. What the opposition parties, we're expecting, I suspect, largely they, will say. This is what we expected, to hear sort of broad-brush, plans about the, government's approach to governing, and the, government's. Priorities. And whether those priorities, reflect the interests, of opposition. Parties because, as we've said the government requires the support of at least one of the. Opposition, parties on every one of the measures it hopes to pass if they are confidence, measures the, actual, survival, of the government could be imperiled, if. They lose one of those confidence, votes so they'll be looking to pass legislation pass. And. Survive, confidence, votes with the backing of at least one opposition, party so is there enough here for all the parties to find something. Probably. For at least a couple of the opposition party, for the Conservatives, maybe not they've. Been making it clear in the last couple of days that they are here. To oppose. Justin. Trudeau and I'm, not sure whether they've heard enough in the speech from the throne today that suggests, anything.

Different Mike my, guess is we'll hear Andrew Shearer probably. Come down pretty hard on not. Necessarily all of these proposals but on whether, Justin, Trudeau will deliver whether he's representing. The. The. Canadians, that the Conservatives think need to be represented, so we'll. Hear some of that but for New Democrats, and the bloc the bloc's already made it pretty clear that it's in no, rush to bring down the government and then, the, NDP has, been a little tougher in its language in the last couple of days so it'll. Be interesting to hear their response to this because there have been a number of touchstones. In the speech, that. People. Have. A single day now this is Pablo Rodriguez, the government house leader so, let's listen what he has to say. Together, and this, is exactly what the throne speech reflex, now let's, go, to work, the VFW contains a message or a copy velcro Kalibak with Hawaiian sound hey Scott, Rudin Scott stone mint. Julep. Sitka. Paco it's, about 200 kopaka, as you depart until our country elite who are leaders bahamas it's a man surely, the cassava thousand pitch black. She said she'd over to the local about handsome this work somewhat. New capacity. Cup exam sooo depression. Depression rocky push la, liga zealots acetate, tree natural de Java, clean pd block, now, could let it show this, a public loss when away, from the house theater because they are back getting. Into session here and he has a comment so let's go there. Jilla, no the report acre Lee Chi Minh City. Cetera. Tan Grande, Rio sinasu. Limitations. On excellence the, governor-general. The. Information. Excellence cursive, AAT designee, president. Votre. Nom jarek. Lani the, privilege, accorded, arsenide, killer, P as. On excellence, the Bible hua will confirm me. Orna, an. Older. Masu. To do a paper mache DOJ's demander. Press, or Tina president, Wisconsin, an apostasy, on the. Selma. The FISA said. Motion, I repeat II adopt, a, mr.. Trudeau seconded, by mr., Rodriguez, moves that the bill be now read, a first time this motion is deemed, adopted. First. Reading of this bill Tommy electroless, process anyway I. Have. The honor to inform the house that when, this house did attend, her excellency, this. Day in the Senate chamber, Her, Excellency was. Pleased to make a speech to, both house of parliament and to prevent mistakes. I, have, obtained a copy which, is as follows, shall I dispense. Agreed. Thank. You. Masu. Trudeau a paper Misurata, gas pellet proposed Kelly. Cutrone's. Own. Excellence a pro-nazi, Audrey, de, valle, de chambre, Parliament's. Were pre. Consideration. Little, Audrey, is, it the pleasure the house to adopt the motion. Carried. Disarray. For melisandre, car conformity, didn't demand fat parlor, governor. May confirm, Emma a lovesick, the second sank a drag, llama la. President's, effectively. Fifth on special. Donna IV the, motion M&R animal. The. Depose don't assume, a barrage the, document. Cutscene our. Zilla. No day, for me la chambre, curly dipped East River 20 Nami, a teacher the, marble at the bureau the, reishi antenna. Off, a, virtue. Disposition. De la loire LAN well sure, lapel, homage Canada, paragraphs, I don't do, the. Honorable mr. LeBlanc. Honorable. Mr. Rodriguez. Member, of the Queen's Privy Council, the, Honorable mr., Holland. The Honorable. Path Taylor, representative. Of the, government caucus. Non-arab. Nur madam Bergen amid. Mr., Stroh represented. Jacuzzi. Party conservator. Madam, beef belly represented, Jacuzzi Bloc Quebecois Monsieur. Julien represent. Our caucus, Geneva, party Democratic. Proceed. On the, consent. String are their. Signature fitted up as a proposal, fue para dar de ma, chambre, de, la chambre, hu g literally, subsidy, as a portion sales the, politicians really see me sir - nighty lighty mmmm, a pal I mean a socket oven cat member. Sudeerneer, like grumbling, Zilla presence at the annual quarter, the path the. Premier. See Oliver supported, travel, to the service. Masuda. Clue applicable. Sheridan Elspeth proposed, collage ombre in Chile travel the subsidy, ships, it as, approach. And say our Zilla. - and adopt a set Monsieur. Adopting. It. Is my duty to inform the house that a total of one day will be allotted, to, the supply period, ending December 10th. 2019. Orders. Of the day. He's. A concession to the school the Sonics announced like Vanna générale, de chambre du parlement. On, Boston, SEO desiccated. The governor-general. For. Excellency, the governor general, transmits. To the House of Commons the, supplementary, estimates, a of sums. Required, to defray expenses of.

The Federal public administration. For, the fiscal year ending, March 31st. 2020. And accordance. With section. 54. Of the Constitution, Act 1867. Recommends. Those estimates, to the House of Commons. So. Nikolas own excellence the governor-general, Transnet. Alejandro, the, communal. Nature, Sookie, Martel the depot's a phaser, it, does the form necessary, of Finnish model administration. Public federal pool. Exorcists. See. So tell me now the Tribunal's. Bang, bang confirm. Emma aloud sick recycle Catherine Wisconsin. Good sure they'll do, this we saw so sunset come. And. See. Now. Serial. Please mr.. Speaker they have been discussion, among the parties and if you seek it I believe, that you'll find unanimous consent for the following, motion, that. Notwithstanding. Any, standing, order or usual, practice of the house until, Tuesday, December 10 2009. Teen standing. Order 81:5. Be replaced with, the following. Supplementary. Stay estimate, shall be deemed referred, to, a committee of the whole house immediately, after. They are presented, in the house a committee. Of the whole shall consider and shall report or shall, be deemed to have reported, the same back to the house no later than one sitting day before the final sitting, or the last salary day in the current period only. They appointed, by a minister of the crown consideration. Of the supplementary, estimates, shall be taking up by a committee of the whole at the ordinary hour of daily adjournment, for a period of time not exceeding, four, hours during. The time provided for consideration of estimates, no member shall be recognized for more than fifteen minutes at a time and the member shall not speak in the bay for more than ten minutes during that period the. Fifteen minutes may be used both for debate, and for posing questions to the minister, of the crown or, a parliamentary, secretary, acting, on behalf of the minister, when, the member is recognized, he, or she shall, indicate how the 15 minutes is to, be apportioned, at the, conclusion, of the time provided, for the consideration, of the business pursuant, to this section the. Committee shall rise the. Estimate shall be deemed reported, and the house shall immediately adjourned, to, the next sailing day. Standing. Order any 114 a be amended, by, replacing the words to, restore or rain state any item, in the estimates, with, the following. 24. Hours, retinoids. Shall be given to restore, or rain state any item in the estimates. Standing. Order 51 54, 1 be, amended, by adding the following notice. Notice, notice, respecting. An motion. To restore or rain state any item, in the supplementary. Estimate. A for the financial, year ending, March 31st. 2020. Shall, be laid on the table of or filed with the clerk within 4 hours after, the completion of consideration.

Of Set supplementary, estimates, in committee, of the whole and be printed in the newspaper, of the day. Non-abstract, cyclic, atrovent Regla male committee pomona define a shorter, easier present, a sauropod solely. Consultation, pre-budget i hope little event favorable. Vain non, absol to tactical drag, llama policy. Socarrat. Los que votar upon Managua, vol our Giamatti. Wars et al exception, david para Panama nods ferry la, comisión de Sol la, San Isabel deputy. From Chandra Paula Oppel dominant. Lu. Zhi ji sang decembre, demilled Slav la chambre continuity. Issue blood Lord Narayana, marketing. Collision, amount able address, a reported. Scotstoun, the, Vadra disease disorder means nerve lashem. Salinas and avocado, papa metal adeptia shock part silicon you predicted. Parts about the shock affair in declare as film in magna. Period maximal, the segment allocation. Strategy, Manila 37, ma tragic. And école Polytechnique, memorial, collage. Our mobster palace with a moment, silence a procedural. Street and, all. That's. In the consult, Mannion de la chambre, fender proposal, emotion. Dachau. The. House has heard the terms of the motion is it the pleasure of the house to adopt the motion. Carried. Orders. Of the day. Consideration. Of a speech over Excellency. The governor general, to both houses of parliament. Diba. Debate. Honorable. Addicted, boom missus squad. Education. Focused open Amber's. Messel. Preston. Socotra. Deputy, upon enesta, Felicity. Java collection. NFA. Okay, dude que hacer pres de Jose de pasión que. Le parlement a la cañada respective. Oh no. Entries de justice. An agreed sec, allison. De camión ojos we offended. A peasant a less to a Dubrow. Mesa squad Saturday. Are a letter, mesa de Matos a conference. Adama, Virgilia take, a Dipity. Jalaja. Sweet reconnaissance. At. Robbery, daga's Piera. Present a lance, and DA knows situation. Okuda, mamada. Kg. Pre la decisión de fallow suable, et cetera, cartel. Objective. Adela's. Odd exhalation. Sae, deference, Ference y LZ. To skj a pitiless paw, Palani. Univ, o public, poetically, predation sequela. Gras mama a llama mokosh assassin, skill moobot zo so says a key is a saccade saccade, praça. De la pobla so Canadian, Adobe. AIR Epona sebas, y la. De da near kahani Laguna. Malabar a la fille de coca coca, an. Example. A vest $1. Million, per. Quod in economic, profit, at Rose Cottage. La, vie Ranma. Tatra. Laka. Booka affair on. Our table Canada, o fellow so Adivasi amis, Isola padre y ahora el is a. To. Tanuja play a part of new parliament are de, travail yo sound, de. Mettre community, Ronnie. Yacouba. De terre Dalton. Concern. Excellence, lakhvir now general, AMA Sione Lee can add a user. Dalai Lama Dada governor, lepage, med. Menu no Papa please. De Tocqueville, yas'm. Novel. Nama resolu, a collabo, Hey avec les otra parte de la jeune, domain. Quebec less administration, poverty, elimination. Offender. Tener la mayor result, Apostle, Paul II Canada, Canadian. La. Population Canadian. Ver agronomics. Okosan, so laser joe cipriano. Semana. De la classe moyenne. Li. Dou person, channel flippers, way lalu. Alicia. McKee, magic yes, real esate, de la sécurité, de Canada a Canadian. Not. Raghuvir nama cigar, dollar, presents, cauldron. Upon. Days EXO quartet, comity. A desperate. Khalifa deeply Gandhi feed on a triple, lashes. Mathematic. Pasa. Far not a venomous agogic Excel, objective, data Angeles, if de 0 NC o net DC, dome else account, Chaka, Park a set objective, 8 ambitious. Maletto. Sinuses, art a solar plant Allah protection, a vegan metal Coppola. Causes economic spell. Aussie. Dollar gamma log Mohammed and redeem Ezard offender, preserve a la patrie mo natural, Canada, yes, we certain, chemicals, Toyota, Brahma squad, ah so traceable, costly, Eric Annabelle circus caption condo, lock totally. So. Stupid. Habla pornos no community. Black. Man filmmaker, Gill election. Avec. La Hache Madonna, Madonna a, Camino de Brissac, allergic, doctoral. Fellows, adabo, desolation, access or another political chaos, mathematic. Nuevo, Fiamma regard even a snake Laval porno, community. Toledano. Camino, de la. Portada, surgically. Quesadilla. So cozy des video, for, facade, -, aah - Donnie. Vu socioeconomic. Nguyen, AMA sahaja, yoga Pitman rg3, la boda Canadian, offenders. A mess blows - alpha made la classe moyenne, yo person canola, + buzz when, they.

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1:25:33, end of throne speech.

1:13:45, the Queen inspired this speech?,

56:45, throne speach starts.

51:59, poke.

50:46, spy tunnel what? Who is the voice here?

50:33, I enjoy the varieties of uniforms.

50:00, these elbows are looking a little bent.

I got full body goosebumps at the indigenous ceremonial song with the drums. Beautiful!

Use logic people! Liberals quickly upgraded their intention to ban specified AR-15 rifle, to now all assault style weapons. No such classification on firearms in Canada but ok. If you had to decipher this using functionality of the firearm, you would conclude it means all semi-auto long guns. Including your wood stock sks. My guess, if they were able to escalate from AR-15 to all military style assault weapons before passing a bill, it won't take much longer before they take everything else. This is not a public safety matter, it's a disarm private firearm ownership matter. For what the real purpose of this madness, one can only speculate. All while illegal firearms still a cause for concern and unaffected by the ban. Valid reason for confusion.

I seriously hate listening to this in two languages. It's beyond stupid. Say it in one language first then the other.

So French first then?

Independence is Alberta's only hope NOW

Sucks to be a landlocked one trick pony peddling the worst oil in the world eh?

For Canadians, not migrants! Trudeau, put on your big boy pants and lead Canada, Not foreign interests that milk taxpayers to feed a fake 'carbon' tax! Learn your science. CO2 is plant food.

LadyCatriona22 you’re a fucking moron.

I'd say that ship sailed but it was never built.

Ya seen Venice lately?

A spaceship planet? Well then, Scotty, beam up Trudeau and the Liberal party.


Ya mean the party that was just re-elected?

when's two face gonna lie 2% of gross

The Majority Muslim UNited Nations ClimateChange is at best an Exaggeration and at worst a Trojan Horse. But social Engineering won't mitigate the planets million year Ice/Water Climatecycle. We need Geoengineering not the UNaccountable UN_united nations Social engineering

Wow! CPAC deleted the chat. That's too bad; the chat was loaded with wisdom. The chat is democracy.

bimmjim it didnt. Just go to where the likes and dislikes are and I see it right there!

I see Killua Zoldyck´s butlers Canary and Amane standing next to the speaker at 52:30. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/hunterxhunter/images/9/9c/Gotoh_and_Canary_as_Killua%27s_escort.png/revision/latest?cb=20140730164857 https://pm1.narvii.com/5729/740b44c5ca6d532298e076ae5b484153ee4e4049_hq.jpg https://pm1.narvii.com/5729/a650cec8200ec2e5068057aaafbe11726b62070b_hq.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/2kh6N3cJZM4/hqdefault.jpg

Les francophones manifestée vous

We haven't had a civil war yet.

Only in this country. I propose all speeches in english, french, indigenous and lisp... It is beyond stupid. So is a country that elects a compulsive black face wearing prime minister

LadyCatriona22 More like truth because you’re spouting ignorance. But you do you, snowflake.

@LadyCatriona22 not good at the google thing are you?

@John Leung ...just meaness? That all you got?

@roof pizza Venice is built on water and that land is sinking. Seen other coastlines? Dropping in places. That's Solar/Lunar influence on the planet. Think bigger...

THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS ! It's a sham ! Wake up you sheep...


It`s time Canadians shut this circus down and put a `Canadian `government in place to work for Canadians not the other way around.

Trudy failed arithmetic. Grade 6 was the best three years of his life...

The Trudeau Carbon Tax Plan 2020 - Canadians, Please Click to Understand What is Coming in 2020 -

America is more bankrupt than Canada!!! GOOD LUCK TRAITOR!!!

the first step in controlling a population and being able to force them to abide by the will of government is to disarm the law abiding citizens of that country. Gun Control means those with the guns are in control. I am sure all the criminals in Canada will be lining up to turn in their illegal guns, either that or they will be comforted in the fact that the government has disarmed the law abiding citizens making it impossible to defend themselves or their loved ones from criminals. Welcome to the dictatorship.

Nevermind the content of the Speech, but the GG are too good at reading it. I really love hearing her read the Speech in both languages.

Its really nice that you even saw that Poking. I watched this last Friday Live, but I never saw the poking part.

So maybe stop making excuses for yourself and become bilingual?

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