Space: The Next Trillion Dollar Industry

Space: The Next Trillion Dollar Industry

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This. Video was made possible by a way get $20, off your away suitcase, by going to away travel calm / Wendover, and using the code Wendover, at checkout, and quickly. Once you finish this video there are two others, to watch a behind the scenes video on my brand new personal, channel and my appearance on Startalk where I appear on camera for the first time both are linked in the description. Suppose. We're in a cave right now this. Is a cave and, there's, maybe ten of us we have a mini, family tribe and I, say you know I want, to go out and see what's on the other side of that mountain we. Can see it from here and then. You say no no we have cave, problems, you have to fix first fix. All the cave problems first then. Even go out on the mountain and, that's. What it sounds like to me when, I hear people say we, have problems on earth let's, fix those before. We go into space and, here's earth this speck of. Dirt. Orbiting. An ordinary, star and there's this vastness, of the universe, that. Is. Waiting for us it. Beckoned. The. Commercial, space industry is, heating up 50, years ago outer space was reserved for the most powerful of nations the most dominant, governments, but, today there's, a democratization. Of, space commercial. Industry is inching us closer to the cosmos and in the process there's a growing interdependence, between what's, happening hundreds. Of miles up in space and down below on earth the, commercial, space industry using. Multimillion-dollar, satellites. And rockets is, increasingly. Playing a part in our everyday lives, you may think of this industry as a new phenomenon, you may have only started hearing about profit, seeking space enterprise in the past few years but, in reality this. Has been going on for, decades. Our. Founder Walter Scott founded. The company in his garage in Palo Alto, 25. Years ago this, is Dan Jablonski he's president of one of the commercial space companies that, you might not have heard of DigitalGlobe. They might not be as flashy as SpaceX or as exciting as Virgin Galactic, but they've been flying satellites since, before Elon, Musk even graduated, college in fact, they, were the very first American, company to be granted a license to take high-resolution.

Pictures From space and that, is essentially, what they do they, take pictures from, space but it's a lot more complicated than it sounds, to, take those images from space you need satellites, and digital. Globe has five of them so the five satellites we have on orbit are GOI one a worldview. One worldview, two worldview three and you're noticing a trend here worldview four the. First of those was launched in 2007. The, most recent was launched in 2016. And they. Have an expected, life of over ten years each and these are really. Good satellites, worldview. For for example digital, Globes newest satellite has a pixel size of twelve inches, that means that this satellite orbiting. 383. Miles above Earth can, clearly see a single, sheet of paper placed, in a parking lot, horizontally. That's like if a camera in Toronto, took a picture that could clearly identify the individual. Eyes of the Statue of Liberty in New York it is insanely. High resolution. With, a 30 centimeter pixel, you can actually pick up road. Markings you can see the lines on the road whether they're straight or dashed lines you can see whether their turn arrows they're whether. There's a stop word. On the road markings you can even pick up some of the traffic signs and traffic light sizes. The potential, uses of such, high quality imagery are endless, but, how do the satellites, even work first, off it's it's good to know that our satellites, are in a low Earth orbit, which means that they actually they don't they're not like a geo satellite, that sits up in a fixed orbit and stays over one place in the planet some satellites, are specifically, designed to stay directly over, one position for their whole service, lives their, orbits are significantly. Higher above, Earth so, the time it takes for them to complete an orbit is exactly, the same as the time it takes the earth to make a full rotation so. Relative. To earth the. Satellite doesn't move at all this, is incredibly. Useful for certain uses like, communications, what, a communications, company launches, a satellite to broadcast TV, or radio or Internet, they want that satellite, to stay over their particular service, area Direct, TV for, example the, American satellite TV company want their satellites, to stay over the US because, that's their service area if they weren't able to put their satellites, into geosynchronous, orbit, they would have to launch enough, satellites, to cover the entire world even, if they were only broadcasting. To the US so. DirecTV. Want their satellites, to stay over one area because, they're broadcasting, to one area but, digital globe on the other hand want, their satellites, to move because, their imaging, the entire, world, at each of our satellites, right now are in Sun synchronous orbits, so, what that means is that the orbital, plane that, the satellite, is flying around and stays in the same orientation relative. To the Sun all, the time simplified. That means that any given satellite, passes over any given location on earth at the exact same time every day worldview, three for example always. Orbits above the points on earth where, it's 10:30, a.m. when. It passes over Denver it's 10:30, in Denver when it passes over Paris it's 10:30 in Paris and when it passes over Tokyo is 10:30. In Tokyo how this works is that essentially, with each pass over the light side of Earth the, orbit advances, relative, to the earth at the same rate as the sunlight advances, this, orbit, type is crucial. Because a lot of what satellite, imaging, is about is detecting. Change from, day to day month, to month or year to year and an image taken at 10:30, a.m. is, going to look very different than one taken at 6:00 p.m. this. Orbit type allows the satellite to pass over the entirety, of Earth once, per day at the same time so, the light conditions, look the same the. Satellites do of course need to be told what to do and that, all comes down to four people in one room so. This is our mission operations, control. Center this, is where we fly the five, satellites on orbit and really. Inside this room is what we consider our time dominant, realtime. Activities, from choosing. Making the final choices of what images we're going to collect in the next several. Minutes to. The next several hours these. Four individuals, are controlling, billions, of dollars, worth of satellites, this whole company, the, thousands, of employees and hundreds, of millions of dollars in revenue all exist, to organize and fund what these four individuals. Are doing sitting. And piloting, the satellites, above in space the, Mission Operations Center.

Is Of course staffed 24/7. Since while it's nighttime in the US it's daytime, in Asia and Australia the, satellite vehicle operators main task is to load plans onto the satellites of which images to take when to, monitor that the satellites are operating, correctly and to assure that the satellites won't collide with other satellites, or space junk the, central, screens at the front showed the current locations, of each of the five satellites, while the one to the left displays other information, such as the total number of times each satellite has orbited around the earth and how much time they have until, the satellite loses signal you see in order for satellites to function, they need to be able to communicate, with the ground and that's, done with ground, stations, these, antennas, communicate, to satellites, using what are essentially, super, high-powered Wi-Fi signals the, ground stations, digital globe users are able to receive about a gigabyte of information, every, second, from the satellites each. Of those antennas around the world see each satellite several, times a day and so, as that as, we, go through the day we accumulate, about seven terabytes of raw imagery, off the satellites, through that gigabit, connection, satellites. Can only communicate with the ground stations, while they have a line of sight with the antenna so due, to the curvature of the earth in the view of any given ground station, the satellite, will eventually, dip below the horizon therefore. Each ground station only has a limited, operating, range the, exact locations, of ground stations are understandably. Kept secret, but if there was one in Germany for example it, would communicate with the digital globe satellites, exclusively. While they passed over Europe, the fact that these satellites have to by nature pass over, the entire world is actually however, quite, useful not, only does this let digital map, the entire world, but, they also use the extra capacity for. Humanitarian. Efforts it's it's. Actually easier for us on the humanitarian, global, development side because, we have much more capacity over, a lot of these areas there's, a lot more demand for, our satellites. Over developed. Countries, for instance right, so people are typically. For commercial, applications much more interested in the, US or Europe or, some of these more, developed areas, versus. Sub-saharan, Africa where we just, generally speaking have much more ability to task the constellation. And to collect those imagery, so it's actually an opportunity for us to support, those use cases much, more of them than others, for, instance digital, globe partners, with the Gates Foundation to map every single building structure, in rural Zambia, so aid workers now know things like how many bed nets vaccines, or food to bring to communities that were previously unmapped. There. Are few companies the size of commercial space companies that, rely on so, few assets, what, makes digital globe for example run, are those, five satellites, and to, get those to space to, the place where they make money they, had to put them on Rockets, which tend to from, time to time blow. Up it's, always a little bit of a nail-biter, as you come up to a launch we. Put an. Enormous, capital, investment, into the satellites, the launch vehicle, and it, all comes down to a one-hour event, lifting, off from the ground and going into orbit and that's a that, can be a little bit of a nerve-wracking, period but certainly a very exciting on the same time an average. Of 1 in 20, rocket, launches fail and then on top of that some, satellites, fail once they reach orbit which makes this space business risky, companies, like digital globe will therefore purchase, enormous, ly expensive, insurance policies, on their satellites, in case the launch or the satellite, itself fails if they didn't one, bad launch could spell the end for the company of course, some, launch providers, are much more reliable, than others United.

Launch Alliance the, launch provider that digital globe used for their current 5 satellites, has not had a launch failure in its 11-year, history insurance. Rates for ula would be relatively low while insurance rates for a newer launch provider such as orbital ATK, or Blue Origin would, be comparatively, high nonetheless the, cost of newer lunch providers, with insurance, included, is now often less than the older more reliable, launch companies but how does digital globe fund their exploits, what, keeps those satellites, flying how. Do, they make their, money our largest customer is the US government, and we've been very proud to be their mission partner for over a, decade. And a half coming up on two decades now it used to be that the commercial satellite, industry was, essentially, focused on one, major customer. Governments. In the, past the US government has been the single largest customer, of the few commercial, space companies that there were things, to its enormous defense spending but, today as commercial, customers, contract, commercial, space companies the, business, is spreading, globally. Over the past decade the customer, base has become more international, and more, diversified, our, other customers are our. International. Customers who who may be, US allies or may be technology, companies across the world we, go deep in the telecommunications. Infrastructure, online, mapping, energy. Industries mining, industries. Forestry. Applications, there's really a huge, variety of customers, but the most obvious ones are those, mapping, companies if you've ever used Google Maps you're, using our imagery if you've ever used Apple, maps you're using our imagery if, you ever look, and do a crowdsourcing. Project in OpenStreetMap, you're using our imagery as well but. Perhaps the single most promising, use of Earth imagery is with autonomous, vehicles, having. Good solid current, satellite imagery, is an integral, part of how autonomous. Vehicles, work these, vehicles can't just rely on their internal sensors to understand, their surroundings, they need, of you from above as, we think about autonomous. Vehicles, it's, not okay to update, the image, once. A quarter once a year even once a week it, needs to be they. Really need imagery, that's coming in much much faster than that to deal with changes. In traffic, conditions changes in roads, crashes. Etc, uber. Which is developing, autonomous, cars is already, a customer of digital globe for navigation, purposes, and as more and more companies move, into the autonomous vehicle, race the competition, between, Earth Observation, companies for their business is likely to heat up there, are plenty of other emerging, uses as well which as an ensemble are, growing, the demand for Earth imagery, day by day it, is a tremendously. Fast-growing, industry, but. Satellite imagery by itself Billy, isn't worth much you, need something, more I would say that our customers, are demanding. More. Actionable. Information, faster. Than ever, translation. Customers. Want, data, they, want the information, embedded in, the images, for, that there's, another company radiant. Solutions. Today. Customers, the big challenge is around, where. It used to be more of hey. We just need to get an answer now it's more of how. Do we deal with all of this all of this data and, how, do we answer to more complex, questions because they are getting more complex, and they're, getting even harder to answer now by virtue, of being inundated with data radiant. Solutions will describe themselves as a geospatial, analytics. Company they, take satellite imagery and translate. It into information, we're. Able to take in vast amount of data and make, sense of it to produce insight they. Answer, big questions a, logging, company might ask a question like what's, the density of trees in this particular, region of Canada before purchasing, new land and radiant, would be able to look at hundreds, or thousands.

Or Millions, of square miles of imagery to tell them how many trees, there are now. With, so much imagery, and such, a big world you can't just do this all by hand at, least economically for, that reason there's been a huge shift in the geospatial analytics. Business for using artificial, intelligence we, hear more and more now that data is kind of like the new oil well. That's that's sort of true but the data has to be, reliable. It has to be high confidence, in the data so. The AI has to be good to, train a machine to find a red car for example you, need to show it thousands, or millions, of examples of what a red car looks like but, it's, very different for a machine to look for a red car in an urban environment as it is to find a red car and snow so. Not only are you training the models to look for that object but, you also have to train. It on where. To find it regionally. It is hugely, complicated, but, that's why these guys are in business to, answer, complicated, questions, some, data however isn't in the visual, spectrum some. Data is hidden but, luckily there's a special, satellite just, for that in the old days it was just please get me good solid. Image pixels to use and I'll go figure out how to use them today. Particularly. In the commercial, space it's. All about information that's. Paul Kennedy, vice-president. Of ground systems, at MDA they've, been in business since. 1969. Their, most visible project, was on developing, the Canada arm for the space shuttles and international, space station as a longtime player in the industry they serve a variety of functions from, developing, space robotics, to building satellite ground stations, a one, of their most valuable, assets, is that special, satellite, radar, Sat 2 while, most earth observation. Satellites, image using the visual, spectrum what, we can see with our own eyes radar. Set to uses, radar, radar, is an active. Pulse. So the satellite actually. Sends. It a beam, of, energy. To the ground and reads. Back. Reads. Back what it gets back, from the earth and that. Gives us a couple of, interesting. Advantages, in in SAR for. One radar, can see through clouds and darkness, it doesn't matter what the light and weather conditions are it's all, the same for radarsat-2, now, MDA. Is a Canadian, company and it's no coincidence that, a Canadian, company operates. This satellite, just, like the US government is a major customer of digital globe the Canadian, government is a major customer, of MDA and here's, the thing about Canada, the, weather is terrible and it's always dark quite, literally in northern Canada where the Sun stays down for the entire winter, it's, no coincidence that, the company that works so closely with the Canadian, government operates. The satellite that can see through clouds, at night without, radarsat-2. The Canadian, government would be blind they would have no way of monitoring, huge, swathes of their territory, in the High Arctic for months out of the year with, new launch providers emerging, such as blue or and, rocket lab and SpaceX, the cost of launching material, into space is plummeting, now, this is useful to these companies at least in some ways with, lower launch costs, digital, globe and MDA can launch more satellites, which means more data for radium solutions, but that also makes it easier for competitors. To launch satellites the. Earth imagery, business is growing, but so is the competition, the, best-known Earth imagery startup, planet, is launching, a constellation, of small, satellites, while digital globe satellites, are the size of a bus planet's. Smallest, are the size of a toaster with. The smaller size development. And launch costs, are lower well in the past, starting a space imagery company, required, hundreds, of millions or billions of dollars in funding the emergence, of small SATs means, that it's enormous, ly easier to break into the satellite imagery business, nowadays but, there is a key, difference between these, two companies digital.

Globe Satellites, capture, imagery with a pixel, size of 12 inches, while, planet's primary, satellite constellation. Captures, imagery, with a pixel size of 10 to 15 feet at a much lower cost there, are certain uses for high-resolution, imagery and there are certain other uses, for low cost imagery, so in some ways these two companies aren't even direct competitors, nonetheless, the, space industry is changing growing. And becoming more competitive so. The established, companies, need, to adapt, United, Launch Alliance knows, that Airbus. Knows that Arian, space knows that and DigitalGlobe. MDA, and radiance, know that too so, they made a change these. Three companies are now what along, with a fourth company a spacecraft, manufacturing, company called SSL, that will be covered in a future video these, are the entities that make, up the newest, powerhouse, in the space technology business. This, merger wasn't necessarily, in response, to heavy competition but, rather at least from an outsider's, perspective a, preemptive. Strike to establish themselves as a major, international. Player before, the commercial, space industry truly. Lifts off increasingly. The. More, traditional, aerospace and defense companies. That, have been supplying technology, in space and. Able to provide the. Performance. But. The, cost has been extremely. High max. R is now a fully, vertically. Integrated. Company in the Earth imagery, space for example they'll do everything from building satellites to operating them to extracting, data from imagery, by performing all the steps in this process internally. Max, R lowers its costs and this also puts them in the same league as Airbus, as one of the very few end-to-end, integrated. Space companies, the. Commercial space industry as, a whole is doing a phenomenal job, of making access, to orbital, space commonplace. The, routine. Steps. Of, space, activities. Are. Slowly, being ceded to. Private. Enterprise they could do it faster better cheaper we're. Now at a place we're launching, a satellite to low Earth orbit, is unexceptional. That's exactly, what we want easy access to space and fournier space that, exists, right now getting. Beyond Earth's orbit though, outside. Our cosmic, neighborhood, into. Deep space that's. Still, tough the, problem is that private, enterprise by, its very nature needs, to make money companies, and their leaders are beholden, to their investors, to make money if they're not then, they're not a company companies, can and do make money with deep space but, only through developing, and building technologies, for NASA and other government agencies there. Is ZERO, commercial. Demand for deep space technology. Today going, to new planets, to new solar systems, exploring. Space that. Really doesn't make money many. People who think about commercial, space I think. They're over predicting. What their role will be they're imagining, commercial space leading. A space frontier, but, to lead a space frontier is expensive, and it's. Not an obvious return. On the investment. You. Might do it as a vanity project there enough billionaires. In the world they could all pool their money Jeff.

Bezos Bill. Gates. Elon. Musk they could do a vanity, project and, send humans, to Mars what. But, that's, not a business model and, it. Would get a lot of attention but is that something you can sustain no it. Would be a one-off. When. People imagine a future of space and industry. They're imagining, a sustained. Business, case of. Course you could have said the same thing about the space race sixty, years ago that, was exploration. However, in the long term it was an investment, that paid off because. Space now, makes, money. Space. Today is an integral, part of what we. Know and what we can do on the surface of the planet. Communications. Imagery. Climate. Science. Defense. And intelligence and security applications all, of those are seamlessly. Enabled, by. Space, technologies. Without. Most, of us who go through our daily lives not, even thinking about it, the. Difference between commercial, enterprise, and governments, is time, commercial. Enterprises, need, to think about investments. That pay off within. The lifetime, of their shareholders, so, you're always thinking, about what. Is the return on the investment you're. Making how. Long will it take you to achieve the. Returns on the investment and. What's the probability, that the R&D you're putting in will. Be successful. While. Companies look at investments, in terms of years governments. Can look at investments, in terms of decades, or centuries because. Governments, transcend, generations, the. Innovation, that will occur by bringing humans to Mars and Beyond will absolutely make, money in the very long term but, right now it would take an enormous amount of money that few people want to risk you, could point to Elon Musk as an exception, to this rule he. More than anyone understands. The value of super, long term investments, like going to Mars but, he also understands. That he's alone in that individuals. Don't want to invest in something that won't make money until after they're dead musk. Has stated that he has no plans, to take SpaceX, public, until after a successful, mission to Mars which, means that for, the moment the company is almost acting. As an organization. He's funneling, the money from launches, which make money into, exploration which. Doesn't government's, need to lead. The. Way because, they have the longer time horizons, that they can think about and. Monetize. When. They do that Oh. Once they lead the way they have now quantified. The risks and you know the costs and where the the, friendlies are and the hospitals, and the whatever, are the things that would compromise. Your mission, they've already figured this out then. If they do it right you then hand that's a private industry that then makes a buck off of it then the government can tax that if, they so choose max. Our technologies, and it's for businesses, meanwhile, absolutely. Innovate including. In deep space technologies. But, they're not going to put the pieces together to go to Mars by themselves, because, that's not a good investment, one. Should be careful to realize that this coming era of commercialized. Space does not necessarily, translate into a renaissance of space exploration. Commercial, industry, is not a substitute for NASA, or the ESA, or any other government institution. They, are collaborators. They, can make the government's, job easier, and cheaper but, they cannot, replace those whose, jobs are to go where no human has gone before the next few decades and centuries, can be the era of space exploration, before. That you need a public you, need an electorate, that understands, that anything, good anything truly. Worthwhile takes. Time. There. Are so many things I have to give for help with this video but, one is - a way not, only for making this video possible through. Sponsorship, but also for literally carrying, my possessions, over, the 15,000. Miles I traveled while making this video and unfortunately. That number is not a mistake I've, now owned by a suitcase, for almost a year have, traveled all over the world with it and I love, it the suitcase, is just solidly, built you can feel it and has a built in yet removable, battery a laundry, bag a laptop, sleeve and a compression system, so you can pack more into, a smaller space best.

Of All for how good it is the away suitcase, is sold, an amazing, price and it's at an even more amazing price, if you go to a way travel calm slash Wendover, and use the code Wendover, at checkout to get $20, off your away. Suitcase, they're so confident, that you'll love the product that all away suitcases, have a lifetime, warranty and a hundred day unconditional, return policy, it's quite literally no risk and they made this enormous, video, possible, so if you need a suitcase for life checkout, away travel calm slash Wendover, and use the code Wendover, at checkout I also have to give a huge thanks to max our technologies, especially Kristen, Karen jure and Turner Brinton, for letting me film this video as, it takes an enormous amount of work to allow cameras, into such a high security, environment. Lastly. As I mentioned at the beginning I appeared on neil degrasse tyson's show star talk and also launched a new personal, channel where i made a behind-the-scenes, video for, that appearance both, are linked in the description and, on screen now thanks. Again for watching and I'll see you again in three weeks for, another Wendover, productions, video.

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Sam: This video was made possible by... Me: Squarespace? Sam: Away. Me: Very triggered

Hope it delays... Africa wud be doomed... Am frm Ghana we depend on natural resources and cocoa

Woo! Pittsburgh! Never thought I'd see it in a Wendover video.

12:48 Not anymore. Too late to edit in a new a stock image of an autonomous car?

Hurr durr what is improvements into efficiency in a market governments can do things wrong for years all you want man but if you want it done good, leave it to the market donate if you want but don't force others to through taxes.

No starlink? :'(

Mining Moon for Helium-3 might be somewhat profitable.

What is that building with the glass dish?

You want space to be commercialized? You either need to find something to bring back to earth, or you need to get people out there to generate an economic demand in space.

Take a rock from the astroid belt, put it in orbit, mine the crap out of it. BOOM, instant trillion dollar return for deep space. Hell, if any company even claimed to be capible of something like that I'd give them a trillion dollars.

I DONT think elon graduated college

At 18:29, shouldn't it be 12 inches squared (as in a square with side length 12 inches) instead of 12 square inches etc? For example 10 to 15 square feet are 0.93 to 1.39 square meters, while a square with a side length of 10 to 15 feet would correspond to one with 3 to 5 meters pretty exactly which are the numbers in the video.

Who actually says we have problems on earth so we shouldnt go to space. Having problems on earth is a great reason for going to space

I immediately recognised Digital Globe's name from their signature being often present on Google Earth and Google Maps.

Sooooooo, this is an ad for maxar right?

** P E P P E R **

"Governments trascend generations". Nigga, are you drunk? Governments think from 4 years to 4 years. There is no long term anything in our governments nowadays.

Great video. I take issue with one thing, government had 50 years to lower the cost per pound to LEO but from the Saturn V to the Delta V it stayed at about 10,000 $/lb/leo. Space X moved it to 800$/lb/LEO in 15 years. and are looking to make the same progress again. What requires a government vs. individuals is a function of costs. If it costs several billion and years of work to send a probe to Pluto only Governments can sustain that, if it costs €50,000 then a goFundMe will do it in a week. Because Governments are beholden to voters and existing job bases they are the worst entity to bring down costs. We’re much better served getting government out of the space business where ever possible and letting markets function bring access to space to all.

Lol this is do fake, earth is flat

So I just watched the Neil de Grasse Tyson Video, and I don't think I'm ever going to look at these videos the same way again. Not going to lie, you look way different than I expected you to look.

Many broken links in Description

This was seriously an amazing and high quality video. I really love how you're engaging directly on location to get a better insight. Best channel I've subscribed to.

That was a horrible point by Neil DeGrasse Tyson at the beginning of the video. I am not arguing against space exploration, but he was basically being (unintentionally) selfish by saying such a thing, and making that analogy. He just wants humanity to -- still in his lifetime, explore space to a larger extent and do things that we have planned for decades. Do it now, rather than later in the century, so he can witness all those things happening. The analogy actually makes you wonder about the issue of morality in ignoring problems that you already have at home (many that you are involved with, or might have created yourself) and giving up on your own people just so you can experience something new, far from all your responsibilities. Again, this does not mean that I am against the prospect of space exploration, but that was messed up. EDIT: Interestingly enough, I made this comment before watching the video. Funny how it all ties in with what is said at the end, and in the StarTalk video.

Good job my new favorite YouTuber

No one gives a shit about your suitcase. Fuck off with hidden ads. Reported.

neil degrasse tyson is so butthurt that people like Musk are out there making a difference and pushing humanity forward while he spends his time trying to get on TV as much as possible.

Wendover: This video was made possible by Away Me: D O Y O U K N O W D A W A Y

Watch the space industry turn into the next zeppelin

I worked in space industry but ever since Fortnite came out it started dying and I have had to find another job to make ends meet.

i was born too early

Yes it what of space mining? How can ya wax lyrical about space being a trillion dollar industry and not mention space mining, even if just in passing?

This was great. Please do more space videos.

What an awesome video!

Absolutely phenomenal video. I am a big admirer of your quality educational content.

7:33 the drone buzzing around the receiver was. . . surreal.

27 minutes. Thank God.

Typically commercial my ass.... we all know theyre main customers are the CIA and FBI

Neil de grasse tyson the man who got betrayed by science......... that pendulum must have been painful

"in another three weeks for another Wendover Productions video..." BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS EVERY OTHER TUESDAY!!!


Great Production and Keep doing many videos like these ....

That is one hella long video!

I saw a new video and went "yay!" then saw the time and said "Fucking thirty minutes!" and was really excited.

Buuut. The earth is flat.

1 Gigabyte = 8 Gigabit.

for the love of god can we as a species just not though?

Yay Zambia, It's the homeland.

I appreciate that you highlighted some of the other players in the industry and didn't just yank off SpaceX for 20 minutes.

I’m watching this vid at about 10:30 am

Wendover more like Bendover

I usually watch your videos while having lunch or dinner. It's a nice way of getting interesting information on topics I'm keen on. But this video… It felt more like watching a documentary, back when I would watch cable TV (up to 2013). It's really good to see channels like this moving on to making high production value content. Congratulations!

You're my all time favorite channel on YouTube. Thank you for putting this out there. Thank you for all your effort on creating high quality, exceptional and absolutely incredibly good content on the internet. You add up to the total amount of good service done to humanity, and human cultural, in general. I'm very proud and happy of what you made, and how far you have already gone; and hopeful and excited to see how far you'll still go. Thank you for inspiring me profoundly.

Amazing high quality video! Keep up the good work! :)

I loved this video, thank you for realizing it!

awww. no mention about orbital decay..

Wow! This is so good it is basically a documentary! Thanks for the quality content! :D

5:33 visualization is wrong.

I really enjoy this high quality content! I know it must take an enormous amount of time and effort to make these, but for us, the viewers it's worth every second you had to invest really!

This is the nr 1 best video on youtube

Including interview footage has resulted in a much more serious feel. As someone who comes back for your humor, i find this lessens the the content as a whole. it does add to "professional" score though. I'm sure you can find a decent mix!

Luke Bailey hey, he’s a smart guy

The earths flat

If comms satellites weren’t in a geostationary orbit, they'd 'move' across the sky over the course of a day. While it's correct to say that you'd need multiple satellites covering (most of) the globe to provide comms for just one region, a bigger problem would be that the dishes on the ground would need to be constantly moving to track a visible satellite. This would probably be cost prohibitive for domestic use. As a geostationary orbit means the satellite appears to be in the same position in the sky permanently, we can just point a dish at any given satellite in such an orbit and leave it there.

I live in Broomfield, just a few miles away from the "satallite building", or digital globe Ink.

Beautiful video

Did your 15k miles traveled for this video include a trip to Ypsilanti, Michigan?

where are the flat earther?

Why would you dislike this video?

This was an amazing video. I watched it twice! Keep up the great work!

You said that they trasmitted one GB per second, but he said the connection is a gigabit, which is measured in Gb/s, not GB/s. Therefore, your statement is off by 8 times. Typically, communication systems are measured in bits per second.

good to see lord bolton peering into space

Awesome conclusion Wendover!

It is still debatable if space exploration is a wise use of tax funds.

ULA has had 2 failure investigations by the air force and even if they send a payload into the wrong orbit they call it a success. still good but not as perfect as everyone seems to think.

8:55 Pittsburgh with no traffic

I literally live half a block away from the building at 9:25 and had no clue what it was.

* watches Startalk vid * Dude. You're like twelve. And twelve feet tall. Holy shit. (no insults meant. Just totally surprised)

Neil degrass Tyson is perhaps the worst person to listen to on the state of the space industry. He was convinced spaceX wouldn't even launch a rocket successfully. Hes a fool when it comes to this, he is an educator of basic physics and science facts. I could do what he does, because what he does isn't impressive. He is not an intellectual powerhouse, he is simply an educator with some uninformed opinions.

May you make a video about turboprop vs jets?

Amazing price of 500 dollars for a fucking carry on.... We aren’t made of money

>Reveal my face in another video >Instantly clicked link in description >Came back

Commercialisation does not equal democratization.

No, no, we got cave problems you gotta fix first

Amazing video

the length of this video is about the same length of some tv show.

20:33 - 20:29 ....but that's the good, worthwhile, extremely interesting part though.

Why there are not crowdfunded companies that will do only exploration? Something like government tax-paid space exploration but voluntary.

Just found out your a Name Explain patron on Patreon

Hey Sam, your videos are incredible, but I think you should get a new/better mic.

Woah, 30 minute video! Woohoo!

Sam, can you make a video on the rules of war?

Such a quality video, you clearly put lots of effort into making them. Thank you

who else thought that black guy was Wendover for a quick sec?

What a brilliant video, thank you Wendover

"Wendover" sounds so lewd... Like "Wendover and let me show you true knowledge". (get it, bendover)

Wonderfully done! Only thing I'm a little sad about is the 3 week wait. ;) I hope it gives you some time to relax after those 15k travel miles!

This video was awesome! I appreciate the hard work and amount of time you guys spend on these videos, they're always really good, whenever I see a new Wendover or Half as Interesting video I will watch it in class cause it's more interesting than math or english. Keep up the great work guys!

Unfortunately, you assume the government doesn't have the same short term greed as companies. In the past, that may have been true, but nowadays the government representatives are beholden to investors as well, and are tasked to make a profit at the expense of the populace.

I love this channel... But come on! Please! Neil DeGrasse Tyson?!

Excellent content wendover! Well done. 'How to stop a riot' is still my favorite video though. It's been a while since you uploaded a geography video though. Video Suggestions:Maybe talk about Tibet? South China Sea? North Pole? Interpol? International crime? Another urban planning video? (I liked the benches one) Highway System? Future navigation in space? Quantum computing? (maybe too far off channel content but meh..) Calendar history? Calendar future? Born in international waters with unknown parents? Logistics in the middle east? How to help another country? How to fund a war? I can probably think of more but here are a few suggestions. :) Go wendover!

firsty you gotta get past the flat earth people

Government's aren't long-term thinkers. Just the next election.

"I will be on leave tomorrow." *satellite crashes*

How come apple maps is so shit then!?

Wendover is shooting for YouTube Red. Killing it, bro. Love this channel.

Could you make a video about the rising popularity on EDM (Electronic Dance Music)? Particularly on Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival et cetra. Good video tho btw

TL;DW: Space is now a corporate realm, and the corporations are oligopolising.

We had directv in Venezuela, how does that work?

You've outdone yourself once more. Keep up the amazing work!

To be a Trillionaire would be very unlikely. That’s 1000 billion. 20x Bill Gate’s 50 billion.

That's why we need the new space race between USA with their super-heavy rockets and Mars plans, Russia with their upcoming nuclear-powered spaceship and China with their Moon plans, it will make the far space closer so it could become commercial. But that shall be NOT a rivalry but a fair competition with good amount of cooperation and I think we (humans) CAN pull this off.

*I thought it would be a video about asteroid mining :'(*

But.... Earth is flat

Fuck science. Lets just let muslims annex earth and commit genocide to all humans who have intelligent logical ambitious human genes. Just like they do in their own countries. That is what allies did when they allowed commies and muslims annex europe.

Wait... Didn't Uber hit a bitch?

So going for aerospace or aeronautical engineering is a great option for me to take! Ever since I was liitle i've always loved planes and engines so :)

Shill. Hey man, you gotta make money somehow!

7:00 There are 4 satellite vehicle operators for DigitalGlobe and apparently at least 1 of them is a total hottie

Hey Wendover, just curious, do you do your camera work/sound/lighting, etc. yourself or do you have a crew helping you set up these interviews? Thx

Please stop using interviews. We'd rather have you speaking than other people. Now it just sounds like a news channel

I am really curious to see which countries are going to lead us into space from now on. Is it still going to be the US? Or China? India? What about Europe and Japan?

Best video yet, Wendover. Really brought me back to the days of watching Modern Marvels on History Channel. The sound editing could use some work (some voices louder than others), but overall fantastic video

@Wendover Productions Amazing job !!! I was really interested to space business , searching a video about behind the scenes video.Can't wait next video about SSL.

The U.S. government has satellites that can read individual license plates but they don’t tell anyone.

asshole y did u deliberately leave SpaceX out of this vid they r one of the biggest players in this industry now .. biased much ..peace out

well.... there is a reason why the star trek future doesn't run on capitalism ;)

I always knew Wendover would look like a soyboy

The best company profile video I've ever seen.

Your government assessment of being able to focus on the long run is flawed: as evidence of this I could mention the changing NASA goals on every administration, which can be understood when taking into consideration the way a democracy and public opinion works (government in your country works on a 4 -8 year goals, which is hardly long term). It´s also incorrect to assume that there is no commercial interest for deeper space missions... more so when considering new industries such as space mining.

dae planes?????

Your dftba link isn't working

This is a great video. Thank you keep it up

This project must have been so much fun to make! Another great video, I look forward to the next one.

When you said they merged my jaw dropped lmao

M o a r 1/2 hr videossss!

Because we don’t care about limited monopolies any more

Am I right, that this Video is the first with Interviews conducted by you?

RIDE GAIN! I like your videos, they can be even more professional if the interviews are at the same VU level as the narration. I had to adjust volume three times.

Great video, too little emphasis on Asteroid mining, this will propel private companies into a gold rush you can't even imagine.

7TB a day is actually, not that much. I mean $1000 a day! (3× backup) or 1.5 cents per second! $40 an hour of operation mapping a lot of Earth! That's not expensive.

Wait, does this means that the Earth is not flat...???

Awesome content as ever, though i'd consider some extra attention to the audio on your interviews- some of them are a little over-resonant and 'heavy-sounding'- i'd suggest a high-pass filter at about 165hz as a starting point. Your narration sounds great though.

wow im so glad i just came across this channel

Holy AntiTrust batman

Rockets are not the future of space travel. Perhaps the knowledge of antigravity type travel is withheld from humanity, for good reason. Should mankind spread its errors throughout the universe? I call it "planetary containment." Maybe eventually will mankind break the surly bonds of earth, but not for a prescribed time.

18:15 of course wendover found a way to show planes.

Wow, that video was awful. Must've spent like what, 10 minutes on it? Disliked, and unsubscribed. I will not be looking forward to more of your videos.

remember the 90's when we still thought science fiction was fiction?

This video was not bad, but Maxxar is what economist calls an emerging monopoly which is not necessarily bad but nor is it good. They will have no choice to in the end try to meet the cheaper and/or more efficient competitors because that is what a free market does, it reduces the price for the consumer which helps us, the consumer. The biggest problem for me in this video is his statement at 21:00 "exploring space doesn't make money" which is true but nor is entirely right because in the very same case of DigitalGlobe who was one of the first pioneers to send a satellite into low earth orbit to simply take photographs of Earth are clearly a profitable company. Every business venture has to have some risk, there will be companies shooting for those deemed "impossible" check out a company called LightShot as an example. Now what DeGrasse Tyson was saying is that scientists interested in learning more and acquiring knowledge will be first before the companies which are entirely true but with private funding, those ventures will be several times better than simple government funding. TL-DR : In the end, private funding will enable us greater access to space far more than the government perhaps ever will but of course the government agency, NASA, might be the spark that turns on the unstopable fire that is mankinds desire to explore and learn.

I was expecting this to be an overview of different ROI of going into space (asteroid mining, etc.). Instead, you glossed over this (saying there is none) and made a 30 minute advert for some new multi-billion-dollar merger.

Though the first part of this video was pretty good, I have to strongly disagree with the concluding segment. He seems to be suggesting that space beyond low Earth orbit cannot be commercialized. He seems to be plugging really hard for a "We always need the gov't to do everything" approach to space. When in history has that ever worked well? No major technology was ever "commercialized" by bureaucrats. It has been almost 50 years since NASA first put a man on the moon, and they have yet to produce a single manned spacecraft that can leave low Earth orbit. On the other hand; Elon Musk has done in a decade what NASA will realistically (probably) never do. SpaceX, Blue Origin, and others will commercialize interplanetary space whether NASA is there or not.


Spectacular video, thank you so much!

More longer videos. This was your best one yet!

Shoutout to Pittsburgh at 8:54!

and 12:20!

Tyson is a hack and a living breathing meme for normalfags. You really hurt your credibility by interviewing him.

This video was sponsored by.....

Ahhh yes, let us all throw our money and hopes for a better world to a few very rich people or corporations and hope they'll do anything helpful with it. Let us overlook when they treat their employees like shit, pay them like shit, miss deadlines constantly, are inefficient, wasteful and corrupt, lead by egotistical cunts. Let us not forget that the wealth of a billionaire is the combined work that was taken from their employees and then kept away from them. That's 100 billion worth of underpaid employees, of hoarded dead money. A regular person spends 90%+ of their wealth to live and so they stimulate the economy and everybody is doing better, a billionaire spends less than 1% of their wealth and store away the rest, effectively draining money from the economy, making everybody else worse of. Being a billionaire and allowing people to become billionaires is a immoral abomination and one of the main causes of all our problems today, because when one is richer that a whole country, they can purchase the governments of whole countries effectively become kings and do as they please with no consequence all the while spreading propaganda to have people idolise them. Welcome to the new cult of personality global dictatorship everybody! If you were to take the combine wealth of the top 10 richest, you could develop fusion and advanced space travel, slow climate change and minimise waste and pollution by the end of the decade, fix starvation, disease and homelessness by 2020. But no, let us cheer for them as they hoard all their wealth in their palaces and take away every resource that we could all make use of as citizens of the planet.

I wish you at least mentioned ISRO, providing commercial space services for virtually every space agency or space research companies around the world. I think that I don’t need to mention ISRO’s Mangalyan, research probe to the Mars, which was successful in reaching Mars orbit on its debut attempt at a lowest possible price

please never reveal your face on your main channel! I really don't want to have my imagination crushed!!

Space exploration is a huge waste of money.

Saw that fag neil, stopped video, disliked, and left.

Space life is extremely damaging to human biology. The first crew to go to Mars are in for a hell of a hell.

Well he asked for it, here is the wiki, come help!!!!!!!!

Was anyone else distracted by how the Digital Globe guy's lips weren't in sync with the audio?

Nice background music!

Space? Satellites?

Ummm.... unless I messed up the math, someone please re-verify the orbital speed and "altitude" IAW Wendover's video. Keep in mind the apparent altitude might be grossly different than the height versus Earth's core. I appreciate the great videos, Wendover, but something is off here and I can almost smell it.

Space exploration needs strong leadership to inspire and motivate people. And the sign of a strong leader is that people are listening to them and following them. If it were not for the strong leadership of Von Braun (and JFK) then America would never have gone to the moon. There's no doubt that millions of people today are inspired by Musk's vision for Mars. And especially his employees at SpaceX who work endless hours of overtime and cheer so passionately about every Falcon rocket landing. The physical barrier to get humans to Mars is the lack of a capable and affordable launching system. So we can only get there by innovating and creating the technology to overcome this barrier. The full name of SpaceX is Space Exploration Technologies. This is the name given by Musk himself. Vanity project or not, there can be no doubt Musk is leading the way as the BFR is already under construction as we speak. And he has inspired us to believe that it's a short term reality. Government does have a role to play, especially by enabling projects financially, and NASA provided a great contribution of funding for development of the Falcon 9. But it's only because of Musk and his team that a manned mission to Mars is now so much more within our grasp than it was even five or ten years ago. Since the era of Von Braun, NASA tried to innovate with a reusable Shuttle but it has ultimately proved to be not much more than a very expensive flop with failures including gross cost over-runs and Astronaut deaths. And now the extremely expensive and non-reusable SLS will be created from a jumble of of old Shuttle parts. Private enterprise will have failures too. But unfortunately Neil deGrasse Tyson is very much understating the significant role they will play. He has already been proven wrong in previous comments that he made on this front.

Some of these clips were beautiful. Great channel, just subbed. Poly matter is a similar channel for anyone wanting similar videos.

Google Maps are taken from a Plane with a Camera on it you Retard , not Bloody Satellites

It's all Fake , there is NOTHING in Orbit. The only reason they can get away with this massive con is Because Most People are Brain Dead and Gullible . But what do i know lol

every time he changed topic and company, a expect a Skillshare segway

Huge respect, man! Thanks for this amazing quality, especially cause it is free for us.

I adore this channel but I'm sorry this video is too long for me

Another fantastic video! But I like the aviation-related videos a lot better!

430 flat earthers disliked this video

give me that satellite camera so I can take the best selfies

gigabit and gigabyte is not the same

Space? Satellites? You're joking right?

8:02 Flat earthers: Did I just heard the curvature of the earth? * t R I G g E r E d *

what people don't realize is that by going to space, you learn to solve the problems back at home.

This was fantastic, some of the sound was unbalanced but very good content!

Ha ha! wendover, you sure fooled me for 19:07. Now I'm unsubscribed

You didn't even mention spacex as a launch provider. Blue origin really. Maybe someday.

pause at 16:08 and laugh. look at the yellow

so where are the actual photos of eaerth? why the digital animations?

Amazing! Great work!

The logging thing in Canada is horrible for the world but great for Canada, I've been through those same trails whilst hunting and they leave piles of brush and burn them down, later you find lots of precursor plants like berry bushes and more unique species growing in the ashy-soil. The animals actually increase their density the area from my experience, (except areas that are really popular for other reasons because too many quads/ other vehicles will drive through). And then we have planting operations unlike most countries, so we at least put an effort into sustaining ourselves.

So space innovation is where capitalism breaks down... Usually capitalism promote innovation BTU space is an exception.

7:41 its gigabit not gigabyte.

10:02 Atlas V rockets don’t fail.

This video is just peppered with cool facts. Thank you!

Too long and too, er, promotional

i can see the future branches into two: a successful space exploration era or a third world war (which will exhaust humanity to the bare minimum for recovery) and both have its own problems following. Until then I'd like to live long enough to see how it unfolds.

It’s so ridiculous and shameful that from space we can see a piece of paper on a desk but we can’t ever get an identifying picture of a criminal robbing a store or bank at gun point with their cctv cameras. Never can we see a decent picture. I know there is a cost difference, but come on.

This is pretty much a documentary. Only better quality! Good work.

Great video but I disagree with the conclusion at the end. As we have seen from the last forty years of government sponsored space exploration, most democratic governments have a poor ability to plan anything beyond a single presidential term, or two terms if your lucky. The money that government is willing to spend on space, without a clear short term goal (such as beating a rival nation to the moon), is also very small. And that small amount of money is a slave to the whims of the economy. In a poor economy a space program seems to be the first thing on the chopping block. 'There is no business case for deep space exploration'. The seems to be the victim to a chicken and egg problem. There is no business case because there is no activity there. But the first company that can master resource gathering in space (wether that is on the moon or on an asteroid) will be sitting on top of a proverbial goldmine. That might be a hard sell to investors that are looking for a short term gains...but that is where entrepreneurs with deep pockets come in. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Robert Bigelow. The internet probably seemed like a hard place to drive serious investment in the 1980' forward a bit and we have entire industries driven by it. I think people underestimate how fast things can change once the technology and capabilities catch up.

Can anyone recommend channels like this one? I love Wendover and seen all the videos at least once!

Waiting for flat earthers to use their stupid flat brains in the comments...

CEO of Maxar in this video looks rather like CEO of Nestle. That's not a look of space businessman.


This was a super informative video, thank you for the high quality content and hope to see more!

Hey I love your content could you think about doing a video about railway privatisation in the UK

Thanks for the 3rd graders intro to space...

One dude just made a 25 minute documentary better than most documentary teams. This is why I love this channel.

One of the best ones yet

This was really informative. Thank you. And thank you for really thinking it out. With the sort of down-to-earth viewpoint though. I do still believe and think and hope and trust that Elon Musk can and will launch that first manned mission to Mars. And that it will work.

This long form documentary was excellent and I have recommended a friend watch this. The effort that went into this was plain to see and I really enjoyed it. But why the mirror image gaspé peninsula, I had to pause on that. Well made

The Earth is flat though


Wait I thought the earth was flat?

5:50 Noncens 10-30 am is not in the DARK at the other side of the earth !

but... but... but... all of the unemployed, high school drop-out, flat earthers on YouTube say the world is flat! I don't understand how this can be?!?! You're video doesn't make sense. (said with heavy fucking sarcasm for you idiots who don't speak sarcasm)

No planes? aww

Just amazing, beautiful work, well done!

The space industry is going the exact same way that colonization did in the 16th to 18th centuries. Soon enough, it'll happen.

Awesome video dude!! Thanks for providing us with such high quality content

Thought only the government could have 12 in pixel satellites?

Your profile picture is so good. It just is, good change.

also blue orgin never landed a rocket dam um almost a fake news

so biased video. ola charge 10x times xpacex does. bad video retard

Great video but I had to keep changing volume when someone started speaking

8:54 Downtown Pittsburgh PA.

Capitalism is cancer. Need drives innovation and production, not profit. Capitalism is redundant.

This is great content. more like this would be great

i dont understand. If the satelite is on the dark side of earth then it is 10:30 somewhere and it is missing it

Ever hear of Aerotine International?

Excellent video, very educational...

Why are the ground tracking station locations secret?

"most democratic governments have a poor ability to plan anything beyond a single presidential term" True, but attitudes and policies could change. It happened in the past with the cathedrals and other monuments around the world taking generations to build. "the first company that can master resource gathering in space ... will be sitting on top of a proverbial goldmine" You may be right, but I don't think rocket science is at the place yet for space mining. Launching heavy mining equipment economically and bringing the heavy resources back to earth is still a long way off, decades away I think. I can't see a profitable and routine industry developing in less than 50 years. "people underestimate how fast things can change once the technology and capabilities catch up." They do, but the big unknown with space mining is how long it will take us to vastly increase our lifting capability and returning heavy payloads reliably and economically to earth. I think we would need at least 100 times the current capacity, which is a BIG improvement.

Was really great to see in you person in that other video, too bad that whatever show that was on - it took them quite a while to get serious about talking about science. It really seemed like that show was meant for hanging out with bros; once Tyson turned on his science brain, the video went in a totally different direction. Quite wacky actually - since they were almost eye rolling you at the beginning.

Great job man, this is a massive step up in production values

08:36 Humanitarian. That's code for CIA satellite monitoring. LOL


Awesome video!

This video is just amazing, thanks Sam!

Is it worthy to study Geomatics/Geoinformatics? I'm doing that, and I hear A LOT that it's the future industry but... I'm always afraid that everything I do can be done by a computer scientist or an aerospacial engineer

Thank you so much for making your videos. they are very fun to watch, and i can accually learn from them. You are awesome, and thank you for taking the time to make these videos. You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm starting to think this is a paid comercial and it should be disclosed like that..

@Wendover Productions whenis there be a video about SST

This is important: Gigabyte ≠ Gigabit 1 Gigabyte = 8 Gigabits. Giga = billion 1 bit is a single logical high or low, often described as a one or zero 1 byte is 8 bits, the number needed to encode a single character of text. For example, HLLLLLLH (high/low) or 1000001 (binary) is the letter A. Got it?

There is a lot of opportunity to make money in space. Of course, there is a high cost of entry but there are some individuals and companies who have the capacity to establish business in space. Business that would thrive in space are mining, communications, construction to build the infrastructure, tourism which will grow as costs are reduced, and research and development in a zero gravity environment. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Once Elon Musk's dream of a million people on Mars will require retail shopping and support such medicine, security etc. by now I hope you have the picture in your mind of industry potential in space. One other point. I hear and read about people who say "aliens are coming to take over the planet". Why would they do that? There are so many high value resources such as gold, platinum, H3 and so on. Hostility just doesn't make sense. Of course, it never does.

in the description: link to your other channel (half as intersting) is dead (404), found it with search ;) love your stuff. have fun

Love this video, great job explaining why going to deep space is rather not pratical. There is no $$$ reason. And people want $$$ to improve their quality of life. So most people are not willing to slave away on earth, to help send their great grandkids to space and in HOPES that something good and usefull is found.

24:29 ewww im gunna puke., Take something good then talk about how stealing is ok if "they so choose" hahah


My god do I love Capitalism, private companies helping out groups like NASA is great.

Asteroid mining, Mars colonies, Venus colonies, space "cruse ship" travel. Man, the next 100-200 years is gonna be nuts.

Weird to me that lots of people would have never heard of digital globe before, but I guess that's because I live by their headquarters lol

Please normalize sound levels. It's super painful when you turn it up because it's too quite, but then the sound gets crazy loud after the next cut. Other than that I liked the video.

The Earth is *FAT*

This video hardly mentioning SpaceX makes absolutely no sense. And using Neil for that doesn't help. He is very biased towards NASA and never misses the opportunity to dismiss Elon. You have been very helpful with this videos in that task.

Is that building at around 2:19 supposed to look like a satellite, because if so, that is awesome!

great great content!

Aren't all these companies owned by Maxar? Edit: HA! I was right!

This video deserves a like

The information in this video can't be accurate because.... The Earth is Flat! LOL Great video, Wendover is always quality. I see Wendover and I click.

28 minute Wendover video? Where have you been all my life bb

Hey Wendover Productions! I am watching from urban Zambia! love the channel

Too long, and as such, felt unfocused. 5/10

Kind of ironic how Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks so much about space exploration but has no faith in SpaceX and Elon Musk.

Sam, you are awesome. You have only been on this planet for 19 years, and there are people who have spent over twice that amount of time studying *one* topic. You are better versed in multiple topics than many of those people are in one!

In the latest Google Earth photo of my home, I can see the snow shovel in the bed of my truck.

flat earthers get triggered at 8:00

I don't understand why the ground station locations are kept secret and I'd like to know why

So does that mean if humanity beats death, we will see more super-long-term investments?

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See that’s my issue right there “our biggest customer is the US government”. This is too much power for any one man or nation to have and the potential for misuse is huge. This is like the ‘God’s eye’ problem in Fast 7 (RIp Paul)

The earth is flat


I dont understand how this video only has 500k views...

Wendover's logo is basically a rip off of the Government of British Columbias logo

"Sir, you went over the speed limit, in which it is 17,000 mph"

1:26 st Lawrence river and Atlantic ocean

This video hardly mentioning SpaceX makes absolutely no sense. And using Neil for that doesn't help. He is very biased towards NASA and never misses the opportunity to dismiss Elon. You have been very helpful with this videos in that task of ignoring and dismissing him.

I understand the 10:30 thing and I get let's just make it simple for the vid.....but there is no way it is 10:30 everywhere when the satelitte goes voerhead in local time due to time zones. Consistency is the point though obviously

niel denigger tyson

Good video but why is it so long?

Your graphics confuse more than help.

gigabit, not gigabyte

what about this,rio tinto and spacex merger for space and interplanetary mining. when spacex can prove they are able to get into mars,then they can help rio tinto capture high value asteroid and send it back to earth.

But the earth is flat this is all a lie

Wouldn't this trigger the resource curse and destroy your country's economy?

Please make this into a podcast

so I guess where all being watched.

Man, I don’t know how it is that I only found your channel today since I watch a lot of videos in this space. But, you make some really great videos! I feel like your channel should have a tv show on the Discovery Channel. Thumbs up!

Your title is misleading. You should call this "Earth imagery: the next billion dollar industry."

The only government which can plan on a multi-decade or longer time scale is China. They can establish a plan to develop all the difficult technologies and to stick to their long-term goals. The US government runs on a 4 year cycle, at best 8, and hasn't accomplished much in space since the Apollo era. Each new administration seems to take delight in obliterating what the preceding one had planned and invested billions in developmental costs.

Nice Content!

No, no, we have cave problems

"There is no demand for deep space exploration" ... What about precious metals asteroid mining?

Literally rocket science and more! Glad I found this channel, subscribed!

Jesus Christ what a quality content, i love you guys.

I have to disagree with the premise that individuals do not care what happens after their deaths. I think history has many times proven that both good and bad causes have attracted a lot of individuals who wish to be rememberd, create a better future for their kids or simply be part of something bigger then them selves. I think space exploration is such a cause. Besides the potential benefits of being first to trans planetal tranportation are huge.

all the flat earthers are triggered

I will go to space before I die. within the next 75 years I think its possible. What an incredible possibility for an average guy.

There are two huge problems with government leading the space industry: 1. Governments don't have the incentive to do it faster, better, cheaper Governments don't use their money and do not report to anyone. As a result, they don't act responsibly with their resources. NASA is a great example. They felt ok with throwing rockets away after just one launch, as long as the US taxpayer keeps paying for it. Private companies know that if they fuck up, they don't get a second chance. Because unlike tax money, investments aren't mandatory. 2. Governments do everything for military or political reasons The space race was one of the greatest things that ever happened to humanity. Unfortunately it was a result of political and social conflicts. The internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind, if not the greatest, but it was made for military purposes. The best we can hope for is for a military or political conflict to arise, so that the government can have incentive to invest in new technologies, then hope that conflict ends well and doesn't kill us all so that we can start using those wartime inventions for peaceful purposes. If you ask me, that sucks. Say whatever you want about the private sector, but money is a far more ethical, efficient and acceptable incentive than nuclear wars, cold wars or potential power grabs.

8:50 I think your mic audio is a little over-compressed

Fake news, the Earth is flat

7:40 Password?

Canada's not always cold and dark.

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I'm pretty this guy has been on camera before. He has long red hair and glasses and a beanie

Where is the place shown at 13:16? Looks like a nice rugby pitch

Black Science Man?


Space shouldn't be commercialised, that is taking control of bits of the universe simply to make money. Its just another way to make the rich richer. When is your everyday bloke going to be able to start making money from space

Incredible work. Thanks for your effort. I really learned a lot from it :)

I kinda want that suitcase now xD

nvm. really expensive :P

A correction - no one broadcasts "internet". No one has "internet" - they have an internet connection.

great video, thanks for all the content!

8:00 earth is flat


Indeed, Professor Tyson, exploring deep space is not sustainable. So what make you think it's sustainable for the society? Because governments don't have their own money, they take it by force from the civilians. Governments consider future generations? What kind of bullcrap is that? Do I have to remind you about the national debt that has been increasing since the dawn of FED?

I have written about people like Elon Musk who wanted the Mars colonies and were not public companies. Mine were fiction, But I understood that it'd have to be more than just governments as they tend toward swaying in the political winds a lot more then they do long term projects. Maybe China will be first on mars, but not t he USA because they can't even keep the lights on at the white house it seems.

"Commercial enterprises need to think about investments that pay off within the lifetime of their shareholders." This is not how it works. Investments in private companies are inter-generational through share price, not current profit. By the same logic, 100-year government bonds can exist. Most likely, most people who buy such a bond today won't live when it matures in 100 years. But this is not important: the bond is passed on to the next generation through inheritance, trading etc. until it matures.

It's a business of astronomical scale

Were is ISRO

Governments don't think beyond the next election.

"super high power wi-fi signals" made my ear bleed with pain. Couldn't you use the words "radio signals"?

The mountain-cavern/space-earth discussion is very nice BUT nobody climbed to the top of mountains unitil some tirolese drunkards though it was cool in the 185X. People instead went for mountain passes, leaving the mountain tops alone. And that's what the private development of space travel is: going or the mountain passes. Public investment in moon-landing like expeditions... is more akin to mountaintop alpinism

I wish I was born a century later, when space travel is much more common. It's so boring living in an earthbound civilization

Just because a company won't make profit within its founders' lifetime, that does not mean it cannot be comercially viable. If Jeff Bezos has his way, Amazon will never make a profit, yet he still has the hig est net worth of any individual. Shareholders who are going to die before a company are always able to sell to a younger generation, who are in turn able to sell to a generation younger and their own, etc. It's not so much that trans-generstional investments are not viable due to human lifespan, but because they tend to be riskier given that more can go wrong over a longer time period, especially if a private organisation is doing blue-sky research that may not lead anywhere (think interstellar travel). An asteroid mining company would potentially be a relatively safe trans-generational investment, since minerals on Earth will run out, and some minerals found in asteroids are already commonly used.

I want to be the first litterbug in space !

I would love to see a break-down of how we could colonise mars.

Capitalism ftw

How would this work with a 'Flat Earth'!! but they still will claim they're right

Really nice done. Awesome video

Neil deGrasse Tyson from 0:30 to 1:10 is no where loud enough to be heard clearly, especially 0.:55 REAL LOUSY, he's so soft and demure WE CAN'T HEAR YOU. Sorry I got frustrated, and compromised my standards. Again apologies.

Space Mining... - this will make people want to go into space to make money... "Every Day People"... The bottom line here is, Humans move to where there is opportunity and resources... - Thus... if you create easily accessible Jobs in space (Mining Space Rocks) - You'll get more and more people Wanting to move into space.. And to solve the problem of people Living in space... just make a Huge Rotating Spacestation which generates a LOT of artificial gravity. Then with people living in space, you'll start to get a lot of other business opportunities as a result.

This deserves morrrrrrrre by the millions!

Going to space helps solve issues on Earth. "The cave needs work" "Well there is an even better cave over in that other mountain, and walking there will get us in better shape and improve our quality of life in many ways!" Not going to space is stupid, but idiots and people with bad agendas continue to screw everyone else over

an amazing price ? 600 dollar for a suitcase ? forget it, CAT has some that are better quality and cheaper

sam, buddy, good friend that doesn't know me, get a haircut please XD Sorry, it was a joke that I meant.

It's ironic that people pretend the government is the one we need to push us into space, yet all the innovation we're currently seeing is from the private sector.

Too cool

Which one isyou

Your vids are amazing. Keep it up.

why not just create a Neural network, i know it's not easy but it would save a lot of money aye

“1 GB of data every second” My WiFi at home: 3 MB every second Boi

Wait...With that kind of resolution - theoretically speaking - if you were able to map the entire Earth every second of every day, could you use that data to build a visual history of the earth? In one year from now, would it be possible to go back and look at today's date and see events exactly how they happened, on any given location of the planet?

RIP I live next to an Orbital ATK office and research lab, and they were recently bought by some company called Northrop Grumman, which sounds WAY worse. so yeah

"The first of those was launched in 2007, the most recent was launched in 2016, and they have an expected life of over 10 years each" but 2007 was 11 years ago...

This is one of my favorite videos on the channel!


Too bad the earth is flat and this is all a lie

That doesn’t sound like you at all

Born too late to explore the world, too soon to explore the galaxy.

and then wired connections...

Nice watch!

Elon Musk is a cunt and psychopath!

I was happy to hear your closing remarks. I'm so tired of hearing "Private Space Flight is the future." It's not wrong, but it's only the immediate future. People and politicians love to bitch about government spending or inefficiency. Some even go as far as saying most government entities shouldn't even exist...but without the U.S. and Soviet government's massive investment 60+ years ago, none of the componies, projects, employees, and millionaire executives would even exist. A lot of these people who reject spending on space exploration don't even bat an eye when trillions are thrown into the military because they see defense from hostile humans in other parts of the world as essential.........but expanding humanity outside of just this planet and harvesting the vast resources in space could not only lead to major leaps in technology, but could remove the threat of foreign aggression. A world where we have the resources to provide comfortable lives for every single one of us would all but end major conflicts. OH well.....

As of now, stock is up 20% since you posted this video...

Does anyone else want to sent a satellite to space that is a toaster* instead of just the size of a toaster? (At 17:59 Wendover mentioned a satellite the size of a toaster) * (The toaster should have solar panels that way we can also toast bread in the vacuum of space)

im sad cause i saw this video expecting some space mining

I'm not sure that being an astrophysicist qualifies you as an expert in either economics or political economy, which are literally the only subjects he discussed.

15:36 "it's all aboot information" hmm I wonder if MDA is Canadian. 15:46 oh yep.

Satellite imagery gets you ~decent resolution, but most of Google Maps imagery today is actually from planes. US has its own satellite to survey lands, they take 1cm resolution which is enough to make out license plates on cars. Come think of it, they had incredibly high resolution cameras back in the 70s on the SR71 Blackbird, so nowadays they could probably photograph a mosquito from low orbit.

Every point Neil DE Grasse made has been proven wrong!!! He is a major dork!!!

This is probably your best produced video

Do whatever you want to venture into space but dont ever say in the future that we fucked this planet up beyond repair.............our greed and urgency to accomplish a task is damaging Mother Earth every single day.

Just put that Away-case on my shoppinglist. Loving your videos and love to support you! Keep up the great work.

7 Terabytes per day?! I can only imagine how much data those commercial/government sats are pulling down a day. A year!

We dont even have economic method to collect space debris let alone asteroid mining...............its just a wet dream. :)

I Wanna go to space so I don't have to think of my student loan

You kinda got it wrong

Sell Sell Sell ;-). Stock was doing ok for a bit.

Did I miss the SSL video? I haven't seen you post one yet

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Super high power wifi signals? No.... In your effort to explain something to someone in a simple manner, you've completely gotten this one wrong.

Best video I have ever watched how long did it take to edit and make?

The fact that deep space exploration isn't profitable right now just demonstrates how little value it will bring us. Better to wait until the technology develops more than to rush into it.

Neil's cave analogy was perfect.

I'm going to keep this intergalacticly short: there are no other willing Russian aliens to help us afford space travel. so earth will remain our affordable home. There are no exceptions...Elon, Branson

It will be interesting to see how property rights will be distributed to planetary bodies outside of Earth. More than likely it will be some international consortium of governments, as well as the richest companies and people who will get land and mining right claims, while the commoner gets nothing.

weather watching lost or found searching, testing emergency long distances communication, an old, joke over earth issues, landing on the moon.


You deserve so much more subscribers, your videos are amazing. So professional!

There is one thing I'd like to point out. In the past, Companies did often make long term investments that did pay off in the very long term, the building of the transcontintential railroad is proof of this, if the companies that built it we're only concerned about their short term profits, the US would be vastly different today than it is now. It's an investment they made 150 years ago, yet today the railroads are still reaping the profits from it. Something changed in business mindsets that make them only look at the short term over the long term. If you could somehow convince companies to have the same mindset that built the Transcontintential Railroad, then we will experience rapid advancement, just like the Railroad provided.

Great info...How much time and $$ did this project cost to produce?

You seem to be confused about units. 12 inches = 30 cm but 12 sq inches = 77 sq cm. Plus, the size you're talking about most likely isn't 12 sq inch but rather 1 sq foot = 144 sq inches. Maybe Brilliant can help. Good video though.

oldtwins na well currently, international treaties have it so that space is international territory, nobody has ownership of anything aside from anything they bring there. It's an often cited issue with space colonies, as setting up any rule of law would be in violation of the treaty, as you'd essentially be making a nation (or at least a national claim) in an area that it's forbidden in.

Hello World "OVER 10 years" 1 year over isn't that much, though it is probably in it's last days of life

Justin Noker Yeah that makes sense. Thanks.

Clicked off when you started going on about self-driving cars

how is it that google maps has better detail then?

Yes we must fix the problems on Earth thats a big true and one of the big problems that we must fix after the violence, the extreme consumming and polution problems, is the superpopulation on Earth... this beautiful and blue planet on this solar system is superpopulated wright now so...we can solve this problem by going to space and travel to stars and colonizing other places, moons whatever...

The idea that only the government can do this is historically inaccurate. Look here at our own nation. The arrival of the Pilgrams on the Mayflower was a combination of business and religious purposes. It was funded by business, not government. Those first years resulted in property rights and free enterprise. Assuming Americans will tame the wilds of space, this is the model.

Sigh *Boots up KSP*

Why everbody starts their business in their garage? This is such a cliche.

@2:56 I just learned my erect penis can be seen from space.

Brilliantly done! Love ur work

If you could remember not everyone how watch’s you show are not American. 96% of the people on this planet don’t use imperial measurements! So incorporate metric measurements next time please.

Away is a great success

Outstanding job.

how do i get a job in that room?

That part about how satellite orbits work was really enlightening, long overdue for me, thanks!

i really like the intro - cave story - but what if the problem in the cave is your daughter being strangled by your uncle, do you go and visit the other mountain first still?

This whole video is simple untrue... The Earth is flat.

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