SOMETHING MAJOR Going on in The Skies Above! Multiple UFOs Filmed What is NASA Hiding!? 12/21/2017

SOMETHING MAJOR Going on in The Skies Above! Multiple UFOs Filmed What is NASA Hiding!? 12/21/2017

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Hey. Guys how's it going Richard here with alien bros I have an insane, UFO, sighting to share with you guys today I can't, even put into words how incredible, the sighting is this, sighting was reported to move on and I will leave the MUFON Case number, down in the description, so you guys can check it out for yourselves this, footage was caught in Cincinnati, Ohio by, a man named John Rogers, and just. Oh boy. You. Guys can see for yourselves I'll play the clip now and I'll talk to you guys about it afterwards, after, that I have a few more amazing piece of evidence to show you guys so be sure to stick around now, here's the video. Hey. I'm. Here, at Highland, Ridge Avenue, at. The, Amazon flex warehouse, and, I. Am videotaping. UFOs. My. Name is John Rogers. Hey. Y'all see in this. Look. At this. Look. At the UFOs. You'll, see him. Now. There is UFOs. They're. Moving all kinds of crazy. They. All just disappeared. And. This. Sighting is just plain flat-out amazing, there are at least seven or eight of these things and they are making all these crazy random, formations. And choreographed, moves in the sky I have, no idea what these things could possibly be these, things look much too large to be drones and I've never seen drones or any conventional. Aircraft for that matter make these sorts of maneuvers and float in one spot like that before now. In the witness's, statement to, MUFON he, wrote I noticed. One bright light at first from the corner of my eye once, it caught my attention it, seemed to split into three UFOs, in a straight line then, another appeared, and they formed a triangle at, one point there was maybe seven or eight UFOs all at once at about, the 1-minute mark at the video is when they really start to light up the sky doing some really amazing, stuff it seems, like some form of communication the, video doesn't do it justice because I was able to see physical crafts as well a triangle. A disc and the helicopters, are visible in the video this. Was a really exhilarating experience. For me as I have seen lots of footage from different TV series and documentaries, and this followed suit with a lot of the same patterns, and scenarios, people tend to describe or catch on film it, was shot in film quality 4k so the frame rate may not be amazing, but I think it's a decent video capture, the, Internet is going crazy as zorb Cincinnati, as I am NOT the only one to capture this on video the, news publicly, stated that their skydivers, performing, a show for University, of Cincinnati's, football team but. I don't buy that this is what I saw maybe. There are a few skydivers dodging. UFOs up there but skydivers, can't move like that and for them to be that bright would take an amazing amount of energy to put your act light all across the city tell, me what you think well, here's what I think now. What I had to say is that I think the witness is entirely right about these things not being skydivers, I have, never seen a skydiver, show where they were able to do any of the things that these crafts were doing usually. Skydivers, will use flares to put on these types of light shows and there is no way to make simple flares act in this capacity, nor is it possible for skydivers. To make the maneuvers, at these crafts for making the only way it would be possible is if the skydivers, were somehow able to fly and levitate, like some sort of superhero, and we all know that that is impossible plus. The amount of light they were giving, as the witness said was simply insane since, it lit up the entire city nobody, seems to be buying into the skydivers, story and if you ask me it is just a cover-up and you guys can make your own decisions on this though based off of the evidence and let us know what you guys think about this down in the comments, do, you guys believe the skydiver story or do you think it's a cover-up like myself and many others do now. Moving on from there I have something that a friend of mine sent over that he caught on NASA Soho, he has a pretty brand new YouTube channel and his channel name is Travis van gaal and I'll leave a link to his channel down in the description, he has a great channel where he has posted a couple of very nice recent, UFO sightings, he's new to this YouTube thing we're doing a great job so show him some love and throw him a sub now, for those of you that are not know what the soho stands for it means, Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. And. Is a satellite, that studies, and monitors the Sun 24, hours a day 365. Days a year the, images that he sent over to me appear to show a disk moving around the general area of the Sun it appears, to be closer to the satellites, in the Sun but with space it is not quite possible, to tell due to depth perception, we would likely need some nasa's radio telescope, tech to tell we, examine, these images as thoroughly as possible just like we do with all of our footage and evidence that we received an opinion.

This Thing appears to be either a disc or cigar shaped UFO it appears, to have some curve to it although I, think it was likely a disc but a couple members of my team appeared, to disagree, and think it could be a cigar shape I think, this thing had some curve to it at least for what it looks like to me so I think it was probably a disc shaped object, but that's, just my opinion I'll let you guys form your own opinion on it also, I would like to point out that whatever this thing was it had to be huge this, thing compared to its surroundings, and perceived distance shows just how enormous this crap had to have been the, last image there is a clear glitch in the satellite, feed however this does not mean anything and the craft has moved away from the point of the glitch while also still being as clear as the earlier photos taken before the glitch now, for those of you that had trouble locating, the craft I'll show you the four images again this time with the UFO circled in black so you can be sure you're actually looking at the right object I really, wish there was a way that we could have gotten a clear and up-close shadows, thing but, we have seen many of these anomalies out in space and on NASA live feeds and images, so, it is obvious that there's definitely, some strange stuff going on both on space and around, our own planet, now, as to why this craft is so close to the Sun I can't say for sure but. I do have a couple of theories my, first one is that it could possibly be absorbing, energy from the sun's radiation or, you could say a sort of solar panel, that siphons, energy from stars NASA, currently, uses solar panels, to fuel their rockets so they don't run out of fuel so, it is possible that this craft if alien, could, be doing the exact same thing except on a much more advanced level where it absorbs, enough energy or solar radiation, from stars like our Sun to. Be able to achieve speeds, for our graters than NASA ships, do at least, that's what NASA would like to have us believe anyway, we all know that the government has had access to alien technology, now for about 60 years and when it comes to their technology they love to lie to our faces about it they tend to make findings, and then not tell us about them until a few years later for. Example there were the first images of Pluto that were ever released to the public and according, to NASA the first ones they had ever received however. NASA was caught red-handed editing, and altering these supposedly new images they received from Pluto that we supposedly, received in 2015, but, they were found to have been originally taken three years before this this, was originally, discovered and exposed, on a youtube channel called, the Olympus sky and I will leave a link to his original video, down in the description he. Was examining, the image data that comes with the images, saying where when and what the image was taken with and found this supposed to 2015, photo was actually captured in 2012, which, means that NASA was blatantly lying to the public about when they reached Pluto, so, we can only imagine what sort of tech NASA and our government as a whole actually, has versus. What they tell us they have most. People say that the government is 50 years ahead of the private sector due to two reasons and this is despite the fact that government scientists, have the same education, as the ones in the private sector the, first reason is that our government essentially.

Has A limitless budget now, we do owe trillions, of dollars to other countries, however, in economics, they teach that since a nation is assumed to live on forever then, it never may have to pay back its debt since it will remain for eternity the debt still has a direct impact on inflation in economics, but, for, us in, the United States government as a whole that really isn't a big deal since we still have the highest GDP, per capita, planet, scientists. That work for the companies in the private sector usually, have a limited, budget even, though companies, like Apple and Microsoft may. Provide. Them with budgets that seem you, know rather large millions, sometimes, billions of dollars for product development which. Is an insane amount of money but. When, compared, to the budget of our government, in his minuscule, for. Example, do you guys remember back in August of 2016 when, the Pentagon came, out and said they had supposedly lost six point five trillion dollars, and had no idea what happened to it that, money had to have been spent on black projects, that the government refuses to acknowledge the existence of, that, you know where it went they don't just lose six point five trillion dollars, it's, much like how they refused to acknowledge the existence of area 51 up, until 2013, even though you could drive right up to the bases entrance and for a while actually see the base from ticaboo peak before they expanded, their borders, that, is the sort of budget our government gives their scientists, for use in black projects, and it is far greater than any private company could ever dream of providing, for such advancements, the, second reason is that the government does not need a return on investment or ROI when, it comes to private sector companies, that employ scientists, to create technology they. Have to see a return on investment in, order to make the investment worth it this, severely hinders with private sector scientists, are capable of producing we, often get technology from our government that they created and allow the private sector to have once the technology becomes obsolete to them for example this is how we obtain GPS, tracking systems, our military, utilized, it for a long time and eventually found better and more advanced options they, do this when they feel the tech would benefit the economy without endangering national, security, there, is a third and very obvious to most you have follow gist reason as to why the government, is so far advanced, and that is, that they are reverse, engineering, alien technology, I myself, just like many other people believe this to be true and the evidence certainly does point to it that, is why I believe there are hundreds if not thousands.

Of Years ahead of the private sector technology, wise it seems. That our government, may be well on their way to disclosure, considering. The current signs that are popping, up in the news and, all over the place right now they, seem to have been doing lately what seems like prepping the public for it for. Example there was the thermal video taken, by a fighter jet of a UFO that made the news recently for, those of you that haven't, I'll play it for you now so you can see it for yourselves. There's. A whole fleet of a look i'ma say, my. God. Well. Going against the window went to Hudson point, hop toe ass oh. It's. Rotated, in. The. Pentagon, also claimed to have recovered some metal alloy from some of these UFOs, which they said scientists, currently cannot identify this, seems entirely out of character for the US government and has me and a lot of other people thinking this may be a sign that they are prepping us for disclosure on the alien phenomenon, and I think it might be coming sometime in the near future, they, claim to stop studying UFOs, and project Bluebook ended but we all know our government can't be trusted, in the Pentagon reveal that they were still studying the UFO phenomenon, up until 2012, and what, the government's track record for telling why is they likely still are okay, so moving on I have two more UFO sightings to share with you guys the first one has me have been on edge with its validity and I'm only sharing it so I can get your guy's opinion on, whether you believe it to be real or not this, is another MUFON, case captured, in Fort Collins Colorado which. I will also leave the case number for down in the description, if it, is real it may be one of the best pieces of evidence that has ever shown up in the world of you apology, however, I am NOT getting my hopes up and neither should you guys unless you believe it to be real and can provide evidence to back up why you feel it is authentic the image you are seeing now is a picture submitted, by the witness along with the video that he took which I'll show you soon if it, is a hoax then please, explain how the guy did it rather than just saying it's fake I want to know the actual reason you guys believe it is a hoax if you do it all so that I can recognize the method and use it in future videos to pick apart these sorts of videos more easily I don't, think it is CGI but I can't say for sure what it is just because well, you, guys will see for yourselves first, let me give you some context, on this sighting by reading you guys the witness's statement to MUFON and the. Statement, reads I Drive, a truck from Colorado, to Wyoming four, times a week I take a break returning, from Wyoming, usually sit at the spot on highway 287. At Ted's place I took a short nap and when I woke up I saw a multiple, craft in the valley in front of me I grabbed, my phone and I tried to get pictures but it was too dark and the camera kept shutting off I pulled. Out a digital camera and it kept shutting off after, about five tries I started recording the video the, same craft were there every, night for weeks but seemed to move west towards the mountain I believe, they were searching for something, the sightings, were about the same time every morning there, were many crafts from real small to larger ones like the one in the video and now, that we have the context, out of the way here's the video itself. You. Guys can probably see what I mean now about why I'm not so sure about this one it is dark and there isn't much to go off of but the lighting and details of the craft which are somewhat, illuminated, by the craft itself and it, does make it look like an extraordinary sighting, if this, is real then this is the first authentic, UFO, landing footage that I think I've ever seen and possibly, may have ever actually been captured, by a normal civilian eyewitness, this, is either a complete, fakery, or the, most amazing evidence of UFOs maybe ever captured, I will, let you guys decide, leave.

Your Thoughts on this down in the comments, and let me know what you guys think about it okay, so I have one last short clip to share with you guys this, was yet another case report, and move on from Claremore, Oklahoma which, just, like the other two will have the MUFON case number down in the description, this, one seems legitimate to me after researching into the camera that it was captured on I will, read the witness's statement before, I show you the short clip to make sure you guys understand, the context, of the sighting the witness's, statement says, my, coworker recently, installed a surveillance camera, on her front porch to make sure no one steals deliver holiday packages. Aforementioned. Surveillance, camera, is called the y:i home, camera, and is activated, by motion, and then sends, a short video of any captured movement, generally. It catches either cars driving back and forth down her street or cats it shoots color during the day and black-and-white at night but, on 12 to 17. At about, 5:00 a.m. the, cameras sent three videos to her two, of them were just a report so brightly lit that you could see nothing but light and she thought maybe it was someone turning around in her driveway with their brights on although it did seem much, too unusually, bright for that but, she thought nothing of it and deleted the first two until she watched the third video of the UFO and immediately sent it over to me and told me about it at work so, I asked her permission and she said it would be alright for me to share it alright, now that's out of the way here's, the footage I'll play it twice to make sure you guys actually catch the UFO because it's relatively short and I didn't catch it at first myself. So. I have no idea as to what this can be the camera seems to have captured it in frames and the craft does not appear to be an airplane and I do not know of any drones capable of flooding an area the size of this porch and light as though it was coming from a cars high beams definitely. Some weird stuff it seems like UFO, activity is, seriously, ramping, up lately just like I've been saying in my past couple videos I think, something is going on here and we are going to get to the bottom of this no matter what it takes let me know what you guys think this thing could possibly be down in the comments, I truly, have no idea, and that's why I love having you guys around because you can help me and the team figure out this sort of stuff and we truly do appreciate it, anyway that's, all I have for you guys today but, stay tuned because there's a lot more coming and we will have it posted very, soon if you like the video then please don't forget to smash our like button on your way out share, it comment and most importantly, hit that subscribe button and tap that notification bell it really helps us out and it'll let you guys stay up to date by sending you a message straight to your inbox every time we upload a new video and you get stay on the up-and-up with all the latest alternative, news if, you have some UFO footage or evidence that you would like us to feature on the channel then please email it over to us our email is down in the description and we will get back to you as soon as possible thank, you guys for your support it really means a lot to us we love having you guys around seriously, we mean it don't forget to browse the channel if you're new and get yourself up to speed as always i'm richard with alien bros and i'll see you guys again next video.

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hay richard i made a mistake and erased about 20 videos, including yours, i got my best one back, but it will never get 50k in views again, im just sick, i will get your back up to

+UFO HUNTER skip to 2:55 and you will see it.

+UFO HUNTER hey bro go watch Tyler's latest video. He reused your footage as evidence in it and didn't credit you again.

+UFO HUNTER I'm sorry bro that really sucks. Maybe you can write to Youtube and ask them if they can re-upload them off of the back up server? If you delete a video and then try re-uploading it as the exact same video then Youtube will automatically take it down because their bot system is stupid beyond belief and will say it's copyright. You should either alter one small part of the video before uploading it so that they aren't exactly the same or write to Youtube and see if they will reupload them off of the back up servers with all the same views, likes, and comments that were there before the video was deleted. The quicker route is altering all of the videos slightly before re-uploading them but Youtube re-uploading them off the back up servers will be better and give you back all of your old content without doing any real work. It may take them up to like a day to respond to you about it but they will.

My friends, the Ashtar Command

This is the type of stuff I see at my house all the time. Monday I'm getting a new laptop and out door camera going to have 247 live stream.

Alien Bros Let's hope I find something good paranormal or ufo would be exciting.

+CypressRage We would love to see what you catch! Definitely a good move to get some cameras set up.



Thanks for the shout out Richard!

Travis Van Gaal No problem bro I hope it helped you out!

I'm pooping rn

That is something strange, wow good catch! Thanks You would think that is not very concealed at all. Pretty wild looking.

Juliana Jaynes Yeah we think so too. It is definitely something unknown, that's for sure. There has been a lot of strange stuff going on all over the US this past two months. Something doesn't feel right about it.

This could have been Laramie Wy city lights from the distance and he moved the camera around to make it look like a craft flying. Once again NO PROOF.

Could be legit. Too small to be Laramie.

Doesn't look like Laramie

Thats my town

Laramie?? wtf what do you mean

Patrick Christian possibly which is why I said I didn't know if it was real or not. I was leaning towards it being a fake but I wanted to see what other people thought before I just wrote it off. I agree with you though in my personal opinion I am leaning towards it being a hoax.

Great vid guys, thanks!

Ben Driggers Thank you! There will be more to come!

day before 911 attack, donald rumsfeld said on the news 3 trillion was missing from the defense department and the next day the computers that held all the info got hit by a plane that was not there, 911 inside job

UFO HUNTER What does that have to so with UFOs?

UFO HUNTER Yes it definitely was. All of this missing money has to be going somewhere and black projects and events like 9/11 are where the money has to be going. There is no other way they could lose or spend that much.

hay man you must being working on this 1 richard, just on twitter, cool video man

UFO HUNTER Thanks brother and what was on Twitter? This video?


Hey, I am from and live in CLAREMORE OK. Claremore sits directly in the flight path of Tulsa International Airport. We see weird stuff all the time. That looks like a plane to me. OH, not to mention we also have 2 small craft airports. The local Law Enforcement has a chopper, but I think they get it from agents out of Tulsa. It's not locally owned. The Civil Air Patrol, and The National Guard are also stationed next to TIA. TIA sits on the NORTH end of Tulsa, and not far from the county line of Rogers County, which is Claremore. We are the county seat. In fact you can see the Tulsa Skyline on a good clear night, from the top of College Hill, and Keetonville Hill in Claremore. We are that close. Just 4 nights ago, friday night we saw something that appeared to be over Claremore. NOW to set it up, as we were heading OUT from Claremore, on our way to Tulsa. We came across a very bad wreck just around the corner from my folks house. A car was flipped, and every emergency service for miles around was on scene with more arriving. (we had to pull over for them, and is assumed Life Flight would be on it's way.) If you don't know what that is. It's a fast medical helicopter that transports people either directly from the scene of an accident, but usually lands at the local hospital and transports them from there. I live down the road from the hospital and have seen Life Flight many times. It has the BRIGHTEST light you've ever seen. Many times when it's approached from the East, and goes directly overhead of our house. When it approaches this way. It looks like a hovering bright light, and there is no sound until it's right on you, and then of course you realize it's Life Flight. I've seen it circle the town, circle the hospital(s) for minutes at a time. SO my point on all of that is. We have many MANY things in our skies, and all day and night long. I have a telescope and dodging all the air traffic while trying to look at the moon or other things, sometimes gets frustrating. We this last friday evening, we were coming in on Rt. 66, coming home from Tulsa. It was about 6:30 pm, dark and we were heading N. to NE on Rt. 66. Once we reached the twin bridges going across the Verdigris River, right near the Port of Catoosa. You could see this big bright light that appeared to just be hovering over Claremore. I couldn't really tell if it was moving or not. Once we reached the stoplights at the junction of Port Road and 66..where QT is, while we were sitting still. I could tell it was moving slowly to the N. but sort of on a diagonal, it was heading away from us. We kept an eye on while driving along this mostly straight 5-8ish mile stretch and as we approached the first set of lights outside of town...Verdigris see it was banking to the right. I thought OH it's just a helicopter circling town, and there are sports choppers that fly from town to town following high school sports. They like to report LIVE from all the various little towns. It was FRIDAY night after all. Thurs, Fri and Sat. is when we have Jr. High, High School games, and Saturdays is usually for the little kids..peewee leagues or whatever. I thought that since it's Basketball season, it was prob. the TV channel out of Tulsa with their chopper, reporting live on various games across "Green Country" as that's what they do. They don't always land, they just circle. As we hit the next set of lights, we could see a small green light, but it disappeared to only leave this big bright light. The object had banked right, so we thought it was circling town. I decided to take the back way in and turned right, east onto country club road at the lights by Wal-mart. The light was now to our left, but heading east as well. By the time we got down to the 3 way stop, country club road and the old highway 66, also known as Muskogee street. We could see it had banked to it's right again. It was heading back south, towards the small private airport called Lynn Riggs private airport or something. I use to go out there in my teens. I knew someone who worked there, and it's like a resort! Anyway, I had to turn left back towards town and of course we couldn't see anything by then. We just went home, but we live on the outskirts of town, on the NE side, and once again there was the light, heading back south. It WAS circling Claremore, but for what...we STILL have no idea. We never actually saw what the craft was, never heard it, only seen it. For 99% of the time, it was "just a big bright white light" It wasn't near the schools, so the sports chopper is out. Life Flight is out. No idea what it actually was, and this is not something normal for this somewhat small town. What I am certain of, is that it was some sort of man made craft. It wasn't a UFO. This security cam a plane. However I'd really like to know the direction the cam is pointing towards. (UPDATE, after posting this, I obtained the location. To keep anonymity for them, I'll just say it's between The Elementary School and Post Office..basically. Due to the nature of how the streets run and the way the houses sit. I can tell which way the cam had to be facing. I grew up in the area of town. Know it well. I'm sticking with a plane or some sort) If it's facing N., W., or E. then it's safe to say it's either coming in for a landing or taking off from any one of the 3 places I mentioned. If the cam is facing S. that's towards Tulsa basically and could still be a small craft that took off from Lynn Riggs. The other small craft airport in E. of town. East of town, off Highway 20 and out in the country off what used to be called Blackie's Road is one airport. South of town, not far from the Pecan House and Verdigris River is Lynn Riggs airport, and then off to the South and West is Tulsa International. Looking North of Claremore, all there is is a Sky Diving School in Talala. IF it's still there. Which I doubt lol. That was when I was a kid. We used to go watch them. Sorry this is so long. I just wanted to state that the skies above Claremore are some of the most active around. I didn't see anything abnormal in the footage, but yet...a UFO can't be ruled out 100%

thanks for including me as a friend richard, thats nice joey

UFO HUNTER I will share some more of your stuff here soon. I am hoping that I can get a video where I feature your content to pass 15k views so it will drive you over some more traffic. I have been kind od preoccupied with some stuff going on in my life lately and haven't had time to sit down and work as much. That should change starting tonight though. Either the next video I post or the one after that will feature you. It depends on if I can fit it into the next video since it is basically halfway recorded due to the fact that in my laat video I slowed down the pace at which I spome because a few older people watching the video had complained about me speaking too fast. The last video I posted was 4 minutea longer than it should of been due to how slowly I was speaking and basically just didn't do that well. I also had to remove 2 whole sections because of how long the video was with me talking slower. I am going to ignore them from now on and talk at the faster pace I was before. It worked a lot better and they can just live with it. I will be sharing more of your stuff here soon though. I am hoping the channel picking up will also bring you in more subscribers. I want to see us all succeed. Me, you, Tim, Travis, Brian, everyone of us and I am going to do whatever I can to see that it happens.

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