Solus Budgie Linux Installation Frustration - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

Solus Budgie Linux Installation Frustration - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

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Oh, that. Wasn't, supposed to happen, genome is a little, more of a resource, intensive, desktop environment, as many have pointed out downloading. 37, of 3 well that's not really the kind of math I would be doing but maybe it's just going above and beyond. While. I was just trying to do a tiny, bit of preparation before, filming, the next tech video log and yeah. Solo seven-hour, download. That's not looking too good yeah. Just My Luck right well guess, we'll have to switch to a torrent download, that should be a lot faster than that it's only for 48 right so let's see seven, and a half hours, or so yeah we get started filming at midnight sure not, a problem not. A problem I've, used transmission, before I just didn't have it on this, current, Mac OS installation and, we're, back with it it looks like two. Minutes now that's. A lot faster, Thank, You transmission. Well now. That that's out of the way hey. Guys how are you all doing really that's, just great you know I'm doing pretty great today too because, its. Lytx but I get a lot of suggestions for different software, to try specifically. Different Linux distros, solace. Has been going around the suggestions, box recently. So I thought well okay. I suppose I'll try it actually. I'm glad you guys suggested, that because I wanted to try Ubuntu, budgie, recently. And, well, SOLAS, budgie, the, default. Desktop environment. So perfect. It, looks like there's a genome version, and a matei version as well but. We've. Messed with those in the past on other systems, so for, the first time we're doing budgie, on crazy, Ken I'm. Gonna image, my lead. Hacker flash drive a lot of people say this looks like some kind of PC, destroyer, or virus, flash drive I guess it looks a little leet. Hackish, but I know, what the big deal is I just got it from a shadowy figure in a van I mean no, pants no problem there, so, I'm sure it works just fine let's, plug her in. And. We're gonna load up etcher so where are we gonna be installing this well as, you can probably see over here I have a Lenovo, notebook, sitting because I still have that pile of them. And I only gave. A couple away to some people I still have a few left so, I thought, why not throw it on there all right cannot read properly update. And notify our sleep, days of undefined. Ok, well not. Really sure what that supposed to be. It, was probably running it was probably doing an automatic, update check and it, had. A little bit of a boo-boo so. We're gonna ignore that we're gonna take our image, throw. It in there it automatically, detected the Kingston and we're, gonna DC, flash this boy, type. In the password you don't, look at this part, label. A lot all right so I'm gonna shove you over to the side.

Like. So. And. I'm gonna get this Lenovo, ready. To go you know what might help if I actually plug it into power so. I'm gonna pop it into the USB port on here and boot. Her up so I have, put other distros on these notebooks before like I said but one of the big issues is I usually have some performance, problems. And that's, probably just because Janome, is a little, more of a resource, intensive, desktop environment, as many have pointed out and yes, I could use genomic, weaker I probably should do that in the future too but, I want to try a different desktop environment, this time hence soulless budgie and it's not powering on so something must be wrong okay. Well I suppose we hit our first speed bump already, this machine, just refuses. To power on let's, try a different one. So. Maybe. This one will work man. You need to like you need a bath, dirty computer, ok get over there let's, see if it turns on. Honestly. If it's a little dirty I don't care I just wanted to turn on. Okay. That's - that won't turn on I think this charger, is bad I think, we can do a little process of elimination, and assume the charger, is the, culprit. Well, thank you curse I think you broke a charger, let's. Try different charger okay stop stop stop hold, the presses I just, dug around for a different charger and this one has more of the clover, shape. The. One I'm trying to use has, more, of the snake Eyez shape. So, I, somehow. Got a bunch of chargers mixed together. But. They are different so I'm guessing this one just straight-up doesn't work with the model we'll just go to the clover one so. That's good maybe the computers aren't actually, bad it's just the wrong charger nevermind, we can cross that idea off the list because the connection, that's attached to the power supply with the clover. Adapter. Thingamajig. Doesn't, even plug into this computer so we must have been using the right one all this time but it won't turn. On and, like neither of these are turning on with it so that's. A bit of a problem okay, hang on plan G I'll, figure this out I seriously don't know how it's scientifically possible that the curse is already this up so much we've, hardly even started can't even turn on the computers oh my. Gosh am, I am i doing, this wrong like this should be pretty easy right. I don't have a charger, to go with these Lenovo's you know a viewer actually offered me one I might.

Need To take them up on that now because I feel like when I gave away the other notebooks I gave away the other chargers, leaving, me with one that doesn't fit and now one that does fit but doesn't work Rea, that. All. Right well not, a problem we'll just have to skip the Lenovo's, for now and go to the Mac Mini backup. Computer, so. Alright back in a sec oh my. Gosh it's gonna be a long day, we're, gonna go back to our mac petri, dish the, good old Mac, Mini so, I have solace on the flash, drive let's. Boot er up and test. It out. So. Of course we'll be doing the installation sensation. But as per tradition, we will take the system for test drive I will install a few things test the performance and I've actually never used budgie. Before I also had some suggestions, to install, some things to get some, more Mac, OS X features, so. I may experiment, with those -, fun. Is to be had and right now I need to check the signal, cable what that biscuit. Source. No, well. That explains the problem. Dig, in the sweat pants today and, here, is if I boot which is our Linux flash drive and, let's see what we got cool. It's a txt Mac OS and then we also have solace three point nine nine nine nine, budgie. Well. Let's do it you know I know, I mentioned I never used budgie before but I've actually never used solace before I wanted, to save it for now because it's. Been recommended to me now that is a, Purdy wallpaper, I am a huge sucker for, shallow. Depth-of-field. A lot of bokeh action, so, yeah here we are here's. Our menu. Got. Some shortcuts down here. Notifications. Nice. And smooth animation, nice little easing there it seems to be working just fine on the Mac Mini here, let's do an install before we do, too much of a test drive where. Are you well I'm right here but, that's, probably not very useful, to you English. Us actually, wait if there's a. Okay. Yeah there's no like English Macintosh, specific, that's totally cool let's see so what I see. Time zone let's do. This. Mouse really sucks. Wow. That was a good guess Chicago, right there examining. The local storage devices I like this little, loading. Icon that's pretty oh yes. I have a boon to 1810, on here I'm gonna replace the Ubuntu installation, keeping. The mac OS partition, untouched, hypothetically. And just. Do that what, name should the computer using the network crazy, Ken PC, hostname, oh they must be lowercase okay I'm sorry, how about that. Yep. That's our only hard discussion, so we'll go with that who. Will be using this device crazy t, Ken actually that's the user name hang on crazy, and the real name will be crazy t Ken the password will be of, course alligator, 3 and, alligator. 3. Did. I hear like a little whoop sound hang on. So. There's the pop song for the volume oh, I. Like. It I really like the way this desktop environment, looks like it's it's. Really pretty looking I like the color palette too and like the flatness, a little, bit of shadows going on here so far so good. All. Right crazy geek rant cred. Ken. There. We go dad to death the test summary boom, done, installation. We'll. Make changes to oh cool it's the, dialogue box sticks in the window it's semi-transparent. Very nice could. Result in data loss as it could some, of that is intentional, some, of that I hope does not happen now, come on give me a little slideshow of all the cool features of solace budgie no, slideshow. Okay I'll. Just be over here all sad, looks. Like we're about to complete here soon I'm just going through my notes. Here plank that looks, like what we should install, to get kind of a dock like feature, okay. Dokie you, me now exit, the Installer restart. And then remove any installation media to start using your new operating system well thank you that's so polite of you we're, gonna restart now and usually. It'll prompt me to yank. The flash drive out oh it's. Already going the, flash drive is blinking on the back I don't know if I want to yank. It out while it's doing its thing, but. I believe this is our Linux system here. Hmm. I didn't even get like a start-up screen I guess I guess. That's normal and here we have some more beautiful, flowers, very, nice. Let's login as. Part of the installation sensation. Before we go into a full test drive we should get any updates, and drivers. Installed, - just, to make sure everything is peachy. Because. I don't have this thing connected to the network yet so yeah. It definitely wasn't able to download any updates during the installation process. Let's. Fix that okay. That looks like it's just for Ethernet uh-huh. What about Wi-Fi, search. For Wi-Fi and there it is piece of cake oh. Oops. That's. A problem there is a Wi-Fi card built into this computer but it is not finding. It and. Ethernet. Snot really an option right now.

Okay. So this actually might be good timing to announce, that I actually have. A backup. Dongle. Now United. Wave actually, owned this and, while. We were making the PC, episode, with. The Windows 10 installation he. Told me behind the scenes like hey I have this Wi-Fi, dongle, actually, he mentioned that in the episode, this, is the dongle he doesn't need it anymore so he gave it to me and I guess I could use it in an you, know in situations like this now the funny thing is though, when. He brought, it to me he, was like you know little it, was it was like wrapped up in a napkin inside a sandwich, bag. It just looked like garbage, it got thrown out I totally, missed it so now him, and I are like looking for it and one. Unlucky, contestant. Had to dig through the garbage like. An, actual big bit of rubbish, and it. Was just sitting in the garbage bin, surrounded. By trash and. He. Fished it out so thank, you for, getting that cuz it got, thrown out by accident that's, just amazing, okay tragic. Backstory over, let's plug this in and see if it works. Did. I miss something during, the Installer was there like a driver. Button. Or something that I missed because this is. Oh. Yeah. That might be useful. In. Some cases you may gain improve, performance, or. Features. From, the manufacturers, proprietary, drivers note that SOLAS product developers cannot audit this yeah, yeah. That that would be useful, son. Of a bitch I was like I feel like something's missing, the. Following dependencies, need to be installed to continue absolutely. You do your dependencies. You do. That, okay. Well that should be an easy fix. Gosh. Bom. I'm, gonna miss that startup, sound Apple's, killing it off also, I heard that the t2 chip prevents Linux booting on newer Macs as well so. Yeah. What we're doing may not even be possible on for. Example the newer Mac Mini which has a t2 in it I know, Apple just wants to kind of control their brand and protect their computers, and protect the users that don't, know any better but. Son of a bitch for, the people that do want to tinker like that's just kind of a slap. In the face am, I supposed to do something here I. Would. Say I am confused, but that's not anything new, speaking. Of grub I, could. Go for some ramen yeah. I don't, know if the asylum, has ramen though, okie. Dokie artichokie let's see if this works. Probably. Take that dongle out. Hopefully. We don't need that, so. Yeah there's Ethernet don't need that either let's try with. E it's, actually, pronounced Wi-Fi Ralph. You. Asshole. What. Oh my. Gosh I just installed, the driver did, I not but, but. I. Thought I'd literally, just did this so. I hit up a forum and this, person. Verbatim. Has the exact same problem I have they, installed the system, the. Driver thing popped up they. Typed in their password they rebooted. Still. The same issue no, Wi-Fi is detected, that's. Exactly, what is happening to me so. I'm not the only one this has happened to apparently and to add to the coincidence, even more someone. Replied saying, they just bought a USB. Dongle off the internet. Hmm. Where. Have I heard that before that's the exact same thing I just did and it's still not working good, grief man well for shits and giggles I wanted to try and stall in one of these packages, to see what it would do I didn't really expect it to work because there's, no network connection but now the Software Center is frozen can't. Even drag the window around. That's. Nice that's that's really nice yeah, these, terminal, windows are really pretty by the way let's just try, this. Keyboard is like slightly unbalanced, though it's really noisy. Yeah. It's trying to it's. Trying to fetch it but, it can't because there's no network connection it's trying to download a driver to connect to the internet but it needs it to connect to the Internet to download the driver I just what.

Am I missing here, what it what did I not do, I've. Done plenty of other Linux distros and it's just it. Just works I don't know why this one's been such, a dick. Tease, alright. Let's see if I'm running the latest Linux kernel for 18 5 released 90s, so that's it's, not like it's missing something there again, I don't have access to a router. That, I can just plug this in through Ethernet and I can't use my MacBook Pro with internet sharing because it doesn't have an Ethernet port and I don't have an Ethernet. Adapter. Actually, there's one other thing I could attempt I do have another operating system on the computer, so, let's. Just do. Let's. See if we can just get the package from. Inside. The mac OS put. It to a flash drive and then try installing it inside of Solus. Text. Editor it's pretty much all I need. All. Right so we're going into a belief mountain, lion is on here, kind of an old OS, but uh, oldie. But a goodie, yep, that's the Linux installer we will ignore that. And. We'll go to Safari. And try to manually, download this because the Wi-Fi works just, fine on here well, I, meant. Manually, entered in the address and I'm guessing, it's not really gonna work on Mac OS regardless, but it did give me a 404 page, this is the web page I was actually visiting on my phone and yes all the links do go to, a 404 page. Which. Makes everything so much easier to figure out. Okay. Hmm. You're just enjoying watching my suffering, you're probably like you are such an idiot oh my, gosh this old topsites interface Wow yeah very old version of Mac OS on here yeah. Okay honestly none of this much. Help at all and a lot of those links actually like all those links just go to 404 pages so, I'm, just gonna have to wait until I get a hold of some. Devices a laptop, to use internet sharing or something, just to get this thing temporarily, hope to put Ethernet, access to. Do the installations. Because, doing. It offline is apparently. Not working so well guess I'll have to come back to this all, right who wants tacos you okay, let's get some tacos we'll come back to this crap later and then, we'll have some fun. Whoa. Almost knocked everything over while I was having my tacos, I had an EpiPen. Epiphany. I had an epiphany I have. This little computer laying around while it's getting kind of dirty should, I got to clean that I have this old computer line around which has internet, sharing capabilities. In the OS and, it. Has an Ethernet port on the back I can, just use this as the quasi. Router. Power. I. Also. Tossed, away that, Belkin, Mouse and got the good old Apple, Mouse back which I know. People are probably gonna complain about but I like it it actually tracks way more accurately, than that piece of crap Belkin, we. Have internet, sharing let's see right there. Share. The connection from the Wi-Fi to computers using Ethernet turn, that on start. Okay. Let's, switch back to the other computer, the Mac Mini and see, if it works slowly shove you to the side all right let's start up solace. And. If this works everything, be so much, better. Why. It. Looks like. We. Are connected, that's, a good start so let's take a look at that driver and see if we can actually install, the, Broadcom, driver. Now uh and. Security, updates available see, when you connect it to the Internet everything, is better. Look. At that, this, is oh my gosh this is all I wanted, this, is all I wanted for Christmas actually. I'm gonna get back to that stuff later I'm gonna do this one first Linux, kernel image and modules, I don't, remember two things showing, up in there before but okay maybe it's because it's connected to the Internet now it, knows what to do see there now, it's actually doing. Look. At iMac. You saved the day boy. Dude. Yeah. This. Software is a little weird like it should have given me a warning saying like hey you're not connected to the Internet instead of just saying like hey it's done restart, to continue like that, was just misleading the terminal, told, me though the terminal was like yo you, got a problem and that helps so much more downloading. 37, of 3 well that's not really the kind of math I would be doing but maybe, it's just going above and beyond it, doesn't. Look like it's doing anything. So, no it's not it's not moving, oh you soulless. Driver, management. It is just not working okay, let's do let's, do those other updates, first and then try that one please, check back later updates, are now applying this is like the most entertaining and, determinant.

Progress Indicator. I've. Ever seen oh. It's. So spinny. Software. Is up to date fabulous. Now let's. Try, installing. That freaking. Broadcom. Driver for crying, out loud just, please where oh now it only shows one dependency. So that might be progress oh that, was way quicker boom. Restart. Well. That doesn't look normal, seriously, after like all the driver and software updates should I just, literally. Did. It. Still can't find the Wi-Fi adapter, yeah, this is a weird one this is really weird I just. Wanted to enjoy a pretty interface, and. Maybe. Some games maybe. Plank, to install a dark type, of thing and no. Instead. We're still trying, to connect this thing to Wi-Fi, yeah, that's. Great that's great. This. We're. Just gonna ignore it we're, just gonna ignore it I really, don't care anymore let's just you, have fun now we're just gonna keep the iMac over there and install. So, lalalalala. Go, to the Software Center hahahaha gaming, on solace, oh, my, gosh Oh super, tux card Frick yeah let's. Just install that for shits and giggles I don't think I've ever played this we'll, install some stuff then we'll explore the system we got to customize it a bit right budgie looks pretty so, let's customize it up a bit budgie desktop settings let's, see what we got here Oh icon, theme high, contrast, high colour I see, hi. Sierra, just kidding ooh dark, theme yes, please oh that looks pretty oh yeah. Bottom panel let's, see applets. Settings, lots of stuff in here yeah let's just make that thicker, just. For the lols, today. Transparency. Dynamic. So. Does it like. Yeah. It goes opaque when you go. Maximize. A window makes sense yeah let's do that why not shadow. Let's. Keep that shadow on there that looks pretty cool when in doc mode the panel will use the minimal amount of space possible soda, like shrink into the center oh yeah. That is kind of more dhaka sh i'm guessing these are applets. Yep. Because, here's Raven. Guessing. That's what this little side. Bar thing is and these are the applets, and here's. The notifications, that. Looks really nice the, button layout left. Oh now, I feel right at home with Mac OS, I. Don't, know if I've ever done that I'm a Linux before except. For when I use pear OS the, buttons might have been on that side attach, modal dialogues to Windows we saw that earlier I'm cool with that justify, cons yes network servers trash let's put the trash on there now, that feels like old-school Mac OS mounted. Volumes I always like having the volumes on the desktop. Although it doesn't look like they're showing up anywhere, but oh, well. Oh yeah. Speaking of trash let's put this in there because we don't need that and let's put this down here so it really feels. Mackie. It, looks like for applications, we do have rhythm box Firefox. And, other things that ring with aux different. View modes menus. Quit. About, in files. Let's, do. Its. Own Andy, Hertzfeld. Wait. What like the Andy Hertzfeld like, from Apple does he work on this stuff, I. Guess I never really paid attention to his history after you'll have to Apple but, okay I don't know is that just a coincidence is that the same Andy Hertzfeld alright. Well now we can actually browse the freaking Internet let's. Go to the computer clinic um I always like to do this I always like to put one, of my photos as the wallpaper I have. Some new ones I have not put on our web site yet I really, should, do that this, was the one that was on the iMac earlier I've used this one a few times I really, like this one let's do this one yep.

Let's Go to our files let's, see what's going on in here okay so now this is showing up here let's do in. The, background. Yeah. Why not let's install Google Earth because. I don't know what, looks like and, we'll set this as our wallpaper. Bling. Nice, little crust is off there hell yeah little. Touches this, plank in here oh oh, yeah there it is all, right well I'll, install that after. Google. Earth does its thing and of. Course let's get steam on here I did get a recommendation for, installing steam Linux. Steam, integration. So, that's a thing oh yeah, Linux steam integration helper for enabling, better steam integration, on Linux well. Son of a buck okay we'll do that first and then install, steam itself and I don't, know exactly what this package is gonna do but. We'll test out some games I'll get plank installed as well we'll, just have some fun and make it kind of Mac --is-- actually if we're gonna do that if we're gonna install plank we, should do this. So. We have the dark mode we, have the buttons on this side those, things already make me feel like I'm in Mac OS but the. Bottom, panel should, really be set to the top now if we're gonna put a dock down here we might as well put this at the top and have it act like a menu bar and just. Really, skinny, it down make. It opaque. But. Yeah having the notification, stuff over here and the notification Ravin thing here like this feels a lot more like mac OS. My. Apple, keyboard volume, buttons are even working just fine with cute, pop sounds, now. I know down here it says install, Google Earth this may take some, time but. It's been a long-ass time and it's not doing. Come. On I think I broke, it trying to install freakin Google Earth, why. Why, are you being such a meanie head yeah, um I think um, my linux guy said that he just uses the terminal to install this stuff I don't. Know if he gave me a reason why but if I had to give him a reason why it's probably because this, is really, finicky, like you. Install one thing it greys everything else out which I guess I can understand but it, just gets stuck it's just frozen trying to do a simple installation so, yeah. This is uh. That's. Just that's. Just stupid it should work a lot better than that come. On man no visit, website hmm, you know I'm gonna give it a one more try, see, if it works before, I resort to the terminal, now. Was that so, hard. Google. Earth if, that is your real name. Yeah just worked, immediately, here so go, figure and there, it is that was simple there. We go now we have a doc look at that that. Is really cool. Keeping. Doc nice. That. Is awesome so let's uh theme. Ooh. Ggk, let's, actually make this bigger so we can so. We can see it more. Just. For the sake of sharing. With you folks we have Matt. Transparence. Gtk+. We're. Default. Well. Aunt Ella, Hyde I. Guess. That's like I honestly, on Mac OS I Auto hide my doc doclets. Oh, so. You can put the trash in there oh I. Like how that. Moves that's kind of cool so, I can put yeah well I don't need you on the desktop anymore asshole, you can just piss, off over here I'll, remove you later CPU. Monitor yeah that's pretty cool can, I drag from the menu, to the oh hell yeah I'm, gonna put the file browser oh I can't, well okay, a few - I'll, just do it this way I'll open it up right, click keep. In dock and then hopefully I can just drag that over, here. And let's, download. Steam. Wants. To extract, it the dead file. No. That's not what I need, to do I need. To run the dead file no you shouldn't need to know hang. On where. Did it even download, - you asshole I don't even know where it went I feel, like this is not what I should be doing instead. Of going to the web site to do it I should really just do it here, downloading, 29, out of 209. Oh there's, Linux steam integration, there and there's steam here I'm, gonna open this up what is this actually okay hang on I want to see this use native runtime use, the intercept. Library maximize. Compatibility I, suppose yeah get, that going, look, at that cancel button now that is a nice cancel, button you spend months, crafting, a gorgeous. Cancel button he'll, Dorne I spelt, my name wrong. He'll Dorne I don't, think that's ever happened in my life the, cool thing is they send, the stuff really quickly, like there's some services, that are like oh we'll send you a key. To your email and like 15 minutes just to, show up and it's like. Steam. Is just like done. Because. They have, their, together oh my. Gosh all these notifications I, don't oh whoa, okay, I have no idea what's even happening so. Slowed oh, oh. Stop, stop, okay. I remember this blue thing is. New. Ish I, don't. Really, know oh there's, some unread things in there I'm, in the middle of a tech video log I guess I'll just stay online, whatever. My, go to testing. Ones are like super hexagon and Lost Coast but I kind of want to do something different I tried Stanley parable in an earlier episode but, it, did not want to work it.

Just It, just weren't even launched I think, I've done portal a few times before I don't want to touch too much half-life 2 stuff because I still want to save all of that for my, potential. Gonna, happen live. Broadcast, where I play half-life 2 again after not playing it in years, so I don't want to spoil anything, garrysmod though that would be fun, well that's, gonna install I don't think I can play super hexagon while it's installing because it's just gonna pause it I think. Yeah, it's cute. Yeah. It's cute but whatever we got to do this it's like. Access. The steam dot. That dot access, those steam it's. Kind of tradition, that we got to test it out at least once I know, we're. Queueing gmod but whatever. Oh that. Was bad that's bad. You. Know sometimes, it's harder on a bigger screen because like I'm it's uh. Your. Eyes got to move so much more so, change. The window, yeah. Let's. See I'll see how crappy I do now. Yeah, I do worse that's not possible. Asshole. Curse. You and your catchy music. You. Know you too I didn't even want to play you I want to play gmod so we're gonna get back to that I have a lot of memories of Garry's Mod a lot. Of good memories, well, while that's going let's explore other stuff, included, with the system because we haven't really done that much super. Tux car oh I think I installed that earlier and I forgot about it yeah. Let's, do that oh. I. Think I just launched it like 300. Oh. Whoa. No, no, no no no no. I feel, like 3,000. Instances, of, super, tux cart it's gonna freakin take over the world, no. No. No no get, out of here oh dude. It's loading like the old Mac OS where the icons, would just pop up on the bottom of the screen, there's. Probably another operating system that did that at one time - Amanda. The Panda, this, course looks cool let's do that and Garry's Mod is done I should probably have looked up what the controls are for this but I'm guessing it's probably was sad. Or. It's the arrow keys. Okay. So the forward button. Okay. It's the forward button it's, the up arrow and then, the arrow keys okay. There's. Probably other controls, that I should know about, oh the. Spacebar is my horn okay. Hong. Kong move, I better lose it. The. 3d actually looks pretty nice on here oh wait. Was that banana was that a banana powerup, or was that a hazard, I really don't know now. I want to play Mario Kart let. Me hit the banana, no. It was a hazard, I knew it I shouldn't have hit the banana, your. Banana. Let. Me grab the present there, we go. Okay. Spacebar, spacebar activates. My power-ups, I now have a forcefield bitch Oh, somebody. Just exploded, over there serves you right I have a parachute which, I don't know how to use. III, really don't know how to trigger the parachute, is this nitrous, or something oh. That. Was that was a bowling ball wrong sport that's that's a different sport let's just drive off the edge me drive off the edge walk that mile that brought me back to some Mario Kart days you know playing on a tiny CRT.

Television, With a four up view so your player window was like 320. By 240 or, whatever tiny ass window trying to play a game yeah it's got 65 add-ons, to install that's probably a very very, small amount compared, to what most of you all have I could. Probably just oh, yeah. None of my maps are gonna show up your, performance is a little laggy but uh then, I probably haven't really optimized, it too much plus. It's still downloading stuff in the background I think the motion blur is on I usually don't even like having motion blur on honestly. Yeah. Let's turn that off I love, these explosive, barrels this is make a ton of them. Shooting. Them certainly, won't cause any problems. Right oh. Maybe. Maybe that will it's, lagging the right now it's while. It's doing the add-ons in the Oh oh. That. Wasn't, supposed to happen so, performance wise we know it's definitely not the greatest ability, that. Was maybe it, probably crashed just because it was choking on the performance, and it was trying to download stuff in the background, I should also probably turn some settings down because again we're not really on a high-end system. At all very, beautiful oh. Oh. So. That's my default player model that makes a lot more sense now. Okay. Banzai. Buddy is in here are you freaking kidding me my gosh it's been way too long. We. Got my cloud as well nuclear. Warfare the. Redeemer this one's a lot of fun because you can shoot a freaking like, missile. And then, follow it from the missiles point of view. See. That. That's. A lot of fun now. This is a really small map to, be doing this in this. Is probably very dangerous. I'm gonna hit myself. Oh. Yeah. We. Exploded. That's. Good let's go to an apartment because we can smaller. Map would probably also perform better we had that crash earlier I think that was just an anomaly I. Think. It crashed again okay, maybe that wasn't an anomaly, it's, just having some stability issues, that's enough with that let's, see what else is included on here LibreOffice. Draw, Firefox, who will earth which is grayed out because it probably did not install properly looks, like we had we have a LibreOffice. O partition. Editor that's always nice to have Oh off indication required, absolutely. Yeah, this was fun once we got it actually working online we had some fun with this thing tweak, the settings made it look a little more Mac ish I'm, pretty true with that Oh a calculator, my favorite, yeah there were some roadblocks in this one but overall I'm gonna call this mostly. A win I would suppose and I, am open to suggestions, about other, Linux distros you want me to try out and, I just want to thank my Linux. Buddy, Kiwi, he's kind of showing me the ropes about this stuff I appreciate, all of you guys thanks. For watching catch, the crazy and pass it on.

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+Touhou Boi ok that's respectful have a touhou day

+TheA_Gamer554 but i want to

when you rebooted your pc after installing the driver for wifi and had a weird screen show up it was because the bootloader for ubuntu was still installed and thus on every reboot you have to type in exit to continue booting.

+Touhou Boi don't joke the *UWU*

i was joking

Uno is used like a noun. Like, "I only need one." To say "One person" you'd use "un"

+TheA_Gamer554 I just looked it up and it says one is uno

+TheA_Gamer554 uwu

+Computer Clan uno is used as a noun, uno is like the determinant that goes before the noun

I thought “uno” was “one”????+TheA_Gamer554

un taco después*, you were close uwu

I'm in fact running a Lenovo X140e while watching this video, and can confirm that indeed the power supplies for these are not grounded, same at the X131e models. I'm running Linux Mint Mate 19.1 on my machine, and it's nice and snappy. Edit: You should grab another cord to check your Lenovo power supply as that's a common fail point for many many laptop power supplies I've come across over the years. Lastly I'm not sure when you filmed the this, but on Christmas day we got Linux Kernel 4.20. Sorry to ramble but I just realized you would have ran into the broadcom WiFi issue on the X140e as well it's just as well you did not install Solus Budgie on the there.

So what's different? It's basically Ubuntu Budgie

You should try to install CS:GO because it's now free in steam !

The reason the driver doesn’t work is because the Linux distro is running in live CD mode so any changes made before turning off or rebooting the computer are discarded

Garry's mod is the shit

If the computer has bluetooth, you might have been able to set a bluetooth hotspot on your phone and connect to the internet that way

Am I the only one who pronounces Gnome as "no me"

Oh yay! More RAMEN!

2:24 what happened? Etcher gave an error?

If you want a reliable Linux OS, I'd recommend MX Linux

After much work by the community GNOME is no longer the resource heavy one, KDE is now the resource heavy one.

Hey Ken, seeing how much you loved budgie, I would encourage you to try out deepin in the next video, I think you would enjoy it a lot better.

Try Deepin! It looks good.

I challenge u to Gmod Death Match.

34:30 Krazy Ken a furry? OwO ❤️

i used to really like solus but it has alot of issues

Oh my god i really miss OS X Mountain Lion!!!!!

Install BlueLight, it’s new and special

netgear and belkin wifi dongles work better with linux as the drivers are usually included with the install, broadcom however have their drivers not available for open source distribution like nvidia and intel

+Computer Clan weird, typical linux. i upgraded my pc for christmas and i am still having issues with the built in intel wifi in linux mint XD

I did use a Netgear dongle. Hmm.

That usb really does look like a usb killer.

Try Steam Os

Easiest way to get Broadcom Wi-Fi working on Linux? Don't. Both the open-source and proprietary drivers are tricky to install and connections tends to be flaky.

Are these linux distros only for x86/x64 processors, or would they work on PPC?

"alligator3" is your real password or you just made up?

2:34 LOL I was getting the same error with Etcher on my Windows machine. Updating to the newest release fixed it - seems to have been a side effect of the company that makes it changing or whatever....

Cool. Being a macOS fan you should probably give Elementary OS a go.

GNOME is beautiful and I love it, but it just uses too much resources for me to keep using it. Ended up switching to MATE.

Huh. This Linux distro is new to me. Maybe I should give it a whirl.

Nice video man! I had to learn the hard way also, there are only a hand full of USB WiFi adapters that work with Linux out of the box and they are usually the old 802.11n ones.

I downloaded a file over a file over a gigabyte and it took less than an hour.

@ComputerClan i was featured under sithhy's comment, WolfyPlayz - Minecraft :3

To cheer you up, when I was at uni (I lived with my parents to save money) and finishing off my dissertation, my mum was kind enough to throw out the rubbish from my bin. The problem is my bin is under my desk and somehow my iLok dongle with Pro Tools along with other software managed to fall into it. To clarify, that's well over £2000 which I was unlikely to retrieve that just went in the bin. It took me an hour to dig through the full wheelie bin to find it and luckily the dongle still works. From then on, I decided to keep this and other dongles in a safe storage space where there's no chance of it getting lost (before I used it on a daily basis so it never got misplaced, but since I was nearing the end of my studies with the use case diminishing significantly thereafter it was stupid of me to leave it lying around).

That does make me feel better. Haha. Thank you.

Oh yeah I installed Linux Mint on an old Dell Mini 10v netbook (remember those) and had to install a driver for the WiFi, it asked me to plug my USB drive back in and picked up the driver from that. Strange Solus doesn't do it like that

Lost Coast has a good benchmark. So does the 2013 Tomb Raider (which I picked up on sale the other day). Though the constant breathing noises Lana makes during said benchmark is a tad disturbing. Have you tried the new Steam Play beta on a Linux machine yet? I'm surprised by how well Doom and Wolfenstein The Old Blood play on my Ryzen 3/RX560 PC.

Please try KDE Neon

Yay! It's finally here! Also thanks for hearting my comment on the announcement!

Having a bit of the curse myself haha. Just installed a SSD in a 2007 MBP and it does not want to boot from my external drive. EDIT: Finally after about 2 days it booted while I was watching some Misadventures. :)

You’re welcome : )

7:33 If you Macintosh keyboard just press the 3 dots to have the others keyboards

Solus changed there web address from solus-project to after the ISO refresh , so in the links to download the package manually change it up it would probably work.

Huh. Good to know. Thanks.



Awww yeah!

You can let Steam download things when you play a game. Just go into Steam settings & Download; there should be an option to download while playing


Try out Tinycore linux next

Yeah it doesn't really depend on whether or not you use the terminal its mostly dependant on the package manager. The distro with the best package manager is by far Arch Linux and IRS derivatives like Manjaro

Looks like an old version of Android

Its on 301 views!

They changed Etcher to balenaEtcher. And it now shows ads

yeah. in the Ubuntu software boutique, you can still download the old one.

102MB/s download? Fuck me, I hardly get 3MB/s

I think that window is misleading. It's probably 100 Mbps, not MB/s.

Your flash drive looks like a usb killer

Its because the usb killer which destroys pcs looks exactly like it

Try and install Arch Linux on something and get it working with a nice desktop environment and stuff, it'd be frustrating, but cool.

Gnome is great but I don't like how certain things are implemented, not mac os like enough.

Third-party apps don't always work.

1:24 hey look that’s a me, not mario

Fedora Workstation. Do not look up for post-installation instructions before actually starting to record the video

Ken, will you demonstrate the first OS X versions some time?

VOTE: I’ve only use Ubuntu in a virtual machine

Cause I don’t want to sacrifice any computers

Why not natively?

Doesnt that version of ios work with chrome?

i kinda like gnome 3 cuz i like cinnamon on Linux mint 19.1

um ._. never seen a Solus install before. I really like manjaro :/ idk

ViralTaco Arch is the best, format, mount, pacstrap

Make a Hackintosh!

loved it ken !

I can only say that Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 was way more resource intensive than regular Ubuntu 18.04. Plus random errors and applets that fucked up everything, felt really unstable actually. I was disappointed since Budgie looks better imo.

I have the same error on etcher @ 2:37

Here we see ken in his natural environment. Apparently even with gnome-tweak-tool budgie is still taxing, as far as i'm concerned.

You should buy one of that Wi-Fi to Ethernet adapters

Thats exactly why when trying out new OSes i have set up a router you can come by for 10 bucks used and will get the job done (tp-link tl-wrn740n 150Mbps) with dd-wrt software so it acts as a repeater with lan ports enabled. Saves you all the hassle in the world and i just plug in the ethernet and good to go (its also good for devices with very poor wifi reception since the router/repeater sits next too them ). Might make for a nice mini Krazy Ken Adventure video :D Other than that great episode man! Greetings from Slovenia!

+Commodorefan64 kinda in the same boat as me. i enabled the lan ports too though since sometimes i get PCs for windows reinstall and alike. I do have a spare usb wifi adapter handy at all times but when using different OSes for own fun most of the time i find it just easier too plug in the cable and i am set (that is in my workshop room i have where the repeater is just sitting and also sending wifi outside on the balkony)

+Tilen Kardoš I have an old N300 TP-Link router I put DDWRT on, and turned into a WiFi repeater for my game room that sits high on a shelf to catch a strong enough signal from my main router(brick house from the 50's with the game room, laundry room, and 1/2 bath added on so it makes a t-shaped house so WiFi is a pain in the ass), and I hate to run a cable across the room when I'm back here setting up a laptop, or other computer, so I'm of the mindset of KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid, so the WiFi dongle works for me, as I can also keep it in my daily backpack with my other tech stuff in case I ever need it.

Yeah but there is the point a repeater can do much more and even be usefull for also extending wifi range if needed and its only 5 bucks more.

That's one way to do it, or just grab a $5 Rosewill USB 2.4Ghz WiFi dongle that does not use a Broadcom chip.

Install MX LINUX AND Work!

+Commodorefan64 Just try for once it's 0 work install and do your work.

I've been meaning to try that one on a Lenovo X131e(AMD variant), but I've been a big fan of Mint Mate for years as it does not take much to get up, and running either.

GNOME Linux looks very similar to Mac OS X

Awesome I love these Linux videos

First (not) Really nice tho!

VOTE: i never used GNOME

You’re fine : )

sorry for the spam

Yasss boi

Keep around 1 of these Lenovo laptops for OS testing!

wow im the only one that votedt

oops typo

Hey, problems or not, at least you gave a relatively newish independant Linux Distribution for a spin, it's not like everyone has ever done that in their lives... Happy 2019 Ken and co! PS: I see my other comment from a previous video somehow got featured in the video... well, that made me smile for sure, thanks. Also PS: Huh, I guess I'm not the only one with a BROKEN Etcher error, as on my Feren OS an error similar to that one you saw on your Macbook appears when starting Etcher... though I'm on Linux Etcher and you're on macOS Etcher, but, hey, I guess that means at least that whatever problem there is affects MULTIPLE platforms instead of just Linux... But, yeah, the reason they probably only use Terminal is because 3rd-party applications have an infamous-ness to them for being RnG Heavy to successfully install from Software right from the get-go of Solus's popularity... but I swear they said they fixed the broken ones by that point...

I might have found a solution to the problem with Etcher. It appears to have changed hands and now instead of Etcher it is named balenaEtcher. If you go to it redirects to another website. My suspicion is that given that the name has changed the auto-updater won't work anymore. :)

I also have Performance problems when i use a Linux Distro with GNOME on it While DE's like KDE Plasma, Cinnamon and MATE work just fine. Don't know why actually since my Laptop is not that old, it's from 2015 i think

Just because your laptop is from 2015 that does not say much about the specs. Is it a dual core, quad core, is it AMD, or Intel what model number is that CPU/APU, what's it's clock speed, how much RAM do you have, are you running an HDD, or SSD, But you are right GNOME is more resource heavy overall, and I'm a big fan of Mate because it just runs on so many hardware configs without much fuss, and fancy bloat.

Next OS: Ubuntu MATE

xubuntu/lubuntu/kubuntu/ubuntu budgie/any other ubuntu flavors are the same but the de is changed (i prefer the flavors than actual ubuntu because gnome is a fucking piece of garbage

Jakby kurwa nie można byĺo zainstalować Sparky Linux

mmmmmm kiwi delicous

i love your channel lol 50th view

Hope both normal and Krazy Ken had a nice 2019 kickstart, but except the curse struck again with the OS install

Early squad!!!!

Joshua Wood very early


Why are you rude

Because I like electronics

Why did you even subscribe to this channel

Emeraldkiller 1230 your not


E was here


I’m not first so give me likes xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdx so hilras

never clicked on a video so fast !

I tried installing this os and ended up with an issue with the bootloader not installing to my efi partition. Turns out dual booting windows 10 and solus isn't possible without doing some advanced steps to increase the efi partition to 512 Mb and reinstall the bootloaders for both operating systems. I am using the MATE version btw since it is easy on my laptop.

i watched this on linux mint 19 cinaman

Don't want to offend you in any way, but I wouldn't try running anything except OS X and Windows 7 on any modern mac.

I'm sorry to say that I know those X140e's inside and out from working at my school repairing them over the summer. They are not very nice XD

Yeah, they don’t feel nice. They feel shoddy and cheap. But that’s what you get when you pay little.

usb looks like everythingapplepros usb killor

1:52 I think it's pronunciation is MAYHT, not Mattei

I don't think so. It's "mah-tay", like the plant yerba mate. (The only reason I know is because I used to say "mate" (like, good day "mate") and EVERYONE AND THEIR HAMSTER corrected my pronunciation. Haha apparently he did help create Nautilus (the file manager) after Apple.

Well, son of a buck. Nice find. I probably should’ve Googled it. Haha.

0:35 this defines my internet perfectly

Quake III Arena also did that loading thing of throwing all the assets as little JPEGs on your screen.

ahh this video feels like a DRUAGA1 VIDEO

You should try to install Arch Linux + i3 Environment (or just choose any other desktop env)

Would you make a video about LFS(linux from scratch) with VM it would easier keep up

lit hackerer flash drive

I've been running Solus off and on about 8 months, and I've never had these issues

the driver issues are why I use only Ubuntu or Fedora

Try Arch lol

Elementary OS

Today on Krazy Ken: Why nobody uses Budgie or Solaris.

That chip Apple is putting in the newer Macs is one reason why I will never buy another Apple computer again. What with that and their crusade against right to repair, Apple is a company I can no longer support anymore.

Next time try using i3 or qtile or another tiling window manager. It'll be a fun episode to watch xD

Take the Windows Bootcamp drivers and find the WiFi driver INF file and then use Ndiswrapper and point Ndiswrapper to the INF file and allow it to install the Windows WiFi driver.

Maybe try Linux from Scratch!

you can use your phone's usb hotspot to tether internet to the pc

The Budgie desktop was originally made by the Solus team, so it makes sense to try it on Solus (especially since he's never used Solus before). Other people might want to use Solus because it's a rolling-release distribution, or for its more controlled software repository.

I think it's free because they made a battle royale in CS:GO

+alistair mogenot Yes it's true

Cxaley Po is that true

But I ran the driver install after the OS install and reboot. I’m not using Live CD, yes?

Maybe he’s a StarFox fan. Haha.

Computer Clan Thanks!

There are PPC distros, such as this one:

colydeane you mean a pile of crap that only lets you download apps from App Store? That’s more restrictive than Mac OS!

Yeah, that could be another one to check out. The AppCenter is a neat idea (which has some decent elementary OS-specific utilities).

qwerty keyboard hm?

well that ass

Doesnt that version of osx work with chrome?


Kde is my default desktop environment. So pretty

I don't use a desktop environment zfgSmug.

I've literally never heard of GNOME before.

You've been GNOMEed.

What was the "earlier episode" where you tried playing Stanley Parable?

I still love how much controversy a simple mispronunciation of a word can cause. (also, choosing Budgie is kind of ironic since it's primarily based on Gnome, the more you know)

I own the very last Mac to “bong”, in rose gold, Hopefully it becomes a collectors item.

Funny! But hard

Hello! You have been suspended for... 6:47

Exactly ; )

I love the look of GNOME, but I hate how GNOME isn't Qt. yeah I'm weird

Ok dokey

I like elementary OS

+Sheast z you can install apps anyway you want like any other Linux distro on Elementary os. There is no such restriction as you have mentioned.

+Georg Yeah. Non-free. Debian has an extra repo for those. You can either choose the non-official ISO with included non-free drivers or download them separately and put them on an USB-Stick if the installer asks for them.

It's because drivers for many wireless cards are proprietary and hence not included with GNU/Linux

You've been gnomed

really? nice.+Colorado Outdoorsman

Solus is more of an OS meant for people new to the Linux world, it has a tiny library of apps which go through 3 different verification processes just to make sure the quality is up to their standards, so it's not something like the Ubuntu App Store. Thankfully, Solus wasn't around when I got into it so I started with Arch/Manjaro

17:58 I use to have one...

I've been watching since this channel was named Hildron101010, since Computer Showdown was a thing, and I still love your videos ^-^

I love a long-time viewer. Thanks.

I use Solus as my daily driver most of the time, and I don't regret it. I guess Solus or any form of Linux just doesn't like mac's all that much. *Cough* not to mention upcoming ones *Cough*

Linux on a Nexus 7

Man you deserve 1 000 000 subscribers!!!

+Computer Clan Really? Hmm. I guess I've been saying it wrong all this time. Sorry to assertively correct if that's not even the correct way to pronounce it.

I believe that is how it’s pronounced. Anytime I said it with a silent G, everyone and their hamster wanted to correct me.

+_me-ta-_ They fixed this issue with Solus 3.9999, and it only happens through the Software Center. I always used the terminal because it's faster

I installed Solus, ran an update (through the UI) and installed a package (also through the UI) and then Xorg crashed. Rebooted the system and it wouldn't boot. It self-destructed within less than a half hour of being installed. These small distros are very very YMMV

Or even DeepinOS

yup.. butter smooth on old hardware...

+TheMooskyFox g-knome

v1.4.6 was the last version to have the old name

When you install you need to connect to the internet with Ethernet in order to download/ install the WiFi drivers, and any third-party video card drivers. In other words no wifi is detected because (like in Windows 95 & 98) you need to download the drivers if you don't have a driver on a USB device. To use the internal WiFi card without the dongle plugged in.

I don't GNOME

Check out Royal OS

You needed to install the linux-current-headers package in order to get wifi working. That's the only thing I don't like about Solus.

17:58 I used to have one...

So the iMac pro isn't powerful enough to run Windows 10? lol

Cxaley Po ok

@0:10 Ressource intense means 1.5 GB on idle.

Solus logo looks like the steam logo

Reliable and ugly as f***

Try fedora linux

In addition, Broadcomm wireless cards do not like Linux, just not at all

Budgie is based on GNOME 3 ;) It is basically gnome 3 with a different shell :P So performance should still be slow af on those laptops (did ot watch whole video yet so if you point that out I shall edit this)

Wifi sucks. Always had problems with it. And it's slow.

Why are all distributions still using GNU softwares like systemd ?

I've used Solus OS before on Budgie. It's a good choice if you want a ton of customization options but I'm just back to using Windows 10 because I wanted to play some plays that are only available for Windows aka most steam games.

2:34 I literally have the same error on my Etcher install XD (update notification error)

+PizzaLovingNerd I mean that's good to hear and Solus may actually be high quality but... for me that put me off it. A GUI frontend shouldn't cause the thing to be unbootable.

do TempleOS lol

Did you know that you can share a hotspot from your iPhone with Bluetooth?

I totally forgot I can do that, haha. Thanks.

Frustration is something you don't know until try to install freebsd or even worse dragonfly bsd ..... install it and then you can speak about frustration ! lol I must be either masochistic or serious altbag-ill to try these things ....

2:33 this same error happened to me. i guessed its because of its not etcher its now bleanaetcher. it's just speculation

I tried just about every distro before settling on Solus. Yeah the installer is pretty borked... BUT it is getting a rework for the next release :) 2019 will be a great time for us Solus users

You could've just tethered a phone to it. Also, buy a couple of different wifi dongles on eBay from China, I've never had any problems with any of them with Linux.

Even worse than Gentoo?


Or Arch Linux.

I liked the 37 of 3 thing when I tried Solus. Reminded me of the Transformers comics that all stated after issue 4 that it was #>4 of a 4 issue limited series. All in all I'd choose Solus's software center over KDE's Discovery any day but in any case it's worth learning how to update via terminal.

Frustration is something you don't know until try to install freebsd or even worse dragonfly bsd ..... install it and then you can speak about frustration ! lol I must be either masochistic or serious altbag-ill to try these things .... Update!!! : freebsd is very nice if you overlook the fact that gnome doesn't work with nvidia graphics card, the worst of all is project-trident it is based on trueos which is based on freebsd, it has graphical installation and messes the networking seriously in a way that you're unable to use or even detect your fully supported wifi adapter !! Project-trident is the worse of all .

+Chris theGeek never heard of it, I just had my experience with Gentoo and ran into a few problems. First the gpu driver kernel modules just wouldn't load, but once I made that work there was no hardware acceleration for my desktop environment, plus my headset wasn't working. I eventually gave up and went back to Arch lol. I might give it anther try though, I liked the speed difference to systemd.

+anonymous guy Project-Trident is the worse of all you left with a computer that has its network configuration messed up completely ! It is hell ! Gentoo is a walk in the park on a rainy day , project-trident is a walk in the park in a snowy day while being blind and in a wheelchair !

I've used Solus OS before on Budgie. It's a good choice if you want a ton of customization options but I'm just back to using Windows 10 because I wanted to play some plays that are only available for Windows aka most steam games. Update: I got Solus and had it for a few days but it started bugging out on me not letting me update a certain app I use and wouldn't let me access certain websites even though my wifi is working. I'm using Pop OS and all the bugs are gone which I actually do prefer Pop OS over Solus because of it being more workable.

Yes, that USB drive does look a lot like the infamous PC overloading flash drive.

Try Puppy Linux

You COULD connect your smartphone and use it as a wifi card by enabling usb-tethering. And yeah, the terminal is your best friend in the linux/bsd world.

17:33 corection “Unos tacos después”

Thaut it first Said "souls"

i like that you pronounce GNOME and MATE the correct way lol

good to know +Computer Clan

And it only took five years, and billions of YouTube comments telling me I was doing it wrong. Practice makes perfect.

+Valgo Fire I don't know

Redblast how do I see you here

Ubuntu Budgie is way better then solus Also The Budgie desktop is based on Gnome desktop

Does it? Really?



Do Manjaro any desktop environment, solus is bad because there not many programs supported

Check out deepin

I'm a hunter

Yo, Ken, you should give Androidx86 a go!

You should give deepin linux a try.

+Suika Ibuki's Weed ok that's respectful have a touhou day

+Suika Ibuki's Weed don't joke the *UWU*

You should try Fedora

Do you have HDCP problem in Solus, here i am not able to play Prime videos in HD


I chose other because I don't know what GNOME is.

You should try Fedora.

You realize .deb only works on Debian based distros right?????? also Id recommend doing a majority of installs in the terminal on Linux like the wifi driver problem would have probably gone better if you did it in the terminal, also you should always run an update on your packages within the terminal before attempting to install anything

except ken is more clueless

You should try KDE.

for that gnome poll: i dont know. ive never tried gnome so i have no idea

Try opensuse tumbleweed with KDE.

gnome is pronounced no-mmm

+Computer Clan sorry, I'm British Pip pop cheerio, God save the Queen!

Eh... I don’t think so. Every die-hard Linux guy says it with a soft G. Please look it up.

2:20 my school had those I wanted one so bad I almost stole mine (it wasn’t mine but they gave it to me during each session the plan was Step 1: wait t’ill end of school Step 2: wait till everyone was outside Step 3: put laptop in backpack Step 4: put my sweater in with laptop to cover suspicion Step 5: RUN TO BUS Step 6: get home Step 7: tell dad they let me keep it Step 8: FIND A CHARGER Step 9: school calls and I get my ass beat Step 10: now people call me Rudolph the red assed human Edit: I didn’t even get past step 1


iPhones don't support WiFi -> USB tethering. You can't enable USB tether selectively, only all 3

coincidentally got an Artlist ad before this video

modprobe - wl modprobe - bc43 modprobe wl Something along these lines should fix the WiFi

Bcm3760 chips are notoriously annoying. I had the same issue. I believe your dongle and your Apple WiFi chips are Broadcom chips.

Try Elementary OS, Linux Fedora, Ubuntu Budgie or Solid GNOME

Try linux deepin

+Suika Ibuki ok that's respectful have a touhou day

+Suika Ibuki don't joke the *UWU*

@Suika Ibuki ok that's respectful have a touhou day

@TheA_Gamer554 but i want to

@Suika Ibuki don't joke the *UWU*

@TheA_Gamer554 I just looked it up and it says one is uno

@TheA_Gamer554 uwu

@Computer Clan uno is used as a noun, uno is like the determinant that goes before the noun

I thought “uno” was “one”????@TheA_Gamer554

@Computer Clan sorry, I'm British Pip pop cheerio, God save the Queen!

good to know @Computer Clan

@Computer Clan Really? Hmm. I guess I've been saying it wrong all this time. Sorry to assertively correct if that's not even the correct way to pronounce it.

@PizzaLovingNerd I mean that's good to hear and Solus may actually be high quality but... for me that put me off it. A GUI frontend shouldn't cause the thing to be unbootable.

@_me-ta-_ They fixed this issue with Solus 3.9999, and it only happens through the Software Center. I always used the terminal because it's faster

@alistair mogenot Yes it's true

@Computer Clan weird, typical linux. i upgraded my pc for christmas and i am still having issues with the built in intel wifi in linux mint XD

@Sheast z you can install apps anyway you want like any other Linux distro on Elementary os. There is no such restriction as you have mentioned.

Still not, but even then, gnome looks so heavier than kde because of the animations.

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