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Hello friends, first of all, thanks for your patience this video took some time to come out I moved out, there was the summer, and all... So here you go, it got a bit delayed Thanks again for your patience... And your interest.

So, sequel and end of this serie about mobile phones and the risks that are linked to them. So we will do a little overview of practical solutions in order to reduce the risks due to the use of these objects which -you know it- became inseparable companions in our lives. First of all, let's talk about solutions regarding the bio-physiological health. The health of the body. The Golden rule, is DISTANCE from those devices.

The waves are everywhere today, I am talking of course about artificial waves. We live under a shield of waves. May it be when you call when you surf on the web or simply, when your phone signal is on evne though you're not having a phone call you need to step away. Pefer short phone calls, less than 3 minutes, if you can. Texting is to be favored also.

Right after you've dialed a number, make sure the phone is far from your head, since it is when the phone radiates a lot, much more than usual. In general, it is better to put the phone away from the head. And above all, it's better to be placed where you have very good signal reception. You know, those little sticks that indicate the signal reception level. They need to be as much as possible. And when you have good signal, do not move if possible, because, when you're moving, the phone and the cell towers are looking for each other all the time.

That enhances the level of radiations of electromagnetic fields. So when you are in a car, or in a train, it is exaclty the same principle. It is not really good to call in this kind of places.

If you can, avoid doing it, And if you do it, walk away from people, because you will pollute them also. Another way, very simple, it is to switch your phone to flight mode. As much as you can actually. As soon as you're not using it anymore, and that you don't need to be reached urgently. It is important to put it away, especially if the phone is placed close to your body.

Night time. Night time is a pivotal moment when happens the cells regeneration. It is, in general, a pivotal moment for the body, for our health.

So that is when, you need to put it away from your body, from your head, to turn the flight mode on. I am here thinking of those teenagers who put their phone under their pillow... This needs to be avoided at all costs. You can also turn your router off, You can deactivate the WiFi mode, you won't need it while you sleep, unless you're a massive downloader and in this case, it's okay. But still it is not okay.

Plug it off! if you don't wanna have troubles in the future! That's particularly important in case you have an infant child, a baby, and if you are pregnant. It is in those cases, it is essential to respect distance, for your health, and your children's, your baby's, on the long term. Here I invite you to watch the first video of the serie that is about the effects on our bodies which are not to be proven anymore. But of course, the world of money being what it is, it is not going to clearly reveal it wide open in the mainstream medias, of course not.

It would be too easy, too good to be true! One last thing about it, do not hesitate to talk with your neighbours. It will create social bond! Discuss the risks about the WiFi, about the wireless techs And that it does not cost much to deactivate them. Besides, you will maybe make some friends, or enemies, or will be treated indifferently! Ah sorry, what i wanted to say also is that a WiFi router can emit as far as 200 meters. It is pretty damn polluter. Then, it is possible on your phones to switch from 4G to 3G.

Surprisingly, the 3G is the less worse. So it is to be favored rather than 4G. Even though internet will be a bit slower, you will get used to it. One other little thing, make sure you turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi options on your smartphone, because sometimes, notably on Iphones, they get automatically activated. And we will see another time, thanks to a little object like this, we see very clearly that the electromagnetic pollution level is much stronger when the WiFi and Bluetooth are activated. And I will turn on the sound on that device so that you realize what kind of impacts it has on our bodies, on our cells.

In terms of equipment, I can offer you two things. First of all, air-filled tubes headphones. Headphones in general give a false feeling of safety, since there is still conduction up until the ears, therefore very close to the brain. So what can be done in this case, is to put the cable on a forearm for example which is a less vulnerable limb than the brain which is, one of the most vital organ, the most vital, if not. And so if you want to put all your chances on your side to apply the precautionary principle, then a way is to get yourself headphones with air-filled tubes which will have avoid conduction up until your head. And also, friends from Berlin little friends from Berlin who build great pouches made with anti-radiation fabrics which allow you, either in a farraday-cage sleeve to cut all signals from the phones.

And also, another sleeve that is in the same pouch that allows you to receive calls and all, but at the meantime, you will be protected, since the anti-radiations fabrics are there to reduce the impact of the radiations on your body. So here, we talk about harm reduction of course. Like I told you, we are surrounded by artificial electromagnetic fields, more or less according to where we live. But obviously, you can well imagine that if you live in even in a little, mid or big size city, we are bombarded on and on. So, little reminder check the first video of the serie. Brain cancers, even the rare ones called "gliobastoms" have been multiplied by 4 in the last 20 years.

We observe colo-rectal cancers within a population born after the 1990's while there was a time, such thing was only observed in seniors. So, what about phones placed in pockets? Which sprays radiations in the whole waste area... So that's something to keep that in mind. And let's not even talk about fertility...

all this and more! Another solution that could also be considered as pivotal, It is a harm reduction option that is the organism reinforcment. What is it? The lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle, enhanced by physical activity, stress managment, sleep, and also, nutrition. The body, in general, can adapt and defend itself very well It is an amazing machine, as soon as you get into physiology. But we need not to forget, that we live in very particular times of humanity, where can be found around 80 000 chemicals in the air, in food, in water...

in cosmetics, in all kind of plastics also... And our body, when it is filled with toxins, the body is in alert, then disease pops out. It is actually interesting to notice that in the language of the birds, "dis-ease" "distanced from the ease", (IN FRENCH "maladie" = mal a dit = evil said) What do we want here? We do wanna have a good life! Short or long, but we want it good. Isn't that right? So, the first idea, is to do no harm! "PRIMUM NON NOCERE" As the ancient Greeks said! Here, we'll do a little reminder about what we can do to optimize the reinforcment of the body. First of all, there is that incredible ability of self-healing that has the body. And that prevents the body from toxins saturation, i am talking about fasting obviously.

Be careful about it though, go inform yourself, because we all have different body constitutions one needs to be serious about fasting, If you can, and if you want, do not hesitate to seek for supervision by a naturopath, or a physician trained to natural medecines In any case, someone experienced with fasting. Educate yourself, read, there are different types of fasting, there are different lenghts of fasting, and it is important to be serious about it. So fasting is a first good option.

Then, something that might sound normal to you... But one needs to make sure to have a proper mouth hygiene. Because one can find a lot of toxins in there than can migrate in the body, and that can become pathogenic. So that is important to take care of your diet because too much sugar for instance, or too much flour will be the perfect fuel to develop a pathogenic bacterial flora. And in case you have dental amalgams, try to have them removed if possible. They are like real antennas.

I invite you here to watch videos from Dr Gerard Dieuzaide. He is a dentist from Toulouse who removes dental amalgams to people who have pathological conditions that are quite devastating. They are actually devastated by some kind of fulminating spasms. And when, little by little, the amalgams are removed people feel way better. Then comes the theme of water, and to hydrate well does not mean drinking a lot of water.

Water is an extremely complicated topic. In general, I would say just drink when you are thirsty. But here, of course, if you drink 2 liters a day or 10 centiliters a day, is either too much, or too little. in that case, there's maybe a problem. So the idea is to be moderate about it.

And to listen to your body. There's a lot of documentary about water, here again, do your own research. It is better to avoid tap water, as much as we can, or to filter it. It is then the most economical way.

And this is here a real jungle, when it comes to find water-filtering equipment I will pass you a link in the video description that will direct you to a naturopathic practicioner who is very good at that water topic. Water, an incredible topic. Water, apparently, an amazing informations vector.

Huge topic, fascinating. Check out documentaries about it, read... It is just amazing. Go for a living nutrition, and varied. It is important to remember, that processed food, even though it is "bio", it remains processed food, through elements that are not at all natural, such as sweeteners, and preservatives, etc...

Products that are - if you can afford it- the most local and natural as possible. What we actually name "biological", is interesting because "bios" means "life" in greek. So if it is not mentioned that it is biological, if it does not follow the logic of life, what is it then?! Maybe it is the contrary then ?! It is death. That is in a natural nutrition that we will find the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are bio-available. What our body can absorb.

Often we say, "we are what we eat". It is rather, we are what we can absorb. Everything that is green, colorful, oleaginous, all this and more... Good vegetables, good starchy foods, little fishes like sardines, mackerels, top quality eggs, first cold pressing oils like flaxseed, rapeseed, olive oils...

Think about the omega 6 / omega 3 balance. There are also the "superfoods". Such as papaye, spirulina, astragalus, chlorella, noni...

All the beehive products, with above all pollen propolis, with its immuno-stimulating It is on you to open yourself to all of that And I would just like to remind without making controversies that, we need to take care to reasonably educate ourselves about diet if we really want to take care of ourselves. Each individual, like I said, is unique and differently constituted than another. In the meantime, we are omnivorous beings. It is just a pure and harsh life reality So I want here to underline the importance to avoid dogmatic ideas, or something called "orthorexia", i.e. a tendancy to be obsessed by "perfect" food. Because the more we rigidify ourselves in the plate, the more we isolate foods in favor of others, which will turn out to be in excess in the end.

And, also, the more we harden ourselves in the plate, the more we will rigidify ourselves in our bodies, in our souls. And the pathologies will fall down on us, soon or later! I talk here from a physiological point of view, and I do not refer myself to the ethos... Actually I do! The ethos of the living world in general.

And it is obvious that the ongoing animal genocide within the totalitarian and genocidal money world needs to be at the center of our critic But we need not to forget that logic of life, that movement of the living which makes that we are omnivorous beings, and that is important to eat carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, vegetal AND animal. Because the body needs it. And here, it is obvious that we must tend towards quality, rather than quantity.

Balance and moderation, quite simply. So now, let's go for the psyche part. Same thing as before, I invite you to check or recheck the second video of the serie that talks about the harmful effects on our psyche, on our mind on addictive behaviours also. We have seen it in that second video, the science of addiction founded in the Silicon Valley's offices, leaves us little room to to escape to the neuro-technologic imbrications that lead little by little to screens addiction. The explanation linked to positive feedback is at the core of game addiction in general, but also that of social networks. That illusion of control on our lives through those networks of images and of the fake action, lose us in a vortex of bottomless scrolling menus.

Here I will offer you some leads to get out of possible addictive behaviours you are suffering from, regarding your smartphone use. First, SOLITUDE. Solitude is simply somehting that we do not practice enough. We are not made to be endlessly connected, especially not in a virtual manner. In a frenetic way.

Here, we will distinguish solitude from isolation. We consider solitude as a state in which the mind is free from any other minds external solicitation Solitude is something highly necessary. To clarify difficult situations...

To regulate our emotions. To build up mental courage And also, strengthen our relationships. It is easy to underestimate, but when the first Ipod got released A kind of switch happened all around the world, since for the first time in history, we've been given the opportunity to be constantly distracted from our solitude, through being able to listen to music everywhere for a long period of time, with a storage capacity that was then unknown. So, what can we do about it? To walk alone. It is a great source of benecial solitude. It allows one to observe its thoughts, to observe its environment with more focus, to clarify a lot of things, to point things out, designate them, etc...

It is actually a moment, when we are really with ourselves and nothing else. Walking can somehow even become meditative. In that case, when we go for a walk, or go visit some friends, well, leave your phone at home. Then you realize that phone is for sure useful but it is not vital at all! There are a lot of apps and functionalities that have for sure made life easier, or at least, a little bit easier, but in no case it made it necessarily better.

There is also writing a letter to yourself, it is a good source of solitude, and it can help you structure your ideas during -perhaps- difficult situations situations that challenge you. And it allows to clarify some emotions that haven't come out, and a lot of other things! Another thing is to avoid "liking". Why so? A facebook or instagram comment or whatever, remains real. Nonetheless, this kind of communication neglects our very performing functionalities when it comes to networking sociality.

Our brain is set in such way that we are made to be social beings. And there is actually a study that discovered that when the brain is paused, that it is somehow not "doing much". There is a brain area that gets activated, and it is the same one that gets activated than when we interact with people. So when the brain is "paused", when it is in its "by default" mode, we think about our sociality. We think about the others.

About our place within the group. It is fundamental for us human beings to connect with others. In the meantime, more screen time means less real-life interactions. Which means, in the end, less joy, somehow. We know for example, that in little remote villages in Italy or Japan or other places, that when ederly people keep on having a rich social life, they clearly have a better health, and live longer than other seniors in other regions of the world. So, a like, a comment, it is never going to replace the value generated by an analog conversation taking place in real life! Check out the second video to get deeper within the addictive aspect of the Like functionality.

Another important point, it is to engage in a quality hobby. To step away from the screens et join the real life, it is good to have an activity that stimulates you physically and intellectually. Something relatively demanding which takes over a passive consumption of digital distractions that have actually low quality. This way, we can recenter ourselves on what is really important for us And for this, we need to rely on our deep values system, which guide us through life.

This way, it will be easier to go towards a fulfilling activity. You could then favour manual activities such as DIY constructions, pottery and sewing... And so many other things. That will give you a lot of satisfaction.

Eventually, one other solution that can be proposed is to do a 30 days break. I do not mean a break where you're going to put your phone completely away. But the idea is to tend towards a digital minimalism. It is not about a detoxification here, but rather about a decluttering. So we'll do a 30 days break, of everything that we may consider as optional tech.

There could be apps, or websites, all kind of stuff... And thus via this freed up time, we will rediscover activities and behaviours which serve our values. And that we will find satisfying because more meaningful. At the end of that break, we reintroduce those optional techs, and we determine if those techs serve or disadvantage our values. And if the techs serve our values, how to optimize them. So that really works, it will allow you to redefine your use of technology in general.

Of your phone especially. A redefinition linked to that set of values, values that you'll better identify also once some time is freed up from getting away from those devices. It will be needed not to inflict yourself restrictions that are either too hard nor too soft.

Otherwise, that won't be efficient. it will be necessary also, that it is not like a temporary detox, but it is really about a beginning towards a permanent change. It is necessary to undersand, that on the long run, that a compulsive phone use does not allow or allow little to develop an enriching leisure life, same for your social life. If you are interested, I could start a facebook or telegram group in order to support and guide you during those 30 days of "decluttering". So let me know in the comments, I could start it anytime, if you like! To conclude those 3 videos, we'll say that it not about being technophile nor technophobic, but rather to meet a benefit linked to our deep values.

And to check in the mean time what serves us and disadvantage us. It's time to reclaim our lives Not through images, but through real life, connected to the Cosmos, to the order of living. Smartphones, that are kind of dopamine pump dealers directly posed in our hands' palm drive us addicted to a sort of digital snacking that is repetitive and fakely social. And that "snacking" in terms of what is harmful to the body, is also harmful for the mind.

Those Silicon Valley's machines that actually do not process applications but people are in fact in the center of our lives, when it should be on the side. They create rhythms and social imbrications that are synthetic, far from an organic and natural rhythm that real life encounters and movements can create. We give those machine our permission to modify our behaviours. Connectivity can of course be very interesting, but in no case we are made to live ubiquitously.

To be somebody to everybody, at anytime. We need to go back to ourselves, to the natural rhythms, of the body, of the brain, and of the mind. It has become easier to post a sunset picture than to talk to a stranger. The encounter with otherness is also a source of dopamine, and this is that encounter that will irrigate much better our organism, than going to unconsciouly hunt for that hormone in a repetitive way. When the dopamine hits in a natural and sparse way, it is pure and that sensation stays with us, as well as the memory.

Let us stop to choose a world that is over and beyond the world. Let us stop to swap our happiness against convenience and time. Let us stop outsourcing our autonomy to the profit of the conglomerate of the "attention economy" and to social fakery. There is a full divestiture happening here, this is opposite to freedom and this is the opposite of the development of our individual potential. It is true that the money world has created a tear in our beings, and the virtual world, that great illusionist, gives us the impression of taking the power back. In the age of access, which seems to be in fact the age of excess, we need to defend the sensitive.

Let's emancipate ourselves, let's regain our autonomy of judgment, taking charge of our individual and collective existences, to tend towards more virtuous existences. Thank you for your attention, see you next time. I'll get back very soon to the abbreviated translation of the book "The Invisible Rainbow". Stay tuned, see you around, and take care, salut!

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