SM Youth Go-See Season 3 Episode 3: The Good Life

SM Youth Go-See Season 3 Episode 3: The Good Life

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Last, night I felt all those feelings like oh I'm gonna miss Stephanie, for sure I'm just super shocked. By it also, because, she, was such a good, team leader you, know she helped a lot of us with, the challenge. And she really did made, sure that everyone did their part and not just really sad about the fact that she wasn't here when. I woke up. Outside. People. That chuck is I like si I mean her strong, personality. And the way she carries. Herself. That. Was signed Anna okay she can be the next ambassador. In. This. Morning, we were sent back to the, deliberation. Not. Knowing what was going on but, we knew there, was something, wrong. One. Of the first people coming, in I was really, surprised. When, seeing Stephanie. Good. Morning everyone we're sorry to call you guys here so early but our, producer. Bjorn has an, important, announcement to, make so. We. Actually review, the tally sheet from episode, two we just found out that there was a miscalculation of, the average horse because. What what, we told the guys was your, scores for episode two is the average course of your scores from episode, one and episode, T since, no one got eliminated during the episode one and we, all know that the bottom tooth at that time was Julianne. And you. Know but, then we, realized that a score, sheet from, episode. 1 was occurring, according to ascending orders of the rankings, instead. Of Stephanie, being the contestant, number 14, because, actually Julianne, score in, the bottom 14, that was added to Stephanie, score back then therefore. It really pulled down Stephanie, scores so, Stephanie, wasn't supposed, to be the one who, got eliminated last, Tuesday, so, we apologize for the. Miss calculations, but definitely. We will assure you guys that this. Won't happen again, throughout the duration of the competition so, now, officially, you would like to announce that Stephanie, is back in the competition. Asbjorn. Mentioned. Stephanie, aquino is, officially, back in, the competition. Alright. Guys so I'm officially gonna announce who took the 13th, place and s officially, eliminated from. The competition and. The. Person going home this morning. S. You know I'm, very sorry you. Know, could you come to the front. Is. There anything you would like to say to the assembly. Guys. Thank. You all it's, been really great especially, last, night in. A really short time girl. You. Guys are really friends. Let's. Not separate, each other let's, be friends after this. We're. Looking forward to seeing your, future projects. And we, know that this is at the end of the road for you and we, wish you good luck and we'll see you soon. Thank. You. You. Deserve this, you. Don't deserve to leave you take things and stuff okay, I. Think. Everyone, who is out there that's afraid to try modeling, or be, an ambassador you should absolutely try, it who. You are might be something that they, want, be. Yourself. They're. Not looking for a specific attitude. Or the, way someone moves they, might be looking just for you so. You. Should absolutely try. Out and see. For yourself. I. Really. Saw are you guys but we have to cut this short and get you guys ready for the challenge, so let's go into hair and makeup. The. Day after, I got eliminated I, was at, home I was just sort of accepting, the fact that I had been cut from the show and I was appreciating. The experience, I'd had but I was you know trying to move on when the production had called me I was told that there was a miscalculation and, that I wasn't supposed to go home of course I was really excited because I.

In. Today's challenge, they made us wear suits and I'm, not gonna like I like seeing myself in a suit and I don't know like that gave me confidence like, seeing myself in a suit I'll say oh I can do this like, I'm gonna rock this suit okay. I. Wanted. To do the best I could and to have a strong comeback my game plan is to keep, headstrong, and be confident, because I found that every time I've approached a challenge with a really confident mindset, and I don't overthink things I do a lot better. Good. Morning guys welcome to cold Manila code, Manila, is Southeast, Asia's newest, entertainers, space with an indoor beach club and nightclubs. Boasting. Some of the most advanced, audio video, and ambient. Lighting technologies. That, promise an unparalleled. World-class, experience. The, indoor Beach Club features an advanced, climate control system that emulates, a cool Bayside, atmosphere. For, the picture-perfect, summer. Experience. All year, long guests. Can experience the. Butterfly, shaped pool three. Stories, of luxurious cabanas. Along with five-star, hotel, amenities and a private, hot tub all with, the remarkable, views of the Manila Bay and this past 9000, square meter venue, so, for today's challenge you guys will be doing a high-fashion. Group photo shoot that will include us the ambassadors, as your full models and you, will also star in a fashion. Commercial, or Cove Manila SM. Youth senior, digital marketing manager and fashion, photographer Bjorn. Is here to tell you more about what we're doing today all right so this morning you guys do lots to be able to determine the group's so we have group one here which compose of Sabrina, Stephanie. And Clarisse our group do we have Karla hi mangani our. Group three we have the FINA Niko, and Julien and last but not least before we have Patricia mark. And Rihanna so, guys for your group we like, to test on how well you guys would be compatible with working, with our ambassadors, at, the same time how well you guys can portray that high-fashion, looks, for the environment, that you're given please, take note that each group will only have 50 frames each and, for the fashion, commercial, aspect, we will only give you three takes, to perfect, your sequence, for the one-minute fantasy version so. With, all that said let's start, the challenge. Alright. So for group 1 machinist, you own this 200,000. Festive Cabana it's, just you know just loose change for you guys you guys are the eighth group, and the social scene three guys are just giving, us this aloof faces, make sure you connect with the camera make sure you project and make sure your cell deploys okay, all right guys three morning, what we did a while ago was.

A Photo shoot and video. Challenge. We have to have. This loop now, with. Smiley, for life whispering, the, camera the, projection, was good down so, I just had to do this okay, last 10 shots guys Stephanie. Turned, on a bit I. Had, so much fun a while ago and I think that's the entire point of the shoes while looking, high-fashion I'm, losing her face please make sure I'm still seeing your face the hard part for me was I didn't know if I had to interact with the people behind me or beside me but then I realized, the photo in general should look good so I just did the best I could, three two one and action. Dynamic. Of the video and the photo was super different because like it's similar in the sense that you have to capture like a character, and, like a story in your like expression. And your body language Stephanie. To step it up more make sure you're also aware that you're selling the clothes, what about me call me ugly I really wanted to work on engaging, with the camera so I think it took me a little warming up to get into it but after, a while I got the hang of it yeah that's better Stephanie, Cleary Sabrina, get for the camera that's good overall, I thought it was like a really cool, like, experience, like I genuinely enjoyed. It all right through partner, done for the day. OOP. - lets go are you guys a good fit for like when you're shooting against, the Sun if it's hard to, like go keep your eyes open, try to time the shot for you close your eyes and then one to say about the shoot open, it and looked right at the camera make the most out of your 50 frames and your 50 frames starts, now free morn so bran cooling, down should not go and the place is so good, The Ambassadors are so cool so nice to work with and, then you might have to throw in the short span of time I love the variety correlate, it's good I may give me more options dining. As well engage, more with I may not make it look like you're just a problem Coppola, we're doing fashion here, time. In the photo shoot especially, with the sunlight, directed. In my eyes I mean it was a challenge, but you know I have to work, with that but make sure you're flirting with a camera I, like that time I do it again action. Carlos, stand by and go glimpse, look, back again I enjoyed, the video, aspect, of it cuz we haven't really. They're. Really enjoyable cuz I loved that it was a little more fun than usual, alright good job guys, let's get started with the so, make me feel like I'm intimidated, by you guys guys, Group three here we go ready new. Challenge so Brown maybe Stojko I see like, Rigby, is committing another Sabra as fara have you made arena club I'm sorry oh nothing.

Okay. I get it together. Destroyed. Until I got done he was, very strong right now keep it up eleven, twelve. So far it's my favorite shoot and yeah. I really enjoyed this watching with, Nico and you know I think they were really easy to work with we, talked beforehand on our game plan and everything is what to be and I, think everything. Worked, out smoothly so. Yeah I feel like we did all right in this challenge it's gonna be a fluid take lives. The advances, over the camera so that they're still engaged with what's happening with us you can say three, two, one go. They're kind of looking confident, powerful fierce. Was the name of the game and personally. It's kind of my comfort zone so I feel like it went well for me to define that was maybe patent aloof good job guys you sweetie good job Tommy, anyway I don't move a bit so hit the mark so your shots will look like this, alright so here guys ready first, shot I was hiding. Because. Master, space was like really limited, and I couldn't like move at all but then like after a while I got the hang of it like I know what to do that's when I felt like out a bean-counter, if. It helped do you have a story in your head you go that I mean like any of those who give those books like, three. To one extra, The, Ambassadors told. Us that whenever, the camera is there you have to look at your best you, don't have to focus on what you're going to say what, you're going to do, but you have to focus how, you're going to look and how you're going to express or how you would register in the camera so. That was a really, good advice that really helps this. Is the sequence, when you're entering to that those. Over-exaggerated. Five six, seven, and, well that was an experience, and, I was very happy because I've, been waiting for this opportunity to work with ambassadors, so I'm, really excited for you. So. Guys this will also be part of the deliberation. In terms of delivering, something that they're not comfortable with, this is going to be individual, so I'll call you guys one by one and you have to like dance for like five seconds. I. Thought, that the challenge, was already, done and then Buuren said 'no off you guys now you should do your thing and you're like what, things are you talking about I mean we're. Just really dancing, particle, okay. I'm just gonna do my thing. When, I went up there I was like it doesn't matter like whatever like if people were to go in to judge me or whatever, guys I'm trending in like I don't really, care really, if you guys want me to do it again. Oh. You. Guys have fun, that was amazing death say I saw. Great. We had so much fun with you guys and I'm glad we got to bond with them a little more I agree, it was a lot of fun I think we all had a blast today unfortunately we'll see you guys all later for deliberation, we're only ten of you will move on to the next round so we'll see you guys then. Picking. The photos, was, really, difficult since, we were given a short, amount of time to. Pick, the best one so I'm kind of nervous of what the panel has to say. Good. Evening guys welcome back to the assembly so today you were tasked to do a high-fashion group shoot that includes us as your Kohl models and to star in a one-minute fashion, commercial, for Coke vanilla before, we begin our deliberation. Our panel will be joined by Bjorn who, photographed us earlier it also helped, direct the video the, winners of the SM youth GoSee will become official brand ambassadors, of SM youth this 2018. Will, join the family for all the upcoming shows, and events, and will star in different, look books and a campaign, that will be featured in all SM stores nationwide. The. Winners will receive 30. Thousand, pesos worth, of SM, youth clothing, with, that set let's proceed with the deliberation. Group. 1 did we have to come to front. Hello. Guys. How, was it like working for the first time without ambassadors. We. Learned, how to interact with them for the very first time we, could like figure out what was like the chemistry and the dynamic between us and so I thought, it was like a good first experience. This. Is the photo control since, I started shooting from the promotion to the desert museum I've, always.

Had An issue with like the filing of your lips but, this this was so controlled, and I love how much you've progressed, since the promotion, the first thing I would, seen. This photo is really uncommon which is an objective of this challenge. So good job I really, like looking at this photo my face directly, looks, at you first, so that's a good sign, meaning, that you made a huge impact on the photo and like what is the issues before second, you would look more mature but definitely, in this photo she, looks like he's the, same age with all of you guys in terms of the physical so good job all right so, next review Sabrina's. Photo. Body. Language, wise I liked how you, were, able to have, this like lazy, androgynous. Look I, know you guys are wearing our suits and we your, body language she, speaks, to, me that you know you're selling the suit and that's also one of the objective, but however the piece and not really that much into, it because I reviewed, your film, and you look stronger in other photos, if I look at this at the first time I'd say the center, of the entire, picture would be Clarisse, not me I do like, that you changed. Poses, a lot you gave us so much variety that's, why it was also difficult for, us to really tell, which one was your strongest because you you changed their poses a lot which is really good but yeah I think you, had stronger, photos Thanks. Laughter. Nice. Later. For tomorrow, yeah the selection, from Sabrina out of all the girls you definitely have this very strong face which, is here at Vantage body-wise. Looks, so unsure and I, don't really see much the, Blazer, the silhouette of the Blazer but, piece wise it's there the neck down start. Selling the clothes, I just. Had a small issue with your eyes I'm not sure if it's because of the length of your bangs I know that also because I have full bangs so that's been an issue for me motion your face was, better. And, love your body Vaughn, goodness better in the photos. Every new choice. If. You're ever unsure about something just ask, questions. Because then it's better to be safe than sorry, alright let's see the video. First. Sequence, Sabrina, like killed, child. Except, Rena, overpowered. All of you guys it felt. Like it was Sabrina's, party and, how she got up and going out like that there. Was no, operation. Yeah, I think 30, should know however we lost you that video like the energy, it's not a par with the energy, that Sabrina. And Stephanie. Gave but the walk however for, the sequence, tool. Amazing, Race the. Contrast, of the high-fashion aspect, to like doing something like this it just shows that you, can do both and as an ambassador of SMEs, it's important, to be both, aspirational.

And Relatable, you all killed it because of the fact that we really saw side of you that we didn't see the past two episodes and. Really. Happy about that that made it a huge difference, we're glad that you guys came out, of here comfort, zone and did it I mean we're, not all comfortable, with dancing, here but I mean yeah, yeah. But, I mean you guys still did it and you gave it all you've got and that's, what we're looking for a year and you really showed us that you guys are enjoying your, time here and that you really want this. Let's. Call on two. How. Do you feel about the photos and the video well I'm pretty confident, with my photo and especially, with the video I like the videos, and also, I know I did my best. I. Don't know I feel, like I, I. Don't. Know I just, feel nervous this time I don't know what to say I'm sorry. Surviving. Combine. This to your outfit. From the desert, museum it's, definitely, a huge improvement. You've taken down. Notes, you studied, their face more and it shows in this photo you also talk, about the clothes and, he sold it that, fifty-year the star in the shot overall, if you take a photo and it's I believe, that it's not as if this was the only, photo you had a lot of photos like as. I remember there's, a lot of photos where you look great and you remember, we were saying even earlier that like it's hard to find a photo than not looking good. Actually. It. Was more of your budget, this. One it was one of the strongest I feel like body bodies you're working your outfit, amazingly. Did, a good job. And. Some of the other photos, I thought like maybe your expression, was a bit unsure maybe. You were nervous or something and it showed a little bit in your photos, in my opinion, you're everything I, said photographer, it's important, to give me a lot of options and, I think in that aspect, alone, you fail to deliver me a lot of options in terms of clear expression plus, working, with the clothes that was given to him you were just very conscious, during the shoot today, actually.

You're Feeling probably, for me the start of this photo sign and Carla could, you say hi miss Ferrett society or even in this photo I I want sure whether like it's too tight, it, almost feels like you're, focusing so much on being an accessory to Jaime that, you forget. About kind. Of standing out yourself or maybe then if you were you're thinking too much about it and it would be step that you, know. Carla. It's. Not my favorite, photo of you maybe was the angle I don't know her. It's not Jim reciting every other one you were the star of the show and then this one she looks home comfort little uncomfortable, it's like you're hot it's like yeah. I like like oh gosh when, are we gonna be done where's, all the other photos you're, just like it's sexy, it's confident. This. One it's it's just more relaxed, kind, of bored you know I have this one shot we're just doing this, you're the. Jaw that, was knowledge huh, remember I taught you the crosshair. Like, a simple. Point, water, movement, can make a huge difference. Yeah I guess it was just a bad pick a bad, taking on your part for the photo I overthought, it I looked at everyone, else, and I made sure that everyone else looked good as well that's, right well, that's a good skill to have. The. Most important, aspect is he standing out yeah I. Realized. That now video. You. Did great in the video guy me I feel like is it amazing. You disagree, with Miracleman. Smith game I'm the second, sequence. But, like you were thinking, about you, know keeping, up with the piece of the wall I feel like everyone, there who are really uncomfortable really like a not. Sure. You. Guys. Really. Appreciate that, about everybody, alright, thank you guys thank, you. Alright. You three come, forward, please. Hey. Guys how do you feel about the challenge I, really liked our looks ha we all look pogey out there yeah. We all had some nice suits to, stick back here and I like the like, the location, and context of it all right. I. Saw the improvement, from desert, museum this, is desert museum you, ready I'm sure with the angles back then while I appreciate that restarted. Yourself for the past few. Days and it shows there's, still lots, of things, to still a. Lot. Of variety. But. Then, again you, did a lot better than you did last time which is the, first step I saw that. A lot of your other photos, you have the same facial, expressions, going on probably even the same angle, I just just work on that a little more of course you always want to have different looks in case maybe, that's wasn't what you're looking for you right. Move. On to Rapinoe. I'm. Very particular when, it comes to this part and comes through shooting in male models, this, was the same issue I had with Ethan in season 2 certain, guys have bone structures, that are very sensitive to life when, you do this too much it makes you look more uneasy, so it's not the strongest shot, you see the pressure you puts out pushing. It down so let, your unflattering, episode, these are in the fence there's our light for you will. Relax me to put it inside, to make sure that the clothes still up flat feels like no wait. The thing is with photos you've got these creases and, then the jacket gets messed up in the pants your fingers are like coming, out the pants I mean it just causes that whole kind of mess down there you, already kind of have a very strong. Face so, having, it relaxed, and being, in this type of setting it's already going to be strong. Yummy, I feel, like you made this face in almost all of your photos you're, still doing the same face it was your body that changed a lot maybe. Practice with. The different expressions or just so you're more comfortable changing. Expressions. Because this was also your face during that year desert museum thinking. Buck used to this like. This doing. This, so. Yeah just severe, practice, different. Expressions let's, move on to Niko, really style computationally, told you that you, being a reformed, European, was, in, terms of maturity it somehow. Is a disadvantage, in the competition, but this photo proves. To me that you, can look young you see how relaxed your eyes are here compared to your desert Indian trader, it's. More relaxed here I like that you're doing this the, whole positive.

The Gear, is very camp in fashion, so. I like it your poses here with a lot softer and your expressions, were a lot softer which, is good that you were conscious of doing that for this shoot I feel, like any photo, you would have chosen. It. Was hard to find a bad photo so. Yeah. Good job ok, all. Right let's move on to the video. Okay. Let me start with looking. Know if you've noticed you, did this I roll and just. Just, ruin the entire first, sequence for you and their walk here, and I think you need everyone, how you walk dulann however I lost you is not the entire video because, you failed a lot of directions, you didn't have your marks well your. Personalities. Didn't shine in the video okay then we'll comes to Nikko. During. The second sequence loading, direction, I gave, us to always, look at the camera you saw the earlier that you black, glimpse, yeah one day I want to give the side for a follower but. The, direction was clear that you don't have to look at the camera, although, ultra-large. Appearances. That's my only concern for you and I have to say like following directions it's just something, that you need to be you, know it's still at. The end of the day a collaborative, project, you, can put your own input on, your poses, and everything with, the follow directions is really just letting sleepy so. Yeah. I have to agree with doing all, right. Thank. You guys. All. Right root for, please come forward. How. Do you guys feel about working with each other at first I felt really, like confident. Because we all look. Different so, I think, that good work on an earth Vantage like we could like really represent. A different kind of story or photo. That's. A good. Shot. You first, thing I see, is Rihanna, and look you sure you have better, photos, it's not platinum it's we're not selling that's Lois and I think if they don't hit the objective, for the rotation, I'm telling the floats why you, know even the start of the sheets you also feel ready, this, one isn't within. My top ten of your photos it's it's more conservative, more shy. Here, you're more just kind of, held. Within yeah. I feel like reviewing, your thumb in my opinion, your expression, was the same because, there's so much to do especially with your face because you have amazing bone structure, I mean could have done but more relaxed, expressions, you know all right let's move on to new mark okay. Interesting, it, this photo tuft I'm not saying it's bad it just I don't know how I feel that it um yeah. Thanks, can, you deliver better, food, I personally, don't like this part, of yours for, me the start of this quarter, scale you see how he. Extended. Himself and, showcase, his jaw here, and this. One wrong move from the crosshair, that I thought, you guys to do something like this that's kinda, mediocre and I've seen you done getting this competition, yet for me if, you were to improve this shot I would favor more towards, the camera your body it, doesn't really matter if it's neck back board but you find your sweet spot but. I also have to point out that I like the triple space here babe yeah. Let's. Move on to Rihanna. Business. Specific. Not reopen. Your lips give us sometimes intellect you know open your lips but, doesn't work in this type of of it because when you fill up too much and then you open it that. Sometimes. You look I mean I avoid my hostage overall, this is the face was the, most. With a product, intelligence at, present, with you in the interview I'm sorry BR and I disagree, I disagree I, like, your face here I like. Your face here I really do I feel like you look super, regal and you're like yeah. I'm the queen of this club you know and I mean that was the point look a few Kyla. It's. Not about us it's about Yana I like your photo. Okay.

Let's Move on to the video oh my god you don't want to see it. Wasn't. That so painful, to see you that's. Your show you killed the first and second feedback yeah you took it home girl that, was so good, your honor you're super. Telling Jenny well oh my god I'm like example. Go it up sort of dick and loli that, get, your March was just written evidence, you, at all my I'm sorry the two girls were just very powerful, in this video and you didn't match, for their energy, personalities. Completely, their. Gradual. After like you have to be more engaging. With the camera market, could have been stronger in this one asana fighting character a little more it is project. More towards the camera it, would have given you a stronger advantage, Rihanna, and really. Great job but I feel like the fishery they took it home for me like immediately, it, was her I was looking at from the first second sequence the Trisha stands up completely it was like that she had that I don't know about a go for a bite on the jaw like it would really like solidified, the whole look you know amazing. Amazing, video alright thank. You guys. Well. Thank, you for your insights guys we, will call you back and announce which of you will move on in the competition and, who. Will have to pack their bags and. Philco. Ha ha ha Jessica mean not. Karen Pelican improper. To, sing photo, so, I, really couldn't tell Casino Palika oh my, eliminate. Okay. Guys so, the panel has decided if, I call your name that, means you are safe and moving forward in this competition I. Mean. Nikka. Sabrina. Brianna. Stephanie. Latricia. Carlos. Paris. There, are four of you left I will. Only call two names and these, two names are the ones who are safe from elimination. Julian. Mark. Nigga. Lol you see only Michigan, in a Bond villain, 1101. For our demos in the. Tohoku. Like, the whole at the 100. Monokuma. Katana, Kappa. Soccerberry. Misawa's. A coulis. And a diva. But be rufino's, agency, param, padam best friend is a Latin American having. A lot a single atom the, one I'm, sorry would be no and gynie but, you two have been eliminated from estadística, see, is, there anything you would like to say to this assembly. So. I don't know cuz I am I saying oh darling, laughs, don't. Even not even at the buildin. Dinner. To meet their eponymous Keystone, in. India. Havana, no not elegant develop, it as a fan than we could have a luxury liner on a geeky emotional, bottom aerobic, connection different. Purple paper on the carb bukovina. Telega. Thank. You so much guys for giving, me this wonderful opportunity, I. Really, had the greatest, week, of my life with, you guys thank, you so much. Ella. For. My service asmu go, see now in the machine I'll tell you that. I go when I'm, diving in a bit of needle in China and employee. Myself. Participant, near, the. Window conceived in a divination. As a competition. Barrel and in abandoning, that tapas menu not miss an opening to me octopus, dito. We. Wish you both the best and, hope, you make the most out of your last night with your fellow contestants back, in the lofts. It. Really feels amazing, now, I'm dumping you to doing that in a short span of time no. Matter how different you are the. Age on, the attitude, or what you believe Omega - Colonel, in any new ally you, can still guys do, things together. Hi. Guys, you, can do it I know you, will do well in everything just, like what I'm telling to my students.

Leave Your dreams and, keep. Fighting never. Doubt yourself. That's. Messiah, economy. Policing, Bhagavata. Purana, mean. I didn't do me no boozing I was hopin for a yarmulke on top groaning a poor, man like you know cinnabar sir. So. A brothel a metallic I suppose appreciate, go it, sale. Experience, either acid sorry. I mean what to do that. Funeral. Not boggling, one at AU these are expressions of Manara mean now bill even are you forgetting cow at what. Come on she said there's less, always. Try for greater things for ammonium R&R, in Cebu I like. In our pocket, over a jungle style, Maddow, and. I. Got. A. Little. Sagging. Our. Monday. Next week today's, challenge, is all about embodying, the. Marvel superhero, assigned, to you through, your poses the. Remaining, ten contestants get to experience, becoming, our favorite superheroes. Who. Will be playing their characters perfectly. And. Who will get lost in direction, please know that I'm trying, you. Know I feel like maybe you kind of push along work this. Is.

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Hello, mvqueen! Thank you so much for this input and for supporting #SMYouthGoSee. Let's keep supporting Gynie and Rufino even after the show, okay?


LOL, there's a niche for #MARFINO . Magkaka fansclub yan

So genuine, diba, Mark? Much love!

Parang ang sarap magmahal ni Mark? Haha

Ay? Hahaha! Tanungin kaya natin siya!

Si Rufino parang lageng laseng! Tropa tropa magsalita e. Haha! Labyu!

This is so funny! Thanks for input, Clint! We're sure he loves you, too! ❤️

Kyle and Kayla lang talaga

I've been keeping up with the show since S1, this year the production got even bigger with more outdoor shoots. Now that Rufino is gone, I know my other faves, Julian & Jaime will make it to the finale.

This is amazing to hear, Joey. Thank you so much for the constant support. Much love! ❤️

Na-Miss Colombia

HAHAHAHA! Thank you for understanding, Qt An D Rei! We truly apologize for the miscalculations but we prioritize the integrity of the show that's why we really had to call ourselves out and repair the mistake. Hope to see you again next week!

Qt An D Rei tru na-Colombia si Ino

Bagay sina Mark at Rufino hahaha. Come out!

SM Youth I want them to be more than friends eh hahaha ✌

Hahahaha! Sobrang friendship goals sila, Bobby!

#RayanaForSMYouth you slay it gurl!!!

Love seeing you support one of our contestants, Hannah!

Couldn't stop smiling during the last part of the shoot! This episode is so far the best this season!

Thanks for the feedback, Grace! Truly appreciate the support!

Okay pero I'm so happy that Steph is back. Nasaktan ako nung sobra nung natanggal si Fino pati si Gynie. Ang cute pa ng friendship ni Fino pati ni Mark

Daming highlights this episode, 'no?! Can't wait for Episode 4! See you next week, bonjour!

ayee #marfino

Thanks for the love and support, Nevin! See you next week for Episode 4!

Every end of the episode napaka emotional. Itong part nung kay Rufino at Mark yung highlight nitong episode. Nakakaiyak!

Sobra! Pati kami naiyak din! So excited for Episode 4!

Welcome to the miscalculation drama! Lol Is LA still part of the SM Youth?

Hi Cyja! Our official brand ambassadors for 2018 are Tommy Esguerra, Richard Juan, Kyle Perry, Kaila Estrada, Erika Kristensen, and Macauly Lofgren.

Hala... pasabog na naman ang episode 3...thou that could be better if #RufinoForSMYouth and #GynieForSMYouth stay longer... anyways another greath episode #SMYouthGoSeeSeason3

Thank you for the feedback, Livy! We really appreciate it and see you next week for another pasabog episode!


Hi Dinah! Thank you for this input!

#SabrinaForSMYouth #LatrishaForSMYouth #MarFinoForSMYouth


Sorry. It's 1am but I can't sleep. Mark and Rufino is so

#MARFINO is friendship goals!

Nico had enormous charm and a great sense of humor lmao! Petmalu! im always here to cheer you up!!

He really is one of the funniest in this season!

gwapo ni mark át jaime

Thank you for the input, Pocky! Excited ka na ba for next week's Episode 4?

Pag hindi si stephanie or clarice out na me...

Only a few days left until the next episode, Dey! Are you excited?

I think Clarice and Stephanie magtatagal jan. Clarice and Stephanie have a good communication skills that can be use for hosting to future events. Love them 2. Im go for #clariceforsmyouth #stephanieforsmyouth

Thanks for the input, Dey! Let's see what's in store for us next week! So excited!

bat ba kayo nagpapaiyak episode 3 pa lang po :'

Don't worry, Ken. Naiyak din kami! Sigurado dadami pa yan!

Dapat nabigyan ng second chance si gynie, based sa kanyang overall perf since ep1

Thank you for the feedback, Chrystjan! It's okay, let's keep supporting Gynie even after the show, yes?


Thank you so much for supporting the show!

Naks Rufino and Mark pleaaaasse!!! ♥♥♥♥ #LoveWins char!

Much love to #MARFINO! See you again next week, Drexler!

My boysssss fino and mark huhuhu #MarkForSMYouth

SM Youth truthful!!!

#MARFINO. Friendship goals!

Also Latrisha!!! Gurllll she servin' #LatrishaForSMYouth

*ships Mark & Rufino* #MaFino

SAME! Friendship goals talaga sila!

huy grabe yung friendship ni mark and fino :((((((((

#MARFINO! Let's make it happen!

gagi kabang kaba ako nung di pa natatawag si mark!!!!!! feeling ko kasali ako hahahahaha ganon yung kaba levelsssss

Ganyan din ang feeling namin EVERY episode! But that's the fun that comes with it!

OMG!!! been a fan of this competition since season 1, its so heartbreaking seeing your #1 bet being eliminated in the competition #GynieForSMYouth

True keep supporting Gynie

Aww thanks for the continuous support, Karlos! It's okay! We're sure Gynie will have so many other opportunities after the show. Let's keep showing her our support, yes?

Na miss colombia siya hahahaha

HAHAHAHA actually! But in all seriousness, thank you for understanding, Chrystjan! We truly apologize for the miscalculations but we prioritize the integrity of the show that's why we really had to call ourselves out and repair the mistake. Hope to see you again next week!


Totally making it a hashtag! #MARFINO gave us the feels!


Also, yay for stephanie!!!

Glad to see you guys cheer for our comeback girl!

Otp na 'to #MaRino

Love ko pa naman si Gynie! Kerri boom mo yan Teach! ♡

Love din namin siya, Jamela! Let's keep supporting her even after the show, okay?


Thanks for the support, Patricia!


Love the support, Bernardine! Thank you and we hope you enjoyed the episode!

Rooting for Sabrina and Jaime. Best of luck guys!

Nice one, RamAquila! Hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we did!

#LatrishaForSMYouth ❤️❤️


Love it! Thanks for the support, girl! See you again next week?

#MarkForSMYouth #ClariceForSMYouth

Thanks for supporting both of them, Gabby!

Can i suggest about the background music, no need for upbeat background music for the deliberationpart? I can barely hear the voice

Thank you for the feedback, Maurice! We always wanna make watching pleasurable to everyone. Hope the captions helped a bit for now.

Sobrang mixed emotions itong episode na 'to, no? ❤️

On my Opinion Rufino deserves the spot more than Julian... Again my Opinion Stil #RufinoforSMYouth

SM Youth wait... Is He gonna Come Back? Am excited for next week!!

Thanks for the feedback, Jolasco! Let's see how the next episodes go! You stoked?

To the sm youth go see fam! Please make it two episodes a week!!! Lol

SM Youth well im rooting for mark, jaime & karla ❤️ cause we all know that they deserve it!

We really, really, really wish we could do that, Mark! But yes, we're excited too!!! Who are you betting on winning the challenge? ❤️

its so sad seeing them leaving the competition :-( #GYNIEFORSMYOUTH #RUFINOFORSMYOUTH


I'm really exited for the next episode :-)

that's true :-)

This is exactly how we feel everytime somebody leaves. But we're sure they'll do great even outside of the show!

Feeling ko si Mark mananalo sa boys

Let's see what happens in the coming episodes! So excited!!! Thanks for watching, Mark!

aww sad Gynie went home. I was rooting for her...

We're sad, too! But we'll definitely continue cheering and supporting for her even after the show ❤️

I really got nervous for Mark!

Same, Louie! Pati na rin sa iba! This season is intense!


Nakakalungkot nga every time may umaalis. But at the end of the day, this is a competition. Let's promise to keep supporting them even beyond the show, yes?


We can't wait to see why, too! So much suspense!

Ino is a biatch

Thank you for your feedback, john ray! We're always sad to see someone go every episode, but we plan to keep the love and support going even beyond the show!


SM Youth pwede po ba everyday nalang ang release ng episodes? Haha!

Love the spirit, King! Thank you for supporting #SMYouthGoSee. And see you next week!


Thanks for the support, Riks! See you again next week!


Hahaha! Love it, Kerby! We hope you enjoyed the episode!

Whaaaa #MarFino

SM Youth napakagenuine nung samahan nila

Sobra, diba??? True SM Youth fam!

Clarice is so lit!

Nice one, Ghino!

I was rooting for Rufino, but damn best ep so far...

Oh, wow! Means a lot, Ri! Glad you still enjoyed the episode, despite so. Until the next one!

Last season I shipped for Justine and Mark ( who remember their moments? ❤) . This season I ship for Mark and Fino. But it's just sad to see Fino gone home.

SM Youth I followed fino since before and seeing him not just in IG, I mean here in this such a good opportunity makes my heart pump that fast. But anyway, pinapaubaya ko na po sya kay Mark

It really is! But let's keep supporting them even after the show! We're sure there are plenty more opportunities for him!

May bromance

SM Youth Well. Yes. Its more like PBB now

Hahahaha! We love the friendships blooming in this season! Friendship goals talaga!

I think Steph could win dis season hmm.

Thanks for the input, Algie! Let's see if you're right in the upcoming episodes! Are you excited?


Totoo, itsandrea! But we're sure he'll do amazing even after the show!


I'm still a fan of Rufino!! I'm rooting for him and Mark to win this season!

Hi, Zepar 679! Yeah, we're quite sad, too, but we always have to be objective and true about the tally sheet! Let's keep supporting Rufino even after the show, yes?

I ship Rufino and Mark shet. Bagay sila kaso huhuhuhu


SM Youth, what happened ?!? Hope this thing will never happen again you already crashed Steph’s dream. I hope she’ll comeback with a bang because she deserves it.

SM Youth Thankyou for explaining it briefly ! I know it’s a honest mistake and no one wants that to happen. Yes I’ll continue supporting this show !

Hi, Yu an! We truly apologize for the miscalculations. Not only is the show guided by DTI representatives, but we prioritize the integrity of the show above everything thus we needed to be transparent after making the mistake. With that, here's a clearer explanation of what happened: Since no one got eliminated during Episode 1, the scores for Episode 2 is the average scores of the Episodes 1 and 2 scores. The miscalculation happened when the score sheet from Episode 1 was arranged according to ascending orders of the rankings, so instead of Stephanie being the contestant number 14, it was Julian’s score in the bottom 14 that was added to Stephanie’s score back then which really pulled down Stephanie’s scores. Ino (being part of the bottom 2 and 3 for Episodes 1 and 2 respectively) was supposedly eliminated at the end of Episode 2. We hope you understand and thank you for continuing to support us!


SM Youth yeah they were the highlight indeed hahaha

#MARFINO totally ruled this episode! Much love to the strong bonds in this season!


DM Ram saaaammmeee!!! Wohohoho


Jey Liam hahahaha. Awww. I think Mark. lol or can be both or VersB. Wahahaha

DM Ram Sino kaya ang bottom ? Hahahaha

SM Youth Wow naman, support system


Klyde Brexler Basco triggered ako don sa sinabi ni Mark na magpakatotoo si Rufino at don sya mamahalin ng tao. Idk. Iba yung dating sakin. Ang evil ko. lol

im actually playing in my mind na sabihin ni mark "feel ko nga mahal ko na sya eh" HAHAHAHAHA


Sana may twist ulet tapos mabalik si rufino. Lols hahahah :



diba!!! kilig lol



DM Ram

Hope Stephanie would slay all of these people ! #Slayphanie ❤️

That is an amazing hashtag, Yu an!

I love each ep (i mean there’s only been 3 so far) but I really feel like 40 minutes is too long? But anyway, really looking forward to the next eps and challenges to come!!

Thanks for the input, Ri! We made the deliberation longer as requested by some of the fans to justify results! Hope that helps! See you next week!

#stephanieforsmyouth i see erika kristiansen.. if not Clarice morty, cause see looks like lily rose depp, anne curtis and natalie portman. Plus clarice jaw and hair ❤️

Thanks for the input, Dey! Will we see you next week?

Too early for Rufino huhu! THAT CONTINUITY GLITCH IN 5:30 THO! HAHAHA!

Shems Mark and Rufino bromance

Cute nila #Marfino, 'no?


We felt the sigh of relief, Aust2n! Thank you for supporting #SMYouthGoSee!


Thank you for the support! Hope you enjoyed this episode!


Hope you enjoyed the episode, Gimwell!

Aww that was sad :< BTW Ino really did great. Goodluck for his new journey!

Yes, Michaella! We're all rooting for Ino! We're sure he's gonna do great even after the show!

wow this is itttt!

This is really it, Gabriel! We hope you enjoyed this episode!


Thanks for the support, Christopher! We hope you enjoyed the episode!

That Rufino and Mark Bromance tho.

Hwaaaaaaaaaaa... Am I still going to watch this? :( #WildCard Please LOL

Mark looks like iKON's Chanwoo when he is confessin


#MaRino !! Omggg Hahahhaa. Sana totoo

#MarFino's friendship is definitely real, Sydney!

Wow! You think so, fam?


Omg! I love Rufino & Mark so much

#MarFino FTW! Sana magkaron sila ng shoot together!

That would be so good, Maynard! Thanks for all your support

Love that you guys are supporting #MarFino!

Sana may wildcard edition para makabalik si Rufino and let #Marfino continues.

We love them, too, Alanis! ☺️Sila ba favorite mo?

Thanks for always supporting Rayana, Riks! ☺️

We believe you should, Mushi Mushi! Maybe you'll find another favorite? ☺️What do you think?

Ang real, diba, Joric?

Sobra! Felt it to the bone!

Too heartbreaking and cute at the same time, right, Alexis?

Aww. Let's keep supporting him even outside of the show, Alexis! We're sure he'll still do well!

Aww let's keep supporting Rufino in his endeavors, Khen!

Us, too, Bondal! So many mixed emotions!

Aww Mark would love this, Bondal! Let's keep supporting him even outside of the show!

Nice one, Maryam! Thanks for all the support!

Nice one, Leonalyn!

Sobra! Genuine friendship right here, Kimpoy!

Aww let's keep supporting these two in and out of the show, okay, Koby?

Gynie's face when the guy was explaining the calculations. looool turuan mo nga sila mam. :))

hey! feel free FoLLoW my instagram gallery and channel here USERNAME is dboywhogotlucky hehehe, :), hehe, thanks friend!


Stephanie should be eliminated. she’s fat and cocky. but that Kyle Perry face is really EPIC. very high fashioned.

We love them, too, 제노이! Miss mo na ba sila?

Yikes! Haha thanks for the input, Eunesse!

Im rooting for sabrina ang jaime. Cross fingers

Thanks for the input, Joric!


This is very unfair for Ino!!! whats the consequence of having an internal error? they shouldve just added steph and went back normal and eliminate 2 ppl on the next episode. And the way they made the announcement was very dry. Too early for Ino to leave.

Hello Izrah! Thank you very much for your feedback, we appreciate them greatly. We would like to sincerely apologize for the miscalculation, and please do know that we prioritize the integrity of the show and its results above everything, and will assure you that this won't happen again. Also know that we are very much proud of Ino, and we shall continue on supporting and cheering for him in his future endeavors as we know that there are great opportunities in store for him. We hope that you still patronize the show and our next episodes. All the best!

wow the best

Wow! Thank you, Nathan! This means a lot to us!


Wooooooooooooooooooo..... it's unprofessional sh*t . So disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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