Should We Break The Rules? | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 22

Should We Break The Rules? | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 22

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Welcome. To the gcn tech show this. Week we've got micro, adjust stems and more. 12 speed more, 12 speed more 12 speed do you know what lastly I think we, should break some rules this week, mr., tech show. Firstly. Let's, start with some off-road, tech but don't turn off just yet and for those of you who don't straight to the dark side of mountain, biking well Shimano, have just launched, a new 12, speed group set we're not gonna go wild with information, though because over on GM BN tech Dadi will have the full rundown of it won't he even. Will but I think we should still talk about Jon cuz mountain bike tech is definitely, there's, a really influential place in robotics Lalli if you think of things like disc brakes and, stuff like that but let's start with the cassettes, on the Shimano the, new Shimano XT on group set there, are two or actually three conceptions but to 12 speed cassette options there's, a 10 through 245 and a 10 through 250, 150, 151. That's right so you've got a four hundred fifty percent gear range or 510. Percent guarantee. There's. Also an 11 speed cassette available, as part of this new X to your group so because the shifters are compatible with both 11 and 12 speed shifting that is cool that is a really cool feature isn't it another cool feature that I think a lot of Shimano fans will be grateful for is that there, is now a quick link on the XDR chain yeah, that's certainly, a welcomed addition isn't, it yeah something, that yeah. Quick links tool. Free installation makes. It easier for everyone doesn't it space it yes, now those cassettes let's not finish with them just yet because they actually use, a new type, of fitting onto the freehub so, Shimano. Have traditionally, used hyper glide for the best part of 30 years now, and that I think uses 13, different splines, to actually fit the cassette onto the freehub body whereas. Now they've got something called micro.

Spline Which uses, I think 21. Different splines, which is quite, different in it so. Maybe. You can offer a bit of an ex-player John like with. That will that benefit a cyclist, will that off help you to write faster, is there a marginal gain there what on the freehub yeah ah more. Splines on the cassette no. I wouldn't have thought so No I would have you're, gonna have exactly the same amount of contact really. That's the only difference, okay if you know different do tell us down the collar yeah can't, see why it would I think it's pretty neat anyway they've changed it 30. Years the. Rear hub on the new XT our group set has also had a bit of a refresh so it now uses a system. On the freehub called silence, which, increases, the number of engagement. Pools so there are now 60, of them there so that is actually something that will benefit riders and will help you to just get quicker snap when you try to come out the corners yeah especially when you in a really low, gear man it when you have that sort of bit, of free, space really well when you ride as slow as I do off-road anyway there's a bit of movement there so I think that's super cool plus, it's called silence and guess what it is silent apparently those ratchets actually completely, disengaged, when you free will so if you are hugging. Someone else's back wheel when you're riding along and you're freewheeling, they will never know I feel. Like we may have lost a whole section, of Pro bikes if silent free ups make their way over to yeah, over, to the robot world but yeah. It's its own different it's mountain by tech but like we said at the top of this section mountain, bike tech has a hugely influential part in what we, as rode riders generally. Right eventually so we think it's interesting do let us know your thoughts though yeah and will it go over onto the road time well we see jaw aches with 12 speed let us know in the comments, that. One of the biggest talking points in, the world of cycling in the last week has been that comeback and victory, in the Giro d'Italia of Chris Froome but we're not going to talk about that here because it's been discussed, in length boat on the gcn, race news show as well as the gcn, show this week but what we are going to quickly talk about is, that bike of Chris frames I never thought a pink bike could look quite as cool as that how good does that look yeah it's really good she so what they did is they took his usual. Pinarello dogma f10 and just. Gave it a coat of pink they added some pink accessories in there too including super. Fund attention to detail his, pink, computer. Map yeah, another, change that, you might have spied is that room actually didn't ride that exact bike during. The final stage and he, also made a couple of changes to seat, during. The last weekend, is here at racing choice a few e-guide cycling, fans spotted this so he moved away from his usual, favor of the physique and tires that he's been using for five, years five years and he, switched it for, some unbranded, slightly. Stripped-down models, later in the race yeah an interesting one now yeah really strange choice really unusual to see riders changing. Saddle full stop and then even more unusual to see them changing saddle in a grant or was, he at the end risky, and bizarre move yeah only one that paid off yeah anyway, I think it'll by looks good let us know what you think of that in the comments down below we're gonna have a vote poll up there oh yeah, I'm more tech later on in the show. Rules. Love, them or hate them we've, got to abide to them though don't, we well. I think the answer to that is kind of John, some rules certainly, others, maybe.

They're There for the breaking there's, a thing in Seiken called the voluma naughty rules and they're incredibly popular and generally, provide some pretty good, interesting. Light-hearted. And funny guidance, for psychos out there but. Should. We as cyclists who love tech break, a few of them yeah, some people take me a little bit too literal, don't they if you know. Have a little error on your bike or in your address something like that some, people out there actually quote those rules to you so let's take a look them at some of these rules actually the, ones which we should break as a cyclist, yeah it's how I think about tech rules be bumped yeah so. Why, this one it's all about the bike what you reckon about that well. I'm on the fence that I would actually John I think, that many. People get presumably. A lot of my views because this is a tech channel get, a huge degree of pleasure from focusing, on the really nerdy details, of their bike making it look as good as possible and, maybe don't mind, whether they're right at that fast other people or the total opposite end of the spectrum and they don't care what everybody looks like they don't care what it is they just want to ride fast yeah so I think there, is a place for both camps within cycling yeah I think that you know from. Cycling it is all about the bike to one degree because no, bikes no cycling, but as long as you've got a bike in good working order just go ahead there and ride it have some fun just get. Stuck in I think there's something to be said that but I do a thickness and to be said for detailed. Obsessed bike build well. Next one the next one we've got is rule number 14 which is that short should be black now I think you've got, well. This one definitely applies to you actually rule should all sorts. Should always be black yeah. Thanks for pointing, that, out, John. And I would agree with that sure black shorts are a good thing yeah, but I, don't, know I think you should be broken say, if you're world champion if you're in a leaders classification. Of a race just go all out make. Yourself look like a barber's, pole or whatever think, back to Mary of Cipollini, we need all those stars and stripes shorts, okay he, may have looked a little bit like an American wrestler bit like Hulk Hogan or something like that but it made a statement it stood out people talked about it I don't think should just be limited to black I think. Black are generally more sociable depending, on weather conditions but. Wet. Day in white shorts is not pretty so the next one we got is rule, number 31 which say so it's pair to use multi tools and repair kit should be stored in your back pocket I'm gonna hop straight in here John yeah because I'm gonna say that I, kind. Of agree but I kind of don't because. I think it's quite you. Know if you just hit nipping out for a quick ride if. You've got a couple of couple, of spares throw, em in your pocket that's fine, saddlebags, I think are a good thing for storing stuff but you're do need to be a bit careful because if you leave your stuff in your saddlebag for, ages like a couple of inner tubes and, you don't check on him you, might yeah.

You Might find yourself on the side of the road and. Pump it up an inner tube which weren't inflate because you've worn through the whole tip, for actually wrap your inner tubes up in tin foil or. Something like that there, we go so that there's a tip from John and also, a lesson. That we've both experienced, you can now learn from I think. However that pumps, should either be on your frame or in your back pocket don't ever let Sai Richardson, hear you say pump, on a frame he's got a big problem with frame pumps. Well. Sighs not here anyway and I said wow yeah. Don't. I don't know I don't like them in the back pocket I don't like things in back pockets again you got you, haven't got room for you are, more mature wallet, your phone those, things energy bars gels I think. Those you saddle bags they must be pretty all right well this is the tech show and this isn't directly, a tech pet hey like, a semi empty, saddle, bag that has enough for the metallic things inside to rattle oh no yeah that's horrible that's difficult so yeah and, storing everything in your back pockets that's entirely a boy duck so maybe. I'm the green baby I'm not yeah rule 45 John you pulled out slam your stem falls on tell us why Yeah right you know what it may, look good but, unless you're flexible, enough to actually get away with it then don't. Try and just copy what the pros do trying to be slammed and get really really low because quite often you actually gonna go slower, because if you're not used to that position your hips aren't gonna be able to open out quite as much as if you're riding maybe in a slightly less, aggressive. Position but you're able to actually release more power from your legs and the, pros don't actually always have their Slim's stems, slammed, rather that's a little bit of a fallacy, I think that. No. I think that the bikes just slam, stems look good but, I think if you're really into, tech you should consider how you interact, with your bike as an extension of that and you. Should maybe also consider, that slamming. Your stem might not be the fastest for all of us out there yeah, it might look good but in, the long run it, might not perform good, right, you next when you pull that it's called do your time in the wind yeah, an explanation. Well, I think we should break that because, it's, not always the strongest rider who wins a bite race coffin, it's our smartest, now your race might not be one way that sheep in a number on it might just be a sprint to the local cafe or town sign and you know if you've got bragging, rights over your mates because you've won that sprint because, you've sat on the back of the whole way it doesn't matter sit on there don't be your time in the wind just hide in the wheels and sprint, to. Relate that to tech sure. Do your time in the wind but maybe look at how you make your bike as air as possible so your time in the wind is, more. Efficient, exactly. That hazard less time in the wind yeah have a look around where the flags are flying you know that sort of thing wind, direction, try. And do your time on the front basically when it's the easiest time to do on the front right next up to send like a pro John right. Okay now pros they've got closed roads for this so, don't. Try and emulate them by getting down on your top shoot cutting corners, basically. Risking, everything the pros they. Write day-in day-out they're highly experienced, so, don't try and break that rule I've, got a couple of ways that you can descend not like a pro which, are you.

Can Free well although pros now do are, allowed to race on disc brakes of course most, of them still don't you can descend, not, like a pro with this brakes and descend, better and have better braking yeah. Winner win-win-win. And, rule 90 never get at the big ring never. Get out the big ring get out of it I mean unless you're on a one by system, then yeah you're gonna have to stay on the big ring but otherwise arthritis. Is not cool is it. No. It's not but riding in the big ring doesn't pretty cool it does, yeah but if you're groveling, to, the point of a standstill just break that rule yeah. So those are only the rules John that that we've picked out I think there are definitely a few I detect specific ones like I know of people who only have used white bar tape well. They only have used black bar tape guilty yeah there we go so let us know your unofficial tech, rules down in the comments and we're definitely going to read out a few of our favorites, next week we might even make a video of GCN Tech's unofficial, tale rules yeah like what bits of folklore, have you been told by other cyclists, rules these unwritten rules that basically, you, think are absolutely ridiculous, and we should break let. Us know let us know also last week we, spoke, at Bank basically should we go back to basics on cycling and 80%. Of people said no so that's quite conclusive, really isn't it John was wrong yeah. I was wrong. Now. The giro d'italia has, finished which is what, a sad time really isn't it but don't worry because we have spotted more tech being used there and first up is a new stem from NV and we've, discovered it's called the Aero carbon. Model stem so basically the riders of teams I mentioned data have been using it and this I think is a really really neat stem it, doesn't just look good but, also it, comes with different shims. So essentially, you can vary the angle of the stem as well as the length of it so plus or minus two and a half millimeters either way and also.

The Stack height - yeah. It's really cool I don't clearly. It is versatile, from the description, that you've just given and I really like having that, versatility, built into a bit of bike tech it's a stem that if you're particularly particular particularly. Particularly about your bike. Setup you, can obviously achieve, that with this product but, if you're not yet that. Nerdy or that geeky about it you can maybe use it to become a little more geeky and to experiment with your position on the bike maybe, find some what's maybe find some comfort depends, what your thing is and I think there's a principle to have on a bit of bike. Kit, that directly affects bike fit that's really cool and to have definitely, yeah I mean it comes in at $300, so it's not cheap does come with titanium bolts though but, yeah like you say you don't want to loads of cash on something and suddenly be but, you know what it's no good I'm gonna have to get rid of that so instead three hundred dollars and you've got a little bit of room to play around with it spot on another. New bit of tech John is that Roble and Roble are of course the wheel division, of massive. Bicycle, and component brand specialized, has, released a disk wheel so, prior to this they didn't have a dis will in their range so all of their team riders were using a none badged version, and usually. People use either, a lightweight, or zip. Disks, sometimes. I think. One. Of three brands but, now Robel, sponsored World Tour riders can have their own disc wheel and it's called the three to one quite a cool name for a TT well certainly, is now what's interesting here is that they've basically they've taken you know step into that this will market but, considering, the size of both you know wrote the road mark and triathlon, market, I don't blame them you know if I could cash possibly. I'll do that so now. The bearings. They come from ceramics beef so obviously it is a high-end, product and the hub internals, are from DT Switzer using their cool-sounding, ratchets. Interesting. To see that they've gone to those two manufacturers, of products as well yeah they do use them as well in their standard road wheels so presumably there's some sort of collaborations, there along alignment, Tek, a frame, that we've spoken about quite a lot mainly, because it's really really cool is Superman.

Miguel Angular Lopez's argon 18 or stunning, is custom painted but an, eagle-eyed. Viewer spotted that angle Rufus was actually, using, the. OS PW, system which, you're gonna have to explain John yep so OS PW is oversized, pulley Wilson, it was that simple, sort. Of makes and. That's from ceramic speed and basically, they are oversized, jockey wheels so they're on the reader alia and base, the idea behind it is that your chain, moves. Free us so it doesn't have quite tight, bends or angles to work with allowing, you to basically, get some watts for free or save yourself some what's in effect and you were saying to me just before we started shooting this actually the, Lopez. Is team Astana, are actually not sponsored. By ceramic speed so it looks like a product that Lopez. Or the team have gone out and got of their own volition to help the Royals go faster yeah I like to think that Lopez basically, spent some of his prize money or its pocket money and got it and bought that because, thoughts himself that's a little marginal, gain there I think if you're a Grand Tour podium, finish, it you don't necessarily have. Pocket. Money anymore, Weiss quite, young rider in it anyways but that. Sort of thing you can't hide can you you know sometimes. There are riders who use different handlebars, for instance and you can't necessarily spot, the difference but that you, can definitely see it on the bike so there's no hiding from it always could see or call to be, one of the first people to spot non sponsor products yeah another. One that we should update, you on is Sergio, any aus Pinarello. Dogma f10 it's a bike that John filmed, when he visited Girona earlier this year to shoot some of the pro bikes and you. Actually mentioned, I think that it would needed a bit of an update I did. Yeah and you know what I'm very glad that Sergio, can she watches the gcn tech show and basically he, listened to the advice because, he's got himself a, new. Fancy looking Pinarello and doesn't it look at beauty I like very cool do you know I think actually there's another rule there from those fellowman arty rules it should go in it should say if you're, a national, champion in fact a UCI role if your national champion you shouldn't have to have a matching bike helmet, and Jersey not, sure if you're a national champions of colors. Aren't predominantly, white yeah that's right yeah but a lot of people said about Ryan Mullen you know they asked why his Trek I don't, wasn't, in Irish national champs colors so there we are wrong. As always keep, letting us know your thoughts on all of the tech that we've discussed so far in the show down in the comments now for those of you who were tuned into, the Giro d'Italia last week you will know just how savage some of those climbs can be and well some of the pros out there it. Still amazes me how they get over those climbs so easily or appears to be anyway definitely. I think the whole, advent, of compact, chain suits has probably helped out many. Owners in the pro peloton it's, always interesting to have a bit of a look at the gearing that the riders are using for some of these climbs, maybe. To see if you can get some advice on what you should take although personally I would gear down significantly for, these guys it using so, they're, gearing that Tom demoon unused as we can see in this tweet from Shimano and this was for his own club stage it was yeah so he's using a 36, tooth inner chain ring and a 53, tooth outer so, pretty standard outer and not, a non-standard. Inner chain ring my, mother and he, was using a 11, through to 30. Yeah I would have thought 36:30, might. Even lead you over kid. Possibly. Yeah I would've thought 3628, would be I, think. 3628, if you're racing, anyway, but it just goes to show that actually those gear ratios do work because we do get a lot of questions about you know what what. Gears work with one so it's, good to know they've been worse for the Millea it will work for you providing, of course you've got the same less as him but, anyway you know what we mean John just hinted that he had better, legs and doom land by saying you thought you could ride the John Theurer on 36:28, I could ride it just very very very very very, very slowly if this video gets I don't know what. You say a hundred likes no more than a hundred laughs John will riders on Clara 36:28. Yeah. Thanks mate looks. Like I will now sticking, with the bikes of Tom Duma not so giant it would appear through looking at the list, of approved frames, from the UCI they've got some new bikes coming out for 2019, so propel rim break and also the defy and live, envy, so, we're probably gonna see some changes there yeah, interesting well I mean the, main thing you can tell from the UCI is approved list of frames is first of all that there's a new frame on the way yep second all that is approved, and thirdly you can kind of see what the name might be so.

Apart From that we're not really gonna know what to look for until we see it but we will keep our eyes peeled these, frames the race I told France another. Interesting, new tech development for me this week John is SRM. And looks collaboration. So, German power meter brand SRM, have powered with the original, clipless. Pedal brand french brand look to produce the SRM, exact, focus a pedal based power meter rather it, has four strain gauges and, actually. Compared, to luke standard pill it doesn't add too much in the stack height so you're not going to be grounding your pedal on the floor all the time each. Pedal there's got four strain gauges yes I think I look pretty good myself, no there. Are other parameter, pedals out there on the market and these do come in you know the highest price. I have all of them out there but let's, not forget that SRM, basically the pioneer, of power meters aren't they and look, didn't. Make the first commercially. Successful clipless. Pedals, out there so it's two companies, combining, who have basically, in a wealth. Of knowledge and expertise, in those respective, markets, the. Price that comes in at 1400, euros for, a hair or you can get a single-sided option which, basically just doubles, your path your power from that one leg to give you an estimated, top power can, you choose which side you get the single cycle so I have one leg stronger than the other so I'd like to choose, that side, and double. That power rather than double my weaker leg funnily, enough it's. The right leg I believe I'd be fine I think I think from memory from reading the press release is the right leg which I'll be happy about that suits my left leg is absolutely, terrible, yeah, and they are due for really essentially July. The first so. We'll. Assume that all the frack we won't David finally they've been tested by Andre Greipel and Adam Hanson so far so that's a couple of guys out there who certainly, know a thing or two about putting, somewhat same so we know they can record high power but until we've, got a girl in them we won't know about the ohm house there we can't confirm low K dance and low Watts now. Being, the fussy so-and-so I am, with cleanliness of a bike I'm, actually really pleased to see this product it could be ideal, for bike Packers, or touring, cyclists, but what is it this is the k wipe or quite not sure how you pronounce it from company, crank Alicia's apparently. These wipes, basically, have just enough product, to allow you to detail, a met carbon, frame and if you have ever tried detailing, a matte carbon, fiber bike before it's. Not that easy to get them looking fantastic is, it it's. Somewhat difficult John yeah yeah but, I don't know really how much they're going to appeal to those people like bike packing, or touring, because well, I think sort, of that off the grid style is what appeals them isn't it but anyway, if you don't have a hose pipe at home or lots of room you know maybe just get some and give you a bike at polish, yeah ideal if you live in a flat to be fair yeah plus, they're biodegradable and, the packaging, is recyclable, too, so that's all it gives a big thumbs up from me gusta, now, lastly I've got a little gift for you mate remember. Last, week go. On mate put them on get some Kom as a report back, Michelle. Thank you John Newcastle right I'm gonna do that all good thing which you don't really like do, this to you anyway, new shoes he's happy. Now. Last week we went, aerodynamic. And technological. Kind, off and we inducted, that she nearly airolite helmet but this week let's actually induct, one of the most iconic bits. Of cycling, tech ever. It's the Reynolds 531. Tube set it, certainly is so, the rails five-three-one tube, set was a manganese, molybdenum, medium. Carbon, steel, tubing. And had, applications, beyond cycling, as well so it was also used in the construction of aircraft and, it, was the subframe, on the Jaguar e-type but. What about cycling well it was hugely popular just due to the variety of, butting. Tube, diameters, and tube sets that were available so if you were wanted, you could have the 531, seat with the seat standing, for competition, you, could have the 5 3 1 St, with the st standing for special tourist or the 5 through 180 be a TB, of course all-terrain bike early, mountain bikes that's right now, rumor, has it that, as many, as 20, consecutive Tour, de France victories were.

Actually Achieved on board, Reynolds 531, tube sets now that is amazing. I mean I hope it's more than a rumor I hope it is so, so true but, sadly the, actual use of 531. Tube sets actually, went, into decline with, the increase, in popularity of TIG and MIG welding on bike frames because basically the tubes didn't react well to the heat being used which is quite a shame really but the, good news is for those of you reminiscing, out there is it's still available special, order only though do, you know what I had to find three 1c frames, absolutely, loved it probably one of the nicest bikes I've ever owned gutted, I got rid of it one. Of the many, that got away, anyway. Let us know your nominations. For, the gcn, all of Fame down there in the comments below and who knows maybe we'll, pick yours. Now. Bike, of the week time last week we put two time trial bikes head-to-head, and that was Mike of group armor fdj their Lapierre and that was up against, the Scott, plasma. Of mitchelton. Scott, and 72% of the votes they, went to the Scott plasma, so there we are, yes. Scant. Consolation, I imagined for the last week the Giro but did I make I mean to win the gcn tech bike of the week is quite an achievement, eh, don't worry mate just, saying oh no I'd rather have so this week John what we thought we should do oh I thought we should do is we should put up one. Of each of rooms latest, Grand Tour victory, bikes so you've got one the, yellow one from last year's Tour de France the red one from last year's welter and the pink one from this year's hero nice, thinking, last day three options have your safe and vote on that yeah vote which one are you gonna go for. Be. Telling ya. Now. It's the moment you've all been waiting for. To. See if your bike has made it into the bike bowl or not the moment where we rate it nice or super nice oh great, he's brought that Bell off the wall great nice one lastly, right. Should we crack on them let's crack on okay, first, up Connor mchugh Denver, Colorado, and this is, core. Max salsa. Cutthroat. Check it out there's. Some cool touches there he's got the Crankbrothers pedals, that you can use with you the flat or clips you've got Camelback. Bottle it's not a GCN combat, bottle but nevertheless it's one of these insulated ones got us a bottle cage mounted, on the on both, sides, the. Wheels are as well they. Don't. Actually. Matter. Massive ice over yeah so you're not gonna get wet fun with big old tires looks, to me like that is a heck. Of a chain stay protected. There. We are, these. Rang the old Bell here we go this is gates, Lemke's from. The netherlands and this. Is their giant TCR advance SL, rockin. Keyrings, yet hearing it's interesting, choice that. What. We got pair of fulcrum, wheels racing, zeros I think composition. It's really nice beautiful and that looks like there's a bike specific path if we look at that sign in the background. I'm. Gonna leave it nice it's a nice for me job is it well it's got the majority isn't it so it's a nice from me too no, it's a nice nice one case, whore. About, this hender, and this, is, from. Philadelphia that, is, a cool looking bike isn't as the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, fact Canyon arrowed CF s LX disc, new, juror a Scott, Reynolds wheels on it. That's. Right calorie bottle or eight thousand I love it I love the stealth black look I love them with this bike I love, the angler the cranks is right but what's the obvious thing that they've messed up on it's taken, from the non-drive side rookie.

Mistake. So he's a nice bike it's. A stunning bike but the, photo itself we're not going to give us super nice too because, it needed to see the other way around it looks, like the rear mechs a little bit uncomfortable there yeah it does, stunning bike nice, photo yeah, right. Here we go then Martin cup from, Utrecht, in the Netherlands this is their BMC. Oh beautiful. Colour isn't it give. It a super noise yeah that's yeah I think. Time. To talk about it but yeah super nice bike then you say much and, finally this, is Nathan. And this is the Imperial, Palace in Tokyo and this, is their Turrell CSI. Mini, fellow that's. A, cool bike isn't I've never seen one of those I've. Seen lots about these mini fellows but I've never actually managed. To get my leg over one but I want to go all these mini fellows basically, they're. Like super, trick, mini. Bikes but for grown-ups. Yeah yeah should. We see if we can get one nice, or super nice well witness, eyes that chainring it can only be super nice to me. There. We are he's rung the Bell a few times today and how. Jon do our viewers submit, their photos to buy ball next week well, make sure it's good photo that always helps but, email, it to the address on screen right now and include your name a very important, where you've come from a little bit about the bicycle, too and maybe, we, will pick you two in the bike well we have thousands. Of submissions and we're gradually getting through them so please do be patient, more, bike volt next, week so there, we are nearly the time for the end of the show but don't worry cuz we've got more great content coming up for you this week so on Friday I check out a bike with five power, meters, on it five, never thought it could happen anyway. Then on Saturday, I'll take a close look at, the bike of Ben Herrmann's of the Israel cycling Academy and that sees DeRosa protoss, it's got very fancy paint job on that one lastly yeah, and on Sunday, we're getting geeky as always, but we're gonna link to a video on the, gcn channel about his FTP debt and the geek Edition is gonna be right here on GC and tech on, Monday jon is going to show you how to fit a new chain ring not a regular job but an important one nevertheless and, then on Wednesday. It's the gcn, tech clinic, back to help answer your problems, and queries and questions, now, you remember as well to like and share this video with your friends give it a big thumbs up and what about these flashy girls were wearing last day definitely so if you didn't know shop global, cycling Network comm is where you can buy all of our, GC and kit so from Camelbak bottles, to park to a bottle openers to GCN, a sauce protein kit we've got our own range of fan cycling kit and. Our own hoodies and t-shirts to close out and it's one of the best ways to support the channel and we really really appreciate every. Single one of our fans heads. Yeah we certainly do and now for another great video click, just, down here and. Subscribe that, just.

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Thank god you didn't suggest I let the spice flow on my legs.

GCN is really overboard with the whole white shorts thing. To begin its not what color, its about do the colors match? Moreover, cheap white shorts in rainy weather is a different thing than reds, blues, or even quality whites. Who is worried about people looking anyway? I would expect such a debate in areas where cycling kits are still made fun of in a backward bigotry manner but hey its 2018, if you don't like what is showing then stop looking. The white shorts argument is no different than a swimsuit argument of the 80s and a tight sweater argument of the 50s.. In the end its all about how you wear something not what you wear... unless you're borat of course

Clearly GCN believes rules about photographing your bike are essential, but apparently disagrees with Rule 26 about both crank position and possibly inclusion of bottles. This is serious stuff, so we better get it sorted.

Only a clean bike is a fast bike!

Stephen Tuthill Absolutely agree. Toe clips aren't cool but they do the job....are probably safer.....and used to be used by pros until the 80's .

Do your share of pulls in the wind if it's not a Race. Benefit, Group, Fun, or Casual Rides, no one likes a Wheelsucker. Races on the other hand are all about strategy and fitness.

As a cyclist your responible for your own safety. In mostcountries roadrules and infrastructure are put in place by noncyclists and are often just plain yes!, definitely brake the rules if its not safe if you stick to the rules!

There's nothing wrong with saddlebags, pumps on the frame or shorts that aren't black. The rules that cyclists need to always abide by are the rules of the road. I quite often see cyclists breaking these (even the dangerous jumping of red lights). As cyclists we need to minimise abuse towards cyclists from motorists and we can start by being more sensible on the roads.

Yes, totally... Some may disagree, but for fast functionality I go for trainers and toe clips!!

Yes! We should break UCI-rules as there are better options available for us freetime and comuter riders than there is to the pros! We should also break all rules when they are senseless and apply them strictly where they do. for instance: stopping at redlights makes no sense but greeting all your mates while driving is really important to show them they value - i am just kidding, but you get the point being a cyclist shouldn't make us strict and mindless followers (even though we bend upwards and kick downwards) . From the joy of riding down the hill to the suffering of going up again (like Lasty) we should all enjoy riding and make it enjoyable for others. Whilst rules should give us a laugh from time to time (Look at their socks!) we should never let anything keep us or others from the joy of cycling. And that is best done by helping out and working together and only when everything is alright and everyone feels well, we can go on to make fun of socks or egos or gcn-presenters (that actually do a marvelous job). Thank you!

The rule I break is I wear road bike kit on my mountain bike. (Not GCN kit, I like my "Velo Poseur" strip.)

I was given a 2005 Giro leaders jersey from a breast cancer survivor

Lining up tyre logos with the valves. Completely pointless!!

Break some rules...only soft items in jersey pockets, a pump/ certain tools may become dangerous if you fall off bike

Rules? Ha!

Always do your time in the wind: if you don't have on a number and you never take a pull (or attack) then winning the sprint just makes you look like an ass.

"always remove the valve caps"... one of those rules that I deliberately break: keeping them has no downside at all. Quite the contrary: they keep the fragile valve pins protected from the elements to avoid corrosion or being bent. And: by keeping them I signal to my fellow riders: my style is "reason"; maybe hoping that to rub off on their perception of me wearing short socks, too, or keeping my glasses under the helmet straps! ; )

Russell clipless sandals?

I have sometimes done whole rides on the small ring, you can reach high speeds with those

I use a saddle bag and I carry a lock, oh the horror

Please throw out the veluminati!

Russell Must confess to occasionally wearing short, no no, socks just because it winds up roadies so much. Honest.y folks, at times it looks like you’re wearing a pair of skinny welly boots to pedal your bike.

GCN Tech, YES! Also, being in Texas the temperatures reach 100+ degrees Fahrenheit mid May. I say socks are optional! know that is extremely controversial (especially on here) but I am saying it anyways.

Break the rules. And definitely, don't order any of "the gear" if he ever offers anything but the book again.

GCN Tech. Sometimes.

I've very carefully and deliberately been giving the finger to rule #91 for a while now, since losing some weight is probably one of the last things I need...

and one of strict rules:no mtb cleats on road bike

oi mates,what about mapei quick step bibs?

Ive had trouble in the past with my freehub with less splines. The middle chainrings that had plastic spacers had dug into the freehub body and that way I could not adjust the gearing properly anymore. So maybe the XTR freehub addition might help in that case!

over 1,000 likes so John has to ride the Zoncolan at least 10 times now, right?

Noooooo... a silent freehub? How will people know you are approaching from behind? It’s dangerous to have a completely silent bike if you are passing pedestrians or slow moving cyclists. At least they can hear you coming if you have a noisy freehub, you’d probably end up having to fit a bell instead

Two rules: 1) Get on your bike 2) Enjoy it Nothing else matters.

pronounced "cor-muc"

Please feature Darryl Impeys new custom SA champion Foil!

Lasty... It looks like I'm riding the Zonc.

Suggestion for the Hall of Fame - pneumantic tubes and tyres cos wood, iron and solid rubber would be no fun. That would be Robert Thompson in 1844 then John Dunlop 43 years later.

Micro splines had to be brought in for 12 speed, as the individual sprockets are a little thinner, and the extra splines help to spread the stress over the freehub body reducing damage on the splines.

Still got my 531. Bought as a frame from Bike Tech on Park St in God's own city of Bristol, 1986 I think. Use it as my London commuter. Lovely smooth ride. Bit flexy and heavy, but oh so smooth.

Secret Sam999 spot on. Bloke who owned Caratti is a good mates dad. Yep, imported loads of amazing brands!

Jon Cannings wasn't it Caratti sport behind it? People who first brought in Spesh? Don't tell me you're as old as me

Secret Sam999 Bike Tech was a great shop. I spent plenty of Saturdays in there as a kid listing over kit.

Zoncolan time, Jon

Some of the Velominati rules give incredibly bad advice like the one about staying in the big ring. Others are arrogant elitism. A few are based on worship of a certain era of cycling and its fashions. And some are ok. What is bizarre is people who take these "rules" really seriously.

Question: Can you test how much power is lost from an out of true wheel?

Micro Splines = more contact points. Thus the cassette is less likely to cut through the splines on the free hub (like happens on many non-steel free hubs)

Rule #1: only poseurs follow arbitrary fashion rules.

Only white/black shoes

The reason for extra splines is probably to prevent the cassette sprockets from digging into the freehub body and gouging it out.

horrendous decisions on bike vault lately...

Classic stuff: Black bartape No short socks No creaking from your bike

There should only be one rule in my opinion. Everyone should learn how to properly maintain their bike. While a local bike shop can set it up for you, things go out of adjustment at the worst time so the likes of GCN videos are great tutorials to keep your bike in tiptop shape. There's nothing worse than finally deciding to drop into the small ring and it flatly refusing to do so or finding that you can't shift into the granny gear on that steep section. Everything else from short colour to sock length is fair game, but a bike that doesn't work properly just spoils a ride.

Finally they changed the free hub cassette body! Been waiting for that all my life!

Actually want that silent hub ❤❤❤❤

Silent freehubs are hear already for road bikes! Zipp NSW are epic and totally silent. Can suck on someone tyre and they never know...haha. but seriously, Zipp freehubs are silent.....keep up you lot.

11:09 - who is Arthur Itus?


I thought Pioneer was the, or at least a, Pioneer of the power meter.

“No peak on a road helmet”? But it’s okay for cap under a helmet?

Lasty needs to sort his hair “looks like a dam cockatoo “

Gotcha, no more rookie mistake on the next shot :D

I put my spare tube in a sock to protect it in my saddle bag

Did you guys not mention that Froome changed to a Specialized Power saddle because fizik are gcn sponsors. Not a problem, just curious

I reckon Froome changed his saddle to a TT specific saddle for the 80km attack he did on stage 19

The wall of frame suggestion. The Introduction of "Sublimation Printed Cycling Apparrel. Allowing for designs such as this: And this:

Another place to carry a mini-pump is between your right hand and right grip. My front tube was a slow leaker on my ride to work yesterday, but a quick hop-off and a pump-pump-pump every two miles got me to work on time. And I did keep the pump in hand for speed and convenience, not that I enjoyed the experience but I was happy not to be late.

The more splines on the hub means the load is spread across more places so they can use lighter metal for the cassette carrier - aluminium not steel - and the bike is lighter.

more splines on the freehub body will split the force to more surface and hopefully reduce the indentations from the single sprockets.

Rule #5 explains how to implement the rules which result in discomfort. Rule #1 covers the rest.

Great show, Jon and Tom, and those rules seem like some heavy reading. And heavy lifting. I am glad I never bought the rule book.

pls ride Zoncalan with 36-28 :D

Lasty is buzzed

On the subject of checking your spare tube in your saddlebag, when I get new tires I also swap out the tubes. I use the one in my saddlebag and put one of the new tubes back into my bag. Essentially rotating my spare tube every 2500-3500 miles, making sure I have a "fresh" tube when needed.

White anything on any part of your bike should be illegal. That is white tape, white tires (the stupidest of all), white rims, white housing, white pedals, white saddle or seatpost, white stem, even, dare i say it, white frame. It's gonna get dirty and stained in a matter of days and you're gonna get laughed at and be sad about it. Stick to real colors LIKE RED ! RED IS FAST ! RED IS COOL ! RED IS THE BEST !

ya can't give that blue BMC a super nice when its leaning on a brick wall !

I want some new shoes!!!

So will steel cycle frame tubing now go up 25% for consumers? To be honest anything made of steel or aluminium on a bike? Maybe this might be a good time if you are thinking of buying titanium, could it work out cheaper soon???

Tech hall of fame, please please please put the Osymetric chainrings into the hall of fame. Since Froome has won yet another grand tour, the chainrings are controversial, game changing and dominating with Froome using them.

Guys you have to get out to Tokyo and do a special on minivelos and all the crazy bikes here (even 2WD Subaru bikes). Would love to see it.

that Froome bike looks like a gum, so sweet and chewy

Cyclists being all serious is quite funny to me. I wish I disagreed with more "rules" because I take absolute pleasure in breaking them.

National champs colors should not be a UCI rule, as it obligates an expenditure from a sponsor that is only for vanity.

If you brag about a KOM, it is mandatory that someone in your group try to take it from you. Basically, defend your KOM.

WRT the number of splines: In theory, there will be more surface area between the cassette and the freehub, which should stop the cassette biting into freehub splines

tech rule NOT TO BREAK, mixing Campa with Shimano and Sram

Wall of Fame - Avocet bike computer

It should be a S-Works Power saddle on Froomeys bike

DA will be 12 speed for sure, its the numbers game as usual. time for catch up shimano

Looking forward to the Zoncolan video, should be good!

Well, this video has currently 1100+ likes, meaning John will ride de Zoncolan 11x awesome, can’t wait to watch that xD

The seat is not all froome changed

The only thing those rules encourage is the bullshit roadie elitism that all other types of cyclists make fun of.

I would not like to have something hard, like a multitool or a pump in my back pockets, if I took a tumble.

This is the channel of "Leave your comments down below". i like you guys and you cover interesting subjects, but do you have to ask to leave comments for every comma? People will comment anyway even if you don't ask them.

Thanks for commenting

4:01 You are wrong, it is an ugly bike.

Whose purple helmet did you have to polish to get those shoes?!!

With that slouch, it seems Lasty is all about aero even when presenting.

That TCR deserved a SUPER NICE

My Haefeli-Spezial 531 SL (1977) is best :). Weight of the frame is only 1600g.

I like the onscreen relationship between you two. Tom is really dismissive of Jon. Very funny! Liking the Zipp stem too. Similar looks to the bmc

Think you might like this GCN team.

It's not just onscreen that Lasty behaves this way. Jon.

Good day! I wanna know what tyres are good to use for all weather. Also, what is/are the recommended tyre width? Thanks! More power to GCN and I'll wait for more maintainance videos. You help me a lot!

This is my favourite YouTube show of the week . Brooks C15 saddle to wall of fame #ontherivet

Thanks Richard!

The new freehub means they can get the bottom gear down to a 10

GCN Tech do you think Froome changed his saddle due to the injury sustained before the beginning of the Giro?

GCN Tech possibly. The Antares saddle is the saddle that has the most width in the Fizik range. Maybe the width aggravated the hip injury.

We're not too sure Anton, what do you think?

I've got a new Camagnolo Bora one wheels and they are so silent. I love it but only downside is.. I can no longer use my hub cricket sound as a bike bell. The braking sound is very intimidate though.

Reynolds 531: a worthy addition to the Wall of Fame. My first "real" (that is, expensive) bike was made from 531, a Bontrager Privateer.

Froome has a specialised saddle as spesh Australia pointed out on social media

Let's get John up the Zoncolan on a mini velo!

Read somewhere (was it Bike Radar?) that the new freehub design allows Shimano to use Aluminium for the spiders and with that save some tiny bit of weight. That would be a marginal gain.

When did team sky prepare Froome's pink F10? Just after stage 20 or well before that?

Rule #5. "Harden the f@ck is up!"

1:58 "so maybe you can offer a bit of an explainage". I think Lasty broke a rule here by inventing a word. Good one! That's how the language evolves:)

How about a tech video for the best car roof carrier for your bike, the best trunk (boot) carrier for you bike, the best hitch mount carrier for your bike and the best car to carry your bike in, SUV or station wagon?

jeremy bedford Grate, let’s see a video about it.

Good idea but sometimes you want to go 50 miles away for a race or grand fondo and need some way to get the bike there.

Atera Strada bike rack... you need a tow bar, but works great, slides so it gives access to the boot/trunk, and will carry up to 4 bikes. Ps. I don't work for the company.

Or you ride your bike and leave the car at home

Brian Schiff really simple answer, Seasucker does it all, any bike, any car, any time.

Its a Giant tcr pro Not sl

It looks like Froome switched from a Fizik Antares to a Specialized S-Works Power saddle.

7:00-7:18 what happened? Edit: 7:00-738*

GCN Tech you're very most welcome :D

Hey Chad, thanks for pointing it out, we're looking into it

I really like the way Simon is rocking the cowlick, a nice retro Dennis the Menace look.

Wouldn’t more splines on the freehub mean less wear on an individual spline?

In regards to tech and staying in the big ring, just go di2 synchro shifting and let the bike decide for you.

In my opinion, always riding on the big ring doesn't make you look pro. I think that a true pro these days (both strong and smart) wouldn't cross chain becaouse he or she should know that, that action is less eficient than a good chain line, and the wear out of the components increases. If I see a cross chain, I inmediatly think that he isn't a pro or that his or her thinking is old fashioned.

The main reason is - Shimano, with the old freehub could only fit a 11 speed cog because of the size of the spline. The new micro spline reduces the diameter of the freehub to enable the fitting of a 10 speed cog, just like the purpose of the XD freehub in SRAM when they introduced XX1. It could trickle to road bikes as most road bike only have a 11 cog minimum. Why they spend money to re-engineer a hub, requiring consumer to spend more money changing to a new standard and didn't use the tried and proven SRAM XD standard, beats me. Ego I guess.

Tyrel mini bike, presenter challenge!

Very excited to get a Super Nice for my Salsa Cutthroat. To answer your curiosity on the wheels, they are catbon Brontrager Kovee Pro TLRs. Thanks again for the Super Nice.

Thanks for sending in your bike!

I still ride 2 Reynolds 531 frames, a 1947 Rudge Pathfinder and a 1950 Raleigh Lenton Sports, both running Sturmey Archer 4 speed hubs. They're great frames

Jack Mitchell you’re weird

Aluminum freehubs have a tendency to get gouged by the cassette sprockets, the new XTR Freehub has more splines to distribute the force more and prevent this (apparantly)

Like #649. Looks like John's gonna ride up the Zoncolan. Get to it guys. :D

How many times does Jon say BASICALLY!?

froomey used an sworks power saddle to help relieve his saddle sore

GCN Tech regarding number of splines on freehubs. The more splines the more contact area. Lots of people with explosive power (especially with really low gearing) can cause the cogs to dig little dents into the splines of the freehub. More splines (if machined well) can help prevent this in lightweight materials like aluminum.

Think Sky did indicate that Froomey was suffering from saddle sores so maybe that forced the change in saddle mid Grand Tour

My understanding is that Froome was using a 53/34 and an 11-32 during his 80k breakaway.

Bartape color should match saddle color. I've heard a few old timers say that

Has Tom just rolled out of bed! Comb ya hair Tom!

I have to comment, "The Rules" were not written by the Velominate but rather are "collected" meaning that they observed what the cycling community seem to do. When I joined a club in the mid 1980s it was almost impossible to understand what was going... Saddle bags, frame pumps, etc So things like using the big ring all the time, not wearing the yellow jersey unless you were Bernard Hinault.

I'd like to vote for The F10 in Prednisone Blue please

Most of the rules are crap. I break the EPMS rule. When I see a mini pump in the back pocket of a jersey, I just laugh. Rule V, IX and VV are the only rules that matter

I like descending Froome style on my top tube. I have disc brakes and the position lets me rest completely, even my arms...not too mention it’s really fast for no effort. In terms of pumps, saddle bags, and hard items in your pockets...why not just do what I do and stick them all in a second water bottle on the seat tube? Get a top peak mini pump, and keep a tube, tool, and some latex gloves in ziplock bags in a black water bottle. It’s very clean looking, safer, and more comfortable. I rarely do rides where one water bottle isn’t enough or I can’t refill it. Hydration beforehand is more important anyway. The saddle bag comes out for long rides, but that’s not the norm.

Hi guys! Could you maybe explain what clutch rear derailleurs do, how they work and what their advantages are under what conditions? Thanks! #askgcn #askgcntech

Nomination for Wall of Fame: Tubular Tires. Nothing says "pro" like a set of "tubeys". Who would you say is more "pro": The guy with aluminium rims with tubulars or carbon rims with clinchers?

TurneyUK it's dangerous to make a sound. What do people do when they hear something? They move or change what they are doing. You don't want them moving. It's far safer to be silent pass them with enough room to miss if they change direction. I see this in Japan a lot, people rings their bells, the pedestrians stop in their tracks, cyclist hits them. Stupid to cause accidents in the name of safety.


Nick Kidd :(

Timothy Perry not so, it makes it easier to locate the values when your in a hurry

Things that have happened to me thanks to following, "The Rules": 1. Cracked rib due to crashing on stuff in my jersey pocket 2. Bent Presta valve cores thanks to not running the valve caps on a CX 3. Probably too many bikes.

I HATE those rules on Velominati. Self serving elitist self righteous unsympathetic holiler than thou nonsense. did i say elitist already? Elitist. yes yes i KNOW they're just a bit of fun and i should 'calm down' but seriously - cycling doesn't need such fanatical hierarchy. The less said about them the better. Elitist.

Hello GCN. Have you ever had a feature about making green energy on your turbo trainer? If not, could you please. I love cycling outside but in Holland sometime you have make due with a training inside. Just like in the UK i would imagine. Would it be great to have a indoor training and also produce some electrical energy for the home. It sure would motivate me.

Recently changed my groupset... and went with RED bar tape instead of the black, not just because it matched the frame, but because it shipped three days faster...

rule number 101: red is faster

hahaha 1.300 likes oh Jon

Can’t go wrong with specialized power saddle

1.3K likes. John should do the Zoncolan on a 11-25 now.

I've never heard someone say, "explainage" before and now I am going to use it. Much better sounding than, "explanation".

I want to break you on the team bus.

Lasty mate, did you just roll out of bed? Looking a bit dissipated, as though you were out on the tiles yestereven

Frame pumps are a big no go for me. Looks odd. Slam that stem? Yeah if you are 20, but not at 49. Comfort is King! Especially if there is more riding tomorrow. Amen to #37.

Geoff Baker Definitely not safer.

Freehub? I would think that the addition of the splines on the freehub would increase contact area, this is probably needed to handle the additional torque from having a 45 tooth cog on the cassette

I suggested this after the first tech edition - I'm pleased to see it got there in the end.

please lose the bell

What’s happened to your hair ?

My mini pump fits in my Topeak small size saddle bag along with 2 tubes, patches, chain splitter, multi tool and quick link.

or just say something, passing on your left etc. Ezpz

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