Should All Pro Cyclists Use The Same Bikes? | GCN Tech Show Ep.23

Should All Pro Cyclists Use The Same Bikes? | GCN Tech Show Ep.23

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Welcome. To the gcn, tech show this week we've spotted some new arrow bikes we've got fast wheels tubeless. Wheels and, we're gonna have a think about how these new racing, formats like the hammer series my affect by tech yeah, could. It be a big difference bait, who knows anyway let's find out we're gonna talk about it make sure we hit the thumbs-up button let's go. Right. On top tell, me what, is hot in tech this week well John I spy with my little eye something beginning, with n b, and. B yeah. New bikes o new, bikes. Yes at, the critérium, du dauphiné e bora, hands grow and quicks their flaws arriving. What looks to be a brand, new era bike from specialists it, looks different from the current venge it has wait for it disc, brakes and the head tube is too, narrow for it to be a non-arab. Like so could will be a brand new venj disc yeah that's about time actually here's their spokes but you, know there's. Nothing wrong with the current one but anyway interestingly. The, you see eyes list, of approved frames and force hasn't been updated for a couple of weeks so, that bike isn't on there so, i'm gonna keep a close eye on that because well it's always good isn't it to find out at least an indication. Of what's coming in the future and speaking, of what else is coming in the future there's, a new bike and from Trek or at least what looks being you buy because also, spotted at the critérium, du dauphiné a are. The riders of Trek seeing afraid of on board this oh. Yeah. I mean that, looks very much like it could be a brand new track Madone disc, exactly. A trek medon't disc, so, there we are so it does keep, the same lines, basically in same shape, more. Or less doesn't it the current mode oh yeah. I think John, it's really exciting to see two massive. Brands coming to market, potentially. With, arrow dislikes, yeah I do like and, also interesting, is the underside.

Of The top shape of that bike appears, to have the ISO speed basically. Vibration. Damper doesn't it so I want you can adjust its, me to make it a little bit stiffer or a little bit looser. Yeah. And that's actually you saying to me the early that's in a different position yeah. Yes and rather than use ones yes rather than it being on the C tube it's been moved onto the top tube which is really interesting now we haven't managed to get up close, you. Know ourselves, but I have been looking around on a few different forums, out there and there are some spice shots or fan, shots basically and it's, called, what. Apparently people think is the Madone 9 so there, we are and it that one if you look really really closely, it's even got a sticker on the seat tube of the, you see I approve frame but it's not only you see I approve list so it looks like maybe the person who updates that list has gone on holiday. Yeah. Yeah, seriously. Sighs yes, pull. Up us I'm gonna stop just that there's got some new handlebars, on there as well so remember, the old integrated, one one piece yeah this looks to be a 2-piece set up okay so I wonder. If it's similar to what I saw on a Arvin a-team I think it was where you, can actually extend the, handlebar, sorry. Rather extend, the stem to make it a little bit longer and reach yeah. Because previously, on the Madone the frame. For, seat, to seat, post obviously and the handlebars and stem were, a unit, right yeah so if, you wanted a 14, centimeter, stem and 42. Cents we had there was one piece and there wasn't really much room to change that without buying, a whole new thing so yeah, maybe you create, your adaptability for the riders too yeah and I wonder as well if those handlebars are actually a bit like what we find on some bellows where, they're arrow shapes where they are definitely area shapes at the top but, they are mounted, using a traditional. 31:8. Stem. I don't, know I can't, wait to get closer and look at this because it's I'm, just bubbling. With excitement basically. God calm down. Anyway. We'll have some more tech for you later on. Within, Pro Cycling John I think you can now ask the question of how. Much is tech affecting, the sport so, it does a big, team with a big budget big. Sponsorships. And the best equipment and access to the best information about. That can inform their choices on using that equipment have, a huge, advantage over maybe, a smaller team with less of a budget or a rider, on a smaller team who is really, fast but you, know doesn't have access to same equipment yeah. Now we've got thinking about this due to the, inclusion in, this year's Tour de France of a stage which is just 65, kilometers, in length and, the, riders, are going to be gridded, in such. A way based, on their overall status. In the race which. Could possibly. Leave team leaders, isolated. As are away from their team so, essentially, making the racing, possibly. A bit more lively because there's going to be no cohesion, available, right from the start yeah, so it's a really interesting one and it's perhaps something, that may be there. We say equalize. This thing so if your domestiques, on that stage are in 50th overall your. Team leader might not see them so, you're potentially, removing the team advantage so stage 17 is gonna be fascinating to watch but. Back, to the tech side of things it got us thinking about it because in sports like Formula, One there's. A move towards having, standardized, equipment so, Formula. One has a tire sponsor, every team in Formula, One has, access to different.

Tires By. This manufacturer. But it's down to the team which ones they choose to use all, of the tires it's a different compounds, and stuff like that which you can tell from different coloured sidewalls, and all these times have a barcode so the organisers can check up and make sure that everyone is using the mandated, equipment, yeah now could this work then in, Pro. Cycling I think it could and, I think it would be quite interesting if they did that as well therefore, eradicating. That problem of maybe, team. Having, some artists, and tires made for a special event and then also removing. The possible, negative comments. From armchair, fans who say. When a race is won on a particularly, wet technical, descent or in the case of Perry Roubaix for instance where it's, always, talked about the tire choice there basically, no one at home can say well it's because they're on the best tires in it that's why they won, you imagine being a slightly nervous descender, as a rider you certainly, lose the excuse, of my tires, aren't as good this year but no I think it could be really interesting just. Kind of technological moves. Like that and the other thing is that if all of that becomes centralized, we might as fans get access to more statistics, we might know the tire pressures and the tyre compounds that the riders are using does. It take, no to be fascinating, yeah I reckon as well we would start to see team, cars with, an unbelievable. Amount of wheels, in them because, I can just imagine it carnac one team seeing another team using some tires and thinking hang on why. Are they using those tires, today yeah well while a, yellow bar toke today yeah and then suddenly you see them all stuff at the side of the road and stopping around it just be interesting. To see who. Knows maybe we will see it and, not directly linked, but this next one was, brought to me basically by an idea from Adam Hansen who actually said he would get rid of feed zones in professional, bike races these speed zones. They're. Just. If. You're into forces, in today's society would. Never pass Health and Safety Act. They. Are dangerous, yeah, that's certainly an unorthodox. Idea. But it, maybe does raise a few interesting points because you, know some teams have the budget and the staff to have helpers. Positioned, on the roadside every 40 or 50 kilometers so about every hour of racing, and other, teams just don't, and probably never will yeah, so it brings me the question really should, riders. Be self-sufficient, in, a race so. Started the race basically, they have to take all the food they want with them for the day on. Now and, if they do want more food they. Have to stop roadside. At a shop, for some food bear with me it sounds stupid but this is minimalist this is what rises in the Tour de France and other races historically. Used to do it wasn't it there's like a very. Famous photograph of riders essentially, almost. Going, to shop and just smashing. And grabbing but we don't write us to do that but I think it would be. Interesting. For Pro Cycling to see how riders then would start to conserve their energy and, also, would. Teams. After a stop actually start, working, together with, other or with the peloton take advantage, of that if a very, strong teams stop off it cetera so who knows if John Cannings ruled the cycling world and this was to happen and I think, the chance of John rule and cycling world and also there's nothing but both quite slim not going to happen not gonna happen i-i've, got questions about how would that happen so, you know would it be a move towards, top two bags and a triathlon, please no yep. Would you you know some massively, Aero try bikes actually have storage. In them and we see that on some ebike so you know it's this video Steve I'm a mbn you, know some of you bikes have storage like a rain cape or so-and-so would ride as that should be storing food in their bikes as. Like a technological. Solution to John's, presumably. Quite harsh potential, rule yeah. Or they start wearing ruck sacks and riding along like a mountaineer. Or something because they get through a lot of drinks, and bars, and gels don't they again you know like not totally, clear to this but the rucksack point is quite an interesting one because we, saw they, were actually, outlawed. In road racing at one point because Frank Schleck used, one, on, his, stomach in a time trial which filled the Aero void between his body and his travels yeah people. Have tried all these things in the past and, they get back and so don't worry you won't be stopping off in a supermarket, for your Anjali's. Not John, will not be running the world like, anytime soon.

Power Meters so. I'm. Not sure that I totally, agree with this train of thought to be honest I know that there are many cycling fans out there who believe that before the advent of power meters and riders. Been using been training for a long time but it's maybe only in the last 10 15 years that, they've become light enough for a whole team of riders to spec them in feel that they can use them in a race without being a disadvantage, so, fans believes it because riders have access to absolute, performance figure on their handlebars, that's. Kind of taking the panache out of racing personally. I feel that that sells the previous, generation of riders a little short because they were likely more calculating, than that and I. Feel, it sells this generation, a little short because you, know they I think they kind of do ride with panache and sometimes, if you feel good you just got to attack yeah, I mean I'm I'm sort of in really, the same camp as you are with that so when, I was a kid watching Pro by tracing every single attack you sort of amazing and yeah they did have parametres, and it. Wasn't just donald feel obviously they you know they knew, what their bodies were like and how far actually they could sustain these attacks. For but, still, ultra, impressive, is when you see a team riding up a mountain eight riders in a line riding. Full gas knowing, that they've got this amount of what's basically. Left in their tank until they blow and then the next guy takes on i still, think that makes, by tracing super, interesting, definitely. I actually I've, got a question what do you think is the most influential, bit of tech, in. Cycling, the. Most influential, bit of tech in cycling, I would say. Gear. Levers its, diameter it's gotta be the power meter I'd say gear leavers combined with brake levers that's new thought yeah in the car yeah am, i right am I wrong pammi or Gail Devers or what, when. You were a kid watching cycling, was it in black and white because, we've got some shots of Matt in black and white I see why yeah because you know you're quite old with when you're kid you called no I know we didn't have TVs when I was a kid then. What. Do you think I am now moving on from that there was actually, talk about one bike brand sponsoring. The entire, world, tour so making it a completely, level playing field I guess as, well as getting themselves a hell of a lot of publicity I mean, this is really what happens with Kiran racing in Japan so all the riders that they do use standardized. Equipment, so nobody has significant. Advantage over the other one yeah. I, honestly. Really, liked that idea for like one racer year I think imagine how cool it would be if like you, know pick, your monument maybe it's Perry Roubaix maybe he'll Lombardi oh maybe it's Milan San Remo all the teams all the riders on though on the start those races are on the same bikes same, wheels carnage everything, like that however, I think as someone. Who really loves bike tech it would give me serious cause for concern if that ever did roll out to the entire season because, what. I think you'd find is some. Of the smaller brands that we love some of the meat even the medium-sized brands might, actually start, to kind of suffocate. From the lack of publicity and slowly, fade away yeah, be a real shame actually not my personal point of view I don't think it'd be a good idea I mean. We've not even touched, yet on team. Vehicles, chefs, dare, I say race radios. Ah this. Breaks one bye oh no, I mean it is a world, of tech out there isn't it it certainly is so let us know your thoughts should you, know should cyclist ride on standardized, equipment should. Power meters be banned like how much influence, does tech have over the results of the bike races that you and I love to watch we're, going to have a poll as well and. The poll question is should there be one day one, major race in the year where, all the riders are under standardized, equipment it's up there I've really am I supposed to yes yes yes, what what bike would you choose and what race that, it had to ride on because, steel black is like so cool so yeah just steel down shapeshifters, toe clips. Right. And Jon what is hot in tech this week it's been a big week because we're getting closer to the tour that's a big races yeah lots of racing going on well first up I spotted, Vincenzo, Nibali at the prologue of the cry to him to donate and he was using this, he was using a TRP. Front, brake instead of using a Shimano direct mainland's, on his murid a bike there that's, an interesting choice to make I mean it does have an aerodynamic, shape to it doesn't it it does remind, me as well if they all Campagnolo, Delta, brakes which well, they were pretty.

Heavy And it, won't hatch that good it's stopping you, they did however look, seriously, cool and they have their rightful, place in like cycling's. Design. Kind, of water flame, something. That ice why john was a new helmet from Mavic on the heads of the venom concepts even the Criterium, did donate, looks really cool in my opinion yeah now there's no information is there now on the website right now anything else yeah but. Yeah I do, like a helmet no I think that one looks fantastic. Big thumbs up from me and then, if we go over to the hammer series in Limburg, I spotted, the team of aqua blue sports and if, you may remember they use the bikes of 3t, so they're the ones with a single chainring won by yet, you remember no oh and disc brakes however. In, this team time trial they were actually using last, year's sponsors. Bike so that's Ridley, and. Well, the. Reason being three teeth and actually make a time crop bike so those Ridley's they were kitted out with -, -. Chain rings and also, normal, brakes there - it's. Interesting isn't it because 3t that that, bike they do ride on Norway the Charlotte is a. Aero, bike, isn't it you know it's an area won by bikes sure, they could have hacked or budged it into a TT setup but anyway some. Interesting, news there yeah, I think that you said the objective word, there is they would have had to have hacked or botched it so maybe the TT bike was just the better and the easier solution yeah, another. Thing spotted there John on the bikes of track Sega Frodo so we're actually using a pro. Try spoke front wheel now, generally, we see them go for Bontrager front, wheels from, the TTS, from their sponsors although Pontiacs. You don't make a tri spoke for disc so, naturally, they're gonna have to go away from the team sponsor, for that but, yeah I haven't seen another try spokes before no no if I was them I'd probably remove. The decals, so basically it matched up with the rear wheel because those disc feels they used do if I have Bontrager on them so I just put some bonds rate the decals on the front but, maybe just maybe there you have a separate, sponsorship, deal for Tom troves who knows who. Knows and, you are a perfectionist I am, buta. Old I had a close look at this picture here from the Sun Webb giant development team and it's interesting see this rider at the bucola diliman is actually using, the first edition. Of the george di2 group set so that's what ten years old name and also on an old giant Trinity frame there now. Before, you go also what well that's ten speed so there's not really a, huge amount of jewelry success, knocking around there but do you know what I think is absolutely brilliant about this it's the fact that those riders, if they progress on to the next stage, you know the next level of development essentially. They're going to get themselves Tom. Newman and replica bike aren't they so it just goes to show you. Don't have to be the greatest get, the latest but when you do progress you are gonna get the greatest cycle, really is true but it's quite an average motivational, quote though isn't it yeah it's a bad quote, from me yeah anyone.

Related To that seems guy have, launched, an initiative much like we did at the 2011 Tour de France where they backed the World Wildlife Foundation to. Try, to eliminate the use of single-use, plastics, on the team so, they've got I've totally redesigned Jersey it's, particularly noticeable that it has a massive, thing is a killer whale or an orca on, a vacuum it I think looks really cool definitely, a standout on the peloton yeah now some of you will remember I think was back in 2011, at, the Tour de France when Team. Sky do the similar thing with a World Wildlife Foundation, so, they had a green white and black jersey there and that's certainly stood out now apparently, as well the team are actually going to take to the team presentation, of the Tour de France wearing, jerseys, made out of actual recycled. Ocean, plastic, material, so I think that's a brilliant, place get, the pun there to, actually, make. A bigger awareness, out of an issue which could affect what is going to affect our futures, in it let's face it if we don't stop using this single-use, plastic, so I doff my cap to you Team Sky yeah. Sorry, I was just recovering from your pun John but again. Moving away from single-use, plastics to carbon. Fiber wheels so zip has announced a new, and, updated every, popular nsw, range, of wheel services 303 the 404 and the 808, so, what they've done is they've increased, the internal rim diameter, of the wheels so, it's got up to 19 millimeters, meaning that it works really. Well with 25 millimeter tires and works really well aerodynamically, as well with those tires the wheel, tire interface is actually particularly important in aerodynamics, plus. A really, cool update you don't see very many full carbon tubeless. Wheels in the oven now and you, can do that now so you can use them to bus or tube whichever you prefer, good work from zip and sticking with it I've also just. Announced basic they're going to be launching, some new 303. 404, and 808, fire, cress wheels - they've been busy over there haven't they they certainly haven't I think the really cool thing about those, wheels is the technology. The showstopper, technology, that gives us a very very nice sample in the break if you've seen any of my pro bikes I love, a good free hub sound think noisy bikes can be quite cool provided, it's not noisy, and broken it was like meant to be noisy and meant to give a cool sound yeah. And also, intact John our colleague Katherine of course was over the, dirty cans of 200ml gravel racers, and Katherine has a bit of an update so, we're here with FSA and we've got an updated, Metron, 60, bar which is due for release in 2019. So, as you can see we've got a flat profile, across the front rather than the 10 degree sweep of the 5d model and also, a few interesting modifications. To the shape of the bar not only to make it more ergonomic, but also a little adjustment to account for the fact that a lot more people around running, hydraulic, disc brakes now cheers, Katherine and it's good to actually see those handlebar seeing the light day because we saw sonic, operator using them back, 20-17, cry team to donate and also the Tour de France so, I'm looking forward to seeing those hit the shops yeah I'd be very cool finally, for tech news or extra, tech news because there has been a heck of a lot of it this week there's. A very cool collaboration, in the works between. Red bull racing and BMC, bicycles, so they're going to look at electric, bicycle, technology that's all we have at the moment but I think those two companies combined could turn up something here, those it's two combined that is gonna be almost, like the Masters, of like this tech wizardry.

I'm. Really intrigued anyway more tech next week. Wall. Of fame, time, and last week we inducted, the Reynolds, five-three-one, tube, set that was used to build literally, tens of thousands, of bicycles all over, the world and this, weekend let's go aerodynamic. Let's go high-tech let's, go fast, let's go flashing the, disk will indeed. So the disk wheel is an aerodynamic, often. One-piece, construction that. I think still looks fancy compared, to many. Wheels today there's. So much going on here that is actually there's, a lot to discuss, so there's, different, constructions, different, materials and just different, appearances yes, now these, are actually used for the first time racing, in, 1984. Which shows how I would actually they are and. That was my Francesco, Moser during his hour record, attempt, and he successfully broke it now interestingly, those, disc wheels back then were literally, a one offs being, made probably using quite rudimentary methods, and made of, material such as wood or in fact aluminium. Yeah so safe to say things have changed a pretty significant, amount since, then especially what's the big players in the wheel game got involved Mavic, for example had a maverick comet, disc and the, comet actually had weights, that you could add to the spoke, also around the edge of the rim there's like slots basically to increase, the flywheel. Effect of having a heavier disc wheel and then, you, had Campagnolo, we've had the Ghibli disc wheel which had an iconic, shield, logo on yeah. Well. Yeah then I mean basically technology. Of manufacturing. And materials developed. And then we've got the likes of this now I mean this believe it or not it's actually 20, years old in fact over 20 years old so carbon fiber is now, commonly used material. For disc wheels I think they still, look so, advanced, people always say you know those solid wheels that people ride around on you know this is people who aren't heavily, into cycling, they instantly, recognize, and then they yeah, I think one of the coolest things you see is very occasionally, in time, Charles when they're flattened optically wonder you'll see people use disk wheel front and rear yeah that'd be, honest. With you fills me with absolute horror, when I see someone using a front this wheel and doors, I think. It's cool anyway we need your suggestions, for next week's tech, wall of fame so do leave them in the comments down below. Bike. Of the week time and last week we had three bikes beat develop all of them belong to Chris Froome and all of them celebrated a Grand Tour victory, mm-hmm, and the winner was. And I said you didn't predict this person or a drum roll or not yeah, go for a, and. The, winner was Chris, rooms red of well turbo always 38 percent of my I didn't expect that did you fair, enough it's a nice bike yeah, and Brent yeah red cars apparently go faster so do rate - who knows yeah they certainly get more folks certain, around here right, so sticking. With red bikes I'm gonna. Put together two bikes this week so that, Trek, that we've spotted so. We don't know much about it so that's really all. We can say against. That specialized, that we've spotted so. You. Know what to do boat, up there that's the drill and we'll with a red bike win our red banks faster bike of the week spotted, edition yeah this is very special. Right, then time, for that favorite, time of the week for many people out there the bank vault where we rent your bikes nice, or super. Nice, let's. Go John start off Rob first up there is Philly, pyat and this, is he. Actually described this as his midlife crisis, bike, it's a Kent Eriksen it's a size sixty. Five centimeters. Because, Philip is 2. Meters and 3 tall and from Austin in Texas, it's. A super nice for me John straight off the bat I like, the fact that it's my custom, made presumably. Titanium, bike yes well manufacturer, the. Build looks really, good and I, have, never seen a bike that big so super. Next. Up it, looks like it's a super nice then what unfill eat I didn't get to have a say on that one anyway next, up, Mikko.

Joel Cannon from, Helsinki, in Finland a canyon. Air road, tell. You what I will imagine Finland, to be just snowing. Well. Clearly it's not so nice not, saying so I think that's super nice what do you think. Right. Okay, we've got Sebastian, Boris and this is a 1993. Steel. Olmo. And this, is in Bucharest, in Romania, looks like a cool road to right yes is. That a couple of old izo star water bottles, on there there's not much seeping, out is this that is that the original build, so with those sto lose oh yeah it's got Shimano. 600. The trickle all edition so yeah that is the original, Sebastian, you, know what it is super. Nice. Right. Stefan, us lamp, Reedus of Pyrrhus, in greece sorry if I've messed up everything in the present, us. Throughout I think I got grease right anyways that's, a tricky Monda ALR, nice-looking. Box down there isn't it. And. That it's been taken is such a one look at the, blurs. In the background it's a super nice photo is it soon on I like vice versa. Yeah. I, think for, me actually it's, just, nice yeah. I'd like it to be miss very nice elf oh yes very nice not general super, next book right, final, one in this week is from Timo Lorenz this is their Scott's eyes and they're, from Hannover in Germany, I am. Gonna go for a night alone job yeah it's a nice bike. I think. Location, could have been better, shadows, in the background, and such, but yeah it's a nice bike Timo John, how do you. Submit their Bible, right they need send them into the email address on screen right now and tell, us about the bike yourself, and where. You come from - that would really help so, that is it for this week's GT on tech show it is yeah I always get sad this time week anyway, we really want to hear your thoughts on our lead story and all the elements to our show so make sure you comment below make, sure you hit the thumbs up button make sure you share this video - yeah and what other video should the viewers go to that school or I think, they should check out oh, the. Latest GCN tech clinic where we answer all the problems and queries that people have out there that way there's a link to that on the screen right now there's also a link to the gcn shop which is one of the best ways to support the channel and there's, our logo on screen if you click that you can subscribe yeah then you can look just like last and I.

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Let us know your opinion on whether pros should have to use the same equipment

Never use the same equipment. Ask Henry the Eighth.

White socks should be standardized specification, with a designated team stripe area.

So, all races moved to Zwift then? That’s basically where you’ll end up if you take this concept to its end. Everything the same in a controlled environment...

Instead of imposing just one brand all teams could be restricted to a maximum budget as well as the maximum value for the individual bike. If each bike needs to be commercially available at a maximum cost of for example £5000 this would give all the brands involved a great opportunity to show off the capabilities of producing high-value kit

We kind of have that in track racing, like Japanese keirin where bikes are really similar in spec with strict rules etc. Maybe it would be fun to see a road series equivalent? But it should just be another thing... A limited series of racing on really similar bikes, but not a replacement for the current more open rule tech filled racing.

That’s how Keirin in Japan keeps it real. Every rider uses equipment certified by the NJS (Nihon Jitensha Shinkōkai) to keep the competition between athletes and not the bikes. Keirin is one of only four sports where gambling is legal in Japan. For some events a single standard bike would be great.

Cycling teams can't afford to lose any equipment sponsers, So No.

Of course not, because optimization is related to the rider's characteristics. Would you put Pantani on the same bike as Indurain? Of course not, the latter is much taller. But it goes beyond - a bike optimized for Cipollini is way overbuilt for Nairo Quintana. And so on. Over-standardization simply introduces other biases. And it has already been done (and abandoned): Desgrange made riders assemble in national teams, riding yellow bicycles supplied by the Tour organizers in the 30's. That didn't get far. (Rumour is he also wanted to standardize how much food the riders were allowed to eat).

No. Just no. That's all

They might start using standard model for TTs. After all, cyclists call TT "race of truth", so there will be even more truth revealed about actual abilities of cyclists when they are racing on their own and on same bikes.

Yes - at least some races should require the same bikes, or at least same specs, including the frame geometry. After all, many sailing competitions use same model boats for all participants, and if not - the organizers adjust the actual time of the boat to its hull geometry ("hull speed", etc), so you can come first on a long hull boat, but loose the race to one on a smaller kraft.

Martin Durych yeah true, I'm sure someone would pick up the empty spots

Matheus Barbosa on the other hand it will open sponsorship area for non cycling brands ( like in yachting- ocean race or America's cup)

Interesting idea. However, I do think that part of the reason bike/component companies sponsor teams is to showcase their tech. So it's as much Froome v Yates as it is Pinarello v Scott. If that makes sense. Standardizing the equipment would take away those sponsorships eventually

NO!!! the making of everything standard 'could' be interesting. but. we would loose the actual interest of the racing! F1 or nascar is losing favour with fans because it gets boring when there is no development in tech. this show would dissapear pretty quick if all riders could only change their frames!

Big Ring second thing is that if continental or world championships will use one brand bikes, there is possibility that the manufacturer won't provide them for free, thus ruining some national teams...

J Dex : Thank you for your comments. I agree with you completely and you saved me a lot typing.

Communism comes to cycling? There practically no difference between today's top bike models. Formula 1 is garbage. The best cars win nearly all of the time. It's neither sport nor sporting.

No I don't think Pro riders should use standard equipment, I don't think it's good for the sport or the bike industry in general, like in F1 and MotoGP a lot of new technologies are tested in these sports and trickle down to our cars and motorcycles our sport is no different we as riders normally benefit from new bikes and tech tested in the big races

I guess it would pretty much kill the drive for tech innovation and enthusiasm and thus profit, and thus quality. I'm not sure we really need much better tech now, but it's fun and it keeps quality companies making quality stuff. I think it's rare that the tech makes the difference in a road race. It's mostly incremental advantages in a sport that's won by surges. If anything I suspect the money has more effect through training and support than through tech advantages.

Ranvir H 225 Thanks!

I don't think that main problem is in equipment (bike). Bigger teams have better overall support, training centers and so on. So unification of equipment wouldn't work (isn't necessary). They should consider some budget limit (depending on number of riders, number of races and so on).

Do you mean the same saddles and handlebars as well?


Robert Wilcox I really like that idea. Only for WC races, though.

I believe using different equipment leads to more innovation in the sport. Also, since cycling is still relatively affordable compared to other sports (ie. sailing, formula one), I do not see the need of moving to standardized equipment. The main motivation with standardized equipment is to reduce the cost of entry and allow for more competitors to participate, which I do not see as a concern in cycling currently.

Yes, just as soon as UCI only allows riders of the same height and weight.

One needs to understand why motorsports introduced standardization, one reason was to save costs, the other was to level the field between multiple teams. In cycling every team runs the drivetrain from sram, shimano or campagnolo. So that is already standardized. Next every cycle is 6.8kg, so that is also standardized. In the end, peter sagan would win the workds, whether he rides a specialized or a colnago, because unlike motorsports, it is about the man and not machine.

NO. Never. Nein. Non. Nie. Cha.

You are wrongly assuming all this tech is designed for the pros. They have to ride small bikes with crazy long stems to get a reasonable fit. If bikes were designed for pros, hardly any of us would be able to ride them due to the extreme position! Power meters, radios and any other technology is fine with me, there should be fewer rules not more. I want to see the best of the best win, that includes rider and technology.

I think the opposite 1 big race per year the teams should be allowed to use unrestricted bikes and kit ie: no weight restriction no kit restrictions no aero restrictions, just safety restrictions. Imagine the leaps in technology

Depends on what we are calling "equipment" and no, I'm not referring to bikes. I think all bikes should be different. I would even like to see pros on steel bikes.

As much as standardized equipment would reveal which athlete is more 'fit' it would be boring.

E bikes for 'fast food' hmm L;

GCN Tech I could write a long article as to why pros can have different equipment but in short innovation and advertising are driven by brands etc etc etc- the sport 100% depends on pros riding different bikes


Also, this stage of the tour making the riders start in a grid to defeat the advantages of a strong team is another asinine idea spawned by the same whiney putzes that want to use whatever power they can find that will somehow drag down the other guy to "equalize" the field. It's a rush to the bottom mentality and not one befitting the sport of cycling. If this becomes a trend, don't look for teams to stick around too much longer and you should immediately cease talking about cycling as a "team sport" since it will be so in uniform only at that point.

This is an insanely ridiculous idea and illustrates the destructive cultural obsession with forced "equality." In the US we already have a racing series doing this called NASCAR. It has resulted in the American auto manufacturers becoming lazy when it comes to R&D and contributed to the demise of the American auto industry as it now falls far behind the rest of the world. As a fan, I watch the races as much to see the new tech that must be available to the consumer, as much as to watch the competition. If we're going to force everyone to use the same tech through some centralized controlling authority, why stop with bikes? How about shoes? Cleats? Nutrition? Couldn't they all have an effect as well? Why not toothpaste? Toilet paper? Shouldn't they all need to suffer the same possibility of saddle sores?


I never care about armchair critics, haters will always find something to hate on. I like the idea that pros should use equipment as the public, but not standardized equipment. Innovation is a huge part of cycling and we get that innovation by allowing brands to build within a certain set of rules. That innovation trickles down to the general public. Standardize equipment and take away competitive innovation.

Yes, the pros should use the same bikes for at least one major race each year. One year, it might be a one-day monument. Another year, it might be a multi-day stage race. They should mix it up. And I'd like to see the race organizers pick a different bike manufacturer each year to provide the bikes. Similarly, the groupset, wheel and tyre manufacturers should be rotated fairly as well. That way, the publicity would be shared among all qualified road bike and gear makers. And I'd like to see the bikes painted to match the team colors of each team. Further, I'd like the race officials to oversee the sizing of the bikes to each cyclist so cyclists can't game the system by choosing an undersized frame. These races would add a new element to pro road racing that would be very exciting and draw a lot of interest. Most of the year, teams can use their sponsor's bikes and gear. But having one or more of these special races each year on the same equipment would be great fun.

One stage of the TDF should be on kids tricycles - same brand of course...

world championships everyone on same equipment just team/country colors for the bikes

Something like World championship races could (and should) be ridden with standardized equipment, no food stations and without any help from others. There should be a race, which would test only the rider, not the team and tech. Individual effort. For other races it's not really feasible.

GCN Tech pros should have to use the same equipment because then they have no advantages or disadvantages because of the weight. Anyway great

In a not so quiet word, NOOOOOOO!!! Standardized equipment is a bad idea! These manufacturers can do their own little race series like Porsche and Ferrari do for Motorsport, but keep them as novelty races, not UCI official races. The reason I say this is because limiting to one company basically creates a monopoly. Allowing all sorts of manufacturers encourages innovation and competitive pricing. Plus, I would like to argue that it levels the playing field. Different riders perform differently on different products. A larger rider demands more from their tires than a smaller rider. And finally, with all the standards the UCI places on bike design does level things out a bit. Sure some may be “better” than others, but by how much, really?

I think it would be fun for one-off events for everyone to ride of the same bikes and stuff. Make the event be sponsored by the companies that supply the equipment

Love the idea of everyone on the same bike, it is the great equalizer. Rather than one bike each season, have a different sponsor for each race with no repeats in a season, allowing for a very lager number of bike companies to get publicity.

As an Audax rider, I would LOVE to see a 100% self supported bike race!

Keirin is so standardized because of the huge gambling aspect of the sport. While, you can't ignore equipment, I think it will always be 99.5% the rider. Tons of riders move teams every year and continue to have either success (or mediocrity) despite the bike sponsors.

My tech innovation would be to get rid of team cars. Settle on a standard for neutral spares, and all riders can share the resources. Same for radios, only have one channel per language that is used to broadcast time gaps, composition and safety information. This will reduce the size of the convoy and make it safer. It will also save the accusation that the tactics are coming solely from the DS.

No, but maybe they should be a no holds barred tour with no limitations on bike design?

No radios, no power meters.

We can’t wait to get our hands on it too, only seen a sketch of it upto last week. Spoke to Ryan Mullen a few weeks ago and he hadn’t even got his at that point. #excited

Agree on braking and shifting on same levers. I still enjoy riding with downtube shifters, though there is a huge advantage to shifting at the bars.

Most influential Rear mech

The ultimate test and decider each year...ensuring parity across the tech involved...surely the World Champs are the perfect race to have everyone on the same bike?!

Lasty lambasting geriatric John.

You should take a look at the M5 2-spoke wheels. Supposed to be faster dan discs.

Most influential bit of tech has got to be the rear derailleur. The ability to change how pedaling cadence translates to wheel rotation has made bike racing what it is today. The second most important (in racing) is probably the radio, so teams can coordinate and plan strategy based on how far the break is, etc.

Maybe not all the same brand, but it would be interesting if all the bikes had to have the same exact weight, gear ratios, and parts. So it would be OK to have one team use sram and the other use Shimano if the sprocket and chairing sizes were exactly the same on all the bikes, and so on with all the other parts.

most influential tech: team radio

Most influential bit of tech is the rear derailleur

The Idea of the same bike for all HAS been used in the Tour de France before WWII. One type fore all and the exact problem was that the tech didnt follow the “real” cycling world.

I would really like to see something like "neutral service" for feed zones, so teams aren't allowed to have their own soigneurs (more accessible for the smaller teams) and the "neutral soigneurs" could be fans/volunteers from the local area that the stage goes through. It could also be a really good way to get young people involved in cycling! As for the other points, I agree with Michael McDermott pretty much.; Self-sufficient rides would make the race less interesting as everyone would conserve energy more. Single manufacturer would mean tech innovations are less important - worst of all it means less choice!

Lasty looks tired...

IROC style. International Race of Champions. Race between riders of all disciplines...

Ride single speeds, steel frames...then we are talking

Lastly doesn't seem to be positive and shows slight agitation between the presenter's on the videos. Slightly annoying.

Had a nasty accident 5/16..... bike vs pedestrian resulted in a broken hip... keep up the great GCN show, as i need to live through it "bikearously"

Omg. That trek photo with great depth of field was defo a super nice!

I like the idea of 1 race where everybody's on the same bike. Also, power meters in pro cycling are great, I think the Giro is a perfect example of 'power' vs 'feel'. Dumoulin rode to power and Froome rode more to feel with his huge attack.

How about a race where riders use one of their personal bikes?

Truth be told I don’t much like the bike vault. It’s mostly matchy matchy stock bikes. It’s kind of like pictures of Ferraris — sure they’re super nice, but they all look the same. Also, the whole picture composition, crank arm position, valve location thing is wearing thin. All in all, it comes across a bit mean spirited. You guys are better than this.

I do like Katherine as a GCN presenter

In reference to the new zipp wheels, check out Hopes new RD40s

I also think there are too many motor vehicles in the peloton. There should be no spare bikes or wheels other than the neutral service ones. That would reduce traffic.

Most influential bit of tech : the pneumatic tyre.

I love the idea of banning feed zones. The team should have to carry it’s own food. Think it might be dangerous to extend this rule to water. Not sure what to do about that.

I think the food thing could be solved by having mandatory pit stops. Everyone would be required to stop at a designated spot. They can eat, drink or sit around and do nothing but they would have to be at that stop a certain amount of time. They could carry food and drink with them but with the mandatory pit stop(s), they would only need a limited supply.

#askGCNTech 100% Dutch power meters. Great for training but put the strategy back in biking.

I just wish electronic gear changers weren't allowed, everything should be mechanical for the riders.

I like Kathryn, would be good to see her doing more presenting.

the making of everything standard 'could' be interesting. but. we would loose the actual interest of the racing! F1 or nascar is losing favour with fans because it gets boring when there is no development in tech. this show would dissapear pretty quick if all riders could only change their frames!

Combined brake/shifter levers are the biggest thing to come to cycling as a whole, they effect so many cyclist around the world increasing safety on the roads as there is so little need to put your hands in positions where you can not reach your brakes. While powermeters might be the very influential invention to hit pro cycling, they are nowhere to be seen but maybe in the legs of very very serious hobbyists outside of the pros.

GCN Tech : After you standardize the bicycle, you might give each rider a time handicap based on past performance. Maybe, also standardize "performance-enhancing-drugs" which would be a mandatory part of the riders' diet.

No I don't agree with the concept. There is already a shortage of money in the sport and you would take out the bike manufacturers with standardized bikes. It is not about the bike anyway.

Looking to the future, let's use identical bikes ridden by identical "smart" Japanese robots. Get those pesky human innovators out of the equation!!

Suggestion: do bike of the week with 2 viewer's bikes that you pick from what was sent to the bike vault. That way we'll have a vote between a wide range of unique bikes. This is like the 5th time the Venge has been on the bike of week battle... there only so many pro teams/bikes :/


Bike vote Specialized ;-)

Same equipment, yes. But with a the Hammer series, it should be a new proper race in the calendar, maybe a different bike every year. It sounds exciting!

They basically use the same equipment as it is. Who would even care?

Going to a standardized bike would kill a lot of innovation. Companies use racing as a testing ground for new technology and excuse to push the limits of design and materials. It's also a cost effective way for brands to get their name out to a global audience Without racing, advances in bike technology would be left in the hands of the bean counters.

As a trail runner myself it would be interesting to see more sports becoming self sufficient, perhaps a few aid stations with gear and food, chosen en delivered upfront, but no support cars. Or perhaps it could be a new category.

Both the specialized and the Trek are both approved on uci now

Nice greenwashing by Sky

The F1 comparison is apt. Having to carry your food is about the same as the fuel consumption situation where near the end of the race a driver has to stop pushing and the race is effectively over. The other thing is that too much standardisation discourages innovation .

Wonder when the 3T TT (5T???) bike will be released

Ban power meter head units in races. They can record the data for reference, but not see it whilst they are racing.

Strange dynamic between these two, some segments should be funny but they are produced in such a way that I go "eh, ok" ps. thumbs up on giving super nice to steel bike, still think those are the coolest looking frames by far

I'd rather see one race per year that banned power meters and race radio than one where every person was forced to use the same equipment.

#askgcntech I want to start riding gravel but can only fit a 28mm tyre on my road bike. What tyres would you suggest?

There was shadows on the first bike ( it was judged super nice) so the fourth bike was robbed.

Do these two get on....a bit of ying yang going on.

yes, we do.

Ban race radios so that breakaways can actually have a chance.

I don't think that the pros should use standardized equipment because right now we have the 3:1 ratio rule over the bikes and I don't think that anyone likes it and the standardized equipment would be the same thing because it stops technological advances and then once more the triathlon riders would have better equipment than us the roadies. I will end this opinion by saying that it is only my opinion

Taking the one bike event to the ultimate, what about running the Milan-San Remo on team tandems, where all the team are on one 8/9 person bike, supplied by a single supplier.

There should be a limit for a team's annual budget, to level out the field a little bit and prevent one team employing only top riders (i.e. Sky, Team Quickstep, etc.)

race radio has def been the most influential piece of tech. it has completely changed the dynamics of the breakaway, and I think we see more dominant sprint teams as a result. I will even go one further, and say that because more teams are built around sprint teams / stage wins, it has thinned the GC competition in grand tours which allows for only 2-3 teams to have a real shot for the entire year.

No, bikes and gear are standardized enough, and it would be boring for everyone to ride identical bikes, but when there is a big tech breakthrough, everyone should know about it and at least have the chance to adopt it, like that jersey at the Tour time-trial in Germany, the one that seemingly upended the status quo. And an example of tires making a big difference in racing would be NASCAR in 1994 when one team used Hoosier tires instead of the usual Goodyears and that team with Geoff Bodine as its driver won some races until they were told to switch back and then didn't win again. And an aside, Geoff has used his money and expertise to develop better bobsleds for the U.S. Olympic team since the 1990s. And an auto racing series, IROC, gave the same-car-for-all a go, and it drew big-name drivers and seemed to be popular for awhile, but everyone in the same car was like everyone driving to work or something, not really special. But as Lasty said, in bike racing, sure, identical bikes for a special event or stage could work, maybe an Eroica bike or even a bike-share steed and why not, a city race on city bikes.


I'm really enjoying reading the passionate views from you all. My views, keep cycling as it is and developing new fancy tech! I love gadgets, gizmos and advancement. Jon

If I've sent a submission for the vault and you didn't feature the bike yet, should I re-send?

Yes Nick as we get so many submissions!

which of froomey's bikes came second though!? Also, if that cowbell's a bit much, you could probably stuff a sock or two in it to dampen the sound a bit without changing the quality too much. All the best!


Aren't there already UCI rules about the bikes and tech?

Modern drive trains make biking more available to more people and must make it easier for the pros.

What is gong on with Tom Last. For the last two weeks he looks like he is mad at the entire world! He has a snarl barely hiding behind everything he contributes. Come on man! Get a grip and get on with life. This is the only one you have!

Idea-make the hammer series TTT pursuit on standard road bikes or aero road bikes, and not time trial bikes

How about having a neutral vehicle(s) that provides all the bottles and food? All the riders (or their domestique), will have to go back to the feed wagon for their needs. This should eliminate the sticky bottle issues and set a level playing field.

Unified equipment rules would stifle creativity in the road discipline and we would only see the super cool tech being shown off in Triathlons or Mountain biking. I really think that when you're good enough, you're good enough and whilst teams like sky do get the best marginal gains, at the end of the day your watts come from your individuals legs, and racing results would probably be as random as they are on standardized equipment as they are now without it

Okay. If you guys are set to retire, keep causing the damage to the bike world with ridiculous questions and damage through the pitiful attempts to sound relevant. Gone, it seems, is the day that one would come to GCN and be educated and entertained by a positive presentation of the cycling world. Now, all of your shows are a desperate attempt at what appears to be a need for relevance. How can you believe that the fans, who wait for hours or watch for hours on television, want to see a cattle call while a team shops for supplies or delays in a performance of a team in the "zone". Grow up and be a big boy. Its competition. Do you even think about the consequences beyond your attempts to seem as though you are presenting new and/or fresh ideas. Simple homework assignment, investigate auto racing. Formula 1, Nascar, Indy Cup and motorcycle racing as a start and see what the downfall of restricting innovation provides. It killed power boat racing in the US. In fact, the result of innovation is what has brought about the increase in mountain, gravel and cross events. But I guess GCN believes that eliminating competing manufactures is a good result. If you ask people who were winners and successful on the tour would you get the same questions as you would get from a "never was"? Maybe you could add some more innuendos about Froome to further cast more negative light on an industry that sees cycling and the retail business declining. Who is causing the shift in focus and intent at GCN? Maybe that is where you should have your poll questions for the subscribers. Or are all of you still trying to understand what a "Tiger Slam is". I though the "tall puppy syndrome" was a product of Australia or did it originate at GCN? Bottom line, you would serve the industry and yourselves much better by promoting an atmosphere that inspires encouragement and not negativity. People come to a sport to be entertained, not bored. You need winners and dynasties. Don't worry, they always change with time!

Leonardo Divinci I will start saving for my flights to Southern California

Jon. Very kind of you to reply. The point is what are all of us doing to promote and not diminish the sport. I apologize for sounding heavy handed, but the tone of GCN has really changed. You personally have been a great addition. I am appreciative of your response. If you ever make it to Southern California, I am sure we would welcome the opportunity to host you! Thanks again for the reply.

Leonardo Divinci we never said these things should happen, we want to know the viewers thoughts and views. Leonardo you are obviously passionate about this, displaying your knowledge over what happens/happened with F1, NASCAR and suchlike. Thanks for the comment.

This whole standardised equipment idea is very naive. For starters, it takes away the incentive to innovate and bring new tech forward, but also, when you see the sport as a business, it means that no brand would be willing to invest in sponsorship, thus killing the sport. The way forward is always embracing new tech.

I would say yes they should ride the same bike so the only thing that matters is you. just look at every other sport. for official races. also, have some weight classes for featherweights, heavyweights and other. and yes they should have to fend for themselves.

getting rid of feed zones makes their riding more like mine, which means I can relate more.

TechHOF- Slanted top tube

Yes, race radio! Would be important complicated subject for those wanna sign for new team...

I wish race radios were banned so the peloton wouldn’t know how far ahead the breakaways were

Is cycling too tech-driven? No! Cycling is based on technological advancement. You name it, every kind of bike relies on technology. Even a bamboo bike. But there is one technological breakthrough that should be highlighted. It led to the modern bicycle: the drive chain. This requires a level of sophisticated and consistent quality engineering that was only attained in the last 150 years or so. No, cycling is not too dependent on tech. It's totally dependent!

if & when they do use identical bikes, Tannus Airless Tires would standardize the whole tire thing perfectly, no flats & no excuses..

No, because us gear heads watch for 1) new bikes 2) new tech 3) riders...and 3 is optional. The sport is there to support the interest in the industry otherwise the sport would not exist.

All pros on a single bike? Yes, Buffalo bikes! That could be donate after the race.

Should footballers have to wear the same football boots?

I guess boots is slightly different to the bike you ride on

Logical answer, no. Alternate answer, it would be interesting to see a 'brand specific' race. The 'Trek Classic' for example. But it will probably never happen, why? FOLLOW THE MONEY! BUSINESS REASONS!

Ban race radios then you'll see a change in the action. I keep preaching about this but nobody is listening. How would banning power meters make a difference?Lastly, I would like to see the stages shortened. These clowns are just on a countryside joy ride until it's time to pull back the breakaways, so boring to watch.

I don't think the grading system to be used on stage 17 in the TDF will change anything. Basically the stage goes up hill from the start so the non climbers will be left behind and the climbers will then have the space to move up and get along side their teams leader fairly fast. The only chance that it could cause something to happen is if one or two of the teams have a few riders like 4 or 5 in the top 30 and they decide before the start that they are going to attack from the off. They'll also have to decide that they are all going to pull for just the one team member as the rest will have to be willing to bury themselves and sacrifice their Tour to benefit the 1. Seems unlikely and is a very risky stratagy as its a all or nothing, they have to be able to hold off a concerted effort to bring them back by most of the other teams, not just the Tour leaders as they will all want to protect their placings and lastly that team will basically have burnt all their matches so they will now have to hope the rider they chose to back will now hold on and not fade later on in the race as the other options will have lost a fair amount of time. The fact there is no time difference between the groups of riders as they start, so basically all they are doing is moving all the riders so they start in their current position in race means it's not really that big a change.

I've heard a whisper on a podcast that 3T may be trying to quickly produce a frame for Aqua Blue that takes a double chain ring due to either dissatisfaction from the riders or their unsuitability for the upcoming Tour de Suisse parcours. On a separate podcast there was an interview with the Aqua Blue mechanic and he wasn't exactly raving about 1x systems as he's always having to change cassettes, chain rings and chains.

AussieKopite which podcast? Thanks

Wow! That TREK is so sexy!!! However, I wonder if it’s faster than the non disc version? It probably is...I think, this is he first time I’d be slightly tempted to buy disc on the road. After all, sexy is everything!

can't speak for everyone, but I believe part of the bike race show is seeing the competition between manufacturers too... everytime a new bike comes up is exciting! as seeing how a strong athlete does when he changes equipment i.e. viviani (doing an awesome job on the venge for quickstep), landa (looking foward to see him attacking with valverde and quintana on the tour) aaand kittel doing great work on advertising (hehe..)

Pro teams should have to use off the shelf bicycle technology, if it isn't sold in the bike shop then shouldn't be able to use it.

If riders needed to be self sufficient then the poor domestiques would just have to carry all of the stuff for the team leaders for the entire race.

Excuse me guys but UCI women's race team Boels-Dolhmans have been racing on Specialized disc brakes bike all year! With the number of national, world's champs and women's cycling biggest super star, how could guys not noticed!.... SMH....

Race radios! def the most influential tech

A big part of pro racing is bike makers advertising their brand. If everyone road the same bike, that entire aspect of the sport would disappear. Tons of sponsorship money would evaporate.

What people need to remember is that pro bike racing doesn't happen for the sake of it and never has. Most races were staged to sell papers and although the papers are less influential now it is essentially a sales pitch for sponsors and manufacturers. The racing is a side show and the result is only marginally more important than the drama!

CnE . A Raleigh shopper.

Make them all ride a Raleigh Grifter for one race a year.

Zipp is late to the party. Giant make full carbon TUBELESS wheels. Specifically the SLR1 and SLR0 wheels which come in 30mm and 55mm depths. They did that a couple of years ago.

Jon and his deckals again. Dee-cals, cal as in California. Queen Elizabeth II would not be impressed.

The 3t strada would not make a great of tt bike because it has a super short front center, that would compromise the handling a lot more than a regular road bike would.

I could ride without power, but I’d never go back to downtube friction shifters.

In regards of one type of equipment I would say YES, and here's a thought: for the 3 grand tours for the whole year each bike manufacture should bid for sponsoring or providing bikes for all the teams, so the first year CANYON, second year, COLNAGO, third year SPECIALIZED, fourth year TREK and so on....and let the teams pick the components tires and etc... It would be interesting....

It was interesting to hear Dan bring up the point about short stages in the GCN show, and personally adding variety to a tour can only be a good thing. Following that trend, perhaps one stage like the Prologue or a TTT might be the way to add spice to a grand tour by supplying all riders with the same equipment. I wouldn’t like it to go any further than that though, for the same reasons you boys pointed out in the show. But like cricket (yikes) moving with the times for entertainment value can only be a good thing for the sport, if only for a single day!

Same bike one race per year... Great idea !!

I agree. Integrated shifters.

I have read of a pre-ride check after doing everything mentioned. Pick the bike up a few inches and drop it . Any odd noise would give a clue to a possible problem.

We are not allowed to get assistance on the local 162km Bergen-Voss Grand Fondo - and in the first group, nobody stops at the food stations (treated as a race). That means carrying 2 extra 750ml bottles in the back pockets and 13 gels in the other. Possible, but not easy

the world championships should have standardized equipment

Such a shame your one example for using a single supplier or std gear is F1 which has become a bore because of just that. When you go single maker you also remove innovation as they don't need to make new stuff when there is no competition. Maybe cycling should go like le mans where you have different classes racing at the same time. So you could allow different makes/models of bikes but class them based on the advantage they give.

Look, tech is fucking awesome...but it only give the best of the best an edge. You could put Froomey on a 2006 Pinarello Prince and he'd still dominate the entire Peloton.

a great aspect of cycling is the myriad equipment combinations. every soldier should know how to modify his weapons as needed standardizing gear would be awful

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