Shopify Tutorial For Beginners: How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store (Step by Step 2019)

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners: How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store (Step by Step 2019)

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What's going on guys in this Shopify. Tutorial. I'm gonna take you through how, to create a Shopify, store step, by, step, and not only that I'm going to show you how to create one that's both clean, and actually. Makes, you money and looks extremely. Good. That is the most important, part when creating, a store anyone, can create a store but you need to make it look good and actually, have a store that makes money, so if you have no coding experience nothing. Like that don't worry I'm going to show you step, by step how, you can create your own store, so you can start selling products online whether, you're doing drop shipping or just. Selling your own products online and you, want to use an e-commerce platform like, Shopify so let's get started and I'll show you exactly how you can get this done alright guys the first thing we need to do is actually go and get a 14-day. Free, trial Shopify, has one that you can use you can see if this is what. You want to do and they give you 14, days to do it so if you click the link below in the description you, can get your 14-day, trial and you can start using, this platform to sell your products online now the reason I love this platform guides is because you don't need any coding, experience, to actually go out and get this done so the first step when you're starting is to go into the address bar and just put in the address you, want to use obviously. So you can start the store so Frank, could you come ahead then, there's my I don't want to say man email because I'll get lots of emails but I put my email in there and then we're gonna go start free trial then I'm just going to put in my password and, you. Want to put in a store name so whatever you're you know whatever you plan to name your store now this isn't really that important, because I would, recommend you get a custom, domain anyway. This is just the name of your store so I'm gonna name this will save and get phishing, freaks. We're gonna we're. Going to make, a. Phishing. Website so, just put the name of your store so that's not in there we'll just put a and a little bit of an S at the end so we can get the get the store because obviously guys some names will be taken, and then I'm gonna go to create my store which, is a really simple process now, um I will just let the store its thing and then we'll be back okay. Guys we're back now and what it's done is it just needs a little bit more information so, you. Know just tell them some stuff I'm not selling products here I'm selling, products just online donors, going to put I'm not selling products yet, revenue. I'm just gonna put up to five thousand dollars really, just depends that I think I'm pretty sure this is just for survey purposes, and, then. You. Don't, want to take that because you're not doing a store for a client and then click Next and then this fellow and all your information guys which I will do right now so, once you have this information guys, you can scroll down and click into. My, store this isn't my real address but we'll just use it for this example. And then, once we get to this we. Click this we. Should be in our store alright guys no once our store is activated, it will look like this and as you can see it's nice and clean, and it's easy to navigate and this is why a lot of people like to use Shopify, because you can create a store without, doing.

Any Code, and it's really easy to set up so I'm going to show you step-by-step how, to do it right, now now, on the Left guys you can see some simple navigations, so we have home orders, products, customers. Analytics. Marketing, discounts. Apps online store. And settings, and I will take you through all of these and explain them all to you as we progress, through, this video, the, first thing I want you to do guys is click on a little I icon, here, that looks like an eyeball and it. Will actually show us the store. And as you can see it doesn't look very good right now because we need to add quite, a lot of stuff into the store to, make it look nice so we can start to get sales so let's do that right. Now the first thing I highly recommend you do before doing anything guys is installing, a theme and a free theme so, you can do it here but I want to go and click on online store, here and go, to themes, down, here will automatically, come up and this is a standard theme now. The reason you want to install a theme first is because you, don't want to change, themes later on once you've already set up a store it just becomes, a hassle so you want the first thing you must do is go, on choose. A theme so I'm gonna go to free themes down here explore, free, themes and I'm gonna show the one that I use guys and when, I've got my own custom theme now but when I first started doing Shopify, and dropshipping this, is the theme I used venture, everyone. Uses. Like Brooklyn, and stuff like that but if, everyone's, using the same theme you don't stand, out from anybody else so I recommend, venture. Guys this is a great. Free theme it looks good they have different outlays and stuff like that it's mobile optimized. As tablet optimized this is probably the best free, theme when, it comes to looks and just kind of like you know how it, just looks a lot better than all the all of the other themes and it's, free so I'm gonna go to adventure. Here now we are gonna, show you how to edit this theme and make it look nice but, what usually happens, guys is we're starting from a skeleton, site we don't really have any idea of what we should follow so I recommend going to the Shopify blog and they actually have a list of 50-plus. Exceptional. Online stores built, on Shopify and just, scroll down guys I'm just going to give you ideas, of what, you can model and follow, and. This is and you know don't don't be afraid to do this because this is what everybody, does we go out and we kind of like use, these other stores as ideas. To, build our store around don't, just go and copy them but use their layouts, and stuff as an idea as. Like a a gateway to designing. Your, store, okay so you're gonna do that guys it's called the top 50. Exceptional. Shopify. Apps online, stores built on Shopify so now the next step guys is to actually activate, the theme you're still gonna have the old one activated, so it's up to you obviously you want your store to be live so you want to have it activated or you can edit it down in the in, this section we're gonna go to actions, and we're going to go to publish. Okay and. Then. Click publish here now, what this is done guys is actually it's. Added our venture theme here so as long as it says venture here we can now go to customize, the, theme now we're going to go and customize the theme a little bit and then we're going to jump back into a few other things and then jump into customizing, the, theme again. So the, first thing I highly recommend you do guys is obviously start, from top to bottom okay, that's, just going to make it really really easy for you so first, of all you probably want to change the logo if you you, definitely wanna have a logo on your store if. You don't know where to get a logo from you can go to and, you can get a cheap logo for $5 or I'll just show you on that I just made right now in, Photoshop. So you want to go to the header section here, and click on logo, and click, on the upload, an image and, go. To upload, and image and I'm going to upload my image. Here. Right. Here I created. This quickly and shop an app and. Photoshop. And it looks really really nice, and then I'm gonna go select and let.

Me Get this up here and, that's. It and then I click Save so the first thing I've done guys is put in a nice logo now I like, dark colors so I'm going to keep the top black, or maybe I'll change it to a grade but we'll just leave it like there for now you, can also change the size of the logo down, here and, the custom logo width and it changes the size for me as, well now, the next thing to do guys will be the menus but we're actually going to skip that for now because we do need to do something else before we do the menus because I want this to be easy and step-by-step so you don't get confused because, we do need to set up things like collections, and stuff like that to, make it look good and function. Well so what we're gonna do next guys is actually do the slider, here and I'll show some tricks on how to do that and then we'll also do the collections, as well and the collections will tie in with, the main menu and I'll, show you kind of about all about that in a second so before. We actually do that guys I'll just show you this little thing here it's called an announcement, bar you, can put an announcement bar, at the, top here so for, something like hey these. Items. Are. Free. Shipping. Today. And. You can actually link them back, to products. Collections. Pages, blog posts, or policies. Or just to talk about in a second but you can link back to these, things so you have an announcement both with this theme which is really good a lot of these free themes don't have announcement, bars built, in so that's a cool feature that you can have and you can link back to something there if you have a sale on or something, like that so what we want to do now guys is go back and we want to actually go to what we call the, slideshow this is the section right, here where. It's his slide and we're, gonna go add slide. And it's going to we're gonna add an image okay, so, I recommend, you go to a website called Or These. Are royalty royalty free, images that means you can use these without getting in trouble because they're not copyrighted, so I'm gonna go to unsplash, guys and I'm gonna put in fishing because, my store is based, around, fishing and I'm gonna click this image and I'm gonna download this image. Three now, guys here's. A trick you. Want your website to be fast so I recommend, going to tiny, P&G. Calm. And compressing. The file okay so tiny PNG, calm drag, in the file and it will compress it now this, is a 42 megabyte, file, I would recommend, you use something like, maybe. Yeah. So you can sometimes, download, different sizes, try get the the. Lease, the. Least size possible he wants to be like one megabyte or less because this isn't actually going to compress a hell, of a lot with this but we'll see what we get okay guys so it's actually compressed it a lot it's compressed at 73. Percent down to 1.1, megabytes, I would, recommend, you probably want to get it down to at least. 500. Megabytes this is a little bit too big but this will be fine for our, tutorial. And, I'm gonna read download download that image guys so now I've compressed it by 73%, so, it means it's going to take less time to, load when someone visits your store. And, I'm gonna go select image guys and we're gonna go upload here and I'm, going to simply go to my downloads and I'm going to upload that, compressed, file, okay, and then it's going to come. Up here and it's gonna look beautiful and. It. Might take a little slow because it's 1 megabyte, and there we go guys that, right there, and I'm. Going to click select here and they're going to go down guys and I can do something cool like. Best. Fishing. Reels. On this, particular slide right and it, shows up adding the heading and then I can, once, again link, back to a product. Or collection, which we'll do in a second and you, can take people back to the best fishing reel deals or something like that that's why I love the venture theme guys there's so much you can do so much more than the other free themes and, then I'm just going to now click, Save. Okay guys and I've, now created one, slide and I'll actually show you how to link back to a category, in a second when, we when we create one their collection site and, if I want to add another slide guys it's really easy I just go to add slide and I can simply add another slide which, I'll just add the same image, so, when people go, from left to right it's, got the same slide it's got well, you'd out obviously have another picture or something but.

You've Got the thing so this is kind of preview here see. If we can do, a bit of a preview so, I'm gonna go preview theme guys go to theme actions, and preview, theme and you'll, see that this we now have this within like we've, been doing this for like 15 minutes we've. Now got this beautiful looking header, here we, can go from left, to right and. This is too beautiful slides, so we're, going to do now guys is create some collections, and stuff so we can make this look really nice as well, so. We will go over the rest of the theme when. We actually come back to do the rest of the stuff so we're going to do now guys is we're going to go back to shop. Our Shopify thing here and I'm going to show you some more stuff what we're going to do now guys is create a collection and the reason I'm doing this is because this is how you actually create a Shopify, store you can't just go and create your entire store, without content, to put on the store so we need to go back and forth and this is how we do it step-by-step so. We've done some basic theme, customization. Then we've chosen our theme don't. Worry we're gonna get back to that in a second, what you want to do now guys has got two, products. Up here on the left and, you want to go to what we call collections. Now collections, are categories. So, if you you know if you if you're used to WordPress. And stuff like that it's basically just categories. It's just a another. Name, for them okay so this, is where all of you you can put, all of your products so you can have category, our sorry collections for like sale, they've, got going or bestsellers, or hoodies. Shorts. Fly fishing rods saltwater, fishing rods all of that sort of stuff so they've, got kind of like the the basic one here which is the home page we're, not going to touch that okay because I want to show you how to create one what, do we go to create collection, and, we're. Going to I'm going to name this collection here, is actually going to create a couple of collections I'm, going to name this one here I'm fly. Fishing. Rods. And I'll tell you why in a, second, now. Description. You don't really need to do a description for. The. Collection at this point, of time but, I do recommend you go to the right and you upload an image this, is important, for the visual aspect of the, particular theme, that, we're using okay. And, then I'm just going to add this. Alright guys snap uploaded, the image on the right and like I said this is important for the visual aspect of this theme and pretty, much every other thing they're going to use now, down here guys on the collection, tape you want to leave this on automate it and I'll, tell you why well. That's pretty self-explanatory so, what, kind of happens guys is you when you add products to your store you're, going to we're going to have a condition. And whenever, that condition, is met it's going to automatically, add that product to this collection for us so we don't have to do it manually so the condition, that I always like to use guys, as product, tag as equal to and I, like to do it as, one of its kind of add a title so I'll do fly fishing, rods fly. Fishing. Rods. So, whenever I use. The product tag fly, fishing rods so. Let's say I upload, a bunch of fly fishing rods to my store I'm going to use this product tag which I'm going to show you how to do in a second when we get to the product section and in the products it will automatically, add to this collection okay, and, you can also add other conditions.

If You like as well and there's going to click Save and it, should hopefully save, let. Me just fix this here resize, your image and upload it again okay so I need to change my image guys we'll do that and we'll be back alright guys the apologies for that I just remembered you have to have the, image under. 200. Kilobytes, ok. So it has to be under 200 when, you're doing collections, so, go back I'm gonna go back to the collections right now and I actually just created two for. A specific reason reason and I'll show you why it's just to make everything look nice on the, store so what I'm going to do now guys is go into online store, and go to so. Click online store here and go to navigation. What we're gonna do now is create, a menu. And. This. Is for the store so I'm, actually there's already a menu here guys so if you want to add a new menu you can just click Add menu but, I'm gonna go to main, menu, here and I'm. Going to pretty much just edit these particular, things and add, some more so I'm, gonna actually just. Leave it as main. Menu you can change the title if you want I'm going to delete the catalogue one I'm gonna, leave home as it is because, this will go back to the home page so I have, home here and I. Link to the homepage what, I'm gonna do now guys add is add those to other, collections. That. We created okay, so I'm gonna do this one. Fly. Rods. Okay. And I'm, going to go to here and I'm going to so I'm going to click link and click on collections, and I'm going to go to fly. Fishing, rods and I'm. Going, to just, click Add and now I have fly fishing rods there but just to make this tutorial, a little bit better I'm gonna add my other. Ones best. Some. Sellers. I. Created. While I enter to the villa I want to skip the video before I created one called best summer sellers and I'm gonna go back to our, collections, and I'm gonna go back to best summer, sellers, and I'm, going to click, Add. Okay, and you can add an about page if, you like a blog post anything. You want and I'm going to click Save now what, I'm going to do guys is go back to themes. Okay. If. You're, going too fast you just pause, the video catch, up and then continue and then, I'm gonna go to customize, theme guys and we're going to go back to, the, menu. Here and you can see it's actually already changed, so now my. Menu says fly, rods best. Summer, sellers, and so, the it just looks a lot more nicer now a lot more authentic than. Having the other theme I have another menu from the standard theme before if. You want to change this menu guys that's pretty easy. Okay. So, guys back in the, header. You can go down to the main menu and change and you can change it from, the you. Can add a new, menu you can create a menu as well although I like to create it back in the other and, the navigation. Place. Where it was before so just, to create menus guys go back to the navigation and, all that sort of stuff and I'm going to show you how to create a photo menu as well inside. This training okay so that's menus, guys in a nutshell it's, very easy and as you can see it automatically, updated, so if we actually go to preview, this theme now guys here. Preview. Theme I'll show, you what a collection is so if I click on fly rods. This. Is what a collection is it's. Going to have all of my products in here that I added test the collection if they, have the tag that I signed to those particular products, okay so, it's really clean really nice let's. Go back and I want to show some cool stuff now, actually. Let, me just show you. We'll, go back here we'll, go to slideshow and we'll, go to, best. Fishing. Reels and I'm going to go down here guys and I'm gonna actually go, to slide, link, and I'm, going to go to click on that and go to collections, this is how easy those guys you don't need any coding skills I'm gonna go fly fishing rods and click Save when.

I Preview, this theme now guys and I. Go to the best fishing, rods here when, I click on best fishing, reels sorry, it, goes to fly fishing rods obviously it's different rods and reels are different but what this is this an example so, now I've created this nice, little theme where. I can if you know the menu is clickable the, slideshows clickable we can go to through the collections. However, we can take it another step further guys and we can do kind of like all of this stuff here so let's, go back and start to work with these collections here, so what I'm actually doing here guys has shown you the standard page layout, but I'm gonna we're gonna do a bit more editing and move a few things around but, let's add some collections, to this so what, I'm going to do guys is click on collection, list which should be there if you're using the adventure theme and click. On collection, here so we've got three, collections I might, actually just delete. One, collection, just so we have two here. Actually. No I'll add the other one because I do like having three it does look a little bit bitter I'm, going to go down to here guys and go select, collection. I'm, going to add my, fly, fishing rods and I'm. Also going to go down to this collection here guys I'm going to move this over a little bit and I'm. Also going to on this one I'm gonna go select collection, I'm going to put them best summer, sellers, and then. As you can see the image is a little bit it's, not the right size so make sure you do resize, it properly in Photoshop, and make sure they're all the same size, that's, quite important, otherwise, it doesn't look very nice I just realized then I'm gonna go down here guys and I'm going to select the same collection again, and. What I'll do is I'll just to make this nice I'll use. The same collection for all of them and I'm. Just going to click Save guys and, now. You can see, we. Now have this section, here which. Is now you would obviously have different collections. Here and people can go view all and then they can go to the collection so now, this we've. Got we've made this amazing sights, us sorry. Shopify, store from, top to bottom logo, menus, slides. Clickable, slides collections. And here and. Then we can even. Go. Step further so to, get to the collection, list guys and change that you go to collection, list and you just change these little sections just like we did in the, header it's very very easy and as you can see it looks beautiful we. Can go down here guys and we have other, sections, we've got home page so, this is just a collection and. We, can do different, rows to three one row I'm gonna go change and change, it to this one and, all. Of your products will show up here which. I will actually show you what will do that and when we do the product bit okay and if, we go back we, go down again we've got image with text so. I can add. An, image here. It's. This way for that to load I. Can edit a legend here guys and then, I can add text, right. It's crazy like it looks really really nice I going to add some text. Best. Fishing. Blog. And you. Can, link. At the things it's crazy, I don't think you can link that one of the things but what, is save this guys under store a quick preview of this now, and. You can see we. Have doing a preview. Theme you. Can see now we've created this beautiful theme, from scratch other store from scratch it. Looks really really nice and we, can also go even further guys and we can go to add section. And we. Can add blog, post. Featured. Collections galleries. Logo. Lists whatever that is I don't know what that is we can add a newsletter we can add a map, search. Rich, text text testimonials. Video. We can add video if we want so that's, why I like the adventure theme guys it's very very versatile, we can make it look beautiful I can add a video. Down. Here if I like so if I click on, I gotta add video I. Can simply, share a youtube, link and, then, upload a cover and stuff so I can just add a video on here it looks it looks amazing I'm, just gonna remove this section but. As you can see it, looks really, really, nice and once again collection, list is just here and then, I just edited the, collection, list by, simply, I'm going, to these drop downs and I can add another collection, if I like and, we can make a four or. I can, go again I think, and we. Can add another one and then it goes down here but looks a little bit ugly so, that's how you can make the home page look really really nice but, now what I want to do guys is show you how to do the footer menu but. Before we do the footer menu we're. Going to go and create the privacy, policies, and the refund. Policies and stuff and start to get into more detail, of your store like the legal stuff and. Then we'll go and create the footer menu and have it showing up here so let's go and do that now guys we'll go back to the the.

Shopify. Section. Here and. Then we'll do the footer menu and, then we'll look at some more theme options, and then we'll do. Some more stuff right we'll go through all of the other options like adding products and stuff as well all, right guys before we, do the footer menu it's. A good idea to do your legal pages and shipping pages, and stuff like that so what you want to do is, you want to go down to settings, down here on the bottom left click, on settings and then on the, go. All the way we'll go about all of these other settings in a minute like payments. And check-out and shipping and taxes, and stuff go, to the right bottom. Right and click on legal, pages and what. You can do guys is Shopify is really cool they give you these templates, so, refund, policy which you need to have privacy. Policy, Terms, of Service and, shipping, policy which is you. Don't really have to have a shipping policy but I recommend, it and the reason is guys. PayPal. And stripe and, our Shopify payments, if you don't have these policies in place they can shut you down your. Payments because legally. You have to have these in place it's the law and, if you're drop shipping as well with Ober Lo and Aliexpress. You, have to have a shipping policy and, you have to mention your shipping times or. PayPal. And Shopify. Might. Shut, you down I'm not saying they will shut you down but what they do is say to stop paying you and you can't use their their, payment. Platforms, anymore so it's definitely a good idea to, have all of these in place and have them linked in the, footer menu which, I'm going to show you what to do how to do that right now so first of all create a refund, policy, template, and obviously go through and just edit that to, your details, and stuff like that okay so this is just a base template, go through and edit that also, create a privacy, policy template, you, don't really need to change much on this just, this. Is usually pretty good the privacy policy and, in terms of service is usually pretty good as well it's just the refund, policy, you need to really change because. You also could be different and, shipping. Policy we're. Not going to put a shipping policy and here's either put it manually shipping, policy I recommend, to something like hey our products take a week to arrive stuff, like that or we do processing, just you should know what to do with your shipping shipping, policy but, in this case guys these, three, will be fine, and I'm going to click Save. Okay, now, what we're gonna do guys so, that's how you create these legal documents, super. Easy to do really, simple now what I want you to do guys is go back to sorry. Go back to online store, on the left here, and all, of these policies, have saved and we're. Going to go to navigation, and, we're, going to go to footer. Menu and, click on the footer menu and. We're. Going to add. Menu. Item you can leave, a search there just because. And I'm gonna add menu. Item and I'm gonna call. This one privacy. Policy and I'm gonna go to link and I'm gonna all the way down to policies, and click. Privacy. Policy, and, I'm going to going. To do the same for refund. Policy, and. Refund. Policy, and. Terms. Of Service as, well so, what does what, does go terms here I don't know why that's pre-populated. Maybe a shove apply does that and go into policies, and, go to terms and service okay and then I'm going to click Save guys again. In the top right or the bottom. Right once. This is done guys we're going to go back to themes, and, we're. Going to go to. Customize. Down. Here well actually we don't really need to do that but go to customize, and because. It's all gonna be added and if. You go to footer. You, can add a footer, menu so you know it'll say footer menu here, and, you. Can just add or, remove the, what's, a menu that we just created, all that was already there and if, you want to add a if it doesn't have one there just. Go to add content, and go to menu and then, you can add them in you see here it's got the menu as well so. Yeah but it's already added so if I go to preview, theme guys my, legal pages are now, down. The bottom and so, we are. Compliant. And legal. And we can now go, and run, add sauce stores or whatever because now we have these these policies, so I know I'm kind of a little bit back and forth guys, with this training but it's, easier for me to create, sections, of the theme because. This is how you this is how I create my my. Stores I go and I do the stuff in a sequence. Which is what I'm doing now so. Yeah that's really easy guys we've just created privacy, policy refund, policy and Terms by, simply, going to the, let's. Go back here by going to the settings and then, legal, documents, and then, going, back to saving. All that go mixing navigation, and then ending them in the footer menu nice and simple so for this section you can go back and go over that again it was a little bit too fast but that's how we add the footer menu to.

The Theme and we can actually go to the theme guys and, you can add social. Accounts, so while, we're on the footer we'll, go back and customize the theme and. You can add social, buttons and stuff as well so footer. Follow. Us, and. You can should, be able to put in. Your. Social accounts there which, probably. Be here, so, yeah you just put in the link to your Facebook, to your Twitter to your Pinterest and it will show up down here on the follow us section, of your, footer alright, so that's it for this section guys let's move on to I think we'll do products, now so. Guys I'm going to tell you show you two, ways to import products, I'm going to show you the manual way and, I'm going to show you an automatic. Way we're going to use an application called Ober lo where you can bring him products, automatically, and fulfill orders if you're. Doing drop. Shipping so I know I understand, it not everyone's in I want that not everyone is gonna be doing drop shipping so first I'll show you how to manually create a product it's very easy, to do go, to the top left and click on all products, and then go to add product. It's. Very simple to do guys we are going to I'll, show, you the product we're going to add it's. A it's a solar power phone charger, so I'm going to put best. Solar. Power. Charger. And here. As a title, and then we're going to put a description guys, which I actually already have pre-written. Description, from one of my other stores, we're. Going to put this inside the. Description here. And. Let me just copy that in and you, can do all sorts of things guys like bold italics under. Under line you can do bullet points with numbers and and. Points. You can send, to things you can add images you can add video you can do lots of things here guys it's, really easy to do and you don't have to touch any code, at all so I've put on the title guys and now, I put in the description and what I'm going to do now is, actually put, in. The. Images. So. I'm gonna go to upload image, and. I'm. Going to put in the image of this particular product, here which is, this. One here, and. I. Will also add some more so, add these three as well. Okay. And to, have the main image guys you just drag in one, of these images and this image will be the, main image okay so this image here on the Left there's going to be the main image, for this particular product the one that shows up on the store and all, of that sort of stuff and then we have pricing, guys I'm just going to price to sell. 99.99. And then you can have a compare price so, if I put this price at. At. $500. It would have a slash through it and I would say was.

$500. But, is now. 99.99. So, that's. Kind of cool I might just show you how. To do that well sure sure how to do that in the brillo section. Quantity. I'm just going to put at 50. And. Cost. Per item you can just leave that blank I really need to put anything in there I usually, don't. Shipping. I'm going to show you how to set up shipping in. This, training via, price so, you. You, can put a weight here if you want but we'll talk a bit more about that later on, what. You want to do here guys is go to add variant. And you. Can add different sizes. And different colors so I might put a green, as, a. As. The product is green, and. Then add. Another option as well and stuff like that but I'll show you how to do that more automatically. With verlo, and then here's some search, engine optimization, stuff if you go to edit website, SEO, this. Will. Do. That the, page title and the meta description for. This particular product only if, you don't know about this you can go and Google how, to do ranking google and I've also got videos on my youtube channel and how to do all of this stuff as well. And. Then. You can just leave this like this this, is really simple to do guys and tags, is important, so I'm gonna go to, tags. View. All tags, does. It have any are with him Sydney yet so I think my tag was, so. You can go to. Collections. And we just check maybe my collections, didn't save. Okay. So you can go to collections, and maybe, fishing. It's. Not showing, up but sometimes your collections will show here but I'm just going to put an, fly. Fishing. Rods. I think, my one was let me just check what it was guys I can't mean what the tag was. Fly. Fishing rods so that's if so you if I make the tag fly fishing rods it should, show up in that particular collection. So. I'm hang on fly, fishing. Rods. Add. Fly fishing rods and you can add multiple tags guides if you want to add it to multiple, collections so, like they say you have you want to add it to a that has a sale going on and also want to add it to the standard, collection you can simply, do, that by doing, that and I actually just do that real quick let. Me go back what, was the other collection, we had. Best. So, I can add the best tag as well and then, we'll add that as well and I can click Save, so. Now guys. If. I go to my. Store. I should. Technically. Sometimes. It issues if I go to here so here's our product here guys it's, a new flight fishing rod section, because. That's what I've used as a tag right, and then, so, we click here we, can see the product here we, can view the product and we. Now have the. Product here and it, looks really really. Nice so, what we'll do now guys is we'll go and use the Oberlin application. And I'll show you how to import products automatically, then I'll show you how to actually edit the, product. Page and your theme so the next step now guys is to go back to the home page and go to app locations.

And I've already installed Oberoi I had to install it to activate, it but you want to go to view Shopify. Store and you, want to it, should come up as one of the first apps because Shopify actually owned this application, they purchased, it yes. So made. By Shopify, you want to go to what we call Ober, low and it's if they, do have a free plan that's all you need and go to add the app into your store once, you click Add app it's, going to it, might not do that because I've already got it obviously, yes I was taking me back to there but once you go to add app guys it's going to install, the app for, you okay. And. Then you also want to install the. Uber. Lo le, Express product, importer, okay, you can go to Google. And you can find it in there and it will be this little tab, on the top right, here okay this. Is the extension we're going to be using that to import, products, from, our. Website that we call. Le. Express. This, is we get our products from we, use this website to connect, over lo and we don't, do all about drop shipping here which a lot of you guys probably already know about so in the apps guys I'm going to click on overload. Quickly just show you some of the functions, that it has so, first of all when you get here you can actually see that you can you can actually explore. Products. Inside. Of here which is okay, I would, rather do it from Aliexpress, myself but we can see here guys we have it. Shows, you so this watch for example this. Person is verified, we, can have a look at the watch here as we can buy it for $14. It, gets shipped a packet, is a little, bit long in this particular product is close to New Zealand it forwards to United States it's probably. A. Little, bit shorter United. States as of 10 to 25 days but, some suppliers will have better times this one as 12 days, see. Anyway this is where you can find products and you just got to add to important, list but I'll show you how to do it another way and there's all of these categories and stuff and this is just bringing in products over from, Aliexpress. And then we have suppliers, so, you can actually find suppliers, as well which is really awesome so, you can literally, have like an entire store. Or. You can just give your products from them over and over again instead, of, so. This one actually has a our, location. And Canada which was really cool might check that out our China, United, States but. You can find, entire, stores so, you only have one supplier, but everything so this is one supplier, for every, for, everything, so you don't have to have all, of these suppliers and it gets messy. And then we have my import list and my products which I will show you in a second and, then we have a few other things as well like support, tickets and stuff so, what I would recommend you guys do I'm just going to get out of go, back to the dashboard once.

You Install the app you'll have it installed you can click here and this, is the back end and they've, also got lots of tutorials guys on how you can use uber. Low on your. Store ok so go to la Express guys and put in your product. Your. Niche so, for example our niche is going, to be fishing and it's. A good idea to go to. Orders so I have, this thing called the triangle. Of profits, and what, it means is I try to go for products that I have the most orders. They're problem, solvers and they're, in a passionate, niche that's, why I like. The product, phone charger, I did, very well making, money from that particular product. So the, fishing niche per, se is not really a great niche because it just has all those fishing line and stuff and I don't really want to sell that so that's why I sold. Those phone, chargers when. I was WOW when I'm on my store I don't sell them but those, in particular anymore. But, you. Know you've got to kind of think outside like you know fishing, the fish you need you could sell camping, gear in the fishing niche right because it's a very it's there's, a lot of variety inside the fishing niche so, what I'm going to do guys so. What this does guys these little green boxes this is the Oberlin. Working. Its magic and. I can it tells. Me it's got free shipping and they it's got free e packet shipping and. All that sort of good stuff and it tells me the price which was obviously already there but this, is the obilic what. It's doing so you want to find a product guys that has lots of orders and, also. I always right-click, on the store guys and they always check, out this store the reason I do this is because I want to see if they've been in business for a long time six years they've got a good feedback rating, but most of all I want to see how, much products, they have because, I want to know that they have a variety so, I can when, I start to scale I can sell more products. You. Know I just want to see if they have a variety so these guys have braided line they've, got lures so I know that I can be, like hey I'm, going to stick to this one supplier, like, new all of my products off this one supplier, and I can add things into up sales down sales bundles, and stuff which we'll talk about they've, got all of these products that I can sell guys so it's really cool I want to make sure I get. Up from a supplier there's been in the game for a while they, are a top brand, 99%. They've got good feedback and they have a store where, I can get other. Products as well because, when you scale your Shopify store you, want to branch into other products, inside, that particular, niche okay. Really easy guys so what are we going to do here is going to click on the particular product, I'm going to have a look at it here's my price Ayaka sells for $100 maybe they. Got some good images you also want to make sure they have good images, because, I berlo's going to import these images, as well, so we haven't some nice images. Everything. Looks good it looks like they might have a promotional, video we could download so, you can ask them for this promotional, video and they might let you download this for ads or to put it on your store they've got lots of information here so this could be a good product to sell I, haven't, sold it so I wouldn't know but, I'm going to click on the up, here guys oh sorry the video just started playing so.

There. We go we have a video we could use and so I'm going to click on the top right here guys. The. Little blue tab, and go, add to import list and then it's going to add it to the import list now you do need to make sure you have the, Oberlin application. Installed. Before, you do this and then, I'm gonna go back to here guys we're going to go to on the, left here import, list and, it's. It's here this product is now imported so within a click of a button guys, I literally clicked my mouse and I imported, this particular product and you can import as many products as you like so if I go back here guys and find another product like let's just find, one real quick here for this example this, fishing line I can, import this as well add, to import list I can go back to here and do a refresh, again my. Import list and now we have two products guys. It's. Just taking a while to load now we have two products. That I've imported, into my store within the clicker click of a button. I don't something get rid of this right now guys just so I don't confuse ourselves and first thing you want to do guys is, just. Change your title so awesome. Fishing. Reel. We're. Not going to put too much thought into that, I'm choose collections. You. Can choose the collection if it's in there type. So once again. We're. Going to need to put in tag so fly. Fishing. Rods. And. Then. Enter. And then now we have fly fishing rods in there and the tags so hopefully. This will work for us and it will put it inside that collection, that we created ok and then once this is done guys are going to go to. Description. And obviously, change the description now just, for the sake of this video guys I'm going to put the same description, in from that one thing, to make it look nice and clean and guys, I'm also to show how to install the pixels and stuff domain and stuff as, well and. Then you can do this stuff goes bold, italic. All. That sort of good stuff and. Then we have variants, so. This is where things, can get a little bit more technical as, sue suggests a price I should sell this for $120.

New Zealand okay so remember this is a New Zealand price so it's going to be a bit more cheaper for you if, you're in, America. Because the exchange rate and we have all of these colors guys okay. Now obviously you don't want to change the price on all of these one by one so you, can go to change, all prices, set, new. Value. Okay. I'm gonna put the value at, 120. Oh sorry. 120. And I'm, going to apply that to the store and. Then if I want to I can put the so. Sit. By value this will be the compare price so, I'm gonna say hey these, were $200, we're now selling. These for 120. Okay so compare, price and then price and we also have inventory on the right this, is how much your supplier has okay. Now. This is one thing you must do guys prevent, product, from auto updating, make, sure this is on because what happens is every time your supplier updates the price it updates on your store but you don't want to do that because sometimes the supplier will update the price by 20, cents 30, cents 50, cents and then all everything starts to get all messed up and kind of like out of whack so just make sure that it says prevent. Product, price from auto updating, make, sure this is turned on okay this is really really, important, okay, and, I'm going to leave this like this then, you can go to images guys and it's, got the. Images. Selected. So I'm going to deselect these. Ones and I'm, just going to have. One. Of the main image is selected and then I'm going to select some of these ones up there over the inside of the reel this. One here this, one here, and this, one here and you can select kind. Of like you know this this one looks really nice so this product has really nice images, guys really. Really nice images. So. I've selected a few images here it imports. Everything, for you guys which is insane and then I'm gonna go to import, to store and, then. Hopefully, we, can go and check the store now and this product will, be imported, into our store we'll give it some time. So has been imported, into our Shopify store so we can go to edit this product on Shopify and, now, this product has been uploaded, into Shopify. As a, product on our store as you can see here so if I go to all products, we. Now have that fishing, reel right, there if I go and view my store guys, and, go. Down to see, here it is right here it's important, itself into my collection fly fishing rods I can, click view and, now. My. Product, is there, right. And these are some of the images or these are all of the images that I selected. So and look it's got all the variants, it's got everything guys. Bearing. Quality, left. Hand Russian whatever whatever. That is is that, they ship from the Russian Federation but. Guys that's how simple was, for me to go and import, a. Product. To my store automatically. By using a Burleigh which is so easy to. Do. Now once you get an order guys you just come into here and go to manage orders and we. Need an order everything. Will be here and you just click fulfill order and what, it does guys is it goes back to it. Goes back to le Express, and it does everything for, you at the click of a button and you'll see it all happen on the screen and it'll fulfill, the order and do, everything, and all of your your entire, order will be fulfilled, and you don't, have to do anything and then once it's um the orders process there'll be a tracking number that, will be sent to the people that purchased the product it's really, hands-off. When you're using things like. Applications. Like uber low so, now that we've done that guys what I want to do is I want to jump back into these theme editing, and I want to show you how to edit the, product page because that's another important, aspect of your. Shopify, store so yeah this is Oberoi guys this is a great application this, is what you should be using to bring your products into your store if you plan, to use, Aliexpress. And you're doing drop, shipping so back to our store guys what, we're going to do now is go down to online. Store, themes. And. We're. Going to go to customize. Again. And. Let it load so, once the theme has loaded guys you want to go to, one. Of your products on your store and, go. To product. Pages on. The left there and you just want to do this you can check make, sure everything's all good so on this particular theme, everything, will have different options it says stay on the check on the current page when item is added to cart I recommend.

You Uncheck that because, what that means is when they add the item to the cart the, page just refreshes. And a lot of people don't realize they have to go to the cart or they, just forget you, want to have it off, because when they add the product to the cart you want them to actually go, to the. Cart okay that's, that's quite important, that's what I highly, recommend when. Doing this show. Stock when less then tending. Level a that show, dynamic checkout button you, can. Probably. So. What they'll do is that'll add a Buy Now button here. Under. The Add to Cart so, you, can try that you. Just would have to split test and see what one works for you in that particular case so this particular theme guys is not a lot of product. Page options, so what, I will do is. I'll actually go back and we'll finish off the theme tutorial, and then we'll jump into sitting, up payments, in. The checkout, putting. In the pixels and that sort of stuff so the, theme will have a theme. Setting, section at the top right here and we can change the colors of everything, so we can change the color of the header as you, can see that's changing, and they'll also change the color of this tab down here but. I'll leave it on black because. That's what I like a lot I think it looks really clean, page. Background, hit a text, you, can change the color of everything. So we've, got the footer color we can make that red if we want we'll maybe, get a bit funky but like dark read on that you. Can change all of the colors or the theme there we, have typography. Guys we can change the font okay, so just go to change and. You can change all of the font. To. Whatever you like okay well that that's the. The. That. Text and they look at the body text and with a navigation, and button text as well you can capitalize, or space the letters if you like we, had collection, page so, show, frame around and they do show, product Davinder just leave that like of those guys that's fine social. Media which I talked about before. Favicon. Is, the. Little image up. Here on, the top left that's, what what those are you can upload your own one of those and, we have the check out guys you can add background images, logo. All, that sort of good stuff I recommend. Just leaving that because Shopify, has already, really optimized, it any way you. Can maybe change the colors and stuff like that but, to customize to check out more you can just go to visit the admin here you. Can click on that and, then. I'll take you to the check, out here. Where you can we're actually going to go into here and talk about some settings in a second so that kind of finishes. Up the actual theme, editing. The theme and stuff and it's it's so easy guys like there's literally not, that many sections and you can create. This beautiful. Store. With. In we've. Done the white and within half an hour, without. Any coding, so, what we'll do now guys we'll go back to the store I always, leave that we'll get rid of this. And. What we're going to do now is go through a, few things and then we'll jump into the payments. And stuff like that so we have home web orders now orders is not really going to have anything and this is an order there you. Have abandoned checkouts, as well which is kind of cool so you can manage a band and check out send emails of people that left the cart we, have products obviously where there's products you. Can create gift cards and stuff customers. This all lists all of the customers, that purchase. From you so you have their details, analytics. So. Analytics, is really cool because the, size of total sales your, all. Of your steps but one step you really need to pay, attention to guys is average order value the. Higher you could get your average order value the, more money you're going to make more. Money gonna have for ads okay that's really important, so use things like applications. Upsell. Applications, bundle applications, to increase your average order, value so. You make more money and, then we have all these other stats down here and then we have reports, as well so. These obviously make sense when you start making some money so we have a live view, you can see who's on your store from which country at one particular time, it very you.

Know A lot of technical stuff going on here it's amazing, that we can track all of this we, have the marketing, guys you don't really need to do anything but this because you should be creating your campaigns, and Facebook, and stuff anyway. You shouldn't be using Shopify for, doing that then we have discounts, guys you can create a discount, on your store I will do that really quickly for you so we're gonna do one called, 50. Sale. So we're going to call this 50, sale and we're, going to do you can do a percentage a fixed price free, shipping or buy, one and get one free or stuff, like that so, do a percentage weenie of people a 50%. Discount off, their, entire order, and. You. Can just change. All these stats here we're, going to click Save so. Whenever. Someone goes to the to the checkout and they, put, in a 50 sale they all get 50% off so if you want to go send an email to your customers, to hey we're doing a sale today you, can go and create. This kind of feel like I just created one right then within a couple of seconds and then, we have applications guys. Which we'll go through at the end of this video and. Then online store we have pages navigation. And what we'll do now guys we should go over domains, and then we'll go over some preferences, and some sittings like how to set up payments, and how to do. Shipping. So with the mains guys if you don't know what a domain, is to domain name so that's the name of your website now, Shopify, gives you this free domain but don't, use it I recommend using your own branded, domain because, this makes you look more professional. If you already have a domain you, can transfer, your domain to Shopify, they give you instructions, however, I recommend you buy your domain just. From Shopify, anyway. It's. A little bit more like 2 or 3 dollars a year more than anywhere else but, it's just you have it all in one place, so it's good to do that and, then you just put in your. What. Is putting a random thing here and it's going to come up and bring up some names so you have weird $14. U.s. a year which is quite cheap I usually pay about nine dollars on, name. Silo, so it's a little bit more expensive but it's worth it just to have it all in one place and then you can click, buy and we'll take you through the process of installing it, so my name my website, would be fishing, freaks, calm.

Instead Of, fishing. For its my, Shopify, comm you, can't really run it nowadays with my Shopify, comm because it just doesn't look professional at, all and people, are, not stupid and then probably not going to purchase from you okay so that's how you get a domain for. Your, Shopify. Store it's really simple just go through the steps at Shopify gives you we've got a preferences, guys we can go over a few things here. We. Will actually go. Over. Putting. In your I think. We can either do it here, or in preferences. Let me just check a couple of things okay so, improve, rensis guys will keep it simple director, preferences, i'm going to show you how to put in your Google Analytics code and your. Facebook, pixel so, impress. Us, scroll. Down to so first of all we actually add the title and the meta description so, this will be the title of the home page of your of. Your main site and the Google meta description, up, to you whether you're trying to do Google organic traffic but you can go on Google how to create. These you know just a page tour and description, so, first of all your Google Analytics, code. Guys go, and start a free Google, Analytics, account and they will give you a code that, looks like this, okay. Global. Site tag and then it's got a little code down there and it'll look something like this right all. You do guys is paste that into here and that's, done now for, Facebook, pixel guys so if you don't know what this is this is a pixel, it's, a code that goes in your store and you can follow people around and you can create what we call you. Can create, retargeting. Ads and you can retarget, these people and. You, know to try and save a sale what, you want to do guys is if your Facebook pixel what it looks like this you, want to just take the account number, the pixel number here and copy that okay so copy that pixel number you'll have the pixel number inside your pixel account I just. Want to post that into here okay. And then click Save, I'm not going to save this but then you just click Save and. Shopify. Will know what to do with it and it'll track everything so what, you do to do that guys is go to online store, preferences. And you can put in your tracking code see how your Google Analytics code here and your Facebook, pixel here okay nice and easy next, you want to go to settings down the bottom so. I've taken you through all this stuff guys now we're gonna go to settings which is kind of like the last step we'll. Go to general, first and. We've. Got store name email. Stuff. Like that you, can put in your business your business address. Currency. Time. And stuff just, put, just fill it out as usual, if, we go back to settings we have payment. Providers, okay so click on payment providers. Now. This is quite important, so, Shopify. Payments, is pretty much, available. To nearly every country now because they teamed up with what we call stripe, so. What you want to do guys is go complete. Shopify. Payments, it up if you want to use Shopify, payments, and that will take you through, using. Shopify payments. Okay that's really really simple and you set it up with them and, you. Can start using Shopify payments. However, if you can't use Shopify, payments, okay go, to change, provider, and choose. Your country go down so Shopify. Payments, is recommended, and of course they have a little bit of a fee, or. Go to third-party card. Provider and. Your. It'll say what's available in your country okay, and you should have lots of options guys there's so many options so there's no excuse not to be able to use one of these you, can sign up to them online and you can easily use these, payment, processes, to collect credit, cards okay it's pretty easy about I would recommend just doing shop up by payments, it's easy to go set it up just, go to. Setup. Complete Shopify, payments, and it'll take you through the process of doing. All of that, okay it's nice, and simple I actually, this is going to look at that real quick so you can have a better understanding so, they just want you're basically, are, your personal details product.

Of Like what are you selling, and. Make, sure here guys so this is called the the statement, description, make. Sure you put like in here so this is what shows up on this statement make, sure you put something like your store name or something that they can actually they. Actually know from your store so you don't get any charge, backs on your. Account. And then, go in here guys when you put in your bank details and, they, will pay you into your bank account right nice, and simple guys. Nice and easy to, get that done. But. Yeah if you can't use Shopify payments, okay, they will pay you in your currency as well if, you can't use Shopify, payments, guys just. Go down and go, to change provider and, but, Shopify. Payments is available in nearly every country now it also guys this PayPal okay so you can use PayPal as an alternative, payment which, I when I first started doing drop shipping guys Iran, just PayPal was we didn't have straight back then my, country and it worked just fine so you can also use PayPal, as well you, could also add an alternative, method like, Bitcoin. Layer. By le. Le, pay global, coinbase arm. Which is obviously, Bitcoin. Stuff and then there's also a manual payments as well, as. Well so what. What and you also want to make sure that this is on automatic, so capture, payments, for orders automatically. This must be turned on okay don't have it on manual because otherwise, you have to manually. Do. Every payment and it doesn't work obviously because, otherwise you have to do it manually and that sucks so make sure it's on automatic capture. Payment but the most important, thing guys with this is, to make sure that. On your statement, you am sorry. On your statement you change this out so, I'll put this, fishing. Also. Yeah, fishing. Freaks. Store. Okay. Because you want them to know that it's from your store so they don't do any charge backs a couple months down the track and. Then, yeah obviously you can use, PayPal. As an option as well so, let's go back to the online store guys and see what else sorry settings and see what else we have to go over. Checkout, so you can customize your checkout guys, this. Is quite important, as well customer, accounts, accounts. Are disabled, you don't really want to come enabled, guys because it's, just, good to have people check out as a guest most, of the time unless you're getting a lot of repeat customers back ok. Our, customers, can check out using either their phone or email just have it on that. So. Require, a last name only, you. I would recommend, you have an I'm require first and last name so there's. No confusion with shipping and the people's are hey we didn't get our products instead hey will you, know we've got your first and last name. And. Everything. Else is pretty silly, like that. You. Can just leave all of this like that. You. Can put in additional scripts, here so you can put an Facebook. Initiate. Check out pixels. Google, pixels as well, and. Then, check out language you can change the checkout language if you like but most of the stuff is fine guys just, make sure that you require first and last names you want to get their first and last name so you don't have any issues with shipping. Okay, now. If we go back again we. Have shipping. So let's go over sitting, up shipping. So, shipping. From this is just a fake address this, doesn't really matter because we're, gonna well, it depends if you're doing drop shipping that's not going to matter because it's, going to have your suppliers address anyway, if you're, sending out products from your own place or your own factory and stuff then you would want to change this to your own shipping. Address but if you don't drop shipping you can just ignore this okay so. I'm going to what. I just did guys actually I just deleted all the shipping zones just so we can do the shipping part. Without any confusion because is actually quite an important part I would recommend deleting everything, that's in there and just start from scratch because it's a lot easier to do I'm gonna, go to add shipping zone and, I'm. Going to do. So I do what we call the top five okay so, top, five. This. This is just the name your zone like the customers won't see this and I'm gonna add the. Countries, and the top five countries are, the, United States, are. So yes so you are United, States, United. Kingdom. New. Zealand. Australia. And. Canada. Okay. And add, those so, these are one two three four five countries, tha

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You are Amazing, excellent tutorial, i give yo 10+

Best Video I've seen so far!

Hi @franklin! Thank you for the awesome video! Im just curious, should we talk to the real owner of the products that we are going to dropship their item? Is that against their will? I am afraid that if he sees me selling his/her stuff with the higher price, he will sued me. I hope you and the community can help me. Thanks!

Aliexpress sellers are actually very happy to have dropshippers (You) sell their products because it significantly increases their sales.

Isaac Oluwade thank you for the comment! :)

Thank you, Franklin.

Loved this video!!!! He broke everything down step by step literally!!

Contact me for new shopify store.. Store build within 2 hours

I'm missing something here. Most stuff coming from China takes at least 30 days. Why would a customer wait that long when they can get it on Amazon in 2 days?

Yo you are living in Auckland!!

Hi Franklin, I am really interested on your course but as I can see you do teach a lot for free. While doing the course, will there be someone available to answer questions, clear doubts? Thanks!

@Alissa Dodworth I’m very Happy upon discovering Fulfillman service! They provide reliable resolution to the issues I have encountered. Today, I feel relax and my Shopify business rise to the ladder of success! !, an Amazing service that changed my life, I don't have to buy any inventory or buy stocks. Thank you ! The same man help me: Skype : Myron - Fulfillman or Email:

@THE WHITE Hey the white, if you need a hand i can help you set-up your store !

@Hayes Barbrook Thanks for the information. I will try to get in touch with them. :)

@Franklin Hatchett thanks ! another question, my partner have paypal and dollar account ... can i use that ? or it needs to be my account ?

@Ali Husain send me an email at

@Franklin Hatchett Cool, thanks for sharing....May be you can document your Journey with new store ...

@Franklin Hatchett so I will be creating account in aliexpress and provide the details given by the customer, to the supplier. Right? And how to setup the refund policy? As I have seen that people file case if they don't get refund.

@John Wai Thank you John!!

@Daniel Atkinson No problem glad it helped :)

@Ramaneek sure...the store I told I deactivated it....but I'm creating a new one....send me your email....

@Ramaneek yes! But when u have a limited budget....u can't miss the shot

@Franklin Hatchett I used...I sold a product I thought was a winner....but it only sold one...I spend hundreds on ads....and nothing....buts ok man...I'm saving some money to try again. Your videos helped me a lot. Thank you

@Franklin Hatchett just about to buy dude

@Franklin Hatchett Your videos are really value our time.. Thank you.. Waiting for Facebook Ad one...

@Ramaneek ok man i message you when im going to star

@Ramaneek im arabic bro i understand all the arabic language and i understand french. Can you help me ?

@Machine Wood you are right bro !

@Franklin Hatchett... Also ur course prelude video says, u personally contact with ur students. Is it so. I guess may need mentor more than ever before. Saw more than 100hours of videos on YouTube and now it's a mess inside my head. Don't know actually who to follow and who to ignore. So many gurus!!!

@Francisco Da Silva If it wasn;t working I wouldn't be selling it....

@Franklin Hatchett Is Ecom elites still working or are the info to old?

I have an issue with the slideshow!! the images not autho adjustable, from mobile, looks good but from desktop not! any advice, please?

If I wanted to create more than one store do I have to have more than one Shopify account?

@Gowtham Y have you found a way to do the refund??

Ayyy dropping value bombs everywhere

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