Shaping IT with Surface Hub 2 and Surface devices - BRK1062

Shaping IT with Surface Hub 2 and Surface devices - BRK1062

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Welcome, thank, you very much for joining us and, thank. You for finding your way to this, room which I didn't know even West Hall went this far my. Name is alia PI I lead the surface commercial, marketing team and I, would like to talk to you today about what, we're working on in the world of surface I'm, sure that some of you are rolling out or are thinking about rolling out surface devices across your organization, I'm sure that some of you are having conversations, around deploying, Microsoft, 365, I'm. Sure that many of you have seen our news around surface, hub 2 and would like to find out more today perhaps see a demo or two and I'm, sure that some of you might have heard that we might have a device giveaway at the end of the session so well I will try not to disappoint we're, going to touch on all those topics today and. I want to start by thanking you once again for giving us your your, precious time at ignite we really. Appreciate it and it's truly a pleasure, to have you so. We often talk about surface, as bringing, out the best of Microsoft, 365, with. Our cool user features, and our novel. Capabilities. Like touchscreen. Displays ink. And pen and versatile. Form factors and as, much as we work hard on those things and we, sometimes obsess, over them and we sometimes pride, ourselves in them I'm, going to talk about different. Things on which, we work hard today things. That might be more compelling, to the IT pros, in the audience things. Like Windows, autopilot to, help the rollout of service devices across your organization, things. Like in tune to help, manage, app. And device profiles, across a globally, distributed workforce, things. Like Windows hello and Windows Update to keep your organization your. Devices. And your users secure, and I'm going to talk about how those, technologies, are first, and best on service when. The surface team have the luxury, of working, on the same campus and office in the same often in the same buildings, as our colleagues, building, Windows and Office and what. That means is that we work hand-in-hand with our software counterparts. To. Make sure that the technologies, the innovations, that they're delivering, come first to surface before other OEM devices, are optimized, for surface, and ultimately. Really, deliver a family. Of devices designed for modern, t-that.

Deliver A unique value proposition when. It comes to Microsoft, technologies, so. Let's talk about those, technologies, for. A few minutes under, three pillars deployment. Management, and security IT, challenges. That should be familiar to all of you and let's start by talking about deployment. So. A couple of years ago we sat down with the windows team and, a large, customer a large, packaging, producer, to, understand, the burden, of corporate. Device. For imaging, on this customer and the, customer told, us about what it was costing, them in, terms of time, and money. After. That conversation, windows. And surface team, spent. Some. Time together working. On a concept, a, concept. Of, a cloud-based, device. Deployment, of applications. Policies. And settings, that could be delivered anywhere, in the world even. Over, LTE. Fast. Forward two years and, at the beginning of 2018. We. Were, the first device manufacturer, to deliver the results of that concept, now, called Windows, autopilot and since. Then we've been working closely with our cloud solution, provider community, to, make sure that our devices are seamlessly, enrolled, from, the surface factory to, your Asha ad, environment. It. Is as a result of this work. And our focus on deployment, that when we look at the numbers, when we look at third-party, research like this one that Forrester, recently rolled out comparing. Us to other devices, we. Save IT time. 12. Hours per app provisioning, requests, and 25. Minutes configuring, each device these. Are the kind of numbers that we really keep an eye on and, we. Also like to keep an eye on on what our customers, are doing with this, recently. The. Alijah public. School district in Kansas, purchased. 3800. Machines to, move their teachers, from, G Suite to, office 365 and, when they were doing this deployment they knew that Microsoft, technologies, would help them with their education and teaching goals but. Then they specifically, chose surface, pro because, they knew that we could help them deploy, to, a lot of school. Without, the need of having local, IT presence, in those schools and these are the kind of stories that we love when, we think about our deployment, work. Once. You've deployed your device you're, now in full management, mode and. Microsoft 365, and surfaced together, provide. You with a complete set of manageability, options, throughout the lifecycle of the device you. Can keep the device in the steady state you. Can remotely wipe the device if, it gets damaged, or stolen or, if it needs to be returned for repairs you, can remotely reset. The device if it needs to be given to a new team member so, that they can go, through autopilot again without, returning. The device to a central IT, basically. We we make sure that we, manufacture our devices, for enrollment, with an azure ad so. You can rest assure that each of the functionalities, within Microsoft, 365, IT. Deployment. And management is available. To you in. Fact you might have recently seen the news around, Microsoft, managed desktop service or MMD, which we announced last week bill. Karagounis, is doing a session today a breakout session today if you would like to dive deeper into it and, I'm pleased, to announce, that surface, will be the first device, available as, part. Of MMD and, when, we look at our management efforts again we'll look at the numbers and what. We see here is basically, reducing. The time and labor that, IT spends. Managing. And updating, Microsoft, 365 devices, specifically. Microsoft. 365, powered surface devices and this, is one of the reasons, Andersen. Corp recently, chose surface, when they were bringing together. Windows, 10 EMS, on office, 365. Anderson. Stated to us that they saw service, surface. As quote. The, last mile of the Microsoft, 365, experience. End quote and we, love that the. Math showed Anderson, that Microsoft 365, plus, surface, provided. A lower cost of on ownership, now, Anderson is here this week telling, their story in a session called igniting. Your Microsoft, 365 deployment, which surface we're, really honored to have them tell their own here, so I would highly encourage you, to check check out that session if you would like to see. A great example of this now. In. The lifes when we're talking about the lifecycle of the device, there, comes a point sometimes in the life cycle wait, you have to ship, that device back and what. We're hearing from the customers, is that that period, of time when. The user ships the device back you, know waits for a repair or replacement, gets a new device back, that. That time without a machine is just, painful, so. We've been hearing that feedback and. We've been working on that feedback and. I'm basically pleased, to announce that we're going to be bringing advance, exchange, to service.

Advanced. Exchange is a warranty, service where, you will get an expedited, replacement. Device before. You send us your damage. Or a broken, device we. Will be introducing, advanced exchange, in select, future generations, of surface starting. With select markets and it will be available at no additional cost. With a standard, hardware warranty offering, we're. Going to be sharing more details on this shortly but, I'm happy to share, with you today that, this is coming very soon the surface. Now. Let's. Move on to security. The topic, that keeps CIOs. Up, at, night, when, it comes to surface, our devices are built from the ground up to, provide, the best-in-class security, we, provide exact, adherence. To the standards, for a highly secured Windows 10 device we. Implement, every. Microsoft. Advanced security features some. Of them first on surface and some, of them unique, to surface, unify. + TPM, for encrypted security. Firmware. Level security firmware. Management, via a tool called surface Enterprise Management node mode, a CMM, that you might have heard about and. We're of course first to offer many features like Windows hello biometric, two-factor, authentication, an. Interesting, story here is last. December. When many folks were enjoying, their holidays, surface. Team was actually working closely with Intel, engineers, on, the undisclosed. The. Undisclosed. Specter meltdown, threat and, on this close at the time in. The following January, when. The vulnerability. Was, disclosed, on that first day surface. Was able to push, a firmware fix, Windows. Update for business while. Many other OEMs, had. To basically require IT staff, to pull fixes, from, download, size and then manually, push them out through management. Tools as this, example shows and, as you, know many studies confirm. We. Basically provide TCO. Savings, in automatic, risk management, in, reduction, of IT complexity. And, what we're all about is basically reducing. The security. Breach costs, security. Breach volume, the time and money that you spend on security issues. Now. The last example that I want to share is Gold, Corp a global. Mining. Gold producer, and they recently chosen surface, to, simplify. How. They manage the security of their devices they, also use Windows analytics, and telemetry to, basically, look at the usage of their devices and the security, of the devices, and, mitigate, a lot of the issues before they arise so. Let's, hear from gold core. Focus. On major gold mining corporation, headquarter, upon cooler with operations, in America's top, producing 2.5 million ounces of over year we. Have a vision of the connected miner we won't have the ability to communicate with them in a real-time basis. And no work where they are located and being able to reallocate. Workforce, and machinery at, real-time. Connected. Miner is a strategy. To, give all of our employees access. One. Of the biggest challenges, from an innovation perspective is, always our fear for cybersecurity, one. Of the things that we wanted to make sure of is that we have a secure, operating. System that will be able to be patched remotely, and they will be able to keep updated, so. We standardized. On the surface. Everybody's. Using that now from the geologists. And engineers, to the admin staff even to the truckers. And scoop operators, on the ground. So. On a regular basis we have about 120, people working underground at any given time. We. Do expect with, the release of the surface goal and giving this to your connected, miners that you, will see improved.

Productivity. We. Will see improved, morale and we're. Expecting improve, retention of, our employees, our. Company. Is committed to. Growing. Attracting. And retaining the, best talent, in the industry. We. Don't evolve will be left behind I. Believe. The next year so very super exciting for mining. Now. What you saw in the on that video was more than deployment. Management, and security, and. You saw a lot of executives, including Human, Resources talk. About themes, other than these three because, ultimately, our, work. On all of these come. Together in a physical, manifestation of, a device and if we do our job, right, together. This. Is what people, see and what, people love if. We do it right, deployment, management and security fades, away and people have a device device. Experience, that they love and if we do our job on the device right even. The device fades away and then we're basically left with your most important, asset people, and they're creatively, they're innovation, we. Then look at these kind of numbers that are really the numbers that really matter people. Saving more time on surface, people, being productive. Innovative. Collaborative. People. Taking decisions, people feeling proud to be seen with their device. People. Looking. At decision making retention. Culture, people. Loving, it and this. Is what we talk about when. We talk about IT, transforming. From a cost center into. A competitive differentiator, with service so. Let's, bring what we just talked about to life I'd like to introduce John. And Adrian to, come on stage and, show you a little demo. Great. Thanks. So much Ollie. Hi. Good morning everybody, so, when we think about modern manageability, and security. We, think about it from a complete, device, life cycle, perspective, so. What me and Adrian are gonna do a walk through a few examples where I'll be playing the role of an IT systems, administrator, and Adrian. Will be playing. The role of an employee, so. We're just going to give you a quick overview of what we're going to walk through first we're going to look at in enrollment. Using Windows autopilot. Then, we're going to talk about the policies, profiles, that we can push down to the device so we're going to push down some. Some. Policies to disable, features and, also configure, an Eaton policy. Then. We're going to make sure that we're pushing apps to the device. Making. Sure that we can check the device is, compliant. With those policies, and, then. We're going to look at completing, the lifecycle by, looking at on enrollment, as all he talked about earlier. So. Let's dive in so. I'm an IT administrator. And I'm here using my surface book to fifteen-inch.

It's, Really, a perfect device for my needs, super-powerful, has the great 15 inch pixel, sentence display, so. My goal is really about, delivering, a great experience. For our employees. And auto-pilot is, a fantastic. Way to do that it's, a completely, modern approach to managing. Devices that. Surface fully supports. So. Within my Microsoft, 365, admin, Center I've. Gone into Azure Active Directory and, you can see that I've added Adrian, here as a user I've I've. Created a group for this demo demo, underscore. Ignite but I've added Adrian. Too and, now. Next I need to add the device that, I want to use for this autopilot. Configuration. So. You can see that I've added two surface, pro devices, here which we've been using to test our demo but. I want to show you how easy it is just to import, devices, and assign them to a user so. Literally all you have to do is click on import, and it will ask you to add. A, CSV, file now. The hardware, hash, that's, contained, within that CSV file will. Be provided, from the partner, that you purchase the device from and then. As well what we've done in surface, is to work with our partner, ecosystem, and allow, them the ability to actually go into your Intune tenon and provide. Those hardware hashes in as, well and then. Finally with the device that you've got all set up you, can quickly and easily assign. A user to it from, any user in your Azure Active Directory. So. Then the next thing that we need to do is configure our actual, appoinment profile. So, this is the profile, that we're going to be using for this demo and you can see that in the out of box experience, we're. Saying that we'd like to hide the end-user License Agreement showing, up hide, privacy, settings make it a really streamlined. Experience. So. Adrienne. Yeah. So I'm. Not the most tech-savvy employee. I love, when my tech just works it feeds to the backgrounds. I don't, have to call the help desk and I don't have to bother my awesome I see guys so. I'm super lucky because my company issued, me this new surface pro with LTE advanced, it's perfect. For the mobile work that I do and, I'm gonna show you how an auto pilot out of box experience, looks, like on this device. So. I just got this device out of the box so I'm gonna power it up and I jump into this ubi flow I just. Have a few simple clicks, breezing. Right through it I'm, not going to add a second, keyboard layout I need. To connect to Wi-Fi so, that it can find my autopilot policy. So. Now, that it is connected, its searching, for the autopilot deployment. Service, and it's. Gonna find it it, gets the configuration. And it knows it's me this. Is super awesome right so this device just came from the factory now it's with me there, was no corporate, reimaging, required, it knows it's me and it knows the company I work for contoso, this, is pretty cool, so. Just a few more steps hearing, and enter my password and. With. A few more minutes I'm gonna be up and ready to go so with, that I'm gonna hand it back to you thanks, Adrian, so. Next, one. Of the things that we did when we set up Adrian's. Profile, was to assign some. Policies. To keep our company's, data safe and secure, so you can see here that I've configured. Two policies, for this demo we're, disabling, camera, and we're also disabling. Internet. Sharing and, then. Because, the some, of our employees like Adrian, have a surface, pro with. Lte-advanced, which, in addition to having a physical SIM. Card also, has an embedded, sim built. To it I've. Actually added, these eating policies. To. Add them again it's a simple upload, of a CSV, file and you, get that CSV, file from your mobile, network, operator, like Verizon, or AT&T. And. This is really. Embedded. Sim is really great because it saves me having to distribute. Physical, SIM cards it, also means that employees aren't, able to take that SIM card that you've given them out of a work device and put, it into a personal, device so. Agent why don't you why, don't we see if those policies have come down perfect. So, here, I am my, device is fully configured, and I'm ready to take some selfies so. I'm gonna go in and search for my camera and. Wait. A second I can't, get to it, John. Settings, in fact did prevent, me from using the camera, I'm. Also going to show you that internet sharing is disabled, I can't. Turn mobile hotspot on. Again. A successful, setting good, job done. Now, with ECM I'm, gonna launch into my connectivity, options and, you, can see cellular integrated. With Wi-Fi I love this the ability to see it all in one view and the fact that Pro LTE actually, switches seamlessly, between, LTE, and Wi-Fi, so, I can have connection, anywhere, I'm.

Also Going to show you that the settings actually. Worked. For ECM, so, I'm going to jump into network and internet here and. Jump into cellular, and show you the ECM profile, that John just set up and here. It is and, I'm ready to go good. Start. So now let's talk a little bit about app configuration. I want to make sure that all of my employees have, the ability, to access, the apps that they need right. On their fingertips so. As you can see here we've configured a number of different apps and applications. That we're pushing down to different devices that, we're managing here, but. The one that we're going to focus on is that we've pushed down the office desktop applications. As part of our Pro Plus suite, I've. Also made sure that the office applications, are fully set up to work with information rights management, again. Helping. Users, confidently. Share. And collaborate with, confidential. Data that, they that. They use for work so. Why don't we go and see if PowerPoint came down, all. Right so I work in PowerPoint, all the time again. Brand-new device here, and I'm, gonna start and, open, PowerPoint. So. Here I am it, knows it's me I'm. Going to accept and start PowerPoint, and what I love about PowerPoint, is that I can actually use. Restricted. Settings, and information. Rights management to. Make sure that only the people who need access to the device can, get access to the to the PowerPoint, and this, is super important to me because I deal with confidential, information all, the time great, so now let's talk about compliance. It's. Super, important, for me to know as an IT systems, administrator, that all of the configuration. That we've just shown actually. Successfully. Makes it to a device and that that device is being secured, in the way that I want it to so. From within our in tune management, console, you can see here that it gives me a view a cost across my entire organization of, all, the devices we're managing and whether or not they're compliant.

And. Then, I will highlight something that's pretty cool, with, LTE, devices. Being. Able to monitor the cellular, data consumption. Is really, important, for me to be able to manage the costs, for our business, and so. Recently a partner, called wanderer has. Actually launched the world's first data. Management, product, for Windows 10 and this. Allows me to clearly see how, much cellular, data my. Users, like Adrian, are using. By. Users, by, the top apps that, they're using even. By geography, so. It's a really really nice way for me to stay in control, and be able to manage those, costs and, then. Just finally as well surface, works really really closely with Windows, and of course all of the components, that make up Microsoft, 365, to. Make sure that we're actively. Fixing. Security. Vulnerabilities. That we find and then. What, we do is that we have the ability to push all of those updates including. Any firmware, fixes. For our devices right. Through Windows Update, so, no more having to go to a website, download, executables. And think about pushing them, out and then. Finally, as we think about wrapping, up the Eco the, life cycle step, Ali. Talked earlier about you know the need for an. Enrollment, if. An employee, loses a device or maybe they leave the company and so, it's important that we can wipe that so, all I need to do is go into here to, this device that Adrian's using and you can see I've got a variety of different options I could use but. Actually I can go ahead and wipe to, completely, wipe everything off and return it to its factory, default, positions. And, that's. Great as well for if you want to take, this device back from Adrian and then, start the lifecycle again by reallocating, that, to another user. So. I really, hope that you've enjoyed seeing. This, brought to life some of the things that are he talked about earlier, um surface. With Microsoft, 365, really, gives you the ability to manage the entire lifecycle, of the device so, now I'm gonna hand over to Adrian. So. I'm gonna take a step back and talk about our entire portfolio. Six. Years ago we created the two-in-one category with the surface pro and we, were super inspired by the way our customers are using it and by, the ecosystem. Of devices that developed, around it so we didn't stop there we. Introduced surface book for our power users with. Surface studio we took the concept of a desktop and put it on a hinge so you can truly turn your desktop into a studio, with. Surface labs hop we covered the keyboard, in fabric, we're, continuously, pushing, the boundaries when it comes to design, and. With. Surface go most recently we brought the thinnest, and lightest, surface, ever to market let's, talk about surface go for a second. So. I love this device it's, super, lightweight and thin it's just, 1.15. Pound, 8.3, millimeters, thin this, is compact, easily. Fits in bags I just, love it the. Screen is a tenon PixelSense, display. It's, got 217. Dpi for crisp and clear pictures, their individually. Calibrated, for color accuracy. We. Thought a lot about achieving, the right balance of performance and portability, so. This thing is packed with an Intel Pentium Gold 44, 15y, processor. And it's, optimized, for running multiple, apps at once and it. Has up to 9 hours of battery life. Later. This year we're introducing surface, go with LTE advanced, which is going to be amazing for people who need to use it on the go we've. Seen two, types of customers in particular really. Loving this device the, first is education, especially. K, through 12 students, are loving this device and then. The second would be first line workers first. Line workers are the backbone, of your organization. They're, your front of house they're in the field they're, working on the floor it's, important, that these people have the right device to get them through the day and, they're loving surface, go and so am I so, I'm, gonna transition, from the smallest device in our portfolio, to the, largest.

So. My. Favorite, times at work or when I'm working in a group ideas. Are flowing the, team is diving, it's. Amazing. If. I were to paint a picture of great collaboration. I'd. See people on their feet, actively. Engaged, in the conversation. Not in the laptops, in front of them, emphatic. Head nodding you guys know what I'm talking about it's magic, but. The problem is today that those moments are bound by scheduled, time in our calendars, and, spaces. In our buildings, how. Many of you have been in a meeting to be interrupted, by a knock on the door it's, the next meeting group trying, to get into the conference room so, you're like seriously finding. Your phone stopping, pictures of the whiteboard it's, a mess you've. Broken your momentum right, your, team workflow, has been broken. With. Surface hub 2 we, want to get rid of all of that we. Want to keep teams in their workflow. We. Have three major ambitions, with surface hub to the. It's to turn any space into a team workspace, so. To do that with, surface hub two we're. Bringing you a lighter thinner. Form. Factor that's, easy to move around. Especially. With these amazing mobile. Stands by steel keys you. Really get freedom from that traditional, conference room experience and you can take collaboration. On the, move, we're. Also going to continuously. Push the boundaries when it comes to delivering an amazing. Remote meeting experience. We're. Gonna do that by bringing you brilliant resolution. 4k plus, screen. 4k. Cameras, and better, speakers. And mics all. These features to make the remote collaboration experience not. Feel so remote. Frankly. We're. Doing all of this so that teams can stay in their workflow, not, break their momentum we. Want to make collaboration easier. So. Speaking of collaboration. One, of my favorite real-world, examples, of teamwork is our collaboration, with workspace expert Steelcase, we. Work with them to bring our vision for mobile, collaboration to, life and, together. We design this stand our, mobile stand for surface hub to. Profit. And with. That example. In minds I want. A demo for you what, the future of collaboration, is going to look like on surface hub to and to, do that I'm going to bring my friend Dave up to stage. Hey. Dave thanks, Adrienne. So. Like you mentioned we have a fantastic, collaboration with, Steelcase, on the mobile stand the. Challenges, there's over, two thousand miles between Redmond, and Grand Rapids. Online. Meetings have been a thing for a long time but. We all know what it's like to be remote in one of those meetings it's difficult, to get your voice heard it's, difficult to be seen you. Just don't feel like you have an equal voice with, the people who are on the other end so. We need to have great tools that allow us to be able to collaborate just. Like we're in a room together with that same level of power and efficiency so. Let me show you how that's going to work on surface subdue so. We. Were talking about the product day presentation. That I've got and it's it's a really stressful thing it's got executives, in it and we need to talk about the details of the design of the. Beautiful mobile stand so. We need to talk to you my colleague Owen, from Steelcase so let's go ahead and do the surface hub signature, dynamic. Rotation, and. Then. We'll be able to with Microsoft, teams and OneTouch be able to join a conversation. With Owen hey Owen how. You doing and you can, see that he looks great, you know in this portrait orientation, it's. Full screen it's like I'm talking to him he's right there with me taking advantage of that 4k plus screen resolution, that, 3:2, aspect ratio it's. Pretty spectacular. But. You know what we need to start and go to the whiteboard right, let's.

Do That. So. I've, already enrolled in this device so. To sign in and access my, onedrive document, I'm, just gonna use my finger, line, and, my. Recent documents are gonna pop up that's, so easy to access, right. Now I'm gonna launch the whiteboard because, we've been working on this whiteboard for a couple weeks now what. I love about the new whiteboard is you can actually maintain and, rehydrate, previous, whiteboards, so we can jump right back in suite. So what's the team thinking what's the best design yeah so at this point I'm really loving this one I think it's gonna totally blend in with the furniture it's approachable, easy to walk up and collaborate, around I think we go with this one cool, it looks like Orion agrees yeah can. I get that image oh yeah definitely. So, let me just snap this over to the side here easy. And why don't you log in okay so I'll just go ahead and also use my fingerprint, and login. Simply, with one touch on the fingerprint, sensor and of course I've been at my desk working on the PowerPoint presentation, very stressed out so. I'm gonna go ahead and tap on that and that was the most recent item in my recent file picker and, it's, gonna load up here for me on the surface hub - and, I've. Stubbed, out slide number three here is the thing that I want to use, and I just need to complete it I just need that image so I'm gonna go ahead and snap this over here let, me do, that for you, awesome. Okay. So I'm just gonna grab this. Image. Right here I'm gonna copy that and then, I'm gonna jump, back over here to my PowerPoint, slide and be able to paste that back in and I can just kind of slide that in place, looks. Like I'm done I'm ready for that presentation, so. What you've just seen is that both Dave and I have logged into the same device this, would have never been possible before you, can see both of our profiles, this, is my file, this is his and, we've been able to collaborate between, the two documents this. Would have taken so many steps, before and wasted so much time now, we can do it so easily sweet. Thanks for your help thanks. So. Guys we really hope you've enjoyed, seeing the future of collaboration, come to life we're, really excited about what surface hub is going to do for our customers and how you all are going to use it so. With that I'd like to bring Ollie back to stage to. Close what's up. Thanks. Adrien it's, really amazing to see these features come to life and. We. Are so excited about surface, hub too and we hope that you, are too now, I want to talk a little bit about how, we're planning on rolling, these out forgive. The pun I.

Will. Just start by taking a quick look back so. We started on this journey to, empower, teams, with. Microsoft. Surface hub and, we've, been so pleased, by the reaction, that we've had on this product we, sold surface, hub to more than 5000 customers in 25 markets, over. 50, percent of Fortune, 500 companies have bought into our vision and. With, surface hub we've, enabled some great experiences. Like OneTouch, meeting, join, best-in-class. Large. Screen inking and the ability to run office, and third-party, third-party, apps, natively. On the device as we. Ramped up for. Surface. Hub - we've, been listening carefully to. Our customers, to our surface, hub customers, they, tell us that they love the, surface hub experience, they. Tell us that they want it in a lighter more. Mobile, form factor, with, enhanced, vtc tools like, enhance, screens cameras. Mics speakers. And they. Tell us that they wanted in a way that they can deploy today, at scale. So we've, decided to take a phased, approach with, surface, hub - the. First phase of our, journey will be surface. Hub 2's, this. Product is coming in the second quarter of, 2019. Hub. 2's, will. Deliver, the surface, hub experience, that our customers, know and love, in. A lighter and slimmer. Form. Factor, with the enhanced, vtc tools that we've talked about an, amazing screen better. Mics, speakers. Cameras. And we're. Super. Excited, about taking the surface hub experience, into, a mobile form factor while, continuing, to deliver both, on pram, and hybrid, experiences. Enabling. Our customers to bridge their journey to the cloud, now. More advanced features like, tiling, dynamic. Rotation, and multi-user. Login, will, be introduced in the next phase of our journey which, is surface. Hub 2x. Surface. Up to X will be available, in 2020. It, will bring these never seen, never-before-seen. Features. Like, multi-user. Login, with, fingerprint, that you've just seen it, will be able to cover a whole, side, of a room with different tiling, configurations. It will rotate to adapt, to the way you work, and. It will introduce a, series. Of modern, management tools via the cloud now. 2's will. Be fully. Upgradable, to 2x. So. You'll be able to make the most out of your hardware, investments. And update. Over time we. Remain fully committed to the surface hub to vision and we're happy to provide our customers with.

An Experience, in the near term that, can be updated over, time so. How is this possible so this. Is possible. With. Our design, around. A removable processor. Cartridge. We. Have an easily, accessible Hardware, chassis, in the back of the device and this. Processor, cartridge, can. Be removed, upgraded. And serviced. Over time this. Is what will enable our customers to make the switch from 2, s 2, to X in. An. Easy way and our customers will be able to update, to. The Microsoft 365 powered, surface, 2x in 2020. I, love. This piece of thoughtful, engineering that. Provides, a future, proofed solution. And. I can't wait to share more on it in the coming months so, this. Is our surface, hub, to family, we, have hub, 2's, coming. In q2 2019. We, can't wait to start deploying, this in our customers environments, it's the, hub experience, that they know and love now, available, in a amazing. Form factor that it's easy to move around with enhance, remote. Meeting tools and we're, already hearing a ton of positive feedback from our customers here, this week on, 2's. Coming, soon we, then look forward to helping our customers make the journey to the cloud and enable. Help 2x, experiences. Like, tiling, like dynamic rotation, like multi-user, that. Are there are going to be that are going to be amazing, it is an exciting, road ahead for. Us with. Service hub - and we, can't wait for you to be a part, of it. So. We, see a bright future for surface, service, hub and all. Of our surface devices in the modern workplace we. Hope that you do too and we. Hope that you've enjoyed our presentation thank. You.

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What an amazing presentation. Love the Hub S2 and X wish that it would be sooner. Definitely awesome!

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