Serial killer Samuel Little arraigned for Cleveland murders

Serial killer Samuel Little arraigned for Cleveland murders

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Oh. Miss. Stylee can you hear me, yes. Your honor I'm sitting. Down one second. Good. Afternoon and for, purposes of the video, can, you. Hear me can also see me for the purpose of today's hearing. Yes. Yes your honor. Mr.. Little does have some difficulty. Earring, so. If we keep the volume up from that and that would be very much appreciated we, can also relate, things very. Good and then if there's an issue that you can't hear me then you can let me know I'll. Make sure that I can correct that for the record fair enough. All. Right thank you sir right we're going to go on the record then with. Respect to today's this, afternoon's, docket, so we have case number six. Four zero zero, zero, eight, it's, the state of Ohio versus, Samuel, little. Mr.. Little for purposes. Of today's hearing there's going to be a few. Matters that I'm going to address and I'm going to need to have your cooperation. This, case has come before this, court and on, a prior date I have appointed, counsel to represent you for. The record on July 10th, of this year I appointed. The public defender's, office and, so. For the record if. Those. Of you who are there in California to, just state your name for the record. Thank. You very. Highly, in Terry, Webb. All. Right so miss, Webb and mrs. Healy for the record as well before I. Begin. To outline some of the procedures, that will follow have. You had ample opportunity to speak to your client about, today's. Proceedings. Yesterday. And together forth alright thank you and for, purposes of today's hearing does, he waive his presence, here in Cuyahoga. County the state of Ohio will. He allow this proceeding, to go forward by video. Yes. Right all right thank you for, purposes, of the courtroom I'll have the prosecutor. Identify. Themselves for the record as well. Richard. Bell for the state of Ohio I hope at County mr., little representing. Prosecutor. Michael to see Valley. And. Can you hear mr. bell because I do have a microphone as. He talks further that he can speak too did you have could. You hear the prosecution. Mr. little. All. Right so I'm going to go ahead and turn his microphone on, just a little go ahead again mr. Bell thank you. Okay. Mr. little, we. Met be born in, Texas this is Ricky Bell I'm, the prosecutor, that they, interviewed, you there I'll.

Be Representing, the. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's. Office. Prosecutors. Michael comm, all. Right thank you all. Right, so with respect today's, hearing, my, understanding, first that I'll move forward with an arraignment. Regarding. This case after. Conducting, the arraignment, that I'll hear on the record from the state of Ohio regarding. The change of plea that's going to be offered and then, in fact whether the plea will be accepted, the, court will then advise mr. little, of his. Constitutional, rights before taking, that plea and then. Finally, I'll move forward with sentencing. So again. Arraignment. After. The arraignment, discussions. Of plea and then finally, a sentencing, so. With respect to your arraignment. Mr.. Little there are a number of rights. That I want to explain to you if. There are any questions that you have please ask. Your lawyers, and they can ask the ask. And answer those. Questions, for me you have, the right to know and understand, the charges that are before, you, my. Understanding, would be counsel. For mr. little that you've had an opportunity to share the, indictment, that has been handed up, from the grand jury here, in Cuyahoga, County is that fair for the record, yes. All, right so having the indictment. Shared. With you it's a total of ten counts, in the indictment, you. Have a right to know one understand, those charges placed before you you. Have the right to a trial by jury, you. Can waive that trial, and try the case a judge. Here, in Cuyahoga, County. Regardless. Of whether you try the case by a jury or a judge the. State of Ohio has the burden of proof and they, have to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, so. That means mr. bell and his staff have the, opportunity. Of presenting, the case to, a jury or judge and, doing. So presenting, evidence, so. What are your rights in Ohio or regarding, that evidence, mr. little the, state calls witnesses, up to this witness stand and, then you would have those witnesses, testify, your. Counsel, can examine and cross-examine those. Witnesses. When. The state is done with the presentation of their case you. May call witnesses to come in and testify, if. Either parties, witness, failed to appear, you. Can ask me as the judge to. Go out and arrest the witness, and we call that a bench, warrant so, I could order someone, to be arrested, and brought in to testify either for you or the state of Ohio, those. Are constitutional. Rights that you have mr., little you. Also have a right to, remain silent so nobody, can force you to testify.

No. One could ever comment, that you didn't testify, you. Have a right sir, to, a lawyer, and again I provided, that opportunity, through our public defender's, office there. Could be a fee for that but that fee is waived because of your inability. To pay. Finally. Serve the indictment, that you have before you your, lawyers will speak on your behalf on, three. Issues the, first issue would. Be would you have. The document, in your for, more than 24, hours if. You haven't you could waive the 24 hour mandatory. Requirement. You. Could waive the reading, of the indictment so, if you did not understand. The 10 counts, and, your lawyers haven't had an ample opportunity, to explain it to you I could. Read the counts, but you could also waive the right to that reading and then. Finally, I would have you enter a plea and again, at the arraignment I would, have you enter a plea of not guilty so. That we can proceed with the, plea and then the sentencing, so. Counsel, on, behalf of mr.. Little would you like to speak with respect to the indictment, before the court at this time. Yes. Your honor we have to see the copy of the indictment we have had it for more than 24, hours we. Are waiving a reading in open court and, mr. little is enduring a plea of not guilty to, the indictment, for purposes, of the arraignment, given, his incarceration in, the state of California. We are not requesting the body set all. Right with respect to the case then, no. Bond will be set with respect to his case, as. The Iranian, judge, and the administrative, presiding, judge I'll sign the case, to my docket, to handle today as. Is the custom when I do, early. Arraignment. Please and sentencings. So, the case will be assigned to myself, with. That being the case there, again there's a 10. Count indictment. Count. One being aggravated, murder, count. Two being aggravated, murder. Count. Three four. And five being. Kidnapping. Count. Six being aggravated, murder count. Seven, being aggravated murder and. Then count eight nine. And ten our, charges, of kidnapping, those. Counts of before the court at this time I'll. Note for the record that counsel. For mr. little have filed for discovery, I, know that was filed prior, to the case being here on arraignment. Has. Counsel, receive discovery, from the state of Ohio.

Yes. We have your honor all right thank you so. Mr. bell at this time it's my understanding, there will be a potential. Change of flea placed on the record of which I'll that inquire of mr., little and. Miss Kylie and miss Webb. Thank. Your honor mr. little can you hear me where I'm standing. Let. Me know if you can hear me as we as we go through those. Miss. Kylie, and miss Webb can you hear mr. veldt, we. Can't your honor. We're. Ready to go thank, you okay thank you, yes, your honor you're correct we, are here on the 10,000. State, of Ohio versus Samuel a little case number six four zero zero. Zero. Eight. The. First count is for aggravated murder your honor there. Are other councils, well kind, of to aggravated, murder. Count. Six aggravated, murder in count seven aggravated, murder these. Counts all have the same penalty, that I'll, be describing here in a moment, there's. Also the additional, counts, on. The indictment your honor count. 3. 4, 5. 8. 9. And 10 for. Kidnappings, that are on this original indictment. It's. Our understanding that the defendant wishes to withdraw his previously. Effortfully, of not guilty that, are a plea of guilty to counts. Number one and since, the, aggravated, murder count with, prior calculation design. First. Of all count one causing, the death of Mary Jo Peyton, and, then. In count, 6, aggravated. Murder, for causing, the death of gross, evidence. There. Is a mandatory, sentence, of life imprisonment. With. Parole eligibility, after serving. 20, years on the prison, on each of these two counts. It's. Our understanding that, the defendant, is. Going to be agreeing, to plead guilty to, these two counts, one and six and. Agreeing. That they would be served. Are. You able to hear miss Webb. That's. Right, okay, how do you need any time with mr. little. Mr.. Little wishes us to and, about. Him explain so, clear. There. Is there a possibility, that the, the. Audio, could be silenced. And we can go off the record so you could remain, to be seated and have, conversation. At the table. Yes, sir, all right thank you for that so we're going to go off the record here and. Allow the conversation. That take place but I'm going to remain on the bench. Mrs., Haley and miss Webb if, you need longer, to. Have a discussion that we need to recess, then you could advise, the court so at this time we'll. Adjourn but I'll remain on the bench.

Thank. You thank, you. In. Here but your honor yes, thank you. Okay, so we'll go back on the record so. At this time miss. Webb missed Eileen have you had. An opportunity to answer the questions that mr. little, may have. Yes. You're right, is there any position. That's different at this time as I move forward. No. Yeah, all right thank you thank. You mr. little okay so I'm gonna ask mr.. Bell to continue. He. Had mentioned that the. Sentence, range I believe before we took a break. Yes. Your honor for the two counts, that we understand, that mr. little, will be pleading guilty to, of this indictment, aggravated. Murder have. One and count six the, penalty, is the same it's a mandatory sentence, of life imprisonment with, parole eligibility after, serving, 20 years of imprisonment. With. A potential, fine of of. $25,000. On each count it's. Our understanding of, the defendant, is indigent and the state will. Be recommending. To the defense. Counsel, that that be weighed. The. Defendant, will be agreeing, to plead guilty to, counts one. And six with the understanding. That they are to be served consecutively, to each other for. A potential, sentence, of 40. To life and also consecutive. To other. Cases which, he currently has. Those. Cases, for the record and for mr. little are the two Hamilton, County cases from. This morning case number one nine zero two, nine five seven and. One. Nine zero two five, four three as. Well as the, Los. Angeles County California case. Of the, a four. Zero zero one four eight as, well. As, the Ector County Texas, case, of a. -. 18. -. One, four one five see. Harvey. Further. Is part and parcel of, this plea your honor it's our understanding that. The. Defendant, understands, that we are reserving, the right to charge him with the third homicide. In Cuyahoga, County that he confessed to and. The. State of Ohio will intent. After. Further investigation. To. Charged him with that. The. Defendant, mr. little understands, that the death penalty is not part, of this, case that the, state of Ohio is not charged, in with the death penalty asked. Our, original, understanding and, will. Not. Be. Able to charge him nor will be on this, earlier. Admission. To a 1977. Through 1979. Homicide. The. Defendant, understands. That. There. Was no death penalty in Ohio at that time it. Had been found to be unconstitutional so, he will not be charged, as part of that, case with any death penalty by law or, by agreement. The. Defendant has received full discovery from the state of Ohio and other, than what we have spread here on the record your honor then, don't threats or promises nor. Do. And. Mr. Bell I know that counsel, for mr. little indicated. Discovery's. Being complied with but, you, want to speak to discovery. Obviously. They agree but you did provide discovery, to. Them and so I don't know if you want to speak to that thank, you the. State of Ohio. Defenders. And. Discussed, the case with. All. Of the police reports and, all, of the investigator, reports, as well as the. Interview. Interrogation of. Mr., little in Texas, for. Them to see and for them to see as well all that's been blocked and also filed before okay. Thank you all. Right so miss Kylie and miss Webb is that your understanding of the change of plea as it's. Been outlined by the state of Ohio. Yes, your honor I don't, believe I, felt, specifically. Said that all remaining, count of the indictment will, be dismissed, in exchange, from mr. little plea counts, one and fifth, yeah. So I, regardless. Of what whether you heard I believe it was stated in the beginning but again it is so all other charges, of. The ten count indictment would. Be dismissed, so he's, pleading the counts one and six, so. The other accounts, that will be dismissed are two three, four, five, and seven. Eight nine ten, those. Counts will be dismissed that is correct your honor that's our understand thank, you is.

There Any other thoughts, or concerns that you want to spread, on the record before I begin to inquire if mr. little. Yeah. Thank. You. All. Right mr. little I'm going to ask you a number of questions can. You hear me at this level of speaking. All. Right thank you so there's, a court reporter that, maybe you can't see that sitting over here to my right and, she's, taking, down the, record, so everything, that said in the court is being, taken down at this time by, the court reporter, and helps, protect you the, court the prosecutor, if we ever need to go back and review. The record the, reason I say that you serve is because. Your answers, will be recorded, and all I ask is that you speak loudly and clearly, when. You answer the questions, that I'll ask of you and then, if you don't understand. Something similar. To what you just did where you need it to speak to your lawyers just. Let me know that you need to ask the question, of them and, we'll take a minute to make sure that you understand. Anything. That you have concerned, with is that okay sir, they're. All right and then finally, if you have a question, of me something. You don't understand, please make sure you ask because, at the end I want, to be very clear that your plea is being offered to, this court knowingly. Intelligently, and, voluntarily, okay. Sir, sir. All, right so, nice and loud please state your name and age for the record. What's. The highest level, of education you, have mr. little. It, wouldn't look that mean okay. Do, you read and write sir. Yeah. Okay, right. Okay. Thank you as you, sit here this, morning, or this afternoon here. Are. You under the influence of any medications. Alcohol. Drugs anything. That, would cause you not to understand, what we're doing, no. And. Do. You in fact understand, how I'm going to proceed, this. Afternoon, here in Cleveland, do you understand, that you're going to enter a plea of guilty to count one, and six. Yes. Thank, you sir has, anybody, has. Anybody threatened. You or forced, you and any, other way to have you change your plea. Okay. Are. You satisfied with the representation, of your lawyers. There. Now. With, respect to the cases, that you have already entered. A change of plea. Understanding. That the sentence, that I'll impose, is an agreed sentence. Are. You on do you have any open, cases with. Other, judges, in, either other states, or here in the state of Ohio. Okay. So, knowing that there may be other cases, you. Understand, that those, lawyers, who may represent, you in those cases will. Deal with those judges, that. You have to go before in, order, to decide how their sentence, will be handed, down I'll. Have no say-so, and how, they should handle their case or what, type of sentence, you should receive do. You understand, that. Okay. And sir, are you a United. States citizen. There's. Good okay, thank you so, let's go back you know a few minutes ago, I explained. To you your constitutional. Rights and those. Rights when, I ask you for your change of plea are going to be given up so, you are, gonna have a trial in this case and you understand, that sir. So let me just go through it again and make sure you don't have any questions, if, you wanted, to go to trial mr.. Bell and his team would. Have the ability, to then. Have to prove the case against. You beyond, a reasonable doubt, in, that. Okay. You understand, it so what would ask what, I would ask of mr. Bell and mr. O'Malley and their team would. Be to call, witnesses and. Present. Evidence before. We did that mr.. Little you get to choose if you want a jury of your. Peers who. Would be called to the jury box, you. And your lawyers could pick a jury or you, can give up a jury in Ohio. And you could try your case to me as your judge do. You understand, that's a constitutional, right, you have. Record. Okay, so, if the state of Ohio was asked to present evidence as I. Said witnesses, would come up to this witness stand they, are sworn, an oath to, tell the truth, mr.. Bell and his team will. Ask. Witnesses. For questions, and they would place their answers on the record when, the witness is done you, have a right with mrs. Haley and Miss Webb to. Examine, these. Witnesses, by asking questions by. Cross-examining. Them by. Asking questions of the exhibits, that they may try to enter, into evidence that's. A right you have, to confront, and cross-examine. Witnesses, do you understand, those rights are going to be given up today when you plead, that's. Their okay, let's. Go to your. Right after, the state is done with their case the. State would rest judge, were done all the, evidence would be admitted, two things that you have that I'm going to ask if you understand, that you're going to give up you. Have a right to call witnesses in, and have, witnesses, come up to here and testify, for you, if. A witness failed, to appear, your.

Lawyers, Can ask me to arrest, the witness, and that's. Um that's what we call compel, them so. I can. Then arrest, them to a deputy and have, them come in and testify that's a right you have to. Compel, a witness to appear do. You understand, you're going to give that right up when, you enter your change of plea, okay. And then, finally mr., little you have a constitutional. Right here in the United States to remain silent. Nobody. Could force you to testify against, yourself the. State could never force you to the witness stand your. Lawyers, could never force you to the witness stand and in, fact sir I could not force you to the witness stand the state, of Ohio could never use, that, against. You so they couldn't say to a jury, Haidee, mr. little didn't testify, so the guy must be guilty nobody could ever comment. About. Your right to remain silent, do, you understand, you give that right up when you change your plea. And. I didn't hear your response I'm sorry. Sir. Thank you okay. Do. You have any questions, at all mr. little about giving up your trial rights. Okay. So now, again. I'm going to follow some guidelines, of. The law here in Ohio so I'm going to outline for you the. Penalties, that mr., bell just spoke of that, your lawyers, have already spoke to you about but, I'm going to make a record to make sure my court reporter, has it on the record so, I'm going to outline the penalties, and then I'll ask you if you understand, or if you have any questions, okay. Just a little, hey. Lis all. Right so count one you're going to plead guilty to, is an, aggravated, murder that. You did purposely. And with prior calculation and. Design caused. The death of Mary Jo Peyton, it's. A what, we call an unclassified. Felony. Again. Just so it's for the record you, know we have to go back to the the. Law that was in place at the time of this, murder back, in 1984. So. That's why we used, the, law from 1984. Back then as mr. bell said the. Death penalty, was not on the, books it was not part, of the law so. What the law said, and has already been outlined, is, that your sentence, is life in prison on. Count, one, yes. Thank, you I wanted. To be clear, on the. Comment. You're talking about now. Definitely, wasn't available 90. Was, just the one that I was discussing it about, was, the seventy seven seventy, nine. Was. The eighty four case yes. It was, in the death penalty, and so the state, of Ohio prosecutor. O'Malley gave. Mr. little, Ruby letter, saying that we would not charge. Understand. That a 77, through 79. Yeah. Thank you for making it clear on the record so mr., little I will. Step, back and say yes. As, the law is in front of me for, the 1984. 1991, case. The. Death penalty, was, an option. But. Through negotiations. From the state of Ohio and your lawyers, they. Have agreed, not to charge, you with the death penalty and, by, charging, you with the unclassified.

Aggravated. Murder with. Prior calculation and, design, now. That I've read that to you and we verified. And corrected, the record the. Sentence, is on, the charge that you're pleading guilty to, it's, a life sentence. And it. Gives you the ability for parole, after you, serve 20 years and. Parole. Eligibility, in, Ohio, would begin after, serving, 20 years that. Doesn't mean that you'll receive or, a person, would receive parole, it, just means that it could be reviewed, at the 20th, year so. Do you understand, that you're going to plead guilty to the aggravated, murder and count one of Mary. Joe Payton with. The sentence, that I just outlined for you sir. Now. You understand, there's a $25,000. Fine that, could be assessed the, state of Ohio has already noted for the record that, they understand, that the fee will be waived because, of your inability, to pay that fee and you understand, that as well. Now. One. Of the things for the record that I'm mrs.. Haley and Miss Webb at, least I believe I'm going to state just to make sure I have a record is today. In Ohio we don't have parole and, that's. Post release control, so, I'm at least going to advise him a post release control, so I have it on the record I don't, know have you had an opportunity to speak to him about, that status, and maybe possibly, that I would cover post release control, with him. We. Had backed your honor but even under current law his. Sentence, would be a life sentence, with, the. Ability was the parole, rather than post release control, on the, surges, after. Serving a full. Sentence of whatever number of years yes, as I outlined but, I believe just, for purposes, of the record and the court of appeals in the, state of Ohio and I'm just going to advise him of the, five-year mandatory post. Release control, only. Because, parole. Doesn't exist in Ohio, and. So let's just say if, he does ever reach a time where he is released, he would, have five years mandatory, supervision. That. Could be trumped, by parole. For, a longer period of time but, I'm advising, on the record five years mandatory. Post, release control, with. Respect to the case, understanding. That may. Not apply I'm. Going to note it for the record let's, go to the remaining. Count six so, count six is again. An aggravated, murder charge, you're. Going to plead guilty to, aggravated. Murder. For. The murder. On or about August 24th. Of 1991. That. You did purposely, and with prior calculation and, design caused. The death of Rose Evans. Again. Mr. little the, sentence is life with, parole eligibility after 20, years. With a $25,000. Fine that, will be waved, at the request and plea. Agreement, by the state of Ohio, with. Respect to that counselor do you understand, you're going to plead guilty to. Count six as indicted. Okay. Murray, ocular remaining, counts two three, four and five, seven. Eight nine and ten will be dismissed, upon taking your change of plea two, counts one and six. With. Respect to your change of plea there. Is also an agreement that the sentences. Would be run consecutive. To each other, so. That would make the 20-year eligible. For parole, eligible. In 40, years so, 40 years is when you would be eligible for parole, because. Of the consecutive sentence, so it's a life sentence. Eligibility. Of parole in 40 years and. Do you understand, that that's the agreement sir that, I'm going to hand down with respect to this sentence. Yeah, okay. And then. Finally the state of Ohio and. Counsel. For yourself sort of agreed that your time would be run, consecutive.

To The sentences, handed down in the, following cases there. Were two cases in Hamilton, County that. You pled guilty to today, case. Number one nine, zero two. Nine five seven one. Nine zero, two. Five four three, there's. A case in Los Angeles California. That. Is case B, as in boy as a as an Angela. -. Four, zero, zero one four eight and, a. Case out of Texas, Ector, County Texas. A, is. An atom -. One, eight one four, one five, see. Are, my. Case and my sentence. Of life, with. Eligibility of, forty eight at, forty years to parole will, be run consecutive. To those four other cases or do you want stand that, yes. Sir. Sir. With that change, of plea and the dismissal, of those counts, the, court would accept your, plea and then move forward to sentencing, do, you have any questions, about the two counts, that you're going to change your plea to anything. You don't understand, sir. Okay. You. Underwood, I'm sorry go ahead I interrupted. To. The. Position. Gave up six o'clock with. My. Sis. Thank. You. Okay. Thank you with. Respect to sentencing, after, we're taking your change of plea the court would move forward with sentencing. Again. For. Count six five years mandatory, post, release control, he's, advised of that today as well, mr., bell moving, forward, with a change of plea as the court complied with criminal, rule 11. Yesterday. All, right thank you Miss Kiley in this way have I have complied with criminal, rule 11, here for the state of Ohio. Yes. Right yeah sure all right Thank You mr.. Little I, always. Like to explain, just for a moment criminal, rule 11, because. You may be sitting there not sure exactly what I'm doing and I always want to make sure the. Person before me understands. There, are certain guidelines as, a judge that. We have to follow in, making, sure that we. Take a change of plea and we do it in a format, that's inclusive. Of all the rights of the individual, and then, I cover all the basis, that the state of Ohio would want me to cover as, well as counsel, for you mr. little so, criminal, rule 11, is really just asking the lawyers did. I follow the law just, to make sure that I didn't, miss something so counsel. For the state and counsel for mr. little Thank You mr.. Little at this time do you have any other questions, before I, take, your change of plea regarding. Waiving, your trial rights oh. If. You have any question thank, you and do have any questions about your change of plea that, I'm going to ask you for with, respect to count one and six. No. Question. Though okay.

And Finally, sir has, anybody forced, you including, this court threatened. You or promised, you anything other, than what we already have stated here this afternoon on the record to, have you change your plea no. All. Right sir things work all. Right so then this afternoon I'll note for the record that I'm satisfied that. I've informed mr. little of his constitutional, rights that. He understands, the nature of the two offenses that he's going to change his plea to the. Effects, of that plea and the maximum penalties, that the court can impose I'm. Also going to find that his plea this afternoon, is being made knowingly intelligently. And. Voluntarily. Mr.. Little on K six four zero, zero zero. Eight, sir. How do you now plea to, count one the, aggravated. Murder charge, causing. The death with. Purpose. And prior, calculation and, design of, Mary. Jo Peyton sir how, do you plead guilty or. Not guilty okay. All. Right sir I accept your plea to guilty and find you guilty sir. How do you plead a count six. Aggravated. Murder were. You purposely, with, prior calculation and, design, did. Cause the death of rose evidence. Guilty. Or not guilty. All. Right sir I'll accept your plea of guilty on counts six, and finds you guilty the. Remaining counts two, three, four five, seven. Eight nine, and 10 will, be Naveed and dismissed at this time, mr.. Little at this time I'm. Going to hear from the state of Ohio regarding. Sentencing, so, they'll have an opportunity to speak about sentencing. And then, sir I have an opportunity, to hear from your lawyers, if, they want to speak about the. Sentencing, and I. Have an opportunity, to hear from you if you want to speak as well so, you understand, that's how I'll proceed here at this time. You. Understand, I'm going to hear from the state of Ohio yes. Thank. You mister. My. 30 years experience never. Seen anything like this or that. Was this palace, during. This ring, which. Was, 17. 2005. 35-year. Career. Killing. People screaming, with. Purpose, comes. To. An end. We'd. Like to thank law enforcement, around the country we'd like to thank, our. Texas. Ranger. Stand. These. Two do marry - okay. Both. Both. Have their lives. Into, this world that. Would have helped. Us further. Along our. Lives and there's. Been a loss. Even. Though. Thank. You. On. Behalf of mr. little or Miss Webber miss, Kylie. Thank. You Donna. Mr., blur would like me to read from the following statement. Mr.. Little sincerely, apologizes. For the to Cleveland, deaths of Mary Jo painted and Rose Ava's we.

Worked Intensively with, law enforcement officials. To, provide pertinent, information, which. Resulted, in the resolution of, the Cleveland cases in. Pleading today, and accepting. Women sentences. He. Wishes to provide closure to. The families, of the deceased women. As well. As ensuring that no, one else is, falsely, charged, for, his death. He. Is making amends and the only way possible, under. His current incarceration. Circumstances. To. Provide any and all information, which. He possesses, a gap. He merely, apologizes. For causing, the deaths of Mary, Jo Payton and, rose has. And. Does mr. little white would. You'd like to speak. Your. Honor mr. little would not wish to speak at this time okay. Thank you, thank. You all, right, mr. little, you. Know I think the. Few. Comments that I will say is are pretty, similar to the. Comment mr. Bell just made and your lawyer you. Know does bring closure. This. Amount, of time you. Know I asked, mr. Bell so are, we gonna have family, here and. He. Said to be judged you. Know these are such old cases that there are family. That either we can find or that want to be here and that. That just causes pause for anybody that would be here is the effect, of your. Actions, the heinous, crimes, that you've committed against, these women all. Across the United States have. Left many people with. What. I would say a hole in their lives because. They didn't have an opportunity for, closure and. There's some of those people who went to their graves, not, having closure and this. Does bring closure to not, only Cuyahoga. County into, the city of Cleveland, and to, whatever family members that may still be alive for. The Payton family or the Evans family, but. You know it brings closure for, you you've. Accepted responsibility. You. Have been cooperative, but, the fact that these families, and those, who love these individuals. Who, had an opportunity to, miss. Them. As. We, would say gone missing, for so many years, this. Does provide closure as the state said and as Miss Webb said. You. Know 93 women, and the and the pain and suffering that you've caused the, families, from 1970. To 2005. It's, not even describable, by myself, again, it's I think, all of us here in the courtroom and and anybody, who would imagine that any. One person, could commit this type, of crime over, the course of 35 years is. Indescribable. Unacceptable. And again inhuman, and, so understanding. You've accepted this responsibility. The, court will hand down the sentence, as the, parties, have agreed to hear this afternoon and, with, respect to account one on. Behalf of the family, of Mary Jo Peyton your, sentence will be a life sentence. 20. Years. When. You'll become eligible for parole on. Behalf of the count six and for the family and on, behalf of Rose Evans a life sentence, of twenty, years parole. Eligibility, after, 20. Years, those. Sentences, will be run consecutive. To each other for a life sentence, with, the eligibility of parole, after 40 years. And. And consent. That the parties would, way that he finds fees and court costs will be accepted. By this court, to waive any fines fees and court costs the. Sentence will be run consecutive. To the four cases as outlined, already in two. Cases in Hamilton, County one. Nine zero, two. Nine five seven one, nine zero two. Five four three Los. Angeles, County four. Zero zero one. Four eight and the. Texas, Ector. County Texas, one. Eight one four one five so. Those this. Life sentence, with, forty. Years before, eligibility. Of parole will be run consecutive, to all of those cases, again. Count one and six will be run consecutive, to each other, and. Again. Post release control, if it applies would be five years, mandatory. At. This time is there anything further from the state of Ohio before we, conclude the hearing. All. Right thank you anything further from counsel, for mr. little. Your. Honor thank you no your honor thank you, all. Right so at this time I'll thank those who have helped with the ability to proceed by video I, appreciate the effort and doing so at. This time we'll conclude today's hearing, will, adjourn.

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Thank you for being such a great example of why religion should always be separated from the government. In case you didn't know, the government doesn't work on a "vengeance" system. If you kill someone you don't go to jail because what you did is "bad" or "wrong". You go to jail because you broke a law that the government established. That's one reason why no matter what horrible crime you committed or how many crimes, you'll always be sentenced to a predetermined sentence. One other reason is that the punishment that you established violates the 8th amendment (Cruel and unusual punishment). Oh and by the way the bible its not the best guide to lead you in life. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind".

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Samuel Little was a homeless drifter when he committed these murders according to his confession when he was arrested for murder at the age of 72, and that is when he started telling the Texas ranger about all of the murders he's committed starting in 1970. Little says he stopped killing in 2005 which would have made him the age of 65 and Uber wasn't available until 2009.

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it always amazes me how 2 faced psychopath look like nice people most of the time... I lived with a very charming 2 faced-psychopath... still in shock still cannot believe it's the same man than was so nice most of the time and turned into a dangerous violent monster once a year... most serial killers kill animals first and also are shoplifters and voyeurs who love to watch and stalk people... the 2-faced psychopath who attacked me also killed his pets was stealing for fun enjoying the feeling of power over others he had cause they didn't notice and he enjoys stalking and masturbating in bushes on trees or rooftops while watching people and enjoys them not knowing they're being watched... he hid this from me during 15 years and only let me see the stalking and stealing when I kicked him out and asked police for help... police didn't do much except write a report... police in Switzerland doesn't care about poor single mums who don't pay much taxes... and than when you leave a violent psycho you end up in an islamic neighbourhood and get discriminated and hated but effing xenophobic muslims who also hate single women or think they don't need to respect single women cause the Quran says that single women are basically honores trash and can be raped and molested... thanks (NO THANKS) to Clinton who supported the wrong guy in ex-yugoslavia Itzetbegovic a NAZI and xenophobic muslim who supports dhimminitude and charia laws... did you know that Bin Laden fought fro the US under Clinton in Bosnia after his CIA training in Sudan and before 9/11... fuck Clinton... cause of him now in the EU there're so many muslims that they reach the demographic majority and discriminated all non-muslims and rape non-muslim women cause according to charia they have the holy collective duty to discriminate non-muslims and kick them out of their neighbourhood after muslims reach the demographic majority in a neighbourhood... talking about religious fanatics who want effing charia laws and fiqh and charia laws and al buchari hadiths with the 100 about torturing non-muslims

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One commenter talked about how it was ironic that Little's defense attorneys were females. In this case, the female lawyers didn't have to "defend" this psychopath because he freely confessed, after he was finally caught. This serial killer sickeningly lusted after women. And he loved to murder them. And he knows that his murdering days are over, but he still lusts after women. So, who better to defend him than a female who could sweet-talk him into telling the truth, lol? He's as dense as a Dixie cup. So I think a female PD would be a better choice, in my humble opinion. The hardest thing the lawyers had to do was file thousands of pages of paperwork. If I were an attorney, my first thought would be, hell no, I'm not defending this evil freak of nature. ( I mean, I'm not sure, but they can't fire a public defender, can they? Hmm.) Maybe defense attornies take an oath always to defend pond scum, serial killers? But, ten seconds after I thought hell no, I remembered Jesus is by my side to protect me against Satan and his demons. I know evil, but I have never been faced with a demonic monster like Little. And I am morbidly curious to see if I would be able to feel the evil emanating off of Little. Like, would the hairs on my body stand up, or my flesh crawl or would I get a feeling of utter terror? I mean, his looks alone are scary, and he's a big man. (Yeah, sometimes I can be weird, lol.)

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