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David. Belle's american. Writer the, author of art and fear book says. Creativity. Open, access to worlds that, can be dangerous unapproachable. Forbidden. Attractive. Or all, at once, we. Live in an amazing time full. Of the unlimited possibilities, the. Time for freedom of a self expression at, that time when experiments, are conducted not, only on content, but, also on the form of submitting, these content. Creativity. Has become innocence s abode for many of us not. Just for the limited groups of people who give up this process a lifetime. Now. It's the best time to create because. Technologists. Have become affordable. Almost. Every, person now has a smartphone. Equipment. With, a high quality camera, with. The usual gadget you, can create amazing images and, video material. Every. Day I see a huge number of very artistic, pictures, that. People upload to Instagram and. I showed it to. The. Photos they create as a reflection, of their life, for, example the, Sailor is capturing ocean, and life on his ship the. Astronaut. From, ISS. Shooting. The earth through, the porthole, a, young. Mother, taking. A photos of her sleeping child or, beautiful. Macro photography, filmed. Through the mat field. Spending. 10 or 20, minutes per day you. Can create beautiful images. And. With, and. You don't need a professional studio. Because, all world, around you is enough for shooting and you. Don't need a special light equipment because, ordinary, window it's, quite enough -, this. Is the creativity, which is always with us in our pockets. Taking. Talking. About most serious, photographic, equipment and professional image quality. These. Images are also because, these things. Are also became more affordable, for us with, the mirrorless cameras, and advanced, compacts in a format of point-and-shoot. Talking. About analog photography. It's. Now experienced, in as a heyday. Great, photo laboratories, is, a possibility, of digitizing, the film the. Process has, desisted to be inaccessible. In. The world if, you want to shoot on a camera now it's much more easier, than 10 years ago, digital. Technologies, develops every day more. And more people learn. And invent a wide range of different professional. Techniques. Knowledge. Is also, become more affordable, thanks. To content platforms, such as YouTube you. Can tag and answer to almost any question. My. 75. Years old father I'll also use it when. He need to fix something in the house. Probably. You already know YouTube, now is the, second largest search engine in the world, you. Can find the visual manual for any technique, or visual practice you use and those. How-to, videos, are in your pockets today and in mine too 24. Hours 7, days per week just. All the time inside. Our smartphones. There. Is a huge amount of resources which. You with the useful articles, about photography, community sites, blogs where, people can share their accumulated experience, and it's cool. The. Unlimited, communication spread. The information with a great speed. There. Are a lot of different, specialized, training, platforms, websites. Where. You can catch, and, watch interesting, video courses created. In a very usable format. For. A long price sometimes. In format of monthly, or annual, subscription. I hope. You use it we. Can watch interviews of our favorite, photographers, and backstage, of their shootings in a non stop mode such. Communication. Is led by creative. Individuals, as well, as monsters, like Vogue, magazine for. Example. On. Their, official YouTube channel you can watch the backstage for shootings. Then, you can go directly to the digital, version of the shooting acid and clearly, leg drags a whole flow, starting. From the preparation, choosing. The most relevant technique, and that checking out the final edit. As. These still does negate the engagement, in higher education of course if you, have such motivation, but it certainly helps, to begin to engage in creativity at the end answers to, many questions that.

Arise Inside your head. Borders. Matter. Less and less. Modern. Technologies, evolution, gives us the opportunity to be invisibly, present even, in those places where. We don't exist yet or in, places we need to visit with. The Sun Trek in mobile apps such. As sunflower that follower or Sun position. You. Can easily use, mine and predict, the position of Sun at any time on. Any day in any shooting, locations, you. Can monitor the weather predicting. The rain or fog. In. A blink of eye we can get any information, we need and this doesn't require a physical. Presence and that time in, that place we. Can always turn to the joint experience, of other people, who. Have already visited this area and share it their, advices. Thanks. To lovely Google view we. Can spend hours exploring different, areas, of the cities marking. The interesting houses, and making, up a filming route for the future projects, I, sure. You feel this is a freedom of movement. Traveling. Has been never so reasonable, and easy with, low-cost airlines, you can find yourself in few hours in any, geographic, areas and new visual, conditions. Unlimited. Audience, for. A long time people, who create images, could reach their audience, only from magazines and newspapers. Or through galleries, and museums. We. Know many cases, when a creative, person became, known only after his or her death. For. Example, legendary. Vivian Mayer an. American. Street photographer, this. Woman took a genius pictures, more. Than. 100. And 50,000. Of photographers, but, they were discovered, and appreciated, only, her death I. Am. Sure that nowadays we'll, all these online platforms. And social networks, Vivian, Mayer would. Have been recognized in her lifetime she, become. Seen, shared, and debated around the world. Now. Everything, we do can be viral and saying. Viral, I sang it in good way, here. Is a story about one of my works probably, about. The most famous one. Heterochromia. It's called Eve. Jana and Pandora her dog adopted, from the street I. Have. A no idea how many time, it was, transferred, as a tattoo. To somebody's, skin, but. I know for sure that this work is replicated, by different street artists, from, Europe and they depict it on streets and houses again, and again. It. Happened. During a absolutely, ordinary shooting. After. The shooting you gain and Rodge the model edited. The photo with color and change. The colour. Of. The, iris trade in the eye and. Uploaded. It to the hot tumblr for a joke. The. Next day it brought hundreds, of reposts since. This, image. Experiencing. A snowball, effect still now, it. Was reposted by 9gag it. Was published hundreds, of times in different communities. And blogs it. Also was published, as the cover of German. Newspaper did cite and I super happy and grateful, you. Know guys during. The preparation for this talk I was, planning to show this picture as a very nice way by then I decided, to show it as we, see it oftenly, on, screens. Of our gadget frame. It with our social profiles, it. Is the way how, we now look in the picture mostly. So. Back into the photo with Pandora and Eugenia, this, image begins to live its own life and it's very similar how it's my child my son David making. His own steps, in this world and I just watching, him, I'm. Absolutely, sure that such story would be impossible without the internet and opportunities. That it gives to us. Collaborative. Creativity, there. Is one excellent, documentary you, have seen, it's called press pause play, it. Explores explores. Unlimited. Opportunities, and challenge. Behind, the technology at collaborative, creativity. As. A collab collaborated. Creativity, can be very different, for. Example I can, shoot the video footage and, transfer. It through Google disk or the through proxy, to my video editor, living. In another city, or in another country we. Can meet in online, and, discuss. Our tasks, without. Meeting offline of course and then, I'm just going to shoot again and he is starting to working with material in. Such, way I working, also with retouch, artists. It's. Absolutely, easy to communicate also, with charata of your gallery now and together. In a visual format using. The sharing desktops, try. To, shuffle. And. Move the places, for photos to, find the optimal, arrangement, for your future exhibition. Our. Times. Allows. Us to engage in very interesting, forms of visual creativity. Which. I would call a college. Here. You can see a few my favorite authors and, the, way they reinterpret, the classical, painter, art works. Integrating. Them in the modern format and helped us to look at them and the totally new way. It's. Also. Its, radio shed and. Also. Its. Fat. Cat art very. Nice profile. Maybe. You notice. Someone. Will say that it's sacrilege. But. I think that it's a second life and in you win for the classics.

David. Bales quotes. With. Your creativity you, show what, is important, to you as a person. It's. Quite important, to brand yourself and, an artist, and creator. There. Are many options for this but too often creative, people have a fear, inside, themselves. Fear. Of telling who we are. Fear. Of telling, what we do, many. Authors continue, working but never showing their art for years creating, amazing things but, still waiting, for some special, moments to show. The. Moment that, you are waiting is actually, happening right now, it's. Important, to understand, someone. Maybe, on the other part of Earth maybe. In the next house in Dublin, waiting. Of you, created, waiting. He want to see it he want to interact emotionally. With your creativity I. Think. It's crucial to show your work it get feedback of. Course the core audience would mean created, immediately. Sometimes. You. Need months, or years, to grow it from scratch it's, okay but. Here is the main thing your, potential, viewers, fans. Followers. Are always. Here near us. Here. You. Just, need to define who are these people which. Social network they use which. Platforms, they visit and how, to start communication, with them and your odd let's. Look at another story, about me for. A long time I tried to combine photography. Video. Directing, and shooting and teaching, photography and, on. Each question what, are you doing man my. Answer, was very long. This. Gave a rather scattered, perception, of me as a author because, each listern understood. It somehow in his way. My. Team and I created, a, clear statement to put everything on its place, I created. Human visuals and. Situation, I act an SN. Artist, SN. Visual, storyteller. Using. Various, visual. Practice. To. Tell the stories about the people. Sometimes. It's, not so important, to have special, skill because. You can work on it develop. It it will certainly grow but it's important, to understand something else what. Is really important, and interesting for you as. A person. The. Story is about other people are important, and interesting for me my. Focus area is a creative, person creative, process. Ability. Of people to create. The. Heroes of my projects, are. Important. There. Are artists. Directors. Actors and, musicians but. Also representatives. Are completely, different cultures. Chiefs. Bartenders. Craftsmen. Fishermen. Farmers. And, so on at the. Same time families, and human relations, as topics, are also very, important for me because. I know that, it's also a great work and the great creativity. By. Defining the most important, area for me I can, work and create them more narrowly, serious, serious.

And Projects, in this area. This. Is I always telling, for my students, ask yourself, a right questions, and adjust your activities, to the area of your interests. Tools. I use to tell about my works, first. A personal. Website, there. Is my portfolio so people can quickly understand, Who am I what I am doing and what, time of projects, I want to do in the, future a, visual. Block to. Save and repost images. It's. An Instagram, in. Enable, people to follow my activity, to see different, content SS dreams and stories -. Sure. I'm using a profile, resources, for creative people such, as behinds, they. Open access the creative community allows. Me to interact with other artists, and follow, their working projects, -. And. Of course I use Facebook as a. Means of communication, with my potential students, customers. And viewers. There. Is a wonderful, book it's. Called the art and fear by David bales and. I highly recommend it to everyone, who still believes that the moment for publishing their work has not yet come. Do. Not be afraid of criticism really. It's. A capable of injury. But. It's not capable of killing us. The. Most important, thing in the movement and constant. Reflection of the experience, that we get we. Have to get more experience more, and more experience, it's, moving us. Any. Failure, gives us much more information for. Further progress than, success, the, main thing is just to comprehend, it. Umberto. Eco, is a, famous, writer says. Post-modernism. Is the. Answer, to, modernism. Since. The past can be destroyed, for. Its destruction leads to dumbness, its. Need to be rethought, ironically. Without. Negative. Now. The, classic, in, its pure, form no. Longer, causes such emotions, as before. Many. Photographers are, completely. Immersed, in experiments. With. The four when trying to find something different. Frankly. Not all of these experiments, are completely, understandable, to me and they, don't like them at all.

New. Time we're, living asking. For us new questions. How. What. For and, who. Are you who's, shooting. Answer. The question how I decided. Myself with the best way for, me is a neoclassicism. As, a music, I will. Now now, not violate, most, of the classical, settings, in, the terms of visual language of photography but. I will mix them for example. Using, some modern, shooting, techniques, as a, Fuji. Or Polaroid. More. Modern, lighting schemes not classic. And, heroes. Of my work I will choose as, iconic. Characters. Of our era. With. All of this I will, make my visual, language. Accessible. To the widest, possible audience. So. I create something like IKEA. Something. Like IKEA in the field of photography clang, guack something. Simple. Understandable. In, terms and form and accessible, for perception. Perhaps. It will, be incomprehensible. To. Some critics and viewers, who. Want to see a complex, image. But. As I said earlier I my. Task is to tell the whole stories it's my main task, so. I don't, need to surprise somebody with the form every time. If. You try to think about the question what for, I believe. That. Art can. Ask certain, questions to, the viewer, giving. Him that but unity to think about it and. Also. I believe that problems, can. Be told not only from, the side of problem, I, believe. That. The declaration, of values, is an, alternative, way of visualizing, the, problems I believe. That photography, and art in general are able. To influence in the minds of people and when we impress them with your creativity you. Slowly. Changing. Their attitude. To. Those topics what. You have raised. These. Two topics I will. Talk about two of my personal projects. One. Of them is devoted, to the topic of family and couples, who have lived together more, than 30, years. The. Other is devoted, to the topic of the. Fatherhood. We. Will see it later these. Two topics are now, extremely, important, to me as a, man these. Pictures have, a certain, social connotation. These. Are stories, where everyone, can read what he is ready for for, this time and. The. Second answer to the question what for is a study, also, I. Love. To learn, by. Doing a project on a theme. You. Automatically. Immerse, yourself, and study. The theme. Photography. In this case can, be an hour method, of cognition, the world. The. Third and the last answer. For the question what form is, the Declaration of a value, of a person. Portrait. Photography, always. Expresses. The author's attitude to people you know and just. In this case with the help of portrait, you can tell that a, person. In this world takes. A very little space but. Means a lot you. Can, tell that. There is nothing more attractive, complex. And contradictory. In this world than a human. The. Answer, to the question who are you is simple, enough I understand. That, I am an artist but. I like when my works. Speaks. About me more, than. Me so. I. Teach only because the intensive, practice and a. Lot of experience is coming accumulated and, I want to share it with others I, teach. Because the. Ability, of people to, share experience, I think, it's the most and main, driving, force of our civilization. You. Are now what. You are absorbed, and learned, and. Therefore. The author living, in postmodern. Era is equally, influenced, by a classics, of, world, culture, and unknown. Or known. Contemporary. Authors, whom, we can meet in the, internet and. Some. Point the. Author with three K subscribers. Living. In Bangladesh can. Mean exactly the same to you as evident. Lindberg. Robert. C Newton. Ansel. Adams and other classics, and it's normal. The. Main task at the. Outer living. In this time it's, to be choosy, but. At the same time to be opened, to a different, kinds, of experience, not, to close yourself, let's. Study of others people's experience, and into direction with, someone's, art gives. Us berths to the, inspiration, and fullness that we need to create something. Inspiration. Is an, oxygen, for, creative, people as us it's. Almost impossible to create anything without it. Haven't. Been teaching, for nine years I haven't. Met several global misconception. Means cos misconceptions. Mean that, photographers, have, now. We will shortly go through, the least and perhaps someone. Will find out himself, their. First. Misconception, it. Seems to me that many. Of us are waiting for inspiration like, rain. Or Sun, mostly. Rain. Relying. On some internal visual, weather, forecast, but. I believe, that the ability to be inspired is like maskull's. Its. Need to be rocked. That. Sees if you want to be productive creative unit. Then. You must take certain efforts, to ensure that inspiration. Doesn't leave you in any time a, creative. Person should strive to be constantly, charged if.

You Do not consume what others have created and, create then. There. Will be no inspiration from nowhere. The. Second, misconception is. The, more I look at the works of others, the, more I lose my individuality in. My. Experience, individuality, begins, and style begins, to form after first two or three years of intensive study in, one, of a nationally another without practice, in. All. Other, cases in my opinion. The. Outlook. And in, addition, comes, out and more person studies classics, and his contemporaries, the, more he will learn new about the methods that, he can use he, or she can use I, believe. That erudition and knowledge, are the keys to everything, they. Are analogues, for fundamental, creative, education, which, is not received by every, photographer now. The. Most saturated your culture layer is, the most unusual product. As a result you can create. Third. Misconception. And most. Importantly, as, a fallacy, of many photographers to. Grow yourself as a photographer, is necessary, to look at the photos and think. About photos, only so. Here. We will talk about, some, kind of deviation, from the tonal vision. From. The focus of attention precisely. Only, on photo image. Photography. For me lies between painting and cinema, and. Sources. Of inspiration in, fact can be very, different, in. My opinion we can learn a lot of from classical, paintings, I have. A strong belief that each, photographer, must, have at least five favorite. Artists. At. Least the five favorite, cinema, directors, and at. Least a five favorite, cameraman. Many. Good ideas are born, when looking and famous paintings, any picture. Can become a reference, for. A fashion, editorial, from magazines, or a, separate, project you do. Same. With the movies I think. That movie and TV series is worth watching, carefully. Studying, not only, the storyline, but. The visual component it's. Very important, to train yourself to take steel pictures, from the movies and after. All every screen shot you taken, is a photo. So. The paintings, can teach us a lot about the composition, and. Color. And then, the cinema, can. Teach us the color and the, light arrangement. As. Well but. We not do not dwell on this I want. To develop my idea further, I. Want. To develop, my idea further it seems for, me that we can learn photography not, only, through painting, and cinema let's go I can.

Mention The theater as a very. Powerful source, of inspiration because, there is also an acting, work and emotions, and very. Serious work with missing stand like composition, where, it's very often found in photography, you know I, can. Also mention the ballot and contemporary. Choreography, because. There, we can understand, how the human body is arranged and also. How its moves and how. To work with it in terms of plasticity when, a shooting a portrait. The. Artists, have, very has, a very important, tasks to, be a constant, resonance, with. The world around him to, feel it we, now have two worlds. Interpenetrating. Each other the online world and the offline, world. The. Artist States somewhere in the middle looking, in and out, and there. It, seems to me a very important, to study any derivatives. Of these, two worlds to, analyze them to try to understand, by all means. I. Hear. The thought that, creative, people are often, often infantile. Have, you heard it. But. What we put in the concept, on infantilism. It. Seems to me that we are talking about the. Fear, freshness, of sensation. Comparable. To what that, children, are experiencing, in their life. Many. People tend, to limit their world to comfortable, and. Understandable. Form almost. Cancelling, the ability to be surprised, for. By, something new and lowering, the details of everything, else. That surrounds, them. In. Opposite, the, child absorbs, the world as a sponge. At. Paying attention, to those details that seems as insignificant, and unimportant. At all, if. We consider infantilism. In this way then I think that artists should be infantile, to some extent, really I, admit. My own infantilism. Because. I'm trying to learn everything new. That, appears in offline and online world's, only. Studying, all this I can, hope that I will have not lost the sense of context, and I. Maintain a dialogue, with different, social types, of characters, I should with. Different, age groups, and differing. Backgrounds of my heroes. From. The scientists, to rappers. Therefore. No, matter how strange it may sound sorry but, Leonardo, da Vinci and the bottle up culture, is, equally. Important, for the modern photographer, working, with people. The. Modern world changed. The attitude, to the exhibition place, to now, is a dish in addition, to traditional galleries. And good museums, in fact we. Can enter the exhibition, space every, time we pick, up our phone. I'm. Talking, about three main resources, of visual. Inspiration let's, talk the. First it's a Google arts, and culture, service. Which allows us to visit a large number of museums, in a Whittle format without leaving our homes. The. Second and Pinterest. Is. The social network for the sharing your good taste, for. Artists, this is a powerful, tool, so. If you are engaged in some kind of visual practice. It's. An active introduction, of Pinterest, it's simply necessary to you the, third its Instagram. Instagram. Is, considered, to be great evil you know and, a, great good at the same time, I.

Can, Say that over the past year the Instagram community has, evolved very much as I see, people. Are no longer interested, in watching endless travel. Photos, with. Views of Iceland. Kamchatka. Yosemite. Park or, Antarctica. But. It's still interesting to watch, some travelers. In. The end and QA I can say. About some of my buddies. Who still, traveling and doing great pictures, in. A special. Format I can, say with confidence that, Instagram, now it's a lot of accounts devoted, to art. This. Is a format a small online galleries. Whisker. Writers and good taste are present, therefore. From. Time to time do, a rebuilding. Of your, friends feet, it's. A cruel thing but we have to do it and scrub. Out all irrelevant content leaving, only but really inspires, you a, few. Instagram, profiles which I constantly looked through it's. Somewhere, magazine. It's. A nowness it's. Sink. Very little and ignorant. But there, are many related profiles, so you can just. Press. The button related, and found something else like that. Another. Very important. Thing from, any artist, is control, constant, self actualization. It. Is important, not only legibility. Intermodal. Consume but, also constant reflection and awareness, on your, own visual, priorities. In. Other words if, we are photography, you, should strive to understand, exactly how. The. Picture you want to make it look, like. What. Does the photo of your dream look like. Pinterest. Seems to me a very convenient, platform for, self-actualization because. There are you can select references. To absolutely, any topics, and projects, and easily. Share them, when a members of your crew to. Get in the work in. Addition, I want to say again about online education. There. Are some educational portals, or which there are very, nice high quality higher, video courses I talk. Now about masterclass. Calm Linda. Chrome Skillshare. Or Russian, and love me, it, happens, in a such convenient, format that you can learn with your gadget in, moment. You're going to the urban transport to the work or. Retire. With an interesting lesson during a lunch break on. Master. Cockscomb for example you can find a course from any lee birds I hope, you know her I, consider. Any to be embodiment, of colossal, efficiency. And they're super happy to. Have a / tunity to observe her works and not only her output, but all the process, and. She. Going through she's a life classic, you know, if.

Earlier, You needed to go somewhere and to stay physically, for a while for indication, now is all in the now, all in, education. Content, is, just. Packed, up to the size of tablet, or phone, it's very easy you. Know when I started photography. 14. Years ago, ideal. Twist dial-up squeaking, modem I hope, you remember this, and three. And five format floppy disks we were bringing the photos on floppy disks from. The internet, cafe to house to, watch it to examine it to try, to understand, how it's done, now, we are getting all for a moment. We. Were choking on the lack of information, but. Now we are choking on its overflow. Therefore. It is so important, to clearly understand, the real possibilities. That, our time gives us and isolate, the useful, datasets from, the white noise noise. Finally. I want to say one more thing it's. Not necessary, to surprise the viewer with the forum every time we. Don't need it very often, in, the desire to surprise everyone we depart from the essence, and, from. The main task that every photographer has. Decided to himself, in my case it's story I told, a testimony. About somebody's, life. Sometimes. We go in to Fell's art, we. Want to be unlike anybody else we. Want to get respect from the community, but. In my opinion this, is a slippery, path this. Is how exactly the moment when who. Begins. To dominate over, the wood for the. Photo. Is taken is ordered, to transmit, something, to the people and please don't. Try to complicate it too much, first. Of all proceed, from the fact that we need to, send a some message. It. Should be understood also. That art as a form is necessary, for the viewer to with. The help of art photography, we, give people the opportunity to travel here, and now within, their or own, imagination. Imagination. Therefore. If, you have some tools which, you can use to make, a less ordinary, photo in. Order, to rethink the reality, in order. To build, new, certain, reality, it, must be done but, don't forget that it's only a form there, is also account, the, content somewhere. Photography. Can, fix something, ordinary and everyday or, it. Can become something sublime, something. Special, it's, all about our interest. As a person, in. Conclusion, I can, say that many artists, seek to dissociate themself. From, the mainstream and, mass culture they. Looking, for solitude. For galleries, for, dark dark dark underground I do. Not understand, it that because they're automatically. Refused, a large audience. For. Me photography is an opportunity, to speak it's a language and. I. Believe, that to, be in mainstream to. Be as a part of mass culture do not mean from me and making a deal with my conscience. What. Is good about the mainstream, first. Of all it's, very flexible you can create anything. Second. It likes, hard-working. Authors, you. Can easily create your own style, and fill. Your words with themes that. Are seems, important. To you. Now. It's five exercises, to develop your creativity. First. Makes. A note of your own, thoughts. Second. Give. Yourself, 15, minutes of visual. Inspiration and, do, it every day. Third. Develop. A creative plan. To. Have a one shooting. Per week to. Realize some. Process. Of creation, to learn, something new. Number. Four create, a group or chat. For. Those who will criticize your, work. Five. Six people is quite enough this it. Can be a part of your community, it's. Very useful and number. Five try. To write a short mini, scripts. About. What you see every day feel.

Every Day recognize, every day it, will help to develop your storytelling, skill, and the focus more on the characters, of your photos or your videos of your, stories and, doesn't matter, okay. Let's. Each of us have. The courage and inner strength to, choose. Their own theme and to, work hard on it hard on it until. The. Surrounding, space begin. To sack under. Us and reflect, our creativity. That's. All from me for today, thank. You guys I. Wanted. To ask you as a friend so what did you tell to David there was a picture, when he was smoking a cigarette, fantastic. Picture what exactly, were your words you know right before this moment when he was having. The cigarette what how do you work with these celebrities you know because you're a fan as well I assumed I was. Shooting, Devin leach in Kiev, when. He came with fish with. His. Foundation, David, Lynch foundation. It's. Working, as this foundation. Is working on Transcendental. Meditation. Last. 20, years David, Leitch working, or not only cinema on on meditation way and. Writing the books maybe somebody, have written so. The, David came with the visit of his foundation. Openings. Opening. The part of it in crane and I. Got. Got. A. Booking, for me to make some portraits of him first. For first time it sounds, very good I. Must. Have, one. Shooting for 15 minutes and the. Second shooting for half of hour and that, just became a little bit crazy because such a legend, for me is for, such time but. As. A result I had, two shootings, for. Four, minutes. Every. Of it it. Was a little bit crazy for the first day I became really crazy and that is the shooting I just laid to the floor and tried. To breathe because I. Just, became very nervous. But. I get get, ready for the shooting I it, wasn't a cinema theater I. Brought. There with my assistants, small. Studio, with. Ground and, lighting. And so on, and. When, I seen him I understood that he's very tired now because. Many people around twenty-five. Or thirty people was, running around him the agents, that PR directors, some, guys. From the foundation, and he. Had elections he had many. Meetings so I just. Look at him and he looked at me and. I, understood, that it is a legend, but for the moment it's very tired legend, and I. Don't want, to, make some violate, shooting on him so. I know that he loved to smoke, and I. Said. David, just, sit and. Smoke, for a bit don't. Think, about, me now I will, just shoot you from the side so. I put the lighting and, I. Gave, two, minutes, maybe of my four minutes you see haha I just gave it for this moment because, I wanted, him to be more, comfortable, and, then I asked, him to come to the blue. Background and he said oh guy for only, for two shots and, I said David it will be not for it will be maybe 15. Or 20 shots but. I swear it will be very, quick and I. Will, saying. To do anything you just can stay and stare at me and also we can continue smoking and. In this way I feel some sympathy, going. From him because, he understood that I rely on him and I. See. A. Man. A man, a human not. The functional, man from cinema, not the celebrity, just a human, and, it.

Was Kind of community, some. Of the second shooting, was. Quite a bit raiding because I had to do many. Shots as in. The first day also these PR guys just, cropped all my shooting for several, minutes so. I get a big set up from several, points, shooting. And testing, my light on the assistants, so, I built, some kind of horrid or and. When. The David came I told, him about my idea, about shooting a poster for documentary, about him, coming to Ukraine and I. Showed him the locations, and I told him something about IDs because I know that he is director, and he. Like. When people understand, once I do it now and, also, he knew me he remember me from yesterday. Shooting, so, it was quite comfortable, also and, in. The end I asked him to sit here it's to. Contrast here on this screen but you can find this image and Instagram, and Internet. So. For, the last, moment I asked him to think about something he's thinking now to, look in the window and then. In the last shot I asked you to look in the camera and here, is now not a tired, old man now I think that in this body is, just quite, legend, as he are because for me I told, you about interest, about. Your. Thinking. About the people who shooting for, me it's a legend for me it's a giant part, of world, cinema culture, the twin piece for. Me is this person, it was a friend of Andy Warhol and many other legendary, people so I feeling, this person, legendary, and they wanted also to mainly, sported legendary. With legendary, deep. Lighting, with a big volume. So. You are doing a workshop, if I'm not mistaken yesterday, here. How. Do you like it working with Irish people how do you feel yourself here, in Dublin oh it's. Quite good question. I'm. A big, fan of Irish, culture, because I have, listened. To Irish, music here, many years I love damien rice I. Love a Glen Hansard I, like. You. To. Have. Shot a film also as a great musician, Irish. Irish. So. And I, watched Dublin, in the movies also I haven't said I have seen several movies, maybe, somebody's, have seen at the Greenwich, Mean Time it's. A great movie, about, Belfast. About Great, Britain and also, some movies, about Dublin - so it, was nice meeting, like with some, old friend now.

When I came here and also, I'm, Northbourne, person, so. For. Me it's also kind of northern country with strong people little. Bit maybe sometimes, bully and, something like that but, with very kind, heart as, a meter. And. Now we will take questions from, the audience. Do. You guys have any guys let's speak if you want I am will be glad to answer the questions I just. Had a question so we delegation. There are 10 beats but. I guess is general used, to having a camera faced at it how, do you do with like regular, people that you have on your projects, where, is the unit so how do you direct them and, where do you stop, I'm. Working, with people from creative, sphere and when, I see is a, strong, author or person. With some kind you know some. Tyranny. Character, because, some of famous people are in, such way first. Of all I am doing with respect with. Great respect but, I am standing. Myself. Equal. I don't, go down I don't try to dominate I doing, with respect because I think that respect, is a base of good, relationships, and then. I also doing. With respect if the person says ah sorry. But I don't want you shoot me for the right side my, left, side is better, I'm trusted, people, sometimes. I can do experiment, that shoot from another side too but I, won't, person, who, are shooting to, see it and understand, that I doing. With. Patience, and i. Listening. Him for, sure i watching. Him or her because it's a human photography, and the. Main, value. For me is a comforted, person, and feeling. Good on the shooting. Not. Really when you work for a commercial it's, also creative process, yeah okay. From, my, dealing, with different, artists. I. Find, that people tend to have maybe. This more but I meant to wear, one is it very structured you have a beginning and you have a plan and complicate things was it like a project management mm-hmm, and the other one is pretty like flowy where you're going to buy your intuition, and, you begin, but you don't know where. It's. Very good question thank you first. Of all I'm. Trying, to find. The balance between, these. Two, polar, meanings, and, on. The first shooting because, I'm like to work with people constantly. For years, we're. Building friend, relationships. And, sometimes we can. Come. Down. To make some a big shooting just to make us a friendly, shooting in last. But the first shooting is also, it's. Always planned good with. The references, with, a great location scouting, with. Examining, the lighting conditions with app I shown it's, really very nice app you should try if you're shooting it's good for landscape, photographers, portrait photographers, and also the street photographers, too. So. First, of all we are planing I am doing a big research and a big pre-production. Process because. On the shooting I want only to shoot and speak, we. Speaking many many. Time more than shooting, the. Shooting coming for two three four hours but. Seriously we should I think 20. Or 25, minutes from this time all, of this time a left, time we are speaking and I'm speaking a lot, of I'm trying to, examine. The person and trying to interview the person and also, the main task. For me not only to know the person but to let the person know me because, it's also very. Important. And. On, the next shootings we can do it as you tell going, with flow going. With creative, process, many, of my friends are choreographers. Dancers, pie enters and such. Other guys. From art so. Sometimes we're doing just we, don't know what we're doing but we. In this moment we are the friends and also we have shooting with them when they need something special, I. Have. To say that I doing, I think 55, brought percents of my shooting, as a art I, don't.

Do It all for the money because I want it to be an art and I. Want to take, this process, because. It's, all moving, me it's. Letting me to grow up, it lets me to know something, new and, interesting and also I can, speak with the person, and communicate, with the person more, time before shooting, I can, speak one time but if we have time, we can just going. Speaking, shooting, little bit of 35. Millimeters film camera and only. After 2 or 3 weeks start, make. Serious, serious. Shootings so, in this way. I. Will. Try to tell. About it, I love, I, really. Appreciate, the work of painters. First yeah it's. One of Russian. Painters Michael. Ruble maybe somebody, know him also. I love, the prayer of eyelids the, brighter, star. For me is John. Collier it's. Fantastic, sometimes, I put his works on my desktop I want to see it more and more and more also. I like the world of works, of France winter halter he is making a realistic, great. Artistic. Portraits, there look like the photos. Also. I like Rembrandt also, I like some classics, like Leonardo. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, but, I want, to mention also an El Greco he. Is making a little bit sick, paintings. But they are also very, attractive. About the, cinema, directors, I won't. Mention wood. I want to mention. Martin. McDonagh I love. Him very much. Christopher. Nolan's, Alejandro. Gonzalez, Inarritu. Gasman, cent and. Alfonso. Cuaron also. One of my favorites. About the cameraman maybe, I will interest not just now remember all five but, I really. Impressed by works Shiva. The, Emmanuel Lubezki and, we, speak a little bit on Instagram, it's also about great possibilities, of communication, that I can sometimes communicate, with the. Most. Amazing. Cameraman, in the world he. Sometimes left in the comments. So. And also I love the bullet Pfister and, many. Other guys from Rodrigo Prieto I loved, you, know this South. American school, with. The very life camera, and also when I working as a cameraman, a cameraman on the other projects, I also like, to do a live, camera. Because. It's great in giving our a great presence, as the viewers, so. It's. Answer, and. One, more question because we're running out of time. Hey. If. You have to choose one lens and one camera that's the most fun for you what would you choose and the reason is because it's. Become that you said easier to take, today in something that leave my camera at home and the camera has given me the most joy by far in many years is that the Fuji Instax, nice.

Nice. Nice. You. Know I. Wanted. To say about Hasselblad, but. You know I will say about the phone it's. Good it's. A good end. Of our collection because the, phone giving, us great. Possibilities. And I can shoot nice portraits, nice, landscapes. Knights Street and I, don't need to take anything sometimes, and going to tree by taking, only a film, camera for some serious, shootings for my projects and only. An iPhone or some. Kind of Google phone also pixel. So. Guys. Thank, you a lot, it's, very big, honor for me to be here today I want, to say great, thanks, to my friends, who helped me in Twitter iterative this text, so, I have UI I want to wish you great and. Good luck and more. More photos, thank. You. You. You.

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