See Thru Engine on New Turbo Got Boost? (Nitromethane & Dyno)

See Thru Engine on New Turbo Got Boost? (Nitromethane & Dyno)

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I'm already on Episode, six with this thing and that. Is, pretty unbelievable. Check out. I'm. Going to be picking up where I left off an episode, five because, this thing is just starting to make boost I think, the only thing that we are missing to make more boost is more fuel this is running nitromethane, not, gasoline which. Behaves a little bit differently in a turbocharged, application, so, yeah, let's see if we can make some boosts the only thing I want to change this, time around is the way that it's mounted we're, gonna just take a dolly some, two by fours a base, screw. That all together drill holes into, the concrete floor. And. I, think that's gonna work so I'm gonna be using gravity. As my fuel pump here to overcome, any boost, pressure, that we make during this run this is gonna be my regulation. Orifice, and it's, also going to be a good indicator, of how much boost pressure we're making because, as the boost pressure increases. The fuel flow in that little eyedropper there it is right there is going to slow down so we're all set we, have our nitro, coming, from the fuel tank like before we. Have our extra. Nitro using, it kind of like nitrous, with this valve I'm, gonna start it up on nitro through the carburetor give, it full throttle and, then I'm gonna open this valve right here just, like that and. Then we see the nitro start flowing it's already pouring out of the carburetor. Yeah. It's running I don't know how much power in me but uh I ran. I didn't hear the turbo spool though that run was very uneventful, not, really impressive, it made, four point five horsepower. On turbo, and nitromethane. About. The same as the previous episode. So I'm going to try it one more time see if we could get some more power out of it on this setup but. More importantly, I want to see if we can get some boost out of this turbo. All, right I heard, it starts. Bullying, and probably. Making boost and the, one thing that I forgot to do is install. A boost, gauge I mean how are we gonna see if it's, making boost if there's no a boost gauge. Let's. Run it again see what happens. That. Last run went, pretty, good the. Engine started, making. Some kind of knocking sound, and while. That may not be good and my. Opinion change is always good at least we made some type of progress here and it, made about, 4.4. Horsepower. Not. Really impressive, and the boost gauge was bouncing around just a little bit so, for this next run, I'm, gonna remove the exhaust manifold, completely, because, that is kind of a restriction and, my idea behind making this exhaust manifold, in the first place was. I thought, it would create kind of like a kind. Of flow in. There and. I. Don't know increase the performance but, it may have actually hurt the performance, so let's. Run it without the exhaust manifold, and see. What happens one, thing I want to do before this next run is just check the oil real, fast that's one. Thing I'm curious about. Whoa. What's. That that doesn't look good I, wonder. What that is. Doesn't. Really smell like nitromethane. It just smells like. -. Smells like oil I wonder. If maybe. The piston rings are broken or something I don't know I'm gonna change the oil, run. It again anyway and, yeah. That's. What I'm gonna do. Get. All that metal. All.

Right Cool. I. Heard. The turbo spool for sure that time let's. Look at the high-speed camera, and see if it made boost. I'm. Tired of this setup already I think. The real restriction, now is gonna be the carburetor like everybody said previously, in the comments I'm, gonna remove this carburetor completely. The whole thing, and that is the. Inside of our turbo, it's gonna be full throttle, all the, time and I'm, just gonna spray, the nitromethane. Into, the turbo, and, just kind of listen to it and kind of tune it as we go I mean, theoretically it, should work and yeah. Let's see if it actually works. All. Right ready, to go oh. Just. One more thing. My. Kill switch in case I need to shut this engine off in an, emergency or it runs away or something happens I'm, gonna get this ball and stick it right into the intake of the turbo cut. The air to the engine and yeah. Should, work right I. Got. It all in place it's ready to go my. Kill switch. Mechanical. Fuel injection system. And. Yeah we're ready let's see what happens this is a mechanical. I'm gonna call this mechanical, fuel injection, wide. Open throttle the, sky's the limit let's see what happens. Looks. Like that was the longest, run in, history. Of this. Engine, I've never seen this engine run that long and, it looks like it's overheating like hell but uh now. We know why they used a mechanical fuel injection and the Top Fuel dragsters because it's definitely. Reliable. For sure that, was definitely interesting, that it ran on my. Mechanical. Fuel, injection sprayer. System, what, I want to do now is I'm going to mount this exhaust manifold, back on here to, quiet this exhaust down so we can hear the turbo spooling, I love that sound, give. It one more shot the. Way it is right now and then we're gonna do something completely different. Alright. That was a pretty good run, yeah. I think that's all we got, whatever boost we got out of it right now that's, it I heard the turbo spooling that's, the most horsepower it's gonna make if it made boost and made boost and looking, at the high-speed footage I see it made about two pounds, of boost which. Isn't much but it did make boost can you imagine with that little turbo what this thing's gonna do I'm gonna go with a different setup altogether. But. This was fun so let's do the math real, quick once. I started applying more, load it started, eating up more nitromethane. And I just went with it so, if we do the math that's. Gonna be. 7.2. Horsepower. That's. What I'm talking about okay, I just refilled, this bottle, right now and on. That. Last run, they'd, used 45. Ounces. Of, nitromethane. That was like a two-minute run. 45. Ounces, I, thought. That was uh that. Was a pretty impressive number, for this next setup I'm going, to be using this turbo, right here which as far as I know is the, smallest turbo, that they make to give you an example of size difference, this turbo right here is 22, millimeter, and this. Is 27, millimeters now. That you saw what turbo I'm going to use time. For me to build it. I'm. All done with the new setup the, turbos mounted, the, intake pipe is mounted, and I'm just going to leave it without the carburetor, for now and do a quick test run, with, the stock head and do, what I did before spring. Nitromethane. Right into, the turbocharger. And see what it does first. Things first, before. You start any new engine, turbo. Make. Sure you add some oil. Alright, that was a test run with. The turbo properly, setup and the stock head and I, think it did pretty well looking. At the high-speed footage we can see it made a couple of pounds of boost and again it's freewheeling. There's no load I didn't, apply the dyno break. Did, you see that rpm I had to cut it short you. Know put that ball in there I didn't want it to run away but, ah yeah, I'm gonna do this run one, more time this time with the see-through head let's, see what happens. Alright, that was a pretty good run I think. We might have lost compression. Or something happened, cuz, it just died but uh yeah, that looked pretty good. Well. We cleaned that head up, alright, let's see what happened there why it's shut off that's.

What Happened, look. At that. Looks. Like our little screw, the, retaining, nut for. My electrode. Must. Have vibrated, loose I, don't. Know if it's the nitromethane. Or the RPM, or the heat or what I've. Never seen this before if you look at the seed through head and, it's. Actually, like polished. Wow. That's pretty cool if that electrode didn't break, off if that didn't happen I bet you we could just burn through this whole thing this time I'm going to run it one more time with the new see-through, head and I'm, just gonna, go. For gold I'm just going to try to blow this thing up and I. Have a wider shot on, the high-speed camera, hopefully, we're gonna see some carnage and something blow, I'm. Not sure but that's, the goal, to. Make a bull. Wow. That run was, probably, my favorite, run of all of them this, thing hit. 70. 400, rpm I didn't see what the boost was, because. I was so excited because this thing had. 7400, rpm with, the seat through had with. Boost so. I'm, gonna do another run this, time I'm gonna put the stock head on and my goals have. Changed just. A little this. Time my goal is going to be to, make as much boost and as much horsepower as, possible, with. The stock head I'm. Gonna give it as much nitromethane. To. Keep the mixture right. Where. I can here it should be and give. It as much resistance. On the dyno and let's, see what happens I think this is gonna be awesome. I. Don't. Know I got a bunch of stuff coming out of the intake of the turbo I don't I just. Don't think this turbo is as good but, yeah. I don't know I wasn't, really impressed let's look at the footage and see what it looked like. That. Run was just okay not. Really what I expected I. Wanted. To see more rpm, like that previous, run with the see-through head I can't figure that out I would have thought that with this stock head we would have had more efficiency, and just better. Hello. And it would have got more rpm, that didn't, happen I also, think, that this. Turbo, charger design is, not. As good as the Mercedes turbo charger the impeller, design is probably a little different because, with the larger turbo I can hear it's pooling more but, it was making less boost pressure and this turbo, once, it did start to make some boost pressure. Yeah, it just didn't I don't know it just didn't really perform, like I thought it was going to so, I'm gonna do one more run even though I don't want to I want to end this video here but I am determined to, make some booze pressure with this turbo I know it has, to make some boost pressure so, what I'm gonna do next is I'm gonna drill a hole into the intake, tube and use. That same sprayer always using run, a hose from the intake tube to the sprayer to, create a sort of mechanical. Fuel injection system. That, way we're injecting fuel after the, turbocharger. And not before my, gut feeling is that when I'm spraying the fuel into the turbocharger. Right. When it's starting to spool up the stream. Of fuel is hitting that compressor, wheel slowing. It down and, then interfering. With that, spool up so, I'm gonna try it one more time, with. This mechanical, fuel injection system, and let's, see what happens I have. A feeling. It's gonna work oh yeah. Wow, that sounded, good that, was good we. Did about three pounds of boost. 7.5. Foot-pounds. Of torque and about, 4200. Rpm and if I do the math real quick, that. Is about six horsepower, so it's not the most horsepower it's made but.

Yeah, I mean it did pretty good did, what I wanted it to do we, can move on I have, an AM P EFI. Engine management. System, then, I'm going to hook up to this engine for the next episode, I'm gonna try to do a full-out fuel. Injection, system, with all the sensors, and, that. Way we can control the boost the. Mixture, the, timing, the. Whole nine yards, that's. It so, see, you in the next episode, which is going to be this. Engine, and, hopefully. It's the last and then I said that like three times hopefully, this one's the last see, you guys next time let me know what you think in the comments below don't, forget to subscribe. That's. It see, ya adios. You.

2019-02-13 22:49

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Im laughing at the people saying this guy doesn't know what hes doing. He can build a Dyno from scratch, put this whole engine together, set all this up, get it working, stay alive, and he doesn't know what he's doing? I think that makes no sense

+Daniel Grampa Nah, there was a guy in my class at school who was an absolute maths and physics genius, A star every exam yet the dude could barely tie his shoes and was utterly useless at anything manual like carpentry, mechanics etc, intelligence can be very very specific sometimes. I've come across this a lot, my mum's old neighborhood was a nuclear physicist for a well known UK based company (not going to say which one) yet couldn't even drive a manual car.

some people are just jerks. some experiment to learn first hand and others learn from others instead of experiencing it first hand. if he came away from all these episodes and learnt nothing, then that would be bad

Warped Perception I'm stoked you're experimenting and sharing regardless on your limits or skills, thanks :) Try using the brake / adding load to see boost?

Jack Gorbachev I agree & I think he’s pretty smart but I wonder what happened to his middle finger ?

+MrcabooseVG lol, how badly was it done? what were the expectations?.

+zippyoya ha! I'd be up for any challenge you throw at me LBVS. Im a good actor but I don't think people are ever Happy. Imagine if I just said " hey I'm going to take this engine and put a turbo on it and it's going to run great, j show the build and then show one run where it runs great, end of video. How boring would that be ? Might as well turn on the elevator music and fall asleep. Not in my world, I like to have fun. Thanks for watching

Cuz he doesn’t

I could easily do that ..

​+Daniel Grampa I would start again if i did it that badly. My dad is a lawnmower mechanic for a living, i used to work for him and i could tear one of these brigs engines down and put it back together with my eyes closed, it'd be the turbo part i'd be in unknown waters with although i have worked on turbos but i've never done the whole thing from scratch. "i know enough to get me into trouble" comes to mind, sure if i had the money i'd be doing shit like this just for fun but i don't. I have a V-Twin 16hp mower engine i have been wanting to boost but forced induction isn't exactly cheap, certainly not when if i break anything i have no means to replace it

+MrcabooseVG I have to see it to believe it, can i see a video of you "doing that"? i would be equally impressed. IMO if your incredibly smart, then that intelligence applies to everything you do, not just one thing.

Im a good actor ! LOL

I could do that, i still don't know what i'm doing

Buy a fuel injektion Setup from a Predator Generator or a Peugeot Scooter and get IT running in that sucker

If you run it rich its going to bog down.

Why not just make a boost box for the carb? Leave your mechanical injection line in there but put a small orifice in it to limit fuel

Can we call this "How to ruin a turbo quick"

ADD NOS AFTER 20shot should work

how did he lose his finger

Can you please help me out in figuring the correct turbo size and the math involved for the setup for the KTM 390cc engine please!!!!!!

Waw god joob you pro

You're lucky the stock connecting rod didn't break yet.

If you can get a stoichiometric mixture of the fuels and air (maybe go a little lean so you dont flood out) using some sort of auto sprayer you might be able to eek out some additional power. But of course there are other variables ie not the correct amount of the nitro going in because it pools up at the bottom of the tube.

7.2 hp out of a 3 hp motor is absolutely insane!

That tripped me the fuck out for a second dude lol 5:09

The fuel injection he had would work if eh would put a varayble valve in the line

Is there any way I can get those 22 minutes of my life back?

Yes, just skip one toilet break, and if you're like me, you might even get a whole hour

Make a expanded exaust pipe off between the exhaust port and exaust port like a snow mobile with a turbo

Get a small turbo and your running it rich. You probably gonna blow a gasket because of the boost and the compression ratio.

(Runs turbo without oil) Hmm what's all this stuff coming out of the intake?

This is cool. I wonder if you try a hotter spark or maybe add more spark to the combustion so you get a solid burn?

Call me crazy. Would a 1 barel carburator from an old 4 cylinder engine work on this crazy set up. Like a small car or small truck. Since it will have less restriction due to is size. And at the same time be able to be adjustable and tunable. If needed you can add an electric pump made for carburators.

Spraying nitro around like it's not flammable or anything....

It's coolant

You would be better to run propane

Spraying fuel directly at a turbo thats not hooked up to an oil feed, or any turbo for that matter is a terrible idea. The fuel will clean off any oil you sprayed on prior to that.

Sick setup and love the choice of fuel. Gasoline is so boring.

Wonder if itll run smoothly if you used a water sprayer pump, kind used for spraying weeds in gardens flow isn't bad an pressure will be steady. Plus nozzle could be tuned for a fine mist which would be more controllable. Another idea for spraying into it would be machine a *throat* for the turbocharger inlet

Oh and see if you can use a finer nozzle for the fuel ... So it sprays a finer mist of fuel

This is really good stuff by the way ... Keep pushing the envelope bro!!

Why was there so much oil in it?

Hi good evening... What I've noticed, the same concept you did with the exhaust, to the outlet of the turbo. Make a cone for that, from the turbo outlet going into the motor in stead out eh blunt machined piece

you need a carb off a 10 hp engine or so bolt it to the turbo flange try and use regular fuel nitro meth has its own oxygen in the fuel so turbo not going to do much good just my 2 cents

Shouldve used a old Off bug spary bottle... Thats alot of fule in that little combustion chamber not enough fire i think.

Big a bigger engine that engine doesn't have enough to make boost, a 6.5 hp should be a better start or even bigger!

Love the slow motion

What is running away

4:53 the "flowie" thing you are describing i believe is called the Venturi effect, draws air away from turbo and out the exhaust resulting in more boost/power. Faster you can get air in and out of the engine the better it preforms. (Correct Me if I'm wrong)

Stop spraining fuel in your turbo your going to destroy it

So where's the ' see thru motor'

Have you put heavier valve springs in the motor. If not you may be haveing valve flot

thanks for the awesome video! very entertaining and has inspired me to use this same turbo on a 21hp briggs

Come on, man. Trying to use a turbo charger on a single cylinder engine just isn't practical. It's fighting itself. You don't have the exhaust gases to push the turbo to AT LEAST operation. You really need at least a 2 cylinder motor to even get any rpm's out of the turbo to even try to keep up with the intake ratio. That's why the boost pressure was all over the place on your gauge. First thing's first. Find out exactly how a 4 cycle engine works. When the valves are open and when they are closed. Exhaust spins turbo. Turbo forces air into intake. A single cylinder motor intake accepts forced air, but can't produce more exhaust for turbo spool-up. It simply can not. Exhaust valve is closed to ignite the incoming mixture on the power stroke. (Not to be confused with fords garbage). The next and final revolution of the piston is the exhaust stroke, but the vacuum created on the intake stroke has probably slowed the turbo down dramatically, and no exhaust pressure effectively makes it naturally aspirated, but it really isn't because the turbine is actually fighting the incoming air/fuel. In other words, the turbo is surging because it can not MECHANICALLY do what you're asking it to do. A 2 cylinder motor would definitely make boost. It wouldn't be much, but theoretically, if one cylinder opposes the other, you should get the exhaust gasses needed to turn the turbo.  Think about it.

guy sounds like urkle

Hey let me have ur brain

How in the fuck, do you lose your middle finger.

Dude.... just put the carb in front of the turbo..... make it a draw thru set-up

What you should do is not run it so rich and make a double Venturi exhaust manifold. It’s kinda like what you have now, but it’s more symmetrical which increases velocity and pressure. It’s basically what jet engines use, so if you did it on this motor I think it might help. I would put the turbo in the second squeeze point of the Venturi to maximize velocity and decrease pressure

Dm me so I can draw it out and explain better

You might be drowning the turbo, all that fluid on it will make it heavier and spin slower, figure out how to do port injection at the head.

For a Carb, use one off of a motorcycle. That is what the JR Dragsters use. I know this because I have a neighbor that builds the engines for his grandkids Jr. Dragsters. Jet it 4 points bigger than running on gas to start and work up or down from there as needed.

Check out those welds @ 4:49 !! What a great fabricator this guy is. He also apparently doesnt know how the fuel system is supposed to work...smh

Can't wait for the fuel injection

You need to have some kind of oil pressure flow over those turbo bearings that is not a ball bearing turbo and requires constant oil flow or the bearings themselves will drag on the turbo impeller shaft put a gear Drive pump in line to circulate oil through the bearings you will be impressed and much happier with your setup

Try some rubber dampers to reduce vibration? Some poly bushings ans/or stretchy ratchet straps may help? Freaking awesome man. Thanks for the videos. cheers!!

The reason the oil looked like that before you changed it is due to the by products of burning nitro methane. Among other things water is a large by product and through standard usage will make oil look milky like that. A similar thing happens if you run E85 through a standard gas engine for an extended period of time.

is that a glass head on the B&S engine??


You should have tried drilling a hole in the intake right before the intake port, pointing into the port as form of port injection. The engine would respond faster to fuel flow changes, the fuel flow could be more precisely controlled and it could make a bit more power. The only thing is that you need to be very careful with the fuel flow since there isn't nearly as much of a buffer to dampen changes in fuel flow. Even with the EFI setup now you should try to do port injection.

I'm pretty fuel you cannot Turbo charge Nitro methane with good results its been tried .. methanol yes

i just hope you have a good fire extinguisher.

You need to measure torque!!! Your rpm is limited with the flathead design.

You need a mister spray bottle not a squirt bottle.

run it with propane instead of nitro meth... propane loves turbos and is way easer to run

What is the Brand and the model of the smallest turbocharger used at first time?

To much fuel. Maybe mix it with some alcohol to take some of the % down. Also you need lots of spark to fire that fuel load.

Бля не могу это смотреть... Дай мотору раскрутиться шакал дурной! Начинает тормозным его давить чуть не с холостых... Ебанатик

Starts 22 minutes in...

-Makes 7hp from a 3hp engine -Sprays nitro methane around like it's water -Works in enclosed garage with running engine -missing a finger this is my type of channel. Subscribed and liked my friend!!

Why tf is he using a two stroke pipe lmao

Too much fuel. All he had to do is cut the fuel for a sec.

The irony of hearing "wonder what that is?" And noticing missing fingers. Not yourfirst rodeo. Try changing the temperature range of the spark plugs.

*pretends to do math on phone*

I love these inventions

what the story behind the missing finger?

Next use supercharge

Small motors, small gains. Noticed thos when i had my cr125 bored out to a 140. Just saying

Have you considered putting the carb in front of the turbo, i think thats how the beetle carb dudes do it, maintains suction for oxigen/fuel, instead of pushing in oxygen and by doing so fuel out?

Looks like your flooding the engine. Need to lean it out.

im so happy you finally put the fuel injection AFTER the turbocharger, that's what i've been screaming to myself the whole video lol. love theese see through engine vids, would love to see a turbo set up like this on the see through rotary.

We need more boost!

Heck yeah !!!

When exhaust was off it looked like the wastegate was wide open all the time. You will make more boost if you clamp that shut

I have no idea where you saw the wastegate open, it's clearly completely closed. Look very closely

i think also that you are getting bad fuel atomization. i think you should definatly get a carburetor of some sort. or get a smaller nozzle and spray the nirto at a higher pressure

if you manage to shorten the intake between the turbo and manifold. then it might not take so long to respond to the nitro-methane

What are you running that turbo on cause it isn’t hooked up the the exhaust

Or is the header you took off after the turbo

2 psi out of a 3hp engine and 7.2hp is really good that’s like 150% efficiency with the addition of a turbo


Idk i cant see you making more than 3 psi with that setup and thats if you get it just right Hey i was pretty close, that smaller snail should do a little better but i cant see it making a significant difference especially higher in the rev range

Needs a expation exhaust manifold

Well I realized after we finished filming this that the hole in the mounting hole in the turbo actually goes all the way through into the compressor housing, if you look closely when I am spraying the nitromethane into the turbo you can see it going in and coming right back out of that hole. I never seen that before and I'm assuming that's because it's a cheap Chinese turbo, but I will definitely plug-in next time.

That milky oil is usually coolant in the oil but as I can see this is an air cooled engine so idk why your oil was white lol

that is WAY too much fuel you need to get in more air

Judging by the colour of the oil the piston ring or cylinder wall is shot

You have to weld some restrictors on the exhaust of the turbo to make the housing smaller.

I love your videos and I’m going to donate, but under one condition. That you buy a FUNNEL! Lmao

LOL .... I have five funnels about 15 feet from where this engine is set up oh, but they were never used in the making of this film does that count?

pull off the pull start and do what Project Farm does, electric drill start

Yeah I tried but it was too much torque

Smaller turbo

Lol most accurate fuel consumption math I've ever seen. 44oz.....28 of witch ended up on/around the surrounding floor not burned. Great video for the curious!

I wish I could love your comment twice, very well stated

Dear sir (WP), I'm sure you have plenty of WW2 British spirit inside you: proper mad-cap back of a cigarette packet engineering, I love it! Could have done with a little more nitro, since the floor was still dry, and why bother with the screen? ;-) Full respect and I reckon you'll get over 10hp on street "gas" with efi... good luck and can't wait to see your results.

You need one of Cooper's Wet Shots.

great video, hooking up ms3pro ecu next is going to be crazy, will watch again.

I know that you proabbly don't want to do this, but the only way to make a decent amount of boost is going to be with a minimum of a v-twin engine. You would have much more luck with a little smog pump supercharger.

why don't you just hook it up to your air compresor and set the regulator to hvat ever psi you want to test???


”How to drain the oil . CrAnk the fucking engine without the oil stick . Fucking hell mate remove the damn oil plug

This guy only has 9 fingers ...

Make sure the waste gate is staying closed. I think that's your issue with not making much boost.

I wonder if this could help calculate how much boost per hp an engine of any size can really have I kno there's many variables that can come to play if I'm wrong lmk

+MrcabooseVG Looking forward to your next youtube video where you do this better.

+Bryan Roupe Okay? I wasn't bragging, i was making a point that i know what i'm doing with these engines. Everything in this is pretty simple stuff, doing it well on the other hand is something else

MrcabooseVG a monkey could tear a briggs down and put it back together with their eyes close. I can do a gov delete, cam, rod and valve spring swap from start to finish in less than a hour and have it running. Takes longer to scrape the old gaskets off.

+Will Crone I have a MK5 Golf TDI actually, tuned to 160bhp with a hybrid turbo. It is possible to have more than one hobby

+Arrested Lycian Development sorry buddy software and hardware are two completely different worlds. If you really don't think I know what I'm doing well just wait till the next episode. It wouldn't be entertaining any other way, do you find School super exciting?

+Ben Green  I always thought that was crazy, I met a quite a few mechanical engineers who don't know how to work on cars or some don't even know how to do brakes. I'm actually pretty well-rounded, my great-uncle was a nuclear physicist on the Manhattan project, my other uncle is a rocket scientist. I never really liked School much, I always like doing things hands, but like my grandmother always taught me, never let anyone know how smart you actually are, all you have to do is talk to somebody who knows me personally, eventually the audience will know me, but I'm pretty new to YouTube.

MrcabooseVG keep telling yourself that buddy your a 5 year old playing video games you don’t even have a car get out of here

+Warped Perception It's functional but look at the welds man, i'd bet there was blow through on the other side that would be restricting air flow too although i never actually saw inside so could be wrong. At a guess it sounds like it's running way too lean too

I can swim for hour and not die but it doesn't mean that i know how to swim efficiently. He just filling entire combustion chamber with fuel....

He has no idea or knowledge of how what he built is supposed to work. It's just like building a super computer and not understanding the software that runs it.

С ведра нужно было заливать

Ждал пока вся эта хуйня загорится

Cool vid, i think the nitro would work better in a cross engine though. theres a lot of fuel being recirculated unburnt in the bore.

Kick sss man you hope it's the last I dont I love watching these see through engine experiments

Possibly the most dangerous thing I've seen on YouTube with a Briggs & Stratton motor. I totally approve!!! (Kids, don't try this at home. Try it at your grandma's home!)

You should weld the waste gate shut and put a carby between the turbo and engine.

great video, some tech with some comedy thrown in. tip... as others have said, you won't get much if any running no load. try loading up the engine when it hits 3500rpm+ to see the boost. also, it is running way to rich as others have also said. you need to add less and try to atomize the fuel more by spraying it in at a higher pressure. good luck.

you are blowing it up

if this guy does this again. id like to see him un hook the waste gate


What show do these guys run on discovery? I can’t find it anywhere with spectrum

Use both turbos!

I was thinking about Putin a little turbo my my 110 quad what u think?

Awesome. I think you really need to work on your fuel delivery. Sometimes less is more. Find a way to inject (hint, hint) your fuel so it atomizes. Looking forward to the next video....

Turbo needs oil pressure. Run a Bosch VP44 pump off the engine drain plug. Rig a oil return. The turbo shaft floats hydrodynamically.

Am I missing something about the nitro... flashpoint is 95°f... hot exhaust manifold

You can see you flooding it out with the see threw head it's running way to hot need to reduce the fuel till you get the brightest flame with out killing it with more fuel

I love it! Great experiments! Like you i really want to hear that turbo FULL SPOOL! keep bringing us these cool videos brother

Should've called McFarland Tuning

Dude install anti-lag next

It will have it with the EMS

Too much fuel brother and yet you keep injecting more :/

The oil looked like that because there may have been moisture in the oil

You need actual oil pressure for a journal bearing turbo. This is why it won't spool well, friction yo.

The fuel just spraying on the hot exhaust and then the see thru head just sparking away. LOL you made my day dude. Buddy you had gas all over your arm. If that thing popped and made a flame out the exhaust while you were spraying,,,your next vid would be from the burn unit. There was fuel everywhere!

I was hoping and caught fire actually, imagine the whole engine on fire while it's running with the see-through head, all while being filmed in slow motion, that would be epic. If you thought that was bad check out where I was a week ago but I do have all the safety gear there, blast Shields fire extinguishers and all that good stuff. thank you for watching and thanks for your feedback I appreciate it.

What a ridiculous video

Rip turbo from lack of oil no oil even just a oil in the turbonis better than nothing burn up the bearing and seals And Mercedes turbo are more low pressure than high pressure just letting you know

What happened to your middle finger

Looks like a lot of fun. I would try port work, lot of compression, got cam and valve springs next. Should have built a 8hp or at least a 5hp. I have a 28hp briggs I build in shop class in high school. Still have it 10 years later.

You actually showed that running too rich the combustion is less efficient

I noticed that when you had the clear head on it it was misfiring I think a hotter coil and plug would help

Try a type of expansion chamber to reduce exhaust pulsation.

The turbo will never get dirty.

You need a longer exhaust and a better carb that properly mixes the fuel with the air . Also clean your piston , rings and spark plug , then do another take .

Your also drowning your engine

The mixture calculations, must be made over the amount of oxygen admitted in the cylinder (stoichiometric calculations ex. for gasoline is 14 grams of oxygen for each gram of gas), witch is difficult to calculate in this set up! But for sure that amount of nitro is way over...and for me, the engine was obviously choked! Next episode with the electronic controller, things must be different. Anyway thanks to show us it! Good luck! Let´s blow that thing!

Absolutely, nitromethane needs to run very rich compared to gas, even in a top fuel dragster, which those are my guys I know them personally, half of the nitro is burned in the cylinders and the other half or even more goes out the exhaust to produce the rest of the downforce that they need for the car. That's why they have huge flames coming out.

You can also use a shot of nitrous oxide to spool the turbo.

Main reason you're not making boost... The damn turbo is too big for that motor. You need about 5 times the exhaust volume to spin the impeller. For that size motor you need one of those little turbos you find on a keychain.

LOL! I like how the fuel served three purposes. To run the engine, to cool it and to shower any grime off of it. Just binged through all the series and can't wait for the next episode.

LMAO!!! , I love people like you that actually get it. I'm having fun with this thing for sure, it's a ton of work but I think in the next episode it's going to blow, since it's all going to be computer controlled I can use anti lag, rev limiting, extra timing, whatever I want it's going to be a blast.

i have seen peoples put carpurator oon in turbo in small engines but what ever peoples likes and you need to spray casoline in fine fumes not dropping that in like water hose more fine spray is more its can put air to in so its burn like its normaly do

the reason the oil gets yucky yellow is because of the methanol thats mixed in the nitro to get 50% slips by the piston rings... if u wanna burn higher % nitro u are gonna need more compression 1:15 .. dont forget that to mix nitro u have to weigh the fuels to get an accurate % .... if u light nitro with a lighter noting will happen..... because u need compression hit it with a hammer it will explode gotta love CH3NO2 greetings nice channel....

last replyy i want u to get 12hp outof that engine ... run atleast 47-55 degrees of timing 1:16 compression and make a fuel line with a jet in it and a secundair fuel line that goes back to the tank so everything the engine doesent except goed back to the tank... kina of mechanical injection

and dont forget cleaning everyhting that the methanol gets in contact with excpecialy aluminium thats why everyhtings anodized in dragracing for the methanol.....

It’ll be interesting to see what boost you make when you fix them two massive air leaks on the compressor housing lol :)

A better way to shut it off is to put a zip tie around the spark plug wire and pull it when you want to shut the engine off.

You should look up how people use Arduino computer system for $35 with a Vaper carb with an oversized regular carb with a OC sensor and have the flap adjusting it from the vaper carb to fresh air based on the OC sensor so it won't run too lean and overheat

Smog pump next then smog pump +turbo!!!!! The smog pump should make pooploads more low end torque and combined with the turbo should give it more top end. Also the smog pump should help the turbo spool! Can't wait to see it (if you do it). It's be an awesome minibike/go kart engine!!

you feed to rich fuel ass hole

Tiszta marha vagy!

A channel called build, break, repeat did a turbo gokart on their channel. They used the same turbo and got it to work great. They even dynoed it.

try spraying ether at the same time it works really well for a boost in power.

You are flooding the engine with fuel. Fuel vapors burn, the liquid fuel itself does not. Get an EFI kit instead of this cruel setup and you'll be seing some real performance gains :) Love the See Thru engine episodes tho ;)

This is surely a joke!!!!!

“Let’s start by turning the valve a little” opens it all the way

Que video bosta

Switch to race gas get it running correctly first then blend in nitro and adapt slowly as the mix gets closer to full nitro. I believe Turbos like e85 too.

damn that engine has seen better days.

Wtf un 2t de 50cc te da como 5hp

what happened to your finger?

Great job re-configuring the new turbo. Making good power now in both set ups. Before you end this series I was hoping you'd run it with Nitrous oxide. In theory you could reconfigure this back to gasoline (or keep nitro) remove the turbo and increase spray and fuel until the engine blew. Nitrous oxide is the great equalizer, the only limitation to power is part durability. You'd either end up with the highest HP rating yet, or a blown up engine guaranteed.

You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

Your spark plug might have been one of your problems your electrode probably fires hotter the stock head you might have to figure out a hotter plug to put in it.

TRY SUPERCHARGED!!!! Maybe that gave more boost??????????????

I don't know what's the point , but I watched all 22.25 minutes of it PS by the way I subscribed

an you're flooding the shit out of the engine. its not making shit for power

the damn thing isnt going to run away. you quit giving it fuel its going to die

Flooding tf out of it no wonder he can't get spool

+Warped Perception If you still want to use the carburetor, you can try a "wet system", in this case the carburetor goes before the turbo and boost will not affect it, look it up, its used in some old turbo cars. Also i think a 110/125 cc chinese carb will be more tuneable and responsive for this purpose! just make sure you dont have any vacuum leaks!

Running it way too rich, drowning the engine thats why it wont stay on for long

Try doing supercharged and injection!

Oh wait he is gonna do injection... DO DIRECT INJECTION THEN

How am I just now realizing you don't have a right middle finger?!?!

smaller turbo

Just subscribed

Liked and subscribed

you should try nitrous

Do a vtwin 500-650cc, that tiny turbo, make some big soft copper head gaskets to lower compression, and use a big motorcycle carb for fuel. Use gasoline because you’re running super lean on nitro, you need a LOT of nitro fuel per amount of air and that engine really just can’t handle it. Also, put the carb BEFORE the turbo as a draw through, you don’t have to worry about boost pushing the fuel out


cant wait to see the full build

hah nice click bait

I wanna know what the name of the tracks you used are.

U gave it to much petrol


I guesd fueling is the biggest issue. sounds like you need a little efi setup!

u should run it with the karburator and just nozzle it up

use nitrous straight in the engine with nitro methane.

Put bigger carb take out limiter

Take out limiter

Just use arduino, old fuel injector and fuel pump from car. Ti is simple as fuck..... Current setup makes no sense.

why don t u use a electronic scale?!?!? so it doesn't wigle


You should also thread an AFR gauge into the exhaust manifold so you can see how much more or less fuel you need to put into the engine.


Weld the wastegate shut, it will make boost for sure then.

Wow over fueled much haha dont need that much for 49cc

It’s density not gravity

This is just stupid

You probably need more load on the crank to generate boost. You can rev an turbo engine to 10krpm and not make boost if there's no load on the engine...

Id put a little bigger turbo on it to get a bigger whistle. There will be lag but itll be worth it

whats the song name on 12:20?

that nitromethane is eating the crankcase seals thats why the oil look like it does

What type turbo Is?

Surely you could have gravity-fed the nitro-methane into the turbo?

When a gentleman with missing digits says "Don't try this at home" you should probably listen. I wonder if nitro would make a 2-stroke blower move more air?

What turbo is that?

My small 50cc engine has 5ps.

You might be use fuel injector and fuel pump ...

You should try pushing the boost through the carburetor. Instead of sucking fuel through the turbo. A turbo is made to compress air. You are pushing fluid .wich prevents the turbo from spooling. Fluid doesn't compress. In order to opfaun pressure with fluid there can be no air .Awesome work love it .

@warpedperception can you do a nitrous run with the engine


Why not make a separate proper oil system for the turbo? Put a electric pump a reservoir and a radiator, that turbo is dying without oil you could see it boiling the oil away!

Do a nitrous oxide episode

"I now know why top fuel dragsters use mechanical fuel injection. It's very reliable" man you just made a top fuel lawn Mower hahahaha

just a waste of time. Sorry.

Not a HEMI !

You are DROWNING the motor

You need to atomize the fuel better. You are WASTING a ton

I am just surprise he didn't go as a human torch

Hahahahaha this is a fucking laugh

Fue realmente muy productivo tu video gracias por toda esa información Saludos desde Perú - Cusco

Not enough cid

I don't think you're getting a good combustion burn. You should do a direct "manual" nitro injection with an atomizer nozzle on the clear head. Then I bet you get some boost!

-You need a direct injection on that...- Seen the end now... and can't wait to see that!

Lean it out a bit buddy

Running metanol makes the oil loock that way.

Add a atomizer at the end of the tip

you did not need a kill switch lol your feeding fuel to it

can you inject some nos into the turbo and see how much that increases HP?

This guy is weird like he does bunch of smart things like he knew what he was doing then a bunch of dumb things like drown the engine with fuel making it stall. it was frustrating to watch.

Turbo é turbo

Que projeto fooda , parabens

rich and wet

No load on the engine of course it won't make much boost

Fuel injektion system

Mount the carb in front of the compressor so the turbo will draw air and fuel into the carb

You should put a needle valve in between the intake tube and “mechanical injection device” so you can get a consistent amount of fuel

Boost leaks on the turbo

This is the stuff I would LOVE TO DO if I had lots of MONEY and didn't have to work hahahah

Nice !, However I don't have lots of money and I still have to work.

Blow through carb. stop running your turbo wet.

+Warped Perception i did. i saw you injection attempt. but it what i see every one do wrong with turbo small motor is they run a wet turbo. it kills all their throttle response and boost. i am interested in your injection system when completed but i much rather see a carb be modified to blow though for these small engine.

Watch to the end.

Suggestion: get a proper ECU (like MegaSquirt) with a fuel injector, coil, MAP/MAF sensor, throttle position sensor and an oxygen sensor doing the lambda readings. That should help to make this experiment a bit more scientific. ;D

+Warped Perception I lost the MS3 Pro by looking sideways while I was just listening the audio. lol Well... Anyway, with all the pressure variation on the intake, I'm wondering if a MAF would be more recommend at lower RPM or if the engine will operate more stable only at higher RPM with lower RPM work based in throttle position. The MS3 is very complex ECU and requires a lot of setup, but I guess you couldn't have a more complete tool in your hands. By the way, most of my clients end up using only the MS1 and MS2 due to cost limitations and lack of MS3 ECU available in my region. The applications usually vary between racing, improving fuel consumption, ethanol converted engines and lowering emissions to keep collection cars road legal (some only uses the ECU to control automatic choke, check the carburetor fuel mix and electronic spark advance). OBD2 isn't a requirement in my region. Well! Until next time

Did you watch till the end ? . That answers your entire suggestion.

dude try using less nitro with more precise spraying that way you can get your NO2 into the air intake

Just like everyone else is saying, you're just flooding the hell out of the engine. you can even see it in the clear head with all the unburned fuel. Stop flooding it and I'm sure you'll hit 7400 again.

Grab a few cans of whipped cream and feed the nitrous into the engine lol.

+Warped Perception did not know that, thanks for informing me. This isn't a top fuel dragster though, it's a lawnmower engine, so is it possible the engine itself is having a hard time with it? Since we can only see what you show us, did you try using different ratios of nitro to see how the engine performs? It looked to me like the 7400rpm run happened when there wasn't as big of a flood of nitro.

That's not how nitromethane works though, nitro loves to run wet, if you look at top fuel dragsters, half of the nitro is burned to make power and the other half is burned after it leaves the combustion chamber, I know this because I know the drivers and the teams personally.

WTF?? I wouldn't exactly recomend pouring nitro methan straight into a red hot turbo. But then again, this turbo will never get hot on that small engine.

bro, try making a vapor carb container, its a large bottle filled with fuel, a down stem that draws air from the top down through the fuel agitating it and creating vapor. the vapor then is drawn directly into the turbo, any extra fuel needed can be added with a normal carby if you put it BEFORE the super and change out the needles to let a lot more fuel into the system. primary air intake - large diameter carb, using the carb allows limiting of boost fuel and air intake, this attaches to the cab jug on its down stem. secondary/idle intake - large diameter down stem fed fuel agitation jug, allows air to churn a fuel heavy air mix and feed that into the pipe before it feeds into the super charger. Fuel injection - a similar pump to the garden sprayer you are using can be used to push more fuel into the air mix if you were to attach the spray valve to the wall in the middle of the intake pipe, allowing you to manually push an amount of pressurized fuel into the intake behind the jug/carb combo fuel mixer and throttle.

Need more power? Get a 5hp engine. Cheaper and less trouble.

+Warped Perception Ilove it when the intake gets all iced up!

I used to race the 5 horsepower back when I was a teenager, I would run methanol.

This is even beyond rednecking,.....

Lol... That's a good one

what turbo are you using in the end?

Would make more power with higher % of nitro and control the fuel flow through a small jet at pressure but loved the vid

Yes I would, and that is coming. you are correct, but I didn't really want to atomize all that fuel outside of the thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it

Help is turbo

An engine is an air pump....more fuel will only give you so much, unless enlarge intake, it is limited to that factor.

As you saw, the plastic head ran better, because that head has more volume were it is cavatated.

Make a Minny blower

The turbo is WAY too big for the engine, plain and simple.

С ведра нужно было заливать, может к хуям собачим все сгорело бы.

It's the same name, also spots on Daily planet and Outrageous acts of science. They are just slightly different episodes but I'm really concentrating this year on building up the YouTube channel. I can try to send you a link but I'm not familiar with spectrum.

That "mechanical fuel injection" was pure comedy! I have laughed like that in AWHILE! Thank you for that bro you just made my day

+Todd Simone hahahahaha... that's how I conceived my children by " manual injection" very reliable system

More like "manual injection"

+Warped Perception I got it right away and I was ctfu the whole time! Thanks again. I wish more ppl had the same sense of humor!? Great stuff man, keep it up!

Even the one part where I spray the whole turbo down before I start it, I did that on purpose but almost nobody who watched it got it.

Same here, I'm glad at least somebody got it, I think you're the first out of 200,000 people. When I did that I was laughing pretty hard, when I watched it I was laughing my a** off. It was a last-minute idea but I knew it was going to be funny and it actually worked, kind of. I always go with the flow but it did give people a good example carburetor vs. Fuel injection, especially once it's compared with the next episode where I do proper fuel injection.

turbo ist still to big for that engine... what is this 300ccm 400ccm ? xDDDDD

You are adding so much fuel, cut some fuel and put a smaller turbo on. You don’t have enough exhaust gas to spool that turbo

Insane video editing

I want to see this engine on nitrous

Rings are shot on that piston - bearings are probably fried on the turbo from spraying into it - I could be wrong - it would be cool to see how they are holding up though!

Another run with an oxygen cylinder wide open to inlet. I think it would be ozom

That's great see the turbo push the fuel.I think it need more air

Put a restriction on the boost line for more accurate reading and if you put more of a load on the engine you will see a better reading of boost.

Well umm the mechanical fuel injection was not good for the turbo that’s how you ruin the turbo second the air to fuel ratio is way off way to Much fuel that’s why it was bogging the best way to make this experiment work with the turbo is a better fuel jet or buy a Mikuni carburetor I highly suggest that if you want best need new piston rings it is smoking that or you have to much oil. Also drilling the fuel jet can work to so you don’t have to spend to much money. Good luck

Try using 2 turbos. And maybe a nos can.

you need a new fly well and coil and spark plug bc all that fuel need to burn fast so it u spark

Is this the dad from Glee ?

like from brazil!1

Boa noite !! Obrigado

what the fuck is this?

Hahaha what an amateur!!!

Honda announces V-TEC 2 With turbocharger and Mechanical Fuel Injection for the all new Honda Civic Si

Dam son you are going to start a fire

Ok Thank you

You deserve encouragement.

From where did you buy that turbo

Hit that turbo with a air blower it will spool then

Man. Hook up a nitrous wet system and spray some nitromethane and nitrous..or oxygen. Or run nitro metane in gas tank..your just too rich. And bogging it down



эксперементатор что ты делаеш ?

Он сам-то понимает, что он делает и нахуя?


I didn't get a notice for this video.


Hello I would also like to tune a motor and still looking for a very small turbocharger and wanted to ask how your turbocharger means?

It's an RHB 31 cz21

And make the carb to lean u will get performance ur running at too rich

Bro that turbo charger need external oil pressure to running the fan inside charger add it bro ur performance will increase

Water got in your oil

Its too much fuel injected broo, its imposible to reach max RPM. Lol

try to change the timing of the engine or mod it to fastest to have,a fullspeed

Well it's 40deg advanced right now. That's what the nitromethane requires. I will definitely try different timings once I get engine management system setup

He is superman or Mcguyver.

Lol. They used to call me MacGyver when I was a kid.

I know I'm so sorry I've been behind. Sorry sorry sorry, but it's coming

I know, next time that's what I'm going to do, pressurize it slightly oh, I'm not sure if it was boiling or if the boost was leaking through the seal into the oil housing, but you could very well be right it may have been boiling. Thank you

Yeah that was good.

That’s a lot of damage! What a stupid fuel system. More looks like an aquarium.

Do you know who Mike O'Malley is, from the CBS TV show Yes,Dear?? You look like him a bit. Hes from Boston.

Hey pal.. Always have a GOOD fire extinguisher in reach an preferably a friend incase you can't make it to the extinguisher the friend can and save a life. I know because I got third degree burns from a fire that happened so quick, my skin was hanging from me and blowing in the breeze when men came to help me,it was so hot so fast. You got fuel that burns maybe hard to see it. Take care man!

Hi , thanks, yes we have fire extinguishers and CO2 system right there, there is an entire crew right next to me, just off-camera, as well as blast Shields in place. This is movie magic!! Kind of, it's all real but all the safety precautions are in place a couple inches outside of the view of the camera. Yeah burns are no joke I've had a few but not that bad. Thanks and I hope you healed well.

get a car dump methane all over the engine instant boost.

That’s a little much fuel HUH ?? Just a little it maybe.

You appear to have no idea how turbos, carburettors, and engines actually operate. If you applied science rather than guessing you could easily make a setup that works, with largely the same parts. Also, if you make your flywheel heavier you can smooth out those pulsations on your torque gauge (because the rpm won't vary as much between individual cycles). On a similar note, put a small chamber with some cotton wool in the boost gauge line (and/or a very small diameter restriction at the pickup point), this will damp out the pressure fluctuations you are seeing in the boost gauge, you'll be able to see it in real time 5:58 is that wastegate flapper open or closed? I thought I saw gas come out of it

I mean, I'd *love* to see "Singh grooves" in action (they are supposed to be able to give the random squish action a direction, so you can, for example, direct the majority of the mixture to the spark plug for an overall faster burn)

+Warped Perception   all good, it just looked like a lot less thought was going into it than there actually was. Still not a fan of spraying fuel all over a running engine though. Re wastegate, I saw later in the video from a different angle and I could see how damn weird it was set up, no wonder I got confused. Can't wait for efi. You'll probably make this much power on gasoline without the turbo. I assume you're setting up spark control too? You might want to be careful of those pressure fluctuations messing with the map sensor signal. It wouldn't be without precedent that it makes an incurable misfire at some particular rpm. And while I've got your attention, are you able to make clear heads with varying squish clearance and patterns? It would be pretty trick to see different burn patterns on the high speed.

Wastegate flapper is closed oh, but that is a primary turbo of a sequential setup off of an SL65, so the turbine is actually buried inside that housing, the exhaust gases flow around the wastegate valve body and out, so it looks like it's coming from the wastegate valve but it's not.

I'm going to address your reply in detail because that's how I do it because your opinion is important to me. 1. I actually know exactly how turbos, carburetors and engines work very well, so much so that I really don't even think when building them as it comes so naturally, I have also worked on engine designs and am currently working on some ultra high efficiency engine projects that I will have episodes on this year. 2. I like guessing on camera as it makes it so much more entertaining, it's boring if I just say " I'm going to put a turbo on this little engine", then the next scene is starting the engine and it runs perfectly, I also take the "dumb dumb" approach, that way even people who don't know much about how engines work, fuel injection, or cars in general can understand why those EMS ( engine management systems) are so necessary in modern cars and what they do, and why tuning maps are necessary, when I compare just spraying nitromethane into the turbo versus actual fuep control, everybody understands. 3. I don't really want to modify this engine much, it was supposed to be only three episodes I had no idea this engine was going to last this long, I have more things to build right after this one. The pulsations are coming from the rotor being warped, I'm just trying to get through this episode and I'll be on to dyno version 2 which is a revised version of the dino in this video. As for the boost gauge, you are correct, but I wanted to show the fluctuation, because once it starts making some serious pressure the fluctuations going to disappear, I did leave a damper out of the line so I can see with the high-speed camera if the individual pulses from the engine are creating micro boost spikes, that shouldn't really happen since the turbine has enough Mass to dampen those pulses, especially once it gets into operating RPM range. I did however make one mistake here, and that was one of the intake flange mount bolt holes, actually goes all the way into the compressor housing, so when I was spraying the nitro into the turbo it was coming right back out of that hole oh, I didn't realize that until it was too late and we were at the end of the shoot. Thank you for your feedback, and the next episode it should be running really good, and again I'm trying to make education entertaining here oh, so that way people can compare episode 6 with episode 7 and figure it out for themselves. Not everybody knows as much about mechanics as we do. Thanks again

Need more air and speed up injection

Get a rotary:>

Hey dude you might try to put on a carburetor ahead of boost (chinese carburetor of 27mm) jejeje

that killswitch seems like a good way to lose a finger

Oh hey, it made 5 horses.

Muito topp

Turbos make power from exhaust heat and nitro is very good at cooling the whole engine, thats why the boost is so low.


Show show show..............

Guess I should have finished it first lol

You dont have enough drive pressure for the turbo ! Get a turbo with a small exhaust side . That one was made for a v6 or a v8

What is the smaller turbo from?

I'm not sure. It's the smallest turbo that I know of, I just bought the turbo by itself. It's a 21mm. I have good news though after we finished filming this episode and reviewing the footage I realized that, the bolt hole on the turbo goes all the way through into the compressor housing. All of the boost that was being made was leaking out of that hole. Bummer. But I did a small 3 second test run and I can tell it was boosting up right away. I'm very confident that this thing's going to blow sky-high for the next episode and make some serious power. I guess we'll see, going to start filming that one next week but unfortunately since it's a complicated build now I probably won't have that episode out for another three weeks. But I'm going to move as fast as I can because it's going to get exciting.

I just would have used a bigger carburetor like the one from a motorcycle but your idea was way cooler. That made my day. ^^ For the turbo you should build an oil tank, which you mout above like the fuel tank, to make sure the turbo gets enough oil. I love the see-through engine.

You can't cut the fuel, it's nitromethane, you need a lot of fuel. It won't run otherwise. I'll show that in the upcoming episode.

+Warped Perception I guess it would only be a big problem if the exhaust got red hot and the fuel temp difference shocked it. I'm still kind of baffled about the acrylic window getting better performance! Do you think the compression is a lot more within the combustion chamber with that flat piece of acrylic? It could explain why the exhaust flow was greater before. Anyways, just a few thoughts on the whole thing! Can't wait to see more! Seems like forever since the last one haha! Thanks for the reply man!

Yeah I just checked the bearings on the turbo, they're still too tight. They're not going to fry though, because as you have exhaust gases you also have intake air cooling on the opposite side, it will overheat eventually, but not with these short runs

You can't run a standard carb with nitromethane, you need 3 times as much fuel as gas. Believe it or not the AFR wasn't that far off.

Dad ??? Wth ?

Why don't you come over and help?.

+Warped Perception Understandable. I think so.

Wow dude! most of the liquid fuel is just sitting inside the cylinder!!! >0.0

Only because 80% or more of the fuel went everywhere OTHER THAN the inside of the system... ~( ,m,)~


Boosted civic engine Nice build

Lol.. pretty close

Wtf is this guy doing! ? This ass hat had no clue, just destroying the engine plan and simple.

Lol ..hahahaha... Thank you. It's honestly a compliment, for all of these videos I felt like I wasn't acting dumb enough, seriously, then comments like yours make me realize that I'm actually doing a good job. I'm not even joking I'm being dead serious oh, that's part of how I rothes episodes. Thank you, I will make sure I surprised everybody in the next episode, I have some cool things in store.

U did not cooled the head???

No .. it's ok.

Alguém conta pra ele ou vai descobrir sozinho. Existe uma matéria da engenharia mecânica que estuda a relação estequiométrica do motor de ciclo Otto. Essa loucura não corresponde com a realidade. Pronto falei... Someone tells him or he'll find out for himself. There is a subject of mechanical engineering that studies the stoichiometric relationship of the Otto cycle engine. This madness does not correspond with reality. There, i said it...

Make this motor whit twin turbo

Why don’t you buy a pit bike carb and tuned it with it and make it run really well

You know a turbo will only make boost under load and the whistling noise is the turbo spooling

Yes but it was leaking here through the intake flange hole. I've never seen a turbo where the mounting hole goes all the way into the compressor housing, but apparently this one does. I didn't realize it until we were already done filming. if you watch closely when I'm spraying the nitro into the intake of the turbo you can see it coming right back out...SMH

Un banco de pruebas? dinamómetro??

That is awesome engine abuse and I love it great video


I'm not 100% sure, but to me it looks like your wastegate is stuck open or something... That way the exhaustgas just bypasses the turbine and doesn't really spool the turbo...

+Warped Perception the first one where the exhaust was off. It looked like the wastegate was like half open. But it was hard to see from the camera angle. The turbo's i have seen have the wastegate closed flat with the input of the turbine housing, so it may very well be just the design lf the turbo

No the waste gates are closed, which turbo setup are you referring to?

Its 2t?

And it doesn't sound like 2t

+Warped Perception sorry i forgot, we (Poland) call two stroke 2t. And now i see it's 4 stroke

2t ?

Making simple mechanics into rocket science

Lol... Actually I thought it was the opposite way around.

poor engine. RIP little briggs.

+Warped Perception because RIP= Rest In Peace..... ( i think you knew that..) this type of engine isn't made to have a turbo and run on nitro.... the crankshaft is going to be broken soon. but this is a very good video, you make me laugh to death with your mechanical fuel injection!

Nah.. RIP?. Why

Warped Perception It looked like the engine was chocking on this much nitromethane. But never seen it before with a see trough intake so would be cool if you tell more about it, good idea!

Damage? What damage?

It's actually not that stupid if you know about nitromethane, nitromethane runs rich, very rich, it's not gasoline. The majority of people don't have any experience with nitromethane, that's part of the problem, I should have addressed that in this episode but I didn't think about it, I just thought everybody was going to figure it out, but in the next episode I will, thanks for watching

Honestly the issue that I had in this episode was coverage, the camera person wasn't good, I should have shown everybody inside that turbo after I took the exhaust manifold off,, but I missed a lot of points here in this video because I wear a lot of hats when we film the stuff. I agree about spraying the nitromethane all over the place, but it happened for two reasons, one was just for pure entertainment and to put people on edge Tama but I found out later it was coming out of the intake flange hole in the front of the turbo that actually goes all the way through into the compressor housing, if you look closely when I'm spraying a nitromethane in it's coming back out and spraying everywhere. Yes I am going to set up ignition control, the whole thing, I'm then going to move that entire set up to a different engine oh, that was supposed to happen a few months ago but I had no idea this engine was this tough. Yeah I'm going to look into that pulsation tomorrow, I have a feeling it's because the boost is leaking, normally a pulsates a little but not that much, thanks for all the feedback!, This actually helps me figure out how in-depth I need to go in future episodes as I am the writer. Thanks again

Seems like the small emgine doesnt create enough exhaust flow to spool it. Aka too big of a turbo for that motor.

it looks to me the wastegate on the turbo is completely open

No it's close it's just a funky turbo design, next time I'll go more in depth for everyone

Permanently shut the wastegate

It's shut.

To get that to rev higher and spool the turbo you really need a large funnel into the turbo and pour nitro into it by the bucket load, dribbling it in like that is just no good..

You could be correct

Do a twin-turbo set up

Well, now we know why you are missing a finger.

No that's not why...LBVS

Figure out how to spray fuel into the exhaust right before the Turbo

I thought of that, but I think fuel and air would be better

I just finished doing a live stream where I actually got quite a bit of boost and power, I was showing everyone how wet it runs,

Well it's Nitro, gas and nitro burn completely different.

Seriously People THUMBS DOWN ALREADY !!?? .. geez, so much for blood sweat and tears...LOL

+iHSÁN 9T3 jeah, but we know that you cant piss nitromethane on a wrong turbo and say that you measured power with a break and a scale

Well it was for entertainment, education and illustration. I actually do almost everything for a reason, and the reason here was to create a connection for people that don't know that much about cars. Once this and the next episode are out people will have a deeper understanding of why modern cars use fuel injection vs older methods. I like to make it visual.

They are just doing it to get your attention

So awesome could watch this all day was so disappointed when the video ended, hurry up with the next one lol

Likely should have skipped out on the first turbo part some it was too long, I think they dropped out before the second turbo, people don't have patients. If you are up for it contact me and I'll help you out with some things on it, ideas etc... Possible collab? Hopefully the stand alone will make all the difference. LMK if you need a injector and what size I may have one.

Just get an old used megasquirt already FFS and stop with the jerry rigged this and jerry rigged that - everyone knows carbs are a headache - especially in a forced induction application

thumbs up from me !

Assistindo do Brasil e esperando os próximos capítulos

Don't worry about it. Some people have no taste beyond what they have in their mouth...

Let them, they're baby sitters.. they don't know anything about these kind of things

People just jealous that you don’t lay around all day doing nothing like they do themselves.

@Warped Perception There was no blood, fortunately, but there _could_ have been with this 'setup'. See my other comments if you really are interested in learning what was wrong with your approach.

For a reason sorry

Answer do you remember me

They prob didn’t even watch it!

Regardless, I loved it. Of there was a stronger emotion then just looking, I would

Probably people shorting nitromethane stock, lol. That's a thirstly little bugger!

good good job

I think the fact that he has a mangled hand and a missing finger tells you he has no idea what he's doing...

7400 RMP on a small briggs flathead.. damn, i didn't think the would hold up to that!

find a sprayer jet for the hose into the intake... the finer mist you can get the better it will burn and the more power you will make... also put the carb back on but before the turbo instead of after

How do I rig something like this up on a go kart or something along those lines.

Good vid

To get some better boost you need to put a load on the motor to make more back pressure on the exhaust

this guy is going to blow himself up....

This is cool! I just cant wait to see that engine with proper fuel injection. You could need oilpressure to the turbo also!

Traduci, no ves que soy de boca?

ez már nevetséges!

Well we just started filming episodes 7 yesterday, and after I plug that hole in the compressor housing, it spooled it

+Warped Perception maybe try an oxygenated fuel as well

+Warped Perception I would try both but only a small amount of fuel is needed

just do what you do. some people love it some hate it. you do you. thats why people watch you.

Your biggest issue is the gapping of the spark plug

flooded it heaps....

YOU ARE DROWNING THAT MOTOR!!!!! The fuel in the oil showed it. Lean out the AFR keep using the after turbo injection. Use a nozzle that will atomize the fuel so it's a well mixed charge. You should have the injection nozzle in the intake tube that's running vertical right before it goes in to the motor and have that nozzle come in at a steep angle so it's in line with the air flow. Keep up the hard work. You put a lot in to make content for us. The slowmo of of the combustion cycle was absolutely beautiful. We all would love to see that puppy make some power!!!

+Warped Perception That's awesome! I was wondering what was coming out of there. I thought maybe the wet setup was too much and somehow ruined the seals letting the oil out. I cant wait to see that boost. Have you thought about switching between gas and nitro to see the differences? It might be a little easier to manage vs. The nitro since you dont have to dump so much in and would also be easier to meter. Either way its going be cool to see. I hope you can give the atomized injection a try in one of the upcoming videos too. I think the consistency would help. I'm sorry if the all caps came of condescending but it grabs attention lol. Len

So I started episode 7 a couple days ago, just a spoiler, I show how rich the nitromethane actually has to run just to keep the engine running, but it made almost 5 lb of boost and 8.5 horsepower after I plugged up that mounting hole in the turbo that was leaking all the boost. I'll save the rest for the episode but yeah that was the first scene of the episode. I promise you I actually know what I'm doing, I just act dumb on camera to make it entertaining and well, it's always suspenseful. Thanks I'm glad you liked it

15:37 - i swear i heard a fart

How is he lubricating the turbo

What in the hell are you doing jesus christ dude. Just build a draw through set up already. You got no business doing this shit good god this is cringeworthy

Too late for that, I already did a draw through setup in the previous episode. If this is cringe-worthy do you I hate to see what you call the life hack

the exhaust side of the turbo is designed to spin a shaft attached to a intake air impeller. not a water/fuel pump. your introducing way too much fuel and its causing friction between the blades and housing .

This was absolutely retarded. You need to learn more about vacuum buddy. Your just about hydrolocking the motor with unburned fuel.

Hydrolocking? With nitromethane? Have you ever worked with nitromethane before? I'm assuming not. Nitromethane works much different than gasoline.

Lol... You're joking right.

It looks like at 5:59 the waste gate is open it will never make boost

It's not open oh, it just looks that way because the way the turbo is designed. It's the primary turbo from a sequential setup from an SL65

You need to atomized fuel which means to spread in a fine mist

I can't wait I stayed away from a fine mist on purpose, I'll show you why in episode 7, I'm not going to spoil it but I have a big surprise.

youre half assing it bud. not to be rude but you should have for 1 run oil feed and return at the turbo because it wont last long . and second it might make actual boost if you metered the air fuel in instead of washing the cylinder down with methane..your heart is in it you just gotta get the finish work done and execute it and i think you bee more pleased ..good luck

Thank you, but not so, my heart is definitely not in it, I want this thing to blow already so I can move on to my other series and seasons. Once episode 7 comes a lot of people are going to be very surprised. we started filming a couple days ago, these videos are made for everybody, not just mechanics, they need to be entertaining. Nothing is going to happen to the turbo in that short amount of time though, it's not getting hot enough to discolor the metal. the biggest problem here is 99% of the people commenting have zero experience with nitromethane, why do you think top fuel dragsters don't have cooling systems. Because they don't need them, the amount of nitromethane being burned cools the engine at the same time. I'm glad you liked it, I didn't think you were rude, but I think you should watch episode 1 through 5 so you can get up to speed on what's going on with this engine. Not to spoil it for you but with the same setup I made almost 5 lb of boost and 8.5 horsepower in episode 7, I actually know what I'm doing, but I act dumb for the camera, but the reason I used that spray bottle system is so when episode 7 comes out people will have a clear understanding of why we use modern fuel injection systems versus old carbureted systems. Thanks for watching I'm glad you liked it

Wrong, that happened when I was 3 years old. You can pass judgment in the next episode, I'll make sure to make it super complicated for if you can't figure out why I did it this way ... Well... It was just for fun man, take it easy Steve.

Me either, I was really surprised

Most of the project is intriguing to me but i didnt like u flooding out the motor..... I do want to see it run on engine management tho...

+KillaG FPV exactly!

look how incomplete burn these engines are

The weir on the see throu allowed more O2 .

i'm just here for the vtec kicked in yo

I like your channel And what about hydrogen gas If you can do experiment with hydrogen gas Thank you for your good jobs I love it

If you would just stop and listen to ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE who have done this and failed, you MUST atomize the fuel via an injection system with greater force via a pump +1-5PSI greater than boost via a boost controller and fuel pump. The turbo is spinning the fuel and air and causing the fuel to come out of the air and into a liquid form vs atomized into the air. Get a pump and some fogging nozzles. SMALLER turbo, like MUCH smaller, PORT the head and you might make like 2 or 3 PSI, The problem is that the cost loss is not even worth the HP gain. you could do a stroker motor with a ported head for 10% the cost and gain 20x the HP that the turbo might give you. You get thumbs down because in the last video i said, it cant work, you said i was wrong. FUCK YOU, no seriously thanks for the video but dont fucking say im wrong when im clearly right. you dont know much about this stuff.

I'll have to look back at those comments and see where I told you you were wrong, but I'll have to give you a spoiler, and episode 7 I actually make almost 5 lb of boost and 8.5 horsepower with this same setup. The problem wasn't the setup it was that mounting hole in the compressor housing went all the way through, so if you take another look at the video, you can clearly see a nitro is going into turbo and coming right back out through that hole. I didn't notice it until after we were finished shooting. But you have to remember again, nitromethane is much much much different than gasoline. Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it.

sorry bro 22 minutes is way to long, i barely made it in to 5 min. cool video but gotta go, you need to cut some of the lingering. there is waaaayyyy to much more youtube to watch to just sit around watching single videos for a half an hour that move way to slow.....

Are you gonna make this into a drift build once you get it configured for power?

hows the spark plug look lol

Ik im late but what do u think of adding a supercharger to the engine

Thinking about it

Much less fuel and will be better.Great video!!

Thank you, unfortunately it won't run unless fuel since this is nitromethane. I'm going to give that example in the next episode, I'm going to run gas and nitromethane side-by-side

Great video, you are way over complicating this though, a bigger draw through carb and Jett accordingly. Spraying it like you are is just bogging the engine down. The cylinder is way to saturated

That makes sense, I’ve never plaid with nitro methanol, besides nitro rc cars. Could you still jet the carb to really dump the fuel..? PS I’d love to have all your toys in your shop !! Awesome man really is

Thank you. It's nitromethane, not gasoline, nitro cars are ran with so much fuel they are almost hydrolocked. The AFR for nitro is like 1.5 to 1 versus gasoline that is 14.7 to 1.

To be happy, install a carburetor with a venturi suitable for engine performance, electric pump, fuel regulator with a boost reference. 20º timing to boost the turbine, and maximum 10% nitro. if the turbine loads, I see 10hp or more.

+Warped Perception im sure you did, more than a few times there. Lol. To be expected with ur setup. No biggy. Sort out carby jets and get that bitch running sweet.

It's actually not flooded

The air fuel ratio for nitromethane is insanely rich, nitro drag cars run so much nitromethane that they are almost hydrolocked. That's the only way nitro methane will run. It's going to be very nice with the fuel injection system because I will be able to show the air fuel ratio vs the pulse width of the fuel injector, that way everybody's going to understand. Thanks for commenting and thanks for watching I'm glad you liked it

+Warped Perception I respectfully disagree. When you had the first turbo and removed the manifold you can clearly see the wastegate moving.

Warped Perception amazing please keep working in videos like this ones

What was the 2nd turbo you used in the 2nd part?

Hey bud on that small turbo, try putting two m6 bolts in the bolt holes next to the turbo intake, one of them goes through the compressor housing and leaking all your boost. I have the same turbo on a yx150 motor and I’ve seen upwards of 14psi. Cheers.

If your oil looks like that and you keep testing no results are valid somethings broke fix your shit and try again

Use the small turbo to spool the big one!!!!!!!!

10:00 Looks A Bit Rich Lol

Ur better off running E100 with this small engine. Ethanol works so much better than other fuels in these single piston motors. Especially running a turbo on it, ur guna want to lean it out a bit, and the Ethanol will help out with that as well! Put a turbo on it! That's my motto!

The manual fuel injection proves that all those intricate and sophisticated carburetors in the years before fuel injection were wasted rocket science, sure they are more efficient than a spray bottle, but damn, he sprays the fuel, cranks the starter with his other hand, there is enough residual fuel to allow him to position his sprayer before the engine is starved of fuel. Interesting.

Love your determination with this thing. How about one last ditch effort? Leaf blower!!!!! Get some serious air through this thing. Get it really spooling, assuming you can keep up with the fuel, pull the blower and see if it can maintain boost.

Please spray this lil briggs with some huge nitrous shots! I've always wanted to see that.. :)

Create head diesel motor.

I really like your experimental style. What about using an alternator connected to some controlled loads like 100 watt lightbulbs? You could have light switches and every light bulb you turn on will load the engine down by another 100 watts so you could use it to ramp in the load and have it be much smoother than the mechanical brake which isn't really meant for continuuous running and is hard to keep constant. Plus you can directly convert Watts to HP so it would still be easy to measure, you could even use a KillaWatt wall plugin measurer to get the exact power load from the light bulb setup, since a 100w bulb isn't always using 100w exactly.

Don't feel bad if it made around 0 pounds of boost the whole time, that's still power adding that you can really feel. Most cars run at -15 vacuum or more, so 0 is actually 15 pounds more than -15 vacuum. If you drive a car with a boost gauge you can feel the turbo power at 0 psi. To get more boost you probably need to load the engine more.

needs a intake pipe and get a single fuel injector 300cc connect wire up a circut to fire it with a positromitee so you can increase / decrease rpm and possibly connect a throttle position sensor , actually just get a dang honda ecu hook it up run a honda throttle body mess around with a chipped p28 on neptune bet you can make it run on 2 injectors by fucking with the spaceing etc

Bro Mount the turbo the correct way round, you poured oil down the oil return and you could see it try to pump the oil back out..... the turbo is probs dead now

That’s cool to watch. I’m always expecting the connecting rod to break over 6k rpm those engine are very cheap built. Maybe next video :-)

In my humble opinion, you should install both of those turbos on the fire rescue vehicle nearest your garage.

Man merkt das der Typ keine Ahnung hat was er da tut...

It looks like he has no oil pressure tothe turbo it is probably nearly seized

titanium alloid. no aaron paul in our project

pull thru carberator in other words carberator before turbo big jets and race fuel KISS keep it simple and try something proven and repeatable its painful to watch these videos started awsome with something to see few have but cant even finish this one

The oil was silver looking because the the piston is grinding against the wall and metallic dust is in the oil. The engine is done for. Do this with a 125cc motorcycle engine or something it will be much better!

I'm thinking . Under load that spark ain't strong needs to spark hard

Thank you, well as others have said, this engine made 8 horsepower and it's rated for 3. So I can't be running that bad.

Keep up the awsomeness

Try to remove engine from setup and make turbo rotate by mind will. But, if you make it run, you must hold that to yourself. If you say, power will left you.

Nitro douche for the turbo.. Love it

I know, we started filming episode 7 and I did one run with the engine on the same setup, but this time I plug the holes, it made 8.5 horsepower on 4 PSI of boost. I had absolutely no idea that those holes we're drilled all the way into the compressor housing, that makes no sense but I guess that's how these little turbos are, thanks

Nothing's broken, that's why top fuel dragsters use 70 weight motor oil, because as the nitro is burned it Waters down the oil, in between runs they usually heat up the oil to boil off any nitromethane or methanol contaminants, then they use the oil again.

That is a fantastic idea. I may end up doing a compound turbo just for fun.

Well this is already way more than ethanol, 50% nitro 50% methanol. So ethanol and methanol are fairly comprable, they are both type of alcohols, they are just derived from different sources.

Out of almost a million people you are the first one to get it!! , that's exactly why I did that demonstration, I thought people would just get it but apparently not, I am definitely going to go a little more in-depth into that comparison in the next episode. Thanks for watching and thanks for the feedback

A leaf blower definitely sounds interesting, however in the first scene of the upcoming episode, I plug the bolt holes in the compressor housing, and that fixed the problem, that's where it was leaking all of the boost from, on the first run it ended up making 8.5 horsepower on 4 PSI of boost.

That's not the engine that's the fuel, it's nitromethane not gasoline

Thank you, I may experiment with some hydrogen gas in the future.

Ha.... Maybe!

Yeah you're not going to make any power with 20 degrees timing on nitro though. You need more like 35 to 60 degrees timing

+Warped Perception sure but with0out proper measurement and the fact you are putting out the spark with completely crude somewhat unmetered delivery system. rpm's going down and almost stalling as a result. yeah id say you were flooding it at points. i know the purpose of richness in nitro cars, since i do work on top fuelers at 5000-10000hp solid alloy block v8's. i dont play with their fuel systems tho. i just repair the things when they go boom! lol

Not with nitro, that's not flooded. 50/50 nitro I believe is 1.5 to 1 air fuel ratio. That's about 14 times more Rich than gasoline.

People are just pieces of shit


If u retarded the timing of the spark I think it would be better

Also nitromethane, methanol, and alcohol will change the engine oil color. When I ran methanol in go kart racing it turned the oil the same milky color. We changed the oil after every race!

I would drill out the jets bigger for more fuel and maybe try offset flywheel keys to control timing

You should twin turbo it and see what happens

WAYYY TOOO RICHHHH No wonder it wont spool.

the sprayer should be adjusted to a "mist" like spray so the engine wont run too rich, in here we see in the video that you are drowning the engine coz its too rich in fuel that it somewhat chokes itself. btw the sprayer can handle some pressure too dont be afraid to pump more air in, and adjust the nozzle into fine mist(again) :)

You should be working for NASA

You would make more horsepower if you convert that turbo into a jet turbine and add a rc helicopter gear system.

Haha thought so when I seen the fuel blowing out of the holes. Good luck man.

Nitro runs wet for sure but it needs petrol. Also I would *_Highly_* recommend reading the MSDS sheet for the fuel you are using. Excessive Nitro exposure will give you Leukemia. Avoid skin contact and breathing the unburnt vapors..

Yes that's for sure. We have a full exhaust and make-up air system at the shop so not to worried about excessive inhalation, that's for the heads up though, you are correct.

Why are you doing this the fuel system looks a bit like Heath Robinson made it up and boy am I glad I don't live next door.

try LPG from a regulated bbq jet. i ran a lawnmower for 20min this way with no problems at all.

Warped Perception, where did you get a 3hp Briggs? I have an old fox mini bike from the 70 and i acquired a 3hp briggs for it because that was original for the fox doodlebug in 1970. I though 3 hp had been discontinued by Briggs for quite a while, whats up?

Eyyy fuhgedaboudit!


+Warped Perception Needs a strong ignition, nitromethane is so bad to burn..

Always wondered what would happen if you turbo'd a little Briggs and Stratton. Might need a more compact turbo. That one might be too big to make any boost with the small single cylinder engine's exhaust volume.

It's a god ordained miracle you didn't burn your house down.

You need a better fuel system

Kitarya Kysubae he’s doing an injection system next time

You're not getting any boost pressure because you don't have a high enough exhaust volume.

I may have missed it in a previous video, but have you adjusted the timing for nitro? Nitro needs a LOT more spark lead to really make power. Top fuel cars run something like 60-65 degrees of timing advance.

Thumbs Up here the tests were cool !! 7 grand is interesting awesome video ;-) subscribed

Try uso low octane fuel

Try putting the carb before the turbo!

Interesting, keep on, on this experimenting project!

+Warped Perception Skin contact is the worst, and you have nitro fuel everywhere.

sirgallium this

+ADEBISI ADEBISI dude, the fuck? Chill

Warped Perception You’re pathetic. Dress like an adult. Creep muhfucka.

The methanol is making the oil go milky. Source: junior drag racing using methanol Briggs and Stratton engines.

You ought to try propane

Your waste gate spring looks too soft.. Tie it closed man..

Your wastegate flapper is wide open. You will never make boost no matter how much you free up the I take and exhaust breathing

let it make power before applying the brake, once it gets to rpm and boosting if it boosts, and lean it out..

I hope he has several very large fire extinguishers close at hand. 'Cause you're probably going to need them.

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