SciFriday: Wiring Our Kids Into the Matrix

SciFriday: Wiring Our Kids Into the Matrix

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Since. The dawn of the 21st, century. Scientific. Discovery, has rushed forward at lightning speed. Genetics. Physics. Computerized. Technologies. Robotics. Virtual. Reality. Join. Derek, and Sharon Gilbert as they uncover the. Truth behind, this. Ultimate. Scientific. Deception. Get, ready for, sign, right. Science. Is neat but I'm afraid it's, not very forgiving. Prepare. For Sai. Friday, from, sky watch TV, welcome I'm Derrick Gilbert joining us our science, advisor and my best friend the author of the Red Wings saga, Sharon, Kay Gilbert hi sweetie pie I love we're back we're back we've been gone for I don't know 10 years feels. Like it it's been a busy couple of weeks whirlwind, couple of weeks but especially this past weekend, and, that's, why I think your opening, quote from stranger things is so very. Appropriate, because, science. Is really cool I love science but, it. Can open doors that cannot. Be closed therefore, it is not very forgiving, it is a harsh mistress. Well. Said, many. Things that, were accidental. Have been done, in the name of science, mhm some. Are good scientific. Breakthroughs, have been almost accidental, but, some, of those accidental things not so much and as they, say once the genies out of the bottle good luck but new back end right, right well today, will be kind of a whirlwind tour as we sort of just roam around with a few things that have popped that will also wreak a just, sort of say. Guys I guess recap, the. Transhumanism. And hybrid. Age conference, in fact your opening, quote sort of, connects. Two of the conference's, that we, attended this year and one was in Long Island we went to the Montauk, Project. Area. There on Montauk. Fort. Hero is what it's called and. Montauk. Point in Long Island where, stranger, things is set mm-hmm. And we also inspired, inspired. Actually. About Montauk but, we, also just got back from the transhumanism, conference, true, legends, 2018. In Branson Missouri and, that of course was. All about science, that cannot, forgive, you unfit, becomes, sentient. Yeah, nature will try to kill you yeah well exactly your, presentation, was eye-opening. And. High, praise when. One. Of the world's leading, experts in artificial intelligence dr.. Hugo de garis comments, afterward that you were bringing stuff out, bringing, out things that he was not aware of you know that really. Surprised me because I figure he knew, it all well. He, led the artificial, brain laboratory. At Shimon University, in China, for it was there in China for about a dozen years exactly, and he's the author of one of our favorite novels. Actually, which frankly, is a thinly, disguised truth. Called the artilect, war right right he argues that the, debate. Over whether or not we should create what, he calls art elects artificial, intellects. Artificial. Super. Intelligence as, autonomous, artificial, intelligences. Will. Result, in. Armed. Conflict, that could result in what he calls Giga, death billions, of humans, dead, for a couple of reasons first of all here argues, that it's a that.

It's A geopolitical issue that. Those who. Are. Technologically. Advanced in the West will want to upgrade, but. There will come and divide between what he calls cosmas, and Terrans. And cosmesis is a reference back to the Russian, cosmos of about. A hundred years ago who, believed that humanity's, destiny, lie. In, becoming. One with the cosmos and floating, amongst the stars I know. How, is that science. And. Terrans who he believes are those, who. Will reject, this. This. Desire, to upgrade and that, would be people. Like you and me he, was very surprised that nearly, everyone, in the room, well. Frankly. We don't want to upgrade because our, hope, is built, on something more substantial, and that is Christ Jesus right, that we, are promised, a upgrade. That. As Paul, wrote we shall not all sleep but we will all be changed that. He means in the resurrection all of us will have glorified bodies, we won't put off this corruptible. Flesh. And put. On the incorruptible, which is you, know fantastic. So yes when he asked in fact he asked me before he went out to speak whether. You. Know what I thought the response would be because he wanted to conduct a poll and in fact he worked, with the, video. Crew that, did an amazing, job they essentially directed this like it was a television broadcast and. In fact many of them are experienced. In very, high-profile, television, bro yes quite, a team yeah this really was so those of you who watch the video stream from Branson you guys really, saw well produced program. Just, we. Have just a basic understanding of what it takes to put together a program you're watching this on site Friday yours, truly gets to do the editing and so I a little, bit of frame of reference there but what they were doing on the fly with the switching and the director was amazing, in fact we have a note at home who says how to direct, a television show for streaming and it's two words it says it's hard yeah. Hire, someone. So. He. Coordinated. With the the, crew so, that the guy operating, the boom would at the camera panning, the crowd, and. You. Know just sort of taking a quick, straw poll of who would want to upgrade and almost, everyone in the room said no don't really want to another one yeah yeah and it, was remarkable. And again he had asked me and I said it's gonna be on the high side of 80% at least who will say they will not upgrade, yeah he was totally shocked well, along. The line of well. Frankly, genie, out of bottle too late is. A recent, dark, announcement. That goes along with transhumanism. DARPA. Has offered, two, billion. With a B dollars, in funding, for. What they're calling the AI next, campaign, who. Apparently. The military, is trying to find artificial. Intelligence, that can learn on its own I talked, about this in my. Talk. It, Branson. And it's this idea of free range AI that. You just give them essentially, access, to the world mm-hmm and they learn in other words they have flex, ability, it's. Not just, a computer program, that if, this, then that and then that, is told okay, if if. I walk through a door then, you close it it modifies, its own algorithm, exactly, and, in, a theater, of war it's, believed by the military, that that's the only way that you can have truly. Autonomous and, functional, drones that you could trust, mm-hmm. But can you trust them because, in a theater of war if an AI can, learn on its own trust. Me there is so much, stuff on the internet that will teach that artificial. Intelligence and this is just we're, not even getting into the idea of, inhabitation. By. Something else, you know this were truly just a program that became. Smarter. Than we are who. Would just conclude that we're sorry, but they're stupid and let's, just start over we don't even need them yeah.

Why Am i fighting this war you, know the best way bring about peace right, right it would be like a sentient, being fighting, you know working, as servants for a, lower. Life-form, mm-hmm, and, that's. Sam. T dachshund, but yeah, he would say he has not used the superior, life-forms what he would tell us right right and he's got us trained yeah but imagine, imagine. As a human being you're, serving, in an anthill. Yeah. At there at the women, of the colony and at some point you realize like wait a minute why am i doing what queen telling me what to do exactly, you, know I'll just smash the anthill and get on with my life and. That's, what dr. de garis is concerned about and, many. Of the other speakers as well you know Timothy albariño, Steve quale David. Knight from Richard. Dolan who's, a historian. And author focusing. On the ufology. Movement. Are well not movement but let's say on on you follow geology, mijin is what it really is, humanism. Is a religion, right now I don't think it is there, are no this isn't France, yeah right there are those who are trying to seek answers to you know the questions of life the universe and everything in. Those mysterious, lights in the sky but, as Josh and I wrote in a previous book that's that's, a deception so. The. Question. That I have not yet seen a good answer to is how. And. This came up during the Q&A session actually, on Saturday, evening, how, do, we prevent an advanced. A life-form that thinks billions, if not trillions of, the times more, quickly than we humans do from, deciding, that it is that we're the ants in the anthill and that. You know it can, just smash us and go on and about its life with that well you don't write, and, dr. de garis was asked by someone from the audience why, couldn't we just write. Into the code of the AI the, three laws that, were proposed by Isaac Asimov which. If you've seen his read. His novel or seen the film I Robot you. Realize how well that works. Dr.. De garis his response. Was was classic, and very simple it's, like this thing is trillions of times more. Intelligent, than we are. Why. Would it be bound, by, these very, rude, and rudimentary. Stumbling, blocks we would try to put in its path to. Preventing, it. From from, doing us no in fact it would find a way around those, laws just like humans, find ways around right, now like you know in 1930s, and 40s Germany, everything, that they did in exterminating. Undesirables. The Jews the gypsies. You know homosexuals. And was, all legal, mm-hmm, it was all legal it was totally immoral but it was legal, and, then because of how they define their terms and finding, trying to code.

Morality. Into an artificial intelligence, that can't you can't do it right right. It's and, and the bigger question is who gets to decide on the morality exactly. Right which is again questions. We have not heard sufficient, answers to which is why this. Conference was. So important it's why the sky watch TV defender films documentary, inhuman was, so important, and, it's why the work of people like you. Know Tom Horne Hugo de garis, Steve. Quale has been so important all along and sounding the alarm about artificial. Intelligence and, the threat that it poses to, humanity. It's oxford, university has a, a. Think. Tank that essentially, is designed. To try to identify and prepare, for existential. Threats to humanity an AI is. One. Of those threats in, fact I interviewed one of the men who's on it part of that think-tank one of the professor's, there and he. Had written a book. Warning of the dangers but then arguing that we should go ahead and pursue this anyway so you, know pursue an artificial, superintelligence anyway. It did it's. Mind-boggling it really is amazing and, I see more and more as I read there are places where I go fed scoop is one of the great places to go where, you can see also DARPA, and and I ARPA which is the Indonesian Science Division and I, see, so many programs. Then and frankly, lawmakers, who are taking. A stab at trying to make us all safe and yet, scoop. Everybody, together into, one basket, controlled. By artificial, intelligence, there. Was just a story out today you and I spoke about it this morning that the, new iOS upgrade. IOS, 12 I mean Apple one of the aspects of that is that Apple. Will now look at and you have to opt out of this. Yep. That there's a way to opt out of it Apple, will go and take, a look at all of your emails and all the photographs, everything that you're doing the phone calls you're making, to. Make sure the. Person holding, that phone in. His or her hand is actually you hmm. At, least that's where we're being told well yeah to make us feel safer, I'm gonna have to look into this because it's here, on my iPad already, mm-hmm, I was. Not aware of this. Well. Interesting. But, again we are being told this is to keep you safe this, is to make sure someone, who goes in and buy something in the iTunes Store using. Your wallet, or whatever, information, you have put in there to buy new, apps or maybe, even a MacBook whatever it is that, that person is trustworthy that, it's really you hmm. But, what comes after that you just gathered, all this information, on me how. And my question, is how is my thumbprint not enough.

Yeah. That's a really good question. Technocracy. Is, the. Wave of the future. Patrick. Wood who's written a book technocracy rising, which I highly recommend by the way if you've not read it it's because. It's written not only from the perspective of somebody who understands, what the technology is capable, of and he's been tracking the technocracy movement, for a long time this really emerged back in the 1930s. Here. In the United States and it. Has never gone away but, he's also a bible-believing Christian, who understands how, this, can, and probably will be used by a prophesied. One-world. Government. And 5. G 6, g 7, g will, all be part, of this, because. In order to use, this. Data to control, our lives we. Have to be connected all the, time, we were having a conversation this morning here and maybe we'll talk about this when we come back on how, connecting, schools and, Common. Core are, contributing, to all of this because. It's farther along much farther along that so much farther along and remind me when we get to that because we'll discuss how 5g. Intersects, for that all right our discussion. Sort, of a continuation of the transhumanism, in the hybrid age conference continues right after this on sky watch TVs sigh. Friday. Warren. Marcus helps unlock the meaning from the ancient Hebrew of God's priestly. Prayer of the blessing, and unfolds. The mystery of this end times revelation. On how this prayer written, by God himself can help you in your daily walk towards, supernatural. Health divine. Provision and the power and authority to, fulfill your god-given, destiny and, purpose sky. Watch TV, is proud to announce the ancient, priestly, prayer of the blessing, special, offer through. Warren's, revelatory. Book you'll discover, the supernatural. Power of the Hebrew language that. The Shekinah, glory is, the manifest, presence of the Heavenly Father that. Jesus himself the, high priest of the New Covenant prayed, this divine, prayer over his disciples. As he ascended, into heaven and that, he's ready to pronounce this, divine prayer over you now plus, order, now and receive this, beautiful authentic numbered. Replica, of the ancient, priestly, prayer pendant. With chain in. 1979. A Jewish archaeologist. Gabriel, barkay, discovered, two silver, amulets, in a cave opposite, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, inscribed. On the silver in the ancient paleo, Hebrew was the ancient priestly. Prayer of the blessing, it is the oldest, intact, Bible, scripture in existence. Today and is, four hundred years older, than the Dead Sea Scrolls, the front of this incredible beautiful. Often pendant is inscribed, with the divine, prayer written in the ancient paleo, Hebrew as originally. Discovered the, back includes, the prayer inscribed. In English just as we have in our Bibles, today also. Included, with each pendant, you'll receive, an accompanying, priestly, prayer mini, booklet, so you can carry the prayer with you and proclaim, it over yourself wherever, you go but that's not all included. Within the pages of the mini booklet, a special, free internet, link where you can see and hear, the divine prayer, pronounced, over you by Warren Marcus in the amplified, Hebrew, to English translation.

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A Hologram, things, like Star Wars yeah, yeah. And it's becoming evermore, a part of the, education. System I was talking to a couple of the ladies here in the office who have young children in, local schools and, you. Know our daughter is you know 20 years older, than their kids mostly in roughly speaking so we were beyond that the internet was just coming into the classroom when Nicole. Was in school I. Read. Paper books yeah, yes yes, and most of their classwork still had to be done on paper but. Here we are we're, in the ozarks so this is not like Los Angeles New York Chicago where, you would expect a real. Progressive agenda in. The classroom and not that these are progressive, school systems they still have you. Know that they still do things in school that some larger cities would be considered, totally politically, incorrect, however, they, are doing, almost all of their classwork now on, connected. Devices, Chromebooks. And. Accessing. The internet on a regular basis math, class where, students. At. A very young age we're talking single-digit, age you know younger than 10 playing. Math games online with what they are told our students. Elsewhere. In the country and around the world now. You, and I are old enough to know that there are predators out there as if, you've not seen the archived interviews at sky watch TV with opal singleton. Of million. Kids dot org do. It look up million kids org, do, it you owe it to yourself, your children and your grandchildren to educate, about how predators, are using, the internet and apps to, get inside, your home and your child's, bedroom your. Grandchild's, bedroom if they have devices like this that they go to bed with at night and most do, you're. Letting kids inside their room that, you don't know anything about and, it's coming into the classrooms, and I was shocked to, find out that it's happening here in small-town. America in, the Ozarks, and parents who are having to face a decision what, do I do in, order, to protect my children that I don't want my eight-year-old child accessing. The Internet every single day I, don't. Want my child being, penalized because, we don't want them on the Internet at home to do homework. One. Of them actually, took, a lower grade because she, turned in her homework on paper, instead of on her Chromebook, you're. Kidding me this, is happening in communities of less, than. 5,000. People okay. So. You know this is happening in our major cities. Well, another problem, not only with the, idea that you don't know what, human, is on the other end of that identity, you, may be dealing with an artificial, entity entirely. Manatee human all at all I talked I spoke. It in Branson, about a couple, of one blue whale pro game. Game, right, and the other one Momo and these are shared on these, gaming. Websites. So giving. A child who is less than ten years giving any child but giving a child who's less than ten years old access. To these. Multiple, player. Websites where you, don't know if they. Are encouraged. Among. The long list of. Commands. From Momo, and from the blue whale. Master. One. Of these is to talk, to another whale or or bring, in another whale recruit, the, other one is to give Momo's phone number to a friend right it's. It's. And. Both of these games games, have. Ended in deaths yes, yes suicides right. It's. Really disturbing and. And you know we, consider ourselves fairly, well-informed and, and I was shocked because our, daughter is beyond, this age it's not something that affects us personally but shocked to find out that this is going on and, of, course common core then is is. Teaching. Math in a way that you and I would not recognize. Parents. Are not capable of, assisting, in their homework because you can't even explain the, way they're being taught how, to figure 2+2. But. Children, who are being raised from. From. From childhood, with. Either with a smartphone. Or tablet are. Being.

Taught That they don't really need to know anything they just need to know how to look it up on the Internet. You. Know the assistant. At home right, Siri or Alexa, yeah and. It's, startling if you want to blow a young person's mind because. This this has been going on for a long time you know with the use, of calculators. At checkout counters where. People don't need to know how to count change anymore but, it's it's gotten worse because now, they don't even know how to do basic mathematics. From the get-go, we. Went to the gas station the other day and got like you know 30 $1.28. Worth of gas and, she started counting out the change like oh I've got changing give her an extra dollar, 2800. Yeah. On top of the 40 bucks so you know give me $10 bill back and she just looked at me like in pain in a panic because, the computer had told her to give me back eight dollars and 72 cents ah and, now she didn't know what to do oh well. Just give me a ten. Yes. Put, this in your drawer hand me a ten right right and in mentioning. This to these young ladies I was talking to here at the office today she. Said oh yeah my, folks own the you know fast boon place out there in a small town near us for, a long time and you, know when she was like thirteen fourteen she would go there and help out and work it you know grandpa taught me how to count change and suddenly I was the only one who knew how to count change I didn't need to use the register mm-hmm, like. You. Know I was, listening to a podcast about this this morning they were discussing common core and about how a fella, in Baltimore about five years ago questioning. The school, district, superintendent. And. Getting frustrated because the only questions he would answer were softball, questions, from, plants apparently, when, he tried to challenge what was going on there security, came and escorted him out charged, him with assault. But. I thought, yeah, but, the host mentioned he said you know here's here's what's happening, and this was a story from 2013. About, a young man in his 30s who, was found dead in, the. Last his, last act on this, earth. Which. They reconstructed. By tracing, what he'd been doing on the smartphone in his hand was. Googling. Symptoms. Chest. Pain arm numb, the. Young man died of a heart attack because he was googling, his symptoms rather than calling nine nine because he didn't know anything, we're. Raising up a generation you, can't search for stuff if you don't even know what to search for literally, my people perish for lack of knowledge yes. And. So this is startling but this is the direction that the future one-world government getting, this back to the Bible and prophecy is pushing, us in because a. Population. That doesn't know anything doesn't, even know and I mean forget about knowing enough Bible, to know what we should be righteously angry about just not even knowing basic things like look if your arms going numb and you got chest pains call, 9-1-1, didn't, even he was well, okay I better figure out from and while he was trying to find an answer to whether he should do something he died that's. Sad, we de-emphasized. Memorization. Rote memorization. Multiplication. Tables division tables things like out the window literature. Out the window in exchange for. Manuals. Mmm-hmm, because, all I'm gonna need to know how to do in this glorious, future. This brave new world is, operate. An interface, to a computer, that will tell them what to think how to think when to think and then. Entertain them and distract them the rest of the time so they don't rise up oh my goodness what a crazy world we live in well well. Well. Now that we depressed everybody, here's. The thing the Lord is still in charge none of this took him by surprise. Yeah. So, parents just be aware this is going on and if your child is in school and we get it for a lot of parents homeschooling is not an option but you still have time in, the evenings and on the weekends to teach, your children and train, them up in the way they should go amen to that yes, well, we thank you for watching as we keep watch have a blessed weekend, with.

Sharon Gilbert I'm Derrick Gilbert and this is sigh Friday from sky watch TV.

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