SciFriday: Hitler, the Occult, and the Return of Nazi Science

SciFriday: Hitler, the Occult, and the Return of Nazi Science

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Since. The dawn of the 21st, century. Scientific. Discovery, has rushed forward at lightning speed. Genetics. Physics. Computerized. Technologies. Robotics. Virtual. Reality. Join. Derek, and Sharon Gilbert as they uncover the. Truth behind, this. Ultimate. Scientific. Deception. Get, ready for, side, right. All. You have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you and now. Welcome to sigh. Friday, from sky watch TV, I'm Derrick Gilbert joining us as always our science, advisor the author of the red wing saga and my. Best friend Sharon, Kay Gilbert hi sweetie boy with. That from the Lord the ring it was that was Gandalf explaining. That we, don't choose the times in which we live and. Sometimes. We're asked to do things that seem impossible. But. All we have to do is decide, what to do with the time that's been given to it I love. That well and of course that's one of my favorite yeah I know I read the book years. Ago I think I was still in junior high and and Nicole, was about that same age when she read the books there's. Some beautiful lessons in those books, yeah there really is I. Never. Was a fan of fantasy. So I didn't read them until Nicole was about the age where she read them and then I finally read them and realized what I'd been missing because Tolkien, was a master, yeah the term fantasy, i think is a misnomer sure. And. I think the reason I was reluctant, to dig into the Lord of the Rings trilogy was because of, he. Essentially, defined the genre mm-hmm. But then a lot of many, lesser, authors have come along and used the tropes that. He created, for his world which is so fully. Developed. In terms of language and backstory, mythology, and so forth but then. Others, have taken the. Orcs and the elves and the dwarves and so forth and turned, it into something which, didn't appeal to me at all I was more of a hard science fiction guy yeah which is why when I wrote my science. Fiction fantasy. Mashup, I made sure that I had scientific, scientific, explanations.

For Why Dragons could fly and stuff but. Talking. Yeah. It's an amazing thing and I've gone back and read them second, time since so I think, it's an appropriate. Source. To quote from today oddly. Enough, we. Are going to discuss Hitler. Yes and the occult today and the reason that that connects. Us because much. Of the folklore, behind. German. Fairy tales was, incorporated. And used, in. Their occult, circles. Yes, yes especially the. The. The, kingdom. Of Rohan I think was based of, all of the people of middle-earth, most. Like. The ancient, anglo-saxons. And Angles, and Saxons yes, in, terms of their their culture, and their, their, their. Their mythology their Baxter well Tolkien, was an expert on Norse mythology, he loved, it that's why he liked to create his own. Not. Only backstory but also he had runes that he included and. That also connects, to Hitler because many, of these occult, organizations. Use runes in fact one of the occult organizations. Was. Called, Oreo, Sophie and. They specialized. In using. A Kunz. As symbols. Of what they believed it was sort, of an offshoot of, theosophy with. A link, to Arianism, mm hmm hmm that's. Interesting and by the way and if we didn't mention at the beginning of the show and if we did forgive me for repeating this but the reason we're discussing Hitler is because today April 20th is the anniversary of Hitler's birth yes, exactly, 18 89 yeah which by, the way Hitler's. Birth will, be eventually mentioned. In the Red Wings saga oh because, they're. Also our, main characters, that are born in 1889, so. The very fact that Hitler and these two main characters, are born in 1889. Is not coincidental. No no so. And, and for some reason and you know we're not going to go in the direction of these. You. Know that this the spiritual, connections, perhaps or coincidences. But there seem to be throughout, the last century. Or so a number. Especially, the last couple decades of really. Dark things that have happened around this time in April for some reason yeah and you can look those up if you want to because yeah we, want, kids to watch this show because we're not gonna do, exactly. One of the reasons I want kids to watch the shows because I'm betting that many 8 9 10 year-olds have. Heard of the term we, will read it on social media but they have no idea who Hitler, really, was he might as well be mythical, exactly, well yes he may as well but. You and I know, who, Hitler was our parents lived through, Hitler's, atrocities. And he. Left, a huge. Wake. Geopolitically. But also according. To the occult okay and along. Eugenics. Yes, yes, so there are a lot of threads here that deal with. Science. As well as the spiritual, and. Well. The case has been made by respected. Occult researcher, Peter Levin de that the Nazi Party the National Socialist, Party of Adolf Hitler was a cult. Not really a political party it was a cult the, funny thing is when when you go to some sources on, the internet and you try to prove, that you, true you try to you, know look, for threads. That link the occult to the geopolitics, of the Nazis. There. Are some on the internet that, are still trying to say no no, that's. Speculative. And in fact it's, a lie, well, no it's not it's not no, it is not that. This area, sofy was, really, interesting, because it not only connected, to, Arianism. And theosophy, which was Blavatsky. Right and through, Blavatsky, links to Aleister, Crowley but, it also has. To do with this ancient, belief in the. Superiority, of, the, Aryan race, and. How. The Aryan, race according to Nietzsche. Links. To this. Legendary. Civilization. Called, Hyperborea, mm-hm, doula. Or Tula, it's actually th, in German, is - Tula. Was the capital, of Hyperborea. And Herodotus, claimed. That, Hyperborea. Truly, existent, and that. It was founded.

By The survivors. Atlantis. Okay and that goes, right back to Blavatsky. Who built, on the legend the myth, of the, lost continent, of Atlantis and also the lost, continent, of Lemuria. -. To build her idea, that this theory that there were a number of a root races, that had to appear that we were like the fourth out of seven mm-hmm, and that the last. Mass. Calamity. That took place where the Lemurians, were destroyed, by the evil black magicians, of Atlantis, and, again this is where 19th, century science, kind. Of overlaps with mysticism, and the occult and. Essentially. What you got with people, like Blavatsky, crowley. And the. Occultists, behind the Nazi Party was an attempt to. Bring. The bring. Scientific, rigor to the practice of the occult and, and. So yeah you've got you get some really weird threads here that all came together with disastrous, results and the, reason we're bringing this up of course is we'll get to during the course of this program is that there. Are implications for our world today well it in fact in many ways it it mirrors, what's going on today because there's a rise in the occult and also a concomitant, rise, in this, drive, towards, scientism. That, says that mankind should, self-direct, evolute right in other words evolve I mean that we should find, ways to make, us more. Than human better than human why that's, called Superman. Aka. Superman. You, mentioned a cheese ubermensch and, the. The. Whole. Thrust. Of the Nazi Party was not just to take control of Germany but to to. Establish. A essentially. A new, society. Led by the Aryans and to, that end they dispatched scientists. You know Himmler was really deep into this to. Try, to find examples of the perfect, Aryans. So they could start directing. Human, evolution, and eliminate. The the, unfit, and then, the unfit were people. Of lesser. Genetic. Quality Jews, in particular and it's, not a coincidence. Spiritually. Speaking that Jews were singled out but they also. Tried to exterminate the. The the, Romish people the the gypsies yes they did homosexuals. Mhm and. You. Know people of other beliefs, that they purged a lot of people who, did. Not get on board with the program and while you know Christians, get. Criticism. From from, skeptics. Who look back at that period of history. Not, all Christians were totally, and and. Maybe they were you know willingly blind as to what was going on around them I actually, had a scout leader when I was in Boy Scouts as a kid who. Had. Served in the German military as, a like a 19 year old kid was sent to the Eastern Front and, said the best thing that happened to him was that he caught a piece of shrapnel from a Russian p39, on the first day in action, which put, him out of commission for the war but. He said all we knew as far as he was aware was that Hitler. And the Nazis had suddenly you know the economy, was booming and, trains were running on time and you, know Germany was back because they had just gone through a horrible, period, of World War one so, but.

Many. People may not have been aware what was going on many, may just have not wanted to see what was going on because if I pretend, it's not happening I don't I'm not responsible for reacting. To it but. To, blame Christians. For what Hitler did is to totally mischaracterize. What Christ taught and what Hitler was about very much so well world war one was an outgrowth of the Crimean War when. The, Ottoman Empire fell, Germany. Was, heavily. Involved and they fell along with it and they. Essentially, had to rise again so this this sort of quashing. Of German. Pride. And. Leading. The people to believe that the. Only way that they can rise up again is to put forward, a leader that would essentially. Become. The world leader in many. Ways world war ii was an extension, or, continuation, of World War one so. You had almost like ever had, a walnut, tree and you cut that thing back well good luck keeping, it from growing back because it will and that's what happened we're motoring cut back the mulberry or the walnut treatment they cut Breck the back the weed tree yeah in World War one and it grew back again but. It still. Is growing, back, because with, Operation. Paperclip and, you can look that up online if you want to kids, those. Scientists. With, their occult beliefs, right spread, out throughout the world right and not. Just here, to the west but also you, know Russia was importing its own there. There, was a race taking place after World War two to, scoop up the best and brightest of the minds. Behind. The, Nazi war machine. We've. Been taught in, our mainstream histories. That when Hitler was defeated when Germany was defeated in World War two that. That, was the end of it that we won and now Germany's, our friend and everything's fine but. Because. This was a belief system and a cult based. Religion. The. True, believers, in this religion, didn't suddenly give up their faith as soon as the. The Germans. Officially. Surrendered to, the Allies in World War two yeah they went to South, America to Australia to, Russia, UK. France, the United States in particular where. Much of our. NASA. Space, program yeah, thanks, to Wernher von Braun and others who were brought over really. Benefited from what the Germans had researched prior to World War two but. To believe that they're those beliefs that they carried with them through the war suddenly. Evaporated. With, the official surrender is is, to just be naive isn't, it you, can you can argue that these principalities. And powers behind, their, belief system essentially, used this, as a. Mean to propagate. This. Belief around the world almost like those. Horror stories where, the the killer mutant, mold, spores, are, in, the air you know because the thing it basically. They were trying to seed this this. Poisonous. Weed. Around the world it's very interesting isn't if I remember correctly. Hitler. Is supposed. To have died on April 30th is that right. I'd have to check the death date that's a purpose, not, yes. Not April 30th of 1945. Now there have been some documentaries, recently in fact dr. Jerome Corsi whom we've talked to a few, times wrote, a book about how Hitler survived, and went to South America hosts, have been brought there on a so-called. Super, sub a mark, 11 submarine. That was. Able to travel from Europe to South America without surfacing, there's really some compelling evidence that shows he probably did make that trip well possibly, possibly but the submarine that was supposed to have taken him there was just discovered, on the floor of the North Sea just, a little. Bit north of Denmark, in, one. Of the seas there North oh that's interesting because in South America, there are locals who claim that they were there when he arrived yeah yep so you know who knows what the truth is but, yeah I just saw this story just the other day that there. Was a b-24, liberator that the. RAF. Used, to sink yes it was it was discovered near Denmark. In, yeah. The you 3523. Not. Type 11 type 21 XXI, Roman numerals I'll tell you what discuss. This more after, the break but I want. To discuss why it. Doesn't matter if you died on April 30th or not exactly. And and what, what yeah that's the point why is this all this relevant, to you and me today we'll.

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Take Advantage of it some great content than there I'm spinning. Out some samples from my forthcoming book there but we also got excerpt, from Jill horns new book which, is. Remarkable. It's not a theology, per, se but it's just basically look you, are your family you you, are your family's, last. Line, of defense between. You. Know unhealthy. Foods and. You. Know and there you know in, them take care of the temple of God exactly, well we have the Holy Spirit within us you know take good care of yourself yeah so anyway Scott watch TV for that and of course the, saga. Set is still going on the book, for will be out probably in early May it's a little late I apologize, for that that I'm still editing, the manuscript, but, because, I'm editing a manuscript I will not have an article in the, May issue of sky which TV magazine I will continue Pale Rider series in, June, so, thanks, for waiting you guys are wonderful and so patient thank you for that it, does not matter if, Hitler died on April 30th or not the, symbology. You, think that he died and, was. Burned. Yeah. That was that it's, sort of. Conflagration, that idea, of being. Burned. That's. Very. Occult, and the. Well purpose knocked in case you're unaware is a high, witches, Sabbath, right, and. It's a biggie in Germany right right what uh gosh. We. Celebrated, May first but it's April thirtieth so, May, Day is the following, - Vargas nacht May Day was celebrated in, England and many other countries it, was a day when you went into the woods mm-hmm. And you waited for the fairies, mm-hmm, and you, did a lot of kissing. And things, have followed kissing kids has grandparents. Right right yeah basically, a fertility right yeah, oh he said the word. Honey. That it happens, right around Easter, doesn't it, yeah well, funny, a thing about Easter, too is that, Ostara. Was, the magazine that was established, by the, Arias efest, fund. Leave in Fell's and he. Started, this magazine based, on the germanic. Goddess. Mm-hmm, Ostara osta, all right sounds a lot like Easter, it's it's like Easter it's like Ishtar, it's like all the above yeah yeah interesting. It's. If there's so much within this when you start taking a look at it and you realize that this. This. Drive, towards. The ubermensch, was. Fueled. By an, occult. Well. Honestly. Explosion. That. Is buried. Now there. Are many even, in the. 1940s. In Germany who were trying to bury it they were either, kicking, these people out, the. Ones who started it like von, Leeb in fells and Sabaton, Dorf and they were in fact the bottom dwarf was, not only kicked out of Germany mm-hmm, he started, let's, see he started, the Tula society, based. On the capital for of Hyperborea. He. Ended up committing suicide in, 1949, he, never got back in to Germany hmm, he was never welcomed, back with open arms because, I think there, were those in the organization.

That Were geopolitical. In nature and they they. Were kind of afraid. Of where these occultists. Were taking hmm. But. Again, the net result of all of this and, remembering. That as Paul wrote we're not wrestling against human opponents but, principalities, and powers not like this may have been part of the plan all along to bring this thing to a head and then, spread, this this. Demon. Doctrine. Of demons around. The world which is essentially. What's happening oh yes in fact there are those who will actually use, demonic. With in. Relation, to Hitler because there are some who claimed that his, behavior. Exhibited. In a way that and you watch some of these videos of, him and he does appear to be not. Quite in his own mind. Almost. Not, quite, in, control of himself yes. This is something else we're controlling her as if something else we're controlling him. Going. Back to eugenics, though there was a drive. In Germany, that was based on the eugenics movement in the United States and. The, German, eugenics, movement was, funded, in part by the Rockefellers, oh really. Oh yeah. They. Sent people, over from the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, for. Anthropology. To study the eugenics, program over here and from, that and I will show you the picture after we, finished recording this but I want you to put this up on the screen, because it, shows, one, of them remember the Vetter families, contest, it's like state, fairs here in the United States and the idea that we, would, stop. Certain, peoples, from breeding, and encourage, other peoples to breathe right well that was being done in in, Germany, as well in fact there were laws enacted we, had similar laws here in many states and. Some. Were not allowed to procreate. You had to prove your your. Pure, heritage, in order to be given, a license, to procreate over there um, this. Picture. I'll show it to you really quickly I've got that red. Interesting. One, yeah. It says so will the end be so, this, idea that not, only were they moving toward an uber bench there was a belief that many, humans on the earth at the time were polluted, there, was a belief within area sofy that, in. Genesis. When, it talks about. The, sons, of God going into the daughters of men seeing. Them if they were beautiful, and deciding, that they would program it with them May. Day all over again that, they, that. The real truth. Behind it, the area Sophists, believed was, that humans. Is. We. Defined human went. Into ape-like. Creatures. There. Was a defense, using what they claimed was original, language and real you know original texts and a, reinterpretation of, this. Crazy. Idea. And based. On that it. Was believed that many humans, were inferior because they were actually, Apes yeah and if they're not entirely, human than exterminating. Them really isn't any kind of there's. Nothing wrong with it exactly, isn't that disgusting but we're moving towards that in if the world right really, does go in a trance human, self-directed.

Evolution, Direction. Then. That means that those who have upgraded will look at you and me look, at your grandkids, and say, you're, not, human. Anymore. We have redefined. Humanity. Yeah they've, already been called by some prominent transhumanists. For, restrictions. On human breeding and as. We talked about judge. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, of the Supreme, Court is, on. Record as having said in an interview that she thought the whole purpose, of the roe v wade decision. Which made. The. Right of a woman the, right of a parents. To terminate. The lives of unborn children a constitutional. Right in the United States that was, intended to prevent us from having too many of the wrong kind of people and, and you. Can take that however you want to but ultimately she meant it as a eugenicist, she believed, that there were certain, populations. That should be terminated. Right that they shouldn't have a right, to breed and if they if, they did breathing, you have to take care of that right away yes as they say nip it in the bud. Well the frightening thing is that here in a here. In our in our advanced. Scientistic. 21st century america within living memory of people who were alive during the days of Hitler and the Nazis this. Conversation. Has begun again, in the halls of academia as the, epitome. Cutting-edge science we. Need to evolve or die as humans and we have a moral imperative to take control of it to self-direct, our evolution, it's going. Back to what they were trying to do 80 years ago exactly and as in the 1930s, and 40s this, same drive, towards, a scientist, net perfects, the human condition has, occult. Aspects, to it it, just aspects to it it absolutely, does that's, why we're part of the transhumanism, and the hybrid age conference, coming to Branson Missouri you'll find details at the sky watch TV website, Sharon, is one of the featured speakers there as a person whose degree in molecular biology with, an emphasis in genetics, she understands, the science Tom, Horne Steve quale Timothy albariño dr. Hugo de garis and more September. 14th through the 16th in Branson. Missouri, well time oh I know it's all gone we. Thank you for watching as we keep watch with, Sharon Gilbert I'm Derrick Gilbert and this is sy Friday, from sky watch TV. You.

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