SciFriday: Gene Splicing, Particle Smashing, and Babel Blasting with Josh Peck

SciFriday: Gene Splicing, Particle Smashing, and Babel Blasting with Josh Peck

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Since. The dawn of the 21st, century. Scientific. Discovery, has rushed forward at lightning speed. Genetics. Physics. Computerized. Technologies. Robotics. Virtual. Reality. Join. Derek, and Sharon Gilbert as they uncover the. Truth behind, this. Ultimate. Scientific. Deception. Get, ready for, side, right. Should. Have gone for the head, it's. Time for. Friday. From sky watch TV welcome i'm derek gilbert we always go for the head here, on this program they opening quote from, the recent, marvel comics universe film Avengers infinity war, which, is relevant because of the discussion we had last week about Hollywood's. Fascination, with the old gods the Titans of course we overlooked the most prominent recent, film to feature the. Titans and that, is infinity war where the villain is Thanos, the mad, Titan, but. As with their other films the solution, to these problems of, the problem of the old gods wants to come back and destroy the universe is. Enhanced. Humans like all of the Avengers, you know trans and post-humans, the. Use of artificial intelligence like, Tony Stark about Iron, Man's assistance, Friday. And previously Jarvis who then evolved, into an autonomous. Artificial. Intelligence, called vision and the. Use of sorcery, which. Is of course dr. strange and his colleagues in the film in, other words you beat this. Deviant. Theological. Threat supernatural. Threat with other deviant. Theology. Which. Is a multi-layered, deception, that we are fed by pop culture which, is why we brought it up last week but again we overlooked the most recent and prominent. Film to feature the Titans and, that's. Relevant because of my forthcoming book last Clash, of the Titans which makes the case that these old gods aren't dead yet they're, currently held in the nether world but they're coming back revelation, 9 that's what comes out of the abyss now. The reason you haven't seen Sharon yet is because by the time you watch this we'll, be in Lubbock Texas for, the Sun of God giant some old conference, more on that in just a minute because there's still time for you to get there if you're in Texas, I'll, be speaking Saturday, afternoon at the conference so. Because. We don't have time to record and produce a program this week we are digging back into the archives using, multiverse. Technology, courtesy, of Josh Peck through, his connections in dimension 14 B to go back into the past for discussion, of the future we're. Going to talk about this in about CERN and about the Large Hadron Collider and, why a science. Program a science featured program like yours deals with so many metaphysical, issues but this week there was a news item that we really need to touch on because in a sense it's a crow it's it's crossing the Rubicon really.

Briefly A couple of stories came out one has to do with in vivo testing. CRISPR, cast nine editing in, vivo means in a life form in a living being, right I'm not in a lab setting this is someone. Who was terminal, cancer I believe yes aggressive. Lung cancer in China and October 28 they tested. By. They tested it by, returning. Cells to this patient, that had been edited, using the CRISPR Kaz 9 method and this is the first time it's been done in humans these are post mitotic cells yeah yeah, that means they'd already divided, essentially, right, right so this is not something where you. Would be changing the the germline if I understand it's correct, this. Is not that at all and the problem with doing. Mitotic. Cells or, somatic, cells. Rather. Than germline is that they, divide and they they if you don't insert, a way for the daughter cells to have the same DNA the edited DNA then, you have to start again whatever. Problem, was there in the beginning not has to be fixed again and again and again right and again and I'm betting that there's some pharmaceutical. Houses that are going no. Long-term sales have something, sounds, good to me yeah, yeah the. Report. That came out about this and in fact there's effect the second story was about a different type of kitty. Hey Jackie I write, of gene. Editing and. Whenever. We hear claims, of. Miracle. Cures surrounding. These we have to remember and this is you know my experience based on 20 years of sales and always thinking of you know how was this being marketed to, us these. Guys are looking for investors and they're, looking to turn profit at some point somebody is backing, this with the hope of return. In. 2006. Here in the state of Missouri Josh a, huge, issue on the ballot back in the 2006, midterm election, was a. Ballot. Initiative to put embryonic. Stem cell research into. The Missouri State Constitution it. Passed, oh wow, it passed and it passed because, big. Names including. Michael J Fox in, particular, were. Paid. To record. Ads promising. All of these miracle cures from embryonic stem cell research to, date, 11. Years later 10 years later there, haven't been any because, embryonic, stem cells don't know when to stop dividing, which.

Is The very definition in, adults of cancer. Now. There have been promising, treatments and successful. Treatments developed from adult stem cells but. This is embryonic stem cells it's different we're. Seeing the same kind of promises about this type of gene editing therapies. If I'm not mistaken well the interesting thing about Hitty is it's based on CRISPR, it's. I, haven't, read enough about it yet to really elaborate, on that but, I think it's interesting because CRISPR. Is at the heart of legal. Action, there. There are various labs that are trying to claim this is mine, Jennifer. Doudna and, the French team that she worked with and forgive me I can't remember their names right, off the top of my head they. Are the ones who are on record as being discovers, the big question, is who, truly funded, it therefore who wants it but. Even others who maybe, at the same time came up with something similar or have, now. Embroidered. Upon that science, a little bit changed, it hit ease and that an example of that it's derivative of CRISPR therefore, is, it new mm-hmm, possibly, legally. They may have a patent, that they can open on it and if so there's money to be made exactly, and this. Can relates to the, overall topic and why we addressed this why we address the transhumanism, issue, because. Of the metaphysical question right like, the old joke you know everybody. Wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die these. Technologies, are being promised to us as a way to live. Radically. Longer if not forever if, we can somehow use gene editing or some other therapy, in order to rejuvenate our. Our, cells there's a story out this week about scientists. Keeping. Mice young by using the blood of human teenagers that yeah I saw that that that's that's kind of creepy well even more gruesome is a beauty. Treatment yeah that, was that was advertised. This past week developed by a German, doctor who apparently has really big friends with Cher who. Is probably the the. Apotheosis of. Skin. Rejuvenation, right, but it's a technique sheet then this doctor, is is known, for inventing what's called the vampire facial taking, a patient's blood and smearing it on the face and then using needles to inject the deeper I'm sorry, blood. Doesn't work like that. They. Live longer. But. That's what it's all about it's about trying to live looked. Wonderful. It's. Crazy too with this type of technology that comes out cuz they always focus on like the benefits it's always like cancer, or living longer you know your, cancer you can live forever with it but then when they actually develop the research how you know like you said with, with. The stem cell research it's been a decade over a decade and what's. Come out of it you know so do you think that there is any. Any. Any. Potential. For something like gene editing to actually be beneficial, or is it just something that we as Christians, should just completely stay away from altogether, you know what I that's a difficult one to answer because I often. Tell people when they write to me look most, scientists. Genuinely. Want to help Peter that's, why they got into it in the first place yeah I would, say that there may be a. Situation. Where it could help but. Most, of the time I suspect. That down the line. Somebody's. Going to come along and say were. You a victim, of gene editing back, in the twenty sixteen, if. So call such-and-such lawyer, now I think, that there are going to be all sorts of unexpected. Consequences, oh sure don't mess with God's design exactly, I feel like that tune especially you can think of like vaccines today like that vaccines. Are great but when you start piling in mercury and all this other garbage in there that's, not good. Jiri they can be really bad the simian, virus that, got into that the polio. Polio vaccine, sv40. That, caused, a lot of damage cancer. Being the lead one yeah yeah well. It's again. It's all driven by this desire this human desire to want to live forever. And, we've seen some really interesting takes. On this and in the popular culture in in media, entertainment. Over. The last couple of years that the television show humans, that we've we've talked about now, a current series on as. An HBO Westworld. Mm-hmm, which we can't, recommend for children because there's very adult themes but. There, is a very interesting aspect to it that we've talked about that if humans. Were to live forever without a regenerate. Without general hearts you. Would get, what. Was depicted in that that series, like the town of, wasn't.

Perdition What was the pariah, the town of pariah yes we're. Essentially anything goes and. And it was described in very graphic terms but one of the characters which I can't repeat but that was in a sense what it is if there's no restrainer, I mean. Let's. Be honest our, human activities, are restrained because of various, concerns. We have about okay, can I get away with this yeah you might get caught how serious, is the punishment yeah we weigh the consequences against. The right, could act could it kill me could it could, it cause me pain and, if we're, Christian, we also think, how. Will this affect my. Standing. In the kingdom yeah because, we know that as Christians we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ but there are certain rewards that we do that we will receive in Heaven's based upon our activities, here on earth the. Holy Spirit within you is speaking of. Folks. Who don't have the Holy Spirit don't have that restraint there was no restraint but even, without the Holy Spirit we are salt in light we are literally, the embodiment of, the Holy Spirit on earth and when we're gone yes and that, restrainer is taken away mm-hmm, then literally. We will have hell on earth and, I think that may be why and. This is an interesting aspect of it trying to live forever if that, technology is in fact possible, will. That be why people will cry out for the rocks to fall in and they will long, for death but death will flee yeah yeah there's a possibility yeah what, is death. You, know you know what. Is death it's it's funny because when I read especially in the book of Genesis death is something completely unnatural, you know and I think that's why we fear it so much even even as Christians you know even was all the faith in the world it's still a scary thought that because, it's so unknown you know, but. It's it's unnatural, we, weren't meant to die and I think that's why we have a fear of death but why, we also have this, compulsion. In us to want to live forever to, a lot of the world's taking that the. Wrong way you know they'll take that and they want to use technology to achieve that goal a physical. Life forever but, we as Christians channel it you know wear it where it should be you know well we use that, motivation. To seek. The Lord Jesus Christ and find our eternal life there which that is the true eternal life because even I don't care what kind of technology, that come up with Jesus is still returning they're still going to be an, end-of-the-world, type of scenario, at some point you know I. Don't mean you. Know what I mean we're people regardless, if they're immortal or not because, even the angels are gonna have to face, God someday yeah so we. Will - mm-hmm. It and, you're right that's that's a really good point it's, almost a return to Eden in our spirit we sense that we were designed for mm-hmm, living forever mm-hmm, but because of the sin, of Adam, and Eve and because of our fallen nature, we. Aren't equipped to, deal with it and that probably, is why God said we need to keep them away from the tree of life yeah. He, it was a blessing, death seriously yes it is it's. A moment of grace yeah well you brought death into the world we, probably need to take a break but really, want to tease ahead because I want to ask about the New Zealand quake and CERN, New Zealand skull yes the, supermoon as well because there's some speculation that that might add some to do with it before TV what, is happening, beneath the mountains of Switzerland Josh, Peck has just covert in the book with Tom Horne about that we'll talk about it next on SCI Friday global.

Experts, Are now debating whether, humanity, should fear the rise of AI assassins. Will, transhumanism. Singularity. And demonically. Infused, killer robots, be the last onslaught, of Satan, in an attempt to destroy, every, human on earth learn. What the Bible has to say on this very urgent, topic now. In the new oversized. Book, terminated. By legendary, author Steve, quale in, terminated. You will learn why hundreds, of artificial, intelligence experts. Believe that humanity, will soon experience, gigadeath. At the hands, of autonomous, killing, machines. Why hybridizing. Humans, is thrusting, us toward a golden, age of mythical, monsters, and godlike, humans, and what, Jesus declared, about God's plan to shorten, the days here on earth because, if not there would be no flesh left alive. Plus, when you order terminated, from the sky watch TV store you'll also receive, the brand-new documentary. Movie from Gen six productions, forbidden. History revealed, the, Egyptian, presence, in the Americas, and the Pacific, Rim the great Smithsonian. Cover-up, now, for the first time in history you'll watch an eyewitness, account of actual, Egyptian, artifacts, and giant, skeletons, that were excavated. From the Grand Canyon, and burial, mounds across the u.s. and South America. Stored, for over 100, years in a secret, underground, Smithsonian. Warehouse, this full-length, feature film also, asks, the questions, why is the, DNA of giant, mummies and viable, skeletons, being extracted, by the militaries. Of the world was. A living, 21-foot, giant captured, in, 1877. With the most unusual features. Ever noted, and will the Giants of yesterday, become, the super, soldiers, of tomorrow. These, two incredible. New works are available, together for a special donation of only, $50. Now, at the sky watch TV store calm so, don't delay order, terminated. The Steve quale special, offer online now. Or call one, eight four, four seven, five zero four, nine eight five. We'd. Love to meet you in person join, us for two conferences, in August the sons of God Giants of old conference, August 3rd and 4th at the fellowship in Lubbock Texas Derek, will talk about his new book last, Clash of the Titans other featured, speakers include dr. Judd Burton author of the Nephilim dossier, registration. Is just $5, at Burton,, that's. Then. The following weekend great, speakers, and a tour of the mysterious government, site that inspired the supernatural. TV series stranger, things here, the watchman at the Hyatt Regency Long, Island, August 9th through 11th featuring, Derek and Sharon Gilbert pastor Carl gallops la Marzulli, Henry Gruver rust is dark dr. michael lake rabbi's everett, and more and sunday, the 12th a tour of camp hero alleged, sight of the secretive Montauk, Project save. $20, off registration, or 20% off, the video feed with promo code Gilbert. 20 that's Gilbert. 2:04, information, and registration log, on to hear the watchman calm, that's here the watchman, calm. Welcome. Back to Sai Friday from sky watch TV we've got a couple of offers of the sky watch TV store just to tell you about quickly please take advantage of these because we'd, like to make these available to you to get things in your hands that are useful for the spiritual war in which we are all deployed. And do, it at. A price that's better than you can get these things, from, I mean, we like, to you know obviously we appreciate your support but we want to make it worth your while to come directly to us Sharon's. Series of novels that teaches spiritual, warfare from a through, using fiction, as a. Tool the, Red Wings saga her fourth novel realms of stone is now available, offering the entire package to you the four novels plus my books the great inception and the book co-authored with Josh Peck the day the earth stands still plus, the, best of sigh Friday DVD, for. A small donation, all. These in stock can ship right away if you just need the new book we've got a package for that as well you'll find them at the sky watch TV store that sky watch TV store calm or eight four four seven five oh four nine eight five and because. Our friend Josh Peck was kind enough to allow us to use his likeness in this week's program, the.

Josh Peck super summer collection that's, his books unraveling, the multiverse, Abaddon ascending, co-authored, with Tom Horn and the day the earth stands still co-authored, with me, plus two DVDs and an mp3 audio set all for a donation of just. $30. Retail, value of a hundred and thirty five bucks for a donation of $30, again online at sky watch t v-- And. Now we turn the machine back on and once again return to the past for. Our discussion, of the future, let's. Talk about some things here that the Big Island. Two of them actually and lots of aftershocks, the interesting thing the two quakes occurred almost simultaneously, and, there were different types one was a slip and the other one was a subduction. Or but, anyway sorry don't geology. Is not my subject but, two, types of quakes that hit almost simultaneously. And the, the the folks who were at CERN watching, their meters almost. Freaked out for a minute because they were afraid that they. Were going to get blamed for what. Seemed. Like every time there's an earthquake or some kind of anomaly like that that certain gets blamed and so. I don't want to put anything I, mean anything's possible so, far in my research I haven't found anything to directly, connect, it I mean. There are and I'm not I'm not saying that they're blameless or that they're not doing things that could cause that but, just. Based on strict. Scientific, evidence. I have nothing, to be able to support, it but my, gut feeling is. I could, see, how some, of the things just on a personal level I could see how some of the things that they're involved, with I mean. Even just based on a judgment level of you know I mean, when. We sin against God when we do things against God. God's. Got to judge that you know got a judge of the world, Jesus. Even said that there was gonna be an increase, in earthquakes and, and while. He said that he also said that there was gonna be an increase in all these horrible things that people are doing so there, seems to be a direct correlation. Between human behavior and judgment mMmmm. Or blessing, if people, are you know doing what what, God's meant to do so whether. Scientifically. And physically, if CERN had anything to do with the earthquake I don't know but if CERN's messing, around with stuff and trying to breach dimensions, and doing stuff that Nimrod did and back in the Tower of Babel I can understand God, being a little upset about that and you know maybe. Some of that judgment. Is coming you know and that but I don't, know it's it's it's, interesting but uh that's. About where I'm at with it yeah, you just recorded, it into into the multiverse episode, with. Justin. Fall who, was here with his brother Wes and also with Chad Riley they're part of the fall. Brothers films, and so what they're calling it no fourth watch films mm-hm and they. Were looking at things that tie into CERN and, stuff. Going. On the earth yeah yeah. Yeah there there seems to be a whole other existence. Under. Under. The earth and a lot of times it's called Hollow Earth theory, which it. I mean the term spine but sometimes it kind of gives this idea, that people, who believe that believe that like the, earth is like an eggshell without an egg in the middle and it's just like hot like literally Hollow and that's not necessarily, most.

People That subscribe. To Hollow Earth, and. There's a bunch of different theories but usually. It seems to be that they just believe there's caverns, and caves and, stuff under the earth which that's yeah. That's already a well-known thing, now, I'm more of like a metaphysical. Level, and, this is something I believe and I think most, Christians if, they you. Know if they believe their Bible they'll believe this too that there is some kind of reality some, type of existence in the bowels of the earth now, that doesn't mean that if we dig down to the center of the years we'd be able to see any of it you know who or drop a microphone down and you're screaming yeah yeah Russian. Experiment yeah exactly. Like, who know who knows there but I I, tend. To think of it as more of an, other-dimensional kind. Of thing sort of like stranger, things in the upside down and that was like a kind of a good example of that I, tend, to see it like that but I do believe that those things can manifest physically. And. I use. An. Example that I got from chuck Missler all the time flatland, which I'm sure your viewers they're probably well familiar, with that but in case you're not, flatland. Imagine a two-dimensional, universe, and the inhabitants of those universe, that that universe is they. Have no up or down they just have left right forward backward, they're just strictly two-dimensional. Now, if AI is a three-dimensional, being where to put my finger in flatland what would that look like to a flatlander, they would just see a circle, they wouldn't see a 3-dimensional, object and interestingly. Enough if I'm doing that and, I'm breaching their existence. I don't need technology or, anything just the fact of me physically doing it is creating, a portal into their realm, so, I think that they're able to do that to, the enemy, or whatever is below the earth whatever's, not bound in chains and, some of them are bound in chains but. Whatever is a little more free to roam, around I think that's part of what. They're doing, did. You look into, any of that I know you travel out to the south was with Tom, and also Jake and some other members, of the sky watched crew.

Did. You see any evidence of that out there no. Well I mean I didn't. Yeah. Oh there's tons of stories about yeah there's tons of stories about that and in those areas like ancient, Native, American. You. Know we would say legends, but there might be more truth in those. Stories than we might have been led to believe, it. Specifically, I know dr. MOS has talked to Tom. And, and. Some. Ally and some of the other crew the first time that they went out there for a path of The Immortals and dr.. Moses is a third-generation medicine. Man you know you know he knows all the ancient stories and everything he told him basically their. Story of the, book of Genesis, basically. That everybody. Was kind of living in peace until this portal opened and a serpentine. Beam came through and deceived people and, some of the people started practicing, witchcraft and, then they brought these giants, into existence, and like. Just ripped up their tribes and and that's. One. Of one of the ideas on what happened to the ancient, Anasazi people. That, that, just disappeared, so there. Are stories, like that but, as far as like actual physical, evidence I didn't see anything like that but there are a lot of interesting petroglyphs, that seem, to show portals, and beings coming out of them hmm, and. That's a story that goes back you know a long long way I've been doing a lot of reading on ancient, Sumerian. And Babylonian cosmology. The, the, beliefs are the amur rights and things like that and there are some. Interesting. Things there, that I just, I'm still trying to synthesize yeah, because you know the scholars have been studying this for years and years they can write it in scholar ease and. And so for you know a non scholar like myself to try to absorb all of this is taking some time, being. Portals right that. Goes all the way back to the beginning and the whole idea of the, whole, concept of the ziggurat or the pyramid or the step pyramid, or the which.

Are Global everywhere, from you know Cambodia, Angkor Wat to the. The, pyramids. Of Mesoamerica. And to to the Egypt. To to Sumer, that, they're finding them, in in in, in Bulgaria, and and. Other places around the planet now, that. The whole idea there was just create an artificial holy, mountain yeah to either give locality, to the God or I would argue the Tower of Babel was about trying to create an artificial holy mountain as the. Abode of the gods to try to force our way back into the. Heavenly, realm what do you think about what do you think about the Tower of Babel was so unique because there are these structures all over the world without. You know stories, of languages. Being dispersed well what do you think the tower about what was so unique about that one where God had to put a stop to it I think because, it was located, on top of it. Was not Babylon first of all because the Tower of Babel incident, if you try to fit, it into the the historical, clues of history it predates. The city of Babylon by a, thousand. Years roughly oh and. The, city of Babylon was really unimportant for a lot of its history it wasn't until the, amorite s-- came in and took it over yeah sin of the amorite s-- they established. The kingdom of babylon, that. That it really be gamed gained prominence but the city of era do in what. Was up then the shore of the the, Persian Gulf southeast Iraq today. The. Oldest, and biggest ziggurat, ever was, found there was the temple to the god Enki oh it's at above what they called, the abdu which was the underwater, aquifer, fresh water that was necessary, to life in this desert, land the. Tigris and the Euphrates and, the God who ruled it any key his. Name is a compound word meaning Lord, of the, earth hmm. Remember. Jesus, called Satan the god or. The Prince of this world so. I think and, one, of the things that I read this really interesting is that the earliest. Manifestation. Of the storm God in the ancient Near East was a Sumerian god named ish ker it was not very important, in to, Sumer but. He was equated with the the, amorite god a dad who was then known later to the aramean, so the Canaanites as Hadad who they then called Bale. Hmm. Sometimes. Depicted. As the twin brother of n ki, and. In. The New Testament when Jesus is, criticized. By the Pharisees for casting out demons by the Spirit of Beelzebub Yelp, minim which.

Beelzebub. Means Lord. Of the Flies but, Beelzebub. Means Bale the Prince oh wow, and Jesus, equated, Bale with. Satan so, I think we're dealing with the same entity just showing the different faces did people throughout history yeah. That. Temple. The, Sumerian king and burkhardt wanted to rebuild as, an abode. Of the gods hmm so I think that, was what was special about that he was trying to rebuild a temple, devoted to the God of the abyss, as, a shining. Mountain. The. Abode of the gods Wow it's clear that we're gonna. Because. This is a topic that I think many of you are view our viewers are gonna find compelling we, should actually the three of us and maybe get Tom in here to talk. About this. Idea of bringing back the old gods yeah it was so dangerous and he's been talking about that for a long time because he's got contacts, inside the government military high-ranking. Military officials have been telling him for over a decade that that's something they are really concerned about the return of the Sumerian gods Wow so stay tuned we'll try to do that yeah thing is they never went away yeah they did yes that's right, we're. Back to the present and now we'll talk a little bit more about the future specifically, next weekend next Friday our. Plan is to have a new program for you that will record in Texas because next Friday we'll be in Long Island for, the here The Watchmen conference lifting, the veil this is at the Hyatt Regency Long, Island still time for you to register for the conference and save $20, off the registration, using, the promo code Gilbert to zero Gilbert 20, and here the watchman dot-com, other speakers include russ dizdar la Marzulli, pastor Carl Gallup's pastor Casper McCloud Pastor Mike Spalding pastor Paul Begley. Many. Of the coach Dave Dobbin Meyer and more if you cannot get the long island next weekend take advantage of their special offer on the video stream, because when you sign up for the video feed. From the conference you get the videos from that march here, the watchman conference at the say it's like getting to conferences, for the price of one and you, can save 20% by using the promo code gilbert, 220 adhere, the watchman calm, thank. You for watching as we keep watch for Josh Peck and Sharon Kay Gilbert I'm Derrick, Gilbert and this is Sai Friday from, sky watch TV.

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