SciFriday: From the Holy Land to the Giants' Tombs

SciFriday: From the Holy Land to the Giants' Tombs

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Since. The dawn of the 21st, century. Scientific. Discovery, has rushed forward at lightning speed. Genetics. Physics. Computerized. Technologies. Robotics. Virtual. Reality. Join. Derek, and Sharon Gilbert as they uncover the. Truth behind, this. Ultimate. Scientific. Deception. Get, ready for, sign. Manners. Maketh, man. Do. You know what that means it. Makes this time for. Friday. On sky watch TV, welcome I'm Derrick Gilbert joining, me in studio my, best friend or science advisor and the author of the Red Wings saga Sharon, Kay Gilbert. Welcome, back to the States yes, indeed, we had such a good time and by the way that opening, quote is from Kings. Man yes, Kings. Man a wonderful film two. Of the many films we got to see when we were on the international, flights which. Thankfully. Make the flights go a lot faster than they than they actually do seemingly faster, they, did, seem to fly by and then literally, yeah 10 and a half hour flights not something I want to do in a regular long flights. Not yeah I agree with that but that if you have not seen Kings mannered Kingsman we, saw a an, edited version so, it was a little. Bit of which Lao a foul language that was in there was, dubbed. It, was a honestly. It doesn't need the. Movie, was so so incredibly good, the plots were very clever it's, based on a comic. Book I understand, so, we watched two movies and we're ready for a third mm-hm. Colin. Firth was excellent as agent. Galahad, it's a secret, service agency, that was. Set, up as, an independent agency, it's like something, out of the Red Wing saga actually, in a way so if, you've not read all the way through book, three books three and four you may not know what I'm talking about but it's the icy high but far, be it from us to convey. The sense, that that was the most interesting thing that happened to over the last three weeks it's hardly that was just one, of the fun things on our flight back we have had an, incredible. Three, weeks we appreciate the fact that you guys have, said you missed us, but. At the same time we missed, you while, we were missing you we got to be in Israel, in Jordan, in Italy. For a little while and in Sardinia which is part of Italy an incredible. Journey of archaeological. Sites yeah, what's. Interesting and I think a lot of people might be surprised to hear this but for me of. The places that we saw and again we spent about five. Days in Israel a couple of days in Jordan several. Days in Rome and then what. Five days more. Or less in in Sardinia, not. Nearly long enough, 15. Days right I I could, you know Rome was interesting, and I don't want to take anything away from what we saw I mean seeing the the Roman construction, of the Colosseum, seeing. The Sistine Chapel, was you. Know once-in-a-lifetime thing but. To, be honest with you that of, all of the places we saw it was probably, my. Least, favorite, part of the tour I got to say that it was bad it's just it was my least favorite I thoroughly.

Enjoyed, Israel, Jordan. And Sardinia, Rome, was. Beautiful. I enjoyed walking through the streets and I enjoyed what more than I enjoyed walking through the Vatican Museum yeah so did I the Vatican Museum the day we we're told that it's this, way almost all the time it, literally, was like sardines. Moving, along one tiny, tiny step, at a time an inch, at a time at one point I realized, we're only halfway through the tour and from here on out it's matter it's, just a matter of attrition, who's gonna still be standing by the time again because it was warm it, was crowded it was, three hours of doing, that right right. Not walking through the streets and seeing the little cafes and shops in, Rome, that was wonderful that was beautiful but my favorite, part of the Rome Sardinia, section of the tour the, true legends expedition, were. The archaeological, sites on Sardinia oh and. We so want to go back to this yes we have by the way there is a travelogue. Of sorts, a mini documentary that's going to be coming out with your. Book. Yes. Yes, coming, in August there. Are three books that are coming for one. From me and then one. From the tenant Colonel Bob McGinnis and, then Carl gallops is a new book coming out so I am honored that mine will be part. Of that that, trio books coming from defender publishing in August and you'll see a programs, about those in August on sky watch TV but. We. Will have a. Travel. Log that we'll be putting together in the next week or two of all, of the video and, images. That we took and the, sites that we saw in Israel we're. Incredible, because we saw some of the sites that everybody, needs, to see we went to the Mount of Olives we, saw the Temple, Mount we didn't get on the Temple Mount that's kind of restricted, mm-hmm, but we were able to look down onto, the Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives underneath. The template, however, go underneath the Temple Mount through the western, wall tunnels so we got right up to the western wall underground. Which is incredible, because some of those stones on the foundation, of the I didn't. Know they were that big they're gigantic, seventy feet five feet long four, feet deep right very tall like ten feet tall very. Massive. Stones that were put there by Herod right and when. We hear of megalithic stones, and megalithic instruction we hear about bail Beck we hear about Machu Picchu and, you. Know but. Angkor, Wat and think you know what Herod. Moved, in, the first century BC to construct the, his. Renovations. And additions to the second temple and the western wall was essentially the retaining wall that allowed him to extend out the plateau of, the. Temple Mount which, he was famous for doing he looked to put a big foundation, sort.

Of Like here's a base, to, make this this. Building. Shine right. He, liked. Architecture, that demonstrated, that he herod was master, of nature. Yeah rather than trying to integrate his. Designs, into nature we, saw that inside also, because. He had, several, palaces, constructed, two. Or three palaces at Masada I you know if there was a we. Thought - right and there. Were the same sorts as it was the same sort of approach there at Masada that he set. Up as sort of a refuge around, the same time he was building the Temple Mount, and the temple in in. Jerusalem. But, gosh. Yeah those stones at the base of the Western all our, mints. And I've never heard anyone talk about them before what surprises, me because we've been following this kind of weird sort of you. Know cyclopean. Architecture. For a long time I know and. Speaking, of cyclopean. Architecture. When we were, in. Sardinia, were and again when you get to see the DVD when you order the package this fall you, will see what we're talking about. There. Are neurotic, Towers in Sardinia, lots and lots and lots of them some like 30,000, or more and we only got to see a few of them right but it's clear, from. What. We observed and also what Ansel P Rambla, too. Is. Determined. Based on what he saw he was with us by the way um, that. It's clear that these sites are aligned. With, the. Stars mm-hmm I I, didn't, even remember I had this app on my phone but I've got a compass, app on, my, phone came out he came he came in he first, time I'd ever had to use it I haven't used a compass since I was a boy scout but it, was neat being able to go onto these sites and look and say well. Look. At that this one is aligned north-south just, like the other ones but. The. To. Me the most impressive sight the nuragic towers, and neeraja is just a name. That archeologists, have given to that culture we. Don't know what they called themselves because, we've not found the, scholars haven't found any examples, of their writing yet so, Niraj ii are the individual, towers najuk is the civilization, the. These towers, were these huge stone blocks. Scholars. Still argue about what those towers are for but, the. Ziggurat, that we saw at Monta, de Cody, was. Incredible. Because it's, looks. For all the world like a Mesopotamian. Style. Ziggurat. A Step Pyramid and scholars, agree on that point the, nuragic civilization. According. To scholars estimates is roughly, the. Same timeframe as. Say. Abraham Isaac, and Jacob you know from from Abraham, and to about the conquest of Canaan so about 1800, BC roughly to. About 1200, BC this. This ziggurat. I read, one scholarly, paper that estimated, the the earliest construction, at 3200, BC but, yesterday. A. Friend. On Facebook Jeffrey. Thank you for sending a link to that sent, me another paper, by a peer-reviewed. You know another peer-reviewed, paper secular. Scholar that, put based, on radio. Radio. Radio carbon, dating yeah kharbut, carbon dating, the, earliest, construction to about 3,900 BC, oh so, we're talking, not, long after what would have been the flood, almost immediately after, yeah one of the first sites set up after Babel was exactly.

Exactly. So even 3200, BC would have been not long after Babel the 3900 BC, might have even predated. Babel we don't know for sure we don't probably, probably not, long after Babel but. This, site was then in use according to scholars until, about the time of the nuragic civilization. So we're saying this site was in use as a religious, shrine for, over 2,000. Years by. The time Abraham was on the scene so. Why Sardinia. For, this type of the. Step Pyramid which. We thought was. Basically. Only found in Mesopotamia it's, the only one in the western Mediterranean I, had never heard of any of this until we talked with Timothy albariño, last, year I think right and so I was so glad when he and Steve Coyle invited, us to go with them this time around Steve. Quale didn't get to go sadly, but he said he son yep and there. Were there was a family. Emergency that, Steve stayed home for and good on him for doing that but, we, had an incredible time and that ziggurat. Was, surprising, in many ways and one of the reasons that surprised, you. Is because. You had been looking for the, sort, of trilithon. Construction. That we, see in the dolmens. In the dolmens, exactly, that you see in the Rift Valley area, in the travel, a of the travelers but, we saw it there yeah, the Jordan Rift Valley the Jordan River the east side of that River is where the Bible tells us the ref eye in tribes lived in, the days of Abraham the. Kings. From the east the king of Balaam and his. Colleagues. Traveled. To, the. Levant, and will. Travel down the Kings Highway the east side of the Jordan River and did battle with the ref I in tribes in, Bashan, and then, in what later became the. Amon Moab. And Edom, before. Fighting the kings of Sodom Gomorrah and their allies, so. The. And, that's where you find these these megalithic, tombs, two. Slabs vertical, slabs and then a capstone, on top and there, are 25,000. Of those in the, Jordan Rift Valley more. Than anywhere on earth, except for Korea for some reason that's odd yeah you find them elsewhere there are some of the caucasus mountains there some in Ireland and Scotland but. Mainly, in, the. Rift Valley and they date to about that same period of time as that ziggurat. On Sardinia, for about 3200, BC down to about the time of Abraham about 1800, BC well when we were walking around, Timothy. Albariño, originally, thought that it was an, altar of some kind. Some. Scholars think that and then you, and I looked at a photograph from, a different angle that we'd take one of us has taken and we both went oh that's, a that looks like a dolmen and then sure enough the academic, paper that I read about Monta decotis said oh no that's a that's a dolmen and we, went to another site the. Following day which was one of the tombs. Of giants, and there are a number of sites in Sardinia that are called tombs of giants, yeah sounds. Like hyperbole, but they even have it on little signs there from the archaeological division. Of archaeology or whatever from the island of Sardinia the government their tombs. They. Jase. Yeah, and, behind. The, this, tomb of the giant was.

Lo And behold you know hey look about 25 feet over there on the other side of this barbed-wire fence there's. Another Dolman yes and. It turns out and I found a book it's an Italian, unfortunately, so I'm gonna have to struggle a little bit with Google Translate to read it but there are a couple hundred of those dolmens, in the, trilithon construction, on the island of sardinia and most of them in the northern half of the island for some reason it's really interesting so the. Point I guess, is that there, are similarities, cultural. And architectural, similarities. Between, Mesopotamia. And these. Structures. That. Biblically. Speaking are in the same place and if that built at the same time as the, ref I in tribes. Who. Occupied, the Jordan River Valley, found, on the island of Sardinia and, identified. With places, that the locals, have for, a couple, thousand years identified, with giants so it's. It. Sounds like hyperbole, when you first hear it but when you go there and look, at those stones you're standing inside this tower that's 40 or 50 feet tall, surrounded, by stones that weigh as much as your car it's. Kind of hard to ignore the, evidence and another thing that we saw over and over again that Tim had told us about was, that there. Seems to be evidence of, some sort of catastrophic. Flood. Right. Now just Noah's Flood with something beyond that that overtook the island you and I over, and over again including, the ziggurat we saw seashells. When, in fact we were up on top of this very, high. Pyramidal. Shaped Mountain, yes at, a Leonora's castle, and it's it was a long, climb, and you and I read struggle to get up there we made it but once we got up there sure enough seashells, yeah yeah. Eleanore of our. Borea was a famous, Sardinian. Queen. Who ruled the, I ready much the whole island, yeah back in the 14th century AD, but. Right. She built a castle a number, of them around the island for control but this one was on that mountain looks like it is a pyramid. It's covered in vegetation yeah it absolutely, does, and as you pointed out, seashells. On, top of this this point a very high point on this mountainous, Island so um yeah. Scholars, believe something. Might have happened in the 16th century BC, a. Meteor. Or, meteorite, or something that hit in the ocean some are somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, south. Of the island that may, be washed stuff, over. Sardinia. Of. Course that was not too. Long after, if I remember correctly the volcano. Santorini. On, the Greek island of Santorini it's, possible, and depending upon when it actually did happen there's also the 536, ad event that we talked about on sy Friday before I mean where something, may have hit in the Atlantic, Ocean and, caused. 10. Years of reduced, solar activity, so that crops failed right right so. Anyway just just a fascinating thing and this will probably lead to another book because I can see why Tim was so excited about getting the true legends expedition, there to the island of certainty huh, seeing these sites seeing, the. The sacred, Wells dedicated. To the goddess Tanit, yes, yeah, we need to talk more about every but I need to take a break first we do we do well, we'll talk about why this is significant, how it relates to the Phoenicians and child sacrifice. Which is why my, interest because it relates to my, forthcoming book whence, I Friday continues after this. For. Nearly 20, years, dr.. Thomas R horn, has, warned, of a coming trans human hybrid. Age. It. Has, finally, arrived. And. Now. A Zygon the celebrated, peer-reviewed. Journal, of religion, and science has, published, a thesis by a professor, of religion and philosophy at, the university of london. Identifying. Dr., Horne and his, team from sky watch TV, and defender, publishing, as the, leaders of the trans human resistance.

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Is Now Tunisia it, was also done at a site called, Mata on Sicily. And at Taro's, probably. Other sites as well but the one we saw was at Paris on. The, west coast of Sardinia. They. Would sacrifice, newborns. Infants, burn, them and bury them in urns, and, the, experts are still debating, back and forth whether or not these, sacrifices, took place every month or just several, times a year right but it's generally understood, that indeed at least occasionally, there were sacrifices that took place i. I. Found a 19th century British. Archaeological. Society, paper. From. A reverend. Cara I think his name was he, had been there in 1851. At the same time as Lord can't. Think of the last name but it has someone, who's well, known as, being an archaeologist. In. That region and this. Reverend. Not, only looked at the, toe fat there but, he looked at the layout of the buildings, that that. The locals lived in those who are helping to build things and who worshiped. At that site and they. Were in an amphitheater, construction. And he said in the middle was an altar, mm-hmm-hmm. Yeah. Taro's is in, fact this, is something else it was very exciting, based. On evidence found, by scholars, over the last 40. Years or so including. The Phoenician inscriptions. From later on 8th. And 7th century when the Phoenicians are supposed to have settled, the island although. Again, these sacred. Wells to the goddess Tanith who was the consort of Balaam on and the, toph it from Taro's predate. The. Official. Settlement. By the Phoenicians, by. Hundreds. If not a thousand, years of war. They. Believe, that Taro's, was actually, the site of the Tarshish, mentioned. In the Bible where. King, Solomon and King, Hiram of. Again. A Phoenician settlement that sent colonists. Out mm-hmm. To the rest of the Mediterranean, around the time of ahab and jezebel. That. Was where they built that, they had this joint venture to send ships, down from. Easy on a get bearer which is a lot today in Israel through the Red Sea around, Africa. On a three-year, voyage to. Taro's, which is a protected, Harbor on the west coast of Sardinia there, was mining, on Sardinia. Tin and lead and, through. Their journey back and forth they would collect fruit, and apes, and, all, spices, and other things and this three-year trip back and forth and it made tyre, extremely. Wealthy also made Solomon extremely. Wealthy so. And. There's good evidence to suggest that that site Taro's was the site but, Solomon, had yoked himself in a business venture with, the culture that, was. Sacrificing. Its children, yeah, well Solomon, wasn't exactly you know poster, boy for following. Molech. Yes, he did and why, other, faithful. Jews, who were faithful to Yahweh called. The southern, peak of the Mount of Olives the amount, of abomination. Or something of that light something of that nature yeah and speaking of the Mount of Olives getting, back to our Israel, tourists well we were standing on, the Mount of Olives you and I got to look at the eastern gate which is bricked. Up whose, prophecy, said it would be closed, waiting. For the day when the Lord will walk through it the Messiah will enter through the eastern gate and that was the most you, know if you didn't get to go with us this year to Israel and if we get to go in the future we highly, recommend that, if there's any way you can afford it do go because and, if you don't go with us go with somebody because, standing on the Mount of Olives and looking at that gate and imagining, where. You are standing. Mm-hmm that the Lord Himself, will touch down according. To Zechariah 14, according, to Zechariah 14.

That The Mount of Olives will split to. The east in the West and that he will to the north in the South I mean he will walk through that gate mm-hmm. That I, think. That was one of the highlights of the entire trip. For me yeah she's. Really connect with the Lord that way yeah yeah, that, was incredible. Teaching. On the southern steps of teaching. At, B'nai. It's the grotto of Pan that, was incredible, because and that will be in the, documentary. By the way our travel log because you got to teach and, preach about Jesus. Comments. To his, disciples, in particular - Peter yeah as you stood in front, of that very grotto, where he made that statement and just before he Peter James and John walked, up Mount Hermon and then was transfigured, into a being of light on what, was supposed to be according, to the pagans the hole in the mountain holy to their chief their creator god el his. Concert and their 70 sons yeah that was that was incredible, we actually went up one of the slopes of Mount Hermon Mike Heiser did a teaching their. Baptisms. In the Jordan River it was incredible, dr. Heiser's teaching, on why, we baptized, that. I'd never heard that before you had heard it on his podcast before I had never heard it it was so. Right, yeah, and suddenly everything, makes sense right, seeing. The battlefield where David and Goliath met, yes, battle, seeing it laid out before you. You. Can you can find these things on maps you can look at diagrams, you couldn't look at photographs but until you are standing, in that spot yes you don't get it yeah so, kudos Darren looking in his team at Lipkin tours made that and the Jordan extension incredible, standing, on Mount Nebo and looking across the Jordan River at Jericho to see the plains of Jericho and, where the Israelites gathered, before the conquest it was it was incredible to be where Jacob probably. Laid his head upon a rock and. Exactly. To show yeah it, was there were so many things on this and and I want to go back yeah, me too but I'm glad to be home amen. To that there's something about sleeping. In your own bed and you know hearing, your dachshund scurrying your Jostens store in the morning waking up to that instead well I liked waking up to the birds over there but snoring dachshund can't be that busy then and of course being there on the 70th, anniversary of Israel's independence and by the way we will end this with a a little bit of video if we've got time that shows how, they were celebrating there in Israel because they were very. Very happy, that the embassy was boom moved there and I'm looking at the time and I bet we don't have time for that rats no, children but a kvitko but anyway have a blessed weekend thank, you for watching as we keep watch with Sharon Gilbert I'm Derrick Gilman this is SCI Friday from Sky TV. You.

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