SciFriday: Burning Man, Robots, and Transhumanism's Electric Dreams

SciFriday: Burning Man, Robots, and Transhumanism's Electric Dreams

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Since. The dawn of the 21st, century. Scientific. Discovery, has rushed forward at lightning speed. Genetics. Physics. Computerized. Technologies. Robotics. Virtual. Reality. Join. Derek, and Sharon, Gilbert as they uncover the. Truth behind, this. Ultimate. Scientific. Deception. Get, ready for, side. Piano. Doesn't murder the player if it doesn't like the music. Prepare. For psy. Friday, from sky watch TV welcome i'm derek gilbert joining, us our science advisor author, of the Redwings saga and one of the featured speakers, at the upcoming transhumanism. And the hybrid age conference, coming to Branson September, 14th through the 16th, Sharon, Kate Gilbert hi sweetie pie nice. To see you again ah that, opening quote from West, world westward season, 1 the character played by Anthony Hopkins dr., Robert Ford, very. Appropriate, quote, as we prepare for the transhumanism, in the hybrid age conference. Also. Appropriate, as we, record this this, is the week of the, Burning, Man festival in Nevada. The, theme of which is I, Robot, Rose yeah. There's, been a whole series of blogs at the Burning. Man org. I think I see a URL but, their website since, January of this year on, that topic and and taking. A look at. Fiction. And how its portrayed the, idea of robots taking over and that, story goes all the way that theme goes all the way back to I think the play was written in 1908, I know. Sorry 1920. I think, it's called are you are it was written by a I, want. To say Czechoslovakian. But, it was an Eastern European author, and. Essentially. The the basic, plot was that robots. Who are constructed, from a synthetic. Biological. Biomass. Soylent. Green. Were. Created, on this island and. These robots were servants, to mankind, and along, comes, Hellena who is the heroine, of the piece and and she, decides, that they need to have rights, therefore. They should be given wages, and and there, should be laws set in place too so that they wouldn't be just. Slaves, of course this was at a time when socialism, was really taking over in Eastern Europe so, it's not surprising that, that sort of subtext. Would be in the play over. The next century or so by the year 2000, the, robots, had, developed. Souls and. Reprogrammed. Themselves, so that they had slain. Most, of humans, there. Weren't very many humans, sort, of an early take on the plot, arc the story arc of the rebooted, Battlestar.

Galactica, Very very similar than fact the robots in are you are look so human they're like that, the humans in the Cylons and Battlestar but also like the, hosts, in West world mmm they look. Perfectly. Human young, live forever yeah, and, that was one of the questions. Raised by one of the hosts, an, interesting. Choice of name - because host implies, host. Of heaven, and also army right, because the word host really, means army yeah. This was a question asked by one of the hosts in West's world if I look real and you can't if you can't tell the difference does, it matter whether I'm real or not or. In other words to. Ask the question another way how, do you define real what is real. In the sense of human. And that's, a question that transhumanists. Are asking this is not a new thing and sadly the Christian Church is way behind the curve when it comes to thinking about things like this I was not aware of this this play from I, did, well. I'm writing the the talk, for Branson and I came across a, reference. To that play yeah it's an old, play it, predated. The early, film. Metropolis. Which. Is a very, similar plot. That. Robots are being created but these look very robotic. In the film and they're, used to slaves, mm-hmm and there's. A heroine, who comes along and eventually there's a robot that's based on her and she leads the robots to freedom along, with a few you know humans. That are progressive. In. That. All of this. Coincided. With not only this drive towards, progressive. Socio. Thought but also, a. Belief. In. Self-directed. Evolution this, idea that humans should be more than we really are we can be better we can be. Truer. To, ourselves and, we, can do it on our own we don't need a redeemer we can live forever we can live, better. And be. Kinder, to one another which I just think is so, crazy because human. Nature is human, nature super. Human nature is just human. Nature writ, large mm-hmm. So, if you're sinful as a human, a super humans gonna be even more sinful. And have more power to enact those, sinful thoughts but. Eugenics. Was born in the early 20th century here. In the United States and, it, all happened, at the same time as this moved towards, programming. And robot robots and it's not a coincidence than, that the, transhumanist movement and one of our issues with the transhumanist movement I think, one of the problems inherent in transhumanism. Is that it is. Inextricable. From. Eugenics. Who. Gets to decide mm-hmm. Who decides, who, upgrades, and on what basis, do they make that decision well. Especially early, on because at. The present time if the. Science, were, robust. And reliable, in, other words if I could upgrade to you very and. Know that I would achieve the very results that I was aiming for. It. Would be expensive in. Today's market, that would cost millions of, dollars. But. If. It costs millions of dollars who, has that right, has, that money the, 1%, are the 1/10, of 1% the, very wealthiest, among us who already have access to the best nutrition, best education, best health care and. So the stratification of society. If. This. Technology. Was, viable, would, further. Stratify, society. Because those at the top would reserve it for themselves and.

Those. At the bottom would not have access oh very much so and I believe that if the the, technology, were there and, ready to go, even. If it were less expensive that there. Would be those similar. To the leaders, of the eugenics movement in the early 20th century who would say let's, only give this to the deserving yes right, they need to be really, good to start out with there was a belief even, within African, Americans that what, was deemed the talented, tenth should. Be the ones who were allowed to breed the talented, tenth the talented, tenth, and this was this was a belief. Even among the African American West African, Americans, at universities. Like Tuskegee. Wow. Yeah this. Was good cutting its offensive as white only no no it was not huh. Since. This was cutting this was considered cutting-edge science of cutting edge sociologists. Biologists, they were taking a look at mankind. As, he existed, then and this. Idea of the talented tenth was. Taking. The best ten percent of all races and allowing. Only them to breed. Not. A coincidence, then that the, stones. The Georgia Guidestones argue. For elimination, of the bottom nineteen ninety percent exactly, no oh in Siddhant Wow, well. For. Animal husbandry this. Makes sense you want to take the most fit from, your herd and breed, them and leave those that are subject or prone to diseases weaknesses. Whatever. Imperfect. Animals. And and, call them from your herds in order to make sure that your your pigs, or whatever are you, know the best that they can be mm-hmm, but when it comes to humans you're dealing with a different animal and that comes down to human exceptionalism and. The idea that we were created, in God's image we are his imagers, regardless. Of our, frailties. Weaknesses, or imperfections, all of us are created as his moral, agents, on earth but. The transhumanist movement sets that aside and said are the value of a human life is only is measured, in its utility, mhm, and so, if you can't contribute as much to. The, greater good as, someone. Else while I'm sorry you. May not be allowed to reproduce or at worst, you may have, to be sacrificed.

For The greater good well it's more than just can, you contribute its are you actually drew, draining. Our economy, right not, only are you not contributing. Are you sucking. The resources, so to speak right right yeah. In. Sports this, is an analogy. In sports, recently. Statistics. Have taken over it like everything and I'm kind of a statistics, nerd anyway. When. Derek and I first got married I went, down into the basement to clean it out and on. On. This little desk down there was, a notebook as a ring a spiral. Ring notebook old. With numbers yeah it. Was, from strat-o-matic baseball, which was a card game that was developed back in the 60s and 70s I guess where you would have cards and you roll dice depending, on they match up so it. Replicated. The actual matchups. In baseball. And when. I was a kid in high school she, gives you an idea my social life in high school I would actually create, the teams and play the games myself and keep the statistics, that's, how. Much of a nerd I was when it came to this we'll do, that no, no. I've moved beyond that thankfully, and. And in large part because I have much better things to do. But. I love. You and. What. Some of the statistics. Now that are kept in. In, basketball. And in hockey is. How. The score, changes. While. A particular player is on the floor or on the ice and so, they will keep track of that and that's a way to see what a player's relative, value, is to. The team so. Taking, this into our discussion, of transhumanism is almost, how transhumanists, want to look at our worth, in, society, did society, gain. While. Derek. Gilbert was on the floor as it were and at what point in his or her you know what what point in a life, does. A person go from being a net positive, to. A net negative and, then, okay at this point if we cut these people out then society will continue to gain when we eliminate all the people with a minus sign in front of their value well I would argue that based. On today's science, that that decision would be made either in utero or right after the baby is born mm-hmm. Oh. Assuming. That breeding, was allowed in the first place a lot of parents and then we get to a silent, green scenario, where it's. Decided, that a certain age you can no longer be, a net. Positive to, society, and so we're, just you know just recycle, you nip off and shoot yourself or yes they recycle, you into something that can be made into. A positon. Hence Soylent Green is people, well that is terrible, but that's probably how would be seen because in. The early 20th century, these were dispassionate. Decisions, that were made very much like breeding cattle yeah, in fact that's how they learnt they they brought in experts.

In Breeding, animal husbandry and they asked how do you do this because at the time genetics. Was poorly, understood. So inheritance, was was based on numbers only and it was this idea of a phenotype. That's how you appear on the outside whether, or not you looked robust on the outside we're going to take you and you were going to match you with you know a proven. Breeder over here so male. And female were put together to get the best progeny, that's. How it was seen and and here, in the United States that, gave birth to, Hitler. Right, because, the Nazis copied, their eugenics. Program on what. Was, being done programs, that were actually, in place here in the United States some of which continued, as late as the 1970s. Programs. Of forced or rather, forced. Sterilization. Yeah. You. Know and this sounds almost crazy because this is not a part this this is not an aspect of American history that most of us are taught in school because it's unpleasant it makes us feel bad, it's not, we. Forget. The past and so, we fail to learn from the past those who fail to learn the lessons of history was. It Fukuyama who said this or Santa Ana Santa, Ana are condemned, to repeat it. The. Recent, past I mean this is within the living memory of many of you watching this program were people in places here in the United States were being sterilized, without their consent in a, lot of cases without their knowledge in fact. Because. They were considered, unfit. Parents. They come from a line of a. Line, of people who were of below average intelligence, they, tended to alcoholism, or unemployment, or poverty, and those traits, are inherited all, we need to eliminate them from the gene pool and so we'll just strike them out and again that is what the Nazis in the 1930s, ah, that's, what we need, do in order to build the master race sadly. They, I don't think many of them see it but that's what transhumanist, are pushing for today. Well let me tell you something that served francis, galton. Said. In the 19th century and, he was the one who coined the term eugenics, he, also. Pioneered. The science of fingerprinting. And, frankly. Phrenology, which is reading the bumps on your head he. Was one, of those people that got into a lot, he was also Darwin's, cousin. He. Said there are three stages to be passed through when it comes to eugenics, it, must be made familiar, as an academic question, until. Its exact, importance. Has been understood and accepted, as fact, -. It must, be recognized, as a subject, whose practical, development deserves, serious, consideration. And 3. It must. Be introduced, into, the national, conscience. Like. A new. Religion. And, that brings us back to Burning Man mmhmm yeah we'll, continue this conversation as, we prepare for the transhumanism, and the hybrid age conference, coming up in just a couple of weeks we'll tell you how you can participate from, your home in, that conference and we'll talk a little bit more about the, the. Intersection. Of robotics. And religion. As, evidenced. By what's going on out there in the desert of Nevada when, SCI ferrata continues after this. From. The Garden of Eden to our current day dark, Luciferian. Entities, have worked to destroy, mankind while, Biblical. Prophecy points, to a soon coming war between, earthly. Governments and a clash of colossal, proportions dr.. Thomas Horne says you cannot, understand, much of the Bible unless, you read and grasp, the revelations, in the gods of war super, collection, for your $35. Donation, during this very limited time offer you'll receive the alliance of evil the groundbreaking, new book by Pentagon, analyst, Lieutenant, Colonel Robert McGinnis. Which unveils, the prophetic, new dual cold war between the US Russia, and China unfolding. Across the global spectrum. Now the, gods of Ground Zero that explains, the supernatural. Forces operating, behind. Global, events and the, last clash of the titans which analyzes, the most overlooked. Prophecies, in the Bible and explains, how Jesus, Christ himself will soon go to war against, the gods of antiquity, but, with this three volume, critical, collection, you'll also receive, completely. Free of charge the brand-new, never, before released full-length. DVD, War, of the Gods Volume, one search, for the Titans walk. One-on-one. With your personal, guides Derek, and Sharon Gilbert through a tour of the, holy land including. Shiloh, Bethel, and Mount, Hermon, you, will see where the final, battle between God, and the rebel angels will take place and you'll, explore, for yourself Sardinia's. Megalithic, tombs of the Giants their connection to the ancient Canaanites.

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2017, Conference which features speakers, who will not be at this year's conference like la Marr sulla dr. michael lake and, some peer on blah yes and, me this year I just get to introduce all the smart people like sherry. So. You. Get two conferences, for the price of one video, streaming available, for the transhumanism, and the hybrid age conference at Gen six calm that's G en si, komm it's it's quite a deal and you get last year stuff as you said for free two-for-one love that yeah, this does lead to Burning Man because as. I'm going to be saying, in my talk in September, that it isn't, just the science, it is a religion, because, it's a religion, there are we'll. Just call the magickal, workings that, go along with it to give power to this the rise of this frankly it's a new god that's being that's. Being summoned mm-hmm, and as you would say it's probably Chronos, who's coming back very, very. Likely something's. Coming out of the abyss revelation, 9 makes. It very clear that there are a whole lot of things coming out of the best ultimately but they've got a leader, over them who chaos, monster, that would be Chronos yeah also. Referred to in the Bible as Leviathan, mm-hmm so yeah. As. God created order out of chaos. I'm. Not sure I would identify Chronos, with Leviathan I know because I think, Leviathan, was subdued in Genesis 1 verse 2, but I think the rebellion. At Genesis. 6 which, was led by the watchers the Titans occurred. Sometime later hmm. So I would I would suggest that those are two different entities well. That's what we don't know no, that's, just it we really don't know but. We do know that there, are festivals like Burning. Man taking, place across the country and across the world and many, of these festivals, have pagan, rituals. Yes accompanied as Carl teichberg calls them transformational. Festivals, the point is to transform. Society. Contrary. To the hopes, and dreams of, the neo atheists, like Richard Dawkins we. Are not becoming, a more rational and, less, religious. Society. Here in the West we are becoming more pagan. As we move into a post-christian, era we are becoming more. Pagan. And that's that's what's going on at Burning. Man and as Carl points out more than 200, of these festivals annually, across, the United States Burning, Man is just the biggest and most obvious, because it's got so much corporate, participation. And corporate sponsorships, is, that in the United States is that worldwide 200, United, States just. In the United States throw 200 States in Canada you know where, there are a lot in the UK right, no he said just any many, of are much smaller events, but. There. Are a couple hundred of them that take place in North America in any given year and you know some, of these installations. From, Burning Man have, become, art exhibits, at the Smithsonian, Smithsonian, right so this. Is infiltrating. Our our. Society, as Carl points out and. Carl, along, with some of our colleagues from Skywatch TV are at this year's event will report back when the event is over we don't want to bring them on and kind, of blow their cover, during.

The Festival which by the way runs through Tuesday, that's coming Tuesday September 4th. But. Carl has pointed out that the people, who attend these events are not. You. Know the 21st century version of hippies these are our friends, and our family, members our children, our grandchildren. Corporate. America. Especially the, tech industry, Silicon, Valley is there in force. The. Only reason Elon Musk isn't there this year is because he's just his, company, Tesla is in in total, this arrangement it's imploding yeah so he's got other priorities, at the moment but, Google. And and. Microsoft. And many of the other tech giants from Silicon, Valley are there and they're there in force and. Because. They shape our perception. Of reality I mean, in spite, of Google's, you. Know denials, this week no we don't filter search results, we're totally, unbiased yeah. Sorry, that's not true they do and, because, most of us interface, with reality, with the wider world through, a screen, mm-hmm. And through. Search engines, they. Control. The information that gets to us to a large degree and shape our perceptions, of reality so so true because everything, that we find online has, already, been chosen for us by an algorithm right, and we're at a stage now in American, life where and I thought, this was a brilliant. Description. Last week and I hopefully, hopefully, I can and repeat it and do it justice that Christianity. Now is sort, of like. Possession. Of cannabis, it's. Barely. Legal in most places but better off you. Know you're, better off just sort of keeping your keeping, it quiet, well. The interesting thing about that comparison is that the. Same, people who would make that comparison would also say it's sort of mind-numbing, yeah. Yeah because Christianity, has been seen by those within the pray the Atheist camp and even and agnostics. Has a crutch right and many, of the pagans, believe that Christians, are only getting a small and very. Narrow piece, of the overall puzzle, okay yeah they may recognize that there's a supernatural realm out there but they've got their minds closed, to, the. Totality. Or the reality of the spirit realm and they're repeating, the very question from Genesis, 3 did God really say exactly. Exactly, because this all goes back to the original lie. In the garden mm-hmm which, is at the very heart of the transhumanist movement he, shall be as God, yes exactly and it's very disturbing to me how many pastors. Out there are asking, that same question did. God really say yeah. Some. Brits addling megachurch pastors even saying yeah Old Testament no we need to forget about a hole like. That, sets up the whole fact. That's the whole battle. Right there the reason for the war that is the foundation, if you don't understand, the book of Genesis, you will not understand, the book of Revelation absolutely, that's right and too many American, churches are cutting the ends off the, like. Cutting the ends off the loaf of bread that's the best part right there and. Speaking, of the war the aunt long-running, war in, next. May we're. The Wars of the Gods tour, of Israel hosted, by sky watch TV Sharon and I am honored to be hosting, again May 12th through 23rd of 2019. Pastor. Carl gallops also, hosting this tour he is as the author of gods of ground zero he'll. Be doing some preaching on where those spots, are and why he says Jerusalem is actually ground zero for, the original, terrorist, attack Oh his. New book by the way I read it when, we were going out to Long Island and it is really, really, good yeah that book your book Lieutenant. Colonel Bob McGuinness this book that package, he's incredible, also the fall brothers are gonna be with us yes Justin fall and Westfall and we're told that rabbi zev Parata and his lovely wife Lynn will join us for at least a couple of days during the tour so this is a rolling conference. In Israel. That's, right how often do you get that we'll be talking, on the bus we'll be talking at the sites, that we visit and every, evening you'll have a question and answer session privacy, presentation, so this really will be a conference. Yeah yeah a rolling conference, from Dan to Beersheba across. Israel with Carole gallops Derick, and Sharon Gilbert Justin and Westfall sky, watch TVs wars of the Gods tour of Israel hurry. To get your reservation, in because they do want to get a head count as as, soon as possible, and the buses are filling out the buses are filling up they need to book hotel, rooms and Oh trust, me the hotel's top-notch.

The Fee absolutely. Amazing this will be a unique, one-of-a-kind, tour of Israel so don't delay Lipkin tours calm to sign-up Lipkin tours combat, sorry. Labor Day Monday so. Enjoy, your long weekend, hope it is a blessed one and with, Sharon Gilbert I'm Derrick Gilbert we thank you for watching as. We keep watch this. Is saiph riding from sky watch TV. You.

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