SciFriday at the Transhumanism and the Hybrid Age Conference

SciFriday at the Transhumanism and the Hybrid Age Conference

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Since. The dawn of the 21st, century. Scientific. Discovery, has rushed forward at lightning speed. Genetics. Physics. Computerized. Technologies. Robotics. Virtual. Reality. Join. Derek, and Sharon, Gilbert as they uncover the. Truth behind, this. Ultimate. Scientific. Deception. Get, ready, Oh sigh. There's. A growing group of people out there in academia and the tech industry. Who believe that death is a nuisance, that can and must be avoided at all costs. Welcome. To sigh Friday I'm Derek Hill but this is a special program as you can tell we're not in Studio word at the true legends conference, transhumanism. And the hybrid age we're, in the mansion theater here in Branson Missouri joining, us one, of the men, behind the conference the coordinators of the conference are actually producer the conference, Timothy. Albariño Tim it's good to see you again, good to see you they haven't seen you since we left our Guinean that's the last time we were doing this is exactly well, the and. Of course you see our friend George behind us at least that's what we nicknamed him he. Has a representation, of, the Giants, who walk the earth and of course that was a way of why we were in Sardinia, looking at the tombs of the Giants but, here the focus is going to be on the, next phase of human evolution or, illegal at least what some people believe will be the next phase of human evolution yeah. This is the the theme, of this conference is transhumanism, in the hybrid age and we. Think that this is the most prescient the most important, theme that we could be talking about right now and, it's. We. Have a post human, paradigm impending. For, our future and so we want to prep people we want to explain what that is and because. It's inevitable human. The, the. Fundamental. Hallmarks, of the human species are about to be redesigned. Now, who's, behind this movement and what are they trying to achieve well there's there's there's a transhumanist.

Movement And. Transhumanism. Basically. Is it's, a transitional. It's. Transitional, between human, and post human it's a movement that believes. That we can and should improve. The human condition by, modifying, human biology. From. The use of advanced technology and, so this is what the transhumanist Lobby is advocating, for NSA Lobby because they actually do have a Lobby that lobbies the government and what they want to do is actually. Even change laws so that so. That the full-scale model modification. Of human biology can, be legalized, in the United States and all over the world and and, as I said the the redesign. Of the human species can, can get, underway, what. Is the. Motive. I mean why, is. Is. Why. Do they they think humanity, needs to be redesigned and redefined well because you mentioned, the motive is to defeat there that's. Its immortality. They. Want to apotheosis. In, Chicago and they want to use technology, to do so that's the oldest line in the book you shall be as gods, and so this is definitely I, mean I think the best the best way to sum up what is transhumanism, its luciferianism. 101, that's, what transhumanism, is and so that's the kind of stuff that we're going to be discussing at this conference and and, this is this this, isn't this is an ancient I'm gonna be talking about the the, religious, roots of. Transhumanism. The hybrid age because, we're where we are here, and we're. Here because certain, things have have happened, over the last century, certainly the technologies, that have converged, to, make transhumanism. Possible, but, not only the technology, that theology has, come together for transhumanism, it's an ancient theology, it's the last religion, is the first religion, everything's, going full circle back to the beginning so, this. Is all about men becoming gods and, there's. A there's a lot of different, angles. To this and that's why we've got here at this conference we've got people. From all different walks of life coming from different. Professions. And and. We have some scientists, here we have of course we have we share their innate Gilbert yeah okay Gilbert there's gonna be our first speaker opening, it up the. Conference tomorrow morning, and we have Richard, Dolan coming, over from the world, of ufology and course Steve Playland and it's. Going to be very excited let's talk about the religious aspect of this you used the word Luciferian, and I think a lot of people assume that Luciferian, means satanic. That somehow, there's there's you, know that word for notes devil, worship when, you see the religious. Roots of transhumanism and Luciferian, what. Do you mean by that well. There's a difference between there's. There's a very slight difference between. Luciferianism. And, say. Satanism. I mean Satanism, is what most people are aware of where you. Know the blood sacrifices, and the really gory in-your-face. Satanist. Type stuff but luciferianism. Is is, a, lot more, inconspicuous. Luciferianism. Is what undergirds, a lot, of the philosophy, that we have today in our modern society which, is certainly. The philosophy of transhumanism which we, can a populous eyes into gods it's, it's it's exactly, the lie that was told, to Eve in the beginning that got us in the mess that we're in right now specifically. Sin and death and that's exactly what the. Transhumanist, movement is trying to overcome his death but, we're here because of this false doctrine, that came from the tree, of knowledge and, so we're going full circle back to that again it's, a very very old belief in fact the chapter in my new book last Clash of the Titans deals with Gilgamesh, in his quest for immortality so, you've got a quest that is at least 5,000. Years old but that's just the oldest record that we have certainly.

This Desire to become as gods precedes. Gilgamesh, by it by many many years so. There's, a religious aspect to this you talk about scientists, one of the scientists, that we're going to talk to. Or just be speaking here today in fact he's just walked in the door here at the mansion theatres dr. Hugo de garis who. Is a researcher, at the artificial brain laboratory of shaman University, in China so, there, is a very. Big. There's. A very strong movement inside the tech industry, we've, got sponsors. Ranging. From Google to autodesk, to. Other. Corporate, sponsors who are behind us is push to achieve. Artificial. Immortality. Or silicon. Heaven in, fact that's a line from the. Science fiction comedy show called red dwarf of, what. How, does the tech center sector, and and research, into the computer sciences and artificial intelligence play, a role in this well, there, are, there's. A lot of technologies, developing right now we've just gone through the. Information edge we, just came through the information that gave rise to the internet that, gave rise to personal, computers the kind of technology we're using right now to film this right that came through the Information Age of course the Information Age was preceded, by the industrial, industrial, revolution. The information, revolution and, now we're entering into, a, new revolution, which. Is a revolution. Which will see the. Modification. Of human biology and so these tech companies they're. Really. Where this is going and and. This, is this is going to start developing the next decade there, is an emerging, market right now it's under the surface and all these tech giant companies they know about it they're working towards it and. It. Has to do with the the green technology, genetics, robotics artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology. And, what's the purpose of it it is it, is the human.

Enhancement Market, and it's coming humans. Are going to be able to to. To finally, attain. The. The, suit the superhuman. Capabilities, of the guys and that, is really, what is at the heart of what these tech companies are doing they're Google. And a bunch of these other companies Apple, Microsoft they're. All the your own AI right now and. Right now it's weak AI and it's really powerful but wait until we get strong at which is coming they're all developing, robotics, especially, Google ranked, Google is is, buying, up all of the robotics, companies around the earth so, the developing, world robots. Artificial, intelligence but they're all secretly, working on genetics programs, and nanotechnology. And. Synthetic, biology, what. Is this what's the culmination, of all this is it is it better gadgets, is it is it faster Internet well we have 5g, Internet coming up soon but what is the culmination what's the purpose it's to redesign the human, human biology that is the purpose that's, where it's going and and. That is going to have drastic. Drastic. Ramifications. On human, society in the future one, of the blade you mentioned 5g technology, one of the things that I, wonder about when. We're looking at these promised. Benefits. Of. Redesigning. Humanity, 5g, technology, faster. Wireless. Internet experience, far. Faster than the 4G technology we have now which is fast, enough to deliver high-definition. Video to us really. Required in order to connect us through the Internet of Things the, Internet, of Things, promises. To connect everything that we own from our cell, phones to our sneakers. Through. The internet our. Washing machines our washing machines our our refrigerator, so I'm sorry mr. Gilbert your cholesterol is a little high for that butter today, things. Like that is, there more to it is there a hidden agenda at, work later that that we're being lured into to this promise of virtual, godhood well well I mean for one thing it's a massive, surveillance now when. You talk about 5g. You, know. Wireless. Technologies, is already, imaging, technology, you can be imaged by your Wi-Fi and this is mainstream news. Some conspiracy. Theory Wi-Fi. Technologies, imaging technology, you can be impenetrable, walls. I mean it's it they. Can get into 3d collections right 5g. Wireless telephones, agencies are already using so think about this total. Spatial. Awareness in, 3d everywhere. Because of the five G network total. Spatial in 3d penetrating. Every building, I mean that is very stats, that's Skynet, that. Would be really useful to a future one-world government wouldn't, it very useful it's a very frightening thing we're. Gonna talk about how you can take part in this conference the conference here is sold out Tim, so we do have so, how can people tape on if they can't get here the Branson which again the fire marshals not going to allow anyone else through the building's into the building how do they take partner bacon, livestream we, have a live stream available on Gen 6 calm, you can sign up for live free when you sign up for live streaming you can watch all of last year's conference, and. All of this year's conference and, even, if it's Saturday when you see this it or even Sunday sign up for the live streaming because you can still watch, it for.

A Month, it's. Going to run for a month and you can have access to last year's conference and this year's conference so you, you know there's a lot of time still to watch the live stream even if you don't watch it live so, it's. Like getting to conferences, for the price of one and you get access to the videos for this year's conference for another 30 days beyond, at the end of the conference so if you've missed something can go back and watch it on your own schedule in your own time and coming, up a subject that I find. Interesting and I'm curious to find out the the, Venn, diagram, overlap between these two subjects, what, does ufology, the UFO movement the possible. Existence, of extraterrestrial. Life have to do with the transhumanist movement. We'll. Talk about that when our conversation, continues, right after this. Warren. Marcus helps unlock the meaning from the ancient Hebrew of God's priestly. Prayer of the blessing, and unfolds. The mystery of this end times revelation. On how this prayer written, by God Himself can help you in your daily walk towards, Supernatural. Health divine. Provision, and the power and authority to, fulfill your god-given destiny and, purpose sky. Watch TV, is proud to announce the, ancient, priestly, prayer of the blessing, special, offer through. Warren's, revelatory. Book you'll discover, the supernatural. Power of the Hebrew language that. The Shekinah, glory is, the manifest, presence of the Heavenly Father that, Jesus himself the, high priest of the New Covenant prayed, this divine, prayer over his disciples. As he ascended, into heaven and, that, he's ready to pronounce this, divine prayer over you now plus, order, now and receive this, beautiful, authentic numbered. Replica, of the ancient, priestly, prayer pendant. With chain in. 1979. A Jewish archaeologist. Gabriel, barkay, discovered, two silver, amulets, in a cave opposite, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, inscribed. On the silver in the ancient paleo, hebrew was the ancient priestly. Prayer of the blessing, it is the, oldest, intact, Bible, scripture in existence. Today and is, four hundred years, older, than the Dead Sea Scrolls, the front of this incredible beautifully. Crafted pendant. Is inscribed, with the divine, prayer written in the ancient paleo. Hebrew as originally. Discovered, the, back includes, the prayer inscribed. In English just as we have in our Bibles, today also, included. With each pendant, you'll receive, an accompanying, priestly, prayer mini, booklet, so you can carry the prayer with you and proclaim, it over yourself wherever you go but that's not all included. Within the pages of the mini booklet, a special, free internet, link where you can see and hear, the divine prayer, pronounced, over you by Warren Markus in the amplified, Hebrew, to English translation. And you can hear world renowned messianic. Worship leader Paul Wilbur singing. The divine prayer over, you in hee brooo sold separately, these items hold a retail, value of over fifty, five dollars yours, now for your donation, of only $30. Plus shipping and, handling, the ancient, priestly, prayer of the blessing, special offer available now, at sky watch TV, order. Now or call one eight four four seven, five zero four. Nine eight, five. The. Drive to find is artificial. Superintelligence, to, create an artificial brain as it were as part of the transhumanist movement in joining us as a gentleman who's spent. A good portion of his adult life doing that working at shaman universities in China, he's. A gentleman I've interviewed in the past but I haven't spoken to for probably six years and is finally good. To meet him face to face is one of the featured speakers here at the true legends conference transhumanism, the hybrid age dr., Hugo de garis you it's good to meet you. Yes. And. We're just giving folks just a little bit of a tease here, of what you'll be talking about that we haven't left those, seven or eight minutes to talk and. You've got 90 minutes to speak later today, what. What will your topic, be what, are you bringing to the conference. Bloom. I. Should. Mention while you're here book the art Elector which, predicts. What. You call gigadeath. From. The development, of artificial intelligence is, certainly. A dire warning but what what why do you say that this is a gloomy prospect, I. Anticipate, that humanity, is going to split in, two major ways those, people in favor of building these god-like massively.

Intelligent Machines, I. Label. Them satellites, as artificial, intellect. Godlike. Mental. Processing, capacities. Zillions. Of trillions, of times above the human levels so, when one group is anticipate, will be in favor of buildings, so for, then it would be God illness and. The other group saying oh this is too risky. We. Can't afford to take the risk it's just too much at stake in, what's at stake will have very survival, of a human speech so we're, worried. About sort of a terminator scenario, and, those who are in who are believe. It's an acceptable risk and those who do not right. Yeah. There's always the risk of these machines once, they become sufficiently intelligent, like way about them then, they start to see us look. At mosquitoes. This, is human level intelligence this, is machine level intelligence, and, now that to all of us we're starting to actually converse, with our machines see, real. People. Becoming, conscious level, of artificial intelligence and the machines is rising, new ways so, that I could gap a human. Machine that. Gap is closed, and of course as that gate closes. People, are going to start asking the obvious question. Yeah are, we going to the. Human species are we going to allow the, machines become, as smart as we are smarter. Than we are isn't, that dangerous. Species. Dominance. Debate. In my species I mean is it going to be human beings and machines for. Debate. I, see. The 21st century is global. Politics, being, dominated by a forward question, should. Humanity. Build. Absolutely. Dominating. Our historical, Europe. We. May be creating the instrument, of our own demise exactly. So, in the form of a slogan do, we. Do. We build God's will. Do we build our potential, exterminators. We're. Talking 21st, century weapons. Deadlier. Than the. Major. Wars in the 20th century were largely between nation-states. Russia. And Germany Japan. And China. 20. Potential weapons like, in, the 20s of. 300. Million people died for. Political reasons and Wars produce, genocides. So. That's a third of opinion yeah. So. What happens when you create a weapons system that can act autonomously and, with. The power to control via. The Internet especially, if we develop the Internet of Things weapon, system again it's the Skynet, Terminator certain cinema so you don't, have to stay like much because, you have too few people, another. Word for being is Giga yeah ok, good death so, in a major war. But, simple reason that the stake what's. At stake here it's, not the survival of the country. It's, the survival, of us yeah, yeah. They would argue it's better to experiment, a few million of, these people who want to build machines for. The sake of the survival, of the billions, of human being either survive, right, so they will be ruthless. And. The other group thank, you sit around twiddling their thumbs they'll. Be listening attentively, to what these other groups say. They'll. Be taking power measures sure, and then with 24 second century weapons, you. Have all the hallmarks, all the, prerequisites. One. Of the things that's really intrigued, me about your work is, the way neural, networks work you, made a comment when we talked previously this. This is going back about five six years now about. How. Neural networks work and you made the comment that while you were researching, there at shaman university that we were doing great engineering, but, lousy science. What. Goes on inside those black boxes do we really know and how, might that affect what, comes out once the. Artificial. Intelligences, actually, become out. The, group that, is. Supposed, to building these packs, turbulent. Errands to, run as in Europe like, terra firma and, one. Of the arguments that the terrans, will use, is. Related what you're just saying you don't please. Evolutionarily. Involve, evolved, systems, there's so complexed you don't understand how they function usually both. So. Selects locks there's, no science. Engineering. Because. They both. So. The. Product is unpredictable, so, you could never be sure of their ethics. Maybe. They'll just be new to us consider. Us so, nothing's, yeah that's they just wipe us out and not give a damn that is a, key. Point as you can hear in the background here we got a lot of folks starting to come into the theater, here at the mansion in Branson, so we're going to someone yeah, it is a little bit distracting, as I appreciate, you being willing to soldier through but, please if you've not yet signed up for the live streaming do, so if only, taught.

By Doctors a garis and his very dire warning from someone on the inside who actually developed the. Neural networks that will power these artificial. Superintelligence, --is, why. This, may, be an, existential, threat to the human race again. Hugo I appreciate, you coming in especially again. With the less, than ideal interview, conditions here just, of course we like the backdrop of you know Jorge back there behind us will. Tell you more about how to sign up for the live video streaming in just a moment. Darren. Geisinger is the conference coordinator on the ground here at the mansion theater in Branson we're, standing in front of does. This fella have a name Baker I guess the Terminator, will call him that it's, a Steve quale book terminated, and yes, in, glory, of that Steve's new book terminated, it out and he got the real thing. It's. Gonna come alive at any second, and start chopping us up maybe I don't know that's pretty cool that's just one of these different statues. That Steve has okay. And should mention that Darren, by the way is the author of the science, fiction book zero-g, now you, address some of these issues of. Mechanized. EXO. Armors, exosuits, sir it's it is book takes place in this 2045. Sort, of it so it's human, yes the thing that characters can crawl into EXO, armors and have. Adventures, in, there and my designs might be conservative. For 2045. The way things are going so if the people want to see that look they could go to WWE. And. Guy singer calm, and, check out zero G's the, size of diction book and Timothy albariño did the forward to it and, it's, pretty, unique okay I have to see it to understand. All the different aspects of it we've got people who are already gathering here we not, only met dr., Hugo de garis of course Tim is here student, playlist here. Master, David Langford has just arrived. People. Who are, unable. To attend and if you're watching this I'm assuming you're not in Branson, and even, if you were this is already sold out and the fire marshals said no more coming, in the door how, do people take advantage of the live video streaming of what it would be what do they get when they assigned for the videos well they wanted to go to Gen, 6 comm W WH n6. Doc of G en si XCOM, and sign. Up for the live streaming and when they do that they get, 2017. True legends as well as a immediate. Video download, so they still have time if they signed up right now you can watch true. Legend 2017. Before, 2018 starts. And they can watch both in addition, to that they have 30 days after, this event to watch both of those so, you can see 2018. This event right here have it live and you'll have 30 days afterwards. To continue, to watch it and then all those the presentations, from 2017. Available on demand right as downloads yes absolutely yes so you gotta do it for the price of one yeah and plenty of time to watch the videos, on, your own schedule so, that you've, got to go, to work or sleep or something like that then, you have an opportunity to do that. What. Will people see when they. We talked a little bit with dr. de garis about his presentation, is warning about the dangers, of creating. An artificial superintelligence, we, know that Sharon we talked about her presentation, where witches got the. What's. The word I, am. A is where the sentence is the same forwards and backwards, palindrome. It's a palindrome right, but I think it's also the the other message of this conference is the genetic, corruption, to is not we artificially toast, about just the robotics, but our. Our humans, going to trade in their pure humanity, to be something, upgraded. Someday and what, does that look like and is that a hybrid half, human half or, part how, much do you have to trade in of your preview manatee, before you're not a human anymore and what are the dangers of that so this is what this conference is about it's about AI it's about robotics, it's about nanotechnology. It's about that you can get a kid, on, for, $175. To change your genetics right, now this is happening right now so, this is critical Richard. Dolan who's a renowned, researcher, in the field ethology, is going, to be one of the speakers in fact chase Claude scheme who is now the number two person. At the mutual UFO network MUFON, head, of their investigations. Was. Talking with her a few minutes ago she's here and she, said that one. Of the things that they are beginning to do at MUFON has moved back toward a an. Approach. To investigations, that our friend Joe Jordan of seeing for research has been promoting for a long time as a former, state director and now the National Director for South Korea. Not.

Throwing, Out accounts, of that. Appear to be more spiritual. Extraterrestrial. Abduction. Accounts. So, this is really interesting what what is the overlap, here what is the connection between the world of ufology in the world of transhumanism, well. Perhaps some. Of these entities are, the ones pushing, the. Corruption, of the human race whether it be an AI or, robotics, or trading. In our genetics, - tampering. With it perhaps. Creating. Hybrids on their own or. You. Know just just, corrupting. Ours because all flesh became corrupt before you, know what if this is going to happen again so a lot of people are watching to, see if these entities, who call themselves alien would are what are they and are they trying to meddle. In our genetics, again so there is overlap, and, hey, we might be messing up our own genetics we might be messing up this, but what if there's an outside force that's trying to get us the best in other words not extraterrestrial. But extra dimensional or interdimensional, gram, right calling themselves one thing but being something else in time it's all about the deception, so you know fallen angels might then be like. No. That's, all they do I mean some of this research. Nick. Redfern has a very interesting book called the final events and so he's not a believer and I loved his take on it when he just kept. Reporting, on how these entities, when people would be channeling, ETS, or whatever that they always seem to disparage, the Christian, faith and. Jesus singling, him high today so why are they pushing this agenda of, making. Christianity look, bad it just it's it's, obvious to us in the faith that what, they're trying to do but we've got to alert others. Cutting-edge. Information here, at the transhumanism. In the hybrid age conference, in Branson, Missouri to, the best of my knowledge this. Is the largest, Christian, conference, dealing with the subject of transhumanism, to date, remain. In rankin headline CSS, is this is gonna be big yeah and you can take part in it again Gen 6 calm to sign up for the live video stream you'll have access to the video presentations. For 30 days after the conference and take advantage of the two-for-one offer where you can download the presentations, from the 20 17, pages featuring. Discussions, of giants like old George Beckett. With. Darin Geisinger, and Sharon Kate Gilbert who's behind the camera that's doing a great job we. Thank you for watching as we keep watching I'm Gary, Gilbert this is SCI Friday from sky watch TV. You.

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