SciFriday: Archaeology Exposes the Horned God

SciFriday: Archaeology Exposes the Horned God

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Since. The dawn of the 21st, century. Scientific. Discovery, has rushed forward at lightning speed. Genetics. Physics. Computerized. Technologies. Robotics. Virtual. Reality. Join. Derek, and Sharon, Gilbert as they uncover the. Truth behind, this. Ultimate. Scientific. Deception. Get, ready for, side. Release. The Kraken it's. Time for, Friday. From, sky watch TV, welcome I'm Derek Gilbert joining, me in studio as, always our science advisor and my best friend the author of the Red Wings saga blood, lies blood rights and the blood is the life now. Available, Sharon, Kay Gilbert, and. Coming soon realms. Of stone realms, of stone not far, off we're getting, it right now mid to late April yes, mid, bit wow that's sort of fudge on. That, because I'm not really sure I'm gonna finish I'm working really hard on it but. Today we've got a couple of things that relate to and a movie of course was Clash of the Titans yes. Nathan. As Zeus yes that was one of the main reasons to watch that film in fact it's probably the only reason to watch that film well you know not the greatest, of CGI no. It's not but what, if you like a good good, giant monster that's. Pretty good doesn't. And yes. In fact there's the sequel, to Pacific Rim is coming out in in in April. Yeah. Kaiju, movies I know, they're horrible they're bad it's. Watching. Yes Godzilla, in a rubber suit yeah a rubber suit guys no zipper, on the suit that it's not yeah yeah so anyway, not part, of my sci-fi addiction. But, there. Are a couple things today at first I just very quickly want to touch on something that relates, to the book that Josh and I co-authored the. Day the earth stands still and by the way I was a guest on the podcast UFO. Live program. Which is a YouTube channel. Just, this. Wednesday, night and, I'll, put a link. The link is at Skywatch, you can find it there yeah. And. At Facebook at my own site Derek P Gilbert come so you can find that two-hour interview live. From our spare bedroom but, Martin. Willis was the host. Yeah. Yeah Martin Willis is the host and he very graciously gave me two hours to talk about how. We analyze the UFO phenomena and alien abduction phenomenon, through, a Christian. Lens and he's, coming at this from an agnostic point of view and he so but it was a very friendly. Discussion and the people in the chatroom were very gracious they asked some good questions how, do you how can you trust the Bible as truth, and that's a good question we should be ready to answer that right right so I I discussed, that and one of the things the points that Josh and I made is that the reason the UFO phenomenon, has, gained. Such traction, and the belief that extraterrestrial. Life is, real, and that, more than a third of American adults and about half of adults, worldwide believe. That extraterrestrials are, visiting, earth now is in, part because the Christian Church has not, done an adequate job of explaining, to church, Christians. Why, the, Bible can be trusted I want you to repeat that half, of the world believes we're being visited now. Yes half the world believes we are being visited by extraterrestrials. And I, argue right, right now today and when. You look. At what American Christians believe according to the Barna Group and that, only 10% of American adults have a biblical, worldview in other words even though three-quarters. Of us identify, as Christians only 10%, actually believe, all, of these propositions, Jesus lived a sinless life he was born of a virgin literally. Rose, from the dead Satan, is a literal, entity, and not just a concept or force you cannot earn your way into heaven you. Know there are like six basic propositions, Christianity, 101 and, anyone. Who agreed with all six of those according to Varna was defined as having a biblical, worldview so, 75. Percent roughly identify. As Christian only 10 percent of, American. Adults actually have a biblical worldview but among American, Americans. Who identify, as born-again, Christians, it's. Only like 17 percent have, a biblical worldview so. We say we, believe but. We don't really believe and, yet when you ask people are, we visited by extraterrestrial. Intelligences, 36, percent of Americans say yeah, and half. Of the world's adults when you include Europe Asia and, so, forth Wow and in part that's because Christians.

Don't Know what. Their Bible says look we as Christians, and this is a reason, that Josh and I wrote the book believe. That Earth is the day. The earth stands still we. Wrote that book because we. Believe the earth has been visited by inhuman. Entities for, thousands, of years. But. They're not extraterrestrial. No they're extra dimensional. Exactly, which is what we're going to talk about today yes exactly so that's the reason for the the, opening today because it relates to the old gods which is in the subtitle, of the book so there was just a video that was released along his right line and, I, think this is part of a marketing program to be honest with you because it's the same group just. This past week released a second, video showing. F-18. Radar. Footage or yes, it's infrared in infrared camera rather forward-looking, infrared radar, FLIR, caught. A very. Fast-moving. Object. This was an f-18, over the Atlantic Ocean the first one that was released back in December, almost. At the same time as our book was. Over, the the Pacific, that, one called the the, USS, Nimitz UFO. Incident. If you want to look that up you can find information about it on the web but interestingly Martin, Willis in the program told me about the Atlantic, Ocean. Encounter. That. He had been told by an f-18, pilot that, this was not previously, classified video. And, neither. Was the previous, video. Release. Those. Effectively, we were led to believe that right but. They had both been publicly, available. On. YouTube. Ten. Years ago in fact, this f-18, pilot told Willis didn't say I was from 2015 though we, said it was from 2015, but Willis, told me that, he had been told by another f-18, pilot that. It, had been used as a training, exercise. In. A training video of pilots, showing, how, you use, your, your. Infrared. Raider to. Track a fast-moving, object, they didn't even discuss it as a UFO. To them it's like okay this pilot did a really good job of framing and capturing, it and tracking, this this thing which might. Be really helpful in a combat. Situation if. They. Didn't know what it was but. The thing that's important is that this, video. Like the previous one released by the same group called to the stars Academy, of Arts and Sciences we've talked about them before this. Time they're putting out, Christopher, Mellon who, is a former Undersecretary. Of intelligence, in the Defense Department again.

Another Member of the intelligence, community putting, this, out there and saying we'll really really, don't know what this is but the government should be investigating. This know as. Far as that goes I agree mm-hmm, if Russia or China has, an object that can move half, again faster. Than, our fastest. Airplane the sr-71, xikar we need to know yeah but, it doesn't follow that just because we don't know what it is that. It's extraterrestrial. Well, so that's the key point again is this and I think this this group to the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences you go to their website their first. Thing you find up there is invest. Yeah, and here's how much they've raised two and a half million dollars already so. That's what they're doing at this is marketing ninety days after. The first one just when the buzz from the release in December died, down they released another video I predict, three, months mark my words April May June sometime. Around June we're gonna see another one from this group although I think that would make sense because that's coming up on the anniversary of every, year of Roswell, right so watch for it I'm along. This line yes well. You and I are gonna discuss and I even teach this at the. Facebook, group for the Red Wings saga by the way and if you don't belong then why don't you. The. Fact that you and I were on sigh Friday we're, going to discuss. Frankly. Our, research, that gets into a book that's gonna be coming out later this year hmm that is not about aliens. What, about your agents that are off the old gods that are often called, the aliens of today right small G gods and I, the. Whole Redwing saga it's about spiritual. Warfare just, what happens to use the, 19th, century, to teach it right but it's, about families. And coming together and really, leaning upon the Lord but, there are non-christian. Characters. In it as well but the bottom line is that there are also spiritual, entity characters. Right, and a, key element in any war. Is deception so this morning I was doing some research trying, to learn more about. Celtic. Gods and that, took me to the study of Haruna's. Know the sea pronounce. Her. New nose who is the Horned, God he's, a dying and rising God and he's. Often depicted, sitting. In a sort of you, know. Middle-eastern. Position. Mmm, you know with his legs crossed he, looks like that like Baphomet, right yes and I wanted, to learn more about him I came across that pillar called the pillar of the. Boatman. The boatman, thank you very much that was discovered, underneath. Not. Read all the. Is. In the Hunchback of Notre Dame exactly, in Paris that, Notre Dame has built over an old Roman, temple. Okay. All right and, first. There was a sort, of a smaller, Church than the notre dam was built over that but it was all on top of this temple. To Jupiter.

Okay. And, oh. I. Have no idea I'll look at probably third century BC yourself but the wall that, was around, this temple had, these. Stones, in, it then comprised, the pillar and the. Pillar contains. Effigies. Sort, of bough reliefs of a. Lot of different gods and, it's, dedicated to probably. A dozen or more gods yeah this temple, was used to worship the the pillar was dedicated, to Tiberius Caesar, Augustus who, became Emperor in the year 14 ad. Yes. So this is concurrent with Jesus. And the Apostles. Even. More interesting new, nose is one of the biggies on this pillar and he's, sitting there you, know like he's the king, of it all right, right, the which, gets into your research well. In this. Morning I said guess what I found and he's got horns like a ball right, her new nose is the, the, etymology there is really intriguing but what, what attracted, my attention in, that was the. Similarity, to and. The imagery of the the, horns and. This being the Horned God because. Of the research I've been doing for the forthcoming. Look. Honey he's got horns yeah last question logically. Speaking the. The Celts. May, well go back to. Galatia. Yeah, good one Anatolia, yeah Anatolia, is modern-day Turkey and anta till in fact I'll put a map here so you can see it because. That's again, key to what I am researching. For my book which not only deals with the old gods of, the. The Amma writes the neighbors around ancient. Israel but it looks at the prophecy, of Gog, and Magog in Ezekiel 38 and 39 because. The coalition. From the north. Gomer. And. Meshach. And to Baal and, Beth, to garma the, house of togarmah coming. From the uttermost parts, of the north, well, the uttermost parts of the north is a. Designation. I believe, that points, to the holy mountain, of or, the the mountain that was sacred to. The. Storm God but all bail Mount. Zafon because. The phrase that Ezekiel used three times in Ezekiel 38 and 39 is only used to other places in the Bible once. In Psalm, 48 which compares Mountain Zion to Mount zafon talking. About how beautiful is Zion and elevation, in the uttermost parts of the north, but. Also in Isaiah 14, mm-hmm, which talks about, how. Art thou fallen Lucifer. Son of the dawn wanted to establish his throne above the stars of God in, the heights of the North the sides of the north the uttermost parts of the North the same phrase, so I think we're looking at cosmic, or supernatural, North but.

All Of them the. Nation's that are named are coming from Turkey but. Interestingly. One. Of the gods, who. Is key to all of this is the, leader, of the Titans and, in. The book I'm gonna show how the Titans and the, Watchers, of the Bible are the same because. They were both and. This is documented in the Bible the angels who sinned who kept not their first estate, mhmmm kept. In Chains and gloomy darkness in Tartarus. Like. The, Titans and, I know that god you're gonna make the small G God you're going to name in a minute his name is very similar to her new nose her new nose and that is the leader. Of the Titans Chronos, mm-hmm but, here's the interesting thing and this is from a scholar by the name of. Why am I forgetting his name now all of a sudden it. Is not, Wyatt yes it is Nicolas Wyatt thank you who, has an expert, in Ugaritic, literature. You Garrett was the amorite Kingdom just south of mountains, Afon around. The time of the judges he, writes about the Council of the d'etat new or in the tribe of the d tania which is an ancient amorite tribe that all the MRI Kings traced. Ancestry, Fung and another. Scholar named, Omar. Honest, said. That's the origin of the word Titan, in the Greek was the name of this ancient amirite tribe so. In other words the amorite Kings believed they were descended, from the. Titans well this makes but, but here but. Here this this gets to the the the whole aspect the Horned aspect, of her new nose the, bovid, bull, like sense. Of the form de Kanu is. Particularly, intriguing, and view of other Torah. MoEF Torah Toro morph or bull like elements, in their tradition and by the way he points out that de Cano is based on the Akkadian, word for, bison, or Oryx. Which is the now extinct, form. Of giant, cattle that roamed a, ancient. Asia thus, the prominent Titan Chronos was later identified with, L. The. Chief Canaanite, God who. Is given the epithet TR. In. The Semitic which means bull he's called the bull L in Ugaritic, and biblical, literature, skipping. Down though furthermore, the name Chronos. May. Well carry the same nuan since it may be construed, as referring to bovine horns, based, on the Akkadian, a Greek word car, new QAR and you and the Hebrew word, quran q, er en which. Featured prominently in divine iconography, the ancient Near East the, ancient Near East all the gods were these helmets said in multiple sets of horns.

Chronos. May instant mean the horned one oh my goodness, we're going to have to discuss this after, the break though yes there's more to go on this and all about archaeology, and the gods that are coming back exactly, right it's, science. In the sense that archaeology, is helping us discover all of this we just wish the archaeologists, were looking at this through a biblical lens but that's why we do what we do and sigh Friday continues, after this the, Ripper history named another victim and a, new shadow arises. In the East a monster. With a ravenous appetite for. Human blood. This ancient vampire challenges, the leadership, of Red Wing a fracture. That erupts into civil, war at Queen. Anne house the, wedding day of Charles and Elizabeth approaches, but, treason, within the inner circle, threatens, to destroy all. Their lives the, clock is ticking towards a final showdown between good, and evil who. Will. Remain standing the. Blood, is the life by Sharon, Kay Gilbert, book, 3 of the Redwing saga part, of this exclusive offer, get. All three books of the Red Wing saga plus, dr., Michael Heiser's groundbreaking. Novels the facade and the portent, a $90. Value yours. For, a donation of, just $40. Call. Eight four four seven, five zero four, nine eight five or logon, to sky watch TV Follow. The cultural, and historic, backdrop behind paul's words in the new testament that correct the record on some of the most misinterpreted. Scriptures, in modern, history in relation. To the issue of women their leadership role in the church and understand. Properly what Paul was responding, to when the ax pistols, were written sky, watch TV is proud to announce one, of the most anticipated talked. About new, releases of the year the, handmaidens. Conspiracy. Promotional. Offer when. You order the handmaidens, conspiracy, from sky watch TV, you'll, receive sky. Watch tvs brand new beautifully. Bound limited. Edition red letter King James Version, of the Holy Bible, with. Apocrypha. In addition. To the old and new testaments, this never before released one-of-a-kind. Deluxe collector's, Bible includes, the ancient, apocryphal. Books like Enoch, Jubilees, and 15, more ancient, texts that the disciples, of Christ read and quoted. From this. Gorgeous, limited, edition Bible is available, exclusively from, sky watch TV, and holds a retail, value of $80. Yours, absolutely free, for, a limited time that's, right, absolutely free, when you purchase the handmade, this conspiracy, promotional, offer also. Included, in this once-in-a-lifetime, offer is, the Donna Howell collection, that includes all three of her runaway best-selling. Works radicals. Redeemed. Unredeemable. And final. Fire sold.

Separately, This unprecedented, promotional. Offer retails, for one, hundred, and sixty, dollars yours, now for only twenty, nine ninety five, plus, shipping and handling this, is one of the most exciting, promotional, offers, we've made available and, you don't want to miss this opportunity to, receive all four of best-selling author Donna Howells, works along, with the remarkable, deluxe, collector's King James version of the Bible that, includes the ancient, apocryphal, books of Enoch. Jubilees, and 15 more ancient, texts in fact, order, numerous, sets to give away to every, Bible enthusiast, and student, you know the, handmaidens, conspiracy, promotional, offer order, now at the sky watch TV, store or call one eight four, four seven, five zero four, nine eight, five. Welcome. Back to sigh Friday from sky watch TV and I'm Derrick Gilbert along with Sharon Kay Gilbert we, get, into stuff like this in our monthly magazine, every month I watch TV magazine, you can find the, information. On getting a subscription at, the sky watch TV store online at sky watch TV store calm, in. Fact the, article. That I put in this month's magazine is. About reversing. MOLLE reversing, Molech the god of death and child sacrifice, in the ancient Near East but we've, got stuff like that every month from authors like Sharon Kay Gilbert Tom Horn Allie Anderson. Westfall, contributing, now and doing a wonderful job with the layout of the magazine now anyway. Sky watch TV store calm to get yours and. You. Want to get the Red Wings saga because I discuss, spiritual warfare and all, of this and that's why I was researching this this morning because the, God hernu knows who's going to play a big part. Yeah a future. Book a very big part of been slowly. Explaining. Through, various, characters, what's really going on supernaturally. You. Know this God her new nose he's very interesting, because there's.

A Relief, that shows, him again, in that seated position like, Baphomet, and. They're. They're a couple of elements one is that he inevitably. Is shown with a horned. Snake. Horned. Snake, sort of like well, a dragon. Yeah. Sort, of like Tiamat. T-mod, that he apparently in, some poetry. Has. Conquered. Mm-hm, and yet partnered, with, yeah. It's a very strange thing in fact this snake, in one, part when one of the poems a, pict poem, he, conquers, the snake and then wraps it around his waist is about hmm. And then he and the snake work together to. Kill off the villagers that hired him to kill his neck oh, yeah. It's not a very good hero story but he's, shown in one image, has. Standing, between Apollo. And, mercury. Huh. As if he's this, was a powerful one he's seated and they're standing on his, sides and because, he's seated in his heads about the same height he's, clearly bigger that's, really interesting because that's a blending of Celtic. And, greco-roman. Cosmology. But. It all goes back to the same thing here's the interesting thing I found out in the, study of bail Hammond which is the other God identified, with Kronos Saturn, and L, you, know all the same entity bail Hammond was the Phoenician, aspect, of the same god Saturn, for. The Romans Kronos for the Greeks L for the Canaanites. Found. That even though Saturn, or rather Jupiter, among the Romans in the Mediterranean, was the, king of their gods the, storm, got equivalent, to Zeus, and Bale. Among. The people especially, in North Africa where the Phoenicians, colonized, bail. Him on Saturn. Was, the chief god didn't. You tell me that him on and Herman well. No. Actually I asked my Kaiser about that come on and Mount Hermon are in Adam illogically different, but scholars. Do believe that Hammond. Baile Haman means Lord of hamon Lord. Of the immodest the immodest mountains which are just to the north of Mount, Hermon you. Know what is modern-day Turkey not Mount Hermon just adjust to the north of amounts, of fun in modern-day Turkey is that the area with the Liu Yun's yes, a people, group called the Louie UNS who spoke a language very similar to ancient Hittite hell, eww, I am. Right this is in the area would have been Northwest. Syria and south eastern, Turkey, right around that bend of the Mediterranean, there the north eastern. Corner of the Mediterranean, some. Mountains, there that were considered sacred mountains, but. Bale Haman means Lord of the ominous AMA, and us the ominous mountains, very. Close to mountains of fun which was bales holy mountain that's really, really Vail considered. The son of El. Didn't. Fall far from the tree yeah, in fact I'm looking at an entry on the, Luo Yin age, and, there's. A relief. From. Melody which was one of the main centers of the, weather God storm. God mm-hmm, and its companion battling. A serpentine. Monster. Yes, yes, and it was that right, it's it's it's. What they call the chaos Kampf there. Is a common. Myth. Among, the legends of the ancient where the religions. Of the ancient world from Sumer, to, the. Hittites the hurry ins the Louie ins. The. Greeks the Romans, the. Germans Thor, had to defeat and, I'll we. Talked about some under. I won't, pronounce it. But. It's the same thing the storm, god a warrior, God had to defeat a a, monster. Representing. Chaos among. The hurry ins and the Hittites it was illion 'kiss the. India, the Indian civilization. The Indus River Valley Civilization. Had a similar myth, Tiamat. La vie ofin in the Bible which, is the actual, story but. Of course God defeated, Leviathan, by the second, verse of Genesis. Chapter one he doesn't even need a hammer doesn't need a hammer to do it doesn't need help from other gods as in these other minutes but. Yeah, it's it's a consistent story and it's not a coincidence, that, they all had the same or, very similar, myths. The by. The way the mountains today the, - Mountains now called the nur nur mountains. Which, in Turkish means mountains, of Holy Light oh that's. Very interesting. Yes it's very interesting well it's, not coincidental, I don't believe that in the book of Revelation that the churches that the. Letters are addressed to in the opening chapters. Are, all in Turkey yeah Anatolia. That area is so important, and the tribes that are listed in most. Of them that are listed in Ezekiel 38 from, Anatolia. Yes exactly including. What, groups. That later became the Galatians but Galatia Cappadocia, Phrygia. The. The Luo Yin most. Of us have never heard of the luhan's but there was a a. New. Translation. Of a Stila that, was just released this past summer that dealt with I. Believe, it was in Luo Yin but it was it. Dealt, with the fall of Troy and the, migration. Of people after Troy.

From. The Aegean to the eastern Mediterranean, the, Troy. Even, though most of us have just read the Greek myth the. Greek myth of the. Fall of Troy the Trojan War the Trojan, horse of course. Most. Scholars now believe that was an actual historical event, yes that occurred. At about the same time or just before the fall of, what. What they call the end of the Bronze Age because there was a Bronze Age collapse when most of the kingdoms in the midst of Mediterranean, the Hittites, the. The. Ugaritic. Civilization. It. Was about the time of the judges where the Israelites, were establishing, their Kingdom right Egypt, almost fell but the Rameses the third the son of Ramses the great was able to hold off the Sea Peoples the. Luhan's were part of this in fact it's believed that the louie ins. Controlled. All of southern and western Turkey, and that Taemin might have been the kingdom of Troy might have included the kingdom of Troy oh that's, really interesting so. Do you think that these peoples actually, were a mirai's no. They're indo-european. Not Semitic speaking so there's probably a difference but they provide the connecting, tissue they, were the mode of transmission for, all of the stories that go back to Sumer, Babylon. From, the ammonites to. The west to the Greeks and Romans in. Other words the myths of the Greeks and Romans Zeus. Was Tarun. To the Lu Ian's was. Haddad. To the amorite was, ish ker to. The Sumerians, the storm God the same entity, different names that's really, aunt what the older god Enlil. L. Or, Dagon, perhaps. I. Knew. It. Was. Kumar. B yes, in the in the hurryin and Louie n' myths. And then Chronos. He'll. Bail, him on her and might be her new nose right exactly, and this. Consistent, thread of the the bull or bovid, imagery, yeah, very. Very interesting, stuff and archaeology, has helped us find all of this and. Again it's it's deception. Its deception, because today in the modern age were so scientific, we find it easier to believe that they were just astronauts, from another world, ah which, ties back to the book Josh and I just wrote well I can't wait for your new book to come out and maybe earth stands still you can still order that yes, yes. Our official, disclosure calm yeah yeah oh there you go well this, has gone back way too fast, we need to do like three. And what we need to find some multiverse, technique, to pack, about three times well. We lost an hour of spring so Ian yeah okay. Thank you for watching as we keep watch with, Sharon Gilbert I'm Derrick Gilbert and this is sigh Friday from sky watch TV. You.

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