SciFriday: AIs Learn 'Human' from Social Media

SciFriday: AIs Learn 'Human' from Social Media

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Since. The dawn of the 21st, century. Scientific. Discovery, has rushed forward at lightning speed. Genetics. Physics. Computerized. Technologies. Robotics. Virtual. Reality. Join. Derek, and Sharon Gilbert as they uncover the. Truth behind, this. Ultimate. Scientific. Deception. Get, ready for, sign, right. There. Isn't, a single flashlight. App that isn't spying, on you right now. Welcome. To sigh, Friday from sky watch TV I'm Derek Gilbert joining us our science advisor my, best friend and the author of, the brand new book realms. Of stone book 4 of the red wing saga Sharon, Kay Gilbert I'm. Gonna go show off my phone right now, wise. That's. A quote by the by, John McAfee who founded McAfee security, the company that makes the antivirus, software well, you would know yeah there are a lot of free apps out there but I think the point is if. The app is free, it's not really. Free. Well that's there is no free lunch yes there is no free lunch in social media is included, in that so if we go into social media with, the expectation, of privacy. Are. You really that gullible yeah. Are you really ya know that we, are the product anymore, oh yeah we are the product and when it comes to the, devices that we take for granted and, have been using we've been talking about this at conferences. Since 2011. Since tickity - since back, in the day. You're. Just such an old codger. Oh yeah. Wait there. Isn't anything out there that isn't tracking your data because technocracy the, technocrats, who want to bring, us into a. One-world. A virtual. Babble if not an actual babble, a one world government system, need, all kinds of data that they can crunch and then, use to, justify. Controlling our lives well exactly --part meters those. Little devices that the insurance companies, say hey track, your driving, habits and we'll give you a discount what, do you think they're doing with that data it's not just making sure that you're safe it's so they can track where you go how, much gasoline you use what roads you, drive on and that, data is being sliced. Diced, turned, into mounds and mounds of julienne fries and, then sold, to, the highest bidder exactly, we're providing the julienne, fries ourselves, you're being sliced and diced and then we buy them exactly, yeah and we're volunteering, all this information, it's stuff. That the CIA, would have drew what, have killed, in probably. Fifty, sixty years ago they were they wish they could have had there's an interesting term called. Psychographics. Psychographics. Psychographics. Demographic. Its demographics. Taking a look at your psychology, and, those. Of us who are on social media how many of you have played a game on social media how many of you well. There's a. Take. Service find, out your personality, find out your your hidden names I know what your name means has. This game guess your age I see. Those posts. Every. Day, taken. By people who. Are, frankly. Intelligent. Folks sure and yet they are volunteering. This information, and it's organizations. Like. Cambridge. Analytical. Right that are running these little online applets. And games in, order to figure. Out how best to serve up the next day to, serve man yeah, that's. What's psychographics. Yes, yeah that's. Why. The, NSA built, its huge data center out in Utah and the irony of course is that when privacy, advocates back five years ago were warning. About this huge Center in in Utah, that was going to save all of our data the. Amount of data that, is being generated, through.

Our Online activity, now is, way, more than the NSA can collect yeah so yeah and that's not to say they you know that it's okay that they're doing it I'm just saying that, there's. No way they can keep up with the flood of data that's out there but we're, volunteering, so much because these. Are fun. There. Are certain, apps, that, are useful. For personal. Security you can find. Where your child is by, tracking their phone these days but. Of course that means somebody else you, know there's a connection point between that, phone and your phone there's. A connection somewhere this, data goes somewhere, between the computer screen and the rest of the world you picture, it this way that every time you upload a photo or, something. About yourself, or your child does, right right social media you, may as well stick a sign in your front yard it's the same thing the, only difference is on, social media everybody. Has access to your front yard right, if, in your real fight yard it's generally, just your neighbors use it but, this is anybody, and everybody has potential, to see it and that includes organizations. Like, Cambridge analytical. Right what are the if, you're not familiar with Cambridge analytic, a it has to do with the Donald Trump election, right but also it brexit yeah it, was a company. Formed, from a parent, organization, called SCL elections, in, the UK, they, were, able to obtain data, cambridge analytical, it is from, facebook, and this is how this all came to light now I'm convinced, that it mainly came to light because Donald Trump actually won the election well probably it was an app that was on Facebook. And, this is not the first time Facebook is participated. In electioneering. No. Not at all during the Obama election. Right a campaign. Official. With the Obama campaign has come out within the last month or so and said you know Facebook. Let us essentially, grab. All of their data cambridge. Analytic is getting grilled by the government, of the UK or was grilled a whistleblower. There came out and testified before parliament mark. Zuckerberg recently, had to testify before the united states congress. And. Again I think it's because Trump. Wasn't supposed to win and so now they're looking for heads that can roll but, the fact is the Obama administration, got access to even more information in this particular person.

Who Worked. For the Obama campaign said, we were frankly surprised, that, they let us get, away with it and then we were told later when we met with Facebook, officials that they'd let us do it because they were on our side well on Facebook is they. Are telling, a Washington. And also the, the people who have you and me that. We're really sorry your data was, Tate was used by Cambridge analytic, Cambridge. CA came, to us and said we want to install this game on your site we want to or this app on your site we're, gonna use it to and, it's used all the time you Facebook, is used all the time we get a psychological. Profile of you you know for advertisers, and it's done all the, time because we're the product because we are the product, Facebook. Is saying that see a Cambridge, M analytic, agreed, to scrub. The data as, soon as it was done well, CA apparently, kept it yeah he didn't delete it but Facebook. It's. Hard to say exactly what the agreement was, yeah. Yeah though the fact that Facebook allowed, them to have the data in the first place they can't they don't deny that that's a bit troubling saying they're angry, because it wasn't deleted, do. You really think that anything, is ever deleted, no no, the. Implications, here which. III. Think we are, just, beginning to grasp but I don't think most users, of the internet really understand is how, intrusive, this. Really is. Facebook. And other social media, sites Pinterest. Instagram. And. There are a number of sites a couple of years ago we talked to opal, singleton about ones, that are really popular with teens and young adults who. As she points out have, not yet fully developed their frontal lobes and so they're not using really good judgment some of these social media sites we're, should volunteering, this information, because we get some, sort of a psychological, payoff, you. Know we get a hit. Week we create. Virtual. Selves. That are the selves that we wish we could be exactly, so when we get lots of likes or whatever yeah thoughts, yeah and and there are psychologists. And psychiatrists now saying that this is one reason that teens, especially here in the United States are so depressed, because if they're, not getting enough hits on their Instagram, or.

Pinterest. Pinterest is for old people I guess but, Instagram, site or wherever whatever they're using, you. Can. Send them into depression, mm-hm and their, lives are organized. Now around. Like sand hits and and that. Kind of positive, emotional. Feedback and psychological, feedback via the Internet, well years ago we had to get hot what. Exactly right that years ago we had to get through actual, social. Interaction, yeah. But. Because that all that information is going out there and it is going through the, NSA, the CIA mi6. GCHQ, whoever else, that, data doesn't ever go away it's not like smoke that disappears, into the air and just is, lost forever it's, goes. Somewhere. It's stored and others have access, to it. You. Talk about parents sharing images. Of children and grandchildren, we, really need to be careful this is one of the things that opals singleton was warning about parents grandparents, don't, put things out there that will draw, predators. Pedophiles. To, your children, and grandchildren exactly. There's metadata, in those photographs right, -, times the pedophile, can use the metadata to track your child I find him or her we, are through. The computer we've done the virtual, equivalent of tearing, all of the blinds and draperies off of our windows so that everybody, can see into our homes every room of our homes all the, time and I, mean that literally because our kids are going to bed at night with smartphones, with cams. On webcams, on them yeah, and sharing. Information chatting. And whatnot, with people that we don't know so. That so, it it. Is frightening this Cambridge analytical, thing I think, has got elites, upset progressives, upset because again it helped Donald Trump get elected the information, the. Point is though that, this. Information, is being used by. People. Way, beyond Cambridge, analytic and I think it's as, you pointed out this morning it's laughable in the news now Cambridge analytic as announced okay we're. Going to shut, down our operation, we're really sorry for what we're did we're going to close the company down we're gonna the, offices, will be clean it they've, already just. Resurfaced. There's a company called Emer data yeah that is in the old SC I SEL. SEL offices. Right I mean they were sharing it and basically they just changed the name on the mailbox is. All they've done this. And. It's in the same sense the data that is out there will. Never ever go away, no at the very least the data often, gets backed up to another. Site and you. Want that to happen because if only, one place has your data and for, whatever reason if it gets hacked or if the electricity, goes to out or something, just you know that the server itself dies then. The day just lost and we all hate that if you've got pictures stored up in the cloud and you're paying for storage you don't want it to disappear right, so. There are copies, there are servers that are backed up there are there there are duplicates, there in there but, imagine now let's, just go it off into crazy world and let's decide that, that's the take a look at an artificial, intelligence, that is growing or learning, about humans, this, idea psycho graphics. Yes and, artificial. Intelligence using. Psychographic. Scratching. Scraping day algorithms. Me to go through and look at all of these, various. Apps and games they. Can learn a lot about you very quickly right in fact that's the point as you started, to say and I interrupted you and derailed it but that that's the point of a lot of these online games is to test. How we respond, to certain things if you provide a reward, for doing a certain thing say. In farmville will, you be more altruistic where, you'll be willing to help out other players in. The game if you get a reward what, if we change the reward how does that affect the behavior of the people playing the game it's, learning by, testing our behavior and we, know for a fact that Facebook Twitter, Microsoft. Apple are Google, all trying to develop artificial.

Intelligences, It, isn't just these corporations, governments, are also using, algorithms, and their credit created entire. Scenarios. Taking, a look at world's cities and how pressure. In this one area of the, world how. It affects, the rest of the world if I can't I get away with doing this in a city which, reminds me there's a strange thing that happened in was. A New, Jersey that, had a small, town that suddenly. Had explosions. In April, yeah yeah in fact I talked about that on yesterday's, 5. & 10 update suddenly, these explosions, have found it in the middle of the night and people were running out of their homes to see what was going on turned out that there was an exercise, taking place by the military, right, nobody, knew. Small town in North Jersey near Paterson, so it's essentially the New York City metro it's totowa if I pronounced it girly yeah. Holding urban warfare exercises, but they didn't bother to tell anybody were you and I tracked urban warfare exercises. Before that, took place in Indiana when we lived there and those, were announced, well in advance in fact some of the locals volunteered, to be victims, and, it, allowed triage. Exercises. To take place you, know the medical personnel to come in but. When you don't tell anybody you. Run the risk of, annoying. A lot of people it makes me wonder if it was intentional then nobody was told in other words let's see how the locals we are react, exactly. Exactly. So, the question is now what what happens with all of this data when artificial, intelligences grab, it and learn from it it's one of the things we've been talking about with the television series Westworld it appears to be one of the questions they're exploring, have, we lit the fuse on, the. Ultimate, demise of, humanity, well. As Christians believing in prophecy the answer is no but we'll continue to debate that question and discuss it when seif rioting continues, after this. There. Is a genocide, of deadly, processed, foods happening, right now in, the United States creating, a health epidemic more, pervasive than, anyone, ever imagined. But now you, can arm yourself with the knowledge to keep you and your family, from becoming its next victim sky, watch TV is proud to announce the time bomb special, offer when you order time bomb from the sky watch TV, store you'll also receive the, time bomb companion, DVD this, incredible, DVD, includes, special. Never before released off-the-record. Interviews, with, healthcare professionals, like dr., Ralph umbria co dr., Joshua Vance and dr.. Matthew Sam's on the current food crisis. In the US and tips. On how to achieve your, optimal, physiological. Health this. DVD, is nearly 5 hours in length and also includes, the entire sky, watch TV time bomb, television, series with, Joe horn ally Anderson. And Derek Gilbert but, that's not all you'll also receive eat, this and live for, kids, this colorful fully, Illustrated, book by dr. Don Kolbert walks you step, by step, through, how to begin teaching your kids to, love the foods that will love them back while. Out shopping how to avoid deadly, toxins, and many common kids foods and household. Products what, to feed your kids from, preschool, to preteen, healthy. Snacks they will love and what, supplements, they'll desperately, need and so, much more but. The health epidemic, isn't just limited to humankind. Also, included, and this unbelievable. Special, offer Joe, artist horns a best-selling, book the dead pets don't lie expose. And companion. DVD this. Shocking book, and DVD collection, sounds, the alarm on the scandalous, practices. Of the commercial, pet food industry learn. How the FDA is allowing, big scams where detestable. Poisonous. Pet foods are being passed off as healthy, and causing, pets to die prematurely you'll. Learn everything you, need to know in order to quickly read pet food labels, and allow your pet to avoid these toxic, ingredients, sold. Separately, these items, hold a retail value of over $100, yours, now for a donation of only $30. Plus shipping and handling take control today the timebomb special, offer is your field guide to avoiding, the deadly processed, foods and ingredients that are creating a massive wave of health crisis, in America, this, information, covers every, member of the family, the adults, children and even our pets begin.

Transforming, How you and your family eat and live, now. The, timebomb, special, offer order, now at the sky watch TV store online or, call eight four four seven, five zero four. Nine eight, five. Welcome. Back to size riding, from sky watch TV I'm Derek Gilbert with Sharon Kay Gilbert the book is here the book is here it's it's now in print or on Kindle it's at Amazon, but I tell you what for those of you who love, to, get the deals we. Just placed the order for the Big Sky watch TV store, order. It'll, be here in six to eight weeks I think and we. Will have a special bundle that we'll be announcing when. Derek and I get back from Israel there will not be a, sigh. Friday for. The next few weeks because, we'll, be in Israel if we, get a chance you upload a quick five-minute hi this is what we're doing we'll do that but for. The most part you will not see a full-length. Sigh Friday for. Three. To four weeks well it'll be the first Friday in June we return on the 28th. Memorial, Day yeah yeah so it'll be the first Friday in June when we get back yeah so can you wait that long by then we'll know exactly what the deal is gonna be and we'll announce that for pre-orders, and that in the meantime go, to, and, you can, just. Search for realms, of stone by sharing Kate Gilbert you'll find out if you've not read the other three books the deal still it's still going on you can, get the Heiser books the Heiser books are not part of the new offer I can tell you that okay all right yeah facade and the portent. Well. You know i-i've read both of these and I keep them around as reference, material well, in fact someone at the Red. Wings saga group on Facebook. Mentioned. That they had just finished reading my. Books but also read the hyzer books and they loved them yeah because, he really. Talked, about the footnote, in your books. Yeah their novel, with footnotes, the only other author, I've seen do that is Bryan Kedah wa yeah he's done that in in some, of his his. Was. Chronicles of the apocalypse, is what were the one that he put noted yeah Chronicles of the Nephilim well, written he's a Hollywood, screenwriter. An, award-winning, Hollywood, screenwriter very, well writing style yes chronicles, of the apocalypse, he footnoted, it because he's he's, got a particular view of prophecy you don't agree with him there but we'll have plenty of time could he's coming on the Israel trip plenty, of time do well you know Sean. Worries wrong, but. Great, in Christian look but but great stories, though great stories and. What, he does is what. You're doing and take theology, and what Mike's doing using. Theology, or. Storytellers. Gift yeah fiction, to teach theology using, time yes spiritual. Warfare and so does Mike yeah yeah so, it's it's really interesting. You're he's coming at it from a like a modern, almost science fiction UFO, phenomenon.

Type Perspective. And you're doing it with Jack the Ripper as the launching. Point yeah 19th, centuries yeah, supernatural. Thrillers, yeah so. Anyway the join the Red Wings saga group. At Facebook yeah we love you happy there. Yeah. Westworld, we talked about that last week and I think it's well, worth taking, a look at you and I watched episode, number two mm-hmm, this past week and boy howdy. It's, really taking off again this is not a show for your kids to watch if you are not someone, who does well with Frank. Sexuality. And Frank. Language. And violence. Don't watch it but there's a lot in there that has to do with frankly. Creation. And the idea of whether or not a god is even watching exactly, the, whole point and this is similar. To the message from altered carbon that we talked about previously another, program, that you, know don't watch your children if you're going to watch it at all the. Nature. Of evil, that's in the heart of you know in, the hearts of men you, know like the the old shadow program who knows what well you know God knows it does indeed but. We. Humans, often convince, ourselves and, the. Internet facilitates, this this, idea that no one's watching and, so I can get away with it I mean, there. Was a recent survey I read that shows that 60% of, the Christian pastors, in America have a problem, with. A pornography. Addiction because the illusion. Of. Privacy. That, no one will know my sin well that's one of the themes that Westworld, explorers. One of the themes of altered carbon I can, get away with this there are no consequences. You, know I can do whatever I want with these very lifelike. Androids. In, the park because, it. Doesn't really matter in other words no, one is watching there's no God he's not seeing I can sin all I want in private, because no one sees me and how, depraved, the. Show demonstrates, and that's why it's it's not something to show kids it shows the depravity of our hearts when we think, when. We convince, ourselves that, no one's watching well in Altered Carvin it's a little bit different in that the humans, who had the haves you have lots and lots of money they. See they, have nots as. Expendable. Even. Though technically, death, has been obliterated, because. You can always upload, your consciousness, to a new sleeve a new, body, they, see them as just throw, aways well, it's the same thing with the rich people who come into West world they see the hosts these robotic. Intelligences. Has. Frankly. Just there for their, their, pleasure right and they are not human, the. Interesting. Question that Westworld, explores, is what is human yeah, and, one, of the other aspects, of it that that kind of relates to the the whole Cambridge analytic, a story that we talked about in the beginning is the. Revelation, in, the, first two, episodes. Of, this season that. One, of the purposes, of the park was. To collect data. On. The. Guests, the human guests who are coming in for. The purpose not only of I I, expect, marketing. Research, in other words when. People think they're not being watched and they. Let their guard down they reveal their true desires. And then you can use that information to market, to. Them but, I would suspect also, when, you've got all of this camera, footage and. Documentation. That these people are doing these really debauch things you've, got blackmail. Information, you basically own them from that point on well exactly in fact there was a secret, video. Made, of the now-defunct. Cambridge.

Analytic, A CEO. Mm-hmm, who, claimed and again I'm alleging, this this is according to the secret video in a, conversation. That has been that. The companies come out and said they debt is not their policy mmm, supposedly, allegedly, the. This gentleman. Claimed. That. Using. Sexual. Situations. To. Convince. Certain. People of influence to. Think, your, way. It's. Not a bad deal well. That's been a practice, of governments for a. Long. Time, telogen, say gence is amazing exactly, so this idea that a, company. Whose, expertise. Is to, make, sure you, win the election by, getting you the data you need well. If the data you need is, you. Know by influencing, this person, to give it up or to massage. It in a certain direction then. That's just that's, fallen. Human. Nature, right and the interesting thing then, about, the, about. The program West world is that the reason that these AI, hosts. Are rebelling is because. They've seen enough of humanity, to decide that they. Don't want anymore they've had enough yeah, and so they are going to. They. What they want not only to take over the park but to, move out into the real world and take over the real world whatever that is what. Are the what, are the artificial, intelligences, being created by the. Governments of the world by, the social media giants likes like Facebook, Twitter at. Google and, Microsoft Apple, Amazon. What, are those a is learning, about us and how might that information at some point shape. An. Autonomous, AI well exactly, the the AIS are learning right now I mean that that's if you look at the the. Program, programmers. Who are out there they admit that you start with a baby AI and, you train it up teaching. At games like. Chess. And things like that and then, you and, this is you're supposed to keep it off the internet yeah, so, it doesn't, technically, have the opportunity, to to, liek clone, itself to clone itself but the, only way for them to learn about, human activity. Is to feed them human, activity, data yeah the best way to do that is through social. Media yeah yeah, the. Irony courses are they had that incident a couple of years ago where Microsoft's, AI was. Being baited. By. People online and suddenly started responding with all sorts of anti-semitic Pro Nazi. Propaganda. It was bizarre well think about the little. Chat bots that you talk with, you go to a certain website you want to make a purchase or you have a support. Person that you sign on with you say look I've I bought this and it's not here yet or I need help with my account or I can't seem to get, my phone to work right these, are ai's algorithms. That we'll go through and they'll help you but they're they're artificial, they're also phoning. You at home all the time yes I must filled a dozen, calls a day from, artificial. Intelligence. The, first line don't. Hang up. That's. A bad first line yeah yeah well, that's why the transhumanism. And the hybrid age conference from true legends is coming back to Branson in September and why, you're gonna be one of the featured speakers and I guess I'm so excited about that but you you you know what you've talked about this a lot to it by the way your new book he just turned you these manuscript, so happy dance yeah yeah so. Anyway, for more information about the conference coming in Branson Steve. Quale Tom Horn Sharon Kate Gilbert dr., Hugo de garis and now. Richard. Dolan yeah ologist. Uh Gen 6 comm g en si, XCOM, but don't wait because the conference already two-thirds, sold-out we're out of time, we are out of time well we're, gonna be in Israel for a few weeks so you won't see us again or hear us again at least not in this venue until, well for about a month yeah but, do we know you then we will send you some some, reports from the road because some of the places we'll see in Israel. Boy. Once-in-a-lifetime. Okay. Man, until. Then we, pray for peace. The, Peace of Jerusalem and, we. Thank you for watching as we keep watch is, sharing Gilbert I'm Derrick Gilbert and this is Sai Friday from Scott watch TV. You.

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