Schumann Resonance STUNNING WAVE - This is Your Moment

Schumann Resonance STUNNING WAVE -  This is Your Moment

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hello friends how are you today i have  something amazing to show you on the chart today   about this incredible wave  like wow that is unusual that occurred on the chart i want to talk  to you about two different realities that   i'm seeing and that have been very  evident on the chart in recent days but first if you could like the video subscribe  to my channel please and share the video if it   resonates with you that would be wonderful thank  you for doing that also my human energy class   is starting this week if i emailed you if you  had expressed interest you have an email from me   it looks like almost everybody is signed up   so if you haven't responded you can get back to  me there's still one spot left um for you know so   um for those who have you know connected  with me okay so let's check this out um it's so amazing isn't it look at the  shapes that are in this let's let's   look at a couple of key things in the  images and then i'll look at the black   charts with you one of the obvious things here  is the technological effect effect occurring   um before this wave turns on we don't know if  it's occurring underneath it or not because   the natural energy is so powerful and strong if  it is still occurring it's in the background and   can't be seen the other interesting thing  about the technological effect is look   it really um isn't present in a big way in the  very low hurts so this is about four hertz and   lower just so you know the the hurts of this human  resonance does correspond with human brain waves   and so when i talk about the hertz i'll probably  also relate it to human brain waves at times   it's one of the many ways that i um look at the  chart and different tools or techniques i use   so today what i feel the chart is showing  us is some information about two realities   and um let me show you another couple of key  features we have the warping on the chart again   where the lines go kind of at an angle and you  see that here even here with this line um it   also occurred like this again before one of the  other recent white um waves on the on the chart   i feel like um this warping i don't  know it's almost like a flexing between   potential realities because we're here  at key choice points for each of us   individually as humans i am going to keep the  focus on the personal today and the external world   i'm going to talk about broadly and this is one of  the things i'm really looking forward to with my   rumble channel once i start doing videos um like  exclusive to rumble to be able to talk a little   bit more about these things but um if you haven't  checked me out there please come over like and   subscribe to that um as well okay now the other  prominent thing on the chart were these two like   um wispy this wispy image right with a lot of  red and some yellow and then this image here   of the yellow and red in like this is about eight  hertz and this is in the teens if you remember   if you've been looking at this human for some  time there have been times where we have seen   this frequently on the chart and i've also i've  often not also often compared it with you know   the chakra system of the human so this would be  the head this would be i don't know either heart   or solar plexus but at times especially when  it gets flattened like this because at times   the energy is more in round balls but now  it's very flat um at times it's also seemed just before i name this the dogs start barking  it cracks me up they're so good they're so good   at protection violet flame declaring a space of  sacred discharge it looks like an archonic energy   and what is that it's a it's an and it's a type  of energy of the forces of darkness that operate   in the human world through human being beings  mostly and dogs don't like them okay let's move on the other really potent thing about this chart   and it's been going on for days is that  the herds are lit up across the hertz range   to 40 and you have all this lighting up in  the high hurts here of the chart which would   be the mid 30s to high 30s so this is where our  connection with the spiritual comes into play   that's a gamma brain waves there's another really  interesting thing going on here do you see this   the black line at the top of the chart is  much more separated from the top of the chart   see that all the way across the chart and this is  something that's been going on for several days   and it has also coincided with these deep  blue spaces here with much less activity so um i'm just gonna send a little message  to that dog a little telepathic message what okay so i'm just clearing the space and bringing  in angels it was it was concerned about the energy okay so i'm just raising up the energy here um  where i'm talking and focusing on the chart so   i'm talking from a higher dimensional state and  not um what we're going to do is we're going to   talk about this but i'm going to put a blue light  over it and that'll make the dogs more comfortable   so you can use light you can use the chryslight  when you work with technology this is something   i've talked about before and i want to stay  focused on the stories today but by putting   see what see how that just worked okay that this  stuff really works working with energy affects the   physical and acknowledging and considering other  beings in our environment whether they're in the   physical or not affects the physical world so  this stuff is real and um but you can you can   put you can put a cover over your computer like i  usually use blue light for i ask archangel michael   to cover my computer and only allow transmissions  through that are in alignment with the highest   good so that's what i've shifted to very like  clearly i have that as a regular program when i   when i do work when i say program i mean for my  energy field and my interaction with technology   but the dog wanted me to highlight it and focus  on it maybe maybe as a teaching moment here so   the other thing is you can imbue your technology  with um you can use white light the christ light   okay you can use the divine light other colors are  fine too if that's what resonates with you green   is a great energy for technology archangel raphael  in my view has dominion over all technologies um   and that's his color but but when you ask for the  assistance right of this higher expanded light   you do it in a way that honors the technology in  other words what i do is i set parameters that um   this will be in alignment with my highest good  and i ask um my guides at the highest light   i asked my higher self i asked where could  you or can you michael to work with me   um to make it so that the computer can handle  this expanded energy okay because i don't know   if you've ever been on like a skype call or a  phone call or a zoom call or whatever and you   bring the energy really expanded if you're talking  with someone and the technology cuts out so by   using this kind of technique um you can also  assist the technology to handle more expanded   energy environment right because as humans we  can really amp up our in our dimensional states   okay so now i've probably lost anyone who's  not interested in these woo-woo topics it's pretty funny isn't it okay so all right  so here we are um let's keep going and um   i taught that i taught that to someone earlier in  fact i talked that to a lady who has a christian   background and what we did was we imbued  um the computers with the christ's light   as a mechanism of protection and  you can even use this mechanism you can even use this mechanism as a protection  for um transmissions that attempt to approach   your computer um to disallow what is not  in alignment with your highest good okay   so sorry okay so let's move on here we talked  about technology we talked about the key factors   here okay this is let's just talk about what's  amazing here what is amazing here okay first of   all you have these bulbous forms i mean it's just  it's phenomenal you have almost like a circle here   and this is unusual this high up  in the chart let me um show you   okay let's make it like purple okay so excuse me  you see the the circle-ish nature of this here   that high up in the chart it's  really unusual to have that um and   these lines to be filled with light okay  this high up in the chart like right here   that's less usual as well let's look  at what number we're looking at here   okay you can see here we're at 24 and  we're getting this bulb in the chart   you know we've been seeing up to 24 lighting up in  previous white resonance waves that have occurred   in january and february and when i say wave i'm  using the term loosely because they haven't been   the normal type pouring out wave that we see  in spring more but to me what this says is that   there's a huge awakening happening in humanity  okay but in our conscious thought our analytical   our integrative integrating thinking with our  being we are shifting how we view the world   and rethinking how we have viewed the world and  that's what's happening with this imbuement of   light and big light and big like bulb bulb busts  how do i pronounce that bulbus i don't know expansion of the white resonance in   this higher like at 24. and then it's  interesting because you also have   in these hi in the high 20s here see look at this  okay you have you have this interesting and weird   you know yellowish and red energy look at that  little e there look at the letter e standing out   it's almost like an e t here but there but  there's other possible letters here as well   because you've got like an l you've got whatever  but anyway you know what this looks like to me   this looks like a little genie in the bottle here  i don't know if you can tell if you can see it let   me get a little bigger let me say what i see here  okay all right so i see black eye black eye nose   and little pointy black beard okay and here's his  long head with a little tuft of hair on the top   like a genie and here though here's a white hand a  white hand and his arms are crossed like in front   of him like a genie would be and then he kind of  has like i don't know if this is a snake tail or   this is just energy flowing off of him because  he's not in physical form he's like a wisp of   energy that turned into a head in the chest and  arms and is this his little genie bottle that   he came out of i don't know so so um to me how i  read this message is there's there's a genie in   the bottle like there's a genie out of the bottle  like what surprise magical thing might might um   come up right that is a little bit suspect right  because genies are um suspect i'm not talking   about i dream of jeannie right she was like  adorable if you've ever seen that um that old   tv show but genies are usually presented as having  a trickster element to them and i say this with   respect um that um you know the trickiness of of  the wishes right when one interacts with the genie   one doesn't know what one's going to get so one  has to be careful so any suspicious suspicious   uh environment any suspicious um where you don't  know what the truth is i would i would really   consider making any strong assertions here  and this is one of the reasons why i'm   going to stick to the general themes of energy  because the external environment right now is   we just don't know what's true and i'm not  going to i'm not going to make bets on stuff   that i don't know what's true and i'll tell you  what is true what's true is not this kind of   energy okay and and by the way um this energy  we just don't know is it a force for could it   could it somehow bring about good is it a  force for um the shadow i just don't know um   i'd rather attempt to not be  ensnared in its um tricks and games   i want to show you something here i have a  little presentation i'm making for you guys   um it's really cool but for right now i'm going to  not talk about this because i just want to stay on   topic because we got a little bit longer because  of the whole dog thing now i want to show you this   okay this is what the gates of heaven looks like  um this occurred on this is what i call this image   it occurred on november 11th um in the west in  the west okay in russia it was on november 12th of   2018. so you see here how you have these bulbs of  energy right but but but you see that it's much   further down the chart right because let me get  about size yeah so it's more like in this area   so now in our reality we're getting the bulbs here  i'm going to go into this more in another video   but i just want to show you like that this energy  is very expanded i consider this to be like an arm   of the gates of heaven this is the image that  occurred on the schuman chart when the world   rang like a bell on november 11 2018 okay so this  is a potent potent image it's a you know when the   when the world rings like a bell right if  uh if you generate a harmonic like i used   to play the violin okay and harmonics are like  it's like a step above it's not a normal note   it's you just you just sort of hover your  finger over the string and you draw the bow   and this incredible like heavenly sound occurs and  there's a harmonic on the violin for each string   and it's an expanded state it has a quality  of being otherworldly in a way that embodies   divinity that embodies celestial energies  and that's what i see here okay it's it's   like one of these and then it just expanded and  we are choosing to align with it by waking up by   by um using our observation okay that's all the  the brain wave hurts right around in here and   then taking it forward right we start thinking and  then not only here's the lines in low hertz lit up   on the horizontal okay but not only that but  then we take it all away into the mid hurts   almost high hurts and we're really getting  complex thoughts here that we're integrating   and that are coming from the divinity within us  really seeing what is the world around us about   from the divinity within us and that's  where the truth is the truth is for um   for uh in my view the truth for me is whatever  comes from that divine place within and it guides   me and i'm not talking about thoughts or emotions  i'm talking about that harmonic that i can achieve   in my human form and i achieve that human  form i generate that hume that human harmonic   by drawing the bow across with my fing finger  slightly elevated across the string and what is   that in the human world as the children now show  up okay i just love how the i just love it's just   gorgeous i mean in this kind of energy what would  you expect but amazing coincidences because those   are of divinity so to generate that harmonic  in the human form what do i do i draw the bow   across i allow my heart to lift but not just  my heart the soul connection within my heart   i take a leap of faith and i allow that to be  present in my physical form and i connect in   that moment with the divine and i know what the  truth is okay it's it's also our conscience it's   our gut feel our intuition that sense beyond  words that sense beyond emotion a lot of times   it feels like not even any um not even any feeling  a lot of times it's just a feeling of like this   this clarity this um this space that comes with  this aw and ah not an emotion ah just like this   lifted up amazing presence in our field and i  think that's what we are experiencing here and   it's just beautiful and so so this harmonic that  ring right if you could if you could imagine it um expand it across the hertz that's what i want  to do hold on this is a little longer going a   little longer now than i expected yeah there we go  okay see that like that's what i'm talking about   that's what that's what's being created here okay  and now here the dog is happy okay he's up there   playing he's playing with some kids okay so isn't  that amazing that's what i'm saying like this is   this i would say is like imperfection right it's  from when the the day the earth rang like a bell   and here we are reaching to that expanded state  that divinity tr attempting to connect to embody   that inside the human form not when we're dead  okay not you know passing on as a soul although   sure let's do that too okay um if that's your soul  path that's what that's what i would like to do   if i'm not in human form but for now i am  loving being in human form why because i   get to try and do this in my body i mean this is  like the wild west like where is the adventure   like it's not in space okay from my perspective  sure space is interesting the adventure is to take   the human body and expand the frequency expand  the dimensional state not just the frequency   okay because frequencies are in ranges right as  we can see here on the black chart frequencies   are in range ranges but to actually expand  the state of being that's where the juice is   that's that's where the moment is at this moment  right at this moment you make the choice do i   go with the lower do i contract back to this  lower state or do i attempt to emulate the divine   okay do i attempt to bring that into human form  okay because i view this human resonance as   representative of the map of human consciousness  and the state of humanity there's 7.7 billion of   us generating em fields electromagnetic fields  from our bodies we are an incredible creative   force okay um i'm gonna i'm gonna address that  as soon as i talk about the black charts and i   do wanna mention see the obvious cross right  here that's gonna come into play in a second   all right so in the frequencies just really  quickly i highlighted where the range of the wave   is on the chart and you can see here that there's  that the the wave doesn't really affect the green   in my view this is the human okay um in fact  we've moved lower now we're below 25.2 which is  

in my view a protective range and i've explained  on many other videos why i want to stick to the   topic at hand here but you can see that the  range is in white yellow and especially red   and especially red and yellow were much  more contracted okay even well actually all of these were contracted i  don't want to explain that right now   but it has to do with the key on the side all of  these were contracted and then you can see how the   wave comes in and it creates really big movement  within the frequency range so what that says   to me is as human beings this is affecting  our our red okay our experience of the red   which is in my view the dense emotions the shadow  side of the personality the dark forces on earth   we're like making observations observing our  conclusions we're integrating those things same   with the astral okay this can also be our thoughts  and emotions it can be um our hopes and dreams it   can be non-physical experiences it can be ghosts  it can be non-physical entities close to the human   form but not in a in a low low density those are  being read and then here we have the celestial   okay moving with all of this having our back  right with protection so as all of these um uh   forces in the non-physical or in lower states of  dimension are raised up by the wave coming through   right we are seeing them and we're seeing them  from a protected place below 25.2 the energies   and the amplitudes are very strong okay we're at  49 here which is a peak for recent recent weeks in   the chart for the white residents but look here  we've got 41 in green and this is very unusual   for green to be at almost the same peak level  as white so white and green are highlighted   here okay so the action in the frequencies is  in white yellow and red but in the strength   it's green and white and this is what i'm saying  the humanity is in a very strong position here   much stronger than is communicated on the  nightly news so don't be fooled stay centered   make your choices align with the divinity within  you if that's your choice okay if it's not i honor   your choice um i know whatever your choices  are because as human beings we have free will   and no human and no non-human can change that  that's between us and the creator and that's it   and no one can take that from you except for you  okay it doesn't matter what you put in your arm   okay it doesn't matter what choices you made  yesterday today is a new day this moment is a   new moment you can make a new choice just request  just request a reconnection with the divine   i just put an article on my sub stack i will  go below and link that when i publish this i   explained where i was in a state very affected i  would say i was in this yellow and red state at a   certain point in my life where i was very affected  um in in a much lower place energetically and i   explained how i reconnected all of us can do that  in any moment any human being with a living soul   a living human being organic human being with a  living soul it's between you and the creator no   one else can control you around your few free  will choice unless you give that control away   like i said it doesn't matter what's in your  body and you know what's been occurring to me   lately and what's been what i've been remembering  do you remember on star trek uh let's see it was   star trek next generation okay and they captured  the borg lady from the borg collective the borg   was the human the true was the transhumanist  collective it was the the physical organic   life forms and for whatever reason they were all  human um and and they were all linked right does   do you ever remember that like none of the borgs  were klingons or you know they were for some   reason all human i don't know what was that about  anyway so they were all linked by technology right   and the technology appeared to be you  know it had control over their humanity   did it all right because if you  remember there was one episode   where they had names for like levels of their  collective and there was a space space zero   in this um in this episode and what happened was  seven of nine was the borg that lived on the ship   and she began to realize that as a member of the  borg collective when she was sleeping and dreaming   that she had another life in space zero okay  so the divinity in her human body all right the   divinity prevailed and created a space where all  of the humans had free will they lived a free life   isn't that fascinating so even in that dystopian  environment right we have the hint we have the   hint from that story that no the divinity  within humanity cannot be defeated because   it is divinity right all right so so let's go back  to um and we're we are nowhere near that dystopian   um environment and that's why this is the moment  right this is the moment that we choose to live as   free-range human beings right or or to live  otherwise and what affects the outcome is between   you and the creator you and your creator and no  one else no one else i say that with certainty okay now here's the qualities and it's  so amazing this chart shows so perfectly   this concept the dark rises before the light  comes so the quality would be like the clarity   of the um frequencies okay of the actually of  the resonances how close it is to the truth of of   its essence um the higher the quality the closer  it is to the essence of what it truly is okay it's   in in form and non-form it doesn't matter but  the the true the closest to its source level   frequency not frequency it's yeah frequency  source level frequency okay so basically what   you see here is you see the red goes up to 27  you see the yellow goes up to 26. so these are   strong spikes relatively speaking in the qualities  for red and yellow and you see how they spike   before the wave what and the red which in my  view is the denser environment spikes first why sorry i just saw the energy working and i just  had to laugh it feels it sooner and why does   it feel it sooner because it's furthest away  and when the light comes in the greatest chaos   happens to the dense environment and so the the  the dense environment starts vibrating like holy   you know what's going on all right so a lot of  the freak out that you see in the external world   in my view is you know there's a  storyline about it attempting to   engage humanity in choices and i have  also been talking about that story line   as have others but here's a storyline  that has not been talked about as much and that is that these forces are on the edge  well actually this has been talked about but   but i'm going to make it about frequency here  that's that's what i'll add these forces are   on the edge of losing power right maybe a lot  of power maybe maybe humanity is going to just   rise in our natural state and i don't  know how long this is going to take okay   but so they so it starts to  shake right like like like   when something unknown but big and huge  starts to approach you and you get a sense   right you get a sense you you you have a sixth  sense well well just because something is of a   lower dimensional state doesn't mean it doesn't  also have a sixth sense or spiritual guidance we   all do and that's why i clarify when i talk  about guidance about for myself or when i'm   making suggestions i i suggest to qualify your  spiritual guidance as of the highest light   the reason why is because if there's a  ghost walking around that wants to give you   wants to give you advice okay if there's  an entity walking around that's been on   earth walking around for hundreds of years  in the non-physical and it decides it wants   to give you advice and it's not of the highest  light who's to say it knows any better than you   a modern human being right with all of this  information that we have been gratefully   uh granted in the mod you know access to in  the modern world and by the way i claim my   use of technology to expand my world okay i'm  not okay with the idea of of no technology i   think this is another psyop i think it's another  psyop because my technology allows me to have   an amazing expanded audience right reach far  more people than i might reach in my little small   area here it allows me to have friends okay all  over the country and in the world it allows me to   reach people around the world with my thoughts and  ideas it's an incredible blessing and i claim this   and i claim the ability to continue using this  in my highest good as a living human being   and i ask the force of the divine through me  to assist in creating this in alignment with   my highest good and protecting my access to it  because i do not consent to a tax on that okay   that are not in alignment with my highest good and  all of you can make similar statements if you want   and that's how you defeat a cyber attack that's  not in alignment with the highest good you bring   the divinity into the technology you bring your  divine statements online your divine connection   okay and you say what what's um you know  what what you would you like to create   but then you but then it works when you give  it to god okay it's the humbleness of saying to the creator literally as a living human  being this is what i feel would be best in   my life this is what i want for myself  but then you give it you give it to him   you give it to it okay to her  you give it to the divine mother and say i know that in the grand scheme  you know what is in the highest good for me   and what is that peak quality experiences as close  to the divinity that i can manifest on earth as   possible super high qualities that's what  i'm i guess that's why i'm talking about this   while we're on the quality page you see because  when you align with that expanded state right you're creating a quality experience now i'm using  i'm using i'm using layperson terms but i'm also   combining two points of view here of the living  human world and of an expanded dimensional state   of energy that i don't know if it's reflected  on this except for it sure looks like it's   reflected today now let's get to the magic look  at this oh there's one other thing i wanted to   show you before before we get to the magic okay  number one you can see here that there were super   high geomagnetics in the atmosphere  at the time that this was created   um and so they started at 7 00 a.m on the 7th  set 7 7 a.m on the 5th so 7 a.m on the 5th is is   here uh okay so they came in here okay and  really kind of cleared out the environment   raised up the red and the yellow prior to that's  what it looks like the geomagnetics raised up   in the atmosphere help clear up clear up and  raise up the yellow and the red and then in the   non-physical and probably in the physical because  we have certain situations going on in the world   prior to this wave of light coming in okay and  then now i just wanted to talk about this you see   the negative solar flare here the sucking in so  the the thing is is that there's a with the this   this chart uses the um noaa the noaa satellites  and um and so there's a thing that happens where   um it's like a earth retrograde experience from  the satellite point of view if you were to compare   it with astrology and how the planet how certain  planets at certain times appear to retrograde or   move backward from the earth perspective that's  what happens for i think it was 72 minutes a day   seasonally now in march but what i would  say here is that this is what this has   looked like if you go back to 20 um let me just  actually okay this is why if you go back to 2019   okay i actually looked at this today but i  don't want to bring it up i don't want to   this is what this looked like in 2019 it looked  like this okay and now it looks like okay so so even though this is an effect of seasonally  of the satellites and an earth retrograde   essentially effect where the satellite  cannot perceive the sun energy as strongly   okay what i'm saying to you is that there is  something more than a seasonal effect going on   here and with the sun as well because this is not  this is not what the pattern typically looked like   it typically looked much more like this  okay so i'm not gonna you know i'm just   gonna point that out at the moment  all right now let's see the magic look what happens when you mirror the wave  right it's incredible now look at this look at this incredible image what does  it look like it looks like an orthodox   church all right you've got the bulb bulbus uh  rooftops you've got the cross with several lines   across it which is a russian orthodox uh  cross or even a um greek orthodox i believe   has that as well let me show you a couple example  examples here's the cross that i'm referring to um   the additional lines are said to be right this  is where jesus's arms were this was his head   was just right below here this is this had the  um sign that said in i-n-r-e-i-n-r-i the inry   up here and this is where his feet were okay so  that's the meaning of these crosses but i did   an article and video on the schumann cross and  the article has even more detailed information   talking about potential meanings of these and  then comparing it with the brainwave charts   correlations from the schumann resonance  this is the church of mary magdalene   in um jerusalem gosh isn't this incredibly  beautiful i mean it's stunning and look at this   okay do you see the um similarities right you've  got the tr the cross with um the horizontal bars   and the incredible you know onion shaped dome here  and look at this incredible blue and gold colors   reminiscent of um certain colors that are involved  in um the crises uh in the news and i would say   that there's a disrespect of these colors somehow  going on and i don't know how that is and you know   like i said i don't know what's true but um if  this is the colors of the church of mary magdalene   then you can assume that there's an attempt  of the dark forces to disrespect it somehow   i don't know what the details of that are  and this i believe is what you see here   you see the cross you see the towers of  the church here you see the bulbus shape   it's incredible you see the horizontal lines  and even you see additional ones up here now   you see these sort of this sort of demonic entity  attempting to fly around it but guess what god   wins just so powerful i call this a reverse chart  by the way it's it's also mirror with mirroring   now who are the forces of darkness it's right here  it's these forces this archonic energy in this   sort of wispy red um energy and can you see here  how these this is almost two different realities   right um let me make it a little bigger because  i know on okay so here's your two realities   right you've got this incredible like the the best  possible right experience and by that what i mean   is full connection with the divine that's what i'm  saying that this image represents it represents a   a church across the christ light coming through  all of that though the white resonance this is   my view okay and of course the the demonic  is upside down let's try i'm gonna i'm gonna   turn them right side up okay so and i'm going to  make them a little smaller because you know whoa   look at them freaking out okay so so  basically it's like do you see how this   is a completely different energy environment a  completely different state of being than existing   like this and as human beings we have a choice  of one or both right energies and as human beings   how can you affect the world around you right  there's all this stuff going on in the news   and here's how i just share with you how i  approach it and then you can decide you know   you can decide what you do in your  life but i want to share what i do   if i can see if there's anything in me that  resonates with these this lower denser energy   where there's actions i'm doing or not doing  that are not alignment with my highest good   are there emotions that i'm generating maybe in  an unconscious way that produces energy that's   aligned with this is it excess fear is it excess  anger of course those emotions are human emotions   they're valid and real okay and they show  me things so as a human i love having the   capability to be angry or afraid it helps me set  boundaries it helps me realize when i might be   in danger or needing to make a different choice  okay so my emotions inform me but if i've been   tricked into a loop of generating this over and  over in my field for no apparent reason right that   there's no real reason in my life everything in my  life is fine until i turn on the news and then now   suddenly everything in my life i'm being told is  different keep in mind your creative ability okay   this is the time you are here for this  time okay to i'm not saying to contribute   your light to the external world i'm saying to  to affect that change within because it's um doing that is the um you know like  the paul revere right of of that time   the the the guy who said i see something i'm  gonna get my lamp light it i don't know if this   is what happened get on my horse ride around in  the darkness lighting you know as much as i can   and uh and and call out to people  i'm gonna take action okay well   if you have an understanding of energy of prayer  of meditation that kind of of action in the world   is comparable to doing this right now  in your human body in your human energy   field in your human life with your relationship  with yourself with your relationship with your   family with your relationship with you know  yourself to your home and those in your home   okay this is where the work is this is  where the change occurs this is your moment

2022-03-09 18:40

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