Schumann Resonance Hidden Data REVEALED It's the Technological Effect!

Schumann Resonance Hidden Data REVEALED  It's the Technological Effect!

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hello friends how are you today i'm  so excited to be here with you again   um so soon after doing a video late last night and  the reason that i've come back so soon is that the   missing data was put back in i'm so excited  about this thank you to the schuman angels so wait till i show you what is  going on behind the scenes here   because once again the biggest impact is in  the if you look at the frequency amplitude and   quality charts and so i'm going  to discuss those with you now after i go through this i'm going to tell  you about a personal story that relates   to the energies because i  mentioned that i'd gone through   a transformation recently and i  wanted to talk about that with you okay so this part of the chart i talked about um  in my video from last night and it wasn't very   long so please take a look at that um if you  want to hear that discussion so the data was   gone here everything in this white box plus over  here was completely gone for at least i think it   was 18 hours and then i went to sleep so it could  have been longer than that but when it came back   what was there was the technological effect that  is the name that i've given to these parallel   lines that are vertical that have appeared  on the chart now i do have a playlist to be   called the technological effect playlist and  if you'd like to learn more about my various   observations about this effect then i would  highly recommend that you take a look at that   because i've had a lot of things to say about  it and because it has changed a lot over time   it has appeared in different ways it has seemed to  do different things now what's really interesting   is that for the information that was in this space  here for three hours on my last video i explained   why it did not seem natural okay and  i'll show you that in a second but it   just i mean i just have to say that i nailed it  okay that was so amazing and awesome because then   we see this you know sometime later we see this  technological effect unveiled and now what was not   on the chart was any big white wave of resonance  so i was thinking i was wondering if that would   happen because of what is happening in the  news that is in canada and um other situations   we did have quite a bit of white resonance  here lighting up in these lower hertz ranges   right here is about eight hertz here's about i'd  say that's probably about 13 14. so we are um   i'd have to say that how i would  interpret this is that a lot of   people are waking up okay from the events  that are happening and not only that but   look at these jewel colors that are  in these technological effect lines   it's really stunning how much of the purple the  magenta that there is and if you um it was several   months ago maybe even a year ago that  we were seeing this quite frequently   and at that time i explained that i believe that  the that the jewel colors these the purples you   know the roses these the brightness of of some  of the regular colors that it shows the divinity   in the energies like it's like um like a gift  supporting us okay uh energetically and i thank   you guys so much for your comments last night a  lot of people commented and i was so amazed and   and just loved hearing about how many of you  are really just you know moving forward with   your transformations and you know you're you're  just consciously you know experiencing whatever   it is and we are we going to feel emotions and  in this environment yes i mean we're going to   we're going to have feelings about what is going  on and so i want to talk about that at the end   when i share my personal experience but what i  want to say overall is my my encouragement to you   is to keep going have faith and build your use  this time to build your internal stamina because my reading of the energies is that this  intensity is probably not going to let up   in the near term so you know i'm i'm in it for  the long haul and i'm guessing a lot of you are   choosing to be in it for a long haul like that's  my attitude you know i just that's my sense of of   being just for me personally and i just i really  find that it's helpful in this environment to have   encouragement and to share that with each other  so thank you guys for sharing i really appreciate   it and if you have any encouraging words that you  want to say or experiences of being encouraged i i   um invite you to share that today in in  the in the video in the comment section   there's one other thing that i want to quickly  mention i am having my energy class and workshop i   know that this class is going to be like there's  some amazing stuff that's going to come up   because i'm sure that the reason i i went  through this experience of processing and   learning how to deal with certain things that  came up is because we're probably going to be   addressing that in this course i'm so excited  actually during the last two to three weeks i   created all of these slides and explanations of  energy and slide form that i'm really excited to   share with the people who participate if you  have emailed me and asked about being in the   class you have now gotten an email from me this  morning and so i'm going to assess and see how   many people it's going to be because i can only  take nine if there's any extra room i will let   you guys know and if you want to be on the wait  list i'll put a link below to send me a message   this is what i want to show you the dramatic  information in the qualities okay right here   where you see these flat lines is where i said  that this did not look natural there's also one   here there's one here and i also discussed the  green in detail so for more on this you can see   my video from last night and that has a that has  a maple leaf in the thumbnail on the schumann   chart okay now look what happened here this is so  fascinating okay so i have discussed these trends   before but if you're new or and or there's a  slight change here so i want to bring it up   again you can see that the quality in the reds  has been going up to 25 again in fact look at   this during the quote unnatural seeming uh chart  lines it sure was right up there at about 25 hertz   and it's almost like i don't know  i kind of see this almost like an   offer to peg ourselves at 29 hey humans why  don't you be up at 25 again okay because at 25   over the past few months the red resonance  energies have been very very restricted okay   in a very like 0.3 to 0.4 hertz range so we're  very restricting movement and you can see here   that um you know it's clearly not you know at that  range and completely broken out of it so after um   after this strange unnatural looking effect  happened you had the energies kind of   floating or seeming to come into  alignment with a higher quality   see right here where it had been right here in the yeah at 21 okay and so this is 21 to  25. this is where it's been bouncing so  

if you know some people in the comments  um from last night mentioned a similar   case to this i want to share it with you and  i have been finding this as well essentially   i've been offered it's like it's at the outside  of my field like hey why don't you feel this way   hey why don't you feel super depressed about the  state of my kind you know my country hey why don't   you feel super depressed about um this or that  hey why don't you feel super infuriated about   how these other people are being treated okay  hey why don't you feel this or that and and at   extremes like really heavy offers of  feeling very heavy or dense emotions   and i feel like that's what this is here see this  it's like a beam that says i'm just i'm not saying   it's an actual one but i'm just saying like  it could just simply be i just i don't know so that's what it's like okay because in my view  the red represents right our densest emotions   but including our passion okay the shadow  aspects of our personality and um the dark forces   all right so so here so the higher the quality  is the closer you get to the truth of that energy   so in a way it gets it gets clearer it presents  itself more clearly and then when the amplitudes   get up it's clear and strong so that would be very  powerful right now amplitudes have been fairly low   um except for one point on the chart which we'll  look at where they went to 30 in the white on   this chart okay so what happens is okay the they  start to get thin and narrow here in the red okay   i'm just gonna focus on that for this video then  the actual technological effect comes in about   somewhere about here we'll go on the main chart  to see for sure and breaks up that pattern and   boom okay for the duration of the technological  effect everything falls down to lower qualities   for the red okay and then the technological effect  releases and you see it does move back up here   so i have been re-watching a tv series it's  on hulu and it's called person of interest   an in person of interest um it's a fascinating  i love this story it's got great characters   but there's two machines okay they're both ai and  they're both integrally involved in observing the   human world one of the machines turns out to be  a good machine and the other machine is a bad   machine okay and is is uh not respectful of human  life and it was funny because when i was looking   at this today when i saw it i thought it's almost  like the good machine and the bad machine right   here's somehow some kind of a quote bad machine  effect right it's here's some kind of negative   effect that appears to try to peg us back to  this very narrow range but then here's the good   machine effect right where it looks different  on the chart right and it breaks us out of this   um unnatural unnatural offer so let's go back and  look here so i can show you now that we've gone   into detail on it all right so here's where i said  that bad machine kind of i call it the bad machine   and here's where the claw is i went into detail  on how i perceive this as like a monster claw or   um so yeah that seems like the like a bad right  influence i'm just you know generally using this   um it's not very scientific but yeah  good and bad that seems what it's like   and then here's the um technological effect  and right in here in this first rectangle   is where this this emitted and broke up that thin  line and then here okay in this triangle it fell   back down to low qualities now i know that these  boxes seem much bigger than on the quality chart   and the reason why is because of the key so i  just want to show you something so that you're   not like wait wait that box is like double  the size of the box on the quality chart yeah   i'll show you why because see look if i copy this  over here and see how that this is in hours right   every hour but when you look at the quality chart  it skips two hours so therefore i have to reduce   the size of the box basically by half and that is  the difference in presentation on these two charts   okay this is the main point that i wanted to share  with you and i'm going to have these charts up in   a substack article i'll link that below so you can  check out any other comments that i have on it um   but there's a hard stop here at this  black line the technological effect bam   just ends and the chart is clear and i checked  it right before before i started recording and   the chart is completely clear of any kind of  technological effect or all of this kind of stuff   that's going on here vertically and even a lot  of the horizontal now the other thing i just want   to say is look at this like you can't see right  let's look and see so here's the vertical lines   what do we see here you know what's weird  look at this here's the horizontal lines i'm just laughing at myself maybe the the bad  machine is the horizontal lines because it was   weird because we saw all of these horizontal lines  in the chart a few weeks over the recent weeks   um not this this is well i don't know  what this is but it's in the high hurts   in the almost in the gamma range but you know  when you look at that it almost looks like   code or images or letters or something doesn't it  i don't want to spend a lot of time on that but   it does i can even see kind of letters in here  and someone asked me if they saw oh do i see a   number this number on the chart and i will look at  that i haven't looked at it in detail yet but it   totally makes sense to me that you saw numbers  and then thank you amanda on telegram for on   on twitter for pointing this out it's  almost like it was like a record skip okay   and then you had the weird unnatural effect  that occurred right after this line and so   i don't know i don't know was it some kind of  manipulation was it some kind of like short burst   of energy or transmission i really i really don't  know um and it looks like it was stopped when this hertz line that came in that went from 0 to  40 hertz and then after that we had a blank   space in the chart and then the tech the strange  effect happens in the qualities we don't see it   very much on this chart except for possibly  in these vertical lines because like here   i don't really see those kind of really super  narrow vertical lines in the same way that was   cool huh okay i wanted to um say something i don't  know what's going on behind the scenes obviously   all of us have very limited information and i  think that the information in the news is um   you know you just don't know what's true except  for if i can see it with my eyes if i can   experience it um there's there's certain things in  my discernment says that this is real and true for   me um like for example there's video coming out  and images coming out um in canada for example   that appear to be real and true but um there's a  there's a reliance on inner discernment right that   um that we learn to develop in these times  or we learn to hone or we learn to exercise   you know what we've already learned but  i just wanted to say something that the   overall energy that i'm feeling here is freedom  is integral to the human spirit and as gandhi said   where there is love there is life and he  is a um he's a role model for us here and i   really see you know the energy of how he behaved  in what the canadian truckers have been doing   they have been so peaceful so law abiding and  if you have not seen the movie about gandhi it   came out years ago and it was a three-hour  movie so it's a lot but in that movie it   completely demonstrates the peaceful nature of the  protests that he led and how the british withdrew   from india based upon his peaceful actions and in  his pre peaceful actions did the did the british   assault um his him and his people um i'm not sure  what happened to him you know the details of that   personally but in the video it shows they did  assault um in the movie it shows they did assault   some of the people that were with him um but what  they did was they continued and kept up a loving   energy and a loving presentation and friends truly  love is the most powerful energy in the universe   and on this planet and within the human being and  the reason is is because actual love that you feel   in the body is the presence of the divine i'm not  talking about temporary passion or or lustfulness   what i'm talking about is that feeling of love  that can also be expressed as awe as wonder as   compassion as gratitude um but it's a tangible  feeling and it feels thick in the energy field   and other people might have different experiences  of it but this energy is transformative and when   and when darkness when density meets this energy  it must disperse or it chaotically deconstructs   okay in the face of this high um you know of  this expanded energy and state of being of love   and this is one of the things that gandhi taught  us and i was privileged and honored to actually   be able to go to india and to visit um the where  his ashes are and um gosh i just feel so blessed   you know that i got to travel there and that i got  to make that journey it was absolutely wonderful i wanted to share something about the personal  experience that i had over the last three weeks   in which what happened was a couple of key  events happened that allowed me to really   get in touch with some emotions that i've had over  my whole life and i have worked my whole life to   transform these um this state of being and it was  an incredible blessing and here's the thing okay i   had an amazing conversation with my girlfriend  this morning starting at 6 30 in the morning   um about this you know this theme and what it  is is that sometimes the people in our lives who   seem to be presenting as the darkness right who  seem to be the bad guy who seem to be you know um   hurting us or coming at us or approaching  us in ways that are uncomfortable or even   disrespectful or or um you know not understanding  you know but projecting whatever it happens to be   these interactions can be the biggest blessing  when we bring the light of conscious awareness   to what has happened and the blessing of these  interactions and these events that happened was   that i was able to touch you know into this  energetic state of being that i have been   working to transform my whole life and impart  many of the skills and energy drawings that i   make i've learned through this process of  learning you know studying attempting to   change right change you know myself and what  happened was for me the emotions i ended up   feeling this incredible rage with incredible  intensity and the divine mother was really   present for me as i as i worked on this because  um i was very um in general i was i was um um   i was even keeled in one of in one  of these events i was very you know   confident and even keeled and in the other event  i was really i was really invited to almost go   off center and i did not okay i was able to  stay centered but for two or three weeks it   was very very hard for me to you know reconnect  with this center light right within the heart   and so i communed with the divine mother  and with the assistance of the divine   brought unconditional love to this state of being  within me because i knew it wasn't really about   anyone else or any of the actual events i knew  that it was about this state that was you know   had been hidden for a long time that i've  been working harder and harder you know   over time you know you do your work and  things come up when they're ready right so   um here i am right ready to offer to teach my  first class which is a big thing for me because   i have wanted to do this for years i'm  telling you that it's been at least 10 years   where i thought i'm gonna teach this  okay and now it's ten years later and   i put out the offer and what happens  right boom the the [ __ ] hits the fan   and the so i commune with the divine  mother and she showed me how to bring unconditional love to these feelings within and  oh my goodness it was the most incredible thing   as we applied unconditional love  to this state of being right it's like a wildfire it transmuted  into a sacred rage like a sacred anger   and it was it was at a different level  all the density immediately in that moment   burned away and what i felt was like the  divine in that moment placed within me   the sharing and acknowledgement of this sacred  anger that that was felt like almost at a soul   level by the divine right that that the divine is  angry at what it what has happened over time on   earth with human beings that there's you know  do angels get angry i mean i i think they do   i think they do feel that and the sacredness  of this emotion is beyond description um and for a moment there it just it's like  it it's like it healed so much within me   it was at this incredible level where it was anger  and love blended together one to get one in a   in an incredible fashion and i just honored the  presence of it within me as long as it was there   and i just it just felt so sacred and i  felt so blessed to have this experience   and it's almost like it made all these  years of working on this worth it and you know look i mean i'm not perfect  so i'm sure you know at some point i'll be   dealing with some other version of of these  states of being within my own self because   you know as i said in my recent pre-talk i gave  to a small group in person totally wonderful um   you know our unconscious and our subconscious  invites us right the mind opens the gate and   allows the subconscious to share with us the  unconscious to filter up into the subconscious   and then into our waking state when we are  ready okay but if you'd like to understand   just the basics of the human energy field um which  will give your mind a framework within which to   feel safe right and and for me it gave my  system a feeling of uh security protection   and a container in which to experience the love um  the love of the creator for me the love of my own   soul for me and to film allow myself to begin the  process of allowing that to come through me and   filling myself up and as i've you know learned  more and more about this and and done this work myself it's been transformative and has improved  my life and so i'm happy to share these skills   with with you in my videos and in my now my first  course and if you cannot do the course with me in   person i will take this course and put it online  probably in the new year meaning the new natural   year which starts the end of march beginning of  april so it's so very exciting i'm so grateful   for all of you here today i'm so grateful for all  of you who have signed up for the course you guys   are really you know supporting me and stepping out  more as i hopefully support you in beneficially   sharing um in alignment with the highest good what  i have learned so um it's definitely a win-win   a mutual love fest of just being together and  i thank you so much for this opportunity to be   here with you whether it's through the videos  my newsletters in written form or my blog   or now these classes and i will be publishing  my next substuck newsletter again soon   so i've already written you know half the  next article and another next article so   i will reignite that while i was angry and  then processing you know this big expansion   of experience i found that um that  writing was hard for me and now   that i've been through it i've realized to  that i'm choosing next time if it happens   again which periodically it does these things seem  to happen um i'm choosing to allow myself to just   in divine perfection release what  i'm able to so i created all of these   drawings and images and even for the human chart  during this time but i didn't release them because   i just felt like it's not perfect enough i don't  have verbal comment i don't have written comment   and and i just um next time i'm just going to  let it be okay that that's what i have to offer and go a little easier on myself so   end of the story moral of the story  so thank you god bless and take care

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