SCCM Training in UK | USA | AUS | GOLF & MIDDLEEAST | GERMANY | INDIA| How to Manage two sccmserver

SCCM Training  in UK | USA | AUS | GOLF & MIDDLEEAST | GERMANY | INDIA| How to Manage two sccmserver

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huh yeah given to you okay thank you okay this is only weekend bad saturday sunday saturday two end of our sunday to end of hours class so how many days of this is like let me require this is six weeks four to six weeks okay if is this sandeep right yes okay everybody has to join their own devices desktop or laptop then only you will get recording option meanwhile please make a note this port number yeah everybody working on sscm are new to sscm or how it is anybody knows sem please tell me yeah i have a application package but basically i'm working supporting sm also by deploying the applications only application is not patching not patching i don't have idm patch oh okay okay great this is in-depth patching a patching class will be six days okay and one more thing it's a paid one yes my experience is total 17 years who want to enroll who want to continue please contact this guy so any content is are you providing a hurry what is this course content and how it supports yeah it will provide please contact this person you want to enroll from next day this is day one class okay yeah content is active directory then wds class okay wds sscm installation patching app deployment ost advanced plan you are using we will install 2020 edition we will upgrade to 2021 edition okay the upgradation will take three days classes any cloud will any cloud part will no this is not cloud this is sscm class so is there any option for cloud also for this uh ssm device no no not uh on-premise servers or the cloud servers also will cloud cloud tell me how much time today this session actually today only 40 minutes okay if you want to enroll you can contact this guy okay so day two tomorrow it will be two and a half hours class you have to pay fees everything to this guy clear yeah sure yeah go ahead uh hey uh just give me uh the access now in gi given access to record please record everybody hello hey good morning uh do you provide like a video to everybody or i need to record myself yeah you need to record yourself it will be record in your system or we can share the recording if somebody will record rate out of 25 guys all the guys will record so somebody will share the recording session no issues i believe should everybody share a record or somebody record then share after that everybody will be recording their systems if somebody not recorded we can ask somebody in the group they will share the recording okay um hurry thank you welcome how are you rakesh here rakesh please record uh do you have a full version what full version for this meeting yes full version because it disconnects every 49 minutes or so no no it don't disconnect this time it won't be disconnected this is a paid version okay then that would be good okay oh rakesh from australia yes okay okay clear yeah hi hurry uh actually i haven't uh nine plus years of experience in ide i have the experience in windows and uh sql server dba and aws okay it will be helpful to me to change my profile yes exactly you are in windows right obviously for windows case this is very much suitable hundred percent uh i would like to know what what are the packages also packages 10 lakhs 15 lakhs 20 25 30 35 40. now it is ad engineer my friend got 40 lakhs my friend's friend got 56 lux packages in active directory before nine years what you told that is correct packages were very less nowadays packages are increased a lot yeah uh that's why i would like to know um yeah thank you thank you i'm in windows stream yeah windows 10 it definitely shoots you well yeah thank you so we can start the class okay course duration four weeks to six weeks it's only weekend program saturday sunday i am starting okay so this is my system this is my physical system i have installed in my physical system is windows 10 windows 10 pro professional version number 21 h1 how to verify how many hard disks are connected in your system this is a command i have installed two hard disk disk zero one number disk one second number i have two hard disk installed in my system [Music] yeah you have to reconnect the voice properly who joined from redmi okay and i have installed vmware workstation in my system the version number you can see here version number we have installed 16.2 okay vmware workstation 16.2 the hard disk how to see the hard disk yes who is this sir your name sir my name is alexa yeah alex given a recording to you alex where is your name election right election yeah alex i give a recording session to you oh okay okay thank you please click on record button okay uh can you access me also i'm kurua chandrasekhar it is please ask the host to give permission to recall no where is your name here can you speak once again yes uh hello no you are you join from some other name i guess can you bring in zoom chat window uh just now i've been can you see what's yeah it's working okay now shake raymonds shake raymond's where he is to you how to see how many hard disks are installed in my system disk mgmt.msc i have two hard disks installed in my system this zero is one number disk one is second number okay i'm starting now it's already 14 minutes forever so let me open vmware workstation today's day one class okay create a new virtual mission typical recommended cancel this is my physical system okay in my physical system how much ram i'm having how to verify go to control panel system much ram i'm having 64 gb this is amd ryzen processor amd ryzen processor i have installed windows 10 pro west number 21 h1 okay this is my physical system i have installed on top of my physical system the vmware workstation create new virtual mission i will install the operating system later i am not going to mount the iso image i will install the operating system later if you select this option the vm will be created with a blank hard disk we are going to install 2016 os the virtual mission name is [Music] the virtual mission defaultly will save under c drive documents in companies what they will do they will see the vms in the d drive or e drive deferred ld see they will use the software installation and os directory d drivers under vmb case i am going to create a folder called 9am under 9am batch we are going to create another folder called pdc here now the virtual machine is saving under d drive for this virtual mission it is taking 60 gb from my physical disk so if you want to change increase or modify yes you can change i am giving only 40 gb store virtual discard a single file 40 gb it is taking so if you want to increase increase but in production you should give for the vm 250 gb especially for c3 you can give 200 gb or 150 gb finish before finish it is taking the hardest size we allocated 40 gb and memory we allocated to cheap now if you want to increase your resources yes you can increase select the vm click on edit vm settings we will increase the ram currently it is having 2 gb ram i am increasing 3 gb 5 gp 14 14gb the network adapter should be connect under custom mode say ok to install a voice in a vm we need to connect cd dvd is for image or pen drive so we are going to connect mount the iso image file cd dvd select use iso image file browse button i have already downloaded os image my os is here this is the path select iso image format save vm is ready without os we have created hard disk ram everything is ready now click on power on virtual mission the mouse is showing hand icon you need to press inside this vm you entered enter inside the vm if you want to come out press ctrl alt enter into the vm click the mouse on the black screen if you want to come out press ctrl alt enter come out right click power off vm is powered off close this is my physical system open vmware close where is vmware workstation here it is open minimum system requirement rocket life processor 16gb ram enough or i3 processor 12gb ram is enough power on click with the mouse on the black screen it is prompting press any keyboard from cd say yes press any key just a moment yes we are going to install the os windows 2016 install now this is maximize button maximize minimize maximize switch here home button vm button maximize maximize minimize so in windows 2016 there is only 64 bit windows 2012 there is only 64-bit windows 2019 windows 22 server also 64-bit in windows 2012 onwards there is no 32-bit keep in mute [Music] this is core edition this is desktop experience gui edition if you install this in your laptop you can see only black command prompt this is graphical edition today we are going to install graphical desktop experience i accept license agreement next button in this cm already windows 2012 is there if you want to upgrade to 2016 you have to select upgrade button please keep mute yourself somebody noise is coming we are going to install os fresh in this vm then select custom button if you want to make partition c drive t drive f drive click on new allocate the required size as per your customization if you want to make only c drive single partition click on next os installation is going on at the beginning we have seen four types of oss right uh yes you said one is gui and one is a desktop experience yes what about the rest two yeah one is standard one is data center when standard core is there in standard gui is there data center gui is there in data center edition core is there okay in windows 2012 foundation edition will be there standard edition data center edition essential edition so what we have installed now standard edition gui so not a data center data center what it means okay suppose windows standard edition you install you can create up to two lakhs user ids in the active directory windows 2016 data center if you install you can create up to four lakhs user it is in the active directory okay storage space is a new technology feature came from windows 2016 the storage space means you know you know file server failover cluster two file servers are there node one is down node two will up and running node is down node one will up and running to configure this windows storage space feature came from windows 2016. if you want to implement this you should install windows server data center edition okay there are variations differences comparisons between the editions oh it's installation is going on what is active directory what is activated authentication protocol [Music] tell ask her abroad version number five kerberos port number [Music] double yes eldar port number 387 389 dns 53 53 php server 67 wonderful dhcp client 68 tftp okay what is the use of tstp you will deploy os to the end user system from scm server the end user system will download the os image from site server scm server over the protocol tftp ftp is the transfer protocol now what is the port number 22 21 ssh only breakup people know who don't know please buy heart smb smb protocol will be useful in the file server imap 143 [Music] 25 one tier yeah sql port number will use in our scm before installing scm server we will install sql server 2019 okay answer is we are going to discuss about ad also right because yes yes yes ad is required for scm server first that's why today we are setting up active directory okay make a note or take a screenshot of this page when this global catalog is used global catalog will come under ready it will have the complete information of its own domain and partial information about rest of the domains in the forest everybody please make a note hello [Music] dhcp server 67 sir yes sir hello i'm raja here yeah it was the only issue in organization how to search for a search box issue in 2016 search box issue i think after 2010 and i think after december uh 2016 and 10 after december 12 uh some update is uh going on in windows later so after that it cannot able to open they they won't be able to search the uh items and outlook outlook okay for every system are some systems every system every system might be your company implemented a policy disable search outlook search check check with your ad team or you have to verify it for all the systems yes might be the implemented group policy we have to troubleshoot on this check take two systems format one system okay configure newly outlook new outlook with auto discover and then verify is it is working or not yeah hurry yes sorry um you are showing the lab for uh in your own machine which is having a physical box and you have good control but how about the student or we can manage if don't have this kind of configuration district of conversation is not required you can enough a3 processor 12gb ram or ifa processor 12gb ram ifa processor 16gb ram yeah even you don't have that kind of configuration now what is the other recommendation recommendation you can practice in azure okay how can we do all the uh we are uh how can we project how can we do that one yeah you can do free whenever you are not using you can turn off the vms how many machines are required two missions only two machines for entire lab yes one is dc one is sem box but other site primary secondary site and other things we will deploy primary site if you are able to install primary site secondary set is easy but we need again another machine right other mission for what for the secondary site and the second reset you can spin another vm so that will not be going to change three vms yes there will be charge but whenever it is not required you can power off you can practice one or two hours per day you can power off okay okay then if you could help that other people uh can also understand that isn't rather uh because my most of the most student might have might not have this kind of configuration and this kind of confirmation is not required but nowadays everybody having almost systems 99 percentages who don't have they will practice in azure okay then we'll connect later than part okay yeah so right click on the vm we have to install the first step is install vmware tools see here wait for 5 10 seconds tools run setup it will install the driver what kind of driver sound audio video graphical enhancement driver network car driver see here now [Applause] keep in mind someone use noise is coming video driver done this game full screen means it's activated all the drivers finish asking for reboot say yes here can we get the workstation uh installation setup uh files and also os files yes you can get so you can download rls i will show you got it this is the one you can choose here 16 for windows download everybody letter save this link another link is got it instead of i'm sharing i have to upload your google drive again you have to download it will take more time better you can download from this link is and download save the links control alt insert how to log into the virtual mission on top we have all to insert control alt insert not control alt delete this is built in administrator this is created by microsoft not with us logged in server manager will open by default in windows 2012 16 19 close how to change the computer name panel category small icons system the computer name is default computer name we will change our custom way computer name is pdc is asking for reboot say yes alt insert server manager will open by default close to configure active directory what are the prerequisites what are the prerequisites to install the active directory os plus assign static ips clear ensigps dns also required but while configuring id it will prompt to install dns we will give the tick mark for dns yeah so first prerequisite is windows server os with computer name is ready second step is it's any static ip address how to assign static ip address for this go to run button type the command network connections open enter properties ipv6 uncheck ipv4 properties use the following ip address is called static ip address manual ip address i am going to assign ip addresses gateway is we are configuring dns also in this box we are configuring adds role in this box we are going to configure group policy console also in this box so this server will act as activator server this server will act as dns server prefer tns the preferred dns ip is what is the epu assigned for the server dc the same ip should use as preferred dns server disable i have a question here like uh why are you selecting uh iptype like this may show uh can i see your default gateway yes i mean uh from your physical server is it defaulted sim is like this or okay i will go to my physical box this is my physical box internet clear oh i mean i i have a like a little bit uh yeah confusion about see my gateway is this one i'm having wi-fi router in my home in the wi-fi router configure dhcp server i connect a network cable to my system in the wi-fi router it is configure dhcp server and my system is dhcp client the wi-fi router given an ip address to my system is this one okay thank you okay and your question is valid i will tell you here what is the network card we configured for this vm settings the network card is connected under custom yeah that means this network card will not at all connect to my physical system or physical wi-fi router this is separate network see here what is google dns it is not thinkable it is not reachable to internet if you want to make internet for this yes you can make you can add second nac network adapter add second network raptor somebody first network connector custom second network card is connected net we have two nacs in my virtual mission first one is connected custom second one is connected under net now the second network card will connect to my physical wi-fi router at my home it will get the ip address and i will get the internet clear sir yes now see here second network card came in i will disable rename as enable what is iep it got got it this is connected under net this is connected under custom and for this we have assigned static id so now verify the google dns is fingerprint or not cut it here internet is working clear yes so for us we need to make actually two network adapter right yes one is custom second one is net so for understanding this is internet card i renamed as disabled not required now this one we will enable later after 10 days in the scm server clear in hyper v also same kind of feature is there external network private network okay now we assign static ip windows voice is ready we have to configure the role called adds from server manager the dashboard is reading refresh dashboard is reading how to configure a role click on address and features or manage ad rules and features the destination pdc before you configuring something in this box you should have a proper password strong password for your administrator account yes we have who logged into the system how to verify oh who am i uh who am i here this administrator having strong password and the very next step is it asks it is asking static ip address assign yes we have a send id address manually that is called static ip we're going with role based what is this one people know about citrix vdi correct citrix video similar technology is there in microsoft yes [Music] hello harry you can meet your side on people [Music] a mute all okay who want to speak please unmute okay this is citrix video similar in microsoft that is rds remote desktop services today we are going to configure a role on the role based this is our menu we are going to configure actual directory domain services edds will create objects will store the information about the objects objects means user id username group arguments unit resources object in the sense groups user ids organization organizational units adds uses domain controllers to give network users access means authentication to permitted resources anywhere on your company on the network through a single login process what is activatory authentication protocol name so yes can i you allocated a system to me in your company okay i joined today in your company you have allocated you will give user a password credentials you will connect my system in the network i will type the credentials then on this kerabros will come into the picture it will carry the credentials to the ad then ldap will verify query the credentials in the active directory ldap is a query tool uh hurry actually people say dc and active directory what exactly it defers the line yeah who is this sir it's chandrasekhar yeah i will tell dc means domain controller that means you are controlling the domain what is domain domain is a logical boundary infrastructure domain is expandable you start a company today with one employee tomorrow 10 after 100 after one year 10 000 after 10 years 10 lakhs that's infinity domain is also same kind of you can create a number of domains and number of user systems in the domain domain is logical boundary infrastructure what is meant by domain controller plus clear okay on windows server os is there that is not the domain controller if you configure adds role then it is called clear okay now for that question how to verify the computer role of this device how to verify computer name hostname how to verify the computer role wrong command what is the computer role what is the computer role server server once you configure adds in this box it will convert as primary now come to physical system can you please apply this command in your laptop's desktops right now you

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