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okay this vmware workstation version number 16.2 here are all the running batches morning batch evening batch u.s batch indian batches yes amit can i start the demo starting the demo hello kartik arctic yes oh okay kartik right you are okay okay i'm starting the demo yeah sscm overview sscm main system center configuration manager from 20 20 year microsoft renamed this sscm as mbcm microsoft and fine configuration manager still many everybody calling as sem only few people call it thing as mgcm me cm sccm are sms all are same 1993 the sms version is the system management server sms so sscm configuration manager system center conference manager also known as configuration manager or config mdr earlier formerly it was called as system management server sms the sms was released initially in 1994 the version sms 1.0 94 microsoft released windows nt 4.0 operating system nt means new technology 99 they released 2.0 version

in 2003 microsoft release system management server 2003 r2r means release in 2003 microsoft released operating system called windows 2.3 server in the same year they released system management server 2.3 r2 2007 microsoft renamed this sms as a ccm in 2012 microsoft released system center configuration manager in between 7 and 12 microsoft released windows in tune in 2011. so what you can do what you can manage with sscm you can manage it infra laptops desktop servers you can deploy operating system from sscm server to the end user systems over the network you can deploy software softwares means 7g pedo visual studio sql express all these kind of software's dot exe formats dot msa format to the end user systems over the network you can deploy the software updates to all the end user systems you can deploy the antivirus also you can deploy the office eastward updates you can manage the hardware inventory you can manage the software inventory you can write anti-malware policies even you can manage the exchange servers with the connector information so what are the ssm advantages scm features what you can do as a ssm admin yeah everybody following so osd great feature is vst operating system deployment okay so what is operating system deployment so we will create a image we will add the operating system like you know windows 11 or windows 7 in the ssm console that package that image package you will deploy to the new higher systems new systems over the network by using pc second one power management you can control all the systems power shutdown restart you can power on the systems remote control what is meant by remote control suppose you want to take my system remotely you have to go to your system run button type the command mstse and you need to type my system name okay so what is remote control here you deployed software updates software updates in the sense every month you will get updates in your mobile it will prompt you schedule install or tomorrow install or remind me later so you need you can click on schedule install it will set a time and date and time you can install the updates in your mobile it will prompt for restart after the installing the updates you deployed software updates windows patches security updates to thousand systems in your company out of thousand 970 installed 30 systems failed the 30 systems names you will collect which are failed why failed you need to work on it so for that you need to take remote or you can go to tactics systems by visiting user desk instead of going to user desk you can take remote from the ssm console itself this remote control we need to enable the scm console log into sm console right click on affected system click on remote control okay this is how remote control is possible from the ssm console another feature is reporting what is this reporting you deployed software updates for 10 000 systems when microsoft release the updates generally microsoft will release the updates every month second week tuesday only that is called past tuesday what is past tuesday answer is every month second week microsoft released the patches on tuesday is called past tuesday you downloaded the patches into the scm console those patches you will deploy to all the thousand ten thousand systems face bytes for desktops laptops server ways out of ten thousand systems how many are installed failed you will take a report in the next week third week out of ten thousand systems thousand systems fail to install so later you will verify the fail status i will say troubleshooting so how your reporting will generate you need to configure the ssm reporting role before configuring the ssm reporting role you should configure sql reporting role the sql server reporting role will integrate with sscm reporting service then and their reports will be generated so next one is software metering provide tools to monitor and collect software usage how much how many softwares are using in every system usage of software licenses from the end user systems in the end user systems we need to install conference manager client mains agent site server is secm server in every system you need to deploy conference manager client next feature is software updates you're familiar with software updates every month nowadays we are getting the updates in our mobiles it will prompt schedule install or later we should install the patches patch is segregated into different kind of classification security patch update patch update roller patch service pack hot fixes different kind of patches so monthly every month microsoft will release these patches means updates when every month second week tuesday that is called patch tuesday those patches you will collect you will download the patches you will deploy those patches to all the end user systems and use the systems in the sense laptops desktops servers server os windows 10 os windows 7 voice windows 8.1 voice or windows 2016 server os so for this software updates first you need to configure the wsus role wsus windows server update services that is the first step second step you need to configure the sup role fulfillment software update point in the ssm console the subpro will the sscm role called sup will be integrated with wsus wsr sees a role inside the windows box windows server manager then and there you can download the updates from microsoft store how we are downloading the software in our mobile we will connect the mobile mobile data internet then we will go to store app store we will download someone's software the same way here first we need to configure wsrs then support subpro and ws as both will integrate then and there we will download the patches means updates those updates we will reply to the end user systems another update another feature is software deployment software deployment under software updates both are different updates means only patches software means a piece of software means 7-zip or vlc or zip software or winrar sql express visual studio many softwares so you got a project in the project you need to install the software called jre version number some 7.8 for 1000 systems for thousand systems you have to go to thousand systems individual physically you have to install the software thousand systems it will take more time you will download the software you will add the software in the accm console then and there you will deploy to deploy the software for thousand systems it takes hardly two hours once install you will take the report how many install how many failed the failed systems you will log into the failed systems by remote control via remote control then you can capture the information capture the log files troubleshoot so next topic is you can deploy nowadays every company migrate to office 365 office 365 from excel server excel server companies will have in their on-premises company inside exchange server is for mail flow mail communication email boxes creation nowadays many companies migrated to office 365 office systems in cloud so once deployed office system fire meant to say once migrated to office 65 your email box you need to deploy office resistive application ms office in your systems that nothing but win word excel document outlook those outlook versions i'm going to say offices of application software also you need to update that is also possible through sscm next one is skip antivirus install you know windows defender antivirus will come free from windows 10 this antivirus you can antivirus you can deploy to all the end user systems and every day antivirus will get the updates definition updates from internet from the specific vendor those updates definitions anti-virus updates are called definitions the definitions you will download and deploy to all the end user systems so many things can do by sscm it's all in one tool these are all the features advantages this is the ssm hierarchy based upon our user head count based upon your locations how many branches you are having in your company suppose your office is here in india register office in london your company opened another branch in australia new zealand switzerland based upon the head count of the locations based upon the network bandwidth on the locations between the locations you will configure this primary site you will configure the central administrator you need to consider the secondary site this is the hierarchy model okay so when you can consider primary site when you will configure when we need to configure a secondary site that is depends upon the user head count network bandwidth so this is what demo sscm demo so in the sscm classes once we start the classes what we can do what we can learn so we will learn active directory part first today we will install phase one we will learn about dc that means primary dc primary domain controller second one bdc backup domain controller here in this it will cover actual error tree then fsmo rolls migration phase two what we can learn again pdc domain controller then wds what is wds windows deployment services windows deployment services you will add the image windows 10 you will deploy that windows 10 to the new users new heights over the network phase 3 what we will install what we can learn pc and sscm server so secm server we will do installation from scratch to install accm server first you need to configure the prerequisites in the dc first once prerequisite is done we will jump to a ccm box sem vm we will run the digit sites any adk tool installation then sequel server installation clear once secm server installed we will learn about discovery methods then secm roles then secm client deployment how many s we how many ways are there to deploy the ccm client sscm client in the sense we will have secm site server and client will be their ssm client we have to deploy install that client agent in all the end user systems i will make it as mucm or assist mecm client settings configuration also we will learn then patching auto deploy patching how to download the patches all these things we will configure for this wsus role and ssm roll then we will download the patches and deploy patching class will be six days minimum four days maximum seven days next topic is what is the operating system deployment how we will download the image download image windows 8 or windows 10 everybody knows how to add this image into the scm console how to deploy patching log files troubleshooting wise here around 20 locks more than 20 locks ost lock fails around two to three we'll do in depth we can read these log files we will read the log files we will explain we will learn about the log files as well troubleshooting and how you are doing patching in your company patching process also we can discuss patching errors so in the interviews they will ask you what errors you faced related to patching in last six months and what is your patching process in your company how you are following how you are doing you are deploying the patches 10 000 systems in a single day or phase wise or you are deploying the fetches first day on the desktops after four days you are deploying the patches in laptops after 15 days you are deploying the patches in servers again servers there will be different file servers will be there domain controller section servers for some servers in the clustering application server sequel servers how we are doing phase wise will not deploy the patches at a time all to the all server operating systems deploy the patches phase wise osd then sd means software deployment an secm site server upgradation an accm console upgradation mecm rscm both are same museum clients upgrades so we will learn all these topics we will do three phases first phase we will learn phase two wds ssu for sscm you should know about active directory because of link will be there integration will be between there between ssm1 between macm and ad clear anybody having any questions so far anybody having any questions yeah is there any class for not taking the backups yeah generally backups also backup will be there backup inbuilt feature in the sscm server so if you want to perform the backup input feature you can perform or nowadays everybody company having vm backup and replication this is third party software yes third party or you can use semantic backup or acronis backup cloudberry many backups are there many backups there are more than uh 30 different kind of backup softwares if you see antivirus also there will be many bit defender he said antivirus kaspersky semantic norton windows defender right yes so companies what they will do they will install this agent in the mscmr any application server they will perform the full back offer 15 days or 30 days or weekly once the rest of the days they will contra they will take incremental backup okay here only scm and intune also will be covered yeah if you learn institute in sccm same as a big subject okay asm will be you seem as a big subject this it will take all together more than 25 days 20 to 25 days every day on only weekends every day or weekends house you know students wants to join weekends or every day then we can decide okay okay any questions or anybody please open ask the features are explained and let me start day one class okay i have installed vmware workstation on my physical system open vmware workstation here yeah who want to enroll who want to join please contact this person amit joytrace technologies please contact amid joytres technologies for enroll i am starting the day one class so vmware workstation i have open i installed vmware workstation on top of my physical system open vmware workstation what the vmware workstation version see here about vmware workstation is 16.2

create a new virtual mission typical recommended next button i will install the operating system later if you select this the virtual machine will be created with a blank hdd hard disk we are going to install the version windows version is windows server 2016 we will install windows server 2016 on our lap for dc or sscm anything next button the virtual mission name the virtual machine created as evening pdc generally the virtual machine will be created in the c drive documents this is vmware if you are creating a virtual machine in hyper virtualization also there will be vm create inside the c drive documents okay what companies will do c drive they will allocate 300 gb best practice and d for delhi d drive they will allocate 2 tbr 1tb or 4tb hard disk inside the d drive they will save all the vms same way i will go to d drive vmt case i am creating a folder called evening batch inside the evening batch again i'm going to create a folder called pvc say okay path change this vm will be saved into this while creating the virtual machine in the vmware what is the vm extension file format vm file format is dot vmdk if you are creating the vm in the hyper-v there is start vht the vm format next button defaultly from my hard disk this vm this vm is consuming taking 60 gb i am giving only 40 gb but whenever you're creating a virtual machine in your environment please give at least 300 gb for c drive at least 250 gb for c drive remaining d that depends upon what vmware grid creating is application server or test server store the virtual disk as a single file finish vm created without install the os defaultly how much ram is allocated 2gb only to increase the memory go to edit vm settings set edit virtual machine settings vm settings got open increase the memory here is the button allocated around 16 gb process i'm allocating for hard disk we already given 40 gb cd dvd we need to mount the is for image we need to connect the cd dvd pendrive rs for image file browse iso image is under l drive k drive and museum folder setup file server 2016 os is mounted jsv maze and we will create first vm dc second vm ssm server will be fit under custom mode in network docker we are going to configure under custom mode save okay power on power on the system power on the vm once powered on immediately you have to press the mouse key mouse button inside this vm it will pronounce pressing keyboard from cd says loading files windows logo is the maximize button we want to come out from the vm you need to press ctrl alt see the mouse icon click on here come out from the vm hand icon click here with the mouse then only will enter into the vm control alt will release the cursor controller okay we are going to setup 2016 os we want to go to home button the vm first vm second third fourth home button vm is the maximize button maximize button 2016 next install now setup is starting to move over this is day one class in windows 2016 there is only 64-bit there is no 32-bit comparing with 32-bit 64-bit will give you best performance windows 2012 onwards microsoft released only 64-bit 32-bit 64-bit both available in windows 2008 server in windows 2003 there is only 32-bit so here we are going to install windows 2016 desktop experience if you select this also voice will be installed but this is core edition this is graphical edition default accept license agreement next button if you want to upgrade the os from 2012 to 2016 you need to choose this one if always already there presented in this vm we don't have any voice inside this we are going to install fresh installation in that case you can go with custom button we want to create and the drive data drive click on new under give the site next button os is installing okay this is domain controller second vm we will create for sscm voice installation in progress now the time is 5 44 pm it will finish by 5 50. who want to enroll please contact amit trees this is the number so what you can achieve what you can do with scm once you learn as a cm administrator what you can do you will get patching job patching profile suppose you joined in a company there are 10 000 systems 10 000 systems are windows 8 windows 10 windows 7 windows 2016 windows 22 os microsoft already is windows 2 0 double to server os excel server sql servers application servers crm servers you need to download the patches and apply to all 10 000 assets this is one kind of job profile second one is you got you will get some kind of job called ostr image management image deployment or you will get another job called sd software deployment or you will get some other kind of job like you know windows infra plus plus sscm matmain both you have to work [Music] okay four kind of profiles you will get okay and what you will get daily if you join this course you will get kylie live recording option plus you will get the documents called this entire folder size is 11 gb you will get in this folder what you are having scm documents and videos water video sets if you want to see one video i will open basic suppose this is the video seventh video okay through all the videos and documents day one document day three day 10 document all these documents i will share suppose if you want to see sample windows patching is a patching document why we are doing patching why patching is important why companies are implementing dispatching why it is required so the entire first 20 pages is theory part why what when and this is from here this 11th page is background workflow between the site server and end user systems for the patching related only how many steps are there 16 steps is server side flow this is client side flow suppose you open this document how to configure implement patching in your lap follow the yellow marks hello marks use the tick mark for this partisaprol the subpro will integrate with w cells to provide software updates windows patches to end user systems where in end user system you have installed configuration manager client this is for configuration part this is log files wss log files ssm block files client-side lock files relate to patching patches are unable to deploy to end user systems patches down unable to download into end user systems patches downloaded but unable to install the patches patches are not downloading to end user systems so for all these kind of use what kind of log files we can verify how to verify all these things are there in this document so if you see troubleshooting purpose how to do troubleshooting every log file explain very much clearly here not only reading the document in our lab we will see the log files as well in our lab see third lock file windows update fourth log file respectively with screenshots troubleshooting purpose and understanding purpose flow purpose okay these are all the log files log files what log files you have to verify at the end user site so this patching document around 70 pages select all the documents how to install the sscm primary site this is the document now to install open secm server software click on splash button double click so if i did not write any nodes here you just follow the law mark then this console will open when if you double click the splash button then this console will open click on this button typical installation then it will install standalone primary site next button click on s select the button call select the option evaluation period next next clear in ama will have live recording session if you have any document in the in the documents this is how you have to install the sccm site server the screenshot mentioned clearly installation successful we can close the wizard now finish installation will take 30 to 60 minutes click on finish so this is what document and how to transfer fsomer roles day one from backup from primary domain controller to backup domain controller clearly explained here generally same questions there are four four documents okay mostly answers are filled remaining uh would not fill you know double questions will be there some repeated questions you can refill this is one document document number two from acm 2007 also some questions added here there are some questions and next one scm setup files also you will get i will share this mecm software 2002 version size is 1.68 gb and i will share 2016 server os also this size is around 60 6.5 gpa and how to download vmware workstation so it's pretty much simple i will share this link right away download vmware workstation open the first link here it is please save this link oh it's installation done this is the built-in administrator how to log into the vm you need to press ctrl alt insert don't press ctrl alt delete ctrl alt insert key okay this is how voice installed but it is showing in the off screen how to make it big we need to install the drivers audio video sound graphical enhancement drivers bluetooth driver ethernet driver wi-fi driver how to install drivers in windows 2016 server vm defaultly from windows 2012 the server manager page will open you can close it how to install drivers in the vm right click on the vm click on install vm tools wait for some time here one notification will come click on vmware tools run setup typical recommended typical install now it is going to install graphical driver ethernet driver enhancement vmc ui driver vmx net 3 is ethernet driver most memory video full screen came finish it is asking for restart yes reboot so once course completed i will once course completion i will share all these documents under this one okay who want to enroll please contact amit joytrace os booting rebooted then how to log into the vm we need to press ctrl alt insert open the vm home button this is maximize vm click on maximize ctrl alt insert locked in that's it so anybody having any questions so far hello yes priyanka any questions i don't have any questions but i need uh this recording session because i did not join on time due to network issue so the recording session i just joined after often okay i don't know that actually this link is forward my friend uh what about this link that it is any uh randomness series where it was doing any task or or otherwise it is only for today's session is going to happen this is for demo okay the same meeting link will be there for classes okay or if meeting link is changed we will inform but once class started the same link will be there for every day okay for classes for classes come again please repeat yeah for classes uh we need to pay any amount or it is a free of crisis you are arranging yeah this is the contact number please reach out to him will share all the information joy trees institute okay okay this is the only for uh today for demo class that we are you are having to provide a classes to secm that's all yes and day one class is also over okay fine we did demo and installed wasted one class over okay uh today you share i mean you showed some documents right uh could you please share that document if it is possible then i'll check it on it and if uh it is good then i will i need to join it so that's why i just asked that document it is very like patching that not the installation process like patching that the basic steps how we are troubleshooting that understood i will show one second here patching configuration steps installation deployment troubleshooting verify the locks what kind of locks all log files will be there client-side log files and server-side log files when we need to open this lock file if shrink is failed between the w session subrole we need to open this lock file yeah this document are you are unable to see i mean you are not sharing yeah so please reach out to um choi trees summit for this thank you anybody having any questions so we are going to start classes within couple of days can you share a mix number on that group so because if we need to contact then we can contact you yeah i think in the zoom chat window you can think this is john what's up what's up yeah sure [Music] cloud-based so if you clear sscm you can easily understand in tune in tunisian fingertips okay so difficult to learn html but we can if we know the system then it will yes yes yes exactly okay fine because there are many factors you can deploy patching one feature second feature osd third feature software deployment fourth feature of which is defined fifth one antivirus this all will cover in how many days yeah so it will be covered completely 25 days on daily basis class yes and timing will be timing will be per day one hour one half hour by which time uh so which time you want to join like morning or evening generally you know morning classes are going to start in uh uh 2 days 7 30 a.m batch

7 30 in the morning yes on daily ride on daily or 9 00 am or 10 am and a universe also evening batch also will be there around 7 00 p.m to 8 p.m okay okay and if anyone is running he can join in both batches both patches are no see it depends upon time rate you should concentrate to better one because because if i think anything missed then we can attend on yeah mister classes you can attend in another batch but you know better you can put a specific time it will be good for you because if you attend them both budget then you can what time you want to join actually p.m yeah 7 p.m is the best 7 p.m also we can start the patch you and your friends are joining are you only alone okay okay let's discuss the things with the i mean yes please i will let you know what this is yeah yeah i have one question yes uh it's regarding uh whatever we are getting in the training is kind of a demo or a demo account or it's azure account means how we can implement in our lab environment in your lab you can implement these things vms to vms in your laptop or desktop so it is not require any cloud on not required how much capacity your host machine required for that some people practiced if i process 8gb ram if you processor 12gb ram if a processor 16gb ram if a process 8gb ram also last month only you know students practiced some guys had i3 processor 12gb ram okay and uh what about that osd [Music] yes yes yes so suppose this is a cmvm okay okay second vm is without installation of os we will create a blank vm okay that means there's a new system okay from system we can deploy the os to that blank vm over the network yeah so first initially we created a blank vm remember then we mounted iso image yes yeah the same way the same way we can point to pxc and it will get yes yes yes yes exactly and what about that means how we can uh [Music] how we can get the scenario of uh because it's a assessment used for the enterprise right yes so basically if one gets paid another is working or this kind of means the primary secondary kind of yes yes we will discuss see we will install the primary site installation of sem server it will take five days okay okay including prerequisites primary site installation then obviously you can implement in your lab primary site or secondary site if you do primary site secondary site or distribution installation runs on your fingertips yes it might be read only or yes yes yes okay you're already working on sscm no i'm working as a windows admin but i want to i like to work on this i would like to work okay okay mobile device management will not cover i mentioned that is in tune okay csm is the biggest topic if you do this well you can understand easily okay you know if you learn windows 2003 course around 12 years back maybe you you did that course if you do windows 2.3 windows 2008 same features will be added yes the concept will remain same but say yeah yeah recording or replication yes yes yes yes last 20 years you are seeing right id replication radio replication issues same comes oh yes yes yes okay got it thank you welcome you know the difference there is no difference between folder redirection roaming profile roaming profile means complete profile folder reduction in specific folder yes yes i i got it the terms remain [Music] yes so this wds is there this was there in windows 2 server also that name was rs ras replaced wds replaced the rs technology rs implementation yes rs implementation typical this is pretty much easy okay what what is the uh long form of ras remote installation remote installation service okay rise yes yes and uh i have one query about uh so what happened currently all kind of things is going in uh even here ccm is also in cloud base so is it any kind of benefit we get from local to local means if if we create the setup locally we are doing all the things locally correct yeah because even most of enterprises is moving to cloud base suppose this is your login you will create two vms inside that's it okay the concept remains same concept remains same nothing will be there better you can practice if you have good configuration if i 16gb that's far best okay okay thank you welcome so installations will not consume time the classes will be finished within 20 days also because of its 64 gb ram okay okay thank you all please reach out to amit joytrees for enroll okay anybody having any questions last minute okay thank you all disconnecting clear

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