Saturday night party!!!!!!!!!! Lets chat!

Saturday night party!!!!!!!!!! Lets chat!

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Good. Evening everybody. Saturday. Night Live this. Is exciting it gets, do. With two kids this is our Saturday night so glad you guys can enjoy it with us yeah we're gonna have. Some. Talks tonight definitely, questions, from you guys we're looking to hear, some more stories from people what, they're doing with their channel I both themselves love. To have some more editing questions had a great time last night some really good questions, some, stumpers, of course but I think we did okay through, them so and that, helps us learn as well so a little. Bit of fun chat a little bit of technical, questions whatever. Your heart feels like it's Saturday night so it can get a little crazy too yes yes, don't. Forget to drop your question in the chat and, now just, say hi we, know you're there definitely, what we already have three viewers, Wow. Welcome. Bottlecaps. Welcome. Oh, he's. My hero there I'll stroke this for you is he a good advice today. Audience. Cuz. Bottlecaps, has told me that I should shave my beard and I would look 20 years younger so, and I, was telling him I have a wife who thoroughly. Enjoys, this beard. The. Party's, already started, so. So. Yeah so I appreciated. The the, feedback I. My. Sister actually would side with you well she's always wanted, me to get rid of it I had. It most of my life I should go tea I recently, just shaved I had a full winter beard, he, was a full canadian, understand, mod for the winter months but. I always had some sort of facial hair except, for two years two, or three years I guess when, I worked in Saskatchewan. Hauling. Crude oil, because. Of the fire. Restrictions to, be able to wear a mask in case of emergency, you're not allowed to have any facial hair except, for a mustache, so. Yes. I'm forgetting these days reminding me about the about. The camera because I'm used to having it on my computer and now it's between the both of us, so. I always had a clean-shaven face during, that time and it was probably, one of the more depressing, parts of my life I liked my job but. It just never felt like me so. That's, it was one, of the first things I did as soon as I stopped working at that we moved back to Montreal was to grow my facial hair again I don't think I've ever gone without it since. Yeah. I. Think. After a botched shave job I would just save and start over again but it was very temporarily. Yeah funny. Tidbit actually before we went to Saskatchewan you have long hair very. Long. But. I love, beard I don't know I I. Don't. Know just something about it I just. Like it I mean. I like it when you shave it off too but it's, just some, that. Forest. Caveman. Yes. It does have a thing. Yep and the funny part is we had a Viking wedding and I think that's one of the shortest my facial hair and beard and the hair actually ever was. But. I wanted. The way he is right now that's. My favorite yeah a. Little bit of a point not, double, look I call it just a little bit of an edge to it so yeah, that's. A. Long answer to bottle, caps remark. From. Yesterday, and I do love you bottle caps we always get a kick early we're always glad to have you here so, bottle. Caps are sitting out on the west coast we call you a hippy. I. Don't. Know. Well. While. We are talking care and chatting along we, can welcome our, people. Over here real, caddy and fishing hi. Minnie. Hi. Just. Fine, David. Schneider. Thank. You so much Railroad. Deserver, mm. Hi oh good. Live stream I. Just watched it a while ago I caught it I'm hoarsely not live but I got to see it yeah, definitely, looking for more thank, you I love seeing trained, guys yes. I call you like that is there a better way of calling. You let me know in a chat. Is. Pretty cool cuz he's kind of a bit like us he's in the trains but he also had does a few other things as well so it's.

Always Nice to see it it's quite dynamic. Sorry. I'm just bringing everything up here so I can see everybody's, chat, as well and, make. Sure to mute it so we don't have any interruptions. Every, day almost. Seven. Blessings welcome. Welcome. And, thank, you for the nice touch of the pronunciation. Yes for. Those who don't know it's, bullsháá, bullsháá. Studios. That's our she. Says it was such elegance, oh. Hello. Push the studio l7, lost things again oh my god so great to see it's nice that even though we've been doing short time to start having some regulars, it really means a lot to have you guys here oh and, don't forget to tweet this out this, again was a short notice, probably. Nobody besides you know that. We have this live stream so tweet it out right, now tell everybody you know that you're right here and tell them to come over there's nothing else better to do today you've there at home anyway right and touring, tastebuds so glad that you guys there just watched another one your videos while, ago. Know. The other side of the pond yeah. Yeah. Blood. Sometimes and, I, just, so. Happy to have you guys I would meant to ask you when I wrote back and my. Remarks so I'm glad you found us I know, the times a little later for you guys that's why it's an extra pleasure to have you here and. Railroad. Preserved 2000 asked about the pictures behind I think, everybody, who's been hearing, about this one but that's also one, of the few pictures that I have taken. And we put on the wall because, eggs Enya is definitely the photographer, here and that, is once again that's lube Leon to the capital in Slovenia, I had, done, backpacking. Trip about two years ago where I actually went, through 12 countries in 15 days and, I. Have them all on the wall here from the different countries. Don't. Tweeted, James we'll find it. Yesterday. We. Got up and for some person always James Cox yesterday, that's right and. Yes why not we. Were talking a little bit about I'm creator and how. It's all started, but we also wanted to know a little bit more, about. Behind, the story about what is behind I'm, a creator. James. Cox I want to know more, about it himself. So. If. You missed that go. Over and check our. Video. Of the live recording yesterday. On our, channel, and. Somewhere. On the second half you can see our tent, and our tiny. Little interview. Or, take, over. Whoever. Wants, to call it how you go, and check and then you can judge if it was a takeover or a little, and for you but it was fun and it, was our first official guest. By. The way if any of you want. To be our guest. Tonight more than welcome, just drop, a message in a chatroom and I, will send your link we would love to have you, we. Would like to have, you here to highlight what you're doing on your channel of course but, the most we're interested, is who are you, as people, because, as I was mentioning, in, the previous, video, and videos, before in our guest appearances, it's, more than just channels. It's people. Behind them and that they're so interesting.

To Understand, who are the creators behind these channels what are your other interests, beside, the channel or, maybe. Something, that we don't know about you that you would like people to know we. Would like to get close and personal, if, you haven't seen on Twitter as well we. Have, put. Out there ad. So. Guests, welcome get. A live with, booster hashtag. Live with Lucia if. You want to get all personnel. Come, as a guest so. Just drop a message. If you would like to hello. Geeks. Welcome. To our little, livestream for the Saturday night. Well. Would you send me the link via my stream. Would. You like to be a guest. I'd. Be wanting to be interviewed, for a long time, great yeah andrew. Is gonna be back just, in a second he's gonna set up that, part he's more the technical part of our, duo I'm the, more the creative. Creator, part, so. He's gonna come back and he's, gonna set it up. Could, you put a link up here and chat for the creator thing what, do you mean for the creator thing, bottlecaps. Can you specify what you're talking about love, the way you guys are using this live stream thank you touring. In taste buds would you like to be on it. Also would be fun. You're, making dinner but yeah come, back any time and if you would like to be as our guest in. Any of our next, live streams which which rights now are not quite scheduled. Please. Just. Leave a message or DM us so on Instagram, or Twitter are here and we would like to have you. So. Let's see who else is on Oh. Personal. Creator. Thing personal, ball caps be good again. You. Don't use Twitter Skype. Disk or Google, ham Scouts on YouTube, my. Son uses discord. Yeah. He is that a lot, okay. Well um, and. Release. Back and, railroad. Preserver, wants, to be our guest tonight oh, he. Doesn't use Twitter, so. If you could send a link to him. I'm. Just, wondering how Skype. Skype. Way I don't even have installed. Let. Me see now there, might be another way to know, you can don't know do you have facebook if you go on our Facebook, yeah and.

Message, Us your email or, anything. Just message a message we. Can send it there we need this we made somewhere to send it we can't put it in the chat unfortunately. Okay. Okay. And touring tastebuds would love to be a guest, probably, of today they're making dinner but okay. Soon yes. Okay. Bottle. Caps can't find I'm a creator on YouTube, hashtag. I am a creator, channel. Let. Me find. The directs. Think. And I'm gonna get you're gonna look it up yes I'm gonna look it up and I, can share something quickly with you guys. You. A lot of you has seen our video we did last week, featuring. The pictures from around Europe. We're. Doing another one this week like I said I want to start we're gonna still keep doing videos but we want to have kind of a photograph, series, as well and just like, we're good the next one we're gonna be doing is. Is. Jungfrau, which is the highest, point in europe i just. Put up the, wiki page right here just so you can take a quick look at it and this. Is the highest point actually, in europe and you go by train and the. Train climbs up to about three-quarters of the the top and, from. There you switch over to another train cogwheel, of course which. Takes you right to the very top the last part going through is a tunnel, through one of the peaks and. When you arrive at the top you're at a lookout point that's, 11,000, 371, feet. It's. Amazing, I was in Switzerland and, was tired from my trip and almost didn't go and thank you to my lovely wife who. Convinced. Me that I was crazy to be there and not go through with it was. Probably. One of the most amazing. Places I had ever seen in my life so. That will be the next one that's coming up I'm. Probably. Looking at. I don't know maybe Monday, at this point I guess would be the well. Definitely next week yeah because I I do want to try and get this one that's gonna be running on the schedule, because. I want to start having a schedule piece each week and we got a ton of photos from places like this and it's a shame that they're. Real not a shame I mean they are being on Instagram, in places but also did not take advantage of YouTube as well, here's. A couple of the photos. Some. Of these will be used some not I'll just open this up just to. Show you this is all taken from the top are, on the way ascending, the. Train is quite let me see I have a picture of the Train here, I believe, in this one. Still. Often the look yes, here's, the train that you actually switch, over to and this is what takes you to the summit so, I'm. Hoping we'll. Get to do that like I say the beginning of next week. So. And, hope. You guys will enjoy it so I'll. Bring back up the chat. Train. Man. Are. You sending. Just, one side because. Touring tastebuds have to leave so I just wanted to say goodbye to them yeah, oh the. Tacos are ready well I guess we're not saying goodbye to them we gotta figure a way to get over there now so or. At least hopefully save us some for when you get on the show. Yes. Always a pleasure. Touring, taste buds they. Have to leave but anybody who has a chance also check out their channel they do really, really good content amazing. Traveling. Emergency. Vehicles, as I was saying and. Sidewalk. Closed, hello. Emergency. Vehicles, actually I found you today and. Diff, what's the name of that stream channel and I always forget a differing, like a differing, likes when they play he plays the water lakes, yes yes different. Lakes he. Was there a knife on him were two weeks ago and I seen his call I thought okay there's a man after my own heart, yeah planes, trains and automobiles and, then I lost them and I just found in there today so we finally were able to connect so, now. That that's, I'm glad you're here tonight as well this is just icing on the cake so. Jamil, I mad. Sally. Sally I hope I pronounced that properly please, forgive me I'm sure I put, your part of it but not intentionally, welcome. As well another, new subscriber, we have. This. Hard, do you have email. You. Were saying the did. You leave a comment. An hour earlier this video they're. Saying, take. A recent video for the link to the stream.

That. Jerk. You're. Gonna have some socials, in other words it's really hard down to. Control. Let's. See yeah I was gonna try it for Sara. Names. How. Does his name start again oh, I. Just saw make sure I have it right. The. Railroad, preserver mm. Jamie. Oh thank you thank you for very much for a shout out much, appreciated. It's, always great to see when creators. Are connecting, and, giving. Each other a. Spotlight. And that's. The reason why we would like people to come over as I guess to give more time. Definitely, to talk to you guys yeah. Samara, how are you yes, mr Rosa should say the full name great. To have you. Hail. Emergency, exactly. Exactly. I agree. Well. It's nice to have some new faces and of course lots of returning ones as well it's. Always great to have you guys, to. Start just, off the top does anybody have any questions for us editing. By the way yes, sorry yeah. Go. On know anything. About editing, what, we use what you guys use. My. Kind of cameras, yeah we use you'd like to know about. Video. Other, photography. As well Photoshop. After, Effects After. Effects so so into it but, especially premiere I'd. Love to hear from you guys it's. Always nice to hear what you guys are doing, what you're working on - or any projects, coming up you want to tell about uh. ASMR. Ross is asking what do we use to stream, what. Do we use a stream well right now it's Hangouts and we're just working with our webcam. And I. Actually. Just bought the other day the Logitech, C. 2922. See I believe it it's called. Is. There a messaging, system in the hangouts that were using a youtube right now no. Not, that I'm aware of I shouldn't say that this is something that's. So. We can have our, dream oh no. No. We. Use, that for the camera and then I have my rode mic my rode pro and I use that through my computer we. Never livestream. Till a couple of nights ago so was never a necessity not something we ever looked into so. We, kind of just had to jump into this with both feet but we're. Hoping to line. Up more we definitely going to be doing more live streams that's it's a parent that it is working well and it's. So nice to connect with you guys especially, like I say since we mostly do faceless. Video. We. Don't get a chance to connect as much sigh so, this is really important. I'm. Gonna go do that what. Is it OS B or OBS. OBS I'm, definitely, gonna probably play with that tomorrow fire at the time so. Do. You have any questions bottle caps. We. Can of course and, good. And Thank You ASMR. Rose for saying everybody they like the stream please thank you so much it's greatly appreciate, it and. You. Did quite well with yours last night if I remember correctly, rather. Doon hello, hallo Jensen. Hi. The. Atlantic salmon oh, yes. Oh my god now you see there somebody has a great memory it's, unbelievable. Yes. Yeah. So. Great to have you all Larry. Johnson's. Well. It's great well welcome aboard again. We. Are up to 11. Good. Job guys. This. Is the party this is a Saturday, night wild night so. Get. Ready to rumble. While, I'm trying to set up hangouts to get our railroad, preserver, on is there anybody else who, would like to come on. Hold. Brother doing would you be interested in coming on for a little bit. That's. How I roll hi Oh. Excellent. Excellent. And. Aaron. V Cox first. Time I'm joining here cheers, to you as well, Jayda diva oh my, god that's great. Although, all the regulars are coming such a pleasure, mix. With the new faces, couldn't, ask for more, amazing. I just. I just, clicked on coming, on where, oh oh. Oh. Brother, dude I met would you like to come come, on air with us for a little bit. You. Are amazing. And. Brother doing a if it's too quick for ya we can always do it another time we'd love to have you on right now for an impromptu but. A lot of you guys I mean we'd. Love to schedule, stuff and start bringing on more creators. That's. A big big thing right we would love to do and now just to talk about the platform but to talk about what you're doing what your interests, are where. You started, and, it comes stories you like to talk about oh. Man. You are testing out my computer knowledge how do you even do that, well. Brother. Dude do you have Twitter. Yes. Seventh blessings, seven blessings I agree with you two that the algorithm, does suck on the weekends, that's, for. Sure. We. Checked our analytics, and right now we're doing best as, Wednesday. In the Friday right, yeah. Wednesday Thursday Friday, so.

Yeah That's probably a be our target, days yeah. For. Now yeah, exactly I, actually. Like trying to do the live streams in. Between, them as well that's, a good day for uploading video so we'll mix and match them up some I. Know. Twitter honestly. Larry. I'm a fisherman, - oh we get lots of fishermen in here, a. Brother. Doing do you have Facebook. Anything. Yeah. It's just to send you a link then, then it's all you'll have to just click on the link and you'll be hooked I wish I've been on YouTube for four years and now going on five since January, 13th. 2015, Wow. So, you definitely been around for violations. Bottle. Caps if you watch my last video I made and there's. No editing cuts, you know just, better than to hold somebody's attention lots of fast. Editing, or something. Oh cuts. In which is. Better, to hold somebody's, attention lots, of fast. Or. Something. Just smooth, okay. I it's. A question into it it really depends what the message is you want to tell I mean. Yeah I do have some very fast editing, but I also if, you take my 816. Again for a day videos, or a lot, of them where I grew up in the gaspé. They. Are. Not, very fast and they, shouldn't, because it will obviously destroy, the mood you, do a lot of outdoor scenery, and it, also depends on your music to what you want to do. My. Last one I did with the European, countries, I mean they're very slow panning but, you'll notice when it gets to Croatia it goes and. Turns the side well that's a white flash I put in and then, I rotate it I forget now maybe 25. Degrees, but. That's just for a transformation. To follow with the beat yes. Smooth is great lots. Of people that that's it, depends what you wants what kind of a story you want to tell it's. Amazing how you can take one piece of footage. Grab. Ten different tracks of. Different. Genres different tempos and completely tell a story. That. Would have made mmm. Would have you would have never even guessed of making just by following the beat and, also. - it depends on the editor what they're comfortable with I mean. Ice some, people it's like guitar, players when I was in bands there's. Some guys whether the song was ten, beats a minute I know that's extreme, I'm, just for the point of conversation, or, 200. Beats a minute they played the same wiry, fast screaming, solo over to it and for. Me it just didn't make any sense but to them that's just what they wanted to do so, but. I find for what you do your, type of videos and the type of music you go with smoother, is definitely, speaks more of what you do and they will great. Doom. Says, that he has facebook doing. If you can just. Go over to our Facebook, push the studio's. Future. Studios and just send us a message saying, hi we can reply to you with the link and. With the link you're just gonna click on to it and you'll be ready to go there's, nothing you have to set up as, long as you got a mic and a camera that's. The only thing. North. Fork's. Norfolk. Southern. Excellent. Oh God. I'm loving. This loving this love to see the train guys coming in here and. All. The Train guys a, lot, of us you'll see are a part of the I'm a creator movement, and you. Can find this playlist, you can actually go and search on YouTube for the hashtag I'm a creator, you're. Gonna find a playlist that we're all putting, videos on to and we're all watching each other and supporting, and and we're growing like crazy. My. Our story, is the one of 42, people we had 42 subs on February 2nd, and the other night we hit a thousand, you. Guys got some great work and I really want you guys to be seen as well so you can definitely check it out if he likes Oh. Hales. And heathens are here sorry. Yeah. I think our. Two previous streams as well yeah the. Regular is welcome. Always a pleasure always a pleasure let's. See guys were at 14, is going amazing. Um. Let's. See, here, well, exam is getting that set, up I, was. Just thinking, of something else I can quickly bring in I'm. Just gonna bring out one page. I'm. Just sorry. Guys I'll just be with you in one second, rather. Dinner is gonna be coming on the next one when I use my computer that's. What I understand but, yes. Larry. Johnson goal. Is wonky, was, funky, by the end of the March. If, you by the end of the Easter, how much do you have now, let's.

How Cute definitely. This. Is a great point of this as well as for everybody to help each other I want to come home as a guest and tell, more, about what you do and who you are and. You. Have 842. Right now oh yeah you're just a stone's throw away from it come on over tell us about your channel and that's the best way to get people on on. Subscribing. And, yeah. And that's treating, it. That's, what helped us a lot that. Was a big part of it was getting that help like that we, were stopped for a longest time at 9 never. For. A while. Or, 9:50. And we, just it just wasn't moving so we went on as, a guest some two streams and. Yeah. It. Does happen like wait sometimes. Too. Shy or even if you are that's okay we're shy to even, if it doesn't look like that let's do like. Come. On over. Just. Tell, us that you're okay with it and or. Tweet a message and we will tweet, you the link back, there. We go I don't know why on Google. Maps tonight they have Where's Waldo so, that's kind of cool that, wasn't that was surprising, did you know I think about this sorry. Where's Waldo is on Google Maps tonight No, so, I don't know if there's something going on at the moment but. No. Anybody. Have idea put the answer in the chat. Benjamin. Yes yeah. I know I. You, know yeah are. We I believe. So. Benjamin. I I remember. Connecting, with you on Twitter, so. Yeah thank you thank you for a great support. That. Is, really weird I'm more perplexed, why Where's Waldo is here to me if anybody knows the answer this one I would love to hear it I know. Google does their little promotion things, now and then but. I hadn't, heard anything about this oh. I. Think you got the link thanks. For the link. Yeah. Oh train man is here as well train, man. And. Train. Man I was telling everybody I don't know if you were here for last night that we're part of the item creator movement, and deftly, it's great to see more train guys to get over there it's not for us it's for everybody to grow in. The community, of YouTube and just. Search on youtube for, hashtag I'm a creator and go. Over and put one of your videos or two of them into the playlist. And. Start watching other people and they're gonna come and start watching you and you can really build up your numbers quickly and we do have some trained fans that don't even don't, have train names in the title like. We found people there of all kinds of things woodworking cooking. Fashion. There's. A guy Mill Hill Mudd mowers I hope he was dropped by for a moment tonight well by the way we had the mower man 82, oh he's in the ER I was, watching for you. Yeah. And. Benjamin. Just is one short of 300. So everybody, please go over to Benjamin Chavez. Channel. And hit. That button so, you can get the round number. There. You go there. Were back on I, was. Gonna when, brother dude was on but I'll say that for when he comes on about. The gas way okay. We. Feel weird, about putting, our own video on the iron creator playlist, is. That you. Should put, your own and, then, put somebody else's. The, best practice I think was two videos, now yeah yeah two. Videos that you think are gonna be good for, catching attention and, letting. People know, what. You're about, put. It on it's like advertising it's, free your advertising, you, don't want to be shy advertising. You want to be advertising, we're a co-op and we gotta eat represent, ourselves but also we're helping each other at the same time so it's a win-win for everybody. So. Yeah that's what they were doing in Brad putting up one or two of their own especially, if you're just starting there and then, watch a bunch of people's and you see somebody that's, not on there yet definitely, I've won a couple others like, one or two from as many people as possible, yes. Definitely, and I'm good remember again it's a co-op as Andrew said it's Oh it's for everybody, so, don't, be shy just do it Oh, more. Men 82, is from Prince Edward Island Canada. Welcome. Oh we love your province. This. I don't know if everybody's, familiar with it of course Canada's Providence, provinces.

And PEI. Prince Edward Island is the tiniest, province in Canada, but, the most, one of the most beautiful, like absolutely. Amazing, red. Sandy, beaches. That. Even the houses I like. Even the houses you think we're like another. Place to be. Like. Not. Very expensive, homes, and you know they're the most immaculate, yards. On the outside. Subscride. Of what they do. Kids. Love it too we've had so much great times there. So. I'm so, glad and find out you from there no no we were definitely trying to also hook up with as many Canadians, as possible, hey, listen heavens do you have a Twitter. That's. Right just I'm just really excited for this I wanted to well okay. Hey can. You, railroad. Can you email to, that email. He. Says I found it I found it, I so I thought maybe then he's got what you said okay have, you sent anything to our email. Tango's. I'm. Sorry but, in the meantime we. Have. Halos. And heavens that. Would like to come on. Okay. Just, bear with us for a second. We're. Gonna try and, set. This up now, okay, and. We're. Gonna have some more fun. Okay. And. Now, I'm. Gonna set, this, dry, just set this up now. Now. You're really gonna bear with me because I said, I'm not the technical person, so, I'm. Gonna try don't go anywhere. Okay. The. Mower man originally, from your Browns wig but moved to PEI several, years ago yes. Um we go to New Brunswick town often times too often. Times when we go to gaspé, and we go through. One. Way or the other on the way back or towards. There but, he is my, favorite, one. Definitely. Kalos. And has a need to see more of the guitar equipment Oh Andrew will come back he's gonna tell about that, um. Generally. Welcome. Back again. Railroad. I'm still trying to get in touch with you and Halos, be patient, I'm gonna be sending. Invite. Yeah, if. I, can. Okay. Now. This. Is the first time I'm doing this okay so bear with me now. Halos. You're. A natural, at this I don't. Know I'm. Just learning. Okay. Alright, still cheering scream I wonder. Halos. Look. For the link that I'm, gonna be sending you. Yeah. Are. You. Just gonna press that link. There. You go oh you have a message on your Twitter. Okay. And. Okay. Now. Back to you guys. The. Motorman 82. Pusha where are you based out of where from Montreal. Actually. Um there. Are two parts of us yeah. We're, based out of Montreal Canada in, Quebec but. I. Am. Originally from Latvia, which is about, the States um yeah, in, northern Eastern, Europe, so. A little bit of European, and, a little bit of Canadian, based in Montreal that's right good. Mix yeah, yeah great night yeah. Exactly. A shadow. That's how I roll they, are three. Away from, 550.

Oh, If anybody haven't, subscribed, yet please go over that's, how I roll, we. Showed this last night. Just. To show you where zinnias from originally. Excuse. Me so this is a map of Europe of course and, there's Latvia and that's, the capital Riga, where. She. Was, raised, and, Pusha. The. Town that we named the our business. After. Now. We laughed last night because I did get it it's, tricky to find it's, a small little town there's Pasha and this. Is. This. Is the town, that we named our business after because that's where her mom grew up it's. Roughly about 45 kilometers, from the Russian border a. Beautiful. Place I absolutely. Adore, it there. Let's. See if I can find, it's. Kind of tricky to show pictures now I got it last night for the road but. It's very white on my screen because of the lights so I might not be able to see it but. We'll give it a try anyways. Well, here we'll just do one on the road here see, now I. Got father day my way so, I just got to bring this up a little bit better with me. Close. This, and. Well. Oh my. Youtube advertisements. Are getting in the way but, that's okay. Just. That's. A bit of the scenery. And. It's gorgeous over there we do still have some property, over there. In. Just. Up this road we, can go for a little walk drive you to a Google, Drive if you want to call it that, as. You can see it reminds me a lot of some, of the people here that are from Canada or may be familiar it. Reminds, me a bit of New Brunswick, except. It's mostly pine trees instead of spruce. But. A lot of the same kind of rolling, rolling. Hills. Not. Very. Unmount enough so I thought there's only one mountain and it's literally. Is 300, meters high. But. Still. An amazing amazingly. Beautiful, place oh I. Think I found it. Go. Over. Here. And. This. Is the her, mum's family home and, right. Over here this. Is the new house they're building in front actually but it was right at this spot. So. Ya know it's. A beautiful. Place. Not. A lot of travellers, I kind of stand out when I'm there, Latvians. In a very, very, hard language to speak there's, only one point seven million people around in the world I believe I have two million less speaker yeah, it is considered an endangered language I was.

Learning Russian, because of course is annexed Soviet. You can get by with Russian, in most places. There's. From the site and here. Is, where the stork is that. I always like to see why go over there the storks nests, so. Which. Is cool because almost every host does have a nest and the thing is like the size of a 45 gallon drum. That. We. Actually stay, in the new house when we were visiting, the last time and historic. Land on the roof and they were all excited and said that's a sign of good luck that means that that. The who's. Ever in the house was probably gonna have a child we already had three so I informed, my wife there was no way I was staying in the house that night so. We've. Done our part. Oh. There's. A game I always play, well. I play it for a week and then I get, too obsessed with it and have to back off for, a bit and it's. Called. Geo. Geo. Guesser, and, it's. Google Maps but, you can pick like either the European, Union, or the United States Canada there's tons of maps are already made and it. Drops you off in the middle of nowhere and you have to guess where you are and you, can walk as I was just doing a minute to go through it but. You. Cannot zoom, out enough to see which country, you're into you can always see where you're at and it's really cool like, I love doing the Europe one because you got a guess by the language on the signs trucks. Passing and then. You you the, points are determined you start off with five thousand, and they, start deducting, for, a point. I believe works or two for every kilometer that you're away from the exact point and it's, not like you can just pick the country you got to pick the area where you're into but. Anybody who loves Google, Maps it, really makes it a lot funner. Something. To look into is and, this. Is where I'm from. Well, here's. Montreal, here and I'm, from what they call the gaspé, and this is like that thumb that sticks out from Quebec overtopping. Your Brunswick and of course Maine the lower side and then. Above it is this is where the st. Lawrence Seaway comes. In into. The Great Lakes I. You. There, I got it I got it oh and you went up to do the plus oh, you. Okay. Okay that's what happened, and you had to add probably, because, the mic is right beside it oh yeah. Yeah. Did you guys did, you guys hear us before that yeah oh. Okay. Well then okay so I I'm. Guilty as charged then okay. This, is just gonna show one more okay do you hear us now can.

Somebody Just loud. And clear perfect. Thank, you so much, you're. A great team player we love it. Actually. Today's. Originally. From, New Brunswick yeah I was do brunch work okay then the UH what. Part of New Brunswick we originally from. Yeah. GJ. Thank. You. Nice. To see you anybody, I want, to go I'll listen to some great songs, on uber. Drive yes, /. - JJ kuroky, right oh sure driver it's, amazing, you, have, never had a ride on an, uber like that before you gotta go and check it out most, definitely, as very. Entertaining, the people are great sports that she picks up I think it's one of your favorite channels I'd say yo yes my god yeah I think I I elderly. Sing along this, is true she is not making this up I've heard her so I can vouch for that, yeah, my. Man is from Edmonton, um Oh Edmund, steno when we travel home we always go by New Brunswick that's why I was curious and we always go by Edmiston along. The 185, and then the Intel which is number, two I believe it is I'm, not mistaken it's. So amazing to have you here, that's. Great. One. Of the big land. One. Of the big attractions on. The gaspé, because it is a small towns it's. All coastal fishing communities, mostly, this. Is one of the most famous of the place and this usually represents, the province of Quebec a lot of times when. They do the. Different. Visuals, from all the provinces and, it's, called Percy rock and. It's this rock that literally was they figure moved about 80 kilometers, during the Ice Age you can see in proportion, to the buildings, here and, it's. One of the most beautifully, beautiful. Places and it's, heavily. Photographed. Ancient. You. Feel like you've just traveled. Back in time and every time you see it it's, incredible. You. Just look and see there's any other really great pictures of it and there's. A hole in the rock of course which there is a small, ferry that does, very odd tourist, boats that. Drive right through the hole. And, the, piece that's beside it was once, connected, but over time has fallen apart and eventually, that's what will happen of course to the other one as well there's. A huge, bird, sanctuary, there you can just see the corner of it right here called Bonaventure. Island and it's. Monitored. By, I, believe it's McGill University. From Montreal. Another. Perspective of it from the backside just to show you the size of it it's it's colossal. But. It is definitely there's a place. That if. You're ever looking for somewhere off the beaten path, that's. Friendly, it's all that you. Can do the coastal you. Can easily do it in a day but you would drive yourself crazy to. Really visit it you give yourself three four days and you'll see very. Varied. Terrain it's, almost like traveling through. Three. Different countries I would say almost I would yes, you know because they don't have any in common.

The, North side has some of the oldest, rocks in the world, black worn, down. But. An amazing feeling as the st. Lawrence Seaway comes, in on the lower side here is a lot more closer. To Red Rock, that you would find for instance in Prince Edward Island, but not as red, as thirst so it's not so oxidized, and. Then. Where I would live for instance where you come to the park fall in that River which is nothing but trees and some of the highest mountains in Quebec which of course are the are all part of the Appalachians, that run all the way down through the south of the United States. We're all connected. Yeah. So there's just some of the photos from it there's some from the island the bird sanctuary. Can. You go check the microphone again please again. No, just go check yeah oh good this time okay, just. A second just hang, on, the. Railroad man says he's on oh let's try to connect him but there he is huh okay. Alrighty, let's. See, here, bear. With us show and broadcast. Let's. Try this. Make. Sure the stream is muted yes, hi. Hi hello. How. Are you oh. Thank. You and thank you for your patience. If. I killed. Your stream, I did not intend, to do that. This. Is the first time I've ever done, this. Yeah. Be patient, with us we are not, really sure so what we're doing, I'm. The same I'm the same. Attack. Either as my, grandmother, who has been to London, once said, technology. Is great when it works but it's a real pain in the neck when it doesn't. Words. To live by words, to live by. So, you were just on a vacation you were just on a trip right yes. My, most recent trip my, first my most recent, major one was to the Bahamas. Recently. Princess. Carrion Nassau that's the two places we stopped at okay. That's. Great how long were you there for I think. We were there for, I, think a few days I can't remember most of the time was on the boat. Also. I am currently doing a live stream on my phone I say a video, link. To it and, I, have, to look let, me get y'all's channel when, in doubt just to, go and look, oh that's, cool I've seen myself on your stream. Bauer's. In control almost. So. How's things going with the channel your, channel well I literally, hit 504, subscribers, only a few minutes ago excellent. Amazing, that's amazing great, good for you yeah. Yeah the video link, that. I sent is, in your video bad by popular, demand. Who's, the studio's livestream store if I said the name wrong, no the. Town is, what, I know you guys were talking about it but um. Exactly. What country, is it yeah I'm sure I'm guessing it's in Europe correct, yes. That's correct it's in Latvia, ah. Yeah. And, Latvia. Is above it's a coastal. Country, for about the Baltic Sea right across from Sweden, oh yeah. Well roughly across from Sweden I guess you bit, of an angle but yeah, so. Poland, and then to Lithuania, and then to Latvia because Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is, referred. To as the Baltic states I've. Heard of all that yes so. Yep. I must, say for a person who's been through Europe why did what did you say was off country's in 15. Days or was it 15 countries in 12 days 12, and 15 yeah, ah that's. Amazing. And I have keep in mind I have never been to Europe but, my grandmother, she's been to London, she's been to France, she's, been to Italy she went to Florence where. The restaurants began Wow. Amazing. Yeah. My grandmother, is, a, retired, schoolteacher and, she has been travelling for most of her life since retiring I only started travelling with her in 2008. Okay. That's. Good though I'm glad you're getting out and doing stuff like that maybe it's been time for a trip to Europe free of both of them well.

I'm We're waiting for North, fence the the madness, that was going on recently over there to calm down definitely. No that makes sense we, haven't been over in was it two years almost three years. Summer. Is gonna be three years we. Haven't been there but. Yeah. It's, a long time feels like because we were traveling there every year almost and, and then, it kind of paused for a bit but which. Country, would you like to visit there. Well. Frankly, I'd love to visit either. Italy. Or. Greece because. Both have a rich history yes. I'd. Like to go to Florence, because I mean in, my history class that, was of course where the Renaissance began right. Also. I must say I love the your, photos, you have behind y'all from Europe I would like that I'm. Into the historic architecture, that's something I like oh. This. Is from my people. At the scene at last night but I gotta clean off her camera something, y'all. Are the only ones you usually have to do that, clean. Off the cameras I. Have, a camcorder and I have to clean the dust off the lens like regularly, or. The clearest picture possible, oh man. That's that's, beautiful. I love that. It, kind of reminds me of Venice almost another, Friday night it's not actually, Venice but it looks similar and you think about it. Okay. I. Can. See it clearly. Um, actually, let me do an y'all stream because I think wouldn't they may be seeing right now is I think. The. Bedroom at my grandmother's, house. Okay. Now it's, showing my face okay. That's. A bit of an issue when you think about it. No. One the, other year we're atomic last night though pictures, behind me we have a picture from every country that I visited, and, Oh. Some, of us to get some together and some of my own but. The ones behind me there's the 12 of them that was my. First ever time I traveled for two weeks mostly by train across Europe, Wow. I've. Seen countries in the day train what's, up I've. Never traveled, the country about train I've been on plenty of scenic. Railroads and, whatnot. But I've, never been on a legit, cross-country. Passenger, trainer and I've always wanted to do that I know Canada, has. Some very beautiful scenery. They still use vintage passenger equipment, I think from the 50s and 60s, some. Of them yeah that they have been monitored. Monitor, at modern modified I don't know I think thank you but. Yeah, they do still have some of the engines still running in the and there's also the more. Expensive, one, maybe bottle caps can help me with the name of it that, run think it's Canadian. I know that's one of their trains that still uses the vintage passenger car fleet yeah. Dad but that's still part of the via rail one but there's another privatized. One and it runs boots from Calgary, to Vancouver. Oh wow, and it stops at all the Fairmont Hotels like all they have the five-star, hotels every night and I know the Canadian actually. I, know. They, stopped I think, at a few of the chateaus, that were built by the Canadian, Pacific I could be wrong I could, be wrong mm-hmm. But. Yeah, I did, like I said in the stream. Chad I've been wanting to try, and do an interview about my channel for a while now I actually, tried to do to self, interviews. I. Really don't think they were very good. This. Is an honor for me okay keep that in mind oh my god what's honor for us to have you here. Thanks. Y'all we're still getting our sea legs if you will for this it's.

A This. Is a good start, well. It is it is and there's lots of great people I mean this community, is very supportive. And that's what really means a lot did. You join the i'ma community I am a creator community, no. I don't think I did is there a possibility, I could send a link to that in the hangouts chat. All. Right great. Place that's where a lot of us that are here have met each other I'm, looking through the list here and that's a lot of them came from there and it's a great place to network with other people, also. Here, hello. I'm. Gonna send you guys the, link to my stream because, I included. Y'all's channel, in the. Description for. The stream right now it's still live for me okay. And. It's. At the very bottom of the list my apologies. Sometimes. I included a channel here there that even, though it's not in the stream I figured it's too good, to include right, when, I saw girls with y'all's, video where y'all filmed the wind, turbine train mm-hmm. Don't, think it's very well done, thank, you that's. What got, me interested in y'all's channel and I must say, y'all's, work is truly, phenomenal it's, some of the most incredible video work I have seen oh thank. You I appreciate. That you're. Too kind, yeah. It's uh that's. That train, was filmed in the gaspé where I grew up where I showed in the map a while ago and, we were home on vacation, and how. The Train thing start was I've always liked trains but I wanted something I could do with my middle-age. Because, I have three children excuse. Me and. My middle one is now 11 he was 10 at the time and I just wanted something I could do with him and. I, wanted to keep shooting, stuff it's hard with video because it's hard to find things that are interesting sometimes, and, that's. When I finally decided to try, the trains with him so he come out with me all the time and he. Was a good supporter, we all get into it he gets you know he gets to know and it's good way to spend time together, so. Long story short we were in the gaspé and the nice thing about that train is that, up. Until a couple years ago it was an act of railway, via was going through there prior. To that was the CN they. Had already privatized, the freight but then there was a problem with one of the trestles, and therefore. They shut down all, passenger. So, now you have to go to the. Town of New Brunswick Hamilton. AB Hamilton, in the province of New Brunswick just. To be able to get a passenger, train which is an hour way from where I live at. But. Since they started doing these windmills, they actually have to truck them from. The coast about 200. Kilometers to that point then they load them on these, train. Cars and from there oh gosh yep. So. They're the maximum they're allowed to 72 cars because, well for Canada. Your allotted maximum 2 kilometre, rail because, that's the longest spur. That they have it has to go off the tracks and. They. They. Publicize, it you can go on their website and they show you exactly when the train is leaving the, full schedules. They. Never. Call, a turbine. Train before I've never caught, one yes. I, did say I'm, though a railroad line here in the, US Norfolk, Southern, has a program, where they paint, some. Of their locomotives. Into the railroad paint schemes of railroads that they either merged, or just, simply no longer exist. Right, when. Instance, when I was in Altoona, Pennsylvania I, actually. Caught, the first as what we real friends here call heritage, units, yes. And um, alternate. And it was the Pennsylvania, heritage unit and I kind of found that a perfect, one. To catch because the track is going through out uniformly.

Was, You owned and ran to buy the Pennsylvania. Railroad. Wow. What's. Interesting. That's. Very cool yeah. You, do a lot into the digging, behind the scenes that's what I like about what you do actually, thank. You I'll, tell you I ran two trains I've been into him since I was 2 years old but that's. Not the only thing that I um do, on my channel I know this laughing. I've only gotten into recently. Cool, Batsy was only started on my birthday that's. Really when I first got started with this and it's truly, been getting more of the attention, on my channel ever since yeah, a lot of they wondered if I should take a hiatus for my, other videos. Definitely, there's. Nothing wrong with that I mean those were all here to grow and, it's nice to find new ways it's like as if, a painter has started painting and then only did the same type of style the rest of their life that is, true everybody's. Collaborated. With another youtuber, before recently, his name is uh Jesse. Gillette he does a gaming. Youtuber, he uh he. Does videos on a game called roblox. Yes. I don't know if y'all heard of it but he. Didn't I have done almost 34, videos together now whoa, yeah. But, you know, teenagers. Of my age call memes I'll admit. They're hilarious some, of them are related to me and some of them I asked him to make oh my, god I tell you I find him funny I don't know if anyone else would but yeah, um, I'll. Send you guys a link to, his channel, right quick let me see if I can pull it up here okay, rope, is over 2000. Hmm. See, here, all. The kids actually pray our, plane yeah. Yeah. Probably, too much. Younger. Just getting more and more to get into games oh it's okay as long as you have other hobbies like you have this and stuff. It's. All about balance. Yes. That. Is true, and. Let me see here I know I have is in a list a channel share let me see here oh so what does key you did a trip to Alaska didn't, you yes. That was that trip had a lot of firsts if you will that was the, first time I had been on a jet first. Time I've been to Seattle Washington. First. Time I had been on a cruise ship first, time I've been to Alaska in general first. Time I went to Canada first, time I've seen a glacier. Yeah. There, was a lot of firsts, and I had actually hoped when. I was there I'd hoped to see orca whales that would have I've made a sort of vow to only see whales in the wild and I had never got a chance to see him in Alaska, I never did well, that's great because it means you got another reason to go back true. But. It was my grandmother who able. To make the trip possible and I had waited 13. Years to, go to Alaska 13, years. 2003. To 2016. And. It was mainly due to a film my grandmother brought back on her trip to Alaska, back in 2003, it was about a railroad, that is in Skagway. Alaska it's, called the white passenger con route okay, and it's. Been in use since 1898. And it didn't shut down normal revenue service until, 1982. Okay. And it, only stayed closed for five years and it reopened into the current operation, it does now which is excursion, trains in 1988.

And. I were after, she, brought the documentary, back in 2003. I, um. Let's. Just say in her own words once I sat down and watched it I never, moved, I was enthralled. By it and. She told me the next time she went back she would take me with her and I waited of course like I said 13, years and I finally. Got to see the railroad for myself and ride it in 2016. And I have many footage of it now. A. Lot, of my film I'm still trying to improve on none of the videos are currently edited, I'll admit that um, there's this a lot of stuff I'm still trying to work on with my channel mm-hmm. But. I mean. I kind. Of like it that my videos are edited, because a lot of the time now many youtubers, really upload. Unedited, footage anymore. And I like to show what no more youtubers really just decided to leave out that's what I like to do right. Well. If, everybody's, gonna find their own way to express themselves onto it I agree. Perhaps. Tonight about that that's exactly what it is everybody's, got to find their own way that they feel comfortable and spray sending, their message, that's. True look, at musicians, we can like, take the same song the same lyrics and give, it to 20 different musicians they're all gonna come up with a different way of expressing it. Same. With the music, I mean I've, always sometimes I've always said that I feel like I was just born in the wrong time because, when you think about it if, you see my videos I mean especially when, I didn't, kettle Creek battlefield, and hear. It near they'd, say a Revolutionary. War battlefield, seven miles from Washington Georgia, where I live I live, in Athens, but you, know the battlefield seven miles from Washington but in the video I make a point to mention that I have a deep respect for War veterans, a very. Deep respect for them mm-hmm. I mean just think about it just what they've gone through alone, you know you. Know they, may don't need I don't like it when they're forgotten yeah. And I deserve, to be remembered especially, for what all they did. And. I, have a devera deep respect for people who have come before my time for. A lot, of the, historical. You. Know events that have happened to before my time all of that, but. What interested, me most is you know a lot of the things that were around before my time you know a lot of the antiques, and whatnot I find that very interesting and, not many people in my generation really, care about that stuff not, many you're right is very true very true, that. Is true and it's a shame it is so it's great to have somebody like you that, might inspire some, of them to go and take a second look at it so. Trade, man would like a shout out of course train, man you can have a shout out you can join the panel if you like I don't always love you and if you don't feel like it tonight some other night. Tree. Man another great channel. Some. Really great catches, they, took a moat let. Me go see if I can find him there's trained man there he is, trying. Man if you can hear me I just wanna let you know I'm gonna shout you out on both on my, channel because I'm also doing a live stream right now I by the way just trying man I just subscribed, you now have 40 subscribers. And. Trained, man like we're in Santa well go go to the I'm a creator list definitely. Let. Me see here a, dance. Dad oh, hey, Dad how are you. I. Got a biker. Bushcraft. I am so, glad to see you here and I was just thinking about you, I am.

I Wonder, if I can let's. See here oh this couldn't we can do this just bear with me for two seconds. Biker. Bushcraft. We have to get you on here biker bushcraft, actually had an accident, and. Was. Just gone through some surgery in that we haven't seen him in a little bit so, it's extremely nice to see you here I, hope, everything is well we'd. Love to have you on the show some time on, our stream and if. You can just even give us a quick update even if you just type it just how you're doing, we're all been thinking about you ma'am so. Good to see you here, tell. Him that I hope he feels better oh definitely. We, all send all the prayers to thanks, just saw your notification. And jumped on thank you so much hope. You're doing well man. He's. A brave man and, very. Friendly, and a, very good outlook for somebody who just had an accident. Most. People be quite bitter at the situation, and he can't wait to get back on the road again and, not, in a bitter way either actually, just wants to enjoy it again some hats, off to you buddy. Thank. You again we have 12 watching, now quite. A steady stream of watch yes definitely. That's, nice to see stir. People. To. Start PT middle, of next month pts, must be. Building. Yeah. I guess I feel, like such an idiot cuz I probably should know the abbreviation, right away just. One gonna be feeling better man whatever it takes to get back to you do it. Physiotherapy. Is. When, you have these things like brain fights and stuff like that cuz everybody's, looking at you. My. Self and my stranger I'm like wait. What was I just saying you know. To. Be on so many occasions I, swear. Well. That's part of the fun train. For three hours straight and just you, just talk about anything that comes to mind that's what I've done okay. Three. Hours non-stop, I just talked about whatever, came to mind. Whenever. I do these dreams I can never stay, and talk about one specific topic I mean it just it just it sort, of is random, when you think about it really mm-hmm. That's. What keeps the real turning here we are on a double we are an hour stream, and. That's. What I call that stream session. That's. Right contagious. In a good way Rowlands, I. Tell. Ya, my. Parents have actually told me I'm a pretty much one whose unforgettable. And I think they're right I, recently. Went to a rail line in West Virginia, it's called the Cass Scenic, Railroad which is really, worth checking out, by the way and. I, actually befriended, one of the guys who works on the Train his name is Josh and, I.

Met Him for the first time he was actually a commentator, slash brakeman, and I. Didn't. Afterwards. I ended up leaving hat cast, to go back to georgia once our trip there ended and i, didn't. Go back for two, years and when. I recently made a return trip which, is heavily. Documented on my channel i. Know. It was also on the same tree where I went to Niagara Falls okay, in Ontario Canada um I. I. Actually wanted to the Depot when her trained to Bald Knob came, in and I you, know saw. Him and I said hey man you remember me and he was like he, remembered, me after two years of not seeing me he remembered, who I was. That. One is to say when my mom moved my dad's, mother to when she went to I think it was either Hong Kong or Beijing, she went there like three times there, was a street vendor who remembered her and he she hadn't even back then, back, and I think three years at one point. Wow. Yeah, well some people are just memorable. Sounds. Like you. Character. You. Know stand, out so that's what you want to do in life I think you need for YouTube so that's all good trait so I, mean, there's a few reasons I made the channel, wine. The first reason originally, was I want I made it. You. Know in 2015. But this was when. I had just started getting into filming, and I. At. This point I had a computer, that. You know really didn't work too well it always had a hard drive every 5 or 10 minutes. In a sense and. I lost everything on, a on. A really. Sporadic. Basis and it was annoying ok it was very annoying. The. Computer, I have now which is a toasty, bowl after I've had it for almost I think 2 or 3 years now everybody. Said to be a very good computer it's only had one hard drive crash and it's not had a crash sense an iPhone would good. One. For sure, but. Yeah when I was uploading my videos or, at least trying to save them on my computer I was I mean I had already been into YouTube I've been into YouTube for a while now but. Yeah. Hold on a second try man I included your channel in the description by. The way yeah. I um, made. The. Channel so I would have a place to put my videos, in case my computer crashed again I wouldn't lose them I never, really, thought anybody, would, view them or watch them I didn't even know if I'd get any subscribers, and keep in mind the. Footage is still there but it's nearly 4 years old and it in my opinion now it's like really, bad, ok.

I've Even labeled one of my playlists which is when I filmed in folks in its for in parentheses, well. Bad, film if you will cuz, it. Can be watched okay, I was really an experienced, when I filmed that let me tell you well, that's we all learned that we all start somewhere and we look back at our own work but I mean that's all part of the process and a, lot of times it's making a good thing into something that, didn't quite work out the way we were hoping true. Video. Have you ever seen a called Montreal slow-mo, and, the. Reason why is I, recorded, it by accident. Out. Of my car I didn't, realize I had switched it to 120, frames a second, oh man, so I recorded literally, two hours of, slow. I. Do. I'm. Looking at all this stuff and I'm like bullets. And. I covered a good 20 kilometers like what 9 mile Oh at 10 miles. Wow. So. I decided. To kind of pick it up and I took. It and turn it into a 1970s. Cop show went intro, which, I always was the love those old shows so. Might. As well do something with it so. Try. Man is asking me something in my stream try. Man Iron Man currently, in Athens, Georgia USA. Georgia. Said so since, my birth. Actually. If you guys, I'm. Just curious if y'all wanted to know you, know why. I named, my channel railroad was over 2000 yes. Well. The railroad part refers to my interest, not, just in trains but also in travel, and vintage. Vehicles. Like planes and cars I have an interest in that excellent. Preserver. Refers, to my interests, in antiques, and. History. Ok. Of, all areas all spectrums. 2000. Is really really, refers, to the air I was born I was born in 2000, so I was like at the start kind. Of figured that when I wasn't a hundred percent but. I mean. Oh. You have to be asked. You know everyone asked me about the first two parts of the name but the last part sort of self-explanatory we, need to think about it I, think. Bottlecaps, was born in 2000, as well you guys got that in common so. Yeah. I don't believe. As. It sounds I'm 17 and I don't have a girlfriend. What. Girl would be into trains you know. There's. One coming along eggs. And yes but no with me on some of the train she's taking some train, I. Wouldn't. Say her life revolves, around it but she has come out with me sometimes, I. Would. Break that one up more than I. I. Sent my friend Jesse Gillette's channel in the, hangouts jab by the way I meant to tell you that earlier, thank. You thank you very much. I. Um. Recently. Did. A stream where it showed me organizing, my channels playlists, cuz I had a lot of same flavors which referred to either music or video video, playlists to my interests okay, and I sort, of organized them there's music from films I remember watching when I was younger up to the present, there's. A. Documentaries, I found on YouTube it sort of an extensive sort of archived, here on my channel. There's. Gaming videos and comedy I guess you could say from other youtubers, some of which are my favorites, okay. And. To. Put your videos, in. The playlist yes, it's a great way of showing people what, is about oten and you, know let them watch, it as well you, can never been enough list including. Your own yes. Yeah. Yeah. But. That also going, back to the reason I made my channel, aside, from the. Me. Making the channel as a web. Place to store my videos you, know I didn't as I said you know I didn't. Think anyone would even watch I didn't even you, know I have just already. You know they sort of it made the assumption you know no one would probably like them anyway but eventually. You know people started to take notice who, was slow at first yeah. A few minds a channel, had gotten to like I think twenty two subscribers, but then it started to drop and I was wondering okay you know what. Was I doing wrong, okay, if. You look at my playlists, that I filmed in public stead take note none of it if those are named I didn't name him the I don't think I even named when I feel like. And. I, mean. I had footage from Cass, R. Johnson's, Raleigh North Carolina two cats West Virginia, and, keep. In mind when I was filming these videos I, had a earlier, camera, it was a I, think, it was a Sony camera.

It, Wasn't a camcorder, in fact hang on a minute I have, the newest. Yeah. This. Is a this, is it this. Is what I've been using since 2016. And it's proven to be a very good camera I got. It specifically, for the trip to Alaska, okay. Very. Cool that's one of the best cameras I've used well. That's the big

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