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Shady. In this L got UNESCO, just hurt their mission y'all forgot in South Wong's they got the Angels. Is artificial. They making clothes without no souls I'm talking my control, they got them, through. Telepathy they. Make it antimatter, bomb. Oh. First. And foremost we want to give all praise and honor to the most I Ohio the, Hashanah shiawase true walk with us we. Want to welcome you all to another Sabbath, lesson, and yes the Messiah, blessed. Us and allowed us to enter, into another day of rest which. Is a blessing and a sign of his mercy. This. Week we're. Going, to going, to go into a lesson, titled. Satan stolen, inventions. And the. Mark again we're, dealing with Satan's, stolen. Inventions. And the mark. And. It should be a very good lesson especially. Based. On many things we're seeing now, in. The news, on. The internet they're. Coming out. Concerning. Some of the new technology. That's. Being introduced. Slowly, but surely into. Our society. So. What. We're going to do is we're going to simply, read the introduction, of the lesson, just. To set the tone and kind. Of give you the, context. In which this information will be provided. And then. Afterwards, we'll just let the spirit the spirit flow and. Bring forth the information. Okay. So. Brother shafaat begin read. The introduction, and then, we'll get right into it. Well. Paper called history, there, are many miracles. Done, by the Most High Satan's. Goal was, to be like the Most High on many levels not. Only did he desire to have the most as people, worship, him but he, also wished, to duplicate, the miracles, that the father had done through. His spirit by, manipulations. Of science. Right. So. That's the basic, concept. Of. This. Week's lesson. So. What we're going to do is we're going to go on to the scriptures and attempt. To resolve. What, was stated in the introduction. Through. The most sized word. Of. Course for many people, who. Would have brought this information out, five. Maybe ten years ago a. Lot, of people would have considered, us. Science. Fiction conspiracy, of conspirators. Okay. Or nuts. But. As time goes on we're starting to see more and, more things, being brought to light as, the most I stated, many. Shall go to and fro and knowledge shall increase, and, we are obviously seeing, an increase in knowledge and an, increase, of things being revealed, in these, last days, concerning, not. Only the truth the. Gospel but. Also exposing. The man of sin as. Well as their Lord Satan. So. As time goes on we'll start to see a development, all. These different technologies, and. Some. People may ask well can we resolve this through. Scripture or. The description speak about these things in general and. First. To set the tone. To. Understand. Why Satan we're, trying to create such. Technologies. And mimic the Most High we're. Going to start in the book of Isaiah, 14, chapter, and. The. Twelve verse and. This. Is the root of. Why Satan seeks, to. Mimic. The. Most High in every facet you. Can imagine so. This the book of Isaiah, chapter 14, verse 12 and. You can start, how. Art thou fallen from heaven o Lucifer, so the Bible asked how, art thou fallen from heaven o Lucifer.

Why. Is it asking this question, because, at one point who. We know is Satan, was. An angel in the heaven known, as Lucifer, it's. Not a Bible is asking, how art thou fallen from heaven o, Lucifer, the. Son. Of the morning he was a morning star, as it tells us in the book of Joel I believe the 38th chapter speaks. Up, the morning stars and saying before God, go. Ahead, how. About now cut, down to the ground how about cut down to the ground which. Did is weaken the nation which did, is weaken. The, nations, as. We read in the book of Revelation, it speaks about him being released, and going forth to the sea the. Nation's it, tells us in Revelations, 12 as well. As in the other references, that his whole plan was to deceive, the, world. So. The nations have been weakened through his deception, and thought. Of his deception, is his technology making, them the nations believe that he's powerful, enough to overthrow. The Most High. Okay. And. This, is not speaking about. The. So-called white man for anyone was Renison any of those teachings this. Is speaking, about the spiritual, angel. Lucifer. Okay. I have. To mention akka where 13. Verse, 13, for thou hast said in thine. Ha. I'm. Gonna send into heaven I will ascend, into heaven this is what Lucifer, said in his heart while, he was still in the heavenly realm and this, is why he was cast out, he. Said in his heart go ahead I want. To send into, heaven, I will ascend, into heaven to it I will exalt my throne I, will exalt my throne above, the, stars of, the most broad, the stars of, God. Go. Ahead and, we know that the most high says, that the earth is his footstool, and the heavens are his throne, so, he's seeking to set his throne above the most highs high, holy, heavens. Loretta. I, will. Sit also upon the, Mount of the congregation I, will sit upon the Mount of the congregation go, ahead in the. Sides of the north and the sides of the, North so, you have, the sides of the north and the physical, realm which the Book of Psalms, speak about I believe the 44th, chapter where it speaks about Jerusalem, and Mount Zion. Being. The size of the north but, you also have a congregation of the angels, in the heavens. Which are spoken of in the book of songs the 82nd, chapter which, is also the side to the north okay. So, he seeks to place his throne not only over the most eyes Holy Land but, also over, the most ice high holy heavens, the. Web verse. 14, I would, ascend above the heights, of, the clouds I will ascend above the heights of, the clouds go, ahead I will, be like the Most High I will be like. The, Most High.

This. Is the. Bane of Satan's, existence, to, try to mimic, to. Perpetrate. And be, like, the Most High impersonate. The. Most High, okay. So. This explains why he creates technologies. Which. Number one are. Not, new concepts. New ideas, they're not really innovative. They're. Just carbon, copies, of things which the most high have already, created, and made, when. You look at technology. There. Is no technology. That's. Truly, influenced. By, so-called. Science, like there's no technology. That's influenced, by the Big Bang and the reason why I mentioned that is because they try to make you think that these are just scientific, innovations. The. Reality, is is that all your great scientific, inventions, have been influenced, by with. The most eyeball recreated, okay. Whether, it be Birds but. If you trees whether we bulbs, beasts, of the field the. Human mind so on and so forth so. They seek to. Or. Satan, seeks, to. Take what the most type created in May and is perfection. And try, to mimic it so that you can say well look God. Did it the Creator did it I can. Do it too and. Anything, he does I can, do it better that's. When you hear these so-called scientists. These, transhumanist. They'll state did well we can take what nature have gave us and make it better. Okay. That's, the whole concept behind. This. Idea, of. Satan, trying, to be like, the Most High okay. But. We don't. Verse. 15, yet. Thou shall be brought down to hell to. The sides of the pit exactly. So, Satan will eventually. Be brought down to hell and the, sides of the pit now why is the Bible mentioned, this because. Again with this technology. Satan. Is convincing, the nation's and he's convincing himself that he has the power to overthrow, and, overtake, the Most High, now. How. Could we come to such a conclusion this. Is just our own conspiracy. If there's. Something we just made up it's just a theory and the answer is no if. You want to know the prototype, for which Satan is trying to do in this. Modern time the. Only thing you have to do is go back to the Tower of Babel, in, the. Book of Genesis the 11th chapter as, well as in the book of Jasher which. Explains, in depth the, mindset, of those who sought to build the Tower of Babel it, was not simply a tower it, was a table that will be used to go into the heavens and overthrow the Most High and they, even thought that with their weapons, they. Can shoot at the most high and over throw, him and overtake him that's. Mentioned, in the book of Jasher so. That's the prototype, for which Satan is trying to do in the modern time. Okay. So it's not our own theory, as to why this technology, and these weapons are being created. So. It tells us that he shall be brought down to hell to the side of the pit verse, 16. They. De c.v shall. Not only look upon David, see they shall narrowly look upon thee because he's convinced, many people throughout ages and generations that. He would resurrect them he would have the power to bring them back to life so. All those nations who he promised, he's, gonna bring back to life when he himself is brought, down the hell is gonna look at him and say I thought you were going to be the guy to.

Save Us and deliver us, but. Now you've been doomed. To the same judgment that we received. Okay. Go ahead they. Shall never look upon you and, consider thee and consider, me we're saying, is. This the man that, made the earth to trend is dis demanded, made the earth to tremble the same man God. Who. Threw his only begotten Son, will send, it to the earth down him and change and bound him in the pits of hell is, this the same God with depended on to overthrow, the Most High, go. Ahead that. Did shake kingdoms. The. Way that made the world as a wilderness went and destroyed the cities thereof mm-hmm, that opened, not the house of his prisoners, mm-hmm, all the kings of the nations even. All of them lie. In glory, everyone, in his own house mm-hmm. But Thou are cast out of thy, grave like an abominable, branch, exactly. Okay, so, this is the again. This the mindset, behind. Satan. And his wicked inventions. Which. Seeks to do what to. Mimic and, impersonate. The. Technology. And the wisdom of the Most High, okay. Now. We're going to show some examples let's. Go to the book of Judges, chapter. 6. Verse 36. And. We're, basically what we're doing is we're going back into the Bible and we're, showing you some things that the Most High bit which were miracles. And. I'll Satan has taken some of these same exact things and have sought to make his own. Replication. Of. What. We read of in the Bible as far as miracles. Okay. Mmm-hmm. Judges. Chapter 6, and verse 36. And, Gideon. Said unto the Most High, if thou. Wilt save Israel, by, mine hand as thou has said, behold. I will put a fleece of wool in the flour in the floor and if. The June be on the fleece only, and it, be dry upon all the earth beside, then. Shall I know that, thou will, save Israel. By my hand as thou, has said right so the profitable, when. They were caught forth by the most started often sought signs and, wonders, to confirm. Whether the, most time was really using them and, whether this was the true God revealing, himself unto, them to. Use them to deliver, his people or. Whatever purpose, he sought to use them so, now Gideon, is trying. To seek a sign of, the most time to figure out if, he's, truly.

Calling. Gideon, to. Deliver the people of Israel and. It. Says I will put a fleece of wool and a floor, and. It baby. Dude on the police and. It to be dry on all the earth beside, then. Shall I know that, thought will save Israel, by my hand as thou, has said so. You have to understand the. The. Great, audition. Would say wisdom behind this. This, miracle, in other, words he's saying that he, will put this wool, in a floor and if. Everything, around it is dry but the fleece itself, is wet then. You believe the most high so that means that is not because something rained upon the earth and made the earth wet and it seeped into the ground it's, solely based on the fact that the most high moisturized. This.please in the ground while, everything, surrounding it is dry, which. Is a very great miracle, read. On verse. 38. And it, was so for. He rose up early on the, morrow says it was so so the Most High did it exactly, as Gideon, asked. It. Was so go ahead and. The fleece together, and. Ring. Did you out of the fleece a bowl, full, of water so, the. Dew was or, the fleece was so filled with do it moisture. He, was able to fill a whole world before. Keep. In mind that the ground around, it was dry. Go. Where, verse, 39, and, Gideon. Said unto the Most High let, not thine anger be, hot against, me and I, will speak this once, let. Me prove I pray thee but this once with, the, fleece let. It now be dry, only upon, the fleece and upon, all the ground that, there be Jew right, so. Now let the fleece dry, up and, let the ground around it be. Moist. With, Dew. Alright, the way verse. 40, and the, most I did so that night the most I did so that night so, the most I confirmed, both, sides and both wanders. Before. The prophet Gideon go. Ahead so. It was dry upon, the fleet it was dry on the free squirt on. The fleece only, and there, was Jew on all the ground, exactly. Okay. So. In the scientific. World. They. Have taken some of the most ice wisdom, and sought to make, their. Own form a technology, which mimics. This. Okay. And it's called super. Hydrophobic. Coating, spray. Which. Is nanotechnology. That coats, the surface, or. Material, with a layer. That. Will allow it to be completely, protected from any kind of moisture, even. If the the, material itself is completely, submerged, in it okay. And we'll, just we have a picture example, that we can show you. There's. An example. Alright. And this. Is what they call, nanotechnology. In which, they. Have basically. As. You can see they have this coding, coding spirit, which is running off of the shoe without. Leaving any mark okay. It's just running, off the sides so. It's submerging. The. Shoe with this coding, spray of this liquid but, the shoe itself is basically running off the shoe itself in which it's when it's done running its process, the, shoe will be completely dry. Okay. So. Again they've sprayed this shoe with that that coating spread you can see that that, moisture, is running off the sides. Okay. This, is an example of how they have taken but. Have taken the most size wisdom, and sought to replicate. It through science, and. Anyone. With, any level. Of wisdom and, understanding knows. That. None of this technology, is, coming, from the minds of men. Okay. Men are not waking up in the morning and saying how. Can I create a spray that can, be so, water resistant, that we can put black sludge on something, and it, completely roll off.

Okay. They. Don't come up with these ideas they, don't come up with the idea, of how, to put much how much ah. Gasoline. Or petrol, whatever they put into a rock. How much fuel to put into a rocket descended, into outer space, okay. They. Don't have that, mental. Capacity. Alright, what they do have is seducing spirits in Devils, who. Reveal certain technologies, unto them, alright, and, this. Is just one of the many examples, now. We move into the book of 2nd Kings chapter 1, verse, 9. Here's. Another another example. Second. Kings 109 and we're. Doing with the Prophet Elisha. Good. Then. The king sent unto Him a captain. Of fifty with. His fifty, and he. Went up to him and behold. He, sat on the top of an hill and he, spake unto Him thou man of the Most High the king have said come, down, verse. 10 and Elisha, answered, and said to the captain of fifty if. I be a man of the Most High then. That fire come down from, heaven and consume thee. And I fifty and there. Came down fire from heaven, and, consumed. Him and his. Fifty right so in other words, he. Had these men who were sent unto Elijah. To. Try to destroy, Elijah based on the works he was doing to combat. The. Worshippers, of all, during. The time of King, Ahab and his wife Jezebel. So. Elijah. Told the captain of fifty, that. If I be a man of God. Imagine. This if I be a man of God let, fire rain, down from heaven to destroy, you and the fifty, men that. Are under your command and. The. Most I confirmed, his word through. The prophet of the prophet Elijah by. Sending, fire from heaven to destroy the captain, of fifty and his men. Okay. Go. Ahead. Verse. 11, again. Also he sent, unto, him another captain, of fifty with, his fifty and he, answered and said unto Him o man, of the Most High thus. After King said come, down quickly so the king said another, fifty. Men, with, a captain, and told. Elijah. That. The king is asking. For you to come, quickly come and, present yourself before, the king go. Ahead verse. 12 and Elijah, answered, in 17. If I be a man of the Most High I'd, be a man of the most I would let, fire come down from, heaven let fire, come, down from. Heaven, go, ahead and consume. Thee and consume. Thee and, guess what the most I did go, ahead and die. 50 and the. Fire of the Messiah came down from heaven so the most I confirmed. Himself. With Elijah, again confirming, that Elijah, was a prophet, a man sent, of God.

Okay. And this is why it tells us that the most sighs prophets, have, the power to. Send fire from, heaven, to confirm, his, work now. So that prophet, can be. Glorified. In any any fashion it's just to show that the Most High actually, raised this man up and is using him as his vessel so. The most high is glorified. The. Way and, the. Fire of the Most High came down from, heaven and consumed. Him on his, fifty verse. 13, and he. Sent again, a captain. Of the third fifty, with, his fifty, and the. Third captain, of fifty went up and came and, fell on his knees before it larger, and besought. Him and said unto Him o man. Of the Most High I pray. Thee let my. Life and the life of these fifty. Thy, servants, be, precious, in my sight. For. His 14 so the third set of fifty. Men with their captain. Seeing. That Tomas I was dealing with Elisha and what. Happened to the captain. Of fifty and a fifty men that came before them, they. Said that we know that you're a man of God, let. Us bow to work with it and evolve on their knees and they asked, mercy. Of Elijah. Okay. Go where, verse. 14. Behold. There. Came fire down from heaven and burned, up the two captains of, the, former, fifties with their fifties, therefore. Let, my life now be precious, in thy sight. Hmm go. Where where as 15, and the angel, of the Messiah said unto Elijah go. Down with him be, not afraid of him right so, because this man showed mercy the angel told Elijah, go. Down with this man and be, not afraid of him go. Ahead and he, arose and went, down with him unto, the king and he. Said unto Him thus, saith the Most High, for, as much as thou, has sent messengers, to inquire, of Beelzebub, the, God, of Ekron, is it. Not because, there is no God in Israel to, inquire of his word therefore. Thou. Shalt not come down off that. Bed on which they were gone up but, shall surely die, right. So. The, reason why we decided to go, to this as an example is. To show you that. So. For example doing with this account. Of Elijah and the. Captains, of 50 we. Seen that the Most High sent, fire, from, heaven, with. Pinpoint precision. It. Wasn't, sporadic in which it, almost hit Elijah and destroyed. A majority. Of the earth in the process.

This, Was pinpoint, precision coming, from the heavenly realm. Ok, spiritual. Weaponry, which, was shot forth in the, form of fire to. Destroy these captains, of 50 and their 50 men. Ok. So. We can see how. In the modern sense you, have technology. Which tries to replicate, the same process. Ok. And. Some, of the things they have in space such, as space weapons. Lasers. Okay. They. Have all types of things which they've set up in the heavens and continue. To set up in the heavens to try to mimic, this. Same technology. Ok. And, we can see here with an example. This. A picture a pictorial example. Of. How they are taking technology, whether it be jets drones. Okay. Whatever the case may be, satellites, they. Set these things up in space and they're. Trying to do. The same thing the most I was able to do with its power with. Pinpoint precision, sending. Fire. Or. Project, down a projectile, upon. The planet, Earth. Okay. And. You would be amazed. To. See some, of the things that they have created. But. They give us with the little technology we, have before us and, are able to utilize such, as a smart TV or a smart phone or, the latest laptop so. On and so forth is very very miniscule compared, to with technology. They actually have and are using and testing. Okay. It's far beyond, our. Imagination. Whether. It be military, technology. Military grade technology and. Even, beyond military, green technology, they. Have technology which, is totally, being, used and operating. Off of spiritual. Power. Okay. And. A. Lot of these things we're going to start seeing them seeing, manifest, things in these last days. Okay. But, this is just another example showing. How they trying to replicate the most highest wisdom. All. Right let's, get the second Kings C 123. The. Way and, this is all again leading leading back to the Book of Isaiah 14. Chapter, and which say he stated that he would be like the Most High, so, we're saying living. Examples, of this no, longer do you have to guess how, Satan is trying to replicate. The most high you, have examples of, how he's trying to replicate the Most High on many levels. Okay. Let's go to the book of second, kings, chapter 2. Verse. 23, and. He. Went up from, thence unto Bethel, and as. He was going up by the way there. Came forth little, children, out of the city and. Mocked him and said unto him go ah thou. Bald, head, go, up vowel, bald heads right so you have these children making fun of the Prophet Elisha, right.

So What is the most identities, trophy the, web verse, 24. And he, turned back and looked on. Them and cursed them. In the name of the Most High so the work they would cursed in the name of the Most High the where. And. There came forth two she, bears out, of the wood and tare. Forty, and two children of them right. So. The, Spirit came upon these, two bears these two she bears and, tare forty, and two children in forty two children were, torn apart by. Bears. For. Insulting. And. Mocking. A prophet, of the mossad. The. Web, verse, 25, and he, went from thence to Mount Carmel, and from thence he returns, to. Samaria. Right so what is to show you and, show you that the most highest power. Over. The, beasts and the creatures, of the field that's, further validate, this and. How the Most High uses his creatures in the apocryphal, book. Of Sirach. Okay. And. We're gonna start in chapter, 39 verse. 28. It. Show how the Most High uses, his creation, to. Bring. For judgment. Further. Confirming, we've read in the book of 2nd. Kings the second chapter. This. Is book, of Sirach, ecclesiasticus. 39. And verse 28. There. Be spirits, that, are created, for avenge those there be spirits, that are created for vengeance read. Which in their fury lay. On saw strokes, in, the time of destruction, they, pour out their, for mmm-hmm and appease. The wrath of, him that made so their whole purpose is to appease the, wrath of, him that made them. Read. Verse. 29, fire. And hail and famine. And death all these, were, created, for vengeance so all of these things were created for, vengeance. Go. Ahead burster. So now we're starting to see how. The most time uses the weather. Okay. It's, not new it's not innovative, it's, not satan's, own with my heat those metal oxides the. Temperature, of the sky is, raised to more than 100, degrees Fahrenheit. Preventing. The accumulation, of water vapor that would otherwise form, clouds and produce rainfall. The. E.l.f, waves harbour produces, bounce, off the ionosphere and are able to curve, around the, earth over, the horizon, to the ground making, any point on the globe well. Within reach, okay. So. It says fire and hail and famine, and death. All, of these were created for vengeance go ahead verse. 30. Teeth. Of wild, beef thief of well at least so yes the most high uses, beasts, animals. To, bring for judgment, we, have another example of this in second Kings to 7th chapter where. The people went into the land and knew not how to serve God and, what happened the most high central Lions among them as, a form of judgment, okay. Some teeth but wild beasts go ahead teeth, of wild beasts, and skull. And scorpions. Circle, and serpents we've seen that in the wilderness with our forefathers with their murmuring and complaining the, most I said fiery serpents, among them, go. In and the. Sword and the sword the, way punishing. The wicked to destruction, punishing, the wicked to destruction, so why are we going here we're, showing you how the most time uses, the elements all uses, the weather and how he uses his creatures, his creation to as, a weapon. To, bring forward vengeance upon the earth so, what is Satan do we.

Mentioned The weather modification. And the web the weather warfare, how. He can cause droughts, to take place over, a certain. Country I can. Cause floods, and earthquakes and. Hurricanes to. Take, place in a certain country, okay. When it comes to the animals. There, was a few I don't know if remember that article he brought out in which it. Was speaking about something, that was spraying as an aerosol, that. Was changing, beasts and making them more and, more I guess. Would say ferocious, wild, beasts in the wilderness. Also. They have technology which, they have been testing on animals in which they also, seek, to utilize, on animals, with. Microchipping. Exactly. Controlling, the spirit. Controlling. The actions. The anger, the ferociousness, of, these. Animals. The. Web verse, 31, we tell. Yourself that the Most High how he created, it mm-hmm, they shall rejoice in, his commandment, and, they shall be ready upon earth when. Meat it's exactly. And when their time has come, they shall not transgress, his word, exactly. And Satan, is trying to do the same thing to control, animals that they don't deviate, from that. I. Would. Say man-made, but Wright States and, plagiarized. Technology. Right exactly, trying to make things Oh BAE his command, is active work in his will but it's even turning on the people who's uh great. New technology, how, can you stop a wolf and, the wild is coming and chasing your behind that you've now you've, got all these modifications to, it announced ferocious, you're going camping with your family now that saying well is about the tear you when you found leader strikes okay. So their. Technology, is turning, against, them against. Their own heads as, the most I said he have created the Smith that blow up the coals and the fire and the, waste that they created the thing that wasted, from the day of destruction so, we put the spirit on these nations to create these technologies. And. These bases don't realize that this technology is being used for their own destruction it. Was a scientist, who came up I forget exactly what his name was going. Into. Splicing. And genetic modification and. He said that there's a spirit. Driving. Me to do this technology, and I, don't know what it is in. My mind I'm like I simply. Do this but, there's a spirit driving, me to continuing, this technology, and I'm afraid what will happen because of it as a result of it okay. They, don't realize they've been prepared, for their own destruction. Alright. And the, most signs along with Satan they use them for that purpose so with. The most high it's perfect, nobody's. Going to get caught up in the destruction that the most I don't want to get caught up there. Okay. If, you're a part of the, most sighs if you're the most sighs enemy, as we showed, a few weeks ago with the angels counseling, with the Most High and when the Most High sends his judgment for you you're, going to be the one put up in the judgment, only, those who to conspire, with you will also be caught, up in the judgement so the most high deals with precision. Satan, with his it's all chaos no, it'll turn on the people that created it here it is you'll create a a bear, and a laboratory that you can control and so on and so forth and next thing you know that bear is now ruling over you will that go by is. Ruling, over you now. It has your job your position. Fellow.

Executives. It. Gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the future of law, enforcement. At. 2:09. After. A successful tour, of duty and old Detroit we, can expect 209 to become the hot, military, product, for the next decade. Dr.. McNamara, we're leaving the rest subject, which Kenny yes sir would you go and give us a hand please yes, sir, mr.. Kinney is going to help us simulate, a typical arrest, and disarming procedure, Kenny. Use. Your gun in a threatening manner. Pointed. It ad - oh not yes, sir. You. Got a few, seconds, to comply. I think, you'd better do what he says miss again. Okay. That's. Another thing they come, and they see the robots. Then. Put together see a lot of people would say then you're a. Science-fiction. Conspirator. You've been watching too much Terminator but now, the technology is coming up they're showing it Google and Boston. Technologies, are now creating, robots specifically. For Google. Drones. And things of that nature, all, right so the information is coming out as to this technology, is existence, and what. It's being used for, okay. But going back, the. Reason why we went to this example, when showing you how to messiahs his creation, for. An attack is to show how Satan, through modification, through splicing, through, RFID. Technology, is, trying to replicate, the same thing in which, now he can control the animals. Okay. Let's. Go to the Book of Revelations, and it was a video here I wanted to show but for. The sake of, time. It's a very good video in fact I'll put put it in the chat so you can go back and watch it on, my. Control. Technology. Here's. A little picture here. This. Is arias like, they care for the words that a rat. Right. Ever bid on a rat but all these attachments attach, to it as if the rat is not suffering, because, they put a little cushion under it. Okay. These, are the mad scientist's that are running society, okay. And. As. You can see here on one side we got ya blow so coffee would be, being. Tested, on with this technology and it's also being tested on the animals. Which. Means he's trying to bring everything under his control as the scriptures say the. Humans. Or the people his, creation, man as well as beasts is under his control, so. Now Satan is trying to replicate that same thing putting man as well as the creatures under. His control. Okay. So. Let's go to Revelations 13. And this is what this is all culminating, to, what. The Bible calls the mark of the, beast. The. Mark of the beast. Revelations. 13 and 16. And. He. Causeth all, both small. And. Great rich and. Poor free and. Bond, to receive a, mark in, their, right hand or, in their, forehead, exactly, we're seeing how everybody. Is being incorporated, in. This system. Okay. Everybody. Slowly, but surely is, being incorporated, into. A process, in which they will be forced. To take the mark of the beast they started with the animals, and. Now they're moving on to the people free and bond rich, and poor, right. So, all the legislation, is setting forth now is to ensure that those, who are free, as. Well as those who are in prison as well as those. Who, are rich. And. Poor, will. Have no choice but to take that mark and this is a lot of things we go into in our new segment. Okay. Whether. You're the low, person, in the projects, a welfare recipient they, gonna have something, when you have to accept the market obese as, well as the guide it's in the fortune 500, he's. Going to have an excuse or a reason I have to accept the market piece the. Guy behind bars, will have a reason to have to accept the market at least as well as the guy who is freely roaming. Okay. Let's. Move on verse 17 and. That. No man might, buy or sell, save he. That, had the mark or the name, of the beast or the number. Of, his name exactly. So. The. Bible has given us the identity of this mark and is. Letting us know that one key thing that this. Mark, will be connected, to is a spending, system a financial. System, alright. That's the sign that the Bible gives us to look for so we should set knology that's been introduced, in which we cannot operate, without. This, technology, then. We know that we are dealing. With the mark of the beast. Now. That's, not the only capability. Of the market of East a lot. Of people are just looking at it from the, concept, of a spending system when again that's that's, the identity and the. Sign at the Bible that the most eyes given us to look for but. There will be other things attached, to, this technology, outside of, GPS. Location. As well as a, spending. System. When, you go back to. The. Experiments. Of MK ULTRA and monarch. Program, and all these different mind-control, programs, all. Of that, technology, and all of the results, they received, from those technologies. Will, all be. Capsulized. Capsulated. Within this small little. Chip, which.

Means What. Not, the won't just be useful location, and spending but also for, mine control. Okay. And. This is why they've been dealing with the they were trying to perfect for a long time mind control, tactics, and. They. Found a former technology, which can link itself with, your, makeup. Your Anatomy your biology your, DNA your spirit, and. Now I'll take control of you and a. Lot of people think that this is impossible how can technology being. Linked into your system they're already talking about using. Electronics. And technology, for bionics. Replacing. An arm or praising a leg for. Someone's heart. Okay. Nanotechnology. To fight cancer, we. Have a nano bot that can go and find a cancer cells and break it down my. Name is Dan Heller I'm a lab. Head at Memorial, sloan-kettering and a sloan-kettering Institute and my lab focuses on nanotechnologies. For the diagnosis, and treatment of cancer here. In the lab we're trying to make nano particles, that well actually target, and stick to the sites of cancer, the, goal here is after. We make these nanoparticles to, encapsulate, drugs, into them and to work with the clinicians, to move, them to the bedside. There's. A lot of potential in nanotechnology. If the particles, can bring a drug directly, to the site of a metastatic disease people, won't feel as many side effects and without, harming anything to your body they, already have technology, in the talks and that is actually being used and, experimented. With that. Links. Itself with your genetic. Makeup. Okay. So, how can this affect your spirit. We. Have to understand again we're not just dealing with flesh and blood with. This technology, as I mix it earlier there's technologies, out there that can only operate through. Some level of spiritual. Power and spiritual, possession. So. In order for this mark the work not only are you taking in physical. Technology you're. Now taking on a spirit. That's linked with this technology that. Will allow you to become some. Form of mind control slave. Alright. Let's. See here let's. Go, to Book of Psalms seven and eight. And. Then. Another example. If. People think that it's impossible for. Technology. To be incorporated. With for, for spiritual, use I believe was Thomas Edison. Who. During, his time was trying to create a. Addition. Would say a ghost machine a machine that, can detect ghosts. Spirits. Detect, spirits. All. Right and that's known that's not a conspiracy that's, known. Knowledge. That you can look up information, that, has been confirmed that he tried to find or create a machine that could detect ghosts, to. Show that they have knowledge that technology. Can be used in connection with the spiritual, realm, all. Right. Let's. Go here to the Book of Psalms seven and eight. The. Most High shall judge. The people, judge. Me almost. High according. To my righteousness and. According. To my integrity, that, is in me right so judge me according to my righteousness and. According, to the integrity that is in me that's how the Most High judges men, write. The Most High, deals with, the heart right. Go, ahead as it will explain, verse. Nine Oh Annette. The wickedness, of the wicked come. To an end mm-hmm but, establish. The judgment for. The righteous, power try, it the hearts, and rain, so the righteous, God the righteous / try. It four hearts and the rains, so. What does this have to do with Satan's technology. Well. The den of Satan is trying to be like the Most High it, would only be right that, he would can try to create some form of Technology which. Can read the hearts and the minds of men and. They're already talking about technology. With to. Let them be testing, for to my reading, and things of that nature. And. The mark of the beast will be. All of that technology centers, in which your thoughts your. Feelings your. Emotions can, be read and interpreted. Through. Technology. All. Right so all of this is. Satan. And personating. The most, spiritual. Power. All. Right. Let's. Go to first samuel we have another video here he's going to share through. The chat to. Further confirm, the information that we are bringing, up. All. Right another. One that it's, not necessarily in a lesson if anyone remembers. Back. In the book of Joshua, when. They walked around the city. For. Seven. Days, and the. Last day they blew the horn. Well. What is that that's sound, technology. That sound weapons, which, is another thing that Satan attempted, or has, replicated with sound canons sound, weapons.

All. Right it. All goes back to, with the Most High to, his wisdom. So. Going back here. In. The book of 1st Samuel chapter 14 verse 18. First. Samuel chapter 14, and verse 18 and. Saul. Said unto. A. High a higher. Bring. Hither the Ark, of the most high for, the Ark of the Most High was at that time with. The children of Israel and it. Came to pass while. Saul, taught, unto, the priests that, the noise that was in the host of the Philistines went. On and increased, and Saul. Said unto the priests withdraw. Thine hand and so, and all, the people that were with him assembled. Themselves and they, came to the battle and behold. Every, man's sword was against, his fellow and there, was a very great. Discomfiture. Right. So, through the most high. Using. The Ark. Of the Covenant. Tells. Us here that. They came to the battle and. Something. Was sent forth we'll. Say the most high spiritual, power was sent forth and, it. Caused a. Confusion. In the camp of the Philistines in, which the. Philistines, instead of trying to fight. Against the Israelites began. Fighting, amongst themselves and. They. Had no control over it. So. In other words the most I took. Control of their spirit, and caused. Them to turn one, against another similar, to what he did with the Giants, before the flood for, the spirit upon them and, allowed them to now turn against, each other and battle, against one another all. Right, now. Again with this market of Beast technology, because it's my control, technology, for. Whatever reason. They. Can now decide to, put. Out a vibration. Or. Put out a. Frequency. That. Can allow people to now, battle. And fight against wanted of it hmm, all right, they. They, put that in, the movie. What. Was that new movie with this five. Which. One is the purge or enough to purge with force and without Jackson with the same clause ah I think, it's called the Kings the Kings meant the King's Men that's right right where the frequency, was going out through the cell phones for, people to turn, exactly. Exactly. So they're putting it out there to movies, showing. You how. These, technologies, can, and will be used. What, and. They, came over unto the other side of, the sea into the, country, of. The, gadarenes, and. When he was come out of the ship, immediately. There met him out of the tombs a man, with, an unclean spirit. Who. Had his. Dwelling among the tombs and, no. Man could bind him no not. With chains, verse. 4 because, that he had been often bound and, in the tombs crying, and cutting, himself with stones. So. What are we see in here that's. It yeah so, what are we seeing here with this technology, it. You. Know this is crazy every time I read this story but as you, can see here. It. Sounds like the symptoms, of so-called, mental, health medication. Exactly. With the side effects of suicidal, thoughts exactly. So not only on one level one. Aspect, of their quote/unquote technology, through medicine. As they call it is, being, used to cost. You to go crazy and deal with demonic possession, it. Also shows, you this. Whole idea of transhumanism in, which they trying to give. Men. Superhuman. Strength in particularly soldiers. Military, men when. You go back to Nazi. Germany and back. To Russia they speaks about how they were, trying to create a technology. Which can mix. Beasts. Like orangutangs. And monkeys and gorillas, with men, sometimes. Truth may be stranger, than fiction an explosive. Allegation, did Soviet scientists, try to cross apes and humans to, create an army of eight men Stalin, is willing to do things that, other people would cringe from doing was such an abomination, even, possible, there's nothing you could do with an ape human hybrid.

Rip, Your arm off in. A region where real hit men may, have existed so, it's possible that the wellnitz ancient, human species, didn't. Really go extinct she was just. A big wild, woman a strange, find to turn science on Ted, this is the DNA. Results, from the quit tooth it's a bizarre journey, where, ethical, lines are blurred I have been called Fagin Steinbeck, in practice. Witnesses. Around the world reports, in monsters. Science. Searches, for answers. One, monster quest. To. Make soldiers, who had strength, like gorillas. Okay. So. A lot, of this same technology, they speak about Tamera's. Tamera's, in all these different things in which they are trying to mix, humans, with animals, telling. You that they can grow, a human. Heart within a lamb or or pay. All. Right and convincing. You that it's being used for health. Purposes then, for, the. Addition. Would say the embedment of mankind. That's, how they introduced, it to the low level people so that the low level people can accept it and, they don't have a story of a little girl who had. To have a heart surgery, or, heart replacement, that. Because. This technology happened, which they were able to grow human art within a pig or a lamb or or, a cow it, saved, this little girl's life but. Did not tell you is that with this same technology, they're testing. It on soldiers, to try to create these so-called. Superhuman. Soldiers. All. Right and if you can read here going back it says that. Mm-hmm. In fact verse two it tells you that this. This. Strength. Didn't. Come from the fact that you, know he was dealing with some high level of technology or he, was some kind of super hero it. Was because, he. Was dealing with an unclean spirit but, demon possessed him so. What do you think will be used. In. Order to replicate this in modern times it's, not just a physical technology. Of the splicing and things of that nature once, you succumb, to this. Technology, you've given yourself over, to a spirit, and that.

Spirit Will, possess you and allow you to have these. Superhuman. Abilities. Go. Back to verse three read that again verse. Three who. Had his, dwelling among the tombs and. No man could bind no man could bind herbes away no, not, with chained us even with chains. Good. Because. That he had been often bound with. Fetters and, change was often, bound with fetters and Django it and the, chains had been plucked asunder by, any, clerk to change asunder, the, chains. Had been plucked asunder by, him so he was able to break change at all types of things. Through. What an unclean. Spirit and brothers. And sisters is no Marvel, that from a young age they've been indoctrinating, us with, his concept, of super-heroes, a, young. Age we all desire, to have some level of superhuman. Strength and ability. Being. Able to fly being. Able to jump over a wall being. Able to walk and run to the fire. Okay. Doing. Things that the normal person cannot, do and. It's, no mom who also that you had this woman when speaking of some of this technology if we, did the exactly the exact platform, but, she's thinking about this I guess it was attacked to which. You can place him yourself and it links with your DNA and, she said it gives you the. Abilities, of. Superpowers. Like one of them is the mechanical, mismatch, between humans. And electronics, right so, electronics, are boxy and rigid humans are curvy and soft, that's a mechanical, mismatch problem well. A researcher. At the University, of Illinois name, is dr., Rogers, what, he discovered, is that he could use standard. CMOS, techniques, to make islands. Of high-performance, silicon connected, by accordion-like, structures, that, would allow it to stretch up to 200% and, still. Be, performing and what, he did is he founded, a company and they started making electronic. Tattoos. So I'm wearing one here on my arm we, hammer. To get a this. Is, developed. This is a developmental. System. Made. By MC. 10 and, it, has an, antenna and some sensors imbedded in it and what we plan to do is, work. With them to advance a tattoo, that could be used for authentication now. It, may be true that 10. To 20 year olds don't want to wear a watch on their wrist but you can be sure that they'll be far more interested, in wearing an electronic tattoo, if only to piss off their parents. Right. And, that can have a design right they. Would certainly want. Some. Kind of cool there's options, options, and that's something that you wear but you could also imagine including, authentication. In, just your daily habits so, I take a vitamin every morning what if I could take vitamin authentication. What. Vitamin. Authentication look, I have one right here well here I'll let you hold it hold. It hold it. Okay. So. This. You guys see it this pill has. A small, chip inside. Of it with a switch, it. Also has, what. Amounts, to an, inside-out potato, battery when. You swallow it the, acids, in your stomach, serve as the electrolyte, and. They, power it up and the switch goes on and, off and it, creates an 18-bit. ECG. Like signal, in your body and essentially, your entire body becomes, your authentication token. Yes. This is true. Okay. But okay. So wait so, it's set it's really, true so what this means is that that becomes my first superpower, I really, want the superpower, it. Means that my arms are like wires my hands are like alligator, clips when I touch my phone my computer, my door my car I'm authenticated. In first, superpower, like I want that so we're not shipping that right away yeah no. She. Says I want those superpowers I think she was, the head of Google, senses right they had again, Google been attached, to a lot of this demonic technology. But, it's showing you it's it's, tying everything together to show you the. Indoctrination, and the implication. Of this technology, so, you're gonna have a whole lot of people out there you. Got all these comic book fans and all these people, who Dylan, you, know people who worship Star Wars and want the abilities. Of was. The guy's name Darth Vader you, know you don't, know, the power of, the dark side. Jedi. You. Know all types of stuff that people deal with people want to deal with the Spider Man things shooting, webs up. All. Of this stuff will, be promoted, to those people in which they can say we. Have some type of technology, which can make you superhuman. And. Don't think this is possibly, already talking about making, children. Designer, babies, before. The baby is out the womb you can decide what I color you want with skin complexion, how to here it's gonna be right. So. Now you could say well look I want my child to come out I love titties, I love titties since my youth I want my child to come up with the attributes.

Of A cat and. They'll. Be able to do, this. Okay. So. There's. No limit again. 10, 15 years ago we would have sounded like Kooks but. There's no limit right now as things are coming to the forefront there's, no limit, to what these people can do with these technologies, but, the key thing behind, it is that when, you see these things taking place it's not going to be because again. Of just some technology, it's, going to be because these people are possessed by demons and. It. Goes into the Book of Revelations, where it tells us that men, are gonna wish that they can die it, will not be able to why, because, they're gonna have all these forms of nanotechnology. And all these different vaccines. And all these things that they've implanted in themselves, that's. Gonna allow them to live longer and live. Through certain, diseases whether they, are excruciating. Or no matter how excruciating. They are how, painful, they are you're, gonna have to live through it and go through it because, you, wanted some technology, that allows you to endure, sicknesses. And to, live longer and I, think that's why they drop in a lot of this stuff with the so-called zombie apocalypse. You have. All these people who had all these, technologies. Inject. It within themselves and themselves being infused. With this technology, walking. Around. Destroyed. Demon-possessed. Okay. And these. Are going to be the people who are now, operating, around, the earth. Okay. Along. With the diseases, they're putting out there so there's so many elements that, are that are being put out there to show what society. Will soon become and. Again it's not far-fetched. All. Right. Let's. Move on to the Book of Revelations 14 and 9. Places. 14, and 9 to 10. And. The. Third angel, followed them, saying with, a, loud voice if. Any. Man worship the Beast and His. Image and receive his mark in, his forehead or, in his hand the, same. Shall drink of, the wine of the wrath of the Most High which, is poured out without, mixture into, the. Cup of his indignation and. He shall, be tormented, with fire and, brimstone, in. The presence, of, the Holy Angels and, in, the presence of, the Lamb so this is the judgment for those who accept, these. Satanic. Technologies. All. Right this, is the judgment and, you can again you can think we're Kooks all you want you, go ahead and test the waters okay. If, you don't believe that this. Technology is leading to the mark of the beast or if it's the market beast technology, go ahead and test the waters go ahead and get yourself a microchip, go, ahead and get the micro tech - all. Right if you desired a superhuman, strip you got a lot of brothers and sisters who want the superpowers, they want the most out of blessing, with the power. Resistance. Is. Futile. Your, life as it has been is. Over. From. This time forward. You. Will service. Us. So. That they can destroy people if you want those things go. Take this shop the technology. Okay. That's, if you don't believe. All. Right, but. What we're sin always, saying these things develop, and how, the Scriptures. Explain. It in exact. Detail. We. Are without shadow of doubt there. Not only is the technology satanic. But, it's being used. Exactly. For what the Bible tells, us it's being used for. Okay. Now. Moving on to the book of Judges. Chapter 3, verse 31. Judges. Chapter 3, verse 31, and after. Him was, Shamgar. The, son of enough. Which. Slew, of the finishings, 600, men with. An ox gold, and he, also delivered, Israel, right so we, don't need their technology. To become super. Soldiers and warriors. To. The Spirit of the Mossad you had Shamgar the, son of enough, who, smooth six hundred men with an ox gold. One. Man slaying six hundred men with an ox gold. Alright. So. This is not something that we need to. Assimilate. With in order. To receive quote-unquote, spiritual. Power. Alright. The Most High has the. Ability, through the Holy Spirit to bless us. With. Power, to, overthrow, and, overcome, our enemies. Alright. Moving. On to the Book of Psalms eighteen, and thirty two. Psalms. 1832. It. Is the Most High that, quor'toth, me with strength you see it's. The Most High that girded, of us with, strength. Okay. Not. Some Bionic, arms, or some type of bionic, leg or attacking.

Yourself With some form of Technology. Prosthetic. Arms in the world of Deus Ex are much stronger than human arms and. They have more option. Meet. Jason Henderson, from West Virginia, and, Kieran. McCammon, from California. Standing. In front of you Delta. Six accelerator six the. Delta six accelerator, suit grants, its wearer superior, strength speed, and, agility your make you run faster jump higher and hit harder than any of your enemies, much like the always, imitated, but never replicated. Iron Man suit it boasts, wind gust repel Breitling, Spears and triple explosive, heat-seeking, fire-and-forget workers. My, personal, favorite 10, millimeter caseless Gatling, submachine, as well, as a useful on-board, computer, system that reacts conveniently. To the wearer's thoughts. Or. Splicing yourself, with some type of animal, try to make yourself take on the nature and the strength of that animal. It's. The most harder gives us strength, go. Ahead it is the most high that gird if me with, strength, and make, if my way perfect, maketh my way perfect you got a lot of people who want this technology, to. Try to make themselves what, they think is perfect, plastic. Surgery, and all, types, of things to making you stay younger for, longer. All right the quanto ideal perfection. But. It says it's the most hearted makeup was perfect if we served the most high to most high will give us everlasting, life, all. Right where, he, maketh my feet like, Hinds feet, he maketh my feet like Hinds feet meaning, swift wear. And setteth, me up on my high, places where. He teaches my, hands, to warm is the Spirit of the Most High the tutor bar has the walk he. Can teach us were, they considered, of being martial, arts and self-defense. The, best fighter in China. Yeah. You see. This. Year, she's, a War Chant this. That. Is why. By that. In. Fact. My. Some. Puns or. Laughs. Then. Phone. Go away. Totally. Through the. Spirit, okay. So. You don't have to be like with a shoulder on the matrix something being downloaded into, you from, some form of Technology. Jiu-jitsu. I'm. Going to learn jujitsu. My. Kid thank you likes it. I. Know. Kung fu'. Filming. In. Order to give you the ability to. Operate in what. They call a metaphysical. Or superhuman, level. All. Of these things can be achieved through the spirit of the Mozart. The. Weapon. He. Teaches, my hands to war so. That a bowl of Steel is broken, by mine arms right so that's the superhuman, strength the most I can bless us with, right. Breaking a bowl still with, your arm. All. Right that spirit that's true spiritual, power if, you'll need no form of demonic, technology, to achieve, go. Ahead. Verse, 35, thou, has also given me the shield of thy salvation and, thy, right hand have. Holding, me up and thy. Gentleness, have made me great right let's move on first Kings 1844. Good. First. Kings chapter 18, verse, 44. And it. Came to pass at, the seventh, time. That. He said behold. There, arises, a little cloud out of the sea like. A man's, hand and he, said go. Up say, unto a half prepare. Thy chariot and get, thee down that. The rain stopped, did not and it. Came to pass in the meanwhile, that, the heaven, was black with clouds and wind and, there was a great rain and a, half road and went, to jazz, meal and. The. Hand of the Most High was on Elijah and. He girded up his loins and ran, before a hub to, the entrance, of Jezreel, hmm, so. The most high game Elijah in order for Elijah to deliver a message to. A. Hat. He, gave him the ability to run as quick as. A horse read that again. Mm-hmm. Verse. 44. In fact from verse 45. 45, and, it came to pass in the, meanwhile, that, the heaven was black with clouds and, wind. And there, was a great rain and a. Half road and went, to Jezreel, and the. Hand of the Messiah was on alive, and he, girded up his loins and ran. Before, a, hub to the entrance, of Jezreel. Right so he beat a hearts, period, to the city of Jezreel. Simply. On foot. All. Right and. Again. Just a display of how the most I through his spirit, when he puts his hat upon us his spirit and his power upon us we, can perform things, that are above. Quote. Unquote human. Ability, and, through, seeing this I can almost see how Satan. Will begin to implement. Some of these technologies, in the sports arenas, all. Right you'll have a story of somebody, in track and field or, you. Know some type of athlete, they've lost their leg you. Know their dreams were shattered and now, through some form of new Bionic, technology you, can attach a new leg and now he's running faster than ever. Now. The other athletes can't, compete so now all the other athletes with.

Some Form of Technology. And. Now everyone, who seeks, to now be a part of the professional, leads is, going to need some form of technology to compete. All. Right you can see how every faster, society, they're going to introduce some level of technology in which. Any. Demographic, the people any. And every demographic the people will desire to have these, technologies. Okay. And. You know that you're noticing again they look they're they're blending. Or. Blurring the lines between which. A person, and which. The, machine or what's not what. Can be considered human how much. Animal. Can, someone have in them before they're considered an animal how, much robotics. Can someone have with the number four they can be considered a full robot. There's, no marble, or, no coincidence, why they start to ask these questions they. Put these things out there so that now laws can be introduced, to now determine, then. When these things are introduced, there's. A certain level of animal, you can need to still be considered a person, there's, a certain level of technology and robotics that, can be implemented, within you before. You are considered, a or robot. Okay. First. Kings 1844. Or we just read that right revelation, 12 and 12. Revelations. Chapter 12. And verse 12. Therefore. Rejoice, ye, heavens and, ye that, dwell in them woe. To the inhabitants of. The earth and, of, the sea for. The devil is, come down unto, you having, great wrath because he, knoweth that he hath but a short time, mm-hmm. Verse. 17. So. Satan knows he has a short time to. Perform. His overall, plan which as to what to, be like the most aye. And. To overthrow the Most High. Right. So. Who is his target, in this, mission the whip verse. 17 and the. Dragon, was wroth with, the woman and, went to. Make war with, the remnant of her seed which, keep, the commandments of, the Most High and have. The testimony, of the Shia Christ, right so this is the ultimate target of, Satan's, plan. Those. Who keep. The commandments of, God and have the, testimony of, Christ all. Right I. Jump. Down to, the book of Acts chapter 3 verse 1. The. Book of Acts chapter 3, verse 1. Now. Peter and John went, up together into. The temple, at the hour, of prayer being. The, ninth hour and a. Certain, man lame, from his mother's womb, was. Carried whom. They laid, daily, at the gate of the temple which, is called beautiful. To. Ask arms. Of them that entered, into the temple so check out the wisdom of the Most High, you. Have a situation in which you have a man which, was lame, which. We will call it a handicap and. It. Says that he laid daily, at the gate of the temple which is called beautiful to. Ask alms, of, them that entered into the temple so. Why is it wise for the Messiah to have, this man he'll, everyone. Who walked, and the temple and out of the temple daily seen, him laying and. Knew that he was lame so. Now what's the healing process, came in which he would be healed of, his. Lameness, then. Everyone, could bear witness that at one point this man could not walk then. After, these men of God the apostle's, heal him he can now walk so now the most ideal or fie, okay. Verse. Three who's, seen pizza, and John about, to go into the temple asked. And arms, mm-hmm, and pizza. Fastening. His eyes upon him wave John said. Look, on us mm-hmm, and he gave heed, unto them expect. Him to receive something often, right so what Peter said look this man was expecting, silver he, was expecting, money on Goa. Verse six, then, Peter said silver, and. Gold have, I, none Peter said I don't have any money for you grip. But. Such as I have give ID, but, such as I have give ID, which, is what spiritual. Billy the. Way in, the name of Yeshua The Anointed of Nazareth, rise up and, walk. Mm-hmm. The. Word verse seven and he took him by the right hand and lifted, him up and immediately, his, feet and ankle. Bones received strength. And. He. Leaping, up stood. And walked, and entered, with, them into the temple walking. And leaping and, praising. The Most High right so all these people would once saw him laying.

Now. He's walking and leaping and jumping for, joy to the, most high as a, testament, to those people who were in the, temple all. Right now. The reason why we're bringing the south is to show you that the. Most time we depend or we are to depend on the most high for our healing. But. Again with Satan's doing is he's with his technology performing. False miracles, and, deceiving, men making. Us believe that in order to receive hille we must depend on his technology. All. Right so, if you're handicapped, you have to deal with some technology. They dealt. With through stem, cell research. Or some. Type of research they did they, try to attach, it to their beast. Daemonic, technology. Okay. Giving, you a bionic. Leg you don't need that the. Spirit of the Most High has the power to heal you and relieve you of your sicknesses, yet elements. Whether. You're deaf blind. Lame, so on and so forth, all of these things can be hill to the spiritual, power of the most time and. It. Seems like we're, preaching. To the choir and all of you all of us know, this and understand, this but, you have to understand at the time we're going into when. All of these things are no longer available. And. People are in dire straits, and dire situations. There's. No telling, what people will do in order to receive immediate, results. And immediate, relief so. A person who's sitting amongst us and believes that. The most science topography, and they fall into a situation in which either, themselves or, someone they love needs. Immediate. Healing then. Opposed to waiting for the most high else, a man forget it, I've. Been praying I've been hoping I've been wishing and nothing. Has happened let. Me go down to Satan and one of his scientists, let, me get the beast technology, and, everything it has to offer. Whether. It be a new leg a new hand a new this a new that. Right. This. Is what happens when people fall into, uncomfortable. Dire. Stressful. Situations, so, we have to always keep these things in mind and when these things do take place because they will remember.

This. Lesson, as, we're telling it to you all. Right allow this thing to come into your mind and know the, judgment, for accepting, this technology. Which. Is eternal, hell and in the portable side praise the judgment you're going to be going through so much pain and. And. Hell in your and your living, existence, that you're going to wish you didn't take it anyway, okay. Organs, belly things. Not working right. You've got a horrible disease in you bird. Flu swine flu, whatever they let loose other people and. Instead. Of you being able to be he'll because. You got this so-called. Nanotechnology. Which is supposed, to fight off the disease and, help you live longer you not have to deal with all the stress of that sickness, and the pain of it, so. The point you're gonna wish that you can die and will not be able. Okay. You. Want to cry and see, God. Allow, the rocks, and

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Shalom Elders. Are Moorish Identification Cards apart of the Mark?

All Praise Be To The Most High AHAYAH for his word!

Shalom grade lesson I just want to thank the school for reading the Bible right shalom

This the wicked technology mentioned in 2 Esdras 13:37 that our Savior Yeshua will rebuke upon His Return. As Elder has stated they are designed to control the mind, but as a believer that is sealed with the Holy Spirit., they have absolutely NO control over our spirits and mind! Our Spirits are secure in Christ until Redemption! Be blessed Israel, Shalom

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There is no rapture or 7 year tribulation... Revelation was written by Cerinthus while channeling the spirit of Lucifer, revelations is NOT FROM GOD, NOT written by John. If you think a dragon is going to be cast down to earth, you should ask who are the fallen angels chained beneath the earth until judgement Day? Book of Revelation professes a completely different End Times scenerio to every other book in the Bible. NOT ONE PROPHET told us that were a - mark of the beast - a beast system - a final swansong for him - a millennial reign,a god of 7 spirits and many other things which that book contains. God does not have 7 spirits... It's the fallen angels. The fallen angels were destroyed in the flood,their flesh perished in the waters. They their offspring and all who perished are now the dirty spirits, the demons, the devil's. There were 7 leading angels and it is those who have dominion over the earth... You find this in the book of Enoch if you read it. All prophets stick to the SAME END TIME SCENERIO some give more detail than others,the one who gave us the most details to others being Ezra ( 4th book of 2 Esdras) fits Matthew 24 to a tee. We see the beginning of sorrows (plagues) followed by the great tribulation, followed by the day of the Lord and the last day is the harvest takes place where the elect ones who remain at the end. If all the true prophets concour with each other and revelations conflicts it is obviously a lie therefore heresay. All through the Bible we see THE SPIRIT OF GOD THE HOLY GHOST THE COMFORTER THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH ALL THE NAMES FOR THE ONE AND ONLY SPIRIT OF GOD. Not once will you see this written as a Plural it is always Singular. God has ONE SPIRIT WHICH HE SENDS DOWN TO EARTH,NOT 7 as we see in revelation. So is every book in the Bible a lie which speaks of the spirit of God as a singular or a lie? We're all the prophets telling lies? Was Jesus telling lies? Or was the book of Revelation telling lies? End days.... The greatest tribulation will be like nothing ever witnessed since creation for the elects sake these days have been shortened. As in the days of Noah there was a final 7 day warning so the wicked could repent. The flood came on the 8th day took away the wicked. ( 3 day of sorrows(plagues, 3 days of great tribulation,1 day for the Lord, last day harvest and judgment) So shall it be with the coming of the Son of God. After the tribulation of those days Jesus will return and send his angels to collect his elect. During the great tribulation whoever seek to save his life shall lose it whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. When the false Messiah's and prophets come to decieve the elect ( if it were possible) they shall remove them and their carcass shall be where the Eagles gather. If you believe in the false doctrine of the rapture your carcass will be where the Eagles gather. Daniel 12: 1-3 tells us Michael the great Prince will stand and great tribulation will begin. The dead shall rise on the last day some to everlasting life some to everlasting contempt. The wise virgins shine and they that turn many to righteousness the wise all the ones preaching the gospel unto all nations,then the end will come. They are the Wise virgins the one's who gain talents not buried in the ground. They go into the highway's bidding up both good and bad to the wedding feast to furnish it with guests. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. The harvest is the last day when Jesus returns and sends his angels to collect his elect who endures to the end. The same shall be saved. The wheat and the tares go together, the tares are rooted up first bound up and cast in the fire, the wheat remain till the end. Daniel 12:1-3 And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. 2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. 3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. John 6:44 44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day. John 11:24 24 Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day. Matthew 13:28-3028 He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? 29 But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn. Matthew 13:39-4339 The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels. 40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world. 41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; 42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. 43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear. Matthew 24:21-31 21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. 23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. 24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. 25 Behold, I have told you before. 26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. 27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 28 For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together. 29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: 30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. Luke 17:32-37 32 Remember Lot's wife. 33 Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. 34 I tell you, in that night there shall be two men in one bed; the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left. 35 Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 36 Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 37 And they answered and said unto him, Where, Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together. Matthew 24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end the same shall be saved Daniel 12:10 Many shall be purified and made white and tried but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand

Where can I buy this song at, so much of the music with from this organization that I would like to purchase.

+Nita Gibson Sister, thanks for your reply, but please don't get me wrong, I'm not being judgmental or even stepping to you with a legalistic spirit, as i believe that the spirit should guide us in all things. As I'm living in Europe, it's very interesting listening to what various camps have to say in the USA, and I've noticed that nearly all of them believe in the false 12 tribe chart, and also believe that Hispanics & Latinos are Israelites. I would like to know where they got this doctrine from. May the most High bless you on your journey.

Denny Dee Brother, I don’t think we need to draw a line anywhere. If you like that genre of music then listen if you don’t then don’t. And it is hard to critique a song or tell others not to listen, when I believe you said you did not even listen to it. It is just a matter of preference. I am sorry but I don’t follow other camps so I cannot speak on it. May the most high bless you on your walk.

+Nita Gibson Believe me sister, this in no way entices my old man, but the question remains, where do we draw the line? Most of these camps are into the same thing, i.e. IUIC, A.O.C, Sicarii, to name a few, gives me the impression as to be phishing for young souls who are still into demonic music from artists such as Lamar, Drake, Kanye and so forth. My kids understood this eventually, but hey, look how this started in the first place, with kool Herc in the bronx, back in the 70s. Is it something we can be proud of, did it awaken us to TMH, complete the opposite, SAtan has taken it to enslave our youths today, a culture of phat-beats & Hiphop exploited and exported to the world. We are serving the most High, does he require that from us what the world glorifies?

Denny Dee i could see how he familiarity of the sound of this type music may entice your old man. That may be specific to you as we all have our struggles. I LOVE this song and music can be as a ministry unto the most high. As this lesson talks about satan used the things the most high started i.e. music for his own gain. That being said I actually know the person who is doing the music. He is a humble servant for the most high, and far from the hollywood illuminati.

Personally i tend to fast forward the intro, as i find the beats quite annoying. As being a DJ in my old man, knowing that hiphop and RnB beats was a trade mark of Israelites not in the truth of who they were. Today we can tie this culture to SAtan-Illuminati-Holywood, the ones who are pushing and financing this culture, that bares the attributes of worldleness, and i know how these beats and low bass frequencies are used to stimulate the nucleus accumbens, the part of our brain that's responsible for feeling pleasure, where SAtan once controlled when we were in the world, and now where the holy spirit dwells since we were born again. I think we should be set apart from this culture, what do you think?

Im a Neuroscience researcher from the tribe of JUDAH. I can attest that ALL of what elder is bringing out is accurate and true. Not conspiracy just FACTs. Stay woke, dont take the mark and love the most high Ahayah with all your heart, mind, spirit and strength!

Yahahahahwashiyadayahah, you aren't from the tribe of Judah. List your genealogy and prove it.

Wonderful Teaching! Shalom

Everyone please pray for me temptations are high

Philippians Chapter 4:13 (KJV)

The most high God of yisrael is able to do all things and he leads us not into temptation but delivers us from evil amen

Read.....James 4:7, Mathew 26:41, James gotta face the fact that temptation will always come have to get used to running to the word of God to remind you what you must do. We must pray for eachother,but one must learn to strengthen their faith as well. Be in peace,brother..God speed Check out this video from GOCC: Theres ither just type... agathering144 temptation....or whatever your eealing with to watch a teaching

This was a really good lesson, the production was nicely done...

Off topic can we eat mushrooms?

Ramdom ? Also should we join the army knowing there all being chipped ?

Yes we can they are counted as herbs ...

Depends what kind...theres different kinds,that grow different ways

Interesting isrealites

Were you in route clearance co.

when will the new calendars be out?2018 not 2016 lolz

Enjoyed the lesson today All Praises be to the Most High

All Glory To God and the savior with the Holy spirit

Thank you Elders for your time and truth shalom.

Great lesson for the end of days as we open the door to JACOBS TROUBLE....

Can y’all say a prayer for me.

Count it as done the Bible says one should always pray the most high bless and keep you psalms 23

I'm with you,my brother drop that knowledge.

Well how is it you saying is not the white man, and yet is them I see in the flesh hungry for power over the planet and is that race slave the negros and the world wars and the holocaust and the taken of other race country and lands, so tell me truly sir are the white race Base on the history which they so proud of, is it not clear that they are the ones doing the devil's work ?

I did state a fact: I stated the remainder of the Old Testament demonstrates how the curses were fulfilled. You simply didn't read, because of your private, racist interpretation of Scripture and lack of understanding. If you spent as much time actually reading rather than trolling around on the internet claiming your cursed, then maybe it's you that has the issue, and not everyone else.

+DerMeister821 You haven't stated a single fact. You're misinformed, undereducated and effeminate. Not sure where the 'racism' accusation came from but its to be expected from someone that goes on youtube to cause strife with random people. It's pathetic. Get a life. Try again doll

Facts are not: trolling Facts are not: effeminate. I'm not debating you--I'm telling you that you are incorrect and the rest of the Bible clearly shows the curses happened to Israel 3,000 years ago or so. No room for debate--you're wrong period. You are using private interpretation, which is contra-scriptural. You accuse me of anger, but you're the one resorting to racism (anger). Try again hun.

+DerMeister821 The scriptures (1 Cor 6:9) say the effeminate will not inherit the kingdom. You're social media trolling is an obvious reflection of an overly emotional weak gentile with misdirected anger. The fact that your debating with a woman reveals that your life lacks purpose and direction. Next time focus on the gems that were taught in this lesson and suppress the inherent spirit of hate you harbor. I pity you but I will pray for your soul's salvation.

Read all of the Prophets, Kings, Chronicles.... there, now prove you're a judahite.

+DerMeister821 prove it

Your lies will condemn you. Pointing out a lie is not "strife", only the dishonest and the cohnman think as such. Judah already underwent the curses, you did not.

+JodabeniTV are you saying my account is random...?

+DerMeister821 Your spirit of strife and division is not only going to destroy you on earth but more importantly, it will distroy your soul. Repent, and practice showing more love. Anyway, my genealogy is written in the curses prophecied on the tribe of Judah in the holy manuscript.

DerMeister821 lol to a random YouTube account?


Allan Alexander they are used to punish us. You have to understand we put ourselves in this situation. Stop focusing on what the white man us doing and did to us and worry about getting yourself right and your ppl

Doug Dougie o

They didnt land on the moon- they lied to us.see Eric Dubay.Hes not a believer but hes v good at explaining it

Great lesson Elder Lawya and Brother Shapat. All Praise To The Most High Ahayah Ashar Ahayah Bahashem Yashaya Wa Ruauch Qadash. Thawadah.

Great Judgement.

Mr Peabody I don’t think he can grow a beard. I’ve never seen him with any facial hair ever and he’s not bald just a low cut

+Chaamah Ahab Christ didn't teach what they teach

Mr Peabody So did Christ. They teach the true doctrine of Christ. Do you think he was off?

Shalawam Elder Lawya And Brother Shappat respectively - on point teaching and very thorough! Thanks My Brothers! All praise to Ahayah Baasham Yashayah!

big and small 666

Mr Peabody and what did Christ teach then?

Because the other camps only want to focus on the way white and preaching hate, they're reading the Bible with better and their heart's. When judgement Belongs to the the most high Rom 12:17 -Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Give careful thought to do what is honorable in everyone’s eyes. Rom 12:18 -If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Rom 12:19 -Friends, do not avenge yourselves; instead, leave room for God’s wrath, because it is written, Vengeance belongs to me; I will repay, says the Lord. Rom 12:20 -But If your enemy is hungry, feed him If he is thirsty, give him something to drink. For in so doing you will be heaping fiery coals on his head. Rom 12:21 -Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.

Why blame me for what God has done?

Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: James 1 : 13

+DerMeister83 You haven't stated a single fact. You're misinformed, undereducated and effeminate. Not sure where the 'racism' accusation came from but its to be expected from someone that goes on youtube to cause strife with random people. It's pathetic. Get a life. Try again doll

+DerMeister83 The scriptures (1 Cor 6:9) say the effeminate will not inherit the kingdom. You're social media trolling is an obvious reflection of an overly emotional weak gentile with misdirected anger. The fact that your debating with a woman reveals that your life lacks purpose and direction. Next time focus on the gems that were taught in this lesson and suppress the inherent spirit of hate you harbor. I pity you but I will pray for your soul's salvation.

+DerMeister83 prove it

+DerMeister83 Your spirit of strife and division is not only going to destroy you on earth but more importantly, it will distroy your soul. Repent, and practice showing more love. Anyway, my genealogy is written in the curses prophecied on the tribe of Judah in the holy manuscript.

boss shape shifted 3 times into red skinned in flames with 6 foot bubble of dull blackness, he went straight down and only bubble of blackness was were he lectured the group. hates anything spiritual. it's a frequency . looks like he's wearing high heels but he's not. it's his cloven feet, makes his butt stick out, has blue eyes and blondish hair. weeks later out of the blue says the mind plays tricks, what you see isn't always really there. thinking where did this come from and days later realized like famous quote 'the greatest trick luci-fer done was get man to believe he does not exist'. he exists and i need you all to pray for me because he's in my life by weird circumstances to take me down. i always pray and he's in my life suddenly for a reason! i feel his anger praying to jesus christ in thought. it's intense in a bad way.

take seal of god.

may jesus christ mark you with the SEAL OF GOD. be reminded all day to think 'i walk with jesus christ' especially in dangerous places. think of me and i'm there. i pray for you that jesus watches over you.

all day think 'i walk with jesus'. believe and he is there. know it. that's real faith. i pray jesus for you. take seal of god.

+DerMeister8 You haven't stated a single fact. You're misinformed, undereducated and effeminate. Not sure where the 'racism' accusation came from but its to be expected from someone that goes on youtube to cause strife with random people. It's pathetic. Get a life. Try again doll

+DerMeister8 The scriptures (1 Cor 6:9) say the effeminate will not inherit the kingdom. You're social media trolling is an obvious reflection of an overly emotional weak gentile with misdirected anger. The fact that your debating with a woman reveals that your life lacks purpose and direction. Next time focus on the gems that were taught in this lesson and suppress the inherent spirit of hate you harbor. I pity you but I will pray for your soul's salvation.

+DerMeister8 prove it

+DerMeister8 Your spirit of strife and division is not only going to destroy you on earth but more importantly, it will distroy your soul. Repent, and practice showing more love. Anyway, my genealogy is written in the curses prophecied on the tribe of Judah in the holy manuscript.

+DerMeister812 You haven't stated a single fact. You're misinformed, undereducated and effeminate. Not sure where the 'racism' accusation came from but its to be expected from someone that goes on youtube to cause strife with random people. It's pathetic. Get a life. Try again doll

+DerMeister812 The scriptures (1 Cor 6:9) say the effeminate will not inherit the kingdom. You're social media trolling is an obvious reflection of an overly emotional weak gentile with misdirected anger. The fact that your debating with a woman reveals that your life lacks purpose and direction. Next time focus on the gems that were taught in this lesson and suppress the inherent spirit of hate you harbor. I pity you but I will pray for your soul's salvation.

+DerMeister812 prove it

+DerMeister812 Your spirit of strife and division is not only going to destroy you on earth but more importantly, it will distroy your soul. Repent, and practice showing more love. Anyway, my genealogy is written in the curses prophecied on the tribe of Judah in the holy manuscript.

He feeds off of your fear, I’ve almost rid myself of them, but then they attack others which hurts me too so just remain calm. Dream time comes, connect to the angel girl that visited your dreams.

Eziekle Crafts hopefully it has eased up. Does their programming telepathy taunt you? Stephan, and Vicky Berella, Fateh Saggu, Eric VanArsdal (all like your boss)! One (my mother) dubbed over my voice to program others in a bad way to my connection to the christs collective, all thought it was ME, but it was happening to me on a grander scale, parasites literally coming out of me, massive hair loss from frequency attacks and curses. Cords coming out of my ear! Found a pamphlet filled with details on how my stepdad tortured me, I’m a mk ultra, monarch, silva, to agency girl mixed in with the whole Illuminati princess bullshit. They wiped my memories at egland Air Force where most of the human experiments happen. I was being “shown a tough book, and “before I called you (5times) written in the pamphlet by my step father agency director, and president controller, I escaped the underground room, or was rescued, that’s when I saw the babies, women, men in plants, and much more horrific things. He even details in a drawing a subwoofer with a baby drawn inside with a tail, calling it harmonic balance with some kind of drawn crop circle! God was finding me in midst of this hell, and I’m still here (they can’t kill me, too watched). Plus I’ve made it known to a lot of high ups my situation. First time I’ve posted on it. Lol

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