Sarri after Pep? De Bruyne's worth? Brahim or Foden? | Q&A Part 2

Sarri after Pep? De Bruyne's worth? Brahim or Foden? | Q&A Part 2

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Hello my guys is Steven here back with another video this is the second part of the Q&A that problem just after the first half which is a bit more fun according to Nikhil who's just that over there basically, was a bit more personal we had a chat and all that kind of stuff this one it's a lot more football oriented, because it was absolutely loads, of questions I don't want to go through quite a few of them because there's some very interesting talking, please nobody other weekend games tomorrow I really why tomatoes Q&A as I have been promising, here so I mean the best thing to do really is just crack on obviously, I can't answer all the questions it was like hundreds, of them so the best I'll do is about another 25 feet today so if, you haven't already seen the first part gone click up there when the first question comes from Andrew, for I've got my phone here by the way and sorry you pronounce your names Ron I'm really bad at this kind of thing but and said now that the league is pretty much done dusted you drink a deer being agüero should be rested or should they be played a break for more individual records well and. I think general some games there will be rested I'm not sure the league is done yet and if people keep playing are relatively, full Stremme team until the league is actually, done everybody, I think after it's done will see one or two players rush it will see some young players get games that's probably rightfully so, I mean you've got to keep the players charlo you can't like send them off on a two free week holiday we've got big, competition. Game two coming up this is kind of hold like, you got a playoff the benefits, of them resting, I gave you some benefits of losing sharpness, having, in general Guardiola, will not want to see a massive dipping League for him because he knows that's, a sudden, kind. Of run of negative results, in the Premier League even you don't mean anything can I also affect the performances, of the players he'll want him to be absolutely.

100% Focus. And a suspect will find a balance between very, strong games where, we name more or less a full 11 or some games where we maybe switch, out two or three players and, the real David Barry hello, real David Murray said do you have a day job well of course I think I wish this was my full-time job but it isn't a new social media for a retailer which basically involves tweeting. Facebook. And Instagram all that kind of stuff doing the unimportant, stuff does, basically it's a little boy's job for an ad or basically I should be do some a lot more important but I get paid through it so I'm not gonna complain max, P said who do you want and think we'll replace Guardiola, once he leaves in a few years that day terrifies, me because there's no one like, Guardiola, simply, a man with a vision that's more or less unrivaled, and we'll football an absolute, genius and the hardest thing for us is gonna be replacing. Someone. With that kind of influence over plays that's status, and obviously the way you play is it's almost iconic but. System II has to be sorry and Napoli he's doing sensational. Things as stylistically. There's obviously a vast. Similarities. There's loads of mutual respect in Guardiola, and sorry too they love each other they love how they play football which, I'm sure would also rub off on City players city long as he played them twice, this season they appreciate how good they are as a team so I'm sure the likes of deployer and silver, and so on or whoever is still there at the time appreciate. How good he is as a coach or maybe someone like him I can't really see anyone else who plays at a very similar way to Guardiola, that could fit in and do the same job sorry, for me it makes a lot of sense personally, Romo Pham said should we play youngsters if we win the league with matches like well I'm just disgusting a previous question I'm almost saying we will play a few young lads I wouldn't mind seeing a few day buds be made even though it is kind of tokenism it also kind of sets, up nicely for next season given the chance to give these young lads a taste at first in football maybe see I wanted, to react in that kind of scenario I don't think they'll be loads haven't been totally honest but I see the likes of Brahim Fodor maybe in a major get, a few games definitely because, he'd be good for them to get a Premier League winners medal for one it was so nice to be able to see these, your lads have been in the club for a long time especially people like fold-in who's a city fan I pick up a Premier League winner medal for the team at 17, years old that I'd be phenomenal, ordinate joão Bosco said how do we prove in the summer and will Joe have made a big video and that already go watch it it says he's, dream summer 11 transfers come watch that answer all your questions there for you instead, alternately. If it wasn't YouTube what would you want to do for a living well. I guess he was my band stuff I was pretty good at one point but that sadly faded, BAM I take, YouTube that I'd be quite nice so that's why I push the page by the way because it'd be nice to be able to do this full-time because you to doesn't pay that much unless you're absolutely huge, so fingers crossed I'll get there one day the ghost said you think toes in will get much game time because, he looks great every single time he plays I think this can be very very difficult for him never got the poor and stones obviously very young guy I suspect. We'll look, at maybe. Even bringing another centre back in one day one visits a company goes I can't, see him getting loads of gametime if I was him and I think he, will I'll, go alone next season I think he was allowed to go online in general transfer window but he couldn't find anyone suitable for and so it is a very good young player I do start, to think he was looking more and more comfortable with every single game but.

I Just can't see him getting a game time he needs to develop I think the low next season somewhere hopefully the first the style of whoever he goes to regularly will doom the worldly good he live elevating, very quickly all deceive, he's not quite got the ability, or potential to get there much to see but I definitely think in his game time and don't worry he'll be a city next season though college, al-madani said how did you feel when Sanchez moved to the United I wasn't, that bothered and that's my general on his troop my general, theory. At the time was that he was an expensive, kind. Of a pontiff. A signing fee night if I were they were in for him because we were in for him he's obviously a quality player but, it didn't strike me something they actually needed he felt like there was frying money a problem, that wasn't necessarily, there Sanchez. He's a fantastic, little play don't get me wrong he would have been icing, for wasn't a very sweet cake but United it's, not that that they actually do, need. A moment he'd someone to help the control midfield alongside pump, but did he a balance, in that shape and to me feels like throwing things at the wall to see very, little stick Sanchez, is fantastic, but I'm, not surprised at all that United aren't in great form the moment even though they've signed him because it's, all very well signing, loads of ways but you need a shape you identity, you need a plan it doesn't strike me that unite have a plan over than buying lots of very expensive players at the moment they won't like to hear that but that's just my personal opinion, I think the shape and the style talk to give them is lacking quite a bit don't get me wrong Maria's a very good manager they've got a lot of very good players but the football they're playing it isn't good enough for the money that they're spending the, second League in a moment the Fair Play bear I think they've been very underwhelming. And that's even coming from sort. Of trying to be neutral here as double united good enough even regardless of what we've done so far I think they need to be a level higher than they currently are given the plays that they've gotten Sanchez to me he's. A very good player but you need to work out how to use it now they've got a situation where they're playing marchiali Rushford, rarely, on Marshall, out position to accommodate Sanchez and he's just kind of making him less effective, you need to pull, the right holes not just add more, cement, around the hole doesn't leave plugging in the first place Sinclair. Comrie said you like any of us boss I I, don't watch anyone anymore because I just don't have the time and being honest when I was younger watch absolutely, anything be, goal 10 is cricket, and snooker. F1, basketball. Anything when I was younger I used to watch all kinds of sports but now I. Just. Want to be a football see. My girlfriend, and live life and just kind of get my stuff so I'm you had you like I was bored since don't really watch him because I think as you get older and you realize already.

Enough Time I mean totally on especially when you want to create video is more less every night Reese rozanski, said on average how many times would you mention patreon, support their video six point seven will be my guess, I get. The Cygnus ISM there and I mention it twice, actually. Twice once at the start video given the showers that people deserve. Because they put money into to. Get the shoutouts and so on and then at the end board at the end you know my patreon, founder, but to me it's, a lifesaver, I want. To make videos every single day I put a lot of time into it hours, and night doing this and then get, basically, nothing back until patron, until, I decided to start doing patron it's great because I think people who make essentially, free, short TV shows every day that's what I do every night I make a little ten minute videos, that people watch and look at look out for having. In general given the hours I don't spend putting into it I deserve a little bit something back we don't like getting us fair enough and there YouTube, continues. To be free for basically anyone you don't have to get involved but we don't like patreon, that's, your problem in being honest I like it I think I earn the money that I get from people if they ever won it cancel it or not pay that's also entirely their situation, I appreciate, the support that I get from people patron, absolutely, low seriously, it makes my life so much easier, it's just great. You means I can buy a fancy new camera it means I can get tickets for games he's just so, much easy to keep on doing this and the amount of times I've nearly just stopped making videos because I haven't got the time or the energy or, even the, money sometimes, but this just helps a little bit and it means I keep making videos because I know these guys here who, put, into my patreon I know it means something to them I know they want me to keep making a video sorry carry on doing that and that's, why I carry on making videos to Reese because, people are willing to support me and it's really really useful I keeps you going and there thank you very much to everyone does and go City said how much different Dubrovnik is worth you were forced to sell him a world. Record fee in my opinion he's currently maybe in the top four, or five plays in world football he's up there as the best me field in world football my personal opinion he's the best player in the league in, my personal opinion I mean he's getting better I'd want the same as name oh god that's my personal opinion if he's worth more than Contino I want over two hundred million because he's.

A Phenomenal, footballer Kevin de Bruyne he's only gonna get better you might disagree but I think a DB is worth every single penny this question from TG MCFC is such a difficult one to answer in a perfect world where, Foden, and Diaz became will be is which one would you most likely to see this is he. That's really hard because brahim is a favorite, of mine because I've been watching him play for a long time ago he's a member he, just makes me laugh whose style lovelyz direct energy he's a lovely lad I know he's family quite well Chatham, it games are all absolutely adorable, nice people and I've, got it's really a. Massive. Affection, for his, fantastic. Little player I really want to see him succeed to city because he's, a love his energy love his work great love his desire but phil phoned him he's been at manchester city since he was 8 years old he's just city fine he's from Stockport, it's just too good it's a perfect, story and giving, his style given, the fact that obviously cares, about his club but not saying breaking doesn't but behaved hasn't, been here all his life that Fulton has it, has to be fulfilled him just because he's a local lad come good and that would be absolutely brilliant story for the academy sorry, brahim I mean, I want both succeed but has to be photo didn't if I had to choose one and that's if you had I had mine to my front and all kind of stuff VP Phil Feldman cattle, being game I said your favorite player ever growing up and doesn't have to be city player was a seal for. City he was key party at one point and then he was Shaun wright-phillips but, over then City and, various. Players I was, obsessed with the real or an hour before he was absolutely, phenomenal his. Power and his elegance, he was just a phenomenal football if you hadn't had all those interest in my opinion we'd be talking about him alongside Messi, I think uses that good if you use a fantastic.

Footballer He's had a cruel twist, of fate with his injuries and bad knees or whatever it was and then close, to home and, what Arsenal's, team with Omri and Burkham was just special those, do plays were enjoy to watch I love watching that team with Perez, and Lumbergh and Vieira in their prime they were just so good to watch play obviously the destroyed is a few times but it was worth watching just, because they were so entertaining I love watching attacking. Teams and play with such vibrancy. Such creativity such moments of brilliance, and, Perez and Lumbergh and Omri and Burke um they did that so I love watching that team and then love Zola, Jericho's own was absolute quality people like him just. Great footballers, and Zinedine, Zidane is also one of my favorite all-time footballers, it's just the elegance in the way plays he just makes the game look so, so easy I really, want to see that a video where you I, mean as a film that's all made it's a dance set to Mogwai the post rock band because that would be fantastic, I've never seen it but I'm sure it's pure artistry, but those plays all. Those were basically my favors him, James be said can you play a song. On the guitar. Yeah. Hang, on a second, I. Don't. Even know this isn't you or not but this is a CV. I don't get this um in the comments I. Know. Enough of that nonsense yeah, just, the day go change there's a song for you okay exclusive. On this channel I don't know what I've just done I probably, regret it and really but it's happened so let me know a song that was in the comments because why not it was an easy one even being totally honest Darkseid army asked, the most glorious question, ever a guard, of honor or win the league again i did i've all those circumstances. Are absolutely, beautiful army, i'm tempted to say winning the lead just because just. Because the action, see the glory of watching united realized that we've just won the league sing the plays run around the pitch and going, absolutely, mad, you. Know you down the pitch still that would be fantastic seeing, Josie's face looking devastated. But at the same time if Joe is in light of Padma and Lukaku and all that laugh to give us a guard of honour and the Etihad cuz we warned you won the league we're champions oh that. Wouldn't. Win. This overall, our dream scenario let's be honest there there's no bad answering that one so I'll probably just say winning it against United because it'll be even more sweeter but the pretty good circumstances, either way Lucas markavitch said and I'm sure he's not related to Lazar Markovic baby is so. I said, who would you say is the most promising, Manchester seat by you hasn't yet debuted, for the first team well given. All the ones out on loan probably have already played for City like a you know Angelino and Maffeo and money, Garcia and so on and the, majors all you play and fold in and brahim. Probably. Someone like maybe Matt Smith maybe Robbie Matan doumitt Ando is fantastic, a 17 year old flying, winger, bags of skill he's brilliant, little player Latty bode a fantastic. Player obviously captain England under-17s the, local final and he's great then. Maybe someone like Tommy. Doyle he's very young still he's obviously only 16, years old only in under 16 boy he's already played with the under-18 he's, got two years off maybe to the first he level but he's fantastic, I could grr that's kind of by a powerful.

Intelligent. Box-to-box, midfielder not only has he got the kind of that kind of passion and driver Jared but he's got this calmness that comes from playing off very, Spanish kind of technical, style but, yeah this whole host of plays very good but I think most the ones the most promising ones probably, have already played for the first team like brahim voted and the matron so on but I'd love to see maybe you must if Katie's debut one day maybe Davenport, he's back alone people like him I love those kind of plays that poor, shifting for the team also have technical ability maybe D'Amico to Haney as a right-back actually, I've just realized who maybe actually will be are a Moorish, the goalkeeper, he's fantastic he's, so, so so good he's, been waiting with the first thing most of the season but he's a I also, got a young, very, very young very raw obviously but very young cannot new wear with style, I love, our amour she's a very exciting, keeper I don't know he obviously getting the team given how good that listeners but he's fantastic and he would definitely be up there for me and, conveniently paw legends just said it looks as if Claudio Bravo will leave at the end the season in. His opinion but if, he can't but, he can't think of anyone else to replace him any suggestions, well we could look very close to home poll given the fact I've just mentioned more rich he'd be more than suitable, for a number two position the. Amira side is a bit young given the fact he's not played a single game professional, football year but I would have - come back in a heartbeat he's, done very well on alone at Norwich he's an excellent keeper, and though you might want first in football I mean, for a second for one season for him playing second fiddle to Edison, maybe going 10 15 games will be enough for him maybe get a couple of medals hopefully if you win a couple of competitions, angus, is an excellent keeper fully versed in how we play football and he fully deserves to be part of a squad in my personal opinion so. I would choose I'm just good or are or moorage personally, other than that I don't really know I'm not gonna lie it'll, be some old timer someone like bowel as you will do a job maybe I don't know but let me know in the comments who your suggestion would be I think brother might just eight oh by the way true. CT fan said would Pablo Maffeo and Angelina be suitable to come back Pablo my fail definitely, for me I don't know his face in the squad friend given the knee lows there but I would have him back in a harpy I think he's absolutely excellent, one the best young fullbacks in world football he's that good I said a long long time ago my Twitter I'm talking like 2015. That my failure one day play for Spain I still stand by that and it's looking even more likely every, single day and buffet was fantastic, absolutely, brilliant I would have him the, whole Brazilian squad next season who deserves it as a backup to Walker Danilo he was not there it'd be even more ideal until you know he, wouldn't have done any worse and as in chanko he's a better, natural. Full buttons in Jacob maybe he's very poor defensively still but he is so so so good going forward he's been fantastic over, in the Eredivisie and I'm almost certain even, though it's not a see he's gonna be to live always playing - obviously football for someone it might be like a mid-level kind of chump. Measly Club do you know the likes of your, poor toes or you shall, curse or someone. Like that you know a big. German, kind, of middling German team not the biggest one maybe you know Dortmund, maybe eventually but sure Angelina's, fantastic, football is doing very well he's got his mojo back over in Holland and it'd.

Be Great seeing Majid to see I wouldn't be against it I mean he's a very told you footballer do you think'll happen probably. Not I think it'll be Mandy and Delft is awful but snow season I mean dev will be seen as a left back these days and that's probably fair enough given how good he is there I would love to see both though in first team and action in pre-season get him over to America, and get him game time see how they actually get on the Guardiola, and now they're a bit old a bit more mature KP. Son Thomas and Steve who do you think will sign next season and he listed his personal, signing there's preferences I've made a video on that as I said previously go and watch my dream, summer signings at 11 a probably made that after you've made that comment to me 30 people go and watch that it, was while Raina said ma Reza Patrick Roberts for next season it'll probably neither Roberts, is kind of stalled lot of season mainly due to injury but he's done very little at Celtic given the Palace city didn't want to go back to Celtic in the first place and eventually just agreed to let it happen, I think city what I detest him in the Premier League or maybe abroad somewhere I can't, see him coming back to see I think these basically, careers more or less over an hour see I'm being totally honest I can't see City kind, of trusting him in the long term I think the Mabel sell him for a little bit money was just showing him how tall he is Marius, is obviously a much better player as well but, I can't see he's going back in for Maris I but weirdly I mean they'll be someone younger maybe if maybe a strike and we said of a winger who knows but Marez I would have him in a heartbeat I'd never really followed by with taller city until we were linked to in the drama console window and it suddenly it seemed very exciting, but. I never gonna be either I've been who will be I hope. This won't Leon Bailey but I don't he'll be out personally, the, real David Bowie again asking saying how much is left in vinny and. One. Season I was fourth Tristana back in my personal opinion he said yourself they can't play more than once a week in the moment he's body's starting to give up slowly we got kind of a Leslie King kind of scenario where we have to pick and choose which game he plays I would have you ever say next season just given how, good he is is Ali given how inspirationally, is around the ground and given how much you can teach the young lads that we've got on our team but, I think for, Cho said about for him he's almost guaranteed, I mean you might want to leave but I think city will just keep hold him for season and that makes sense to me the real Ryan Bowl said will you travel to chubbies League away games and actually. Simply can't afford it Ryan I wish, I could buy dad the moist put in to traveling your way I also can't get the time off work mostly so no, unfortunately. Well I would, love to but it's just very expensive, got, a lot going on so suddenly. Not I do envy old people who can afford to get over there regularly there good LAN yes and the sport always is excellent, away but fingers crossed one, day I'll be able to do it more regularly Magnus, Fenger said I think the surgery where I was underrated do you agree I, agree entirely, with agüero.

People Give him a lot quitting pretty isn't 100 percent perfect. Who. Is 400, perfect you know agüero is guaranteed. Goals he's fantastic sometimes. He goes in and out of form but the moment when he get him like he is he's, just fantastic he's, phenomenal, he's a real, true, goalscorer, sometimes it's better the devil you know you don't mean we can't always presume that someone else is better I think so sort of lies they recently that we, tend to favor over, team strikers, because we don't watch every 90 minutes they play so we don't see all the chances that they miss and therefore we presume that they're more clinical because we see them taking chances much a day whatever little. Round of videos of the highlights but we forget that most strikers miss a lot of chances to even like came mrs. large auntie slow and danske there's all these plays mischances Kabaddi does, agüero does it's natural, but we just tend to see the ones that grow on us and then we kind, of add more, weight to them because we watch them every week I don't necessarily most, players are ridiculously. More clinical agüero it's just not true we're oh he's up there for a reason he's one of the best Reich's in the world and though he may not be perfect it's very hard to replace that guaranteed, very poor scholar season that he brings he's almost impossibly hard it's a risk so I think we're oh is underappreciated a little bit at times I can understand why some people get frustrated with him but we've got very short attention spans, as football fans, sometimes we forget too easily how good a play you can actually be and we're at the moment he's definitely making a few people you humble pie he was a bit poor about a month ago but the moment he's on fire one song for anyone in the league at this second as a striker dies so people would say came but I don't care oh no we're up at the moment cuz I we're always ours and it means to be more to me when he scores more they would came for example but yeah he's, definitely underrated. And Luke Gumpert said do you think Bernardo, Silva is gonna be a flop for us or that we'll end up selling him in a year or two I don't know I think you'll be okay personally, but the way I see is I'm I'm happy that we're working out it was going to be a flop here as opposed to somewhere else I would always rather Steinar play it that good for a price that's pretty good in today's, market for you had a million giving, the fat most players of his quality around 80 million I'm. Glad he's here at seat so we can find out because he's only youngster, we don't know how good he's gonna be but I'm glad though he's working this out managed to see and not someone like Real Madrid because he could be absolutely. Class and I would be good to do we hunt signed and then if it doesn't work out great for a bit we sell him off to someone for 25 50 40 million maybe even still we won't lose my own in much and. Then we replace him with someone else but I'm just glad he's not somewhere, else in the first place so we don't lose our ones potentially, incredible. Player for a minor, thing you know I'm just glad that were kind of making an experiment here much to say in general one you got to play one the edge even like a producer example and always rather we get them then, worried about how good they're gonna be afterwards because the worst that can happen is the underwhelm a little bit and we haven't paid that much money but out of selling for me he's a quality, player I mean he's getting better every single game obviously, that question was asked even before the. Champions, League a midweek as well and it was, pretty good that game too so it was slowly seeing the signs of how good he could actually be at City and this is the last question there listen Dustin, likens, and it's quite that one actually when, he said what does the future of this channel look like and I, don't really know guys, being.

Honest And just taking it one step at a time he's hard to put too much resources. Into it personally given, the fact that I'm only doing obviously in my, evenings, fitting it around life but hopefully one day it'll be full time that's what I really wanted when it's full time I'll, put a lot more effort into, making, videos a lot more frenzied guess a lot working into production hopefully, when I move as well with Nicola which I'm going to be assuming I've got a bit of space for, a proper, studio vibe, almost, and it'll be a lot more interactive and this channel I want to grow obviously I wanted to it's. Obviously always going to be a quite personal, channel because it's just my opinions, I don't feel ever be a fully fledged fan channel because that's not what I'm really about I like it being fully, creative under my control but I don't know it's, whatever you guys wanted to be I guess in the end long, as he doesn't involve fan comes because they're not for me honest, but one day I would love to do that live streaming to have the technologies, to do a lot and a lot of kind of stuff but fingers, crossed you'll keep growing frustrated and I want to find you guys while keeping, this channel going seriously honestly like all the lights and the fuses everyday I'm checking them see how it goes up and, it's just really nice and what always strikes me is how lovely you are on the comments it really, is really, heartwarming the overwhelmingly, nice Nicola and I always copying how like, how sweet you lies so thank you it does get noticed I do know is here Nicola, notices it - it's. Nice not to see a bunch of people I'll doing like pricks in the comments they're all actually pretty sound so thank you for being him in even the fans of the other teams to watch this I think you just generally, decent people so yeah. I like my little community I've got going around in your class so thank you very much anyway, that's the end this video thank, you for watching sorry, van Richard question there's just so many to get through as ever a really, hard because these hundreds, and loads of repeated ones as well so even though I might not granted yours directly I've hopefully have answered it is some kind of wait guys enjoy.

The We can go tomorrow I'm gonna try and get a get but I might not be able to if not I'll do a much reaction straightaway after the game see you later guys. Hello. Guys is Stephen if thanks for watching the queue and I hope you enjoy part one as well go and check that we haven't already I'll be floating on screen go check out the video too and may where it's my dream summer, signings in the best 11 the next season what kind of stuff is pretty fun up anyway guys you want to get involved in my patreon, patron come forward slash this theme companies loads of things that you can get involved in terms of pledges and donations my stuff you can get your name's going down the spray tube if not as ever just keep watching these videos keep supporting the channel and it'll mean up to do Lilo's to me.

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Feel like bernado is not a winger and i hope in yhe future he plays in the same role as david silva and replaces him but he's been decent on the wing

Johnny cash- hurt

Quick question(Hopefully you can answer in the next video): Who would you choose if you had to - Manchester City or Nicola? I told mine “no doubt Man City” (

Pujay Thapa He already answered a question like that in the last Q&A... He said Nicola because shes a human being ect...

Sarri is doing a great job at Napoli but what about Ancellotti ?

david hunt Ancellotti is not the manger he used to be and isnt tactically very good... he would suit a team like Inter Milan or Valencia.

I love these Q and A futbol videos if you ever dont have an idea for a video please do one of these I think they're absolute quality.

I don’t ever want Pep to go. I have a feeling that he’ll leave and go to Italy after next season though.

Been subbed since you had 1k

Bernardo hardly a flop in my opinion. Given his limited appearances, still has 5 goals and 9 assists in all comps. Plus, we only had a few games where he played in the centre.

Luke Dunford Yes, there were moments where I sighed over Bernardo's form and his pertinacity on using left foot, but ALL players have shaky days (even KDB!). I do agree though that he will be a long term replacement of David when he gets his Monaco form back. Afterall he was the biggest threat to us last year in CL. Lets hope for the best for Bernardo, cheers!

Dong Kyoo Peter Won True but he has had some awful games as well, its not all about the stats, i hope he gets into form though because he has potential to be a David Silva replacement.

Any city fan who wants/thinks we should replace Aguero is deluded.. Sergio is imo the 3 best striker the PL ever seen behind Shearer and Henry. We will miss him when hes gone.

Kevin De Bruyne Eto won the triple when Pep got rid of him.

Luke Dunford he did not make mistake with ibra and etoo. pep won 2 ucls without ibra. however ibra won nothing without pep. same with etoo. aguero is declining.

Kevin De Bruyne Incorrect, Pep makes big mistakes with strikers.

you can't be sentimental. if pep thinks that he us declining we must trust pep and judgement.

Yup only thing holding him back really. But hes something special.

Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington I totally agree, if he wasnt injured all the time you could argue his case against Herny too.

I think Marcelo Bielsa is also a good option for a coach. Guardiola's tactics are a lot inspired by Frank Rijkaard and Marcelo Bielsa. Also Tosin should look for a loan move to PSV, NAC Breda or Girona.

I think it is too early to speak about a successor and I don't think he will leave only after three years, cause contrary to Barca and Bayern his reign wasn't a direct success at City. He basically lost a year. I could imagine him staying for 5 years.

Sarri wont happen! MCFC moving forward with PEP!!

Stu 6 We wont have Pep forever, Id like Thomas Tuchel as a replacement when Pep does go.

The song hes playing is johnny cash playing a cover of Nine Inch Nails song Hurt, it isnt one or the other like everyone on here is saying

Kinkladze over Horlock?! #mentalist

Stephan how is Eric garcia doing he had a lot of hype to be the next pique but i havent heard much of him since the move have you been able to see how hes been doing

I got featured in both the videos! YESSS


Esteemed Kompany sorry buy it was to funny


Jonny. Cash

KDB is not worth 200m More like 95- ADDons100

PHALKA DAN Real Madrid and Barcelona cant take players away from City bud. We are too powerful, we have never been a selling club since we gained our financial power. Just like PSG, it would be almost impossible to take there stars away unless they got bored playing in the farmers league but we're in Europes top league. We would price De Bruyne at something like half a billion so no one would have a chance at getting him. Im not saying he is worth that tho, worth about £200 Million.

Chris Foels Mbappe is £140M after his loan not £200M

PHALKA DAN so by your logic you can only be the best in your position if you play for Madrid or barca, got it, modirc and kroos both dont come back enough and dont run all over the pitch. Yes they are top players but you seem to be the only one in the world who doesnt rate kdb

Chris Foels lol are u smoking crack? The only reason u saying that is because madrid are poor this season. Don't forget man for man they are better than city. They won CL back to back. Don't sleep on luka and kroos. Manu is trash. Pogba should leave. If KDB was so great. Barca n madrid would have seeked him out but they didn't because he was not good enough. Modric n kroos are better and Sergio

PHALKA DAN mbpappe is on loan only so psg csn skirt financial fair play, you know that, theres no wsy they dont buy him

PHALKA DAN your smoking crack if you think hes on the same level as pogba, kroos and modric are below him right now imo, look at madrids record to proove my point, better then busquetes, level with iniesta prime and close to xavi prime. His work rate and vision is better then everyone on your list,almost as good as a long shot as pogba/kroos and better finisher then anyone on your list

Chris Foels mbappe is on loan with an option to buy. And he's not worth 200m. He's still young and could be the best player in the world one day. But KDB has a long way to go. He's not on the level of Xavi,pirlo,andres, sergio busquets. For people to be hyping him up at like this.He's at modrich kroos pogba level tbh

PHALKA DAN mbppae was 200 plus, are you saying hes better then kdb?

need to change ya teeth if u wanna make it big on here

mazz baz Can you please fuck off mate? Youre literally the only person on here that causes drama, no one likes you or wants you here bud.

no need to be a dickhead lad.

Pep should stay and build a dynasty

The Funniest Page We wish

Love your videos, keep them coming! Do you still get to see the eds much?

350m for De Bruyne max

throw us a little of that blue screen/green screen (whatever it is)  occasionally mate lol

what have I become???

yes hurt nine inch nails!

johnny cash version :)

Phil Foden is are best teenager

Aran Bal Your sentence needs to show possession, so edit your sentence to “Phil Foden is our best teenager”.


Hopefully City have mentioned to Sarri that he'd be the 1st choice to succeed Pep so he doesn't go elsewhere in the meantime (unless Pep decides to stay for many years yet)

Your new camera is sweet. Hurt by NIN (I know I'm the millionth person to say that)

Great innit? Lovely new lens too. And its the Cash version!

Glad we saved money by not buying Sanchez, there was a load of hype when Utd signed him, as yet he aint been that impressive IMPO....Fred will probably be the best spend in the summer....Who would you say is your favourite world-class player(s) out of every league....I suggested on someone else's vid that De Bryune is a better overall player than a "Bobbing On" C. Ronaldo, whom is all looks, and too much hype in recent years. Even Messi & Aguero deserves more awards acknowledgement ....I agree De Bryune is worth "at least" £150,000,000 to £200,000,000 like Neymar....:)....

Great video Steven, keep it up, this channel is going places.

Sarri's just got beaten by Leipzig, mate. In Napoli to make it worse.

questionable pronunciation of neuer... but also i love rabbi matondo or ian carlo poveda and think they're most promising

great vid btw (as usual!)

Was there a connection between pep and arteta before city as it seemed a bit of a left field move, but wondered straight away if he would be the one to take over at some point

If Pep leaves I will be broken

Hurt: Nine Inch Nails.

What in your opinion is Foden's best position/ his future role at city?

Ey my man thx for picking my question! you a true legend just like Aguero

Bernardo is so much better centrally than he is out on the right. I'd longterm like to see him as a false 9 as an alternative to Gabriel and sign a true winger

Broduce I think we could also make him into a David Silva type player, playing a little further back than a false 9

Great to see you incorporating the community with this q&a. You are my go to person for all things city related. If I get a mcfc video and an Esteemed Kompany video at the same time, I always play yours first. Keep it up

Pep is so young, he CAN steady here for years of he wants. We have to pay him big buck to make him stay.

I hope it will be Arteta and bring Vieria from MLS to be assistant. But I can’t even think about that right now, just enjoy having the best manager in the world while we have him.

Michael Ferguson I think Thomas Tuchel would be good for us after Pep leaves, he is very good with young players and tactically great.

I rather have Brahim. The kid doesn’t have a weak foot!!!

When is he’s contract ending? Peps

Tiger Steel Not probably, but hopefully.

ignacio martinez in 2019-20 but probably will sign another contract

Great video mate

There are only two youtubers videos i watch as soon as they are published and that is pewdiepie and you!!

hurt- johnny cash

chamakh is 100% perfect steve

Who do you rate as the fern replacement? For me we need to go after fabhino from Monaco he's such a good 6 and can do a job at full back. Also and idea why not place a big bid in for weigl

Arteta will be Pep's replacement just like Tito in barca

You never answered my question

What was it? Sorry!

Why every player man city wants man united is want the same player

Song was Hurt ;) great video again Steven

Great video bro

Hurt -Jonny cash

Yeees sttteeeeevvvvvoooo

hurt -johnny cash ???

Be interesting who pep will pick for the cup final....starting with who he plays in goal

Do you ever get dislikes? Because i'll batter the bollocks off whoever gives you one.

aye, 2 or 3 a video. im almost certain its the celtic/united trolls that pop up every now and then ha

Hello Greeting from Anwar Mersing. Johor D.T Malaysia. Enjoy watching yr vdeo

There is one huge difference between Guardiola and Sarri's styles: Spacing is used by Guardiola to create time on the ball. Occupy and creating big space between the opponent's lines. The time forces opponents to defend deeper = more dominance. The focus on spacing creates stable possession and position until the final third where there is more emphasis based on individual freedom. With Sarri, spacing is focused on creating more passing options in areas close to the ball than there are opponents. The connections between the Napoli players allows them to circulate the ball in deeper areas, forcing opponents to press and then break through with quick combination play. If you want the natural successor to Pep Guardiola, go all out for Thomas Tuchel. He must be the heir to the throne.

Sub 0 - Just scroll up man I wrote there at the beginning.

Jordan Griffin can you please tell me again what was your point, thanks.

Sub 0 - You’re missing the point but it doesn’t matter.

Jordan Griffin alright mate I understand but you said Sarri's style will not suit in PL because of defensive teams but Italian clubs are famous for defensive football and Sarri's Napoli is top of the table there, it clearly shows his style works against defensive teams who park the bus in Italy.

Sub 0 - Every team without the ball defends. All teams are compact defensively making sure there’s no space between the lines. The whole parking the bus thing is a bit of a weird one but like, I’d only really describe a team parking the bus when they’re defending their box for large spells, last ditch defending etc. I’m not the expert, though so don’t take my word for it.

Jordan Griffin thanks for the reply again and for your honest answer and I have only one question left is there normally a difference between defensive teams and teams who park the bus? Do all defensive teams park the bus?

I'll be honest, I'm not sure. I don't tend to watch teams at the bottom of Serie A, only really Napoli and occasionally Inter and Juve. The rest isn't really interesting to me. Napoli don't always play in deep areas, they are an attacking team, but it's one of the major differences between them and City, that's all I was saying really, it could work in England. I did doubt whether Pep could do it in England after last season as well.

Jordan Griffin well I have to ask one question more what really is the difference between Italian bottom table clubs and English bottom table aren't they both defensive and park the bus against big teams like Napoli like English clubs do against Man City? I'm not sure about, it might be not the most defensive league but Italians are famous for their defensive style of football.

Nah, I said Tuchel is better suited to taking over from Pep because his positional play is quite similar, but obviously has his own individual style. I said Sarri wouldn't necessarily be suited to the English game because he prefers his teams to circulate the ball in deeper areas to attract a press, then he wants to break through with quick combination play with one touch passes and fast movement. The problem is in England, teams don't really like pressing high, they like to sit in a low block and defend their penalty area, which would mean there would be no space for Napoli to operate in. I want to ask you a question, though. Is Serie A really the most defensive league in the world?

Jordan Griffin thanks again, btw I have to disagree with one of your points you made about why Sarri is a better fit for Man City than Tuchel, you said the teams in PL sit back and likes to defend but everyone knows that Serie A is the most defensive league in the world, so obviously Sarri's style works there then why it would not work in Premier League??

Sub 0 - No worries man, happy to help. YouTube is a unique platform, I think we’ll soon see a lot of people turn to YouTube to put their work out there in the public domain; lots of good shit out there if you know where to look.

It's a complicated question for me to answer, because they're both the best at what they do, and what they do is totally different. If you want me to say who I think will win more trophies in the future, it's probably Guardiola. I don't think it would be wrong of me to say that Mourinho's best days are behind him. Yeah I support Manchester United. Thanks mate that means a lot, still have a long way to go before I would describe it as 'excellent' though! I am on Twitter, but I use it for educational purposes so I don't tweet but feel free to check me out @JGftbl is my handle. You can look through who I follow to see a lot of coaches and analysts etc that are much more knowledgeable than I am. I also have a lot of likes that I think you'd find interesting if you want to learn more about the tactical side of the game. I recommend you read 'Spielverlagerung' a website purely football tactics and analysis which you can translate but there's also an English version as well. They've written articles about Pep's style of play, and analysis of his Manchester City teams in a lot of detail. Here are the links. If you go on the German website, there is also a section for 'beginners' who want to learn about the tactical side. Happy reading.

Sub 0 - I am in no position to dictate to a two time European Cup winner and one of the most successful coaches of my generation how to set his teams up, but there’s only one aspect to his approach against Pep’s teams that irritates me. When you defend so deep against a team so intelligent in position like Guardiola’s teams always are, and you defend in a low block, you are approximately 80 metres from the opponent’s goal when you turnover the ball which obviously makes it virtually impossible to counter attack in this position. With Pep’s positioning, you are then prone to a counter press and you’ll end up losing the ball within seconds. I’d like to see Mourinho set the team up next with Lukaku pressing the less comfortable CB and use his cover shadow to block the more comfortable CB (like in the last derby) and set the team up in a mid block/high press. Recovering the ball higher up the pitch makes it easier to travel to the opponent’s goal and attack the spaces. Klopp did it magnificently earlier this season when they won 4-3. If Mourinho changed that aspect I think we’d win the next derby. Having said that, his gameplan in the last derby actually worked near perfectly, it was a shame that Lukaku made two individual errors on set pieces that led to the two goals you scored. You didn’t create any chances clear enough to threaten us. Mourinho would have been happy with what he saw from the team collectively, but not from Lukaku.

hrushikesh khairnar - Why must we compare? Why can’t I admire both and the styles they bring to the pitch? Two total extremes of football philosophy, the diversity is what makes the sport beautiful. Without this diversity, everyone would try to copy Guardiola and every match would be cheap copies of his style, which is why La Liga always gets accused of being a boring league. We need different ideas in the sport. Nah, didn’t mean it like that but that Barcelona team was the best team of collective footballers I’ve ever witnessed, but even Tito Vilanova won a league with them ffs. People have forgot that the players are the most important, they win the matches, the manager simply provides them with a template to go out and execute, but it has to be executed. I don’t feel the need to say who is better and who isn’t, I know which style I’d prefer to watch my team play every week, I can say with total confidence that Mourinho wouldn’t achieve Guardiola’s success in the manner it was achieved, and Guardiola wouldn’t achieve Mourinho’s success in the manner it was achieved, so who’s inferior here? To go to different clubs Europe and make your team the best in the country/contitent takes a lot of time, dedication, hard work and skill. Being the best team in Europe but focusing more on defensive organisation is equally as good as being the best team in Europe but focusing more on attacking organisation, because the outcome is the exact same.

so who is better pep or mourinho ?? from your views it seems that mourinho could have achieved what pep did with the same barca squad... sorry bro i am a city fan and i think pep is far better than all the managers in the world... and as for mourinho, he is finished...

Sub 0 - The other guy did I think.

hrushikesh khairnar - Mate, Mourinho cut ties with Barcelona when he knocked them out of the Champions League, ran onto the pitch in celebration, became the Real Madrid manager, accusing Barcelona and UEFA of being partners and favouritism and making his players to war in every El Clásico. There is a hatred between them.

Jordan Griffin and yet you don't answer my question.. would Barcelona hire him In future and why?? And come on now guardiola is from catalonia we know that.. but is that the reason though..??

hrushikesh khairnar - They wanted Guardiola because he’s Catalan and knows/loves the club and was schooled in their style of play since he was a kid, they took a gamble and it paid off, but let’s not pretend that Mourinho wouldn’t have won the European Cup with those players.

i know mourinho is good manager.. but you didnt answer my question... at the beginning.. they had two option mourinho ((well mourinho has achieved so far by then... you know everything about him) and pep(manager of barca B).. why did they go for pep?? ) ... do you see barca signing mourinho?? if yes why??

Barcelona were considering hiring after Rijkaard before they opted for Guardiola instead. You forget that Mourinho started his career at Barcelona, indoctrinating himself in the van Gaalisten and Barcelona methods. Xavi has gone on record to say that he understood the philosophy of Barça and who shared many of the same characteristics of van Gaal. You only see Mourinho adopt a defensive approach when he plays teams who prefer to have the ball because it's easier to expose their weaknesses in transition, when Manchester United play 'weaker' teams who surrender possession you see a team who tries to build up, circulate possession and have free flow in final third. Does this remind you of anyone?

i agree with you about that that on mourinho... but do you see barca hiring him?? if yes why ... ??? if no you know the reason

Sub 0 - You said no attacking team would hire Mourinho. Well firstly, all teams attack when they have the ball, and defend when they don’t. You learn that on day one. Teams are only attacking if the manager sets his team up to go out and control the game. Yes it’s true that Mourinho believes firmly in controlling matches without the ball as it’s easier to force the opponent to make a mistake (his opinion, not mine) but throughout his career he has shown on more than one occasion that he is tactically flexible and it is dependant on the opponent. That’s my point.

and i said tuchel hasn't achieved anything... at least sarri sits top of the table... klopp is not good for city hence how can tuchel be??

its not about you ain't it.. ?? club will decide that...hardly any point arguing if anyone says tuchel is better than kloppp

Jordan Griffin I hardly see any point in that!!

hrushikesh khairnar - Actually, Mourinho’s Chelsea does not have the record for most goals scored in a PL season, Ancelotti’s Chelsea does. Mourinho’s Chelsea holds the record for the fewest goals conceded. His Madrid side did have the record for most goals scored until Barcelona assembled ‘MSN’ - which is an extremely strong indication of Mourinho’s tactical flexibility.

hrushikesh khairnar - I’m not going to read all of that because it’s hardly English, but Klopp was competing with the defensive coach of Jupp Heynckes, Tuchel was competing with Guardiola. Klopp sold all his best players to make Guardiola’s team better, the end.

i know.. i just hope he will

klopp won two times the bundesliga... ups and downs are part of managers career... there was mega swoop for bvb players.. signed the players like reus,immobile,aubemeyang,kampl,sokratis,kagawa,sahin,gundogan,perisic,lewandowski,subotic,hummels,he laid the foundation for bvb made it storng team, club benefited from the sales of players.. its like comapring pochetinno with pep... just that pochetino has nothing to show for...just i think it seems unfair to compare klopp with tuchel.. cuz then klopp had to compete with the bayerns greatest manager ever jupp heyneckes... and for the outscoring.. mourinho's chelsea holds the record of 103 goals in a pl,real madrid 121 goals in laliga.. and no attacking team will have mourinho as their manager unless they are desperate.. outscoring doesnt mean shit if you dont win the league... there was 10 point diif whn bvb came 2nd ,hardly a challenge

hrushikesh khairnar - Dortmund finished 7th in Klopp’s final year, Tuchel tookover and finished 2nd, outscoring every team in the league. He was challenging Pep’s Bayern, no German team was going to challenge them and he gave Pep some of his greater tests. He would succeed with a better team, most managers would.

hrushikesh khairnar - No he didn’t. Ludicrous statement.

well pep is here for next five years... i hope by then arteta gains experience .. or our legends vinnie or silva or yaya with good experience from pep can take over.. for now let us just hope pep completes decade at city and then with city having a base and philosophy we can choose our style of managers... who better than our own players.. unless a very good manager(like jose and pep in their younger days) is available..

Uh a question then: Say we don't get Sarri (& you don't want Tuchel), who'd you go for?

the way sarri challenged juve milan, jardim did to psg, klopp did to bayern , atletico to fcb and rma

Seriously who challenges Bayern anyway. They're way too richer & have squad depth unmatched in the league. Don't try judging him by achievements, we only need a guy to fit in our style

finished 2(78) and 3rd(64)..both time he failed to challenge for league... one dfb pokal .. champions league both time whats his greatest achievement... klopp is better manager than him.. and why do we have to fall below lfc for our next manager choice..

Pretty sure if Sarri is coming to premier league he'll do his homework well But either him or Tuchel will do, or one of Pep's assistants promoted & No Tuchel didn't fail at BVB ^

Tuchel failed at BVB

Chris Foels - Yep, it’s one of the keys to Pep’s positional play. There is never more than three players occupying a horizontal line at the same time and a maximum of two players occupying a vertical line at the same time. That’s how the passing options are being created. If everyone was on the same line, the possession would be sterile and the ball would really be going no where. It seems so simple, but positional play is so difficult to coach.

Jordan Griffin i hear ya man. Whats very intresting about peps teams ia the movement off the ball, there is always options when someone has the ball, 1 running sideline 2 coming to ball player 1 making long run, and all that there running into spaces left open by other players runs, truly amzing to watch sometimes

Cheers mate, but that just focuses on one area of their positional game. It's easy when you know what to look at, just analyse what is actually there instead of what you think is there I guess. It's easy to get pretty extensive when analysing actual scenes from matches and what teams are trying to achieve during matches, this was more of a general overview.

Jordan Griffin thats a very good explination of peps tactics, well done

Should have added that I don't think Sarri's style is suited to the Premier League because teams, especially those lower down the table, are more inclined to just sit back and defend for 90 minutes instead of pressing from the front. Bournemouth would try it and would get slapped about 6-0, but a Newcastle or a West Brom wouldn't be troubled because Sarri's team recycle possession in deep areas and not in the final third. The Premier League needs to see Sarri though, he's one of those mad professor type geezers.

Excellent video mate, thanks for your comments on my question.

Weigl for £40 million according to Dortmund, bargain.

Freddy If we go in for him, they will bump he price by another £20 Mil probs tho.

The song is hurt by johny cash.

Listen to ring of fire

Esteemed Kompany yes, i think the nine inch nails lead singer said so himself

you should also cover hurt

Bowie & NiN did a cracking version

+Bull John: "Solitary Man" is a good one, reminds me of when Col. Shepherd got killed in an alternate-reality in the penultimate episode of Stargate: Atlantis....:)....

Damn. I thought it was Ziggy Stardust :-)

I was playing the cover, which imo is a better version!

Bull John The brilliant song "Hurt" by the brilliant, late Johnny Cash was actually originally written by and performed by "Nine inch nails".... Johnny Cash actually covered it. Fantastically well IMO!

Steven, can we please just enjoy Pep?

I watch Napoli every weekend, love them..hope they win Serie A

I know...just hate to think of it..but Sarri would be the best for us.

Of course we can but there is absolutely nowt wrong with thinking of the future. The club will be

Hurt- Johnny Cash

KDB the best midfielder in the world IMO my favourite player in the prem As an arsenal fan ozil is incredible but Kevin. Is a different class

rakesh mehta Agreed but Ozil is very good, wish we went in for him to give us some more depth as we could have got him for dirt cheap, plus he would fit our style of play much more than sanchez would have.

Ljungberg is pronounced Jungberg and not Lungberg or whatever you said

Esteemed Kompany haha it's okay, just wanted to give you a chance to be cool and pronounce it the correct way

I'm sure it is but not a single English commentator ever said that

Or if we are going to be really precise, more like Jungberj

Hurt by Jonny cash?

Pep please buy Weigl

Shark Team lol

Good thing you commented here. Pep is an avid fan of Steven & looks for suggestion from fans to buy players this channel's comment section

I always thought he would be a great replacement sarri

The only football related channels I subscribe to is this one,, Manchester United, BT Sport and Copa 90. Mostly music and MMA stuff.

Jordan Griffin Cheers, btw mate can you please public your YouTube profile so I can see which channels you follow, thanks in advance x

Nice one mate, video coming soon! Stay tuned.

Jordan Griffin cheers mate, I already subscribed to you after reading your in-depth analysis.

Working on starting my own YouTube channel where I will be analysing a range of things from football to film, tv, music and literature. Gone through a little rebranding and I am working on a short video where I explore the tactical evolution of Pep Guardiola throughout his career. I have a feeling 'Sub 0' will be quite interested, it's nothing major and not detailed as I'm only starting out, but would appreciate anyone following me on this journey. Cheers folks.

Jordan Griffin mate when are you going to upload a video

Sub 0 - Ahh I’m sorry man. I’m new to this game. I’m still figuring out how to do it all, using Premiere Pro; editing, annotating video, sound, voiceovers, getting footage. All that shit is tough but I’m determined to make it work out. Obviously I’m way behind schedule and I’m busy with my day job as well, but I will make it happen.

King Ghost is proud to present 'THE TACTICAL EVOLUTION OF PEP GUARDIOLA - AN ANALYSIS BY KING GHOST' Click the link. All feedback is welcomed.

King Ghost cheers mate I was waiting for you to reply

Sub 0 - Hi mate, the videos are proving to be a little difficult at the moment, I'll get there one day, but in the meantime, I am setting up a blog. Currently writing my essay and I intend for it to be uploaded very shortly. You can find it here:

Don’t look back in anger?

Hurt by Johnny Cash...?

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