Salesforce World Tour Reimagined Opening Keynote: Trailblazers, Together

Salesforce World Tour Reimagined Opening Keynote: Trailblazers, Together

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Good morning, and welcome what. An incredible, performance and. That was just amazing a beautiful, start to our. Amazing. World tour reimagined. For. Those of you joining us around the globe you've just got to an experience, a tradition, here in Australia, we start, an event like this acknowledging. The owners, the traditional, owners of the land on which we work live, and play and, we're very proud to uphold, that tradition here. At Salesforce. So. It, is World Tour reimagined. And we have certainly, reimagined. It you're experiencing. Our very first all-digital, World, Tour it, is a tribute to the innovative, nature of this company, and the team behind the event for sure but. It's also a testament, to the trust you put in us to put your health and safety first and that is exactly what we're doing because. Today. Well, it is all about you our, Trailblazers. Of today and the Trailblazers. Of the future, and we have a huge job ahead of us today we. Plan to inspire, you and show, you the possibilities, but, after we've done that we just can't leave you there we're, gonna help you find a path to achieving, those possibilities. The, pathway, to your success, so, expect to be wowed great products. Great people and great partners. This, is your first stop on world, tour today. But. Before we jump in I think it's really important, to start with a thank you thank, you for wherever you are joining us around the planet be, it from Singapore, to Sydney, or Wellington, to Washington, we are so grateful that you're spending your day with us but. We're also grateful that you are our customers, our partners in our community, because, we couldn't do what we do without you and. I've been in this company now for five, months and it is such a vibrant, community so. Many things align us but one thing really really, brings us together and for, me that is our values it. Is not these. Four values that you see these are our core values, as a company, they bind, us together globally, and in, fact the first to trust, and customer success with, the values, we use to really determine, today the, decisions, be made yes. You trust us to have your health, and safety and a high and our decisions, but, also you, rely on us to help meet you successful. So, that's why we reimagine, today and we just didn't walk away we're. Passionate about innovation and, you're gonna see so much of that through, this keynote, and all the sessions afterwards. And last. But certainly not, least a value that is very near and dear to my heart equality. At. Salesforce. We're passionate. About equal, access equal, opportunity, equal page just name a few and. It's why I was so personally, proud on Saturday, night to, stand shoulder to shoulder with my colleagues, my friends my daughter as we, represented. Salesforce, at mardi gras here in Sydney just, an incredible opportunity to, support our LGBTI. Community, because. Know we know when we bring these values to life not just on a piece of paper but, how we live them and breathe them invest in them then, actually business truly, is a platform, for change and it's. So important, we all take a role and that is why we are very proud to support the, United Nations, sustainability. Development, Goals this. Is a real movement, it's tackling, 17, of the world's most complex problems. From. Hunger, and poverty to education. And equality and, while, all 17. Of these are so critically, important, we, are doubling, down on six of them and. If I reflect back into what has just been happening, here in Australia, we have, experienced. Some incredibly, catastrophic. Fires and that's, why I'm so pleased to see on here two climate. Action and renewable, energy because, we have been really reminded, that our planet, is a real stakeholder. Here - there is no planet B and. We're proud of the progress we're already making as an organisation in this regard if, you're running on Salesforce, you're running on a carbon, neutral cloud, now. We know to solve these problems we have to do it together and that's why we're inviting you come.

And Join us on this journey visit. Us at our platform for change website, and look and explore how you can partner with us on this as, we think together we, truly can build a better world. Why. Do we believe it because we are already making, a difference I love. What we have already created over the last 20 years together with you we're, a leader in. And, that is fueled, by our belief that we have to keep creating and innovating so, that we can help you be ahead of your customers, expectations, we're. A leader in philanthropy, because it is so and more important, that, we make a positive impact, in the communities, that we share and we're, a leader in culture, because when we create diverse, and inclusive workplaces. Then. We truly can solve the problems of the world and. We're doing it together. Because, the impact we're making is so much more than one company can do alone, it's. Why we're really proud of what we call the Salesforce, economy, creating, jobs and, opportunities. On every corner of this planet the results. The impact today are amazing. But actually, the. Viewer head is even more staggering. 4.2. Million new jobs. 1.2. Trillion, in new business, by. 2025. That, is the power of this community. Working together to. Create amazing, outcomes, and while. These numbers are global I do want to share the momentum, and the contribution. We're making here in our, own backyard of Australia, in New Zealand I was. So privileged, on my first day at this company to, announce the Salesforce, tower I wish, I could take credit for it but I can't it's an amazing, work by the team before me but, this this tower is not just going to be the tallest, building in Sydney it's, going to be the most sustainable, tower in all of New South Wales it's. Going to be home to some of the 1,000. New jobs we have committed to create creating, across. Salesforce, Australia, and New Zealand but. It's not just about creating jobs it is about our shared community, and we care about this planet and we care about Australia, in New Zealand when. We were ravished and ravished by those recent, fires it has been incredible, to see the way we stepped up as a company, between.

The Organisation, and our founder, Mike Benioff and his wife Lynne we, donated, over seven, hundred and fifty thousand, dollars to the Australian, Red Cross and. We'd love to invite you all to join us donating. To them and other amazing not-for-profits. Who are giving back and making a difference as, we rebuild this community and. With all our amazing people we want to unleash their passion, for giving back to, I was. Blown away to hear that we have already donated almost, two hundred thousand, hours across, Australia, in New Zealand I did, the math if, you didn't sleep, you would have volunteered, for just over 22. Years that's. The impact we're making in this community, and on the back of the bush fires we went a step further we, gave every, employee in extra 20 days to, help in the recovery. Now. I do just want to stop for a moment and share a story a story, of, one of our incredible. Trailblazers. John. Watson in his day job he's, an Account Director looking, after one of our amazing customers. But. He's also a 16-year, veteran, volunteering. For the New South Wales Rural, Fire Service, John. Has been on the frontline of these fires and in fact he has donated supported, by Salesforce. 122. Days being. At the frontline making a difference it is amazing. So, I want to thank John and I want to thank every, volunteer and our organization, and all of yours who are giving back and making a difference when this country needs it most and. The. Trailblazers, we have there not just in our company they're in all of yours I want to take a moment now to introduce, you to one of our customer, trailblazers, the fantastic. And the inspirational. Jessie McPherson, she's. The founder and the CEO, of st., kilda mums so. Think Kuta mums is a not-for-profit they. Committed to helping families in need, giving. Pre loved and pre-owned baby and nursery equipment, to families who really need it and so, enabled to enable her to do that she's using the power of Salesforce, to help you do just that, connecting. With her contributors. And connecting, with her volunteers, so, her and her team can, do the thing they're most passionate passionate, about providing. Services to the people in need most I want to thank you Jesse for being such an incredible, Trailblazer. Now. I mean should have only been here for five months when, I started at this organization I heard about this thing called the elusive, golden. Hoodie so. I got on Twitter where I get all my good information from and I started following life, with Goldie now. What I learned through that period of time is, that the people who are the owners of these golden hoodies this amazing, community they're, not just passionate about technology. Innovation, customer. Experiences. They're. Bound to buy a set of values and a passion for giving back and making an impact so. When I heard about that and you just heard the story of Jesse well, I think the next book makes sense I want, to congratulate Jesse, she is now the latest, member, of the community, of the golden, hoodie Jesse. Congratulations I, know you're in Melbourne watching us live hope this is a huge surprise for you I am, going to deliver this in person and make sure you get it because they know it's quite coveted, I was. Gonna keep it but I've been told I'm not allowed but, I was a bit worried about it because I hear it is coveted so I've arranged, for some security, I've got a bodyguard for the golden hoodie it will be taken care of until we can get it to you you're, on point for that right.

So. I know that. There are amazing, Trailblazers. Everywhere, you are creating, great, experiences for. All your, customers so thank you for doing that and I know you're doing it in an unprecedented, era it is the era of the customer, revolution. Customer. Expectations. Are moving so rapidly and. That means you need to - it, means there is so much more we need to do to help personalize, to help make sure we know that our customers want to need sometimes. Before they do and we, have to do that with trust at its core and customers. Are expecting us to do it and even asking that question can. I trust, you and that's. Why the next part of this keynote is so important, it's to help you in, that revolution. Help you put your customers. At the center and we know, this, isn't easy because revolutions. Never are easy, and in, speaking to so many customers, I hear a number of things you tell me about the legacy systems, that are holding you back you, tell me about the data still being in silos, inhibiting. That single, source of the truth to help you and, you tell me about the skills and the capabilities, that you need to build in order, to win in this customer, revolution, and that's, why customer 360 is so important. It helps. You put your customer, in the center to, understand, the products, the services the, partners, and people that you need in order, to win in this revolution, so. I was thinking about it who could I get to. Take you through customer, 360, to be your, guidon the next part of this journey I didn't. Have to wreck my brains too hard to be honest because there was one person's name came to mind so quickly, please. Welcome my friend and my colleague the amazing. Executive, vice president of, strategy Dan, Bogner. Pip. Thank you that was incredibly, kind introduction it's, a real honor to be here at World Tour today just. Like we've reimagined World, Tour each, of you that are watching online have, an incredible, opportunity today, and that, is to reimagine, the future of your organization as, you, put the customer at the center of your business and leverage, the power of the Salesforce, customer 360, today. In the short amount of time that we have with you our, job is to educate you, to energize. You and to inspire you and the way that we're going to do that with you is by, share sharing a number of innovations, across the entire customer 360 and, we're, also going to have the pleasure of introducing you, to a number, of Trailblazer, customers, who are innovating. Across, the entire customer 360. So. Let's dive in and have a look at some detail here for. Over 21, years now at Salesforce, we've been focused, on building the, Salesforce, customer, 360 from. Our early days 21, years ago in Salesforce, automation through. To customer service, marketing. Automation, commerce. Both for b2b and b2c all. The, way through to Trailhead today we've. Been building, the customer, 360 with, you our customer, and we've, been doing it in a way so that it's trusted, it's smart. It's. Flexible, and importantly. It's sustainable, what's. More the Salesforce, customer 360 sits, on top of the powerful, Salesforce. Platform a, platform. That incorporates, so many of today's incredible, innovations, in technology. Innovations. Like blockchain, and artificial. Intelligence and. We've. Done this together with you our customer, and in, doing so together. We've, built the world's, number, one CRM, platform, and we can all be incredibly, proud of the job we've done at Salesforce. It's something that we wake up every single day and focus, on your success, nothing. Is more important, to us and together, we'll, continue to, maintain that number one spot, in. My role I have the pleasure of talking to customers all across the asia-pacific region, and honestly. One of the highlights of my job is when a customer sits, across from me and says Dan we're, actually achieving, some incredible, business outcomes, through, our deployment, of your technology, on. Average, when we speak to our customers, and we survey thousands, of customers, every year they, tell us that they see a 25% increase in, revenue and on, average of 30% improvement, in customer satisfaction, what's. Also interesting is, that IT are jumping on board as well as they, see the value of the customer 360 platform.

In, Fact, IT departments. Are seeing a 26%. Reduction in, IT operating, costs which is just remarkable, and when. We do this work with our customer, we're not doing it alone in fact we work with a number of strategic partners. That, are leading technology. Brands, all around the world these, are brands hopefully. You're all familiar with companies. Like Microsoft. Apple, Amazon Web, Services, Google. Or Alibaba. Just to name a few and we, focus on these partners, specifically, because, they like us support. The industry, and together, we. Focus, on your success. Now. There can always be a time when I'm meeting with a customer which honestly gets a little bit uncomfortable they. Look at me and they say Dan this slide is all fantastic, but this doesn't feel like our business this, looks like a sales floor slide and the, honest answer is they're absolutely right and it's intentional, and the, reason for that is we, have many customers, that simply, take this slide and implement. Standard, functionality, as it, is however. Increasingly. There are customers, that are using the power and flexibility. Of our platform, to tailor this picture to reflect their business as they, put the customer right, at the center and a, fabulous example of a company that's doing just, that is a trailblazer, right, here in our backyard just across the bay in new zealand fisher, and paykel that's, headquartered in new zealand is a global, manufacturer. And distributor of, whiteboard appliances, and they, operate in about 30 different countries around the world they've. Been going through a significant. Transformer. To put the customer at the center of their business and in, doing so they've been very focused on optimizing and, improving their, sales and their, service experience, as a, result, of this they're Net Promoter Score, is now, at an all-time high of, over, 80% let's. Jump in and have a look at a film so we can understand, just how they did that. New Zealand as a food basket. We, have the most incredible, ingredients, whether. It's the the. Fish that come from the sea the the products that are on our land, we're a really fertile country, and here Fisher and Paykel brings, that together with this is pioneering, spirit and this deep understanding of, how. To make great things this, real unique, landscape, that shapes, us and in this deep understanding of food that's really what inspires us Fisher and Paykel its purpose, is ready to be the most human centered appliance brand in the world. It's. The way in which we think about our our interactions, with our partners, the way we think about our interactions, with our customers and the way we treat each other internally, we. Think about our company the same way you, would think about your kitchen and how you bring people into your home. Human. Centered design flows. Through more than just product, it's also how. Our employees work. As well. As how, we provide. Services to our customers the customer, is at the center of everything we do at Fisher & Paykel we're, selling to over 30 markets, around the world customers. In general now have, so much more knowledge they, have a clearer, expectation. Of what they want from businesses, with. Salesforce, we're capturing, all our customer information in one place the, account managers have got the information at their fingertips we.

Now Can actually tailor our customer, journey based, on the information that we've got in the system our partnership, with Salesforce, means. That the, technology. Becomes less of the focus, and we, can concentrate more on the customer, or on our people our employees, we've. Actually got our beautiful websites, built, using Commerce, Cloud what, that means is our customers, now can actually interact, with Fisher, and Paykel we, are now able to tell, our, story, and be able to tell our customers story, as we. Started, building this single, view of the customer we, extended that through to customer service, communities. Social. Management ecommerce. And, digital presence, as well and it, was an organic relationship and, it was one based on the. Trust that we had for one another great, businesses, anticipate. Where the customers, going to be. And they get there first and that's. What's gonna make us you, know genuinely, successful, and the world looking forward. What. An amazing story you, know I love that quote great. Businesses, anticipate. Where the customer, is going and they get there first and Fisher, and Paykel is an incredible, Trailblazer, Fisher. And Paykel leverage, the power of customer, 360 sales, the, world's most number, one trusted, sales, solution by. Leveraging this platform Fisher, and Paykel are able to rapidly accelerate. Their sales growth what's. More by leveraging the power of Einstein, intelligence, they, now are able to sell so much smarter but. Through this guided, recommendations. And value, that artificial, intelligence delivers. At, Salesforce. Were incredibly, excited by a new feature which is going to be available later this year, it's called Einstein, call coaching, and it's, going to make every, Fisher and Paykel sales, rep perform. To the same level as their, number one top performing, rep now. We'd love to show you a quick demo of this exciting, new capability, and to do that I'd like to introduce you to a good friend and colleague Leandro. Perez here's, our VP for marketing in APAC, over, to Leandro, thank. You Dan, beyond. Selling, to consumers like, yourself and I we. Have Fisher and Paykel selling, to businesses, in fact they're selling to developers, builders, and architects, and they, have a whole team of reps that get on the phone every, single day and call, those folks to place their premium appliances, in their, next projects as you, can imagine that's, not an easy job all outbound sales jobs are hard which is where Einstein core, coaching, comes in let's take a look. Einstein. Core coaching gives those two reps managers, all the, insights they need to make them more productive and increase, their win rates across. The top there you can see the number of calls those reps have made the ratio of talking to listening are they, actually listening or are they just talking a little bit further down the objections, we, can see that competitors, and pricing, and being discussed in those calls a little, bit further down we see the, types of products that have been mentioned dishwashers, are having a bumper week that's great news and.

Then Down the bottom is what we call custom. Insights, think, of this as your ability as an organization, to customize, the insights that you're looking to find, and in the case of Fisher and Paykel they, want crack the market so what types of developments, are currently hot all right, let's not pack this a bit further and select one of those phone calls. So. This is where Einstein core, coaching can tap into the existing, calls that you're probably recording, for Quality Assurance purposes with, consent, of course it's always good business now. I entertain call coaching has visualized, that conversation. As you can see there in purple, that is the customer the agents are and then the customer is Jesse now, that call is now being visualized, so that the reps don't, have to in the managers listen to hours and hours of recordings, they can get to those insights right, now let's, take a listen to the first one I. Don't. Know if we need to meet we, have specific, requirements because, our firm only builds city apartments, I understand. You have specific, needs we, work with a lot of builders who exclusively build, city apartments, and work, with us because F&P, appliances. Provide, flexibility, when space-saving, is a must our appliances, also have city friendly features like, laundry with Eco wash functions, for small wash loads. Alright, so we just heard an objection, being raised and then, the agent, be cancelling that really, really well this, is an untapped, goldmine, of insights, for that Sales Manager as Dan mentioned now, you have the ability to make all your EPS as productive, as your number one rep because the manager can go ahead add this. To the library add a, few notes and then, share this so all those best practices can be learned by all of the reps this, is powerful stuff folks now, this was just one small example of all the innovations we've added to customer 360 sales, if you want to learn more I recommend, that you tune in to the session that you see there on the screen at 2 p.m. back, to you Dan. Awesome. I bet, that every sales manager watching is desperate to get their hands on Einstein, core coaching, so. Let's now move from sales and we're going to pivot now and talk about service, and in, doing so I'm going to introduce to you the, customer 360 service. The, world's most trusted service, solution Fisher. And Paykel have been able to leverage this to, deliver personalized. Service, at massive. Scale in, fact, at Salesforce, we managed over 71. Million. Case interactions, each and every day for our customers, what's. More that artificial. Intelligence that I spoke about earlier is, infused, in the application, it means that service agents are now receiving recommendations. And customers. Are able to take advantage of incredible, automated, BOTS I'm. So, excited to be able to share with you that later this year as a result of our partnership, with Amazon.

Web Services, we're, going to launch service. Cloud voice let. Me tell you this, is going to completely, revolutionize the. Service industry, what, we're going to do is we're going to integrate telephony. Right into the agent console and we're going to layer artificial. Intelligence, to be able to drive personalization. And agent. Productivity, I'm sure, you're really excited to see that so let's cut back to leandro. Cheers. Dan so, I talked about the sales motion, earlier now. Look let's look at the service motion and when things go wrong and to. Do that I want to introduce you to Lena our Fisher, and Paykel agent. And. Customer. 360 service. This, is the view that gives Lena everything, she needs to be able to do her job as, you can see all the details, of a customer that's just called in Jamie from Auckland are listed, right there and then, right next to that are all the products that he's purchased this, is usually in another system but thanks to customer 360 all of that information is available for Lena right, at her fingertips all, right, we're about to connect Lena to Jamie but before we do I shall make sure that you pay attention to the center of the screen and the right all right, let's collect connect Nederland Lena now to Jamie. How. Can I help you today hey, Lena I have an issue with the water dispenser on my fridge the, water tastes a bit funny and it's kind of a recent thing based. On your purchase date you've had your fridge for about a year we, recommend changing a water filter once every six months then dispensing, three to four litres of water through, the filter to replenish the fresh water supply. So. That was cloud telephony, at work and as dad mentioned it's powered by Amazon Connect and it's combined, together with Einstein, and his natural language processing capabilities. So, together in real time you saw the call being transcribed. As Lina was working that call Einstein was behind the scenes listening, in and was offering, up a knowledge, article, think. About that from the point of view of Jaime Lina didn't have to put him on hold to be able to get to that information and she, didn't have to swivel chair to another system this, is extremely, powerful all, right let's keep listening. Okay. I'll try that we. Have pretty hard water at our place and we haven't changed the filter since we got the fridge I saw. That you purchased a built-in coffee maker at the same time year ago if, hard water is an issue I suggest, using a disk ailing solution, to make sure your coffeemaker continues, to working as it should that's, really helpful Thanks. So. This call just went from being reactive, to, now being proactive you. See Lina was able to not only resolve an issue but out prevent, something happening in the future and this was thanks to next. Best action again. Einstein was continuing, to listen in and realized. That there was a recommendation for, something that might happen down the line this. Is a way that Lina can deal with that customer holistically, there's no divine, sales. And service which is great because Jaime doesn't want to have to call back up again in the future, all right, Lina's now done with the case and wants to wrap it up and Einstein, keeps, helping is actually pre-populated, a bunch of the fields and attached, to the call transcript, it's, with productivity, savings, like this that, Lina and other reps can save ten minutes of admin, work per, call think, about that and what that can mean for each one of your organizations, with, that I'm gonna wrap up now but I recommend, that you follow the trail mix we've put together so that you can learn how to bring these insights to, your organization.

Back To you Dan. Wouldn't. It be amazing if every, customer, sorry every company, rather that, we were customers, of delivered. An experience, like that it would just be remarkable. So, let's now move and talk about marketing, if you're a marketer, and you're watching online I bet the one metric that you're focused, on is return, on investment, from your marketing spend and it may impress you that our customers, see on average of 30 percent improvement in, ROI, from marketing how, are they doing that well, they're doing that by leveraging, customer. 360 marketing. The world's most trusted marketing. Solution, and Fisher, and Paykel is a trailblazer, that's leveraging this platform also. Fisher and Paykel have been able to deliver personalized. Engagement, to all of their customers, across. Email mobile. Social, and ads what's. More they're, leveraging the power of our easy-to-use, and flexible, platform a great, example is our strategic partnership, with Google we're, able to embed Google Analytics, right, inside, marketing. 360, later. This year we're going to be releasing an incredibly, exciting capability. Which we call interactive, email this, will provide all marketers, with an ability to deliver personalized. And highly. Interactive in. Conversations. With our customer, without, the customer, ever leaving their inbox interested. In how that works let's cut back to Leandro. Cheers. Dan I thought I'd take a load off and welcome you into my living room now, it's moments like these that I'm usually checking, my email and I know you've all received that email from organizations. Asking for your feedback, now, the problem, with that is that usually as, you scroll down that page there's a link or a button taking, you to another system this. Is the moment in time that I'm usually backing, up because the page is loading there's a new UI to learn and they've. Lost me I'm sure that sometimes we lose you too now. Take a look now how interactive email changes, the game I received, an email this morning from Fisher and Paykel that you can see here and it's, in my inbox this is just a regular email but as you can see I'm able to tap and. Select. My preferences, and, in. A few short seconds. There I've answered all of their questions now very, importantly, down the bottom there you'll see is one. More question which is the ability for me to opt in none of this is going back to Fisher and Paykel until I choose to do that so very important in this day and age with gdpr and so forth now just. Like that they've, captured my feedback think, about the friction, that was removed, from that experience, quite. A lot it's in fact it's for this reason that, interactive. Email gives, response times that are three times higher than, all other normal, emails, like this now. I know I just got the attention of all the marketers, on the line but this isn't just, for marketing this actually can work for many use cases across. A whole plethora of industries, take, a look at a product review if, you're engineering, and product you want to know how new launch went they can do that right from within the inbox or a service. Case after you've had an experience checking. In and maybe they've gone, out to your home you, can see if that experience, is suitable. For you and if you have a problem with it you can tell them right from your phone which could trigger a case in customer, 360 service, thereby, blurring the lines between marketing. And service this is a new world folks all right, this was just one of the many examples that we've added to customer, 360 marketing. And if you're interested I recommend you tune back in at 1:00 p.m. back.

To You Dan. Thanks. For that exciting, demo Leandro, and don't forget if you're interested, in marketing please. Tune back in at our live Channel at one o'clock later, today now. We've started our well tour here in Sydney we, moved across to New Zealand now what we're going to do is take you into Japan and I'd, love to introduce you to now an exciting, Trailblazer culture, Sato Shiseido, is in fact the oldest, cosmetic, brand, in the world and, they've, been going through a transformation, as they, put the customer right, at the center of their business what. They've been focused on is aligning, their traditional, sales channels, with, their online b2b, and b2c commerce. And in, doing that they've been leveraging, the power of customer. 360 commerce, the, world's most trusted, commerce, solutions, in, doing, that they've been able to connect, the commerce. Experiences. Both, for their b2b, and their, b2c, customers, what's, more the, platform, allows them to declaratively. Build, what we call headless, commerce environments, in, addition, to commerce apps. Later. This year we're going to pilot, an exciting, new feature based, on Einstein, artificial, intelligence, which, will provide, commerce. Developers. With the ability, to dynamically. Change the. Layout of their commerce pages, in minutes, if not a matter of seconds I'm, sure. You're really excited to see a demo of this and I'd like to now introduce you to somebody who's no stranger to, innovation, it's, my good friend and colleague Rowena. Westphalen our VP, for innovation, here in APAC, thanks. Dan hi everyone, how. Do you put your customer, into the center of your commerce well, for us that starts, with Einstein, page designer. Let's take a look at the page designer now this, is where I'm actually designing, the front end page for a commerce application, it's, really, easy for me to just drag and drop components, across I don't need to do any coding in fact what I'm going to do now is pull in an Einstein, recommendation.

That's Actually going to show us a product, recommendation, for each of our customers now. This sort of personalization, we know is incredibly, important, because we. Always. We. Always, know. That personalization, drives conversion, rates so, what we're going to do now is look at how we can personalize, even further and we'll, do this by switching on the Einstein, designer and, I've got an exciting visualization. To show you what's, actually happening, in the background so. When einstein starts, this visualization, it looks at all the attributes in your product things like the product name the, price the reviews and things like that einstein. Then goes and scours, thousands. Of websites to, see how those attributes are displayed all over, the world, Einstein. Then clusters, those different displays together and eliminates. Ones that maybe wouldn't. Fit your brand profile. Or wouldn't, meet accessibility, requirements, finally. Einsteins, able to actually stack. Rank the best displays, for, your optimal, product display so, that when the designer goes, back into the page view they're suggested, the display the best display options that they can have let's. Go back to the page designer now and have a look at how that looks you. See from a designer perspective, I can now see a number of different displays and this is incredibly, powerful because, previously I could maybe reskin, my page. Once, or twice a year now, I can try out new displays, dozens, of times a month so, how does that play out from a customer, perspective well. Let's have a look at the user experience, for three different customers, our, first customer Nancy we know is really interested in ingredients so, we're giving her a page that really optimizes. That versus. Dylan who's, interested, in the product in the context, of an overall product regime, and so we're reinforcing that and finally, Nancy, we, know that Nancy came to us from a marketing cloud campaign, that, was very video intensive, and so we've optimized, that video experience. All the way through you. See how quickly easily we, can personalise. The display not only of the product but for the end-user experience, and we know that this has been incredibly, successful in, our pilots, we've, noticed, a uniformly. Improved, conversion. Rate but, not just that I'll page, designers, are six times more productive than they ever have before this. Is the power of Einstein, and the power of personalization. At scale. Back. To you Dan, thanks. Rowena if you'd like to learn more about commerce, or in fact many of the applications we're taking you through don't, forget also in addition to the Salesforce life you've, also got those custom, trail mixes on trail head now. We've been talking today about the power of putting the customer at the center of your business and whilst. We whilst we talk about that I'm sure at the back of your mind you're sitting there and saying Dan that's, easier, said than done the, reality, is for many of us who have tried to do this that, the impediment, to doing it has always been customer data why. Because. Customer, data lives in a variety of different organization. Silos, and organization. Systems, I've. Been in the CRM domain now for over 20 years and, let me tell you all, organizations. Have been aspiring, to deliver what we call the, single source of truth in, fact, it's become, the holy grail for CRM, and that's, why it's Salesforce, we are so so, excited to. Be able to share with you an incredible. Innovation that we think is not just going to change your, organization. But the industry at large and, that is customer, 360 truth. Now, there's two very, important. Data, points I want to share with you about this first, of all it's available now second. It's available free, of charge to, every, single Salesforce. Customer, it, will provide for you for the first time a single. Source of truth of customer. Data in, your CRM application, this, is mind-blowing. So, what's it going to be able to do well.

What. It will automatically, do is integrate for you all of, your customer, interactions, across, sales, service. Marketing. And commerce. Later. This year if you've, got different Salesforce, orgs in your ecosystem and. Want to connect them all you'll, be able to do that also and when. You do that you'll associate. All of that data against. A global customer. ID giving. You a single, source of truth for the first time as the. Product matures and later this year we're going to be releasing, authentication. Services. Personalization. And privacy. Tools and so, on and so forth, now, we all know that customer, data doesn't just live in Salesforce, as we, talked about it, often lives in a myriad, of different applications, inside. Our company and sometimes, outside as well and that's, why we're, so focused on delivering, customer. 360 integration. Which, is based on the mule soft acquisition, and mule, soft is now, the world's, most trusted, integration. Platform, mule. Soft is going to provide an opportunity for, companies like, Shiseido to, continue, to unlock, and unify, customer, data irrespective. Of where it is in the organization, now. The way that mule, soft delivers this is through what we call an API now. If you're non-technical, and you're scratching your head and thinking what's an API let, me explain it to you really silly an API. Is a reusable, component, for integration, it, means I can build that integration, logic, once and then I can share that across the organization. Reusing. It for similar use cases, compare. This with the traditional approaches, where, IT departments. Have have to write custom, logic for, a single project and in the next project just go and write code again a great. Example of how we've done this at Salesforce, and how we continue to innovate is through, the mule soft accelerators. For customer 360 the, best way to think about these these, are pre-built templates. To, faster, your integration, in, fact mule soft delivers common integration, from Salesforce, and a variety of common, back-office applications. Like, Oracle workday. NetSuite, and many others and what's, more it's available, today are. You excited to see it let's, cross back to Rowena. Thanks. Dan this. Is exciting, because I get to talk to our customers all the time about the customer, 360 truth, profile, and I always hear two things. Number one this is incredibly, important for your business and number two it's, really hard to get right which, is why it's wonderful that I get to show, you today just, how easy this customer, 360 truth profile, can be to, create before. I go into a little bit of a techie demo I want to give you a day in the life of what happens without the sort of connectivity in place so. I love the Shiseido brand they're an amazing customer, of ours and I'm a very loyal customer, to them and their marketing team always sends me these amazing, emails like, look at this product they're recommending, for me it's a fantastic, product I'm really, excited to get this email there's, only one thing that's slightly wrong I actually, ordered, this product last week the, reason I'm getting this slightly fragmented, experience, is unfortunately.

The Amazing, marketing team that sends, out this email didn't, have access to my order history, let's. Take a look at a future scenario of, how we could build the sort of connectivity to, really take Shiseido's customer, experience, to the next level here. We are in the administrator, and this way we can start pulling in lots of different pieces of our customer data so, we know that customer user experience, data is important, so we're going to pull in some service, cloud data of course, we want those amazing, marketing, emails so we're gonna bring in some marketing cloud data, naturally. We want that order history so we'll bring in some commerce application, data, now. Shiseido, like many of our global brands has customer, information in a number of different Salesforce instances, so, to speed up the stemmer a bit let's, just a click, a finger, and we'll, quickly see I've already got a hundred and thirty thousand, different customer, records, all in one place an incredibly. Powerful starting, point but. I need a bit more some. Of my data is external. To Salesforce, and I want to access that as well now I know that one of our developers, has just put an API on our inventory management system so I'm going to use the power of mil soft to, simply connect and pull, in that inventory data directly. From the inventory management system and you can see what, have I got now a hundred, and eighty thousand, different records about my customer, but, more interestingly I, can see that this translates, to eighty-eight, thousand, individual. Customers, this. Is an incredibly, powerful position, for me to be in let's. See what my customer, experience, could be now with, this kind of connectivity in place. Once. Again I get a wonderful email from the Shishido team I can, see oh my, god it's a new product it's an SPF, product I'm really, interested in it I love sunscreen, I have to use it a lot living in Australia, and I can see that the marketing cloud team know, that I've got, access to that order history and know that I love the other product so I'm feeling, pretty good about it in fact, I'd, love to see if I can even just add it to my order maybe, they've integrated the service team as well let's. Chat on the agent and I can simply use one of my favourite messaging mechanisms. Whatsapp, to, ask the order the, service agent, to update my order and you, know what they can do it quickly and easily and, you know what you're not seeing here you're not seeing me say my order number or my customer, number. Thanks. To the power of the customer, 360 truth, profile, Shiseido's. Service, agents are empowered, with the full context, of my information, it's. Incredibly, powerful so. You saw how quickly and easy it was for me to pull together that customer, 360 truth, profile, and improve my customer, experience, I know. That integration, is incredibly, important, to all of you out there so I'd encourage you to dial. In to our integration, and yourself session later today back. To you Dan. Brilliant. Thanks for that demo, Rowena it's so exciting to see customer, truth in action now. We promised, you a reimagined, world tour and so, far hopefully we haven't disappointed we've, safely taken you from Sydney to New Zealand to, Japan let's, now go on the next stop on our tour and we're, going to head to France and in, doing so I'm going to introduce you to a company, called, ng if you're not familiar with ng that's okay they're, actually one of the global energy providers. For, both b2b, and b2c customers. And their differentiator. Is that they help organizations. And consumers. Reduce. Their carbon footprint. And the way they do that is through providing sustainable, and renewable, energy, solutions. Now. What you may not know is ng. Loves, building apps on the customer, 360 apps, platform the, world's, number, one most trusted, app dev platform why, you might ask well let me share this fact with you on, G. Is able to deliver apps, for, their employees. 57. Percent faster, than the alternative, code based approaches. That's, simply by using our point-and-click, approach, to app development. What's, more angie, is also, able to take advantage of all of the innovation, that we're driving on this, app their platform, and two, examples, that we'd like to highlight is the Salesforce. Data masks available. Now as well, as the Salesforce, mobile publisher, now, I know somebody, that is no stranger to a pack that is ready to demo. This to you it's, my good friend our EVP, of industries, please, welcome nacho.

Thank. You Dan, well industries, are an important, part of Salesforce, strategy, and I'm, thrilled to be able to share the story of ng, as a trailblazing, customer, in our energy space so. I'm gonna show you how. Ng, builds, apps lightning. Fast gets, them in the hands of their customers, so listen and learn because this is something you could be doing at your company, as well, ok. Let's start our journey today in page, designer, for community, cloud, ng. Wants, to build an app that gives, their customers, a 360. Degree view of their. Zero-carbon, transition. Journey and they're, using page designer because, pasted. Page designer has an extensive, library of components, from, basic, open source components, to. Packaged, components, on the app exchange to, custom, web components, that they built now. As an admin, super. Easy all I have to do is to add a component is drag, and drop, it on the canvas as you. Can see we've, added the energy, monitoring component and the. Equipment activity, component now. You've probably heard us say before the components, are kind of like Lego blocks yes, they are because they're interoperable, but they are way cooler, than Lego, blocks, each. Component, container, has, built, in real-time. Eventing, security. Intelligence, integration. To customer, 360. Ok. I need to point this out in case. You've missed it we. Just built an app so. Now we, have to figure out how to publish it get, it out to engies customers, and to, do that we're, gonna switch over to mobile, publisher. Now. What you can see is a. Screen, with lots of customizations. We've pre-configured, this in the interest of time but, you can still get a sense of all the different things you can do here all, the, way from beautiful, branding, to. Picking. Available, availability, in different countries so we want to make sure that this is available in Australia, and then, we're just gonna click and submit. The listing and voila. Salesforce. Takes care of the rest, so. We're, going to fast forward say. Our app is approved and then you can see it live on the App Store and on, the Google Play Store for customers, to, download. So. We're. Gonna take a slightly different view now and think, about what it looks like from the perspective of an on G customer, so, I'd. Like to welcome maximal. In, errata and everyone. Online so, I'm the building manager earthwise and I just love that this mg app gives me a 360. Degree view of my, accounts energy consumption, that's, great now what we're looking at is the app that Maximo, just downloaded, and you, can see the customizations. That we just made in page, designer, you, can also see Ora the maximum and earthwise can see that in the energy, monitoring, component, they, can track their energy, consumption, and savings, over time they. Can also see, the, evolution of their lead score now. If you're looking at the, equipment activity, component, you, can now see the account history so, for example, they had a recent solar installation. So they can keep track of that so, all great. But wait there's, more with. Intelligence. Built in into the platform there. Are smart tips for reducing energy consumption, and best. Of all a recommended. Next, best step for Earthwise, in their zero carbon journey so. Lightning. Fast tour here for, us but you, can see how Angie, can, put the power of customer, 360 into, the hands of every, single customer, declaratively. Using, our platform. To. Learn more please, tune. In at 3, p.m. today back. To you Dan. Thanks. So much Neriah what's exciting about what you've just demoed, is that everyone. Can, now be an app developer, now. Let's pivot our story and talk about data and the, reason we want to focus for a few minutes on data is I'm.

Sure In your organization. You've been experiencing. A literally, an explosion. Of data most. Of the customers that I engage with look. At me and say Dan we've got more data than we've ever had before our. Challenge, is not the data it's, generating. Insights from it and that's, why it's Salesforce, we're so excited with, customer, 360 analytics. The, combination. Of Salesforce. With, tableau, means, that we can now provide analytics, to anyone, anywhere. Based on any type of data how. Do we do that well Einstein analytics. Delivers, embedded, intelligence, right, in the CRM application, data. Rama provides, incredibly. Rich insights to the marketing professional, and now, with tableau, we can take analytics, and we can deploy it all across, the enterprise, now. Ng, loves, using, tableau, in, fact in my experience you'd be hard-pressed to find any, customer, that doesn't love using tableau, tableau. Is simply, fun it's easy, to use and it's visualizations. Are incredible. What's, more because, it's built on top of a trusted, platform it, means that ng can connect tableau to virtually, any type of data sources and IT, loves, it because it also means, that they can deploy it either on-premise, or in the cloud now. We're so fortunate today, to have somebody, with us that, actually loves, talking, about analytics, even more than I do and that is Adamson. Lipsky our president, and chief executive officer, of tableau, high Adam and welcome to will Toa Dan. I'm so glad to be here with you and in. Australia. With our, team this. Broader Salesforce, team it's just great to be here brilliant Adam, I'm, interested, to ask you a question to reflect on what. Excites, you the most about the combination of Salesforce, now with tableau team. Tableau could not be more delighted and excited to be part, of Salesforce. The, first thing that excited us when we, first began talking. The clear alignment of values the. Fact that Salesforce focuses, so much on customer success, tableau. Has always talked about having a relentless customer, focus always doing the right thing for the customer is number, one also the focus on our communities, both, on our user communities, which are both very vibrant, as well as the local communities, in which we live as well as our the. Global community and these are core, values as, well as a real focus on employees, and their well-being that was really common across both companies in, addition to that I'm incredibly excited, about the, product, integration possibilities. Tableau. Being able to integrate with, multiple, different Salesforce, data sources, the, possibility, to integrate with mule soft which we just saw exciting. Examples, of and. Of. Course the. The, possibility, to bring all the great AI and machine learning capabilities. That Salesforce has developed into, tableau over time so the. Product possibilities, are going to be amazing for customers, and then, we're also really looking forward to just collaborating, on behalf of customers in the field and I've just seen that here to an incredible extent this week and in, both Melbourne and Sydney with. Fantastic, customer meetings, with both Salesforce, and hope a tableau being represented, it's gonna be great for customers yeah look I agree with all of those statements it's an incredible, synergy Adam. I've also like to ask you how does tableau. Really transform, the way that a customer, engages, with our data. Tableau. Is a very simple 7 word mission statement we help people see, and understand, data and, as, you said Dan there has been this incredible explosion, of data and that's both a huge, opportunity and a huge problem for customers who don't know how to deal with that over time and we, are really here to help them deal with that analytics. Is becoming. Ubiquitous it, is going to be a part of how hundreds. Of millions of knowledge workers around the world you know get their job done and, when more and more of our customers are telling us is therefore they need to create a data culture they, need to make sure that decisions are made using, data and tableau, is investing, a lot, of time energy and resources and helping, customers to figure out how to go about that journey so we built a broad end-to-end. Analytics. Platform, that's both broad and deep it's, simple, its intuitive it's self-service, it's powerful and most important it and allows anybody, to explore, or their data to have a conversation with their data and to generate insights by incredibly, simple easy and yet very powerful, interface.

And, We, have a, more. Than 1 million strong tableau, community, we've. Got leading, customers from around the world including, down. Here and and said most. Of the big banks Woolworths. Is deploying tens of thousands of users on tableau and we have incredible momentum around. The world as well as as, here as we try, and help people with that data culture journey fantastic. It's so exciting Adam it's great to have you with us in Australia I was just thinking as you were talking that you said to me offline that, the best way to understand. Tableau is to see it in action so why don't we cut back to nature and see just that, hey. I'm, back to tell you a little bit more about the ng story so. Ng, uses, data to, make better, decisions. To, help their customers on their zero-carbon transition, journey as we saw earlier and to, support their employees in. Reducing. Carbon emissions, so. Let's take a look now let's, pretend that, I'm the GM of ng, here, in Australia, now, what I can see is the overall carbon footprint, for all my employees, I can, see the business travel, is negatively, impacting, our carbon footprint, but the good news is that we're making really, great progress in. The, areas of meat consumption and daily, commute now. If you look at the other side of the screen I'm seeing some general business metrics, but they're really not quite detailed, enough for me what. I really need to take better care of my customers, is a 360. Degree view of my business, and with. Tableau, I can, get that view, gathering. In data and information, from, the ng, common, data hub a collaborative. Data Lake that pulls data in from sales and service and marketing cloud as well, as IT and connected. Equipment, so. Taking, a look here and I see a view of different types of customers in our universe, from prospects. To loyal customers, it's. Interesting as I interact, with this data that for new customers they're more interested, in solar and wind whereas. If I go up to my loyal customers I see, that since they've been with us longer on the sustainability, journey they. More interested, in additional, equipment so. Let's dig in I need to service my loyal customers well when. I dig in I can see metrics, just for this customer, set and, I'm. Looking, at marketing, engagement, and I see a spike, in December. Followed, by a deep decline in January, I'd really like to understand, that so I'm gonna go ahead and talk to my marketing team try, to figure out what happened and try to re-engage, our loyal customers now. On the service side our loyal customers are filing filing more cases around, equipment, maintenance issues, again. This, is really not happening here I need to work with my maintenance team to, have them fix, these issues. So. Managing. My customers, is great but I need to grow my business as well so I need to figure out how to target the right customers, with the right products, and the answer is of course more. Data, I'm. Looking, at the map of the country I can, see my customers in all their locations and, with, tableau and I love this so much I can, actually add a layer of the, customers, Carvin transition, score so. When I layer it in on the map if, I'm looking in the north it's. Interesting because I can see that customers. With, solar installations. Are, seeing, a really high transition, score, so. As we. Do our marketing campaign for solar we're, gonna go ahead and target that in the north now. If I move further to the south I'm seeing, lower scores, in Melbourne, and Adelaide and really. Need to understand, that using. External, data I can also see that wind power is stronger in the south and then, browsing, around other customers. In the region. Really. The ones with great scores are the ones with our wind turbines now this. Insight I've just gleaned can. Be given to our regional sales and marketing team to, really target the, right customers, with the right product. Okay. So in, a matter of minutes without. Any code you, can see how we. Leverage tableau, to make better decisions, around, our data and we. Can empower everyone, as Adam, said to have a conversation with, their data tableau. Is the analytics, platform, for, customer, 360. To learn more please join us in the live tableau session at 12:15, back, to you dad, great. Job Neriah tableau. Looks so easy I think even I could use it now we've, spoken, a lot today and we've taken you through a range of products let's, see what have we done so far we've done sales service. We, did marketing, Commerce, we, talked about customer 360 truth, we talked about tableau, are. We forgetting anyone, we're. Forgetting Einstein, how could we forget Einstein, now, if you were a dream for us a couple of years ago you may remember the launch of Einstein, what.

Will Amaze you today is that Einstein. Is delivering. Over 10 billion. That's. 10 billion, with a be 10. Billion predictions, on the platform, each and every day in, fact Einstein has become, so pervasive that, he's literally, become our guide for. The sales professional, Einstein. Is therefore casting our sails and also, identifying. Which, opportunities, have, the greatest chance of converting for. The service user Einstein. Is predicting, the service cases and automatically. Associating. All those knowledge articles, with, the case itself and for, the marketer, Einstein. Is guiding the marketer, by recommending, products through the commerce store as well, as predicting, return, on investment, in the marketing campaign now. At Salesforce, we joke a little bit because, Einstein has, become such a part, of our culture that we often say to each other wouldn't, it be amazing if we could take n stein into a meeting that, way when our boss looks at us and asked us those really tough questions, we can literally turn to Einstein, and say hey Einstein what. Do you think well, at Salesforce, being the technology geeks, that we can sometimes be it's, a joke that we've taken really, seriously and, that's why today I'd love to show you the, Einstein, speaker, how, cool is this guy. Einstein. Is speaker. Is built on top of Einstein. Voice skills, this. Is going to be available in beta, later, this calendar, year the amazing. Thing about this is using, just your voice you. Can now have a conversation with, Einstein. You can ask Einstein, hey Einstein, what's, my daily briefing and Einstein. Is going to tell you what's in your calendar. Opportunities. That are ready to close today the, service cases that might be expiring, there SLA and many, many others your. Developers, and admin are going to be able to build their own voice, skills and then they can deploy that on a phone a tablet or even, a smart speaker like we have here what's. More because, it sits on top of the Salesforce, platform all, that, voice data is automatically. Secured, and it's protected, we, would love to show you this in action and I know someone, that's ready to do just that over to your arena thanks. Dan I'm here with my team and, we've, got a special guest, it's Einstein. Einstein. Voice, is transforming. The way teams, work together and it's, not just for sales or for Dan it's for everyone, our. Team's been working really hard to bring customization. To Einstein, voice so, you can tailor it for your business let's. Build a voice assistant now, together and you can see just how easy it is here. We are in the voice assistant setup you see I've already got a number, of voice assistants set up I've got voice assistants, for sales for service, for marketing, for finance, and many more let's. Modify the sales leadership, voice assistant. This. Is where I can actually teach Einstein, new skills by simply dragging and dropping components. Once again there's, no need for me to do any coding I can, teach Ernst ein to do things like read records, tallit update, what, I'm going to ask him to do today is simply read, a record. Next. I'm gonna give the skill a name now this is literally what, you say to the Einstein, speaker, in order, to trigger the skill for example, am I going to hit my number.

Next. We need to choose the Einstein, technology, that we want to deploy and this could be anything from analytics. To prediction, but, today we're going to use Einstein. Forecasting. Finally. I need to say what I want I decided, to say back to me you, see how easy it is for me to bullet pull in different variables, like, the username, and the quota to give that personalized, message back, next. I'm, going to deploy it to the channel I want to deploy it on and this could be an Apple theory Amazon. Alexa, Google assistant, or if, lucky like me a Salesforce. Einstein. Speaker. Okay. I think we're ready to go let's, save it and we can try it out. Hey. Einstein, am. I going to hit my number. The. Likelihood, you'll hit your number is 75%. I can. Recommend three actions, to increase this to 90%. Would, you like me to create them as follow-up tasks. Yes. Please Einstein. You, see how Einstein answers. My question, and then also gives me information to help me grow my business why. Don't we try a service. Example hey. Einstein, are there any cases open for moon rise Telecom. There's. One Tier one support, case open, for the account moon rise Telecom, it's, been open for 18 days would. You like me to escalate, this case to Kristin, yes. Please, escalate, that Einstein, that's going to be really important for that customer, now, what about a marketing example, hey, Einstein, what's, Emily's, best performing, campaign going to be this year. Based. On current predictions. I predict, that Emily parks best performing, campaign, will be the 2020. Winter prospect, campaign, with an estimated, 64. Percent conversion, rate. Sixty-four, percent conversion, rate that's amazing, Emily's always been a top performer, so. You see how easily I was able to teach Einstein, a new skill and deploy, it to any device smart phone or speaker, and quickly. And easily enable, my team to, get access to information that they don't usually have access to and grow their businesses, I'm sure, you want to learn more about this today so, for lots of resources and other things I'm not gonna hand back to the fabulous pip Marlowe. Thanks. Very much for Reno and that was incredible, to the smartest, people I know a ruiner and Einstein. And incredible. Incredible. Demo or, there was a little worried when I heard only 75%, chance of attaining, a number good, news we know our next best action look. That was an incredible, power hour taking, you around the customer, 360 to. Help you put the customer in the center of all that you do but. It is just as I said

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