Sailing to Greenland Part4. -The return back to Norway. -

Sailing to Greenland Part4. -The return back to Norway. -

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Welcome back to my new adventure, trying for a second attempt to reach Ittoqqoortoormiit, on Greenland. I have now desided to quit my everyday job to try making a living out of producing the best sailing adventures to be explored around the huge North Atlantic Oceans. Last year I got efficiently stopped by big belts of ice along the Greenland coast. But as I never work with having a plan B, I desided to give it another shot this year, as the ice seemed to be all melted away, only leaving a few chuncks of ice spreaded widely across the Greenland Sea. I have spent the last year preparing the boat with some amazing technology, sails and hardware to make the journey as safe as possible.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and I was forced to return back to Norway. Allright! So I have been sitting here for 3 days now in isolation. Im not aloud to go ashore in this beautiful place but that is just the way it is. I had some cough, Im a little bit sick. I dont feel to good

but I dont feel to bad either. So I decided to head back to Shetland now. And then from there to Haugesund, Norway. And people have been so nice to me here They shopped groceries for me today as I cant do that myself, and they have really been helping me out, as I said I was leaving. So thats what Im going to do. Ive been following you on YouTube Oh yeah! You are always sailing in storms! Yes, I always tend to get into that..! Are you on your way home now? Yes I am.

Byebye! Back to Norway it is.. Have a safe trip, it was nice to meet you! Thank you and take care. May be Ill see you again. I hope so! Before we sail on, I want to thank Nord VPN for sponsoring this video, and to support me to keep doing what I love. Nord VPN is an online service providing protection of your internet traffic by hiding your IP address, so no one else can steal sensitive data from you while browsing the internet. Its almost like turning off the AIS on your boat when in port to prevent others to see where you are and what you do.

Nord VPN is easy to install as an app either on your PC, phone and tablets. Let’s say your sailing abroad and you want to use an online service that might be unavailable in this country, you can easily activate your Nord VPN app and switch to a server placed in a country were the service you seek is available and then enjoy it from where you are. So get your access by clicking the link in the video description, and since this is Black Friday you can get 73% off a 2 year subscription pluss one month free using the code erikaanderaa. OK, welcome back! Im leaving Thorshavn, Faroe Islands.

Its hard to not be emotional about it. This was not the plan. There is no plan B as I say. But as long as you do everything in your power to reach the goal, and you may not reach it, but you have done everything you could do. Then its okay.

Thats also some kind of success. No Im turning back to Shetland. Its about 30 hours sailing I think the weather is good. So I feel lucky to be here. To see what I have seen. Im not complaining at all, believe me.

Im very lucky, and Im lucky to be alive. Specially after that little incident around Mykines. But whatever. Here we are. Still strong! A littlebit sick after that covid-s*it, but whatever.

Lets go again! Is doesn’t matter how you fall they say, what counts is how you get back up again. And I have no other plans then to revisit these incredible islands and to give Greenland a third attempt next year. This is what brings purpose to my life. To have a goal to reach out for.

To chase the feeling of mastery, whatever it takes. I want to make a shout out to Juho and Sohvi from their YouTube channel Alluring Arctic. Juho invited me onboard to learn how to read icemaps and navigation aids around the challenging waters of Greenland. They will also sail their very solid expedition yacht, Arktika, around the cold waters of Greenland next year.

Most of you also know about Kika and Dan from their YouTube channel Sailing Uma. They are also exploring the coast of Norway, Svalbard and Iceland these days. I was hoping to meet up with them in Iceland before my situation took a slight turnaround.

And last but not least I had a very pleasant meeting with Sam Holmes from his YouTube channel Sam Holmes Sailing. OK, I have got some company of Sam Holmes Sailing, here he is! And hes just beside my boat. We will have some beers and a good talk.

Nice to meet you Sam! Nice to meet you Erik! He suddenly passed through my hometown of Haugesund in Norway. His been sailing solo all the way from the US east coast and is now on his way to Sweden. Bye! Bye Erik! Have a nice trip! I would strongly recommend checking out these channels if you enjoy cold, northerly hemisphere sailing.

And ofcourse subscribe to my channel as well, and tap the like button as this helps my content get further up the YouTube algorithm, wich is very motivating! Thanks! So with my goal crystal clear in my mind I slided into a quiet night towards Shetland. Winds were almost absent so letting the engine help us along we made some miles until winds picked up again when the morning light occurred. Good morning! Beautiful weather. Calm seas.

2021-11-28 15:15

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