Sadhguru 2018: Sadhguru in SIPEF '18 on TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE | FORECAST 2100

Sadhguru 2018: Sadhguru in SIPEF '18 on TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE | FORECAST 2100

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If. Our. Ancestors. From. 1900. Could. Look at us today, what. Would our ancestors, think, of us they. Would think of us as wizards, sorcerer's. The. Ability, to have magic, mirrors, called, the internet flying. Carpets. Called jet airplanes, so. That's how our ancestors. Of, 1900. Would, look at us today, now, if we, could. See our descendants. In the year. 2100. What. Would we think, of. Them, living. In. 2100. I, believe. As a physicist, and as. Someone who has interviewed. Over 300. Of the, world's top scientists. For BBC, television, the. Discovery, Channel and the Science Channel I believe. That our descendants. Will resemble. The. Gods of, mythology. Greek. Gods. For. Example, Venus. Had. A perfect, body and. Was. Immortal. Already. In medicine, we, are not just tackling, diseases. But we are enhancing and, perfecting. The human body and also. Isolating. The genes which. Control, the aging. Process we have, already isolated about, 60, genes, which. Control, aging, we, cannot reverse it yet but, I think that by 2100. We, may have the ability to have not just biological. Immortality. Of, some sort but, also digital. Immortality, which I'll talk about in a second, then. We have Apollo. The. God of the Sun, we. Will have solar, power. Cheaper. Than, fossil fuel, technology. Of today because. Of revolutionary. Developments. In batterer, and, storage. And, we. Will also have fusion, power, already. We believe that within 15 20, years, we. Could have the first operating. Fusion. Reactor, in southern. France and so. We will have the power of the Sun Apollo. The. God of the Sun and then. Zeus, was. The father of the gods who, could simply think, think. And have things come true that. Will be the future of brain. Computer. Interface, for. Example, the internet what. Will be the future of the Internet the, Internet, of the future will be brain. Net, we, will send memories. Feelings. Emotions. Sentiments. On the. Internet already. In animals, we, can now send the first memories. In mice. And now in. Monkeys, on the. Internet, very. Soon we will be able to send memories, to alzheimerís, patients, to, create a brain chip you, will push the button and, memories. Come. Flooding into your hippocampus, and so. That is the Internet, of the future, when. We, send, emotions. Feelings. Thoughts, on, the, Internet and this. Is going to change everything. Entertainment. For example, will, no longer be based on television. Or the movies, it'll. Be based on feelings. That we can send on the Internet, for, example when silent, movies. Made. The transition, to talkies, that. Changed, entertainment. When we had movies, that could talk now. We will have movies that not only can talk but. Can also feel, and, have. Sensations. And, then we had mercury, the. God of speed, we. Will have, supersonic. Transports. Commercial. Supersonic. Transports. Prototypes. Available. In 2025. NASA. Has already, stated that. They want blueprints, from, Lockheed Martin and other. Manufacturer. To create a supersonic, commercial, jet that. Has no, sonic. Boom, the. Sonic boom is the reason why the Concorde, was a failure. Supersonic. Jets a failure. Because. Of the sonic boom we, will use supercomputers, to, solve, that problem and then. We, will also go to Mars. Mars. Perhaps, by 2030. 2035. The. First astronauts. Will go to Mars and, the. Price of space travel is dropping, dramatically. You. Realize that the movie the Martian a hit. Movie the, Martian with, Matt Damon cost. A hundred, million dollars, but, the Indians, sent, a probe to Mars for, 70, million, dollars, so. A Hollywood, movie about. Going to Mars cost, more, than. Actually, going, to, Mars that. Has revolutionized, space. Travel, and so. Transportation. Will be revolutionized. And then, last we had Pegasus, the. Flying horse. We. Will have zoos of, extinct, animals we. Will be able to bring back animals. That, have perished, that, tens of thousands, of years ago we. Now have the genome of the mammoth we. Also have the genome of the Neanderthal, so, in principle, we could bring back the mammoth and the. Neanderthal. This. Is something that's being actively talked about in the scientific. Community today. And then, lastly, what's. Wrong, with, this picture. We. Realized, that the gods of Mythology were. Also, very foolish, they. Spent most of their time making. Tricks, on each other and, creating. Problems, what. We need is wisdom, the. Wisdom of. Solomon, and that. Is going to be extremely, rare in the, future but. There is hope and the. Hope is that the. Internet spreads. Democracy. The. More people are educated the. More empowered, they are. And that creates, more democracy. And democracies. Rarely. War, with. Other democracies. Think. Of every. War, you. Had to memorize, since. You were a child. Every. Single war they've. Always been between dictators. Between. Kings queens. Emperors. But. Never, between. Two major. Democracies. And so. The hope is as we, spread democracy, around, the world as we spread the internet around the world then.

Wars, We, will still have them but. Wars will be diminished. Into, the future and so. The hope is that we will also have, the wisdom of Solomon to. Go with the power of the, gods of, mythology. Pegeen, Kaguya talk show justice, little. Mr.. Kirkham I. Have. Also heard, you say. Things, about. Challenges. And threats of new technologies, the threats of drones. Or new, technologies. Or. Biotechnology, so this is an irreversible, process we. Already have battle. Robots. But. What, do you think, the. Technologies. Of the future will. The humanity. Use, them for. Bad like. The, nuclear, bomb or for good. Well. Any technology. Is a double-edged. Sword any. Technology. One side of the sword can cut against. Disease. Ignorance. Poverty, illness, the. Other side of the sword can cut against, people as well, and so, we have to make sure that we control, this, powerful, technology. The. Three drivers of, wealth generation, in the near future will be one artificial, intelligence, to. Biotechnology. And three. Nanotechnology. A combination. Of these three technologies, will generate enormous, wealth, and prosperity. In. The future but. Let's not be naive there's. Also the problem nuclear proliferation. Global. Warming and the, possibility. Of germ, warfare and so, these are three technologies, that, could negatively. Impact, on. Humanity not. To mention that we have to worry about artificial. Intelligence, artificial. Intelligence. I think will. Become an, industry, bigger. Than. The automobile, industry of, today I repeat, I think. The robotics, industry will. Eventually become bigger, than. The automobile, industry of, today, because. Your automobile, will, become a robot you. Will talk to your car you will argue, with your car your, car will park itself and monitor. Itself your, car will become a robot but. The danger is that robots. At some point could become self-aware. That. Is a tipping, point robots. Today do, not know they are robots, robots. Today have no idea that they are robots, they. May have that awareness by the end of this century at. That point they could become, dangerous, when. Machines, become, self-aware. But. I think that's not going to happen till the end of this century and meanwhile. The robotics, industry will, become bigger than, the automobile, industry. Of, today, our. Issue is not our power another. Interesting, thing is that. Today. We are working we are living in a hyper, modern. World. By but, we use coal, and fossil, fuels. For, heating our, homes and, we. Don't have any micro computers, are, the tips of our fingers so, I have to charge my iPhone, every. Night, from. From, which point there will be a qualitative. Change in energy production. Well. A hundred years, ago, Thomas. Edison, and Henry, Ford had, a contest. Which. Technology. Would dominate the future, Thomas. Edison, said it would be the battery, Henry. Ford said would be gasoline. Everybody. Laughed, at. Mr.. Ford they, thought the answer is obvious, Edison. Will win because. Who. Wants to have a gas station on every block, gas. Explodes. It, creates fires, people, will die every, day if we have gas, stations everywhere. Well. We all know who won the bet, Ford, won the bet which, means that every day somebody, dies in, a car accident and, is burned alive, every. Day we, tolerate, gas stations, on every, block. Because. Ford. Was, right but, in the long term, Edison, may, also be, right but, the problem is storage. The. Battery, is the key problem. Facing solar, and wind power. How. Do you have solar, power when the Sun doesn't shine and, wind. Power when the winds don't blow the. Bottleneck, is, storage. The, battery, you. See there's no Moore's law for the battery we. Assume that everything, doubles, every 18 months, we assume that we. Assume that every Christmas, everything. Is twice as powerful as, it was the, previous Christmas. But, that's not true, Moore's. Law only works for transistors, it does, not work for the battery but. That's where new inventors, are coming in today now. For, the first time in a hundred years, hundreds. Of inventors, are pouring. Resources into, the. Battery that. Is the bottleneck, that, has prevented, us from having, a solar age and. In. Renewable, technology. In our backyard. So, the price of solar of batteries. Has gone down 7% per, year, that.

Could Eventually, open, up a new era of energy. Yes. You can use copper atoms, Tabu did smash, room obstinately. Plastic. And Aboudi I, also, would like to talk about what. Can happen to our societies. Here we have an entrepreneur. In Russia who is. Like. A Russian Illamasqua here's, a theory that, by. The. Year. 2100. The, society will be divided into two groups the. People, who are innovators, entrepreneurs. Scientists. They will govern, all other people, these. Two groups but what's your opinion what. The Society of the future would look like. Plato. 2,000. Years ago believed. That society, would. Ultimately, be, controlled, by, philosophers. However. We know that, philosophers. Are very bad at controlling, power. Resources. Answering. The needs of a, growing population. And, that's. Why I don't think, that society, will be dividing, along those, lines but. The key to the future is. Education. We. Have to educate our. People so, that we, don't split, into, smaller. Groups, that will eventually war. With each other because. Technology. Is not going to go backwards. Technology. Will only go forwards, things. Will become more complicated. In the future and we, have to educate our, people a primary. Emphasis on, education, so that they. Can meet the challenges. Of the future for example, artificial, intelligence, the. The two, groups, that are the main losers, in artificial. Intelligence, are a repetitive, workers, be. Middlemen. College-educated. Middlemen. For, example, stockbrokers. People. Can, buy stocks, on their wristwatch today, you. Don't need a stockbroker so. Why do you go to a stockbroker. Anyway, if you, can buy stocks on your wristwatch the. Answer is you, want, intellectual. Capital, advice. Knowledge. Experience. Innovation. Talent. Foresight. That's. Why, you go to a stockbroker, you. Want something, that robots, cannot. Provide. And that is, intellectual. Capital. Capital. Of the mind rather. Than capital. Of the hands, and that's, what we have to educate our people so. That we, don't split apart into, the. Categories, that you mentioned, especially. With my struggles but in Kaku thank, you so much mr.. Oh. Thank. You. Amazing. Question. To Dimitri, Morozov, Dimitri. You. Are the head of the company of which treats, diseases. With biotechnologists. Will the diseases bills t-there by the year. 2100. 2100. People. Will always suffer from diseases, that's just, the nature of their, body and that that. Is our burden, we have to, pass, through, that. The. Nature, tries, to, isolate. The weakest. People. In this species and. Once. We. And. If. People, cannot. Give birth to, children or, the nature doesn't, need them any longer and we see that and the examples, of the. People like. Weirded. Out by. The nature, and, we. Seem. To lose, in this battle, against, diseases, and, the, nature will still weed, out. Especially. If we believe in, to Darwin, says. That well. The primates. Have, a, very short lifespan and, we, have already, depleted. Our lifespan, and. We. Just leave them, wood. With. Your permission I I'll, have some questions, on, this point there's. Never-ending. Struggle. With, against. Death this desire, to live forever. Recently. I spoke, to. Mr.. Churchill. Biologist. And, we discussed the system that allows to change DNA. That. Changes DNA on its own so you, think that people will be able to change the color of their eyes of. Shape. Of their head in, the future. Of. Course plastic, surgery originally. Was. Aimed to correct, some deformities, will, humans, be able to change. Their outward appearance on, their own a brief, look, backwards. Clearly. We. Are a technology driven so light civilization, long, time ago we. Took. A stick in our hands and. Threw. It at. An apple got the Apple so. Arctic our, civilization. Was, based on technologies. And one. Ancestor. Of ours, taunts another ancestor how to use a stick. What. If an, ancestor. Of ours had. Telekinetic. Capacity. Capabilities, and he could. Remove. The apple from a tree just by a force, of thought if, if. If that were, the case we, would probably follow, completely, different routes of development. Not technology. Driven, civilization. Route so. All. These things which, we're doing now is actually pre conditioned, by our. Development. Routes and. With. The help of various technologies we are studying, nature and. We. Are. Treating. It, respectfully. We. Are trying to apply, our technological. Knowledge. Our. Knowledge. Of the nature of things to in order to understand, to grasp things which are ungraspable incomprehensible. So. We, are always, we're. Not in. A line and not an alliance with nature, but we are an, outside.

Observer. We, are observing the nature and and. We're trying to. Impact. The nature do you ask, the question about changing, dinner yes we'll be able to change DNA but we're. Fighting. A losing battle of course we can come up with all kinds of cartoons, scary. Cartoons, for kids. Showing. All kinds of transformations, that a human body can undergo, I'm. Talking about the super superheroes. Etc, but. We. Still be using. Scientific. Approach there will be a few, steps behind. The. Nature we should live in harmony with nature and we should transform ourselves based. On other needs. Although. Plastic surgery, you got the point. Young. Ladies, transform, their body to be more attractive, to continue, their lineage. And. So there's a but, it's as part of their biological activity. Biological, agenda. We. Don't. Know, so, we are already a technology, driven civilization. We don't know how we're going to interact, with nature we know we can affect the nature we can impact the nature but we're very limited. In, our capabilities. Because of the, roots. Which shows in. The time immemorial when, the first men threw. A stick at an apple tree so. Who. Should. Be responsible, for. This, engagement, with nature, to ensure that does, not result in a catastrophe we, can, you. Know program, kids, in in, in, mothers, wombs we can change our appearance probably. Will reach a point where people leave, sick for 600 years and, that there will be old. People will. Live for hundreds of years well if you live for 600 years you will not be. Giving. Birth to people, because you, will lose interest in that I'm talking about moral ethical. Capabilities. This. Is a people. Will both will grow weary of life if, we become, so technologically, advanced I think human will just become very, weary and tired of. Life. And, the new generation. Will come in our place. But. That that would be a normal. Thing death. Is a natural. Extension. Of life so a death of one civilization will, result in the creation of another, civilization. On the planet Earth I don't see anything dramatic about it it's, dramatic, from. The standpoint of one, single human being but. In terms of the human species and, the, future, life, of human species as, a biological. Species I don't think it's dramatic nobody. Told us that we should look the way we look now I think we're going to change if. We travel in outer space if we travel to other planets, will be adapting. To other planets, environment. Maybe. We don't have to go to other planets. Maybe. We just. Maybe. We should travel, make, space travels in in in our astral. About is not in physical form but in the spiritual, form okay, if we. Throw. A look at the, medicine. Because, there are many, many people that that need. Medicine. They can it cannot afford those medicines because they don't have, we. Don't have vaccines. Against, cancer, or AIDS. There, are, you. Know medicine barons. Or magnates, that that check up medicine, prices, do you think the development of technologies, will. Overthrow. This process but you think that by technologists, will still, be the. Realm of the rich the, stomping ground of the rich well I think the world is an unfair, place that that that's the way it was created from, day one I don't, believe in this universal, fairness. Well. I still don't believe in that so, the world is an unfair place it's part of the human nature so. The things you're saying that's, the fact and. There. Yes, their medical. Barons so to say. The. And. High-tech. Treatments. Can. Uh you. Know are something, the, rich people can afford but. We can choose the vector, of development, maybe. We can focus, on our consciousness. Maybe. Instruct. Our consciousness. Not. To fall sick that often or, give. An order given instruction, to yourself. To. To. Grow another organ for example. You. Know I, was once asked the question why lizard can grow a tail and a human cannot grow a tail, why. How come a lizard, can instruct. Itself to grow a tail. And. We're, not we, cannot do that, so. We I, guess we can do it but not very fast. The, last question. An. Arrow more. Focused, a question, similar, to what I asked mr. Chaco do you think by 2100. What. Would be, the. Most. Relevant. Things. The most relevant air is DNA DNA, stem. Cells. I think, these things. Will develop in, parallel. Maybe. A, gene. Tampering. With genes will, will come to the forefront may, be cell, technologies. I I'm. Certain, that, we. Will there. Will be a time when we have nanobots. In our bodies taking care of our bodies but the. Technological. Civilization, and, our. Gaps in our understanding of, nature will. Always be larger, than our technological advancements. We are. Comprehending. Nature through. Technologies, and this, actually, defines the future course of our development, there's nothing else.

Naturally. We're going to improve techniques. Methodologies. We'll be applying scientific approaches, that's. The route we're going to move. On. How. We're going to treat cancer in ten years time we know how how are we going to do that because all, modern. Met. The the the drugs and medicines that, will be effective in ten years they'll ready to being developed now so. Maybe. You. Know. What is what is the cancer I mean maybe, it's a natural, natural. It's, a natural way to part, with life you know we can part with life in different ways we can you know come. Down with cancer we can be run down by a car all, of us will die so, maybe it's just one of the ways to to, to leave this world to you know think. You'd me tree of, course we're going to ask our, fellow. Panelists. On this but. I have a question, to meet. Romania. First. Mid, last century, what. Were we, doing we were sending people to. Outer, space what, we're doing now we, are. You. Know designing, thinner, smartphones. And tablets. You think that technologies. In, 70 80 years time we'll, still, be meeting, the needs the. Urgent, needs of the people oh do you think we'll be setting, for us all some super super, objective super, goals like a gardens first trip. To space well, thank you very much for the question I would like to thank my colleague, fellow panelists, to the left who described. The world of the future through, antique. The, metaphors, of the ancient world the, perception. Of the world through, the eyes of the Hellenistic, theory, through the philosophical. Comprehension. Of this, civilization. That's, another example, of the. Fact that the the greatest minds. Among. Our panelists, even, the greatest minds, resort. To, the. Notions. And concepts, which are two year to 2,000. Years old so this, the world we're living in now actually. Was created two or three thousand years ago and in our fantasies. We cannot step outside these, boundaries, the. Investments. To be made. Developments. To be had will. First and foremost be will, be, based on fantasies, so, that the subjective, world in, which we're existing, the, world of physics medicine the world of space and world of tablets. Will. Become. Broader in. Order to. Imagine. A person a human being living. Comfortably in this new world to, imagine a person, that. Is. More interested, in space exploration rather, than a brand-new tablet, or a thinner tablet, investments. In human capital. Investments. Into new, ways, of perception. In. Transformation. Of consciousness I think. That. Would be the thrust of technological. Development, in the future for, the time being technologies, we, need them to. Reduce. The amount of time a person, spends. On. This, or that. Physical. Labor so labor automation. The. Freeing up of human time. I. Think. It's it's, it's, it's more simple than developing, humans. Human. Beings and. My. Colleague colleagues, can speak more about it I think that any modern-day, computer, is a. Lot more simpler than a. Human brain a lot. It's. A lot easier. To develop, such technologists. Rather than to. Program. Developed software, for human brain. But. I think that using. The, capabilities. Of human brain, as. Its, computational. Computational. Capabilities, and capabilities. For. Fantasy, making, will be used in the future I, agree. With you and, Mesa. Is right whatever is happening to us it, was already made up a long time ago. So, we, created. Robots, with, would first thought about robots Android. Roberts they've become a reality, I know, people, who, are designing. Such, robots engineering, such, robots. And. They, told, me that in, 30, 50, years from now they'll be performing, all functions better than human beings not only you know repetitive, functions they will be better at drawing. Up paintings. Writing, music. So. The things which human beings believe were the the. Realm of human. Intelligence, or human soul. No. They're, saying that robots will be better all these occupations. What would happen to human beings in that case what would be. Well. The most important thing is that to, prevent robots from making. Wilder. Fantasies, than human beings they will start.

Making Wilder fantasies, well, in that case it will become people, in you know in Japan they have toys, or, puppets, they become, human partners. So. Well. But the those toys they don't have imagination. Well. Now they don't have imagination but, I, think. By 2100. They will have some image imaginative. Powers. It. Will be a completely, different dialogue. Imagine. Two two, toys two puppets, with imagination, capabilities, are, meeting, imagine, their conversation. So. I. Think. Those. Will win who can create something you can imagine something, new and. Two. You. Know in answer to my colleague, Plato. I, would like to bring up Plato's ideas he is a does the. Quantification. Of ideas so those people will be creating, ideas. Those. Will be. Creating. Robots, partners. So. No. Matter it's whether, its bio engineering or. Some, other. Physics. Well. As creators. Of robots, we think, that we will always be controlling, we'll, be in control, you. Know, because. Who knows that one day those, robots will work will wake up and say why, do we need you people, so. I think the, ones who, make. Who. Imagine, who make them will control them. Dmitry. Are, you sure that we'll, be able to imagine. Something it's not a fact for me that we are we're. Imagining something, I think everything has already been imagined, before we're just relaying. Whatever. Was imagined, well. Let's. Again, substitute, the word. Imagining. With the word studying. Other's imaginations. Or imaginary, images, it. Would still require investments. I'm, not talking about financial. Investments, I'm talking about total investment so at some point in time humanity. Would reach the. The. Bifurcation. Point. When. It. Would have a chance to come. Up with something of its own well. There's a concept, and, I think our dear colleagues, are worth that. Akasha, Chronicles. And. In. Those Akashi Chronicles, everything, we think we came up with it was already written it was already created, so everything we can think of has already been created and, I. Think. Our. Technological. Development, paradigm. Is. Is. Akin, to reading. Those imaginations. And studying them well. If robots will will replace humans. Some. People say it. Will be paradise will have tons of spare, time will, be self, improving. Robots, will be doing everything for us well the Americans, believe that it would lead to degradation of. Humans. Because they would lose the sight they would lose the target so the objectives, for for, further. Improvement. Well. It's, a question, of, whether. Humans. Would, be able to imagine. A create new space for itself what. My colleagues were talking, about. Basically. The main idea is whether, new ideas, that would create new ideas, Mitra. Was talking about 600, years and if. Somebody, lives for 600 years. People. Woods, have to come. Up with something for 500, years because they'll become tired now where people live for 75 years imagine, they. Would need to fill. Their you know 500, years, more so six. Times you. Know six times more ideas, six times more. Content. For, life the more time we have on, our, hands a person. Who works at a plant 16. Hours you. Know I was at the end of 19th century. 16. Hours a day you. Know had one hour. For. The office personal time the modern day men has you. Know works for eight hours so it has more time more personal, time. So. We're, talking about life in, perceptions.

Life. Felt. So. These abilities have increased. Twofold now we know people, who. Are. Having, you. Know very varied, life and, they're not engaged, in mechanical, labour they're not degrading, and. That. Gives them twice as much time, compared. To those people who spend eight hours every day doing some mechanical, things so. And they're, spending more time to make their lives more interesting. And to laves to, make lives of people around more interesting, I think that's, the, for. The first time humanity, finds. Itself in a situation when, it has a lot, of spare time and we, can people. Can compete for their spare time. And now people can come up with all different ideas on how to fill up that spare, time those, people can, succeed and doing that they. Will. Will will, will will, pass this route, physically. Chemically. And. Other, people, who are not in, the position to do that who fail to do that they will end up selling flipping burgers for the rest of their lives Thank. You Dimitri I'm gonna ask what's. Gonna happen to TV but Mr Kaku has has. A statement or. Really. Quick I think that, the tipping point as to when robots become dangerous, is when. They have self-awareness, perhaps. By the end of the century, right. Now our most advanced, robots, have the intelligence of a cockroach a retarded. Cockroach, a. Lobotomized. Retard, a cockroach, but, eventually our robots will become as smart as a mouse then. As smart as a rat then, a rabbit, then. A dog and a cat and. By the end of this century perhaps as smart as a monkey at. That point they are potentially, dangerous. Monkeys. No, they, are monkeys, monkeys. No they, are not human, now. Dogs are, confused. Dogs. Don't know that. We are not a dog dogs. Think that we are a dog and therefore they obey us we're the top dog they're the underdog, so. I think at that point a hundred years from now at the end of the century, we, should put a chip in their brain to shut them off if they have murderous, thoughts that, is a fail-safe, mechanism but. That's only temporary because. Then what happens when robots become so smart they, remove, the, failsafe system. That. Is also possible in the next century the 22nd. Century at. That point I think we should, merge. With them I don't. Think this will happen in this century but. I think in the next century we should merge, with. Our creation, why. Not become, homo superior, why. Not use. Exoskeletons. Which are now being created to, become hercules, that. Is the power of the gods so. In other words one. Instead. Of fighting off the robots in the, next century is, to merge, with them to, become superhuman. Would. Its Lughnasa would well.

We Have a choice. Whether. To fight or to merge with them I. Personally. Think we will have a choice because there's plenty, of time, we. Realize that this is not gonna happen anytime soon our. Robots, are smart as bugs right, now and, we. Have many decades, before we have to worry about this if you, put our most. If you put a bug in the forest a bug, immediately, knows where to find food how. To hide how to find mates how, to find shelter a bug, can do this you, put our most advanced robots, in the forest and what do they do they. Get lost they. Fall over, that's, how primitive we are with robots, so we have many decades, to plan for, the time when. Robots become self-aware, and, beyond. That whether. Or not we should merge, with them now, some, people think that the idea of merging with robots, is repulsive, because, it means that we're going to be a brain inside of that of liquid no. I don't think so I think. That we will want to preserve our basic shape we'll. Want to preserve who we are but. We'll, have in addition to that, exoskeletons. Giving, us super memory and super powers when we feel like but. We will look pretty much the same as we, do now. Correct. Me if I'm wrong but. So. If we decide not to merge, with robots. I want to ask you the same question, as to, Dimitri will. Robots. Develop. Themselves, and. Their, intellect, will develop, and at one point they will solve we no longer need, you human beings well. There is something called the singularity the. Point in which robots can, create robots, of higher intelligence. We. Are far from the singularity today. But. One day it could happen the. Robots, will have babies, and these, babies are smarter than, parents, and this, process can, rise exponentially. Fast. So. Rather. Than fight this I think we should begin the process of, perhaps merging. With this technology, and. Enhancing. Ourselves. Rather. Than fighting off what could be inevitable, now, this is not going to happen I don't think in this century but, I think our descendants, our. Descendants, will have, the. Democratic. Debate as. To, how far to merge with our technologies. Or. Become. Extinct, it's. Possible by soil guru. Thank. You so much Sakura. All the hopes are with you. We're. Talking, about technological. Breakthroughs. Which, at. Some point, maybe, not today not, tomorrow will, happen but we are already moving very, fast. Previously. Technology. Breakthroughs, would happen every generation, but now they happen every day. First. Of all can a human, a human brain cope, with such, a speed of changes, or, people would just go crazy with that. Good. Afternoon everyone. There. Are two dimensions. To, this. Which. I think we. Are not differentiating. Yeah. One. Is intellect. Another's. Intelligence. Intellect. Can only function. When. There is an accumulated, memory. Why. A. Child. In the village. Looks. A, little. Dumb compared. To. A city. Slick boy, is. Simply, because he has more memory and information. But. If. You live them and leave, them in real-life. Situations. The. Rural boy may come out much modern, where. A, certain. Intelligence is needed where information is not needed. So. Essentially, human, intellect, functions, from memory. And. Everything. That we are considering. Or labeling. As technology. Is. Essentially. Memory based. Our. Imagination. Is memory, based. Memory. Means. Recorded. Past. Something. That we already know, how. We. Can extrapolate. Into. A different. Format. Essentially. The same time, finding. Expressions. In. Permutations. And combinations.

But. Nothing new happening. Nothing. New can happen from that it. Looks new because it's a new presentation. It's. A new format. Well. In terms of day to day life is absolutely, new of course. So. Technologically. Whatever. We do will. Lead us to a space where. Well. Right, now human, societies, have invested, heavily. This. I must. Blame, it on the European, default. Because. Pre-license. When. These. Societies, were hugely. Restricted. By. Dogmatic, religious. Belief systems. When. A few people broke, through. That. Is they. Decided, to think for themselves. They. Refuse to go by the book or the, clergy, and they, wanted to think for themselves and, when. They thought for themselves the. Amount of freedom that it gave them they, thought this is liberation. Because. Of this. From. Worshiping, God to worshiping, human thought. Became. The mode since, then we, call this scientific. Development. But. Essentially, human. Beings, have started, worshiping, their own thought what, I think is. More important. Than my very existence. Because. Of this every. Capability that we get we have been using it against, ourselves and, every other life, simply. Because our thought, is a kind of manifestation. Of the memory that we carry. If. You allow me a few minutes. We. In. The, Eastern cultures, in yogic, culture we. Look at human. Mind as 16 parts. These. 16, parts can be categorized, as, four. Basic, segments. It's. Called Buddha I am using the Indian, terminology, I'll come to English Budi Ankara. -, and, what. This means is Buddha. Means the intellect. Intellect. If we have to use an analogy it, is a knife. All. Of you I'm sure, you. Would prefer to have a sharp, intellect, rather than a dull one it's, hello. You. Must choose I'm going to bless you. Sharp. Intellect or dull, one sharp, so. Essentially, it, is a cutting instrument. So. We have a knife in our hand which, gave us a certain, access, to knowledge because, we could dissect whatever, we want this is the nature of human intellect whatever, it is is, given, to it it, will dissect and look at it. Everything. Is. Dissected. Including. Human nature. But. By dissection. You will know certain, things. If. I dissect, you I will know where your heart is located where, your liver kidney, and spleen is located, and what's its condition. But. I will not know you by. Any sense when I say you I, am NOT, talking about your thoughts your emotions your ideologies, that also can be known by dissection. We call this psychoanalysis. That's. Also dissection. But. You will not know the nature, of this, life by, dissection. There. Is no way to know that so. You're, using a knife to, stitch. You. Will leave life in tatters. So. Knife is useful for cutting. So. This knife of, intellect. Is, a powerful. Instrument. Of survival. Not. An. Instrument to know more something believe, that is beyond your, present level, of perception. By. Dissection. You. Know certain things but. It is not beyond, your present dimension. Of perception. Because. This. Knife is useless, without, the bank of memory that you already have. What. Connects, you to this, bank of memory which we call as Manas, which is a silo, of memory, is. A. Dimension. Called ahankara, which, literally, means identity. This. Is where. Misuse. Of Technology is happening, because of our identities. The. Moment you identify. Yourself, with something. Your. Intellect, will, ceaselessly. Work towards. Protecting, that identity. Either. With our species. Or with our gender, or with our nationality. Or race, religion. Caste creed, thousand. Other ways. Whatever. Is the nature of your identity, that is how your intellect, will function, that. Is one care we have not taken in. Our education, systems in raising of our children. What. Is the identity. Because. We need small identities. To fight other, people. We. Have been engaged with this forever, anyway living the decide the. Manas is a silo, of memory. This. One thing I will subdivide for. Your understanding, we. Identify. Eight. Different, types of memories in the Manas. This. Is called elemental, memory, atomic. Memory. Evolutionary. Memory. Karmic. Memory. Articulate. Memory, inarticulate. Memory and. Conscious. And unconscious, levels, of memory. When. I say memory we. Are not thinking, about just what's in your head right. Now there. Is more memory, in every. DNA. That, you carry or every cell in your body, then.

Your Entire brain can carry. Because. You. May not remember how. Ten generations ago, your. Great-great-great-grandfather, look like but. His nose is sitting on your face right now. Your. Body remembers. Your. Body remembers. A million. Years ago how your forefathers. Looked even the skin tone it is not forgotten. So. The amount of memory that, the body carries, is phenomenal. Memory. Is not just that, dimension. Of memory that you can consciously. Access. There. Is memory memory. Is. Thing which decides, who you are right now it, is this context, you're talking, about robos. Becoming. Just like you because, you understand, after all if you build substantial memory. They'll, just become like you and me, those. Of you who, are thinking of a robotic partner, in your life, a robotic, wife or husband, it's. A good idea. Because. All. The, time the complaint in this relationship, is your partner is not the way you want them to be. So. You can manufacture, them the way you want. You. Want them mild when you want them mild you want them wild, when you want them wild we want them to be turned off and you want them to be turned off this, is a great idea. Yes. And. It may become a reality. If. Not very soon in some time mr.. Was more qualified. To make the prediction. As to when. So. Essentially. Anything. That you can build from memory, can, be built. Anything. That can be build by storage. Of memory and access to memory and analysis. Of this memory and expression, of this memory everything. That you are doing through your intellect, and thinking that is you can. Be done by a machine at some point I'm not, they expect to predict when but. Definitely, it can be done there's no question about that, but. There's. Another dimension of intelligence within, the human being which, we refer to as cheetah. What. Chitta means is, this. Is a dimension. Of intelligence, where. There is very. There is not an iota of memory it is unsullied, by memory. What. This means is see, memory is what has made you everything, that you are you, have a human form this is evolutionary, memory. You. Have variety of other memories, that's what makes you a certain kind of person, and so, many other things that you are your, professions, your capabilities. Your knowledge. Everything. Is because of memory but. Memory. Is also a defining. Boundary. The. Moment you identify, with. Your memory you say oh this is my friend this, one I do not know this, is a person I like this, is a person I don't like this is all memory. Memory. Fix. Fixes. A definition, and a defined boundary, to your life what. Is me and what, is you is just, a question of memory that, I know this is me and this is you. But. There is a dimension, of intelligence which. We call as Chitra or in. Modern, terminology, loosely. It, can be called. As consciousness. Not. Being conscious, as you, and me are this. Is wakefulness, this is not consciousness.

So. This. Dimension of intelligence has, no memory, in it where. There is no memory there are no boundaries to it. You. Will not do that with a robot, do. What you want because. Everything. That can be done by memory will be done right now, 90%. Or more of humanity. Lives. By their intellect, and their, physical physiological, and, intellectual, capabilities. These. Things can be built at some point and, make. Them look very real. So. Once. Machines, start doing this, it. Is inevitable, it. Is inevitable, for you to. Explore, the deeper dimensions, of who you are right. Now this has happened in a significant, way in. Let's. Say a hundred years ago. If. We want to be strong, if you want to be successful, we. Thought the best thing was to build maybe, 500, years ago let us say if, you want to be a big man in the place. In your town you had to have big muscles. Whoever. Had the big muscles, was, a big man strong, man there, but. Now if you have big muscles we will give you a menial job we. Don't recognize you. One. Reason. What, why. Women. Have an equal space or reasonably, equal space on the planet today is because of technology because, the power of the muscle has been neutralized. How. Much brain power do, you have how much intellectual, power you have is deciding, things right now but, if intellectual, power is again as muscle, power was taken by the machines, if intellectual. Power is taken by the machines. Naturally. Human, beings will dig deeper, into. Their consciousness a. Machine. Cannot dig deeper but. Everything. That you can do a machine, can do in future, and that. Would be a great day because that. Means, we are on a holiday we. Don't work for a living now. We. Look. At life in a completely different, way, which. Will be very, very significant. In fact for. The first time, we, will become human. Beings. We must understand, why, we are called human, beings. That. Means we are the only creatures on the planet who. Know how to be. As. You. Are saying a. Bird. Knows how. To survive better than you. Without. A social, atmosphere many. Of you will not know how to survive, a bug, knows how to survive far, better than you better equipped than you because, it's just focused on a survival. But. A bug will not know how to be conscious. You. Can definitely build, a bug it's. Very interesting that today, in the computer, technologies, we are using these words if that's a bug it's a virus, definitely. The. Dangers, of this, are also there as, the. Dangers of machines, are there even today. For. Example, the automobiles, are killing more people than. Worse. Every. Year year after year, they're killing but, we have accepted, that as collateral damage it's part of the thing.

We're. Travelling faster so. Some people will die we, have come to terms with that so. Similarly. Maybe. We will have nano soldiers, soldiers won't be human beings going and fighting we. Sit here and let loose on other, people, at. One face it will happen. These. Things will be terrible but even now it's terrible, you can just press the switch here and destroy. A whole city somewhere, else, it. Is quite terrible even now so. Before. Such capabilities. Come or, as they are coming there is no such thing as before and after as there. These capabilities, are coming we, must also strive, to upgrade. The human, being to. Move beyond. The limitations. Of their intelligence. Intellect, and come. To a deeper, dimension of intelligence, which is life itself. Very. Source of life itself within us. How, can this be done as practice, shows and. We're talking about technologies. Of the future no technology no technological, breakthroughs, no, technological, evolution is. Changing. Human. Nature iPhone. Latest. IPhones. Will, never change the fact that people you, know have been killing each other over a piece, of land they're still doing the same they're killing each other over a piece of land how. Can we ensure that how. Can we resolve this issue because, technological. Improvements. Are not improving human beings, maybe. Because the the, memory. Ancestral. Memory is. So strong, in. Us that we still remember how our ancestors were fighting over a piece of bread and maybe we'll continue doing, the same because of the memory we have. See. The. Thing is if anything, needs to happen a certain, amount of human energy time, and resource. Has to be dedicated, to it, for. Example, somebody was telling me in. 1860. When, certain survey, was done in the United States. Some. Kind of observation, probably, studying. Dead, bodies and stuff like that the, skeletal, systems and. They, said in 1860. Nearly. 60%. Of the people would, start losing their teeth at the age of 40 and. In. 1860. Nearly. 90, 97. Percent, of United States was illiterate. But. Today people have, their teeth intact, even if they're 90, and. Today. 100. Percent is, literate, how does this happen. Simply. Because we invested. In, what is called as school rooms and teachers, and, toothbrushes. And mothers, we. Invested, if. We did not invest even today we would be losing our teeth even today we would be illiterate. So. We. Have to invest in consciousness, till. Now we've been investing, only in our survival, but once, the technologies, that they're talking about starts. Becoming a reality which is already becoming. Survival. Will not even be an issue when. Survival, is not an issue we. Will definitely start, investing, but, the sooner, we invest, with. Less aberration. We can move into these new possibilities as, dr.. Kaku said it's always a double-edged, sword which. Way are you going to use it depends. On who. You are isn't it so.

Whether Your, identity. And your experience, is, very exclusive or. Your identity, and experience, is very inclusive, this. Will determine which. Shape and in, which way the sword will swing. Specific. Well sure unless. He's finished, thank. You so much we still have some, time left for, the questions, from the audience to you does anybody have any questions, members. Of the audience no questions from the audience no there is one. For. Your really. Fruitful, visions shared with us. My, name is Constantine song kina I'm CEO of. And the research in the field of neuroscience and. My. Question, is to mature. Dr.. Rococo please you, shared with us you have long-term, vision about neuro communication. And brain computer interfaces, but. May I ask you about like. Short-term, goals, for us for developers, what. To want. To develop first, of all to. Contribute. To, daily life of a, large. Population, of. Consumers. To, increase the level of life of, humanity. Thank, you. You. Asked a question what, are short-term. Goals, in, terms of, brain, computer. Interface, well. First of all the, in, the United States the. Driving, force behind, this technology. Is the Pentagon. The. Pentagon has given 150 million dollars, to. Create. Exoskeletons. To. Bypass, the injured spinal cord of soldiers. Wounded. In Afghanistan, and Iraq. So. That the human brain directly. Communicates. With, an artificial, hand an artificial. Leg and can, walk and if. You saw the, World. Cup, soccer games, two years ago in San Paulo Brazil. The. Man who kicked the football, initiating. The san paulo games was, totally. Paralyzed, he. Was a quadriplegic, he, could not walk but. A Duke University. In North Carolina, they. Put a chip in his brain to. Hook, him up to an exoskeleton, and. He. Kicked, the, football, so. The, immediate gains, is, to, for, people who are injured, injured. In football, accidents, car, accidents. Injuries. Of the spinal cord injuries. In warfare, to, create an artificial, body. Controlled. Directly by the, human brain now. My, colleague, Stephen, Hawking the physicist, who died recently. Lost. Control, of his fingers. And vocal, cords but, he could still communicate and, how, because. His, brain, communicated. With a chip, a radio, in his glasses that. Ship picked up radio from his brain. Converted. It to electricity. To a laptop computer. And Steven, was able to think and. Write. So. By thinking he. Was able to write, books, and, communicate. With the outside world, so. Here's an immediate, benefit, for, people who are paralyzed. Their. Spinal, cord is no longer functioning. They. Are disconnected, from the world and. This. Will also make possible a, brain chip for Alzheimer's, patients, because. We can now upload, simple. Memories, in mice, and also. In monkeys. Simple. Memories, can now be put on the Internet. This. Means that we want to create a, brain pacemaker. For alzheimerís, patients, so. That memories, can, come flooding, into their brain and, the. Pentagon again recently gave 50, million dollars to create, a memory, chip a memory. Chip for, soldiers but. Also for. Alzheimer's. Patients, and so, here we have an immediate market, for. People. Who are afflicted. With injuries. Spinal. Cord injuries as well as, the aging, process, to. Allow them to bypass a spinal, cord to. Access, memories, that they've lost and here, is a market. A market. For companies, that. Can, utilize. This, to make money to. Create products, to, alleviate, human suffering. Just. Thank. You so much I have a question. To. Satoru. I'm. Very. Much interested, in your point of view do, you think a man. Can change his destiny in this, life. By. Taking. Certain steps or do you think here's all his steps whatever he does in his life. Are. Related, to other, lives that would follow and his, transformations.

In, Other words can a person or should a person trying to change his destiny now or his destiny is preset, and whatever. He does in this life will only affect his future lives. What. Generally. People are, calling, as destiny. Is. What. They largely create, and consciously. Whatever. We, do unconsciously, we. Can also do it consciously, if. You can move your hand unconsciously. You, can also move it consciously. So. Similarly, if you are creating, your life and consciously. You. Can also create it consciously, if, you create something consciously of, course, you. Would make it the way you want it. So. Destiny. Means. Largely. Unconscious. Accumulations. Taking. Shape and taking their own tendencies. And leading you on. You. Can make a conscious, destiny. When. You fail to make a conscious destiny. Then, generally, it gets referred. To as fate. Fixed. Destiny. But. Is your destiny, fixed definitely, not otherwise, why all this effort. If. Everything is fixed why, you and me should live we could die at our burdens, just fine isn't it. It's. Definitely in your hands whether you take it in your hands or not is, always, the question it's an individual, question. Abdul. Entrepreneur, I have a question. To. Distinguish. That or my question is as follows when. You said that. We. Need to invest in as. Much into. Consciousness, as much as in technology, so that consciousness, becomes. An. Island. Where. Humanity, can preserve. Itself. In. The light of development. Of robots, that's. An island where, we can still feel like. Human beings so. My, question is today, there are lots of lots of infrastructures, to invest. Into technologies, there are startups there investment, funds. Numerous. Scientists. That. Are. Developing. Different solutions, how can we, address. The issue of investing. Into consciousness, or self-consciousness what, needs to be done what infrastructure, is there in place what. Solutions, are there, to. To. Do that thank. You. I. Would like to correct the question a little bit before I address, the question. You. Use, the analogy of an, island. No. I want you to understand, human. Intellect. Is. An island all. Products. Of human intellect are small islands, including, technology.

Consciousness. Is the ocean, in. Which we are existing, what. Consciousness means, is an. Intelligence. Not. Identified. With any memory, that, means not identified, with any boundary, of you and me and this and that. See. You. Must understand, this. On. This planet. Let's. Think, of planet but even the planet can be thought further in this space, suddenly. Systems. Have happened stars have happened, planets, have happened in the planet, life has happened all, of it fundamentally. From an intelligence, beyond. This material that. You're seeing as creation all, of it. Emerging. From almost. Nothingness. It. Is in a way nothingness, but, you must understand, the word nothing by putting a hyphen, between no one thing it's not a thing, because. It, is not a memory block a memory. Block is a thing because, it comes with a boundary, once, there is a defined boundary, it becomes, physical existence, this. Is a dimension. Of intelligence which, has no boundaries. So, that is the ocean you, are mistaking the island, for, ocean, and a ocean for an island, so. What do we have to do for it to manifest in, human, societies, large-scale, in, every, generation of, people there have been very, conscious beings. But. In, some generations. And in, some societies, they. Have been heard in other, societies, they have been ignored, the, other noise has been much bigger, so. It is time we make that voice which. Refers, to a. Dimensionless. A boundary, less consciousness. Heard and. Methodologies. As to how to become conscious as there, are technologies. To. Create, well-being. In our surroundings, there. Is a science and technology to. Do the same within us. So. This. Is not today's thing this has always been there it's as old as humanity but. In some generations. It is heard loudly in, some, generations, it sings and accordingly. Human, wellbeing rises. And sinks. Any. Amount of Technology if you don't know how to be, you. Still have not well see look at our own state right now. As. A generation. Of people we. Know more comfort, and convenience than, any generation, ever knew in the history of humanity our life is far more comfortable no, generation, ever knew these kind of comforts, and conveniences but. Can, you claim you. Are the most joyful, and, fantastic, generation, ever no. People. Are becoming neurotic. I'm. Not saying we worse than other generations, but. We are not significantly. Better for. The amount, of toll we have taken on every other life to, have, what we want to have, so. Your. Technologies. Will bring comfort and convenience. Will. Not bring well-being, it's, time to focus on that because, already we are at a place where technology, is going through the ceiling we, are not matching, up it, is like right. Now your, well-being is, still determined, by what's around you not. What's within you, so. This doesn't mean Lau their neighbor be, like these go be a good person be a noble person this is not about that. Your. Body and your brain should take instructions, from you. If. Your body and your, brain take instructions, from you would. You keep yourself healthy, and blissful, every moment of your life I'm. Asking you if, you had a choice, definitely. You would so. Obviously, your body and your brain is not taking instructions from you. This. Means you're not conscious, enough so. We have to invest in the direction. One. Thing is if you walk through the city I'm sure there are hospitals, there are schools there are toilets and there is everything but. Do you have a place, where. There. Is a place, for people to meditate, there. Is no such thing. Eastern. Society is invested, heavily in the past in. That direction, but. Today they, are also emulating. The West and trying to compete with them losing, out on this but. The need for inner, well-being will, become very strong in the next 2025 years, when, technology, starts doing most of the things that you're doing and you don't know why you exist. Then. The need for well-being, becomes, super strong so. If, we want to be ready for that day it's very important. That we invest both. Physical, infrastructure, and human, infrastructure, which, focuses, on, the, innermost core of who we are. LTS. A vampire cinema prosody, so imagine Kaku yeowch. For. More videos please subscribe. Press. Bell icon and never miss an update.

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Simply Incredible! Michio kaku wohooooo! Sadhguru jaggi vasudeva wohooooooo Talking about future wohoooo

he is not futurologist he is stupidologist

I have been listening to this Kaku guy for last 15 minutes. He has not said a single thing a common man doesn't know or hasn't heard. He is just repeating the common wisdom of the day! What is so special about him to be invited to this panel and be able to speak here?? Beats me! Hopefully, he will say something interesting or novel in the next few minutes :)

At the beginning of the video when Michio Kaku was both nerdily & arbitrarily going through the Greek pantheon I was waiting for Sadhguru to make him sound like an idiot

"Monkey" intelligence will take place by 2020 ... NOT 2100

Technology will go forwards as long as a giant rock does not slam into the earth, disrupt civilization, and reset the human progress clock backward as it did 14,000 years ago.

Clearly these scientists are intellectual but lack in wisdom

Dumb russians cant even understand Sadhguru’s jokes

mr kaku what about US "democracy" nuking burning alive millions of Japanese ... bit confusing?

ok kill

Ashika Raut history tells us, democracy or no democracy when war is needed, it will happen.

Kosh Naranek yeah they go to war but if two countries are ruled by military dictators, monarch, emperor. It's higher probability for war between those countries.spreading democracy will not absolutely save us but it's definitely save us from military dictators,monarchs and kings.

your point....and I mean this without malice....your point, has absolutely NO RELEVANCE to my comment. MY COMMENT is a counter to Mr. Kaku's statement that "democracies do not go to war with each other" Germany was a democracy at the time of Hitler as was Britain. So his statement and his following premise that "spreading democracies will save us" is entirely flawed. Please, if you wish to comment on my comment...please stay on topic.

Kosh Naranek, because of Hitler, colonialism ended. otherwise we would be still under European imperialist occupation. I don't support Hitler fascist ideology but sometimes it needed to counter evil ideology like imperialism. for British colonies Winston Churchill was Hitler . he killed 4 millions Bengali in 1943 feminine.

Also..Germany was a democracy that brought Hitler to power....sooooo his argument is a little short sided to say the least.

Japan was a empire not a Democratic country.

if u have an enemy who is ready to killl you no matter what,what would you do.ask for mercy? or give a finishing blow so that he could never stand up against you.

Mr. Kaku says that we will have machines that will do this, that, and many things... Sadhguru subtly responded to that aand said you will have every machine but that machine won't have the "chitta" or access to "chitta". I am sure Mr. Kaku didn't get it.

Human technology is joke compared complexity of nature,vastness of universe

Creations cant be more intelligent than creators

Lol Sadhguru you know and you know you know. I know u know, but i don't know what u know, i see the tree, by what r u seeing that i am not, i know it is aprat of life, i know I'm apart of life, but what is it you know that we don't know

sadhguru ji. the true master in this conference.

Why can't these people learn English for once for fuckin gods sake. Such a bunch of stubborn chauvinists these bozos.

aeroplaine, computer every technology was made by a indian, witout mathematic and the number zero your people would never advanced and would be still burning witches in churches, stop show your superior you people are because your not.

Your the maha idiot, India is a civilization of 4 billion years old, the whole world came to study in india for every knowledge and wisdom there where more greater people then Michio Kaku so stop your nonsense how great the west is you people will never respect the real scientist, ancient india had more andvanced technology then west will ever compete you piece of shit.

You're an idiot. Theres no reason he would do that. Michio Kaku knows more about contemporary science and physics then Sadhguru could dream of. Talking about Greek mythology is merely making point. Leave your biased guru fanboyism elsewhere.

Doug Spurell double edge sword meaning that, you can use technology for good or evil, it depends on your consciousness

41:53 is when the magic starts.

muslim have killed more then 80 million hindus why hindus now in modern time having nuclair bom not attack and giving a finishing blow British killed over 1 million hindus why hindus do not strike back. Wah you do not have logic, what did native americans done to americans that they where killed, your defending a country that have bloods on their hands, you people are biggest hypocrite and are mentally sick.

I am not understanding how the red dressed girl making male sounds?

When a robot does a "painting" it is not called painting, but printing.

They rather make super robots, instead of investing in making human beings super human beings! They got it all backwards. This is why I love sadhguru!

play Game i think they are using interpreters

Thank you :) was looking for info .

who has he conned? you are just conned by your own life

Not really. This is were the bullshit starts. The Indian conman is fooling everybody now.

What's the ending music? Where can I listen the full music?

bro same here!!!!! ahahahaha

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