Sadhguru - The only way to stop violence against women; transform your child

Sadhguru - The only way to stop violence against women; transform your child

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One. Unfortunate subject. Which. Should not have exit existed. But. Right now it's become a national debate. Which. Is rape. Because. Of a certain. Horrible. Incident, that happened in New, Delhi the. Whole. Country is talking talking. About rape. So. This. Needs to be understood. That. Though. There. May be a. Sexual. Stimulus, to. Rape. It. Is not about sexuality, alone. It's. About the power to possess. This. Wanting. To possess. Comes. From various things. One. Fundamental, mistake. That. Societies, have done is. Somewhere. In. The minds of. The. Youth the male youth in. The world we. Have put the idea, that. A female. Is. A. An. Object a. Thing. That you can possess. Either. Somebody's, father can give you away if. He refuses you. Can take it. Still. There isn't it in the background. Somewhere. Very, deep in the psychological, structure. There. Is an idea that, a, woman. Is a commodity, a. Commodity. Is. If, something, doesn't have a mind of its own, that's. A commodity. So. This. Probably. In. Some places consciously. Implanted. In. Many of the places, unconsciously. Implanted. But. It's deeply implanted in, people's minds. Without. Taking this away. Just. One more law hang the rapist castrate, the rapist, he's. Not going to, really. Produce. Results. And. Where. Does this come from. This. Is a pretty wonderful thing. In. The ancient. Parrot. Or India. The. Hindu law. Proclaimed. A. Man. Cannot, go to heaven without his file. You. Must understand, the significance. Of this I. Want. You to understand, the significance of it a. Few. Thousand years ago. In. Many ways today. The. Playing field has, been, leveled for. Men. And women not. Because of any great social, evolution. But. Because of technology. The. Technological, development. Which. Has made a woman, being capable, of participating. In. Many. Global activities. If. There was no technology. If. It was a. Question. Of your physical strength which, carried you from place to place. Definitely. A woman. Would be still very homebound. Not, that she shouldn't be home and saying. Being. Home is one thing being homebound, is one thing. Being. Home is nice. Being. Bound by home, is a different thing so. Yes. Definitely. When. Somebody, perpetrates. A. Violent. Act, they. Need to be punished but. Still, if you want a better society. Not. Just better lungs a. Law. Or. A, punishment. Is. Only relevant, after, things, have gone wrong. Hanging. Somebody doing something else is still not going to fix somebody's life. If. We want to see that things don't go wrong. There. May be no absolute, fix. But. Definitely. There is something, called as lowering the percentages, or.

Heightening. The percentages. When. You're dealing with a larger world, it. Is only question of lowering the percentages. Maybe. There. Is never going to be an ideal society, where no such thing will happen. But. In driving, towards that possibility. The. Most important, thing is. We. Need to understand, right. Now, the chant, that. We were doing it's. Just about that. Still. In. Most minds a woman means body, parts an accumulation, of body parts. Yes. A. Breast. Unable. Long. Hair something, that's whyyou many of you I have shorthand at this dance, one. Part of it you've gotten rid of it. Is, still a sum, of body parts. Wives. A woman a sum of body parts in. Someone. Who is not a woman. Yes. Essentially. This is springing this. Is not just for the man with the woman also but, she. Doesn't. Conclude. This, she does not make the same conclusions. That, a man makes, but. She. Is also bound by the same limitations. The. Moment. The. Boundaries, of your physicality, becomes. Ultimate. Boundaries, of life. You. Do not. Experience. Your breath, you. Do not experience, any transaction. That's happening, to keep you alive. This. You think is ultimate, boundary. If. This is ultimate boundary, if, I look at this those. Who look like just like me. They're, enemies, you would like to get rid of those. Who look different, those, who seem to have different kinds of body parts or, something. That you want to possess. So. Essentially. The. Problem is, rooted, in. Investing. Too much in physicality of, life. If. Societies. Are. Human. Beings who are, experiencing. Their. Lives little. More than, their physical boundaries. These. Things would simply, go down just like that maybe. Not eliminate, it but, would go down, dramatically. And considerably. To. A point where. A few offenders, you can deal with them with punishment. You. Cannot deal a vast. Majority of population. With, punishment. Suppose. 10. 15 20 percent of the people are committing crime in a society you, cannot punish 20 percent of the population. If. It's 1% you can punish them you can deal with punishment. If. It's 20 percent you cannot deal with punishment, it's not going to help you. Want to hang twenty percent of the population. That's. Going to be worse than rape. And. That's. Not going to help. So. Punishment. People. Think is a deterrent, to. Some. Extent, it is maybe.

For. Most people it is not they. Will just try to do it more carefully. Yes. They. Will try to take, more precautions about, it. Maybe. Because. They have two more procore take more precautions it, may come down a little bit. But. Still what's. Happening, in one's mind and, how. It translates, into life is, the next step but, it's happening in your mind means. When. There's an opportunity it will happen in. Reality right. Now. It. Seems there are over. Five hundred. Rape. Video games. Very. Popular. The. Video games go like this. This. Very popular video, game goes like this a mother. With two daughters. Is. In a railway, station and. The. Video game is about how to rape the mother. If. You successfully do it you will get one of the daughters. This. Is a video game commercially. Being sold bought. In millions. Secretly. People playing these games in their homes or offices of, wherever under computers. We. Are nurturing, a sick world. And. We expect, it to not to happen in the railway station it will happen this. Time it's happened in a bus, and. This. Time it happened in the capital city so. It's big news whole. Country, and the media is on fine. Attention. Was needed for this but. If it happened in somewhere. Some. Local place. In. Some village in some little town, it. Would be just one more statistic or. It does not even become a statistic because, nobody reports such things. So. The. Important, thing is, this. Is not about rape, this. Is about what kind of human beings are we raising. Commerce. Has taken precedence over, humanity. Commerce. Is not about serving humanity, humanity. Is serving Commerce it doesn't matter what you can sow as long, as you can sell it you're doing great and you have to scale up. So. There. Is a lot of. Looking. At that humanity, has to do. One. Particular case, of rape has, brought the consciousness, of the nation to a certain brink. Using. This it's. Time that. We. Look at the essentials, of life whether. The crime, or violence, or forceful. Acts are committed against, a woman or a man. Or. A child. It's. The same thing it's. Not one is not different, from the other. If. We. Approve. One forceful, act and. The other one will naturally evolve, out of it. This. Must start from. The. Home situation. If. You can force feed your child you. Can be, forcefully, sexed also tomorrow I want, you to understand this this is how it starts. If. You think you can force feed your child. Force. Is okay as, long. As you get to do what you want to do, then. Everything. Else follows these. Are the offsprings, of that, we. Don't want to attend or, destroy. The root we. Just want to prune the surface because right now it hurts us, that. Is not a solution. It's. A. It. Is disheartening to see on the, national news channel, the discussion, is should we castrate them or not so. Today. If you castrate, a rapist, tomorrow. Cut off the hands of a thief cut. Off the head of somebody else who uses his brain. There. Is there is no limit to this this is not the solution. Whatever. Sympathies. You may have for the person who suffered the victim. We. Must look for more. Profound, solutions. More. Well thought-out solutions. Not, simply, reacting, reacting. To one violence, with another violence, is. Not going to breed. A right kind of society. Now. Is this in one society it is not. It. Is just that, in, some, societies the law enforcement. May be little better. Don't. Think. People. Are better no. Law. Enforcement. Is little better so, it's little more contained. In certain societies little. Less contained, in other societies. One. Way yes, protection. By law enforcement, is needed no question about that, but. Still a. Transformation. Where, law enforcement, can be limited to a small, percentage. Of criminals. He's. The society, we want to live in. We. Don't want a big segment, of population. Being, curtailed. By law enforcement alone. If, there is no policeman they will do something else, it's.

A Dangerous situation to live in the. Statistics, say that, 96. Percent of the rapes happen, within the home, law. Enforcement. Never ever gets involved in this. Ninety-six. Percent of the rapes, happen. Within, the four walls of the house. So. It never goes to the law so. This cannot be contained, by, law maybe. The, super, violent. Rape. Like what happened in Delhi could. Be controlled, to some extent, by law enforcement but. Not other things, the. Fundamental, thing is that. You want to possess. Humiliate. And subjugate, another human being. This. Is happening because, of a certain level of inadequacy, a certain. Level of incompleteness. Within, you that. Only, by, possessing, something. You. Will feel little better. Whether. To. Fulfill this possession you go shopping or you go raping. It's. The same thing. Something. Is inadequate, you. Want to fulfill this by getting something. This. Will find all kinds, of ugly expressions. Some. Of them you may think is harmless. But. If. You do this today and fulfill, yourself tomorrow, you would like to step it up to something else and something else and something else. It. Will not stop at one thing so. The solution, is not in just, containing. It the, solution is in transformation. Of the individual human being and nobody. Is willing to invest any time or, life to. Make this happen. Everybody. Wants, an instant, solution, go on the street protest. For two days and world, will change. World. Will not change, the. World has to change. First. Thing is willing to invest time for. My own transformation, only. If you are willing to invest time for your transformation. You. Are willing to invest time for, other people's transformation, because you understand, the value of what it is if. You are not willing to invest time, upon, your own transformation. Where. Is the question of doing anything for anybody's, transformation. If. You do not know the value of what it is, exponentially. You will never invest. You. Were. You. See this every day maybe you don't I do. Every. Day. Well. You have also seen morning. You get up, you. Want to do your yoga but every, day there's something more important, to do, than. Yoga, yes. Look, back in your life what great things have you done which are so important. There. Will be nothing great. But. When, you want to do your morning meditation. You. Will see there is something more important, - this. Means. You. Do not hold human, transformation as, a very, crucial, thing. You. Think it's an entertainment, you. Think it's a side thing to do. It's. Not the side thing to do it is the main thing to do. Transformation. Is the main thing to do if we, do not transform, individual, people. You. Just have to do with a world full of criminals, some. Will come it some will not come it some will do it on the video game some, will have the courage to do it on the street.

Closeted. Rapist or, street. Rapist, not, very different isn't it. Maybe. For the victim it's different, but. For the, world that we live in it's not different you're. Still living with such people isn't, it. So. If this has to change we, need to understand. That. Individual. Transformation is, the most, crucial thing if, we are not willing to invest on that. We, just have to do with what we have and worse, will come. Not. That it'll not come worse, will come, every. Time there. Is no law in a certain place every. Time a war happens. What. Happens there apart. From the killing what happens there is worse than the killing. Almost. Everywhere. So. These. Are all the, same people that you live with. These. Are your sons and husbands, and brothers. They. Are so nice. But. If if nobody's, watching them, they, are something else. Transformation. Means just this, that. Who, you are is not determined. By. Other. People's opinions, or, other people's presence you, are like this, somebody. Is there or somebody is not there this. Is the way you are this. Is transformation. If. This in. This direction humanity. Does not make an investment, in. This. Direction if every parent does not invest, upon their children to transform, them into. A. More. Inclusive human, being, inclusion. Just, means this. Technically. To. Bring it down to very technical, level, inclusion. Don't. Teach it in the name of love embracing. The world this and that inclusion. Just, means this that. Who. You are is not limited. To the. Absolute, boundary, of your physicality it. Is little more if. It's little more the. Very way you walk, on this planet the, very way you breathe, upon this planet the very way you exist, in this planet will, be different simply. Because. Your. Idea of who you are is, beyond, the boundaries of your physicality this, one thing happens to the human being suddenly. He is different in every possible way. Shiva. Shiva.

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Wow, Sadhguru is simply incredible. I mean knowing about rapleay, the game? One of the most psychological rape games ever created? This being has incredible insight, what a human to be alive and transmitting such important messages.

Very practical and useful information

give thanks ...... you very needed in the world

Laws should be made that people thinking of rape will think very hard. Laws are weak in India. This is why there is rape. The legal system in India is a mess.

And for $10000 thousand dollars Sadguru will help individuals understand who or what that potential is.

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