RYOBI 18V ONE+ HP Compact Brushless Official Release

RYOBI 18V ONE+ HP Compact Brushless Official Release

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Good morning everyone. Welcome, to our exclusive, ryobi, oneplus, product reveal. I'm bobby shaw, president, of the ryobi, power tools group, we're really excited to take you through a fantastic, new product launch today. We're here live in our anderson south carolina, facility. Uh we've got some potential, thunderstorms, coming we're doing our best to social distance so, if any technical difficulties, ensue we apologize. In advance. Hey i've gotten to know a lot of you guys over the years, i want to say i'm looking forward to, furthering, our relationship, and our partnership. We know we need to have a best-in-class. Partnership. With all of our media partners. And you can expect us to take that to the next level here at ryobi. Real quick i want to take a little bit of time to talk about, where the ryobi, brand has been. Where we are today. And where we're going in the future. You know if you think about where we've been. We're now over 20 years, into our exclusive, partnership, with the home depot, the number one home improvement retailer, in the world. Over that 20 years we've seen. The oneplus, platform, get started with just a handful of tools, that all use the same nicad, battery at the time. Fast forward a few years, those nica, batteries transitioned, to lithium ion. The tools transitioned, from blue to green. And all the while. We never left our customers, behind. Forward and backward compatibility. Has been of the utmost, importance to us here at ryobi. And we know our users appreciate, that, and they value that, they want to know that their tools and their batteries that they purchase at the home depot, are protected, and they're not going to go obsolete. So that's been a major focus for us. Where are we at today. We now have over, 175. Tools, on the oneplus, platform. That's over three times the number of tools, our next nearest competitor. In our class. A wide array of solutions, for users, to get extreme, value out of, we can't wait to take you through all the products that the team's been working on, but the team's been busy so far this year, we've, introduced, a few new products, like the oneplus, ratchet, a fantastic. Addition, to the oneplus, platform. Our lawn and garden team, introduced, the new oneplus.

Whisper Series blower. The quietest, blower, in the industry. All the power, without the noise. And right now we're actually launching in stores. Our new oneplus. Led. Tripod, light. Driving versatile lighting solutions, for the oneplus, platform. So where are we going in the future. You know for us it's simple. We need to keep growing. And part of that growth, a major part of that growth, is the oneplus, platform. Our mission is simple, and it's twofold. One. We need to continue, delivering new product innovation. Day in and day out, and we need to continue delivering, exceptional, value. To our customers. At the home depot. And number two, it's one thing to deliver the innovative, products, it's another thing to help users and customers. Understand, what they can do about those products, what they can do with them how they can drive value and productivity, in their lives, with those products. So you'll see us continue to inspire, diy. A lot more going forward, and you'll see that come to life in our sales, and our marketing and our product management going forward. So looking back at that number one mission and driving new product development. Our product management, team has been living on job sites. Understanding, what diy, users and pros on job sites. What their needs are, and how we can drive solutions. To meet their needs in the market. We are really excited to walk you through a brand new platform, today for the ryobi oneplus system. That we think hits on these needs. And today's users are asking for products, that are smaller, sleeker. More powerful than ever before. But our team has a good understanding, what those are, we're looking forward to walking you through that. So, without further ado, i'm really excited. To introduce, you to, the most advanced. The best performing. And the most ergonomic, tools, the oneplus system has ever. Seen. I. Ryobi, oneplus, hp. The compact, brushless, tools we're launching today. Are, the most advanced, the best performing, and the most ergonomic, tools, we've ever launched. We're really excited for our team to take you through over the next hour or so, all the product details. Our team has been living on job sites and understanding, what users needs are to deliver this platform. And i can assure you this is just the start for the oneplus, hp system, these products, and all the future products we launch here will drive exceptional, value for our customers, at the home depot. So i'm pleased to be joined by, brian myrtle, he's our vice president of product management. Brian and his team have been living on job sites delivering, these products, over the last several months, brian. I think it's time we take everyone through the product detail, i agree bobby thanks so much and folks i am so excited. To be a part of the launch of our new ryobi, oneplus. Hp. Compact, series of tools. So bobby mentioned earlier we've been living on job sites, we've been talking to our end users. Not only are diy-ers. And serious diy-ers. But also our fastest, growing, customer base and that's really our pros. We wanted to find out what are some unmet, user needs in the marketplace, today. We were out talking to people in the mro trades. Plumbers. Electricians. Mechanics. Hvac. And what we kept hearing was a common, theme. Kept telling us, we continue to use tools, over our head, we continue to use tools to try and access, confined, areas. And honestly, the options are limited in the marketplace, today. So what we wanted to do was come out with a diverse, lineup, of products. That meets the performance, demands of our users. But also in a very ergonomic. Compact, design. So we call these the oneplus.

Hp. Compact, tools. So what does hp stand for. Hp, stands for high performance. High performance, tools with advanced, technology. Like advanced electronics. Brushless. Motors. Lithium-ion. Batteries. We're pleased to say that the entire lineup. Of our oneplus, hp tools. Include, brushless, motors. That coupled with the advanced, internal, electronics. Allow us to make the most ergonomic. Most compact, tools. In their class. So folks what do we have in the lineup. You'll see we've got six new tools. As a part of the oneplus, hp. Product line. And it really starts out with the core of any tool system, and this is our new oneplus, hp, half inch drill. Again compact, size, the ability, to use this overhead, for long periods, of the day, without, sacrificing. Any performance. Features, and required, specs, that are essential, on a job site. From there we're going to talk about a great, example, of a compact, tool and this is our new, one plus hp, 3 8 inch right angle drill. And when i say compact. I mean it's the most compact, right angle drill in the marketplace. That allows our users to access, very tight confined, areas, that a traditional, drill, and quite honestly competitive, right angle drills cannot access. From there. We're going to talk about, what continues, to be the fastest, growing power tool on the market, it's an impact driver. Again we wanted to take as much size out of this tool as possible. Not sacrifice, the performance. With the ability, to drive screws, and fasteners. All day long. From there one of the most versatile, tools in the lineup is our new oneplus, hp, one handed recip saw. What i'm really excited about this is a new entry, into the oneplus, system, we've never carried a one-handed, recip saw before. But we kept hearing especially. From our plumbers and electricians. This is an essential, tool that they're looking for because they're countlessly. Using this tool overhead and full-size, resip saws just simply can't make the cut. From there we've talked to a lot of different automotive, users. And this is an essential, tool this is our new oneplus, hp. 3 8 inch, four mode, impact wrench, now we're going to talk about what four mode means in a minute but again. Just like the rest of the tools. Unbelievable. Performance. In a compact, size. And lastly, rounding out the lineup. Is our new oneplus, hp, three inch, multi-material. Cutoff tool, now the name really says it all it's multi-material. Which means the blades that come with this tool, allow, our users. To cut a wide, variety, of materials. From metal to wire racking to drywall. And plastic. Unbelievable, tool that takes advantage of its compact, nature, and, the ability to use it one-handed. Now we're proud to say that all of these tools are available, exclusively.

At The home depot. And homedepot.com. And now let's learn a little bit more about the tools in particular. So eric can you tell us a little bit more about the new oneplus, hp. Half inch drill, yeah thanks brian guys i'm excited to introduce, to you the new oneplus. Hp, compact. Brushless, half inch drill, as brian mentioned this is the staple of any power tool platform, because of its versatility. When we look at this tool, compared to where we were. Bobby mentioned, we've come a long way. And as you look at where we work, we know a lot of our users will have this drill today. Compared, to. Where they can go, we are thirty percent, more compact. And twenty percent, lighter weight, as brian mentioned our key users. Are working in confined, areas, and overhead. Those can find areas, in plumbing, applications. Electrical, applications. Mro. And in. Serious diy, applications. This smaller, size, and lightweight, is going to, be the perfect addition, to anybody's, toolbox. When we compare against the competition. We are still. More compact. And lighter weight than brushed competition, in the marketplace, today. As well as. Brushless, competition. In the marketplace, today both, more compact. And lighter weight, to meet those users needs, we've identified. Our users needs as being. Having a need for more compact, tools lighter weight and extended, run time. But most importantly. They don't want to sacrifice, power and features. So what we're going to show you here. Are typical, rough-in, applications. In plumbing and electrical, jobs. So we have one-inch hole saw that we're going to use to drill through a metal stud. Which you'll typically see, on a job site. What you just heard there, is our ratcheting, chuck. So this tool, has a ratcheting chuck to make sure that the bit is always secure. During these aggressive. Applications. So as you can see with up to 1700. Rpm. This tool has the speed, to complete. The job that you're going to see in typical applications, that the users will have. But what about power. We know that our tool needs the power, to get through wood studs, so with up to 400. Inch pounds of torque, this tool has the power it needs in a compact, size, to work not only in a confined, space, but overhead, as brian mentioned as many of our users. Are going to be working. Overhead. So as you can see the tool has the power it needs, to complete the application. In those tight spaces. And we can do it all day because of that light weight. So this tool is going to be available, exclusively. At the home depot. In multiple, kit, and bare tool configurations. Both in-store, and online. Some other key features that you'll see on this tool. Packed in a compact, size, or a two-speed, gearbox. Allows the user to customize, their speed, and power. During tough applications. We also have a 24-position. Clutch, that's common on all ryobi, drills. Allows users to both, drive, small fasteners. And larger, fasteners. By dialing, in that clutch. And finally. The tool has an led work light. It allows the tool, to illuminate, the workspace. In those confined, areas that before, users couldn't get into. With larger drills. So the tool has compact, size, it has lightweight. We talk about run time, brian there's a video that we have to show the runtime, of this tool that's exclusive, to the home depot. Against the competition. Yeah thanks eric again you really hit on the key parts right, unbelievable, performance. Compact. Size. We're not sacrificing. The performance, we're not sacrificing. Features, but what we really wanted to find out is we know it's got the performance, for heavy duty applications. But what type of runtime, are we able to achieve, so the video that we're going to show here is, the oneplus, hp half inch drill compared, to, a couple of the competitors, that are in the marketplace, today, two of the drills with the brushed motor and one with the brushless. Common application, in the industry. Using a half inch spade bit we wanted to find out how many holes could we drill on one battery charge. And what you'll notice in the far right is the first brush competitor, is able to achieve. 59. Half inch holes. Followed by the, next brush competitor, at 60. And a full size brushless, competitor, drilling just under 100 holes. But this is where oneplus, hp, really shines. We're able to achieve, 111. Holes. On one battery charge. But folks again that's only half the story. Because as eric had mentioned, this kit actually includes.

Two Battery, packs. So really for the same price as the brushless, competition. We include, two battery, packs. As opposed to their one, which means we're going to get, double the run time, we're going to get, much more perform, performance. And we're going to have the best, value. In the industry. Unbelievable. Tool, takes advantage, of its compact, size, without sacrificing, that performance. So folks what i want to talk about now is another. Drill. In the drill, category. And this is our new one plus hp. 3 8 inch right angle drill. And as i mentioned before this is a fantastic. Example. Of a tool that needs a compact, size. And again folks this is the industry's. Most compact. Right angle drill. Measuring, in at 3.6. Inches deep, allowing you to access, a wide variety. Of difficult, to reach areas. So jamie, can you tell us more about the new, one plus 3 8 inch right angle drill, all right hey everybody my name is jamie and today i'm here and excited, to talk to you all, about the new, oneplus. Hp. Compact, brushless, 3 8 inch right angle drill. This right angle drill was developed, hand in hand. With our end users whether that's our professional, electrician, and plumber. Or our homeowner, and serious diy-er. And we found, three areas. Absolutely. Critical, that we needed to deliver, on, to make sure that this tool was a smash, success. So that first area. Compact. Size. Number two. High performance, power. And three. Some advanced, technological. Features. Which help give our tool, some edge, over our competitors. Where we've seen some pain points for all of our users. So i mentioned that this tool is compact. I mentioned that this tool is powerful. I am proud today to say that this is the industry's. Most, compact. Right angle drill, and also has, best-in-class. Performance. This tool. Measures, in at 3.6. Inches, when you're measuring from the front of the chuck, to the reverse, of the tool, which we all know is a key dimension. When you're trying to get into confined, spaces. Comparing it to some of our competitors. You can see, that we really are, the most compact. Even though, they try and scoop away at the back of their tool to make this key dimension, smaller. We still, win, hands down. While this tool is small, and compact. It is full of power. Has enough power to complete your toughest, applications. Which we found are professional, users, doing day in and day out. So over behind me to my left. We have a rough-in, framed wall. Which is a common application, for your plumbers, or your electricians. As they're completing, rough-ins. This tool. Has all the power that it needs, in order to bust through.

This Double stacked, to buy material. Let's take a look at what that looks like. All the power to complete the. Job. This tool gets up to. 1700. Rpm, for fast drilling and driving. It also gets. Two, times. The amount of torque as our previous brushed unit, with up to 350. Inch pounds of torque. Which will be really helpful. As you step into bigger fasteners. So any kind of, one inch or larger spade bick that's where it's really going to come in handy. This tool is compact. It is powerful. And it's also, feature heavy with a lot of things that will make this a really great experience for our users. We realized, when taking these tools out into the field, every day, that there were a lot of pain points in some of our competitors, and we wanted to make sure, to eradicate, those. So starting from the top, we have a 3 8 inch, single sleeve chuck, that has a unique knurling, design. So you can grab it, and tighten and loosen your bits. With gloves, or without. We also have a two-speed. Gearbox, on the back of the tool. Which allows the user to customize, their speed to their application. Just below the chuck you'll see an led, light. That actuates, when the trigger is pulled, and stays, on, after the trigger, has been released. For up to 10 seconds. To make sure that whatever, application, they're doing. You can really see, what you're getting at. A lot of times when our plumbers or electricians, are completing their rough-ins, there's no electricity, on the job. So that light helps ensure precision. And finally, my most favorite, feature about this tool. Is the ergonomic. Paddle trigger. Compared to our brushed unit, we've really upgraded, the amount of size that this trigger has. In order to make it multi-position. So that means, that whether our user is in a tight spot where they might need a little bit more control over this tool. They can. Grab it from the top. And have, full control, over the variable speed. They can also grab it from the primary. Position, down here. Say they need to put their hand on the back for some extra power. And still grab that full speed which is really great. It's also really helpful, for again those overhead. Or hard to reach applications. So this tool is compact. It is powerful. And it is full of features that make it a really great experience. For our users. It is sold, exclusively. To the home depot. As a bear tool in stores and will be online as a bear tool. In multiple configurations. So i'm going to pass it back to brian, and he's going to show us a video of where this compact, size, the industry's. Most compact, right angle drill. Comes in handy, on the job. Thanks jamie just like you said it's the industry's, most, compact. Right angle drill, and that's really important because, our users, have been telling us they need more compact, tools. They need a smaller, right angle drill, to be able to access, some of these hard to reach areas like you pointed out, so what we wanted to show you on this video, is how our stacks, up in. In terms of size. So some of the leading competitors, that are out there they just don't fit the bill they're not able to access to drive that screw, to install that electrical, box. Really the ryobi, oneplus, hp, 3 8 inch, two speed right angle drill, is the only one on the market that's going to allow you. To access, that application. Drive the screw properly. And oh by the way not sacrifice. Any features, or performance. As jamie pointed out we've got double the torque that we had on our previous version, the industry's, most compact, and a very ergonomic. Paddle trigger, that makes using this tool an absolute, breeze. Unbelievable. Value exclusively, at the home depot. So folks switching gears here i'm going to go from the right angle drill, to our new oneplus, hp.

Quarter Inch impact driver and what i mentioned earlier is this continues, to be the fastest, selling. Tool on the marketplace, today, we cannot, sacrifice, on performance. So nick can you tell us a little bit more about the new oneplus, hp. Quarter inch impact driver. Yeah thanks brian, so this is another really great example of a tool that we developed in the hands of our industry professionals. Where we saw them doing overhead, and repetitive. Fastening, applications, all day long. So we understand, that these users are looking for a compact, lightweight, solution. That's still going to deliver the performance. And the runtime, that they rely on to get their jobs done day in and day out. That's why i'm proud to tell you that this tool is going to be 26, percent more compact. And it's going to be 23. Lighter weight than this full-size, brushed impact driver we sell in stores today. But on top of that we've paired this with a brushless, motor. That's going to deliver that performance. And the runtime, to outperform. Brushed and brushless competition, out on the marketplace, today. And when we go back to talking about size. We're still going to be more compact. Than these competitors, as well. Both brushed and brushless. So you can see that here. But we didn't stop there. We wanted to invest in a feature set that would, reduce downtime, for end users. That's why we've included features like an led work light, which is going to illuminate those low light conditions. And prevent them from from having to find another tool to maybe accommodate, that. Situation, that they find themselves, in, we've also included a variable speed trigger to deliver the precision. For all the jobs that they're going to be encountering. And finally. We've included, a single one-handed, bit release, collet which is going to make bit changes quick and effortless. So we know that the feature set is going to be right at home on a job site. But how about performance. Now this tool is going to have 3 800, impacts per minute. Which means that driving these, these smaller fasteners, like these deck screws, and that key application, of building decks that i mentioned before. It's going to make that job a. Breeze. It doesn't have a problem at all with these smaller fasteners. But what happens when more torques required when we step up into a more demanding application, where we're joining large pieces, of lumber together. And we need to drive a bigger fastener. Now this tool is going to have, 1700. Inch pounds of torque, which is more than enough power to drive something like a lag screw. And that savings, and weight. Is really going to save their arm at the end of the day. The weight savings you see here, is going to allow me to keep doing this back to back to back all day. Long. So we know the tool is capable, on a job site when it comes to performance. And feature set, but where can i buy this tool it's going to be available exclusively, at the home depot. Where you're going to find it in stores in a variety of kits from two tool combo kits to a single tool kit, but you're also going to be able to find it online at homedepot.com. In a variety of kits as well as just a bear tool.

And So i've mentioned, all of the great aspects of this tool but i also mentioned that we have some pretty impressive runtime, figures. So brian we put together a video that. Showcases. That run time in a key application, like building a deck would you mind showing it to them for me yeah i'd love to nick again i think you did a good job of going through what the features, are, showing the power the performance, the speed. That we're actually able to achieve with 1700. Inch pounds of torque, 3 800, impacts per minute, but again it comes down to performance, and productivity. So what we wanted to find out is how many screws could we actually drive so a typical, application. Driving two and a half inch deck screws, so what you'll see on the video here is a couple of the competitors, we've got fully charged. Batteries. Utilizing, the same, uh accessory, we're gonna see how many two and a half inch deck screws. Can we actually drive. On a fully charged battery. So what you'll see on the very far right that's one of the leading. Brushed competitors, in the marketplace. And it's able to achieve, 114. Screws. On one battery, charge. The closest brushless competitor, is able to drive 182. Screws, and this again is really where oneplus, hp shines. Because our new impact driver is able to drive. 211. Two and a half inch deck screws, but much like the drill i had mentioned earlier that's only half the story. Because this tool comes with two battery, packs, essentially, doubling, that run time, so we're actually able to achieve. Over, 400. Screws. Due to the two battery packs that come in the kit, and by the way it's a far, better value than the competition. Our nearest brushless competitor, comes with one battery, at 139. Dollars and simply can't keep up from a performance, perspective. Again, great tool, compact, size. Not sacrificing. Anything in terms of power, performance. Features, and value. So folks next in the lineup. Is one of the most versatile tools that we have and this is our new, oneplus, hp, one handed recip saw, and as i mentioned before this is a new entry, into the oneplus, system, we kept hearing from our users, that this was going to be a tool that they were going to take advantage, of, so grayson if you would can you tell us more about the new one-handed resip sock absolutely, brian, guys like brian mentioned my name is grayson, and i'm here to talk to you about our brand new, compact. One-handed, recip saw. When looking at some of our full-size. Recip saws, out there on the market today. They can be big, they can be bulky. Oftentimes. They're heavy. They don't really warrant, one-handed, use. And they're hard to get in all those, tight. Hard to get to places, like in a crawl space, or even an attic because the unit is just too big. When you buy a recip saw. You want it to tear down material. Get it out of the way fast, both effectively. And efficiently. So that you can move on to your next job. Which is exactly, why, we created, our brand new, compact. One-handed, recip saw. When we made this unit we set out to do three things. First. Make it compact. Then we wanted to make sure that it was lightweight. And finally, that it had plenty of power, to get all of the most common, applications. On a job site that you're going to find today. Let's take a look at the compact, size of this tool as you can see this is very compact. For a recip saw. In fact. It is 31, percent more compact, than our full-size, recep saw that is out there on the market today, this makes it great, for getting into, all of those hard-to-reach. Tight, areas. Like in a crawl space, underneath a cabinet, or even in an attic, where you need all the power of a full-size, recep saw.

In A compact, size. Next, let's take a look at the lightweight, aspect, of this tool, guys this tool is 24. Percent, lighter, than our full-size, recip saw that is out there on the market today as well. This means you don't have to worry about user fatigue. Setting in when you're using it for long periods of time, you can now take it into those hard to reach, tight areas, you can even use it overhead. When trimming a door frame, cutting pvc, pipe emt, pipe. Or even pruning, outside, in your yard, without ever having to worry about taking a break. Guys you can use this unit, all day long. Finally, let's talk about the actual power. Of this unit here in a minute i'm going to show you, just how easy it is to cut through all of these different materials, that you're going to find on the job site but let's talk about the power first. This unit is going to come with, 3 000, strokes per minute, so you're going to be able to tear through, all of your common applications, like wood metal and plastic, and never have to worry about not having enough power to get through all of those different materials. All right guys so we've talked about power. Let's check out how this tool actually. Does. So in our first application, here, we just have simply. To buy material. Which is what, homeowners. Di, wires. And general contractors, are going to see on a regular basis when demoing, on the job site day in and day out. Let's see how it performs. As you can see, it cut through that with ease. Another great feature that we added on this tool. Is the easy release blade lever, so when you're using the tool for long periods of time, and the blade just gets too hot you don't want to touch it or you simply want to switch to a different style of blade to cutting. To cut some of these other styles of material. You can simply just pull this lever. The blade drops out you never have to touch it. You pop your new blade in. And you're ready to go. Let's see how it performs, on pvc, pipe which is what plumbers are going to see, day in and day. Out. Guys as you can see it cut through that like butter. Another feature that we added on this unit, for when you're getting into those more dense materials. Like metal or there's more aggressive cutting applications.

We Added a secondary. Hand location. So that the user can have complete, control. All the way through their cut, every single time. So let's see how it does against, emt, which is what some of our electricians, are going to see on the job site, day in and day. Out. As you can see it had no problem with that either. So you've seen how, powerful, this tool is, in its compact, size, but let's take a look at some of the other features that you're going to see on this tool as well. We offer a 5 8 inch stroke length here on the front of the tool for cutting through all of those materials. Fast and effectively. We then added a pivoting, shoe. This pivoting, shoe will automatically, adjust to the different contours, you're going to come across on the job site, which will reduce, vibration. And overall user fatigue. I mentioned earlier you're going to take this tool into dark areas, so we added an led, light to make sure that you can, maintain, your cut line, every single time when you're in those areas where you don't have a ton of illumination. Guys i mentioned earlier as well we have an easy release blade lever, for quick and easy blade changes. And then finally, a variable speed trigger, so that the user can ensure that they control the unit, completely. From the beginning of their cut. All the way to the end of their cut. Guys this is going to be offered as a bear tool in stores. And a couple variations, of combo kits online, exclusively, at the home depot. Here in a minute brian is going to show you a video. Where you really get a sense for just how fast our unit is when comparing, it against some of the competition, that is out there on the market. Brian you mind kicking that off for me please i'd love to grayson, thanks and again i think he did a great job of showing how versatile, this tool is, how compact, it is the performance. That it really has. But again much like the drill and the impact driver we really wanted to find out how much productivity. Can we achieve with this particular, tool. So what we've done is we grabbed one of the leading competitors, we want to do a head-to-head, test, and you'll notice in this video here we've got a 10 pound weight tied to the front of our unit as well as the competition. We wanted to find out how long would it take to make five cuts. Into a two by eight, common, application, that we hear from our end users. And you'll notice the ryobi one plus hp resip was only. Only took 47. Seconds. To make those five cuts. As opposed to the competition, it took over three minutes. To accomplish, that same task. Again, it's all about productivity. Time is money. We're able to save our customers, money we're able to get our jobs done much quicker. At an unbelievable. Value, as it comes in much lower retail than the competition, as well. Folks before we transition, into the next uh tool in the lineup, i do want to make sure that you're aware on the screen you can pose, several different questions. Through the questions module we're going to have a q a session at the end of this as well, so please feel free to ask us any questions about the new launch, of the oneplus, hp compact, products. So now we're going to transition, into another tool, that is sure to be a home run with our automotive, enthusiasts. Folks this is our new oneplus, hp, 3 8 inch, four mode. Impact wrench. So nick can you tell us a little bit more about this great tool, yeah thanks brian, so like we've been alluding to this is a tool that's really going to be at home in a mechanic shop. And that really is because that's where this tool was developed. So we understand that the nature of that business is that there really is no space to work with. And that's exactly why we made this tool thirty one percent, more compact. And twenty nine percent lighter weight than this full-sized, brushed three-eighths inch impact wrench we sell in stores today. But on top of that we've paired this tool with a brushless motor that's gonna produce 160. Pounds of torque for all the jobs that we're going to be encountering, in a mechanic shop or a garage. And on top of that to deliver the durability. And the run time to keep up with these mechanics, in their daily jobs. But we didn't stop there we continued to invest in technology. That would introduce, convenience, to the shop. We wanted to make these jobs quicker and easier to accomplish, with the feature set that we paired with this tool. That's why we've included, a variable speed trigger to deliver precision. For the end users whenever they're working with a different kind of material. We've included, a 3 8 inch anvil with a with a friction ring that's going to provide secure, socket retention, but still allow for easy socket interchange.

Between Jobs. And when i talk about technology. We've included an led work light that's going to illuminate the naturally low light environment that working on cars is. And also a four mode speed control board that brian mentioned earlier before. Now this is still going to feature traditional, low medium and high speeds that you see in our impact wrench today. But now it's also going to include an auto mode which is a specialty, mode, that in forward is going to prevent over fastening. But it'll still allow you to drive, in full speed. What that means is that you can drive. Plastic, fasteners, or drive into a lighter gauge metal without worrying about damaging, the customer's, vehicle. So, how is that going to work, in ford. It's going to drive at full speed again. Until it detects a resistance. And at which point it's going to shut off the tool and allow you to come in with a torque wrench and torque that to factory spec. And in reverse. You'll see that the tool is going to be able to adapt, to the fastener that you're putting it to. So on a lower torque fastener like a sway bar end link that we have down here at the bottom. It's going to be able to tell that this is lower torque. So it's going to break that free with full force and drop right down into low speed and allow you to safely back that out, now this is going to be really helpful when you're working in an engine bay i know this is a, suspension, component. But if you're working in an engine bay or even here underneath a small car. This is going to keep you from having to remove yourself, from the job at hand. And spend, valuable, time, searching for that lost fastener. So let's see how this does, in auto mode with this lower torque. Fastener. So. Let's try that again that one wasn't torqued down. So clearly, when i have it in the right mode i wasn't three on that first one, it's gonna it's gonna keep me from dropping that fastener, so you saw really clearly what that advantage, is. But when we start talking about larger fasteners, higher torque fasteners like a caliper mount caliper mounting bracket bolt, that you see here in the middle, that's torqued about 80 foot pounds the tool is going to recognize, this and in that auto mode, it's going to break that free with full force again, but then the tool is going to deactivate. So what that's going to allow me to do is either come in by hand and safely remove that fastener.

Or Again i can just recycle, the trigger. And then i can safely, safely back that out without risk of dropping that once again, saving me time in the event that the fastener runs away from. Me. So you see, no risk of dropping the fastener, there. And finally, this tool is going to have 160, foot-pounds of torque that means that it's going to be able to tackle some of these really large applications, like lug nuts. And so again that auto mode is going to be beneficial, here because if you can imagine. I'm a diy, or i'm a customer who has this in my car, and i have a flat tire on the side of the road at night, the led work light is not only going to allow me to see what job i'm working on. But that auto mode is going to keep me from dropping the fastener, into the ditch where i have to spend more time on the side of the road searching for it. So once again, no drop fasteners. So, i mentioned that this tool has 160. Foot-pounds of torque, we know that mechanics, aren't going to be the only people using an impact wrench. I mentioned decking earlier as an example on the impact driver, there are some users who are going to be encountering, these larger fasteners, every single day when they're doing construction, applications. And this tool with that 160. Foot-pounds, of torque is going to be able to accomplish, those tasks. So we put together two videos here one better showing you that forward auto mode function. And also one showing you how capable this is in that construction, environment. But before i kick it over to brian to show you that, i want to tell you that this tool is going to be available, exclusively. At the home depot, where you'll find it in stores as a bear tool, but online you'll be able to find that in a multitude, of kits. As well as a bare tool offering as well, so brian can you show them those videos for me yeah i'd be happy to nick thanks a lot and just an awesome great feature this auto mode that really puts the. Much better control into the user's hands but, as we saw you can also bypass, that right, just by, simply pushing that button you can have. Different variable. Speed settings, in high, medium, and low. So nick did a great job of showing how auto mode works in reverse. To have better control of those fasteners. But it's probably, as important or maybe even more important. To utilize, that in forward as we don't want to over, tighten we don't want to over torque. Fasteners, especially, in an automotive, application. So what you're going to see on this video is a is an application, under a, hood of the car, and you'll notice that it drives the fastener, so it's. Seated properly. But then it stops, torquing, that down. What i can then do is take the tool, off of the fastener, i can grab my torque wrench and then i can apply the factory recommended, torque, to that particular, bolt. Really great feature that's not going to damage, your vehicle. From there nick also mentioned that a popular, application, for impact wrenches, is out in a construction, site. We see users. Using this tool in a variety, of job sites, because. With that 160. Foot pounds of torque, not only does it have the ability to remove, a wide array of lug nuts, but it also has the ability, and the power to drive.

Large, Fasteners, like you're going to see on this video. This is a 3 8 inch by 4 inch lag screw, and you'll notice it has no problem driving these screws, repetitively. In fact you're able to drive, dozens, of these types of, screws. Into pressure treated material. With ease. So again. Very versatile, tool that our automotive, enthusiasts, are sure to get to be excited about, but also, will be a welcome addition to the people on a job site, as well, with great features like the four mode, the auto mode. And. The friction ring for proper and secure, socket retention. So folks from there we're going to transition, into the last tool in the lineup, and this is our new one plus hp. Three inch. Multi, material, cutoff tool, and as i mentioned earlier it's all in the name. It's multi-material. Which means, with the three blades that are packed in the box. You're able to cut a wide variety, of materials. Everything, from drywall. To wire shelving, diamond, plate metal. So brandon, can you give us a little bit more information, on this awesome tool yeah sure i'm more than happy to talk about this, so, just like brian said with the multi-material, cutting capabilities, of this tool is great for, any end user. So. Just like brian said we can cut, diamond plate. Wire shelving. Threaded, rod. Steel. Aluminum. Copper. You can cut plastics, like pvc. Vinyl siding. Materials, like tile such as ceramic, and porcelain. And sheet goods like drywall. So, because of all these different cutting applications. All of our end users will find the same key features and benefits of this tool. Helpful. So with our powerful brushless motors we produce, 19500. Rpm, in both forward and reverse cutting directions, giving you enough power to get through all those tough applications. Like steel, tile and cement board. Next is the multi-material. Cutting capabilities. With our three included blades. We include, a metal cut off wheel, a carbide abrasive blade, and a tile blade, for the best out of box experience. And finally, is the compact, ergonomic. One-handed, design, so if you're cutting, overhead. Or in tight cramped, areas, this tool has the power to get it done. A couple of other features, on this tool that make it a very.

Wide. Application. Tool. We have dual led, lights, one on the front to illuminate, your forward cutting, and one on the foot to illuminate, any reverse cuts. And like i said with our multi-material. Cutting capabilities. We include three blades, out of the box. For the best av box experience. We also have an adjustable, guard. So if you're in tighter, cutting areas, you can still get the perfect angle you need to finish out your cut. We also include a wire base to help with stability, and support when you're cutting into larger materials. Such as. Tile, and drywall, in cement board. So now that i've talked about this tool let's go ahead and show you what it can do. So, for demonstration, purposes. I have two tools, this first one has the carbide abrasive blade and we'll use this to cut vinyl siding. And this is a very common application. For homeowners. Or maintenance, techs. So we'll go ahead and cut in reverse for this first one. And just like on our drills. You can switch the direction. By flipping the switch, and you're ready to go. And as you see this tool is very quick and very powerful. So now we'll go on to our wire shelving. This is a very common application. If you're cutting, or if you're, doing a closet update or adding shelving to a. Garage. And brian talk about a labor saving device, if i had to do this by hand i would have to get bolt cutters, and cut each one of these pieces individually, which takes a lot of time. And so last but not least is our quarter inch steel, you might see this, as an hvac. Technician, or if you're a homeowner, and you have a trailer that needs. A couple of repairs. It has no problem getting through. This. So as you saw this tool has plenty of power to get through all your tough applications. This tool is available exclusively, at home depot. As, a bear tool and online, also in different kit configurations. So i'm going to send this back over to brian so that he can do some other, application, related, cuttings, with this. Thanks brandon, again. Compact, size ergonomic, design, utilized. Or, able to be utilized, with one hand, again it's all in the name it's multi-material. So what you can see on the screen here is basically. A graphic that shows some of those other materials, that we're able to, cut through with this tool, everything, from the wire. Shelving, and the pvc, or the vinyl siding. That brandon, already performed. But other materials, like drywall, like diamond plate. It's got an onboard, wrench storage so blade changes, are very fast and convenient, and again, inside, the box it comes with, three different blades. To be extremely.

Versatile, As soon as you bring it home. So folks that really rounds out the lineup of the new oneplus, hp, compact, products, again as i mentioned if you have any questions, thus far of what you've seen, please post them through the question module. But i'd be remiss, if i didn't talk about, the most important, part of this whole system. And that's what really powers, all of these tools. And folks we also have a new, one plus. 1.5. Amp hour battery. Now what we've heard from our users is folks, we need to, make these batteries, as compact, as possible. And by the way we really need to integrate. Fuel gauges on all of our battery packs, we haven't done that until now, and you'll notice with our new battery pack we have oversized. Fuel gauge, so our users are always going to know what the state of charge is on their battery pack. And, in the most, compact, design, that we've ever offered, as a part of the oneplus, system. But what's great about this battery pack is really in the name. Oneplus. As bobby mentioned in the beginning it's all about compatibility. Our goal is to never leave a customer, behind. So just like this battery, pack powers, all of our new, oneplus, hp compact, products. It will also power any of the tools that you may have at home, or on the job site, clear back, to 1996. But again we also want to make sure, that the tools take advantage, of any of the battery packs that we've, previously. Produced. So if you have one of our, previous, generations, of battery packs. Rest assured. That it's fully compatible. With all of the battery packs you may have at home, or currently available. At the home depot. But again when it comes to compatibility. Bobby, it also means that this needs to be forward, compatible. Right, that's right brian you and your team have been extremely, busy. Uh you're working late hours you guys are you're working on a lot more than these six products right that's true as you can see there's a lot of different products underneath this tablecloth.

We Are so excited, about the new lineup of the oneplus, hp compact, products, but rest assured, as bobby mentioned earlier on this is really the start of a revolution. When it comes to product development, with ryobi. We have a lot more products that we can't wait to show you in the near future, that are going to be compatible, with this battery pack, and really extend, the lineup, of oneplus, hp, i think we'll have to plan another one of these to do that brian i agree and i can't wait. So joining me on my left folks you see bobby shaw who you met previously. On my right is drew patrick he's our senior vice president of product management, and we've got jess kind of behind the camera from our marketing team just did we get any questions come through, during the presentation. Absolutely, a lot of great questions, and we'll filter some of them here if your questions, aren't answered, audibly, on screen. We will follow up with you directly, so we're going to lead off with a question, for drew. What was the mission. Of the oneplus. Hp, launch for ryobi. The oneplus hp launches, has been something that we have been planning researching, working hard at for a long time, when we sat down and we thought about what is that next generation, of oneplus, tool look like, we knew that the first thing that we had to do was we had to just get out and work with our end users and work on job sites work in people's garages. Work with. Newly aspired diy-ers. To, understand, what are the key applications. And the mission, was was quite simple and that was to produce the absolute, best in class tools that we could, most ergonomic, designs. Lightest weight, most powerful, to accomplish, the job, and as you saw today, we accomplished that mission dead-on, but the fun part about this though is as we, designed, these tools we realized that there was a whole group of other tools, that were that we needed to do right after that so as brian and bobby alluded to, there's a lot more coming here in the very near future that have that same mission. Awesome, and i think. Everybody, watching, is as excited, as i am to get these tools in the hands see what our users say who have been using, ryobi, oneplus tools for years or maybe this is the first oneplus, tool we get in some users hands i think they're going to be well pleased. The next question we will hand over to bobby. And i think drew kind of teed us up there, well we see oneplus. Hp, pro. Proliferate. Into different departments. At the home depot. Namely. Lawn and garden. Yeah i mean our entire building here between the power tool team and the lawn and garden team. Is looking at how we can take this one plus line across a wide array of solutions. And deliver that performance, and that size and that. Ergonomic, nature that users want so, uh you can rest assure that this is just the beginning, of the oneplus, hp line and there will certainly be some more, uh, outdoor and power tool one plus hp products. Great, next question is for brian this just came in, a little product specific. Uh but does the cut off tool except the common, three inch wheels, available, in stores now, yeah it matter of fact it does it's. Any of the wheels that are available at home depot. Are compatible, with this it has a 3 8 inch arbor we also include a 7 16, inch flange, so no matter what brand of wheels that are available, it's sure to be compatible, with that, but again we want to make sure that the out-of-box, experience, is positive. So we include, three blades, in the box so you're ready to go, as soon as you bring that tool home. Great, uh next question, is for drew, well the ryobi. Oneplus. Hp. Compact. Brushless, tool lineup, be replacing, current oneplus. Tools in the home depot. Now the tools that you saw today they're they're intended to complement, the lineup that's within the home depot, so we have. This outstanding, line of tools that some of them are more specific. To the applications, that you saw today but, they certainly.

Will Not replace. The tools that are within the home depot today they'll complement, the lineup so we can make sure that we cover every one of our end users needs whether they're the aspiring, diy, or all the way up to, the um the professional, user. Great next question, we'll go over to brian. Uh you talked about the new sleek battery. The exaggerated. Four bar battery display, on the front there, well we see that, uh throughout, the oneplus, battery lineup moving forward, yeah absolutely, jess so. As bobby mentioned early on we've been living on job sites we've been talking to endless, users. And really there was a couple of things that they really wanted to see when it comes to oneplus, number one they wanted to make sure that we were making our battery packs as compact, as possible. And as i mentioned this is the most compact, battery pack we've ever developed, for ryobi one plus. But the other thing that we heard is, hey ryobi, team we want to see fuel gauges on all the battery packs and we want to make sure that those fuel gauges are high visibility. So you'll notice this is an oversized. Fuel gauge that we have so we want to make sure when you're using the tools, you always know what the state of charge is, so absolutely, we're going to continue with this design trend, as we stay on top of the latest in technological. And, advancements. We're going to incorporate, fuel gauges we're going to continue to make these battery packs, as compact, as possible, so they marry very well, not only with their new compact, lineup, but some of the future products that we're working on as well. Great bobby. Lots of excitement, behind the head-to-head, videos that everybody just got to see. Notice that all the tools are grayed out when you think about ryobi's, competitors. What do you look at and maybe can you tease to who some of those tools were. No we we want to keep the focus on the ryobi oneplus, hp line, uh. Clearly we know that we have a competitive, set in a wide array of different retailers. You know in the consumer diy, space. You know for ryobi it's all about the oneplus, line and we've got a lot of oneplus, products that you know hit diy-ers. And even pros. Needs and drive exceptional, value, and then this oneplus, hp line delivers another level of, performance. That we know users will find value in as well so it's a good complement to the line today. Great, drew, question kind of piggybacking, on that one so there was there's conversations. About the tools that are available, in home depot today, and we know that there are brushless, tools available, in home depot today what really differentiates.

Oneplus, Hp, from existing. Oneplus, brushless, yeah the lineup of tools you saw today i think each one of the, individual, product managers took you through how much more, how much smaller, each one of the tools was how much more lighter weight they are, which gives that user the ability, for either extended run time or, an extended. Time on the job site without. Really. Getting, exhausted, or tired on the job site so the compact nature of the product the lightweight nature of the product, really differentiates. These products from some of the other products we have on the shelf right now. Awesome we're going to have one for brian and then i'll have a final, question that we'll hand over to bobby. Brian can you talk about the warranties. That are associated, with the products, that we showed today yeah we're going to continue with the warranty that we have we've got a three-year, warranty. We know that the tools that we make, they need to withstand, the demands, not only from our diy, user base but also this growing, customer, segment that we have, in the pro market. We fully stand behind our, behind our products we're committed to the relationship, that we have with the home depot as well and you're going to see that warranty. And that those service levels continue. With ryobi oneplus moving forward. Great and the final question for bobby again a reminder for everybody, watching, if your question is not answered live we will follow up with you directly, following this event. Um and feel free to reach out to us if you don't get your question, in the portal today. Um so bobby. Final, question. As the media. Takes in this whole event, there's a whole lot of excitement. When can they start talking about it, um and share it with their users and followers, now as soon as this event is over let's go, um. Hey we're gonna send out an entire, launch uh communication. That'll have all the, the photos, all the information, that you probably want if there's anything that we haven't answered by all means contact, us and we'll get you the necessary, info. Uh these products are gonna be available, in stores in early september, they'll be available on homedepot.com. A few weeks prior in mid-august. Really looking forward to having these in the market so, i want to thank all the team here that's uh, worked tirelessly, to bring this to you guys virtually, i want to thank all of you for joining us today understand, that, everyone's, schedules are busy and it's a hectic time right now, uh but hopefully you were able to get out of this you know virtual. New product launch, uh just what we, uh know you'll experience, you know hands-on, in person so, i can't reiterate, enough that, this is a revolution, for us going forward, we have a new way of looking at product development, here, at ryobi, and what you're going to see going forward, is just continued, innovation.

A Continued, better understanding, of our customers, on the diy. Side and on the pro side, and understanding, what we can do to drive value for them day in and day out. I want to thank brian, and drew and all the product management, and the engineering, teams, this product line has been a lot of hard work. And effort to bring it to market in the last few months. If you guys have a notice i have brian, certainly has a future as a game show host i think after this but, we want to keep him around as a product manager because he does a pretty good job at that as well so. Thanks to the teams there but hey, thanks a lot everybody we look forward to seeing you in the future, and, we'll see you soon take care. Thanks. Everyone. You.

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