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Fishing time! Who remember fish fingers? Hi my name is Ania Lucinska and this is my channel where you're going to find out a little bit more about automotive from the female point of view. Share, like, subscribe, and right now we are starting the new episode of 'Lucinska Shows'. In today's episode - The Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge This is Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge This is the first in the history Rolls Royce which has ... red callipers Well, did you think I'm going to start by saying that this is first in the history Roll's SUV or that It is named after the Cullinan diamond, the largest diamond ever found at 3100 carats in 1905. Well, no I didn't want to start so cliché because Rolls Royce is not cliché.

By the way Rolls doesn't want this car to be called SUV because this is something completely different and unique. He believes that instead of the SUV nomenclature, in Roll's opinion, is better to describe it as 'all-terrain high bodied car'. Why? Because Rolls can and got its holly right to do so. Black Badge is a unique version of the range that you can find not only in Cullinan but also in other models like Wraith or Dawn. It is not about the black color of the exterior at all, but about ...

just like my sunglasses which I will put on now - black elements which in other models are chromed. Here they are chromed but… in black color. Like for instance the grille, black statue the Spirit of Ecstasy, window frames, black emblems, black boot strip, and black mudguard strip. Well ok, maybe not all the elements here are black because for instance this door handles are still shiny and chromed. This however in not the only highlight of the Black Badge version, because if you're going to get to know this version closer, it means - increased engine power.

We are looking underneath the bonnet, we are opening it, and here it is, the 6.75 liter V12 engine. And in this version, we have about 30bhp more, so all together 600bhp. Yeah, yeah, you heard right. This is one of the best balanced and evenly working engines in the world. You don't believe it? We will make a little test. There we go. Here I have a coin like this, a special one. I will now put it on the engine, and let's see if the coin will fall over.

As we can see, the coin is not falling over. So, we have this test passed! Right, are we staying outside, or are we going inside? Maybe let's make the coin decide - tails we are staying outside, heads we are going in. Tails! We are staying outside. Now it is time for a line in Rolls.

Obviously, I mean this line. Imagine these pinstripes are painted by the only one man in the whole world. Mark Court - is who we are talking about, also called 'The hand of Goodwood', he is painting this nearly 6m long pinstripes. He will not even slightly move the brush! But what kind of life this poor guy has! Imagine, for over 20 years he is painting these pinstripes and he can't even go for a holiday in case he will break his arm, because what will happen then…? The whole Roll's production is stopped! I've heard he trained a girl for two years and she resigned because as she said, 'it is to monotonic job'. Well, I am not surprised. The designers of this car have made everything for this massive SUV which is 5m 32cm long and is 20cm longer than Bentley Bentayga, to look like a Rolls Royce and… it does. This is the first SUV in the history of the company from Goodwood and to be fair, many visual tricks have been used.

For instance, in here, windscreen. Normally, the bottom line of the windscreen is in line with the lower edge of the side windows. But not here. Not in the Cullinan. Why is that? The Cullinan windshield is smaller, and the side windows are much larger. This type of stylistic trick gives light and open the line of the car, and the front is more massive and bulkier.

There is more tricks like this in here. For example, some could ask, where is the wiper? Where is it ?! Did someone take it? Nope. It is hidden right up there, under the spoiler. Why? Just to make it look nicer and so there is no elements sticking out. That's why. Since we are in the back, maybe let's see how big the boot capacity of this Rolls is. There you go. First the top of the boot has opened and now the bottom part of the tailgate will open. Before I will tell you about the suitcase, have a look, everything will get closed by one button! The interesting fact is that this is the first production Rolls Royce that has a split tailgate, so the windscreen lifts up with the top part of it. Right, now we are coming back to our boot.

My dear, women shouldn't be putting in the luggage by themselves, and not only in case it is Rolls Royce by other cars too. Yes, yes, dear gents, good manners above all. So, Alfred is going to help me with it. Alfred! Lucinska's suitcase test Maybe I will help you a little bit. Thank you so much Alfred, thank you. Yeah, back to the camera, perfect. My dear, 526 liters - that is the boot capacity according to the producers, but I am not sure if that is true in this configuration. Why?

Have a look in here. This boot is lifted a little bit and why is that? That is why! Oh, I must keep pressing it. There we go! What is going on in here? These are not the double toilets! These are the seats.

Things like this only in Rolls! And with these seats you can do many things or rather, ON these seats you can do many things For instance, you can go fishing. You can go to savannah and observe lions and elephants or other wild animals. You can have a meal on the fresh air. Or the two of you can watch the romantic sunset. Now I am going to invite you to the more comfortable seats, which are those inside.

Like in every four doors Rolls, the doors are opening in the opposite ways. I am going to close these one and leave this one open. There we go, here as always, umbrella 'RR' which stands for Rolls Royce but thankfully we don't need it today as the weather is lovely. I am getting in, there we go, and now, I don't have to try to reach this door to close it because I have a button to do it! What is absolutely knocking me out in Rolls is… these super soft carpets in the back! Look how thick and soft they are. It's all thanks to the sheep wool.

I like these carpets so much that I would gladly keep them for myself. Do you think anyone will notice? A matt from my bathroom. There is no other luxurious SUV in the world, which will offer so much room for your legs and above your head, like this one. Even in this compilation, like we have in here which is as one long couch, not as a separate seats. It is really comfortable. I shall move to this part. Before I will show what is hidden in there, look, here is the infinity logo. This symbol appeared for first time on the seaplane driven by Sir Malcom Campbell, who has set up the world speed record in driving on the water in 1935. His vehicle has had a Rolls Royce engine.

Here we are, we are looking inside, there it is, classic armrest. Obviously, all finished in soft leather, cupholders, classic, little glove box. And on this side if we pull it strong, here is the space where we can put some long items eg, my rod. This interior is very nice, my style, pretty colors, mixed with blue, or as some would say turquoise. Quite often here are soft cushions, this variant doesn't have it.

Sometimes you can see the variant where there is a window behind the passenger's seats and what is it for? So we are not getting cold when someone will open the boot. About this aera, listen guys, in here you can find a little table and the screen from which we can control everything, but this is interesting! Here we have air inlet grill. And there is, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight of them! What other car will have that many air inlets that you can set up the air-condition in any way you want, and you can just travel with Alfred… and he can just take you far away. Even if you have a dog, you can put him in a boot, or if you have a baby, here is also a space for the baby seat.

I'm moving to the front seat; I want to see how does it feel to drive this car. So now it's time for the front. And yet again, I don't have to reach the door to close them, all I have to do is to press the button in here and the doors are closed. Listen… you don't just sit on those seats, you're sliding into them. They are just like a big throne made of soft, thin leather. The interior of this car is simply timeless elegance. The steering wheel, is big, massive, like in the last Rolls Royce, which I was lucky to test drive.

Look, here is just overload of the splendor. It is just so pretty, everything in here is made of the highest quality materials, leather. Here is even carbon fiber, which is specially treated and then dried for 72 hours. It is handmade finished what you can definitely see. Metal elements, all this just make some noises, look, even the loudspeaker knob is finished with leather, in here! An attention to details at its best.

Remember that this is a SUV, so in these cars we have two more extra buttons, which you won't find in other models. That is - an off road, when we want to go crazy, get all muddy, or actually… it is not appropriate to get muddy in Rolls… but… why not! And in here we have a downhill driving assistance, when for instance, we have a… I don't know… a horse in the back, a trailer with a horse, we can still go downhill, and we are completely safe. About the storages, well, we have here quite a few, there you go, here you have two cupholders, we are checking if women's gadget will fit in. One, two, here you are, they fitted in. . In here we have another little storage, for example for our key, there you go, the color perfectly match the color of the car body. The key is huge! Let's close it softly and right here we are opening quite deep storage. Ok ...

Let's start the engine. The moment we start the car, the steering wheel will slide down and we can clearly see our digital clocks. Listen, the whole infotainment system is coming from the BMW, nothing new really… uhm I just hid the statuette Spirit of Ecstasy by clicking '8'… weird. Anyway, for me, this system is a little bit dated, I think it could be improved a little bit. But look in here, classic clock, pretty, but… why in here ?! Well, look, I'm driving a car, and first of all I can see the light reflection on it, it blinds me, so I can't see anything, and second of all, I can see only half of the clock… I don't know why it was placed in this position. It meant to be classic, it is, but it's a nonsense too in my opinion. But on the clock, there is an infinity symbol which you can find inside and outside this car in other places too.

The interior is similar to those in other Roll's models. Elegant, chic, and smells of leather. Pretty leather. The skylight roof can be design per special order with different star constellations, even falling starts etc. There are 1344 lights in this skylight, and they are installed manually. If someone will tie my hands and blindfold my eyes and ... yyy ... wrong movie. Let's start over again!

If someone will blindfold my eyes and tie my hands and and give me my mum's homemade polish meatball to taste, I am sure I will recognize this flavor absolutely everywhere. The same is with Rolls. If you were driving it once, at felt how smooth it is driving… Ahh! This car you are driving .. ahh you ARE DRIVING IT. The subtlety of movement, this peace behind the steering wheel ... even with eyes closed you will know this is Rolls. Obviously, we don't want to do that with the eyes closed because we know how much this car costs. But there is nothing else what can be compared to the subtlety of driving the Rolls Royce.

I am starting the engine ... Very quiet. And let's go. So, drive mode, here we go, and for the beginning… listen, in any car, never I have felt so comfortable driving as in this one… The power assisted steering works just easy-peasy. Something IN-CRE-DI-BLE. This noiseless driving, as you can barely hear the engine working, even when we floor it and the power levels on the display reaches 100%, we can barely hear the engine. But let's not forget that this version - Black Badge is this stronger, quicker version.

So, in this model, we have 600hbp, very powerful, this engine was reinforced by 29hbp comparing to standard Cullinan. . To be fair Black Badge is a nod to younger Roll's clientele Rolls obviously is moving with the times, sees what the needs are, that the young people, mature young people like more sport touch, feeling and that is why there are those black chromed elements . Let's not forget that this car is a riding town house as its weight is 2660 kilograms. Just soundproofing system elements are weighting 100 kilograms! So, like an elephant running as quick as cheetah. Engine has 600hbp, the torque is 900Nm, well, great performance as Rolls is saying. They used to not share performance data now is sharing. Rolls previously used to say, they are 'satisfying'.

Well, they are definitely satisfying. We can choose between 44k exterior colors. Yes, you heard right, 44k, but if you still won't find your favorite one, you can bring the color sample and they will make it for you. Things like this, only in Rolls. I even heard the story that one of the famous footballers, cut the tree down in his garden and he said that he wants to have the elements made of his tree in his car. Possible? Possible! When you have money, you can do almost, ALMOST everything! 'almost' makes a big difference.

we have a gear box and now, we are pressing 'low', that makes the car be in more like a sport mode, the suspension changes, then we are changing the mode to 'drive' and let's see what the acceleration in this' town house 'will be. And here it is 100km / h! How long did it take? This car reaches 100km / h in 5.9 seconds. How long did it take? This car reaches 100km / h in 5.9 seconds.

That is pretty quick for big and heavy SUV like this. 8 gears automatic ZF gearbox, is linked to the GPS, which is locating the vehicle, measuring its speed for gear change optimization. In other words, we don't feel when the gears are changing. In other words, we don't feel when the gears are changing. This is something very special, I have never heard about something like this to appear in any other car, to have any technologies like this. In the matter of fact, you can not feel it at all when the gearbox is changing the gear. Higher or lower gear, you just can't feel it at all.

But now, remember, this is SUV, after all, the off-road car. So now, let's make another test. We are currently on the tarmac, but I am pressing the off- road button and now I can go off-road. I can go for the smaller off-road to the forest. oh, it's turned off still, once again. Oh now! Now I can feel the difference.

We are going through the puddles, let's get dirty, why not! I know it's a little inappropriate to make Rolls be all muddy, but test is a test! Maybe not so hardcore one, not like in my previous Ford Raptor test, but hey ho, we still have to have some fun and find out how does it feel to drive this car. In this version Black Badge, changes in engine power are followed by changes in the breaks and in the suspension. Here actually was a quite hard surface, but we are still off-road, so in this mode when we can have some fun. Ok, I have made our Rolls a bit dirty, I am really sorry.

Ok, now we are slowly leaving the off-road area, and we are going towards tarmac, so that's the moment I can turn the off-road mode off. And let's go for a little spin Listen, so now I know what this Cullinan is all about. Because it is SUV you can see everything here around. We are sitting high up, and every woman like that and we feel like on top of the world. Not only we are feeling good behind the steering wheel, but also others, seeing us from distance are taking their phones, cameras out to take a picture of us. We've had quite a lot of this today. It is a fact - this car is stunning. It makes such a great impression.Especially in this color.

If you were driving Rolls once, then now you know what it means to sit behind this steering wheel. This car is driving dignified. You do not even feel like to go quick, as it got so much class that you're enjoying how you can just slowly drive with so much ease, almost noiseless.

To be fair, when you press the 'low' button… oh, we were now on the sport mode, so that's why I could hear the engine a little bit more. Look, now ... it's almost impossible to hear it. Even when we floor it, we will still only hear a little bit of noise. It is really quiet in this car. summary The Cullinan is a unique car. And even though it doesn't have the Phantom's dignity, it deserves the praise.

This SUV, oh pardon me all terrain high bodied car is a true Rolls Royce and that will actually close the summary's subject.

2021-05-15 13:01

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