Rock Paper Scissors |S02 FINAL EPISODE | REVEAL | Karikku Fliq | Mini Webseries

Rock Paper Scissors |S02 FINAL EPISODE | REVEAL | Karikku Fliq | Mini Webseries

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Sis, -We should catch... -We should catch them, right?. We will. We will catch them dear. Call again.

Hello. Hello Sir. Please don't hang up. Calling from Uncle supermarket. Dear, I don't want to buy anything.

Sir, this is not a marketing call. There was a lucky draw competition as part of our anniversary. Your number got the prize in it. Yeah. I have been a lucky person, always.

Congratulations, Sir. Dear, I don't need your wishes. If the prizes are your usual cheap things. Then keep it. I don't need it.

No, Sir. Not like that. We are giving customers what they like as the prize. Whatever customer want? Yes, sir.

-Whatever? -Sure, sir. Then I need an AK-47 gun now. Can you give it? Sir. That one. Ah. Don't say something if you can't follow through. You tell me what you can give.

Sir, what about a TV? Ah. TV is good. TV here is very small. -Send me that. -Sir, don't hang up.

Your address? You don't know my address? You come to Muthukulam and ask for O.K.P's house. Sir, any landmark? Landmark of Muthukulam itself is O.K.P's house. -OK, Sir -O.K.P Sir. Whom he think he is? You heard what he asked? So he is a big shot There are high chances that he is the boss.

Anyway, let's go to Muthukulam and see. Rahulettan is calling. -Hello -Hello We got them. Come here fast. What about their boss? We will catch him too. You come here fast. Ok. We will come there. Take the car. We shall go to the station.

-Rahul says he got two of them. -But chechi... we shall not lose O.K.P What if he is the boss? We should capture the boss. Yes, we should catch them. I want to know why I am kidnapped. Let's go to the station. We shall decide once we reach there.

No Ria, We should go to Muthukulam. To catch O.K.P, right? My brother will go, no problem. Ria, don't feel bad Rahul is little bit pumped up guy. Part of proffession. What if he goes there and makes some issue and if O.K.P is not the boss?

Why create an issue? That's true. I suggest this. I will go to the station now. You three go to Muthukulam. Go there and enquire about O.K.P,

find his house and other details and wait there. Meanwhile, I will get there. How will you go? I will take an auto? -I will also come with you. -No need. I will go alone. Ok Be careful. What if someone kidnaps her? Nobody will kidnap my sister. Ah. Who is your sister, James bond?

Do you think this is the right house? Come here. Don't peek like this. See, rahul caught them both. Isn't he awesome? Have it.

-No. -Have it. Crispello should be shared by four persons when opened. Shall we? Hey, O.K.P is a terror guy.

O.K.P, he is making problems in my house. He says I have to pay 50,000 to him. He cheated. He cheats in the game.

Ask him if you don't believe. Every player in our tournament have complaints about him. He is saying he is playing according to rules in Hosur and Mysore.

Not according to our rule. He is winning by cheating. Those who lose in gambling have to pay up. That is the norm. Not only here, everywhere. You called me here promising the money, right? I didn't say I will pay. I said we would discuss.

O.K.P. Please settle this. If I can win, I know how to get my money as well. -What happened at the station? -They have caught them. But they also don't know about the main guy.

They said someone contacted them through phone. We will get to know within 1 hour. Cybel cell is investigating. Anyway, we will search here. This is not Mysore or Hosur We have some rules for gambling here. If you can play by those rules. Then only you are welcome here.

Otherwise, no tournaments here. I came to know that you have cheated some people here. You better stop it. Ok. I will. But you have to pay me the amount he owes. Deal. But you have to beat me at least in one game.

If you beat me, To his 50 I will add another 50 and will pay you 1 lakh. If you lose, you don't have to pay me anything. But then I shall not see you in any gambling game here again.

Deal? Deal. I am ready. There are so many doors here.

Shall we all enter through different ones? I think there are so many people here. See, so many shoes. See, so many of them. I think they knew we are coming. Let's not enter through the front door. It's risky. Let's look at another way behind the house. Ah. Let's go.

See, a door. Can we break it open? It's already open. No need for breaking. Let's remove the slippers. Come Sis, Shall we attack now? Nothing like that. Let's enter here and see.

If Shradha knows someone here, You call Rahul. If you feel any other issue also, call him. If not, we shall go back this way.

Shall we run? Don't run. If you run, the next knife will pierce through one of you. Come here.

We are dead. He will kill us now. I told you so. I don't know any of them. Who are these people? Seeing his moustache itself, I am scared.

Hey, I think he is cool. If he wanted us dead, he would have already. He asked us to have a seat. From the knife itself I understood he is cool. Be positive.

I think they are goons. -Don't be scared. -I am not. If they call the police, we have Rahul. Don't be scared. Here? That we can arrange easily. Don't be scared.

-I am not scared -What is this, a recorder? Mosquito This much buildup for killing a mosquito? Who is he? What are your names? Who? Who called me in the phone? Is it you? Where is it? Where is my TV? She is my sister. Someone kidnapped her. She is kidnapped? Yeah. we bought her back. We came here thinking that this is the kidnapper's house. We are mistaken. Sorry. We will go now.

Sit there. What do you think? You can trespass and leave without any questions asked. You are not going anywhere.

Call your parents first. Let them also know of your shenanigans. We will decide then.

[Murmuring] Yadhu. I saw you at the youth festival. Saw the dance. It was awesome. Where? Not going to college? Have to. Send me a picture, please. This is a cheap phone. Not good.

No issues. We will see in person. When? -I will come to see you. -Inform me. No. I want to surprise you. Hey. When are we going to meet? Can you come to college in the evening? Shall I come tomorrow? It seems we came to the right person to solve our problem. Who will solve his problem now? Father, a gambler and fighter Son, a fraud and kidnapper.

Anyway, nobody goes out before finding the truth. Nobody. Shh. A bike is coming. -It's not him. -Bet? -How much? -1 lakh ruppees.

Shut up. Do you have money? You have, right? Hi, dad. Why can't I reach you on the phone? Dad, sim got broken. I took a new number. This is the second SIM in a month, right? What can I do? SIM broke. I will write that number here.

Where is the pen, dad? What happened to your new business? You took some money from me last week. That business didn't work. I am arranging money for another project. What was the business? It didn't happen, what's the point? I have a severe headache. Let me rest. I was busy today.

You know Shradha? -No. -No? Hey, -I need help. -What help, dad? I want to kidnap someone. Do you know what's the rate for kidnapping nowadays? Don't believe everything you hear.

I haven't done anything. Take that knife back. Is he crazy? Will she come? It's been a long wait. If you are in a hurry. You can leave. Nobody is holding you.

No hurry. I am here anyway, I shall see her. -Can you recognize her? -Yeah. Somewhat -What about her? -She can She can't I think it's her.

Look the other side. Saw your marks?. Emarassing. I am fed up with your teachers' complaints. Playing on your mobile all the time. Slept? Everybody asleep there? -Saw me today -Yes. Then? You were sitting in front or back? Back. With bulgan. It was sebatti in front. I have mentioned him before.

Do you like me? After all that romance through phone. She didn't like me when she saw me. I know the reason for that very well. I tried to forget it all. But I couldn't. I didn't try to annoy her after.

Moreover, She blocked me everywhere. After a long time, I saw her profile in matrimony So I send a request. Engineer, that won't work. That's for sure. Because the same profession won't work for me.

Bring me someone else. I will consider. No. I am not interested. Please, mom, try to understand. So no engineer then.

Son, I am not Shradha. I am her mom. It's my number on Matrimony. She is saying she is not interested in someone who is in the same profession. We are looking for doctors. Okay dear. Don't feel otherwise.

I went with a marriage proposal to her house without even my dad knowing. They said they are ok but she is not interested. With that, I became obsessed about marrying her.

I did it to win the bet I had with my friends that I'll marry her and prove myself before them. Sir, everything is set. Give us a clear photo of Shradha, a colour one if possible. location too.

Also, an advance of 25,000 Next day, we will deliver her. Don't worry. We will get her to you without any scratches. What about now? You said you knew him. He is the kidnapper.

He was in boarding school for some time. You think she will develop feelings for you if you kidnap her? Not only kidnapping. I had every plan to make her fall in love with me. What plan? Plan means. Nothing much. Speak.

First, they will kidnap Shradha From there, my Mass...terplan will start. Nobody will come to rescue you. Leave me. Is there nobody to help me? See, my hero has arrived. One thing.

I thought you are a silent guy. but it seems you are violent. Dear, I am like a Chicken's egg. Soft, but hard when heated. One more is there.

My father once told me. We should hit even a small snake with a large stick. Then the next half of the plan starts. Will someone marry you now? Kidnapped and in that two days the goons might have.... Get lost, you idiot.

Don't say that. You don't have any sense? Why are you removing your shirt? I had a bet with him. He won. Hold this. -Why are you removing your shirt? -Poor guy. He doesn't have a spare one.

Ayyo. Poor guy. His plan didn't work. Don't worry. It's ok. Sir, You said not to leave until the truth comes out. Now truth is out, right? Everybody? She was kidnapped by your beloved son.

Everybody know that truth now, right? Ok then. We are about to... One more thing we will be happy to know. You are the guy all for justice, right? Which side are you on this matter? Dear, don't worry now. I will take care. I also like determination and competitiveness. But you shouldn't have shown that with a girls life. I used to beat you for your mischief while you were a kid, right? Consider this a small punishment.

Come here I said. Yeah. Everybody slept. I saw you. You were sitting in front or back? Who was that? I am asking, who was that? Didn't you hear me? How long since you started this? You were fooling us when you said you are here to study? My Lord, How can I bear this.

You think a sorry is enough? Will this happen again? Promise? Swear in the name of god. that this won't happen again. You can't? -I can -Then do it.

Promise. Delete his number from this. Cut Facebook also. Fast.

Why didn't you say this there? I didn't want to. Hey, Now everything is sorted, right? Then what now? Open this. Muthassi called me from behind and said, Athu, dear, don't leave me alone. take me along with you.

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