Robofest Online World Championship(ROWC) 2021 BottleSumo Time Trial (Jr.) 210918

Robofest Online World Championship(ROWC) 2021 BottleSumo Time Trial (Jr.) 210918

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20 seconds. Wait a minute to get started. Yeah. Okay. Okay, We're recording. Welcome. welcome everybody to the Robofest Online World Championship. BottleSumo time travel event. This is the

junior division today. So, thank you so much for coming. This is our schedule. Um we just completed the official check in. Uh we're going to have some um opening remarks and some introductions. We will then go to a team introduction I do a group picture and then uh unveil the unknown. start

After that, there'll be a 20 minute work period for teams to uh implement the unknown start and then we'll go right into the two rounds. Um and then we'll have a closing somewhere after 10 o'clock Eastern Time. Thank you so much teams for checking in. Robofest is a program of Lawrence Technological University. Um we thank them so much for their support and now it's time for a message from the president of Lawrence Technological University. warm greetings and good health to the world from from Robofest Lawrence Technological University. Welcome to the

Robofest 2021 Online World Championship. I am Brenda Moll, president and CEO of Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan, Usa Stem Education which is science technology, engineering, and mathematics and computer science are the Robofest competitions. Students are challenged to any great problem solving teamwork, creativity, communication, and the arts into projects. success at

Robofest requires mastery of multiple stem and computer science subjects which in turn drives preparation for college classes and high-tech careers. We learned last year during the complete shutdown of in person competitions due to the coronavirus pandemic that we all could successfully conduct a competition based learning environment. completely online. this year, Our twenty-second Robofest season, there are a variety of online in person and hybrid competitions based on the conditions on ground in each community. We will all

continue to learn, adapt, and deliver LT Robofest competitions for many seasons to come. I commend all the participants, teams, students here being active learners and pioneers who are eager to master technologies. for the future. Thank you for your participation in this competition. Lawrence Technological University. as

you may know, was founded in 1932 with the of Pioneer and Ford At that time, Ford's famous model T Factory was at the forefront of an industrial revolution that changed the world. Likewise, we are at such a forefront of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. Lot of technological university, and Robofest are paving the way someday. I hope you will join us here at Lawrence Tech to continue to do the excellent work you are already doing to help to youth Robofest Competition, Your efforts are advancing science and technology for solving real world problems. There are many people who make Robofest possible. I would like to thank them. All the teachers, the

coaches, mentors, parents, volunteers, location Judges LT judges. and all the inspirational international directors who have organized local qualifying competitions or are sending teams here to the Robofest 2021, Online Championship, In closing, I wish all of you luck with your endeavors today and hope you have a great learning and collaboration experience through the online Robofest. 2021 World Championship Competition. Thank you once again uh to Lawrence Technological University. and thank you to all of our Robofest sponsors.

These are our sponsors on the screen. Thank you so much for your support. Uh this competition will not be possible without you. My name is Elmer Santos. I am the uh

Robofest assistant director also with us this morning. Our Doctor Christopher Cartwright, the Robofest director, and Shannon Pelos Robofest coordinator. Also here is Doctor CJ Chung, the founder of Fest. BottleSumo is one of several events that make up the Robofest World Championship. We also have uh one more set of events next week for the Ref game. Please also join us for

those competitions next Friday and Saturday. Today is the BottleSumo Time Trial. The goal is to be the fastest robot to push the the bottles off the table and survive as a note. Uh please take appropriate precautions regarding mask and social distancing during all activities associated with the Robofest Online World Championship.

These are the teams. today. We've got twenty uh eight teams. Thank you so much for coming. As you can see, we've got teams from all over the world joining you from uh uh different times during the day. and thank you to our uh location judges. uh their information is available on the Rebels website on our World Championship page. So, please

check that out. This is a list of our uh location judges for today. Yeah. Thank you so much for your help and support. Next, we're going to have the uh reading of the oaths and pledges and um Shannon Pelos will lead that If I could have the attention of all the location judges, I'm going to ask you to raise your hand, use the raise hand function After I've completed this reading to indicate that you are in agreement with the location judges oath on my honor. I agree to serve today as an official location, judge of Ariel Online World Championship in a completely fair and impartial manner for this global event. I personally

commit to this responsibility with no conflicts of interest predetermined expectations for the outcome of the competition. I understand the spirit of rebels that students solve problems and adult coaches and parents are not allowed to assist during the competition. I have read BottleSumo. Time

Trial rooms Carefully understand them clearly and will make my evaluations based on the rules After the competition, I will submit videos and scores with integrity Please use the raise hand function to indicate your agreement with this oath First can't function Light is on. Thank you everybody. Now, it's time for the uh contestant pledge. Attention all team members. I'm going to read the contestant pledge and I want you to understand this is uh something I need to agree with as a Robofest team member. I understand that the focus of Robofest is about learning through Competition. I will

show personal integrity by honoring all Robofest rules, Valuing fair competition, and respecting judges and all other participants. I will my own work. I will not receive outside help from coaches, mentors, electronic devices, or other sources during competition and I will strictly follow impound procedures. I

pledge to make the Online Rebel Fest 2021 Crete by upholding the spirit of Rebel Fest Please use the raise hand function to agree, indicate your agreement with the contestant pledge Okay. Thank you, Shannon and thank you teams. Next up, we have the team introductions and uh Doctor Cartwright will coordinate this Okay. Uh thank you Elmer. Uh just if each team could say your city or region and country uh your team school or organization uh you know, we also mention your team coach, mentors, and volunteers and also please tell us the name and roles of each team member. Uh you don't need to tell us your age or grade and uh I'll call you up in number order so if we can have all the teams actually if you get close to your camera so we can all see you and hear you very well. Um when uh when I call your team number, you may unmute yourself and be ready to present so all cameras can be turned on at this point. and See if the

teams from Korea are ready. If they're ready, we'll start with them. but they have uh are you ready? Teams For three, we're going to use a single camera. Ready? or maybe we should we come back. They're ready. They're ready. Okay. Yeah, we're ready.

We've got 421 dash six. We'll go first. on. This team is so fun. it's my work or participate in this and that's very sure that this is my first one but I did my best to have been My name is Tom. I've made a role in this I do my best in this.

Thank you. Hi, my name is. Hi, my name is. I'm from Korea. We came out to hatch on the United States Competition. I made I made a program in making a book. we're making We're making of a robot.

in this competition, we were trying to the world in this home I thank you for listening. This is you. and that's great. I was pretty.

I have learned a lot of things like this. this competition. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Are you next up? I think we'll have Time 1058 dash two. Owen and Claire. Yeah. All

clear. you may go when you're ready. Okay. Um we're team um 1058 dash two and we're from Clawson, Michigan and we're with um Guardian Angels Catholic School and Coach is Connie Isaac. And I'm Claire and he's Owen. Thank you. Uh the next team is

three 350 dash one RIH K BottleSumo. You may begin when you're ready. Can you hear me? Yes. Yes. Okay. judges. I'm Daniel and this is my friend. uh we are from uh we are from Competition number 333501. Uh we are from we are

from Hong Kong and our coach Our robot is made to our our robot. It's made you have maintained a balanced boat that both strength and speed and we have, we have we have we we have added defense. We have added defensive features on it.

We have two motors, one sensors, one ultrasonic sensor, and two car sensor. Thank you. Thank you. That's all our representation. Thank you. Uh the next team is 3532 dash two MacArthur and you may have to meet yourself and you meet again when you're ready.

Hi, my name is Philip Brown and I am I live in Southfield, Michigan. and I, my team name and the school that I attend is the concert KOA University Academy. This is my first time in the Rebel Fest and I'm very excited Thank you. Uh the next team is Team 3559 dash one. team El Hello, my name is Noah. And my

name is Michael. We're team Elements from Canton, Michigan. This is Bob.

Hey, Wait. Uh the next team is 3608 dash one ECG ECG Okay. and I and my name is Eugene. I'm from Taiwan. Uh my name is

Jeff and we are doing. my name is Chris and I designed the robot. I do the programming and I build a robot. Shout out to

Okay, thanks. Thanks. Wait. Next is Time. 3628 dash

one uh Ching ching Time two. and you may unmute whenever you're ready. Hello, everyone. Hello. from Taiwan. of our team members in our group. I'm Josh

and responsible for making a robot and test the program if It can be used for continuous testing, a continuous by mistake can make my program be more perfect. I'm responsible for if the robot can run I will check the program and back it by saying teamwork is very important in a competition. So, we work with all the time as well. Thank you. Hey, uh next team is 3633 dash one Sumo My name is Andy. I'm a robot. I make the program. This is my

roller. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Uh the next team is 3672 dash one uh Legos that I used to see. uh and make sure you unmute first. Yes.

Okay, you can go now. You're ready? Yeah. Alright. See? I'm We are judges. I feel about this. I am. Thank you. Uh the next team is uh Time 3718 dash three Kingston Yeah, it's good.

You may go whenever you're ready. Hello, my name is Hello, my name is um so we're the link and uh we're representing If you're a little bit Uh the next team is team 3728 dash two bots. and just go whenever you're ready. Me, unmute it. Good morning. We are at from

Toluca, Mexico. Our idea is 3728. That's one girl. Hi. I am and I am and we represent our school. Thanks. Thanks. Thank

you. Okay, the next team is team 3734 dash one Gamma bot. Our team number 3734. from Saudi Arabia at the International Schools. I am a team leader and programmer I'm a responsible about the requirements of the competition and my name is the design. We

we are here Thank you. Uh sorry. just a second. I need to find the next team.

So, I think I mislabeled them. I think they might have come back gone out and come back in. That happens. Yeah, it looks

like it's I think Supernova will be next. So, team uh 3965 dash one Hello, I'm from Supernova Time 3965. That's one is my ID. I'm from Hyderabad, India. I study in international school. This is my first competition. I wanted to congratulate the entire team for hosting this Competition Online. Despite the

the pandemic situation in this pandemic, we are truly a bliss. Do you want to know how many robots all of our warriors in front liners. Many awards have to celebrate their success during graduation ceremony. 1 Day, I dream big to make such an emotional world. I'm looking

forward to participate in this competition My entire journey from learning about sensors assembling programming to trial and error. Working with my coach parents, friends, every moment was fascinating. to the flag of the country. on the board. My best wishes to all my pops and my regards to all come on everyone. Let's

have fun with robots. Thank you so much. I mean, the next team will Bengal Tiger. I think it's

36953. So, bingo tire. If you're ready to present, you may unmute What's up? The team want to give their intro I don't know the team introductions. We can come back to these two teams.

They can just let them get ready and we'll come right back to them. okay? So, go ahead and move on to Chris show them. show show. We'll be right back. Oh, I'm sorry. He said Royal Robo. Oh no, they're together.

Um let's do Myer's boy right now and then we'll come back in a separate screen. Oh, you're right. Okay, go to. do you want you to Mars over? Yes. Oh, yeah. Sorry. That's okay. As long as they're ready. Okay, let's see. I'll try and uh give

them the spotlight. if you're ready. Royal Robo, you may unmute and present We cannot hear you. The microphone is not activated or you're it's not being selected. We cannot hear you.

you. Thank you. Thank you, Robo. Uh should we go back and see if if Bengal Tigers now? It looks like they're ready. Okay. we do it. So, we'll have uh two teams if you go first and then maybe they're going to go together but if you don't a good afternoon. My name is Mohammad and I'm from my coach from India. name is

Zainab. My name is my name is Hello. We are your boys. When you come from Taiwan which is a beautiful country in Asia. Hi, You are ready. And it's one of

the safest country in the world. Hello, everybody. My name is me. I am a programmer. I write the coast to make a robot. Hello, everyone. My name is Leah. I'm the designer at the design and build our robot.

This is our first time home in the world family. We move for giving us this opportunity Thank you. way. Uh the next team is 4052 dash one flood. So you ain't you may present. You ready? Okay. Hey. Can you

come closer to the camera? be able to hear you better. It's Hello, everyone. We are full our D is 40521 Why are is fruits because Bruce has a lot of water. There is not enough water in the river in the lake. more water. The power. way more big. Thank you everyone. Thank you.

Uh the next team is 4148 dash one CDS Jr five dash S zero one Hello, my name is I'm and out of the program. is we are here as you are. Thank you. Uh the next team is

4151 dash One KCBS. If they told me Hi. We are coming from King's College. My school, Hong Kong. I'm

Charlotte. I'm Adrian. I am Triton. This is our robot, Casey Robots. I hope it will be available to say thank you Thank you. Uh the next team is 41752 Heroes.

They're one dash one. Sorry. Yeah. Hi. We are a team heroes. Our team number is 4175 dash one. Our robot is like our coach is missus and uh hi, my name is Maya. I'm 12 years old. I'm from Saudi Arabia. I'm from

I am Maria Masi. I am from Saudi Arabia A different. And I'm 12 years old. Thank you.

Thank you. The next team is 4182 dash one. Um and if you start your video, I will uh spotlight you. There you go. Thank you. And now you should be receiving the spotlight. Assalamu alaikum.

My name is my name is We are is We are students. Thank you so much. Our next team is Team 41831. Our programmers. Yes. Hi. We are from. I just, I was slogan

the spotlight Just a second. I need a spotlight. Your team. Uh now we're ready for you. Sorry. Yes. Hi. We are from Saudi Arabia from the schools. Uh

actually our coaches, Abdullah Baja and uh our volunteers, our families, teachers, and everyone who know us and uh I'm Aziz. I'm Egyptian and my friend Muhammad and he is Yemeni and I'm the uh the one who's responsible for the software of the robot and he's the one who's responsible for the designing and we are here for the to get the first place in the competition. Thank you. and I think our final team should be 4192 dash one. uh Xavier's robot if you could uh turn on your camera, I will spotlight your team. and now you may unmute if you're ready to present.

You want to if you're interested, I mean, it's all the people. I am. and that I have my from India. and I am from I'm I am. I am from Nova Road Private Limited.

It's okay. Thank you. Yes, we heard everything. Yes. Good. Thank

you, sir. Thank you, sir. You're welcome. You're welcome. Let's see. We have one attendees hand raised and possibly that might be one of our missing teams. I am. I am. I am. I am from I am from all over India. is it

Thank you so much. Thank you. Okay. Do we want to check on

that handwriting? for the attendee with their hand raise. Can you put in? Are you a coach or a team trying to get in Or are you just a uh raising your hand to ask a question? and then you repeat this? No, you're fine. We we're trying to see. there's a person in the attendees side. a log in and

the attendees side that has their hand raised. We just want to double check and make sure that uh they are trying if they have a question or if they're trying to get in as a team Are you a team or are you just an attendee putting chat or turn on your microphone? Yeah. see a lot of Right now, we're trying to determine if uh do you hear Yaya is part of a team or if that person is just raising their hand to ask a question, Okay. Uh why don't we just go go ahead with the uh the perfect. Okay. Xavier's robot. You are all set. Thank you.

Okay. Thank you so much teams for those wonderful introductions. Uh now, it is time for uh the group photo So, we'd like everyone to turn on the cameras and then come close and we'll take a few screenshots. Please repeat once again. all the teams to turn on their video. We're going to take a

group photo from all the Zoom camera shots around the the world. So, come close. so we can see you. Thank you all. It looks good. I'm going to um turn off the extra South Korea group. So, we have only have the team faces showing. Looks

good. Uh Medina, do you want to turn your video on? We are coming from India. Right. Team 4182 dash one. Do

you want to turn your video on twenty? 4182. Okay. Okay. Thank you, ma'am. Mm hmm. You. can you come

closer? We can't see you. Medina, Come closer. Come closer to the camera. We want to see faces and smiles. Come closer. Medina.

And here they come. Okay, that looks great. You got it. Um yeah, a couple more. Let's see.

That looks so great. Thanks everybody for coming. Smiles. Uh tell me one second. one. We're taking a great group photo. Okay. I think we are good. Elmer, you got it? Yeah. Okay.

Sounds great. Okay. Thank you everybody. Thank you. Welcome. sir. Okay. Um next up, we're going

to just summarize the rules and then get get on with the uh unknown unveil I'm going to be start test which will be unveiled in a minute. Um we'll be done. and then the teams will be given 20 minutes to um to implement it and then there will be an impound after impounded the ball locations for round one will be announced. and then we'll run the first rounds and then after the first round, um teams will not be allowed to modify the robot or program because we'll go right into the second round where we will unveil the bottle locations run the second round and then finally, the winners will be decided by the average results from the two rounds.

So, both rounds are important Alright. judging uh the judge will measure the time it takes for each robot to push two bottles off the table. Uh the maximum time is 2 minutes. Uh the unknown task must be used to initiate the robot If a robot commits suicide by falling off the table, survival time and number of bottles pushed will be recorded. Uh the next one is very important. The

robot must remain on the table for at least 3 seconds after the last bottle is pushed off or it will be penalized. So, a judge is when you make your recordings, please make sure that you capture everything including at least 3 seconds after the last bottle is pushed The judges will record the time, the robot uh either pushes off all the bottles or stays on the table. and then judges will um video both rounds and then submit them to the Rebel Fest office. Okay. So that's um summary of

the rules and the judges uh rolls and now it is time for the unknown. Start unveiled and here it is. Okay. Um for the unknown start. the front of the

robot must face one of the table edges approximately ten centimeters which is a bottles width away The robot must be able to start anywhere along one of the straight edges. It could be anywhere, not the corners but it could be the long edge. The short edge, pretty much anywhere and that exact location will not be unveiled until after impound. So, basically that this has to be able to start ten centimeters away from from an edge and then once started, the robot must turn right clockwise approximately a full rotation and then wait 2 seconds before going I have a little bit of an animation to illustrate. We'll do the three two, Go. It's going to turn all the way around to the right. Wait, 2

seconds. and then it can go Okay, one more time. 321. Spin. Wait. 2. seconds. Then the robot can go. Alright. so

that is the unknown. Um I'll give a minute for any questions or answers questions. If there are any questions, uh put them in the chat. Uh teams do not start working until we start the clock, right? So, at this point, we're doing, I have a question. Sure. Emma, I have a question. Uh what is the allowance of the uh turning like uh how many more or how many we'll give it about um fifteen 15° plus or minus fifteen one five, right? Yeah.

Okay. Uh the place that we put the robot and uh any side of the table. Yes. Yes and that will be unveiled afterwards. So you just have to be able to turn around 300. 360°. Yes. And

uh the space between the edge of the table and grab a distance. centimeters. Yes. Okay. I have a question. Excuse me, sir. Excuse me, sir. Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead. Um can you show up movement of the board in the PPD again. Uh the movement of

which of the Yeah. Okay. What? Here, let's see. this place. Which one? Go on the robots.

It's pretty simple. It's just a full turn and wait. 2 seconds. 321. Go on the block of cream. You'll say 321. go right Elmer.

Yeah. Yeah. 321 is the the the direction from the um from from me. Uh sorry Emma. Uh I have one more question. um since

that uh the robot is facing outward so it must turn 180 180° more, right? Oh no, no, no, sorry. Uh uh. don't want to wait 2 seconds. yeah, that's it. Yeah. yeah. it's a full rotation. Okay. Right. Yeah. Thank you. Velasco. Question, please. He

should be between 300. Uh 360° four times. uh one time. Okay. Yes. This one time. I've also uh pasted a link to the unknown it in the chat in case anyone wants to uh look at it. Alright. are there any other questions or is it uh is it clear? I have a question please. Yeah.

go ahead. Yeah. Um after uh he waits 2 minutes, a two uh seconds or uh he completes some he searched for the bottles. Yes. Right. The robot after 2 seconds, you can do whatever I want. You can keep turning. You can keep going straight. You

can back up, Search for the bottles. Yes. Okay. Thank you. Alright, should I start the 20 minute timer? Yeah. Yeah. Um we'll start the 20 minute timer. Um if teams have questions, uh just go ahead and use the chat or or um unmute. Alright, the timer has started.

You may begin programming right? And our local judges, please make sure that teams are understand the uh the unknown. If you have any questions, just let us know. Good luck to all of you. Yeah. Can we start the unknown? uh mission now? Yes, you may begin to go ahead and start working Teams. go ahead. Shannon, you're you're doing the count up. I am. I can't. I'm counting up to 20 minutes.

Sorry. I no, no, no, no problem. Just uh I had the uh I had the uh and so we're counting up to 20 minutes at the end of 20 minutes, we will stop the timer. The teams will need to stop their their programming at the end of 20 minutes. So, if you can see the

timer, it is counting up to 20 minutes. If you have any questions, please type them chat. luck to all the teams. and so if you have a question and you still want to use the right hand function, that's okay too.

Alright, teams. Um we may ask you to turn on your audio at certain points So, just be on the lookout for that. I can't change anything. Exactly. It's got a it's got a

try again. Try it one more time. That's it.

They're ourselves. I'm sorry. Uh we have questions. that doing the work periods We would like you to our new They can unmute or they can type it in the chat. It's a meal for all the things that's in case.

You won't Sounds like a little Put your hands up. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on. If you have a question, just type it in the chat please. I'm going to, I'm going to for you. We're searching it's on. It's on. So, we're they can't

see you. Let's go. Hey. Hey. Hey. go. I think 12 minutes. This is coming up. hand up. Why are you seeking?

because our audio is live. Okay. It's live. don't speak. have no I'm It's alright. I see a hand raised from Royal Robot. Is

there a question if there is, put it in the chat. 10 minutes remaining. 10. minutes 10 minutes and Stop.

don't like it. don't see it. what that means. I don't know. the virus. Alright. Hello, everyone. We

are um fracturing the round. So, please make sure you're following all the rules. Vicksburg, the teams are following all the rules. right? And just as a reminder that um no adult help is uh Um as far as local judges, uh your role is to make sure they understand what the requirements are but that's Hey, I'm Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

5 minutes. A little less than 5. Minutes left. Are they? I'm so good at that. Them.

Hold on. no, no. Let's go. Okay. I love you.

III. Okay, there's 2. Minutes left. Can you please uh finish up what you're doing? Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

more. 1 Minute. Okay. At this point, we need to have robots. Come on. There you go. Please

bring your robot to the table and local judges a quick verification for and wait. and most of our own. that I just please verify. I'll give you a

minute to verify, size, and weight and then, we'll go on with the next part. So, tell me we have to do it and now it's just We will start now. uh defying the weight. Yes. Okay. Yeah. Just verify specifications. Um

for any changes during the round that everything that should be fine. Chris and Shannon has helped me uh See when teams are ready and we can um move on. Yes. Yeah. So, at this point, uh yeah. uh everyone that stopped working and Arabs is almost looks like they're robots. Robots. Can you put your robot

on the table? Yeah. Yeah. teams when everything's done, just um leave And can you put each robot on its own table so we can see both tables? Since you have two tables in the same shot, can you put one robot on one table and one second robot on the second table? Yes. Thank you. that tells us that that indicates to us that you're ready to start. So, put the robots once it's verified, put the on the the the BottleSumo field So, gamma bots, if you're a robot is good. put the robot on

the table. The team, the the field, and then you can move that scale Once it's verified, you can move that out of the way and put the robot right on the table. How are we looking? Are you good? Okay. Yes. Go ahead and put the rhubarb right on the table if it's all set. you can

move the scale out of the way out of the camera. We're going to put it on the actual BottleSumo game table. It's good. We're awaiting it. The measurements on the table next to the bottle. on the table, near the bottles and then move that little blue table out of the way. Yeah, there you go. And

then make sure the camera can we can see the camera. You want to visit the buttons If you've already measured them, we you signed off on the checklist that you measure them. You don't need to measure them again. Just a robot in case they made any changes. So, if the robot is ready, just set it there on the table. and you can put the scale away.

I see the measuring still going on. Thank you for verification. Once the robot is verified, um we can't see anything as far as numbers on the scale. So, you need to verify judges that it's right. Once the judge has

verified that the the number is correct. Put the robot right on the table near the bottles. We we cannot verify through this format. So the judge must verify Once the judge has verified the robot put the robot on the table, So, uh everyone should take a picture for the measures. No,

no, that's not necessary. No, it's on the. if you if the judge has checked it on the checklist that the robot meets specifications, that's what we need. We don't need, we don't

need anything now. So, it looks like uh Medina you don't need to tell us just if the judge has verified the number just place the robot on the table. Okay, it looks like uh looks like they're all set right? Yeah. Almost. Okay. Okay. Well, I'll give a minute to um do that but in the meantime, I'm just going to cover the process and we went over this during the coaches meeting but just to review the way it's going to work from this point on, I will first announce the exact location of the robot and then give teams a chance to position and then to start the robots basically uh start their program to the point where they just have to do one thing and it'll move Once the uh robots are ready, we will announce the bottle locations. and ask all the sites to set the bottles. Then, the sites just need to verify they're ready which means that the um the setups are ready. The bottles team and

judges are ready and once they are all ready, uh I will just give one more a verification and then um make sure the timer is ready all the sites to start their videos and then we'll do the 321 go at that point, make sure to stay away from the table and um Make sure the video captures the whole round. right. Including the three second survival time and if there's any doubt, just keep the video running a little bit longer.

Okay. So, at this point, I think we're ready to um unveil the following locations. So, here they are. Alright, step one. Let's place the robot that

goes on the northeast. corner of the um So, northeast corner, ten centimeters away from the north edge. Ten centimeters away from the East edge. Uh you who is in the wrong corner It needs to go in the opposite corner. further away but to the right of the camera, not the left. So, move to the uh nope. wrong direction. So, move it

along the length of the table to the back corner all the way to the other side where the tripod is It's not where the laptop is but where that? nope, the tripod was fine. but the robot needs to be moved to the other corner. opposite corner from where it is right now. Okay. Yeah.

facing east. Alright, looks like most of the teams are getting it right. Royal Robo looks like they're putting it in the incorrect corner as well. Yeah. uh I want Oscar uh team has made it correct from now. Uh I can't. Yeah, it's Royal Robo also MacArthur. Um it needs to be

the opposite opposite corner for Royal Robo. back to the other side. to the back. No other corner. Uh so that's

wrong. I'm sorry. I'm talking to Royal Robo. Yes, I'm talking about the it. Royal Ro Royal Robo I have your attention, Royal? Robo, You're in the wrong corner. Opposite corner. Opposite corner, please. I want

to ask if there are deer programmers have made it uh correct. Yes, you're you're correct. Royal Robo is still measuring the incorrect corner. Um may I ask the heroes is on the correct Yes, it's correct. We we said that we're going to spotlight the the teams that need to move Yeah. Yeah. If you're not

spotlighting, then you are correct. CDS. Jr five SO one is needs to go to the opposite corner as well. I think everyone else looks Looks good. Robo. you need to

go to the opposite corner. From the camera's point of view. you're on the bottom left. You need to be the top right from the camera's point of view. I don't know if they can hear us.

Okay. let's let's remove CD. Okay, we're going to ask Royal Robo one more time. Can you hear us? Royal. You need to move your robot to the opposite corner. It's not facing the right direction. It is the

corner It needs to be rotated as well. Yes. uh other teams just please uh yeah. he's like yeah, Can you turn on your here? We're going to ask you to unmute Can you unmute Your robot is not in the correct position.

okay? The robot is needs to move. It needs to look like this one. See, this one's correct. So, can you make yours look like the one on the other spotlight? Can they hear us? Can you hear us? Can you hear us? Real rubble? Can you hear us? Okay. Royal Rumble Your robot is in the wrong location. and

it's the wrong location. The robot needs to move to the opposite corner from where it's sitting right now and it needs to face the short end of the nope. Now, go back. go back to where that bottle. you just place that bottle, move the robot back. for the king. guys. that. A robot now needs to move to the corner nearest the nope. to

the back corner where that bottle is sitting there. Yes. yes. Yes. And turn the robot so it faces the short end of the table. That's good. No, the other way. and face the short ends. face

turn the robot 90° face the short end. Yes. There you go. Now, measure ten centimeters from the edge and 10¢ You got it. Okay. I I think I got it. Okay, I'm going to um go on to this. Thank you so much. Okay.

Um now, everyone's got the robots in the right place. Time to place the bottles. I think some of you have already guessed that they'll be on the opposite side of the table bottle. One is in the northwest

corner. ten centimeters from each side is in the southwest corner. Ten centimeters from the west side and flush with the Okay. So, at this point, um I like all the sites to complete the set up. Uh make sure that and when the teams are ready and everyone's ready, use your right hand to indicate you are ready to go and then we'll start the round So, I have I shall we let him do it wrong.

What's the question? shall we? Um during the run. Yeah. Yeah. Teams can unmute but I don't do it just yet. We need to be able to talk to the teams that might still have um the adjustment. So, we'll do the unmute um just before we start the runs.

It's time to review. This is this one is for the local church or for the team. for both. Shoot me a comment.

How's everything look? I'm. Can you turn off the screen for a sec? Then we can see. Let's remove the spotlights. It looks like everyone is got their bottles appropriately placed. Okay? So, you can feel your bottle is where it needs to be. If you're

ready to go, use the raise hand function okay? Um I'm a little unsure of uh let me Okay. now, that's okay. That's that's a camera perspective uh issue. Okay. Okay. But everything looks good. We can proceed. Okay, let's um we'll be looking for all the race hands. Uh Emma, sorry. uh for for the previous team that you just saw the robot should be facing out to it, right? He said they said something that doesn't look great about this one. Is it inwards instead

of out? He's asking It should be facing out. Is that correct? Yeah. Yeah. 4192. the front of the robot should be facing the edge of the table. Is that the edge of the bed facing the East Edge, right? Yeah.

Let's try it again. Thank you for that. Thank you for that. That was very helpful. Yes. so much. Claire, can you move out of the way of the camera so we can see the table? And can you turn it slightly to the left so we can see both bottles. Right now, we can only see the one Bring your camera just slightly towards the table so we can see both bottles. Can

you move the the laptop or the It's yes. Okay. That helps. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Um I don't see uh some of the race hands if you I think Yeah. if you

can't find the right hand that's just in front of the camera with your thumbs up. Okay. Hey, Royals. Good Who's that

Kingston butt. Looks good. Uh wait, wait, wait one second. Okay. we do. That's how you I was like. you were II. See a few uh

hands. Yeah. Uh 4183 ask for a moment to reset. Robo is ready. Kingston butt looks ready. Lego. Just see just looks funny. Okay. Yeah. teams, if

you're ready, make sure that um you're standing by your robot ready to press the button. I know. Are you ready to start the robot? Get ready to start. while we're waiting. 44183. We have not started yet. Royal

Rumble, Royal Robo, stop your robot. He's uh uh please. We don't know what the world is not a uh can you give us a minute? Yeah, we'll give you a minute to start. also, are we required to push a record on our end or you're just, you're recording. No, no, no. You recorded on a separate device but um don't worry about the do Yeah, the zooms automatically being recorded. We just need a

close up of your local table up with your with your phone or camera. I'm on my way to call us. text me, So, we're just waiting for the the one team that's a better Taco Bell. I think so. Yes. Yeah. How's the food?

I think I'm a alright. You going to be fun. we can we change the mind and reload the the code again. Yeah. At this point, I would say um why don't you do that separately from the rest? Because he's he doesn't want a Okay. Yeah, we can, you can do

your run later. We'll we're going to run the rest of it right now. Is that okay? I think everyone else is ready. Okay. So, one more check sites are ready. time. We're ready. Timer is ready. The microphones

are on. up. Uh sites turn on your recording. Start your videos and we're going to go in 321. Go. It's open. It's open a second. a second. It's open. So, let's see. I am.

give uh the sites. a minute or two to uh score. That's one where you're able to get a video. is your robot. Okay. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Excellent. Okay, go ahead and

go ahead and do your run and then take the video. Okay. Okay. Yeah. We'll give you uh a couple of minutes to do that. Okay, Shannon, do you want to just time them? Sure. We'll go

ahead and start the second. This is just for the one team to rerun run 14183. give a thumbs up when you're ready and I'll give you AA timer. This is just for 4183. They had an issue with their robot. program. We want to give them a

second opportunity to load the program. Give me a thumbs up when you're ready. Again, this is just for 4183 dash one. Put

Put your robot on the table and location. I'll give you a start when you're ready. selecting the I know it's it's hairy ready? Uh it's not okay. Alright, Why don't we do this? Why don't we have everyone? We'll do run number two. We'll place the robots and then we can go back and rerun. run one for 4183. Well, that help you

Okay. Um II. Think at this point, they they've got the ball set up. So, why don't we just give him a minute to okay, get it and it's fine with me.

That's yeah I think it's uh It's still might be faster this way. It's working. Uh we're really the robot has worked. Okay. Very good. Okay. It's the

robot. Uh uh the first round began. Yes. We're going to rerun it though just for you. Okay. thanks. You're welcome. We're going to go set your robot. We'll give you uh we'll give you a timer and uh you can run your robot. We know this is

a known problem with the these robots. So, we we want to make sure we can help every student. um be successful. So, um when you're ready, I'll give you the three two Sorry. Start over. I'm sorry.

The timer was not started. What should we do? Elmer? help me out. We can get the time from the video, right? Yeah. we have the time to get a. Did you record that? That's the recording. Okay. No, I think

we're good. Okay. Too many buttons. Sorry. Okay, no problem. Alright. So, ready for round two. Let's get ready. Okay, Make sure the timer is set to go the same places. Uh no, no, I'm about to reveal that. Yes. Thank you everyone

for your patience. Yes. Yes. Thank you. doesn't work. Hi. Sorry to interrupt um our download cord for a robot isn't working. So,

um we were wondering if we could Get another round one. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, what do you need? for us to be for us to be timed with that other um with 4183, we would like to be recorded for round one again because our download cord wasn't working to program the robot. We didn't know until now. is it working

now? I'm getting, we're getting another cord. Okay, so we'll go ahead and proceed with run to Elmer. Here we go. to proceed with one, two, and then we'll go back and do another run one for the team. So yeah, Okay.

Thank you. Yes. Open this up. is something's wrong with to share. Hold on.

Okay. Um this is round two. robot will be facing the north side. Ten meters in front of the robots.

Ten meters away from the north side, right side of the robot is seventy meters or seven centimeters from the robots. Ten centimeters from the north side, right side of the robot is seventy centimeters from the east side. Make sure you measure from the east side to the middle. not

from the west side. Ms. 006. It looked like you were measuring from the west measure from the east Bangle Tigers. It looks like you're measuring from the wrong side. Measure from the east to

the middle, not from the west, Measure from the east side, The one where the students are standing right now. Bengal Tiger and uh measure from the east. not from the west. It looks like you're measured from the it should be more toward the east side. So, measures seventy centimeters from the east. Okay? side of the table, not the west side. Ten

centimeters from the back. Wait, wait. the point. The point is from right side, The point is right side the left side. correct from the east side. Yes. From the right side away from the camera. If you're facing the It's from the the right side. not the left. the

east of the The robots should be more off center to the to the right. Not to the left. There you go. Yes. my boy. I can't see your robot on the table. I see a beautiful

person but not a robot. Okay. Does it look like uh we're ready to move on or I think it looks Owen and Claire. It's hard to tell where your robot is based on the angle. Make sure that you're measuring from the east side of the table and at the west Oh, the. I wasn't even on the table. Yeah. ten centimeters

from the from the south or the north and seventy from the east and it faces the edge of the table. Correct The long edge. Okay. Thank you. Let me, let me show you one more time. Yeah. Shannon was saying east side.

So, this is the camera view. from the view of the camera on. Um seventy centimeters from the right or east side. and then the front of the robot faces the north side. and here in the bottle locations. bottle of wine. Southwest corner. ten

centimeters from each side. Two um Southeast corner, ten centimeters from either side. So, the bottle should look symmetrical. Alright. So, same thing here. Um once the site has the the robot set, the the um program is selected and ready to run and the bottles are placed to give us the um raised hand one of the stuffs here. I think uh everyone's got it and then I've put it. put it in the chat

just in case. Um MacArthur. Looks like it's for round one.

Yeah. Yeah. The MacArthur needs to move the bottles and it looks like the robot's offset to the wrong corner too. Philip, can you um here pull that up again. Elmer fill the bottles should be in the opposite Elmer's going to bring it up again. The robot needs to be measured from the side of the table and labeled east Looks like yours is more offset to the left than the right and then each bottle uh the corners Let's pull you up here. So, double check your robot location. McArthur. It looks

like you measured from the the the left side of the table and not the right side that the robot should be closer to where you're standing, right off center. So, measure from that corner seventy centimeters from that corner. Do you have a measuring tape? Yes. Okay, we just want to make sure that you're in the correct location. So, seventy from that

edge and then ten centimeters from the long edge facing the sofa there. Oh, I guess it was okay. It just looked really off center to me the wrong direction. It's kind of a um I

just, I just wanted to verify. That's okay. I'm sorry. Sorry to ask you that. I just want to make sure. Well, it's okay. It's okay if the measurements right there. Yeah. Okay. Alright. How's everyone else

looking? I think we are. Looking good. Yeah. If you're ready, you please use the right hand or or um give us an indication on the camera. How

about our um And are they ready? I want in Claire. Good. Okay. Good. I'm not seeing them anymore. Where did they go? Yeah. Yeah.

So, they gave us some. Here they are. Okay. Okay. So, this is round number two for Junior BottleSumo. Okay, we're ready. One looks good. It's ready. Uh

is the timer ready? I'm ready. Ready? Okay, sites, start your videos. Um we're going to start round two of us Junior in three, two, go. This Ay. What's No, no, no.

Listen. say yes. I don't know. Are you okay? Alright, time's up. robots and

we're still running. Okay. The site. We'll give you a minute to um it's just bored. You bought one bottle. Okay, let's go back to um let's see Owen and Claire, do you need to rerun your first round? Yes. go ahead and let us know

when you're ready to rerun the first round. Do you need the ball locations again? Or do you know Um no, we got it. Okay. Now, go ahead and set up and then uh. okay, it looks like

you're ready. Yes, you're good. Okay. Um Shannon, you're ready to climb them? on over Shannon, are you ready? I'm going to tell you again. No, you can't. see we have to reset the timer and then um reset. It's time

for that. Okay. Okay. Alright, team. Are you ready? Yeah. I think we're going in. 321. Go. Hey, well done. Hey. Alright. Good job. Okay, we'll give you

a minute to um finish scoring. Thank you for that. II. Right now, we have to send in those to them. Nice job. Okay. Uh You got this.

Alright. thank you to all the teams. I uh as you see, this is a difficult task, difficult for all of us um and sometimes things don't always work as planned but that is the nature of robotics. Alright. so there's a few more things to follow up. location or judges teams to send your official videos um to the upload. I think we're going

to provide that in the chat as well and I think it's also been Emailed to you. Um you can share the files directly or you can upload them to like something like YouTube and then send us the link. Either way, it's fine. Any issues with the upload, you can just Email me or just send the video to me. Uh Elmer Santos Santos at LTU dot EDU uh the results will be announced at the uh ROWC closing ceremony on Saturday, October 2nd I've also need to send that to you. Yes. Yes. Um forms that you can put them in the same um upload uh folder Okay. At this

point, I think we're ready for the closing. Um Doctor Cartwright Okay. So, I thank you. Wait. Uh. hello, I'm Chris Cartwright, director of Robofest. Thank you so much for your participation in this online format of Robofest.

Competition is a real robots. I'd like to thank all the coaches, mentors, parents, students, and judges special kudos to Ross staff, Shannon Elmer, and Pam uh who are the winners today? Everyone who learned is a winner. So, we are all the winners Everyone deserves a of a plot.

See you on October. 2nd at the closing and awards ceremony. Uh goodbye. Thank you everyone. I think of Thank you. Thank you, Shannon. Thank you.

Thanks everyone. We'll see you on the second of October. Thank you. Thank you, Tracy. Thank you, Shannon and Jen. Have a nice weekend. You can

probably go to take a break too. Yeah. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you. Thank you. a good Thank you. Hi, Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Bye. Buh bye. Alright, say bye. Bye. Bye. bye. Buh bye. Buh bye. You did a good job on the introduction. Good job. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. for

competition. So, we are very proud of you. Should be very proud. You did Well, thank you. Thank you. Okay. Bye Bye. Bye Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Hi, Saint Xavier's. Buh bye.

Bye. Bye. Bye. Alright, thank you everyone. Bye everybody.

Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Oh yeah. Thank you. Alright. Thank you. See you

guys. See you next time. Thank you very much. There seems to be a new thing. I uh far away to the competition. I got a notification for Google that I was automatically signed out out of mail or whatever. Just uh uh anything associated with.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It happens to me. I don't know quite frequently. I'd say Okay, I'm

going to shut off the webinar now. Everybody. See you guys. when I remove the uh Chris and Elmer and I are going to stick around for a few minutes. So, the rest of you, we really and truly appreciate you joining us but I'm going to um remove the individuals or you can log yourself up Uh we will see everyone on the second of October. Thank you so much. Yeah, I'm I'm not sure if I was logged in for uh a couple of hours a day or a week Hi, Medina. It is uh CJ. gone. No, he's doing okay. Okay, good.

Alright. Are we ready to stop streaming on Facebook or? Oh yes. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah.

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