Red Dot Talks – Petteri Masalin, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec and Michael Thomson

Red Dot Talks – Petteri Masalin, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec and Michael Thomson

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Welcome. To this conversation with, our host today professor. Dr. Peter Zack finder. And CEO of the red dot design award and, his distinguished, guests prepped early Massillon creative, design lead artifice cars in finland, Factory. Congratulations. To you on your design team on winning the International accolade, of red dot design team, of the year 2020. Amazing. Great. Great great I am. Michael Thompson of design Connect London and, if, I may just take a moment for a few words I think it's worth reminding our viewers that. The, red dot design team of the Year award is unique. Its distinctive, and that, the accolade is given not to an individual, alone but. To the whole design, team and its leader and. A leader can do nothing of value without a great team and a. Team needs a leader so. This award uniquely. In the world in the design award, landscape. Recognizes. And acknowledges, the symbiosis between this, leadership and the successful, team that is needed to create fantastic. Outcomes, in this, case the award winning products, or face cards if. I may I'd like to say a few words about disk owners again for our viewers established. In 1649. As, an ironworks in a small Spanish village. This. Cart has grown to be a leading global supplier, of consumer, products and it is the oldest company still operating, in Finland and in fact I think for. The same year there are only six companies in the world that still exist today and, I think two of them are in Germany and one. Of them is in Japan yes. So in. 1967. A mere 318. Years later this. Cars launched, the first pair of universal, design scissors, on the market, which. With its ergonomic, plastic, bright orange handles quickly, became a hallmark of the fist cars brand well, in fact over a billion units of those have been sold by, the time you. Joined the company today. Viscose designs and produces many, different, kinds of scissors in addition to garden appliances. Pans kitchen. Knives axes and, watering, systems, and Fiskars is no stranger, to red as. The, first awarded. With one in the product design category thirty years ago.

Petri. If I may say a few words about you you, trained as an industrial designer in the Marty which, is about a hundred days northwest, of Helsinki, and I've, actually been there in the snow your. Career saw you working, as a design manager at, finished material company. Ocula, joining. Our design steering, group of coney cranes and, setting on the board of lottie's university, of applied yes. We. Joined Fiskars in 2010, or vice president for R&D garden and since, their new home vp responsibilities. For, both R&D, and design, in the, business unit functional products. You. Lead. Creatively. For a design team of about 20 designers. So. Again congratulations on, winning the award red dot design team of the year 2020. I don't, know if you've noticed but. Then in the numbers of, 16:49. And, up to 20. Yeah. Finder. And CEO red dot design award senator. Of the morale design organization, holder. Of germany's highest award, the Federal Cross of Merit as, our host today what. Does it mean to rent dock to have a company, such as viscosity. Participate. In the red dot. It's. A, it's, a great honor and it's a great pleasure to, have companies. Like whiskers. With red dot and I, remember. From. The very beginning. When. I started. With, red dot, fiskerton. Is. Always. A participant. And not just, a participant, they are always a successful, participant. There. Are very very few companies, who, have an a. Warning, rate of nearly, a hundred percent, and and, Fiskars. Is one of them. And. I it's. It's extraordinary, because, they. Do everyday. Products. They're. Not doing. Spectacular. Products. Luxury. Cars or whatever you know, brilliant. Watches, and so they, doing, things that we need every day and sometimes, that. Brings us to plots where in here, when. You work in your garden it can be very hard but tools. They produce they. Help you to do this job, much better and easier so. This is a big, pleasure. For me to, have Christmas. There. Every, year and I tell. You a probably. Not a real secret but, the. Whole red dot team is always looking for the incoming products, of Fiskars because we are always very, excited. What, they made new in every. Year, and. Sometimes it's, really we. Are. Expecting. Something. Regular. But they, send in something extraordinary. Yeah. So it's it's great to have viscous, and petal. Congratulations. To yourself, and your auntie you. Did. A marvelous, job, over. The last. 100. Years and, you. Are definitely. A. Big big, pillar of design, in the world of design. Fantastic. Thank you Peter, I. Was. Going to just offer. Some questions. To yourself and Peter over. The coming. And. I just thought I'd, start off thinking about the role of the creative leader of, a design, director isn't where all the team, working. For a global brand and, I just wondered if you'd like to talk about what, your mind, so does a critical, skill set, might be for the, creative, leads it, needs their, team, to be able to drive forward new products, it's. Clear and distinctive, voice as a brand to make the everyday extraordinary. Tell us a bit about, what. Happens inside a mind and. What. Does the experience of Kotori bring to the team. He's. Not the only means is everybody. Whose work you know team and all.

Of Aleen there's and I don't want schools working so many years in this company. To. Saying that they're gonna finish design. It's. Not kind of Phoenix design in that sense is. You, go to chop on your phone so much similar. What, is famous design and you go to Germany you see an. Unmanned. Thali similar. The Bauhaus in Germany, and Chopin, and Finland is somehow, linked, in my mind all. My life I studying. In German, school in Steiner school in Finland. And that, this is German, school and and. Lahti. Institute is. Basically, everybody. Loves Bauhaus, and that mentally, but you need to learn everything what are you doing and I believe it that same mentally, is in here in the Fiskars everything, what do you decide you. Need to know how to manufacturing. That and an. Whole team is, mentally. That way Sami. Is who's also here. Is. Exactly. Know that is design something is really no house she's. Doing in, handmade in that, it's. Not that that using. Different, devices but you really, understand. And you know how to doing everything and and, the. Last, many. Many years that Fiske us basically, using, that mentality, still. Everybody. Who is in this team really. Know how to doing prototypes, really, know how to doing, using. Well machines, and. Knives. And, different, things and it's mental easier you, need to know that. Process same. Sample, that you design. New noise eating. Nuts you. Really no need, to know how to chips using normal, using users, mean in this you. Really need need to know that all process, and I, believe it studies kind of benefit. To Fisk us in. 371. Years. Anybody. Who's working here, by the way here the Fiskars released based videos, coming, everybody. Started in zero and learned, that and, using. Hands, and feeling, that hands how, that go into users. Okay. Fantastic, and Peter. Do you think I mean it seems to me to be talking about values, as well and. I just wonder do you think. As. A strategy. For corporation. There is for companies, to. This res what country. Is saying is not resonating with you across there the. Variety, of product. Sectors that you get awards from these. Values that he's talking about are important, oh yes.

Definitely. The, first point that we made about. The. Question of is, it a finished. Design or, or, what. What is it of course, if, you want to be in. A global market very successful. You. Don't make any national, designs, you. Make, really. Functional. Designs and you. Know function. And usability. Worldwide. Is. Almost. The same you know people always, looking. For good functional, products, and they always want to make better use out of them but. Then additionally. There, comes the aesthetic aspect, that. Makes the the seduction, of the of the products, and that makes the people buy them and I. Think, this. Kind of values Priscus, unifies. Perfectly. All. The designers, in Fiskars worked, for. The long time on, this kind of design, values, and. Finally. This brings the success, not, just in the world of design but also the economical, success. In the world of business, do. You find them, talking. About design, values, and. Qualities. And, characteristics, of, design, language. Or design, and innovation in, the way that your products are developing I mean, yeah I talk. To design teams about that do you find it hard to upwards. Internally. To. Your design management about that. No. To. Save the doors that the Fiskars they still in small company and one. Is the big thing that this is not only design part. Everybody. Who is working in there and is some, kind of secret people it's a doctor. Designers, small engineers, and small. Engineers, is more than steel designers, and. And. It's not, only, that handy how to work you need working, in the factories. Unit, working in the brand sales. And, cetera cetera and, the key point is to understand, the first what, the users, need and that. Is the interesting that in part, that I know it the many many many companies using, lots of money try. To do, analyzing. What people want but. In in here is that more that everybody. Is. So keen to, learn. More and these. Take. More. Ideas in the table. Normally. Is. Total. Is work that how you selling in. Inside. The company, it is new serious, and, I believe it's that it's kind of hard it's part normally, to, sell in the oil it, is inside.

The Company, it is maybe maybe something super, and. And some cases that take, a lot of energy to sell in that area inside. The company, but. But. The same Turkana honest in that word is, fantastic. Work in this company people, trust anybody I need to rush manufacturers. I need trust. Marketing. Sales and everybody. Who's work in a company it's kind of small family in. My mind and everybody, work together, and everybody. Know own. Task what, needed ability outside, it's not only me I need. The. Whole, process and team, need that whole process that is something kind of fantastic. Items coming to market is. It is it worth mentioning. For our viewers you know, as a creative, lead I mean every company, is different, yeah. I know Peter has a remarkable, oversight. Of so many companies, over so many years I myself have had the fortune to work with in-house design teams I'm, very often, and. In-house. Design teams can. Find it difficult. To talk to the other stakeholders. That they have internally, in the company within, their supply networks, and, I just wondering it doesn't sign to me like that's the case of Fisk ours like. Is there something that you do like what explicit. Behavior, do you have to. Help yourselves talk across your, functional. Discipline, boundaries. I, believe. Is that this for. Me is that kind of you, need to trust everybody I. In. My colleagues. Fran. And everybody else and and. You. Need to, difficult. By the way difficult question because I work in other companies also and, every company is different but. But saying. That that you are honest, at. The you are honest and you trust and and you smile, I. Mean. It's mine and you are interesting, something totally, new I believe, that is the driver because you are so smiling. And you want to found something, new. Everybody. Else in organization. Take that same feeling and want to do in the best product and and, that is hard and he's taking years, to. Building. This kind of trust in different, companies but to. Say. That way that I don't know how. I'd do. It oh how, I doing, a whole, team doing that but. I smile and I every time I God work this. Is my work where I am by the way now and it, is Forrest and this is meeting, rooms and in different. Places but you need to love that work and you not love that. It's. Difficult to sell, inside, in a company, in, this stuff. What you do it fantastic. Is that a swimming pool behind you battery is it yes. It's pitiful it is kind of small swimming, pool hot top and it's, not. Of. Course. You. See different things in half, hour go small. Bomb beach walk in here and and wolfs living, here and the fiscal isn't. The. Saying that canna is. Very difficult to form this kind of company where so long history, and you really, found village. Where, everything, start and. That. Is the maze in that you come in here you learn so, much every time you are here how, did company, work in many. Many years what. Is the history. And. Cetera today and. You. In energy here and you coming here at the biscuits please, for. Me it's interesting to, observe. This. Kind of tension, between this. Very strong, local, tradition. And yet. You, are your power of innovation I.

Mean, The the prove, the world who behind, you is a very local one yes. Like not imagine, that this stands, on my Terrace, or something. On. The other hand you produce, products. That everybody. Wants to have in this house and. This. This must be a very tricky process you, know on, one, side you get your inspiration out, of your your, landscape, out of your, tradition, and and everything, that you learn from your childhood and on the other side. You. You have to turn over into an international. Person. Or into a national, international team, that. Is very. Universal and, and, has a spirit. Of a global world this, must be very difficult. To, do sometimes. Of. Course it's difficult but, then. But. You need to see I believe studies to waste way that that. You need to see and learn and. Feeling. That and of course people. Not coming here to Finland to say I need this item I need that item you need to also to go to different places in, different countries. To understand, history, understand. Culture, you. Go do it go here people, doing totally different way cutting. Chicken what is in here in Finland you, go do in Germany you go to Poland you go to USA, people using different, way breaks. Soil. Is different, Francis. Is different, and cetera, cetera but, that to. Say the one is that you, need to go and understand. The culture how, do people using that and, take. That knowledge back here, and. Using, that knowledge and. But. In mentally, people is me, people is same it's, not a matter where you go in or well nowadays. You. Know that we are gonna blow, Belize Asian and and and people buying different same stuff. But stealing you need to understand, that history, mentally. How the people using, items, and taking. That here and turning that in. That way as is coming something for. You what help your life better. Why. Do you think, yeah. Peter. And I, think they obviously. The Rome of the red dot is significant, in voicing. The value of design as a strategy, for. Companies as, a value of innovation, as well and. I just wonder is them. Do. You see a significant, shift in the, way companies. Dealing. With or talk about their. In-house design, teams as. The support, for their corporate strategy, as, opposed to necessarily just, the support for the brand strategy. You. Know we. Design. Institute, for advanced, design studies and, within. This institute, we did some surveys. About. Advantages. And, disadvantages. Of in-house, design, teams or, external. Design teams and and, we figured out that, it. Is, always. Very helpful for, the. Creation. Of the, of the brand. To. Work, with your in-house design, team and then. You can see that that companies, who. Deal with deeper. Values and, and you who. Deal with a high, technology, items. And a, lot of Secrets, a lot of Secrets they, need in-house, design, teams they cannot share this. Kind of knowledge with, other designers. Who, probably. Work in couple of years for the competitor, so. I I think, it's. It's a very good move for companies, to install, the in-house design, teams. Because. The. In-house design, team is a, part, of the whole company, culture, there and, as. I, mentioned before there, is this tension between tradition. And innovation, so. If. You. Have an external design team which is just, looking for only in ovation this. Would bring, a big.

Controversion. Into the company and would. Create a lot of travel so in-house. Designers. Who really. Have. The same DNA of, the. Brand and, the design are, much better for many many companies, of. Course we know there are other concepts. Like, there. Are companies for, example like the furniture. Company, Mitra who, deal more like a design publisher, they, work with different, kind of external, designers. But. This, is a different kind of approach. In. Our, case here it, is I think very important. That you have this in town in, house design team, with all, this knowledge and, with. The whole understanding. Of the combination, of tradition, and innovation, I. Mean. Petri do you I don't know give the comment or not but the use, for example use externally, yes. Bring. Uses, unexpected. Impulses. Mentally. Yes, that, depends. In a little bit process and and what is in it's able of course, using outside companies. Not. Only designed, for the engineers and different things but, where this, is that, kind of chasing. Many times but, the executive what we they're saying that DNA. Is inside, integrity, what is working to company, that that function need to know editing, history. Future. And no need them in the market and people and users and and factories, how they're using but, yes in. Some cases used, using. Is. Not. Really. How, to do in designs but. In some cases is that that culture is so totally different in in, Istanbul, or, in. In UK, you. Need to basically use, in outside, company, whose ways living, in that culture, inside, in that country, to, basically to understand, what is the difference, in. Normally, that, in. That face whiskas, using in in different design office or engineer office and. Can. You tell us a little bit. The, design process it's this cars I'm sure our viewers would be very interested. To hear the I not happy, to tell us when. You're starting a new product, I wear this brief come from do you have product managers that bring that to you and, you get told what to do are you developing concepts. That you then take to, the product managers how. High does it happen tell us a bit about the process. It's. So many different versions how, it is different briefs coming.

Of Course, category, manager, or T Hector's mom different things. To. See opportunity, in here or different, price point but. This also that cannot say mentally, what is the fiskars work in 100. Or 300 years. Many. Totally. New ideas is coming, here the forest. Many. New videos coming at you go do to see, the people, I understand. The users how the people using different things. That. Whole team using, different professionals, in different segments, Geoff's. Coroners. Who's. Helping a lot of to understand, how. Need to cut in and how need fine and. Good, steak but. But, saying that many. Totally, new videos is coming his long path he's. Not coming in couple of years or not maybe some. Cases is taking seven years at, the holiday, as in in in market and some. Case is taking in couple, or one a year but. It's. About of, course viscus. Want. To sell in items, and and doing money that the stock, company. In. In. In many cases, is is straight. But. Try the phone, totally, totally, market, segment totally new way you. Need to study that market, the users, many years, and. You, need to really to to, learn that, how. The process call, it's not only that you take in couple of red wines and doing ice get C's Israeli. Really, work, at this. Team. Is basically, the. Same that but. The best. The best in the last year when these northern axe. Stupid. Idea, how. To, fix in black stick a metal and wood together. Butthole. Mentally, that whole field was coming here to forest and. Do you understand, that process I understand the feeling understands. Methods. And. Understand. Feeling. Understand. Winter. And summer and what that mean to, access and cetera is that but. I. Don't. Know what, people the same and I don't want to say I do, it but. But you saying see. Changing, a. Peccary, how, is how. Was the response of the. Management when, when. You told them that you will, be the design team of the year. Has. This an impact, on. Your. Position, and the company, will. This probably. Make things easier, or you. Get better support, or or. Even the. Management, is as proud as yourself, so, I I tell. You as a background the story you know when we when. We gave the title design team of the year two messages. And. Two, to Bruno Sacco and his team. It changed. The company. You, know Bruno Sacco at that time he was not allowed, to. Give public, talks on, fares. And anything, so, he was he, was not integrated, in, marketing. Activities. At all as, the head of design, after. He, was awarded, with the rent on design team of the Year title this. Changed, completely. The. Marketing, people, discovered. His his, value, for as a designer for the company, and from. From, this day on they. Invited, him for giving lectures, on the fairgrounds. And you. Know let him travel around, to. Have to give, the philosophy.

Of Design to often, as he is to the rest of the world and. And I remember. Bruno's acquitted, said to me Peter, you changed my life you know in, the company and. I'm wondering. Whether. There is, like this, you. Have already a different. Kind of company. Culture, regarding. Regarded to design. To. Saying that the term of, course, that the prize is sold, by the way new that that boy. Everybody. Talked about human team is that that that. Cementing, yellow silver I. Promise. Is going to sound of the day. I. Don't. Already. Saying I work in different companies in the past and, different. Companies in different level. How. The design, inside, integrator, in in the company, and how much you need to selling that you know Phyllis off or, ideas. This. Because it's already manufacturing. 250. Years, different, products. Not. Only scissors, but in the different metals and different things. Ten. Years ago I'm coming here in this company. In. Mentally, I not need. To sell in what is the design. How. To work on different things in that time it's, so much into creating. In this company, design and brand is basically, matched, to heaven to, saying the one is the, branch. And. Design. Part talk, every day together. This, basically, plan, and designed this this much, and, so near and. I. Need. To believe what, branching, and front listened what the design saying. It's. Very normal here, it's. So inside. In that whole DNA. Of. Course in the business numbers it's different cases you need the selling visit numbers not mainly that mentally, decide. But. In what your question Peter I don't know it's going to change my life, so. Much. I hope. So not. I don't. Know private, lives no. No no I mean, I mean that is I don't know how. Is how he's got to change changing, in position, all different things. Already, coming to saying that that the fast by running holler handy and, now I'm basically going to go to back because I want to go in back where, I coming. I don't. I, believe. Is in some cases maybe it's coming bigger role but. But design. Is not kind of only disart its whole process, and engineers, of, course is going, to help in. In. Mentally, I believe two, different.

Companies, Believe, you better, but. Inside in company. My. Work is my homage research, same, what. Is today what is to tomorrow and. That. Here are here in this company is pretty small but. Mean that that is nothing matter me or other ones who team is loud to, talk, to CEO and say unlike this and not like that. But. But I understand, in different companies this, level is different and. Still. Already. Working, in this, area 22. Years, and, I'm. Still bit still, sad and in some cases some, companies, that design, is somehow here, warrant. Because. That, is one how you doing money nowadays also. I. Know, I understand why, different, companies, not using, so much design, yet. But. Maybe that is taking. The next 15 years. Everybody. Understand, that level you. Know and it's a management decision so. I, guess, that the management will will celebrate together, with you the yes. It's. Someone's. Of a finished. Good worker together. I. Hope. My promise, you know me. Here. Everything. Issues, and go to open, but. I. Do. The. Same to uh nesting in inside the company. People. Here that wake, ago first, time. This. Maze in what is the feedback. Is. Amazing. What is the feedback in whole Finland, not benefice cos. He's. Coming so, many, message. Emails. I. Visit. In a Saturday, in in in Helsinki, in, in. One terrace and and. People are coming to, saying it's super, at risk of wind that price I mean I don't know these people but people want, to find peers for me. But. This is exactly what, we want you, know the. The price is not there just for itself in the price should our people, and should. Give some. Recognition, to others, and and, of course help you also business-wise, this is the most important, thing. Design, that doesn't. Exactly. Say exactly, that but is the. Same. Design is. The. Fiskars design is Kalam how. The same it's. Design, and when people see that is fantastic. Or different. Things but in here here, because. You think about this more unisex, design it's. Kind of product. What is basically, it's. Not knowing you it's, not going to maybe into smiley you every day but, this help your life and and that is the fun just because that these products, what, you point to, start stay in your lives maybe. 60, or 100, years and. In. Many cases you not know what is the fiskars but, you know exactly, scissors, or, inside scissors and. You know axes, what's, helped your life to doing and smiling. And doing better job that is the the, mentally, here in this company very good. You. Find the battery, that. Queen. Israel element I mean the company is pretty staggering to be 300. Year old company, and, do. You find that sometimes you might get locked inside. Your own box is it where it's hard to push you outside your own box because great success, you. Know a billion pounds decisions great success, could be a dampener. To innovation, is, that something you find you have to. Play. With or find, a balance with. Say. Honest no. You. See these. Yes. Well, is here and this this is basically three, scars collection. Corning. Closes. Saying. That, you. Found new. Areas, you know found, new, new. Places where you go, and. Somebody. Who's see. That video, food, in the Fiskars in Google, and building image picture you could see how many different items Fiskars manufacturing. 370. Years the. Graphic, lights micro almonds, cops. Would. Massey is the kind of huge tractors. Electricity. But device is cetera. Cetera and, that is amazing that the.

Fiskars Phone every. Time in, that culture, and that time level, for years, where. Where, do people want to go and. Something. To stay and something not going to stay, but. You. Go to look into people or you could watch with people, taking videos and, try to understand. You, learn every time something, new and, and. I. Believe it that is it's. Kind of best. One at that you, learn a whole team learn and of course you need to look what is the history and. It's. Basically I used, in one like, Vic Mackey failed the who's working for the two years in this company, in R&D, as. A fantastic, that that somebody doing something new videos in couple, years ago and and. Make a smiley, name in here yeah wait. A second boys and he's, called the walk somewhere as it's coming back yeah, I do in that 72 you already. Oh. So. Much history, and different, things and a taste you found, and every. Time something new I don't, believe it that of, course people changing, people, mentally, people doing more, food in home of, course. In other places people go to more in restaurant, treating, people. Want to do it on verbs, and cetera today world, changing and you found every time spot, found. Something new. Do. You see much impact, from her current situation or, much change looking, ahead, you. Mean this situation, yes the situation with regard to, how. People might view time. At home or time in their garden or I, believe. It's this this, taste age what is now this corner people. Stay home. It's. Not basically, yes. I guess good but people, found every time that. What. Do people need to use and wine, and. Of, course. Restaurants. And other ones. Basically. People, want to go more and outside, to, eat but, also people, understand, different tastes and, people. Want to take in that taste and go to home I'm doing that that, same taste because. Many, people is no money, to go every part every day to. Restaurant. And. The interesting. Culture is that trend. Is that people, want to do more outside. The world to. Go in your tomatoes. Or flowers, and. Teach. Even more peer. Hurts. And that. Is of course fantastical. Because these, people taste. Better I mean, everything. What do you do itself in your garden in Pollock Connick it's, a different taste and. That, is. Studies, fantastic. Trend to go to back in that what, did happen in 60. Or 70 years ago, it. Was interesting, in Germany during our lockdown. That. All. The garden, centers, and. This kind of shops. Where you could buy tools and. Equipment. For, for making your own nicer, they. Were open all the time so you could buy there all the time this stuff and and people. Really doubt it during, this time to, work in their gardens, on their terraces, and then, they. They, were doing, something at home and. So. The you can see. Out. Of this how valuable. It, is, to. To. Have, this kind of a. New lifestyle, that. Even the politicians. Accelerated. That, you can buy tools. And then, you can buy all your gardening equipment. And. I believe it's that it's going to stay and by the way this kind of almost. Biggest. Coupon, garden, places. In in in, whole world is imperiling. Yes. Already. Many, many years basically people. Find. This kind of home or renting. These home boxes, in. The barrel in different. Places and, growing. On tomatoes, and herbs. That. Trendy. Is. Going to grow more. And more in next. 20, years right. What. About new technologies. What. About the new technologies. Is that something that's coming, towards. You in terms of I don't know metrics, and instruments. Or feedback or, other. Ways of engaging like, sort of a digital views. Relevant. To you of, course. Is about everything in element. And. Relevant. In that waste of course if you come in holder I'm already old by the way. Interesting. To see in my life I my profile, ago in, last last 29. Years or, 27. Years and, that a young girl I. Loved if he technical, stuff and I, want this from better, TVs, and different things I'm, gonna order and I could no, this way I want. The list apps in, phone.

Less. Technical. Devices. Because. I want to learn and to, relaxing. That I do in that but. In your Questers that that of course technical. Solution. I. Say. No that. Is not true of, course it's called crowing but. What level, and how. How, do using, that is, other. Case I mean. I, don't. Really know yet. How do people. Want. To buy different things of, course you see in the market, different. Devices have, measuring, your stakes, or measuring. Your soil or different, things. That. Is also pity but is, that, what. Colors Hey, in. In one pad. Now. Maybe same hotel maybe, not. To. Go to back in. Known. And taste, and feeling and. I. Know. At the theater you, love red, wines and it's, in. Your. Young sure you buying these cheaper, red wines and now you coming older you want this kind of ways. That. You. Need o'clock you, need different devices but, who. Is that the wire user. Different. Questions. Here. Yeah. Every, design team was, sitting. In my place and, asking. The questions, what. Question, would they ask you. In. Me well, at Western what, question, made the design team ask you I. Don't. Know I'm. Not trying to be Trixie, with that I'm just wondering, there you, know is there something that they that, they, might be asking of you as a design leader in the team. To. To. Look towards, or look forward, to. What's coming next. -, saintil that that I'm so, I hope, so that everybody. Team member go to looked at and it gotten laughing what I say, I. Am. I, feeling. That I'm livid, same level of what everybody, why, doing Kate she's every, day. Somebody. Hate that that somebody sent me the picture and I do it gets his back but. I tried, to my work is only to help to, team to doing better and, and. And and, found. New way to, feel in BNA and the same brand, feel. Also go in every cross. Products. What is in in this portfolio. But. Some. Cases I understand. What my team asked me and many, cases my team not understand, what I say. Further. Reflection. You know what, does it mean to you personally you know people we've talked about what it might mean for the company, what, does it mean for you personally to, win this, award from, the red dot. Of, course, is amazing, I. I remember. Her Peter calling me and, I, don't know it's just easy meal for, days and not telling, me that this, comes wind that but, these four days or five days I, waiting the phone call is this. Kind of, long. For five, days. Or. Is amazing. To, zento honest that I don't remember, how many companies, win this prize in last, 28. Years. 28, companies no. Less no 32. Total. The. Design of the got to, go. In. That, same level you can look at least is a player DDoS all, they be, and there be very. I. Don't. Bully hey. It's. Kind of train, train, come true I, don't ever ever think, about this tries coming because his work. Is so big. To. Honest that of. Course. I I somehow. My. My 22, years tried, to found, how the wind is but. I believe it's I believe it's Tommy who is here not, if ever ever believed in it he's, coming here and the feeling on the face cuz he's, amazing, I very. Difficult to say what, is the motion but he's. Big big thing not, only me but this is only whole team and the. Fiskars company, at, some point recognizing, that hey that what, Fisk is doing so many years, look. Tommy, is doing. Good, in in fire. Business. Right is here, but. Games. Still, running, need, the phone knew it I. I. Think. You. Have the the. Right leader. To. Achieve this award and you you work very hard for it together with your team but. You, know the team with our leadership, cannot. Make it and the. Opposite side a leader without the team can also not make it so, it's a perfect match and still. I like, to congratulate you and. You. Did a great job and please, continue like, that in the future I. Promise. That is basically, true, tomorrow is Tuesday, in. Flame here she'll. Need to work and, still, need to do a new get cheese and found new videos it's, not good ending. Sure. That the fiscal staying, next 370. Year here and, somebody, else basically, leaving I don't know what Fiskars is in that time but. I believe it's the same heritage, here, the viscose billets and pomp in that same, history what I and the whole team pump into to found new new stuff.

Great. Oh where's, Michael. Michael. Easy it is yeah. Again. Thank, you. We. Will make a big party next year yes then you will end over the trophy to the nest incoming, design team yes, and I, wait, yeah. And I know you bring your team and then we have Katya until the early morning, yes. So the Pirates our first episode, is, a little, our, life but our life is much bigger and stronger and we, and will survive yeah. Thank you very much thank, you for you thank, you and, give. It a dance, to the whole company and to your team I do. It that I promise, enjoy enjoy. Thank, you bye, bye bye. Bye. You.

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