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Rackham Graduate Exercises

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I'm. Robert ortega faculty, at the school of social work, on. Behalf of the faculty, welcome. To Rackham, graduate exercises. Please. Rise for, the national anthem, of the United States, of America. Oh. Say. Can you. See. By. The, dawn's. Early. Light. What. So, proudly. We. Hailed. At. The twilight's. Last. Gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes, and. Bright, stars. Through. The perilous. Fight. O'er. The ramparts. We. Watched. Were so gallantly. And. Good, morning I am, Martin, Philbert Provost, of the University of, Michigan, and professor of toxicology. In the School of Public Health it. Is indeed a pleasure to welcome you all to the 2018. Graduate. Exercises. Please. Join me in thanking John, Duarte for his lovely, rendition of, the star-spangled. Banner. We're. Gathered to recognize, and celebrate the. Accomplishments, of today's graduates, as the. Chief academic officer. Of this university, I'm, in or of the students, before me, there. Is indeed great talent, here. We. Are proud to graduate students. Who will be amongst the leaders and best of their generation. Congratulations. To you all this impressive, group. We. Salute, families. And friends and faculty members, who, have provided help, along the way they, provide an important, role in your success and. We, are glad that they are here today to celebrate with, you let's, thank them. Graduate. Education is, demanding, in many ways it requires, students, to be comfortable with not knowing, the answers, and to, do the hard work in, exploration, of, the answer. This. Involves testing new theories, and at times coming, face to face with failure. There. Are days I'm. Sure you'll agree with me when it feels that success is elusive. Then. Regrouping. And rethinking. You, try again, this. Is where the excitement, is. And even. Joy, you. Uncover, an intriguing, puzzle, or you have a fresh insight, and your work moves in a promising, new direction. It. Is as the physicist, Richard Fineman said the, thing that doesn't fit is the. Thing that's most interesting. The. Part that doesn't go according to what you expected. In. Your, studies you have likely encountered, many things that, didn't go quite as you expected, your, presence here today indicates, that, you brought great powers, of perseverance.

To Your graduate, work you. Learned from what didn't, work and move. Forward to try a different approach. This. Careful, often, painstaking. Process is, what, leads to the generation of new knowledge fresh. Perspectives. And new understandings. Of the world the. Acquisition, of this knowledge is critical to our shared future. We. Need and we, welcome you and the. Work that you will undertake. The. Great theoretical. Theoretical. Physicist, cosmologist and, author Stephen, Hawking modeled. The inquisitiveness, and perseverance, that lead to the expansion of human knowledge as. You. Move to new places and to new work I encourage. You to keep the words, of his, in mind. Look. Up at the stars, not. Down at your feet. Try. To make sense of what you see and wonder. About what, makes the universe, universe. Exist. Be. Curious. As you leave Michigan I encourage you to treasure, and to be guided by your curiosity it. Is essential, to your own success, and to the continued, expansion of, knowledge, it. Will enrich your lives and the societies, in which you live we. Shall forever be in your debt. It. Is now my great pleasure to introduce Regent. Andrea Fisher Newman a, 1979. Graduate of. The University, of Michigan. Thank. You Provost Philbert, on behalf of my colleagues, on the Board of Regents I am, really delighted to welcome everyone. Here today it's. An honor to share this significant, milestone with. You and with your families, and friends who are also, justifiably. Proud of, your accomplishments. As, Regents. We, are in awe of your many scholarly, achievements. Your, world-class, education. At Michigan has, given you the knowledge and skills to excel. Personally. And professionally, no, matter what career path you choose, I am. Confident, that your interactions, with faculty and fellow students, from around the world have. Broaden your perspective, on life and, equipped you to excel, in our increasingly diverse. World, I also. Trust, that you will use what you've learned at Michigan, along, with your leadership skills and, desire to serve others to improve, your communities. Today. You. Will join u of M's alumni, network, one. Of the largest and most influential. In the world we. Hope that you like thousands. Of Michigan grads before, you will, return to campus, often, to visit and wherever. You go please, remember, that we, are extremely proud of you and wish you the very best.

Congratulations. Class of 2018. Good. Luck and forever. Go blue. It. Is now my pleasure to, introduce mark, schlissel the fourteenth president of, the University, of Michigan. Thank. You Regent Newman, for that introduction, good. Morning Michigan, graduates, and welcome to all of your family, and other guests, and an. Event last year organized. By the American Academy of Arts and Sciences the University. Of Michigan professor skip, Lou Pia addressed. The topic of, communicating. Scientific. Facts in the age of uncertainty. We. All agree that Sciences, insights continue, to transform, our lives he said given. The range of influence, of science in the world today you'd. Think that Sciences, future, as a generator, of social value, would be very bright but. It doesn't feel like that does it as reported. By the University, of Chicago which hosted the event dr.. Lou Pia described. This process with a cognitive, science, term. Motivated. Reasoning. Basically. This means that individuals, prioritize, information. That, aligns with their point of view often. At the expense of evidence, the. University, of Michigan's, commitment, to graduate, education on. The other hand values. Evidence, in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. It's. Reinforced. Throughout the Rackham graduate school, and is, an essential component, of your academic training today. You graduate, from the number one public university in, the nation in research productivity. You've. Worked alongside world-class. Professors, and extremely, talented classmates. You've. Posed novel, research questions, and relentlessly, pursued, the truth but. Dr. Lupita's point about, communicating, facts presents. A new problem as you embark on the next phase of your lives and careers, how. Will you ensure that, the public can discern, what. Is factual or true, from. The vast amount of noise which, sometimes, contains, purposeful. Untruths, and that. Public will value, the work of highly-trained scholars, the. Work of science, humanists. And artists, the, voices of experts, the, contributions. Of University, of Michigan graduates, for. More than 200 years our university, has conducted research for, the public good but. How we engage beyond. The Academy in our third century, will, determine our success, U. Of M engineering, professor, Ella Atkins, has, used her considerable, research acumen, to work with the federal government and NASA to directly, influence national, policy. She, says that as engineers. Were looking to make the world a better place, her. Truth is applying knowledge of systems, in decision-making in aerospace. And in robotics, to, make spaceflight, safer, and more successful. She's. Also recently, helped to inform policies. Around drone, use because. She saw there was a need, it. Became natural for, me to ask these questions as, a technologist. She said and see. What was happening in government and communities, and try, to understand, how to help, the. University, of Michigan along with many campuses, across the nation is now. Examining. How to make the, research, scholarship. And expertise, of its faculty and students, more, public-facing. We're. Asking questions that include how, can we make sure that work that engages the public is, properly. Counted, for the career advancement, of scholars, what. Tools and skills do faculty need to. More effectively, disseminate. Their work for a public audience and, what. Other barriers, must academic, institutions, overcome, to. Unleash the talent, and expertise, of researchers, in service. Of society. Another. Challenge, for early career scholars. Is the career risk of attempting. To engage in public scholarship, William. Lopez a postdoctoral, fellow, at U of M's National, Center for institutional. Diversity and, a, PhD grad, in Public Health says. That younger scholars often feel like they're gambling with their careers, because. They don't know a future employers, will, value, this work the same way they do more traditional, modes of research at. U, of M we've made public, engagement. Major focus, area with, extensive, work taking, place across, our, institution. We want. All scholars. To feel like they have the option to take their, work in this, direction, and that its value, will be recognized, I want. To mention just to U of M examples of, relevance, to our graduates, today first. Our, University is a pioneer, in large-scale. Two-way. Interactions. Between faculty, and learners our. Academic. Innovation, teach outs have. Engaged nearly, 60,000. Learners around the world in topics. As varied as free speech fake. News the. Opioid, crisis, and hurricanes. Teach. Outs provide, an online forum, for, conversation. And intellectual, examination of. Modern. Issues, they're. Free open, to everyone and bring together highly.

Diverse Points of view the. Hurricane, teach out for example, included. A learner who works for FEMA and is, a graduate, of our Talman College of Architecture and, urban planning, he. Shared a valuable real-world, perspective on, the aftermath, of hurricanes, with participants. The. Second, example is one that you may have participated, in that, provides experience, and engagement, the. Rackham program, in public scholarship, supports. Graduate, students, in reaching public, audiences, through. Research teaching and projects, co-created. With, community, partners and organizations. Our. Overall approach to public engagement, at U of M is one. That I hope all of you take with you no, matter what your next step is, engaging. The larger society with your talents, is not, merely about public, service it. Should be embedded in everything that we do for. The university its scholarship. Teaching, and service. For. Our graduates, it's, how you pursue, your career and your interests, and the, ways you endeavor to create positive change, in your communities. Professor. Harley etienne of our Talman college of architecture and, urban planning came. To Michigan. Specifically. Because of opportunities, to engage with Detroit. He've used the discipline, of urban planning as the. Organization. Of hope adding. That he wants to contribute, to the knowledge base but. Also our shared project, of improving, human conditions, the. Symphony, that has urban planning he says is the. Magic, of rigorous analysis, and this, marriage between analysis. Speculation. And prescription. We, don't just study problems, we offer solutions, he said I know. That during your graduate studies with us many of you contributed. Knowledge. That helps address important, challenges, and better understand, the world U. Of M is two most recent MacArthur, fellows both, involved graduate, students in their work, commonly. Known as genius, grants, the, MacArthur, fellowships, recognized exceptional. Creativity. We're. Very proud that both of you of em's 2017. Recipients, also. Share their work outside, the Academy. Anthropologist. Jason, D Lyon and his students, have, provided fascinating. New insights, into human migration. They've. Examined, artifacts, left by people during clandestine. Border crossings, in the, Sonoran, Desert towns. In northern Mexico, and the Mexico, Guatemala border. Region. Historian. Derek Peterson, and, his students, digitized. A half-a-million. Government documents, that had been neglected, in Uganda. Formerly. Housed in attics and sheds and basements, these, documents. Provide an unprecedented, wealth of understanding. About a Gandhian culture and politics, the, insights. They provide are especially valuable, because. They're in the native language not interpretations. By others. Graduates. I began, today with skip Lupe's discussion. Of the influence of science. Despite. The uncertainty he's, pointed out I have, every confidence that, scholars, like you can. Lead us to a brighter future, using. Evidence, and applying rigorous, analysis, as you've, learned in practice during your time here at the Rackham graduate school. I hope. You'll take the risk to engage publicly, our society, needs you, as.

The Journalist, HL Mencken wrote. Explanations. Exist. They've existed for all time there's. Always a well-known, solution, to every, human problem, neat. Possible. And wrong. Class. Of 2018, you. Have ability, to address every human problem to, uncover the messy and complex, solutions, that can be discovered only, through careful, scholarship. To. Ensure the future of research as, a generator, of social, value, thank. You very much and congratulations on. Your graduation. Life. Sciences, pioneer, and Harvard, Medical School professor David. Walt has. Revolutionized. Genetic, and proteomic, analysis, with his discoveries, and commercialization. Of new technologies. A metro. Detroit native here and a Bachelor, of Science degree, in chemistry, from Michigan. And a, doctorate, from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, dr.. Walt invented. Micro L arrays, that were three billion times smaller, than, those, previously, used to track and screen cells and develop. Random, arrays containing, different DNA binding sequences, his. Innovations, have become the gold standard for gene sequencing. Dr.. Walt has served his alma mater in many ways and currently as a member, of U of M's Life Sciences, Institute, scientific. Advisory, board and Leadership Council, he's. Also been recognized, as a howard used medical, professor for. His initiatives, to improve science, technology. Engineering and, math education. Dr.. Walt is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and National Academy of Engineering and, is. A fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of inventors. Amongst, others, tomorrow. We look forward to presenting him, with the honorary degree Doctor. Of Science at, our spring commencement ceremony. Dr., wold were honored to welcome you I invite, you to address our graduates. President. Schlissel, Provost. Filbert. Regents. School. Deans esteemed. Faculty, graduates. Parents. Siblings. And friends. Thank. You for the invitation and, honor of giving this, commencement, address this morning. Commencement. Has its root in the word commence, meaning, to begin or, initiate. So. While we're here to acknowledge the, successful, completion of graduate school it, is primarily, to celebrate, the beginning of the graduates, opportunities. Ahead. Commencement. Is a time to, both reflect, on the past but, more importantly, to imagine, the future which. Is the topic of my address. This morning, I'd. Like to focus on this theme from. A personal, perspective I, will. Describe the changes, that have taken place since. I graduated, U of M use. Those changes, as a springboard, for talking. About present-day trends and technologies, and then, I will speculate, on what you the. Graduates, can look forward to in the future, throughout. My talk I, will, provide some general lessons learn from the trajectory that I hope will put you help. You put your lives in perspective. At this exciting, and promising, moment. It's. Hard for me to believe but. I graduated, from U of M in 1974. 44. Years ago. When. I was a student here. Environmental. Issues and peace, were the issues of the day, there. Was a war in Vietnam, we. Were concerned, about our pollution of our, air water. And land. Our. Air water and land have, been significantly, improved in this country and other developed, countries but. The growth in economies, in the developing, world. Has. Outpaced, environmental. Concerns, many. Countries, are repeating, the same environmental, mistakes, we made here in the US, but. Our environmental, issues go beyond pollution, today climate. Change partin's, shifts, in rain patterns, rising. Seas and more, extreme weather. When. I was at U of M. There, were long lines at, gas stations, because, of the opec, oil embargo. Since. Then we've, developed, significant, new energy, technologies.

Biofuels. Solar. Wind. Wave. And tide harvesting, yet, our addiction, to oil, continues. Unabated. We. Used punch cards some, of you may remember those, things, to. Program the university computer. Phone. Calls out. Of my local area code cost about a dollar a minute. Photos. Took a week to get developed. Videos. Were, the purview, of television. Stations and movie studios. Today. Advances. In computers, have been nothing short of, staggering, an Apple. Watch is more powerful, than any computer on the planet in, 1974. The. Tremendous, advances, in miniaturizing highly. Functional, micro circuits enables. Us to take photos, and videos, some, of you are doing it right now and instantly. Sharing, that with someone anywhere, on the planet. Calling. Someone on the phone while, possible. Isn't. Even the primary way that we communicate anymore. In. 1974. A, diagnosis. Of cancer was pretty much a death sentence. Both. My uncle and grandfather died, from cancer during, my first semester at college, today. Some. Cancers, are managed as chronic disease due, to advances, in treatment therapies, and early. Diagnostics, technologies. Graduates. Before. I describe what I imagine. For our collective, future and as. You contemplate your, future, and begin, to devote yourself to the career for which you've, trained at U of M I have. A few lessons. First. Make. Sure you spend time doing. The things you value. Sometimes. We, get caught up in life and just, find ourselves doing things, because they don't require us to think all that much. Responding. To emails, and texts, attending. Meetings returning. Phone calls. We, fill our days doing, activities, that just feel like we're accomplishing, things but. Most of the time were, simply, treading, water we. Are staying in the same place. Second. Pay. Attention, spend. Time in the moment. During. My 35, years as a faculty member the. Demands, on my time have, increased, significantly. At. One point I found myself thinking, about, the next appointment or meeting rather. Than focusing, on what I was doing at that particular moment. About. 15, years ago I, received, a thank-you note from a student with whom I had met and how, my advice had really, helped her transform. The direction, she took after graduation, at. That moment I, realized. That, every. Interaction we, have with people has. The potential to influence, them and make, a difference, in their lives. Now. When. I meet with students I leave. My phone on my desk I don't. Have my laptop open to my emails, whether. It is thirty minutes or five minutes if I'm speaking with them I don't want to miss an opportunity, to say the right thing to. Hear some detail, or nuance that might change what I say, so. If a friend comes to ask for your advice or. Your sister or brother. Or mother or father want to go to lunch with you pay. Attention at. That moment. Keep. Your idealism. One. Of the things I've learned over the years is that young people in general want to improve the world the. Human condition I'm. Sure, that's the main motivator, of almost every, graduate, in this room, whether. You are an engineer hoping. To design and develop a new technology, to improve, health or lifestyle. A scientist. Hoping, to make a discovery, that will lead to a cure for disease or expand human knowledge an English. Graduate who, hopes to write a poem or novel. That will move your readers or a sociology. Graduate, hoping to deliver, social, justice, to a community, you. All have the same goal of improving the human condition you. Want to do good thing, with your knowledge, we.

Are Facing some extraordinary, challenges. Imagine. What, you would like the world to be and then. Start. Doing things that move us closer to. That vision as, Rackham. Graduates, you, have been given, an extraordinary, educational. Opportunity, and with, this knowledge comes. Responsibility. To make the future better. Keep. Your idealism. And use your training to do good things for the world. I'm. A scientist. Therefore. I will, focus on some future technological. Developments, that will help us address some of the challenges facing us today. First. Providing. The world with clean abundant, and sustainable, fuel and energy, we've. Been talking about this goal since I was here at Michigan we. Have some good technology, today with our solar wind and biomass, programs. But there are will undoubtedly, be significant. Breakthroughs, in the future. Improving. Health and reducing. The barriers for all people, to, access modern, medical advances, in therapies. My. Lab, has. Recently developed, a blood test that can detect early-stage breast, cancer. If. Further studies, confirm, the accuracy, of such a test it. May one day be, possible, to detect breast cancer, perhaps. All cancers, early, such. That they can be treated before they metastasize or. Become, aggressive. With. Inexpensive, gene, sequencing. Everyone. Will have their genetic profile, done at birth we. Will use this information to, make informed choices about lifestyle. People. With a higher than average. Propensity, toward, lung cancer, may. May, not but, may choose not to smoke, people. With a tendency, toward diabetes, may, choose to keep their weights down and exercise, we. Will also know about which drugs will be effective. Personalized. Medicine will, finally, be here. Providing. Adequate and nutritious, food and clean water for, the entire world's, population. The, Green Revolution back. In the 60s, literally, fed billions, of people the. Increased, supply. Produced. A boom in population, resulting in many of the problems we are struggling, with today, climate. Change pollution. Overcrowding. And ironically. Even food shortages. Genetic. Engineering, and gene editing will enable a second, Green, Revolution. Many. Of you have, heard about this new technology, called CRISPR the, gene editing technology. That, will play a role in some of these new capabilities, in agriculture. But. In addition gene. Editing will enable cures, for, sickle cell anemia cystic. Fibrosis Huntington's. Disease. And, mosquito-borne. Diseases. Such, as malaria and, Zika, but gene. Editing also has, the potential to change the human gene pool and, it. Has the potential to obliterate. Entire. Populations. Of mosquitoes, with unknown, environmental. Consequences. Exciting. And interesting times, ahead. But. My focus on these, few examples. Of science has. A broader purpose, for this audience as you. Heard, when, I was introduced by president, schlissel little. I've, been fortunate if invented. Some technologies, that are being used widely. When. I first started translating technologies. I naively, thought all. I had to do was come up with a good technology, and it would sell itself, but. Now I realize it, isn't only about technology. To. Build successful, companies, one, needs talented. Business people to develop a business strategy and secure. The financial, resources necessary. We. Need good writers to. Convey important, developments, to the press and to the public we. Need marketing professionals. Lawyers salespeople. Accountants. The, list goes on. Some. Of the new technologies, I discussed, have, major social, implications. And require political, and social scientists. To determine the broader ramifications of. Introducing, these technologies, to the world for. Example, changing. From oil and gas to renewables, will. Will, cause some companies, to lose value but. Will enable other companies, to thrive. Displacement. Of technologies, will cause economic economic, hardships. In some, regions and prosperity. And others. Gene-editing. Has, the real potential, to. Change the genes of families who carry genetic defects, I sincerely. Believe that although these, technologies. Are probable. As a, society. We, need to have a serious, conversation about. Whether we should implement such. Technologies. And we, need to continue to do so as the years pass because. What works in 2018. Society, may, not work in 2050. 8 many. Of these issues are not about the science, or the technology, but, are grounded, in politics, ethics, social. Policies. Psychology. And law, science. Informs, these areas it does not determine, policies, or laws. Graduates. All. These areas, are, opportunities.

For You to contribute, keep. Your idealism, and use your training to do good, things for the world. My. Final message is, explore. Graduates. Whatever. The next step is in your career, you. Are probably, approaching it with a lot of excitement, some. Trepidation, and maybe a bit of doubt as to whether it's the right next step. Feel. Free to change, direction, if you find yourself doing something that. Isn't what you thought. It's. Really ok and don't. Worry about what others will think of you especially. Your friends or family. I'd. Like to tell you a story, about a former PhD student, in my lab. Let's. Call him Chris. That. Was his name. Chris. Was a PhD candidate, and he was in his fourth year in my lab and just didn't, seem to be passionate about his work he. Was going through the motions I called. Chris into, my office and challenged him Chris, you're, in a ph.d program in chemistry, if you're, not excited about your work now then, there's a problem. He, said that through his work on his. Thesis project, he had become super interested, in working with computers, I asked. Him why he didn't pursue his interest by switching to graduate school in computer science he. Said his parents would, be disappointed. Because. They wanted him to get his ph.d I told. Chris that, all parents ever care about is, that their child is happy and that. He should have a conversation with them to. Tell them about his interests a few. Days later Chris, came to see me and said that, he spoke with his parents and. While they were disappointed, that he wasn't going to get his PhD they. Understood, it encouraged, him to pursue his interests, Chris, was admitted to an excellent, graduate program, in computer science and today is incredibly. Successful. And extremely happy in his chosen field. So. A refinement, of my, final. Message. Of explore, is. Explore. And take, the long view it's. Not about what you're doing this week or next year, yes. You, need to set short-term and medium-term goals, but. Don't be a slave to them when, you're at the end of your career you. Want to look back and say. You made a difference or you accomplished. What you wanted for yourself. The. Accomplishments. And goals you achieve when you look back 40 years from now will. Undoubtedly, be different, than what you are thinking today, your. Path will also, likely be different for the one you may have thought so. A review, of the, messages, spend. Time doing the things you value pay. Attention, and be in the moment, keep. Your idealism, and do, things for the world, explore. And take, the long view. These. Are exciting times both. Today's commencement and, the, opportunities. You the graduates, all have, to help shape the pewte the future I can't.

Think Of a better place to have received your graduate education than. The University, of Michigan your, degrees today are just the first step in, the exciting journey ahead. Congratulations. On your advanced degrees from one of the best universities in the world I wish, you all success, health. And happiness in your lives and fulfilment. In your life's work I hope, you take the true meaning of commencement. To heart, thank you. Thank. You very much for your address doctor Walt it's. My pleasure on, behalf of the Horace H Rackham School. Of Graduate Studies to, offer brief remarks, I'm. Mike Solomon the interim Rackham dean as I. Stand before you I am seeing this moment in the context, of the great history of graduate, education at. The University, of Michigan and, the, centrality of your, experience, to, its mission, when. We talk about our University's, work to create new knowledge or about how we value intellectual. Exchange, or of. Our unwavering commitment, to engage in the great public debates, of the day we. Are talking about the learning research. And scholarship, in which you all have engaged, as masters. And doctoral students. Iraq. And graduate school we know how hard you have worked to, learn and to discover, I've. Read your research grant applications, I have been delighted to, support the, conference travel in which you have presented your research findings, at. Every occasion in, which we have come together as a community I have been an enormous admiration of, the breadth of your accomplishments. And your discoveries. As graduate, students. Your. Work has helped us to better understand, bacterial. Production, of biofuels, and the, ways in which children make judgments, you've. Chronicled, urban resilience in the face of challenges. Such as climate change and the. Social role is a funerary labor in antiquity. You've. Moved us with performance recitals, and enlighten.

Us With your research, collectively. You have advanced, human knowledge and understanding. I, know. This work has not been easy you, each have surmounted great, barriers, I'm. Thinking of the experiments, that didn't work as planned for. Months the, survey response rate that. Was half of what you had hoped or. The archive that didn't quite yield the source materials, you had hoped for. Your. Degree experience require persistence at. Times you might have grappled with the experience, of isolation. At, the same time you, might have been engaged in the teaching of undergraduates you may, yourself have worked to advance the values of diversity equity and inclusion, that, we strive sometimes. With difficulty, to hold I. Congratulate. Each one of you for having completed your journey to degree at, the same time I thank, you for your energy for. Your creativity and for, your plain hard work in advancing, in multiple, dimensions the great enterprise of this university, you. Didn't reach this point on your own I would, like to speak directly to all those who supported, you to, family and friends to. Partners and spouses to, children to, classmates, to, staff and faculty. Members. We. I thank, you for the support and the mentorship that you have given to these students and scholars whether. Your engagement, has been at an academic. Intellectual. Or personal. Level it, is a critical piece of what we were here today to celebrate I. Mentioned. History as I began I would, also like to end with it when. This graduate school was created one of its aims was to bring individuals from different disciplines together in fact. It was the specific reason, that the Rackham building was constructed for the graduate school it, was understood that there was much to be learned by, reaching out across disciplines. You. Are all receiving the most advanced degrees in those very disciplines, you. Have unsurpassed, depth of knowledge in your field you. Are equipped with its latest methods, as. You go out from here please. Use that advanced knowledge and please, apply those state-of-the-art, techniques, to, reach out across difference, of every kind by. Doing so you fulfill, the greatest value of the Graduate School you, will serve the public good through your efforts, congratulations. Graduates. But. Mr.. President I now, have the honor on, behalf of the faculties, of the University and the Executive, Board of the Horace H Rackham School, of Graduate Studies to. Present candidates, to you for, the masters and certificate. Agrees and to recommend, recommend them for the degrees named. Well. The candidates for the degrees please rise and, remain, standing as, their degrees are named. Master. Of Arts. Master. Of Design. Master. Of fine arts master. Of. Landscape Architecture. Master. Of Public Administration. Master. Of Public Policy. Master. Of Science. Matt. Master. Of science and engineering. Master. Of urban, planning. And. Certificate. Of Graduate Studies. On. Behalf. Of the Board of Regents of the University of, Michigan, I congratulate. You all on your graduation, it's. Now our pleasure to invite masters, degree candidates, to come forward and be greeted. We. Recognized, individually. The, recipients. Of doctoral, degrees, awarded by the University I invite. You to notice the various disciplines represented as. The degree recipients, are introduced, you'll. Receive a remarkable. Insight into the diversity and breadth of the intellectual, and creative mission. Carried, forth at the University, of Michigan. By. The authority, of the state of Michigan, vested in the Regents of this University, and by. Them delegated to, me we, shall now confer, the degrees which have been recommended, by the faculty, x' michael. Solomon interim, dean of the Horace H Rackham School, of Graduate Studies and, vice. Provost for academic affairs, graduate, studies will preside.

Well. The candidates for the doctoral degrees of the, Horace H Rackham School, of Graduate Studies, please. Rise and, remain standing as their, degrees are called. Doctor. Of Musical, Arts. Doctor, of philosophy. Mr.. President, on, behalf of, the Executive, Board of, the horror Shh Rackham School of Graduate Studies I have the honor to present these, candidates, for the doctoral degree I, confer. Upon each of you the degree for which you've been nominated. Admitting. You to its rights honors. Privileges, and. Charging. You with its responsibilities. In. Consideration. Of those seated behind you please, return to your seats until you're conducted, to the platform, where, you'll be hooded and introduced. Doctoral. Degrees are the highest ordered, by the university, we. Come now to the hooding of the doctoral degree recipients. Recognizing. Them individually. The. Ritual of receiving the doctoral hood is part of a historical tradition that, began with the earliest foundations, of European universities, hooding. Has been a central feature of commencement, exercises, since. The 12th century when. Pope's kings. Or Emperor's, authorized. The conferral, of the doctoral hood they, were certifying, their. Sippy ins were master, teachers, who, had earned new Subic way doc NT the. Right to teach anywhere. Each. Doctoral, graduate, has undertaken, original, scholarship, in, the completion, of the dissertation, guided. By a faculty member who chaired the students dissertation, committee, many. Of these dissertation, chairs are with us today and will personally hood their students, walking. Them in to the community of scholars before. Their names are called each tis draped with a hood completing. Their doctoral, academic. Regalia, the. Colors on the hood identify first the university attended, and second. The academic, field studied, the. University's colors of maize and Azure blue are, seen on the lining of the hoods the, doctoral candidates, will wear today the, border color indicates the, field of study and can, be identified in the list of academic colors, in your program. Pienaar. HR, aerospace. Engineering. Cassius. Adair, English, language and literature. Gesine. Agha, computer. Science and engineering. Sayid. Allah Allah. SWA Near. Eastern Studies. Ali. Ahmed al mid wa Near, Eastern Studies. Shahabuddin. Alle. Hier II beg, mechanical. Engineering. Amina. Allen Educational. Studies. Steven. Allen cellular. And molecular biology. Maryam. A Bob's add a natural, sources and environment. Abdul rahman RF, biomedical. Engineering. Elizabeth. The Armstrong, social, work in sociology. Neil. Arthur, nuclear, engineering, and radiological, sciences. Jonathan. Atwell sociology. Kevin. Baker ecology. And evolutionary, biology. Swee. Wahrman, balachandran. Aerospace. Engineering. T, on bow, mechanical. Engineering. Aundrea. Barbarin, information. Paul. Beata civil.

Engineering. Tabitha, Bentley Educational. Studies. Daniel. Biggs aerospace, engineering. Amy. Bondi, chemistry. Julia. Borg biophysics. Eric. Brinkman, computer, science and engineering. Michael. Brown higher, education. David. Burdette junior, aerospace, engineering. Andrew. Burton civil, engineering. Colleen, antonette carpenter, pharmacology. Raymond. Cavalcanti. Jr. bio informatics. Ryan. Cave early aerospace, engineering. Young. Ha ha chemistry. Michael. Chang electrical. Engineering. Yong. Cheng, mechanical. Engineering. Anthony. Charles physics. Geunji. Chen chemistry. Mingo. HN nuclear, engineering, and radiological. Sciences. Chu. Xiu Chen, biomedical. Engineering. See. Chen, molecular. And integrative, physiology. Yard. Jin Chen computer. Science and engineering. You. Pull Chen, biostatistics. Kenneth. Chang material. Science and engineering. Tony. Sungchung, bioinformatics. Rebecca. Craig chemistry. Juan. Crespo, atmospheric. Oceanic and, Space Sciences. Martha. Current price Educational. Studies. OHS. Dodgy. Electrical. Engineering systems. Erik. Doll chemistry. Gillian. De yo cancer. Biology. Joshua. Damron chemistry. Natalie. Our Davis, Educational. Studies. Scott. DiIorio history, and Women's Studies. Ky, wadding, aerospace. Engineering. Elisabet. Dreyer electrical. Engineering. Megan. Elliot's, sociology. Margo. Iman's molecular, and integrative, physiology. Eun-suk. Yo physics. Samuel. Essary chemistry. Dwelling. During Fon aerospace. Engineering. When. Gr fan, environmental. Engineering. Yuu-chan. Shelley Feng molecular. Cellular, and developmental biology. Kyle. Lewis Ferguson, chemistry. Romaine. Fire, Bay aerospace. Engineering. Catherine. Finnegan, dalek computer. Science and engineering. Catherine. Finn nursing. Eric. Fisher climate. And Space Sciences and, engineering. James, fichelson, Urban. And Regional Planning. Miranda. Fitzgerald, Educational. Studies. Alexandra. Fraser history. Of art. Andrew. Michael Fredo cellular. And developmental biology. Jessalyn, freely air Romance. Languages, and literatures French. Gabriel. Frieden mathematics. Kevin. Freeze civil engineering. Bing. Foo chemistry. Brady. Gazelle, anthropology. And history. Rebecca. GAD Educational. Studies. Thomas. Polymerase. Gamboa, conducting. Band. Shriram. Ganache. On aerospace. Engineering. Cow. Cow computer. Science and engineering. Jennifer. Gear history, of art. Benjamin. G Barsky earth, and environmental sciences. May. Lisa gilina, comparative. Literature. Jacob. Jerry chemistry. Morgan. Giles pharmaceutical. Science. Chetna. Gopinath, cellular. And molecular biology. James. Goes naval. Architecture, and marine engineering. Diana. Greenwald, political, science. Lori. Beth Griffin. Cellular, and molecular biology. Yeah. Gwon chemistry. Teal. Judah, see statistics. Chengwan. Grow, earth, and environmental, sciences. When. Grow physics. Yeehaw, whoa computer. Science and engineering. Ada. Hagan. Microbiology. And immunology. Kyle. Han quest aerospace, engineering. Eric. Harper, material. Science and engineering. Zachary, harvanek molecular. And integrative, physiology. Meredith, an Henstridge, applied, physics. Parker. Hill, computer. Science and engineering. Kuan-yin. Kenneth whole mechanical. Engineering. Rosina. Ho whoo chemistry. You. Young how information. Seyi, Harish. Dharmarajan. Biostatistics. Cheung. Honshu. Computer. Science and engineering. Men. Yahoo survey. Methodology. Sophie. Hunt history. Elizabeth. Hutton English, and education. Hey. Jen Wang, Educational. Studies a. Mirror. Ibrahim, electrical. Engineering. Kevin. Ellika. Chemistry. Thomas. Jenkinson. Ecology. And evolutionary, biology. Nan, Jiang computer. Science and engineering. Yuu-chan. Jiang, industrial. And operations engineering. Rogue. Raj, Gintama. 'the facades, biomedical. Engineering. Colin. Johnson computer, science and engineering. Nephi. Johnson, typical, engineering. Tracy. Johnson astronomy. And astrophysics. Kristina. Jones applied, physics. Jasmine. Jones information. Jessica. Jones aerospace, engineering. Nathan. Jones macromolecular. Science. And engineering. Kyun. Conga, Parsi Applied Physics. Alexi. Cannon Enka chemistry. Sakuya. Conoco, cell, and developmental biology. Chelsea, kaplan, neuroscience.

Lebretia. Carmen, Yola anthropology. Money. Carson. Young fard electrical. Engineering. Bradley, Keller macromolecular, science. And engineering. Courtney. Kirsten, chemistry. Trevor. Kilgore, history. Dumb. He Kim communication. Young. Chuck in electrical, engineering. Eunsu. Kim Electrical. And Computer Engineering. Jae-min. Kim history. Jinke. Kim mechanical. Engineering. Yellen. Kim electrical. Engineering systems. Andy. Kong bioinformatics. Jean. Cop mathematics. Marina. Conkel astronomy. And astrophysics. Molly. Kozminski, Chemical. Engineering. Ramah. Kumar, electrical. Engineering Chemical, Engineering. Ozone, kuru communication. Mara, cutter, classical. Studies. Jennifer. Kwok American. Culture. Do. Clay computer. Science and engineering. Chang. H Lee chemistry. Christopher. Lee Educational. Studies. Whalley. Astronomy. And astrophysics. Geely. Electrical. Engineering, systems. Youngly. Nursing. Zytle. E mechanical. Engineering. Young. Limb Electrical, Engineering. Cheng. Wei Lin Near, Eastern Studies. Jing. Pin Lin cell. And developmental biology. Eric. Lin Chemical. Engineering. When. She'll in chemical. Engineering. Lian. Li Lu, electrical. Engineering systems. Geoffrey, Lopez chemical, biology. Daniel. Lorenz jr., chemical, biology. Shang. Shu, aloo electrical. Engineering. When. Ma electrical. Engineering. Ikan. Ma molecular, developmental. And cellular, biology. Caitlin. Mallet mechanical, engineering. Jasmine. Monell, L psychology. Baradwaj. Mantha. Civil, engineering. Benjamin. Marchi mechanical, engineering. Meredith. Markham education. And psychology. Rebecca. Michelle Martin molecular. And cellular pathology. Alison, Martino history of art. To. Qualcomm. Bagua. Aerospace. Engineering. Olivia. McGovern, microbiology. And immunology. Audra. Macmillan mathematics. Selene. Merton. Industrial. And operations engineering. Kyle. Meyer, earth and environmental sciences. Stephen. Meyer conducting. Bend. Ashley. Vanessa Miller history, of art. Abdul. Razak Abdi's, a new Mohammed, electrical. Engineering systems. David. Moore electrical. Engineering. Jillian. Mortimer, Educational. Studies. A. Mere. Non collie mechanical, engineering. Gopal. Natarajan. And. Computer engineering. Elena. Neil Jackson, Educational. Studies. Will. Alexander. Net eager linguistics. Vanessa. Cruz Nichols, political, science. Lars. Petter Nilson, electrical. Engineering, systems. Ye. New, earth, and environmental sciences. Sean. O'Neal nuclear. Engineering, and radiological. Sciences. Nicholas. Orlowski. Educational. Studies. Sheila. Puggy, mathematics. Kathleen. Penn Aegis biomedical. Engineering. Z. Yong-pan, aerospace. Engineering. Youngju. Park computer. Science and engineering. Deepak. Kumar Patel, aerospace. Engineering. Allah. De Elizabeth, Petersen, molecular. And cellular pathology. Sophia. Philip, Chuck, biomedical. Engineering. Xiao. Fei Pooh earth.

And Environmental, sciences. Marie. Puccio, political, science. Colin. Quinn anthropology. Stacy. Ram Sharan Chemical, Engineering. Karla. Ramos cellular, and molecular biology. Brian. Remson Applied. Physics. Vahid. Rashidi, mechanical, engineering. Katie, Reichel aerospace. Engineering. Noman. Resi, a chemistry. Scott. Rich applied, in interdisciplinary. Mathematics. Katelyn, Rodriguez, neuroscience. Marie. Rogowski. Molecular. And cellular pathology. David. Rogowski molecular. And cellular pathology. Michael. Rauscher health, service, organization, and policy. Phillip. Rosicky. Pharmaceutical. Sciences. MACD. Sadiq, poor mechanical. Engineering. Ali. Salehi, Chemical. Engineering. Arman, Surabhi, electrical. Engineering systems. Stacey's. Schaefer neuroscience. Eric. Schultz, microbiology. And immunology. Chabon. T Sen. Gupta's. Sengupta. Biostatistics. Harley. Seyfert naval architecture and marine engineering. Guy. Shani, Business. Administration. A. Poor. Of shankar macromolecular. Science. And engineering. Ravi. Sharma material. Science and engineering. Yunxiang. Nursing. Colin. Shields, naval architecture, and marine engineering. Patrick. Sheriff philosophy. Kate. Silbert. History and Women's Studies. Anand. Pratap Singh, aerospace, engineering. John. Ruth Civ biophysics. Christopher's. Sovereign, political, science. Kelly. Slay higher, education. Adams. Need English, language and literature. Frantisek, sobolik. Aerospace. Engineering. Megan. Spencer, astronomy, and astrophysics. Andrew. Spring all computer. Science and engineering. Megan. Stewart medicinal, chemistry. Chen. Qi Chelsey son mechanical. Engineering. You. Ching son. Molecular. And cellular, pathology. Shinjang. Song, mechanical. Engineering. Brian, see ever rude biomedical. Engineering. Safina. Titano, immunology. Linda. Takamina. Anthropology. Emily. Talbot history of art. Hamid. Reza pahlavi, foggy jeremy, electrical. Engineering, systems. Albert. Thomas, civil, engineering. Andre. Thompson, material, science and engineering. Peng. Chen electrical. Engineering. Hung. On ting molecular. And cellular pathology. Joshua. Wall English, language and literature. Rachel. Leah Wallace chemistry. Alex. Walsh aerospace, engineering. C. De Wong Chemical, Engineering. Towel. Way chemical, engineering. Jin. Xiu way, ecology. And evolutionary, biology. Sang-jun. One chemical. Biology. Brendan. Pre Claro Wang civil, engineering. Matthew. Woodbury, history. Beaming. Wu biomedical. Engineering. Min. Xu Xiao menu. Xiao chemistry. Yong. Zhao civil. Engineering. Paul. Yankton, Educational, Studies. Zhu. Yuan, Yuans molecular. Cellular and developmental biology. Nancy. Wu chemical. Biology. Yevgeniy. Yes Lu Sookie mechanical, engineering. Sangsik. You information. Alex. New pharmaceutical. Sciences. Yang. Zhang, chemical. Engineering. Yong. Chi Jong computer. Science and engineering. Chen. Kang Joong. Physics. G. Hang Victoria, Zhang, electrical. Engineering. Job. A Jiang, electrical. Engineering systems. Nan. Jiang. Electrical. Engineering. Hong. Joo biomedical. Engineering. Way. Joe, bioinformatics. Wei. Zhang Joel, chemical. Engineering. John, IRA Bailey the third astronomy, and astrophysics. Changting. So, bioinformatics. Nara. Krynytzky history. Leaf. On yon material. Science and engineering. Teresa. On ecology, and evolutionary, biology. Adam. Jerrod Ledbetter applied physics. Eugene. Kim anthropology. Jeffrey. Miles Lauren's, political, science. Timothy. Campbell. Heart, Greek, and Roman history. Jin. Hyung Chu mechanical.

Engineering. Raj. Tejas. Suryaprakash. Electrical. Engineering systems. Bhakti. Acha. Johnny electrical. Engineering. In. Holy, naval. Architecture, and marine engineering. Armen, gem Electrical, Engineering. We'll all of the graduates, and candidates presented today please rise. Will the Regents, and Dean's and officers, the faculty, and all others on the platform, please rise. We'll all the family, members invited. Guests, to share in the recognition, of these candidates, presented today please all rise I. Now. Welcome our graduates, to the community, of scholars we look forward to benefiting. From the contributions. Your education. Has prepared you, to make in our, world. Congratulations. Please be seated. It's. Now my pleasure to introduce Ellen. Address, chair. Of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association of. The University of, Michigan. Hi. Everybody. On, behalf of the Alumni Association. Congratulations. On your degree in your achievement, and welcome. To the family of over five hundred and eighty thousand. Wolverine. Alumni around the world I got. My undergraduate, degree from U of M fifty years ago and I, can vouch for the truth of the Alumni Association slogan. We, may leave Michigan but, Michigan never really leaves us it's. Like a family bond that few of any other institutions. Enjoy the. University, of Michigan is admired across, the country, and around the world in large part, because, of what you and the, students, and graduates, before you have accomplished, and will, accomplish, during your lives as, professionals. As leaders, as members. Of your communities, as teachers, friends and parents you, worked hard to earn your degrees, and now, the mark you make with what you learned will, continue, to burnish the reputation of this great University. The. Alumni Association strives. To support, your future endeavors, and interests. By providing, you with ways to make connections, and form communities, and with, opportunities, to increase your professional, and personal success, I know, the class of 2018 will, continue, michigan's proud achievements, and traditions, just. As two hundred years worth of past. Graduates, have done before you so, again congratulations. Welcome. To the Alumni Association and, go blow. On, behalf of the faculty. Welcome. To the I'm sorry we, are. We're. Gonna start this all over again No. Following. The singing of the yellow and blue the audience is requested, to remain in their seats until the. Recessional March. Of the platform, has been completed. Then. You are cordially invited to a reception honoring. The graduates, their families and, friends, the. Reception, will be outside, on Ingles, mall we. Look forward to seeing you there. Now. Please join us in singing the university's. Alma mater, the. Yellow and blue.

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