Question Period: Tariff dispute, Trans-Pacific Partnership, supply management — June 6, 2018

Question Period: Tariff dispute, Trans-Pacific Partnership, supply management — June 6, 2018

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Oral. Questions, questions, Wow the Honorable leader of the Opposition. Mr.. Speaker, in, an interview on American. TV this weekend the Prime Minister talked about NAFTA talks, when. It came to Supply Management he said, that. We are moving forward we, have some, flexibility. In those areas and I believe it's very very promising, which. Concessions. Did the prime minister make on Supply Management. Mr. Speaker we are the party that created Supply. Management, we're the party that will always, defend. It unequivocally, and, always, have and we will continue to do that dairy. Producers, in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada know how. Much we're willing to stand up for them we will always defend, the supply management, system but if the Conservatives, want to talk about Supply Management, I would ask the. Leader of the opposition, why he appointed, as, critic. For, economic. Development and innovation someone, who's against, supply management. Mr.. Speaker we've known for. A long time, that under this US, administration our, trade relationship, has been via a volatile, and under, grave risk given. This can, the Prime Minister tell us how, much money was set aside in his budget and where we might find any, mention of a contingency, plan to, deal with the trade disruption, between Canada, and the United States. Particular. American administration. We have to be ready for everything, and we are that, is why as soon as the US put, forward, punitive. Unacceptable. Tariffs on steel and, aluminum, in Canada we were right, away ready with a list, of retaliatory. Measures. That target. American. Companies, American. Producers, for. Which there are alternatives. Available to Canadian, citizens, we know that tariffs end up hurting citizens. Of the country that brings them in we want to avoid hurting Canadians that's why we are consulting with Canadians, on those retail honorable opposition, mr., speaker the Prime Minister's own officials, have confirmed that the deficit, for this year will be over 18. Billion, dollars can. The Prime Minister tell us if he has any idea how, much higher the deficit will be as a result of any support that may be necessary for, industries and workers affected by this by, the trade disruption, between the, United States and Canada. That, this government will be there for, workers and industries, affected. By these punitive, American, measures that's what I told steel. And aluminum workers over. The past months, as I've traveled across the country to engage with them but, it's interesting that the member opposite speaks about deficits, in the last elections, Canadians, had a very clear choice their. Choice their option, was was. Actually. Austerity. And cuts our. Proposal. To Canadians, was investing, in the middle class and people working hard to join it investing. In our communities and growing, the economy the, way they weren't able to for 10 years.

The, Honourable leader of the Opposition their, budget has in fact turn out to be built on borrowing, and tax cuts on those very same middle-class, Canadians they pretend to want to help now, mr. speaker. Order. Order we, all like applause most of the time but not necessarily, always the honorable in repetition has the floor sorry. Series are always thing about tax cuts. Now. Mr. speaker on the subject of tariffs we know that tariffs collected, by this government will raise revenue. For the government of Canada will the Prime Minister assure the house and kanae's, that any new revenue, for the government will be used to lower taxes, for affected, workers and the businesses that employ them. Opposite. Pointed out that he thinks about tax cuts the issue is they think about tax cuts for, the wealthiest, Canadians. The first thing we did was we brought in a tax, cut for the middle class and, we raised taxes, on the wealthiest 1% for. 10 years, mr.. Speaker they tried, to put forward an agenda for growth that was focused on giving benefits. And boutique tax cuts to the wealthiest, Canadians, and hoping, that somehow it would trickle down to everyone else well it didn't which is why they had terrible growth for ten years we, were investing, in the middle class and those working hard to join them giving, them more money on our ball we know the opposition. Mr.. Speaker now more, than ever Canada, needs to open up new markets and, diversify, our trading relationships, now the trans-pacific, partnership will. Achieve just, that and despite, the Prime Minister's delay, and jeopardize, ation of that deal it is essential, that this bill. Implementing. The deal, is, passed quickly when. Will the Prime Minister commit to introducing, the, legislation for this trade agreement and can he commit that it will be passed before, the house rises. We. Are proud of the work that we've done in diversifying. Canada's, trades under this government we, signed the. C to deal with. Europe. And we actually move forward on a CP, TPP, which, highlights, that, a progressive, trade deal can work for our workers and for the growing economies, of Asia we're, pleased with our record on trade and growth and, we're happy to announce that we will be introducing. Into the house the bill for the ratification of, the new, CPT BP before, the house rises for the summer. November. For Rimouski nation in. Basque. And. Committed, to eliminate public subsidies, for oil and gas companies but, climate change leaders, don't, buy pipelines, with public money and. Three. Million dollar bonus bonuses, to, begin it given to top oil executives, climate, change leaders do, use public money to build long-term. Job creation, in renewable. Energies can, the government explain why, it makes sense for a climate change leader to, buy pipeline. Said. That we understood, that you can grow the you need to grow the economy and protect the environment together, now those on the other side of the house would have Canadians. Believe that there's still a choice to be made between, what's, good for the economy or what's, good for the environment we, on this side of the house know that, they must go together that's, why we're moving forward with a world-class oceans, protection, plan a national. Price on carbon pollution and, getting. Our resources, to new markets, other than the United States for, our oil that's, what we know we need to do that's what we're going to keep doing despite. The false choice proposed, by the members opposite putative, the most engaged optimist but now remember for Rimouski nations. Last. Week the majority of members had the good sense to pass my colleague from Abitibi, Bay James Nunavik a used bill to, enshrine undraped. In Canadian, law. The. Prime Minister himself voted. Against this bill. How. Can he now claim, he respects the rights of indigenous peoples. And at the same time forced, through a pipeline many. First Nations oppose the. Right honorable Prime Minister Mr, Speaker I had, the privilege yesterday. Sitting. Down with, representatives. Of. Indigenous. Communities, who. Will be affected by this new pipeline. And we, talked about, the. Impact, on their communities, this is a committee we struck to consult, First, Nations to listen to them and to make sure the impacts, of the pipeline, will. Be good. Impacts, and they'll be minimized when they're adverse. Impacts, I'm. Looking, forward to furthering, our reconciliation, work, we will keep working with all First Nations and respect, all points, of view by listening to them down a member for Hosemann fffp in.

2015, The Prime Minister was a superstar. Breath of fresh air a new environment, champion. Three, years later the entire world, can't believe. It what has happened, to Canada, what happened to mr.. Selfie, the new darling of Perry match after. Adopting, Harper's targets. He buys a pipeline, today. We learned that when it comes to handouts to oil companies Canada, has the worst record of the g7 seventh. Out of seven will the Prime Minister ultimately, keep his word do, the right thing and eliminate. Subsidies to, the oil patch. The. Right honourable prime minister mr.. Speaker in, 2015. There, was a clear choice for Canadians, the NDP, was. Proposing, a choice. Between what's good for the environment and what's good for the economy but, we in, the Liberal Party we. Told Canadians, that we understood. That. In order to build a strong economy and, protect, the environment you. Had to do both at the same time and that's precisely what we're doing we've, put a national, price, on carbon. We're. Setting up, oceans. Protection, plan which will be historic, and we, are seeking new markets, for our resources. That's what Canadians, expect was. The Prime sir prepares to play host to the g7 Canadians and many around the world are asking themselves what, happened to this guy we all remember that great defender. Of the planet, who promised. The end fossil, fuel subsidies, but a new report shows that when, it comes to the g7, and those same subsidies, Canada. Out of seven ranks, seventh, that would be last that would be after Donald, Trump's America, so rather than eliminate, the subsidies, this Prime Minister went out and bought a pipeline, in 65, year old pipeline when will he end this circle of hypocrisy, and finally, come clean with Canadians and keep his promise to them and to the world. Reinforce. That we have indeed committed and are on track to phase-out, inefficient, fossil fuel subsidies, by, the year 2025. To, do this we announced in our very first budget the expiration, of the tax write-offs, on capital. Investments, in LNG facilities, in budget, 2017. We announced the elimination, of certain tax credits, for exploration, expenses. In the oil and gas sector we. Are developing our resources, while protecting, our environment, including. Safeguarding. Our oceans and combating, climate change our, government, understands, that a clean environment, and a strong economy go, hand in hand. Order. Now. A member for me constantly have mr.. Speaker the Liberal government every. Day proves, that is completely out of touch with Canadian, farmers they called farmers tax cheats they, impose a carbon. Tax on them that they don't want they, want to change the food guide and impose labeling, that makes no sense on our, agricultural, product, products, all. Of these were unexpected, by. Farmers, my, question is simple can the Prime Minister tell us whether he also believes, that yoghurt cheese and, fruit, juice are health hazards. The. Right honourable Prime Minister Mr Speaker, we're. Very proud, of our support, for our farmers. The. Conservatives. Cut. 700. Million. Dollars to, agriculture, but, we've reinvested. Since, taking office in our, hard-working, farmers, we've. Entered. Into agreements. That will allow our farmers, to export. 1.5. Billion dollars, more to other countries, and, we.

Have Entered. Into a comprehensive. Trade deal that will allow. Farmers to have, access to a billion. Dollars more in exports we will always support Canadian. Farmers, coentrão. Eagle Creek mr.. Speaker farmers, are struggling to survive and the liberal impose taxes, aren't helping, and now the Agriculture. Minister is claiming that farmers, support, the liberal carbon tax the. Chair of the Western Canadian, wheat growers said and I quote I'm. Not sure who's been briefing the minister but he's dead wrong, if he thinks most farmers, support, a carbon tax does. The Prime Minister agree with this Minister, that farmers like his carbon tax or will he listen to farmers, and recognize. That the carbon tax is crippling our farm families. Good. Game on farmers, but the reality, is different while the previous government, cut nearly, 700. Million, dollars from agriculture. And agri-food, we've, invested. In hard-working. Canadian, farmers our government, signed Sita which will boost our agricultural, exports, by one and a half billion, dollars, a year and the CP TPP which will boost our agriculture, exports, by over a billion dollars a year we've, secured, our two billion, dollar canola. Trade with China we've, invested, a hundred million dollars in agricultural, science and innovation we've. Invested, three hundred and fifty million dollars to help dairy farmers, and processors Martin, arts will always, the. Honourable. Member, for, Carlton. The. Prime Minister has a budget, bill before the House of Commons right, now that Finance Canada of admits, will raise the price of gas home. Heating and most, other consumer. Goods that Canadians, by, how. Much. Will. The Prime Minister's, carbon, tax, cost. The average, Canadian. Family. Tell you, Stephen. Harper's Conservatives. Did, nothing. On protecting, the environment however. Over. Those years a number, of provinces, stepped, up and put forward, price, on carbon pollution and actually. We have now, presently. A, situation. In which 80%, of our, economy, 80%, of our citizens, live, in jurisdictions. Where there. Is a carbon price in, effect. So, we are continuing to move forward to, demonstrate, that, a national, price on carbon will be fair for those problems too already have it and grow, the economy for, everyone. Oh mr.. Speaker of the provinces, were already doing it the, prime minister would not have to introduce a budget. Bill forcing, them to do it clearly this is a federally. Imposed, tax, clearly. He would have read the briefing notes that his departments, have given him about, the cost of that tax, he knows the cost so, I ask again, how. Much will. This liberal, carbon tax imposed. By this prime minister cost. The average, Canadian. Families. In fact, it, is returned, his government, that many provinces move, forward, on pricing. Carbon pollution we, have eight, a situation. In which British. Columbia, Alberta.

Quebec. And, Ontario have. All moves forward. With. Pricing. Of carbon pollution and we, know that, it has to be done right across the country that's exactly. What we are ensuring but we're working with the provinces to ensure that they can put forward a model that works for them as long as it is fairly stringent. And impactful. Right across the country, I'm. Having difficulty, hearing the answers I'd like to ask the, st. albert bevin, attendant, others not to be yelling when. Someone else has the floor it's very straightforward now, i remember for carlton the, prime minister uses the word stringent, there's no doubt that it will have a stringent, effect, on household. Budgets, there's, also no doubt the Prime Minister supports, high gas prices he, said so when he was out in Vancouver. Celebrating, buck 60 a litre gas prices, there's also no doubt that his carbon tax will, raise the price of consumer goods that middle-class Canadians. Rely upon, it's his bill so. How much will, his carbon tax cost. The, average, Canadian. Family. Years of the Harper Conservatives we. Work with, provinces. As we move forward on plan panavia. Issues. And projects, that's, why we are working with. Provinces. Like Manitoba. Nova Scotia and others to. Establish. How they want to move forward on, putting, a price on pollution, we, know we need a price on pollution across the country it needs to be equivalent, and effective, right across the country but every jurisdiction, will get, to determine, how, that money comes in and how, they return that, money to, the people who need it the. Honourable. Member, for Carleton we. Have no doubt that this Prime Minister will work with any politician. As, part of his plan to raise taxes, on Canadians. It's his form, of trickle-down economics. Is he scoops up money from working-class, consumers. Gives, it to the federal government trickles. It down to provincial politicians, and it expects, us to believe that a few drops will, go back to the people who originally paid, for it in the first place if, that's true then, why can't he tell us how. Much will, his carbon tax cost the average, Canadian. Families. Remember opposites, expertise, and trickle-down, economics. That's what they specialized, in for ten years they, gave boutique. Tax credits, to wealthy Canadians, delivered, child benefit, checks to millionaire, families, and then, when we move forward with lowering. Taxes, for the middle class and raising, them in the wealthiest 1% they. Voted against, it then we move forward and a can of the child benefit, they give us more money to nine out of ten Canadian, families, and doesn't send child benefit checks to millionaires, while lifting hundreds, of thousands of kids out of poverty and they, voted against it mr. speaker their positions, are clear.

Honourable. Member for dismissal. Nippy Churchill, River mr.. Speaker the Liberals, voted, against the NDP, motion, to, implement, the rates of the indigenous people, in their pipeline project. But, just a few days ago voted, to, put those same rates into Canadian law the, Prime Minister, can, pretend, that indigenous, voices are all the same and. Ignored the clear opposition. To his pie plate they're. Denying, the raids of First Nations maintained, Inuit, people that's, the government, really not see that or they just don't care. Remember. Remember, opposites voice but, I do need to highlight that there are a range of voices, in indigenous, communities that. We need to listen to all of them there are people in the indigenous communities, who were opposed to, this pipeline into other economic, development projects, there are some who are in favor of it and we are working with all of them including through. A few entities like, the indigenous advisory. And monitoring, council a committee, that we put together exactly. For the trans mountain pipeline expansion we're, going to continue to work in the spirit of reconciliation on, a nation-to-nation, relationship that. Respects. Unremember, for Hacha langa, mr.. Speaker yet another example of a government that talks a good talk but when it comes time to make. Major decisions, affecting the lives of all indigenous, communities. Poof they, vanished into thin air, last, week they voted to support the rights of indigenous peoples, this week they voted against, our motion which was a concrete, way of supporting, those rights when, it comes to indigenous peoples, rights can, the Liberals do anything. Other than, just talk talk. Talk. Prime. Minister Mr. Speaker I would submit, that it's the NDP, that just talks talks and talks we, are delivering, to, First Nations we. Have eliminated. A lot of, the boil water advisories. We have built. Schools we. Have entered into, partnerships. For. Treaties we're, working hand-in-hand, with, indigenous. Communities all. Across the country to, deliver on our promised. Reconciliation. On, a nation-to-nation. Basis. Which, we have committed to we will continue, working, with, First Nations, with. Respect, and we won't claim to speak for them like the NDP does.

State's Announced, that he would be introducing, tariffs on steel and aluminum in May he announced after that that there would be an exemption for Canada Mexico until, May 1st he, announced a further extension, of that exemption until June 1st and most recently he indicated that of course the exemption was going to be lifted all through that time mr. speaker the Prime Minister had the opportunity, to consult on the tariffs that is now proposing, to, counter, the steel and aluminum tariffs my question is simple why did he wait so long, and put us in a position where we can't react right, away. Thank. Canadians, over the past months, and indeed. Over, a year now Canadians. Have been united in our approach on dealing with the. US administration. Across. Political lines, across. Provincial. Capitals, across industries. Canadians, have been speaking with, a clear and united, voice that, we stand together and, we stand against, punitive, measures, by the United, States that we will support our neighbors that we will support our workers and that we will remain united, and proud Canadians, I want to thank all members, in this house and all Canadians, for the Solidarity they, continue, to show on this issue. Honourable. Member. For Milton. Really. Are watching what's going on because they're quite concerned they see an economy, that's going to be put at risk and they're looking for answers from the prime minister and unfortunately. Today we haven't received any answers, for my minister he was asked four times about how much a carbon tax would cost a Canadian, family he didn't tell us the answer no he was asked how much more deficit, was going to be accumulated, because, of the trade war we're in he didn't give us an answer these are things that Canadians, paribus he did give us one answer he told us that it's going to introduce the legislation to, affirm the CPP, see TPP. Well the free trade deal that we negotiate, so. My question is will he guarantee that it's gonna pass. Minister. Mr. Speaker I, very. Much respect, the. Laundry list the member put forward but we can list the, concrete, concrete. Results, we've delivered for Canadians over, the past two and a half years whether it be signing.

The CP TPP, that they weren't moving forward, on whether it was concretizing, a Sita that was in dire straits, when we came into office whether. It's delivering. A energy. Infrastructure, that will get our own resources to new markets, which they failed to do for ten years whether it's actually investing, in infrastructure, in our communities, lowering, taxes, for the middle class raising. On the wealthiest one percent these, are the things. For. Richmond artha Baska. Mr.. Speaker when, the Prime Minister announced the g7, would be held in Charlevoix, his. Government also said local, workers, would have a role to play, unfortunately. That's not what's, happening, workers. Are finding themselves on, forced. Unemployment. Can, the Prime Minister tell the people of Charlevoix, if. Compensation. Will be forthcoming, what's. He, going to do for hotel in and restaurant, owners who have no work for their employees, before and during the g7 the. Right honourable Prime Minister. Mr.. Speaker last week I had the opportunity to, visit. The. MAL Bay the beautiful part of Shell evoi to meet with people and they talked about how pride they were how, proud they were to, be hosting, people in. Their area, and how beautiful. The, region is and how, they wanted to encourage people to come visit and discover, this magnificent. Region. Obviously. They know there's, going to be some. Disruptions. Some, problems. Because of all. The, visitors. Flooding. Into the area and we're working with them with elected, officials to, try to make sure that it all goes smoothly, don't remember Richmond Arthur Bosco mr. speaker holding, an event like a g7, summit, obviously. Has, a big impact on, locals. On one hand we have honest, workers for being shut out of work on, the other there will be consequences, for local, businesses, and individuals, affected. By the. Usual, vandals. So. It's, to be expected that. Government, would step up and take, care of people affected by, vandals. And provide compensation, so my question is will the Prime Minister officially. Undertake, to, provide compensation. To, all those affected, by vandals. During the g7 the. Right honourable Prime Minister Mr Speaker as I said I'm, proud to. Be hosting. People in the Magnificent, shell of a region. And when I was there I saw that there was a company in that Bay in the, Saginaw area that got the contract, to deliver food, for, all, the security, staff and army, staff that will be there a lot of profits, will be flowing, into those communities, but I'd like to reassure my colleague. That, the compensation, policies. For local businesses, are precisely, the same as those, that were in place with. The Conservatives, in 2010, when they hosted, the summit the. Honourable member for salivated short one mr., speaker this week we heard many.

Traumatic, Accounts, of sexual abuse, against, Canadian athletes. This. Situation, is unacceptable and the government must act to protect our, athletes, in Canada. National sports organisations are responsible, for monitoring, themselves. For sexual, abuse. That. Can, lead to a conflict, of interest and jeopardize. The. Safety of our athletes, when. Will the government take action, to ensure the safety of these, young people the. Right honourable the prime minister mr.. Speaker. Abuse. In any, shape or form is unacceptable. And the safety of our athletes and our coaches, are our priority. All. Of, them must be able to participate in, sports in a. Harassment free, environment. And that is why all sports. Organizations. Funded by the federal, government. Have, had to implement a discrimination. And harassment free. Policy, we. Currently, looking at our funding policies, in order to ensure that our organizations. Will continue, to foster healthy. And harassment free, environments, I'm see. Mr.. Speaker, if policies. Are neglected, they're worthless. And the. Government, has to have zero tolerance for sexual, abuse and Canadian, sports right. Now the onus, is on sporting, organizations. To be responsible. For policing, these. Complaints, that is not fair to these organizations. Canada. Needs an independent. Body to, handle cases of sexual abuse in. Canadian, sport under. The reason safe sports act in the United States independent. Bodies, investigate. These cases, it's time for Canada to do the same when, is the government, going to step up. Very. Clear harassment, of any kind is completely, unacceptable in the safety and security of athletes, coaches and officials as, always, our top priority, all Canadians. Deserve the opportunity to participate in a sport environment that, is free of discrimination harassment. And, harmful, behavior, that is why all federally, funded sport organizations. Must have an anti-discrimination. Harassment. And abuse policy in place in order to be eligible for sports support program funding, which sport Canada reviews, to ensure compliance we, are currently reviewing our existing, funding policies, to ensure that organizations. Continue, to promote harassment. Free environments, the, Honourable, member for Vancouver's, center mr., speaker the real impacts, of climate change cannot. Be understated, the challenges. Government's, face is striking. The right balance between, an, evolving, economy, and protection. Of the environment now, and for future generations the. Minister of the Environment and climate change, repeatedly, says we, are in this together as, a global community so. International, collaboration. Is key to, leaving a healthy environment and a strong economy, to, our kids and grandkids can. The Prime Minister describe Canada's. Global, plan to, meet these global, challenges. Right, honorable Prime Minister the Speaker I thank the member from Vancouver, Centre for her question strong, action, is needed to tackle climate change all while generating, the, long term economic development. That will grow the middle class and, support, a create clean economy yesterday. On World Environment Day we, appointed, Patricia, fuller as Canada's, new ambassador. For climate change working. Together on, climate change oceans. And clean energy is one of the key themes of our g7, presidency. We're, working to ensure we're leaving a healthy environment and a strong economy to, our kids and grandkids, honourable. Member for left breach we, only wish that was true Canada. Is a country rich, with natural resources, home, to innovative businesses, and populated, by hard-working Canadians. Our, country should be attracting. Investment, but instead we're repelling, it in fact, we're so opposed to private sector investment, in the energy sector that, we've killed three pipeline, projects, worth over a hundred, billion dollars, and now we've.

Taken 4.5. Billion, dollars and given it to Kinder Morgan to go and take their projects, elsewhere when. Will the Prime Minister's stop attacking Canada's, energy sector and start, putting the interests of Canadians, first. We. Did just the point Patricia fuller is Canada's, new ambassador, for climate change on, the issue of pipelines, for ten years they try to move, forward on, getting, our oil resources to, new markets and they, failed they, failed because they refused to understand, that the only way to grow, a strong, economy is, to, protect the environment at the same time that, is what we are demonstrating, with a national, price on carbon, pollution on, a world-class oceans, protection, plan of an eight billion, dollars, worth of investment, in clean energy projects, and renewable. Technologies. We know the way, the. Honourable. Member for Edmonton River bonds, mr.. Speaker in Kinder Morgan's, 2017. Annual, report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission they. Valued, the trans mountain, pipeline, at 2.5. Billion, dollars yet. This prime minister paid, 4.5. Billion dollars to, as the pipeline we. Now know that a lot of the extra padding went to the executive, bonuses, if, Kinder, Morgan says their pipeline is worth 2.5. Billion why did the Prime Minister pay, them 4.5, billion of taxpayer, money to leave Canada. Shame. To see the trapped, ideology. Of the Conservatives. Playing, politics, with this issue I can tell them I was, just in Alberta. Yesterday, talking to oil sands workers, talking to pipeline, workers, who, are deeply grateful that, we are able to move forward, on building. This, pipeline project. After, years of the Conservatives, being unable to do so and why where the Conservatives, unable to do so because, they didn't understand. That the only way to build a strong economy is, to protect the environment at the same time this government, is doing, both and that is why we're getting it done. The. Honourable member for, Louisiana Paul mr.. Speaker four, point, five billion, dollars. In taxpayer, money is going, directly to Houston, Texas. That. Is six. Times as much of the money that Kinder Morgan valued, the pipeline at. Mr.. Speaker, when, the Kinder Morgan executives. Signed, this deal. There's. A Houston it's party time. Mr.. Speaker, why. Is the liberal government sending 4.5. Billion dollars to, Texas. The. Right honorable Prime Minister ordered. Mr.. Speaker I understand. Why, the Conservatives. Are completely, lost on this issue, for. Years. They. Have, wanted us to do what they couldn't do and that's, build a pipeline to new markets. New. Markets outside of the states they didn't manage to do that but, we did, and. Now. We, have finally delivered. On what they wanted well they've got to try and find, some. Other way of attacking. Us and play patty politics. But, fortunately. Workers. Throughout Canada, understand. That, we did the right thing for them. Before. Selling, the trans mountain pipeline, to the prime minister for 4.5. Billion, dollars Kinder. Morgan, valued, its Canadian assets, at two and a half billion. Dollars that's quite a deal mr. speaker, if your Kinder Morgan Kinder. Morgan didn't ask for any Canadian tax dollars, all they wanted to do was, build a pipeline why did the Prime Minister pay, Kinder Morgan two, billion dollars more than the pipeline, was worth and allow, Kinder, Morgan to invest and create jobs, outside.

Of This country. We almost, feel sorry for the concern for, ten years, they, tried to get this done and we're unable to do then, for two and a half years, while, we were in government they've been screaming at us to get this pipeline built and now when, we're finally, getting this pipeline built well, you don't know what to do with themselves so. They fall back on their silly. Attacks, on their playing politics. On their rigid, ideology. That somehow suddenly, doesn't, think the public investment has any place in the development or not of our natural resources, which of course the great Peter Lougheed disagreed, with them on that we, know mr. speaker we're doing the right thing. Honourable. Member for Victoria, a Senate, report has, just concluded, that Canadians, who use cannabis after, it's legalized, and try to cross the border to the United States could be denied entry but, worse those, who don't answer certain questions in, preclearance, could, face up to two years in prison under, Bill c-23. Calling. It resisting. Or willfully obstructing, an American, officer even. On Canadian, soil can. The Prime Minister confirm, whether. Or not Canadians, who simply refused to answer American, officers, in Canada. About their cannabis, use could, face fines or imprisonment, right. Honourable, Prime Minister, let. Me be very clear, about one thing mr. speaker the reason we are moving forward, on legalization. Of marijuana. Is because, the current system does not, work it doesn't protect our kids from, the harmful impact of marijuana and it delivers billions. Of dollars every year to criminal, organizations, who make profits, off of that we. Are also. Highlighting. That cannabis, isn't somehow a positive. Health food supplement, that we encourage everyone to use it, is a controlled, substance we're, trying to make it more difficult for, kids to access, and people, need to be honest when they cross the border as, they choose to enter a different country hello. Porter. The. Honourable member for been a zombie. Speaker. Conservatives, and liberals voted, for bill c-23 which gave on. Sentient powers - American, border officers, on kadian soil luckily the NDP was here raising exactly, these concerns, because now what we're seeing through the Senate report is that with the legalization, of marijuana, any of the person on Canadian, soil not crossing the border subject, to another country's, laws here, in Canada, could potentially, be fined or imprisoned under. That very legend a fella I met kissed so nice April so my question for the prime minister is simple, is, that the case yes or no and when, will he finally address, this issue with his American, counterparts, the, right honourable the Prime Minister. In. Ongoing discussions, with our American counterparts. On a broad range of border issues and we will continue to but, at the same time I hope the NDP isn't suggesting, that somehow a sovereign. Country can't, make determinations about, how it, handles people entering on its own borders, of course, we would never expect, or, allow any other country, to dictate, to us who, or how we, can or cannot let someone into our country we will ensure that we are also respecting. Other countries sovereignty and doing that at the same time as we stand up for Canadians, and of course for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms honourable. Member for Selkirk. Interlake Eastman mr.. Speaker yesterday the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces were, ordered, to return their sleeping bags and rucksacks because, of equipment, shortage the, Prime Minister is failing our Canadian Armed Forces already. He broke the liberal promise and cut another 2.3. Billion dollars from defense spending this, is unacceptable.

How Can Canadians trust the Prime Minister to buy Navy ships and fighter jets when he can't even get by sleeping. Bags right and how can we trust him to provide the right equipment to our troops our boat to the void O'Malley. The. Conservatives. Pretend, their friends serve our troops but for 10 years they under, invested, they politicize, they played games with, procurement. They, nickel, and dimed our veterans, and yet our easy to stand up with the inflated, rhetoric, anytime there's. A challenge we were going to continue, to work with, the men and women of our Canadian Forces ensure, they have the equipment the, support, they need to do their jobs as they stand up for Canada with their lives and livelihoods on, the line we continue, to support our troops not just in words like them but with dollars and cents that go the distance. The. Honourable member for Chalobah Oates I shall order. Mr.. Speaker on the 6th June, 1944. Fourteen thousand, soldiers ended, up on the knoll Monsey bitching on the 6th of June 1918. Our soldiers, a knight in 2018. Our soldiers were asked to return their rucksacks and, sleeping bags that makes no sense and but, what's happening the same time 10 million dollars for a market, our 4.5. Billion dollars on. Pipeline. More. Than seven million dollars for temporary skating, rink how can our Prime Minister send our soldiers to Mali under conditions, like this. Have. Dippity-do. Charlotte the honourable member for shallow boat satchel, knows that his questions have to be directed, through the speaker. That, is how, it, is done here and the, right honourable the Prime Minister. Mr.. Speaker the. Member wanted, to Felicita. Lit, aside an. Important. Event but we on this, side. Of the house believe, that, it's important, to pay tribute to those who were fallen, in, these. Important. Fights, there determine. A determination. To, uphold, freedom. Peace. Has. Been transferred. To future. Generations and. We must show gratitude, for, their perseverance. And, we salute all those men and women who, played. Such an important, role we. Will never forget them. Questions. About the fisheries ministers, surf clam decision, the, minister's most senior official confirmed, that the liberal connected, five Nations had, the lowest participation, our. First nations for participation. Out of all the applicants, she also confirmed, that she had no knowledge of the minister's family, connection, to the unincorporated, entity. She confirmed multiple times that this was, the minister's sole, dispersal. Decision, when did the minister become aware of the minister's family, connections. And when, did he know that five, Nations what, had the least amount of indigenous, participation. Indigenous. Participation. Is consistent. With their commitment, to developing, a renewed relationship, between Canada and indigenous, peoples enhancing. Access to the Arctic Circle clam, fishery, broadens. The distribution, of benefits from this public resource and is a powerful, step toward, reconciliation, when. The Conservatives, went through a similar process to increase, access to, this fishery they, chose to exclude, indigenous. Peoples, and, of course the member will continue to work with the conflict of interest an ethics commissioner, and follow, his advice. The. Honourable member for sunny enough Sami said mr.. Speaker Montreal public transit, has the highest, public transit, use in the country whether it be the, Metro the bus or bike sharing, Montreal. Errs make, green, travel, choices I. Was. Very, pleased when our government announced. Its contribution. To the Blue Line extension to. All Shu I. Would. Like to ask the minister of infrastructure, how, the government, is contributing. To the maintenance of the current network, and ensuring. That these high, quality services, last. There's. No honorable Minister, I would, like to thank, the member. For his question, public. Transit, is a priority, for our government it. Allows Canadians. To spend less time on the road and more, time with. Their, families, and I am proud that this, year we announced, more than 450. Million dollars into, public. Transit, so that they could buy, buses buy a new garage and renovate, the, new metro system in Montreal, that.

Is What investing, in our communities looks, like Thompson, caribou, Mr. Speaker three years ago a young girl, was suffering, chronic pain and taking, medication. For, a John misalignment. She simply needed, six thousand dollars in dental work instead. Of showing compassion, and, common sense they decided, to take Josie and her family to court, for a hundred and ten thousand, dollars in cost to fight. Seven months ago we suggest, that it was time to quit the fight and show, some compassion and, change the policy, can, the Prime Minister tell us how this represents. Using, taxpayers, dollars, is reconciliation. Government, to, step up on reconciliation. And build a new relationship nation, to nation with, indigenous peoples, and that's exactly what we're doing in, partnership, with them in respect with them we, are working with indigenous communities across, this country to respond to their needs to, deliver on the services, they need to, build the housing, invest, in the schools create. The infrastructure, necessary for. Them to determine their own futures of them to, thrive in this country, we are doing this hand-in-hand in partnership. In respect, and that is what we will continue to do mr. speaker, if. You do this the Honourable member for longer side Subban mr. speaker yesterday after two years one month of 14 days of endless consultations. The Minister of heritage announced and I can't quite believe it measures, a reform, no, she announced a new advisory, group of experts the second, in two years that will give its recommendations. Wait for it in 2020. After the next elections, that. Is the height of cynicism, yet, two years ago the minister was boasting about her political, courage and new, legislative, changes in 2017. Isn't. Doing, nothing. For four years, jeopardizing. All culture just to get re-elected on the back of our culture the, right honourable the Prime Minister, Mr. Speaker we are going to continue, to protect and promote our culture, the. Broadcasting. Act has not been monetized, since. 1991. That. Dates back to before smartphones. We. Are reviewing, the Act so that it reflects today's, reality. And so that the system today is fair for all the. Principle in forming, this process, is, clear. If you're profiting, by it then. You have to pay your fair share there is no free pass. We. Never. Want, Harper's cuts to happen again, saga streets filled, Canada. Is generally, a very safe, country but, there has been recent trends, in an increase of gun and gang violence the, responsibility. Of keeping community, safe starts, at home and working, with communities, to prevent crime will help them stay safe and resilient.

Can, The Prime Minister tell us what our government, is doing to, keep Canadian, kids away from gangs that will allow them to live full. And productive lives, Thank, You honorable Prime Minister I. Thank. The member from Mississauga streets, Hill for his question, today, we, are launching a new call for proposals under the Youth gang prevention program. And the crime prevention action, fund, these, programs address. The impacts of gangs and violence on youth especially. In indigenous, and high needs communities, this, is on top of unprecedented, annual. Funding we announced last year of up to a hundred million dollars, we, will keep working to, enhance Public Safety by, focusing, on prevention effective. Law enforcement and strong, community, partnerships. The. Honourable number four Polamalu, Mr. Speaker the. Prime Minister spoke. About the CRTC, act well, the. Last time the official languages, Act was reviewed, was under the Conservatives, in 1988. With. New challenges and, issues facing them francophones, Acadians. And even. Anglophones, in Quebec all, agree, that the act has to be modernized, now mr., speaker even the federal court imagine, agreed. And has suggested that legislators, review, the Act mr. speaker, the government is alone in not adding its voice to this what is the Prime Minister waiting for to begin modernizing. The act the right honourable the Prime Minister Mr Speaker the official, languages, Act is, absolutely. Essential and a, priority for our party, and for the country. Protecting. Official languages minority, communities, throughout the country is, at, the heart of who we are as a country and we will continue to. Defend, and to improve the official languages act and I can confirm that we. Are about to modernize, the official languages, Act and we. Will be working with all Canadians, to make sure we do it the right way. Tomiko, puppy Thank You mr. speaker my questions for the prime minister to, communities, in my writing have recently declared they're in crisis these. Declarations stem. From the fact that there are too, few mental, health supports, and an increased number of suicide, attempts, of, the recent 118, million dollars, announced for First Nations and Inuit Mental Health Nunavut. Only, receives. $500,000. Annually despite. The fact that the suicide rate is 10 times the national average this. Government, has sent additional support, to First Nation communities, in crisis my, question is will the government do the same for Inuit communities, Thank, You honorable prime minister I thank. The member from Nunavut for his question, we recognize, that the mental health challenges facing, indigenous, people are deep-rooted and that the need for support is, immense, in, Nunavut we are working with our partners and, have invested, 189. Million, dollars, over ten years in the, community, led Nunavut, wellness, agreement, as well as 8.4, million dollars, this year alone for, mental health support, for Inuit we, are supporting, I DK's National Inuit suicide. Prevention strategy and, will continue to work with partners, to respond, to the mental health needs in the territory. General. Member fordwi1 who's, riding on a mana, point of order.

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