Question Period: Tariff dispute, Trans-Pacific Partnership, fossil fuel subsidies — June 7, 2018

Question Period: Tariff dispute, Trans-Pacific Partnership, fossil fuel subsidies — June 7, 2018

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Guess jaws or Laurel, questions, the Honorable, opposition, how sweet. Ability. Of the US President imposing, tariffs, on steel and, aluminum should not have come as a surprise, to anyone the president, first announced them, back in March he then exempted, Canada, in May and then again in June why, in the world wasn't, the Prime Minister ready to immediately. Impose, retaliatory, tariffs. When, the US president, imposed, his on, us. Mr.. Speaker last, week our government announced, strong measures, to defend Canadian. Steel and aluminum workers and the industry, this includes, sixteen, point six billion in reciprocal trade. Restriction, measures against, the US goods including. U.s. steel and aluminum, this is the largest trade action the Canada has ever taken since the Second World War and it's, essential. That we get it right over, the next few days we invite all Canadians, to look at the list of proposed, tariffs, and provide, feedback to, help create the best possible retaliation. List. Verbal, opposition, House leader the government. Had months, to prepare. For this and they did nothing steel, and aluminum workers and their families are being, by these tariffs, right, now but, instead of having a plan ready to immediately, deal with these punitive measures, the, Liberals have been more focused on, things like raising taxes, on Canadians, and giving, billions of dollars, to Texas oil companies, talk about misplaced. Priorities, well. The government, commits today, that all money's collected from our rich at retaliatory, measures, will go directly to those who are impacted, by this trade. Mr. Speaker I want to assure my. Honourable colleagues that, we have the backs of our steel workers, and our aluminum workers, we find that the decision, made by the United, States is totally. Except unacceptable. And we have made that very, very clear and, to, invoke national, security. As. The grounds on which to do it is absolutely, preposterous we will defend the interests of our aluminum and steel workers and our Canadian, steel, and aluminum, industry, wonderful. Opposition, House leader well, mr. speaker one thing that would have helped is if we had ratified the CP TPP, agreement, Mexico's, ratified, this agreement, in Japan is well on its way but, again instead of passing CP TPP, legislation. This Liberal government has been more, focused on ramming, through legislation, which, will reduce penalties for terrorist child, molester molesters, and drunk drivers again talk, about misplaced, priorities, why. Are the Liberals taking so long to, bring this free-trade, agreement, into force. Pppp. Ratification.

Is A top priority for government, and we're working relentlessly, in order to introduce the, legislation before the house rises, before, the summer CP. TPP, will provide unparalleled, benefits. For hardworking, Canadians. And their, families, we have worked hard to improve the deal and we have made real, gains for, the middle class and we're now looking to work with all parliamentarians. In this house on this important. Member. For Louisiana home on, this, side of the house we're in favor of the, TPP, and that's. Why the. First. Draft. Was signed. But. The problem is that it still hasn't been implemented, in Canada. So my question is very straightforward, how, is it that the deal has been approved and signed but, hasn't been brought into force, because. The, government, is dragging. Its heels and hasn't tabled legislation, the Honourable Minister mr.. Speaker we're proud of our. Negotiations, around. The CP TPP. And we. Hope to make inroads, in various, areas like culture, and intellectual, property as well, as auto and. Yesterday. The minister mentioned again, in the house that, we will table, a bill. To. Ratify. This. Important. Deal and we hope to, have the support, of all, colleagues, here in the house in, order to proceed with ratification. Dan'l member for Louisa uh-huh mr.. Speaker. The. With the tariffs. On Canadian. Aluminum and steel that's totally unacceptable and last week the, government announced a number of countermeasures. My. Question for the government is quite straightforward. Will. The. There. Are, all these workers, in the saguenay and elsewhere who will be affected by these tariffs, will the government undertake. To use whatever they collect in. Countervailing. Duties, or tariffs to directly, support affected, workers the Honourable Minister of Transport mr., speaker last week we, announced strong. Measures, to defend our workers in, the, steel and aluminum, industries, and we. Are there, for them, for, our workers for, our steel and aluminum workers those are very important. Industries. To. Canada, we. In no way it, will accept the u.s., decision. Especially. Because the reasons are absurd, using. National security, as an excuse, we are there to defend. Our, steel, and aluminum workers we will stand up for them down to a member for Rimouski Nisha Timmy's cotton I've asked. This. G7. Meeting, is an. Opportunity, for the international community. To make comparisons, and Canada's. Record isn't so good when it comes to the environment the Liberals swore they would eliminate subsidies. To, the oil patch, and after, three years in, office the, Liberals, and Canada, still. Offers, the highest subsidies. To the oil patch, of, g7. Countries the Prime Minister will have an opportunity this, week to rectify. The situation will, he announce at the, g7 the, elimination, of these subsidies, by, 2020. The Arnold Minister of the Environment mr.. Speaker I'm very proud, of what we're doing. Environmentally. To deal, with climate change to. Address, plastics. Pollution. The. G7. Is putting. The priority, on creating, a charter, on, plastics. We're, working, very hard with all countries to, ensure, that, we, do what needs doing we, want to stop plastic, from getting into our oceans we have a huge problem we'll do everything we can to put an end to it now I'm a member for Rimouski initiative, in squattin I've asked. Well. That's voluntary. Self-regulation. The. Canada. Is giving, the oil patch 1.5. Billion dollars, a year in subsidies. That's. 1.5. Billion, and an environment, champion, a leader invests. Today to create green jobs for, our workers and our children tomorrow but the Prime Minister has lost all credibility as, a climate. Change leader, when. He decides to buy a 65 year old pipeline, with four five billion, dollars, in public money what concrete steps does the government plan to take at the g7 to redeem itself the Honorable Minister of the Environment we. Don't need to redeem ourselves because, we have stood up for the environment, we have stood up for jobs we're. Doing what needs to be done what, Canadians, expect. We. Are addressing climate change we, are addressing. The problem of plastic pollution and, we, will also grow the economy, we. Have created, 600,000. Jobs that's, the greatest, job. Growth Canadians, have ever seen we, will continue, doing that every, day I work, hard every day to address climate change to protect the environment.

The. Prime Minister is more concerned with looking like a global, climate leader to the other g7 leaders then actually, being here one at home instead. Of eliminating subsidies, for, fossil fuels the Prime Minister will now spend over 10 billion, to, build a new pipeline instead, of keeping the promises, to meet the Paris emissions, targets, experts agree liberals, are nowhere near meeting. Their commitments here's. A suggestion, how, about the Prime Minister, spent a little less time worrying about how he looks to world leaders and spend, more time actually being a leader here, at home. Thank. You mr. speaker, let me explain what we're doing to tackle climate change here we're, putting a price on pollution across, the country Mr Speaker we are we. Are, investing. Historic. Investment, in clean technologies. Were. We're. Phasing out cool who are making historic investments in, public transportation, we're, going to continue we're doing what we promised to Canadians, which is meeting our international agreements, and we're going to continue pushing, abroad, you could do both you can talk and chew gum at the same time and that's what we're gonna do. Because. I certainly do that, was the climate change agreement that, the previous, Liberal government signed was and then completely, abandoned. Liberal. Insiders, say they ratified, it purely, as a PR, stunt and they never had any intention, to act on it now, the Environment Commissioner is saying the government is nowhere near at, meeting the Paris targets, I for. One I'm getting completely tired of the sequel's, mr. speaker so, let Canadians, want to know and deserve to know is this just another liberal PR, stunt. Explain. Again, what, we're doing we've spent one year. Working. With the provinces and territories to, come up with, the first-ever serious. Plan to tackle climate change and to meet our international grievance. After a decade, of inaction, under the previous government we. Have stepped up we're putting a price on pollution we're, phasing out of coal making historic, investments in, public transportation, in Ottawa. LRT, our investments, in LRT with the largest, reduction in greenhouse gas, emissions, in, our. City's history we're. Investing, in clean technology, we understand, that we need to do it for. Or. Dare. Y'all. Remember for Carlton. I'd. Like to begin by thanking the Environment, Minister for the funds that John Baird and I secured, for the local transit project. Our. Approach to taxes, as well during, our government they went down particularly, for modest and low income people under. This Liberal, government, taxes. Have gone up for 81, percent of middle-class taxpayers. So, how much will this carbon, tax cost, the average Canadian. Family. We. Announced funding. For the second phase of LRT. Really. Be happy if across party lines time. To change because, we owe it to our kids and there's a huge. Party. Opposite won't, take serious, action. On climate change. Won't take serious, the fact that our kids and grandkids, will. Hold us responsible. Well. I was very pleased to watch. John Barrett announced, the first phase of Ottawa's light rail and I was very pleased to also announce the second phase myself and, I was actually flattered to see her renounce, that second, phase. Only, she, could follow our approach on taxes which was to put more money in the pockets particularly, at low and middle income taxpayers. Him. She tell us today how, much will her carbon tax cost, the average Canadian, found, out. Mr., speaker. Order. I'm. A Fred after among the members like the remember, for Airdrie. And others, that each side, gets, it sternum, I think they, know each side gets its turn. And. I'd ask them to listen, when. The other side has, its turn. The. Honorable minister of infrastructure. Mr.. Speaker the. The. Previous government, had a very bad habit, of making. Announcement. Without even knowing, where, the money is going to. Too. Far with 25. Billion. Under. Which we, are funding, the Altima is the second phase because, we know. It. Was so quiet a little, we. All bevor for Carlton mr.. Speaker funding. For both phases of the Ottawa trans that were provided, under the previous Conservative, government, and they, were set, aside within. The, budget framework within. The context. Twice. What they promised taxes, are about 80%, of middle-class taxpayers, another. Broken, promise before. They break a third broken, crop big 1/3 broken, promise in a row will, they tell us how much will, the average, Canadian family spend on this car.

I Would. Like to repeat then the second phase of bounty there was no money we. Were the ones who actually made, the, commandments. Climate, change is real we know that has a real cost and we know there's a huge opportunity. Economic. Growth and jobs we're very proud that we're taking action and climate change and I would like to ask. Conservative. Party's plan is, to tackle climate change. Honorable. The. Honourable. Member for Carlton order we. All one successful, part of the plan that actually saw greenhouse, gases, go down under the previous government was, a public. Transit. Tax, credit that gave savings, to people who, responsible. Decision, to, get on public transit and, protect the environment but they raised taxes. On those same, environmentally. Conscious. Passengers. On our public transit, was one of many tax increases. That have glide to an, $800. Tax, increase, on the average, middle-class family how. Much more will those families, pay under, the new liberal. Carbon, tax. I'd asked members including, number four Niagara Center not to be interrupting. When someone else has the floor, the aqwal Minister of Environment. Mr.. Speaker it's very interesting to hear the member opposite on today, on, this day announcing. That he supports, what the interior Liberal, government did which. Is. That's. Totally, inappropriate order. I don't. Think members want to live in a place where, you can't hear other points of view I don't, think anyone believes that. And. Now that we're all in a good mood. You. Know a member for McGann seek it out mr., speaker québec's, dairy, egg and poultry producers. Are extremely, concerned about what the prime minister said on NBC. When, he meets with Quebec farmers, he says he defends, supply management but when he crosses the border he says precisely, the opposite Canada. Is flexible, on supply, management mr., speaker in Quebec alone over 6,000. Family, firms depend, on it can, the Prime Minister tell us yes or no if he has already traded, away market, access to the u.s. to, protect, what. Remains of, supply management the. Honorable minister of international. Development Thank, You mr. speaker. The. Our government, is firmly. Resolved. To protect, supply, management, the Prime Minister the Foreign Affairs Minister the Agriculture, Minister the. 41. Quebec, members. All members in the Liberal Party support, and believe, in, our, supply management, system and, I. Guarantee. That we will protect supply. Management, down a member for Megantic Lahab. Perhaps. The minister should speak to the prime minister because he, was very clear on NBC. He said he was going to show or has already been flexible. We don't know when. It comes to supply, management. Simon. Bushman, and close advisor to the Prime Minister is clearly in favor of making concessions, on supply management. So. I have one, simple question to the Liberals plan to, fully protect not. Just protect but fully, protect, supply, management without. Further, concessions, yes, or no the, honourable minister of international development. Mr.. Speaker once again our government, is firmly, resolved. To protect. The, supply management system, the 41, members from. Quebec. As well as all liberals, believe. In Supply Management the, Minister of the Prime Minister the, we. Are all protecting, it, the. Our. Friends opposite do not agree they appointed. Who's completely, against, Supply Management, the. Member for both was. Made the. Shadow, Minister, for Economic, Development mr.. Speaker the Honourable member for hos alone Appetit pet feed mr., speaker sometimes, it's surprising what, you see in, party. Platforms, for example we will end handouts. To the oil patch that, was on page 40 of the liberal, platform, pretty. Surprising eh when. Over three years later the Liberals have still done nothing, were the worst of the, g7 worse, than, Donald Trump so, my question for the Environment Minister is straightforward. How, much was given in subsidies, to oil companies last, year obviously, the answer has to be a number, don't, just say it's a lot a number. Minister. Of Natural Resources. Canada. Is part, of that commitment and we, have already taken significant. Steps in, budget. 2016. And, a bunch of 2017. And we, will continue to do that as is our international. Commitment, and what we believe is good for the Canadian economy now. Remember force Kinabalu Valley no you know why they can't answer how much mr. speakers because they don't know yet, a report out today shows that Canada ranks dead, last in. The g7 imagine. The irony as, devoted as Donald Trump is to the oil and gas sector he has to tip his little red cap to these liberals because they're, even, worse, than, these climate, champions, went out and bought a 65, year old leaky pipeline for, four and a half billion dollars of our, money so, let's do some liberal multiple choice was, that money a bailout. Be a subsidy, see, a really dumb idea or D all of the other.

Natural. Resources. Mr.. Speaker, none. Of the above. None of the above because. Canadians. Who care, about the future of the oil and gas industry, as, part of a, strategy, for the Canadian economy know, that to be competitive we want to expand our export markets rather, than sending, 99%. Of oil, and gas exports, to one country the United States we. Are opening, up export, markets and that's on the heart of why, this pipeline, is good for Canada it's, good for indigenous, peoples it's, good for the environment too because, of a billion and a half dollars, our honourable. Member for Calgary Midnapore. Mr.. Speaker the Prime Minister has been telling Canadians, it will cost them 4.5. Billion dollars to, buy the old Trans Mountain pipeline, today. We've learned that this is not actually the final, price it, may cost Canadians, much more and that's without a single inch of new pipeline, being built, when. Will the Prime Minister, quit hiding what. His failures, are really, going to cost taxpayers. The, failure, was, the inability of the Harper government to. Build one. Kilometer. Of pipe to new markets, that, was a failure they. Had ten years. To do it and they couldn't and the, reason they couldn't was, because they refused, to understand, that investments. In the environment, enable. Us to, build infrastructure, and we. On this side of the house are very proud, of our ability, to both, at, the same time create. Jobs and protect, the environment an. Honourable, member for st., albert edmonton, mr. speaker the prime minister claimed that the cost of the pipeline, would be 4.5, billion dollars, we, now know that that's, not true it's, just yes. Canadians. Could be on the hook for a lot more than 4.5. Billion dollars for, the existing. Pipeline, never, mind, the construction, costs, for the new pipeline so. When will the Liberals, come, clean and tell, Canadians. How much it's, going to cost. I know, that, the Honorable member and the Conservative, Party believes. That this is a commercially. Viable project. Because. They have been promoting. This. Project. From, the first day we took our seats in the House of Commons promoting. It every, day, aggressively. Unwaveringly. Because. We've done but, they couldn't do they. Don't know where to go with this. What. Are the. Honourable member. For. Battle River crowfoot mr., speaker last year foreign direct investment. In this country was, the lowest in over, a decade and nowhere. Is that is that disaster. More real than in Alberta tens, of billions, of dollars of, potential. Oil and gas projects, are being scrapped, massive. Divestments. By international, oil producers, the, Prime Minister's answer to this disaster, a buyout. And drive. Out of Kinder, Morgan, when will the Minister quit attacking the, industry, so, that it can begin the process of, recovery, and rebuild. Investor. Confidence. Is. The Honourable, member going. To stop bad-mouthing. The, economy, of Alberta now, let me give you an example the. Employment, is up 3.5%. Earnings. Are up 6.9%. Wholesale. Trade, is up, 16.3%. Manufacturing. Is up twenty, five point five percent that, sports are up forty. Six point five percent. Honourable. Member. For, calgary. Shepherd order, investment. In canada's energy industry, increased nine out of ten years under the previous Conservative government, and today we've, hit a decade, low a hundred. Billion in, losses a major divestment. From Royal Dutch Shell and, ConocoPhillips. Totaling nearly thirty billion dollars, now, Kinder, Morgan is fleeing Canada, in the face of the liberal plan to face out our oil sands Canadian, energy investors, are not creating a record number of new jobs outside. Of Canada, as the Liberals block energy projects, at home with, investment, at record lows and energy. Jobs fleeing, Canada, why does the Natural, Resources Minister keep pretending. Canada. Has. Never been. Such. A good place to invest in as it, is now we're, creating a climate that's predictable. And stable for, investment, and trade, foreign. Investors, see Canada, as. An. Open, safe. Place. With highly, skilled workers. That's. The. Canada of today, and we. Are ensuring. That investors. Of the entire world see, it as an attractive, place to invest mr.. Speaker well the Prime Minister is asking, leaders to commit to zero waste plastics, at the g7, hosted, by this government, the meeting won't even be a zero plastic, waste event, Canadians.

From Coast to coast are calling on the Liberals to protect our oceans and banned single-use, plastics. Here at home tomorrow, is World Oceans Day and, Canadians, know we need action to combat plastic. Pollution in, our waterways now, the. Liberals have said they know that this is a critical problem so. When will they finally, do something about it. I. Absolutely. Agree, with the number opposite, that we've got a huge problem can, you imagine by 2050. If we don't take action we're gonna have more, plastic, waste in our ocean by weight than fish that, every, minute we're dumping the equivalent, of a dump truck plastic. Waste into. The oceans and that this single-use, plastic, that we're throwing out has a value of between a hundred and a hundred and fifty billion dollars, we, need to do better we're pushing a plastic, waste charter, in. The g-seven context we're also developing a, national strategy, for plastics, in Canada and we're seeing in Canada the municipalities. Are stepping up municipalities, like Vancouver like, Montreal, Ben. The. Honourable, member for Betsy Moschino gee mr., speaker in Canada, the Liberals say that, they'll stand up for supply management but in the United States the, Prime Minister, says he'll be flexible. A real. Leader is, someone who stands, up for dairy. Producers, in Canada, he's, someone it's someone who keeps his promises who's, willing to say to gc7, members, I will defend. Our entire, supply. Management system. Without. Any, concessions. Is there anyone in this house besides the NDP. Who's. Willing, to protect. The entire. Supply. Management, system, zero, concessions. Mr., speaker they have not bought the next owner the Honorable Minister for international, development. Mr Speaker I can assure you that our government and. This entire caucus, is committed to, defending supply, management the, Prime Minister the Minister of, Foreign Affairs the Minister of Agriculture and the 41 Quebec, members. We, are unanimous. On the. Supply management system, is to speaker thank. You for. TobyMac to quack mr.. Speaker for residents in my riding with tobik mac to quack, CBC Radio Canada is an essential part of their lives providing. Them with local news Canadian, stories and high quality Canadian.

Products, News. New rock, we. All remember. The Harper government's, cuts to CBC it has Jo Canada can. The minister of Canadian, Heritage tell. This house what, our government, is doing to. Sure that. Our public, broadcaster. Remains. Strong, beneath, the Honourable Minister of. Canadian, Heritage I'd like to thank my colleague, from tobik matta-clark for his question. More. Than ever the government believes in, the. Importance of our public, broadcaster. And when. We speaking of Akagi o Canada, one can only remember the heritage of the Conservatives. 75-million. Appointing. A CEO from the sector and the first woman. Very. Important, institution, we, will make sure that the, Harper Conservatives what. They did never, happens, again, because they, would have given the tents. The. Honourable, member, for salable Sasha mr., speaker the Minister of Public Safety. Has said loud and clear the Canadians shouldn't worry about 30,000. Illegal. Entries into Canada, he's, telling, us that everything is under control but you know what the Canada. Border Services Agency, all, of us they've, had to reduce their security screening from 8 to 2 hours and 10, to 15 percent of, illegals. Do not come back for their second interview in fact we don't even know where they are why. Is the Prime Minister refusing. To, raise this issue at, the g7. The speaker our government remains unwavering in, our commitment to protect the safety of Canadians and to keep our borders secure. Irregular border crosses, border. Crossers are thoroughly, screened and they do not get a free ticket to, remain in Canada and the in fact the budget included, 173. Point million dollars to support security, operations, at, the canada-us border and assure you ensure that we can continue to securely and effectively process, asylum. Seekers we're continuing, to ensure the Canadian law is applied and that our international obligations are. Respected. Shall. Well. Once again words that are meaningless mr., speaker now. In terms of the Minister of Immigration the. Minister. Of Immigration. Appears. To, have organized a plan so that everything, is easy he gave 50 million dollars to divide up between three provinces so they'll be quiet, he's. Built costly, facilities, at San Bao now the like are to receive, illegals, and there's. A transportation, service, to bring illegals, to a community. Of their choice yes a community, of their choice so, the minister gives nice speeches. But, his actions confirm his hypocrisy and his lack of sincerity where is the ministers plan. Although. Harder. I. Must, remind, the, Honourable member for a shallow boats I shall. That. Under the standing orders, one, cannot indicate the presence or absence of, a member in the house the Honorable Minister of Transport. Mr.. Speaker really, my. Colleague. Keeps saying, foolish. Things every, single day about. Immigrants. We. Have established a, plan that is solid we've done this in collaboration with the, provinces. So. That we have a, proper. Screening. And triage system. We've started. These, consultations, with the provinces, and I would like my colleague opposite, to be more constructive, and less negative, in his, questions, about. Asylum. Seekers because we are all working, together on this important issue remember. For. Selkirk, at our Lake Eastman, mr.. Speaker and the Liberals have no plan and the Prime Minister is failing our Canadian, Armed Forces this. Week we learned that things. Are so bad that our soldiers are being ordered to return their rucksacks and, their sleeping bags to, be used by others and now we've learned that the cost of building, the joint supply ships have skyrocketed. Another, billion, dollars over, budget and, they're not going to take the first delivery until probably sometime in 2023. So how Canadians. Trust this Prime Minister to deliver on Navy ships when he can't even buy enough sleeping bags for our troops. Parliamentary. Secretary, to the Minister. Of National Defense. It's. The Conservatives, who did, not support, a defense we are making sure that the Canadian Armed Forces have.

The Necessary, equipment. And training, to perform the important missions, they are entrusted, with Nadine, armed forces redistribute. Equipment, to ensure that all our members have the equipment they, need when, they need it. We. Have been successfully, recruiting, and we've been reinforcing, our reserves, and these new recruits, will. Need more, equipment. Need. More equipment and will need equipment from those moved on to other positions parry, sound Muskoka, mr. speaker these partisan attacks actually don't change the facts on the ground actually we, are proud of our procurement record. Which includes five, c-17. Globemaster, 17. C-130. Hercules five, Chinook 15, Chinook helicopters, and we initiated, the contract, for the esthetics interim, supply ship which by the way was on time and on, budget despite, the best efforts of the liberal to kill that, deal we'll put our record against their record any day of the week mr. speaker. So. Badly when, it comes to military procurement. Minister. Of Public Services, in procurement. Mr. Speaker we are very proud that we are getting ships built and we are getting fighter jets for our troops we know. We. Need the equipment to do they're really difficult, jobs we ask for them we have plans we will have we have a ship that's already built we have ships that will be built by the end of this year we are delivering, our fighter. Jet interim fleet starting, the beginning of next year we'll take no lessons from, the Conservatives. Member. For Kootenai Colombia. Government. Has begun negotiations, with the United States on the future of the 54, year-old Columbia, River treaty during. The original negotiations. More than 2,000, people were forced to relocate as rich farmland, and valuable, riparian, areas, were sacrificed, and indigenous, people did, not have their voices heard at all, now, it's 2018. And despite the government's promises, for a new relationship, with First Nations they are not being offered a seat at the table will. The government take immediate, action to ensure that First Nations are at the table for the renegotiation of, the Columbia River treaty. Thank. You mr. speaker objectives, in these negotiations to. Ensure that the Columbia River treaty continues, to be mutually beneficial for. Canada the United States and the, indigenous groups, involved in the area we've been working closely with British, Columbia First Nations and stakeholders, to, ensure that all interests, are heard and articulated, we, will also address the environmental, issues that they've raised and the interests of the First Nations and the aim is to renew this agreement well. Into the 21st century and we're going to work hard to ensure that benefits are optimized, for Canada British Columbia, First. Nations and local, communities, thank you mr. speaker well member for Saskatoon, West mr., speaker, ninety-six, percent of Canadian, workers in construction, and the skilled trades are, potentially. Exposed to asbestos in, the workplace we, have known that asbestos is a carcinogen. For over 30 years and that the toxic, fibers arleigh are a leading cause of workplace, related death in Canada, despite. The announced ban there is no national, standard, for testing, handling. And removal. Of this killer substance, mr.. Speaker will this government, implement, a comprehensive, strategy for, asbestos removal to, protect all workers and all Canadians, thank. Honorable. Permit the secretary to the minister of employment. Speaker. In fact the member would know that this. Government has deemed. That asbestos is, out. Of the, realm of her trade we. Are working with all stakeholders. There, was a meeting. Held recently here in Ottawa that. Brought all stakeholders, together. Labor. Health, leaders and that, strategy is absolutely under, construction, and will. Be looking forward to tabling something very soon, well. Member for Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke mr., speaker with summer upon, us Canadians, are gearing, up to head out to the great outdoors and it appears they're, better equipped than our Canadian, Armed Forces, thanks. To the this, Prime Minister's failure. Of leadership our, troops. Now face, a shortfall. Of equipment, when it comes to sleeping. Bags how. Could the Prime Minister, justified. Deploying. Our troops, to a war zone in Mali, when. He can't, even outfit. Our troops. For. A trip to cottage country. Secretary. Our. Government, is determined to provide the Canadian Armed Forces with, the equipment, the training and support that they need to allow, our men and women in uniform to, accomplish. Their important, missions here, and abroad protection. And. Security. And engagement, is our motto as well as good training, and good equipment so that they can fill, their fulfill their missions after, so many years of cuts by, the previous, government, we.

Are Determined. To better equip and prepare. Our men and women in uniform before. Bruce gray own sound, mr.. Speaker the Liberals continue, their attack on Canadian, farmers, in the Canadian agricultural, industry, first, it was a new Canada food guide in front, of package labeling calling. Milk and meat products, unhealthy, now they are attacking feed, distributors, liberals, are eliminating, the ability for, retail stores like feed stores and farm supply outlets. To sell feed mixed with antibiotics. In any form to anyone, these, businesses, have sold these products, to farmers safety. Safely, and effectively for years when, the Liberals stopped, their attacks on, Canadian, aid. What. We have done this been a major asset to the Canadian agricultural sector. As my honourable colleague is well aware his, government, the former Harper government cut, close. To 700. Million dollars from. The episode crochets, and. We will make sure the farmers have the seed that they need but at my honourable colleague is fully aware that seed, it has to be certified, I think multiple colleges well away about. Remember. For Bruce, crayon sound. My. Good friend across here my hair will be white and. Fallen out before I get a straight answer. Mr.. Speaker these new regulations. Will become effective in December. Of this year there's, still time for these liberals, to do the right thing and cancel these changes, farm supply and feed stores are, an essential, aspect in, the delivery, of feed to farms, across Canada. These businesses. Are the lifeblood as, he said no event of many rural communities these changes, will take away their ability to, sell, products, that they've been selling, without, any issue for, generations, enough. Far, too much talk of her prefer, well, the Minister of Agriculture. Thank. You mr. speaker and I appreciate, my honorable colleagues question but I can't do a thing about his head. But. I can tell them one thing people do let's make sure the agriculture, and agri-food sector it's, supported, by the government we, will make sure we have science we will also make sure that, they can see if I will, always make sure that any seed that, is permitted to be planted in this country, will be certified, I'm sure mythology, is never indicating that the regulatory process, should. Be jeopardized. The. Honourable. Member, for, Davenport. Mr.. Speaker, the, government's, public transit, infrastructure, investments. Are building, stronger communities across. Canada. Including. In my riding of Davenport, these, investments. Are much needed and are critical to ensuring that commuters, can get to work school, and appointments. Both, quickly safely and in, an environmentally, friendly way can. The minister of infrastructure, and communities please, update this house on the public transit investments. The government, is making in Toronto. Minister. Mr. Speaker I want to thank the, Honourable, member for, Davenport for her advocacy, on this file we. Know that investing in public transit is a shared responsibility that. Is why we're, investing more than nine hundred and thirty-four million, dollars, for the purchase, of more, than one thousand new buses for, the TTC as, well, as the repairing of hundreds of old buses, this, investment, will enhance transit.

Service For millions, of commuters across, Toronto. Investing. In public transit, is an integral, part of our government's, efforts to grow the economy and, build, a. Member. For living yeah mr.. Speaker as, if it weren't enough to make taxpayers, pay eight million. Dollars. To, build a fancy rink now we're, learning that, the Minister of heritage, reoffended. In her mad spending, sprees, by, refusing to listen to her officials, on a stopover, in Seoul that had nothing to do with the purposes, of the trade mission in China mr. speaker how, much did. Once again the whims of the Minister of heritage. Spend. In Seoul, just to get us to dance kpop, the. Honorable, Minister of Canadian, Heritage. Well. Clearly, my colleague. Should, join the union artists, union because he's, talented. What. We did as a government. Was, decide to reinvest, in the, arts sector when, they a massively. Cut. In, the cultural sector what. We also did was reinvest. A hundred and twenty five million dollars, in a cultural export, strategy. That, is absolutely. Necessary. Because. We. Know that this represents. Growth, here and jobs, we, know that we can export our culture throughout the world and we will continue to support our artists the Honourable member for 20 give Thank, You mr. speaker, after, having wildly. Widely, consulted. The. Committee conducting, a review of rail safety legislation tabled. Its report, several recommendations require. Immediate, action on the part of the minister as a, response. The minister is proposing what, wait, for it a roundtable, to. Consult. The. Stakeholders. Who participated. In the first consultations. To find out what they think about the, consultations. And what they think about the report that came out of these consultations. Seriously. Will, the Minister take, responsibility. Mr.. Test the, Honorable Minister of Transport. Well. I'd like to thank. My colleague. Because this gives me an opportunity to. Thank the three, individuals. Who did excellent. Work in reviewing. The trial. Safety Transportation, Act and I am so proud that we, delivered, this report, one. Year earlier than, planned, now. Of course my NDP colleague, must be aware of the fact that we're not like the Conservatives.

We. Believe, that, it is important, to consult, we, will do that until. We. Feel that the Canadian, public has been suitably. Consulted. And then we will make our decisions, based on that order. Order. The. Honourable member for malfuf, thank. Mr.. Speaker our. Government. Proudly. Unveiled its new defense, policy. One year ago today. Strong. Secure, engaged, is. An ambitious and realistic. Policy. That. Will equip our Canadian, Armed Forces to. Face today's, and tomorrow's. Challenges. Can. Be parliamentary. Secretary, to the Minister, of National Defence, tell. This house about. The numerous, achievements under. Our new defence policy one. Year after its announcement the, Honourable. Parliamentary, secretary, I'd like to thank, the member, for makoto-san. First, question we, have worked very hard in, drafting, and ambitious and realistic policy. We, consulted, Canadians, Wiley who widely, who, told, us that they wanted. The well-being, of men. And women in uniform to be taken care of as well as their families, contrary. To the Conservatives, we increased. Defense, spending by, 70 percent over. The next 10 years in. Order to ensure. Canada's. Protection. Safety, of North America, and our, involvement. Worldwide. What. Saskatchewan, mr. speaker the Palestinian, ambassador to, France acknowledged. Recently quote Iran, is fully, financing. And pushing, the Hamas. Raishin end of quote mr. speaker iran is spreading violence and terror throughout the region determined. To force other people's to attack israel this, government, has said that they are a friend to Israel even while they are singling, Israel out for criticism but, will they be as tough on Iran will, they call for an independent investigation, into Iran's, role in instigating. This violence, will, they. First. Of all mr. speaker, the member opposite, knows full well that has been the long-standing position, of consecutive, governments, both conservative. And liberal here. In Canada that we are a ally. And friend of, Israel. And Friends of the Palestinian. People, we absolutely deplore. The actions, of Hamas and it's incitement, to violence it has been designated as a terrorist organization, in this country since 2002. And this government, maintains. A position, and pours. The actions that Hamas, takes we are also extremely, troubled, by the situation that recently occurred and guys when we have called for an independent. Investigation. The. Honourable, to know Thank You mr. speaker mr., speaker gas, prices, in Quebec is getting close to a dollar fifty a litre the consumer, is the one who is filling up and as the consumer, is being pumped dry on. The 29th. Of May the minister of energy and natural resources, in Quebec PMO put a question to the Minister, of Economic. Development and, I'm passing on his question, does. The Minister plan on taking further, action, to ensure that the gasoline, market is fair efficient. And competitive. Can. We have an answer. Minister. Of Economic Development mr.. Speaker. Unfortunately. I do not agree what my colleague, has, said we. Have a very good process actually. And. Being led by the Competition. Bureau which, actually, enforces. The Competition, Act and they look at price fixing, price. Maintenance and, the abuse of dominance in the market with respects, to gasoline prices the. Bureau in the past has made investigations. 39, individuals, and 15 companies were, charged for their role in a gasoline, price fixing conspiracy. For local, markets in Quebec mr. speaker will continue to monitor the situation and, I'm confident in the competition of arrows work, potato. Member, for ple Pepsi odd let's share. Mr.. Speaker. All. Year, long the. Canadian, government sacrifices. Quebec but when by-elections. Come up magic. Happens on, May 25th, the, Liberal Member for, Lex Asia announced. 700, thousand, dollars for businesses, in saghini I imagine. They won't be counting that as part of their election expenses, the.

Problem, Is not the investment, it's the timing that's, absolutely. Unacceptable. Did. This government, attempt, to influence, the outcome of the by-elections, and shoot quit see me with public money. The. Honorable. Minister. For, democratic, institutions. Mr.. Speaker as my colleague, knows we, introduced. C, 76. That. Introduces. A pre-election, period, and. As. A government, we. Have also made commitments. Because. The. Government, cannot do advertising 90, days before general. Elections thank you both Islands Thank You mr. speaker you know buying. The, 65. Year old Trans Mountain pipeline. From Kinder Morgan shows, the kind of brilliant, business, acumen of buying up all the blockbuster. Assets, while Netflix, takes off I'm. Wondering, when, we will see the contractor, sale we know there's apparently, 121. Pages, of fine, legalese. That, could help us stop this sale before it's closing in August, I wondered and when the contract, will be made public. Mr.. Speaker the. Trans Mountain expansion. Project, has significant, commercial value and this. Transaction, represents. A sound investment opportunity. For Canada, with. That said the, transaction. To purchase these assets, will close later, this summer and we, will make more, information. Available as appropriate, but, also the Honourable number, knows that we have invested, 100. Million dollars in smart, grids, 182. Million in energy efficiency, buildings, another. 182. In electric. Vehicles, a two, billion dollar, low-carbon. Fund the list goes, on and off. Along. Arab duplicator, salvo or Charles, little back in the Fed the Honourable member for Dobell, Odisha, and a point of order mr. speaker. In. Response to my second question the ministers.

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