Question Period: Steel and aluminum tariffs, Kinder Morgan pipeline and bonuses — June 5, 2018

Question Period: Steel and aluminum tariffs, Kinder Morgan pipeline and bonuses — June 5, 2018

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Guess. Jaws oh hell oral. Questions. The Honorable leader of the Opposition. Mr. Speaker we understand. That the government wants, to consult. On the. Steel, and aluminum reprisals. But Canadian, producers, are already losing, business. Opportunities. Because, of the situation. They. Need to be supported, so why is, the. Prime Minister waiting for three weeks before, imposing, the reprisals, when. The American, tariffs are already, in force. Tariffs. Are completely, unacceptable even more so because, they're imposed on the preposterous pretext. Of national. Security, Canada. Is fighting, back to support Canadian, workers and the businesses, that employ them from, coast to coast a, very strong Team, Canada, effort is pulling together except. Apparently for the leader of the Opposition, let, me quote. Mr.. Speaker. Apparently. Nothing not, even pulling, together in a national, crisis, tops. Partisan. Sniping for. The Conservative, leader I invite. Him here. The. Honor order, the, Honorable leader of the opposition order mr.. Speaker the prime minister, told, steel workers all across the country that he had got them a reprieve, on steel, tariffs in March. But he knew then that it was only a reprieve, he's had three months to prepare countermeasures. But, now he claims that he needs more, time to consult, Canada's. Steel industry employs over 23,000. Workers and supports a hundred, thousand indirect jobs the, US tariffs, on steel is affecting, those, workers today. We'll ask again why is the Prime Minister waiting three, weeks to, impose steel and aluminum countermeasures, windows US tariffs are in effect right, now. The. Criticism, of conservative, partisanship, is, universal. This, matter is deeply, personal to, people in Saskatchewan. It ever has steel and the 1,200. Workers who, work there today in the Regina leader post this, was said quote, in the face of what could be a serious, threat to the national, and provincial, economies. One, might hope someone, who aspires to be Prime Minister would holster, their petty partisanship, for the sake of the nation. Is. It Wednesday already. The. Honorable leader of the Opposition. Mr.. Speaker pointing, out the Liberals, failure, to implement, these tariffs. Today, is in, the national, interest. They. Don't stand up for Canadian, workers and we never, apologize. For doing our job holding, them to account. Not. Just on trade that the Liberals are letting Keynes down we've, learned this weekend, that executives, at Kinder Morgan will receive over a million dollars, in bonuses, for, leaving. Canada's, energy, sector why is the Prime Minister giving, bonuses, to US executives, for pulling out of Canada's. Canada. He won't defend Canadian, workers what. We're doing is we are building, an economy and we are creating, thousands. Of jobs by. Helping. To get our resources, to international, markets and that, is exactly what we want to do to make sure this project goes forward with. The great people that need to actually deliver, on this project so, Mr Speaker we stand behind Canadian. Workers we wish the Conservatives, would to the. Honorable leaders the opposition mr., speaker when Kinder Morgan first applied, for this project they were one of four, proposed, pipelines. Committed, to investing, billions of dollars in Canada now after just, two and a half years of liberal mismanagement. There's, only one, left. Now I could understand an American. Politician paying. Executives. Bonuses. For taking investment. Out of Canada into, the US but can the Prime Minister explain, why he's, paying those very same executives, 1.5. Million dollars in bonuses, to pull out of Canada. To. Be clear I won't comment on what a private company does with. Which is particularly. Is this project. Needs to get done this is another example, of. The conservatives, actually not, caring, about workers, now Berta workers. In British Columbia and not caring, about the up to 15 billion dollars a year we can add to our economy, they didn't get it done when they're in power we're, gonna get it done.

Mr.. Speaker. The. Prime minister says he will defend, supply. Management but it's just talk. In, a report. This weekend, broadcast. In the US the prime minister said he'd be willing to give the Americans, better, access, to our supply. Management market. Is. The Prime Minister willing. To, defend our producers, as he said in saguenay if so, why is he willing to trade away parts, of it to the Americans, now, a minister of international trade, Thank. You mr. speaker, our, government. Is resolutely. Determined to. Protect supply. Management the Prime Minister the foreign affairs minister the, agriculture. All of cabinet, is on. The same page we've always been very clear we will defend, Supply Management mr. speaker we will defend, the interests of our, communities, our rural communities, all across the country mr. speaker xiana member for Hosemann Apache Pepe mr.. Speaker. That. Flexibility. Looks a lot like backing, down, yesterday. Was national action, day against the purchase of the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Hundreds. Of residents. Demonstrated. In front of Liberal, MPs, offices, saying, that our money should be used for an energy. Transition, not, to make Texan, CEOs, and executives. Completely. Disconnected, from the opposition be, it Canadians, or indigenous, communities, mr., speaker. Because. It's in our national interest it's. Really very important, for our economy, we're. Going to improve, our economy about, 15 billion, dollars a year. We'll. Be brought in with, better access to international. Markets and, at the same time, we. Can add about. 15,000. Jobs all, across the country it's very important, to our economy and it's, very important, to our workers, now, remember for Hosemann efficacy sake mr. speaker the Liberals supported. My colleagues, bill to, harmonize Canadian, legislation, with the UN declaration, on the rights of indigenous people, but when it comes time to apply. The principles. Of that to, a pipeline, the Liberals do what they know best, they flip-flop, mr., speaker you can't choose, when. Aboriginal. People have rights and when they don't why. Is. The government determined. To ignore First, Nations who, are standing up and refusing, to have this dangerous, pipeline, run through their communities, the. Honourable Minister of Natural Resources was. There was unprecedented. Consultation. With indigenous communities, layered. On month after, month because of the failure, of the, Harper government to, consult indigenous, communities. In the Northern Gateway case, so. Not only was. There consultation. There was real accommodation. And the, accommodation. Takes the form of an unprecedented. 1.5. Billion. Dollar. Ocean. Protection, plan that, will be world-class we're. Proud of that why, are they I remember. For this Nephi missin it'd be Churchill River. Always. Found an excuse, to ignore indigenous. Peoples the UN, declaration. On the rights of indigenous peoples. Is a chance. To finally put. An end to that history, last. Week the Prime Minister, championed, this declaration. Which includes free prior, informed, consent, why, then, is his government, voting against. Honouring. That historic, decoration. Today. Speaker. The Honorable, number, also I'm sure we'll know that, for. The first time in Canadian history there, was the co-development. Along. The trans mount in line with. Indigenous communities, and this, Co development, will mean that the. Prosperity. That, will, come to all of Canada because. Of the energy development. That's so important, for the future of the nation will. Be shared with, indigenous communities, a better life for their children better. Education, better, access, to skills community. Investments, we, believe in all of those things, why don't they remember. Force Kinabalu, Valley so you see what they're doing you. See how they're trying to pick one First Nations group against another.

Order. Do. I have to remind members, that that. They, will often hear things from other members, sometimes. From other parties sometimes tomorrow perhaps but, they don't like. But. Of course we we. Want to have one person. Speak at a time so, we need a little order so I can hear the question, and then I look, forward to hearing the answer, and so forth now remember first skin of Berkeley Valley has the floor order. So. You watch what liberals just did they. Said they believe in indigenous, rights entitled, but only if indigenous people agree, with them they, believe in this as a principle, but only when the principle works out for, liberals what, we have seen through generations. Two, indigenous peoples, in this country is government, pitting one group against, another and respecting, rights only, when it's convenient for the government in just a few minutes we're going to vote on the application, of the UN Declaration, of Rights in this house what, are liberals gonna actually do about it. The. Honorable member, knows that these projects, are by their very nature. Divisive. They're. Even divisive, within, political, parties are. You sowing, dissent, between, the premiers of Elbert. Border. Border. I have, two Romani administered natural sources that when you say you in this place normally, referring to the speaker I hope, it wasn't meaning to do off but anywhere at any rate I had, asked you to direct his comments, to the chair in Ottawa Minister of Natural Resources I. Was. Not. Intending to do that but. The. Honourable member knows that there, will be different, views within communities, may. I ask, the Honourable member if he has consulted with, the, 43. Communities. Up, and down the line including. 33 communities, in British Columbia. Member. For. Whenever. He's in Quebec, City the, Prime Minister tells one and all that he will he, will protect, supply, management in, saguenay. In October, 2017. He, told farmers we will make no concessions on. Supply management but, on Sunday on NBC, he said he'd already offered, the Americans more access to our dairy market, we're, moving towards, flexibility. In these areas, that I thought was very very promising, he said can, the Prime Minister tell us just how flexible was, it two three four or 10% of our dairy egg and poultry market, that he was willing to trade away to the Americans, the Honorable Minister mr.. Speaker our government, is firmly, engaged. In defending supply. Management the, Prime Minister the Foreign Affairs Minister the Agriculture, Minister and the entire caucus, are defending. Supply Management we believe in it contrary. To the conservative. Critic on, innovation. So. We will continue to protect the interests, of our rural communities. Thank you the only member for Megan signa table mr., speaker last week's talking, points were old news to say you're willing to defend supply, management is one thing to commit. Not, to make further concessions, is quite another, in saguenay the prime minister said the Liberal Party was there to create Supply Management and will always defend it well, I say one thing to voters in saguenay and the opposite, to the American. Simple, yes-or-no question, has the government abandoned. Canada's, dairy farmers, and reneged. On his promise to, fully defend, Supply Management, the, Honorable Minister. Of, international, cooperation. Our. Government, is firmly. Determined. To protect supply, management the Prime Minister the Foreign Affairs Minister the, Agriculture. Minister all cabinet. Ministers are defending, Supply Management's so I would ask, my. Colleague. To have a discussion with his colleague, from the boasts on supply. Management and get. It together. On this issue we are determined, to defend the interests of rural communities in Canada. Spoken. Up loud and clear to tell liberals that they don't support their carbon tax in fact the, president of the agricultural, producers Association, of Saskatchewan. Said, the carbon tax adds huge, cost to producers, who are already facing, tight margins, the, egg ministers, failure, to recognize farmers opposition, to this carbon tax is troubling. And it's undermining his, already diminished credibility. Mr. speaker why can't the Minister admit he's wrong farmers. Don't want your carbon tax. The. Opposition, hosted I think acknowledging. That she's supposed to director comments to the chair I appreciate that, the Honorable Minister of Agriculture. Mr.. Speaker my honorable colleague is well aware that farmers, are great stewards, of the land in. Diesel. Fuel for unfirm, uses, except, under. The federal, backstop, unlike. The previous Conservative. Government. The previous harper government who'd cut over. 700, million dollars from agriculture. We have invested. This government's, invested, hundreds. Of millions of dollars in agriculture.

Agricultural, Research Thank You mr.. Opposition. House leaders. They're. Telling me how much they miss Gerry reps. It's, going to add a cost, to everything, and that minister doesn't, seem to understand, that from, the price of seed and it puts supplies to, simply driving into town to pick up groceries or, taking, their kids to the dentist the family farm is going to hurt so, will the minister tell farmers, how much does carbon tax going to cost their families. Mr., speaker farmers. And ranchers are, responsible. Stewards of the land developing. Best management practices, and innovative, technologies, such as zero till farming that have reduced carbon pollution they, are on the front line of seeing and dealing with the effects of climate change under. Our plan to price pollution, provinces, and territories can, establish a system that use the revenues and the ways that work for them in British Columbia primary producers, have exemptions, from a direct price on pollution for farm fuel and vehicles that produce food we buy and farmer sell to international, markets the same is true with respect to the federal backstop this, government is working hard to address the issues of climate change in thoughtful and substantive ways, or. There's, so much quieter at 12:23, this morning wasn't it well. Never for Carleton Trump. Tariffs, will hurt Canadian, workers and so. Will liberal tax, increases. Those, tax increases, will apply on companies, that employ people here but if those companies move south, of the border we, will lose those jobs and they won't have to pay the taxes, over there so, with, this trade, war now waging, will. The. Government announced a full, and complete. Moratorium. On liberal. Tax increases. Applied, to, the workers, affected, by American. Protectionism. Maybe. We should start with the idea that the small businesses, in Canada actually have, the lowest tax. Rate in g7. Countries including. The United States then. What we should move to is the fact that in fact corporations. In this country have roughly comparable tax. Rates to those in the United States competitive. Among g7, countries what. We know mr. speaker is that as, international. Norms change we, need to listen and understand, those, changes so we are listening to Canadian corporations, to make sure that we consider those, US tax changes and make sure there are tax system remains, competitive the. Honourable. Member, for, Carlton, this, Finance Minister is imposing higher, payroll, taxes, on employers, and, workers, he's, imposing a carbon. Tax, when Canadian, factories. Attacks. That companies, will not have to pay in competitor. Jurisdictions. In the South the porter and of course we know that he has raised taxes. On 80 percent of middle-class. Canadians. That coming, right at a time when we're facing new, attacks on our workers for him south of the border, so my question once again will he cancel, all liberal, tax increases. Planned, on the Canadian, workers affected by. This trade war. Minister. Commands. When. A fictional. Question, is asked with fictional, information, we need to actually react, with the facts the, facts are nine, out of ten families are better off because the middle-class tax breaks, that we introduce together, with the Canada child benefit these are important facts on average twenty three hundred dollars after, tax more, for Canadian families, this is an important, change it's actually what brought us to a situation where, we had significant. Growth in 2017. Unlike, the growth experienced through, the Harper Conservatives, years. Canadians. Are doing better more jobs better growth it's remember, for collagen, malahat. Langford. Mr., speaker the Liberals continuously. Claim that they fully support our, supply manage sectors but Canadians, are having a hard time believing it first, the liberal signs see that which created a breach then. They sign CP TPP, which threatens to blow the sector wide open and on Sunday, the Prime Minister said he is flexible. To making concessions to these sectors as a part of NAFTA, renegotiations. So which is it mr. speaker because they can't have it both ways when, will the Liberals stop compromising our, supply, mesh system, and actually, support, Canadian, farmers, honourable. Minister of agriculture. On, this we have continued, support, and, are committed to maintaining the supply management system, in this country the, Prime Minister has indicated the Minister of Foreign Affairs has indicated, many, cabinet, ministers have indicated, this. It's. Important, to note that it's a Liberal government, that put.

In Management, in place and the Liberal, government that. Would support supply manager. Yeah. You know member for don't care, mr.. Speaker the Prime Minister said he was flexible, when it comes to Dairy Products, & Supply Management, in NAFTA, talks. He. Said access, to the Canadian dairy market was a potential, trade off in, order to seal a deal. The. Government can't say it supports Supply Management and then cut deals that would undermine, dairy. Producers, and workers. Does. Can. The government explain, to farmers. What. Exactly. Flexible. Means the. Honourable minister of international, development Thank You mr. speaker once. Again our government is firmly engaged. In, defending Supply, Management we, created, it we believe in it and we will protect it and, to, support, our rural communities, we. Have earmarked. 250, million for, dairy, producers. And millions for. Processors. As well, we. Believe in, this system and we will continue to, defend it. Mr.. Speaker Kinder Morgan didn't need any taxpayer, money for the Trans Mountain expansion, just stability and certainty, but, the Liberals funded, anti-energy activists, to stop it and did, nothing for a year and a half all opponents attacked, relentlessly. They paid 4.5, billion tax dollars to buy the old pipeline, ginger, Morgan is taking its planned 7.4. Billion out of Canada, the Liberals are making Canadians, pay for, the mess Liberals made how, can the Prime Minister justify, using tax dollars to give executives, millions, in bonuses for, his own failures. The. Only failure on this file was the failure of the Harper Conservatives to. Get any way, for, our resources to various international, markets, what, we've moved, forward with mr. speaker is dealing with political uncertainty. That the private sector can't deal with we've, purchased these assets, so we can actually create the jobs create. The advantage, for our economy, so that we can move forward in a better situation we, will eventually move it back to the private sector after we do risk the project, a way that the previous government was, not willing to do the Honourable. Member for Lakeland but, of course in actual, reality Land Kinder Morgan is the latest in a long list of energy, companies divesting. From Canada because of these liberals they, attacked a nose regulatory, track record and add red tape and costs, to Canadian oil and gas they've, killed more than a hundred, billion dollars, in private sector energy investments, and hundreds, of thousands, of Canadians have lost their jobs, now the locals are putting taxpayers on the hook for their utter and predictable. Failures, why, is the Prime Minister risking, Canada's energy sector and giving, money to millionaires, while Canadian, energy workers and their families struggle. To make ends meet. I. Thought. The members, officer, were in favor of the pipeline. For. Months. And months and. Bunts the problem, was we. Weren't doing, enough it's. Only rhetoric. It's only words, and now. But we decide to de-risk the project, making, sure that these jobs will stay in Canada all of a sudden we've done too much we. Haven't done, enough we've, done too much we, want the pipeline, built and by the way one. To export markets, is better, than, zero, I. Alter. Order I almost always enjoy having to remember for battle River crowfoot but I prefer that if the wedding has looks good you, know, I'm. A member for Lewis and mr.. Speaker. I'd. Like to reassure Canadians. The Canadians, are for the pipeline but against, nationalizing. It because, 4.5. Billion, dollars in taxpayer, money is going straight to Texas, and what's. Worse when you talk about mmm. Nationalization. It's. A bad deal, I have. On. Page, 134, of Kinder Morgan's, financial.

Reports, Their assets, in Canada are valued at 2.5. Billion, dollars so 2.5. Billion for an old pipeline. Why did we pay four, point, five billion for it the, Honorable Minister. Mr. Speaker we know that it's very important for. Our economy, to. Have a situation in, which we have a pipeline but at the same time there, will be expansion, of the pipeline that's very important, that's why we decided to, do, something, to, help, the. Future of our economy and, at the same time to, help jobs. All, across Canada. It's. Very important, to our country, the. Pipeline will, be there for, the economy, for the people of Alberta for the people of BC it will be very important. You. Know November for Lucinda Hong mr.. Speaker, Canada's. Will see that, the Minister did not answer my question, when. You talk about. Nationalisation. Of course. There's going to be a pipeline there but the question is did we pay too much for it the. Financial. Reports for Kinder Morgan. Canada. Lists, the assets value as 2.5. Billion and they paid 4.5. Billion order, order, once again I. Must. Remind the member that the question, must, come through the chair. The. Honorable Minister of Finance, mr.. Speaker we. Decided. That it was very important, to our economy, to do, something. It's. Very important, to us to have a pipeline, that. Gives. Access to international markets it's very important, and with, the pipeline we know that at the same time that, will bring about 15,000. Jobs to. The country and for the economy it will improve things by about 15 billion, dollars a, year that's, very, very important, and that is why we. Stand, with, the trans mountain pipeline project. Mr.. Speaker today is World, Environment Day, and with the g7, meeting in Quebec just days away Canadians. Agree that ocean plastics, are one of the most important, environmental, issues the Minister has said the, Canada, will play a leadership role with g7, countries and yet the Liberals still have failed to take any concrete, action, on this critical, environmental, concern here. At home well, the Prime Minister finally, start being a leader for the environment, and support my motion to, combat plastic, pollution in our waterways or is he just going to keep talking about it.

Mr.. Speaker plastics, pollution, is an important and growing problem in Canada and around the world and our government is taking action we. Appreciate, very much the constructive, discussions, that are happening around the country including with municipal, leaders around, how we can actually reduce plastic, waste and keep it from polluting our environment this. Week as the Honorable member likely knows Canada, will be proposing a plastics charter at the g7 leader, meet leaders meeting to align international, efforts to reduce plastic, pollution we're, working with the provinces and territories to develop an approach a national. Consultation is underway and we encourage Canadians, including the Honourable member to come forward and voice their thoughts and their their, recommendations, for how we should proceed another. Happy. Honourable member for Salaberry sawa mr.. Speaker the. Liberals promise, to be champions. In tackling, pollution, and in protecting the environment but. They clearly are not doing enough people. All over Quebec and, Canada are, calling on the government to act a hundred. And five thousand, people signed a petition in, support of, a motion brought forward by my colleague from Courtney alberni calling. On the government to deal with ocean plastics, will. They support my colleagues motion, and finally. Take concrete action. To deal with this epidemic the. Honourable parliamentary, secretary. Mr.. Speaker. Plastic. Pollution is. An increasing. Problem the. World over and our government, is taking concrete steps, in tackling, it we appreciate, the constructive, discussions. That take place at any level and all over the country on. How we can reduce plastic. Waste and, reduce. Its impact on the environment this. Week we will be proposing, a plastics, charter at the, g7. Summit. With. The view to aligning. International. Efforts in reducing pollution. Plastic. We're, also working with the provinces and the territories. For. Oakville. Mr.. Speaker the internet is not a luxury but, a necessity in. Today's world we. Need net neutrality to ensure the free flow of information this. Is vital to our freedom of expression, our, digital economy and our democracy mr.. Speaker in my motion m16a2. I called on the government to have net neutrality as, a guiding, principle, the telecommunication. And broadcasting. Acts review, and to enshrine it in legislation, can, the minister of innovation, science and economic development please provide an update on his progress to date yes Honorable. Minister. Mr..

Speaker I'd like to first of all take this opportunity. To thank the, member from Oakville as, he mentioned, today we officially, launched, the review of the broadcasting. And, telecommunication. Act and this, is very timely because and, it's very important, because of the changing, technology and. We need to make sure we have modern legislation and. Place to keep pace with the changes that are occurring, specifically. Around net neutrality as the member mentioned and this was gonna be a guiding principle in the review I want to congratulate, him for his leadership and hard work and make, no mistake mr., speaker, our government, firmly believes, in an open Internet, one. That happy honourable, member alamou hotel. Mr.. Speaker, in January, 2017. The. Prime Minister invited the world's a whole world to come and live in Canada, our border offices are expecting up to 400, illegal arrivals per day this, summer in Quebec alone we, know that many of these immigrants, do not come back for their second interview, and no one knows where, they live in all, this chaos can. The Minister of Immigration tell. Us how, many people have entered the country illegally since, January, 2017. Transport. Mr.. Speaker, the, numbers are available for my colleague, we're not hiding them as you know we. Are working with the provinces with. The American, government as well and in fact that my colleague the Minister of immigration, has recently been in contact with. The secretary, of domestic. Security, we. Are working on this file and the, numbers of people crossing. Illegally. Are, perfectly. Available. He can consult them the, Honourable member for, shallow, boats I shall well, it's normal that the Minister of Transport, wouldn't be aware of the numbers it's not his file. Once. Again border services or officers. Are being strongly encouraged, to shorten security, screening interviews for illegal migrants, down, to 2 instead, of 8 hours not only does. The Prime Minister lack the courage to enforce, our image raishin laws but he's playing with fire by reducing, the security, screening times for those who do not respect our laws and enter illegally I have, a simple, question for the Minister, of Immigration, what is the wait time to process illegals.

And To deport those who do not qualify for asylum. Mr.. Speaker the border, operation, is a is, a three-part, process first. Of all for, those who who, cross the border outside. Of ports of entry they, are arrested. By the RCMP. When. The RCMP, has done their security, check they, are turned over to CBSA, for further processing. And, if they past that security, check mr. speaker they proceeded. To Immigration, and Refugee Canada, officials. For for. Consideration. Of their eligibility it's, a very detailed process and security. Is not compromised. If. You take marijuana people may member, for rich and Athabasca, mr., speaker, the. Processing, of asylum seekers is currently inefficient. It is time to take concrete steps to, fix this systemic, problem. Between. January, and April this year there. Were 9,000, 615. Illegal, entries in Quebec alone can, the minister tell, us how. Many immigrants. Have crossed, the border illegally, been. Processed, and deported. Following. The analysis, of their file. Mr.. Speaker in, as I explained to my previous answer this, is a multi-stage. Process, involving. Several agencies in my portfolio, plus. The Department, of immigration, of refugees, Canada, it is a process that has worked remarkably. Well, under. Very stressful conditions. Over the last 18, months and I think all members of the House of Commons would. Want to congratulate the officials, at the border who have made sure that every, Canadian law is enforced and every. Canadian international. Obligation, is respected. The. Honourable member for Richmond Athabasca, Mr, Speaker it's. June. And. The. Crisis is ongoing and, has been for two years and we have still not been given an answer to our questions, we, asked three very simple, questions, today that the Minister, of Immigration was, not able to answer himself, now I understand. That the Minister of Transport Minister, of Public Safety, are, trying to do their best to answer the questions but it's not their file will. The Minister of Immigration rise, and answer. Our very. Simple, questions, in order, to inform, the Canadian public about the situation.

Mr.. Speaker our government. Is determined, to, ensure orderly. Immigration, three million dollars on irregular. Migration to ensure that. Our. Fully. Staffed as well as the. Faster processing, of immigration, claims but, the member opposite fails to understand, is that this, is a joint effort, we. The, IR CC is responsible. For. Processing, immigration. Claims and CBSA, and the public safety is responsible, for unions. Remember. For winter to come see mr.. Speaker, Amnesty. International. Has just released a, report finding. After field investigations. 42, air strike sites in Raqqa, Syria that, us-led. Coalition. Air. And artillery strikes. Killed. And injured thousands. Of civilians, and the. Many of these were. Disproportionate. And indiscriminate. Attacks that. Could amount to war crimes. These, are serious, violations. Of international humanitarian, law. And they call for accountability so. What's this government, doing about it. Canada. Is first of all a top contributor, in Syria having committed two, billion dollars, for the region we've, provided close to three million dollars in humanitarian assistance, to partners in Syria making, Canada the fourth largest, country, donor to the 2017. Syria, humanitarian. Response plan were, among the biggest donors to organizations. That investigate, international, crimes and the use of chemical weapons in Syria in addition. To that foreign. Ministers at their g7, meeting not too long ago committed. To upholding, humanitarian. Law and working with partners around the world when, they work with those countries and other third party actors we will continue, to work hard for stabilization, in Syria long adopted. The law yes honourable, member for loving you sent money, mr.. Speaker, the. Supreme Court of Israel gave, the green light to, demolish. A Palestinian, a Palestinian. Bedouin village. Of Canada, has been silent. On this matter and on the government of Israel's, announcement. That they will build more illegal. Settlements, in the occupied territory. Our. European. Allies have, spoken, out against, the demolition. Of cantle hokhmah, and the, new illegal, settlements. Where, is Canada's, voice. Steadfast. Ally, of Israel and friend to the Palestinian, people and as, always we're determined, to support a process that will lead to adjust comprehensive. And durable, peace in the Middle East our government, is committed to the UN and we respect resolutions, of the United Nations Security Council for many years Canada under successive governments, has stated that settlements. Constitute, a serious obstacle. To that comprehensive, just. And lasting peace we, have a long-standing commitment towards, that and we will continue to work to, build the conditions, that will lead to that lasting, and durable peace, honourable. Member for Niagara West the, calling. For. A quick implementation of the trans-pacific partnership yeah, now more than ever we need the opportunity of duty-free, exports.

Of Aluminum steel to Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam Canada. Should be taking a leadership role and ratifying the supreme when the Liberals move quickly for. With this new trade opportunity, the time would as test for lead. I guess, you would all agree there's never been a better time to diversify that's. Why we're so proud to sign on behalf of Canada, this CP TPP, an agreement that colleagues will know up in a market of 500 million consumers. 14%, of the world economy and yes mr. speaker, we will produce expeditiously. To ratify, the agreement and, yes, we will introduce legislation before. The house the, house rise this summer to make sure that our workers our SMEs, across this country have access to one of the most promising market in the world, remember. For Niagara West, Speaker the minister's own officials, have stated that the text of the current, CP TPP, is virtually, identical to the 2015. Version the, Conservatives, negotiated, the legislation. The. Minister could get this bill tabled, is he willing to work with the Conservatives, to ratify this deal before our eyes. We'll. Always work with the Conservatives, when they want to work to create jobs for Canadians, that's what we have been asking for them is to work to make sure that workers, and SMEs, in this country would have opportunities. Mr., speaker and let me remind them we have 22 suspension. That this government negotiated. To get a better deal for Canadians, with respect to culture with respect to auto sector with, respect to IP Canadians. Deserve that we will always fight for them at every table. George. XI speaker in December, the Minister received a memorandum, from his department assessing, the nine surf, clam proposals. The sporting, his Deputy Minister confirmed, that the winning bid had, the lowest level of First Nations participation. Of. Course we know the application did have the highest level of liberal, participation. The. Minister has stood repeatedly. In this house and said that his decision, was all about reconciliation. Can. The minister explained how choosing, an application, with the lowest level of First Nations. Participation. Has anything to do with reconciliation. As I said a number of times in this house and as our Deputy Minister repeated, at committee this morning one, of the most important, things about this process was. To bring indigenous. Communities, into an offshore fishery to bring a new entrant, into the Arctic surf clam fishery something, the previous Conservative, government had, a process to achieve but forgot to include indigenous, people a mr., speaker our process. Was designed to consult, industry, and find, the proposal, that brought the best economic, benefits, in terms of job creation to, indigenous communities, in five provinces that's, why this proposal was selected, for next steps. The. Honourable member for Miramichi Grand, Lake mr., speaker today is the United Nations International Day for the fight against illegal unreported, and, unregulated. Fishing. Illegal. Fishing reduces. Fish stocks and destroys. Marine, habitats. Globally. Illegal, fishing comes, in many shapes in, domestic. Waters and in offshore waters. Even. Though the extent of illegal fishing is unknown it is estimated that 30 percent of all global fishing can the Ministry of Fisheries tell, us what our government is doing about this. The. Honourable. Minister. Of, Fisheries, Thank, You mr. speaker I'd like to thank my colleague, from Miramichi Grand Lake for his question as you know mr. speaker Canada. Is proud to, contribute to multinational, activities, in, order to protect fish stocks offshore. Against. Illegal. And criminal, fishing. Practices our government has taken a strong position, against illegal fishing and, the, driftnet operation, is an excellent example of. International. Collaboration in. This, thanks, to international. Partnerships, like that one and that, the g7 has taken. That we will be able to go even further, ahead in Quebec, with our g7 partners the Honourable member for. HMA. Levy, mr., speaker the. Liberals are putting the cart before the horse when it comes to marijuana they want to legalize cannabis, before, they, adopt their improvise, improvise, measures, on drug impaired driving Mothers. Against Drunk Driving are very, concerned, and understandably, so the, qpp, is not ready either. Ottawa. Couldn't, less about québec's wishes how, can the Prime Minister, Emma liberals, jeopardize, the safety of all Canadians, by, ramming. Through the legalization. Of pot. Mr.. Speaker both. Bills, C, 45 and C 46, are extremely. Important. Including. In bill c-46. The. Toughest measures in the world to, deal with impaired driving we, have worked very carefully, with all members of parliament, with the Senate with, provinces. With law enforcement agencies. To, get this strengthened, law in place and.

I Would look, forward to the. Conservative, Party actually, supporting, bill C 46, because. Some of the elements in that bill were originally, proposed, by this honourable, member for. Hamilton. Mountain. Workers. Employed in Canada's nuclear, industry, stand to lose their right to have their pensions protected, under, the public service superannuation. Act there's. No justification, for these workers to be a knight a secure, and long standing right these. Workers, have had their pensions ripped away from them well. This government, stand, up for these workers and reverse, this backward, decision before it's too late. Mr. speaker the Harper Conservatives decision. To sell off the atomic. Energy of Canada Limited. Nuclear. Laboratories as, let had lasting, effects on employees, we. Recognize, the situation that cnl employees. Now find themselves in, thanks to the Conservatives, and we, are doing everything possible to, offer pension, protection, for, employees that have been impacted by the divestiture. James. Assiniboine Headingley. Mr. Speaker our government, was proud to continue to, contribute more than thirty five million dollars towards the new diversity Gardens, at a Cinnabon Park in my riding, Construction. Is underway and, a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the site and see the progress for myself once. Complete the gardens will help connect Winnipeg to its roots increased, tourism and create good local, jobs this. Is just one example of, more than 145, projects, in the province that have received federal funding, since our government was elected can. The minister of infrastructure, provide an update on our government's continued investment, in Manitoba, communities. Mr.. Speaker I'd like to thank my honourable colleague for the question I'm very, very, very happy to inform this house particularly, so as I'm surrounded, by hard-working Manitoba. And peace yesterday. The minister of infrastructure, and communities signed an agreement with the government of Manitoba, they'll see the federal and government, invest more than 1.1. Billion, dollars. This. Funding, will mean better public transit more recreation, and community centers and better, roads and bridges across the country these investments, will help create jobs and economic growth building, cluesive, communities and support, a low-carbon, green along, Arab dip it's the, Honourable member for Palmer, jack ft. Mr.. Speaker an, element, is taking an event is taking place in Charlevoix, very. Near the Quebec City region we are proud that the whole world will be watching our beautiful province, however, experience, shows that when there are large gatherings. There's. Often, if not always vandalism. And the victims are businesses, and individuals, now I know there's a compensation, program, but given, the number of times the Liberal government has done an about-face will, the Prime Minister commit now to, respecting, citizens, and businesses, and provide, them with adequate, financial. Assistance, in case of damages, before the end of summer. Parliamentary. Secretary. To the Minister, of Foreign Affairs Mr. Speaker we are very. Proud, to have the opportunity, to host world leaders, in the beautiful region of shale lava for the g7 summit and, like. I had the opportunity to, tell my colleague opposite yesterday. The. Compensation, policies, for local businesses, that, are affected, are the same as, those, that were in place, under. Their, government when, they, were hosting, the g7, in 2010. We. Know that, Chalobah. Residents, themselves are so proud to host, this, summit, and we are all proud as Canadians, to be hosting it the Honourable member for Juliet, Thank. You mr. speaker, aluminium. Isn't, just about producers. For, processing, we're talking about a thousand, four hundred businesses. Throughout Quebec the, vast majority, of, SMEs. Will. Not be able to bear ten percent of American, tariffs, now. The government, has said that it will standby, workers, if.

It's Going to standby workers, it, has to act now not, after these workers become unemployed, what, will the government do, what's, its plan for aluminium, processors. The. Honorable Minister for, Economic, Development, mr.. Speaker. The, American tariffs. Are unacceptable. And that is why we will continue to. Defend our, workers, and our. Steel and, aluminium, industry I. Met. With, the Association. Yesterday. And all, options, are on the table mr. speaker, the Honourable member for, bikal call Nicole Sol. Mr.. Speaker last Sunday, the prime, minister, said, on NBC. That he was willing to be flexible on, supply management. Now. We learned last week that, he hired an advisor who is supportive, of, eliminating, supply management, so our producers are very worried, I have. Two questions, for. The minister, what does flexible, on supply management mean and will, the government confirm, that they hired an advisor who is supportive, of abolishing supply management the. Honourable minister, of international development. Thank. You mr. speaker once again our government, is firmly committed, to defending, the supply management, below it is the Liberal government that brought in supply management and we will continue to defend it whether, it is the Prime Minister the Minister Foreign, Affairs the Minister of Agriculture our whole caucus we all believe in supply, management and we will continue to work on behalf of our rural communities, Thank You mr. speaker the Honourable member for men equal mr.. Speaker Quebecers are outraged that the government, took a billion dollars, to. Find, a dishonest. Way a funding. Trans mountain, a pipeline, project, that is against, the wishes of those. In British Columbia and First Nations now because. This scheme seems to be working pretty well the Liberals are already thinking of using the same scheme to. Ram through energy East and down the throats of Quebecers and First Nations and once again trample. On their will and use up their money, from. Nation, to nation now. Can. The government assure, us that energy East is, dead, and buried forever. Minister. Finance mr.. Speaker, one thing that is very important, to remember is that, we know that, it is important, to have a pipeline for international. Markets that, is our approach. We. See. The expansion, as being very beneficial for our economy, and for jobs throughout the country that is our priority right now that, is to ensure that the project goes ahead and. That, we will be able to, benefit, from the, opportunities, for our economy. And for all, Canadians, a. Single-a. What I. Would. Like to draw, members attention to the presence in the gallery of miss Sonia know who promised. Rely Brer Ian since 2012, who will be retiring at the end of.

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