Question Period: NATO summit, climate change and jobs - December 6, 2019

Question Period: NATO summit, climate change and jobs - December 6, 2019

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There's a mr., speaker, this morning we learned that. 71. Thousand, jobs have been lost, in Canada, last month. Alberta. And BC, last 18,000. And. 45,000, jobs were lost in, Quebec, this is a serious, economic crisis. From, coast-to-coast why, did. The government not mention, that in the throne speech. The. Right honourable Prime Minister. On. The contrary Mr Speaker we take very. Seriously these. Job losses we, will always work hard to, support the. Middle class to help Canadians, prosper. In an uncertain world that's what we'll continue to do the plan, we set forth yesterday. Would. Help the middle class strengthen. It fight, climate change and create, new job. Opportunities. For Canadians, while protecting, Canadians. And keeping them in health all across the country that is precisely, what. We will keep doing, we. Will also. Take. We. Can take, into consideration, Canadians who have lost their jobs status quo isn't, working his. Plan is leading to jobs, leaving this country in fact under this Prime Minister foreign investors. Are rushing, for, the exits, foreign direct investment, is down. 56. Percent, on his watch and today's job losses, are the worst since, the 2008. Financial. Crisis. So again with all signs. Pointing, to a economic. Downturn why, did this prime minister fail to mention any of that in his speech from the throne. When. We recognize the challenges facing workers, in our resource sector, with, the lower, prices on, international. Commodities, there have been some very difficult, times for, workers. Particularly, in the prairies that is why after, many, years of trying and failing by, previous governments we, are moving forward on building, the trans mountain pipeline expansion there are shovels in the ground there, are thousands. Of Canadians, newly, hired to make sure that we can get our energy resources to new markets, responsibly. And sustainably, the. Honorable leader of the Opposition mr. speaker the Prime Minister is going to spend the next few weeks and months trying to blame every, thing, else except, for his failure, for, the challenges, facing this economy, other, countries, are increasing. Their investments in natural resource a development, in fact the United States has gone from a net consumer, to, a net exporter, of energy, so, there's clearly countries, around the world that are getting it right he's, getting it wrong the Montreal economic, Institute has stated that people are giving up on Canada as a safe place to invest in natural resources it's seen as a very, hostile. Environment now. Why, is it - there continue, with this failed approach. Approach. Is choosing, to do less to fight climate change choosing, to do less, to listen to indigenous communities, and work, with other communities to get things done that approach of blaming, foreign, activists, didn't, get pipelines, built during, their time in office what, we are doing now, is actually, getting, our resources, to new markets with shovels, in the ground right, now we also drew in the largest, private, sector investment, in Canadian, history with the forty billion dollar LNG, Canada investment, and we're gonna keep working on bringing in investment, to create good jobs for Canadians, right across the country the, Honorable leader of the Opposition what if speaker deep cracks are showing in, Confederation, and the Prime Minister has divided this country like.

It Has never been before but has managed. To unite provincial, premiers around. One thing if, their opposition, to his failed, approach on velocity. Will the Prime Minister listen, to, the voices of our premiers all regions, of this country and commit, to overhauling, his approach on. As, we move forward on c69. We adopted, many of the proposals. Put forward by industry, by various, parties to, improve, and, amend that proposition, we're looking forward to working with all, concerned, partners, on ensuring. Its proper implementation and, making, improvements if necessary, but we recognize, that the current approach of SIA 2012, is not working, if you look at the Spring Bank dam in Calgary, if you look at the wait Lake, Winnipeg outlet. That, are delayed, under the previous, process. C69. Will. Help in moving forward concretely. The. Leader, of the Opposition, mr., speaker recently the, Liberal, government voted. For an anti-israel. Resolution, at the United Nations the. Prime Minister's hand-picked. Ambassador, to the UN even. Went so far as to brag, that the vote showed quote, Canada. Has found its voice by. Opposing the only democracy in the Middle East can the Prime Minister tell the house what, his ambassador, meant by that. Friend. To Israel we maintain our opposition, to the singling, out of Israel unfairly. At the United Nations and have voted against, the vast majority of these Israel, related, votes Canada. Is committed to, the goal of comprehensive, just, and lasting peace in the Middle East including the creation of a Palestinian state. Living side by side in, peace and security. With Israel, in keeping with Canada's long-standing, position, it's important, at this time to restate, our commitment, to a two-state solution and, the equal rights and self-determination, of, people's. Member. For balayage humbly. Mr.. Speaker on. Monday. The, Premier. Of Quebec and provincial, premiers met. And. Unanimously. Called. For an increase in, health. Transfers, by 5.2. Percent and. It's. Not the Government of Canada that, hires nurses. And doctors it's. The government of Quebec that does that and yet. A few days later, in the throne speech there's. This still very, deeply. Ingrained. Federal. Tendency. To encroach on quebec's jurisdiction. Did. The, Prime Minister hear. The unanimous, call from the Premier's, the, Honorable Prime Minister. Mr.. Speaker. Transfers. Have, been negotiated, with the provinces, over the years and we've signed a deal, with all, provinces, including Quebec. To promise a bright future for our health care system in Canada in the last election. We proposed six billion dollars, more to, be invested, in health priorities. Priorities. That. The Quebec, government shares with us and we will work together with them to ensure that all Canadians. Have access to a family, doctor have. Access. To, Pharma. Care and to. Mental health support, services as well the Honourable member for better a zombie. Shouldn't. Working, together. Start. With respecting. Their jurisdiction. In the, same sense, that on, the, environment, the premieres, called. For. Environmental. Assessments, in Quebec. And the provinces, to take precedence. Over federal. Assessments. So. That projects. Respect. The priorities, of Quebec. And the provinces, will, the Prime Minister also turn a deaf ear on, that, file the, right honorable Prime Minister. Mr.. Speaker we've often heard, this, concern. About overlapping.

Jurisdictions. When it comes to environmental assessments. And that that will slow down projects. And that's why we enacted, C 69 which. Will make it easier, to work together to. Ensure greater. Clarity. For, investors, and, promoters, for. Major projects, and a, better partnership, on the environment, and an, understanding, of the concerns. Of, various, communities, including, indigenous, ones. Across. Canada. People, are making difficult choices every. Day but, cutting their pills in half or. Going without the life-saving medication, that they need they, Joe melody leader kianak, people, deserve, leaders. Who, have the guts, to stand up to the major. Pharmaceuticals. And to fight for Pharma care for, the prime minister to keep his word and to deliver pharmacare. That covers all Canadians. Have, to choose between putting food on the pay table or paying, for their essential, medications. That's why we've done more than any government in history to lower drug, prices for. Canadians, we recognize, that now is the time to, do more and to move forward. Towards national. Universal. Farmer care but we recognize, as the, leader, of the block a baker brought up that there is an issue of provincial, jurisdictions. That's why we, are going to sit down with the provinces, and work, with them as we. Move forward, on ensuring, the Canadians, can afford the, medications, they need that, is the future of healthcare and it is something we will do the. Honourable member for, Burnaby, so, see. There's a difference between saying. The right things and actually. Doing, them let's, leave you know that bothered about some the, Human, Rights Tribunal. Declared. That. Your, government, has deliberately. Discriminated. Against. Indigenous. Children. These. Kids to, court. What, kind of prime minister does, that catch, on her the clip what kind of prime minister does that. We. Agree, indigenous. Children who've, suffered. But, the past government policies, need, to be compensated, and that is exactly what, we will do just as we have done in the situation, the 60s group of TB. Relook at TB and relocations, we will be compensating. Those those, children now, adults for, the harms they suffered we, will be working with all parties and partners to ensure that we are compensating. Them justly. And adequately, as we have done in past situations, I, just. Want to remember, remind. The honourable members that we place our questions, through, the chair I know some of us have have. Had experiences, in some provincial legislatures, where you go directly across but. I just want to remind everyone that you go directly through or go through the chair to place any questions, or any statements, thank, you the Honourable member for Durham, Thank. You mr. speaker my question is through you to the prime minister and I would appreciate. Prime Minister answering. On behalf of his government next. Week, we, mark one year since. Canadian, citizens, Michael Kovarik and Michael's, father were. Imprisoned, by the Chinese, state in an, act of retaliation against. A lawful, arrest of a Chinese citizen. 12, months, two. Ministers, two. Ambassadors, zero. Progress, what. Is the Prime Minister's plan to, get our citizens home. The, Honorable Minister, for Foreign Affairs it. Is our absolute priority. Is the well-being and safety, of the Canadians which are detained in China the, Prime Minister, raised these, cases, with President, Xi and President Trump. At the g20 and more, recently, at the NATO summit on.

My Third day as Foreign Minister of Canada mr., speaker on November. 23rd, I raised, these cases, directly with, my Chinese counterpart, we, have rallied an unprecedented. Number of partners. Around the world and support. Of Canada's, position and we, will continue to raise these cases, at every. Opportunity we, will always defend Canadians, around the world mr. speaker. The. ELMO member for salaburu, attention. Thank, You mr. speaker, another. Thing the Foreign, Affairs Minister. Said. To Chinese media was, that in in an uncertain. World China, is a model, of stability predictability, rule. Of law and an inclusive society. We. Know the Chinese communist. Regime has, illegally detained two, Canadians, and the, Chinese ambassador Dare suggests, that what we do here could be viewed as foreign, interference in Chinese, domestic. Affairs, can, the minister tell us if the Chinese communist, regime is still such an inspiration, to him the, Honourable Minister, I'd. Like to thank my colleague for his question Canadians. Know, that. One. Country, that. Inspires. Those values, is Canada, that's what people. Elsewhere, in the world recognize. If my colleague misunderstood. What, I said in an interview several, years ago I would, remind him that everyone, knows that it's Canada that inspires, the, rest of the world she, would say James a city boy Headingley. Mr.. Speaker since, 2006. Canada, has stood on principle against. The annual Israel, bashing, at the UN this. Year the liberal supported, a hateful motion by North Korea the, PLO, and others, we're, still our, ambassador, brag, that Canada, had quote found. Its voice mr.. Speaker what exactly, did the Ambassador mean, when. He said that. The. Calling for the question Canadians, know we, are a strong friend of Israel we. Maintained, our opposition, to, distinguished, rayul unfairly, at the UN and I, voted against, the vast majority of, these, Israel, related, votes, canada's, committed, mr. speaker the goal of comprehensive, and just and lasting peace in the Middle East including, the creation of, Palestine, state living, side by side in peace and security with Israel, in, keeping with Canada's, long-standing, position, which, have been expressed by our government, it is important, at this time to restate our commitment, to a two-state solution and, we will always stand for Israel mr. the. Honourable member for, Thornhill. Speaker justice, this, isn't simply a matter of another, liberal. Foreign, policy, trainwreck. To be shrugged off Canada. Has broken faith with the only democracy in the Middle East, given comfort, to tyrants, and hate mongers, and, betrayed.

The, Canadian Jewish community, after offering election, campaign, promises, of solidarity. As when the member for Mount Royal earnestly, offered, the liberal record speaks, for itself, well yes mr. speaker it, does is, this, faithlessness. Of liberal. Canadian. Foreign, policy, merely, in reckless pursuit, of tainted, Security. Council votes. Like. Staying a colleague for the question indeed mr. speaker our records speak for itself, Canadians, and the Jewish community which are watching mr. speaker, know that, we're a strong friend of Israel that, would have stood up for Israel, and I would say mr. speaker we maintain, I. Just. Want to remind the Honorable members to place their questions, through the chair not directly across when it's, not their turn to speak. I just. I'm having a hard time hearing the answer I'm sure we all want to hear the answer from the Minister of Foreign Affairs I'll let him continue now please, mr.. Speaker I'm afraid it's more of the same if they were listening perhaps they would be, able to appreciate what we're saying mr.. Speaker are we maintain our opposition to the single out of Israel on failure at the UN and as, they know well and as, the world know well we have voted against, the vast majority of the Israeli related. Vote we will stand with Israel mr. speaker and Canadians no I just. Want to remit I just want to remind honourable, members on both sides of the house the respect is a two-way street and. It has to go both ways so. Blaming. Someone for something that really is, it. Right when, you're doing it yourself doesn't. Go over well the. Honourable member for Aurora Oak Ridges Richmond, Hill. More. And more Canadians. Have stopped believing the, Prime Minister, when he says Canada, is back, every. Single trip abroad ends, in disaster. Examples, abound just, think of his ill-fated trip, to India. It. Was a fiasco, his. Most recent appearance at the NATO summit is, further proof of his undiplomatic, conduct. Is the. Prime Minister finally, going to get the message and quit. Embarrassing. Canada. Abroad. Mr.. Speaker. I'd. Like to. Assure. My, honourable, colleagues and, all Canadians. That, the Prime Minister is, an, excellent, representative. Of our country, abroad, especially. Especially. When it comes to. Our. Crucial. Relations. With, the United States and I'd. Like to reassure. All. Canadians. That, we have a, very constructive. Relationship. With the United, States today, the, Prime Minister, has a very constructive, bilateral. Relationship, with the President of the United States and just this morning I spoke, with Ambassador Light, Heiser about. NAFTA and, I'll, be speaking with him right after question, period third for Aurora Oak Ridges Richmond, Hill mr., speaker, Canadians, are not, reassured.

Canadians. Continue, to lose confidence in the Prime Minister's ability. To defend our interests, abroad his, diplomatic. Disasters. Continue, to mount his, trip to India was a failure he angered our partners, in asia-pacific our, ties with Saudi, Arabia are frozen, and our relationships. With China are at an all-time low, and. His actions, this week at NATO is further. Evidence of his undiplomatic behavior. When will this Prime Minister stopped, embarrassing, Canada, and just, stay, home. I. Would, like to, take this opportunity to. Assure. Honourable. Members in this house but above all all Canadians. That our Prime Minister is an excellent, representative. And. Crucially. Because, this is something that Canadians. Care, about because. It affects their daily lives, that, we have an excellent, relationship with. The United States led, by the, relationship, the Prime Minister has the excellent working relationship he, has with President. Trump thank you. Remember. For motive will mr.. Speaker, since. The throne speech the. Government led, off with a call for, unity, in the, pursuit of common goals and that's precisely what Quebec, and the provinces, did last. Week at the Council of the Federation all. Premiers. Called for, 5.2. Percent increase, in health transfers. Funding. Health. Care for, our loved ones is the, number-one priority of all of our constituents. Will. The Prime Minister respect. This unity, between. Quebec and the rest of the provinces, and increase. Health, transfers. The. Honourable Minister of, Health, in. This house in respond to my honourable colleagues question, and I first would like to thank the members of the constituents, of Thunder Bay superior north for sending me here to be able to do this phenomenal, job on their behalf as. The. Prime Minister indicated we've, committed an additional, six billion dollars, we've made this commitment to ensure that every Canadian has access.

To Health services in, their province or territory that. Will meet the growing needs of our country and the change needs of our country and of course we will work closely with, our provincial and territorial partners. To make sure that those services reflect, the needs of the residents where they live thank you very much. You. Don't know member for mo Callum. Mr.. Speaker everyone agrees. Health. Transfers, need increasing. The government says it wants everyone, to have a family, doctor well, transfer, the money to Quebec, they. Want better mental, health care, well. Give us the means to do it mr., speaker we. Have the, expertise. Will. The government. Listen. And meet. The, unanimous, demand. From Quebec and the provinces, for. An increase, in health transfers. Canadians. Are rightfully, proud of their public health care system it's something that we all know it's a first point of pride for Canadians, whether they travel abroad or, whether people visit, Canada and of, course we're going to work incredibly hard, with provinces, and territories to, protect, this institution, to grow the institution, to meet the changing needs of Canadians, all across the country and to make sure that we work closely with provinces, and territories to, get it right Canadians, are expecting, to us to do that on their behalf. The. Honourable member little addicted, the, yellow member for Richmond Arzo Baska mr., speaker the Liberals didn't. Do much about Quebec's demands in the last Parliament. Demands. About, a single, tax return, about. The third link and about. Illegal border, crossings, in. Quebec, just, to mention a few I have. A very simple question for the prime minister today. Can. He say clearly. If. Quebec. Will. Be able to have a single, tax return like everywhere else in Canada yes, or no. The. Honourable. Minister of national revenue. Revenue. Quebec, Revenue, Canada employs, thousands, of people in, places. Like Shawinigan, and Jean Kerr unlike. The. Conservatives. And the Bloc Quebecois we will not jeopardize, those, jobs. We. Are willing, however, to work with Revenue Quebec to facilitate. The kree the tax, filing requirements. For, Quebecers the Conservatives, and the bloc should be ashamed but. I'm, not surprised, that, they, will propose policies. That would jeopardize. Regional. Workers he's. A rich man now they'll remember for Richmond northa Baska I'd. Like to remind, my, honourable colleague that this request, came from the National, Assembly it was unanimous request.

Of All political, parties in Quebec, without exception. Clearly. The. Liberals. Do not want to address. Specific. Demands from, Quebec there was nothing, in the throne speech about those demands, so I repeat my have another simple question can the Prime Minister tell us clearly today if he will commit to supporting Quebec, cities third link project, yes, or no. The. Honourable minister of, infrastructure. Mr.. Speaker, on. This. Day we're when, we're. Celebrating. The. Loss. Of 14, young, women's lives I would, encourage everyone, here, to think not, of rhetoric but of action, and. We. Are investing. 5.2. Billion dollars, in, transportation. In public transit, infrastructure. In the Quebec City area over the next 10 years we know that the third link project is important, for, people on the South Shore of Quebec City we, will continue. To. Monitor. This. File and we are open, to proposals. Mr.. Speaker the BC forestry, industry, is in crisis, thousands. Have been laid off and more job losses expected. Before the holidays, the, speech from the throne yesterday. Failed to mention it they will not even acknowledge, a crisis exists this, government, failed to negotiate a softwood, lumber agreement. And the Prime Minister's antics at NATO may have destroyed any opportunity. To get a deal done, what is their plan to get forestry, workers in BC back to work. The. Honorable Deputy Prime Minister. Mr. Speaker I, would. Like to thank the member opposite for the very important question the, forestry, industry is, an, absolutely. Essential industry, for Canada and one, that, all of us are deeply, concerned. About. We. Have been working hard with the forestry, industry and with our provincial colleagues, to support the Forester industry and when, it comes to, the, softwood, lumber. Tariffs. We. Are taking. Cases at NAFTA. And at the WTO, we, have preserved chapter, 19 at NAFTA, that allows us to, fight for our Canadian, industry and, we, are prepared to talk to the Americans when they're ready to come to the table honorable. Member for Lakeland. Mr.. Speaker the prime minister said he quote heard Western, Canada, and would quote work hard to bring our country together but Canada is lured, divided, than ever because, of him and still he, refuses to overhaul, his anti energy anti-business, bill c69. That, ignited, this unity, crisis. Recently as Monday every, single, premier in this country, once, major changes, to Bill c69 so if, the Liberals are serious, about dosing. A fire that they went when, will they stop their attacks in Canadian resource workers and on provinces. Thank, You mr. speaker the impact, Assessment Act delivered, on an important promise that we made in 2015, to, fix a broken environmental. Assessment, process that was gutted by the Harper Conservatives. In 2012. The. New. Process, will put in place better rules that will ensure, that we address issues early, in the process such. That good projects, will move a whole forward, and be built in this country it is an enormous step forward both, for the environment and for the economy, the. Honourable member for Nunavut. Why now mr. speaker I'd first like to say congratulations, to yourself and all the members before being trusted, by Canadians, in our roles here in the house I'm, honored to be representing, my, territory, Nunavut we, know that climate changes the crisis, it threatens the lives and the abilities, for our hunters to provide for families and communities we.

Need To treat it just as is a crisis, in. Nunavut. We continue, to fight for basic human rights a safe place to live being, able to afford to feed ourselves and clean. Drinking water the. Prime Minister gives billions to oil and gas companies, and delays climate, action for 20 years, 2050, is the target now these. Companies are being put a head of people, our people, our Canadians, when will the government work for people. The, Honorable Minister of the environment. Thank, you to my, colleague for the question, climate. Change is a crisis. Clearly Canadians, told us in the election that they want governments, and all members of this house to address climate change on an urgent basis, there, is no area in Canada that is more affected, by climate change than the north, we must act we, must act now we, have said that we will work and we look to other parties to work with us to exceed the target that we established, for 2030, and to move towards, a net zero economy. In 2050. I look, forward to working with my honourable colleagues to do just that the. Honourable member for Churchill quake no pesky. Mr. Speaker the planet is warming and the message is clear we're running out of options. In the, north we can already see the impacts of climate change the. Ice road season is getting shorter and our infrastructures. Are in danger. The. Speech, for the throne doesn't even mention this ending. Oil subsidies, would have been a good start or not, buying pipelines, but that's not what they were suggesting I, wonder. What the member for Lilley a cent Maui thinks of this as he is finally starting to discover the true face of the Liberal Party. Why. Are the Liberals refusing, to act. Down. A bow Minister for the environment. Mr.. Speaker, two-thirds. Of Canadians voted, for series action against, climate change. This. Means that we need to cooperate in, order, to find the best solutions, to fight climate change. We. Already have a credible, and affordable, plan that. Involves. Over, 50 different measures, developed, for, and by Canadians. But. We know that. We need to do more. We. Want to work together, with. Our colleagues in this house to. Do more to. Fight climate change. Mr.. Speaker, 30. Years ago today a horrific act of violence against, women was committed the worst such event in our history. 14. Young women were murdered in a, shooting at Lakota a technique in Montreal simply. Because they were women could the Minister for women and gender equality. This house what, our government, is doing to ensure a safer, future for women, and girls in Canada, thank you. The. Honorable Minister. Nancy. I think. My colleague for. Bohai stuff for the question is a fourteen, women, will echo in this chamber and across the country tonight. Parliament. Hill will be lit up with 14 rays of purple, light one representing. Each of the lives needlessly, taken. 30, years ago and every day our government, will work to further implement. The gender-based, violence, effort we've already begun we will respond, to the calls for justice from the mm iwg, inquiry, we, will work to prohibit, the type of assault. Weapon that was used by the Polytechnic. Shooter, we, will work to pay women fairly, and stand up against, misogyny so that our daughters can reach their full potential the Honourable member for Carlton. Last. Month, 71. Thousand, Canadians, went home and looked their families, in the eye and said I lost. My job. Half. Of Canadians, are 200 dollars away from insolvency. And the rate of insolvency is. Up 13 percent in just one year a decade. Old. Record. Government. Taxes, and regulations, have driven investment, out jobs. Down and the cost of living up, when, will they reverse course get. Off the backs of Canadian workers and businesses and let, our account economy, get back on track. Minister, of Finance. We. In fact will continue, on the course of investing, in Canadians we, know that what we've done over the last four years and, creating jobs has, been important, we also need to recognize that as the economy goes through changes that we need to continue making those sorts of investments the, first action of our government, will be to recognize, some of the challenges, that Canadians, face by.

Riddick Reducing, taxes, for middle-class Canadians, and ensuring. That people actually have more money in their pockets so I'm looking forward to the member of Carlton voting, for that recognizing. That Canadians do need more money and the tax reductions, are in order, well. Member for Carlton, jean-luc. Mr.. Speaker the, Minister just congratulated, himself but. He should have spoken directly to the people who lost their jobs. There. Were 71 thousand, Canadians who lost their jobs recently. The. Rate of insolvency is the highest it's been in a decade it's a 13, percent mr. speaker when. Will the Minister of Finance, stop. Living, in this dream. Reality and face actual, reality. Thermal. Minister of Finance. Mr.. Speaker the. Reality, is that we, need to consider. How we can improve, our, economy, how, we can improve things for Canadians, that's. Our job and that's our approach making investments, in the future, and investments. In families. It's. Very important, that we continue with that approach we. Have had successes, in recent, years but. It's true there are still a lot of challenges that we need to consider that's. Why we. Are thinking about how we can reduce. Taxes. Benefit. Families and help them in the future her leaves Grenville, Thousand Islands and retold Lakes mr. speaker the Prime Minister was found guilty by the ethics commissioner of politically, interfering, in the criminal prosecution of his friends at SNC Laughlin, he, blocked an investigation, into his own corruption, at the Justice Committee and again at the ethics committee now, the Prime Minister is continuing, to block the RCMP, by refusing, to cooperate with. Their investigation, will, the Prime Minister do the right thing and and, here, cover-up. It, is the responsibility, of any Prime Minister stand up for jobs across, the country while upholding the, rule of law and. We have accepted the Ethics Commission report, taking full responsibility and. We have already begun, to implement the recommendations made, by former attorney general. And McClellan I'm. Sorry, maybe I'm maybe the speakers getting old it is here he's going but I'm having a hard time hearing the government house later so I'll just ask him to maybe, you continue so I can maybe hear it thank, you thank. You very much we. Want to ensure, that going forward government's, never face this type of situation again, mr. speaker. The. Honorable member olivierb in yeah. Mr.. Speaker. I'm. Back before a minority, government and this. Government, is being very closely watched, mr., speaker it's not just members on this side of the house who are keeping a close eye on the prime minister the RCMP, is too the. Prime Minister is preventing, the RCMP, from accessing documents about. His political interference in. The SNC, lavell an affair. When. Will the government finally. Cooperate. And give, the RCMP. Access, to those documents, Canadians. Want the truth. Carnival. Government, leader in the house. Well. Indeed, Mr Speaker some things don't change. When. My colleague said that the government was being closely watched well all, parliamentarians. Are being closely watched by Canadians, and Canadians sent us a very clear message on October 21st they, want us to work together they want us to try to move forward together on common issues. It's. The responsibility of any Prime Minister to defend jobs across the countries across, the country while respecting the rule of law we, accepted, the ethics commissioners report and we have accepted responsibility and we've already started implementing the, recommendations, of. Animal. Colin well member lenita. Remember. Shepherd, mr.. Speaker in. Yesterday's. Speech from the throne the, government reaffirmed, its commitment to, strengthen, old-age pensions, that's. A good thing and it's something that we were calling for throughout the election campaign. But. One thing is unclear, and I want to give the government the chance to clarify it does, the government want to increase old-age pensions, starting at the age of 65, or will it create two classes, of seniors. The. Honorable Minister for, seniors. Thank. You given, this the first time I have a chance to stand and speak in the 43rd Parliament, I want to thank the people of King Vaughn for electing me again to, represent, them here in this house and I also want to thank the Prime Minister for giving me this opportunity to, serve a very, important, demographic in our country seniors and being the Minister for seniors I want, to assure the, member with.

The Question that, our government has been working since. Its first days first, days we were elected on behalf of seniors and we, will be as you, are aware from our platform looking. At, increasing. The OAS, and we. Are looking at how we will do that but we have committed in, our platform and we are going to be working. Forward on 10%. Increase. At 75, that's what that's, what we have promised in our platform Thank You deputy. General. Member for Shefford mr.. Speaker the speech from the throne talked, about a lot of seniors but not all seniors. The. Liberals made commitments to seniors aged 75. And up not all seniors, but, the spiral of poverty doesn't affect only those over the age of 75 all too often it starts as soon as people retire, well. The government commit to increasing old-age, pensions for all seniors, starting at the age of 65, or will it create two classes, of seniors. The. Honourable Minister for, seniors, thank. You very much mr., speaker I I did hear the question that I did answer the question, so I wanted to make sure that I I, reiterate. The work that we have been doing on behalf of seniors and we were focusing, earlier, in our mandate on the more vulnerable seniors so we have as you, know restore, the age of eligibility for. Old, age security and guaranteed income supplement, to. 65, and that kept a hundred thousand seniors out of poverty. More. Recently we supported low-income seniors, who, work by increasing their earnings, exemption. For the gis from, three hundred and three thousand five hundred to five thousand, we, raised fair. Enough we raised the guaranteed income supplement. For single seniors helping nine hundred, the, Honourable member for foothills. Mr., speaker agriculture, was not even mentioned in the throne speech but why should we be surprised this, Prime Minister is responsible, for Canadian, farmers losing, their most important. Canola, market, liberal, failures are crippling Canadian. Farm families and is only getting worse, three million acres of canola are buried under the snow and because, of the liberal carbon, tax the cost of drying grain is skyrocketing. When, is this prime minister going, to stand with farmers stand up to China and regain, market access for our canola. Envel. Minister of Agriculture, never. Promised, Thank, You mr. speaker stand in with our ranchers. And farmers, this is very important, we are working with them through.

A Working, committee with the provinces, with the industry, we are doing different, things to support them and to reopen the, market in China we, have started, conversation. Through the WTO, we, are having technical, discussions. With Chinese officials we. Have our Ambassador, Barton who's working hard in the field and we keep working with. Our with, the industry, here, in Canada, as well. Birbal. Member for Lambton Kent Middlesex. Our. Beef farmers, are hurting in Ontario, farmers. Are being left in the dark about the ongoing, dispute between the CFIA, and three, specific beef processing, plants in Ontario mr. speaker the shutting down of these plants, has caused many farmers, to go into crisis, what. Is the immediate, action, that the Minister is going to take to help these farmers, impacted. By the closures. We understand, the resulting, loss of capacity, of processing, capacity. The. Closing of writing Regency, as on, the beef sector and the impact this can, have on farmers. Income I can assure you that we are working with the industry and to. Find other ways to support, the industry food. Safety is obviously a top priority for our government and for CFA, and we. Have different programs ongoing. And we are supporting the industry thank you no. Hablo Dixie the booth moment, for both. Thank. You mr.. Speaker, the. Liberal Liberal government has totally abandoned, farmers all across the country they're worried, for. A number of reasons. Dairy. And poultry producers. Still haven't been fully compensated. China. Is still interfering. With the import. Of Western, canola, and. There's. Been a shortage of propane which is which, nearly caused a catastrophe in Ontario and Quebec what, will this government do to finally, stand up for our farmers. The. Honourable Minister of Agriculture. Mr.. Speaker the. Agricultural, sector is extremely, important, to our government, and we are working with all stakeholders. For. Example, with. Supply management we committed, to, give, 1.75. Million to our dairy farmers. And the first checks, have already been received. The. System is working, and I invite all farmers who haven't yet filled out, the. Necessary paperwork to, make their request as, soon as possible, so that they can receive their money we. Are continuing, discussions, with China, about canola as well under, for Bonavista, Buuren and Trinity. Mr.. Speaker first of all let me express, my gratitude. To the presence, of Bonavista beer eternity for electing. Me as a member of parliament. Mr.. Speaker the offshore industry provides, many opportunities for, new Flanders and Labradorians, to. Stay in the province, and find, good well-paying, jobs it. Is an industry that builds our munities and the sterno province, in to help for, the crease of new technologies, and innovation. With. Recent news of an expected uptake. And exploration, activity, including. Multi-billion, dollar investments. Can. The Minister of Natural Resources please. Inform the, house on these priorities for new phenomena Labradors, offshore. Industry honourable. Minister of natural resources. I appreciate. The question from the member from Bonavista Bureau and Trinity Canada's. Offshore, industry has created economic, benefits that reach families, and communities, right across the country through. Sustainable, and responsible development, we, do this through strong investments, regulatory. Stability, and meaningful. Relationships, with stakeholders mr., speaker we, are ensuring, the Newfoundland and Labrador is offshore remains. An attractive. Place to invest and. Create good, jobs. The. Honourable member for Calgary nose Hill mr.. Speaker today, Canadians, pay the same amount for, five gigabytes of data as an American place for 12 gigabytes, and the difference, is even more stark when you can pay compare, what a European, pays it, isn't fair to Canadians who are struggling to make ends meet and it makes us uncompetitive, over. Four years the Liberals have always put. Canada's big wireless, companies first as opposed to lowering costs for Canadians, with innovative, spectrum, license designs or other ways of getting low-cost, wireless, access for Canadians, why. Minister. For innovation. This, week I'd like to thank the member opposite for a very thoughtful question on an issue that we campaigned on we, were very clear that we're going to actually reduce, cellphone, bills by 25%. And this is above, and beyond the actions we have taken to, help consumers, we brought forward a policy, directive, that makes it very clear for crtc to make affordable, affordable ax t front, and center, we've also dealt with consumer, related issues when it comes to high-pressure, sales tactics which.

Is Led to a new wireless code of conduct internet, code of conduct as well mr. speaker and we're, gonna remain committed to making sure that we use spectrum in a strategic, way to help consumers. Remember, for New Brunswick's, Southwest. Mr.. Speaker US Customs and Border Patrol's, continues to open and review, Canada. Post mail going to Cabello Island caravello. As Canadian territory but. There's only accessible year-round, by driving an hour to the state of Maine the, ongoing mail search by US officials and is an invasion of our privacy rights, it. Also challenges Canada's, sovereignty it is unacceptable what. Is the federal government doing to safeguard, the privacy rights of Acadians, living, on kappa b low. The, Honorable Minister for, Foreign Affairs mr.. Speaker I'd like to thank, the member for the, very important question he asked this, is something obviously that he brought to my, attention yesterday. We, will be looking at this matter and we'll have further things to say in the future on that mr. speaker thank you, remember. First Selkirk, Interlake, Eastman, mr., speaker this, Liberal government secretly, slashed, healthcare, funding for our troops and leaving, them vulnerable when. They need help the most because. Of these liberal cuts in Ontario, alone, hospitals, are out-of-pocket by over 10 million, dollars and may start cleaning away military, personnel, seeking. Treatment, the, Defense Minister, holds, our brave men and women in uniform a straight, and simple answer, will, he restore full funding to, military, health care right across this country and, reverse these, callous, cuts yes or, no. No. Members in this house that the health and well-being of our King Air Forces member is a top priority every member, who, is need of medical service will get the top priority. And the full support that's required while we are in discussions, with the province when it comes to how. Members. Are charged but we will work with the province but one thing we will make sure of mr. speaker that every single member if there's a need for any type of health care service it will be to the top priority, and that top class thank you. Conestoga. Mr.. Speaker I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the residents of Kitchener Conestoga, for, allowing. Me the privilege to serve here in Ottawa mr., speaker there are many students in my riding at Kitchener Conestoga, we, were excited to work about.

The Work on making post-secondary, education, more affordable and, they. Reelected, us to keep working so, that more Canadians can afford higher education and. The minister of employment workforce, development and disability, inclusion share, with the House what, progress we have made. From. Conestoga, for his question mr. speaker we know that education is, vital to succeeding in our workforce we're, investing, in Canadians so they reach their full potential, we started by giving students more support through Canada student grants we expanded, the eligibility for student loans and grants we introduced a six-month, interest-free and payment free grace period and we lower the interest rate on student loans and that's, not all in our platform we committed to further increase in Canada student grants by $1,200, and extending. The grace period to two years this. Is how we're making sure that every Canadian has the opportunity to succeed. The. Honourable member for, London. Fanshawe. Talks. About the importance, of equal access to university, in college but it is only that talk, action. Is needed to ensure fair access to education, based on your desire to learn not, your ability to pay, so, why well provinces, are raising tuition fees, and the government have has, happily written off billions in debt owed by big corporations, why, is this government still gouging, students and charging interest on federal, government loans. The Honorable Minister. KP, animal member for her question I repeat, we know what a burden student loans put on Canadian, students as they enter the workforce and we're taking steps to make sure that we lessen that burden that's, why we're, committed to increasing the grant grace period for repayment, until three years and we're increasing, the amount of money an individual, has to be making before they even start making these payments from, 25,000 which was an increase in our past mandate to 35,000, this year thank you very much mr. speaker. And. That is question, period for today see laughing you just show people this is the end of question period for today. Give. Me a chance to clear up.

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I can't stand listening to this drivel. Climate change has totally taken over parliament. No one is going to have the strength of Character to show an opposing scientific knowledge. I actually think from what I see on line Canadians are doing their research like I do. If the solar scientist's are right we may have a long period of cold. Instead we are panicking about false claims about CO2. Dr William happer explains with great eloquence how the effects of CO2 are minimal . The CO2 molecule behaves in very odd manner and doesn't keep building up it's saturation . He explains this far better than I am. The global warming people hate him because he is an expert on atmospheric gases and the physics behind them. If you the media actually did investigative journalism you would do your research . I'm not an expert on any of this but neither are journalists scientists. So buck up and do your job . Yes hard to believe UN scientists would lie to us all but that's exactly what they are doing. If the solar scientists are right about the slowing down and disappearing sunspots than we are preparing for the wrong kind of climate change. Only time will tell but it's a hell of a lot colder with many crops lost under a very early onset of winter.

@Quin Rose There's a lot more to it then that. Yes the tilt of the planet effects our relationship to the Sun but the earth's orbit varies . Also the wobble of the earth causes the precessional movement . This moves us through the milky way moving through the zodiac signs taking around 25 thousand years.

The earth is apparently wobbling on its axis. And every so many years we enter into a warmer or colder period depending on the wobbling. The arctic has mineral deposits deep in the ground that show it was once enjoyed a tropical climate. we are reverting back there...Unfortunately, wildlife that cannot tolerate this change will become extinct.

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They would has us pay for Tesla's. So they could charge them with diesel generator.

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You'd be suprised what gets more likes and views in today's society. Tory supporter myself I do not like this approach but if playing dirty gets what you want then anyone would follow suit to achieve that goal.

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Common ground on what? Climate change?? Unless the government plans on bombing coal mines in China and India there is no reason we should impoverish ourselves

We lost our job does that means the government gonna send us 3000$ every month to pay our mortgage and bills and food until they create jobs , we work in Alberta but live in New Brunswick, where's the jobs for us now that the oil patch is gone , now we're broke and have to beg family to help us where's the government then they need to pay people until they figure it out we are sick tired of listening to lies

Shouldn't bank on alberta oil and neither should the peeple of alberta.

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@Swamp Dog it's not courageous to talk about someone behind their back. if he said it to his face, i would be impressed. granted, what he said was relatively mild. i will be more disappointed if he apologizes.

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Peter Abou Gharib More than 60% of Canadians do not trust the Conservatives

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first of all, neither party cares about us. second, "conservative" policies expect that people fend for themselves. nobody can help the poor and struggling if they refuse to help themselves. liberal policies offer "help" in the form of handouts which keeps people dependant. it's a double edge sword.

completely disappointed about the disregard to talk the point , renewable energy, also the lies about lowering prices, reality is the opposite

Address to the Canada government please give a job those laid off, the EI are almost done and they cannot find any kind of job especially here in Alberta. Please help those people are laid off they need a job. Please

Garbage reporting on a garbage government on both sides of the bench dealing with garbage issues

Climate Change Is A Hoax...Stop Brainwashing Our Kids...No Wonder So Many Are Committing Suicide.

Climate change is not really a hoax... climate change is a naturally occurring process that is constantly taking place... from where I sit a two mile thick glacier existed ~12K years ago!! But! Mass extinction and the irrevocable destruction of the natural world that WE are causing is NOT a hoax and the kids NEED to know this.

Québec is playing the system. They have over half of the federal budget and STILL complain that they are at a disadvantage

Liberals do not deal in facts, get real!

@ 9min, Justin says he has lowered drug prices. I'm guessing he is not talking about marijuana. Lol

@Brian Desormeau it's almost triple or more than black market prices in Saskatchewan. The plastic they use to package it is problematic. Massive hard plastic containers for basically a small piece of marijuana worth $15 and they charge $60. Don't get me wrong I like the new system but the prices are outrageous

@Quin Rose So, you can pay a bit more and have pot which is quality-controlled and the proceeds benefit the government and by extension the people of Canada or you can buy from the Hells and take your chances that it hasn't been dusted with something *and* enrich the Hells. I'd rather pay a bit more.

Actually, from reports I heard, here in BC, legal pot is still over priced and black market pot is still much cheaper.

NB has it on sale, pre-Christmas :)

Speak English

this looks like UK's parliament, eh?

Canada is owned by the British Monarch but independently governed by the Canadians. (I think)

When the economy is strong then environmental issues can be meet. Indigenous communities and children being taken to court by leb government. The $40 billion was spent in China to build LNG ships, why can't Canadian works in Canada build the LNG ships?

Greta is smarter,then Trudeau .Hi is destroing Canada

He has no idea about what people who have actually had to do work for a living feel. All he cares about is his image. Maybe instead of trashing Trump so much with the other kids he should have been having a look to see what he was maybe doing right. Because France is having mass protests every weekend; British economy is in tatters and mass violence. Sometimes what makes someone a disgusting human makes them a good leader. I do not like Trump but people being able to hold their heads up high and pull their families out of poverty because they now have a job , is never a bad thing.

You keep doing what you are doing your finished WEXIT. WEXIT, WEXIT. LIES ALL LIES.

Drop the damn Climate change agenda and get down to running this country or leave .........enough already

Geo Engineering and Triage starting with Like Ideologies in the Low lands. The UNaccountable Majority MUslim UNited nations is failing miserable with it's Social Engineering solution to the Planets Million year Ice/Water Cycle.


Canada has always had and will always have what is known as a Tragedy of the Commons political system. As well as an Unrepresentative, Divide and Conquer First Past the Post Electoral System. Tommy Douglas Knew it, Joey Smallwood Knew It, Preston Manning Knew it, Steven Harper Knew it Joe Clarke found out the Hard way. Equal Senate or WExit

What about the border,do we still have One?

Post National State. All the worlds Baby boomers sees canada as free health care and free free free

Scheer better take some lessons from Trudeau and Sing on public speaking . Scheer is using his pussyfooting voice and as a result leaves him to be not trustworthy . Not getting my vote yet . Trudeau welcomes Huawei to handle Canadian telecom grid November 2019

How are all things going to be paid for....with more and more people out of work and more and more are retiring? Also Trump isn't going to forget. Trudeau just months ago as Trump for help with China and the 2 Michaels then he insults Trump. There are over 300,000 Canadians living in Hong Kong and how will Trudea get those Canadians out if China goes in and decided that Canada is an enemy? Also if NAFTA so good for Canada why hasn't Parliament signed off on it?? Plus in Foreign Media our PM is a joke.

4 more years of , ' ah...ah....ah....'

NONconfidence2020 HA ha ha

What an absolute disaster Globalist Trudeau is for Canada!

Canada must have it's own refinery to process oil independent of USA policy . Pipeline is not a solution as climate change on Texas refinery make it a ""sometime " .thing. That is not a big challenge for chemical engineers without borders. NAFTA is in flux and Canada is suffering badly from neighboring USA divisions it appears. A chemical engineer. Poor Columbians would rejoice. Poor Tom

Looooool Trudeau saying he cares for indigenous communities AND talks about staying with the pipeline... That pipe line has gone right through indigenous communities and Trudeau just gave em a big f-you.

What Canada needs is higher taxes and fewer jobs. Oh! You already have that? Lucky you.

I do love these guys speaking out free and easy about Canada's problems! I wish we could make such debates in Moscow!

Stay strong, Russian. ✊

@Doffy Rob, we are working at it! Soft Power is out weaponry...

Throw Putin away.


We don't need job hand outs from the gov and corporations ...just let us have access to the land and resources we will make our own jobs.. 90% crown and provincial lands 6% Agricultural 3% Corporate owned 1% for Canadians Give us back our land ! Homeless and unemployed everywhere ... 9 million sq km of open unused land held by the government ..hmmm where might our homeless live .. just no room can't think of anywhere.. land prices that equal 2 lifetimes of labor ..Really why ... Obviously no need for it when this much land is available .. wake up people .. sheeple ..?

The rule of thumb is when the US economy is humming along so does the Canadian economy. When the US economy catches a cold so does the Canadian economy. The US economy is currently on fire and has been since 2016. There are not enough workers to fill the openings so why are the Canadians still posting job losses instead of job gains?

Because we have a UN Puppet Blackface PM Trying to SaVE the PLANET from Itself.

Simple, Trudeau!

the Only thing that matters is the next NON confidence Vote 2020. Vote NONconfidence2020

hopefully we will get some answers to said questions this year!! 4 years of non-answers was so pathetic!!

Please don't humiliate Canada's Christina Freakyland as the diaper maid for President Diaper Trumpet

You guys are just all so smart. Heredity or environment?

@Eva Murray if the shoe fits

@Alex Kwon all if them

So Why did the planet Cycle from Ice age to Water age teh last ten Times?

Free day care Free first year College CEGEP, free concerts in teh Park, Free Bridge crossing, Free feree free. Won't let NL put Electrical Pipelines across Queerbec?

US Quebecers and them English Candians. Just get rid of them Je Me Souvien!

As our Water palnet continues to transition from Ice Age to Water age and More CO2 get released as the planet warms up more Carbon/CO2 will become UNsequested and more Carbon/co2 means more life more trees and more trees means more fires. Rising co2 is an effect of ClimateChange not the Cause. Fires should be tackled on a Global Scale not as Individual Nations.

@Jill Monroe You're welcome. Americans will always support our Aussie brothers and sisters.

@Jason Cyr got any proof. Who are the mericans to tell peeple who and where you can sell goods. Trump said he would use her for making a deal with China sounds like more quid pro quo chit to me. If they had a case she would be gone already.

The chinese lady should have not used Americans banking systems to funnel money to and from iran, to and from syria,if she did not want to get arrested she should of used chinese banking systems. If she did not want to get arrested abide by Americans laws.

If you had said the UN with their ClimateChange Exaggeration I would be all for it. But the Earth is closed CO2 Loop and has Transitioned between Ice Age and Water age every million years according to the History of the planet.

@Bruce Bright Our Tryanny of the Majority Systemically flawed Farcical Democary has finally come home to roost. City states has historically been the demist of societies. NONconfidence2020

Because we don't have a representative democracy we have a Tyranny of the ON/QU 66% majority population. Political system and a Divide and Conquer FPTP electoral system. How can you call any Democracy a democracy when the majority of the people vote against someone yet he wins? Equal Senate or WExit

We have all been convinced the PLANET needs SAVING by the UNaccountable Muslim Poverty Non taxing Majority UNited Nations

Have you been to Toronto lately?

you want them to hug it out? then what would be the point of having different parties that represent different ideas, platforms, etc. the united nations is not the way to go

@Doffy Rob You should be. It's pathetic. There's more to this country than just Quebec.

Sorry. Not sorry.

All the leaders suck and don't have a clue what Canadians want.

This may have something to do with 50% of the Canadian population live in the Quebec area, the other 50% live in all the other provinces.

But he is in his mind.

Trudont is just reading his prepped scripts as usual.

Takes credit whenever jobs are created but yet accepts none when jobs are lost.

The globalists are sick, satanic, devil worshiping, marxist, homosexual, criminals. I hope law enforcement can start arresting them soon.


is trudeau in some alternate reality???? is he completely winging it? everything , every subject, he's completely wrong. Even Hon. freeland in the back is having a hard time with his pathetic comments. Morneau is totally clueless as usual.

Stop calling it climate change.....thats just a nicer way of saying GOBAL WARNING

Health Care use to be ok..we pay taxes dearly for this and it is getting worse and worse!!

Hold Trudeau to account, he still dosent answer the question Do your job Andrew Sheer

Freeland...ha ha ha

What no DPA hidden in the budget!!! Job losses on a daily basis..he is the WORST PM IN THE HISTORY OF CANADA!!

Our Two face or Black face has no business or leadership skills way we can last another 4 years of massive debts or money leaving this country ..we people in the 905 to feel some pain cause they have no concept of how bad the country is destroyed...

I am embarrassed for anyone who voted for Trudeau... It effects us all... And i'm embarrassed to be a Canadian right now! This is Crazy!!!! We are done.

@concernedamerican commonwealth bros

We can only assume that China submitted a better cost analysis.

@NL Expat Yup , there have been amazing advances made only to be shut down as those who are truly in power won't loose a dime till they are in control of everything

Trudeau hates Canadians

Because Trudeau doesn't have a clue what he's doing

@Tea Kay514 Which regulations are you referring to?

Canada will always be there to support those in need.

At the end of the day were who's funding or which Elite group picked the research, why and the benefits to whom or group.

@Swamp Dog Giggling & gossiping like a schoolchild does not make a person courageous, it makes them petty and weak. Trudeau and the President clash because of their differences in Ideology. It's the same with this President and Obama. I'm sure they're all very nice people they just believe in different ways of implementing policy or change. The US President appears to have a completely different goal than the rest of Europe & Canada. It also appears he is cutting the ropes that tie us all together like the Paris Accord, Syria, Climate change or even NATO. (I think NATO is being restructured to work more efficiently)

Climate change is real and it's been happening since time began however the hoax part is in our governments demanding money to fix it. What they are really doing with our money is upgrading the poorer nations with those funds. There is no fixing Climate change, yes, we can always live cleaner lives by reducing human waste but nothing will stop the climate from changing.

@concernedamerican yes that’s correct

@Sarah Handler Ontario has a larger population than Quebec? So 90% of the Canadian population live on the Eastern side of Canada in the area north from US Minn. to Maine? Is that right? Holy crap, that means that only the remaining 10% live west all the way over to the Alaskan border? How can that be, what's the catch and why doesn't anyone live in the Western part of the Country?

No, about 60% live in Ontario, 30% in Quebec, and 10% in all the other provinces

Sorry if you not a fan of French Fries please change your menu.

Destitut this hypocrite liar ..

I notice that he failed to say that the $40B investment is not an investment in Canada and comes at a very high price to Canadians. Apparently it includes an exemption for another country to dump steel into Canada, supply and install modules for building LNG plant with Chinese labour. He couldn't do a better job of destroying Canada if he was smart enough to know what he was doing.

If you think of Canada as finely crafted watch, with delicate gearing and springs, you can now think of Justine Trudeau as sand.

Truedope is a clueless jackass

hiring new canadians to be government employees is not the answer

@concernedamerican really that's so ridiculous, putting Canadiens citizens and industry to work should be priority #1. Keep the $ in the Canadian economy. But I think just maybe, IMO, SNC Lavalin is somehow involve.

​@concernedamerican It may or it may not. Personally i tried to avoid predicting the future, so i think we'll have to wait and see.

@Bite Me So true but when you're starting at the bottom (2008) it's a given that the economy would naturally show growth. I read somewhere that the Canadian economy is predicted to stall come 2020 so maybe these job losses are part of that package. IDK.

The US economy has been growing for the past decade

@Swamp Dog how does it show we have courage. He was talking behind Trumps back with other world leaders and got caught. In his position I would think diplomacy is a top priority . Instead of apologizing he pretended it didn't happen. A PM with courage as you say would have spoken directly to Trump and not behind his back like a immature teenage girl. He is the weakest leader Canada has EVER had. He is emarrassing himself on the world stage time after time which in turn makes Canadians look ignorant and disrespectful. He was voted in with a minority government and he lost the popular vote by a million. He does not speak for the majority of Canadians. It is about time he realizes he works for The Canadian government not the world government if he did that very thing Canada would not be in the position it is in now. Before you ask what position that is try watching a real media outlet and you would know whats really happening in your country. This guy is destroying this country. CANADA LOST 1800 JOBS IN OCTOBER CANADA LOST 71200 JOBS IN NOVEBER USA GAINED 266000 JOBS IN NOVEMBER USA ECONOMY IS SOARING THE CANADIAN ECONOMY IS TANKING

@Ryan Arceus What a wonderful idea, focus on and take care of Canadian's first. Maybe you could ask for a refund of the billions of dollars Trudeau donates to keep the world's population in control through the abortions Canadians fund worldwide.

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s a complete hoax but I would say it’s over exaggerated. Trudeau should be focussing on the state of the country first before tackling other issues like Climate Change.

Isn'there a budget fro subsidizing terrorists while shitting on Canadian citizens? The numbers must be astounding, considering how much effort Trudeau places on this

This is absolutely ridiculous This government never stops growing

Freeland is nothing but a disrespectful puppet Trudeau puppet

Between the carbon tax, excessive regulations, and high corporate taxes it’s no wonder investment is down 50 percent under Trudeau. Even Quebec is more separatist than ever, and Quebec is supposedly pro Trudeau. The Canadian economy is going to continue to decline and the national dept will continue to grow. Not a good business model.

How much can the Canadian People take?

The conservative MP saying "yaaaassss" every time is really getting on my nerves

Just stopped by to say that climate change is a hoax. Debate me on the science. I dare you.

Liberals didn’t create situations of weakness of the union. It was created by previous administration’s guys in west Canada. It is ashamed no conservative members of commons standing out against the separatists in western Canada.

Theres no climate change it's all about them making money and us the canadien are suffering please guys wake up to bring Trudeau down

Given all or jobs to the immegrants Trudeau dosent care about is canadien ppl or country get out Trudeau now

Stand down Trudeau

Liberals are giving the same answers year after year while our country is getting decimated and Canadians no longer can afford to live in our once beloved country,Is it any wonder businesses are getting out of this dictator run country a going to United States.

Half of federal budget goes into quebec

This is canuck comedy. We need Doug McKenzie .

Kevin O'Leary says we will hit the wall in 16 months

I would like to see our leaders work together.

Record unemployment since 2008 and climbing.

Not really.

Factors such as? Or did you not bother to think about that part? Present an argument not a weak partisan talking point.

Let the creep speak for himself, or has he passed out.

We care about our Country ,Trudeau you are doing your best to ruin Canada in every way you can, step down and let Canada move ahead,

Forget c69

Election is over....and now we hear about terrible job numbers. Do ya think this was Trudeau's plan. Liberals held back the numbers for months. Trudeau's Government is Like having a grade 4 class running the country. And Trudeau is the perfect teacher to lead them. LOL.

Why does Quebec get 5.2B more for transport infrastructure after getting $14.2B more in transfer payments?

"We have a very constructive relationship with the United States." Donald Trump - "Well I think he's 2faced" Sounds like a strong and respected relationship.

Hey Trudeau...what colour are your eyes again?

Hey cool I'm 43 and this is the 43rd government and my b-day was on October 21st weird coincidence

There is no point in listening to an answer from Trudeau. Everything he says is empty, scripted, progressive rhetoric. He simply tries to remember the prepared talking points every time he has to answer a question.

How could anyone vote for the Liberal Party and support Trudeau. You have to be suicidal or completely ignorant to support this inept government. Canada is going to suffer all because too many Canadians are duped by progressivism and shallow media analysis. You cannot criticize Trudeau and the Liberals in harsh enough language.

"Now "Red Cap' got to speak, I guess he thinks he's Special now?? Who's he kidding?"

:"Nobody but NAFTA is Protecting 'Black Face' from an RCMP investigation. Together they Stand??"

"Iron Filings is/are going to replace Petroleum in Canada, or so the science says?"

: "Plastic is Softwood Lumber?"

Was sorta bummed about some of the ignorant comments, but then I realized that people are watching Question Period on YouTube, so that’s something.

So the Conservatives think Canada is too close to China but also that we have a terrible relationship with China (which is it?). Also, telling the leader of a country to stay home is pretty terrible foreign policy and makes no sense from a party that says they care about the economy. Surely the Official Opposition can do better.

Why not? You would be surprised by the public administration, project management experience and talent they bring.

Canada: An ancient relic of the long-expired British Crown.

I read that hydro is sold to the US @7 cents ....I hope thats wrong!

Mr. Speaker, we are committed to changing, improving, modifying, addressing, serving, helping, having conversations with, transparency, Blah blah blah, thank you, Mr. Speaker. Meet the new boss; The same as the old boss. Peter D.B. Townshend.

"The Honourable Minister of Infrastructure". He should have said: "Come on Barbie, let's go party".

Justin Trudeau is an excessive pathological lying fool who will say and do anything just to get what he wants. He will manipulate people‘s lives and emotions. He will also go so far as to exploit problems and situations for publicity.

If anyone thinks they change the Climate they are nuts, the ongoing Climate changes have been going on for hundreds of centuries and nothing we do or try not to do will not change this!

@Eva Murray If SHE was a HE, you'd agree.

@David Osborn Her own.

lol Trudeau the clown

Canada is so lost....

@David Osborn Since the creation of the Federal Trade Commission in 1914, the federal government has had a formal obligation to protect consumers across industries. Since that time, numerous laws and regulations have been crafted by various agencies to protect bank customers and promote fair and equal access to credit

@JAMES DURHAM U.E.L. No I use more clever language when maligning politicians.

@tobias1959 Such low level discourse. Complete your sentence.

This is the same University U of C that a supposed climate change expert over a year ago wrote a False Story with CBC and projected that Edmonton was headed for a drought. This year Edmonton had record rainfall that has not been seen in 40 years. Also BC had a lot of rain this summer. Did you hear the CBC report any of these facts. Of course not they prefer to lie to Canadians about this fiasco ! You didn't even hear a retraction or any story on these facts !

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