Question Period: NAFTA negotiations, carbon tax, Trans Mountain pipeline — June 12, 2018

Question Period: NAFTA negotiations, carbon tax, Trans Mountain pipeline  — June 12, 2018

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Honorable member from Milton. Figure. There are reports. That Prime. Minister. Mr.. Peter the reports of President Trump withdrew, the five-year sunset clause, negotiating. Tool within, NAFTA. Negotiations. Can the Prime Minister indicate, whether this is true. For. The question, now allow me to first begin by thanking the members of the opposition, indeed all Canadians, for demonstrating. That when, the moment is right we all stand together firmly. To support. Say. That we are continuing. To discuss. Modernizing. And improving NAFTA. We've, continued, to make it clear that a final. Sunset clause is, unacceptable. That we cannot sign a trade deal that, automatically. Expires, every five years but, we continue, to look for ways to move forward to modernize, improve NAFTA for people on both sides of the border honourable member for Milton so Mr Speaker we understand, Canada's, position that, it's very difficult to sign a trade deal that sunset, after five years but, the crux of the question is this did. The President, of the United States remove. This demand, from negotiating, table, yes or no. I had. A meeting with the president on Friday afternoon, Oh which we had a very, constructive conversation. Of a broad range of issues we've, continued, to, impress upon how important, it is to to. Modernize and improve NAFTA. We will continue, to engage on a broad, range of issues where. Canada is standing. Firm where, the United States is looking, for concessions we're going to continue to work and demonstrate. That no, we will not accept a sunset clause in no stay remember. For Milton I'm, going to take that as a yes unfortunately. Mr. speaker without the Prime Minister indicating, to the Canadian, people whether or not this was removed from the table we have to understand, that the answer is yes a protracted. Trade war with, respect, well that answers abortion, issue has, a significant. Impact on Canadian, families, reported, a company, in Milton Ontario. Order. You. Know remember from Milton has the floor order, mr. speaker a, protracted, rate trade war will have a significant, impact on Canadian, families a company, in my riding alone whirlpool, is indicated, that it's going to increase the costs, not. Only in terms of household, appliances but also to their own bottom line putting in jeopardy jobs, in my community, mr. speaker you, know there is an easy way for the government, in order to deal with this and that is recognizing.

Affordability, Is so important, and shelving, their carbon tax and making, sure that payroll taxes are reduced will they do that. They're. On the previous question. As far as we know the US has not removed. Its. Demand, for some sort of sunset, clause on the issue of tariffs, are an issue that, we have said multiple times to the United States is that they move forward with. Punitive. Tariffs, on trade, in in, aluminum, and steel not. Only are they putting a threat. On Canadian, workers in Canadian industry but they're actually going to hurt American. Workers as well American. Consumers as well this is not in the interests, of two countries that have the closest, and best trading. Relationship. And Alliance in, the history of the world we're going to continue to stand for that I'm not happy to refer. To another basco, mr.. Speaker the, Liberal government increased, Canada's, debt by seventy-one billion, dollars when, the economy, was doing well, secondly. The, president of world the Royal Bank of Canada says, that he's concerned because since the Liberals were elected there's been a massive outflow, of Canadian, capital to, other countries, and third. We've, seen foreign. Investments. Drop by over a third, since, this prime minister was elected, and I, haven't even talked about the impact that the, carbon, tax could have in. The face of all of this data happened, the prime minister's say that he is supporting, our economy. The. Right honorable Prime Minister mr.. Speaker in the last election, Canadians. Had a choice a choice. Between, a Conservative. Government that. Was proposing, austerity, and cuts and, a. Liberal government, that, proposed. Investing. In Canadians, and giving more money to the middle class, while. Taxing. The wealthiest a little more Canadians. Made the right choice we. Are creating, economic, growth in. 2017. Our growth. Was the highest among g7, countries and, we will continue to make hundreds. Of thousands, of jobs across the country we, are building a strong, economy that works for all Benbow. Member for Richmond Athabasca. Mr.. Speaker here, are the real facts a, deficit. Of 71. Billion. Dollars that our children and grandchildren, will have to pay for a. Urban tax that will increase the cost of living for Canadians, a, massive. Loss of investments. Which, hurts our economy and today. Since. This liberal election, was a Liberal. Government, was elected eighty-one percent of Canadian.

Families According to the Fraser Institute pay. More taxes, than under the former government so, how can the Prime Minister. Accept. This and what we do to support workers, the. Right honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Speaker the. Conservatives, and the Fraser, Institute don't, want to talk about the Canada child benefit and, I, think that this is an important thing to talk about, what. We did is we gave, more money to, nine out of ten families, all across the country we. Did that by. Not, sending. Checks, to the wealthiest families and. We. Were able to lift, hundreds, of thousands, of children out of poverty. That. Is the approach that we, took with the Canada Child Benefit it's. An approach that the, Conservatives, didn't, want and that they voted against, mr. speaker the. Honorable member for. Lima. Skinny, basket. Indian. Ban will be building the largest solar project, in British Columbia, yet with Kinder Morgan pressing, the backyards they'll soon have a clash. The. Future chosen. By its members, and then get him a pipeline imposed by the federal government global, climate leaders don't, spend billions on publicly, funded pipelines, well, admit. That this is a failure of leadership on, their part. The. Court, of Appeal was clear when they said that the Harper government had insufficiently. Consulted, with indigenous peoples, on energy projects, our government, has completed, the deepest, consultations. With rightholders rights holders ever on a major, project in this country and we established, a co-developing. Monitoring, committee with indigenous, communities. 43. Indigenous, communities, have signed benefit, agreements, we have listened and we will continue to listen for, the first time in Canadian history many, indigenous peoples, have been involved and will benefit, as we share prosperity, in our energy sector a potato. Vamoose, skinny. TVs go to bask on, this. The purchase of pipeline, is on the wrong side of history mr. speaker security, projects, there's. No lack of energy transition, projects, but workers need to be at the heart of this transition, which will create thousands, of high-quality long-term. Jobs, the. Jobs of the future, but. Spending, billions of dollars to buy a 65. Year old leaky pipeline, without. The consent of indigenous, communities, well. That's not a vision, of the future mr. speaker so, how can the Prime Minister think that. He will help Canada, keep its climate. Change commitments. When. When buying a pipeline. Right. Honorable Prime Minister. Mr. Speaker the. NDP, is supported, Rachel notley's environment. Plan but forgot what was actually in that plan a. Cap. On oil. Sands development a, price on pollution and, a. Pipeline to, get oil to, markets other than the u.s. that's. Real, leadership on, climate change, we. Are imposing, a price on pollution, we, are phasing, out carbon. And we, are investing, in clean technology, that, is what progressives like, Rachel, Notley understand. And it's unfortunate, to see the NDP opposed to that, remember, hos well acted badly, mr..

Speaker Is saying that the environment, in the economy go hand in hand while. Buying, a pipeline, is a bit like saying that, exercise, and good eating go together while, stuffing your face with donuts and cake. Why. Are the Liberals refusing, to invest in a fair, energy, transition, workers, are ready and. Companies. Are ready we need to create workers, - for the jobs of tomorrow how can the Liberals justify, blowing four and a half billion, dollars of our money on, an old pipeline. Rather. Than investing in clean energy. The. Federal, NDP like the Conservatives, still think that you need to choose between the economy and the environment but. That's no longer the case and progressive. Leaders like Rachel Notley have, understood that that's. Why in addition to a limit. On oil. Sense development and a price on pollution her, plan included, having a pipeline pipeline to get oil to markets other than the u.s. something, that Canadians can certainly understand, is needed today. And. That's, of course in addition to investing, in renewable, energy and a greener economy we, also invested, a billion, dollars. In that because we know it's important for Canadians in cooler East prime-minister just, doesn't get it does he climate, leaders do not spend, billions of dollars to build new pipelines, and they, certainly don't put Canadian, pensions on the, line to do it we're, now hearing that the Canada, Pension Plan may, invest, in the Liberals reckless, pipeline, the CPP, has never, been, used to backstop, political. Projects, as one senior reporter puts it it's bad, bad. Bad. Bad. Instead. Of investing. Into, a clean, energy economy why, are, the Liberals putting, Canadians. Money and. The NDP, applauded. Premier Rachel Notley environmental. Plan when she got elected, but it seems they forgot what that plan contained, let me remind them it contained, a cap, on oil sands emissions, it contained. A price, on pollution and, it also contained, a pipeline. To get resources, to markets other than, the United States something, we can all agree on is probably, a good idea this, week that's, what real leadership on climate change looks, like as for, the CPP, IB the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, operates, at arm's length with, a mandate to invest in the best interest, of its members and that's something we respect honourable. Member, for Carlton. Donald. Trump has been clear that he wants to take our money, and our. Jobs. And this government's, taxes, and red, tape are helping. Him do it in bet bill the factory, in Canada, you'll, have to pay a carbon, tax and higher payroll taxes, that you won't have to pay south-of-the-border try. To build a pipeline in Canada and you'll, be blocked just like they, were with, the Northern Gateway and. Energy. East other. Problems, that don't exist south of the border we know why Donald Trump wants to take our jobs away why, is this government helping him do it. Career mr. speaker that when it comes, to jobs we, absolutely. Stand with Canadians, what, we found when we came into office was, the previous government, left, us with the situation, where we had 7.1. Percent unemployment. Where, are we now about. 600,000. New jobs in, the last two-and-a-half, years where. Are we now our unemployment, rate among the lowest rates we've seen in 40 years 5.8, percent, so, Mr Speaker we will not listen to the Harper Conservatives when, they talk about jobs we will listen to Canadians, and what we're hearing is they have good jobs they have more optimism because I see a better economy and a better future. Mr.. Speaker the reality, is that this year Canada. Has actually, lost jobs and since this government took office. Canadian. Investment, in the United States is up, two-thirds, American, investment, in Canada is down by, half when money leaves, jobs.

Leave This government's, tax increases. Are thriving both, out, of Canada will, the Finance Minister agree, at least to, suspend, his, new carbon, tax until, we get through this crisis. Speaker. I would like. Mr. speaker I would like to start by recognizing Paul. Dewar we, have all heard the very sad news about Paul Dewar and we're thinking about him and his family while, we may sit on different sides of the aisle we, are all colleagues. Here together. I. Would. Encourage everyone, here, to come together to support his new initiative, Youth Action now, speaking. Of youth youth care about the environment they also care about jobs that's, exactly, what we're doing we're gonna continue tackling, climate change we're gonna continue protecting, our environment and, we're gonna continue creating, jobs, remember. For Carlton well, mr. speaker on behalf of the entire conservative, caucus and my constituents, in Paul, Dewar's hometown we offer him all of our prayers in our law of our lobby. Mr.. Speaker the, reality, is that the, tax burden under this government has risen for, 80, percent of middle-class taxpayers, they, are paying more than they were them this Prime Minister took office given that will they indicate, how much will this new carbon. Tax cost, the average Canadian. Family. We. Need to call out the opposite member from Carleton on incorrect, facts he's, not doing the analysis, that he should do an argument, that's really going on the, report that he's referring to has two fundamental. Problems number. One doesn't, look at the candidate child benefit helping, nine out of ten families number, two what it does is it looks at the payments, that people make into the Canada Pension Plan and, calls it attacks so, mr. speaker what we can say is we lowered. Taxes, on middle-class Canadians. It's very clear from, from. Our standpoint what we've done is we've helped our economy by, putting more money in people's pockets nine, out of ten families are better off and that's helped our economy Honourable, member for Carlton, well actually the Finance Minister has made two, factual, errors number one with. Regards, to the, the benefits. He claims he's providing, his, the promise, of the Liberals was not that they were going to raise taxes, and middle-class families and, give a little bit of it back through government spending they, promised the taxes would go down for the middle class in fact they've gone up secondly. They're up the report to which I referred, has, nothing, to do with CPP, payroll taxes, it said that middle-class, Canadians.

80%, Of them are paying more, income. Tax since this government took office how much more will these same families, pay under, the new proposed carbon tax. Maybe. Where we can go with this is we can think about what's happening, on a riding by riding basis, so, for example the member in Carlton, what's happened is there's about forty, eight million, dollars in Canada child benefits, going to that riding what, does that mean that means eighteen, thousand, children are better off more, than ten thousand, families get, on average more than four thousand, dollars after-tax, perhaps. You should go and talk to people in this riding to understand, how they're doing they're, doing better mr. speaker because, we've helped, Canadian, families, to raise their families, for tomorrow. We. Under hat the. Honourable member for Lois telephone Thank You mr. speaker, it's so nice to hear the Liberals talking about the money that they're giving to children but, the money that we don't have or, that we're borrowing. Is what children will have to pay for later, that's the reality under the Liberals, leaf. Into power for two and a half years and we can say that trade relations, between Canada, and the u.s. really. Are more, in favor of the, US than Canada for two and a half years 50%. Of, American. Investments, in Canada, decrease. Sixty-six. Percent of Canadian investments, in the. U.s. increased. So. How. Can. The Liberal government to be proud. Minister. Finance. Mr.. Speaker the Conservatives, have chosen. Certain. Specific, numbers but the numbers that count are numbers, for Canadians, every. Canadian family is in a better situation we. Know that, our rate. Of growth is the highest in the g7 and it's, important to remember that last, year business, investment, in Canada, increased. By 8% those. Are the true numbers we. Are better off because. Of our policies, and because of the world economy do, we say that the number under for the son of off well. The real number, is that these people were elected, saying that they would run a very tiny deficit, and today, that deficit is three times bigger they, said there would be no deficit. By 2019, but now they have no idea when they're gonna balance the budget those, are the facts those are the numbers worst mr. speaker today, Canadians, pay 80 percent or rather eighty percent of Canadians pay more taxes, than under our government, how, can the Liberal government claimed to, be succeeding. When they're clearly failing, the. Interval Minister of Finance. Mr.. Speaker unfortunately. That is really not the situation the. Numbers are clear with. The Canada child's benefit nine out of ten Canadian. Families, are better off. Furthermore. We. Cut, taxes, for the middle class. That's, the truth and because of our policies, we are better off economically. That. Means that, our economic growth, is better today than, before and that is good for, families today, and tomorrow in, Strathcona, in. Signing, the Paris climate agreement this government committed to establish a national climate change plan including. Measures. For quality jobs in a clean energy economy yet. It's pantene strategy, makes only just one vague, commitment, to strengthen, skills development, in support of this transition, all, the under pressure from workers environmentalists, was an advisor group finally, struck this spring but limited, to coal workers when. Will this government actually make, real investments, in a just transition strategy, for, all Canadian, energy workers. We. Agree we need to grow our economy we need to take we need to create good jobs with, Canadians, and we also need to tackle climate change that's exactly, what we've been doing whether, it's making it historic, investments, in clean technologies. And I'd like to give, a shout out to all the Canadians, and working, in clean tech companies because, we've jumped from seventh place in 2014, to, 4th place in the world as a clean technology. Innovators. So our making sure that we work with workers we work with us we set up a just transition workforce. So that we can support workers, and were in the coal sector so they can transition, we're going to continue doing what we need to do we don't have a deputy, the, unwell member for Drummond the.

NDP, Is fighting, to create good jobs and, protect the environment the. Liberal government though just, wants to make a Texas, company richer, by using our money to buy an old pipeline, for four and a half billion dollars, according. To Akita, every, dollar invested in renewable energy will create six to eight times as, many jobs it's, true six to eight times more, than, those invested. In fought, the fossil fuel industry, when, will the government stop, investing, in the energy of the past and finally, start investing in the energy of the future. Accountable. Minister of the environment or rather, the. Environmental. In. The low carbon economy fund two, hundred million dollars to support clean technology. And natural resource sectors, two, hundred and twenty million dollars, to get rural and remote communities off diesel, twenty. Billion dollars, for public transit and twenty, one point nine billion, dollars, in green infrastructure, to, improve energy efficiency, and to help Canadians, save money, under. Habit. Yeah. Number members from agency Glenn have mr., speaker dairy, egg and chicken producers are on the hill today and. There's. Been a lot of photo ops for all parties but now let's get to work the Liberals have been, repeating the same talking points for two weeks claiming to support supply management but, the problem, is that the prime minister says one thing when he's in Shakuni and another when he's in the u.s. mr.. Speaker which version. Of the, prime minister world Dairy Farmers meet today can you tell us now which concessions, have been made to the Americans, and what, is this plan for farmers who unfortunately feel, betrayed by this hypocrisy. Federal. Minister of National Revenue mr.. Speaker despite all the efforts of, the leader, of the opposition to try to hide, it it's clear that the conservatives, do not support. Dairy. Farmers, and supply management I, government is united. In supporting. Our dairy farmers, unlike, the member for la voz. Who. Wants, to end Supply, Management, and, who. Described, dairy. Farmers, as dishonest, millionaires. Unlike. The conservatives our government, fully supports Canadian, dairy farmers, and our, supply management system. Mr.. Speaker instead. Of playing partisan politics, when, there are farmers, here, who. Are waiting for real. Answers. Nothing's. Happening the Canadian. Government does not subsidize, milk egg or chicken production. And yet the US Secretary. Of Agriculture, confirmed that the Prime Minister had made concessions, on supply management, the. Prime minister received the support of all members of this house in the face of threats from the US president, so can he now be frank, with members and with Canadians, yes or no where concessions, on supply management offered to the Americans how, much market share was given up and what is his plan to compensate, farmers, the. Knurled minister. Of national revenue. It. Was the Liberal, government that. Created, a Supply Management unlike the party across the way who, want to abolish, supply. Management. We will continue to defend it and to defend the interests of Canadian, farmers and their families as, well as all of our dairy farmers, the. Prime Minister the Minister of Agriculture the caucus. Everyone. Supports, supply management Mr Speaker we. Set. Up the system and we will defend it. The, Honourable. Member, alone. For. Foothills, mr.. Speaker when it comes to us demands on Canada's Supply Management System when it's in the United States the Prime Minister says he's flexible. But, he's back here in Canada he says he supports the system but. We know that an offer was made to the Americans, as part of the NAFTA negotiations. So, my question is which version of the Prime Minister is going to be meeting with Canadian, dairy farmers this afternoon, is it going to be the one that is using farmers livelihoods as, in a bargaining chip or, is it gonna be the Prime Minister that just simply received recites liberal, talking points. My. Question, we we are but proudly, supports, our dairy farmers, and the supply management, system, that, unfortunately. The conservative, critique the opposition, credit for economic, development has indicated, quite clearly, for. The supply. Canada's. Farmers, locally produced the highest quality, milk eggs and poultry in, the world maintaining. Canada's, system of supply management is critical to the farm families, who make up the backbone of, my, community, these families, were worried when the Prime Minister went on American, television and said, that he was willing to be flexible when, negotiating, with the United States on supply, management just, how much access to, the Canadian, market was, the Prime Minister prepared.

To Give away in order to get a deal with Donald Trump. Speaker, I can assure my own of a colleague that on this side of the house I regard my fully understands. The apartment that's right manager as I indicated quite clearly world apart either, implemented, and where the government is going to support it well when you have the Minister of Economic, Development in. The Conservative, Party indicating. Clearly, that, supply and management, is nefarious paper. Millionaires, that dairy, farmers, are nefarious, paper millionaires, come on mr. speaker that is inappropriate language, and as a government we fully support to, buy management. Long. Out have a la. Order. Tap, take a shot cat no November first okay. Mr.. Speaker softwood. Lumber aerospace. Paper steel, aluminum, and the list could grow longer the, Trump administration is, going after our industries, one by one on the pretext, that we unfairly, tax their, farmers. But. An intact, supply. Management, system, is crucial to our farmers. Especially. Those. Who work every day in this egg native Lac saint-jean could, the government confirm, once and for all that, it will fully, protect, supply management, and. Not, just partially. The. Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs. Mr.. Speaker we've, been clear. We will defend Supply Management. Unlike. Some members, of the, official. Opposition including, the member for both everyone. In this house believes, in supply management our, position. On this issue is, unequivocal. We have always defended, this system, and we, do it at each and every opportunity. Including. In the NAFTA talks mr., West Thank. You mr. speaker that was the last map to talks with this government actually liberal. Soto sold out our auto industry so, there's no trust to be gained there in fact, mr. speaker that's why the industry and workers, have been calling for a national auto strategy, for over two decades and it's just fallen on deaf ears on the conservatives, and liberals but, what is clear about. The situation now, is that this Prime Minister has dedicated endless. Time and energy, and billions. Of dollars for an idea, nobody. Wanted a 65, year old leaky pipeline now, mr. speaker the Trump administration has, threatened tariffs on our auto sector and manufacturers, what specifically, is this Prime Minister going to do for our auto sector in the work. Mr.. Speaker make no mistake we're gonna back our autoworkers. 100%. Since. We've formed government there's been a total investment of 5.6, billion dollars in the automotive sector and that's because we've stepped up in a big way to support, the sector to support the workers we, have a plan that plan is working and like, I said Mr Speaker we will always defend our Auto Workers. Honourable. Member for Brampton. Center. Brampton. Center. Because. Study. On. The basis of citation, Advisory. Committee. May, be hope as stakeholders, from. Coast to coast to coast. Two. Billion dollars towards. This plan to. Tackle homelessness. Ultimately. Responsible for the housing. State. Will. Tackle, the homelessness in Canada. Thank. You mr. speaker i would like to start by thanking the members from duncan center for his support in the fight against homelessness. I, also like to thank and congratulate the members from Spadina 4th york and all members of the homeless, Advisory. Committee for their hard work an excellent report yesterday. We announced reaching. Home the next federal plan to invest. Doubling. Investments. In the fight against homelessness and reducing, homelessness Honeycomb, listeners by at least 50%. This is another sign mr. speaker that, we are establishing, federal, leadership federal, partnership, in providing, a safe and affordable home to all Canadians. Media. Reports that the finance ministers, new york-based pipeline, sales team is trying, to sell, the Trans Mountain pipeline. To, the Canada Pension Plan are, these reports accurate. Mr.. Speaker I'm able. To say that the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, operates, as a an, independent. Entity. You. Decide to be involved, in any potential. Opposition of, any equity it's, not something, that we would be involved in as a government. Order. The, time to answer. Someone. Is when you have the floor, not when you don't have before remember, for Lake land now has the floor well mr. speaker Kinder, Morgan said the existing, pipeline, was worth two point five billion dollars but the prime minister gave them four point five billion tax dollars to walk away now, the finance minister is being reported as paying a u.s. investment, firm to lobby the Canada Pension Plan to purchase trans Mountain with Canadian tax dollars the finance, minister has said that pension plans would be a likely buyer for the pipeline and he, appoints, the CPP, board. So having overpaid, for this pipeline is, the Minister expecting, Canadian, pensioners, to, bail him, out and the Liberals out for all their failures.

In. Our country, we have the ability to get our resources to, international, markets it's, why we move forward on the decision. To ensure. That the transplant expansion, project gets, done we, know this isn't Canadians, best interested, we'll help our economy to, create thousands. Of jobs across our country we, would certainly hope that the members opposite would see the event this creates for, workers in Alberta and British Columbia and, across the country thank, you. November. For solid blue eyeshadow, mr.. Speaker the problem at the local border, crossing, was never the RCMP, or the CBSA. Our. Officers, have always done, a good job. The. Problem is the Prime Minister and his misguided, priorities, he. Refuses, to tell the house what his plan is to resolve, this crisis, all he does is send his Minister on trips abroad there. Are some things his government needs to negotiate with the US administration like. The safe third-country, agreement, when, is the minister going to get the negotiations, started, now. No Minister of Transport. Thank. You mr. speaker, I'm glad my colleague, recognizes. The excellent, work of the RCMP, and CBSA, and. As. A matter of fact I'm very happy. That his leader, went to, like called for the first time last week and acknowledged. The outstanding work of those organizations. Who've been working for, over a year to, ensure that. We. Process, asylum. Seekers. Applications. And. Of course we're constantly in contact with the u.s. our southern, neighbor now. A member for shallow pool hotel, mr., speaker. Yes. Our, leader and myself we, visited, like all and we saw that illegal. Arrivals, were. Being treated with great. Made, being made very comfortable. But the problem is the, renegotiation of the safe third-country agreement. Is not happening yes or no the Honourable Minister of Transport mr., speaker we are continuing. To discuss this important issue with the United States and we, have undertaken, some, discussions, but. There's nothing official, to, announce yet but we're working very closely with them and of course we're working very close with Ontario, and Quebec once. These, asylum. Seekers, enter, the country they have to be entered integrated. Into society today. In Toronto there's an inquest into the death of Grant Faulkner, who died homeless, when, his shelter caught fire in January 2015. For, too many Canadians, a lack of housing as a matter of life or death, despite. Yesterday's announcement. The National Housing Strategy does, not invest money specifically. For homeless Canadians, we, need permanent supportive housing rent, geared to income housing, and a National Housing Benefit to help the most vulnerable will. The government commit today to, a national, housing strategy, that ensures housing. For homeless Canadians. We'd. Like to congratulate the member for her interest, in the fight against homelessness and, ensuring. That every Canadian has a safe and affordable home, however. I would invite her to look very closely, to, the National Housing Strategy and, the important, announcement. We made yesterday which. Will have an immense, impact on the site against homelessness in, the next ten years because we're going to work respectfully. And effectively, with a large number of stakeholders that have worked very hard with us in the last few months to make sure that not only do we have the first-ever national housing strategy, but we're going to invest the most important, most, significant, resources ever in our history we all now have the potato sent yourself pocket piano member first assigned by God mr., speaker at committee over.

A Hundred organizations underscored. The importance, of having a concerted. Poverty. Reduction strategy, the. Minister, himself said. So in a, document, what we've heard so far, the. Minister said it, would take a strategy, based on obtaining tangible, measurable results. Piecemeal. Initiatives, like yesterday's. Plan on homelessness, isn't. Going to be good enough it takes an actual. Genuine, strategy, not. Isolated. Piecemeal. Strategies, and my question is simple where's the, strategy, Donal Minister. Thank. You mr. speaker I'd like to begin, by thanking my. Colleague, for her interest, in this matter, I'd. Encourage her however to look closely at the content, of this regi announced, yesterday and I'd encourage her, to look at what stakeholders have said all across Canada, particularly in Quebec they were delighted, not, only with the results, that we've achieved, so, far but, also by the incredibly, inclusive process, we. Used in recent months that's, why, so many Canadians, will be able to get out of poverty. In the next few years because we have a solid, plan a cooperative, plan with, the involvement of a great number of stakeholders, all across the country they have a member for Ben shots, mr.. Speaker. Last on, the weekend in Toronto the cleric Shafiq Hooda called. For the eradication, of Israelis, he said he wanted to put. Israelis. In body bags and, he hoped that one day Israel. Would be annihilated, these, hateful statements are totally unacceptable, and, unacceptable, and illegal, in Canada why. Did. The government house leader the, Liberal government house leader support. An approved funding, for this organization why, hasn't, the Prime Minister condemned, these, statements, that are hateful and out of place in Canada and in, the world. Incredibly. Proud to support the Canada separate jobs program in fact double it as. Compared to the Conservative, government we, believe that. All. Programs, that received approval, through the Canada summer jobs program must adhere to the terms and conditions of the program if, this member has concerns, he can speak to my office at work. Member. Order. For. Thornhill, mr.. Speaker, hundreds, of worthy Canada summer jobs employers, were denied funding for. Thousands, of young people this year because, they refused, to accept the, Liberals imposed values, now, the Islamic, humanitarian, service of Kitchener, ticked the box and funding. Was personally. Approved by the liberal House Leader, well, Sheikh Chevy's, Hooda of this organization, now, calls for genocide, the eradication. Of Israelis, and says, you will leave in body bags mr.. Speaker doesn't the Minister believe those, words clearly. Violate, the, liberal values attestation. Mr.. Mr.. Speaker as I said clearly time and time again in, this house all recipients. Of Canada summer jobs funding must adhere to the terms and conditions of the program and mr.. Speaker not undermining, the rights of other, Canadians. And ensuring. That young people have jobs that have quality, jobs that will help them move forward in their future if, the member is concerned about that organization that, he can bring it to my attention thank you. The. Honourable. Member, for, Carlton Trail Eagle, Creek this. Prime Minister's rigid, ideology. Is hurting, Nova Scotians, last. Week the historic, Bangor, sawmill museum, announced, that it was closing its doors because. It was refused, Canada's summer jobs funding, this. Is a loss of a tourist attraction and an employment, opportunities, for young people in that community and. All because this non religious museum, refused. To sign the Prime Minister's attestation.

Does. The Prime Minister not see that his thought policing, of Nova Scotians, is hurting, communities. The. Members mind at rest you know in fact our government's doubled the Canada summer jobs program, and that. Should. This year compared, to the 1,800. Jobs that were improved under the Harper Conservatives Oh. Honourable. Member for a coca-cola center mr.. Speaker the government has a responsibility, to protect the private information of Canadians and the integrity, of our critical, infrastructure. Budget. 2018, committed. 155. Million. Dollars, towards a new Canadian Center, for cyber security for, a unified, government source, of unique expertise, and support, could. The Minister of National Defense, update this house on the, government's, next steps to, ensure Canada's able, to address the cyber challenges, of today and tomorrow. Herbal. Minister. Mr. Speaker I want to thank the member from the toko center for his unwavering support, to Ukraine mr.. Speaker strong cybersecurity, is critical to Canada's competitiveness, economic. Stability and, long-term prosperity, today, along with the Minister of Public Safety, I announced our new national, cybersecurity strategy, with the creation of the, Canadian Centre for cybersecurity as a key, element the, new cyber centre will provide Canadians, and businesses, with a trusted source for cybersecurity advice, and build, on Canada's already world-class, cybersecurity. Expertise. Thank You mr. speaker honourable. Member for Durham, mr., speaker the International. Civil Aviation Organization. Is a UN agency, that promotes international. Cooperation. On air travel decades. Ago I can established, Airport codes for each country, unfortunately. Due to international pressure from, China some, companies, including, Air Canada, have departed, from the use of established. ICAO codes and are now identifying, Taiwan, as China. Will. The Liberals respect, the integrity of, ICAO, and make, that a pillar, of their, bid for the UN Security, Council seat. Mr.. Speaker we're very proud that i, KO, is located, here in canada and has been since 1949. And, we have been very involved with ICAO, and all of the good work that it does to, adopt international. Standards, with respect to aviation. We will continue, to work with ICAO, as we move forward in fact we have taken positions of leadership with. Respect, with, respect to the question of carbon, emissions, from, international. Flights and we will continue to do so the. Honourable, member for Timmins James BAE's speaker, on this 10th anniversary of the residential school apology, the minister for Indigenous Affairs, continues. To fight the survivors. Of st. Anne's she, has instructed, her officials, to target, their lawyer Faye Bronte the lawyer who, exposed, how justice officials, suppress evidence and had cases of child rape and torture thrown, out of the hearings now here's the thing I was, in the meeting where the minister promised, to their faces that she would end those intimidation, tactics. She, gave her word, so I'm asking her will she tell this house why, she told, Angela, she she said she would end these tactics, and yet she continues, to attack the lawyers and the representatives, of. Our. Government, is committed to ensuring justice, for the victims of this dark chapter in our history, Canada, has not and will not see costs against individual, claimants, but, in exceptional. Circumstances, costs, can be sought against lawyers who, do not appear to be acting responsibly as. Justice, Parral noted, in his recent direction counsels. Repeated. And deliberate. Attack on the integrity of this court threatens. To interfere, with the administration, of justice counsel. Will be responsible for any costs, awarded and they will be denied donated, to a fund that supports former. Students. November. For sale at home mr.. Speaker according. To some estimates there, could be up to 2,200, homeless veterans, in Canada, and from, talking to vets and their families we learned there are many factors from, unsuccessful. Transition. To, sudden. Changes in physical, and mental health that, could land a veteran on the street homeless.

Organizations. Like the mission old brewery in Montreal, the respect. Campaign and, vets Canada are working to reduce these numbers in our communities, what's, our government doing to help lower the number of homeless vets and prevent others from becoming homeless in the future, Don, will administer, mr.. Speaker I'd like to thank. My colleague, from. Senegal. For her, support, to, veterans and their families. Homelessness. Among veterans is, unacceptable. Our veterans, who, are homeless, one. Is too many last. Week I, met. Organizations. That work to reduce. The. Numbers, of homeless vets and. This. Will improve our ability to provide. Veterans. Services. And. Services. To homeless vets, and. Help. Provide, programming, for them. Yesterday. Hong Kong democracy, activist, Edward Lee Young was sentenced to six years in prison this, is basic. Dictatorship. In action, in defiance, of the one country two systems framework, that, China agreed, to this, Liberal government claims to care about human rights around the world so, will. They clearly. Condemn, the imprisonment, of Hong Kong's leading, pro-democracy voices. And join, our allies and calling for Hong Kong's legal, status to be respected. Protection. Of human rights our core priorities, in our engagement with China, very, much including, Hong Kong which has such clothes human connections, with our country we, raise the human rights situation in, China with, Chinese officials at, every opportunity and, we will continue to encourage China, to live up to its international commitments. Through Franklin thank you. Mr.. Speaker the Quebec economy, is under attack from, all angles by, Donald Trump who's firing on everything. That moves he, tried to kill our Aeronautics, industry he's, threatening our agriculture. He's slapping tariffs on our softwood lumber our paper our steel in aluminum the, cleanest, in the world in. Short it's all of Quebec that's taking, the hit try. As the Prime Minister might, to stand up to Trump and we will stand behind him when he does the, factor means our companies, and our workers are being left to fend for themselves. What's, taking the government so long and announcing a support package for SMEs, in the aluminum industry got, a Minister of Foreign Affairs. Mr.. Speaker I'd. Like to point out that our, government. Is determined, to. Modernize, NAFTA. In a way that's beneficial to all parties when. It comes to aluminum and steel. Once. Again I'd like to. Underscore. The, fact that Canada. Understands. That these. Tariffs. Are illegal and unjustified. Our. Government, will defend, our workers. And our industry, now. November 4, mana quaggan. Mr.. Speaker the, municipalities. Of lava man and Shibu, on the lower North Shore are stranded, because the federal Wharf no longer meets minimum safety standards after their, supply ship now it's the oil tanker, that can no longer dock in, a month the power plant will no longer be able to provide electricity, because. Of federal negligence.

These Communities, links, to the mainland are in jeopardy will. The Minister show a modicum, of consideration. For local, politicians, and residents, who, are fearing. For their very survival by. Agreeing to at, the very least keep them informed and, say when he intends to deploy an emergency, plan the Minister, of Transport Mr Speaker I'd like to thank my colleague for her question the. People of lower men are our, priority. And they, remain, so and we are following recent. Developments, very closely I. Asked. My department, to act quickly, on this file, in. Cooperation, with the communities, and. The. Services. That serve. This community we. Understand, that work will be done this weekend, but we're working on a lasting. Solution to fix this problem, then, mr.. Speaker everyone, in this house supports the Prime Minister standing, up to President Trump the, government, has announced retaliatory. Tariffs. Targeting. The bracket of American, electoral, districts, unlike. Previous American. Presidents, Trump, has made himself vulnerable, by. Not divesting. His personal, business. Interests, to, apply further, pressure, has, the government, considered, retaliatory. Sanctions. Targeting, the, Trump Organization, rather. Than, the American, people yep. Honorable. Minister of Foreign Affairs. Speaker. The tariffs, imposed by, the United States. Aluminum, are illegal. And unjustified. And the national security pretext. Is absurd, and frankly, insulting. To Canadians, in. Putting, together our, retaliation. List we, have been measured, and we, have created, a perfectly. Reciprocal. List, we. Are now in a, consultation. Period, and we, welcome, ideas from all Canadians, on what should and what should not be in our retaliation. Thank, you.

2018-06-14 11:52

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*Stop the illegal border jumpers send the ones who’ve already entered BACK to the United States it’s THEIR problem NOT ours.*

*He wants his precious carbon tax? Cut foreign aid there’s your carbon money buddy, further more the only people you’ve helped is people that pop out children 500$ per kid equates to 1,500$ for three kids. More than people on welfare and disabled get. Far too much, and by the way it doesn’t lift kids outta poverty it helps irresponsibility and helps mommy get her nails done monthly.*

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Jessie Czako Water vapour is definitely trapping heat. But so is CO2, methane and other greenhouse gases. There is no debate. The entire scientific community supports the theory of climate change. Nobody has been able to disprove the theory. The difficult part is figuring out at what rate will the earth heat, duration, and whats going to be the consequences of doing nothing. You need to educate yourself..... Because you're dead wrong! PS....Let's see your data or any scientific data that disproves the theory. You can't produce it.

Warming Planet You do understand there's NO such thing as man-made climate change, don't you? Carbon emmission is caused by water vapors forming off our oceans and waters. It's just like when your car windows fog up. The carbon you exhale creates heat which warms up your car and turns into water. It's the same premise. Educate yourself. Watch - Nobel Laureate Destroy Global Warming During Opec Lecture. Gets a standing ovation.

Warming Planet Petroleum products are harmful to the environment . And that doesn't take a scientific analysis to confirm . It's definitely a product we have become dependent on which must be "phased out" over time . And with new science and technology the environment will be sustainable , which is not an option.

mary mills You don't understand climate science. If you do, what are you proposing to reduce carbon?

mary mills In one provincial election which is a false majority . 58 % of the public didn't want eneything to do with Trump Junior .

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The majority of the U.S. stands together with President Donald Trump. Just as your country stand behind trudeau, the only trades that President Donald Trump will make are free trades or reciprocity. And NAFTA is over, bilateral trades will be all we offer.

The sunset was removed, you can verify with the other G7. Check their online documents.

Trudeau has been deliberately insulting Trump in order to create this conflict so Canadians will get behind him fighting this common enemy . This is very risky very deceitful and very selfish.Even the conservatives are backing Trudeau on this. Dismantal supply management and save 36 million consumers especially the poor.

Jerry Trump will bend over and Trudeau will find a pussy between Trump's legs.

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Trudeau needs to initiate a nuclear weapons program, point some rockets to the south, and enter in to puerile name calling with Trump in order to be his best pal.

If the 4.5 billion project fail to complete, the losers will be Canadian pensioners and tax payers.

Not necessarily Trump play Hucpa with Canada.

Justin. Keep taking care of Canada like you would knowing your children's lives are coming forward to the future of Canada. I believe in you to do what is best for Canada

Erin Weir from Regina-Lewvan, SK at 48:54 looks robotic, perhaps he's a replicant, maybe an android from Westworld. I'm absolutely sure of it. God help us all! I always suspected something was off about those derned Saskatoonians.

He answered a question !!! YAHOO - WOW -THRILLED!!!! LOL

Stand hard aagainst the American President, Justin. Americans are with you , in the vast majority. He is in Korea, betraying what we all once proudly called the free world. Stand against him, and don't back down.

Stop using up internet space .

Per Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau, can't accept the sunset law where they have to come back every 5 years to renegotiate. Trudeau believes in helping middle class and asking persons who make more money to pay a little more to help. This in Canada is called Liberal party, which Trudeau is part of. Very interested in climate control. Trudeau states the pipeline has been leaking and will need to be repaired. Four and half billion on pipeline. Consider climate change not pipeline which causes problems. We want a clean energy which is more important. Consider other areas for pipelines then America who is trying to cause problems to Canada and other areas. Consider cancelling carbon tax until problems are resolved.

I love this..I wish the US had the same Q and A process.

A guy in Australia has solar power he did the math he will have died before he gets his money back and still pays extra for city power. Canada can't get off oil no country can. not enough electric or batteries in the world to do this.wind mills need to be rebuilt every 5 years not cost effective electric would double if we changed to that system.The batteries are very dirty and don't last long in cold climate.

The Liberals never asked for carbon tax and Trudeau said he wouldn't do it so all they do is hurt Canadians look at gas prices shameful.Trudeau needs to go and fast while Canada is still standing.

Amazed CBC allowed us to post comments.. The VERY LEFT WING biased CBC bought off by the Destroyer of Canada - Judas Turdeau _. CBC is a DISGRACE! Hope the CBC is cut off by Scheer when he wins in 2019!

Hey Liberals... I saw my IT job moved to India. Stop lying!

This is why running budget deficits is so dangerous... when times change... like your largest trading partner "stabbing you in the back", like the US just has... we have less financial freedom to protect ourselves. Our budget is in shambles which makes this threat on trade even worse.

Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish you feed him for life. Giving people government handouts does nothing for the future of Canada. Give the people a job and watch Canada grow. Government needs to step back get rid of red tap to help Canada grow.

Immature ignorant imbecile corrupt liberals make me sick

+chloweful - triggered much little man?

chloweful I do know English. I just prefer to listen to the French as spoken when it is spoken, not through a translator. That's all. No elitism here.

They simply report without obvious Liberal/pro-Trudeau bias eh? One thing I learned about the CBC and the Liberals is, omitting important information is completely different from lying.

You mean the Canadian Brainwashing Corp? If you haven't been censored or blocked from commenting on the CBC, that means you have a Liberal red cabbage leaf stuck to the back of your head.

CBC is a news broadcasting channel not the head of state. When you have a head of state using Twitter to trash people, and run country via bullying that is why nobody apart Russia wants to be friends with the USA right now.

+Alan Cane - they simply report what Donald does and says. Fact is the man is an unfit moron.

LOL, Progressive Conservatives.

Ice Xiao

Andre Dube I don't think so. Have you seen the picture of G7? I think Trump is upset with PM because he was expecting PM to take his side. In G7 they were talking about not implementing new tariff. Justin did what is right for Canada. We can't let USA control Canada then throw tantrums so they can get their way. NO!! Sorry!!

+Joel Lontoc - we can thank Donald for making the situation desperate for these people.

Crystal Koontz yes sad but true. I was once a liberal unfortunately.

Joel Lontoc - socialist always make claims like you do without providing the facts, and then when they are challanged, claims others much research the claim for them selves. here is the real reason that socialist Canada has impossed a tarrif of almost 300% upon milk from America "Canadian milk is under a system called supply management. It means that our Canadian milk is produced by Canadian farmers. We don’t import or export a lot of dairy products. Our farms use quota to manage how much milk comes off their farms. The result is fresh milk that hasn’t been shipped long distances, supports our economy and our communities. We value our supply management system because it give a fair price to the farmer and the consumer and is not subsidized through tax dollars through the government. Notably, turkey, chicken and eggs also function under a supply managed system in Canada. Americans use a different system where they have a bigger reliance on exporting milk. Canada’s farm sizes are also smaller than our American friends. Our average farm size is 85 cows, while the US is about 225. We also have a lot less farms that the USA. Canada has about 11,000 dairy farms while the USA has about 41,800!"

Lactose intolerance has nothing to do with how the dairy is produced, it is a genetecally inhereted issue that occurs in people who lack the enzyme lactase, which they need in order to diggest lactose. Intolerance is very common in Asia in particular for example. People who have been drinking cow milk for generations have developed to produce the enzyme, meaning they have no trouble at all, like you can see for example in Northern Europe. If Canadians lack the enzyme, it has to do with their history of consuming dairy products, or rather lack thereof, regardless of the origin. What you are suggesting is extremely ill informed.

+Maurixio Garcia Sanchez Exactly right instead increase securities funds inside Canada. Not NATO spending.

Marek Kolenda They should stop wasting money let the war maker the US to take care of everything.

+Lar M - and for that you can thank Obama. An undeniable fact.

+Amy y - You could always not drink milk. There is a price difference between anything American or Canadian.

+Claude Laurin - sounds like your talking about thin skin Trump.

+Wes Sproule - what about them? Its a proven childish conspiracy. Why are you so gullible?

Sorry I inverted the NAFTA article number 2205.

You do realize that NAFTA has article 2250, which states only 60 day notice is required. Where as a Sunset is 5 years. Trudeau statement has been that 5 years is to short.

+Ronnie 2.0 M - Donald removed then put back on the next day. Negotiating with a bowl of jello would be easier.

Team Trudeau

Mr407Mike Not at all? Lol

Alex Dawson I’ve just noticed a lot of French people seem to have the elitism mentality but I hear you.

Of course, because Trudeau walks on water. He wouldn't self-aggrandize himself for political gain would he?

There is hardly any FRIENDLY move by Trump.!!!

Mr407Mike This is not a conversation to show your smartness or sarcasm. Milk is important for everybody. Do some research on benefits of the milk. And yes Canadian pay almost double for everything then American's do.

Justin has a lot in common with Pinocchio Every time Pinocchio lied his nose would grow. When Justin lies his eyebrows fall off. Justin doesn't want a sunset clause with Trump because he is only interested in bad deals you can not get out of. Instead of rallying around Trudeau on Tariffs we should charge him and his Liberal party with treason.

Trump is covering only a relatively short span compare to Obama 8 years of administration. You cannot really compare the two except drawing the comparison on the entire terms during their presidency.Yes there are period of ups during Obama administration as the nation already tired of 8 years of Bush.That's normal.

Obama was reducing unemployment every year since 2010 at least. There was no reason for the trend to stop. Lets see how long it takes for that to change.

just take a good look at he unemployment under Obama. What does it tell you ?

CBC the national embarsement . Feminist can not give unbiased news. Tax run propganda for our woman groping traitor leader. Time to off the CBC and it's reporters.

Yes so please allow US imports and make sure they are labeled as containing hormones ect. Then a consumer can decide between higher priced clean Canadian milk or a lower priced poisonous milk from the states.

gav2759 Yeah Trump sure gets on well with a fellow dictator, turds of a feather.

Lumber dog Napoleon Velveeta bragged about lying to the P. M. after their meeting in March ,nobody outside of his cult can stand Trump.

will they throw the prime minister out already?

Liberal canned response to everything the Opposition asks - “We have a plan. We are moving forward. We’re doing stuff. Look at all the money we’ve spent on all these wonderful programs. It’s all Stephen Harper’s fault. It’s all the Conservatives fault.”

Liberal canned response to everything the Opposition asks - “We are moving forward. We’re doing stuff. We have a plan - a great plan, a terrific plan, an amazing plan. Look at all the money we’ve spent on all these wonderful programs. We’re so proud of ourselves. It’s all Stephen Harper’s fault. It’s all the Conservatives fault.”

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