Question Period: Carbon tax, Ontario election, Trans Mountain pipeline — June 8, 2018

Question Period: Carbon tax, Ontario election, Trans Mountain pipeline — June 8, 2018

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Today. We. Have the. Prospect, and the future of a government, in Ontario, for. The. People. The. People, have voted for lower taxes, the, people, have voted for balanced, budgets, the people, have voted to open Ontario. For business and the people have, voted against. The Prime Minister's carbon, tax will, the Prime Minister accept, the verdict, of the people and, cancel. His carbon, tax plan to, raise the price of everything. Like. To start by congratulating all those who put their names forward as candidates, in the election that occurred last night mr.. Speaker the impacts of climate change don't, stop with a change in government and Canadians expect us to take serious action to address climate change and, to grow our economy that, is why we are accelerating, the phase-out of coal making, historic investments in. Cleaner infrastructure, and putting, in trade place a price on carbon pollution to grow the economy and cleaner ways the, science is clear climate. Change is real and we will continue to deliver on what Canadians, and what Ontarians, expect, the. Honourable member, for Carleton. Kathleen. Wynne, was. This prime minister's liberal. Soulmate. They, agreed on absolutely. Everything they both raised, taxes, they, both ran ran, massive. Deficits, they both wrap our entrepreneurs. In red. Tape and they, both dance, - Gerald BOTS tune and, mr.. Speaker the, agenda, high taxes, and big government of carbon. Taxes, on working people has. Been rejected by Ontarians. Will, the Prime Minister take that message. The. Honourable parliamentary. Secretary, - the infirmary ker our government was elected on a platform of, investing, in Canadians to grow our economy and to work to, protect the environment our, plan is working, we have successfully developed the pan-canadian framework, on clean growth and climate change a historic, agreement to address climate change with the provinces and territories since. We formed government the Canadian economy has created over 60% more full-time jobs than the Harper Conservatives did, over the same time period and last, month Canada, saw its strongest, wage growth year over year since 2009. Our government. Will continue to invest in Canadians, as we continue to grow the middle class and support, those working hard to join it member. For Carleton we asked, about the liberal plan to, raise the price of gas by, at least, 11. Cents of leader they said that's okay Kathleen. Wynne, agrees, with us we, said the carbon tax will raise, the cost of home heating for the average family they said that's okay Kathleen. Wynne is on side with, our plan when, we said the carbon tax would make groceries, more, expensive. For, the average Canadian, family. They, said well we've got Kathleen, Wynne in our corner, now, Kathleen, Wynne has been rejected by, the people of Ontario who. Have delivered a verdict for the people will, this, government, take that message. Thank. You mr. speaker. Climate. Change is real and they expect, us to take strong action, and that is exactly what, we are doing we. Have taken, action we're accelerating the phase-out of traditional coal power we're, making historic investments in, clean infrastructure, like public transit and we are putting in place a price on carbon pollution to grow the economy and cleaner ways I certainly. Wish mr. speaker that for the sake of our children and grandchildren the, Conservatives, were not making climate change a partisan argument, we will continue, to take practical, cost-effective measures to tackle climate change and rogue, lean clean growth economy, because, mr. speaker, that is what Canadians expect that, is what our children expect. We, salute. Luisa. No home mr., speaker Kathleen, when, the great friend of the Prime Minister was, right the, Liberal Party lost. Yesterday what, happened was that Ontarians, clearly, said that they wanted, conservative, progressive government that.

Would Abolish the, liberal carbon tax the. One that, the current government wants to impose mr.. Speaker well. The government continued. With its desire. To impose. Carbon. Tax despite. The popular will. Mr.. Speaker the impacts of climate change don't stop with a change of government and Canadians. Expect, us to deal with climate, change by. Taking serious, action to. Improve our economy. This. Is the reason for which we are reducing. The use of fossil, fuels, we are investing, in green infrastructure, and putting a price on pollution to. Make the, economy. Grow in a green way, science. Is clear climate, change is real and we will continue to, meeting, Canadians, expectations. On this matter. Well. According to the government under. The former government greenhouse, gas emissions were reduced by more than two percent without, a liberal carbon tax, yesterday. Ontarians. Sent a clear message they. Don't want, one. So. If the liberal government wants to go forward despite the popular well will they at least have the decency to, give Canadian. It's. The information about how much it will cost for each Canadian, family. General. Parliamentary secretary. Mr.. Speaker as I said our government. Was elected on a platform of, electing. Of investing. In our. Economy, and protecting, our environment our plan. Is working. Since. We formed government the, Canadian economy. Has. Created. Many. New jobs far. More than under, the Conservatives, during. The same period of time last. Month. Canada. Saw its biggest salary. Increase here over a year since. April. 2009. Our. Government will continue to invest in Canadians. To. Grow the middle class from, emember fresh taiga, mr.. Speaker apparently, taking four and a half billion dollars from, taxpayers to, buy a pipeline, is in the, national interest. But. As chief. Patrick metabee, from the Anishinabe, nation said this, government is ready to pull out their checkbook, for something that won't contribute, to a sustainable future, and so they should also be ready to pay a big amount of money for women's, rights the health system, indigenous. Rights or child welfare mr.. Speaker what, are the Liberals real priorities. The. Honourable parliamentary, secretary, to the minister of innovation. Mr.. Speaker our government. Came to an agreement with Kinder Morgan. To, ensure that the pipeline would be built. We. Will guarantee. Over. 5, 15,000. Jobs, including. 9,000 NBC during the construction period. Furthermore. Mr. speaker this investment, is a fair price for Canadians. We, are able to. Undertake. This, project because, we know. That. We. Are respecting the trust that Canadians. Placed in us when, it comes to growing the, economy, and protecting the environment. Didn't. Vote to buy a pipeline. Yesterday. The grand council, chief from the Aniston object nation called the Liberals decision, to spend four and a half billion, dollars on a leaky 65 year old pipeline. Very foolish, he asked this why, is the government paying an international. Company when there are so many needs in this country it's a good question think, about how many communities. Across Canada particularly. Indigenous. Ones could benefit from this level of investment so, my question, if the Liberals were to invest these billions, of dollars in clean, energy would, we create more or less jobs than this pipeline. Mr.. Speaker the NDP can't seem to decide if they're a party that supports, Responsible, resource development, or if they're still the party is elite manifesto, let's, be clear the NDP, will not support, any project. Even, to the point of having their MPs, disrespect. The rule of law the, member opposite, fails to acknowledge there, are several indigenous, communities, along the route who support, this project. Please tell this house are there interests, also not important, this project, was subject to the most exhaustive, consultation, in the history of pipelines, in Canada I wonder, if the member opposite has bothered to consult the dozens, of First Nations communities, that stand to benefit, from this project moving forward thank, you to the Honourable member for Victoria, divide-and-conquer. Mr. speaker speaking. Of jobs, titles. Of tens. Of thousands, of Canadian, jobs are under attack by the actions, of President, Trump millions. More are worried about how a trade war will. Impact their families, in their communities no. One can predict what President, Trump will do next so, instead we'll the government focus, on protecting workers, here, at home can, the government tell us exactly when. Meetings. Will take place with labor and industry, to determine precisely, how. We, can support our Canadian, workers. The. Honourable parliamentary, secretary, to the Minister of innovation Mr, Speaker we have.

Committed To supporting, our aluminum. And steel industries. Because. They have. Been negatively affected by this this, frankly, illegal, and an absurd tariff, Mr Speaker we. Will continue to do so we are in meetings with those industries, we, have continued. To support innovation. In steel related, research we, have invested, recently, sixty million dollars, in Rio, Tinto, and Alcoa, in the saguenay region, to make greener. And cleaner aluminium, mr. speaker so we are continuing to support those industries, moving forward and we will continue to, support those interests seeing them in the face so, number. Four centers and beds mr.. Speaker yesterday, the prime minister told farmers. That there would be no NAFTA, without Supply Management, the. Response from farmers and saguenay was we, would have liked to have heard the words fully maintained, for, 20 years the government has been giving access to Canadian markets at each, negotiation. The, government doesn't seem able to say those words the Prime Minister would rather talk about flexibility. Furthermore. This morning on Twitter president. Trump directly. Attacked, supply, management, what. Does this government going to do to protect our supply management system, against. Unfair. American, attack, the. Circuits up general, parliamentary, secretary to the Minister of Agriculture mr.. Speaker our government, is firmly, in support of supply management and has committed to maintaining it, the. Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture as well as the ministers of Foreign. Affairs and other cabinet ministers, and. All. Of the Quebec liberal, members have. Been very clear. They. Have said unequivocally that, NAFTA Nageotte, negotiations. Are. Will, be clearly in support of supply, management our, government supports the system and will continue to defend and protect it as well, as the interests of farming, families. Mr.. Speaker yesterday, Ontarians. Ended, 15, years of liberal wasteful, spending and over taxation, by. Electing a conservative. Majority, government in, a clear mandate to lower taxes, and fight, the Liberals tax crab that they call a carbon, tax the. People of Ontario have spoken loud and clear but. Will the Prime Minister's, start listening, to Canadians, and stop forcing his carbon tax on everyday Canadians. Thank. You mr. speaker mr., speaker the four provinces that, price carbon pollution in Canada BC Alberta Ontario and Quebec led, the country in growth last year mr. speaker the, environment. And the economy go together British. Columbia put a price on carbon pollution more than a decade ago and since 2008. British Columbia's direct price on carbon has reduced emissions, by between five and fifteen percent according to the experts at the University of Ottawa and Duke University while. Provincial, GDP grew more than 17, percent during, that period and mr.. Speaker it shows that the price on carbon pollution is, part of an overall plan to address climate change will, address, it will create a good economic Rafi honourable member for Barry, Innes, Ville I want, to change, his talking points the Prime Minister and Kathleen, Wynne were political, BFFs, who share the same rigid.

Ideology. Last. Night voters in Ontario, sent a clear message that they'd had enough of liberal taxes, scandal, and debt, and deficits, and Liberal corruption, in fact the same backroom, operatives, that ran Ontario, into the ground are the same ones running the Prime Minister's office the people of Ontario rejected. The failed policies developed. By Gerald Butz will the Prime Minister, listen to the people of Ontario and not, geryl, butts and, scrap, this carbon tax. Speaker. As long as we're talking about taxes, let's get the facts straight our, government has cut taxes, for 9 million middle-class, Canadians. While raising them on the richest 1% we've. Also helped, hundreds, of thousands, of children out of poverty, mr. speaker with our child our Canada, child benefit that benefits nine out of ten Canadian families, Mr Speaker we have, a plan it is, the right plan and that plan is working, the. Honourable member for Elgin Middlesex, London, Thank You mr. speaker I would like to begin by thinking and welcoming, my MPP, Jeff York on his reelection it. Sucks. London sent a clear message by, rejecting, this carbon tax the Liberals have lost over half of their so-called provincial, support for the carbon tax the, Environment, Minister, has to realize that people aren't, buying into, this - these talking points Ontario. Will join Saskatchewan. And soon we'll, see Alberta opposing, these job-killing, carbon taxes. Spoken. Loud and clear when will the Prime Minister scrap his carbon tax. Thank, You mr. speaker, Canadians know that we can fight climate change and grow the economy at the same time as. Many of Canada's largest employers, have pointed out putting a price on carbon pollution is, just good business it's, already helping to build a clean growth economy, and to make Canadian, businesses more innovative, and more competitive businesses. Like New Flyer who make zero-emission buses and Winnipeg landmark. Homes who make energy-efficient, homes for Edmonton families they, know that pricing pollution encourages, innovation and will bring good, new middle-class jobs for Canadians the. Honourable member for sarnia-lambton. Mr.. Speaker this province, is spoken out against, the carbon, tax with, multiple, provinces in agreement the carbon, tax will hurt Canadians, hurt, our businesses, do nothing, for the planet, will, the Prime Minister, abandon, this ill-conceived. Plan or, be transparent. Enough to, let Canadians, know how much will force us to pay. Secretary. To the Minister. Speaker the. Conservatives, don't have a plan to address climate change they don't even seem to believe that climate change is real or that it's a problem and they are missing the boat on the enormous, opportunities, that will be enabled through addressing climate change in thoughtful and substantive ways the. World Bank the Peres has, indicated, that the Paris agreement will create 23. Trillion, dollars, in economic opportunities. Going forward you, know mr. speaker when they were in power the, Canada's, the share of the global clean tech markets shrunk by half it was a function of the fact that they did nothing to address climate change this government is going to grow the economy and, address climate change at the same time honourable. Member for Kitchener. Conestoga. Spoken. Clearly they, do not want, a carbon tax. To. Stop forcing is punishing carbon tax on middle-class Canadian families, farmers. In Kitchener Conestoga, are especially, concerned about this unfair tax which increases, their cost for tractor, fuel fertilizer. Transportation. Of feed and farm, products, well, the Prime Minister. Stop forcing, and, using his heavy-handed, taxes which are only needed because if his out-of-control, spending Thank, You mr. speaker the.

Honorable Parliamentary. Secretary, mr.. Speaker a comprehensive, approach to addressing climate change includes, regulatory, measures like phasing. Out of coal like, reducing, methane emissions it includes investments. In clean technology, and green, infrastructure, and it also includes, a price on carbon it, recent, study released showed that by 2030, a price, on carbon will reduce 80 to 90 megatons, of carbon emissions while stimulating, economic growth going forward the. Conservatives. Have not told us how they will actually address climate change because, many of them over there don't even believe in climate science it's, time for us to actually hear from the opposition about how they will actually put together a plan to address climate change our. For, Peace River in West log mr., speaker yesterday the voters on my Terrace in a clear message to this prime minister they. Don't. Want, his carbon, tax last, year, Saskatchewan, rejected. The liberal carbon tax and next year when Alberta elects Jason Kenney as premier albertans, will reject this terrible, tax the. Prime Minister has to Fort stop forcing, his carbon tax on Canadian families when will the Prime Minister listen, to Canadians, and abandon his terrible, carbon, tax. The. Conservative Party likes to repeat the question over and over again and I will repeat the similar answer which is a thoughtful, approach to addressing, climate change includes. Measures that are regulatory measures, it includes making significant, investments and it includes putting a price on pollution, to, incent, efficiency, to grow the economy and, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Mr. Speaker we have a comprehensive plan Canadians, want us to address climate change in a thoughtful way they want us to ensure we're protecting the future for our children our grandchildren that's, exactly what we were going to do and the question that they have for the leader of the Opposition is where is your climate, plan. The Honourable member for South Okanagan, West Kootenai mr.. Speaker today is World, Oceans day and Canadians, are concerned, about the health of our coastal, waters but. Instead of investing, in in clean renewable, energy the. Liberals have just spent 4.5.

Billion Dollars our dollars, on an outdated pipeline, that threatens, our waterways that, while doing nothing to, address the catastrophic. Consequences. Of a bitch iment spill and when it comes to an oil spill the question is not if but when so. Why is this government forcing, this pipeline through when, they have no way for, protecting, our waters. The. Honourable parliamentary, secretary, to the minister the. NDP, indeed, applauded, premiers notley's, plan to protect the environment but it seems they forgot with that plan contained, let, me remind them a cap, on oil sands emissions, a price on pollution a pipeline. To get resources to Marcus other than the United States that. Is what is real leadership on climate change it looks like mr. speaker, and that's why we're putting a price on pollution phasing. Out coal and are investing, in clean technologies, progressive. Leaders like premier Notley get it and it's unfortunate, that the federal NDP, disagrees. With her thank you no, no I remember four ago, mr.. Speaker the Prime Minister likes to stir it around the international, stage bragging. About being a great champion, of the environment, he's. Lucky that not everyone, reads the Canadian papers because, they would quickly realize that instead, of doing what he says he. Took four and a half billion dollars of public money to buy, a pipeline. The. Liberals had promised, to be champions, of renewable energy why, are they breaking their promise why, are they investing, in the energies of the past rather than the energies, of the future. The. Honourable parliamentary, secretary, Thank, You mr. speaker and I think the member opposite for the question which allows me to talk about some of the work that we are doing, around protecting. Our environment and growing the economy including. A 1.5, billion dollar ocean its protections, plan. It's simply not the case that that. One. Can let. Me rephrase that that we believe that one can't, be done with the other that's. Why in, in. Addition, to putting a price on pollution we. Have a climate, change policy, that. Addresses all, of the opportunities, within the clean tech sector whether that is in nuclear, whether that is in bioenergy, whether, that is in oil and gas Thank. You mr. speaker, well member for Carlton trail Eagle, Creek mr., speaker whether, the Prime Minister, and his Environment, Minister want to accept it or not last. Night Ontarians. Overwhelmingly. Rejected, their carbon tax. In. The, fight against, this liberal, tax craft will. The Prime Minister learn from the lesson that has befallen his, friend the, former Premier. Kathleen Wynne and finally. Stopped forcing, his carbon tax on middle-class, Canadians. All across this country. Parliamentary. Secretary, to the Minister, of the Environment as. I've said Canadians, know that we can flight-or-fight climate, change and grow our economy at the same time many, of Canada's largest employers. Have endorsed, the concept of a price on carbon pollution it's, already, helping to build a clean growth economy, economy for Canada companies, like carbon cure and Nova Scotia companies. Like hydrogenic, sin Toronto, companies like General, fusion, or carbon. Engineering, in British Columbia these are companies that are part of the wave of clean growth that will enable Canada, to ensure that economic. Growth continues, going forward while we meet our international obligations, to address climate change member. For Yorkton, Melville, mr.. Speaker, it's a beautiful, sunny day in Canada, today why. Because. Last night Ontarians. Made the right choice for, a new beginning, in their province our conservative. Saskatchewan, members of parliament, welcome the new Ontario. Progressive Conservative. Government, as an. Of. Saskatchewan, in rejecting. This Liberal government's, carbon, tax will, the Prime Minister, now. Finally. Listen. To middle-class families. And scrap, his, carbon. Thank. You mr. speaker Canadians. Want, their, government to address the, climate issue in thoughtful ways, they. Want to ensure that we are addressing and reducing, greenhouse gas emissions in accordance, with our international. Commitments and they want us to do that in ways that, ensure that we grow an economy that will ensure prosperity for, Canadians in the future mr., mr. speaker that is what the pan-canadian framework, is about that we negotiated with the provinces and territories it's a comprehensive approach that will drive growth going forward and will allow us to address climate change I just. Want to remind the honourable members the rules again I know we've heard them before but when somebody's speaking it's not polite, or it's against the rules to actually, shout, at them so I'd, like to hear what the honourable question, is or the Honorable answer is the. Honourable member for acerous, Moose Mountain. Last. Night Ontarians, rejected, the liberal carbon tax in their election of a Progressive.

Conservative, Government, they, will join my province of Saskatchewan, and soon, Alberta in, rejecting, the Liberals and their carbon tax we. In Saskatchewan, know this plate all too well we. Welcome our new ally in the fight against the Prime Minister's job-killing, carbon, tax, when, will the Prime Minister's stop his attack on middle class families, and axe his carbon, tax. Secretaries. Thank. You mr. speaker as, I've said on a number of occasions Canadians. Expect their, government to address climate change in thoughtful, and substantive ways that, means ensuring that we have a comprehensive plan one that addresses, regulatory, issues such as accelerating. The phase-out of coal reducing. Methane emissions making, major investments in green infrastructure, and investments. To stimulate the growth of clean technology, in this country and it also includes. Putting, a price on pollution to, ensure that we're trying to address what we don't want and accelerating. The innovation that we do we, are focused, on ensuring a balanced, approach that will drive economic growth going forward but will also enable us to reduce Mena the Honourable member for Calgary Vigna poor. Mr.. Speaker yesterday voters, in Ontario, made it clear they are fed up with rising taxes. Including. The Liberals carbon, tax and we, also can be sure Alberta, will send the same message next. Year when voters elect, Jason. Kenney. Ministers. Start, listening, and stop, forcing his unaffordable. Job-killing. Carbon, tax on hardworking, middle-class, Canadian. Thank. You mr. speaker i'ma, change is real climate change, requires that we actually come up with thoughtful, and substantive, ways to address the issue it, involves, thinking about the economy of the future driving. Innovation, it looks at the key measures and the most significant, and and cost effective measures to actually reduce that one, of those is putting a price on carbon pollution I know on that side of the house that they were not they, were not in favor of learning. Based. On data in science over the past 10 years when they were in government but that but the price on carbon pollution has, been demonstrated internationally, as one of the most effective, and low-cost, ways to, address the carbon issue the. Honourable member for Vancouver, Kingsway, speaker. Today is June 8th only three short weeks away from the Liberals declared, July, 1 deadline for, cannabis, legalization talk. About a plan going up in smoke now. We have a slew of amendments, to the Liberals bill from the unelected, Senate, that this house will, now need to deal with. After three years of waiting Canadians. Want legalization. Clarity. And reasonable. Rules for everyone, what, is this government's, plan to deal with these amendments so, that Canadians, get what they deserve, a fair, and timely, cannabis. Law. The. Honourable parliamentary, our sorry the Honourable Minister of Justice. Appreciate. The question with, respect to Bill c-45, the, cannabis legislation. That we're moving forward I would like to thank the members in the other house for their thoughtful and considered. Amendments. That they put forward I'm anticipating. That we will see receive. A message in this house we will carefully consider the amendments, that the other, house has put forward as we move towards, a comprehensive, legalized, framework, and strict regulation, of cannabis no. No I deputy Drummond the Honourable member for Drummond Thank. You mr. speaker after yesterday's, Senate vote on the cannabis, bill the.

Bill Has now but will be sent back to the house with. Amendments. Numbering, in the 40s. With. This slow down and with every other slow down and the imminent date for legalization. Of cannabis. There. Are, thousands. Of Canadians. Who are living with criminal. Charges and they're already marginalized. Why. Are, the Liberals letting down Canadian. Citizens. Decriminalization. Has to happen now, the. Honourable Minister of Health thank you very much mr., speaker mr., speaker. The. Current approach for cannabis does not work, it has put money in the hands of criminals. We, need to keep it out of the hands of children the. Government, is legalizing, and, strictly, regulating. Access, to cannabis and we are pleased that bill c-45, was, passed by the Senate we, thank them for their work and the government, will take a very close look at the edmond amendments, that have been brought forward Thank You mr. speaker the Honourable member for Pontiac, mr.. Speaker on, April. 22nd, we celebrated. Earth Day, on that, day Canada, joined the international. Community, to underscore, the, importance, of protecting our, environment, and there were many cleanup activities, that took place throughout the country. Single-use. Plastics. That are thrown, out after use is a huge, waste of resources and, energy and, this. Waste is. A threat, to our marine, zones can, the parliamentary, secretary to the environment, and the climate chains tell this house about, the latest measures that have been taken to target, plastic, wastes, the Honourable parliamentary, secretary. Thank. You mr., speaker first. I would like to thank, my colleague the member for Pontiac for his question and all his good work our, government, is determined to protect our, environment and to. Preserve our waterways, for, all Canadians. And so that they can all continue to benefit from them that, is why I Canada, will be taking steps this year. Under. It's a presidency, of the g7 and in, years to come in order to make sure that plastic, does not end up in our oceans, our waterways and our landfills, thank. You the. Honourable, member for Michael to Clara. Mr.. Speaker dairy. Producers, are right to no. Longer. Believe the Prime Minister reale agriculture. Has just told us that the American secretary for agriculture sonny Perdue confirmed, the Prime Minister's apocrypha, you just said look, let me mean this right they mess the Prime Minister was dishonest yesterday, with this agnate producers, why. Did he hide the fact that Canada, has already, offered the Americans concessions. Will the Prime Minister, and his ministers, finally, tell, us all the truth what, concessions.

Did They make the. Parliamentary. Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture, mr.. Speaker. Our government. Supports, producers, and supply management we are the party that fought to implement, the system and we will continue to protect it undefended. We. Have always said and repeated that it is an excellent, system mr.. Speaker, we do the Harper Conservatives want, us just to sign any old agreement this government, will only sign an agreement that is good for all Canadians. We, continue. To support supply, management producers, their families, and all our agricultural, interests, the. Honourable Minister for mega tickly Rob, oh well. They're so good at playing with words are they mr. speaker but we have a question, which. Prime Minister should we believing the one thing no one she could sue me are the ones saying yes to the United States. Much, if we go on producer, was right to be extremely disappointed by the PM's visit to Sagna yesterday, the, news is always coming from the states Canada, made an offer to the Americans, and that was confirmed by the American secretary, for agriculture. So I'm asking once again what, is that offer why lie, to dairy, producers, in Canada. The. Honourable parliamentary, secretary. Mr.. Speaker our government. Supports, Supply Management and all, its, families. This, is, a source, of stability stability. For, everyone we are the party that implemented, it and we will continue to defend it we said over, and over again. That. Supply, Management proposals. From our American, partners are unacceptable. We, will continue, to protect supply, management producers, their families, and all agricultural, interests Thank You mr. speaker the Honourable member for Libby reveal. Opinion, mr.. Speaker because of the PM's tweets our, country, has become a veritable sieve, for illegal, immigration, and now, the extent, of the problem is, therefore our leader to see from. January, to April alone. There were nine thousand six hundred and fifteen illegal. Entries in Quebec and imagine. Now our border, agents, are expecting, up to four hundred illegal. Arrivals per, day this, summer that. Is scandalous. Mr.. Speaker why did, the Prime Minister refused. To include the issue of illegal immigrants. On the g7, agenda, the Honourable parliamentary. Secretary, to the minister of immigration, thank you very much mr.. Speaker and I'm certain, that the, leaders. Visit. To that collet, will be a very, interest, very, interesting. The. Former, government cut funds. And that's. What a day leader of the opposition will probably learn when he visits, there they. Also, made. Cruel and unfair, cuts, to, immigration. Mr., speaker. We. Need. To. Regulate. Our. Arrivals. And. I. Would. Actually just send the opposition, leader back, home when he goes to visit lack are the Honourable member for a taxi a mr., speaker. One. Month ago I. Asked. The Minister, of Public Safety. What, the lives of correctional, officers, were worth in Dona, Cana there are men and women who are risking their lives every day while the government simply nickels, and dimes. Rather. Than. Look, for Phoenix. Pay system the. Government is, cutting. The, internal, firefighting service, in prisons, will, the Liberals act and protect. Our workers and adequately, pay, our. Professional. Public servants the Honourable parliamentary, secretary, to the Minister of Justice. Committed. To maintaining a, safe, and respectful work environment, for all members, of, our. Public safety we, have are working closely with the new interim commissioner and correctional services who, is taking significant, measures to. Ensure, a safe, and healthy workplace for, all corrections, workers. The. Honourable member for Louissaint, Manny. Mr.. Speaker the repression, of women's. Rights advocates, in Saudi Arabia is increasing. Many. Have, been arrested, detained and accused of crimes such as suspicious. Contacts. With foreign, parties, or, undermining. State. Security, and stability. Including. A, former student of the University of British Columbia Lou. Jane Alan. What. Has the government done. To. Ask, that all these advocates. For, women, be able to work. Safely, in Saudi Arabia, the. Honourable parliamentary, secretary to the Minister, of Foreign Affairs thank, you very much mr., speaker this, government, will always defend human. Rights including, the rights of women and girls abroad. We. Are extremely disappointed by. The arrests. Of these advocates, in Saudi Arabia. These arrests. Are completely. Incompatible with, the Saudi, government's, commitment, to creating, a more tolerant and open society, and the Minister has raised her concerns, with. The Minister, Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia, we. Will always as I have just said promote, and defend the. Rights of women, and, girls and human rights here in Canada and abroad meet Colombia the. Liberal government is spending, 4.5. Billion, dollars of taxpayer, money that's, our money to, buy a 65, year old leaky pipeline many.

Canadians, Don't realize, that that pipeline runs, through Jasper, National Park and be seized mount, robson Provincial, Park the. Government claims that will prioritize, ecological. Integrity but, environmental leaders. Don't Ram new pipelines, through national, and provincial parks, can. The minister explained, how buying and expanding, a pipeline, will, protect the ecological. Integrity of Jasper. National Park. The. Honourable parliamentary, secretary, to the Minister, of the Environment you, mr. speaker the trans Mountain project which, will provide significant, economic benefits to all Canadians, was, approved by the federal government and by the province of BC and by the province of Alberta after, a thorough review of all key environmental, issues the, decision includes, 157. Conditions associated with the construction of the pipeline it, includes incorporating. The emissions in the pan-canadian framework, it includes an oceans protection, plan it includes, a range of measures to ensure that the pipeline construction is done safely and in accordance with the ecological integrity of Canada's national parks, is a decision that was taken after, a review and addressing. All of the key environmental concerns, and it is a project that is in the national interest member, from Kamloops, thompson Caribous, mr., speaker a year, ago BC suffered, the worst wildfires in, our history the, government said it would be there for us but they didn't last much past the photo-op we, brought to the Finance Minister's attention. A very important, issue around, Salvage Woods and capital gains treatment, local. Government brought the same issue to him six months phone, calls letters not even the courtesy of a response, in terms of this issue can, the Finance Minister and stand, up and tell us and tell the victims. What he's gonna do in terms of at least responding.

To A very simple request for. Options. Justice. Souter Public Safety Canada is, mandated, to keep Canadians safe from a wide range of natural disasters, including, of course wildfires, the, government operations center acting on behalf the Government of Canada provides response, coordination, and such events affecting. Their national interest and our. Government, will always stand. Ready to help any problems or territory, that, requests federal assistance to respond to any natural disaster, including, wildland. Urban interface fires. The. Honourable member for Kamloops Thompson, caribou mr.. Speaker here's another victim, of the liberal summer jobs attestation. Requirement. When a Nova Scotia's, must-see, attractions the, banger saw my old museum, has, had to close its doors this, has been a staple of the community since, before Confederation. The, member for West Nova has been shamefully, silent, while the landmark, and the jobs that go with it our loss how. Can a local won't see the absurdity, of theirs Orwellian, policy, and the impact, that's having on communities, across the country. Mr.. Speaker I'd like to thank the member for the question I like to thank her for her newfound. Interest in, jobs, for young Canadians, she should talk to maybe her seat mate because, when the member from Carleton, was Minister, he, cut twenty million dollars, out of the youth employment strategy. Yes of course his boss the former, you know Stephen Harper he wanted to shut the program down, completely. So, we'll take more lessons from the Conservatives, about what to do for young Canadians, in Nova Scotian we've got over 3,000. Young students, that are going to benefit from the. Investment made by this government, twice as much as the Conservatives, me. On. Wednesday the Prime Minister stood in this house and bragged about killing jobs in Alberta by canceling, oil and gas exploration tax. Credits, mr., speaker thousands, of all burdens, rely, on jobs, in our oil and gas industry. And minister, of infrastructure. Stand. And tell us if he and the member of remittance, center support, this job-killing decision. Structure. Mr.. Speaker I'm proud to stand here on this side of the house and and and support Albertans and the jobs that we're creating in Alberta. Let. Me underline what we've done for Alberta working with our, Alberta partners, we've, improved.

Transit, Roads bridges and water systems all over Alberta, we have approved 150. Projects, worth one point seven, billion dollars in federal, funding mr. speaker and that's three point nine billion, dollars, in federal funding, funding in totality. I on. The eye with, the minister of infrastructure, are quite proud to stand on this side of the house and do, more in three years then, several, dozen MPs from Alberta did in 10 years for Albert. Trinity. Mr.. Speaker the ocean protection plan is an important, priority for our government, as well as for the people in my riding of Bonavista beer insurance what what, one moment I'm. Trying to hear the Honourable, member for. Bonavista. Buren Trinity and I having a hard time and he's not far from me so I just want everybody to listen to his question I'm sure it's a good one the, Honourable member mr.. Speaker the oceans Protection Plan is an important, priority for our government as, well as for the people in my writing of Bonavista pier in Trinity, we, know that we must do everything we can to ensure that our waterways, and coasts, are protected, and preserved, for, generations to, come can. The parliamentary, secretary to the minister's share with this house the details, of new initiatives, taken to, help the Canadian Coast Guard in contributing protection. And, strengthening marine safety across, the region the. Honourable parliamentary, secretary. Speaker. On this world's ocean day I want to thank the member for motiv these two Biron Trinity for his advocacy on this issue and, on the Fisheries Committee last. Month we. Announced the, official reopening, of the Canadian Coast Guard's maritime, rescue, sub center in st. John's the, center coordinates, the Coast Guard's on the water response, to marine incidents in the area provides an essential link for Mariners operating in the unique and challenging, conditions, often experienced, out the coastlines, of Newfoundland and Labrador the. Center will have a staff, of 12 maritime, search and rescue coordinators, it demonstrates, our continued commitment to the Canadian Coast Guard and our coastal communities. Speaker. Aaron's whom any regime regularly. Uses terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, to destabilize, the Middle East and target Israel our closest, ally and the only stable democracy, in region, this, week Iran's, so-called supreme, leader tweeted, that Israel, is a malignant cancerous, tumor, that has to be removed and eradicated, and his ambassador, to France revealed that their funding the present violent protests, in Gaza why, do the Liberals continue, to insist on normalizing. Relations with the country that's such an obvious threat to peace security. And democracy. Mr.. Speaker our government, and I believe all Canadians, are appalled by the abhorred statement, from Supreme Leader Khomeini, our, position, on Iran is, clear, we oppose Iran's, support, for terrorist, organizations we. Oppose its threats towards Israel we oppose its ballistic missile program and, its, support for the murderous Assad regime in Syria, Canada.

Has Been for, many years and continues to be a steadfast, friend of Israel, and we will continue to support Israel's, right to live in peace thank, you remember, for Bay of Quinte. Residential. Schools were instrumental in stripping away the language and culture, of indigenous. Peoples this, is one of the tragic, legacies, of residential, school system as, our government continues to work in partnership with indigenous communities on a journey towards reconciliation. Can the parliamentary, secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage please, update this house on the work being done to fulfill the Truth and Reconciliation commissions. Calls to, action 13 14. And 15, concerning, indigenous. Languages. Thank You mr. speaker the parliamentary, secretary to the minister Canadian Heritage Thank You mr. speaker I'd like to thank my colleague, from the Bay of Quinte for his engagement, in this issue we've. Said it many times there is no relationship, more important, to our government, than our relationship with indigenous peoples, and we, know that indigenous languages, are endangered across, this country that's, why we're working with matey in the wit and First Nations leaders to co-develop, the, first indigenous languages, act and why, we've recently announced the next phase of our engagement, on this issue furthermore. We've invested, an historic, 90 million dollars, for indigenous, languages, initiatives. This, is an essential step in our journey towards reconciliation Thank, You mr. speaker the Honourable member for Calgary rocky, ridge mr.. Speaker earlier, this year the courts awarded mr., and mrs. Amory of Nanaimo. 1.7. Million dollars in damages, for, malicious, prosecution by, the Canada Revenue Agency, this. Malicious, prosecution ruined. This family's, life and cost taxpayers nearly. 3 million dollars in damages, and legal, costs the, minister has refused, to confirm whether or not the individuals, singled. Out by the judge are still employed at the CRA is, this the minister's idea of being, more client, focused up the Canada Revenue Agency. Our. Government, is committed to ensuring the agency, treats Canadians, as valued clients, and not simply as taxpayers the confidence, and stress that trust that individuals, have in the agency is the cornerstone of our tax system the, agencies, employed involved, in the audit follows, rigorous training, behaviors. That diverge from their code of contact, is not tolerated. I remind. My honourable colleague that this case dates 2008. Under the previous, Conservative, government, and as this matter is before the court it would be inappropriate for me to comment any further Thank, You mr.. Suitable. Number for Juliet. Mr.. Speaker yesterday, in, lab a 150. Dairy producers, call on the prime minister to, protect, supply management, in its entirety in NAFTA these are the same producers, who. Were promised, at the time of the Lexx an election, that the TPP would, not be opened up at all and then exactly the opposite happened three months later well this time they didn't let him try it out his speaking points they insisted, on zero concessions, and the Prime Minister answered. I hear, you I understand. Your concerns when, a politician, says that you, know you're in trouble will. The government protect, supply, management, in its entirety, that's, not complicated in, its entirety, yes or no the Honourable parliamentary, secretary, to the Minister, of Agriculture mr. speaker we are the ones who implemented, supply management, we will always defend, it mr.. Speaker who. Is it who wants to end supply management the member for that both, their. Leader. The, member for Laville opinion. And. Many. Other conservative. Members on. This, side Oh. Liberals. Oh, Quebec. Liberals supply. Support, Supply Management the Honourable member from any quick on mr.. Speaker the, g7, is a gathering of the world's most powerful but, it's also a time when many damages, occur whether it be in Quebec City Porto, peak its municipalities. Businesses, and people who pay the price of this show I'm thinking. Of the tourism industry for example which is so important, to, our national capital region in the area of. I'm worried about all those business owners who will see the revenues drop and their windows broken I'm, worried about seasonal, workers, will, have to stay at home just when the summer season is beginning the. G7 indulgences. Are in huge contrast, to the losses of those left out will the government commit to fully compensating. Compensating. Those who are going to suffer the consequences, the, Honourable parliamentary, secretary.

Mr. Speaker. We. Are very, proud to, host the world leaders, to the beautiful area Charlevoix, for this g7, meeting, today and, tomorrow, the, Prime Minister has, met. Leaders, from, the area the mayor as well. As, many. Businesses, that. Might be affected. By this meeting. We. Know that, the shallow oil residents, themselves, are, proud to host this meeting and I must tell my colleague, that the policies, in place, for, compensation. For. Local businesses, that are affected are these same policies that were in place when the Conservatives. Were hosting this event the Honourable member for mani quagga, mr.. Speaker, the. Only contact the people of lava men and yuna manchu have, with, the mainland is the bela dig on uShip yet for years the government is known that, the lava men Wharf is in a critical straits, so get. A critical state rather so critical, that, the. Boat, could only land, a quarter of its load yesterday, these were mostly perishable. Items, time. Is going by mr., speaker and this is about the, safety of the people in local men and una Manchu will, the Minister of Transport, take action, and what does he plan for the people of the boscoe's know the, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Transport, thank. You and I'd like to thank my colleague, the citizens, of lavell men and the, lower, North Shore are our priority. The, minister's office is, in contact, with, the office of the local member, and we. Will remain, in contact, on. This, file, we. Want to make sure that, all necessary work will be done as quickly as possible in. Order. To resolve, this situation thank. You. Brings questions period to an end. At. Abling of documents. The. Honourable parliamentary, secretary, to the government house leader yes Thank You mr. speaker, pursuant to Standing.

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You want your carbon tax? Wanna take climate change seriously? Awesome!

Who is that guy with that cool moustache?

I see I should have put the Grand Solar Minimum will be called the Eddy Minimum etc. Sorry.

The myth of Carbon Pollution is a SCAM! Go watch the "Myth of Carbon Pollution"which will be called The "Eddy Minimum" Can you multiply 0.04% Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere (times) 3.5% which man adds (times) to 4% of Carbon Dioxide which is the Greenhouse Gas. See where the decimal place is? With the largest drop in temperature in the last two and a half years is 0.42*C which is the same as the 70's. Now to drop the last of the 0.21*C? If one was to spend Billions/Trillions required to drop the temps something close to 0.0004*F you almost can't measure those temps! Better homes? What happened to R-2000 home design? Where a better design/ insulated house needed 10% of the normal heating requirements! Methane emissions are in the 1% of the Greenhouse Gasses. ooppssss. Yes getting colder, where people freezing in there homes like those in England choosing to eat or freezing. Carbon Dioxide is in the amount of 0.04% big and scary. The Club of Rome came up with a problem of man being the problem so that the elimination of man is the solution so a Carbon Dioxide Tax is that to Financially break the public to embrace the Globalists Agenda 21/2030/2050.The public has to wake up and remove the Corruption of those in Government! Those who are bought off and put laws into effect where they control those who elect them. Scientists who are bought off to put the Globalists agenda for the public/Sheeples so that we will become their WETWARE! WWG1WGA! Protecting the Environment! What? How is allowing (where they/government) pay the companies) the on going "Geoengineering Weather Modification" Or "stratospheric Aerosol Injection" Spraying the country with Nano-aluminum is not good for the people or the Environment!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps watch "Netanyahu Gives Statement on Nuclear Iran Deal" If you want to learn of how the corruption of the deal was organized. WWG1WGA.


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Yes they helped the low income out of giving them a big baby bonus.but the money is spent on tattoos. New cars.and casinos.and every second 15 16 17 18 year olds are going with a baby stroller. And knocked up with another one to collect welfare and baby bonus.the more kids the more free taxpayers money.right here in nova the mean time they can't find workers at a old aged home so they are bringing over Philippians to work their .while our own is wheeling a baby up the street at 10 o'clock in the night heading for a fast food joint.this is what the liberal con artist did.and now they will have money for weed when it's ligalized. Doug Ford has a big job cleaning the liberal mess.get trudeau out.if we are lucky Trump might punch his lights out.

cathy9160 Yeah same where I’m from... keep seeing these “mothers” post about how they’re pregnant again. It’s really upsetting to me because they get around 500$ a month per kid which equals to 1000 and some just for having two - three children

Your comments are inappropriate as you are suggesting violence. You should edited it and be more mature.

Question period should be called "Conservative MP's question parliamentary secretaries Period". Where is the Liberal caucus? Oh yeah, another day of boozing and schmoozing with beurocrats from around the world. Not being accountable.

I voted Conservative for exactly the reasons mentioned ... The liberals don t care what the people or can afford... All they care about is their pockets. Thy are going down at the Federal level too.... JUSTIN better learn what ordinary people need and want... Its called respect..The liberals are going DOWN

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Ashton Deo The Liberal's Carbon Tax will not fix a problem that does not exist. May I suggest that you Google: Grande Solar Minimum to learn how Solar Cycles Effect the Earth's Ionosphere and Magnetosphere. Man Made Climate Change is a Globalist NWO Hoax. None of the Predictions made by Al Gore 20 years ago have come True. The IPCC is a fraudulent organization run by Green Peace members to further their own agenda.

Put Canada and Canadians first build that pipeline NO MORE FOREIGN OIL.

Dan Briand I couldn't Agree with you more. The Canada East Pipeline would save $12 Billion Dollars a year on Oil Imports, build Canada's Economy and make it possible to export oil and LNG to Europe and India.

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