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Hello. Everyone it's me deplorable. McAllister aka, Linda Paris and you could see my snarky blog at deplorable. McAllister, calm and you, could see the stories that I've written for the Southampton press, at history, mystery and murder, calm, and sometimes. When I'm doing this research I really wish I could just write another mystery. Story I actually have more mystery stories that I haven't uploaded yet the only ones that are there are the ones that got published. For. The Southampton Press. But. You, know we've got a plug. For word talk. About Nancy. Pelosi, you. Can also see my television. Broadcast, career at Lynda. Paris calm, and, I. Want to thank everybody, who, comments. Everybody, who, sends. Me an email everyone, who. Donates. Everyone, who supports, this blog. And this. Channel. In any, way and, I. Did. A video, Saturday. It was. Extremely, disturbing. And it, it. Culminated. A. Week. Of. Extremely. Disturbing. Research. I took, yesterday off but yeah I can't, keep away from the research I, just. I can't, stay away I have to know what's going on and of. Course I find disturbing things, all the time whenever I want to know what's going on I'm like but one I Bly why I'm like well why are they doing this why is this happening why is that happening, the next thing you know I'm neck deep in, oh, you. Know just horrible. Horrible information. But. Important. Information, and there. Is a part two to this. Cannibal. Thing, that. It may even be a part three. There's. Some very disturbing, things happening, and. One. Of the things I'm. Starting. Off by talking about this by. The way Truman is back there you can see him sleeping he. Was supposed to be sitting on that furry, thing and being, you, know Truman, but. You see he, has a mind of his own I can't, tell him what to do he. He, just does what he wants, wrap. Up smear wrap. Up smear. It's. A tactic, we use often. Look. At her. This. Person. Should not be in this, is frightening right here just. The fact that this. Maniac. Is. Holding. A position in. Government, is, frightening. And whenever. President, Trump says Speaker, of the House it, just. Makes my blood run cold I watched. A video and, the. Odd part, about the video is, that. It. Came upon me sort, of, serendipitously.

I Wasn't. Looking for information. That. I got that, ties so. Many things together for. Me and, this. Lady, and I'm going to play part, of this video for. You it is. A former, nun and. What. I just I don't know why I did, it a lot. Of times I pray for, answers, so, please just let me know what the truth is I just want to know what the truth is what's going on here and I, get answers and there, it's it's, horrible. But. Sometimes I get answers and. Yesterday. I found, this video and, it, was from a former nun who. Had been abused, and I think, I was looking up government, something about government, programs. But. What I found was a goldmine, of information, she's. Trying to warn people about this and this, all links back to the cannibalism, and and. That's another thing all roads. Lead. Back to, Rome. Another. Question, that God answered, by. Her video actually, and by. Other videos, and. It's kind of funny the way I hopped. Onto all of this but. I started. Reading about the Jesuits. Because. I. Wasn't. Quite clear, on. A lot of that and I have a lot of old newspaper. Articles about Jesuits, - and I, want to keep talking about the Jesuits, because I think the Jesuits are really behind all of this I think. When, Q says it. It ends in Rome who, controls the Pope who, controls the thing I think, it's the Jesuits, and this. Lady. And I'm, gonna play a clip for you before. I make fun you know after I make fun of Nancy Pelosi this. Lady, this. Nun, lady. She's, so sweet and she's so, easy. To listen to her, talk about these things and she knows, what. She's talking about. She. Was. Abused. And, mind-controlled. What, happened was she ended, up in a monastery a place, for nuns and it ended up being CIA, run and the. Head of it were the Jesuits, we, were a big presence, in there and. She. Has, been fighting these people for the longest time and. What. She's discovered, is this, technology. This nanotechnology, that. She's trying to warn people about, and what, this nanotechnology. Involves. Is and she could explain it better than I can but. It's. Stuff. That they're raining down on us putting. In our food Pepsi, and Nestle are two, offenders, of this and you want to stay clear these foods I'm telling, you what they're putting in there is a. Bacteria. Or a germ. And this, isn't illegal, and they, don't have to label and, they. Don't have to label, it they don't even have to put it on there and. She. Wants she's, fighting to get this stuff labeled, they, have to put it on there that, there's this nanotechnology on. There and what, it does is it, introduces. A. Bacteria. Or and. This. Bacteria. Starts. To, eat. Away and and. Ferret. Itself. Into. Your body, now this bacteria, is also. Thing. The whole 5-g. Okay, was. Designed, to go with this nano. Technology, and they, aren't, going to try to mind, control the masses, through. These these. Elements. Bacteria. These. I. Don't. Even know what you would call them I guess just bacteria, I you, know that is in this nano it, ferrets, itself into our systems it stays there and it grows, and, then, they use that with, the 5g, technology. And they're trying to change our DNA I know, they are they're, trying to change our day and DNA, they're trying to turn us into living, breathing a eyes, I think that's really what they're trying to do these people are so crazy look, look. Look. Look. This. You. Know and every, single one of them has this look I mean. You could pretty much pick them out like. The lady in the driver's license bureau I think she's one and she's got the nanotechnology, go. She, probably eats nothing but Nestle's, cookies, and Starbucks. Coffee because. I wouldn't touch Starbucks, coffee they do not have to put this stuff on the labels, anything. That's out an out, new world order and you eat it and put it in your body has probably got this nanotechnology going. On inside, of it and a. Lot of times and I. Know I had a day. Like this one of the reasons I had to get away from the computer yesterday. Although it didn't quite get, away from it but I did stay away from it most of the day. It's. Because I think, they are sending out these frequencies. That is interacting. With this nanotechnology. Now. One of the reasons I want to start off with this is because, I'm going to continue this talking, about the cannibalism. Because, what. Needs to be established is. And what's easily, established, is they're doing this they're, doing this. There's. A couple of things I want. To I. Want. To post some pictures on my blog but. I. Need. To do it some.

People Are not going to be able to look at these pictures. But. It pretty much proves that they are eating and cooking these children, so. It's, the kind of thing you're not gonna be able to unsee it so. I want to put it in a place where. People can go and they know what they're getting themselves in. For by the time the pictures show, up probably. I'll put it in the pages that's at the top of the blog it'll, be one of the pages like contact, and all these other things but. I'm, gonna address a lot of that today why, do I know that, they're doing this because. We've, got the evidence and, it. Just needs to be organized. But. I want. To intersperse, what, this lady, is talking about and, I, forgot her name I need to correct. Myself on this and I'll apologize into, a big correction, as, soon as I finish. With this one clip that I'm doing in here. In. The bedroom with Truman. Hi. I was, asked, to do this video with, specific. Attention to a, document. That I'm going to go over, this. Friend of mine said this is of utmost critical. Importance. To highlight the issue regarding. Nanotechnology. In our foods and water. And products, that we use pet, supplies and so forth so, what, I want to do first though is to recap a little bit to give a nugget of you. Know synopsis, of my story my. Story can be found at. Wwg. Victim comm transforming. Victims into victors we're, in basically. I was assaulted by a priest I was a nun in the Roman Catholic Church for 14 years. About. Five of those years were spent in the convent, and after, that I was pursuing a hermit lifestyle, under the blessing of the Bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts, to. Come to find out later in this process, I was attending a monastery, that. Was st. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts. And I'm going to leave a link for you there's a bit there's an art bomb an article, that was written let's. See may 19th. 2016. And so. I'm going to leave that link, for you it's called cia-run. Monastery. Relentless, and efforts to silence whistle-blower, nun and, it's about three pages long and i'll make sure you have the links to that but. Basically what, happened, was I attended, this monastery. For. Services. And so forth and, came. To find out that basically, the, founder of it was the head of MKULTRA, mind control ultra. His name is J Peter grace and. Why. Is this important, because, for. Believers in Christ, we. Cannot. Tolerate things, like this we, are we. Cannot, we. Cannot tolerate, people. Using, Christ as a cover for their. Diabolical. Deeds. So. I'm, coming out and I'm saying you know I have. Prayed for these individuals, for many years I've suffered at the hands. Of their, handlers, who are the Jesuits specifically. And, several. Attempts, were taken. On my life by, these people so. You. You're welcome to go to the website to get my story, you can also see. The video where I triumph, over the technologies, that were used against me and specifically, the technologies used in my case where. A nano bio, weapons. Biotech. Weapons so. Praise, God I'm healed of that so. Now what. We have is. We. Have an agenda that's a carryover, from you, know the, the, Nazi agenda and, that's happening, here in the United States, so. We might ask the question well why what.

What's Happening what's the most important, thing we need to focus on first of all if we don't understand, history we're gonna fall back into the trap so. Basically. This. Is a really, cool book written by a friend of mine he's, put in decades, of work this, is called Vatican, assassins, wounded. In the house of my friends by Eric John Phelps this. Is voluminous I've. Read. Most of it it took me a very long time to read it but. Basically what's, happening, in here is this book points, to the fact that the Jesuits were, in. Control. Of the. Outcome. Of in, the planning of the the murder of JFK, and going, back even further into history we. Have this story also outlined. In this book I think this is the upgraded edition. Where. Abraham. Lincoln and his story is also uncovered. That. The Jesuits also. Killed. Him that they were involved and what was the reason for that because. There, is a goal to subjugate all free. Peoples and this, is by the Vatican and I'm saying this as an ex-nun, I want. To stop here. This. Is what Q. Keeps saying all. Roads. Lead. To Rome. Who. Controls, the Rothschilds. Who. Controls, the Pope. Who. Could, it be its, sister. Carrie. Boerner. Bu, r n o R and I will put a link to her YouTube. Channel. Because. I really think everybody, should watch this video it's, it's it's super, important, here's. Sister Carrie Barnard. And, she's. Got ten thousand, subscribers. So. But. She's, got a lot of really good information she. Knows what's going on she's very. Woke and. She's. Got some a lot of inside. Information that she I think the whole world should know we should just boycott, these products, put these people out of business. Now. Since the Revolutionary, War, the. The Vatican, sought to to, cast a net over us in many many ways and now, it's, gotten to the degree where it's really serious in my opinion, what I'm going to bring forward it is a matter of national security. And I did bring this attention. To the attention of our president Donald J Trump who I believe is doing everything he can to amend. These issues, so. We're, going to turn our attention to a document, that is, called. Nano. Domestic. Quelle this. Was written and of course I'm gonna put this right into the. Display. But, I'm gonna just show you that I'm reading for real documents, these are open source okay. So I'm not going to you know get in trouble for reading them, but, basically, it. Says DTF, n estimates. For nano domestic. Well phase for updated, compliance, this is a DoD, document, with numbers, and it was classified. But. Released. At, the time on the internet by an individual, into June of 2013, or there abouts I think, was somewhere.

About There anyways now. The. Issue of nano domestic. Well is very important, because there. Is an old, world. War, Statute, on the books and. World. War one statute in 1917. There's this thing called the trading with the enemy act and this. Act was. Secured. At the time for. Enemies, that, were foreign, against. The United States and so. This. Act was, put into place to protect the United States and, and. So forth so now what we have is a problem we. Have, someone. Who's invaded, our country took. Over all of its systems that would be judicial that, would be the Armed Forces as, K Griggs has very, very readily. Put together a tremendous case, for that, and. And so all the systems of our government, is, evidence, to be taken over by the Vatican through. The Jesuits, who is their military, arm for the Pope and. So. Basically when, I bring up nano domestic, well what happened, was this old War World War one statute, was turned against, the American people because. They cast a net over all peoples, who have birth certificates by, basically. Making, us married. Or wedded, to, this all-caps name that we were presented, with that birth or, their there, pretty soon after our birth on the. Birth certificate I'm, bringing. This up because the FBI and the conversation, had asked me do you believe this. Was an interview, because they wanted to hire me this was back in 2012. Do. You believe the Pope owns us all through the collateralization, of, our birth certificates, and of course I didn't answer the question I kind of went on to another subject so. Essentially. What. We have is, in 1933. The. Amended. Version of, the trading with the enemy, and this, was done under Franklin, Delano, Roosevelt, the emergency, banking Relief Act now. This was March. Now Christopher, Strunk, and Eric, John Phillips do an excellent, job on out lighting a lot of the details on the proclamations. And so forth but I'm going to just stick to the big picture bottom. Line is in 1933. They. Made, that world, war statute, World War one statute, turned, against, us so now we, as, domestic.

Within The United States if we are US citizens, we. Were all basically, seized, property, booty, of war and Franklin. Delano Roosevelt, was made the Emperor, of an empire, now we lost all common, law rights, at this point of time and, later. It was solidified. Through, to you, know cases. That happen in 1938, but again I don't want to get into too much detail, so I want to stop here and point out. 1933. 1933. And. I. Mean. This. Is not, an accident. If you ask me that. In, 1933. This. Took place and, if you listen to William. Cooper. He. Talks about how. The. Freemasons, are the Jesuits. They, they, what. Happened was the, Jesuits, were persecuted. So they hid under. The guise of. Freemasonry. At the, highest levels, so. Jesuits. Freemasonry. Same, thing so. I don't think it's an accident. That, in 1933. All this stuff took place so. 1933. Is a big big thing to remember here so. Now what we have is, nano domestic. Well not nano foreign, well why because. Enemies. Within the United States are, all US citizens because, somebody, took over the United States okay, and again. I'm. Going to go into the. Content, here is. Revised. Nano domestic, well with. The Department, of Defense logo, on there, revised, estimates, from nano domestic, well protocols, and again I'm not reading this to make people afraid because they're still remedies we're going to get into the remedies but this is good to know, National. Nano domestic. Well ndq. Protocols, for phase four. At. DTF. And estimated, rates and phase for updated, compliance, for ndq. Current, total infection. Rates for United States general, population. Is eighty-seven point two percent, projected. Infection, for general u.s. populace, by January, 2014. Is estimated, to reach ninety-eight, percent total. Infection, for ages 18, and above may reach ninety nine percent DT. F n projects, dispersal, mediums will require additional resources, for. Phase four of M DQ. DT. F n recommends, an increase, in the following medium, inflows, and outflows specific. To liquid dispersal, pepsi-cola. Nine, point nine percent nestle. ADR, 8.5. Percent it, goes on and on chicago. Municipal, atlanta, municipal, de noni the yogurt coca-cola. Los. Angeles, municipal, Seattle, municipal, says dispersal, outflows have shown significant, improvement in population, and faction rates, improvement. In. Population. Infection, rates recommended. In flow increases, deployed in October, 2012, resulted, in a net increase of, infection, rates by point eighty two percent slightly, exceeding, projections, again reminder. This was under the administration. Of Obama. DTF. N asurs DoD compliance, for phase four will be completed, one week ahead of schedule. No, further recommendations. Have been submitted, by DT, F n for Phase five in a expected. Update to outflow estimate rates will be forthcoming before, phase five initialization. Particularly. What, happens is people are ingesting, or taking these products, and, they're. Being infected with nanotechnology, which. Is basically, has a viral, envelope it, goes in and, it wreaks havoc it's very very toxic to the human biological.

Systems And, the. Good news is see, when they talk about phase 5 that is the initialization, of, this, is what I believe in understand, of, the. Towers, and so forth and, you know 5g, and now, we've got terahertz, which is even worse than that, and. What they're going to do is with the with this these. Activation. Systems. That's. Going to cause these. Food-grade. Nanotechnologies. Basically, to assemble, and cause. The breakdown of the human mind. And body because this stuff is definitely, the precursor. And an, instrument used for mind control so. I say this now. For, some people who don't they, eat the foods and they don't notice anything, you. Can still clean it out if you know even if it's been activated there's still ways to get around this and just you know do things to help your body then. You'd. Go to a toxicologist, or something like that and just get yourself tested, take a look do a urine, analysis, do some hair analysis, and take a look at what kind of metals in your body and, do some you know cleanses. What. She's saying is that. They. Are trying to AI us they. Want to control us with. This stuff this nanotechnology and. It, is able to latch into, our system, and grow. Inside. Of us and become, part of us and I. Believe. That. The. Human. DNA in the, diet helps. Aid that. In. Other words it helps by eating. Human, DNA they have discovered through. Their hideous experiments. And stuff that. It takes more. The nanotechnology, is able. To even more be enveloped, by, your cells, and. I. Want. To bring up another thing I'm. Gonna do hopefully, I mean we're scheduled to do it I think it's Wednesday, I have to look at my calendar but I think it's Wednesday with, Dustin. Wednesday. Evening probably around 7:00, oh I'll. Get this back straight, on that and. Get back to you on that and I, want to talk about some health things with Dustin, because he's doing, a series. On health and I, think as we, come out of this phase. Cleansing. Our bodies of this, is going, to become very very important. And I. You know I have a history of fasting. I, just. Briefly when, I was in my 20s, and I was you, know I had a crazy youth you know and a lot, of you, know, nervousness. I grew, up eating sweets, and sugars and things and, I meant. Someone who, was fasting, okay, they were fasting, and I. I was like why are you doing that well they explained to me and gave me a book the, book was called rational. Fasting, by Arnold, eret and I, studied, that book and I tried the fasting, and it worked. It Clem's, and what I found out was happening, was all these impurities, and stuff that were in processed, foods were. Causing, me all, of these horrible feelings and. Anxiety, and stuff that I was having so. As, I, fasted, it out not. Only did, I start, my energy levels went up I could see better I could hear better I could smell the air better I was. Cleansing my, body of all of that. What. I now know is deliberate. Poisons. At the time I just thought it was ignorant, of the population. Right, and I, also knew, that the medical profession had, a role in this information, not getting out because.

Arnold. Eret was curing people of cancer and there were some other pioneers. Back in the 1930s. Joanna, Brandt, was another one who had a clinic, in, Germany. And she. Was, and, they. Were curing, people of, cancer. Just, with a grape cure so. Eretz. Books. Were, it, was rational, fasting, to, do the initial cleansing, the. Longest one I did was 14, days and it was amazing, I felt amazing. And everybody, looked at me and went wow what have you been doing you look amazing, and so. I knew. It was working because, it's, not just the fast it's, a system, that, you have to follow in order to maintain, the. Fast is just the jumpstart, of cleansing. You, have to really, I mean I hate to be gross or, anything but you got to eat a lot of roughage you got to get that stuff, out of your intestines, because you. Can poison yourself by. Loosening up all these poisons, and getting. Them down into your intestinal. Tract you, could be poisoning, yourself if you don't just get that stuff out so you don't want to have a burrito with cheese, you, know people, don't get that there's. A whole system to it he's, cured people of he turned himself of Bright's disease and, he. Was at a conference and. He. Had a mysterious. Fall. Down. The Backstairs. Marble. Staircase, are granted, or something like. He bashed, his head up against one. Of the stairs, nobody. Saw it just. A freak accident he, had at, this medical convention, in Germany. Where you know in the 30s, where, you know they're going working, overtime to try to poison people and. The. Medical profession, is profiting. Off of this like you wouldn't believe these, poisons, and these crappy. And in our food this artificial. Diet and he. Has a cure and he's. Proven it it's been proven over and over and over again he. Foolishly. Hey, I'm not foolishly, I shouldn't say foolishly, because. He had no idea that the Illuminati, was in control at that point what. He was dealing with this. Is why it's so important, to talk about health and Dustin. Knows a lot of more than scientific, stuff like I'm more basics, you know raw, fruit. You. Eat a dish of raw fruit. With. A little bit of honey or something on top and then. You wait 20 minutes and you eat a raw salad. And. That, sweep. Sear system, out and you. Do maybe, a day. Fast, you, know with honey and lemon and water, just for one day you start out and. You do them regularly once a month or something so, I'm. More of a you. Know I I, don't know anything about chemistry or any of these, elements but I heard. A lot of things and I want to talk to Dustin about them so I hope we have this conversation because, I, think. It's going to be very important, in the. Days to come for. People to find, natural ways and harmless. Ways, ways, that won't hurt you you won't put your life in jeopardy and. To. Get this stuff out of us because. Sometimes. I get angry. And. It. Seems like, it's. Not me you know what I mean it. Seems like something, else is fueling. Me and I. Feel like even, though I watch very much what I eat I have, fallen back I have eat, ice cream now, I mean. It's probably one of them I stopped, I stopped. Eating ice cream and, now, I'm going, through another, that's another thing I did yesterday I had to sort of get out all my health books get out my juicer, get. Out my Berkey and, start, getting serious about this stuff, this. Cannibalism. Is key. To. Something. In, their new world order they, do it, for. Their reasons and they. Want us to do it I don't. Think McDonald's. Serves, human. Meat just. For them because. It's just so evil that. Finkelstein. Interview, if you haven't, heard it I'm gonna see if I can find it and put a link to it, Snopes. Was saying it was a comedy. Routine that's, not a comedy, routine okay that's. Not a comedy, routine and. You can hear it in his voice it's. Not no comedy, routine, he. Hates the goy he. Hates the goy and it's. Like. Anything else you, know it's, like a white, family that raises, their kids to hate black. Sir, you. Know Hispanics, it's, like a black family, that raises. Their kids to hate White's, you, know it's in there. He hates the, goy he's, been raised to hate the goy and there's, a lot of people like and. Certainly. We know every, religion, has been infiltrated by this and follow.

The. Money follow. The. Money follow. The. Money and if, ever a statement. Has, been more true than it is now it's follow, the, money. These, people, have the money. Who. Are the, Jesuits, over. The years I've been hammered, by Jesuit. Haters, and the sources of this deep-seated. Hatred were, more and more often those, who did not appear, to be insane. They, were saying things subtly, but clearly and the impression, that I received. Was. That the Jesuits were, a group to study I had. The following questions. Where. The Jesuits, responsible. For wars around the globe were. They chameleons, blending in, as infiltrators. With one goal in mind to. Start a war, where. Jesuits, willing to murder innocent people in order to achieve their objectives, what. Were the objectives, of the Jesuits, did. Jesuits. Acquire vast, wealth these. Were the main five accusations. That others were speaking of. Recently. I found a document which opened my eyes and, so. I want to read it to you so you can answer any questions, you have about, Jesuits. The. Jesuits, are a military, religious, order of the Roman Catholic Church. Papal. Keyes this, is a quote when, a Jesuit, of the minor rank, is to, be elevated to command. He is conducted, into the Chapel of the convent. Of the order, where there are only three, others, present, the. Principal, or superior. Standing, in front of the altar on either side, stands, among one. Of whom holds. A banner of yellow and white which, are the papal colors and the other a black banner and a dagger and red, cross, above. A skull, and crossbones, with, the word, INRI. INRI. And. Below, them the words I use thumb neck, are regice. And pious, the meaning. Of which is it, is, just to, exterminate, or, annihilate. Em pious, or heretical, kings. Governments. Or rulers. Upon. The floor is a red cross at which the, postulant. Or candidate. Kneels, the. Superior, hand a small, black crucifix. Which he takes in his left hand and presses. To his heart and the superior, at the same time presents, to him a dagger which, he grasped by. The blade and holds, the, point against, his heart the superior, still, holding. It by the hilt and thus adjusts, as a postulant. End of quote the superior. Says quote. My, son, heretofore. You, have been taught to act the dissembler. Among. Roman Catholics, to be a Roman Catholic, and a, spy even, among, your own brethren, to, believe no man to trust no man among. The Reformers to be a reformer, among, the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot among, the Calvinists. To be a Calvinist, among, other Protestants. Generally, to be a Protestant, and obtaining. Their confidence. To seek even to preach from their pulpits and to, denounce with all the vehement s' in your, nature our holy, religion. And the, Pope and even, to descend, so low as, to become, a Jew among Jews, that, you might be enabled, to gather together all information. For the benefit, of your order, as a faithful, soldier. Of the Pope unquote. It. Sounds, like a sick. Medieval. Mindset. Because, the ultimate ends a goal to. This this. Is a really cool synopsis, I wrote about, how. This ties in to their ultimate objective my. Story reflects the intention, of human trafficking, and genocide, for all mankind by, the dark side specifically. In my belief by the Jesuits, for, being tethered to AI systems. Experiments. Torture etc wherein the ultimate, objective is to network the biological, systems a man with a system of artificial, intelligence reducing.

Humanity, To a totally, controllable, status, yes World War Z is, a, very good movie if you want to see the, effects of what, nanotech, could do to the body that would be a great illustration of, it this, is being accomplished, through many different programs, operations, and applications, that attack mankind's, environment, the air we breathe the water we drink the food we eat the products we use and the information. We're exposed to and. It just goes on in. My case the use of military-grade, nanotech. As a chemical, biological radiological. Nuclear, weapon, was used with efforts to kill me several, times our survive these attacks by, the grace of God through, living and hiding since. 2013. Under, different aliases prior. To that until. Donald Trump took office in late 2016. So all it is to say is we, do have a remedy and I'm going to show you a picture. That. Basically. The. Jesuit. Model. For. Assassination. Was pretty simple, back then and I'm. Gonna have to probably, put, this also on. Top of the video. Once I edit it but basically, what, you have here is, the Jesuits. Crucifixes. And their prayer book and then, they have vials, of poison, and loaded, guns and it, says here Jesuit, Knights of Malta assassins, kit, around. Mid, to late 19th, century just. Imagine, how evolved, this process, is now in modern, times so. This. Is all, connected in my. Opinion, and I, mean it's inextricably. Connected. According. To William Cooper. The. Jesuits. Are the, Freemasons the, Freemasons are. The Jesuits, if you, look up Knights, of Malta Freemasonry. It's you, know all you, get are. The. Knights of Malta members. Of Freemasonry. And then, you get Pope, Francis, Freemasonry. In the Knights of Malta. Freemasons. Are Jesuits. Jesuits. And Freemasonry. The. Jesuit, illuminated, Illuminati. Knights of Columbus and, Masonic. Oaths, this. Is all. Jesuits. Freemasons. And the Illuminati. Or. Freemasons, and law enforcement, deadly. Tools of the Jesuits, so. This, is all coming out to be connected, like intertwined. Also. I. Did. A piece that I talked very slow in this. I started, out talking slow now I've picked up speed, after. All these other videos, that I've done so. But. This one I talk slow in it and it's. This. I did. A video about this david. Crowley, and his. Family. The. Upshot, of the whole story is let me just tell you what the upshot of the whole story is this, guy had. A movie. Created. A fella a screenplay, for a movie and he. Figured, out the whole thing that. It was the Freemasons. Who were doing everything and, he. Wanted. To make a movie out of it so who does he contact people in Hollywood, well and. What. Ended up happening is, these guys came out they were supposedly, helping. Him make, his movie, about, how the Freemasons. Were involved, in the FEMA camps and all, of this that's, happening the New World Order quote-on-quote I, think. What happened was they, were going, to, make. The movie and then just say oh well you know nobody wants to buy it or something, just bury, it you, know put it somewhere, but. He found out I think that they were CIA, and. I. Don't know whether he found out when the guy came over he confronted, him or what happened but, I think. They were killed, the whole family, was killed because these people whoever, killed. The. Parents and killed the little baby. Killed. The kid because they, knew who he was they, could identify these, people, they, were friends. Of the family acquaintances. Of the family and he. Had been hanging out with these people. Making. This. Movie. Quote about how the Freemasons, were involved in the New World Order and were behind everything, and. Suddenly. The whole families killed and there. Are a lot of sketchy, things if you look up david crowley murder. You, know disturbing, details. So, I believe. That's the answer I believe the CIA killed, him I believe. He got suspicious. Of these people, and he. Might have confronted, them I don't know but. They had to eliminate the, whole family because if they kill him the. Wife's gonna know who they are they killed her in him I don't. They don't know whether the kid can identify them, or not and you know the CIA they're, just gonna kill the kid military. Man wife daughter. Found. Dead an apparent murder, this is huffington, post i can tell by the by. The little, green square. That. I avoid, at. All costs. So. Another thing I want to mention I, know. I said I was hoping that Dustin, and I would talk a little bit about health. At. The end of, whenever. We do our next thing. Which i think is gonna be wednesday, but. These are the topics.

That We. Bad. And round giant, skeletons, hidden. Science, hidden, history, ancient. Civilizations. Aliens. Inner Earth Nazi, underground bases, Nazi, occult drill, energy. Sumerians. Pyramids. Foo Fighters, Admiral, Byrd, operation. Highjump, anything. World War two anything, World War two and the Grand Canyon case, which fascinate, me those Grand Canyon, caves that they're guarding, they won't let us in and they're, supposedly, it was a lot of Egyptian, artifacts, in those, caves. And the Grand Canyon I want to know and. We should demand answers. We. Demand it and these. Underground, bases, if, we're not going to talk about all these things but this, is the list that we were going to choose from and then, I hope at, the end we, have some time to talk about health so I just want to make it clear that's not health. Isn't on the agenda. But. It might be at the end of the video and these. Are the things that are on the agenda so. There, are fun things to talk about that's, for sure. So. Get. Back to the. Cannibalism, because I didn't, just show you all that stuff for no reason, I think. This is part of them. Fusing. These. Together, inside. Of our body, and I think they've done some kind of scientific. Research. To back, this up now. We. Don't know who's doing the research. Is. It one of them you. Know with the eyeballs all over and the black. Eyes and the you, know gender fuzzies. And they're you know the. Kuru. And, you. Know there's so many things wrong, with them the multiple, personalities. And. All the things that they've done. To. Themselves is, it one of them, that's. Been doing this research I, will. Have to say for what they are they've, gotten amazingly, far it's. Amazing, they get dressed in the morning he's, people they're. Just a mess. I've never seen anything like it they go to all these great extremes, to be. Beautiful. I guess but it's. Like the Picture of Dorian Gray it's. Like one day they get up that's why they don't have mirrors, because. One day they get up and oh it, all went south. So. I think this, human, DNA is important, they, need to get that human DNA into us because, it's an ingredient. That. Helps. Fuse. Their. Technology. With all our our DNA. Our own DNA. Somehow our body, is. Able to assimilate, this stuff better or something but. I think it's important, or they believe it's important, let's put it that way that's a better way to put it they believe, it's. Because. They want us to do it these, this, Finkelstein, guy I'm. Gonna look for that interview, and as a matter of fact let, me write that down now, we. Always were on the Turner radio network here this is one of the only live radio, networks, that, actually. To individuals. That come from two, opposite, parts of this planet, you rabbi, Finkelstein. And yours truly James, Wickstrom you. Know we, are on two, totally. Opposite, sides of this planet, and both. Of us have. Two totally different. Wants. And needs and design, against. One another and yet, here we are sitting. Here tonight live on the Turner radio network, discoursing. About people, discoursing. About things, being, honest, and truthful, and in. Telling, the truth to the masses, but. You know that, the masses have a hard time believing, anything. Well. We've got a great big washing job on them over the centuries, and especially, the last few hundred years I. We. Just plain awesome completely. They believe anything we tell them and, you. Know it means we. Have a lot of fun around, Passover.

Where We still the children and, you. Know we are I, know, you've known because I put it on your show before I mean, we still won hundreds of 300,000. Children a year just here in this country and, we drain the blood and we mix it with a Passover, bread and then, we throw the bodies into the slaughterhouses, as we own and, we grind up all the bodies in the sausage, in the hamburger. McDonald's. Is one of our favorite outfits and the. People they eat up for breakfast, say though their children, for lunch and, you. Know that, ask you you know we got to learn we, got to do what we do the most, important, thing to remember between, you. Pasta, which film and do you have i-80 Finkelstein, of, New York that. We, both have two fathers and, so that's why we look at the world in two different ways I'm. Gonna put that Finkelstein. Link, in. The. Description. I just made myself a note of it and also I want to bring up that other video that I showed who are the Jesuits, those. Are those two videos that, I watched. With. Sister. Carrie and and. That guy who, I'll put his link to I don't, have that off the top of my head. But. I'll. Put those links. In the, description, because. This Finkelstein. Guy he. Is not kidding, they. Are filling. Us with human, meat and. There's. A reason, for it they're not doing, it because. It makes, us younger, but. I dunno they, want us to eat it and the, Finkelstein, guy he, talks about it as if, it's they're laughing at us but. I'd. Honestly, think this is part of their plan to. Change, our DNA. So. To, that end I. Found. These mega memes and I, I do feel, there is something very sketchy, about. This. Whole. Thing. Hi. I'm. Tony, I cook, humans, for the Cabal. Another. Point I want to make about those because hi. I'm Tony, I cook, humans, for the Cabal. It's. Being waste okay. And my Trump signs are back there. Says. Hi I'm Tony I cook humans, for the Cabal so. They. Have a reason for eating it and. I. Think. It's important, to remember that, they. Are mind. Controlled, you. Don't get to be in the Illuminati, if you haven't been illuminated. That, means you're from one of these satanic, families. And you have been mined controlled from the very beginning, what. Do they say between the ages of three to five they. Have to open up the third eye they, do that by raping, the child you. Know sodomizing. The child and splitting. The personalities. And then programming, those personalities. And it looks like, from. If you, listen to Cooper. And other people, Fritz Spring Meyer and all of these other people who have been trying to get these messages out for. Decades. If. You. Look at their research, a, lot. Of it goes back to, ancient Egypt. That this is an ancient. Brainwashing. Technique, that has been passed down as insidiously. As the sounds family-to-family. So, they are brainwashed, the elites are mind, controlled so. If. This does. Improve. The ability, to bind control people, then. There. They might be trying to change their own DNA, to I, guess it's what I'm getting at and I. Also think there's something to the fact where they eat, things. Like the pine needle glands and you. Know. Children. You, know children who. Have not had a chance to pollute their bodies, and. So. They. Believe by eating, the, more. It's. Sickening. As it sounds they, believe by eating the purest meat which. Is children babies, babies. Because. Remember they're even, poisoning, the baby food. So. And, they're even poisoning. They're doing things in the womb the. Point is that, they are affecting, us throughout. When. You're an embryo, when. You're a baby so that I think, the younger, the better and. They. Feel like that will help them grow into, superior. Beings, over us. It's. The sickest, plan, I've, ever heard where, they're gonna change our DNA, and degrade. Our. DNA. And then they believe they're. You. Know even, gonna have more, brains. Herpy. Smarter. And live. Longer, and be. More attractive, which is already not working it's not working, you should go back to just eating regular, food, go. Back to eating you, know all the crap you try to sell us because you're, human, meat thing isn't working not. Working at all. This. Got him with all this crap, all over his face on an instagram with. 20,000. Likes, over. Anthony. Bourdain, I prefer. Capturing. And killing my. Human, prey the. Most dangerous. Game well it's not a dangerous, game when they're children, okay.

When, There's small children, and you're turning, them loose in the woods and hunting them down like. Animals like. Threat, taury animals. Not. Animals, not all animals not Truman Truman's, not like that. But. There are predatory. Animals, like sharks, you. Know sharks, are not cozy, they're, not affectionate. And they will bite your face off if you get near them they. Smell blood they, don't think they're not cozy, they're not affectionate. So, you can't really. You. Can't really give those attributes, to an animal like a shark, and. These. Are the Sharks, of the human species. Children. Really, the, most dangerous game how is that the most dangerous, game when you've got little kids in the middle of the woods who, can't go anywhere, or do anything because. You're bigger than they are and you have weapons, how, is that the most dangerous, game or are, you talking about the most dangerous game for the poor child, the, jerk. You. Know just preying off of oh just. Makes me sick I don't. Know what this is okay. It says. Pickle, Punk Anthony. I, don't. Know if this is real. I, don't. Know if this is a doll. Because. Don't they have those dolls, do you can smush in there I. Have. No idea but. Just the fact that he's holding it like that and looking got, that expression on his face. CNN. Host Anthony, Bourdain, says he would poison Trump. If he. Had to cook for him May. 20th. 2018. The. Next month well. Actually let's, let's, see. 28. So. Is that 20 days later I'm not sure but, anyway. Star. Chef. Suicide. Culinary. World, mourn, celebrity. TV. Host, Anthony, Bourdain, found, dead. In French, hotel, room and. It. Says, Bourdain. Poison. So, that's what they're saying in, this meme and this mega meme this Q mega mean is that. Bourdain. Was, poisoned. Anthony. Bourdain rest in peace, funny intelligent. And, respected. But, need to ask before, your soul leaves us did, you ever cook humans. So. We don't know I guess maybe. So. These. Memes. Are suggesting. That, he. Was. One. Of the cooks for, the New World Order and I. Don't know why they would kill him for, making a comment about Trump. But. Maybe, I, don't know I don't know and if. There's any doubt, but. These people are cannibals. We. Can go back to this wiki links. Herb. Sandler. 2014. You. Know and we're in the month of December, which is a big month for them they give each other these things they give each other these babies, these gold foil, babies. It's like Keanu Reeves said at. Christmastime they have live babies, Kim Jim, Carrey said it he, said they.

Eat Live babies, at Christmas time not, only that both. Of these people well. Keanu. Reeves from what I understand, is in. Singapore. Someplace, but. Jim. Carrey he. Did this interview and then shortly, later he came back looking all whacky and he's, drawing, pictures. People. It. Makes me wonder if it's the clone say, I wonder about this all the time I'm. Like always is that the person, or have they are they putting the clone in front of us now because, this. Seems. Like it's not the person and, Britney. I always bring up red this person, does not look, anything, like Britney. I'm, sorry, but. It looks like a completely, different person. How. Can they say that's Britney. It. Doesn't look anything like Britney. It, looks like not even Britney, sis, it looks like a completely, different person. And I know people have plastic, surgery and, things. Like that but and it. Does affect the way they look but usually, gradually. The person, doesn't just show up and look like a completely, different person, bone structure, and everything they. Come, out and they tell the truth and then. They get jerked, away somewhere, and they come out with a black eye and and, they're drawing crazy, pictures, and they're paint a trunk hey hey. So. I'm, not quite sure what Bourdain. Did wrong he was hating, Trump like he was supposed to why did they kill him, um. But. This this, this, who who. Who could, forget this who. Could, forget. Who. Could forget this. Which drove me crazy. 2014. Again. December. Where, there that's, what they're, saying they're, saying they're, eating, like baby, babies, at Christmas time that's, what, they're saying and. That's. What, these emails. Verify. Thanks. Just, a simple thanks, that's all just, thanks thanks. Thanks. Again thanks. For the honey baked ham, you. Know you might as well just be going Thanks another, honey baked ham. It's. Pretty mundane, title. Johnny. Mary I just received, the holiday package, of. Pasta. And. Sauce. If only, I could make it turn out as special, as you guys - many. Thanks, much love. Herb. So. I'm thinking, the conventional, gift is a little, boy who you. You. Know if you. You. Have. Lots of orgasms. And orgies, with, because. That's what sauce, is on the, coat. Or. Just, just. Sauce not walnut, sauce just, sauce. So. A little boy and soft. Being, orgasms. Or orange. If. Only I could make it turn out as special as you guys do so. I. Don't. Know whether he's. Talking. About actual sauce. Here. When, he says if only, I could make it turn out as special as you guys do but, I think he got a little boy and he's making his own sauce, okay. And whether. He's going to which, it sounds like he's going to cannibalize, this little boy after, he has his quote, orgies, and. He's. Going to cannibalize, this little boy and he's going to make. His own sauce, that's, what it sounds like to me if. Only I could make it turn out as special as you guys do and we all know that John Podesta is known, throughout, these emails, as his, famous, walnut, sauce. So. Here the very next year. 2015. And, it's. The 24th, the day before Christmas. So, it's a last-minute, thing. You, know he the other one he got on the. 12th, or something so. The other one he got on the, 16th, of. December. This. One's on the 24th, the, day before Christmas. It's. Called cheese. Says. Mary and John I think. You should give a notice when. Changing. Strategies. Which have been long. In, place and. I've already been over this but I'm going to go over it again cuz I don't think you can go over this too many times I think. You should give notice when changing strategies, which have been long, in place long. In place I, immediately. Realized, something, was different by the shape of the box and, I'm. Taking, this the. Other one didn't come in a box the. Other one came delivered, as a little. Person. The. Other we could walked in the door, this. One came in a box and I. Think that. This. Was. An. Assortment. Of those babies. That Keanu. Reeves and Jim Carrey are talking about, and Donald. Marshall talks, about gold-foiled, babies, there's. More. Than just those three people too that have been talking about this this isn't just, Donald, Marshall Keanu, Reeves and Jim Carrey more, people have talked about this but, they're.

Babies, I. Immediately. Realized, something, was different by the shape of the box and. And. What weird shape, would that be Oh a, square. Shaped box that, that's so strange that's so weird to get a square shaped box at the day before Christmas Wow, Wow. He. He was immediately, he, realized something was different my god in the square shaped Y whoa, who's gonna be sending me something on the square she box, that day before Christmas, it's outrageous. It. Just makes no sense this. Makes no sense. Something's. Different he's not getting his little boy and his, orgies, and he, doesn't get to murder, the child and drink. The blood and do, all the things that he does. They're. Already, dead. Lo. And behold instead, of pasta and wonderful sauces, a, little. Boy and lots, of orgies. It. Was. A lovely tempting, assortment, of cheeses now, I think. This is an interesting choice of words because, he treats us as if, it's an hors d'oeuvre plate. For. The pasta. Dish which he didn't, get, this. Is more like a basket. Of cheese a. Lovely. Tempting, you. Know he's he's. Not that into it it's tempting, him but he was he's disappointed. That he didn't get the pasta, and a sauce, instead. Of pasta and wonderful, sauces, because he, must spend all night, doing, this just. Like a certain. Other somebody who's still. In torture. Chamber. From. John Podesta's. Birthday. Celebration. That they had to postpone because, of, john podesta hand. Surgery, because. He's mangled his hands up so bad. I am awaiting the return of my children, and grandchildren from. Their holiday travel so that we can demolish them they're cannibals, they're gonna eat them it's. Like giving a honey baked ham to, these people. Thank. You so much I hope. You and your gang or well I miss you both best wishes from a Merry Christmas for a Happy New Year do, you think I'll be better playing dominoes, on cheese and on pasta, and. I. Think. This has something to do with bringing in the new year I don't think this means BDSM. In this case I think, this has some, kind of divination. With, the bones that, they do. So. I don't know but they do do that they use the bones to. Predict. What's gonna happen, in the new year they it's called tossing. The bones they. Toss the bones. Don't. Ask me any more than that I can't remember, some, at some point I'm researching these people and I just turn. It off you, know I'm like oh you know, I'm I'm, writing. Down notes and stuff um I'm not really thinking, about it or I'm talking sometimes. When I'm talking I go back and listen I'm like I don't remember saying that. Because. Inside. I turn this stuff off it's so. Ridiculous. I mean. It's crazy to. Think that there are people like this in the world that really is it's I'm still, wrapping my brain around this, and just. To remind people. Who. Think that pizza. Gate is not real that they're not using, pizza. Shops all across the country because. It's not what Hillary Clinton said it was it's. Not oh she's. You, know from a little pizza parlor she's doing all these evil things no, no no, and they know that they, tried to make it sound as ridiculous, as possible, but let me straighten you out they. Are using pizza parlors all across, the United States and probably the, globe to traffic, children, they, have figured out that this is the best way to do it they. Have. Been. Using. Pizza. Businesses. To. Traffic. And sell. Children. For. Sex. And for, rituals. When you see this, and, I. Think, the. This. Goat had goat Hill Pizza is. Blatant. About. This. Place, needs to be checked out the whole history, of this place needs to be checked out she, needs, to be checked out and when I'm talking checked out she, needs to be given a gender, check, she. Needs to be given a health check, a brain scan, to make sure that the whole thing is still there, she. Needs, a, top-to-bottom. Check she. Needs to be given a human, skin test to, see if there isn't any scales, or anything on there growing off of her who, knows. But. This come on I mean come on San, Francisco. Goat. Hill Pizza. Owned. By, Nancy, Pelosi, and I. Realize, this is just, what's. Not a joke, really but this, they. Don't have this on their ads, they. Don't have this on their ads but. Is there any doubt, that. Possibly. You could get these things from this. Place, because. Hollywood. Is getting all these you know they they, they adopted. All these kids Brad. Pitt, and Angelina Jolie, and. If you've ever seen pictures of Brad, Pitt when.

He, Was a little girl. Then. You'll know what I'm talking about I don't. I don't know where these kids are I don't. Know what's happened to these kids and it. Seems to me if they just flash, them out in public where they're, not always, putting, them out that but even if they are always putting them out there they, it, seems like they could be different kids you, know look at Tom Cruise and and. You. Know his wife, you. Know whatever they. Partners. What. How, do we know that sory I mean, how do we know that's the same kid, okay. And when. I think about Madonna's. Dock. Quote-unquote, I realize. It's probably a, boy. No. It's. Not a little pizza parlor, that the. You know it's not what Hillary says it is. It's. A huge, child. Trafficking. Ring that, has been in existence since, at. Least the, seventies, at least. The 70s, and was, thriving, in the 80s the, word was getting out the Franklin affair the finders, and all these things were happening both Republican. And Democrat, they covered, all of it up and it's, going even stronger than it was today more pizza parlors involved, this. Is a business, front, for child trafficking. The pizza, business now, does that mean everywhere, go, Pete there's trafficking, children no what. It means is though there are symbols, and signs. Such. As. Goat. Hill Pizza. Six-six-six. Something. Like that. Patricia. Sarah. Dahl says, red, shoes are the skin of dead children made, into shoes I believe. That is true I believe. They. Hunt these kids. They. Catch them they. Do whatever they're gonna do to them torture. Them scare, them my. Feeling, about the hunting of the children, is that. The, process. Of hunting. Them their, adrenaline levels, are off, the chart and I, believe, they hunt them after. They show. Them killing. Animals. Or other kids. Even. Or, torturing, other kids or something like that they show, them, things, that. Freak, them out so bad then. They turn them loose in the woods and hunt them down by the time they catch them and kill them the adrenaline, levels are just off the roof and I, think the hunting process is part of that so. I agree. That they, are but. There's more. The. Purple, Yoda says the. Red shoes are the gatekeepers, I. I. Feel, like that's that, that's resonating. With me the, red shoes, are the. Gatekeepers. And Jenna. Bulow's says, they. Walk in blood I. I think that's right, the red so, the, red shoes, yeah I do. Believe, they have to hunt, kill. Eat. And. Provide. The skin. For, the shoes and. Part. Of the shoes being red is the fact that they walk in blood they. Walk in blood, so. I know my voice sounds, weird and, echoey because. I'm in the kitchen and I can get this wrapped up really really quick if I just do the end part, on this. Computer which, I'm going to do and. I. Didn't, even get a chance to get to the cannibal, Club and a lot of other things so they'll probably be a third part to this I'm already well over an hour so. This is the end of the video and I hope everybody has a great Monday, this is deplorable McAllister, signing, off.

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