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I studied. Chinese politics, and I teach courses on Chinese politics so I am, grateful for this opportunity today, to get to speak to you about, events. Unfolding. In China this past year so often when we talk about China we. Talk about it through the lens of China u.s. the, trade war these sorts of things but, actually in, China and mainly on China and domestic politics, this has been a seminal. Year in, part because of this man Xi Jinping and so today I wanted to really just focus on giving you a briefing. I thought that would be the most helpful thing to give, you a sense of what's, unfolding, this past year and what we can think about will happen moving forward. So. I wanted to start as I mentioned I teach courses on Chinese politics so I wanted to start with an exam question. Which. I can see there was a little in little enthusiasm, for that but. Here. We go bear with me. So. This past fall, I taught a course on Chinese politics and for the final exam I asked the students to identify a year. A critical. Year in the development, of China in. Particular China's, political development, so we have this concept in political science something. Called a critical juncture which is a kind, of a jargony, way of saying and that is a turning point a year where certain. Events unfolded, certain decisions, were made that. Changed the trajectory of history, and, so if we look back at the last 70. Years of the, rule of the Chinese Communist, Party certain years come. Quickly to mind which I'm sure many of you are familiar with the first is of course 1949. 1949. Is the establishment, of the, People's Republic of, China this is a picture of Mao, Zedong standing, in Tiananmen Square. Declaring. The establishment. Of the People's Republic and, for. The first time in decades the. Territory. Of mainland China is, consolidated. Under the rule of a single government so this was a heady time for China and signaling the beginning of mouse mouse, rule, another. Year which is of course very important, is 1917. 1978. The beginning, of so-called reform, and opening-up if. Your does, anybody here speak Chinese or study Chinese some. So. I remember when, I started taking Chinese I took Chinese 101, in one of the first words we learn is guy Guk -, which. Means reform, and opening-up and it's I swear. 50%, of our lessons were about reform and opening-up so it's a it's an important year and this, for. Those of you who are less familiar with this signal is the beginning of China's economic miracle. So, dong Xiao ping comes into power and takes a much more pragmatic stance, with respect to economic policymaking. Basically. Undoes the the command part of the Chinese economy and. Results. In an influx of trade and foreign direct investment, in the so-called, 30. Years of 10%, economic, growth this is the beginning of this era this is him visiting the US and. He's wearing a cowboy hat this is one of the famous images, of reform and opening-up. Another. Year is, of course 1989. 1989, is the year of the Tiananmen Square movement, and the tienamin square massacre, and.

This Is the year where we learned that the Communist Party was. Willing to do whatever it took to stay in power and was not amenable to the idea of political reform and, this is the year where we saw them willing, to use live ammunition on, student, protesters. And, finally, what I'm gonna argue today and what, I argue I am. Starting. To come up with this argument it's not fully developed but I what I argue, is that potentially, 2017. And 2018. Have, the capacity, to be one of those years so. It's difficult to know we haven't seen history unfold quite yet we haven't seen the trajectory, moving forward but. There have been a number of developments in the last 12 months that signaled this might be a turning point for contemporary, China in particular, this is the year where Xi Jinping the current general secretary, of the Chinese Communist Party has fully, consolidated his power, signaled. The start of a new era under his, rule that could last well beyond. His expected, time and power so. Today I wanted to give you a briefing as to what happened this. Past year why I think this might be a critical year and then, some trends think about moving forward some things that might be be worth paying attention to. So. Before I get into what happened this year I want to kind of set the stage to, talk a little bit about how we used, to talk about China and when I say how we I mean mostly the political scientists, community, and when. I say used to I mean not that long ago I mean only a few years ago. We used to describe the Chinese Communist, Party through the lens of almost. An exceptionalism. So, most authoritarian, regimes and the Chinese Communist Party is an authoritarian, regime they. Don't last very long they, live sort of short brutish, violent, existences, and they. Fall from a number of different threats the the two most pressing for threats facing, any authoritarian, leader are the threat from within the threat of a coup attempt, actually. There's some data on this from Ilan cephalic who's a political scientist at Yale and he actually shows that most authoritarian, regimes die in this way they. Die they crumble from within I think, it's roughly 60 to 70 percent of authoritarian, regimes fall to be a coup where, one leader comes in and basically Institute's, a new authoritarian regime and then. The second way they fall is through the threat of revolution. This is the more romantic version of how. Authoritarian, regimes collapse the population, comes together demands. Political, reform and either through some violent, struggle or some broke road broker transition, the authoritarian, regime Falls and is replaced with with something else hopefully democracy. So. This, is how these, are the two problems facing, any authoritarian, leader including, Xi Jinping who Jintao Zhang's men and all the way on back and, the way we used to describe the party, was. Wow this is a regime that seems. To have learned the lessons of history and figured out how, to mitigate some of these issues so. In particular the, key feature of the authoritarian, regime in China was institutionalization. So. One of the difficulties, for any authoritarian. Regime is is how to share power how to keep elites happy how, to transfer, power from one leader to another so. If we look back in the 2000s, there were a set, of institutions. Rules and norms that. The Communist Party had developed, that. Seemed to be solving. This dilemma of of threats from within so in particular, there was a norm that no, leader would stay in office longer. Than 10 years so leaders at the very top including Xi Jinping were expected to stay in office for, two five-year terms the.

Successor, Would. Be anointed in advance usually five years in advance potentially, earlier than that the. Smoothing, the power transition, allowing, that person to develop cachet. Within the system and experience. There. Would be well-established retirement, ages so people would be forced to leave office and wouldn't hang on to long power. Was exercised, not by just one person but collectively, where each leader at the top on say the top I generally, am referring to what's known as the Paul bro standing community the top tier. Of leadership, of the Chinese Communist, Party usually seven to nine liters each, leader would be given a portfolio. And while there would be one most senior, leader they. Would cooperate with each other they would play nice so. These were the key institutions. That, we, look back on under, Jung's a minute who Jintao the two predecessors, of Xi Jinping we. Say these these institutions, contributed, the resilience of the Communist Party so. That's the threat from within the threat from below revolution. You, know the Communist Party is always it's, an authoritarian regime it uses the language of democracy, and claims to be democratic. But. No self-respecting, political. Scientists, would call the Chinese Communist Party democratic, but. Nevertheless in, the 2000s. It looked like the party was starting to develop. Mechanisms. For citizens, to have, a voice, so. These weren't democratic, they were tightly controlled by the party but nevertheless there were channels through which citizens, could voice, their concerns this is everything from a petition, system village. Elections a People's. Congress system which is their legislative, system online, public. Opinion portals, mayor's mailboxes. It's, getting increasingly online. And digital but. There were channel is in place where citizens could funnel their grievances, and the party could, respond.

And. So some of the language we use to describe the party at this time was we. Used to call it responsive, authoritarianism, or consultative, authoritarianism, in general, this is sort of a a kind. Of a more tolerable, form of authoritarian. Regime this wasn't a tin-pot dictatorship, this was a regime that was sophisticated and, institutionalized. And seemed to be trying to mitigate these issues, so. That's how we used to describe it and this argument I should I should cite the the author's his name's Andrew Nathan this was made in 2003, if any of you want to do further reading I'm sure you have plenty of other things to do with your time but, the. Article is called authoritarian, resilience so. Enter Xi Jinping so. Xi Jinping is. The current. General. Secretary of the Communist Party so I I I'm, afraid I'm gonna have to get in a little bit of the weeds here in, terms of the Chinese leadership system but but bear with me so. Any top leader of China today, actually has three different positions so the first is that their general secretary, of the Chinese Communist, Party. That's. The head of the party that's the most important position they. Are also de. Facto president, of the People's Republic of, China which. Is the head of state the, government position the party and the government on paper are separate. Things, in. Reality, they're heavily intertwined and the party dominates the government and actually in my experience, many Chinese citizens have trouble differentiating, the. Party institutions. And the party positions in the government positions, but she didn't pings party position as general secretary his. Government position as the president he also has a military position he's chair of what's known as the Central Military Commission so, he's head of state head of party head of military so. He assumed these positions, in 2012, and, we. Are just finishing up his first term in office and therefore he's expected, to retire in 2020. To 2023. Now. Prior to coming to office I just want to emphasize a couple of things about Xi Jinping's rise, the. First is like many Chinese leaders you might hear of this so-called. China, model this, idea that China is a meritocratic system, and. People are promoted, based on their abilities, and talents and experience, and so forth, that. Is a highly controversial, argument, to make what. I would say is that Xi Jinping like many other Chinese leaders had, a lot of governing, experience, upon entering his. Highest position, so he rose up the ranks from a young age, was. Party secretary, and and mayor and governor of various different parts of China was, involved in the, central party school he, actually helped run the Beijing Olympics so by the time he came general secretary he was highly experienced, the. Second feature of his rise is that he is not what's known as a princeling, so. In the, Chinese politics of princeling is simply a leader whose. Father or grandfather and. I apologize. For using male male, nouns. Here but this is this is empirically. True almost all Chinese leaders are male a. Princeling. Is a Chinese leader whose father or grandfather was, also a leader and so she didn't Payne's father's name is Shi Junction who actually worked with mouths adult before. Being purged during the Cultural Revolution but, Xi Jinping because of this princeling, status an American, Princeton would be like Chelsea Clinton George W Bush that's that's, you can kind of draw the connection, because. Of this princeling, status he. Potentially. Had a more accelerated rise and he had a certain level of prestige within the system early on and.

Then The third thing I would talk about about, his rise is that like, many Chinese leaders prior to him coming to, power we actually didn't know a lot about him. So, one way to rise, up to the Chinese system seems to be to keep your head down, to. Develop relationships, with patrons, who are higher in office than you and not, take any dramatic policy. Stances in mine either direction so. Prior to coming into office we really didn't know a lot about what Xi Jinping was all about and if. You look back at some of the discourse about him into 2012, and 2013 a lot. Of people believed, he. Was China's Gorbachev, so this is a Democrat, in Waiting he's going to be the one who finally liberalized his China and embarks on political reform and. The. Basis for these claims was. In. Retrospect fairly, weak Xi Jinping spent. Time in Iowa this is him as a younger man he spent time in Iowa on an exchange program. So. He spent time in Iowa, his daughter attends Harvard University, therefore. He must get it he must be a liberal, as. It, turns out this conjecture, couldn't, have been further from the truth xi Jinping is a reformer, and I'll, talk more about that later but he is a reformer of the illiberal sort so, he's, moving China in a more authoritarian, direction, not a more democratic direction. So. What, happened in 2017-2018, why, is this years past, 12 months such a big deal well there were really three events, that unfolded. That. Really. Changed, what we thought we knew about Chinese, politics the first occurred. At what's known as the party congress the party congress occurred, last fall it's a meeting of the 2000. Most powerful, members of the Chinese Communist, Party it happens only once every five years and during. This event we, typically, see the unveiling of leadership, new leadership, circles. And. What we were expecting, to see based. On precedent was, that Xi Jinping there, would be a new group of top seven leaders Xi Jinping would still be in power right because he still has one five-year term left but, that there would be a successor, so. We would see two new leaders put, into the top tier of the Chinese Communist Party and it would be generally understood potentially, even announced, that, these people were going to take over from Xi Jinping there would be a new successor, in waiting so, first thing we learned this fall is that there. Actually when this new leaders, this is the event this this image, that I'm showing here that's actually four, out of the new seven members of the Politburo Standing Committee, there was no successor, announced. Okay. So. Remember I talked about institutions. This is a big, one having a successor, named in advance, that. One's gone, okay. And, why, is this a big deal well actually for basically, since the Tiananmen, Square massacre the Tiananmen Square incident there has been a successor, in place in the. Chinese political system, so it was known that Johnson min would, transfer power to who Jintao Xi. Jinping came to office as in, the pol bro Standing Committee in 2007. It was known that he would take over for who Jintao, so. Now for the first time we don't have a successor. Which. Means this, can generate instability. Right so if an authoritarian regime we don't know if something ever happened is Xi Jinping if he had a health problem or something like this there. Would be a major public, power struggle, so. That was the event number one event number two is a little, more end of the weeds but I thought we'd we. Could have some fun with it so. This. Is event number two and then I had to write it down because I have trouble remembering. All of the language. But. I encourage you all to memorize, this Xi. Jinping thought on socialism, with Chinese characteristics, for, the new era, this.

Is A mouthful, I am NOT a native speaker of Chinese, and my Chinese is probably suspect, but she's and pinkish in should I don't, go to such show Hydra says John that's in Chinese to me it also sounds like a mouthful in Chinese there are native Chinese speakers in the room I heard you before so, maybe. You can tell me if you agree but. Another. Feature of the Chinese political system, is that any elite, leader. Is. Expected. To make an ideological, contribution, to the Communist Party doctrine, so, every leader has their pet phrase Mao. Zedong has, Mao Zedong Thought, dung. Shout ping has dong Xiao ping Theory John's. Immense contribution. Is known as the three represents. John, zoom it should be said that it's not called John's and mins three represents, is just called the three represents. Scientific. Concept of development is who in town and. So now Xi Jinping's, contribution, is known as Xi Jinping thought on socialism, with Chinese characteristics, for the new era this. Phrase, was put into the Constitution, the Charter of the Communist Party itself, and it was done so while, she didn't ping was still in office still in power usually it happens after the fact so if, we dissect this phrase a few things stand, out first Xi, Jinping, his. Name is in it okay. So it's, a named phrase this honor had only been reserved for Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping so. Here we have Xi Jinping placing. Himself on par with those two leaders the. Second. Word I want you to pay attention to his thought souchong, so, remember, there was Mao Zedong Thought and. Dong. Xiao ping theory. So. There. Are some analysts who believe that a thought actually is higher than. A theory. Depends. You're now, we're getting into semantics, but it's, telling that mouths are dong how Mao Zedong thought, so, now we have Xi Jinping thought Mao Zedong thought so and not only is he putting himself on par with Mao and dung he may be only putting himself on par with Mao and above done, socialism. With Chinese characteristics, is an old sort of tired phrase in Communist, Party ideology it's, basically their way of justifying the fact that they've gone a market direction, while still using socialist, language so this is actually not a new phrase, but. The last thing I think is in some sense the most important, is a new era. So. Xi Jinping is declaring, that we are in a new era and he, is at the center and, up. Until this point we have generally thought that China was in the so-called reform, period so beginning in 1978. We have the reform and opening-up, that, was the period we were in xi, Jinping is saying we are in the end of that period we are in a new era and I, am at the center so. That was event number two event. Number three. Occurred. This past March where. We had an amendment to China's, Constitution that. Got rid of term limits for the. Position of the presidency, so prior to this the position of the presidency, which remember is Xi Jinping's government, position, was. Governed by two five-year, term limits and, this. Past spring. Which. Honestly, would have been unbelievable, five or ten years ago that term limit was gotten away with so. The interpretation, of all of these events so again, just to reiterate so, we have no successor, we have Xi Jinping thought in the Constitution, and now we have no term limits, the. Interpretation. Among. The China Studies community and the China watcher community is that this signal is that Xi Jinping is potentially, trying to stay on past, his expected, retirement, in 2022 the so-called XI for life and. I. Titled the talk not XI for life i titled, it xi for life with, a question, mark at the end because. I think it's important for us all to remember that what. We know about elite politics in China is is actually quite little it's an extremely opaque system and so, people, that observe the system were. Left to to, take these very crude signals, and try. To infer what's going on between the party leaders and what's going on in their heads and so I think it's a bit premature to say oh he'll be in there until he's he.

Until For the rest of his life although Donald, Trump actually congratulated. Him on being. It's. Just I went. 20 minutes without bringing out Donald Trump, so. My. Own interpretation so, one. Possibility he's, intending to stay on that's one possibility a second possibility is he. Is using these moves to further consolidate, power and create uncertainty so. One feature of the Chinese political system is if you anoint a successor, you. Actually are creating a rival and you're, creating a new base of power and instantly that person, who's the successor, in Waiting becomes quite powerful, and you're. A lame duck for. Five years and so maybe by not anointing his successor, and singing that he might want to stay he's, just maintaining his own bargaining leverage so. That's one other interpretation. That I think is important to think about either, way my own feeling, is that whether, or not he stays in office or retires, it. Actually doesn't matter as much as you might think because, if he does install a successor, he. Will likely try to install, a a Lackey of his own so he will install someone who is loyal to him and he, will rule from behind the scenes when. This is also common in the Chinese system dong Xiao ping continued, to rule, despite. Not actually having highest level titles so so power in the Chinese system is some. Sense about tiles, but and, many others it's actually about personal relationships within. The system so. Either way I think one takeaway I want you to come away with from the talk today is that we are likely in an era where Xi Jinping is going to be at the center of the Chinese political system, not just for the next five years but likely for the next 10 15. Possibly. Even 20 years of. Course it's a bit difficult to predict so. What, do we know about Xi Jinping so if we're in his era we've gotten a chance to watch him in office now for five years so what is he actually about what is he what, does he care about what makes him tick if. I had to describe him in three, words I would use the following I would say he's nationalist, he. Is authoritarian. And he's, populist, it's, that combination so, nationalism. One, of the key phrases of Xi Jinping thought and I encourage you to go study Xi Jinping thought, is. This. Idea of the coal so-called China dream or Chinese dream depending, on how you see it translated, jungle among in Chinese the. Chinese dream, dates. Back to this idea of national, rejuvenation. There is a narrative in the Chinese political system that China was once a great nation, that status. Was robbed of, it. By foreign, imperialist, powers, beginning, with the opium war there. Is a century, of humiliation, where. China is repeatedly. Infringed. Upon by foreign powers and only. When the Chinese Communist Party comes to power in 1949. That's, the establishment, of a new China and China, has stood up and, so. Xi, Jinping's China, dream is an extension of that narrative and the basic dream. As it has been articulated, is that China will once again become, a strong powerful, and prosperous nation. One. Of the most. Cliche, things you can say about China is that it is a collectivist. Culture, this, is a a, pet. Peeve of mine it's, it's a very simplistic way of thinking and it's in some sense Orientalists, way of describing China. But. In, this instance I think it's important, to emphasize that this China dream people. Americans, here that's may think oh that's the American dream that sounds pretty good it's actually quite distinct, so this this is an image of one of the propaganda posters of the China dream, and, you'll see in Chinese, it's a jungle among China dream and under at what a Hmong means my dream so. We literally have the individual, being, placed subservient, to the nation and to.

Be. Working under under, the a dream is for an individual Chinese citizen it's about achieving the goal the collective, goal of national rejuvenation. So this isn't about I'm gonna work hard and better myself like. The American dream this is a collective, dream this. Nationalism. Has. Been ramped up in recent years and. It. Seems to me that increasingly. The party is relying on nationalism, as a source of legitimacy so, under the Mao era the source of legitimacy was, ideology. And Mao himself. Under. The reform period under dung shopping, and his successors, the source of legitimacy was, performance, so, we're going to deliver goods. Economic. Growth public good provision and so forth now, economic, growth is slowing in China it's, down to roughly 6% and, so. A new source of legitimacy seems, that nationalism, will be the source of that and. We see Xi Jinping being, increasingly and assertive, on the international. Stage you, might have heard about the, South China Sea China's, territorial, claims there his, willingness to to, build Islands, and install, military installations, on that on those islands to buttress territorial. Claims China's. Growing increasingly aggressive. With respect to Taiwan and, reunification. With Taiwan you, might have heard of the one belt one road initiative, or the belt and road initiative, it's, constantly. Rebranded. But, this is China's, marshalled so-called China's Marshall, Plan will. Be a, multi-billion. Dollar investment project. Spanning multiple countries, and multiple constant continents. So, we have a nationalist. Nationalistic. Assertive, Xi Jinping the. Second adjective I used to describe him is authoritarian. China. Always, has these cycles, if you look at the long arc of Chinese history there are there, are ups and downs there, are periods of opening, and periods of closing, so. We have mouths. A dome comes to power and we see a closing, with the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution dong Xiao ping comes to power and we see an opening where, political discourses, liberalized, a little bit then, we have Tiananmen Square massacre, our. Closing and. Then actually if we look back at the 2000s. We didn't maybe realize it at the time but that was a period of relative openness. In Chinese society, under. Xi Jinping we have entered into another closed, period and. I would argue and I don't think I'm alone in this that China today is the most repressive it's been since. The period just following the Tiananmen Square incident and this. Is manifested, itself in a lot of ways there's increasing control, among civil society organizations. One. Of the key tenants of Xi Jinping thought is that party should dominate all aspects, of society. We. Also see the party willing to use good. Old-fashioned repression, detentions, torture, intimidation, to groups, that it doesn't like this, is an image of Li, wen Xue she is the wife of the man in that picture there Wang Chan Jung who, is what's, known as a wait trend lawyer the way trend lawyers in China which, and just means rights protection, these. Are effectively public defenders they are a group of lawyers who are civic minded and have, tried to use the principles, of the Chinese Constitution, which is actually quite liberal on paper to. Help Chinese, citizens, protect, themselves from the government so they take cases, on everything, from labor. Issues, environmental, issues. Property, rights protections, of people who have had their their property demolished by the Chinese government so. These are people that are trying to work on behalf of the the population. And to, protect, the protect, them from the government using. The Constitution, so they're not radicals, actually they're not advocating, revolution. Most. Of them are advocating, that the government. Abide. By constitutionalism. And rule of law today. In China such individuals, to be this type of lawyer has become a crime and. Hundreds. Of them have been detained this particular, individual Wong trend on was detained for three years. Without. Any. Meeting. With his lawyer there's a certain irony in that not, allowed to meet his family we just found out last week that he is still alive but up I was I I was at an event two weeks ago where, his wife spoke and she was unclear whether he was still alive. So. It's, important, to keep, talking about this I think a lot of us when we go to China myself included, you get. There and you think oh this isn't so bad really, it's it's not that bad at all it seems pretty normal here, and, that's. On purpose, and a lot of the repression comes, along in the background and it's, easy to overlook it and it doesn't affect most of the population, but.

For Those individuals, that do try to advocate things like human rights and in political, reform the, the regime is really willing, to do the, dirty business so Xi, Jinping his authoritarian, he, is nationalistic, and the final thing I would say is he's populist so one of the hallmarks, of his which he might have heard of is the anti-corruption, campaign, so. Xi Jinping, came to office and he was quite. Different from his predecessors, he had a little charisma. Who Jintao was, kind. Of known, as being kind of a bland technocrat. She's. In ping-pong. Coming. Into office he went to a steamed bun shop in Beijing kind of ate with normal people he fosters, his image as a man of the people and. One. Of the key. Features of his rule has been cracking down on corruption and corruption in China was. The main threat to the survival of the Chinese Communist, Party so if you look at survey data in China corruption, was always ranked as the number 1 or number 2 issue among the Chinese population the. Levels of corruption were quite high this. Is a feature of an authoritarian, system with no electoral accountability. No. Freedom of the press I lack of civil society organizations, undergoing. The process where business, assets, are being gone. From public to private so this is a recipe for corruption so Xi Jinping comes to power and. Immediately. We see a crackdown on, so-called tigers and flies Tigers are senior levels of officials, within the Chinese system so he's willing to go after the big big, officials, and then, flies are lower, if you're a lower level and official. In China you're called to fly just. Stuff. Maybe one day you'll grow up to be a tiger but for now you're a fly. So. She, didn't pings anti-corruption, campaign. Signals. His, willingness, to tackle the tough issues the. Interpretation, about this campaign they're really two that you'll hear the first is that this is all just a political ploy to, purchase enemies, and. I believe there is some truth to that if you look at the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party individuals, who have been investigated. And variably, are not. Achieved in pings personal, clique they're people who are in kind of the rival faction or people who might be opposed to him. That said the, other interpretation, is that this is a genuine effort at cleaning, up the party and if you go to China and you talk to individuals, there is some optimism, that Xi Jinping is a strong, leader he's a competent, leader and he's the one that is going to clean up the party I think. There's some truth to both narratives, I if he's investigated. Hundreds of thousands, of individuals I, have. Trouble believing that all of this is politically motivated I do think there is some genuine, antique, Russian behavior going on but. It's important not to be too rosy, about this development in, the sense that actually. Fighting corruption is is. Difficult, but we kind of know the recipe for success in political science and economics how, do you stop corruption well you. Provide, information to citizens on things like government contracts, and, assets. Of officials, you, have a free press which is allowed to do kind of muckraking journalism, you have a civil society organization that works with them, you. Have anti-corruption, agencies, that are independent, in a court system that's independent, and over time you. Will see the reduction of corruption. None. Of those features that I just named are present. In Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign. So, this is a top-down campaign. Driven. By the party, kept within the party, and. The party is basically trying to police itself. And. So that's important to keep in mind when we talk about the anti-corruption campaign so. That's what Xi Jinping is about he's populist, he's authoritarian. And he's nationalistic, in terms. Of his popularity, I, would, say I look. At it and I actually see. If. He is popular it's for the same reasons that Donald, Trump is popular I want another 10 minutes without bringing up his name but. So. The. Chinese dream is kind, of a version of make America great again let's make China great again I hate to be simplistic but there is a similarity.

There, The. Authoritarianism, so Donald, Trump and Xi Jinping are both willing, to speak, the language of law and order and use. The tools of coercion to try to repress. Out groups that. Is a common feature in their rule and then, the populism so the. Anti-corruption campaign is, actually kind of a version of drain, the swamp, and. Actually I think in the Chinese case it's it's more, authentic than what we're seeing with Donald Trump in terms of a commitment to clean governance, of course so. The question is is Xi Jinping popular, and as a foreigner, standing, in New York I there I'm hesitant, to even weigh in on this but my. Own sense first. Of all any time we try to assess the popularity of an authoritarian regime this is sort of one of the classic questions, in political science it's. Very difficult to do because. Let's. Say you could do a survey and you ask people do you approve of the performance, of Xi Jinping in office, first. Of all in China you can't that question I do, surveys, in China you cannot you're not allowed to ask this sort of question in other authoritarian, countries so Putin and other authoritarian, leaders have public opinion polling about them and China, you're not allowed to ask about the performance, of any individual, leader but, let's say even if we did have that question and we, see a lot of people approve is. It because they, actually approve, is it. Because they've been indoctrinated to, say they improve or they, is it because they are scared and they. Say they approve even though they don't approve so, it's very difficult to different differentiate, those different possibilities. So. We don't really know how, popular Xi Jinping is, okay, that's an important thing to emphasize my, own sense through my conversations with students friends in China and other people is. That he does maintain, a broad base of support so, people who are intellectuals. Liberals. Business. Elites are generally, less supportive of him because of the themes I've just outlined but. Among the common population he, seems to be viewed as a, strong. Leader who. Is helping change China for the better he's, assertive. Abroad and he's tough at home on people, who have been, guilty of corruption so he does have a base of support. So. All. That being said what what are we looking, about what do we what, should we be thinking about moving forward for China and why was 2017-2018. A big year. I, I, wanted, to point to really three troubling, trends. It's for us to think about as a group the first is that we're, seeing an increasing cult of personality among. About. Xi Jinping so. Again one of the another cliche, or trope, in the study of Chinese politics, there you'll see a lot of Time. Magazine, covers or magazine covers will you'll see like an image of Mao Zedong and then it'll. Be peeled back and there'll be an image of Xi Jinping underneath, or something like this so people keep referring to him as the next Mao or, China's, next Emperor, there's. Just a series of phrases, that are used over and over again along. With like things like dragon I get there's a certain way people, report about China which is a. Little. Simplistic but there. Is some truth to this idea that there is a cult of being person of cult of personality being, fostered around Xi Jinping this is the cover of the People's, Daily Remy nirbhau which is the mouthpiece, of the Chinese Communist Party.

In Red or this is not my own analysis, this was a report, in The Wall Street Journal but they noticed that Xi, Jinping had been mentioned eleven times the. The leading word, in eleven titles on the on the front page of the people's daily and he's. Been mentioned more in the people's daily on the front page of the people's daily than any other leader since Mao Zedong. So. This is troubling in and of itself what's what's particularly troubling about it is at least two a second phenomenon which, is yesman politics, and so. It seems to me that, at the elite level in China today to oppose, Xi Jinping especially, publicly, is career, suicide, and, so what we're observing instead is a lot of sycophants a lot of people trying to ingratiate themselves with, Xi Jinping praising, Xi Jinping thought, universities. Are building institutes, where they study Xi Jinping thought. And. We. Know this is one of the basic tenets of government is that power, should not be concentrated, too much in the hands of one person, at. Best that person is benevolent but. At worst that can lead to extreme policy, making uninformed, policy making this is the vote count, in. The National People's Congress of that amendment that I mentioned the constitutional, amendment where. They got rid of term. Limits for the for the presidency, which is one of the more controversial, controversial, pieces of legislation to happen. In. China within, the last 30 years this, is in Chinese both the National People's Congress is huge, it's the institution, I study it's the largest Parliament, in the world it's got almost 3,000 members we see two thousand nine hundred fifty-eight people voted for it two. People voted against it and three people abstained, and, there's some we don't know who the people are that abstained or voted, against it it's a closed system there's, some speculation, that she didn't ping himself may have been one of those people to, kind of say. Oh yeah people are willing to oppose me but, but. To me this is you, know the National, People's Congress I don't want to get too much into it but it all of the Chinese political system goes according to script that the party controls everything. But. Even. Within these institutions there usually a some opposition and.

What. We observe in China today is that a lot of people are bandwagon around she and I and I worry about, that, the. Final trend I thought it was important to bring up here of all places is. The increasingly, sophisticated surveillance. Date we see in China so I mentioned that China is going through a repressive turn, what. Makes it particularly worrisome, is that this we, have a highly, sophisticated authoritarian. Regime that is now using, the. Fruits of technology, to repress its population and monitor its population, so. This is an image of facial. Recognition software, that's, currently being rolled out it's not national yet but it's being rolled out in different localities in China and so, we are nearing the point where. The Chinese, Communist, Party within, the next few years will. Likely have full information on, its population, so. Using, closed-circuit. Televisions, they have like. I've heard the estimate of 200, million but I've heard that number is gonna rise to 300 million or 400 million closed-circuit. Television, cameras around the country within, the next five to ten years using. Those in combination, with AI, which, can do facial recognition and, I understand, that the technology, is not perfect yet but it will likely get there that, combined, with social media data so. As you all know China Chinese, citizens, that commonly uses an app called waste in WeChat, which. Is sort of like a one app to rule them all not only is it a social network but. It's also a way for people to make. Purchases, so. The Chinese government, of course has a backdoor to that so we have a situation, where, an authoritarian government has. Full information on these social networks the political, commentary, the purchases, and the geographic, locations, of all of its citizens. And. This. Is the dark side of AI, and big data and this sort of technology, and it's. Something again we need to be talking about and you all as technically leaders I'm sure are aware of this but it's something that we need to be having discussions about and it's an abuse of this sort of technology and China, I should say that it's it. Seems that this. Technology, is being described, as again a way to preserve law and order, and. It's being said oh this is going to be used to catch jaywalkers. And other, petty criminals, and. Again. It's unclear whether or not Chinese citizens support this there might be a faction of them that does and says oh okay if you, have nothing to worry about if you're not doing anything wrong. But. It doesn't take a genius or, a critic or a skeptic to say that of this, we'll also be used to target. Political. Dissidents, protesters, petitioners, and so forth anybody that's causing trouble in the Chinese system I should. Say that as a political scientist, a lot of us do fieldwork in China and I was part of you a couple conversations in, the last couple years about, the. One thing we do often with our interview subjects is we guarantee anonymity, we say okay we can meet and I, will never use your name in anything, I write and I there will never be any record of this interview out in public now. That we're operating in China I don't think I could go to China and tell someone that I can. Assure, that no one knows about this meeting because the the state is everywhere I, should. Also say that this technology is being rolled out in a part of China called shinjang Shenyang, as a province in western China. Where. There is a large Muslim population, known as the we Gers I. Encourage, you to read. About Shin Jung Xin. Jie, ng. This. Is not my area of expertise, but there's increasing evidence coming, out of cynjohn that these sorts of technologies are being used, to. Basically. Put, a large chunk of the Muslim population into. Re-education. Camps, so, the level of repression that's being used in, concert with this technology is very alarming so. I wanted to leave time for questions and I wanted to close by, just using this phrase end of an era which is which is not mine there's a book, that just came out called end of an era by Karl Minster which does, a nice job of summarizing some of the trends that I just spoke about but. She didn't ping is saying we're at the beginning of a new era which. Inherently, means we're at the end of an old era and.

To, Me it seems one of the big takeaways of the, last year the last five years has, been that the, Communist Party the Chinese Communist Party, the. Success. Or failure of the Communist Party now lies in, the hands of this person and one of the old lessons, of Communist. Party history, and this. Is the lesson of the Mao era is that no. Single leader should become too powerful and. It seems to me that this lesson has being been forgotten so, thank. You I will I will leave it there and I and we can open it up to questions Thanks. Yes. Hi I one. Of the things that I was thinking about during the talk was. Why. Is this, happening, now and, you know I can sort of imagine maybe, it's she's. Personality. And his strong. Leadership or. Maybe it's a weakening, of the existing. Institutions but. You. Know why didn't, this happen with a previous leader what sort of kept them in check that's. A good question it's. Difficult to answer the. Common narrative, you would hear is that the previous leader who Jintao, was. Actually didn't, have this force, of personality it, wasn't a particularly strong leader he was not, anointed, by. His predecessor, Jung Simon he was actually anointed, by dong Xiao ping so dung Xiao Qing's leaves office and anoints his next two successors, John's, min in who Jintao so who Jintao had a reputation and sort of a a bland. Technocratic, guy that you know knew how to make policy but didn't know actually how to command the party and. So this, in some sense leaves, a power. Vacuum that Xi Jinping has been willing to step in, in. Terms of why now I think another thing to emphasize is, that this was incremental. So there were little moves that happen along the way and they, went unchecked so. For example so she's jumping upon. Entering office there was a dramatic purge, of one of his rivals named Bo Xilai where. This person was, trying. To get himself on the Pablo Standing Committee and it's there's evidence that she didn't paying engineered, his very. Elaborate, downfall. This, would be unusual and so that sort of thing happens and we start seeing the anti-corruption campaign fold, out unfold. And over, time he becomes, so powerful it's, like a self-perpetuating, prophecy. Once someone becomes this powerful, now. To be opposed to him is futile, so I think that's one of the the elements to is that these the institutions, maybe weren't strong enough in the beginning to to constrain him yeah thanks, here. Maybe hi. Sorry. To bring up Donald Trump again but just, a curious, thought experiment, oh great but, then. Decided. To get, to the term them and I I think they were saying the term said hey maybe we should try maybe we should do this someday yeah, so Mike alarming. A tall question. I thought experiment says so. Assuming. That's given, Trump's also having a populist agenda if serum matters to kids we go back to it and, I know that culturally the u.s. is very very different interpreter, from China but if, you rather try to get rid of tones in the u.s. like based. On your understanding of authoritarian, regimes how would what. Might be the path of least resistance for, him to go about doing that I took. A very dark turn in this conversation and. We're already in the dark place, so. The question is about, Donald. Trump if he were also to try to similarly consolidate, power and potentially erode the, term-limit institution. It's. Interesting what right, when Donald Trump was elected, there's a lot. Of political scientists, much more senior than I am I'm, jr.. If you couldn't, tell people. Have been in the field for a long time were, sincerely. Alarmed, about, the erosion of democracy, in the United States and that democracy, is something we take for granted here it's been around for hundreds of years we expected, to be around the future but. Democracies. Elect, themselves out of, democracy. They elect leaders that have authoritarian, tendencies that consolidate, power so there were there were legitimate causes, for concern among. The. Political. Science community about Donald, Trump's authoritarian, tendencies and, I think he's time and time again revealed. That. He has a certain, envy. Let's call it of authoritarian. Leaders he's done so with kim jeong-hoon Putin. And Xi Jinping in. Terms of this specific scenario, my, hope as an American citizen whereas, if this ever came to pass we would see opposition, among. Not. Just the Democrats but among the Republican, Party at some point the Republican, Party needs, to realize that this is, unusual. And unsustainable, and they need to side. With democracy over the party and so I I hope, we've, said that before there's. Been the Trump presidency has, been a constant. Series of events, we're. All saying is this yeah is it is it this is it are they finally going to oppose him so my, hope is that we would see opposition, I would also say there are there are major major differences, of course between the Chinese political system in the United States in.

Particularly The strength of our institutions, and the court system and a legislative branch in the media. And the ability to have public discourse is, is. Way. Above what there exists in China so I think the outcry the public outcry would be enough so that that scenario will never come to pass. It's. My optimistic, take yeah I. Questioned. Sure what. Do the Chinese people know. About these constitutional. Changes. And. Specifically. The term limits and and. Also in Xi Jingping thought is there any mentioning, of. Confucianism. At, all does it refer back to. Yeah. So those, are two good questions so again as a foreigner. I'm hesitant, to ever make claims about this is what the Chinese people know and this is what they don't. So. I would say the depiction, of this in the Chinese, media has been that this wasn't a big deal, and, a. Lot of the outcry that occurred was. Among people like me foreigners, who study China or write about China and. The reason it was pinned as not a big deal is because actually, the, position, of president, in the People's Republic of China if, you actually look at the Chinese Constitution it's, basically a ceremonial, position so, that office, is not, in. It of itself that important, it's important, because the person who inhabits, it is the, head of the party so. That's one reason why it was deemed not that important, the second reason is that there actually are no term limits on the position of General Secretary of the Communist Party so. That position has never had any term limits there's been a norm that that person only stays in power for two terms but there was never and actually anything on paper that prescribed, that so the way this was positioned, and among, people in China who were describing, this was that all, of this reform, does all this amendment does is put the position of the presidency, syncs, it up with the position of the General Secretary of the Communist Party so now nothing has term limits so that's the way it was phrased but. For those of us on the on the outside, looking in it, seems that this is a very obvious, example of, an existing, institution, that was designed to curb excess, abuses, of power accumulation. Of power being. Eroded so. I my, sense is that the average Chinese citizen is probably not an uproar about this but, I think it does remain a pretty significant, political event in terms of Confucianism. One. Of the elements of Xi Jinping has been not, just the nationalism, sort of in a foreign policy front but a cultural, nationalism, and the Communist Party is being the bearer of Chinese, cultural, traditions, so Confucianism. I. Am. No expert but, there are elements of Confucianism. That are conducive, to authoritarian, rule in particular the emphasis, on hierarchy and the relationship, between the ruled and the ruler, and so.

We've Seen a resurgence, of, Confucianism. And the emphasis on Confucianism. In, China especially, as an alternative, to foreign. Ideologies, like Christianity. And and so forth so I don't believe I'd have to look back I don't that she didn't think there's a whole book on Xi Jinping thought, and I I couldn't. Get through it to be honest with you, but. I I don't believe it's mentioned in great detail but it's culturally. And politically, it has been an emphasis to, to focus on traditional Chinese, culture and heritage and the, Communist Party and Xi Jinping are our, protectors, of that thank. You yes. Hi. My, question. Is about the surveillance. State but I'll come. Through dito which is in. The last questioner from this microphone you mentioned the big institutional. Differences, between, this country and China and I'd. Say democracies. In general and China and. Authoritarian. Regimes, now. All. Of, the world is going into, the. World of new. Surveillance. Technologies, together, and. We. Don't have institutions, surrounding those yet so do. You think there's a, chance. Or danger that democracies, around the world will, follow. In the model that China is developing and, we'll probably first develop. To the greatest extent and that everyone will just sort of stumble into. Yeah. So I I have a certain. Yeah. I have, that personality, type that worries about these sort of things in the rise of the surveillance state and Google as a company as you you. Of all people know is involved. In the collection of information on normal citizens which could potentially be used by. A government, for these sorts of purposes so I I'm, glad you brought up the question and something we need to be talking about Allah, and I hope, I'm assuming. You all are talking about this quite frequently I, think, in the u.s. that has a different flavor to it I again, I'm not within the CIA I don't have it much of a window as to what's going on but it, seems that it's being used for for, again for issues of national security and, and, information, collection that can be, used.

By The US government to monitor terrorist suspects and so forth, in, China, they would also argue that this is about national security all, right so the dissidents, and protesters, and so forth are undermining, national, security so it's always government's, using the lens of national security to. Infringe. Upon people's, civil liberties and. So it is something I think we should be concerned about and I think the difference in the u.s. versus. China is that in the u.s. there's at least a dialogue about this and citizens, have. Willingly, given over their information because the technology, is so good Facebook, Google Twitter and, so forth the the tools are so great that we willingly give forward our information, but, I think we are at a point where if. It falls into the wrong hands or if you have a certain type of leader even in the US this this information, can be abused, Thanks. Never. Answered that question before, but thank, you for asking yeah could, you explain a little bit on the world's. Largest Parliament, I know you made a point about how well it's orchestrated. By the party. But what's, it like in its daily affairs how often is that orchestration, happen how deep does it go thank. You for asking this question so this is the topic of my dissertation so. This brings me back to, a a, sad. Lonely depressing, time in my life. So. Then I'll just give a brief answer because I could talk about this for a while but the National People's Congress is China's Parliament, and it has 3,000, members it meets, only once per year for, two weeks, so, you can imagine such an institution, is not exactly, a forum, for great policy. Discussion, and they sit in a large room called the Great Hall of the People which has 3,000 people so often. When you hear about the National People's Congress you hear the words rubber stamp and there, is some truth to that so nothing ever, before, the Parliament in the history of the institution before, the full body has ever been voted down ever. So. That's. Not a rubber stamp I don't know what is. That. Said so one of the arguments I make I did, write a book on this it's one of those books that I wouldn't. Wish it on anybody to read it but if you're interested, I have, a form I might as well self promote it's called making autocracy, work but. The argument, I try to make is that actually this is one of those institutions. That the Communist Party is trying to use to. Channel, citizen, grievances, through. Their, institutions. So rather than have people protest, on the street and potentially engage in violence they're trying to create political institutions, that they control, but. That nevertheless serve, some. Conduit. Of information. That the government can then respond to you so the People's Congress system is actually a network of these. Institutions. There are five different levels of government, and. All. The way on down to what's known as a Township level in China and there are hundreds, of thousands, of legislators. In China, people's. Deputies they're called and so, what I've argued in this book is that these people are their task is to go out and learn about the population, and try to convey.

This Information to the central government but this shouldn't be confused with democracy that shouldn't be confused with full. Representation, these, people are hand-picked, by the Communist Party and they are not allowed to cross. The boundary so that you'll never hear about a People's Congress deputies, saying oh maybe we should talk more about the surveillance date or maybe we should have elections for the position. Of the presidency, so it's a very constrained system. But. Thank you for that question that's. Easy thank. You very much thank. You I also, wanted to ask you about the International Affairs aspect, of, Xi. Jinping's administration. You. Talked a little bit about nationalism, and how the. Xi Jinping administration, is becoming more assertive, internationally. Especially, in, South. South. Asia area. The. Pelton Road could you talk a little bit about more. About that and where. Do you see this administration, sort of do. You see them applying. The tools that, they apply internally, the repression, the surveillance outside. Of the borders of China through. Technology, and also, through politics, and kind, of money. Yeah, that's a that's a great question so it is it's a broad question because, China's, formulations, are multifaceted and. You. Know I've span everything from territorial, claims and ambitions, to the. Economy, environment and so forth the one thing I did want to mention which I haven't yet is. This idea of Chinese overseas, influence, and so there's a lot of discussion going on in the US Congress right now about so-called, China's, influence operations. And the, way that it's increasingly, using some of these tools to try to. Shift. Discourse, in the US and other advanced democracies, in Australia, New Zealand this is a this is a major issue, we. See this manifest, itself in a lot of different ways the. One trend, that I'm noticing, and worrying about is this. Using. The market, using the access to China, as. A way to coerce, people and. I'm here at Google a company that has had, its search engine throttled, over the years and is known no, longer has the market share it should in China because of this reason so. A lot of companies. Journalists. Academics universities. Are facing this. Decision, of do, I play. By the party's, rules and, compromise. My, business. Or my values, in, order to get access to China so this manifests, itself in a lot of different ways so. Academics. We face pressure if we write about certain things we have a fear of potentially, losing visa access, in. The grand scheme of things a visa is not a huge deal we're gonna be fine but it's it's, a manifestation, of that firms you. Might have read about a lot of US airlines now have been. Forced. To change their websites, because, they can no longer have the word Taiwan on their website because Taiwan is a sensitive, topic, and you it's considered, part of China according to the Chinese government and. On and on nine Cambridge University Press, is an example that's close to home for. Us. Cambridge. University Press, runs a journal called the China quarterly, which is a China journal at. The pressure of the Chinese government last year was a two years ago I, can't remember they removed. Upwards, of 300, articles from their website in China and the articles were all about things like Kahneman Square and shinjang, Tibet, sensitive, topics, and. This is alarming right because if then if you're a Chinese citizen and you're reading the Chinese quarterly, you're getting a sanitized, version of scholarship. On China you're getting a sanitized, version of history and. That's the version that the party wants you to get so. Fortunately, as a result of AK I mean pressure we saw Cambridge University Press eventually. Reversed its stance but all of these all these individuals, are facing this decision, and it's it's a commonality, actually, between firms journalists, universities. And academics, so, that's one thing that's alarming to me another. Thing that that is concerning, is the, monitoring. That we used to see reserved, for China is now being extended overseas, so there are a lot of Chinese students. At, American universities, and this. Is something we need more research on so I'm hesitant, to make a statement but it. Seems when what I've heard that there are many Chinese students, who are feel. That they are under the same level of surveillance in an American classroom than they would be at a Chinese University so I teach a course on Chinese politics and we talk about sensitive, topics a Chinese. Student my course might feel reluctant to say how they really feel or what they think about the Chinese government because, they're worried that they might be being monitored or that information might make its way back to the Communist Party so it's we, are entering a phase where Xi Jinping is assertiveness, has now led, the Communist Party to try.

To Influence discourse, and and, in. Dialogue in other countries, and that's that's the trend that I am worried about so thank you for the question here. Yes, you. Partially, ask actually, my question but I want, to extend the topic mention, the influence, is going aboard, but mainly, focusing on like Chinese, seasoned, what. Is influence. Globally. What other countries, and do, you see a possible, backfire, and would other country, trying to how. Does it interfere with China's. Government, usual, stuff so. The that's a great question. So. For a long time the the party, rhetoric, about this was that China does not interfere within, the sovereign affairs of other countries that was the line is sort of this doctrine of non-interference leave, us alone we'll leave you alone. It's. Unclear whether we should believe that ever but it's increasingly, obvious that they. Do interfere, and some of the ways I just mentioned. More. Interestingly. Important, to think about is this idea that the Chinese system of governance itself. Could. Increasingly, become a model for other countries particularly, developing countries to emulate this is the so-called China model and it means different things to different people but it's. Basically you have a system of authoritarian governments, soft authoritarianism. If we want to call it that although I don't know how soft it is coupled. With state led capitalism. And. China. Has the record of economic. Performance that, is potentially appealing to other countries so it, remains, unclear how much they're actually trying to shift, the governance, models, of other, countries I have a friend Maria rep Nick OVA who's a great. Political scientist, based. At Georgia. State and she's, doing some work on this and she's interviewing, officials throughout Africa, who are increasingly, going to China to be trained and. Until, study governance, techniques from the Chinese system as opposed to a Western, system so I think it's, still too early to tell how much how, much influence there will, be but I think it's it will likely increase so, on. That, I think I'm actually out of time so thank you all for this this opportunity. You.

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Excuse me. "Xi Jinping upon entering office there was a dramatic purge of one of his rivals Bo Xilail"!. Come on cut the crap. Bo Xilai fell from power was in March 2012 because of the Wang Lijun incident. Xi Jinping assumed post of General Secretary of CCP and Chairman the CPC Central Military Commissionof in November 15, 2012. And "there was evidence that Xi Jinping engineered his elaborate downfall"; please do show us in your "evidence" in your next YouTube appearance or in print. Otherwise you are just one the many dishonest so called Western China experts that is so commonly found among the American liberal elite and neocon community, your rolled up sleeve and jean notwithstanding.

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this man obviously did not know anything about Xi Jinping. His father was sent to prison,and never come back,Xi himself was exiled to the countryside because of his father.Xi tried 10 times just to join the party. His success has nothing to do with his father. His father only left him with trouble. this man described Xi Jinping as a prince, but obviously he did not have enough knowledge to speak on the stage.

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Think about Steve Jobs of Apple and Jack Ma of Alibaba; don't you think it's better for them to lead these two great companies for a longer period? Primitive White people and their primitive binary-mode of thinking: Satan = Evil & God = Good; Communism = Evil & Democracy = Good; Socialism = Evil & Capitalism = Good. Primitive semi-civilised White barbarians always think that they primitive brains are very sophisticated. If you want to know why the White people are still so violent as compared to the Muslims and Chinese, then think back 500 years. Apart from technologies, everything else from the White people comes from 500 years ago. The Chinese want Xi to lead their country for a longer period; he will be able to exlpain to the semi-civilised White barbarians what is civilisation.

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The only thing that the typical Chinese citizen cares about is that they have money and that their family lives an incrementally better life. They don't give a crap about what kind of "system" the country uses, who is in charge, and whether there's a freedom of speech. In other words they're very practical people. On the flip side the only thing that the Chinese leadership cares about is to prevent people from rioting which means keeping them happy -- this is the only way they can stay in power. I'd say this is a much better relationship than here in the US. Sure we have freedom of speech but where is that getting us? Sure we have democracy and so we have Trump. The US is a place where the country is ran by the super rich in the shadow so when shit hits the ceiling you don't even know who to blame.

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Zack Financial infastructure plays a big part but ultimately geography is #1. The Dutch were briefly richer then the English were only when they had a supperior financial banking system which allowed them to utilize loans and credit to advance investment, but once England and France caught on and adopted these same finance techniques the geography factor took back preminence as the most important factor over financial institutions. You can be a minor nation like Holland in the 17th century and overtake massive territories like England, Germany and France in wealth using institutional techniques, but at the end of the day England and France just copy what Holland is doing and proceed to blow them out of the frame completely with the shear power of their geography combined with the brilliant finance of the Dutch. There is a reason why the Roman invasion of Gal was what ultimately destroyed them, by invading France the Romans effectively transfered all of their advanced technology to a periphiral sattalite region which had far supperior geography then Italy did. France naturally outstripped Rome over time in food and capital production and became its own entity entirely because it was self sufficent and utilized Roman farming technolgy and fully embraced Roman institutions like education and governance. Rome with poor geography had to rely on grain shipments from Egypt and elsewhere meanwhile France was producing mass amounts of food and transporting that food along it's navigatible waterways leading to massive commerce and the development of a very capital rich area. Rome had supperior institutions but as soon as other periphiral regions with better geography adopted these same institutions it was the geographic factor which determined strategic power.

Ham Sarris therefore money and currency is the root of all power and control

He is a repeater or transmitter. But with missing info

I have not watch this video yet but if you Google give a millimeter to China I am going to abandon you 100% PLEASE don't be silly and stupid like Apple, one day China is going to OWN 100%of the cells phones market and like Microsoft allowing Chinese government to steal everything and Chinese companies are going to be buying everything from USA and promoting hate for America all over the world please don't give a millimeter to China because China is the biggest violators of humanity and stealing everything, don't be silly and stupid. just for MONEY

the weakness of dictatorship is that the country is doomed if the dictator is a fool. Mr. Xi happens to be that fool.

Quite impressed, I actually don't expect to see such a clear view on China and Xi. As a citizen, I will say that I support his anti-corruption campaign, which is outrageous; but meanwhile, I am disappointed by the fact that the liberals are suppressed and the media can't question the change in political area. I hope the country could be more liberal, more rational, more people's welfare oriented, rather than the gov.

Westerner point of view on Chinese politic will never understand what really going on there.

The Chinese system is actually more democratic than the west's capitalism when people are ruled by money.

As a Chinese from mainland, coming back to China after living several years in a western country, I have to say this guy does know something about China (basic facts one can easily learn from some exposure to China or even from mainstream western media), but some key points and underlying logic of his narration about Chinese politics are just off the target he meant to hit.

Prof bullsheet

Xi will never be the president for life. The most is one more term. The Communist Party change the constitution to safeguard the successor.

评论里愚昧的大陆人试图用英文骗老外,呵呵。外国人偏见朝鲜么,外国人偏见越南么,外国人偏见苏联么,外国人刚巧偏见了中国?不要以为自己特殊,自己不是享受rogue regime的统治。



Chinese students in US are afraid of surveillance by FBI more than communist China. Media and politician like to demonize Chinese students as spies and thieves. Actually, majority of Chinese students are just want to study the advanced science and technology in US, which is what US university want to offer . Now, due to jealous of some American people, the desire to study has been labeled as stealing.

What a moron

Basically, it's very superficial and quite misunderstanding.

Communist China is a thief and committing illegal activities against the United States government

Chinese never worry about a competent leader having a lot of power. While in the Western democracy, we established Check and Balance to limit it. Throughout China's history, the people and society concerned about Peaceful transition of power after a good leader getting too old to make wise decisions any more,or after he passed away, will there be a bloody struggle among the princes which sometime expanded outside of the royal family resulting in a internal warfare tearing the society apart for a very long period of time. Old dynasty overthrown and replaced by new dynasty. China become a republic in 1911 to follow the inevitable trend to give democracy a try. Odds are against it. Actually, besides,UK, USA and some Western European countries, doing well( industrialization and colonialism are suspected reasons of their success) after WWII till about 1970's. Latin American, Asian, African and new democracies after breakup of Warsaw pact, Arab spring, the whole third world, failed miserably in the test. China after the 1978 reform which is quite revolutionary and enjoyed continued success for 4 decades, improvements were pursued in their legal system and maybe political reform to lead to western style democracy. Getting more confidence from the success of economy, science and technology advancements, China looked inward and brought out the old standard of " good governance" vs. " bad governance" and saying it should be the universal standard for all forms of governments, western style democracies or one ruler system like China established by the first emperor 22 centuries ago. It's still too early to pass a judgement.

Ah, neoliberalism, it never gets old, emphasizing non-issues and full of wishfull thinking, and rarely offer practical solutions. No thanks, I'd rather talk to a vicious realist, at least he doesn't bullshit.

china is shit folks

puff, you know nothing about politics in China.

Another under-cooked "China Expert" trying to decipher Chinese culture and its President. This Prof. spoke with anti-China rhetoric and did not properly contrast it to United States. Talking to a few friends in China and students is not going to make a China expert. Almost convinced me that America is on high moral ground.. United States (President Trump) Nationalist - Make America Great Again / Buy America Authoritarian - You are fired! / Divide America Populist - Tax cut for the rich / Trade war. China (President Xi) Nationalist - China Dream / China 2025. Authoritarian - Anti-corruption / Law and order. Populist - Poverty alleviation / One Road & Belt Initiative. Our dear Prof. brought up the Tiananman incident. Good. But he deliberately cherry picked information for discussion. He forgot (or deliberately don't mention) that many peaceful protesters (protesting innocents killed by the police) in the United States were violently put down by army equipped Riot Police! These incidents in the United Stated happened in the last one two years! Please Google video for American riot police violently putting down unarmed American civilians. May I kindly ask where is that "freedom of expression" that you often preached ? ? Welcome the United States to the authoritarian club. By the way, President Trump dictates everything. Overstepping all its Secretaries and security agencies..! Most of the WH and Agencies staff who disagreed with Trump were replaced. Its Secretary of States were fired while still on government trip in Africa! Stormy Daniel were harassed, arrested, and threatened after going public with her relationships with Trump. Therefore "authoritarian" should not be reserved to describe China political system only. United Stated included. Welcome the United States to the authoritarian club. On the rhetoric of President Xi being a "princeling", United States have their princelings as well. George W. Bush and Jeb Bush, and etc. Thus, "princeling" cannot be exclusively used for China only. Welcome the US to the princeling club. Like to conclude that the Prof. presentation was very shallow in facts with no insights. It entailed more conspiracies and propagandas than facts. Just trying to bring up the missing facts that were ignored. And those China policies and photos are available online on China news websites. You be the judge.

This is the standard arrogant Chinese answer. The rest of the world is wrong, only Chinese are always right. Can be ignored

if you disagree with his opinions, it's better to point out where you think he misunderstands, just saying "Western point of view using Western value and cultural reference" is wrong is wildly unconvincing

Tony Lin They are funded by US motherfuckers to kill each other, to kill civilians.

Tony Lin You are not White, so probably you don't know what is a "proxy war".

half a million Syrians are killed by white people, or by civil war? (i'm not White, but it's good to get the facts straight)

just like us president rothfors in 1940s,we find the chance of transfer of hegemony and try to seize this opportunity .therefor the 4 term of president is a necessary to counter the us as the us at the brink of decline...those has no basic concepts of how the world work should be silent

梁浩 of course his dad does influence especially among the military. And I am Chinese. This guy got it mainly right

thats all u can do,LOL

you are a shabi, if you aren't a dog.

you know a bird, pengyou.

and xijinping get a lot of power before 1978,before his father comeback,so,you guys keep crying,LOL

and xijinping get power before 1978,so,you guys keep crying,LOL

Are you trying to mislead the foreigner? His father is purged but still a prominent figure. This is why his father could return to the high ranking position afterward. Xi is of course enjoying help from the old subordinates of his father.

Yes, his father was rehabilitated, but his older sister committed suicide during the purge, that should tell you something. All I can say is the princeling status gives him more than privileges, it also bring pains upon him.

his father was fully rehabilitated in 1978, then went on to hold leadership roles in Guangdong, then later elected to the Politburo and the party secretariat. His father clearly came back to power after the cultural revolution. I think it is you who need to get more knowledge (" His father was sent to prison, and never come back"), to even make a comment on YouTube

What history and culture did you study? The Chinese history I study tells me when a strong leader with a clear vision arises, and the government is well-organized, the outlook is spectacular. We all have bias and blind spots, but stop calling people brain-washed. Neoliberalism has not sorted out the mess it created in the last several decades, I don't China should take its prescription.

Well, the US government did!

That's how simpleton interpret

So you are calling yourself nvm simpleton? Sure!

ks lee nvm simpleton

No need to elaborate,your Trump supporters like to spin every words. everybody knows that fact. Only the people like you brainwashed by your dumb President and the living dead staffs is still calling yourselves Great. Calling yourselves Great is useless, unless the rest of the world agreed to it. We don't care what your Trump supporters have been whining and boasting all this while. Your Trump is a loser, his life is full of shit and scandal and that's is your so called "Great American President". Continue to praise yourself and your country, yes you are a Patriot but a dumb one in the eyes of the rest of the world! I am not from China, but we are know that! Fact is fact, no need to say other things to bull all over and over again, if you are not fed up , we are very fed up hearing and reading it OK!

ks lee elaborate

Trump is the President for USA means collapse of USA!!!!!!!!!!

poo just wake up from a wet dream , nationalism always bring war he will be responsible in front of Chinese population for what he did. This will end badly.

Irresponsible, ill-informed research with arrogant attitude. Geez, you guys call such idiot political scholar in America? No wonder the country is falling. Boo, Do more searches and come up something new.

One word in conclusion, the western has been duped by the CCP, and many scholar like the one in this video are still unwilling to say the truth. The CCP will eat you alive when it gets strong enough, but the potential targets are keep talking they are not sure if it is a monster or a cooperative friend.

A typical china bashing speech. Didn't get much useful information from it.

As a Chinese citizen, I think Professor Rory's speech is very convincing and agreeable.

Very impressive. The most accurate and comprehensive talk about China in English on youtube I've seen in years. It's sad to see all these 50 cents army try to twist the reality in the comment.

This talk is complete garbage.

xi jinping are to great for china we want him to lead china for next 10 next years


It means that Chinese foreign policy and foreign agreements don't change every 4 years like it is with the US.

The West has been advancing the discourse on what a good political system looks like. As a Chinese, I do see merits in these discourses. China does need an overhaul on its systems.

Just bullshit ,don't judge.

The economical environment for the USA is much better than that in China. Yet the USA can only manage two or three percent annual growth. If China followed the example of the USA, China would do no better than the US. Then China could never catch up with the west. That is why China must find its own way to success.

well, this young boy knows nothing, very misguiding content

Usual Western hypocrisy. It is propaganda when promoting the China Dream but not MAGA (Make America Great Again). Anything good from China is propaganda anything bad is truth so portrayed by the Western media.


This guy is completely missing the point. The problem is he does not know anything about China. Wasting time listening to him.

His level of knowledge of China and the Chinese political system is on par with Gordon Guthrie Chang. And that is not saying much.

Only one thing I try to say. Those human rights lawyers, they just using the rules that made by the government to advocate for the people. And Chinese government just put them in jail? So what is the meaning of those rules? And how we the normal people know what things we do are right or wrong? This is so ridiculous. So for those people just say this white man doesn't know anything about China. if someday Chinese government say it is wrong to comment on youtube, and ready to punish all the people did it.What will you do? What can you do? I think rules are important, they should be either followed or amendment, but not be ignored.

DigitalCat There are so many rules that some of them can protect you and some can harm you. It is the man in power who decides which rules he use. So the rules mean nothing. The normal people are meant to stay away from politics and mind your own business, do not comment on the government and public affairs. Actually, IT IS wrong for a Chinese citizen to comment on YouTube. The Chinese government blocked youtube from Chinese users. You can only access YouTube through a VPN, which is also not allowed to use. There are two kind of rules in China, the written rules, which I said mean nothing when you have no power, and the hidden rules, which you never quite know what they are. So the smart move is to work hard and keep silent.

This so-called professor does not know much about China. What a moron! He read too much from the western media and spew the same crap as them !

Do you think he can keep his job at Princeton if he is a bit more pro-China? Most America's China experts play dumb.

actually, there is no analysis of this speech. all he said is the common knowledge of most Chinese citizen. as for me, no novel results were obtained. right now, most friends of mine knows that Xi is president for life, no doubt. He undertook huge risk to make the 3 steps, he and also wang qishan, are power addicts. the key issue is Chinese citizens and elites are too scared to do anything protecting the so called constitution. anyway, it is not tough job to control 1 billion cowards

Prof. Rory Truex's mandarin is flawless in terms of pronounciation and if his chinese vocabulary is on par with the average Chinese level, I would say he is more Chinese than I myself. However I can't comment on his POV of the Chinese political arena, but wow am I impressed by this professor.

the professor shakes his head when he mentioned Donald Trump... i guess everyone has their own problems lol

"You're wrong! Why? Because I am right." - that's how the west thinks.

it lr it’s more Chinese government’s way of thinking

I can't continue listening to this white thrash who knows nothing about China and yet talk so much about. He is better off talking the the wars the american protracted.I am stopping here at 9.00.

Another stupid American are trying to using his stupid American thought to explain China. Your stupid democracy elect Trump. Your stupid democracy divided America.

Some truth and interesting things. But do not agree with all of this but I am no educator. I really like the west to go on the wrong path.

Hopeless professor !!! Someone who know it all... LOL !!! Western smart aleck...

So true... He is just spewing the same crap from the western MSM.

Gao Jie 你了解一下美国政治就知道,政府决策是倚重教授的判断的。虽然政治家可以为目的忽悠民众,教授还是知道背后水深水浅。美国的学界各种人都有,有的是旅居海外的,配偶是海外的,对外国的了解没那么瞎。比如中国人了解日本的必读书《菊与刀》就是教授为驻日占领军写的,日本人也高度评价好不好。 更著名的莫过纳粹日本对华经济调查,现在为了挑动仇恨日本,说日本人战前全方面刺探中国,是多么多么了解中国,以证明日本蓄谋已久。何不说日本根本不了解中国,全是偏见。也不知道没有美帝帮助,老蒋准备怎么打败对中国充满偏见的日本。

Solo it’s not arrogance not even real Chinese people’s opinion it’s from Chinese communities capitalists gangsters’ hired propaganda barking dogs commonly known as wumao— fifty cents army online trolls get paid for these fake opinions

+Jedi solo this is nothing to do with right or wrong, this is an analysis by this american professor on China, not America and not you.

Keawe Wong Isn't Marxism western point of view?

Xi is a puppet emperor period

Fang ting Zhu i hope you know the crap you toss out here and what xi a man really is with his pathetically poor education and hooligan personality

One must learn rigorously about Chinese history, Shiji, Zuozhuan, Chunqiu, 24 Shi (dynasty of history), Zi Zhi Tong Jian at least and so on. Ancient scripts, Sishu Wujing (4 books and 5 classics) at least and so on. Philosophy, Daodejing, Yinyang, Martial arts of Sunze at least and endless of books to understand a Chinese leader. There is no easy leadership in China, not based on popularity. Otherwise, any comments are just plainless.

Tony Lin I guess this (you westerners) is the new slogan of idiots who can't accept their state is a totaliterian. Russians who loves Putin talks like that, Turks who likes Erdogan talks like that and so on.

Speak out your points and lets see how good you are

IloIoIoIIoIloIIollIolIoIlolI Your Saudi ally just slaughtered 40 plus children in a crowded market in Yemen. I think you American barbarians are planning to kill another 500,000 Yemenis in order to "free" Yemen.

See how Chinese idiots have been brainwashed and now attempting yo brainwash others China is doomed

White thrash expect the world to be like US. But look at their own racist demicracy, rich n poor gap, large number of homeless people. $21trillion debt which will never be paid, warmongering attitude.High divorce rate. Who want to be like US must be really fools. Hooray China, you have a winning system. Keep it up.

Jedi solo I am a Chinese student in America. I can assure to you that 梁浩 is just so pathetic to utter his nonsense about the lecturer.

Please don't say so, in China, there is a group of guys who well paid by government, this is their job.

梁浩 Get power? Even before his graduation from college ? LOL Great joke!

please spend 5 mins, 10 mins at maximum, to search Chenyun's cadre policies after 1978. if your comment makes you well paid, just ignore this suggestion.

His father was set free after Mao's death and collapse of the Gang of Four. His father gained great respect inside party during Deng's era, and was in charge of Guangdong, which was the frontier of opening policy and the most rapidly growing province. His father might be the most 10 influential persons in China during 1980s-1990s, even his father was not in the level of major leaders of party and country. Xi Jinping benefited a lot from his father, and was considered to be prince, even in late 1990s, when people were discussing who will be the next emperor after Hu. Xi was an underdog at that time, but indeed a major competitor to be king.

Idiot, Certainly has a lot to do with his family background

This man know nothing about Xi? Xi's success has nothing to do with his father? You only know something enough to let you say those silly words, not even qualified to be wrong.

man, it's SB(silly below-part, in Chinese context) or BS(bull shit, in English context)


What history and culture did you study? The Chinese history I study tells me when a strong leader with a clear vision arises, and the government is well-organized, the outlook is spectacular. We all have bias and blind spots, but stop calling people brain-washed. Neoliberalism has not sorted out the mess it created in the last several decades, I don't China think should take its prescription.

I can tell you that 90% of Chinese population want to get rid of this cynical corrupt and authoritarian regime,they want freedom is that simple.

it's a total waste of time arguing with wumao.

From the long history memories,American is like a little naive baby when comparing with chinese enthics. USA's successed in modernization area cannot represent complexity of the whole world,and this is the big flaw of USA. From chinese enthics history experiences,American enthics has a long way to go.

The big flaw of USA is American enthics don't have the long history memories like the other enthics,expecially chinese enthics have long history memories.The USA just want a westernized world,killing the diversity of the world basing on USA modernization experience which is short and cannot represent the complexity of others.That's why USA made “conflicts of civilization” coming true. The big patient is USA,arrogant and naive,and USA isn't great in long history memories which in chinese eyes,USA is naive little boy.

CCP had sent their wumao here to belittle the speech.

What the fuck he is talking about?

whats your alternative because the so called western democracy has proven time and again it is only meant and works only in western society,look at africa,middle east,southeast asia,latin america,if it is not coruption it is blood all in the name of democracy and you want china to follow suit in this catastrophy called "democry" thats a western invention?Hell no long live "socialism with chinesse characteric for the modern era" cause we the rest of the world are tired of being corupt and spilling our blood for the pasuit of YOUR democratic ideals, sorry but compared to your way and system and the china way,I think the china model works for the rest of the world unlike your model that only works for and your kind(north america,western europe,australia and new zealand olny) so you cant confuse us any more,china is not the enemy their model is not bad but your ("democracy") is a failed model for the rest of the world.

As a Chinsese, I want to know why theis guy conscerns soooo much about dissidents, lawyers and activists rather than normal Chinese citizens. What I want to know in this video is whether normal citizens can live better and protect their right under Xi' s rule? Will the increasingly powerful gov will infringe people's normal life and property like Mao's era? Will Xi slow down the growth given by Deng's policy? Will the China model more suit to Africa than democracy? You care nothing about China and the World, you just care about your anti-communism comrades, those who dare not to walk under CCTV cameras.

Officially the Xi Dynasty and the revival of the Chinese Empire. He is the Emperor now.

I had high hopes for these talks at google. Look at, for instance, the Mark Blyth talk. Just packed with data and insight. I actually somewhat hoped that this speaker would deliver a proper data-driven roasting of Xi but instead failed even to surpass the level of insight of high school educated taxi drivers in China. This is just a regurgitation of any Rachel Maddow show

There are quite a lot of Chinese nationalists around here.But for me,I think Professor Truex makes some good points.

A lot of commie 50-cent Army here lol

One sided. No need to listen to him. Today with the free web media, people can read wider, from a wider spread media. His information is cater for stereo America media like The NY Times, CNN, NBC etc,,

It is a shame that such a biased man is in the teaching position in the USA to poison the young minds when they need most of the real intellectual enlightenment. Speaking from a person born and raised under the Communist Chinese government and emigrated to the USA for almost three decades, I am appalled by your willful extreme lefty slander about current American political situation and the Trump administration. As an amateur historian, I think the USA is experiencing a healthy cleansing of its corruption of the past decades engineered by Bill Clinton, Bush, and Obama, who have divided American people into endless interest groups and pitted against one another. There are no comparison between Xi and Trump, one is put there by the Communist Party while the other was lawfully elected by the people (albeit in the thickness of Left rigging of all sorts ever imagined) . Trump has done none of the things Xi has been doing systematically. You really should be ashamed of your very skewed comparison. Do remember all your peers are Lefty Democrats who probably would not mind live under Xi.

Really well said and on point.

Typical ‘Cold War mentality’ and full of prejudice. He offers no independent analysis of China’s current political situation and purely reaffirmation of the ‘same old’ biased view of China. If that’s the best US can offer in terms of ‘China expert’, I am worried. Both Americans and Chinese alike should be worried.

What a shame! A professor was regurgitating lies fabricated by MSM.

All the shills on this board are really not going to help the Chinese cause, because most people watching this are too educated to buy the simplistic dichotomies being proffered below. It's sad, the golden age of Chinese liberalism is over. Let's hope another Deng Xiaoping will come after! I say this as a lover of China and believer that it can do great good for the world if it keeps its act together. Xi is a great leader, but too long in power can corrupt even the most well-intentioned of men.

31:22 为什么我就敢在中国问那个问题,一看就知道你没去过中国啊。。。

Here we go again arrogant chinese people making their points in the comments how righteous and smart they are compared to the world. Can we all just toss these chinese scrubs to one big jar called china and don't let them out and see if they turn it into a tiny utopia

China is a Communist country, not a Democracy. Communists seek social justice and social good, whereas Democracies seek instant gratification of the individuals with total disregard for others. Democracies inevitably fail into mob rule, anarchy, and lawlessness, as it happened in Athens 2500 years ago, as correctly predicted by Socrates, as it is happening in USA today. One man one vote is a joke. May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

Is He not She. Apologize for the mistake.

She is paid to do all these.

What a fascinating talk, thank you

Good talks. Every American should believe him except Jewish.

To all western viewers, there is no insight in this talk at all. If you can read Chinese and follow Chinese news as a typical Chinese person, you know everything he said in this talk. This talk makes me think that the standard of being a professor in political science as a China expert is surprisingly low in the US.

China doesn't need google. Leave and never comeback. Bye bye.



here is what they taught me at University . . . 250k later. Utterly predictable.

This is the worst kind of professor, not very objective and full of false assumptions. These kind of people do great harm to society by pretending that they are not ideologically biased and driven by false beliefs.

I do respect for Democracy in US. While I don't think that institution may work well after being transplanted to China. The institution of China should evolve to what it be instead of being taught to what it be by American elite. In fact, I feel less intimidated for criticizing local government online. The consolidation of Xi in power has made headers of local government not dare abuse power on normal people as they did before Xi



Jiafeng Wang 现在有些说法是要实现网络自由,用了两三年油管和非死感觉就是扯淡,即使用这些东西但你所接触到主要生活圈还是那几样,但这些媒介存在太多以推翻中国为目的的假新闻和造谣媒体、个人;恰恰我也意识到中国才是对网络利用相对好的地方,每年中国留学生和出国人次那么多不影响用外网,同时我们也有自己的网络;反观西方倒是只有这些;我们可以随时看到他们的优点改正自己发展我们自己,但我们创造的他们就不一定知道


Jiafeng Wang 这教授讲的啥玩意

dude you're white stfu lol did xi fuck your mom or something

Lots of 10 cent army officials in the comment section.

If you can't read Trump in US right, how are you able to read China Xi?

China won't be like what they have today if they worship American democracy hundred of millions of Chinese die figthing against western democracy system back then in the 40th

American are the master of manipulation and propaganda creating lies and hatred against leaders who refuse to accept their one sided policy and demands

yet google decides to return to China to do business. let's see if this talk does anything to google's decision making

Xi is most definitely not for life, they have him extended, but realistically his term is going to end sometime 2025-2035

So many educated five mao here. They can comment in English. Damn.

What about China setting up military bases in Africa ? And where they lend loans that are defaulting ? And what about them taking over Venezuela ?

I always listen to talks like this with hope to learn something different, creative, productive and meanwhile pragmatic, in short, a solution, but only half way through found disappointment of hearing same old narrative. It's most superficial to question a real life operating system in any family, organisation or state, and it's most complex to really make life better in general. Mr Truex has a lot of questions and doubts, but clearly has nothing helpful.

As a Chinese myself, I found this presentation very informative. Many of us are worrying about what Xi and the party are trying to do, especially after removing the term limits. That’s why Chinese citizens are always among the top groups of new immigrants in Australia, Canada and the us.

Well the problem of other chinese, they over exaggerate the capabilities of the chinese they become so dense and racist they won't listen to the opinions of foreigners.

Trump is only guy can beat Xi

I think if you are going to compromise your values and stands as an academics, you sh avoid the chinese market but no they are there for the money, but back home they can to create something their home audience love to hear and speak anti china

44:40 this guy thinks much deeper than the lecturer himself. Let me answer you - for the first one, the view has been divided among richer places and poorer areas. People in Beijing and in Shanghai generally oppose that action, especially in Shanghai, and they post articles on wechat despite the censorship. But people in rural and poorer areas generally support an authoritarian government. It was same situation back in 1989, the killed were Beijing citizens and students from other provincial capitals, while the killer were soldiers from Sichuan, a poor and mountainous province. This is in part due to Confusianism, but roots in geopolitical history of Han Chinese. Historically, Han Chinese were constantly invaded by barbarians from the north, like Huns and Mongols to list a few. This nomads can only be countered by a national army at scale. So Han Chinese learned nationalism thousands of years ago. And the survival of the race weighs much heavier than personal free will during continuous wars. The extreme collectivism naturally boils down to authoritarianism - just like army. During WWII, Japanese were another barbarian tribe on Chinese and it is no surprise the extreme leftist won. In general, if the majority of Han population cannot abandon the extreme collectivism which emphasis any sacrifice must be made from the individual to the entire race/nation and soldiers must obey the authority no matter what, there is no room for democracy. However, this leftist mindset has gradually been shattered during recent news and online posts. There is still bright side.

If it is so bad with Facebook and google and all that, why are these American companies still trying to get into the Chinese market? Rory sh not go to China if that place is so dangerous

US started nationhood by exterminating the Red Indians, is this human rights?. It then tested the hydrogen bombs on the polynesian people in Marshall Island - such a great nation and these people are still suffering from radiation and seeking compensation. Hmmm good human rights? Then US is the only country that depopulated a whole island of Diego Garcia and moved all to Mauritius. Human rights again? It started 14 wars in Africa and Middle East, dropped the mother of all bombs on Syrians by getting the White Helmet to create a chemical attack scene for US to use to attack Syria. Then to top it all it is the only country to drop two atomic bombs on Japan. The US believe it can attack any country at will without UN approval e.g Iraq under the pretence of weapons of mass destruction. .....Cheers to American human rights

This talked reminded me of some The Economist articles, where everything sounds reasonable and well documented, with a small exaggeration here and there so, at the end, the reader/listener is a bit against the subject in question. Manipulation at his best. The funny part is that probably he was trying to be informative and honest.

I admit I haven't went through the whole video. And I am just an ordinary Chinese. I just have one question. Is democracy suitable for current China? Is It that powerful? I heard democracy has also failed in several countries. Maybe It is just the brainwash from my government.

Vaccine is not made by government. Victim can sue the producer. Is not the news of fake vaccine released by the Chinese media?

Shengji Gu - This will be a little bit long so sorry in advance. Democracy isn’t just about voting and election. That’s just most visible stuff on surface. That’s why so many countries fail because they think they just organize free election and every problem in society disappears which isn’t the case. Democracy is about representation. So in ideal scenario all people should feel represented. Like when some policy is decided and your opinion is heard and counted in. But for individual to form an opinion on issue they have to have all information on such issue. So first, individual must have good education. They have to actually understand the policy, all its negatives and positives and then decided if for them positives outweigh the negatives. No policy is only good, there is always compromise between good and bad. For example, you put solar power in place so you will have less smog in city, but solar energy isn’t stable source, because as it gets cloudy it goes up and down. So your electric infrastructure gets strained. So you have to balance between cleaner air and functional electric grid. And there will be those who want more stable grid and those who want cleaner air. And both groups need reliable information. They need more independent sources of news. Good informative news is essential. If you don’t know that electric grid is strained, you put too much solar panels and you might cause collapse to your grid. And no single person has all the answers that’s why you need more sources of news. Next you need checks and balances. Lets say politician is corrupt. And he has ties on coal plant. So he stops all solar panel production because he gets money from coal industry. There obviously have to be someone who controls him so he won’t just do whatever he wants. There needs to be independent court and police. This politician can’t have any leverage on them because if he does he can do whatever he wants. That’s why there always have to be split in power. Those who produce law. Those who implement law. And judges. No part more important than other and all independent of each other. Because they all control each other. There has to be permanent control. Not just between them, but by everybody. You can’t have corruption scandal, if all contracts signed by lets say mayor of big city are public. Everything he does is monitored not just occasionally by police, but also by media and every citizen who can just ask for copy of the document to find something out of ordinary. If vast portion of public monitors his behavior it’s really hard to do shady stuff on the side. Next is your individual rights guaranteed by constitution. This is deal breaker that most countries ignore and then they fail. You have to have basic line that guarantees your rights no matter who is in office. I often see countries where some wanabee dictator wins election with like 51% and he does whatever he wants as if those other 49% didn’t exist. That’s not how this whole thing should work. Democracy isn’t just tyranny of majority. Those other countries usually just swing from one extreme to another by each election. Constitution gives stability. That’s why every country should have their own constitution on which everyone in that country agrees. What that particular country wants no matter political opinion, religion, if they are from big city or rural area. Lets say everyone agrees that no citizen should be tortured. Once that is part of constitution it won’t matter who wins election. Even when some politician wins and he would want to make a law that torturing his political opponents is OK because they are against his coal plant, judge who is independent on him will see that it’s against constitution and his law will be nullified. … All those things I mentioned should be implement ideally before even people start to think about election. Without them there is no safeguard. You asked whether democracy is powerful. Consider this. During cold war, in 1970s and 1980s. Video games were just for fun. To outside observer they didn’t have any real value. For soviet government it was just distraction from other more productive endeavors. They wanted to have bigger industrial output, produce more steel, produce more energy. And yet. Since then video game industry became massive. Not just that. Game industry pushed for consumer electronics. Consumer electronics pushed for miniaturization of chips. Computers spread more and more. The market boomed. By the time soviet leadership realized they missed the train it was too late. Home computers changed everything from international trade, to work productivity. All those billion dollar companies that sprung from it gave US tremendous amount of power. Smartest people in government can’t just predict everything. In hindsight we can see that this or that technology gave some country big advantage. We can’t do that for future. That’s why free societies thrive. If everyone can do their own thing. That’s millions weird and stupid failures simultaneously and that one thing that will be the next big thing. And that one thing might look stupid and weird too in the beginning, so if there is government which doesn’t like weird they will shut it down. And once again they miss the train.

Many forms of Gov­ern­ment have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pre­tends that democ­ra­cy is per­fect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democ­ra­cy is the worst form of Gov­ern­ment except for all those oth­er forms that have been tried from time to time . - Churchill IMHO, the modern democracy must include free election, free media, check & balance. Do those failed democracy you heard of include these three elements? I don't know if democracy will fit the current China, but I would ask this, under the current system, how do you guarantee your freedom & rights under the constitution writtern by CPC? Let's say you are a victim of the current vaccine scandal, can you sue the government? I must admit I don't know know the answer, maybe you know. But I still rememeber what happened to Zhao Lianhai(趙連海). And I know what happened to the official who was involved in this vaccine scandal were also involved in the baby formula scandal 10 years ago. There is no accountability in the current system.

Shengji Gu American democracy bring nothing except unrest and choas among the peoples against their own government destroying peace and development when China open up their door in the 80th Tiananmen protest almost bring China down to its knee sponsor by the western country if democary was accepted by China back then China would have been colonize and ended up like Africa and Middle and USSR dividing them apart into pieces easy to control by the United States of America China would be going back into history the weak man of Asia and Chinese will never rise their head

pooh just wake up from a wet dream , nationalism always bring war he will be responsible in front of Chinese population for what he did. This will end badly.

Ming Liu Yup, the US just had to go and help them survive in 1946 to keep China divided in two.



Sam Token 把你妈叫来我给你妈舔成黑虎……

+George Clancy Done that. "Others, like those stupid lawyers, are dealt with in accordance to the law of the land, period." May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

"Laws are made for governing, not for discussions. Only the party members who are knowledgeable and authorized to discuss the laws may discuss the laws at appropriate venues." Read that again why don't you...

+DigitalCat +ZENG BIN Exactly. China is a country of law and order. Obey the law or you will be dealt with according to the law of the land. It's that simple. Laws are made for governing, not for discussions. Only the party members who are knowledgeable and authorized to discuss the laws may discuss the laws at appropriate venues. Others, like those stupid lawyers, are dealt with in accordance to the law of the land, period. May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

Iam right you re different than me so you’re wrong

Without the big help from American, China was not in a position to defeat Japan's invasion in the WWII and to become one of the top 5 nations in the UN. That is part of history that the CCP never mention.

Fu, Well said. One of few posts of Chinese is not rubbish.




这教授判断的还行吧?但是我不知道你后来写的这些话,和之前的留言有什么关系?作为一个天天看foxnews cnn的人,我觉着美国人挺偏见朝鲜和俄罗斯的啊?越南,其实他们黑的也非常多啊?


nah, that's not what i said. you're speaking to a imaginary guy.

Like Mao .. his rule will be a disaster for the Chinese people .

You just told us something we already know...

雪压冬云白絮飞,万花纷谢一时稀。 高天滚滚寒流急,大地微微暖气吹。 独有英雄驱虎豹,更无豪杰怕熊罴。 梅花欢喜漫天雪,冻死苍蝇未足奇。


If we want to read some sensitive articles, we can. Just not so convenient. I am not worrying about China model, but I am worrying about corruption, what government should do is tell people more about what they did (especially the things hearts citizens). And China fail to do this, so sad.

yi zhou When ordinary people haven't any input it really doesn't matter if they're told, only if those with power are themselves working to do something about corruptuon. If there were other institutions and societal norms it might matter more: in a non political sense informing ordinary people is useful in a market sense only (e.g. if you know a school's teachers are abusive you can move kids elsewhere).


It's easy to concentrate on other countries' negative aspects, especially a country like China. In many ways, China is still a developing country although it has already developed into a powerful nation as it is right now. Although authoritarian, China's leadership group is composed of of much more capable people who care more about the future of the nation than most average group of leaders in western democratic countries. We will see that clearer and better as time goes.

Mao's only positive contribution was the establishment of the "New China", he only made negative contributions after that. Deng played crucial roles for the economic miracles that happened in China after Mao's death. Don't comment on Xi now, let us try that after he leaves the stage. I happen to think that Xi is one among the three that has the highest personal integrity and has the potential of contributing much more than his predecessors. I do suspect the purpose of not choosing the successor at the 19th party congress. He is now facing a lot of difficulties in his grand one-belt-one-road project and the trade war with the USA. Let's see what comes out of all these.

What a waste of time

China would be awesome if it did democracy... Thank you Rory

I feel this video is not helping Google to go back to Chinese market.

oversee chinese community don't like Xi at all. many people inside china hope amrican military could liberate them

zlltt If you haven't noticed Americans have spent years calling for the end of endless wars if "liberation" that so often lead to catastrophe for the "liberated."

This is really a great talks without biases. Some insights Professor Rory Truex shared during the presentation which I never thought about and are very impressive. Like it.

So, 82 commentors from ccp's pay roll ? That's it?

Feel sad if this is a typical interpretation of how China works from people in the US. As someone who grew up in China and lived in several overseas countries, I must say there are loads of benefits that the current system brings, that seems to be purposefully ignored by the Prof. The system is continuously improving as well.

Zhang Yu Normal Americans are like normal Chinese: they largely have no reason to know much about the outside world since they're country is so vast, safe, filled with resources, & isolated. USA by oceans & deserts, China by deserts & mountains.




Still liked..But what ya R tell me is junk

So he does have a base...That s what politician need

Ya can ask ..Or ya chicken out

I can

Us shall police it self b4 policing the world

Like what did happened ya guys freed Russian...Lots of oil rich political personal

So what did he do to pissed the government

Yeap rule of law..

Do ya think peep in China don't understand what was really happened during 6.4

Six percent is way be than Trump's 3.4%

China dream is like American dream... People live their life as they c fit

Ya can think all ya want Chinese won't do want ya think they will do things...

Sis they out right said it out loud xi is for life

Mao theory Mao is infact in power..So as Ting and Jiang

Any diff in US..Keep your head down..And bite the time

More voice from citizen..Like Singapore

Romantic like color change of mid East...Fuck I don't think any country will like to go thru that

li master I hate to break this to you but in the West this guy talks like a certain variant of Frankfurt Communists & their intellectual heirs.

江帆迟 at the least he fills in a few details if you're not obsessive about foreign nations' affairs

Think Mackay and another thing that even Xi-supporting Chinese think about Trump vs American establishment, but this guy can't handle or talk about it since he could only sneer at politics in the USA regarding Trump.

Jackie Wu For the propaganda managers, the "may the love and peace of Jesus be with us" is not persuasive it effective at getting people to accept anything said before. You're welcome.


法轮功李洪志大天师麾下右护法兼囼囲蛙研究所副院长——槑窑湾 imagine how if there weren't white American cunts there would only be a massive Corrupted-Bushido-cult Japan ruling all Asia, no China at all.

Too many white american cunts on this planet. They need to be wiped out.

victoria quesnel All outside the this of their internal situation but basically falling under his mention of "China's Marshall Plan."

Americans are so insecure. China is like the big brother patting USA on the head teaching them how to be a man not a angry spoiled kid. Having lost the korean and vietnam war to China when will USA wake up and know where it stands

Cory Gordon China will not win. Their corrupt american allies swayed by their money and promises will not win. Their empire of lies will crumble. We'll see to it the good chinese people will hang the evil ones including Xi. The free people behind the scenes is now their turn on the offensive and criminals in the world will be the ones on the defense.

Propaganda is really simple, when you have been the only one to ever throw nuclear bombs on cities and then proceed to call out another country for being a nuclear threat, that is fucking propaganda.

Sure, meanwhile Fake news, fake human rights, fake freedom of speech. Branding Edward Snowden who speaks out against the government a traitor and tries to hunt him down. Throws Manning in jail for showing the true acts of the US government and forcefully turns him into a transgender person. And the great US of Fake Freedom/News A dare to call out other countries for human rights issues, what a bunch of pathetic hypocritical fucks the white faggots are ROFL.

法轮功李洪志大天师麾下右护法兼囼囲蛙研究所副院长——槑窑湾 lies, We don't need to pay our people to see the truth, we have *open* internet.

the US government pays people to spread anti-china propaganda among its population. If anyone pays attention and they will see the truth. When there is terrorist attack in China, and the Chinese government does something about it, its called abuse of human right. When US invades the middle east and destroy millions and millions of Muslim people's lives, its called War Against Terror. Just look at the Gaza shooting done by Israel, or the bombing of Syria. What right does the US have to attack other countries? If the white hypocrites really care about democracy they should let the Syrian people vote together with the Americans to see whether US should be allowed to bomb Syria. Or let the Chinese people vote together with the Americans to see whether its the Chinese who trade unfairly or the United States. The so called human rights and democracy is a joke that only is used when something benefits USA itself. Its fucking hypocrisy at the finest.

Holo Yoitsu You see Missy, this is an example how a typical chinese liar look, like this other person joining the thread. He is spouting nonsense about the west out of hate without concrete basis, that's what the CCP wants him to do. I don't have any issues with any Chinese but the problem is the CCP wants all the Chinese get dragged to the problem they've created. The west just simply want to share their prosperity and knowledge and the idea of basic rights to all chinese. Just like South Korea and Japan, they're under the guidance of America, you see they have big problems? Nope, not even a story of peoples organs being harvested operated by the government. They're more transparent than China. Just don't believe what other chinese people say negatively about the west, some even love western culture and philosophy. Don't be like those racist stuck ups.

lingsc168 you're in error. He seems to sincerely believe an of this, coming from a background of political indoctrination as done among Western leftists.

Juan Torregrosa P. Wish I could double thumbs up. Couldn't sleep & hoped to hear some insights, found literal garbage & a show of naive belief in Western liberals' myth-making.

xap81 he may actually be sincere...

petersu33 not really, it sounds like superficial pop journalism for mass consumption, and liberal monism or circle jerking

Meanwhile american faggots nuclear bomb japan, genocide native americans, enslave black people, invade middle east and kill millions of Muslim children, and brands Edward Snowden who speaks out against his government a traitor and hunts him down. White hypocritical fucks please GTFO of other nation's business.

John Lee you're in error: he's so blinded with monism to Western leftists' myths that he also hates "MAGA" as a matter "of course" (it's elitist, aestheic-tasts motivated snobbery here)

Thanks Google cloud platform to help me assess real internet!


China sucks big time. The down fall of the CCP is just around the corner with Xi steering the sinking ship.

The US pulled China out of the gutter and they repay US by going to war?

Another superficial "Professor" who learnt a few Chinese characters and claim himself an expert in Chinese politics. One simple question to you: over past 5000 years of Chinese history, can you tell me if there is an instance that an united China broke up when the central government and the leader (or emperor) was strong like Mao/Xi? Qin Dynasty : NO Han Dynasty : NO Tang Dynasty : NO Sung Dynasty : NO Yuan Dynasty : ... it was not ruled in Chinese way, so .... Ming Dynasty : NO Qing Dynasty : NO

I thought this was going to be about the editor.

I live in china and raising a family here. I can tell you guys from the ground that this professor is misleading the public.

Fuck Xi

What a load of crap! Cut this guy's funding please...He knows nothing about China, yet repeating the same old nonsense over and over again. What good does this do for Yanks, huh? Except keeping mistaking the real challenges and issues. I thought Donald Trump had shut down a lot of these spending. Apparently, his not. Come on, make your own country great again before worrying Xi for life, OK? As yanks always say, mind your fucking business.

Xi wants to be the empror!然而习就是要复辟当皇帝

Let's see if the US regime can survive.

great talk. Many fifty-cent army comments. Their Chinglish is hilarious. 五毛们去死吧

J. Bradley Bulsterbaum I agree with you but most Chinese don't want involve in some troubles. There is a news in China. A man was kicked by a women, and his testis was broken. The police didn't arrest the women, instead arrested the men. This police and women were criticised by many citizens, but no one help the man to protect his rights, people don't want trouble, so police also do nothing.

But why China need democracy?

A lot of bloody handed murdering hypocritical American fucks on planet Earth. Its sad such trash of human being even exist.

+J. Bradley Bulsterbaum Exactly. Learn the truth. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. The truth will set you free. China rocks and keeps on rocking. USA sucks and keeps on sucking. Through China's BRI, the world is coming together to rock with China. Good night, America. Good morning, China. Long live Communism !!! Long live the thoughts of the great Chairman Mao !!! May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

I don't care, I am Japanese, fuck your race. White faggots need to be wiped out. American pussies love to suck Chinese cocks, thats why you surrendered in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War and still don't dare to touch NK even today. Oh thats right, your president Donald Trump just came back from giving Kim Jong Un a blow job in exchange for peace. Typical of a nation filled with cock sucking white faggots.

If they write a comment in English, they get six mao 六毛

americans saved china from japan. you're welcome. perhaps you are descended from Japanese rape. oops.

Someone actually suggested that China may not come by sea or air but on foot on that new BELT ROAD . Well it is not impossible . Look at the immigrants to Europe they came on foot . I think good sense will prevail and good people will put a stop to it . The story of humanity has a good ending .

Cory Gordon u mean the open internet which it's context such As, texts emails photos files and your mother 'e sex tape that can be checked and read by FBI and homeland security?

You just spoke Chinese too, you must be Chinese, white fucking cunt. Go fuck yourself.

Gustav II Adolf F#ck u We trust Japanese people

+Gustav II Adolf yeah and I can easily say I'm a Chinese living abroad who hates the bigot mindset against the west of my fellow Chinese. This guy tries to weasel his way out lol

法轮功李洪志大天师麾下右护法兼囼囲蛙研究所副院长——槑窑湾 LOL this guy is definitely Chinese,people who speak Chinese can know from his ID name. 嘿 中國騙子 你好

I am Japanese living in UK, and I have every right to call out on the white fucks who nuked my country of birth. Fuck you.

法轮功李洪志大天师麾下右护法兼囼囲蛙研究所副院长——槑窑湾 Heyyyyyy Indian here (Expecting some racism

The ones that should be hang are evil americunts like bolton , trump .navarro etc in short the entire americunts govermant political establishment . War mongering a hole .


What this means for China is start of dictatorship!

你们说这个讲得很一般的,一个老外能讲得很「一般」是意见很不一般,甚至了不起的事儿好嘛? 让一个普通中国大学生讲讲美国联邦体系试试?

For those who don' t know how communists work in China, this is a very informative session, however, the prof did not answer the questions in the subject, it would be great to have more in-depth analysis

龘龘龘龘龘龘龘龘龘龘龘龘龘龘龘龘龘龘 I hope Americans can understand the world knowing the whole human history, not just recent 2 hundred years. for example, I don't agree "equality, democracy and freedom" are among the most important values. Mankind can have more advanced values than that. There is a great read about Chinese mindset and how China will shape international order in the future: Here is a part from that article I hope you can understand Chinese mindset through this article: 【仁】Benevolence’s Embrace of Equality The Christian tradition values the concept of equality as one enjoined by the natural law of life.36 However, due to inherent genetic differences and divergent social environments, disparities between human beings are inevitable, as apparent in variances in intelligence, strength, height, weight, and athleticism, as well as in social differences rooted in family background, education, peers, and so on. Focusing on equality without taking these differences into consideration is equivalent to advocating the jungle law of unquestioned equal rights and zero distinctions between the advantaged and the disadvantaged. The individualist value of liberalism thus often leads to conflict rather than cooperation among human beings. Even when defined in terms of competitive opportunity,37 under circumstances where violent means are the best option for winning competitions, absolute equality can still generate life-and-death rivalry. The war between different religious groups in Libya since 2011 is a case in point.38 Benevolence (ren) is the core idea and social norm of Confucianism, which as a governing principle calls upon state leaders to empathise with and care for their peoples. Thus, it can find application in the management of relations between the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor, and those occupying high and low ranks at work, so helping to reduce social conflicts between the advantaged and the disadvantaged. As the members of an international system are divided into different classes according to their strength, the principle of equality without benevolence places the lesser states in an unfavourable position. They will consequently fight ceaselessly to attain equal power. By embracing the merger of equality with benevolence, we can popularise the value of fairness on a global level. For instance, ‘first come, first served’ is a principle of absolute equality. It gives those that are first in line the opportunity, for example, to take a seat on a bus, but it is not fair to the aged or infirm. A norm of fairness dispels this conflict by requiring that the able bodied, whether or not among the first in line, yield their seats to those in greater need of one. Another popular example is that of the boxing regulations at the Olympic Games. To ensure equality, the established rule is that the fighter who fails to get up after a knockdown before the referee has counted to 10 is deemed the loser. However, to ensure fairness, contestants are divided into classes according to weight, so giving boxers of an ascending scale of weights an equal chance to win championship awards. In this case, the weight classification of boxers constitutes the prerequisite for referees and judges to award fair marks based on the skill each contestant displays in a match. This principle of differentiated treatment is equally applicable in international politics. For instance, the concept of ‘common but differentiated responsibilities’, which arose at the Stockholm Conference in 1972, and was accepted by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992, and the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, reflects this ideal.39 On the issue of reducing CO2emissions, the international community embraced the principle whereby the developed and developing countries take common but differentiated responsibilities.40 The Lomé Convention, signed in February 1975 between nine members of the European Community (EC) and 46 developing countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific (ACP), also embodied this equitable principle. Through this convention, the EC countries offered preferential economic treatment to members of the ACP group.41 These treaties suggest the possibility of a greater emphasis on fairness over equality in future international principles. 【义】Righteousness’s Embrace of Democracy Democracy is one of liberalism’s major contributions to human political life, and the legalisation of governmental actions through popular support is at its core.42 In a modern civil society, every citizen judicially and equitably claims ownership of national sovereignty and state power. However, owing to the logistical issues stemming from large populations, it is impossible for all citizens to participate directly in the decision-making attendant upon state affairs. Therefore, the representative system through democratic procedures is the obvious choice for the execution of state power.43 The active principle in the democratic procedure is that of majority consent through secret ballot. However, while the democratic process of decision-making legitimises governmental decisions, it cannot guarantee that those decisions are just. For instance, in 2003 the US Congress authorised the White House’s decision to attack Iraq based on alleged evidence that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. Although this authorisation legitimised American military action against Iraq, the war was eventually proven to be unjust after revelations which invalidated the alleged evidence.44 In fact, not even international legitimacy automatically ensures that a state’s actions are just. As international society is an anarchical system, the power distribution among members of international institutions is mainly arranged according to their varying levels of strength. Therefore, a just outcome achieved solely through international institutions’ procedures is rare. As regards the issue of pure procedural justice, as held to by liberalists, Rawls says, ‘Even though the law is carefully followed, and the proceedings fairly and properly conducted, it may reach the wrong outcome…the injustice springs from no human fault but from a fortuitous combination of circumstances with defeats the purpose of the legal rules.’45 He adds, ‘Pretty clearly, perfect procedural justice is rare, if not impossible, in cases of much practical interest.’46 For instance, members of the Arab League made the decision to expel the Syrian government led by Bashar al-Assad from its ranks and offer military assistance to anti-government forces in Syria, all through a democratic process. This democratic decision internationally legitimised the subsequent support provided to rebel militants in Syria, but simultaneously escalated a war that killed tens of thousands of civilians, and made more than a million people refugees.47 In humanitarianism terms, therefore, the Arab League’s decision was unjust. Righteousness (yi) is an ancient Chinese moral code shared among a number of philosophical schools, including Confucianism, Daoism, and Moism. Although righteousness has broad connotations, its core tenets include upright, reasonable, and proper behaviour. Mencius said: ‘Benevolence is man’s mind and righteousness is man’s path.’48 In other words, only by choosing the just way can one implement benevolence. The difference between righteousness and democracy is that the former stresses the results of a policy while the latter emphasises its legitimacy. Allison says, ‘For Americans, democracy is the only just form of government: The authorities derive their legitimacy from the consent of the governed. That is not the prevailing view in China, where it is common to believe that the government earns or loses political legitimacy based on its performance.’49 In reality, however, legitimised policies generate many unjust results. For instance, the UN is designed to maintain world peace, but it is dominated by the leading global powers—the five permanent members of Security Council. It is, therefore, common practice among the leading powers to undermine the UN’s democratic regulations through use of their veto powers and achieve unjust purposes. The value of righteousness can help constrain such unjust legitimisation of leading states’ conduct by requiring justice in both form and outcome. By fusing democracy with righteousness, we can popularise the value of justice and help to ensure that the resolutions of international organisations are both legitimate in form and just in result. When the two are unified, justice is upheld. For instance, most countries exercised sanctions against the apartheid regime in South Africa during the Cold War. Not only did such actions carry legitimacy in the form of a UN resolution adopted by a majority of UN members but, more importantly, the anti-apartheid policies were just in nature and in accordance with the principle of righteousness. The combination of the two explains why this particular use of sanctions was not regarded as an intervention in domestic affairs.

When comparing justice and democracy, the former proves a more useful value in promoting social fairness. At the same time, justice does not repel but rather draws support from democracy. In fact, justice may utilise democracy as a means of achieving greater social fairness while preventing unjust results. American philosopher John Rawls set forth two principles of justice: Principle I is freedom and equality; and Principle II is a combination of equal opportunities and differentiated treatment. Principle II aims to achieve justice based on the value of fairness, which cannot be achieved by democracy alone.51In addition to ensuring that the actions of leading states taken through democratic procedures are legitimate, therefore, it is necessary also to ensure that the results of their actions are just by assessing decisions according to the principle of righteousness. For instance, as the polarisation between the rich and poor intensifies due to globalisation, priority needs to be given to the principle of justice over that of democracy in order to promote common development in our age. The principle of democracy alone ensures only that every country, regardless of its wealth, has the right to decide on its own development agenda. In contrast, the principle of justice calls on developed countries to provide economic aid to developing states amounting to 0.7% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in efforts to eliminate or mitigate polarisation.52 【礼】The Rites’ Embrace of Freedom Freedom is also a core value of liberalism. Rooted in man’s inherent attributes, the desire for freedom is instinctive among all animals. This primal need provides legitimate justification for freedom in human society, in the same way as man’s desire for longevity does for the right to live. But human beings are a social species for whom the community is a precondition for survival.53Building a social order, however, requires sacrificing a certain degree of freedom to the norms that regulate an individual’s behaviour.54 The tension between individual freedom and the greater social order exists in both domestic and international systems. Although social norms can be implemented within a domestic system through the monopolisation of force, violence, and chaos will inevitably prevail, should actors utilise such ability to protect their interests in an international system. Hence, the balance between the freedom of individual states and the international order becomes a crucial political issue. Rites (li) constitute a Chinese traditional value applicable not only to political affairs, but also one that ordinary people practice in their daily life. Rites refer to social norms or customs formed according to given ethics. Although a formality, a rite plays a more extensive role than law in maintaining social order. Confucius says, ‘If you do not learn rites, your character cannot be established.’55 Laws deter illegal actions by punishing law-breaking behaviour after the fact, while rites preemptively restrain people’s uncivilised behaviour through moral formats. Rites are a more extensive restraining force than laws, because they function in areas unrelated to the law. Laws protect freedom of speech, but are unable to curb the hurling of abuse; rites, meanwhile, can inhibit people from uttering obscenities. Moreover, freedom without the constraint of rites can easily give rise to violent conflicts. For instance, the 2012 American movie Innocence of Muslims is legally consistent with the principle of freedom of speech, but nonetheless caused widespread protests in many Muslim countries which resulted in numerous deaths and injuries.56 In 2015, two brothers later identified as terrorists attacked the Paris office of the French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo in response to its publication of satirical cartoons and nude caricatures of Muhammad. The attack killed 12 people and injured 11.57 Rites are the foundation of civility, and advance the social significance of human life beyond the principle of freedom. Because man values life’s meaning, the major difference between humans and animals is not discernible exclusively in the degree to which they pursue freedom, but rather in the former’s pursuit of freedom with a meaningful purpose. Rites help to guide humans towards civilised behaviour, thus enriching the meaning of life. Freedom without civility may lead to a regression of human society to one more akin to that of animals and beasts. Xunzi said: ‘Birds and beasts have parents but no parental affection; they distinguish between male and female but do not make the distinction between man and woman.’58 In Chinese culture, extremely uncivilised behaviour, such as incest or maltreatment of the aged, is regarded as inhuman or bestial. Human civility, therefore, lies in the ability to distinguish between social goods and ills. For example, all animals have the freedom to excrete, but civility prohibits humans from excreting indiscriminately, as an animal might. It is through civility that humanity constantly advances while other animals remain forever in an uncivilised state. The conventions and formalities of the Oriental and Western etiquettes may differ, but the observation of such proprieties is a shared social norm. The embrace of freedom alongside the social recognition of rites will improve human civility, thus reducing the danger of violent conflicts among human beings. Allison has expressed concern about a potential civilisational clash between China and the United States due to, ‘the profound differences between American and Chinese conceptions of the state, economics, the role of individuals, relations among nations and the nature of time’.59 He notes, ‘Chinese culture does not celebrate American-style individualism, which measures society by how well it protects the rights and fosters the freedom of individuals.’60 However, what he does not realise is that Chinese culture advocates the recognition of rites in order to prevent the social violence to which individual freedom gives rise. Should both rising and dominant states guide their competition for international power in accordance with the principle of civility, such competition will be peaceful, and may possibly be healthy as well. With the Trump administration’s characterisation of China as the United States’s major rival, as noted in its National Security Strategy,61 it has become increasingly necessary for these two giants to consider ways of regulating their competition in a civilised manner. In the 21st century, innovation has become a primary method of wealth accumulation which dramatically reduces the need to control natural resources as part of the power competition between rising and dominant states. Thus, it is possible for China and the United States to establish norms of civility that regulate their competition for global domination in a peaceful manner. The shift of world power throughout history has often been accompanied by wars between rising and dominant states which are classic manifestations of the incivility of international society. Establishing international norms in accordance with the value of civility will help to reduce the risk of war between all states, including rising and dominant powers. The crystallisation of the value of civility amid the establishment of new international norms would not only transcend liberalism, but also advance human civilisation.

Its a shame, China's such a beautiful country, and it would be thrown away for greatness in the eyes of other nations

A full surveillance over all aspects of life on the general public isn't that what Google wants to achieve?

The leftists can’t avoid shitting their pants over Trump.

I'm disappointed with this professor. Blue eyed and blonde haired china hand is just not good.

I know everything he shared and speak native English. So I could get a professorship like this guy in Princeton?

Good job. You should look up the work of Michael Malice on North Korea. You can find parallels...

long live CCP

@18:48 He mentioned Mr Trump, I don’t understand why he has to highlight what President Trump congratulation Xi as party leader for life time. Why he doesn’t mention Mr Trump also set the trade war to China? We have so many those kind of the professors are looking down on Mr Trump, but remember the history will remember mr Trump.

hahaha。。。i am expert too,if he is

I didn't watched the video Too long for me Can anyone explain why there are so many Chinese on VPN here ? Should I call and inform CCP?

This is a really interesting talk because there's rumour about google employees quiting to protest on google's re-entering china by providing the filtered chinese version of google for chinese government. I wonder whether this is a talk about google lessonning it's coders for further developing of chinese google or just a compromise/apology to stablize the company.

Very typical of a westerner studying China but still keeping the western mindset and thus missing the whole picture, There’s something wonderful about learning about the Chinese from the Chinese and leaving the western mindset at the airport. I’ve listen to many who’ve studied China, most get it wrong every time. You know a lot but have no real understanding of China, Pretty much everything you stated could have been read from western newspapers, and they get it just as wrong, it’s not Chinese politics you studied rather the American perspective of Chinese politics

China and the Chinese are actually a hypocritical term! The People’s Republic of China is in fact no different from any dynasty in the past! This is an evil ignorance behind the original land! People don't even know what it means to be free and equal. . . . . . . .

LeckMichImArsch .nah some of them are not even Chinese .

They aren't nationalists. They're communist bots that are hired to infiltrate the free internet of the west, or "wumaos" as we usually call them.

Biases are everywhere if you know anything about sociology. How do I know your information isn't one-sided?

I'm not worried, because I know Chinese can be biased too, biased with the information from the communist party. And you sound like one of those biased Chinese people.

It seems every western expert fail to recognize the merits of China's political system... always thinks China should be like them and therefore bias.

As a long time expat living in China, this young junior professor has read all the established western political ideology as required to qualify for his employment. As a China expert ...... (1) he has NOT read Xi Jinping's book ???. (2) He assumes way too much vs actually knowing what he is talking about. (3) He rides the usual western geopolitical hobby horses, without giving any real new insight.

Just listened 10 mins and left, Some advice, if you want to talk about China, talk on the recent developments like trade war-impact to the stability of CCP rule, p2p crash, immune injections ect...... General information will bore people to death.

Chinese Communism is already became a type of religion for Chinese

you do know that Rory is preaching ?

very boring talk like CNN and FOX News , nothing new

This kid is clueless, but, I guess, so are most of the China observers - it's not a transparent system.

Is it an introduction of China, interesting but need more details of Chinese culture and it impacts to Chinese attitude and believes, the lecture is a typical American style it is the horizontal but not vertical. American teachers need new concept of teaching international relations, it is long been overdue.

You try to equate Trump with Xi Jing Ping, but the main difference is that Xi Jing Ping is trying to unite the chinese and give them hope with a chinese dream that is not confrontational with other countries unlike Trump who's trying to promote hatred and division in USA at the expense of everyone else, immigrants and other countries around the world, spewing thousands of lies along the way. Xi jing ping is more a long time vision, so is the whole system there . You couldn't say that Trump has much of a long term visision when he's spending much of his time bickering on twitter with anyone from celebrities to anyone corporation like harvey davidson etc..You cannot possibly say that you are a professor and cannot see that huge difference unless you're very biased or trying to address a very biased audience.

Google is doing it without telling. China is telling what they are doing.

Chinese on VPN likely can't understand the sermon. But prophesying may be illegal in China.

"democracy" without capital as a factor = communism with social credits . Indeed, free the world China!

The vast majority don't actually make a particular point. They don't disagree with anything specifically. They'll just make over generalized statements about how he doesn't understand China or other very broad statements.

tocrob "As you suggested yourself you are a believer" Another subjective assumption of yours. *YAWN*

tocrob American propaganda is indeed not a thing. Communists and Neo-Nazis coexist here, (yes, communist party of the United States does exist and operate legally) conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones aren't politically persecuted and they do have their own followers although the amount is small. So tell me what "American propaganda" is if you may.

+LeckMichImArsch - That's all I got. As you suggested yourself you are a believer ( American propaganda is not a thing).

tocrob You're still deflecting by not listing a specific point Rory said to refute. What's worse is that you assume I'll take everything he said without cross examination. Is that all you've got? I'm getting bored.

+LeckMichImArsch - if you like to take his preaching as gospel, that's your "free will" to do so LOL

tocrob Every comment you make just makes you look more ignorant, and look more like a wumao/communist bot since that's where their level is usually at. Have you heard of a concept called rhetorical question? Look up its definition, it'll be educational for you.

+LeckMichImArsch - the title is in question marks which suggests Rory does not know. Therefore, no evidence. You want to create evidence for him to fit your agenda ?

tocrob You still failed to answer my question. What specific point from Rory are you trying to refute? Stop playing word games and be straight forward.

+LeckMichImArsch - I'll help you because I have generous "free wills". You do know that Rory was preaching ?

tocrob "where is Rory's evidence(s)?" On what and regarding what claim he made? Be more specific and list it out.

+LeckMichImArsch - where is Rory's evidence(s)?

tocrob Disprove one thing Rory said in the video with a piece of third party evidence. I'll wait.

tocrob You clearly don't know the evidential difference between subjective claims and objective statistics/facts, in addition to the fact that you don't believe claims and objections should be supported by evidences.

+LeckMichImArsch - one has to have "evidence" to criticise America LOL? Where is Rory's evidence? Just me thinking/free willing!

tocrob Exactly, you think. No one gets to make the standard when it comes to free will. Besides, what is his "free will", except criticizing the US without offering counter evidence of his own, i.e. playing the argument of ignorance?

+LeckMichImArsch - so you don't like OP's "free will"? I think OP's "free will" is stronger than yours.

tocrob Nope. Free will is derived from consciousness, which is a thing every human being has, otherwise you wouldn't be alive. We have free will to choose the ideology/agenda to follow, (which is what makes everyone biased) but we also have free will to choose not to act it out, or compromise for self or group interests politically since we are a social species.

+LeckMichImArsch - "free will" LOL... please ( at best a group will ). You just prefer certain scheme that's to your advantage that's all.

tocrob I'm a Chinese person who recognizes his own bias in the past due to propaganda influence from the communists. (which doesn't mean I'm a solid believer of American propaganda now, in fact I don't even think "American propaganda" is a thing) Besides, who doesn't have an agenda? Don't we all have free will to choose which political faction we align with?

+LeckMichImArsch - talking about your own bias is one thing but someone else talking about your bias is another. There is an agenda in his talk.

As a Chinese citizen living in China I agree with LeckMinchImArsch.

I'm not sure what the problem is with the 'same old' view of China? China has changed it's economics, but not it's political agenda.

Talking about China

I think Xi and some of the CPC understand how unsustainable capitalism is

A white man's out of date view of modern China.

lol pathetic

So how does that affect US plan of breaking China up into a number of much smaller warring ethnic/religious states that US could effectively control and play against each other? It does not look that likely now in this new Chinese era: too bad!

The hidden closed chapters of every aspect of communist china should cause the world to not look at it the same as transparent democracy nations. For example if IMF would decide to let communist china’s currency become one of the SDR then how much the world know about communist china’s national account B/L earning & payment?

" Arise! Arise! Arise! " ...

A a Chinese, I found everything talked about in this video has been known for a long time. nothing new.

无论键盘侠们接不接受,世界的毛头从俄罗斯中东开始指向中共,但请不要慌 因为我的国宇宙第一 害怕这些小人类捣乱?聪明的人都知道这对中国人有好处。

Was Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai at this presentation? And knowing this he’s still planning to move Google back to China? Don’t do evil my ass.

i hope goggle knows what he is doing by joining AI business with China? repression! repression!! repression!!!

boring and nonsense !

A "ghost" ( or being possessed wilfully ) speaker in action. He is using his prestige to push someone else's agenda by preaching ( they call it propaganda in China ).

and "healthy" life expectancy for China has surpassed that of the USA's ( 2016 data).

That's the intention. Maybe not his but he is getting paid to do it.

actually, that's how he got his funding ( as a ghost speaker ) .

Think Mackay You know what's _reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally_ funny though? Half of China wants their kiddies to study with him. Chew on that.

Zhe Yan It's at Princeton. Princeton is literally a CIA incubator. Not a joke. Does it make sense now?

I find it odd that the Tiananmen Square protests is considered a turning point. Given that from 1978, Deng Xiaoping became an un-elected dictator (even Mao was mostly removed through democratic processes until the Cultural Revolution), and would clamp down on any kind of dissidents. The actions taken in 1989 should have been mostly expected, especially given the official reports from the French Embassy in Beijing, as chronicled in "Les Archives du Tiananmen", which is a really good read for anyone interested in the subject and can read French. The events following the protest and crackdown however should be listed as a key event. The re-implementation of democracy within the Communist Party (the election of Jiang Zemin) is probably the biggest turning point since 1949, as without it China would be a liberal version of North Korea. The economy would probably not have developed were it not for that transition, as while there certainly was high economic growth under Deng, unlike under Mao and after Deng, there was a massive amount of inflation and creation of poverty, not to mention massive infestation of corruption that still plagues China to this day. Going back to the Tiananmen book I mentioned, there was a survey done in 1988 around China (cannot remember by who), and it was asked which period of time was worse, 1960-1970, or 1978-1988, and just over 55% of people said the second (the first contained the famine and the Cultural Revolution, though the Cultural Revolution was not as hated back then as it has become now due to anti-Mao propoganda). Also, the removal of term limits is not exactly that big of a deal -- though I mean that in a very weird way. Don't get me wrong, the difference between Xi retiring in 2022 and staying on for another 5-10 years maybe (Xi for life is ridiculous, we aren't in Mao's era anymore, no one wants to die as a President anymore) is huge. But, it's not really new. Mao did follow a 10 year term limit, though he came back, plus he was the ideological leader even before the fallout of the Great Leap Forward and his return in the Cultural Revolution. Deng was just not going to follow the 10 year limit at all, given that he had no official title, rather being the "Paramount Leader" for life, though he would step down following the Tiananmen Protests and the re-implementation of the Democratic Dictatorship. Jiang followed it, though he was in power for 13 years, but he remained like Deng, a paramount leader, essentially controlling over Hu Jintao's presidency. So Xi following a 10 year term limit would make him the first Chinese leader to have been at the top of Chinese politics and relinquish it (he cannot take a role like Jiang because Jiang's faction still holds too much power). So, if he did, well I would put that as a major moment and a step towards democracy. Plus, I don't think Chinese people would even really want him stepping down. His replacements wouldn't be that great, given that Hu Chunhua isn't that popular, and Chen Min'er would be Xi Jinping 2.0. The best thing may be to wait for those who were educated post-Tiananmen to rise up, which should happen in about 10 years. Those educated during the Deng years (which are like the roaring 20s in the USA) may not be the best choices. Also, I would like to point out that censorship in Chinese universities has decreased dramatically over the past few years. Maybe this is only for the top schools like Tsinghua (where I study) and Peking, but they have taken a lot of liberalization steps, such as 100% uncensored internet in dormitories (though unfortunately it has not yet been expanded to the whole campus), as well as quite liberal teachers and lecture topics. While there certainly are still pure propaganda classes (中国概况, a class where you learn about Chinese history, politics, and society, mandatory for all foreigners to take in their first year), people in political programs such as mine take courses that have no censorship in them, and what you say bears no consequences. Though Tsinghua specifically is quite a pro-communist school (it's economics department is probably the leading scholars on Socialist economics), we do get teachers who will talk very negatively about the Communist Party, it's leaders, and China as a whole. The redeeming factor is that we do get access to information that the public does not, so you don't end up with the "official statistics" bias, nor the anti-communist bias from outside of China.


A reformed China model - reasonably free press, open internet, actual representative government and lower corruption - the elephant in the room (.. and the South China Sea) - Taiwan.

They call him Yuan #2 for a reason

@Jimmy Bobby Because Asian ppl usually look at things holistically means they look at the whole picture , but not a particular problem as a root. Take for eg, the difference between Chiinese medicine and western medicine. A person seeing a doc because of a stomach problem.Western medicine only look for causes of a particular stomach ailments , but Chinese medicine may look at your tongue, your fingernails , stomach and ask about the food that a patient eats and others.

the room is full of chinese spy students or engineers but nobody dares to ask a question LOL

Such a Small perspective. It is not possible to understand China through Western eyes. Especially through so called "experts".Academics are sooo B..o..r..i..n ..g. Yawn..

Its hard to agree with what you say cause the starting point of your arguments are largely from a western perspective. Democracy is not viewed as the absolute righteous standard in the Chinese society. Neither is rights and freedom a basic thing according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Nothing is free in this world, the Chinese strongly believe that prosperity is what will bring rights and freedom, maybe even democracy. A sustainable one, not those failing ones like Philippines or the rest of the 3rd world democracies that represent 50% of the democracies in the world. Btw, America is hardly democratic in its essence. With a corrupted one dollar one vote system, America is essentially a plutocratic country. To use your words, no self respecting political scientist should call America voting system democratic. And this is the biggest difference between America and China. China may be an Authoritarian regime, its a functional one. Today, China's technology and infrastructures in terms of living quality far out perform that of America's. America today still haven't high speed rail. China have lifted over 700 million people out of poverty while the median income of American middle class has stagnated for over 30 years, despite the continual growth in America GDP and GDP per capita. Did you know that the top 10% of the Americans own 50% of all America income and that the top 1% own 20% of all America's income. Such inequality and non progressive policies is the result of a plutocratic system, where policies are made in the interest of the funders, not the people. So when you talk about China's governmental system with the predetermined idea that democracy is the holy grail, i have no idea what you were trying to prove. As Lee Kuan Yew once said, democracy is the result of prosperity, not the cause of it. Its not rocket science to know that people do not vote for a system that they have to work hard for rewards, people would instead vote for a system that they can have free lunches. We all know its not going to work and if not for America's one dollar one vote plutocratic nature of a voting system, America would have crumbled down under democracy. If in China, government controls the people, then in America, the corporate controls the government. Neither citizens of the both countries have any true political freedom. To how i see, i care little about who's in power, but rather who brings better life for its people. In China, people does get better life in its development while in America the elites and corporate gets the money instead of the people.

Ameria has the same problems with China,dirty bussiness

This video provides ammunition for the legitimacy of the 2nd amendment! The only true guardian of rights!

I don't know who the speaker is, but he's really boring. He keeps repeating the propaganda of the western media. It's hard to believe that he is a professor studying in China. His mind is so stubborn. Take a lot of false news as part of your speech. It's really disgusting. Please roll down the rostrum, you are not worthy of standing here, spreading false news and disgusting prejudices. I think he should go to Wall Street and take a tour of the slums to see who has democracy in the hands of the United States and to cover up capitalist rule with a democratic hat. In fact, the history of the United States has always been a big family of capitalists in control, essentially the centralized rule of capital, and China is no different. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. The United States continues to wage war. China is constantly building its own country and constantly developing its economy. This idiot keeps criticizing China. Is this person knowledge-based enough to be a professor? So stupid, I can make him speechless.

xijinping got an iq of 65.

we are working with human beings, and must expect individual failings to shape public activities. no one in the west can speak from a point of moral strength, so let's just stick with simple pragmatic evaluations of life in china compared to past years, and life elsewhere. china is flourishing, and the chinese government is making substantial efforts to spread the the benefits and repair the environment. that's more than you can say bout the usa.

"He's a nationalist, he's authoritarian, and he's a populist" So this Communist Xi is actually a Nazi. Great.


This academic argues from the ideological position of nowhere. He simply adopts U.S. political rhetoric and uses this as a basis to insult China. You'll notice that not a single positive outcome has been mentioned about Xi's tenure as leader of the PRC. Nothing was mentioned about how China is one of the only countries in the world where forest cover is growing (about 2% a year), that China has led the technological advancement of renewable technologies, that it is developing infrastructure in over 65 countries to assist others with their development. He also places none of his critiques into context. For example, yes China has a lot of video surveillance, but less per capita than the U.K. Of course if you describe the number of cameras China has it will sound ridiculous...just like if you describe anything in China it sounds ridiculous (i.e. number of people, number of malls, number of restaurants, etc.). This was U.S. propaganda at its finest and goes a long way towards showing how their political studies departments are little more than propaganda departments (which is why the discipline of "political science" is frequently being switched to "political studies" as there simply is no scientific aspect to it anymore; just get some data and ideologically analyze it).

What the shit he is asking question about Trump when the talk is about China. Is he stupid or racist?

This guy knows nothing about China, but propaganda created by Pentagon. he is just repeating it to get the consultation job from them. Read "China Rising" written by the professor in U. of Southern California for getting in-depth China.

Very fascinating talk, I am really glad to hear your perspective. I found it to be very true that Chinese people that I have spoken with in China and here in Canada will not speak about the sensitive topics that we all know about in the west. I would say that you are doing a service for Chinese folks who want to learn more about things that can not be spoken about in China, but also for others who feel attracted to the Chinese model. I actually think that the Chinese model works so well in China because of Confucius. He really was a big believer in listening to the emperor and it makes for a different starting point then many other traditions. Chinese people and systems have done extraordinary well over the course of a very very long time. Surely there is much we can all learn from China. There is a lot more to China then just its political system

does this kid know what he is talking about, I doubt


Mainland China has got no direct voting a government, that is the only main difference. Beyond this, the Chinese government is as concerned to the social welfare and life uplifting of its people as the other developed countries, if not much more. The west especially the ill-intended always shade bad imagines on to the Chinese government. So, 1. If the chinese has got no voting a government like the west, and yet fare much better than most of the west, don't you think the west should realise something is not right to say the west has got a better system. Forget about it if you do not agree that the Chinese fare better. No point in arguing. 2. What is voting for? If you are able to achieve let's say 70% and above approval of a candidate, that clearly shows an authentic choice. Anything less would mean quite a big split. And this is exacally the common picture in almost all the so called democratic countries. So what does it mean, don't you think its not ideal

Uncle Sam only wants to promote democracy in China. Just like it has been doing in the Middle East for the last two decades. Iraq, Libya, Syria.... the list goes on. Shining examples of democracy brought to you by the most benign war machine of the modern world. Chinese people would be so much happier only if they would listen to Uncle Sam's proposals. Don't believe me? Just ask Uncle Sam's junior partner, Britain. Chinese were having such a great time smoking weed when they last agreed to a Western power's proposals in the nineteenth century. Were it not for these bloody communists Chinese people would again be living in that golden period of nineteenth and early twentieth century China.

it's true, that's why rich person and elites of China all moved aboard


Means muslims will be re-educated forever there.

To understand China, just two words: China inc.

And I also appreciate his effort to minimize corruption. I think he is a gift for Chinese people.

Kudos to China. It is a precious effort for China to hold stable in a period of chaos around the world. Good for the world also; China is going to be a stable place in an unstable world.

The term "electoral accountability" used by him is a joke. Does he really believe that electoral voting holds politicians accountable? Could he name even a single US politician who cares people——not by words but by deeds? Election has nothing to do with accountability, nor with the degree of corruption.

It's amazing how many hired Chinese commentators there are on this website trying to misconstrue and deem everything he said as irrelevant. He admitted several times that his knowledge is limited due to the opaqueness of Chinese government and its processes. One thing is clear, they are in this comment section in full force so he must have said something right.

I am a Chinese and think the opinion here is superficial. In my understanding, the key believe of CCP is that if they can fulfill people's economic requirements ( improving the life quality and income) by booming the economy in both the short term and long term, they will get the support from Chinese people and stay in power. All they have done are serving this ultimate purpose. Analysis from other directions will confound the issue.

This is why China has brain drain issue... and it's sad

Stupid professor trying to encourage separatism in China

WHAT!! Facial recognition software... *CHINA IS BECOMING THE UK!!!* This is not a China problem it is a world wide problem. We all know FBI vs M. King etc... we know NSA and GCHQ...

I as an ordinary Chinese person soupprt xi for life, we want our leader focus more on economy not “elections”. We only want to have one party represent us. Look at today’s America’ political environment, it is a joke.

FREE THE U.S. Watch the first 1 minute of this to see from what in a nutshell. Tucker Carlson - John Kiriakou on Mueller and Brennan "The Injustice is Incredible" - YouTube

You have like 1/500th of the world to worry about .. be an expert in... You know how pale and wimpy you are to compared to the DON Trump today taking on all this LEFT-BEHIND CRUD from 70 / 60 / 50 years of 'no ticky - no washee" "special studies" academnic pollution?? HALF THE GD UNITED STATES IS ADDICTED TO YOUR CHOICE OF DRUGS - literally or socialized medicine, etc. This is sick worse than SICKO.

Seriously compare the "deep State" exposure with both MF COMEY and MF BRENNAN and others coming out VOTING / SYMPATHISING COMMUNIST, and all this revelation of DNC HIGHJACKING / OBAMA WH STEERING of the DT destruction/obstruction from pre-election on - to OVERTHROW of a sitting president by extra-constitutional (i.e. SUBVERSIVE) means?? YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THAT??

You have a HIGH IQ BIAS against DT -- you need deep analysis for one year in a Chinese labor camp!

WTF did you say at 30m??

So funny why people listen this s.o.b so he know a lot...China 5000yrs history .

Professor Zhang is the head of the Research Center of Fudan University in China. He used to work with President Deng as an interpreter during Deng's Era.

Also, I would suggest you have a l Professor Zhang Wei Wei's videos in YouTube or his books in Chinese form of government. This will give you an insight of Chinese History, Culture and form of Government.

Professor Martin Jacques of Cambridge University knows more about China in her history, culture and government.

On AUG 6, 2017, UPI (UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL), an American Media Company, carried out a new survey and found that CHINA is the most OPTIMISTIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD with 87% of the people believing their country is on the right track. USA 43%, GERMANY 42%, FRANCE 38%, SWEDEN 32%, and BRITAIN 28%. The satisfaction rate of their countries speak for itself. President Xi is welcome wherever he goes , in China as well as in Foreign countries all over the world. He has charisma . In 2017 DAVOS WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, he made a speech on Belt and Road Initiative and won the applause of statements, academics, business people, and government officials. i don't care what form of government is using, as long as the government is efficient and effective in planning and implementing the works with a view to giving their people to have a good quality of life, that is a good government, e.g. The former BRITISH COLONIAL AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENT OF HONG KONG, AND THE PSEUDO DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT OF SINGAPORE (actually it is a one party rule). The achievement of alleviation of 700 million out of the poverty line in just 30 years. It is unprecedented in this planet, and the number of middle class of people is equivalent to the same number of the total population of the USA. China has evolved from the world lowest GDP in l949 to the world number 2 economic power. In other words, the quality of life for the people has been greatly improved. The present limited Hong Kong Government is no longer efficient and effective, because the opposition party has foreign influence and always blocks the project to be passed. Opposition for opposition sake. The current Chinese one party system has been evolved from 2000 years ago with modification. Each country has its own system for administration, you cannot impose yours into other nations. Just like the way of teaching the kids from a Chinese family is different from the Western families. As long as it is successful for the upbringing of their children, it is considered the way or method is correct. Don't try to impose your way into other peoples domestic affair as well as in the countries.

You are wrong. Many academics and intellectuals have high opinion of him. One good example, Professor ZHANG WEI WEI.

Much of the talk could be gathered from the media print or tv news and what were presented are always "western" concepts and inclination. Anyone wanting to know the transparency of China and its society and so forth should go deeper into Chinese history, which shapes the present status of one country -CHINA. HISTORICALLY THE CHINESE HAD INVENTED COMMUNISM ONE THOUSAND YEARS AGO FOR ITS CIVILISATION LONG LONG AGO BEFORE KARL MARX. DARE TO BELIEVE THIS.

Julian ASSANYT exposed the truth of Tiananmen Square which was a fake situation created by foreign country.

Chinese Influences!

Objective comments are more appropriate in this platform than trolls.

It appears that one of my comments has been deleted. A very long one.

The introduction about Xi in this video is very objective.对于习近平近两年的政治动作,这个教授的介绍是比较客观的,也不知道那些中国的玻璃心激动些啥

This guy has never been to China. He is paid propagandist.





+Kwong Wong Yeah no, as a Tsinghua student I can completely reject your comment. There is a discussion to be made about the events (the students should have been cleared out, yet antifa-like anti-government protesters remained), and about the death toll, but it wasnt fabricated.



people listened to the lecture and formed their opinion you may agree or disagree with. they're hired commentator simply because they disagreed with yours? I read through the comments even before I watch the video. it's quite interesting and informative sometimes. btw if they're paid to post their comment. they're paid to do it. are you upset?

Do you know how many people died before 1976

theory is about understanding the external world like what all science seek to do. why deng pick theory was his argument was this is how the world work, he is saying he isn't defining how the world SHOULD work, but how it IS working. thought is an argument that this is "how we should shape society", there is a dimension of intervention and to change how to see the world. you can see Jiang and Hu's vision are essential derivative of Deng's realism theories. Xi choice of thought is not because thought is "stronger", but to set himself apart from the preceding era and say China need to move on. this view is spot on. however the argument that China is more aggressive in SCS and Taiwan is a questionable one. China did not start either dispute, the Philippine expanded the conflict in SCS by using it military and people tend to forget that the only fisherman kill in the past 5 years is by philippine shooting at a taiwanese fisherman, that cause Taiwan to deploy half of it entire navy to SCS as a show of force, Chinese increase military presence occur after Philippine increase it presence and that is hardly being discussed in the US. but on the island front, I believe some scholar did a paper showing how Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippine has been reclaiming island in the SCS despite China's protest for years, so in this area, people who are following the development do recognise that China isn't the initiator of this behavior and the only difference between them isn't behavior, but scale. as for Taiwan, relation collapse only after Taiwan leader refuse to recognise the one china policy that has been the bedrock of China Taiwan relation for 25 years. neither of those event are action started by China, but are merely reactions to policy in other countries. this is not to say I disagree that China isn't more assertive, but in the question of SCS and Taiwan, that is not really where China is more assertive in, China is actually more assertive on matters of Korea, and i don't just mean south, the north korean leader kill his brother partly in fear that Xi might use his brother to replace himself. and that assination is what spark China to close trade with them that result in north korea caving in to south korea during the olympic. I don't think the west really understood asian geopolitic that is independent of US positions.

nuke china already

The "Xi, president for life" for pure garbage. All the Chinese govt did was remove the restriction that prevented them from re-electing their top guy to the top job if they felt he was the best guy for the job.

damn stop pretending foolish and lies to amrican people. Xi is china president not amrican. Xi is not like saddam, khadafi, osama, even Trump, which always been hypocrete typical amrican looser. Xi deserves lifetime period if he good work servicing the people of china. and Xi would be fired just within one year by parliament CCP if he badly servicing china. Amrican democracy is not efficient effective productive because alot of money spending and people must wait 4years x 2period max.


I agree that China was more open minded 10 years ago than now, and there is way more surveillance than ever before cause of the technology - definitely a sad thing. how would it evolve and change? I don't know. The current system is so effective in decision making, and the direction they are going is not a bad one for China as a nation. The concerning part is there is no way of reforming from within, to allow different opinions or allow diversity, economic achievement is overpowering everything else.

To me, the consolidating effort and the personality cult traits seem to be from Xi's own sense of insecurity rather than his 'strength'. He is not strong enough inside so he needs to build all these defense to please himself. The problem around the term limit isn't that big and I don't foresee Xi for life. Xi's not quite competent in economics and he needs to show he's good at something.

china is none of your business。my life my china ,our life our china。

First of all, I'm Chinese living in China using VPN in order to follow the news about this trade war launched by Donald Trump - narcissism and psychopath (said by Jeffery Sachs, not buy me). So let's say I've been following this kind of videos for several months, I've seen both sides. So you see, we know, we REALLY know, there's this little thing called VPN! Secondly, about this speech. I cannot say that he's wrong, because he's basically right about China nowadays, but from HIS (or lots of western researchers' or scientists') point of view. For all those who don't like or even resent the Chinese model, I think you have the right to freely speak out it, but just don't judge, you really don't have the right to do that. History has its own way. If the old authoritarianism is naked, then maybe can we call the Chinese one is a new born, or you can say it's been put on clothes. Nevertheless, it is something new, something that hasn't been proven yet. I've been in France for 2 years for my master degree, and I've seen what the 2008 crisis did to the country, during that time I called my family in China asking them about how things going back at home, they said many entrepreneurs got hurt but not the normal citizens. Maybe the price went higher, but we could still manage. So you see, us Chinese people, or most Chinese people really don't care who's leading the country as long as our little life goes on. The professor talked about the intellectual class and social elites, saying that they want liberalism and democracy, but has he ever really got into the minds of most NORMAL people in China who represent a large proportion of Chinese population?? If he had come to China and asked me those questions that he claimed he's not allowed to ask, I would have honestly answer to them and I WILL and I CAN! I'm in Shenzhen by the way. Back to democracy, I'm not expert, just my own opinion, if one wants the get any good of it, that requires a nation who has reached already a certain high level of intelligence or education, if not, there will be problems. And I admit that China is not yet a such nation, we don't dare challenge that. If we are doing wrong, we will disappear as time goes by. But by then, I sincerely hope that he could express his opinion or statements about China in a neutral way, as a SCIENTIST.

this guy is way way uninformed as a china expert, try YUKON HUANG search will be amaze. by the way this western boy is really boring with long speech amount to nil

authoritarian are corrupt. my asssxx what about indian or even usa remember the military corruption in usa invasion war in middle east? amnesia eh. this guy is just propagandist

Stop trying to "help" China. Clean up your own house and show your model works.

So boring. Nothing new. Quit

Does this professor know the history of how democratic countries falling?

The lecturer is trying to hit the bullseye using blanks while defending it by comparing the blanks to a condom About the trump is upcomming dictator talk. Think Clinton - the raping druglord from Mena Arkansas!

Just another college professor that you can fill volumes of books on what they either don't know or what they believe they know. In either case, a waste of time. Scattered thoughts and insignificant insights into China with no options on his simplistic predictions. Then he plugs a book written by someone else instead of utilizing his own "educated" opinions.


For an academic, this guy makes almost no attempt to hid his extreme left-wing political views. why have academic standards fallen so low? would it be so hard to have a modicum of objectivity in this presentation not a bad presentation but spoiled by the obvious bias of the presenter which just destroy trust in the material

A lot of super rich moves abroad EVERYWHERE. to take money out, less tax, etc. not just China. and lots of money are never truly clean in China for the super rich, thats more why they move money out as well.

So? Is this better or worse than Roathschild running the Fed for life? Because "Give me the right to issue a country's currency, I care not who maketh the law."

look at all these 50 cent clowns here in the comment section, using YOUTUBE which is BANNED in china hahaha. Pathetic dogs! ^_^

Prof. Rory T has a lot of good points in his presentation but is he right about Xi and China only time can tell. It’s too soon to tell! As western Asian who live for 3 decades in western country I can tell that there is a lot of misconception about or around China. This is due to China’s way to do things are unfamiliar to the west and also due to western mindset and/or arrogances. Forgive me I do not go further analyzing these things. For decades in western world I have “saw and see” a lot of China’s bashing thing e.g. propagandas against China when they are poor country and when they have emerge as powerful country. The myth of Tianmen massacre and neocolonism in Africa. These are the examples of propagandas! Below are the opposite facts about China. Please takes time and be patience to do own researches. China’s world is not so complication and negatively that we westerner wants/likes to see. A strong leader or government always play an import role in Chinese society throughout their history. Modern China is not an exception. CCP can kicks Xi out of office or position if they see it as necessary. Why CCP gives Xi so much power and allow Xi consolidates more power to himself? In my mind there has a reasons for it and its obvious! Excluding China’s dynasties periods (which some dynasty fall or been conquered depend on their strength and weakness) when China needs a strong and powerful leader? Answers are when China is/was preparing go to the WAR and /or defense their rights and territory. In modern China’s history there have 3 strong leaders. 1. Mao: The “emperor” in new clothes. He who was powerful enough to unite China under one man strength go to the war and kick out foreign powers from China ja united China under one political system which given Deng a chances to modernizing China. Even Mao had his own flaws in culture revolution period. He was the one that unite Chinese peoples against outsider colonialism. 2. Deng: The little “BIG” man. He was strong leader who was powerful enough rose against old mindset CCP’s elites and fight for modernizing china under his rules which led to these days The Modern China. 3. Xi : he is strong and popular leader in amount mainland Chinese and also in some outsider Chinese he is popular by my experience. He has economic and military power in his hand. He who will “pull” the Chinese together and unite The Han mentality (will needed in near future). He modernize CCP’s military and military techs for a reasons! There will be war between two powerful nation (USA and China). Is the war between them avoidable? I hope so but the truth is USA’s has decline and She never give up her power without a fight (consider the USA war mentality!). The world power is shifting from west pacific back to eastern pacific (mainly China). The Chinese elites knows that and that China is preparing for coming war (trade war and military confrontation). Xi is The China rising power projection CALL!! Xi is not dictators’ call. Where there we like it or not! If world power shift peacefully I’m sure Xi will leave his position without any revolution in China. BTW Chinese elites are very nationalist and own history-central! They knew what happed to China when She was weaks from 1600s to mid 1900s century. By calling “a Asian Sick Man!” is not something that the Chinese elites taking lightly!! Back then a lot of Chinese were death! indeed we are living in an interesting time!

in Trump's ERA this is likely to happen :)

I also add that some countries shouting to China about Human rights and democracy e.g. In no question these are import issues in my mind. In reality all can see what is differences between weak and strong nation when we look at Libya, Afganistan and other bomded down countries around middle east. This is human nature and reality politics! Power not always bring control and fear but also bring respect!

I’m so impressed by this professor! He is young and speaks very good Chinese and able to amass such wealth of knowledge on Chinese culture and many of those deep and hidden issues in the society. Really impressive.

This speech should be translated to Chinese and broadcasted in China, it’s really objective and informative.

Ability of speaking Chinese does no guaranty your understanding China. Nothing new except for cliche second handed information. No western observers predict what China becomes to this day must tell you something. Because they are wrong in every respective, they stick to their misconception until no one will believe them at all. The tragic things about social science is they are too political !

This guy should get a seat on CNN or Fox News instead of teaching at Princeton. This retard focuses on supposed infinite dictatorship by the removal of term limits, but doesn't realize that a sudden shift in leadership can potentially weaken the ten-fifteen year momentum that has been established my Xi to bring China up from its knees. It's almost as if you are removing Nick Saban at the peak of the Alabama dynasty for an unknown successor. How will Alabama fare? Who knows, but its not a risk worth taking when the total pool is for the taking

Nicholas Hildenbrand right on

The so called experts always call for China to political reform to be “democratic”. But none of them offer any better structure for a government more efficient and better for the people than what China has now. US model of democracy where the rich rule over the poor? No thanks. UK model? Too weak, look at the Brexit and muslim situation. No thanks. Taiwan model? Way too corrupt. No thanks

China at the moment needs an ultra strong government. I am Chinese and I am for Xi

China has problems to solve. But the West is showing problems. It is to defeat China. It is not to help China. I think the West will not treat China equally. For 100 years, Westerners feel that China can be humiliated. The people have the right to be foreigners. Turn the next generation into foreigners. I am thinking that after China solves the problem, How the West treats China. China is now solving some economic problems. The West is beginning to worry. It raises the theory of Chinese threats. If China also solves political problems, it may be even stronger. How will the West treat China? Westerners allow China to be strong?

Xi is a very effective leader for China's long-term interests and a person of far-sighted vision for much of the world, especially the developing world.

Xi is in his mid-sixties already. The difference between biological constraint and political limitation is likely no more than another five years.

It is pretty clear that Rory favors Communism.

CHina is amenable to the idea of political reform. The problem is what that idea is. If it is what the students proposed in 1989? I firmly stand on the side of the government. THey were arrogant and so manipulated by those who were not really interested in seeing China grow. To some extent, they were brutal, because they were arbitrary with everything they said and did by then. if China was directed to the wrong direction or there was osme big chaos breaking out at that time. it would be a big delay in China's grow, and the growth would proabaly not happen. I would not have my chance of education, so many people in China would still live in poverty. DEEP TO THE CORE OF THE ISSUE, THEY (the students and whoever backed them up) NEVER CARED ABOUT WHAT CHINESE PEOPLE WANTED BY THEN. this is the real reason for their failure. People WANTED GROWTH, ECONOMIC GROWTH. NOT CHAOS, NOT STUPID POLITICAL REFORM. AFTER SO MANY YEARS OF POVERTY AND SHORT OF NECESSITIES, WILL PEOPLE REALLY INTERESTED IN REFORMING THE POLITIAL SYSTEM? Reform will only succeeds when it answers the will of people.

it is 2018, they still don't understand china, all they "know" r all imagination. good

+B ZHANG there is no distraction from his speech. There is an outright denial of the obvious obfuscation that exists in the comment section of this video. If you aren't a part of the obfuscation you should have nothing to worry about or be offended by.

THis is so unfair. How do you know they are hired by government? you do book keeping for them? So this is the probelm. You tried to distract people's attention from this speech to some other irrelevant matters. and you do not hesitate to point finger to other people that you do not know. How do we know you are not hired by someone with an agenda? He said his knowledge about China was limited. if that so, he had to be careful with the language, I did not see he managed to do that. You do not blame the audience when you use the wrong expression, am I right?

This guy really knows nothing about china politics. Everything he talked about was headlined in western news media. So basically he completely bought into the western media propaganda.

You are just like many westerners that are unsettled by the rise of china and people who don't look or think like you. Blaming Chinese government for everything is your way to deal with your own deep insecurity about this situation. Maybe time to admit that democracy may not be the prerequisite to a country's greatness, and stop pretending to know how each country should be run.


+Half Jin There you go trying to turn this into a discussion about the rise of China versus the decline in the west. The purpose of my original comment was that Chinese government hates criticism and will do anything it can, even hire people to run interference in the internet comment section of a YouTube video, to make itself look better. Go ahead and try a million times to veer the conversation off course. It's not going to work.

I wud hav given this a thumbs up had u given respect/credit 4 PRESIDENT XI/CHINA's anti graft campaign.

Everything he says could also apply to the US, which is supposedly a free country

Let’s have the bipolar, schizophrenic, serial killing mannerisms of American politics

America is meritocratic system....Donald Trump is president, womp womp

+Nicholas Hildenbrand [ even hire people to run interference in the internet comment section of a YouTube video ] this is proven to be false, there is no such thing. it is instead use by racist as justification to make chinese opinion sound irrelevent. it is a method of demonization use to keep chinese voice slient, and this is why chinese are no longer trusting of the west, because all they see are people who live in fear and will lie about them. claiming 50 cent exist is not an attack on the chinese government, it is instead an attack on chinese free speech. there are many article that explain this written by asian that has experienced this even when THEY ARE NOT CHINESE or even talking about china. you cannot allow your ignorant to become an attack on the freedom of others. as bad as the chinese policy of deleting comment is, the chinese government do not pretend those comment are not honest opinion like what some western idiot do, and all these idiot are doing is to justify to the rest of the world that the chinese "dictatorship" is better than "liberal bullying" on the matter of free speech.

because you don't understand chinese and you are ignorant therefore you justify yourself to speak ignorantly? the thing is he even get fact that is public knowledge wrong, this is not due to the lack of transparency but a lack of research.

Chinese commentators you mentioned are mostly from Chinese now living in Malaysia or Singapore. 99.5 % mainland Chinese can't read or write English that well. I would like to be paid too but so far no pay check in sight.

Trump bad. This guy is a pseudo intellectual goofball. College professors are kindergartners who were too afraid to leave school.

Rubbish video HAHAHA professor ?pay by western propaganda agencies ?

29:35 India and Brazil's corruption is as bad as China, while those two are considered as democracies.

Just don't expect any white evil to say good things about China and Xi. They are all ways out trying hard to sabotage China progressing and developing. But the Chinese is not going to let them do it.

This guy is apprently paid by Trumps who delusion China fail , lol

The performance of Chinese leader is evaluated by data. And people will be happy if they become rich. That's the main standard. If Xi can keep economic growth, then he will be popular. Chinese people care most about real income not the personality of the leader.

To D Dvorak: It's Google so Trump will get little praise. For myself, I am disappointed in Trump, if he were Xi he would have at least half of the New York Times staff in a prison reeducation camp and several Democrats sent away for organ harvesting. At the least he could have built several artificial islands around the South Seas and claim China as ancient American territorial lands Trump has been a real under performer compared to Xi.

Xi Jinping smile has got magically loving friendly attraction. Answer to one spectators question.

China is just so mysterious for WESTERNERS,making this clown the Prof. of fake & delusional bullshxt about China. Ignorance,parochialism are haunting these “experts”,pathetic.

These kinds of bullshit cliche are the reasons why your kind of experts cannot understand China: 1, The core Logic of the Chinese Dream is Nationalism and propaganda. Wrong! 2, Xi's popularity alike Trump. Wrong! 3, Xi's intention to cancel the 10 years term regulation is to stay for life. Wrong! We do not know it's for reform, for War with Taiwan or personal interest. Because we are not Xi. You just pick one possibility as a theoretical outcome. And you didn't discuss the other options. 4, Year around 2000 is the opening period. Wrong! 5, Cult of Xi. This is a personal attack. 6, .......... Too many cliches. This speech is the level of average freshman at Chinese University.

Xi will be the last emperor in CCP dynasty and he is either ended up as a lifer at Qing Chen prison or killed by mobs in 2020..Why he is clinging on the power which is not belonged to him? Is he dreaming someting?

This guy is a little better than some China-phobia but still need to learn more real China and real America herself.

come on!! The truth is Wang quanzhang wanna use law to fight against the government!!! he is just a crazy guy used by CIA.

The lecturer is trying to hit the bullseye using blanks while that method by defending it by comparing the blanks to a condom About the trump is upcomming dictator talk. Think Clinton - the raping druglord from Mena Arkansas!

Living in China for 20 years, I agree 80% of what he said.

many years ago when i see this i will piss off. but now its nothing to me. u do speech as a professor in google, and that's all u got? i tho i can have something new. its just like a report from CNN or BBC. by the way well done. i hope u can brain wash some of ur kinda。 let me tell u 1 top secret!there are many Chinese ineternational students play LOL with me. so i think the CHINA GOV are monitor them why they are playing so much LOL.

want some examples of why Trump is so bad, this is bullshit

A western brainwashed with his naive religious ideological mindset.

你不研究秦皇汉武,唐宗宋祖,辛亥革命和五四运动, 你天天只看社会新闻,会一直误判中国,永远搞不清楚,你得出来的结论肯定就是明天就崩溃。


Chinese leadership is preparing for their impending implosion. Spit-n-Paste overnight built ghost cities are unpopulated and falling apart. Countries are wisening to the Chinese Debt Trap. China backed down to Trump tariffs. Westerners living in China are leaving because of hostilities from Chinese. Huge capital flight is occurring from wealthy Chinese, despite CCP controls. China is becoming a shitsh@w!

Prof Truex stated very clearly that the problem with China studies is that they can't study it better than what the Chinese media offers. His work is more like summarizing recent Chinese politics in the most abbreviated manner.

Nothing new about china politics. you can find a bunch lot of these same fear-mongering talks toward China all over media in US.

I concur with Keawe Wong.  What we have here... Another Westerner who sees Chinese leaders from the Western point of view using Western value and cultural reference.  He learns Chinese... goes to China and studies its politics and culture... and comes away not knowing... how the Chinese mind works.  He is afterall,... not Chinese.

I laughed so hard at this self-proclaimed China expert, I spilled my coffee. Then I remembered this is Google Talk, and I figure they are still sour with China.

Chinese people  no china ....white ?   forget about that

How do you even know for sure? You don't but are willing to call then 50 cent as you are too bigoted to realise there are many who don't share your opinion or views.

Any National Leader against USA called dictator.This is the defination. You will see why Saudi King is not on the list.


Most of the Chinese commenters here are not real people. They are internet commenters (50 cents party) employed by CCP.

Another Millennial who can't hide his hatred of Donald Trump and keeps ignoring the the terrifying reality of China's president. Forget about the fact that they are developing human clones or forcing transplants on what they call willing participants who are nothing more than prisoners in the state or the fact that they have a million uyghurs in concentration camps forcing them to provide their DNA and keeping them on a tight electronic leash of 24/7 surveillance . I can only imagine the morons that booked this guy and the moment they realized he was a follow Trump hater fell under his spell .

Chinese has a wall on internet,The westerner has a wall in mind what called universal value.

how many rich people in China?and how many rich people move aboard? Do the math,then talk.

almost everything he said is based on his speculation. It was really funny tho, when he said Chinese students were monitored, and afraid to speak up.

I can only say that this guy has more in-depth knowledges about Chinese political system than average Westerners'. Yet his analyse towards certain perspectives are not true. Chinese citizens are clearly aware and more sensible about messages that sent out from the gov. A nation with average IQ of 103, unlike people in the U.S. living in so called "American dreams", Chinese people are not easily to be sanitised or tricked. Perhaps the question should be focus on why Chinese people are not acting on it. To answer this, and for someone to understand it fully, that person needs extensive knowledges on Chinese culture and histories.

Professor Rory Truex is part of the Google new approach to Shrink the positive opinion and popularity of China in the western world. Previsions, theories, labelling, contradictions,(between lines) and self-conclusions, it may denigrate the mentor's approach. People, in general, don't see who is talking, titles don't matter as much as results. The Google initiative cames a little bit late and incomplete, they forgot to neutralize the positive results of China's business WIN-WIN. Advice: Google, Your principal antagonist is your Pres. Tramp. Professor Truex, prophecies leave to CNN and FOX.

MINIMIZE corruption? ORGANIZE it, you mean. -----A TRUE gift for Chinese people would be FREEDOM. THAT ain't gonna happen, is it?

More western bullshit.

Never wrong to say somethings not perfect. But dont try to pretend that you are superior by finger pointing. Politicians are good at this. Academic should alert themselves.

Another ANTI-TRUMP blabbering like everybody else.

It's true, Xi Jinping does look just like Winnie the Pooh. Once someone points it out, you just can't stop seeing it.

it's hilariously easy to find Chinese 'bots' in an English-speaking comment section

And it is a pity that you didn't mention Guo Wengui, who I believe is the single biggest threat CCP ever faced since 1949.

Basically I agree with you. Year 2018 is very likely to be the turning point for Chinese political course.

Ah, the trolls speak. Please disregard the comments below.

What do you expect from communist party? History proves that all the communist parties are corrupted and a stupid form of a gang. That is what chinese community party is and Xi is the head of it.

The professor’s Chinese pronunciation is perfect, and so is the translation for the Thought. On another note, having just finished reading The Analects, I don’t think Confucius advocated autocratic rule. He meant that an order is constantly needed but not that a particular order has to exist forever. A shop that sells Baozis for which it uses good meat and unique recipes opens just a very small window for accepting payments and delivery of Baozis. If the people wishing to buy do not queue up and just swarm around the tiny window, nobody will be able to get any. And Confucius advocated that a superior should treat his subordinates with etiquette (respect included) and a subordinate should be loyal to his superior. This is exactly a commonality among western companies, most companies at least. A boss treats his employers with respect, or at least superficially, and an employee tries to do his work well and be dutiful.

Western propaganda

Do not take his class! Hahaha

If China was not an authoritarian regime it would have been thrown into chaos in the same way many other governments have suffered at the hands of the west. We only need to look at the situation with Iran and Venezuela to understand the many tools the west has to destroy those who oppose the western dominance. This individual is either one of those tools of the west or drunk the kool-aid as they say.

The future will tell the truth, the bickering in the comment section is useless. Also, travel around the world, don't trust what people other people say, have a look for yourself. The so called arrogant Chinese and evil Americans aren't what they might seem.

Note that "Xi for life" is a mis-statement. It is now possible for him to keep on runing for re-election. In Canada in my childhood we used to joke that Mackenzie King was the only person who had been in power longer than Stalin, almost but not quite true. There is nothing in law to prevent Mrs May from ruling England for life. IMHO, the Constitutional amendment making Xi's repeated re-election possible was a bad move, a blip in the effort to move toward Chinese government under law. (I very much wonder what has happened to the three people, -- was it? -- who voted againt the amendment.) Still, it is silly of our people to mis-state the case. It is legal for Xi to run for re-election. That' s all, so far.

Only an American can be that ignorant... The use of the word "democracy" proves, that it is just a word, which, if not filled with life, is meaningless. Secondly, if Americans believe they live in a democracy, all they have to do is ask: who controls everything, and who owns everything!? Example: Who got the most votes during the last presidential election, and who won, and why? :-) One important point to make here, when talking about the Chinese Communist Party is this: The party has today about 89 million members!!! How many members do all political parties in the US have combined? Divide the population of eligible voters by the number of party-members of both countries, and the result will surprise you.

Thanks Rory - excellent overview!!

Just go to the street of Beijing and ask a random person if they care about Trump is the president of US. Like myself my answer would be: I don't give a rats ass about it. So why do every American give a f*ck about our chairman ? It is basically none of your concern, do u even or remotely ever talked or interact with a Chinese person in your life ? I think not and my impression about white peoples is that u called my friend chink and believe me he is a Mexican. And one day my grandmom get name calling telling her go back to Mexico. WTF is wrong with you guys ? You guys should start doing something productive like fixing the bridges or build more schools rather then making more Battle cruiser, Hellfire missiles....weapons.

Obviously a pro American point of view, emphasizing the negatives while blindly ignoring the many positives. One goes away feeling China is evil while America is righteous and superior with no faults.

I don't know Xi for life but, they no term limit for my sexy bum. You can see my videos xoxo

There is no speaking in Chinese, it is speaking in Mandarin or Cantonese plus a slew of other less known languages & dialects. Someone that has this much supposed interest is quite biased & ignorant. Especially the democracy crap, how well is that for the US and its two party corrupt beyond anything system?


If the West ever learn to have self-discipline and mind their own business rather than interfering on the four corner of the world, our world will be a better one. Xi for life really is not your fucking business. Period. Pl. youtube US atrocities against the whole world and the most violator of civil and human rights on top of the world. The falsified propaganda of "democracy" uses as a vehicle to bombing the 37 minorities nations to stone age and slaughtering 30 millions citizens since World War ll is a standard barbaric practice on 21th century. This so called professor Truex making living and gain fame to demonize China, shows how low the American academic society goes. This man's DNA/mindset coincides with current event that when US can't compete to the 2nd most advanced IT company then arrest their CEO on a trump-up charges, that is the speciality of US routine policies. Youtube: ON CONTACT: US Complicity in Honduras #WHISTLEBLOWER Dr Judy Mikovits Interview - The American Holocaust Former CIA agent Kevin Shipp exposes the truth...WARNING George H. W. Bush, The Legacy of a Globalist - Adam Green FEDERAL RESERVE 100 years of Money for Nothing - film documentary. WARCRIMES - US soldiers speak - I killed innocent civilians (full documentary) Ron Paul: Arrest of Huawei exec will leave US powerless & broke What the Huawei arrest is all about | DW news Nadler: Trump payments likely impeachable Chinese arrest will spark more Wall Street decline US Atrocities/Crimes Against Humanity (74 videos)

you know nothing, rory snow

Torture with free alcohol & Pork at re-education camps!

My point of view on your point of view of our country? Don’t give a single fuck

Tremendously sensible survey by Truex. Minor note "Xi for life" is a mis-statement. They've removed the term limits, but Truex probably isn't responsible for the headline. In Canada in my childhood we used to joke that Mackenzie King was the only person who had been in power longer than Stalin, almost but not quite true. There is nothing in law to prevent Mrs May from ruling England for life. IMHO, the Constitutional amendment making Xi's repeated re-election possible was a bad move, a blip in the effort to move toward Chinese government under law. (I very much wonder what has happened to the three people, -- was it? -- who voted againt the amendment.) Still, it is silly of our people to mis-state the case. It is legal for Xi to run for re-election. That' s all, so far.

10:54 this professor actually apologized for using male nouns?Are you kidding me apologizing for using male nouns to address males?is that a crime?These nut job professors are killing this country

WOW,I am surprised is this man a real professor at Princeton university??? if yes, I think I know why US cant make great again


If he just saw one video, this one -, he would understand that his views are groundless. Unless he is doing indoctrination as his agenda.

This guy has no clue.

Worried about Trump becoming a dictator...please! The opposition of the press (from day one) alone drops the chance to about zero - unlike the previous POTUS who was fully backed by the media. The two parties control things tightly enough that there's no need for a strong man in the US.

欢迎五毛党来捧场! Good talk, thanks Prof Truex.


all life has the same values

+Jared CzaiaLOL, You proud of your democracy? actually, they are just brainwashing you guys, cuz so many people like you are uneducated and ignorant and unthinking, everybody want to say full of shit. Check out any Chinese video website You will be surprised Winnie the pool all are available.

Your country bans Winnie the Pooh because it hurts his feelings. 50% of our country trashes our president for his foolish antics every day. We may have corruption to a degree, but at least we're free to mock our politicians when they behave like children.

Ok is there anything mentioned that the US doesn't do either?

Emperor King, Xi. What a mess. Poor chinese.

A good communist is a dead communist.

This person's understanding of China is probably in the second grade of elementary school. . . . . . . .

He talk like he knows , but he doesn't know shit . China system is the best , what system you know bring 600,000,000 people out of poverty?

I stopped watching when he started the shit about trump.

''and I apologize for using male nouns here'' Living in Asia for a while it getting this bad in the west that you have to apologize for something like this? No wonder China is passing USA. If they keep their mind with these kind of bullshit 'problems', they only go backward.

While there are many points that I agree with professor Truex, but I think he made two huge errors on Xi's era and surveillance. 1.  Xi's era is definitely not a closed era.  Today is a global village, there is literally no place to "close" to start with.  Secondly, it was US that imposes tariffs on other countries, specifically China, this is more of an action for closed diplomats isn't it?  There maybe a few "closed" things in China, but I believe it is due to US aggression and Western containment of China in general.  Let's not forget how US started wars on Iraq and now a trade war on a global scale, I believe those were only defensive measures implemented by China.  2.  Surveillance.  I think it is EXTREMELY ironic and hypocritic that an American is making fun of other countries on their advanced surveillance system.  US is the number ONE police state in the world, and China is literally learning all these from US.  Of course, US implement the system to protect themselves from "terrorists", while China implement the system to protect themselves from "protesters."  But it was US that has both more advanced surveillance structure and technology, China is actually behind. As a Chinese, I know there are many problems in the system and it may take years or decades for these problems to go away.  However, I am sure the Western world also has their own problems created by their very own system.  The conflict, ultimately, comes down to this.  Western world wants everyone to play by their rule, and there is an Eastern country that, is finally both economically and militarily strong enough to say NO.

In Confucianism, the world - organizing bureaucrat..

This is risible hypocrisy. US and European governments are organised for the benefit of the rich and powerful. And they always have been. We're being spied on day and night and whistle blowers are often jailed. Ed Snowden is living in Moscow because he dared tell us these things. And there is nothing wrong with nationalism. It's an extension of tribalism and that's an extension of clan, family and kin. And there is nothing wrong with family and kin. America is a weirdo nation that generates weirdo ideas about human society.

Inwi pantantonkia

unfortunately this dude does not anything about imperial China, people do their best, waaay to much from the far East

简单说就是批判中国为什么不按照西方剧本一样垮掉,然后从他的屁眼里挤出了看似合理的理由。对于中国而言,我们最重要的难道是是不是集权国家 or not?是不是独裁国家 or not?绝壁tm不是。对于我们中国人而言,重要的是明天中国又有多少座桥梁修建完成,又有多少人变得更加富有,特别是底层,二次分配是否更加公平,城市建设是否更加优良,老百姓财富是否可见增加,中国人在海外是否更加有尊严。。。无数这样的问题才是重要的,而这些多数和这个傻逼说的不在一个维度。中国人不要和西方在他们的维度内讨论中国这块硬盘是否被正确格式化了,因为你永远都不对,除非你变得和俄罗斯一个德行,即便一个德行,你还是错的。我们要拿出的应该是另一个剧本,或许能把西方吹的所谓民主讲得更好。顺便说一句,西方精英非常恐惧我们的崛起,已经快要大小便失禁了。

China only started to close its openness after the US Asian Re-balancing, moving the main US military power into the Western Pacific, causing security concern from the Chinese side, plus the US led Color revolutions around the world. You have the US foreign policy to blame, but no one in the US is willing to tell the truth.

Well it does feel like it shouldn't take a Princeton professor to say this much.

This young guy was touching on a subject (that he could have gone much more in-depth) on the surface and he sounded so shallow! Is he worth the salt being a professor at an Ivy League institution of higher learning (Princeton University) or has American educational standard been in rapid decline, faster than its economic and political clout abroad?

+Jared Czaia What country is that? I don't think it's 50%, the crooked media told you? The two party corrupt system spit out two garbage candidates, one is a blatant criminal and the other has a fragile ego. Doesn't matter who wins, few policy changes one way or the other but all wars, invasions, and your day to day debt full lives always stay the same. Yet somehow they always make you think the next guy is the answer.


I can't wait for China to crash and burn just like every other authoritarian system before it.

Chinese students didn‘t want to want to speak up fearing might having trouble when going back to China? What load of bullshit. It's more likely the student didn't want to openly express different opinions that contradict with this professor's, because in that case the professor might label him or her as a pro government agent that the party sent to his class to monitor him or other Chinese students. If I were his student, I will definitely be very careful about this, because that's the way this professor thinks about China and Chinese.

North America is going to find itself between a rock and a hard place if something radical isn`t done soon.

The whole she-bang of lifting China out of poverty, to continue the economic accent is missing from Rory Truex talk. If anything, Xi has given China and its people the stability to create an economic, cultural and scientific country. Try building all that without a strong leader. And getting rid of Corruption was key. It's a cog in the wheels, it's a disease to real progress. Not to mention waste (like the tons of mooncakes bought to "grease" the palms of pple who matter. I am glad for Xi to be in power.

There is a third way that an authoritarian regime can collapse, that is, interference (MOSTLY VERY VIOLENT) by foreign powers. And history shows, collapse of an authoritarian regime due to foreign power intervention leads to a very tragic ending. We are still witnessing the two examples, IRAG and LYBIA,resulting in the lost of hundreds of thousands lives and suffering of tens of millions of innocent people. There is one that is ongoing (SYRIA).  And another one may be imminent (NORTH KOREA). Unfortunately,and astonishingly, you failed to mention the third and the most deadly way of collapse of an authoritarian regime. I will not believe that you do not know. So you intentionally hide it. The question is, WHY??? This is United States of America! Our country (USA) is the best that “guarantee” human right, liberty, and free speech. Right??? So, you are scare of retribution, or, you refuse to admit that the imperialism can lead to most deadly consequence? Don’t you believe that United States’ intervention of Irag and Syria is one of the ways leading to collapse of an authoritarian regime????

Basically, the more China bashing, the more shows that China is moving in the right direction. This has been a proven fact for the last 30 to 40 years since China has been opened up.

Your title on this video is miss leading, Xi Jinping is not President for life. The anti China like to twist the world,

I hope we would do the same here in the States fight corruption

Why not have a debat with pro-CCP professors like Zhang Weiwei or Jin Canrong about whether or not China's is superior to Western's? I am very curious about what both sides say.

WTF!Tiananmen massacre? It might be true. People died. PLA soldiers got hanged and burnt. Tanks got thrown Molotov bombs. "live ammunition on students"? Fake news!

You are describing the inbred rothchild welfare collecting banking system.


LOL @ 10:46

So an authoritarian regime is intrinsically unstable - may be toppled from within or overthrown by the people it suppresses, or destroyed by foreign powers....

Professor Truex gives a well thought out and presented lecture on this topic. Any Chinese leader who is able to become president, has already shown a level of guile, ruthlessness and political savvy that is unmatched in western politics. In addition if you look at China's 5000 year history, they have done much more damage to themselves, than any foreign power has done. Therefore this idea of the "Century of Humiliation", is simply a political tool to gin up nationalism and create a scapegoat to rid the Chinese of their own responsibility for centuries of malfeasance. One must give China credit for pulling so many out of poverty and their economic and social turnaround from the Mao era has been stunning. Now it remains to be seen if China can get past the middle income trap which may be even more difficult because of the C.C.P.

Free press does not stop corruption. Free press becomes a shield protecting corruption so that corruption remains FOREVER.

All people like this professor want is for all people everywhere to think and act like a latte sipping liberal from Harvard. Sorry bud. The doors of history are closing on your catastrophic workdviews. China and Russia are closing the doors.

Obviously, I have to admire Professor Truex who has a comprehensive knowledge about contemporary China, even its leader President XI. For those were worried about arising of China, the question would be whether they are ready to accept an entire new systems in terms of political, society, culture and value. the conflict was happen when one country feels hurt while its benefits was stolen such as IP, or losing control on the order. therefore, i should say solve all the issues would be trying to accept differences.

The west wants China to play the game following their rules, where they have established over the years tremendous advantage by all means possible, including wars, making it impossible for China to achieve the level of prosperity and glory that China has been able to achieve for the majority part of the history. China playing outside the rules and changing the rules is what makes the west so upset and afraid, fearing to lose the "hard-earned" advantage over China, because they new China's formula has been a tremendous success over the years. The wicked accusations of lack of "democracy" and "human rights" are results of this fear, knowing that the western "democracy" and "human rights" apply only to the white and the rich.

im from a prosperous family and i have the ability to pay between 80000$ and 100000$ to study in a redneck five eyes university but when i saw many white teachers trying to brainwash their student to the level to worship the white race as god like this one , so then i said to myself why spending money on education that is same as public one in my country and i will study the same program , so i choosed to go to the free public university in my country and now i have an undergraduate degree whitout giving a huge amount of money to this kind of white redneck racist nazi professor

America behaves like an empire with a tiny desperate country at it's core. What does it mean and why does it look so stupid?

He talks about "communist" China. China is a capitalist dictatorship. Americans and Chinese pay for college and all but the most basic health care. They and we have very little state run - free services. China and the US completely tied into world commodity trading, practice supply side economics, and both have a growing gap between rich and poor. They came out of a feudal peasant agricultural economy in the mid 20th century and the US ended feudal agricultural (slavery) 100 years earlier. Chinese and Americans alike have virtually no role in making policy, especially foreign, military, and economic policy. Of course there are important differences, but we're more the same than is commonly recognized particularly in economics and the proportion (number) of those ruling to those ruled.

The talk is more cautionary than insightful. There are unique challenges of ruling and providing security to a developing country four times that of America which were not mentioned at all. It would have been helpful to look at the other developing/emerging countries with democracies, and see how well they are succeeding. My understanding is not many survive, and those who do have a lot of issues. Russia was an utter failure, while India is succeeding their GDP is about 1/6th of China. My sense is that the professor does not get the historical, economic, and security dimension of China, and therefore falls short in tying together a narrative for critical analysis. For instance, when a leader first starts to purge his opponents in an anti-corruption campaign it makes sense he'll have to continue and remain in power long enough for not just for his opponents to be powerless, but all "friendlies" of his opponents to be powerless. Otherwise, even if he's able to keep himself safe after the steps down, he may not be strong enough to keep his allies safe.

so interesting


I doubt the sharp downturn of Xi’s situation only a few months after he changed the constitution was never in his wild “China dream”. Funny him.

当他说到天安门的时候我就知道他屁股坐哪了 谷歌真的是反共急先锋

Here’s another guy attempting whitesplaining China

Warning! Western propaganda!


Isn’t the cult of personality the same thing as “popularity”? Isn’t big brother technology common throughout the advanced countries? Why is it nefarious only when it’s used in China? Xi started his crusade against corruption when he was a lowly official in a small municipality, when he was first involved in public service and throughout his rise through the ranks. He is instrumental in devising the strategy for targeting extreme poverty and promising to eliminate it by the end of 2020. Why aren’t these mentioned? Trying to compare him to Trump is a farce.

It is a general introduction of China's current political situation. I don't think it is superficial rather general. I feel the speaker's view is rather objective and accurate. Not bad at all. see this, about Xinjiang 'camp'

China is doing just fine without the "helps" from Westerners. In fact, the Westerners should prepared themselves for what they had asked for so many years ago.

Whilst China moves towards deglobalisation and self reliance the rest of the world are increasingly dependent on China for much of their technological needs. Just how naive and irresponsible do you have to be to outsource all chip level fabrication, manufacturing/assembly and most core app development for all locally branded smart phones and devices - to a country which is far more technically advanced in mobile technology than yourself and just assume/hope there are no hardware and software backdoors built into every device. Devices used by politicians and heads of industry.

putos gringos siempre con la misma mierda que nunca avanza


When you don’t get a proper job, this is what you do.

Asshole talk

china leadership foresaw the coming turmoil and that's why they changed the constitution and extended Xi's term. why select a new leader and team when you already have a leader who is familiar with ALL the issues? A brilliant move by the Chinese.

His knowledge of China is in depth, his interpretation is incorrect. There is no such thing as Tiananmen square massacre, it was a student rebellion instigated by the west who has every desire to stir up trouble in China, hoping it's disintegration like former Soviet union. It was good the then Chinese leaders was resolute to quash the rebellion. The end justifies the means sbd China enjoys a more peaceful and harmonious environment to develop and grow which benefits all Chinese people.

Anyone remembers how many terms Mao took?

why r ppl here being apologetic for mentioning: The Great Donald Trump?!?

look at this face, he takes drugs.

What is democracy to me is the vote in election time. Since I can’t control who are the candidates. To me they all are strangers. So I vote according to what the news media told me. American mainstream news medias are very confusing and full of Cold War mentality. They do not give people the realities and mostly propaganda for big corp and government. They were and is demonizing China.

CCP is run by politburo - 9, 7 heroes - who is guided by ‘reign behind the iron curtain’ 睡莲听政……的 长老 Elders, who is advised by the agenda set by ‘内家‘。 So, from Deng to Jiang to Hu and now Xi, all these No 1s are performing 大业. What’s the reason Chiang lost the war ?? Is the a invisible hand involved 70 years ago ? Why does Xi have to slog another (10+)5 years term ? ....becoz there are missions yet to accomplish - the re-location of UN/IMF/WB to China, the reconciliation of Kuomingtang to the 大业 Me Professor, it’s 明修栈道 暗渡陈仓 you should care about, not 改革开放 !

Professor you are so right

Living in China, people do not feel authoritarian system as Professor indicated. Daily life in China is not much different than that of in America. I don’t care about election but I do care about people’s living getting better. In America.other than rich, the ordinary people’s life is getting worse

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