President Trump Participates in a United Nations Security Council Briefing on Counterproliferation

President Trump Participates in a United Nations Security Council Briefing on Counterproliferation

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Thank, you very much, the. 8360. Second, meeting of the. Security. Council is called to. Order. The. Agenda, for this meeting is maintenance. Of international, peace and, security. Non-proliferation. Of. Weapons of, mass destruction. The. Agenda, is hereby. Adopted. I. Am. Honored, to be, here today to, chair, this meeting, of the United, Nations. Security, Council. It. Is also my privilege to welcome the. Distinguished. Heads of state, heads. Of government, ministers. And other leaders, and representatives. Here. With us thank. You, I also. Wish, to warmly welcome. Secretary-general. Antonio. Guterres. For. Joining, us thank, you very much mr. secretary-general. The. Security, Council, will, now consider. Item. Two of the, agenda I will. Make a statement. In, my capacity, as president. Of the. United, States of, America. It. Is a great. Honor to, be. Here today at, this. UN, Security, Council, briefing, to. Discuss, a matter of urgent. Importance. Concerning. And. Countering. The. Proliferation of. Deadly chemical. Biological. And. Nuclear weapons, and, the. Means to, deliver them, the. Nations, of the world have, long recognized. That, certain, weapons, are. So dangerous and, can. Inflict so much suffering. That. All of us have a vital, interest in, preventing their further development. Spread. And use. Since. My inauguration, the. United, States has taken bold action, to confront. These sinister, threats. Many. Of us are rightly. Focused, on the dangers, of nuclear. Weapons. But. We must never forget the risk posed, by. Biological. And chemical weapons. The. United States was one of the first nations to. Unilaterally. Renounce, the. Use of biological weapons. And, since. World War one we have led international. Efforts. Against. The scourge, of, chemical. Warfare. Most. Recently, in Syria we have twice imposed, severe, consequences. On the, Assad regime for. Using chemical weapons against. Innocent. Civilians. I, want. To thank Prime, Minister, Mei and, president. McCrone. For. Their country's, close partnership. In those efforts, last. April. The. Syrian, regime's butchery, is enabled. By. Russia and Iran. The. Iranian regime. Exports. Violence, terror. And turmoil. It. Illicitly, procure. Sensitive, items to. Advances, ballistic, missile program, and. Proliferate. S-- these missiles, all across, the. Middle East. The. Regime is the world's leading sponsor of, terror and fuels. Conflict. Across the region and far, beyond a. Regime. With this track record, must never be allowed to possess a nuclear, weapon. For. This reason, I announced, earlier this year that, the, United States would withdraw from, the Iran nuclear. Deal. This. Horrible, one-sided. Deal allowed Iran, to. Continue its path towards, a bomb and gave. The, regime a cash lifeline. When. They needed it the most they. Were in big big, trouble, they. Needed, cash. We. Gave it to him in, the. Years since the deal was signed Iran's, aggression only. Increased. The. Regime used new, funds from, the deal to support terrorism. Build. Nuclear, capable, missiles, and. Foment. Chaos. Following. America's. Withdrawal, the United States began reimposing. Nuclear-related. Sanctions. On. Around. All. US, nuclear-related, sanctions. Will, be in full force. By. Early, November. They. Will be in full force. After. That the United States will pursue additional, sanctions. Tougher. Than, ever before, to. Counter, the entire range, of Iran's malign conduct. Any. Individual. Or entity who fails to comply with these sanctions, will face severe, consequences, I. Ask. All members of the Security, Council to, work with the United States to. Ensure the Iranian, regime changes. Its behavior and, never. Acquires, a. Nuclear. Bomb. With. All of this said I want to thank Iran.

Russia. And, Syria. For. At my very strong, urging. And request. Substantially. Slowing, down their attack on Eid, lib province. And the. Three million people who live there in order. To get. 35,000. Targeted, terrorists. Get. The terrorists, but I hope the restraint, continues. The. World is watching. Thank. You also to Turkey. For helping, to negotiate, restraint. Anything. The USA, can do to help resolve, this problem, in, order to say perhaps even, hundreds. Of thousands, of lives maybe, more, we. Are willing and able. We. Are available to. Help in. My. Remarks yesterday to the, United, Nations General Assembly. I laid. Out my administration's. Commitment to, building a more just and peaceful future. Regrettably. We found, that, China. Has, been attempting, to interfere, in, our upcoming. 2018. Election. Coming. Up in November. Against. My administration. They. Do not, want, me or us. To, win because I am, the first president. Ever to, challenge, China, on trade and we. Are winning on trade, we. Are winning at every level. We. Don't want, them to meddle or interfere. In our, upcoming. Election. As. I. Also mentioned, yesterday we, have seen the results, of historic, efforts, to open new pathways, to peace on. The, North, Korean. Peninsula. On the, Korean, Peninsula. And, that's. Something we are extremely. Proud, of I am. Pleased to say that North, Korea, has. Not conducted. A missile test since. Last November. It, has not conducted, a nuclear test since. Last September. And the. Hostages. Have been returned, to us and, very. Importantly. The remains, of American, heroes are, now. Returning. Home. In. June. I held a historic summit, with chairman, Kim jong-un, in Singapore. Where. He reaffirms, his commitment, to complete. Denuclearization. Last. Week chairman, kim. Reiterated. That commitment, to president, moon at their. Third summit and to. Me in a very strong, letter. Form, i think. We will make, a deal but. Unfortunately, to ensure this progress. Continues, we must enforce, existing. UN. Security, Council, resolutions. Until. Denuclearization. Occurs. However. We. Have. Detected. That some nations are already. Violating. These UN, sanctions. This. Includes, illegal. Ship-to-ship, transfers. Which. Must end, immediately, the. Safety, of the Korean, Peninsula. The region, and the world depends. On full compliance, with UN, Security, Council. Resolutions. Very, very, important. But. Most importantly, I believe that, Chairman Kim jong-un a man. I have gotten to know and like, wants. Peace and prosperity, for, North Korea, many. Things are happening behind the scenes away, from the media which nobody knows. But. They are happening nevertheless, and, they, are happening in a very positive. Way. So, I think you will have some very good, news coming. From North. Korea in the coming months, and years I, also.

Very, Much appreciate. What president, moon of South Korea had, to say about me, last. Night in television. Interviews, working, with president. Moon has. Been, my. Great honour and, likewise. Working. With President. Xi of China and. Prime. Minister Abbey of Japan. Has. Been a, pleasure, and an. Honor, each. Of us follows, in the footsteps of, countless, world leaders. Diplomats. And public servants, who, came here to the United Nations, with the same noble. Goal to. Build a future worthy of, the. Patriots, true. True, patriots. Who. Sacrificed, their lives for our nation, and for our, future. To. Be successful. We need a, commitment, of every. Nation, represented. In this chamber. Acting. Together we, can replace the horrors, of war, with. The blessings, of safety, and the. Beautiful. Promise. Of peace. Thank. You very much, I now. Resume, my function, as president, of the Security Council and, give. The floor to the. President, of France. Merci. Monsieur Thank. You mr. president. Joe. Donald dear colleagues, secretary. General. Distinguished. Ministers dear, friends I would like to first of all thank the. US, presidency, of the Security Council thank. You for having brought us here today, to, discuss. The. Serious, threats threats, to international peace, and security which, are represented, indeed by, the proliferation, of weapons of, mass destruction, their meat and their means of delivery I would like to thank the secretary-general for being. Present with, us here today, the first issue, on here, that comes to my mind -. When. We. Consider, the divisions, frankly, that we have had in, the past, year. On such issues for example as a nuclear issue or the chemical, weapons used by the Syrian regime is a following question what is it that we member-states of the Security Council can. Do together their, non-proliferation regime, which, organizes, a control, of new nuclear weapons in order to limit the danger of nuclear war or which, places an absolute, ban on certain weapons and does this to ensure that. Our people never experienced the horrors of being gassed or bacteria, bacteriological. Attacks, this, is a relatively. Recent construction. And, it came into maturity in the 1990s. And, it was a result of the tragedies, of the 20th century the firm determination of, our predecessors of their, vision, of the good of humankind and their, spirit of responsibility. And this, edifice, they, constructed. Is is. Borne. By mutual, concessions. Interdependence. And mutual trust that, we have built together in. A word it, is based on a multilateral, approach, to security our. Responsibility. And I, believe in it very, deeply today is. That. We. Owe this. To. Our, people what we owe to them is to preserve and strengthen this, regime at the time when. It is being seriously, tested and member, states of the council they have to be example. In this, regard and in my view on this issue and many others, we have to stand together big. And we. Were, together remarkably. So on the issue of North Korea and last time it was in December 2017. When we passed resolution, 23 97, the. Way of managing this. Crisis. And this was just report called, by the President, of the United States has gone through a new stage thanks, to see his initiative to have a direct dialogue with the chairman of the Workers Party of Korea and, we welcome and support these efforts as well, as the efforts made in this regard by the South. By South Korea at. No. Point. Should, the Security Council lose sight of the fact that North, Korea continues, representing, a nuclear and ballistic threat. For the region and for the world we. Expect, for the premiere Pyongyang regimes specific. Actions. Showing, that they genuinely. Determined. To dismantle their. Nuclear, and ballistic program, and to do so in a way which comprehensive. Verifiable and, irreversible as, we, await as such gestures, such, actions, our dialogue has to be accompanied, by rigorous.

Implementation. Of the sanctions decided, upon by the council and. On this we aren't united we, were also United on the issue of Iran when, we passed, resolution, 2231 but, that was in 2015. Since. Then the pathways, of the signatories. Of the jcpoa, has, diverged. But. And, let. Me repeat it here we, still, all, of us here I'm convinced, retain. The same objective. In mind namely preventing, Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and guaranteeing. Strict. International, control. Control, on the peaceful use, of their. Nuclear program, the, jcpoa. Is imperfect. But. It is a decisive, step in, that exact direction, a serious. Crisis. Of confidence was. Opened, by every imposition, of, extraterritorial. Sanctions, by the United States but Tehran continues, abiding, by its nuclear obligations. Well, this. Situation. Has to be countered by the respect. Of all of the of jcpoa, and it's resolutions. By. All members, of the UN and not just by France Germany and the UK we. Also have, to go further than the current framework and I've already stated, the, same a year ago and that is why I agree. The goals are recorded by the President of the United States, even if, we can disagree. On the methods as regards a CPA but. Eyes think, that, we need to build together a long-term, strategy in order to manage this crisis, and it. Cannot boil. Down to just sanctions, and containment, we, need to, have the basis, for new negotiations. And. Create. It first by the, framework. We create for the Iranian, nuclear issue, beyond. 2025. And 2030. And on, the, issue of, the. Increase. Of Iran, by this of the scope and the accuracy, of their ballistic missiles so we have to frame their ballistic issue secondly, and thirdly, the. Regional. Stability. It's. All of, these. Components. That can be part of an international strategy, in, order to reduce the dangers for the region, and also attain the goal that we all want. Namely, that Iran, doesn't it does not ever obtain, a nuclear weapon, we, were also united. On the issue of eliminating. Chemical. Syrian. Chemical weapons in this was in resolution 2118, but, as was in 2013 since, then if, threats for the credibility. Of, the. Ban have. Accumulated, the, reappearance. Of chemical weapons during the offensives, by the Syrian, regime, at the time when, Damascus. Had adhered, to the Convention, banning, that and declared, as their program, did not encounter they need a determination, from the council -, as far they're concerned have used, those, weapons in Syria, and Iraq.

In. February, 2017, in Malaysia, a member. Of the North Korea Leader's, family, was, assassinated. With the use of a. Neurotoxin. VX and this year it was it was on the, kingdom territory and therefore in the European, Union that another, neurotoxin. Was used and this resulted, in a death and an injury, for for other people who, France recalls, here that we share the British, analysis, according to which there is no other plausible explanation. Here. Other than that the responsibility. Is with, Russia and it's up to Russia to take all the necessary measures, in order to make ceaseless, threat we. Launched, on the 23rd, January 2018, an international. Partnership against, the impunity, of using, chemical, weapons and. All of, the states are invited to join this initiative we, had to act also, and. I would like to thank here President, Trump and to, Prime Minister may, we, have to act there together with the US, and the UK against, this Syrian, chemical capacity. We. Work, towards, strengthening. The organization, on the prohibition, of chemical weapons by. Creating. A new mechanism. For inquiry and attribution. Which is an indispensable. Tool mr.. President, France, will. Work, ceaselessly. For the unity of this council on the issues of non-proliferation, we. Have to remain, united because, in the recent years every, time when, we were not United, it was, to the detriment, of our principles, and our collective. Affective. Effectiveness. It's an issue of, our. Legitimacy, is permanent and non-permanent members. We, also have to be united because the dissemination of technologies. Can lead to, new threats to, peace and this concerns us directly the. Development. Of intercontinental. Missiles by North Korea is something that we need to worry about up, until now it was only very few states, who had these kinds of weapons, and displaced on them very special, responsibilities, now, in future if we do not have sufficient control, of that and if, North Korea proliferates, how many other countries will, have this, weapon in the Middle East the, ballistic, assistance, provided. To Hezbollah, into Hootie's, is a new, and alarming, development, it, has to stop, before. They. Further. Destabilize. A region which is already tense. Fighting. - confirmed. That. The terrorist groups are interested in the weapons of mass destruction the, threat of nuclear or, radiological terrorism. Has not disappeared.

Despite, The leadership, has that that has been shown by the United, States here with. The, summit, conducted on nuclear security France. Calls. That, we continue. International. Cooperation, here it's, necessary. Now than ever mr., president we, will continue, strictly, abiding, but, by, our commitments, under the international. Non-proliferation regime. And will continue strengthening. The various institutions, which form its backbone in. Particular, we will continue, to support the efforts made by the United, Nations and in experts and will. Bring the, issue of combating, nuclear, chemical, biological and. Ballistic. Proliferation. During, our presidency, of g7, in 2019, and for. This I call. Forth our unity, and the spirit of responsibility. Because the non-proliferation regime, is. The, backbone of our. System. Of collective, security. We. Kept, building a decade after decade, it's. Still young it. Requires. Our mobilization. Our spirit, of responsibility, and our, unity, I thank, you I. Thank. The president, of France for his statement thank you very much I now. Call on the President, of Poland. Thank. You, thank. You very much. Distinguished. Mr. president, distinguished. Mr. secretary-general. Excellencies. Heads of the States prime. Ministers, ministers. Ladies. And gentlemen. The. Current security situation is. Not. Encouraging. Tensions. At the global and regional level. Threatened, the existing, international, order including, non-proliferation, and. Arms, control regimes. In. Fact we. Have been witnessing the, progressive, decomposition. They. Have been regularly, challenged, by non-state, actors, but, what. Is of even, more concern, they. Are also being, undermined, when individual. All states. Before. I address the problem, of nuclear weapons I first. Would like to draw your attention to another type, of weapons of mass destruction. That made their way back to. The top of the global agenda, I'm referring, the chemical, weapons. Let. Me be clear, every. Use of a chemical weapon, is a crime, it. Does not matter whether, it's, used on a mass, scale by, undemocratic. Regimes against their own people to secure the power or it's. Used, in a state terrorist. Manner against, individuals, abroad on whom a certain, state wants to take revenge, and.

If It is a crime, it means that the principal, obligation of the international. Community. Is. Defined, by, the rule-based, order, criminals. Must. Be brought to justice no. Single, act of use of the chemical weapon, can be left unanswered. Since. It undermines, not, only the basic, sense, of justice, but, also leads. To the erosion. Of the non-proliferation, and. Disarmament. Regimes, and in consequence. Threatens. The security of all of us. Brutal. Attacks, directed. Mostly against civilians, all have, the same aim to. Intimidate, the international. Community. The. Community of the, UN cannot, accept, that methods our. Inaction. Will only encourage, perpetrators. I. Hope. That the finalization, of the new EU sanction, mechanism, completed. In the framework of the organization for. The prohibition of. Chemical weapons. Will. Allow us to exercise. Appropriate. Pressure, on current. And future perpetrators. As well, as deter, them from these unacceptable. Actions. We. All hoped to. Have chemical. Weapons effectively. Ban it by, the Chemical. Weapons Convention. We. Must stand firmly behind our, own rules, and norms which. Are the pillars of the international. Order. In this context, let me mention that as in the previous years Poland. Will introduce in, the United, Nations General Assembly a draft resolution, on the, implementation of, the Chemical, Weapons Convention. It. Have great importance. To preserve, the, integrity of, this regime. Therefore. We. Call on all, Member States to ensure a strong clear. And united, message of support of, the, whole international community for the integrity of the Chemical, Weapons Convention and. The. Efforts, of the, organization, for the prohibition of. The chemical, weapons. The. Second issue I would like to highlight is the, proliferation of, nuclear weapons. Permit. Me to make three points regarding. This matter. Firstly. We. All know, that nuclear weapons cannot, be brought on the, free market, therefore. Every. Act of proliferation. Of these weapons is, a failure, of both the international. Community, and the rule-based. World order and. We. Must remember that, it, always involves. Not only the state that develops, nuclear capacity, but. Also those who provided, with, means to achieve, it namely, technology. Materials, and, resources. It's. Of utmost important. For, every, agreement that aims at controlling, nuclear programs. To guarantee. That they are used solely, for peaceful purposes. We. Have an obligation to. Evaluate, those agreements against, the purposes, and to act, accordingly. We. Should not turn our heads back from those who, act against. The non-proliferation treaty, by, providing, means, to develop nuclear weapon, capacity. Or assist. In other ways, in developing, it. Good. An effective. Export, controls, mechanism, should be upheld by, all countries involved, in nuclear chemical. And, biological. Trade for peaceful, purposes in order to maintain the, appropriate, control, level, of. You will use Goods and to, make non-proliferation, effort. More, effective. In. This regard, we. Welcome, the International, Atomic Energy agency's. Effort to strictly, monitor, and verify, Iran's. Commitments. Let. Me also use this opportunity to command, the. Vital, rule the agency, place in the non-proliferation, area. The, agency's, system. Of safeguards. Is a fundamental. Component of the nuclear, non-proliferation, regime. And plays, an, indispensable. Role in the implementation of, the NPT. Secondly. I would. Like to welcome the, prospect, of the. Process, of denuclearization. Of, the Korean Peninsula. We. Have seen some, encouraging. Developments. Such, as the inter-korean. Summit, and a, meeting of kim jeong-hoon, with, the president, Donald. Trump. This. Led to the stopping, of the missile. And nuclear tests. And I. Would like to stress mr.. President. That, this is. In. Tremendous, measure, your. And, presidents. Moon great. Achievement, and merit, so thank you very much. However. The. Decisive, steps are yet to be made the, lasting peace will not be achieved without the nuclear denuclearization, of, the North. Korea in a complete, verifiable, and, irreversible, manner. Until. Then the, international, community. Must remain, united in. Maintaining, real and consistent. Pressure on the, North Korea including by upholding, UN sanctions, regime.

Thirdly. For. The credibility of international, community, it's. Vital, to stand firmly behind Deut duties. And obligations we. Took in our shoulders, in that, context, let. Me sadly reflects, on the concerning, developments. Of security, situation, in our region, Central. And Eastern, Europe, only. In the, last few years. We have witnessed, the, clear breach, of the buda Pest memorandum. That guarantees. Territorial, integrity of ukraine in exchange. Of its peaceful and voluntary, denuclearization. We. Have also heard, about, the use of nuclear weapons to end conventional. Conflicts. Equally. Alarming, was, the deployment. Of a dual capable, means of, delivery. Close, to, our borders, all these actions, have significantly. Contributed, to the deterioration of. The security, environment. Ladies. And gentlemen. What. Should be our response to the challenges, I have, just listed. First. The. Full and firm, implementation. Of the well-established, and, widely recognized, treaties, and norms, of the international. Law, second. Support. And full confidence, for, the work of international, mechanisms, responsible, for preventing of the use of. Weapons. Of mass destruction. Finally. Proactive. And constructive. Engagement in, initiatives. Which aim at fighting, with proliferation. Efforts and, promoting, transparency and. Verification. In. 2018. My. Country, assumed the, chairmanship of. The second, Preparatory, Committee for, the 2020. Review conference, of the treaty on the non-proliferation. Of, nuclear weapons, and chaired. The. Haig code, of conduct, against. Ballistic, missile proliferation, our. Efforts. Have been focused on strengthening. These regimes the, universalization. Securing. The widespread, and credible, verification. Mechanism. Implementation. Of good practices, as well as tightening. The international, cooperation, these. Actions, constitute. Long, term objectives. Of the Polish security. Policy, in. Conclusion. Let. Me stress once, again that. Non-proliferation. Is. A collective, effort. To. Uphold the security, architecture we. Which we have built for decades, and to. Prevent, the nightmares, recurring. Uses, of weapons. Of mass destruction. We. Need full commitment. Of all, of us without any exception. To, observe. All norms. And obligations. In this field thank. You very much. Thank. You very much mr. president and I now give the floor to the president, of, Equatorial. Guinea. Thank, You, president. Your. Excellencies. Ladies and. Gentlemen. It. Is for me a pleasure, and an, honor to, address for, the first time, in person, this. Forum. On behalf, of and in representation. Of the Republic, of Equatorial Guinea, we. Thank the United States of America, for having convened, this open, debate this morning and we, congratulate, the. United States on their excellent, work as president of the Council for the month of September. Disarmament. Is one, of the longest, standing goals, of the, United Nations. Indeed. It was the subject of the very first, Security. Council resolution. On the. 25th, of January. 1946. When. The Security. Council, adopted. Resolution. One, of the. United Nations Security Council. Enshrined. In article 47. Of the, charter, of the United. Nations. 72. Years, have, elapsed, since, the. Adoption of the aforementioned resolution. By the Security, Council, and, today. The. World is once again caught, up in an arms, race, which. Has led many states, to. Fill themselves. Held to. Acquire, a range. Of weapons, of all kinds, for their defense and more. Specifically. Has, led them feeling compelled, to obtain weapons of mass destruction in some instances. Nuclear. Arsenals, do not just serve to exacerbate tensions, between, states, and to hinder the, drive for peace but. They also put, in jeopardy the, very continued. Existence of, humankind. Our. Country. The, Republic, of Equatorial Guinea, does. Not possess, nor. Does it intend. Ever to. Acquire weapons. Of mass destruction and we. Have adopted, measures to guarantee, the strict and full implementation, of. The commitments and, obligations that. We, bear to, the international, community in the, sphere of, non-proliferation. We. Have ratified, the. African. Treaty for, the establishment. Of a nuclear, weapon-free, zone, in our continent, a. Treaty. That. Is better known as the TTIP Island and our and the. Promotion. Of nuclear disarmament ought, to be a priority if not indeed the priority, on the agenda of the international, community. In. Two years we will celebrate the 50th, anniversary of, the entry, into force of, the non-proliferation, treaty, or, NPT. Which. Should and which entered into force in 1970. And, which, is an international, instrument. That made it possible to, halt, the, spread and proliferation, of nuclear weapons to, those, countries, that as of that date were non-nuclear. Weapon States. Sadly. The, NPT, did not succeed, in achieving the, elimination, by nuclear. Weapon states of. Their. Existing. Arsenal's. Which. They still maintain. There. Has always been a deep-rooted. Resistance. By. Nuclear, weapon states to. Complying, with the, provisions, of the NPT.

Which Apply, to, the, implementation of, nuclear, disarmament. The. Costs. Borne, by nuclear, powers, to maintain these Arsenal's. And in some instances, to modernize. These, Arsenal's, far. Outstrip. The budget, of all nations, of, the African Union taken, together the, amount spent on these nuclear weapons is greater than the budget of all of our nation's. President. The. Proliferation. Of weapons of, mass destruction poses, a threat to international peace, and security and, it undermines, of the Security, Council in its role of, working. To prevent the spread and production. Of such, weapons of mass destruction. To. Counter. The proliferation. And use. Of weapons. Of mass destruction, it. Is vital, to pursue. The. Implementation. Of and compliance. With those. International, treaties, related, to non-proliferation. As. Well, as to, ensure implementation, of and compliance with Security, Council resolution, 1540, of. 2004. There. Is also need to lend support to the, proliferation Security, Initiative. To the, Global, Initiative, to combat nuclear, terrorism. Action. Is also needed to ban any test, of nuclear weapons to share, information, between. States, and. International. Organizations. There. Is also an urgent, and pressing need, to implement, systems. Of joint verification. Inspection. And oversight. For. Arsenal's. And research facilities. Of this type of weapons, and such verification. Should be undertaken by the United Nations, Office for disarmament, Affairs in, partnership, with the International, Atomic Energy Agency, and. This. Verification, inspection. And oversight, work should, include, securing. Such weapons and ensuring their destruction, in. Addition, there. Is a pressing, need to, pursue negotiations. With nuclear weapon possess estates in, order to ensure that they, rule out effectively. And genuinely, the. Option, of using nuclear, weapons. Steps. Must also be taken to ensure that their nuclear arsenals, are secured, and the. Rights of all parties, to. Make peaceful use of nuclear energy, must. Be recognized, and upheld. President, the Republic, of Equatorial Guinea, is, alarmed. Because. The, United. Nations. Seems. To be in a paradoxical. Situation. There. Seems to be a disconnect, between. Steps. Taken, here in this house and, actions. Taken, by some. States, claiming. Their sovereignty, which, is undermining, what should, be an action of partnership, and solidarity. Some. Two days ago we. Had an extraordinary, summit. To remember, the extraordinary, African leader Nelson. Mandela and we all spoke, out to. Reject, confrontation. And war. To set aside disputes. To, live. Up to his legacy, and in living up to the legacy of Nelson Mandela, we expressed the hope that we might be able to live in a world of peace security development. And well-being for all. However. It seems that many states have chosen rather. To pursue, the. Path of arms. And weapons which. Runs directly counter. To the noble and lofty aspirations. Of the Mandela, summit a summit. Which we all welcomed, and all participated. In. It. Is possible, to ban weapons, of mass destruction and, to. Render their use unthinkable. All that is needed is the necessary will and determination, of all parties, the. Republic. Of Equatorial Guinea. Voices. Its, determination. To, continue, working. Towards. The negotiation. And adoption. Of. Legally. Binding, instruments. That. Will lead, to nuclear disarmament, in an effective, irreversible. And viable, way in. Order to achieve the. Objective, of the complete, elimination of, all, nuclear weapons. The. International. Community of nations, should. Also be. Worried by, the, potential humanitarian. Consequences and. The. Global impact, of any. Accidental. Or intentional. Nuclear. Detonation. And, the. International, community of nations should. Cooperate on the level of international security, to. Prevent. Non-state. Actors. From getting their hands on the resources, necessary for them to be able to pursue, nuclear.

Terrorism. President. The. Republic, of Equatorial Guinea, is, persuaded. Of the usefulness, of nuclear, energy for. Peaceful purposes. And, used. Under, the supervision of the. IAEA. I. Conclude. This. Statement delivered on behalf of the Republic, of Equatorial Guinea, by. Sharing, with you that in. Our region, our continent, Africa. There. Are not nor, have there ever been used weapons, of mass destruction. What. Has, caused. Enormous. Loss of life and bloodshed, in our continent, is the, trafficking, in weapons terrorism. And the. Conflicts, that. Have racked and left a stain on our continent. For. This region I would, urge interior, to, support, the African, Union in. Its, noble. Objective. Of. Financing. For peacekeeping. Operations, led by the African, Union on, a case-by-case basis. I appeal, directly to the members of the Security Council asking. Them to lend their support for, a financing, mechanism for, peace and security operations led. Under mandates, of the Security Council given. That so doing would contribute, to international peace, and security which. Is the principal, goal of this. August. Or. D the Security, Council, of the United Nations, thank you very much thank. You very much mr. president I, now, give the floor to the president. Of Bolivia. President. That is the president. Of the United States of America, my, brother Antonio, Guterres secretary-general of the United Nations, fellow. President's brothers. And sisters of the Security Council on the, presidency, of the Security, Council has, convened the members of this body to a discussion, on the, non-proliferation of, weapons of, mass destruction today. Bolivian. Hails from a region, which has been duly declared you. Clear weapon, free for, more than half a century now, for. This reason, I think, I, am in a position to, recall, article. Number one of the. Treaty. Prohibiting. The use of nuclear weapons which states that each state, party, commits. To never and under no circumstances. Developing. Testing, producing, manufacturing. Acquiring. In any other way possessing. Or stockpiling, nuclear, weapons. Or other nuclear. Devices, I. Call. Upon all states around, this table to, sign up to to. Ratify, and to. Immediately. Implement. This. Provision. And indeed, all the provisions of said treaty. This. Is the, best way of avoiding. The catastrophic. Possibility, of the use of weapons of this nature, this. Is a moral, imperative and, a duty that we owe to future. Generations. Brothers. And sisters of the world the. Member, states of the United Nations are, obliged. To, comply, with, the core purposes, and principles of, the charter of, 1945. Above. All we. Are obliged, to, abide. By the principle, of resolving. International disputes, through the use of peaceful. Settlement mechanisms. None. Of these. Mechanisms, presupposes. The use of weapons of, any kind, quite, the contrary. This. Is a call for negotiation. Diplomacy. Dialogue, and legal, settlement, and these are the principles that should guide the actions of countries, whenever faced with a disagreement, or dispute Bolivia. Is convinced, that only through using these peaceful means will, we be able to build fairer. Societies. And societies willing to shoulder their shared responsibilities. We. Have to, be capable of putting behind us and leaving, on the, pages of history books the, primitive, use of weapons to attack other peoples I would. Like to highlight as an example the, contribution. Made by the International. Court of Justice the. Primary, judicial, body of the United Nations system. Which. Has been able to effectively resolve, disputes between states in various parts of the world and States faced with different situations. And complaints, brothers. And sisters we are convinced, that it is crucial, to, have a discussion not just on the effects, but. Above, all on the structural, and root causes that, lead to war and on. The genuine, and true motivations.

Of The. Assaults, on international. Peace security. And justice that we are seeing. Let. Us take the example of Iran, a country, which, has been referred to this morning, in. 1953. The United States financed. Planned and implemented. A coup d'etat, against. A democratically. Elected government which, in exercise, of its legitimate, sovereignty. Nationalized. Its oil production resting, it from the hands of an Anglo US company, after. That for, many decades. The. United States supported, an authoritarian, government which. Allowed the profits, from oil production to, line the pockets of transnational, companies. This. Situation. Endured. Until, the revolution of, 1979. And. Now. That Iran has, retaken, control of its own resources it. Is once again the, victim of a u.s. siege. Bolivia. Categorically. Condemns, the unilateral actions, imposed, by the government of the United States of America against Iran, likewise. We condemned the fact that the United, States has, withdrawn, from. The. Jcpoa. Hiding. Behind pretext. To continue. Its policy of, interference. And meddling in the internal, affairs of this brother country Iran brothers. And sisters of the Security Council, we. Wish to refer to the region of the Middle East a. Region. Rich, in natural resources, but. Thus ripe to be as it, is affected. By invasion, war, and unjustified. Aggression. That. Continue, to cause pain and suffering. For the peoples of the Middle East, this. Region of the world has been the setting for. The three most, egregious. Acts, of aggression committed. During the. 21st. Century. The. First act of aggression to which I refer is the illegal invasion of Iraq based, on the lie that, that country possessed. Weapons, of mass destruction, this. Invasion, led, to more than a million, deaths, the, second, act of aggression is, the. Overthrow, of the government of Libya, which. Led to tens of thousands of deaths whilst. Pretending. That it was for humanitarian, reasons as a consequence. It is triggered, serious, political instability and, unleashed a humanitarian, crisis across the north of Africa the. Third act of aggression which I refer is the, civil war in Syria, which, over. The last eight years has. Cost, the lives of more than half a million people, and. This war is the direct, result of the, interference. And of, the financing. Of armed. Groups and terrorist organizations who. Have pitted themselves against the Syrian government brothers. And sisters over, the last few months the, United, States has once again demonstrated. Its contempt, for international, law for.

Multilateralism. And for the purposes, and principles of, the charter of the United Nations, each. Time that the United States invades, Nations launches, missiles or, finances. Regime change. It does so behind, a propaganda. Campaign. Which. Incessantly. Repeats the message that it is acting, in the cause of justice, freedom. And democracy in, the. Cause of human rights or for humanitarian, reasons I would. Like to say to you frankly and openly here in no way is the United States interested, in upholding democracy, if such, were the case it would not have financed coup d'etat and supported, dictators, it would, not have threatened with military intervention. Democratically. Elected governments, as it has done with Venezuela, the. United States could not care less about human, rights nor justice if this, were the case it would have signed the, international, conventions, and treaties for the protection of human rights it. Would not have threatened, the, investigation. Mechanisms, of the, International, Criminal Court nor. Would it promote the use of torture. Nor. Would it have walked away from the Human Rights Council and nor. Would it have separated, migrant. Children from their families nor, put them in cages. The. United, States is not interested. In multilateralism. If it were interested, in multilateralism, it would not have withdrawn from the Paris agreement or given, the cold shoulder to the global compact on migrant, it, would not have launched a unilateral attacks, nor, have taken decisions such as illegally. Declaring, Jerusalem, to be the capital of Israel. This. Contempt. For multilateralism. Is, motivated. By the, thirst of the United States for geopolitical control, and for the seizing of natural resources, brothers. And sisters in, light of the aforementioned situations. I would like to hail those countries, France Germany the United Kingdom China and Russia who, have held firm in defense. Of the nuclear agreement a signed with Iran we, praised also those countries, who have not abandoned, the Paris agreement those countries that defend the principles, of sovereign equality of states, those. Countries, that uphold, the principle of non-interference in, domestic affairs those, countries that respect international law and respect. Those commitments freely, entered into and who, defend multilateralism. Our congratulations to, those countries the. Responsibility, of our generation. Is to, hand over a fairer and, secur world to the following generation, we, will only achieve, this, dream if we, work together to.

Consolidate. A multipolar. World a world. With common rules that. Are respected. By, and defended, from all the threats ranged, against, the United Nations thank you very much, Thank, You mr. president I now, give the floor to his Excellency. From Peru. One. Of the earth good. Morning I would. Like to greet personally, president, Donald Trump and, my greetings also, go to the dignitaries, and high, officials present at this morning's meeting, Peru. Welcomes. The convening of this high-level meeting, to focus the attention of the world and of the Security, Council on the, need to halt in its tracks the proliferation, of weapons of mass destruction and their, delivery systems, a particularly. Apt message, as today marks the International, Day for the total, elimination of, nuclear weapons. Throughout. Its history this, council, has stood, United in the fight against the proliferation, of, nuclear. Chemical. Or biological weapons. As well as their, delivery systems and has, done so commensurate. With this body's chief responsibility, of maintaining, international, peace and security a, task. Conferred, upon us as a body by the charge of the United Nations the. Action. Of this council is underpinned. By the progressive, development, of international, regimes, and systems, based, in turn on a, range of binding. Instruments, adopted, by this organization, and. By. Its member states the, most. Recent, of these instruments is the treaty on the prohibition. Of nuclear, weapons of. 2017. Which, we hope will one day be ratified, by all countries and, in particular by, those who currently possess, nuclear arsenals. This. Is no mere flight of fancy, thanks. To the pathological, treaty. Latin. America and the Caribbean is already. In. Clear weapon-free. Zone. And this. Has been a key building block in our march towards, making our region, one of peace. Peru. Has, a. Staunch. Supporter of the, non-proliferation, regime. And architecture. Fulfills. To the letter the, obligations, established. In the respective, relevant instruments, and we, also comply to the letter with the decisions, of the Security Council contained, in is relevant resolutions, and as, a member of this Security, Council we actively, promote strict compliance by, all with, said provisions, and decisions. We. Believe that, guaranteeing. International, peace and security can. Only be achieved by eliminating the. Risk that weapons, of mass destruction represent. And the, best way of achieving that goal is simply, by ensuring, that there are no weapons of mass destruction the. Swish, wish to make clear our view that non-proliferation, should. Go hand in hand with disarmament, and with strict controls, over, conventional, weapons. From. Our perspective. This entails, first and foremost, addressing. The challenge posed by the, nuclear. And ballistic programs. Of the Democratic, People's Republic of, Korea, on. This. Particular point we wish to once again hail the. High-level, diplomacy that. Your administration. And you personally President Trump have been engaged in with a view, to achieving complete. Verifiable. And irreversible, denuclearization. Of. The Korean, Peninsula. We. Believe that the validity of the, nuclear, non-proliferation, regime. Should be upheld as, well through, compliance, with the joint comprehensive, plan of action the jcpoa, on the, Iranian nuclear program, a plan, that was endorsed, by this Security. Council in resolution. 2231. Additionally. We. Regret and condemn, the, use of chemical, weapons in, the Syrian conflict as well as in the British city of Salisbury. Against. This, complex. Backdrop, and to conclude president. We. Wish to underscore the importance, of diplomacy of. Multilateralism. Of, international. Law of, confidence-building. Measures. And of, universality, as principles, for strengthening, the non-proliferation, and, disarmament, regimes. We. Note that in many instances. It is the perceptions. Of insecurity, the lead to, an arms, race and, even. To, the development, of new, weapons and tactics, of war it. Is therefore necessary in our view to address, these perceptions. To counter, the proliferation. And. To boost disarmament. Investing. In cooperation, trade. And international, development, because. Technology. Should be wheeled did, in the service of peace and progress rather, than for inhumanity. And destruction, thank, you very much very much, appreciated.

I'd. Like to now, give, the floor to the vice president, of Cote, d'Ivoire. Thank, You mr. president. Mr.. President excellencies. Ladies, and gentlemen, heads. Of delegations, I would, like to first of all thank. The. US, presidency for. Having, convened. This high-level. Discussion. On the. Issue of the, non-proliferation of, weapons of mass destruction, I would, like to also welcome. The. Media presence here your, excellency, the presence, of heads, of states and governments, eminent. Personalities. Which make this meeting, all the more significant. And. The topic thereof, is of great importance, for our world. Mr., president the rapid development of, nuclear ballistic weapons, programs were resulted, in the proliferation. Of weapons of mass destruction, these weapons feed violence, and conflicts, they threaten the stability. Of. Entire, regions. And thus. Make. The issue of non-proliferation. Into. A issue. Of survival. For humankind, indeed. And despite all of the efforts that have been deployed, the international. Community. In order to achieve. A nuclear, weapons-free, world. And nonetheless we. Still are. Under common and threat, from, these weapons as well as biological, in-cabin chemical, weapons as, of today there are, 14,500. Nuclear, weapons in the world these. Weapons. Bring. In the risk of nuclear conflict which would have irreversible, humanitarian. Environmental, consequences, and this is a real challenge for our organization. We. Also deplored, the trend to some states to show to, invest, great. Amounts, in modernizing, their nuclear weapons but. Putting. Very. Little. Into, the elimination, of such weapons the non-proliferation, treaty, which. Is considered as a cornerstone. Of, the non-proliferation regime, is today. Being severely tested, and. There. Is a significant. Divergence, of views, during, the review conferences. Which take place every five years. The. Non-compliance. By, stamped states with their commitments. In. On. Disarmament. And non-proliferation. Is. A, serious. Risk, for security. And could. Lead, to the, non-state. Actors. Acquiring. Of weapons of mass destructions, the, issue of the. Iranian, nuclear issue the. Situation, in the Middle East in. Syria, with. Allegations, of chemical, weapons used, the use of ballistic missiles in Yemen and the, issue of the Korean, Peninsula and nuclearization. Real. Difficult. Gordian, knots, and real sources of concern for international, community, these. Situations. Are such that they compel, us to place, the, issue of. Proliferation. Of weapons, of mass destruction among the highest private priorities, given, the situation the, Security Council which is to, maintain. International, peace and security has, to continue, shouldering, responsibilities. In, the area of non-proliferation in. This context, koteshwara calls. For. The implementation of the relevant resolutions, of Security Council, and the. Implementation. Of the various legal instruments. Those. Which are covering the areas of disarmament and non-proliferation. We. Invite therefore a member states to discharge, with, a support, of the organization for the prohibition of, chemical weapons discharge, their international, obligations, which stem, from the Convention which bans the development, manufacturing.

Stockpiling. The, use over, there of of chemical, weapons and calls for their destruction in, this context I'd like to say the cote d'ivoire is party to all of the treaties and. Important. Conventions, in the area of non-proliferation, and, we incorporate, it into our national, laws all of the commitments. Which flow from national, legal instruments, in. The disarmament area, the step a step approach, did not result in the desired effect and we therefore call, those. Days which have nuclear, weapons to, consider, a new. More, effective approach, mr.. President, we. Welcome, the adoption, on the 7th July 2017. Of the, treaty banning. Nuclear. Weapons, they underscore, that's important to implement, it rapidly, outer. Space which. Is considered and rightly so as a common, good for humankind. Warrants. Our constant, attention, and requires, an urgent adoption, of an. International. Legally, binding instrument in, order prevent. An arms race in space and make. Sure it does not become militarized, further. We, underscored the need for the international community, to have, a more binding, in straight instrument, in the area of biological, and, toxin. Weapons, we. Also would. Like to express a wish for, a universal. And, non-discriminatory. Instrument. In order to provide a guarantee. Guarantee for. Non-nuclear. States on. Chemical, weapons we call, for, a, universalization. Of the convention, of chemical, weapons and the implementation, of resolutions. 1540. Of 2004. And, resolution, 2325, of 2016. This, regard the mandate. Conferred. On. OPCW. During the special meat on the 26, and 27 July in the hague of the mandate to identify, and to bring to justice the perpetrators of, chemical weapon weapons, attacks could, greatly. Contribute, towards settling, the issues. Related. To the allegations, of chemical weapons use we. Call on the Security, Council to, stand, united on, this issue mr.. President, as regards, the Iran. Nuclear issue my, delegation.

Supports. The, implementation, of the joint comprehensive, plan of action which is, considered to be overall satisfactory. In. This regard we would like to invite the stakeholders. To work out their differences. Over. This agreement, which resulted. From an extraordinary. International. Compromise, and remains, to date a certain guarantee, for. The implementation, of the NPT. And helps with regional, peace and stability, mr., president on. The situation, in the Korean Peninsula Cote. D'Ivoire welcomes. The, positive. Developments. We have been witnessing recently, the, historic, meeting, on the 12th of June in. Singapore, between, your excellency, and the North Korean leader, Kim jong-un, is, a major, milestone, in, this new regional, dynamic, we, reiterate. Here. Our attachment. To the principles of peacefully. Settling disputes, through, dialogue and talks and we. Urge all of, the stakeholders. To reject. Definitively. The. Any use of military, option, which could lead. To terrible, and irreversible, consequences for, the planet to conclude we'd like to in Cote d'Ivoire reaffirm, our attachment, to multilateralism. International. Law in underscore. They need to assign high, priority. To, the preservation of, the non-proliferation. Regime. Daan proliferation, of nuclear, weapons chemical, weapons they're vectors, and, the. Promotion, of disarmament, and arms control I thank you for your attention thank you, very much, I now give the floor to the Prime, Minister of the United Kingdom. Thank. You mr. president and thank you for convening this important, debate there. Is no greater threat to international peace and secure, and the proliferation of weapons of, mass destruction, these. Issues matter to every man woman and child around. The globe and the. United Kingdom like, the other permanent members of this council has a special, responsibility to. Protect the significant, gains we have made in the last 70, years. Because. The international, community has invested, huge energy into containing, the horrific forces, that emerged in the 20th century, the. Multilateral framework of treaties countering, the proliferation of, weapons of mass destruction is one, of the greatest achievements of, the international, community, demonstrating. The value of global cooperation, it. Has, improved all of our security, it has, brought a measure of predictability and, stability and, it, has paved the way to arms, control agreements.

And Disarmament. When. Many of us around this table were born it was feared dozens of nuclear weapon states might emerge. Instead. The treaty on the non-proliferation, of, nuclear weapons, has seen a remarkable, near 30 states abandon, their pursuit of nuclear weapons, global. Stockpiles, have been reduced by close to 80 percent since. Their Cold War peak that. Is true success on, a truly global scale. Similar. If not greater success, has, been achieved on chemical, and biological, weapons over. 96% of declared stockpiles, of chemical weapons have now been destroyed, under international, verification. And no. Country professes. Publicly, to possess biological, weapons. But. The last 18 months have, seen these hard-won, gains challenged. We. Have seen chemical, weapons used in Syria Malaysia, and the UK, the. Conventions, governing our nuclear compact, are being picked at predictability. And, stability are, declining, if we. Do not increase our collective, efforts to preserve and, build on what we have there. Is a very real risk these gains will subside or fall, away. The. 1970. Non-proliferation treaty. Is rightly perceived as, the flagship of the international, community's determination. Against, nuclear proliferation. Supporting. It requires leadership, leadership. Of the short your administration, and you personally mr. president are demonstrating. On deep, okay the, world's most pressing nuclear. Threat, in meeting. Kim jong-un you, have created an historic, opportunity for. Complete verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization. Consensus. From this council to impose sanctions on DPRK has, played no small part, but. We will not continue meaningful. Progress towards, peace on the Korean Peninsula without. Sustained, pressure. Sanctions. Must be strictly enforced by all including. The DPRK, x' neighbors, we. Must stay, vigilant. Ensuring. Non-proliferation also. Requires collective, leadership. Of the, type that led to the agreement, in 2015. At the joint comprehensive plan of action the Iran nuclear deal. For. Many years the scale and nature of Iran's nuclear program, raised serious international, concerns. The. Jcpoa, was an important, step forward in addressing these it, remains. The best means of preventing Iran developing, a nuclear weapon and we are committed to preserving the jcpoa, as long, as Iran continues to abide by its obligations in. Full. Iran. Must ensure they implement their obligations, fully, and to, monitor Iran's compliance we. Strongly support the IAEA, using. Inspections, and other, monitoring provisions, of the jcpoa to, their full, other. Aspects, of Iran's policies, in particular, its destabilizing, regional. Behavior and sustained. Efforts to enhance its ballistic missile, capability. Continue. To call serious concerns, the. International, community and where appropriate the Security, Council, need, to be ready to address this and. Iran's. Proliferation. Of missile and sophisticated, military technology, to groups, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, or as, the UN's panel of experts concluded, the Hootie's in Yemen, is also. Not in compliance with Security, Council resolutions. It, risks. A dangerous, escalation, so. We need to see further decisive, action in this council to tackle, both the transit and proliferation, of these technologies, and increase. The costs for those responsible, it is. Regrettable that. Russia continues to prevent the council, from upholding, its responsibility. To stop this diste realizing activity. Mr.. President no where are the grim. Consequences of, the erosion of global norms on weapons. Of mass destruction more, apparent, than in Syria where. The UN has concluded that Assad's regime has, repeatedly, used chemical, weapons a direct. Assault on a near century-old ban, vital. To our collective peace and security. Yet. Russia has repeatedly wielded. Its veto to, prevent the Security, Council, from holding the Assad regime to account even. Shutting down the international, body established. To investigate chemical. Weapons use in Syria, so. I welcome the decision of 150. Countries in June the, largest gathering in its history to, empower the OPCW. To attribute responsibility, for chemical weapons attacks in Syria and to, put in place arrangements, for attribution, for, any country which requests, it and I, would like to thank President Trump and president, macro for. Their shared determination with. The UK to, deter the use of chemical weapons in Syria through, US UK and French, joint. Military, action, in April, these. Actions, sent a clear message to the Assad regime. Perpetrators. Of chemical weapons use cannot, escape identification. Or act with, impunity. The. Regime's backers, must, use their influence to ensure chemical, weapons are not used again father. Must be no doubt we, will respond swiftly and appropriately, if they are.

The. UK saw the consequences, of these norms being eroded in Salisbury, this year when. Russia recklessly. Deployed a nerve agent on our streets, the. United Kingdom has presented detailed, evidence clearly. Laid out in charges, of attempted murder, and the, use and possession of a chemical weapon against. Two agents, of the Russian state we. Have taken appropriate action with our allies and we will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure our collective security. Russia. Has only sought to obfuscate through, desperate, fabrication. Permanent. Members of the UN Security, Council must, not attack and undermine the international, non-proliferation, regimes. And the institutions, that underpin, them all. Members, of the council must. Fulfill their responsibilities. To safeguard, them in, support of international peace and security. It. Is my sincere hope that, Russia, will rejoin, the international consensus. Against the use of chemical weapons and the collective effort to uphold it if. So, this, council, will again be able to work together to rid the world of chemical weapons but. If not we, should leave no one in any doubt of the international, community's, determination. To, uphold international non-proliferation. Regimes. Not. All the challenges faced by the counter proliferation framework. Come before this council but, they are no less urgent, we. Need to strengthen the rules to keep, pace with new technologies, and more complex global, supply chains we. Must help every UN member to develop their capabilities and regulation. And ensure, they are able to make their contribution to this global effort, the. Quiet but essential, role the United Nations, plays must, be at the heart of these efforts so. As UN members, we should invest the expertise, and diplomatic. Resources necessary in, the conventions. Mr.. President it was collective, engagement by, states across the globe that produced, the counter-proliferation, framework. Even the, most powerful recognize. That investing, in collective, rules-based restraint.

Was, The only effective, way of addressing national, security, interests, and avoiding. Unilateral, recourse to force we. Cannot let the framework be undermined, today by, those who reject the values and disregard. The rules that have kept us safe it, will, take collective engagement, to reinforce, it in the face of today's challenges, and in, this as has always been the case the, UK will play a leading role thank. You, thank. You very much Prime, Minister I. Now. Give the floor to the prime minister of the Netherlands. Mr.. President. Your, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen. This. Year there have been several. Occasions, when weapons, of mass destruction have endangered, our, security. Undermined. International, stability and caused terrible, suffering, so. 2018. Has made the importance, of non-proliferation. Abundantly. Clear I, agree. With you mr. president. As politicians, we, are first and foremost responsible. To, keep our own citizens. Safe and, I. Believe that not, all ethical institutions, play a major law where this issue is concerned as. I. Will. Say my address to the General Assembly later, today the. King of the Netherlands has always, champions. And will continue to champion the rules-based international, order. And not less for cooperation, especially, on. Security. Matter matters, and other issues of shared concern to. Multilateral, cooperation requires. Active support from all of us including. And even especially on the, issue of weapons of mass destruction. We. Should acknowledge the significant, achievements, that have been made in controlling. These weapons for. 50 years now the non-proliferation, treaty, has. Kept the number of nuclear weapon possessors, under, 10 we. Can only imagine how. Much conflict, instability. And violence. This, has prevented, so. I'm encouraged that the US Russian. And British, foreign, ministers have underlines their, continuing. Support for and, commitment. To the NPT, on the occasion, of its 50th anniversary we. Have. Seen some positive steps on non-proliferation. This. Year in relation. To North Korea the. Ultimate, goal of our joint efforts, is to ensure that North Korea abandons, its nuclear ballistic missile, capabilities. And its. Programs, on weapons of mass destruction, if. You, do this in comprehensive, very, viable and irreversible. Manner we. Welcome, the efforts you mr. president are personally. Making to achieve a nuclear, weapon-free, Korean. Peninsula. For. We. Know that this problem can only be resolved, peacefully as, chair. Of the sanctions committee the Netherlands is doing everything it can to ensure. That all nations fully, implemented, sanctions, so. As to keep up the pressure on North Korea, to comply with. Its international obligations. The. King of the Netherlands believes that he joined comprehensive, plan of action endorsed. By the Security, Council, resolution, 2231. Remains. A good exam people of how, this council and the international, community can, work hand. In hand for non-proliferation. The. International, Atomic Energy, Agency. Has concluded, in 12. Consecutive, reports. That, Iran is abiding by, its commitments, under the deal as long. As this continues we, will also uphold, our commitment to the deal at, the same time we, are concerned, about Iran's.

Role In the region its, ballistic, missile program and its. Human rights record in, particularly. Iran's support for Hezbollah and the. Law around place in Syria in Iraq and in. A development, of missiles, by the Houthis in Yemen remain. Serious concerns, foreign elements they, need to be addressed. Mr.. President repeated, use of chemical, weapons is deeply alarming it causes. Terrible human suffering, and erodes, the established, international, norm there. Should be no impunity, for any use of chemical weapons not. For, the large scale attacks in Syria nor, for, the individual, attacks in Malaysia and United Kingdom the. Same goes for the possible use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, in Italy. All. Of us both. Within, and outside this council bear a responsibility. Because. Of the still mate in this body we. Have tasked the organization, for the prohibition of, chemical weapons to investigate. And identify, those, responsible. For the use of develop, these weapons, we. Cannot, sit back we. Have to speak up take action and firmly support, the OPCW. So, that the perpetrators. Can be brought to justice and, we. Need to do this together. Indecisiveness. By countries, that claim to, support the principles, of disarmament, and non-proliferation, could. Ultimately, have, disastrous. Consequences and. With. Regard to this the, saw spree attacks we, reaffirm, our confidence, in the UK investigations. We, welcome its bringing criminal, charges as an important, step towards. Justice, this. Bolsters, our earlier, conclusion, that, it is essential. To halt, those responsible, to account. There's a president to conclude. The. Devastating, consequences, of the use of weapons of mass destruction underline. The urgent, need to take action the. Use of these weapons must never become the, new normal, we. Must prevent impurity, at all, cost a legal. Norm can only be effective if, we, collectively. Uphold. It together. As part, of a, multilateral, effort, thank. You I. Thank. The Prime Minister for his statement I now give the floor to the Deputy, Prime Minister and, Minister of Foreign Affairs of. Kuwait. Thank. You. In. The name of Allah the merciful the compassionate, mr. president, Donald, Trump. At. The outset, I wo

2018-10-01 13:30

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bolivia was number one shelter for nazi leaving europe it hasn't changed ...

President Trump 2020.

I’m so proud of our great president. I’ve never been more proud to be an American than I am now.

Damn. Morales of Bolivia is a dick.

♣ 5178÷0018×0928=0928

Thank You Beloved POTUS, you Sir are a Leader among Leaders. No other country Representative holds a candle to you & it is evident you are The People's Choice for Our Great Nation, America! GOD Bless You, Your Family & Administration_/l\_ MAGA

This man is a bastard and a liar.

Blah, blah, blah... A bunch of talking heads. Let's see how many countries support Trump with his efforts directed towards Iran and NK. This whole discourse of chemical weapons and Syria makes me crazy. There is no way, no proof or anything that points to Syria performing these attacks. And, quite frankly, I'd really be surprised if anyone, anywhere was gassed. All false flags and Trump must know this but he continue to rag on Syria and play the game, whatever that is. Don't understand and have never understood this.

I wish there were more academic people around different countries who can comment more impactful things, rather then "Thank you Mr. President." This is suppose to be an international thing. I get enough of this American perspective. - an American.

Why do I have the feeling the majority of the commentators have NOT watched this video....

make quebec great again !!! #MQCA #MAGA LIBERAL MUST GO !!

The President of Bolivia is a global stooge. That was just embarrassing.

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katanya belom ada laporan apa2 ah .. ?

GOD BLESS TRUMP! THank you for Selling 3000 migrant children as sex slaves to ISIS. WE LOVE YOU TRUMP!

Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and many others worldwide, were/are COMMUNISTS or its bitch, socialism. So it comes as no surprise that ANARCHISTS revere outlaw criminal "deeds" of lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering RIGHTEOUS people, and INVADING the USA to colonize with the intention of FLEECING, GENOCIDE, and ANARCHY.

Great Job President Trump!

The white house should hire Evo Morales to teach future potus on American politics

Leemsy lazy Evo Morales is an ancient #Animal, who sympathizes with #Communism.

That little gavel is a joke; the U.N. is a joke!! Trump is NO joke!

Yeah, only GloboHomo Gayplex should have weapons of mass destruction.

I can't help myself, but I wish to dedicate this song by Elvis Presley, to President Donald Trump. It's an incredible song and an incredible performance and I think Elvis would love His Pres, for already being the instrument of peace and saving lives, we have to think about that, so good.

God bless President Trump and his family!

good news ,hope somebody can translate to Chinese.


It is so good as an Australian to see America back in its rightful place as the country prepared to take on the globalists and one world sycophants. Furthermore, a President prepared to confront the misanthropic countries creating turmoil and those beligerant leaders of the backward world who continue to destabilise our regions. Stand tall America, stand united. MAGA.

*M A G A*

Thank you

I thank the Russian ambassador for speaking ckearly, disclosing the consistencies and inconsistencies concerning this integral topic. All nation's will put away their intrenched personal interests and align for the future life of the sovereign citizens of the universe/nation, EARTH; to close the final step needed to distroy all chemical and biological agents and weapons. This to be done in an expedient manner.

He was probably so excited to hit the gavel, lol

*I N V A D E B O L I V I A*

While Bolivia is not wrong in stating the historical facts, they need to realize this is a different President. They also need to stop spreading misinformation presented by a biased media. It appears they don't care for the loss of revenue that bad leaders enjoyed while withholding said resources from their people. Where is the outrage toward those criminals/countries? It is not only the US that has nuclear weapons. I applaud the movement away from nuclear materials and weapons, alongside chemical/biological weapons. The hypocrisy, however, needs to cease.

I am dying with cancer I do wish I could be here in 2020


We should interfere in the Chinese Communist Party and see how they like it.

See no one is laughing today because he stopped the money trains.He said make earth great again in his address to the UN. MEGA!!!!!!MEGA. !!MEGA. !!MEGA. !!MEGA !!MEGA !!!!

The representive of Boliva is a compele Idiot

I would like to hear all those in favor of the the 'JCPOA' Iran deal, describe their thoughts on the 1.5 BILLION dollar CASH payout. There was another way. It's called a 'Credit Line'. We would purchase and ship to them what they need. They would not have had their hands on CASH to finance terrorist groups or purchase weapon material.


For some reason, I see the Russian Federation as the Klingons.

#WWG1WGA #MAGA2020 #WInning God Bless President Trump!,Prayers going out to you sir! God Bless America and God Bless our Citizens too!

Muslim Nations have problems because they are muslim. islam is the most evil religion on Earth. The United Nations is a TROJAN HORSE and exists to promote global communism, depopulation, and a new world order of total mind controlled slavery for the benefit of Luciferian globalist tyrannical dictators. The meditation room at the UN has a black stone altar dedicated to Satan. The UN was created by the same people that ran the Nazis in WW2. Get rid of the UN before the USA is overthrown. It is illegal under the USA Constitution for a US President to accept a title or a position in a foreign government, and that is what the UN is.

God Looked down upon the WORLD and did not like what he saw, So he sent his son, Donald Trump, to save the WORLD from the evil ones . . . . Trump 2020, One of Us . . .

CubanExile Nicely said!! God Bless Our Great President #MAGA


Wow, Bolivia is calling out America. Bolivia is going to find out what the United States really stands for. Our history in the middle east, is not some thing, we can be proud of. Hopefully this president can work to change things. Of course, most of south america is either socialist or communist.

Anyone noticed that Trump said “Russia Federation” instead of “RUSSIAN Federation”?

Here's a CIA webpage about chemical attack against Iranians on 1980s. When this "Security" Council just sat back and watched. #Double_Standard

all these people you talk to there at the United Nations are criminals and war criminals so be careful

Nobel! A non-politician (thank Goodness) Doing a job that they said he could not do!

Please, someone stop donald trump from doing more damage to this great country!!!!

Karen Schumer Do you also considered Obama's $ 20 trillion dollars in debt as a #Damage ?

Karen Schumer What was the #Damages caused by Trump's administration ?

+SIDA chill bro - boomers are so damn retarded that they destroyed almost everything about the United States & they won't stop until they die.

Karen Schumer dumb bitch

​First they came for North Korean's weapons, then they came for America's weapons. Give up your guns Americans so we can murder you like we did the Russians in the 1920's and 30's

The guy from Bolivia should be water boarded.

jaferguson49 I was thinking the same thing. That evil fool has no place leading a country.

I like Bolivia's Presidents outfit :D

God bless Poland.

If Iran gets nuclear weapons, they will use them against Israel and the United States.

good. america and israel fund globabl terrorism. I think its about time someone humble the fuck out of your shitty, mass polluting, migrant child losing, terrorist arming 'God' loving CUNTry. America is the modern day SODOM and GAMORRAH. God will SMITE your country bitch.

Sandra Natali  Well nobody wants this thing for sure, Iran has never attacked any other state in modern history. Although, Iran did defend itself against other state's attack several times in it's recent history. unlike what Media and politicians say, Iran will not attack nobody but will defense strongly when someone else attacks.

+behzad mozaffari yes, we certainly do not want that to happen again.

As far as I know the first and only state which has used the nuclear bomb is USA

Many loving prayers to President Trum and his loved ones! When he speaks, I listen! It is awesome to hear other world leaders speaking as he does; they are calling it like they too see it and without the fear of the cabal hovering nearby! Great job to President Trump and his team :)

Thanks ! Presidente Trump , for the post

*Trump is so far up Putin's ass that he can see Sarah Palin's house!* #RICO #indictments #abinitio #crimespree #sicsempertyrannis

*tRump 2020: Twenty years for treason, and twenty years in jail for obstruction of justice.* #felon #traitor #RESIGN #putinsbitch*

I love President Trump .... he's one in a zillion.

Absolutely nothing but love and respect for my president. If you’re mad at that statement, don’t bother responding.

Love trump. Hate Nikki Haley

agenda21 is a weapon of mass distruction

@42:06 No manches pinche indio socialista! How dare you asshole. Just ridiculous. I hope we don't send Bolivia any money!


+TheHooDoo Queen YES, it'll be a RED TSUNAMI! Dems do NOT have a snowball's chance in hell of stopping it with their foolish antics! They are ensuring Trumps 2020 re-election!


Heil Trump. The greatest president

Urban American Translation of President Trump Speech: #1 The Iran deal was shit. Clearly shit means that it was like Obama and John Kerry shit it out so they could say they made a deal. Iran used the money and freedom from the shit deal to continue their shit. See how it's a shit deal? Iran got a shit load of money and used it to keep doing shit that causes instability to the region and eventually have a shit load of nuclear weaponry. #2 National leaders who want to keep helping Iran, are shit faced leaders just like shit faced Obama and shit faced John Kerry. If their efforts come to nuclear war, they need to be retaliated upon just like retaliating on Iran. So you shit faced political leaders need to understand the USA will look around for nations with shit on their faces and make them pay. This means you have the time right now to clean the shit off your faces and be a part of fixing the shit Obama and John Kerry caused. John and Obama are still up to the same shit and if they do not shut up and stay out of it, they will end the same with the same ending as the others with shit on their faces. #3 Stop fucking with the American elections. If nations keep fucking with our elections, we will fuck up everything for you and your people. If you do not want to be FUBAR, then stop fucking with our elections. This goes for the Fake News that tries to pass themselves off as real media that do real news.

I am so proud of our President Trump. Mr President Trump, those of us that are true deplorable patriots with brains stand with you 100% and I am one of these deplorable patriots.

Please ! Safe Latin America from Save Latin America from Islã Communism and Drug Trafficking !

@17:49 It's amazing to me how Marcon can go on for 10minutes and say absolutely nothing! Weak, ineffective, no action.

That's France for you.

Kanye you are correct. Macron is such a pussy like Trudeau ... two puppets whose strings are being pulled by satanic globalists!

Thank You President Trump! I pray God continue to protect, guide and bless you, this Great Country of The United States of America and its people! WWG1WGA

Impeach 45

J Ward Impeach your #Mother !

Maxine is that you?!

@J ward Are you part parrot?

+SV Lighthouse

So does stupid run in your family ... or is it just you.

J Ward you must think impeachment means to remove a president. Impeach only means to officially correct or point out a mistake the President has committed, but it is only a process that must prove 100% that he has broke a law. President Bill Clinton was impeached and he stayed in office. You J Ward are asking for something but clearly have no idea what you are asking for. You may as well be asking for someone to give #45 a fucking peach to eat.

No no no you said that wrong its ipee fofi, go ahead libtard you can do it,

Way to go Mr.President.

#GodBlessPresidentTrump #GodBlessAmerica

G'd Bless You, Boss. /Õ.


That's my President Trump!!!! A ROBO-BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USA should listen to Bolivia.

You are making the failing UN know we mean business. Thank you Mr. President. Here in Sacramento, California, we are supporting John Cox for Governor of California. Can you come to Sacramento and help us drain the Delta? I have cameras and equipment and want to interview you for my Subscribers and supporters. My email is Sealarc3 on gmail. Thank you again.. Real.. #MAGA... #MCGA.. #Trump2020..

TRUMP 2020 - KAG !

Thank you President Trump for leading our agenda ! #Patriots

Thank God for President Trump.

Thank you Mr. President and Thanks to your Fantastic team.... Mike Pompaoe, Niki Haley, John Bolton, John Kelly, You, and so many more are my HEROS... I understand and watched like you Mr. President! Been watching the destruction of AMERICA for 40 years and I know its been more! Please hang in there. WE PRAY for all of you... Some of us...… EVERYDAY! I am not sure why the rest of AMERICA does not see nor understand what is going on here. Media continues to squash what is so important. Why not appeal to the actual workers in MEDIA... The camara men, The producers, the writers, The Green Room COFFEE people... the AIDS... Why not remind them of the McAurthur ERA and REGAN ERA??? Dont they know that advocating for Socialism in AMERICA is TREASON???? WHAT THE?????

Hell ya President Trump 2020!! Legalize Marijuana and tax it

Actually, Trump said he's completely fine with medical & recreational marijuana, but he wants to leave the decision up to the states.

Ya well, that’s a real bummer man. Prohibition has never worked as effectively as a regulated taxed market.... well maybe prohibition is working well for the private prison system but that’s about it.

Sorry bud... But Trump is 100% anti-drug. It will Never happen. It's a state matter anyway!

We in the united States of America, are truly grateful for our amazing president.

Thank you Mr. President. God Bless. WWG1WGA

President Trump!! OUR HERO .... Thank you for Saving America #MAGA

Mr.president ,you have to cancel the peace deal to save the United States from destruction !!!!!

Kathy McCarthy The State of Israel hasn't been divided, but indeed recognized with the U.S Embassy in #Jerusalem.

Most boomers are sooooo damn stupid! The worse generation ever by far!

because every time Israel is divided by the united states,we have destruction..katrina, joplin tornado,hurricane that hit bush's house in maine...etc etc..

And why is that Kathy McCarthy.?

Getting it done!


*God bless president Trump !!!*


Uii9xdddcff look on ppo

Quem acompanha as políticas pelo mundo sabe que Trump, que destabilizar a China, a Rússia e o Írã. É criar uma guerra no mundo.

Leading the world again in the right direction.

You are right. #WorldPatriots..

Go ahead. Laugh at us. Trump is turning off the faucets on you globalist bastards.

How will the PBS #FakeNews Report things this time.

#Evo fucking #Morales is a #Marxist Socialist #Animal from the #Jungles of #Bolivia, while funded by a Narco-Communist such as #Nicolas fucking #Maduro.

Kathy McCarthy *You're* just a #Vicious downgraded #Imbecile, who knows me at least, but have most to say about me.

Kathy McCarthy Don't worry about my Country, because the United States is by far the biggest *Christian Nation* on Earth's surface that carries out nearly 240 million followers of Jesus Christ.

Kathy McCarthy Just make sure to check your written #English, way before calling an #American as stupid.

Kathy McCarthy You're just an astonishing downgraded #Imbecile, who also despises #Truth.

What is this


You better start thinking God is more important bud,or your country wont be here.

Kathy McCarthy I'm just that kind of #American you don't like it.

Kathy McCarthy Besides all that, do you now the main difference from *You're* to *Your* ?

Kathy McCarthy Fuck your #Feelings, because the future of my Country is by far more important.


Kathy McCarthy Are you an idiot, or just passing through ?

it will be with the peace deal..


Thank the lord for President Trump


What a hard working president Trump is ! We American people are so blessed with him. There is no president like Trump in the whole world who gets paid only $ 1 per year.

If Iran got a nuke, which they will not as long as America has an American leader, they should use it on a country that was okay with them having it.

holy cow, Bolivia WOW

wonderful to see all these leaders telling the truth about weapons. Most of us all only want world peace. Imagine if no one had weapons, what a wonderful world it would be

6:55 LMFAO

Tak nadęty dupku, wypiłem trochę za wiele piw ale nawet sobie nie zdajesz sprawę że twój niewielki majątek (0,005)mógłby zmienić wiele.

Don't trust the U.K. or the E.U.

@Carlos jorge martins jorge ¿Sabes que No hay Guerra, China no paga Tarifa de comercio interior desde 1999, Mas de 40,000 fábricas cercadas en los Estados Unides TWO Comercio solo beneficia a Comunista China durante 18 años El comunismo China recibía aranceles gratis. Comparación de aranceles elevados pagados por Estados Unidos para la exportación a China. Es hora de China Pagar la tarifa igual.

Look at that masterful Trumpster, riding herd over these so-called elites. The globalist overlords assembled would have you believe he was somehow not up to it. Lol.

Only trust the England of yesteryear (pre-70's) which was the culture of non globalist, non immigrant Britain. Think Scottish Highlands, small town pubs, stiff upper lips and strong/silent common sense.

Can't think of any 'damage', only improvements.

Well, now she's gone, probably to run as the globalist, neo-con Presidential candidate in '20 or '24.

Demo-rats, as usual, ended up cheating to take the House (see 'vote harvesting' in Orange County, Ca., alone). The Trumpster saved the Senate.

Globalist puppet assigned to 'watch over' Trump by his like-minded lackys. The French populists are finally revolting against Macron's green policies.

Dearest Lefties: 'Impeachment' is not defined as the removal of a President (without cause) following an election you lost. Thank you - any more basic civics questions?

+scott baker "scott baker" 9 hours ago "The West Wing Resistance will be eliminated, root and branch, using time-tested counter surveillance tactics last employed at the Saudi Embassy against pesky reporters." -- Easy on the encouragement to violence there big mouth. Contrary to most former U.S. presidents, Trump is not out to get us.

The West Wing Resistance will be eliminated, root and branch, using time-tested counter surveillance tactics last employed at the Saudi Embassy against pesky reporters.

Jonathan Bourdon — As long as the adults are in the room, I’m ok with it. I also feel more protected if The Resistance is in the White House doing their job.


Well, he got the ill-advised invasion of Iraq correct. Trump agreed (before he disagreed).

we did listen to the bullshit from bolivia everyone did.

Sarah Palin, is that you?

scott baker I didn’t ask any questions. Thanks for your opinion I didn’t ask for either. I see why You can relate to Dip Shit Donald lol

scott baker thank you for defending Dip Shit Donald. The man child who brought American influence to an end. Thank you for defending a pussy grabbing self proclaimed genius who would rather scare you into submission while paying women to keep quiet about having sex with him than lead you into a prosperous future for all. Thank you for voicing your "truth" that was never asked for as you are American I know you think you're entitled to have everyone listen to you. Thank you for excepting his campaign financial crimes. It can now be used by everyone in the future. Democrat and republican alike. Most of all thank you for having such a simple outlook on the world. That simple outlook is why America is on the path of self destruction. That is what I ultimately want. I'm enjoying watching it. I gave up posting more than a month ago because I can no sooner convince simple minded fools to spot a conman when you see him than you can stop following one. I used to have much pity for people like you. Then I realized he's just a product of American arrogance. Now I enjoy laughing at America with the rest of the world. Under Obama America was respected. Even under Bush. Now he is literally laughed at in public arenas by other leaders. A reflection of your entire country. A "leader" never elected by his people. A "leader" who has already sold Americas integrity for oil. I only replied to you because you're so behind everything it's laughable. This video was what two months old? Now I'll go back to watching an empire crumble. It's a fantastic site. When I learned about the fall of Rome in high school I thought I'd never get to see it in my life time. 20 years later comes Dip Shit Donald. Praise him, celebrate him and belittle me all you want. I don't care. I've learned to just sit back and enjoy the show. It's quite spectacular. I thought impeachment would bring the world back to a more stable place. I've since learned he's set America back by decades and nothing including impeachment will change that. I'm not American nor have I ever wanted to be. Despite what your dumb ass president says. We don't all want to be American lol. I'm your neighbour to the north. We and the majority of the world see you now how you see those migrants trying to better themselves. A useless nuisance at best and enemy's of the world at worst. Hide behind your wall of fear and bigotry. But stay there. Don't leave your shit hole country. No one else wants you. Die alone, afraid and with a gun in your hand. It's what the rest of us are expecting

Your post on this commentaria, de facto, invites well-informed opinion you were privileged to receive. Thank me.

Trump, and his supporters, fight fire with fire. You fail to understand the gravity with which the media, deep state and, by any other term, the 'resistance' plan to handcuff, undermine the agenda of, and, ultimately, destroy Donald J. Trump.

Are you finished? Got to get back to Hannity...

What gives her the right to talk at this look what she has done to her country she has turn the UK into a shit hole and look what she is doing to the ppl of her country

The biggest danger to the world peace is Mr. Trump !!!

เงินเราไม่ใช่เงินคุณ เงินเราหามา ส่วนทวีพงกคุณก็ได้ไปจำนวนมาก ยังจะต้องการอะไรอีก

I never owned gun.

หน้าที่คือดูแล และปิดทุกVerseถ้ามันไม่ให้การเรียนรู้ใดใด ได้รับคำสั่งมานานมากแล้ว ใช้ดวงจิตไปยื้อไว้ให้เป็น10กว่าปี

ทำถูกต้องตามขั้นตอน ประวัติClean ไม่มีอะไรร้ายแรง

นั่นอีกองค์ข้างนอกค่ะ เค้าโกหกเพื่อการเงิน




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